2d Did they nerf warrior dmg again? Alright so I'm actually really curious. I know they nerfed MS damage a week ago by 30% in PvP and we were all pretty pissed off about that. But even after that I felt like I could do enough damage to be viable in 3s. I just did a 3v3 arena for the first time since then, and I was critting 470k mortal strikes on my burst.....Is that normal? Or am I missing something here? My target did not have defensives up, btw. inb4 "Maybe you didn't have colossus smash on the target" Anyway, is anyone else experiencing this? Could use some feedback.Thedîesel5 2d
2d orderhall world quest error So this has been happening to me everyday when ever i try to use the horn of war from the order hall to complete a world quest instantly a message comes up that i need to disable or ignore an addon to use the item. i tried to ignore and it still wont let me i actually have to disable the addon. Also it has happen with lots of my addons not just one anyone else getting this or know how to fix it? Everything is up to date.Jakz1 2d
2d Warrior or Ret Pally So, I am just returning as a player and wanted to see what everyone' s thoughts are on this. I know I want to play either a Ret Pally or either an Arms or Fury Warrior. I know this is on the Warrior forum, but would like to see what everyone's overall opinion is on the playability in both PvE and PvP. Thank you in advance!Kendor5 2d
2d One of Two. After a long weekend of playing my top choices for a dps, I've narrowed it down between a DK and a Warrior. All I'm looking for from this community is some helpful advice; if you have played the two in ToS then please enlighten me as to how they perform. I'll never get anything achieved, in a reasonable amount of time, if i keep switching back and forth between these two toons. Some will say to play what I enjoy, well that's the problem when I enjoy them both. What would you guys choose?Gnics1 2d
2d Fury Training? So ive been tanking.. lets just call it forever. I havent dpsed since BC and wanted to know if someone could help me do my rotations and !@#$ better for fury since apparently i suck at that. Ive already read about the rotations and some of the specs for it, however I feel my numbers arent what they could be without some first hand assistance. Anyone willing to give me a hand? thanksBloodvenom2 2d
2d Precise Strikes Relics-CS Crits I'm curious, do they stack past 48%? I've have two installed in my artifact weapon since before 7.2.5 and was wondering if it goes higher than that. Did a half !@#$ search and didn't come up with anything updated. thanksIcybeer0 2d
2d Incoming Nerf in PVP its just me or warriors are broken right now, OP as f#$#k, you cant heal his damage at all. Good job blizzard.Ojoverde25 2d
2d Rend opener with Helm and no 4pc With leg helm/ring and only 2pc using Rend/TM, I feel like I'm having the best results with this opener: Charge>Rend>CS>Bladestorm>BC+Trinket>Execute>CS>Rend>MS On the incredibly rare occasion Execute doesn't proc in the opener: Charge>Rend>CS>Bladestorm>BC+Trinket>MS>CS>Rend I tried BCing with for the BS, but that's been lower overall in practice. Also, I've been making sure to use Tactician procs before I refresh Rend if I would have been refreshing rend the global after Tactician procs. This has been resulting in a large amount of CS uses per minute (9 on average after testing, not including Floorbreaker) due to Rend's heavy rage cost. Does that seem right? I know the opener question is irrelevant since we'll have 4pc so soon, but I was curious in case RNG is bad.Tuskx7 2d
3d PROT questions /help Hi my fellow warriors. Due to unforeseen circumstances I have been relegated to do tanking for Tomb for the time being. Let me start with this note - I'm fury main so when I do Tank, its only for mythic + runs and my mindset is to output as much damage without giving my healer a heart attack. (READ: I spam Revenge a lot more than I probably should instead of saving it for IP). I mean I always pool a bit of rage for that oh sh!t moment with maybe shield wall, but for the most part my rage goes into revenge. I'm running Dev/AM/BV as my talents - Are these still good for Tomb? Or would it be better to go Dev/ Veng/Heavy Repercussions? Also when do we use revenge? Just with procs? I'm not so noob that I don't know the basics i.e keep shield block up as much as possible, use the artifact weap if you're not going to get knocked back and shield block isn't up. use BC + Demo shout with (BV talent) > SS > TC to get all that rage. Having said that if the above is wrong please let me know. For legendaries - I'm running prydaz and wrists. The other choices I have is the crafted belt, sephuz and the boots. Is prydaz/wrists the best combo considering the pittance of leggos that I have for prot? Lastly is there an updated prot guide somewhere? Thanks!Galivar15 3d
