Jun 30 Felguard Brutes I looked briefly around to see if anyone had posted something like this but I admit it wasn't a comprehensive search. That being said, if you're not aware, you can attack the felguard brutes that you recruit in game when you click the flag that summons them. I like to try and kill them before they reach the portal lol. Just an idea if you're in the rift and you have the troops available.Darkcheddar1 Jun 30
Jun 30 Burning Rush Please Blizzard move burning rush to baseline. Seriously its about time this happens.Zarlbane9 Jun 30
Jun 30 Aff PvP Post-Nerf: We MG+Contagion, boys? The 10% Versatility rebuff helps quite a bit after the savage 15% nerf (+5% from pve) to our main damage abilities, but I'm starting to doubt the value of the WIA/AC rot spec now. With Blizz clearly shifting Affliction damage into casted abilities (10% buff to UA, 15% buff to DS, of all things), has anyone tried the UA spec again? Further, if you're running Contagion over AC (which was also nerfed), is Haunt or MG the better choice in the first tier? I can see the argument for both - Haunt isn't channeled, so it allows the damage bonus on one target after stacking UA and freeing up the Lock to do something else (fear, reposition, etc). MG is obviously more damage, but is a giant purple "interrupt me" beam and makes us both immobile and forced to commit to the Drain. Additionally, Haunt seems like it's actually a lot of burst - it's like 1.5 full duration UAs. UA, Haunt, UA, UA with the rest of your dots on one target seems vicious. I'm also concerned that running UA spec seems pretty !@#$ty for the last tier of Honor talents. We naturally want to take Gateway Mastery, but Rot and Decay and CoS are both better choices for getting big MGs off.Crownless12 Jun 30
Jun 30 Healthstones vs. Potions Are health potions still better than Healthstones? I know they used to be equal - then in WoD the made Potions better. And I think that was still the case at the start of Legion. I took an extended break and just came back so I wasn't sure if that had changed.Amandiel13 Jun 30
Jun 30 Demo Legendary Ring Vs. Legendary Chest I currently have the demo legendary chest which gives me a 3% chance per soul shard spent to gain soul harvest (20% additional damage for 8 sec). This legendary in comparison to the new ring that was added seems just worse in every aspect. the soul of the netherlord gives you the grimoire of synergy (25% damage for 15 sec.) from my experience using grimoire of synergy in the past, it seems as though it procs as frequent if not more frequently than my legendary chest does. it also has more damage and for a longer duration. The chest even has less haste than the ring which just seems like an all around worse item. unless you were using both it just seems like the ring is always better. If I am missing something let me know, because it just doesn't seem to make sense to me other than if they were both being used at the same time. Thanks!Mastiff2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Suggestion: Enslave Demon = Tame I'm hoping that come Argus Blizzard gives us some new demon models to play around with. As the other pet class I feel that our pet customization is non existent in comparison to a hunter. It makes sense that Warlocks should be able to Enslave different demons that the come across, and I think it would add something unique to the class and help differentiate us within our class. I think the only reason that Blizzard has for holding this back is that our artifact trees and specs are tied to our pets. Many people have called for spec & demon separation so that we can make use of our other demons as we please. If you would like to see enslave demon as warlock's tame spell show some support and maybe the Blizzard gods will bless us in 7.3Nebekinezzar23 Jun 30
Jun 30 Wreak Havoc Has been renamed to "!@#$ all'yall"Quantify0 Jun 30
Jun 30 SPell update in future Pyromancer@PyromancerSarg 4h @WarcraftDevs Any Warlock spell animation updates in the works? You could do something incredible with Chaos Bolt. Please. ❤️ ReplyRetweetFavorite WarcraftDevs@WarcraftDevs 3h Yep! We're working on updated Warlock effects as well, they just won't be ready for 7.3. :(Lockedheart1 Jun 30
Jun 30 In combat problems. Hi. Most of the time my health stones are not useable.. I have 2/3 in my inventory but they Just stay greyed out.. raid boss after raid boss no timer counting down just can't use them. Anyone else have this problem?Mêh4 Jun 30
Jun 29 Soul Hound Seen this? http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2017/june/SoulHound.jpg Please, for all that is unholy, let us use this model! Either as a new demon or a Fel Hunter glyph. I need this scary, creepy pup, Blizz. Y'know, to terrify gnomes and such! Come on, come on, come on!Ågata7 Jun 29
