2d The Might of Stromkar: Arms PVE 7.3.5 A quick thank you to Archimtiros, Warriorsari, Artunias, and all of the Warriors of the Legion Alpha/Beta. Your hard work and dedication is testament to the warrior Community. Introduction: Hello my name is Curoar (think of it like que-roar) and I’m here to help new players as well as veteran players get a firm understanding of what's happening to Arms in 7.2.5 in terms of PVE. As with every other class and spec, in Legion everyone has had significant changes and their spec and abilities. We’ll start by discussing those, before jumping into the meat of things. If you have any suggestions to add to the guide please leave it in comments and I’ll come back and check it every now and then. PLEASE NOTE! This guide will be constantly updated and changed based on inevitable balance changes Blizzard will make. During this time stat-weights, talents, consumables, and enchants are all subject to change. Updated 3/25/17: Updated the guide for Patch 7.2. Good luck on the Broken Shore! Updated 1/10/17: Added comments on chages add in 7.1.5, primarilly focused at towards talent changes. Updated 10/23/16: Updated the guide's Single Target Rotation with Focused Rage, as well as added a Execute Phase guide, and a few Commonly Asked Questions. Table of Contents: I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 7.2.5 to 7.3.5 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#1 II. Stat Priorities http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 III. Gems, Enchants, and Consumables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 IV. Races http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 V. Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#3 VI. Artifact Traits and Paths http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 VII. Rotation Priority and Cooldowns http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 VII. Legendaries http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#5 IX. FAQs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#5 I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 7.2.5 to 7.3.5 Actually nothing. Our spec received no PVE related changes in 7.3.5. Arms had considerable changes going into 7.2.5. In case you don't know what changed here's what happened in 7.2.5 with the spec. The following changes have been made to the spec in 7.2.5... All abilities damage increased by 10%, in addition to any damage changes be low. Auto-attack rage generation increased by 10%. Critical strike auto-attacks now generate 30% bonus Rage (was 50%). The effect of Mastery has been reduced by 20%. Anger Management now spends 20 Rage per 1 second of cooldown reduction (was 10 Rage per 1 second), and now also reduces the cooldown of Bladestorm. Cleave damage increased by 20%. Colossus Smash cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds), and damage increased by 10%. Dauntless cost reduction is now 10% (was 20%). Deadly Calm now reduces Rage costs during Battle Cry by 75% (was 100%). Execute damage increased by 25%. If the target does not die, 30% of the Rage spent on Execute is refunded. Fervor of Battle is now moved to Level 75. Fervor of Battle damage bonus increased to 80% (was 45%). Focused Rage is now moved to Level 90. Focused Rage now costs 20 Rage (was 15 Rage). In For The Kill is now moved to Level 90, passively causes Colossus Smash to grant you 10% Haste for 8 seconds. In For The Kill now refunds 40 Rage (was 30 Rage). Mortal Strike damage increased by 20%. Opportunity Strikes now causes your extra attacks to generate 5 Rage, with a 0.5 second internal cooldown. Overpower no longer costs Rage, no longer procs from auto-attacks, and may not proc itself. Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) now causes Colossus Smash to increase the critical strike chance of your next Mortal Strike or Execute by 10% per rank. Ravager now generates 7 Rage per tick if it damages at least one enemy, for a maximum of 49 Rage over its duration if every tick deals damage. Rend cost increased to 30 Rage (was 10 Rage). Rend’s first hit now deals 150% weapon damage. Rend’s duration decreased to 8 seconds (was 15 seconds). Rend now deals damage every 2 seconds (was 3 seconds). Rend’s periodic damage has been increased to 2.5x attack power (was 2.4x attack power). Initial hit decreased to 150% weapon damage, down from 280%. Periodic damage increased to 2.5x AP per tick, up from 2.4x