5d Help vs FDK Frost DKs.... Holy !@#$ I need to stop getting .5'd. Can't seem to figure this one out and I just get dumpster on. any advice would be nice.Justabackup0 5d
5d Help with Fury DPS Logs incl. Hi, hoping for some help with my DPS as Fury. I can't seem to nail it down. I have logs for LFR (I know - but wanted to use it for rotational testing purposes where i can also ignore mechanics a little bit to get as much patchwerk type style as I can). https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GhJVqAmBF4gkZ3fH/#fight=last&view=rankings I died on Garothi (heh) but look at the logs for the dogs fight. I'm really looking for any major rotational issues. I don't have proper fury leggos but even as is, I sim at about 1.37 mil dps. So, if I was doing 1.1 mil ish I'd be satisfied. I only did 900k. My crit is 16%, Haste is 35%, Mastery is 50% and Vers at 10%. I've kelsades videos, and I think I got it for the most part, but I still seem to be doing lower then what I think I should be doing. Also of interest, rampage was like 5th on my damage abilities. Using T20. Any help really appreciated.Neltis3 5d
5d Mythic pluses this game has far too many bad players..i started mythic pluses about 4 days ago .(last day of last week) and for fun was trying to climb up the leaderboard..i did ok i think climbed up to 7th as warrior tank on my realm so i was pretty happy with that but i know i can do better i just keep getting stuck with crappy groups. People who have no business ebing there... like a 300k dps in a mythic 9. like how do such people get keys ? i had a guy doing 300k dps if that even in a mythic 7..we carried him anyway but some people join groups they're just wasting time..yesterday ahd a mage in arccway 9 i think and we were doing good then once we got just before 4th boss he starts randomly puling extra mobs so healer couldnt keep up and we started wiping like crazy...people like this are a problem and i dont see how anyone could not agree. doing 300k dpos in a mythic 9 and being a total a-hole trying to ruin the run for everytbody on top of that. so we ended up beating the timer anyway but pretty much with 3 players after 1 left for that reason..so again we carried that guy...and since ive done all mythics at a certian plus level i like to beat the timer..some people seem to be jsut happy beating the dungeon im kind of past that point i like to breeze through and beat the timer anyone can finish a dungeon but i just dont like spedning 3hrs in it.. stop joining mythics pluses if you arent geared or good enough...its just a pain in the !@#...Ceridion6 5d
5d Problem war tank Sup guys, i went back on my war ( was my main but i switched to paladin and dk for legion) and i am taking lots of damage . I felt almost invincible on my dk and my pal and i have no healing/no good damage mitigation on my war (i mean, i am supposed to have) . When i tank, i see my life moving alot compared to my 2 other tanks and i have nothing to heal myself . I looked at Icy veins and every thing looks ok in my gameplay/build... but I am missing something because i am taking too much damage. Help please !Belgarox10 5d
5d Is there a way to turn off the battle shouts? Cause I love the idea of being a female gnome warrior, but so help me god the shriek thing they do whenever I Ignore Pain/Battle Cry/Leap/Do Anything is literally going to drive me insaneSprinklepoo0 5d
5d Where the heck did the tank forum go? Don't take a break from the game for to long, everything changes on you! I just realized there isn't a Tank, DPS or Healer specific forum on here anymore (unless I am blind as a bat)! How are the pally tanks with their hair flips suppose to be jealous of the all mighty warrior beard anymore!? Does anyone know of a website (is tankspot gone?) that is tank oriented?Egon4 5d
5d Which mage tower is easiest. In your opinion which mage tower appearance becomes crazy easy with higher ilvl. Arms, fury or prot. Which requires the least skills and is heavy on damage vs which ones stay relatively hard despite a higher ilvl and legendarys.Dawnsworn26 5d
5d Fury or Arms making my first warrior, so Fury or Arms? and why? thanks in advance guysSkiimaskk7 5d
6d Too much crit? I know Mastery beats crit, and up until now Ive been just grabbing ilvl upgrades. But it seems everything I've been getting lately has so much crit on it. Should I stop equipping ilvl upgrades at this point if it means losing out on so much Mastery? Should I start equipping lower ilvl pieces if it means I can get some of my Mastery back? Thanks! Brollis Edit: Speaking from Arms point of view :)Brollis17 6d