3d So I leveled my druid I know this is an old complaint but after leveling my druid it just gave me more perspective on it. Neltharion's Fury sucks. Rage of the sleeper is an amazing CD. I look forward to using it. It feels great. I don't look forward to hitting Neltharion' s Fury. I don't think rage should be nerfed. It's not overpowered for an artifact ability. Neltharion's fury can't just simply be buffed though. It is at it's core a terrible ability. How could it be fixed? Not a channel would be a good start. Maybe the fire damage could be done in a series of aoe pulses exploding from us on use. Maybe add a magic defense component to it to make it something we actually want to use. I know it's not a completely useless ability but I would like it to feel as good to use as rage and perhaps other tanks artifact abilities. I know we have been wanting this for a while so its unlikely to get changed, but when the next ptr opens lets harass blizz some more and hopefully it finally gets addressed.Erthan3 3d
3d With Nerf to Trauma With the nerf to Trauma that it will no longer crit, is it possible that Rend might shine in that tier? Same build but Rend/Titanic Might instead of Trauma/FoB? Anyone on PTR tried it ST? Obviously Trauma would still be king in AOE situations, but just thought it might be a maybe.Grommush3 3d
3d Whirlwind Please take whirlwind out of the Arms rotation. It ruins the class fantasy and feels clunky and clumsy. Its hated by all.Hustlr16 3d
3d Focused Rage Bug? After the new patch, I can no longer use Focused Rage as arms. Anyone else having this issue?Hrolfnor0 3d
3d Prot T20 Stats So I was curious I received my T20 helm this week in TOS. My question is why put haste and crit as the main stats when as prot crit is on the low end of the pole. As far as i know we are haste/mast/vert...seems like a waste until you can get 2 pieces? What do you guys think my main spec is prot. I don't think the stats change per spec just the piece bonuses...Lexoor7 3d
3d No ring, should I bother? 3 Leggos' in on my Alt Arms warrior. Still no execute ring. I wanted to turn this into my main since I find it fun, but I keep getting told I can forget about mythic raiding or even doing decent damage in Heroic without the Ring. I really do not wanna play as a lame-duck for several months on end if it doesn't drop. Should I continue, or are they over blowing the importance of the ring? (Also I hate legion's legendary system, I can't just play what spec I want competitively without going through potentially months of rng!)Shukaku7 3d
3d Just got a legendary as arms!!! :( It wasnt the execute ring.Jackfaust0 3d
3d How do I level up my weapon? Hi, I want my weapon to reach a higher i level, I have two warrior quests that Im stuck, a mythic dungeon quest and the Agatha quest. If I dont do these my weapon wont advance? Or depends totally on the stones you put on your weapon? ThanksLandsverk3 3d
3d Tracking Spell Reflect Damage? Anyone know of an addon that tracks damage done by Reflected spells? Over the course of a M+ I'm curious how much damage certain reflects are doing in terms of dps.Mulligen1 3d
4d Does Colossus Smash really work? Specifically concerning battleground pvp, as I dont care about pve the tooltip says it increases -damage- by X percentage (I think it's 33% in pvp), however I find it hard to believe that it actually increases all damage by that amount. For example if my Mortal Strike hits for 100,000 I don't see it hitting for at least 133,000 baseline and neither do I see this in Bladestorm or anything else. Maybe it only works for your basic melee abilities? I don't know. I just don't feel like it s an across the board damage increase. If it was then everyone would be taking Titanic Might, even over Mortal Combo as you wouldn't want even a second of attacking someone without Colossus Smash on them. Even when I attack healers and CS isn't up at the moment I don't notice any significant difference. It's all MS that really takes them down. Agree, disagree? if you disagree do you have any evidence it guarantees you 33% increase to all damage abilities in a battleground?Sammæl7 4d
