6d 7.2 arms warrior complete guide Complete arms warrior class guide for 7.2 Guides pretty helpful since i was off wow a while https://youtu.be/jygtiEgXkmIAnalynnthia12 6d
6d Lame (fury dps) So last night I decided to see how dependant we are on DoS and CoF as trinkets. My current gear is IL 886 with the 2 piece set bonus. The ways I would test this is fight the target dummy until I reached 125 mil dmg and each item set up I would do 3 attempts. (I know it's not the best but the results were similar with each trial so I figured it was enough When I hit the target dummy with an 860 DoS and 865 CoF equipped, I was doing 565-585k dps. When I equipped my 890 trinket that gives a random element buff and an 895 might of crosus (weaker version of legendary trinket) my dps would range between 525-540k dps. I have to say, it's really lame how trinkets that are 30 IL lower than other trinkets give such a huge dps INCREASE.Fligmus5 6d
6d Devastator and Tracking Your Swing Timer Update on Devastator and tracking your swing timer: Tracking your swing timer when running Devastator is not worthwhile. Any sort of delay due to your swing timer is ordinarily a very small loss, and may sometimes be a very small gain, but not one worth altering your rotation or paying attention to a swing timer for. As such, just cast your abilities as normal and don't worry about overwriting Shield Slam procs. You don't need to track your swing timer for any reason. Devastator Sim Results Spreadsheet - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xBXumwd3BVxkGLHZUBFpzW5u-Ov1fGNzj-TOzyl67go/previewMarok0 6d
6d More ptr nerfs So just checked patch notes for ptr (obviously not set in stone but it will end up going to live) there is now a nerf to anger management, now requires 20 rage (was 10) to reduce cooldowns by one second. Why blizzard. Are you trying to make me miserable playing prot? These constant nerfs are not necessary what so ever. Prot is not in a great state as is. Please stop the damn nerfs!!Drgreen11 6d
Apr 20 High end gear advice Ive spent hours reseaching and swapping gear to get the most out of my warrior. Going to swap on tichs belt and augers neck today while i post this at work. Im looking for advice from high end warriors on gear for mythic progress and not going insane after 2 hrs on agatha.Drako1 Apr 20
Apr 20 New (buggy) order hall landing point Jumped from order hall to Azuna. Ended up in the pool next to Senegos, and the impact killed me. Full repair bill and everything. Hadn't seen this one before.Sagerremeseb2 Apr 20
Apr 20 How is Fury Warrior? I've been entertaining the idea of making a Fury Warrior in particular but have been scared of committing potentially wasted time into one, So I figured I'd ask for all your opinions on a few things in particular. To start off, How is their survivability when it comes to Legion PvE? I'm aware of Bloodthirst and a talent that enhances the skill...but that's it, I don't know what kind of impact it has in action. Secondly, Is it complicated or noob friendly as far as getting used to/mastering it goes? I've had experience with some convoluted classes before in other MMOs and would prefer to avoid dabbling in such things again. And lastly, How are Fury Warriors treated when it comes to getting accepted into raids and mythic+ dungeons compared to Arms and other classes? Thank you for reading all this. (Bonus points to those who answer each question with more than three words~)Aenovesi8 Apr 20
Apr 20 warrior profession blacksmithing or alchemy?! pros and cons of each?Camelcrush5 Apr 20
Apr 20 Legendary help! I'm currently using kil jaedens burning wish with the helm, I also have the legendary ring and drought of souls trinket. Which legendary out of the three should I use with the helm ( since I've read that's the best for fury warriors ). And if it's the ring should I use massacre talent? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!Arès1 Apr 20
Apr 20 can we stop ignoring the Elephant in the room fury is only good at the moment because of the gear that night hold drops. The two main BIS trinkets are Draught and COS I like doing ridiculous dps its great, but how about we stop ignoring how bad our cookie cutter talents are. what goes on with the lvl 90 talents? really does anyone take blood bath or frenzy? *frenzy, aint even worth it with 2 piece bonus from tier* and having an extra 2 secs on battlecry is fantasic great idea, but because the other talents are so lackluster now, it begs to question, why even have gear with different stats. where is the choice? you either choose to suck and do dog !@#$ dps, or rock with your %^-* out with the "right" talents and "right" stats. it makes wow very boring. Anyone else or is it just me. oh and can we please change speed up the gcd of rampage, the slower gcd makes for clunky play and its really not even needed. thank youDaind11 Apr 20
Apr 20 Arms 7.2.5 PvP so it looks like a nerf..again? Seriously? anyone have more info on this. Literally the least played spec in the game, getting a nerf .... is blizzard high?Spicycabbage8 Apr 20
Apr 19 Missing I know that hit rating was taken away, but it seems I'm missing quite more often than I should be as Fury. This might be down to dual-wield component making it appear so, although it hasn't been an issue at all on my rogue who has been my main this go-round, but Is there any way to correct this or is it just part and parcel of the leveling process at this point? Pretty much all of the mobs scale to my level so it's not like I'm fighting anything with a substantial level gap.Dunfoyle2 Apr 19
Apr 19 How to set up autoattack timer I have weakauras but i've never used it for anything before. I want to set up a bar for an autoattack timer so that I don't miss them unintentionally. I can just watch them when not much is going on, but in raids or when a lot of effects are going off I can't see squat. Maybe set up a bar showing how much ignore pain absorb I have too.Adrenas2 Apr 19