Jun 29 Dubya Tee Eff 15% nerfs to BOTH of our main DoTs? Lol. So, while a warrior 2 shots me, I can't even do any dmg to him from the grave. Thanks blizz!! *thumbs up*Mukthol4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Affliction AOE Help I have problem with my AOE and wanted a little assistance. I will give my rotation and then you guys can assist with your tips. - 2 Targets: Agony, Siphon, Corruption both targets then Unstable affliction each then Reap Souls. - 3+ Targets: I do the same as the 2 Target, above but when it gets to about 4 or more I use seed of corruption. My issue seems that dots fall off before I get to even get off an unstable affliction. I would appreciate a better rotation. I run Male Grasp as first talent and Contagion on the second tier.Untouchable2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Calydus Bugged Calydus isn't giving me any option to pursue another artifact weapon. I'm 110, I have him as a follower, and I don't have any artifact related quests.Lodisa2 Jun 29
Jun 29 sick of OP warlocks in bgs i guess once again after 13 years of wow blizz still has no idea how to balance warlocks. i mean seriously so someone sat down at a computer and said. "lets give them a 1.5 mil shield with another 150k every 2 sec, a spamable fear, all instant cast dots, and then drain soul will heal them as it does damage ontop of my damage/heal dot plus my 150k shield, and there." oh and just for good measure lets give them spell reflect. I dont see the point of a "caster class" that doesnt have to cast anything. they need to give more malee classes a silence.Skórri41 Jun 29
Jun 29 New loc, info plz I been playing sence the game launched but i never played a loc. I know in the past you used to have to do quests for spells, mounts, and pets. I know the mounts are freebies now, but what about spells and mounts? Also i see locs running around with infernos and doomguards allot, but i only can keep them for 25seconds and dont see any future spells in my book that would let me keep them permantly. Am i missing somthing, or does it just eventually come with more levels? Typin on phone here so sorry for punctuation and spelling, any replies are apreciatedFireblaze2 Jun 29
Jun 29 PSA For locks returning So if you're like me and are returning to content tour TOS because blizzard gave us more than one viable spec to play there's a new questline in broken shore that unlocks new artifact traits. Don't do what i did and gear all the way to 888 ilvl before someone in your maw of souls +10 group asks where your empowered dimensional rift is.Dependents2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Stat shift in afflcition? Game play feels like haste has reached mastery, or nearly has, in stat priority. Thoughts?Odious29 Jun 29
Jun 29 Mage or Warlock? Hey guys I am interested in leveling either a Warlock or a Mage to PvP and raid with. I don't know how well either are performing atm and used to play both a lot and enjoyed them equally and can't decide which I would like. So basically I'm just asking for any input that might help me in my decision making, thanks ahead of time.Danthè2 Jun 29
Jun 29 Essence Swapper for Demons?? Please Blizzard, As we head to Argus, the most prominent foothold of the demon onslaught, PLEASE give warlocks the ability to essence swap our demons forms based on their type. let the lesser demons be swapped with lesser demons, the greater demons with greater demons, let us express our inner warlock by allowing us to summon the demon we want. With the array of demons that you will undoubtedly knock out of the park in the Argus patch it would be glorious to run around with an Ur'zul devourer for instance. This could also be a chance to bring back the iconic warlock ability Enslave Demon that has been apart of the class since its birth that unfortunately has been made close to useless with the introduction of the Grimoire talents where it is a disadvantage to enslave a demon over using our main pet no matter what talent we take. You could also bring in small quest chains that allow us to change our demons form. I know warlocks have received a lot of love over the years and it seems the majority just complain about it but there are those of us who look at the class and love it in its entirety, this will just make it better.Squiz0 Jun 29
Jun 29 Demonic empowerment Can Demonic empowerment just be a buff that we cast and it applies to all future summons for a set time please? Also, it's probably asking too much already but can we get the old demo metamorphosis form when we use DE so it feels like something is happening and I look like a badass thanks. Edit: typoEndorne4 Jun 29