4d How I beat Agatha Okay, lets start out with legendary choice. I have the: Boots, Trinket, Ring, and Bracers. For agatha I chose the bracers and Trinket (but Pyrdaz and Helm/WW belt work just as well). I chose the bracers for the healing factor and the trinket for 2 reasons. 1) It does an extra 800k damage during her bubble phase, or you can use on adds for extra cleave damage. 2) The ring just doesn't do enough for cleave, and I was out of options. How to start. P1. Talents: War machine, Shockwave, Wrecking Ball, Furious Charge, Frothing Berserker, Inner Rage and Reckless Abandon. What I used: Strength Flask, Potion x2, Rune, Mastery Food, Drums of Fury. I have 30% haste and 46% mastery going in, with a 905 IL. (Do not use DoS or Convergence because they are basically useless imho for this fight. You NEED to save recklessness +odyns fury for the pack add spawn). The first thing to prioritize is the bubble. It has to be downed asap, then interrupted. On pull I saved hero. prepotted + charge + smashed WW + recklessness + rampage + odyns fury to kill the first set of small adds. I left the 2 healing adds up, because you can damage through their heal until she spawns 3-4 extra little adds. The caster adds and the imp spawn and you smash recklessness + WW + rampage + Odyns fury + WW again and again until the adds are dead (if using belt), but I found single targeting the other adds after cleaving down the majority to work just as well. P2 starts at 50-51%. Heroic leap, and go balls to the wall. The boulders spawn at different positions so just avoid them, yes it can be challenging, but you have to. Continue the same way as P1 by stacking and cleaving adds down until she teleports. Slow any remaining adds and get to her ASAP as she may be casting her bubble death buff soon. Continue the same a P1, gathering and cleaving adds, single targeting stragglers. I popped hero at 30ish % when where was a ton of adds up and cleaved them all to death, but this may vary depending on your gear RNG luck with where you happen to be. At <20% I ignored everything but the boss and executed her to death, while avoiding boulders. It's best to just shockwave and kill the exploding pool of death add, but if you can't try to kite it to a safe position away from the center of the room. Any questions? Ask! I'm sure I missed something. I hope this helps someone get their skin.Prometheuss19 4d
4d Is CoF still around ? I know this will be answered with RNG but I just want to take the chance here to cry. 31 Elisande kills across all difficulties and more than 16 seals spent on her. I have been getting AP's and helms from her with seals. On the 22nd attempt, someone is handing out a CoF and I rolled a single digit. Worst thing is that the one that did 200k DPS and got carried won the trinket. I literally was going to punch my monitor at that point. I pray to god that I will get 960 CoF when it's in my bag Is this indicating me to get into a Guild that run by loot council ?Yato28 4d
4d Talent help me and my guild are about to enter ToS tonight but im still unsure what set up i should use to make sure i get the best dps i can. I am arms i do have the gloves and ring (no new helm yet) All incite is appreciated im using a Fevor Trama build on the dummy i have rage issues a decent amount is it just due to lack of OP strikes and some bad rng luck with cs?Títanía1 4d
4d Where's the dodge? Where do we get dodge? I have just started Legion and I am quickly getting my block and parry up but my dodge remains frozen at 3%. Thanks!Toebreaker3 4d
4d Arms vs Fury AoE So with the recent buffs to Arms' whirlwind, does Arms AoE damage compete with Fury's AoE? Mainly referring to PVE here, mythic+ and such. Can Arms surpass Fury in 5-mans?Tsevaris3 4d
4d Best warrior race for PvE? I was wondering what the best warrior race was for PvE, if anyone knows a lot about warriors whats the best PvE spec. Signed - LaticentLaticent6 4d
4d Arms or Fury PVP - Burst Hey all, Dusting off this warrior. Dropped all of my AK/AP into Fury. It seems like Arms is the new FOTM. I'm not really looking to push rating (my goal would be 1750). That said I don't want to be an idiot either... How is Fury compared Arms in PVP? Which one bursts harder? I always liked the burst and mobility that Fury brought to the table. That's what drew me to the spec.Reckan9 4d
4d AP Use Question I have my Warrior's main (Prot) weapon and first off-spec (Arms) weapon at one point in Concordance and have to make a decision on what to do with the AP I pick up on an ongoing basis. As I see it, I have several choices. 1) Build Fury up, then split new AP three ways, more-or-less evenly. 2) Ignore Fury, split new AP two ways, more-or-less evenly. 3) Dump new AP into my main only. 4) Tweak what "more-or-less evenly" means (perhaps 2 shares into main, 1 share split evenly between the 1 or 2 off-spec weapons). Fury is way behind, but given the rapidity of trait acquisition at lower levels, I don't think that's really a factor. This is more a question of what to do going forward. If I were at all confident that I'd made the correct choice with Arms, I wouldn't have a question about this, but given Blizzard's history of shuffling around the effectiveness of one spec over another, I thought I needed an off-spec to protect against my main-spec getting unexpectedly nerf'd into unusability and it was sort of a toss-up which one I picked. I like the improved mobility Arms. That was the deciding factor for me. But, I do not have a long history of playing anything other than Protection Warriors. The hunter in my avatar is my primary toon.Ehiztari2 4d