AP. Shattered Defenses (Artifact trait) now causes Colossus Smash to increase the damage of your next Mortal Strike or Execute by 60% (was 30%). This effect no longer increases the critical strike chance of Mortal Strike or Execute. Slam damage increased by 35%. Titanic Might now increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds (was 16 seconds), and now also reduces the cooldown of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds. Trauma is now moved to Level 45. Trauma is now also activated by Execute. Void Cleave (Artifact trait) damage increased by 100%. Whirlwind damage increased to 90% weapon damage per hit, now costs 30 Rage (was 25 Rage). Holy changes Batman! That’s a lot! Don’t worry we’ll go into more detail below!Curoar364 2d
Sep 16 Outdated, please unstick. EDIT: Due to no longer having the time to keep this thread up to date I will no longer be updating it as such. Please note there have been next to zero changes with fury going from 7.2 to 7.2.5 in terms of ability usage so the core information here is still correct, however I would urge you to checkout the information on MMOchamp's warrior forums as that will have more up to date information. Contents: I - Talents and Stat Priority: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#2 II - How to Play: Single Target / Area of Effect / Cooldowns: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#3 III - Warswords of Valajar - Your Artifact and you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#4 IV - Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#5 V - Legiondaries and the Mechanics of Fury: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#6 Recent Updates: 1/4/2017 - Updated w/ 7.2 traits path, nothing else has changed for fury as of this note.Greìl254 Sep 16
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6h War Machine Talent Bugged? So I've been noticing all night in Antorus that even if I'm getting killing blows or I've dealt damage before a mob dies, the talent is not proccing what-so-ever. Anyone else getting this issue?Geranguas14 6h
7h Which spec m+, which spec BGs Hi folks, I am looking for your expertise regarding which spec (between Arms/Fury) would be best for m+, and which spec would be best for random BGs. I don't want 1 spec for both Which spec does more burst dmg in BGs? Which spec does more sustained aoe dps on m+ trash? What are the pros/cons to choosing a spec for 1 game play mode vs the other? I am simming appropriately for Arms in m+ for now. I am top or close to top dmg done in BGs as Arms for now. I don't really know anything about Fury at all, just unlocked last netherlight slot. Please help, have some fun, challenge each other :PNafear0 7h
9h TEACH ME: Fury Warr M+ DPS Rotation Hey ya'll! My alt is a 943 iLevel Fury Warr with two piece T21. I am new to Fury Warr (and DPS in general, usually a tank or heals) and while I am having tremendous fun, there is something major I am missing and I was wondering if you guys could help dissect my rotation and CDs with me. So on boss fights I seem to do okay (literally okay, not even great), pulling about 1.2 mill DPS or so IF I have all of my CDs up when I charge in (Battle Cry, Avatar, Bloodbath, Horn of Valor trinket, Rampage) then Odyn's Fury into my rotation of Raging Blow x3, Bloodthirst x1, Furious Slash in between until I can Bloodthirst again into a 100 rage Rampage and rinse and repeat. Essentially I do the same rotation on M+ mob pulls: charge, Whirlwind a few times, Bloodthirst, Whirlwind some more, Bloodthirst, until I get 100 Rage and Whirlwind spam a few times then rinse and repeat. With my CDs, I'm literally just activating whatever is up which sucks. Many times for even boss pulls I''ll only have one CD up to blow and it dampers my DPS. For AOE pulls, I understand Bloodbath is my BFF so I activate that prior to AoE pulls. But I notice on pulls when I don't have anything up, my DPS is HORRENDOUS. I'm talking 500k DPS or so. I'm clearly not doing something right. SOS PLOX HALP! Any tips/pointers would be majorly appreciated. EDIT: Talents for M+ I am using: Endless Rage, Shockwave, Avatar, Warpaint, Frothing Beserker, Bloodbath and Reckless AbandonMuttfuzz10 9h
10h Kilrogg Mythic solo Any warriors have success soloing this fight on Mythic? Seems like there is nothing I can do to avoid getting mind controlled. I either cleave the adds down and get MC'd or do ST damage on Kilrogg and they kill me pretty quick.Sxavzu1 10h