6d What does being a warrior mean to YOU? Pretty simple, just as the topic title suggests. What do you look for in a warrior class, whether its in WoW or any other game! To myself its being both a meat shield for allies while still being able to bring down a pain train on whatever enemies there may be with either quick strikes with a sword,brutally heavy blows with a massive mace, or simply cleaving them in two with a battleaxe. To live bye the sword and die by it. Waaarriiooors, come out and plaaaaay!Sagarda29 6d
6d Antorus: ravager vs bladestorm I think bladestorm wins handsdown overall. Not everything but most. ToS encounters were rather less moving so ravager worked well esp. With the legendary helmet and the tier bonus. But in Antorus, so many fights that require repositioning. I started using bladestorm again in such a long time. My DPS skyrocketted.Dfunction18 6d
6d PvP Advice So I just started back into wow, been gone since mid MoP and plan on leveling up this little guy to 110 and mostly doing PvP with him but a lot has changed. Like I know that the lengendary crap is mandatory for any success but without too much trolling (I.E. just hit face on keyboard and gg) can y’all give me some general PvP advice for Legion? I am not a top tier player but also not a scrub if that changes your future advice lol. What is warriors go to spec for BGs and 2s? What is our role in BGs? Optimal rotation/priority abilities if it has changed since MoP? Tips for surviving, or talent choices? Etc Thanks in advance.Hairydresden8 6d
6d Prot Warrior My hat is off to all the Warrior Tanks! I got in LFR and got qued as tank. I totally forgot to uncheck the box. I hadn't tanked on a warrior since class hall quests. I at least had decent ilvl on my shield and we didn't wipe. I usually tank on a DK or Pally and warrior was nerve wracking.Jaggér6 6d
6d Fury Warrior DPS: What are my doing wrong? My Ilvl is 948. My DPS in raids and dungeons is around 900k. Sometimes even the tank out dps's me. I do well in AOE, about 1.3 but my single target is about 600k. I just ran a LVL 14 Dungeon where a DK ILVL 945 averaged 2.1M, while I finished out 997k. That's more than double my dps at a lower ilvl. What are my doing wrong? What kind of DPS should a ILVL 948 fury warrior be doing? ThanksGblade11 6d
6d My Mythic plus runs so i started running mythic pluses last Monday was when i first got into seriously to see how good i can do and climbed all the way up to 7th best warrior tank on realm..i know i can do better but i come across groups lately where people try to wipe the group..i dont understand why these people even join. if you're going to join just to ruin a run why even join? i just dont get it. i was in a mythic 10 the otehr day on the last boss there before timer and it continues to be a wipefest becasue some nub just keeps acting like a complete moron and wiping the group so we miss the timer and group disbands. i just dont get it...why people choose to be like this.anyways ill climb up the rratings agian starting teusaday ..im currently 11th as warrior tank. pugging them takes a little while longer i guess.Ceridion2 6d
6d Legendary Boost So I am ready to boost a legendary and wanted some advice on which I should boost. I want to do the mage tower challenge for Fury and probably Arms so keep that in mind. Right now I have Valarjar Berserkers (1000 ilvl) and Soul of the Battlelord (970 ilvl) equipped. My other legendaries are Ayala (ring) 970 ilvl Naj'entu's (belt) 940 ilvl Kazzalax (back) 1000 ilvl Kil'jaeden's (trinket) 970 ilvl Aggramar (feet) 970 ilvl Prydaz (neck) 970 ilvl Manaroth's (wrist) 940 ilvl Which of these should I boost for Mage Tower?Daladoren5 6d
6d Arms Hidden skin advice Hi, I have been logging with my warrior and checking for the proc every day for over 3 months and nothing, is there any requirement besides the AP level or is threre anything I can do to increase my chances? It's very frustrating.Kitfaid2 6d
6d Fury too squishy Feels too squishy while questing even. Thoughts? I usually play Arms, so I'm not used to this.Lenox14 6d
Dec 10 Blood bath and fury warriors So ive been reading you take bloodbath as fury warrior now? Do you only take it after you get 4 piece? is that when it becomes valuable and can someone please explain rotation with bloodbath it seems clunkyDublefisting2 Dec 10