Jun 29 Debating spec on hitting 110 I have been peddling around a bit on this character, focusing on tanking on another, but finally leveled to 110. I am really torn on what spec to push first as I begin my ap and gear grind. I am hoping the community can give some feedback and respond with some insight on the specs. Here is what I liked leveling: Demonlogy: Fun with pets but also very frustrating at times with empowering Affliction: Crazy fun with dots but a lot of channeling it seemed Destruction: Cool artifact ability visual and blasting things What I am looking for is a spec to shine with as I will not be running another toon between this and my tank. Something I can breeze through PvE WQ content with, having a blast, while also be welcome into raids (up to Heroic, maybe Mythic later on) as a good solid dps. I am leaning towards choosing affliction but I am not sure after hearing of Blizz's nerf craze with them lately. Looking at warcraftlogs they seem to be doing great but that is not the end all be all. If I choose affliction am I a turret and locked stationary a lot or is there room to move about? Are they good at ST and AoE or do they tip scales one way or the other? I appreciate any and all feedback, I just want to jump into gearing this guy today.Felheart8 Jun 29
Jun 28 VW runs back if mob has not been tagged? If I hit the mob first the VW will go out and tank it. This is good. If I am just running along and a mob aggros on me, the VW will taunt it, then try to run back to where the last mob was killed. This is bad. Anybody else seen this?Aulas0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Gate placement in arenas hey guys just making a post to see where you dudes place your demonic gateways on some maps, mostly just blades edge and black rook i play aff and the range is crazy huge but i always feel like my camera gets really wonky on maps like blades edge because of the different posts and angles and ramps and stuff and end up putting it from the top of my side ramp to mid somewhere but i feel like its not realy good coverage and sometimes put the gate under the bridge. tryna figure out what you guys think is best and for black rook its really wierd, i always place my port in the fenced area in spawn and gate from doorway to like right behind the middle pillar but then i end up fighting in that cluttered room and getting cleaved with the bros and feel like its too cramped for that placement thanksSabèr2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Spend the entire expansion going for helm Still don't !@#$ing have it. I want to kmsLooneyluna3 Jun 28
Jun 28 My strange journey to acquire the Wrathsteed. So, I went into this quest completely blind. No idea what I'd be facing. And don't worry, there's a TL;DR at the bottom of the post. I'm destruction, and generally run with the imp out, because fire + imp = good times. The first set of minions comes out with a huge shield up. The guy says to dispell them. Okay, fine, get out the felpuppy and wait for it to decide it's hungry, or for the buff to run out. They go down. I AoE down the three Fel Knights that come next easily enough. The rest of the minions for the rest of this post go similarly, so I'll spare you all that part. Out comes Araxhole. He hurts. A lot. Shortly into the fight, I decide it might be a good idea to pull out the Voidwalker. For some reason though, he's still focused on me and I can't get him away from me. I figure he's got some fixate mechanic where his aggro is stuck on me or something. Between struggling to keep my health and mana up by alternating lifetap and drain life and tossing out Immolates to tackle the mounting imps, things slowly get out of control and I die. I am vaguely aware that there are a bunch of purple bubbles forming throughout the arena. Now, I'm bad about remembering to Soulstone myself for stuff like this, so I end up having to redo the trash. Oh well. I know the shielded pricks are coming, so I start with the felpuppy out, and trash goes as expected. Cue Araxhole again. This time I get the Voidwalker out right away, wondering if that will make a difference. My memory is completely shot, so I forget if it affected this attempt or not. But I remembered to Soulstone myself. It was during this attempt that I realized the Steed may be attacking and aggro-ing separately from the dude. I don't seem to be able to select the steed at this point though, so I don't give it much thought. Still, things get out of control again, and I die. Again. But this time I have the soulstone! I pop up, and to my delight, Araxhole is indeed just sitting there waiting for me to attack and aggro him, complete with the three or so imps that were still up when I died. I send Ol' Voidy in first this time, and this time the steed is looking square at the big blobbo. It's around this time that I notice... hey, I can select the steed separately from the guy, now. I glance over at the Scenario UI thing with the objectives. >Defeat Araxhole >Enslave Wrathsteed That second one has me intrigued. Maybe this is some trick to make the fight easier? No other class mount has given me anything remotely resembling this kind of trouble, and this is literally the last one I need. So I hit that fancy shmancy Enslave Demon button, and stuff starts happening. First thing I notice: Well, Voidy's gone because I enslaved something else, but he's holding the hell still and not hoof-kicking my rotting face in, so that's a plus. Araxhole is still casting at me, though. That's annoying. And those Purple bubbles are getting awfully numerous, plus there's the imps. I forget if it was here, or before this point that I realize running over the purple