10h 3rd Artifact Weapon Quest Cannot pick up the quest for my 3rd artifact weapon (not the relic but the weapon). I have Arms & Fury but Odyn does not have the quest for me to get Prot weapon. Is there some kind of requirement i need to fulfill to get this quest to show?Magork7 10h
11h Arms Weapon help Currently unable to start the quest to obtain my Arms Artifact on my alt Warrior. Not the hidden appearance, not ANY appearance. The actual weapon. Strom'kar. I've spoken to Odyn, I've spoken to the smith, I've run around Dal in Arms Spec with a 740 2H wep on. I completed the Warrior Campaign to see if maybe Odyn was phased or locked into some sort of quest chain like Khadghar can be. Still nothing. Rather lost at this point. Missed the chance to get the hidden appearance, apparently I'm not even allowed the weapon at all. New 7.3.5 bug perhaps? Unable to start weapon missions under unknown conditions?Gormin5 11h
12h BfA the dream.... Arms Rotation: Things to maintain:Pretty much everything with the core FoB rotation: 1) CS -> with Tactician resets 2) MS -> keep shattered defense 3) Whirlwind as our filler (for both AoE and ST) 4) Execute -> keep EP Slight modification on current FoB rotation:1) Make Rend baseline -> low(medium) rage cost, higher duration; for sustained damage. Damage can be balanced accordingly an extra form of sustained damage to round out the rotation a bit. 2) Make sudden death baseline -> Execute iteration (i.e, execute chance to proc and be used regardless of targets hp). Reasonable proc chance so it is a noticeable rotational ability (I realize damage would most likely need to be balanced as proc chance went up). Rationale: Rotation has a smoother flow and feel when you are getting consistent CS and Execute procs. Fun is subjective, however I have the most fun with the rotation during these periods of consistent procs. I feel the above two minor modifications would go a long way in rounding out the overall rotation. Overall I am having a blast on my warrior with all three specs and I am currently really enjoying Arms (mostly for the execute phase). I feel the base FoB rotation could use some rounding out with the above suggestions. Possible brainstorming ideas:1) Make rend apply a slow 2) Make it so that if you cleave a target with rend, not only does it increase WW damage but also applies rend to ALL targets. 3) Reduce CS to 10 second baseline CD ; or implement a fail safe to the RNG to guarantee at least ONE proc per 20 second CD of baseline CS. 4) Defensive stance made baseline for both Arms and Fury (current talent iteration) The one issue I have with the FoB rotation is times when you are getting no CS procs, no execute procs, are generally low rage and can barely even maintain more then 1 WW per MS CD. These low action moments for me personally drastically hinder the flow and fun of the rotation. Edit: Things to destroy and never look back:1) Focused Rage -> PLEASE PLEASE destroy this talent and never bring it back 2) Defensive stance animation -> PLEASE PLEASE give us a glyph that allows us to remove this awful animation 3) Please re-evaluate the rage gain to spent ratios of the FoB spec to allow us to consistently maintain a gcd capped rotation without the need of having to charge in between swing timers to supplement our rage. This is an extremely counter-intuitive task that just highlights a glaring deficiency with the base rotation from a design stand-point. My initial suggestions had the intent of also tackling this current issue. Edit2: Added defensive stance baseline as a possible idea.Palaceknight14 12h
14h Food Buffs What food are you guys using? I've been running some sims and noticed that SimulationCraft recommends Mastery Food as opposed to Haste Food. All the guides I have seen recommend Haste Food. I can see the logic behind this as my sims weigh Mastery > Haste. Thoughts?Cptpwnage5 14h
14h Victory Rush Not Working in PVP Victory Rush doesn't Proc in Battlegrounds/PVP : Any other Arms Warriors having this problem?Atræus16 14h
15h Rate That Warrior Mog #3 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759115817?page=26#post-501 Remember... don't skip people! Rate their mog on a scale 1 to 10. And go!Willamina109 15h