Dec 10 PvE Fury Help Hey guys can someone tell me a few ways to improve my dps? I am getting like 45-60k dps in most raid fights. I cant afford all the top tier flasks to help it either. Is my gear that bad? 911 Ilvl atm.Thesavage8 Dec 10
Dec 10 Fury Warrior defensive CD? Anyone have a macro for Fury Warrior defensive CD?Alaeis5 Dec 10
Dec 10 CoF So i was lucky enough to get CoF but whats the proper way to use battle cry now? since it wont be lining up with odyns fury?Dublefisting2 Dec 10
Dec 9 t21 arms best spec? have so many questions still, finding a lot of conflicting answers. can anyone shed light? thanks!Peastain1 Dec 9
Dec 9 ...About trying Protection I've leveled entirely as Fury; but Orc identifies as Fury. It's his thing. But... I've been saving my artifact power, since my last artifact trait costs so much to level up at this point... I was wondering if trying Protection would be a worthwhile endeavor, or not. I kind of was saving the artifact power for incase it was worth putting into a second spec. I don't really plan on doing any raiding or anything right now. I've done a few "find group" for instance World Quests and I just did Fury and we ran around and killed everything. Does Protection benefit me in any way over Fury? I'm not very experienced in the game mechanics, and I've just been doing Fury because it's a lot of fun. I'm also curious - if I do try it out; is there a way to "save" my actions bars, so that if I do switch back to Protection, they can all reset back to how I had them? It seems like a lot of work to re-arrange 3 action bars each time (I use the hotkey bar, then the two bars above it for my skills). Or can I safely not worry about it and just dump my artifact power into fury just to level it up when I can?Ghalthuk1 Dec 9
Dec 9 Arms question I haven't played in 3,4 months and am looking for one class to focus on. I don't have time to play multiples anymore. I have equally geared lock, warr, DH, DK, Druid. I'd like to stick to one and really fine tune my play. get gud as they say. when I played arms this past summer I felt like there wasn't really a rotation. (pvp and pve wise) I felt like I was always waiting for something to proc, it felt random with no flow, was I doing something wrong or is this kind of the case?Jaymetz2 Dec 9
Dec 9 R.I.P protection warriors In Battle for Azeroth they are nerfing protection warriors. https://i.imgur.com/Aovnkbm.png This is a huge nerf. Also, now that the attack power does not contribute to the ignore pain formula, does that mean we will stop giving priority to strength and just go haste? R.I.P Reindishen.Reindishen26 Dec 9
Dec 9 I feel nerfed Hi all, Been out of the game since WOTLK, returned 2 weeks ago. I have a fury warrior, but there has to be something wrong here. My DPS is so low, I duel my lower ilvl bodies and they win with 100%hp Im not doing a perfect rotation, but I would say that it is 80% good Is there something Im missing? Something I need to unlock to make my character stronger? Doing around 400k dps single target and top 1.3m aoe - PVE The highest hit on pvp I've ever had has been 1.2m (crit execute, "one shot macro") If I don't have all my cds active I don't hit higher than 300 - 400k, ever. So low :( Please advice, I like the class and don't want to level up again but I feel uselessDoppell4 Dec 9
Dec 9 When is Secret of the Axes up? NA Servers. I've been checking every day for like a month now, but it's never popped. I've heard that there are no pre-reqs for the quest to pop and that it's region specific, but is there any way to tell when Secret of the Axes will be up? I always enter the Halls of Valor as Arms with my loot table set to Arms as well.Sefyn3 Dec 9
Dec 8 Antorus Tier, when to switch? (Fury) I know the general rule is to sim, which I do, but wondering if anyone has any insight when it's generally worth it to break your ToS tier set in favor for Antorus set? Also how are people finding the Antorus set bonuses for fury? Are they working well? I haven't gotten any pieces yet unfortunately.Alaeis6 Dec 8