4d Arms Artifact Challenge Yo yo- So I sat down to do the artifact challenge last night and was getting to the second phase regularly, but I have yet to kill one set of adds before they go in his puddle and it's an instant rip, so I'm using war breaker, shockwave, bladestorm, cleave and spamming whirlwind but they still reach his puddle and it's taking up half the room at this point. I'm tanking him at the edge and going as far back as possible, anyone have any pointers that could help me? Disclaimer: my warrior is only 898, but feel like I'm doing enough dps to downnitBootybringer13 4d
4d Hit 110 - PVP with Arms or Fury? Apologies for the 1,420th "arms or fury" topic. Just hit 110. Looking to mostly PVP solo (no pocket healer) with the occasional dungeon. I leveled with Fury but seem to find most top tier Wars rolling Arms for PVP. Should I learn how to Arms to maximize my experience?Strellok12 4d
4d Icy veins says no Rend/OP And that makes me sad cause that playstyle is really fun. Now it's back to WoD style spamming whirlwind. What do you guys think? You agree with the Icy Veins author for arms?Litharus30 4d
5d Tier19 4pc still worth? For Fury. Is it? or should i just go for BiS stats and higher ilvl?Bolgh3 5d
5d Rend/TM vs. Trauma/FoB With the recent nerfs to trauma, are these two builds reasonably close together? I vastly prefer the former; I stopped playing warrior in WoD becausd I was uninterested in spamming WW. Last I heard, Trauma/FoB was grossly outperforming other builds.Alesithe6 5d
5d Stop nerfing everything ffs. In my 13 years of playing this game, I don't think I've ever seen a class get fu*ked over as hard and as long as warriors have since the end of MoP. So in 7.2.5 we got huuuge buffs across the board and I was actually excited to play my warrior for once. I admit, warriors were broken and I expected a nerf, but not this severe. 30%? Come on Blizz, that's a bit excessive...taking a third of our damage off our hardest hitting ability. Basically what I'm taking from this last patch is that everyone got buffed, but warriors were the only ones devastatingly screwed by hotfixes. So what, it's okay that rogues are killing people before cheap shot ends? It's okay that paladins can still global people while having some of the best utility in the game? It's okay for every class to be busted but warriors is what I'm getting from Blizzard. Guess I'll go back to playing my rogue, since they're allowed to be OP. As a long time warrior player, this class has just not been fun to play for a very, very long time and the blame can be placed solely on Blizzard for neglecting this class as much as they have over the past few years. Hopefully I'm not alone.Thedîesel47 5d
5d Arms or Fury In A 1v1 Who would win?Nosoktar14 5d
5d Fav RBG spec? So I think I want to give this guy a whirl, what spec/talent setup you guys feel has been most effective in RBGs?Drunkstainz1 5d
5d rend and whirlwind too expensive rend and whirlwind are super expensive, even with dauntless the rage cost is too high rend should cost 20 rage and whirlwind 25 if Im wrong, any advice plzArggrr7 5d
5d Fury DPS, what is good? Having trouble finding a straight answer on what DPS I should be putting out. Am currently 888 ilvl and averaging 360k on the raid boss target dummy but Noxxic seems to indicate that I should be around 500k so I am a little unsure.Dhaniel5 5d
6d ARMS vs FURY which is more fun to play right now and which is doing best damage wise?Vanityy28 6d
6d Not replacing my DoS just yet. I mean look at it. 7.2 http://i.imgur.com/y24sa6U.jpg?1 7.2.5 http://i.imgur.com/ZiRzrSc.jpg?1 Its not that bad honestly. 175k is still a good chunk of damage. And it usually does a good amount of my dps still.Hïroshi11 6d
6d Arms or fury for 7.2.5 So with the ToS coming closer I have been itching what is better with the release, arms or fury? Also I'm curious to know if arms is better in ptr than it is now.Darvis41 6d
6d Warrior or Paladin Wanting to reroll to one of the above. Help a potential warrior brethren out... How does War compare to Pal as a class in terms of speed, fun and smoothness, in both pvp and pve?Ruha23 6d