16h Prot Legendaries in M+ Greetings! I've recently swapped over to Protection from Fury, and have the bracers, talent ring, chest, and Sephuz, and was wondering which was the best combo for M+? I currently roll with the bracers and talent ring, because both seem to work quite well together. Just wondering if there's a better setup available to me, and if there's a particular leggo that RNGesus could bless me with that'd be valuable as well. Any help would be wonderful, thanks!Alkaräz5 16h
17h Help with solo bg queuing as Arms Hey fellow Warriors! So lately I have been playing my warrior in random bgs and just not too happy with it. I feel I don't dish out enough damage compared to some other melee classes and that I am a free kill. I just want to feel more effective during a game and not some orange pylon. I have a lot to learn about enemy cds (definitely need help with this) Any tips/information is welcomed (arms pvp guides, addons etc.) Thanks in advance!Ramserran25 17h
17h Level as Protection in 7.35? Quick question. I wanted to finish leveling this warrior but I tried last night leveling as fury and took more damage than I was comfortable with. Would protection make more sense now?Daedalas4 17h
20h Arms Hidden Skin, ITS UP!! 1/17 Your welcome.Kitfaid5 20h
20h Fate of Hodir - Help! I'm on the finale of the warrior quest hall, and I can't get the damn thing to work. The icon that pops up for me to leap on a felbat, I have to relog as it doesn't appear - then it appears. Once I kill the 6 warlocks, I'm suppose to dive (so icon changes to dive) yet it doesn't change, as it's still stuck on leap. SO I can't even get off the felbat. If I relog, the icon changes, but it doesn't prompt Thorim to get to the next part of the chain - so I'm just stuck. Any help would be much appreciated!Malkier10 20h
22h Protection Warrior BiS List Looking for best gear for Prot warrior. Tier sets and legendaries please.Dún10 22h
1d Impending Victory not proccing in skirmishes. Lost a close fight after my partner died where i killed a mage and impending victory (talented victory rush) didnt procc. It was a clear win if everything worked as intended.Irelegion2 1d
1d Gladiator Warrior (Proc DPS) I was wondering, how many here miss the WoD Gladiator Spec? you know the good old DPS as protection?..I wish that was a thing again. What are your thoughts on this?Xeltes16 1d
1d What would you like to see in BFA for war? What talents/playstlyes/abilities would you like to see make a return in BFA and why? Are there any new abilities that you have an idea for? Shattering throw, Deep wounds on crits, and single minded fury come to mind for me. Shattering throw opened up counter play in pvp, Deep wounds made crits feel really rewarding, and SMF offered another aesthetic to Fury game play for me. Heroic strike meme.Destrey64 1d
1d arms m+ as aoe m+ build, with trauma but not FoB, do i use WW or Slam on single target (bosses)Skymind6 1d
1d Have not played this toon in years... Last time I tanked was in Cara, what is the best guide out there to read for tanking strategies in MoP, WoD, and Legion? Thanks in advance of any help.Jáckster2 1d
1d T21 arms 4 piece thoughts? Just got the 4 piece bonus, and it simmed lower as well as performing lower on the dummy compared to my current gear. Is it worthwhile trying to get a high ilvl t20 set as well as the t21 2 piece? Whats the current bis? Also which build do people prefer fob or tm build? I prefer the tm build, less rage hungrt and actuslly simmed slightly better for me, but i wish to know oghers thoughts. Ive read on icyveins and wowhead for bis, but i find them to vary too much, so i wish to know what your personal experience is for bis’, and build. TiaAnllumas14 1d
1d Give me Arms hidden pls I only log in to my Warrior who is next to Helgar in order to check for appearance quest. Weeks now he never asks about the axe. I log in and out go to dal and back every day for weeks. At this point rng has had its chance and this is looking more bugged by the day. I want this appearance before BfA. Please I need dev intervention.Mgann100 1d
1d [SOLVED] What happened? I realize that Protection Warriors are not really DPS specialists, but there are zero patch notes about changes to them and my DPS since just prior to this patch has been cut in HALF. Same rotation, same gear, pretty much the same encounters (I mostly just do my dailies and occasionally venture into battlegrounds or arena - this is a utility toon I made for my guild and I only keep it current in case a tank is needed for something). I've gone from no-pot, no-flask, no-buff DPS in world PVE of near 800k to less than 400k in two days. What the heck happened?Istrebiteli7 1d