bubble things will cause them to explode after a delay, and I realize I'm probably meant to be popping these things, as they are probably contributing some damage of some sort. I have no idea if this is accurate. Second thing I notice: Questgiver is talking. Acting as if the fight is over and I've done everything. He runs over to the middle and gets the quest '?' above his head. Except, as I mentioned, Araxhole is still fighting. Third thing I noticed: Not having fresh hoofprints embedded into my skull every two seconds isn't making this much easier. I go down for a third time, and lacking a second soulstone, I get punted back to mainland Dreadscar Rift. Final thing I notice: I can't get back to scenario-land. Because Questgiver dude things I completed everything and beat the dude, and is ready to give me the mount. I hesitate. I'm still hesitating as I type this. Is this intentional? It can't be. Maybe I wasn't supposed to be able to select the mount until Araxhole died? But holy !@#$, why is he so hard? Am I doing %^-* five hundred kinds of wrong? And so I turn to you guys. What the !@#$ just happened? TL;DR: Araxhole in the Wrathsteed quest is *WAY HARDER* than anything any other class has to do for their mount (that or I'm terribad, always a possibility), and I was able to enslave the horse without killing him, which the game interprets as quest-completion, despite him killing me after said enslave. What's going on? Bug? Weird intentional thing?Donovann13 Jun 28
Jun 28 Best race for Warlocks? Hello im planning on making a Warlock but im not sure which race is the best for it. If someone could help would be nice thank you.Visionss35 Jun 28
Jun 28 Empower Demon This should honestly just give you a buff for its duration, that affects all minions. I don't see why we have to get carpel tunnel syndrome just to be decent at DPS. Not only that, I believe this is the only spec that you have to use an ability for your mastery to even take effect? Bad designing to me. I sit demo though because I just enjoy having a lot of pets.Maybe19 Jun 28
Jun 28 More Tha'kiel I love that skulls commentary. Really it is the best part of playing demo. Is there a list of all the places to take him that he has dialouge for? Or a list of triggers? I really just want more of it. Makes me feel like I've got my own evil navi as I travel the worldDarkthurr1 Jun 28
Jun 28 Nerfs inc http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/1065863-pvp-tuning-changes-coming-soon/Sindric20 Jun 28
Jun 28 Artifact Points all earned, what next? I have all the artifact points for each spec. Now what do I need artifact points for?Honeria4 Jun 28
Jun 28 Is Demonology viable in PvP Just curious about everyone's opinion about Demonology PvPDeadfeast6 Jun 28
Jun 28 Better gear I have some questions about my warlock alt. I cant seem to find and 885 plus gear in and raids i do. Nothing ever drops for me and it pisses me off! how can i compete if i cant even defind myself? I am sitting at 2732k health and its not enough.Eillea5 Jun 28
Jun 27 WARLOCKS IN PvP FIX WARLOCK HEALING AND SHIELDS!!!! PLEASE!!!! Current healthstone and drain life are a dangggg joke!!!! Health stone heals around 365k which is a dangggg joke when warlocks have over 8 millionnnnn health in PvP and even still a joke at 3 millionnnn health in PvE!!! That's nothing!!! Most other classes have and healing ability which heal them for 30% health or have a healing spell which they can use continuously!! Some classes like Shaman also have a shield that heal them over time, 30% health over 12 seconds or whatever with the artifact talent points! Hunters also have this same ability!!! A demon hunter has 100% health returns with damage from their talents!!! Don't get me started on a Ret Pally or ANY spec Druid.... the heals are stupid crazy!!!! Drain life is just not modern enough and unreliable!!!! It can easily be interrupted, you need Line of sight, it doesn't heal fast enough in a pvp situation, plus if the target has shields up drain life doesn't work at all... period!!! Plus the healing effects can be reduced based on the cds the target is using!!! NO OTHER CLASS HAVE A STUPID HEALING SYSTEM LIKE THIS!!! PLEASE GO BACK TO BURNING EMBER HEALING!!! ****Please go back to WoD where we had burning embers for healing!!! NOOOOOOOOOO other class require the use of the enemy to heal!!!! It's so stupid and unfair!!!!! If you want warlocks to use the enemy to heal then give all warlocks a dot to put on the target that heals the warlock but in a very big way to match the other classes healing abilities!!!!! Also make sure it cant be affected/removed by the targets enemy's shield or debuffed and removed!!! Currently affliction has something like this, but the healing is still a dangggggg joke in a pvp situation compared to other classes!!!! Also, why not give warlocks healing shields like the shamans or hunters???? Warlocks are sooooo vulnerable!!! Warlocks are an instant assault and don't have no movement abilities that are without a talent use!!!! Gateway takes tooooooo long to