6d TRINKET question - Specter underwhelming? I just got the trinket off KJ tonight 910 ilvl with a socket. I am using it but I do not see how its better than my 895 draught and my 880 spontaneous appendages. It does poo damage in aoe situations and mediocre dmg in single target. Am I using this wrong? It feels weak. What trinket should I use out of those 3?Onlinecutie4 6d
6d Trauma gets the nerf bat Trauma no longer crits as of the 20th. yay now crit is even more useless and trauma is worse.... thanks blizz.Wahrgazm39 6d
6d Happy Nerfday Happy nerfday to youuuuuu Happy nerfday to youuuuuuu Happy NERRRRRFDAY dear warrrrr-iorsssss Happy nerfday tooooooo youuuuUUUUUuuuuuuUUUUUuuuu AND MANY MOOOOOORE!Aelandaelm16 6d
6d Haste priority gear Since reaching 110 and switching to Fury I have come to the realization that I have like 14% Haste and 52% Mastery. Everyone I talk too say they are prioritizing Haste. I am taking their advice and trying to switch but every piece of new gear I get is mastery first or just some random !@# stat. RNGesus does not shine his light on me. Do any of you have advice for snagging some appropriate gear so I can be less trash? :) Thanks.Gnarwal1 6d
6d @Day. Are you prepared? Well punk are ya?Greìl430 6d
Jun 20 Fury Help I love playing a fury warrior, but I have been noticing while questing and things that I am very squishy. After every encounter I find myself eating to get my HP up. AM I doing something wrong or are all fury warriors like this?Taruk4 Jun 20
Jun 20 Arms pvp vs all other classes Okay so i been playing arms for awhile now. I stared back in wotlk as arms... I'm over the fact that every class has a defensive heal BUT warrior. we had Enrage regeneration but Legion dropped and you took it from us....I'm not one the complain about small stuff like that but when we get a fat buff to "replace the healing" that doesn't make us better it makes us vulnerable. Knowing that every class but Arms has heals irritates me a lot. Fury one of the most face-roll 3 button classes out has retarded healing.. i refuse to play it bc of that... Just press Regen and bloodthrist 100% HP later. I like the Artifact heal but 1% per rage.. i cap rage at 150 and sometimes i get 1 heal out of that sometimes i get none... then MS heals you for 12% of the DMG.....It sure doesn't feel like it. Do something about this I'm tired of relying on DBTS to beat certain classes. All's it takes is 1 slow for a warrior vs ranged classes like mages to completely annihilate them. Again im normally not one to complain but this is drawing the line..... Retibution Paladins have 2 bubbles and jesus heals. Dks have IBF to heal and deathstrike. Mages have temp shield priest have shadow mend and life swap.... Lock have Healthstones and a big heal. Hunters have exhileration and turtle shield. rogues have vial (which isnt alot but better than 1% per rage). Monks have port increase healing ontop of karma (but who hits karma LOL). Druids are the healing queens of the game understandable....lore wise.. but come on Warrior over here being force to play fury bc its the only dps spec we have that can actually heal but im not gonna mongo fury...... Rant overJínjo3 Jun 20
Jun 20 Haft of the God King So I am at whits end about this.. I am Exhaulted like 6 months ago, have all the pre-requirements and other drops.. What is the deal with this? Done this place too many times for my liking. I ticketed a GM and this is the answer I got.. "I can certainly more than understand your concern here in regards to the Haft of the God-King. An important thing to know is that with hidden appearances Customer Support is completely hands-off. We cannot directly assist with these - at all. No hints, no guidance, nothing. This is due in part of the gameplay excitement of mysteries like these (which take time to develop and implement) and the payoff is to have players figure it all out, 100% on their own rather than seek out shortcuts or other assistance from Game Masters. In most cases it is a simple misunderstanding and it is up to players to puzzle it out - which happens to be part of the excitement of all things hidden in the game :) That you may want to do is reach out to fellow Warriors on our Warriors forum for any info they may have that can help you out: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/1012759/ While we cannot help in any way on this matter, I do hope that directing you to a resource that may help is of some use to you. It was my pleasure to take the time to look into this for you. I do hope you have a most excellent rest of the day. " Can someon at Blizzard please answer this.. Its a piss take of a persons time really - if it were like farming TF or HoR etc from MC I could understand, but simply an appearance and the requirements are all in place... Answers more then welcome. /rantSelvet14 Jun 20