2d Will Impending Victory return to Arms? Idk about you all but I doesn’t think Impending Victory is right place for Protection. Because everyone pick Inspiring Presence over it. (Good talent this one.) Also without artifact sword we lost Heal we spend rage and MS. How do we get our Heal without Victory Rush and Second Wind till fight? I think Impending Victory should return to Arms.Joñ1 2d
2d Victory Rush not proccing for XP off Hello, I have victory rush as a 29, however it does not proc when I kill an opposing player. Was this intended? Thank you, SuulSuul3 2d
2d Protection Warriors? I'm looking at making an orc warrior, and I always tank. Is prot in a good place at the moment?Zenrao10 2d
2d Prot Warrior Berserker Rage Bug Hello, Prior to 7.3.5, I used to be able to cast berserker rage while feared to break it. Now the button is unclickable while feared. Is this an intended change or a bug? I noticed this while tanking the Felhounds boss in Antorus.Hugstorm1 2d
2d Fury volatile dps in mythic + Hey guys, I can’t seem to maintain my dps between mobs, I’ll top dps with the first mob but moving on to the second mob I’ll be at the bottom because BC and OF is on cd. Instead of using BC and OF mid fight I’ll hold it for the 3rd mob? Or should I just use them mid fight? last mob before the boss I’ll avoid using BC and OF if they are going down fast, I don’t want to start the boss fight with 15-20sec CD remaining. i know not having cof is a set back but I’m farming it every week on lfr, normal and heroic. Until I get cof is there another way around it ? Iv seen fury warriors doing amazing dps not stopEndlezz9 2d
2d Arms Hidden Artifact at low Char level My warrior is only 104 but I got the hidden artifact quest when I logged on today. How can I beat Saurfang? He has millions of HP while I only have 600k on this fresh alt. Was this intended to only be done at 110?Vaelistrasz4 2d
2d Sea or Sky? Okay this has been bugging me for awhile. Casual Fury guy here, but I'd still love to know: On Argus the Unmaker, which buff do you go for, Sea or Sky? I've tried it both ways and haven't noticed a significant difference. The extra haste lets me squeeze in a fourth Raging Blow before capping rage with bloodthirst, but I feel like the mastery buff ought to be the more significant damage driver (especially if there's a chance for Khaz'garoth's Courage to be empowered by the pantheon). I know it's not really an important part of the fight but even so, which do you pick?Mustakraken18 2d
2d Victory Rush bugged? Hey guys, Any other Arms warriors experiencing this? I just got out of two BGs, where my ending KBs were 26 and 17 respectively. On the first match, my Vic Rush popped once. On the second it didn't pop at all. Anyone else?Vaxíldan3 2d
2d Agatha. Please help I must have tried well over 100 times now on Agatha and I just cannot beat her. I know all the mechanics, I know what all the imps do and when to save CD's etc etc but I just keep getting overwhelmed and dying. Lowest I've gotten her was around 20%. I know the mage tower is about to go down at the time of typing this, but can anyone who's beaten her offer any advice as to how to properly manage the second phase?Bonestompér20 2d
2d Tier list for arms legendaries? i was wonder what legendaries would be best for dps as arms. Obivously the gloves and execute ring are tier 1, but i was wondering for the the others. even if theyre just used for being stat sticks im wondering which ones are atleast ok to use in the mean time. Thanks for the help in advance!Jaybruh7 2d
3d Can anyone help me find a Darnassus Transmog? After putting on this tabard i really like the look of it so i had the idea of making a transmog based off darnassus and the night elves. So being all purple and what not. Got any suggestions?Xylía7 3d
3d iLvl when switching to fury I just noticed when switching to fury from arms my iLvl goes up by 3. Not a huge difference but was just curious if this is the case with everyone else? I have the same gear on and actually have less iLvl relics on fury.Sithbro1 3d
3d When should I dump my CoF trinket I got 970 pantheon trinket, 955 gorsh, 930 warglaives, 900 CoF......i know bc is VEEEEEERY important and CoF is excellent for that! BUT.......is there ever a trinket to replace that that will maximize overall dps......trying to get someones input....might be a noob question but i just want intelligent answers, not ones like yo check the forums bro........so sub 80 iq answers i will not answer.....my dps is fine but just wondering if keeping my CoF is a bad idea or notBoro7 3d