cast!!!!!! Every class has a instant movement ability... every class ....except warlocks!!! Why???????? Not only that, but gateway has a 2 minute CD!!!! Are you joking???????? So no good heals, No shields that work good, and no shields that heals, plus only one gateway use every 2 minutes??????? Why do warlocks have to use a talent point for demonic circle when warriors have heroic leap and charge... mages have blink, hunters with disengage, DK with Death-grip, Rouges, druids, and shamans with instant speed burst!!!!!! GIVE WARLOCKS SOMETHING... PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! By the time a warlock finish casting gateway in PvP arena the enemy is already on me!!!!!!! Finally, let me complain about instant CC ability! As a caster, all warlocks should have an instant cc ability that does not cost a talent point like coil or shadowfury!!! One of these two options should be free for all warlocks or give warlocks instant fear!!!!! Just give warlocks something to match the instant untalented CC of other classes like rogue, warrior, death knight, mage, druid roots, shaman totem, Monk, Demon Hunter....... They all have an instant cc that doesn't require a talent point... ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!Exiler46 Jun 27
Jun 27 Feedback for 7.2.5 changes I was not aware the Destro Warlocks were in a spot good enough to need nerfing, but I feel nerfed. I have Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar and as such my rotation was based around the Wreak Havoc talent. I like it...a lot. I have been playing alts with heirlooms for a few weeks and just got back to actually playing my lock and I must say I don't like it. The shards are different, I can get use to that. I think the shard rework is stupid, but I can get use to it. The changes to Havoc I can't. My lock is not my main, never has been, but I really enjoyed playing her with Havoc how it was. I don't think she will be getting much playtime in the near future unless I change to affliction...but guild mates have told me that spec is totally different now too...to a point its unplayable. The point of this post is to provide feedback, I don't really care if anyone shares my opinions, they are mine (get your own). In a perfect world, I would change havoc back, but I don't expect any changes based on my opinion...I just wanted to put how I feel in a place where the people who caused the feelings might see them.Aarin14 Jun 27
Jun 27 Gul'dan Appreciation Post Before moving onto ToS, just wanted to make a tribute post to our boy Gul'dan, the most powerful & bad@$$ warlock in WoW. The encounter itself was extremely well designed and hats off to the WoW raid development team for pulling this off. They really outdid themselves, ranging from mechanics, voice-overs, and quotes. I've never seen a boss as polished as Gul'dan and I certainly had a lot of fun learning the encounter and finally beating him so thanks Blozzard! Rest in peace Gul'dan, for you will always be remembered. https://youtu.be/8zalbjLwcwg?t=41Hotpwnsta11 Jun 27
Jun 27 Lack of Glyphs & Pet Choice I feel like as warlock we don't have enough glyphs. I know some classes have less but it would be nice if we could change infernals to fire red or change imp colors. Secondly as destro what is the ideal raid and dungeon pet I hear imp but with supremacy is infernal and doom not as good?Crookedmán2 Jun 27
Jun 27 SHADOWFLAME NOT WORKING CORRECTLY IN PVP!! Shadoflame is not working corrctly in PVP. It is only generating 1 soul shard after I fire both rounds. It suppose to genrate 2 ... 1 per charge.Exiler0 Jun 27
Jun 27 Demonology AoE I've had this thought for a little while now and I want to ask why people think Demonology have terrible AoE? Don't get me wrong, we aren't the absolute best AoE spec since we only really have 1 ability, if you aren't counting Felguard's Wrathstorm, but I never fail to hit the top 3 in DPS when it comes to AoE. Sometimes, I'm actually topping and it feels great. I've had a few people whisper me saying they had no idea Demo was good in the AoE bracket. Does anyone really struggle with it? I'm genuinely curious.Haunt7 Jun 27
Jun 27 Glyph of Ember Shards (screenshot included) http://i.imgur.com/9LBEeSt.jpg They look really nice overall, but the fire trails that come out of them seem to be caught in a perpetual breeze. Making things more awkward, the fire trail coming off of each shard is completely desynced with the others, so they're all blowing off in a different direction while rotating around different ways.Lystrad11 Jun 27