Dec 8 Prot 2-piece tier opinion / Macros Although, very much a bandage fix, I'm actually liking the 2-piece set bonus. Actually allows one to get "setup" for big incoming damage while putting out good damage. For me personally, I find macroing my Ignore Pain button with Shield Slam helpful during this time. Since Ignore Pain is not on the GCD, once you get full rage, you can hit your Ignore Pain to use up some rage, while still causing your Shield Slam to go off and saving yourself the time delay from having to hit multiple buttons. I also do this to Shield Block. In case, during the time of when you hit Shield Block, Shield Slam is usable, you can have Shield Slam go off too, without having to hit another button. I'm sure everyone knows these, what I consider "saving your fingers" tips. These may not work for you, but I find them helpful.Eeshen3 Dec 8
Dec 8 How is Warrior Tanking Looking For 8.0/BFA? Should i main spec my Zandalari Male Troll Warrior as a Tank?Kandiqt4 Dec 8
Dec 8 Mastery Soft Cap? As a Protection Warrior, is there a soft cap for mastery I need to be watching for? And if there is, should I surpass it or stop there and focus in on versatility? Just a question that I have been battling against so far the whole xpac.Khromrok5 Dec 8
Dec 8 Battlecry has to go in BfA 100% Critical strike chance is not fun. Give us Recklessness back or make it so crit % increase your damage during BC or make it so its not 100%, or even just make it a flat damage bonus. If anything needs to be changed on Warriors in BfA, this is the most important one. Having to throw away any crit gear you come across and have all your damage(as Fury) come from your repetitive burst while your sustain is probably the worst in the game is the main reason me and alot of other warriors don't wanna main this spec or class anymore.Amarantine6 Dec 8
Dec 8 T21 Rotation and Strength So I've gotten the 4 piece from Antorus, and I'm not really seeing a significant boost to my DPS. In fact I've actually noticed a pretty significant loss. I'm running the FoB build and have a couple of MWF relics. So my question is what is the optimal rotation with the 4 piece. I've been using MS on tac procs followed by a cleave and then a whirlwind, if I get multiple tac procs I use them consecutively then cleave and use the stacks on WW. I'm only pulling around 1.2mill on the training dummy with no buffs of any sort. I could regularly pull 1.4 to 1.6 on the same dummy with t20... is the set just undertuned? Would damage pick up tremendously with a full heroic set? Any thoughts?Antilion15 Dec 8
Dec 8 What are the Pros and Cons of Prot Warrior? Hello Warriors! I have had a 110 Warrior for a really long time and am thinking about getting back into it, I really like Arms and Fury, but I'm having a bit of trouble on Protection. It seems like Prot Warriors have a lot of damage mitigation but not that much self healing. Can any Prot warriors help to tell me a bit about the spec? How it plays, can you do mythic keystones and raids, ect.Malandros7 Dec 8
Dec 8 Second Artifact weapon quest? Hey folks, where do I find the second artifact weapon quest? i started with Fury months ago, only got to the skyfire quest, and no realize i want to go prot. Where would I find the starting quest for that? Any help would be appreciated. Thank youMerpiggle9 Dec 8
Dec 8 Is fervor back? I haven't seen it on any top parses yet but all the guides say it is best right now. I have a netherlight decision to make, many will fall or bladestorm!Withmalice5 Dec 8
Dec 8 Insignia of the Grand Army vs Prydaz Prydaz necklace +4649 stamina +2152 crit / haste / mastery a socket absorbs damage 25% of max HP every 30 sec Insignia of the Grand Army +4649 stamina +1745 crit +1794 haste +1843 mastery a socket boost crucible effects by 50% even the ones with concordance. IMO, Prydaz is better. I have a relic that boosts crit by 1500(extra 750 with the ring) when concordance is in effect but that's only 750 from the ring while the necklace trumps all 2ndary stats permanently. Other crucible effects are rather trivial. BTW, what are your arms legendaries? with T21. (the helm was kinda given with T20 but it doesn't seem so much)Dfunction2 Dec 8
Dec 7 Mythic pluses ratings so im just kind of getting into mythic pluses just this week and have done a bunch and after 2 im already in the top 100:) but anyway my question is why arent all my runs on the raider .io webpage.? it says you have to be top 100 for them to register but ive done some decent runs and the 2 that arent on there are better than some of the ones that are by others so i was just wondering why.Ceridion11 Dec 7