3d Warriors OP Blizzard stop making warriors so OP with all their abilities to just go around to any person who is trying to quest and get better gear by doing dailies in argus or other areas that have real good upgrades for my armor which isn't that good but i just came back to the game after a long layoff because my mom wouldn't give me her credit card to let me renew my subscriptions cause she said i played the game too much and should get outside more or make friends that i can play with in real life which is dumb cause i have plenty of friends in the game that i used to do stuff with in the game and we had fun together and then my mom said i couldn't play it anymore cause i spent too much time inside in front of the computer and she complained to my dad so they then cut me off but now that i'm back i want to be able to get real good gear so i can start going into the dungeons with my friends and get even better gear so the game can be more fun and when iu'm doing it some warrior who blizzard made better because bajeharra plays a warrior and blizzard wants him to win all the time so people will watch his youtube videos and subscribe to world of Warcraft to get more moneyu from people that just want to level and play dungeons with his friends so make them not being able to one shot me when i'm trying to get better gearThadros19 3d
3d Convergence of Fate/Odyn's Fury Convergence of Fate it supposed to be a BiS trinket due to the CD reduction on Battle Cry. But using it puts Battle Cry out of sync with Odyn's Fury. Sometimes I can squeeze an extra BC in (with a lucky string of procs) and have it back up again when Odyn's Fury is back up, but it's terribly inconsistent. So my question is: When should I use Odyn's Fury if I'm equipping CoF? On cool down or only when it aligns with Battle Cry?Torzúle1 3d
3d Arms - Defensive Stance - Shield Transmog I am not sure if this has been asked already or where even to post it. This most definitely should be a thing. Like and comment so we can get some visibility on this!Ryforgê7 3d
3d did we get a buff this upcoming patch or no? for armsSorexx1 3d
3d Artifact traits vs. ILVL increase I'm wondering if raising weapon ilvl at the expence of some of the better traits is worth it, and if so how many item level increase does it take to overcome lesser traits. For example would it be worth 7 ilvl weapon increase to drop 1 count of Unrivaled Strength? Anyone have any insight?Svt3 3d
3d My fury dps I was just wondering if 760k dps for my ilvl is good or not. It seems rather low to me, but if so, are my stats in need of adjustment? I'm almost 99% positive my rotation is not the issue since it's so simple.Mythandin10 3d
3d How do I get haste gear? I geared arms for most of leveling and stuff, now I am trying to get 30% haste... and have had loot set to prot, never haste on the gear... Does fury loot spec have haste?Schadenjoy3 3d
3d Protection defensives? So I'm slowly gearing my warrior up, new to protection tanking, but not tanking in general as I main a Prot Pally. My gear is bad and I'm working towards more haste and mastery. My question is for some of the tank swaps in antorus, particularly Kin'garoth, will I NEED to have an extra CD up to survive, such as demo shout? On LFR Kin'garoth, taking a second stack of his Forging Strike with Shield Block and Ignore Pain up, I get crushed from 100% HP to 0%. Is this just because my gear of around 910 ilvl, is not the best? Or is this just something that Prot Warriors need to do to survive certain mechanics? Thank youDeathmontage4 3d
4d Gorshalah's Legacy - Total underwhelment Gorshalah's proc rate is so pitiful. How can this POS be good for anyone but a Rogue? Nevermind its stats only align with Outlaw. Pretty DISAPPOINTED. Sidebar: should I bother with filling my tier pieces with LFR gear? Don't have enough time to raid my warrior :(Huangdi8 4d
4d Trinket Dps Question I finally got a 945(H) Gosh Legacy drop from Agra, but I have Kil Jaedons Lego and 950 Shadow Singed Fan(H) equipped already. For my second legendary equipped I have Naj Vert in belt. I only have one other legendary I could useand thats the Opus neck lego. What should I switch up for better dps overall?Thesavage6 4d