Jun 27 Notable Warlocks This isn't a class/balance issue, but looking through all the race/faction leaders and major NPC's ingame, there are literally no notable warlocks. The Kirin Tor one of the major factions in LK were all mages, the Argent Crusade is dominated by paladins, the Ebon Blade are all DKs, Thrall's a shaman, Nelves are led by a druid and a priest, Vol'Jin can probably be classed as a hunter even barring that Hemet Nessingway keeps popping up every x-pac, Garrosh and Wrynn are both warriors, the only class that seems as NPC defecient as Locks are rogues. Now there is an arguement to make that locks (And rogues as well) tend to live on the fringes of society so they are less likely to become racial/faction leaders, but I find it hard to believe that not a single warlock has managed to gain some prominence in either the Horde or Alliance or the various other factions that aid them. If I've made a terrible mistake and overlooked someone please correct me, but in all my years the most prominent warlock figure I've ever talked to was my class trainer.Roldiku52 Jun 27
Jun 27 Devs: Affliction Transparency requested. We were told with the Nerfs to MG that our baseline dots would be brought up to compensate. This direction continue to expand toward us being a multi-dot spec. We have a couple of ToS fights we are good at. We went through a lengthy PTR process. My questions and concerns are as follows. 1. We are already mid pack on ST dps, this will only bring us lowers. 2. As a multidot spec we should be on/near the top on one or two ToS fights. 3. Will MG be upped to compensate for the past 3 weeks of dot nerfs? 4. There are several other classes/spec that blow certain ToS fights out of the water. Why nerf just us... are we not allowed to be good (edit: on top) on any fights? 5. Was this nerf based on overall ToS data, and if so, can the persons using those numbers be re-educated on why "all bosses" this early in a release should never apply? 6. If your intentions are to make us multi-spec: Again, why are some classes/specs allowed to pwn and we are not? 7. How far "down" in the pack do we need to be before you are happy with our ST dps? Our AoE? Our MT? I look forward to your answers or any constructive input from anyone else.Kadyslock8 Jun 27
Jun 27 Aff talents? Best talents for pve?Shalomalock2 Jun 27
Jun 27 Should I switch to Affliction? Suprise, surprise! I'm getting my rear end handed to me during world quests. Well...not really, but I sure do a lot of dying. Anyway, I'm one level away from my second artifact weapon quest. Should I main Affliction or Destro?Darkmaster19 Jun 27
Jun 27 Warlock nerfs Blizzard poops on warlocks, gives them a tissue and tells them to clean themselves off and then poops on them again lol.Minnjie12 Jun 27
Jun 27 What's your opinion of life tap? Personally, I hate life tap and having to life tap during fights. A lot of caster dps classes don't even have mana bars anymore and have another resource instead. We have to deal with soul shards and mana management. Why? Does anybody enjoy having to life tap during fights? Why couldn't Blizzard prune that ability when they were getting rid of stuff? I might be way off base here. Maybe most of you really like the life tap gameplay. I'm just curious as to what people think about it.Kaeravek34 Jun 27
Jun 27 Demonology I had my concerns with this spec, but I really enjoy it. It makes me feel rewarded when I pull off my rotation correctly opposed to the other two. Though it was frustrating getting stats, correct relics at first, and leggos but when you do finally achieve them this class explodes. Its a hard class to learn imo but of the classes I have played its by far the most rewarding I feel like. Its a challenging fun spec and I like it, it could possibly use some adjustments but I couldn't really tell you where, maybe just #'s increase? Either way I average about 880k-1mil Dps with what I have right now. Sure Afflic and Destro are supposedly better choices but I do great with Demo, and it is viable, Don't be a FoTM kid haha jkSkerz7 Jun 27
Jun 27 Heroic Desolate Host Destruction talents Most fights in TOS are rather straightforward talent wise. Either single target or partly AOE with Demonic Inquisition being the only pure 2 target cleave. The only problem I'm having with talent choice is on desolate host which is a mixture of everything. What build do you guys use for that fight?Midnighter6 Jun 27
Jun 26 Warlock nerfs? Do you guys think any warlock specs will receive anymore nerf in the near future? Or do you think Blizz will leave you alone?Khame151 Jun 26
Jun 26 Skull of Man'ari keeps disappearing randomly Anyone else getting this problem? I submitted it to the bug forums. We have to let the devs know this is happening, if anyone else's weapon disappeared completely they'd fix it in a heartbeat. The Skull IS our weapon. Also some weirdness, our dagger component of the weapon doesn't make any noise if you sheath or unsheath it if you haven't transmogged the dagger into something else. EDIT: This isn't him teleporting away to cast Discord, this is him vanishing and never coming back, period.Alasander46 Jun 26
Jun 26 Cool bug I found in Tomb I don't know if anyone else has tried it, but as guild was heading out for the night we were messing around with Maidens hole, jumping in and dying for fun. However someone suggested I soulstone, which I did. Amazingly you can resereuct down there. I took a few pictures and ported to Dalaran after submitting a bug report. Anyone else tried this?Unstannimal14 Jun 26