Dec 7 What does this mean? So I've been playing on a Warrior for the past 2 days and I've noticed this for awhile but I've never understood what it meant. It doesn't really bother though so that's why I didn't care about it. But now I'm just curious, What are these alerts for? http://prntscr.com/hk9kgoJüdoh2 Dec 7
Dec 7 Convergence of Fate Nerf Convergence of Fates primary stat increased by 13%. Effect reduced to 3 seconds of cooldown reduction (was 4 seconds). Developers’ notes: This change is aimed at changing how Convergence of Fates scales with item level – or rather, how it doesn’t. For some specializations, the cooldown reduction effect is so powerful that the item level of the trinket is all but irrelevant. We’re shifting more of the item’s power to primary stat and less in the base proc to cause the trinket’s scaling with item level to be more similar to other trinkets in Legion. from Blizzard - today's hotfixes. So is it still worth using anymore, if you can list what item lvl range its still worthwhile and at what point or item lvl it is no longer useful thanks.Dungrough12 Dec 7
Dec 7 Arms hidden appearance I did a quick search within the forums to see when the last time the hidden questline was up. The last forum post was made August 3rd. I seriously hope it's not this infrequent to get this appearance. I've been trying to get it for 2 weeks now and it won't show up. This is starting to get ridiculous.Dirtytape30 Dec 7
Dec 7 2handers to 1handers pls. I hate how stupid wielding two 2 handed weapons look, especially as an Orc. Pointing them inwards like he's about to knit a giant scarf or something. This is a main reason why I don't like Fury, the forced 2 handers is dumb, not to mention there are a lot cooler looking 1 handed weapons than 2 handed ones.Vulkanian13 Dec 7
Dec 7 Kin'garoth: am I doing it wrong? I have been tanking as a prot warrior for all of legion and I have had some tough times before. I have tanked all the prior raids on heroic and was able to tank heroic KJ for my guild's kill on him a couple weeks ago. I get to normal Kin'garoth though and I'm hitting a wall. I keep getting destroyed by his forging strike, I checked my logs and I haven't blocked a single one of those, and I am blocking melee hits so it shouldn't be a facing issue. If I pop a defensive cd I can safely survive a single hit assuming I have been topped up, but our DK tank can take a second hit (with the debuff up and all) and basically laugh it off. Am I missing something on this boss or did warriors get massively shafted by having our major mitigation (blocking) not work on this massive physical attack?Grogarm13 Dec 7
Dec 7 How good is Prot really? (PVE) Just getting back into my warrior. Not sure where prot stands in PVE as say a DH or DK. I know bears are top right now but they're not for me. I just want to know how good we are. Don't want to gear this guy up to end up flat on my face with a "Should have rolled X class". Been prot since Vanilla. Is it time to switch specs?Ätarius83 Dec 7
Dec 7 3 guilds 9/11M just after day 1.... am i the only one disappointed by this? rate this is going it wont even take more than a week or two.Wallfels8 Dec 7
Dec 7 Arms warrior... is so strong Is it currently the strongest melee spec overall?Worldwarczar4 Dec 7
Dec 7 Rend vs Trauma Heya, Looking for some insight now that Antorus has been out a bit. I've recently come back to wow and gotten back into raiding and currently in H-Antorus with my guild. I see on wowlogs almost all warriors are taking Rend. But I read that when you get the 4pc Trauma takes over rend in a big way? I'm using trauma now because I don't like rend in its current iteration. I liked it better when arms had thunderclap and that applied rend. In multi target situations it seems so clunky applying rend to everything. That being said, Trauma is making up about 6-8% of my total damage while I'm seeing rend on some logs at 14-16%? Any insight into how trauma will be in this tier would be great!Thelsuo5 Dec 7
Dec 6 Is Blizzard going to fix Elite PVP set? Season 14-16 Elite warrior PVP set clearly was not finished properly and the helmet glow does not match the rest of the set. A bit of a strange situation as PVP elite sets tend to be some of the most original and dedicated art works.Jaboi1 Dec 6
Dec 6 Is CoF still BiS for Fury this tier? I’m switching back to fury for Antorus, and was wondering if I’ll finally be able to replace my 890 CoF with an Antorus trinket. Anyone know?Jacksouth17 Dec 6