Apr 19 New Arms Changes EDIT: Link to the mmo champ page with these changes. http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/ Arms All abilities damage increased by 10%, in addition to any damage changes below. The effect of Mastery has been reduced by 20%. Anger Management now spends 20 Rage per 1 second of cooldown reduction (was 10 Rage per 1 second), and now also reduces the cooldown of Bladestorm. Cleave damage increased by 20%. Colossus Smash cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds), and damage increased by 10%. Dauntless cost reduction is now 10% (was 20%). Execute damage increased by 25%. Fervor of Battle damage bonus increased to 80% (was 45%). Focused Rage now costs 20 Rage (was 15 Rage). In For The Kill now refunds 40 Rage (was 30 Rage). Mortal Strike damage increased by 20%. Overpower no longer costs Rage, no longer procs from auto-attacks, and may not proc itself. Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) reduced to 10% cost reduction per rank (was 15%). Rend cost increased to 20 Rage (was 10 Rage). Rend’s first hit now deals 280% weapon damage. Slam damage increased by 35%. Titanic Might now increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds (was 16 seconds), and now also reduces the cooldown of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds. Void Cleave (Artifact trait) damage increased by 100%. Whirlwind damage increased by 20%. Will of the First King (Artifact trait) increased to 2 Rage per critical strike (was 1 Rage). __________________________________________________________________________ As someone who runs In for the Kill and Titanic Might (essentially not the FR build) this makes me so god damn excited. These changes fix most issues I've had with the spec personally and it's going to feel so good having a guaranteed 100% uptime on CS with Titanic Might. I'm so happy with these changes.Noryll21 Apr 19
Apr 19 Sweet NEW bug I guess they tried fixing jumping from Skyhold bug. Just experienced the latest version: Falling into Dalaran without the comet trail, have Heroic Leap ready or you die lol.Flynt9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Dvalen or Lord Crowley Wich one do you get with you to do WQ?Silvereyes9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Pvp Warrior horde!!!!! Hello, I just wanted to ask I was playing a Dh but I hate !@#$ing Blood elfs and the class it's very Op and easy to use. I wanna make a Warrior in the horde, which is the best race for pvp, and the most dps arms or fury? Please give me some help, Gratz. I have a paladin, get bored. Pd: taurens look the best for meFüquen6 Apr 19
Apr 19 Plans for TOS fury So from what I can see we are going to have to farm night hold for titian forged tier gear for the 4 set also dos and Cof. 6 prices of gear from a old raid? Is this really going to be a thing when Tos comes out?Starcrushèr9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Tier 19 Set vs. normal Gear Sup y'all, I've finally gotten enough gear to get up towards the 4-piece set, but 3 of those pieces happen to be 860 ilvl. Would it be worth replacing 880-885+ gear for 1 piece of 880 and 3 pieces of 860, if they give me the 4-piece set bonus?Loungé2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Arm pve questions. Hi, it because at the moment i play as fury warrior and trying to gears it but i read everywhere that fury is only good with the nighthold set and with some specific trinket, so is it the same if i decide to go with arm? will it be less complicated to gears up or it be the same problem? also is arm good in pve for mythic/raid and its for pvp too like battleground/arena, if arm is not good for pve, i have a spriest, bm hunter, havoc dh and ret pally, but i cant decide what to take i want a good class that is simple to gears/play for pve/pvp for now and in 7.2.5, thanks in advance for the help.Jonwar1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Relics Ok so I've currently got an 880 relic that gives +1 to the the RB damage buff trait. I just got a 900 one, but it buffs something like +hp during enrage or whatever. worth the upgrade? as furyAliantonn1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Blizz fixated on nerfing Prot warriors We were so strong at the beginning of legion then Blizzard started the nerf train, now in 7.2.5 another nerf is incoming by way of a 12% dmg reduction on revenge. What the !@#$ is going on?Facehoof29 Apr 19
Apr 19 Class Order Champions? Hey guys, just trying to get a list together of optimal Warrior champions to use, along with Meatball. Which six did you choose? I'm thinking two of each spec and two of every counter, but I'm also thinking that I may have to leave Thorim on the bench (and I'm not entirely sure I want to do that). Suggestions?Kabbie1 Apr 19
Apr 19 @Day. Are you prepared? Well punk are ya?Greìl409 Apr 19
Apr 19 Valkyries I was wondering if the Fury Warrior artifact effect is able to proc during raid encounters? Had a wipe on Elisande and I could have killed her within the 5 seconds if it had procced, I remember it used to work in EN but Im not sure if they changed it.Ncision1 Apr 19
Apr 19 New execute rotation, real or a load of crap? There is this warrior on youtube named Kelade. In his newest video he says the new Execute rotation is: Execute > Bloodthirst > Furious Slash. I'm skeptical about this as it's the first I've ever heard of this Execute rotation. Anyone able to confirm/deny whether this is what we should doing from now on or if this is bs?Idsmashdat6 Apr 19
Apr 19 Fury stat weights Does anyone know of where i can find these?Crosslay3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Too late to reroll? Ive got a week off, and decided I should just stop wasting my time and effort with feral druid. How is warrior in terms of fun/immersion/mobility/survivability in bothe pvp and pve? Thing is, I have come this far with my druid but its just no longer rewarding or satisfying for the amount of effort it requires. It just feels like a big fat clunky mess and I hate it. Should I roll a warrior, or maybe something similar? Appreciate any opinions :)Stormlíng4 Apr 19
Apr 19 just make overpower baseline plz Im super happy with the new incoming changes, but they just have to make overpower baseline and increase sweeping strikes range thats all I wantArggrr0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Arms PTR Changes THEY DID IT GUYS they buffed Rend I am so happy http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6557-Patch-7-2-5-PTR-Build-23958-Patch-7-2-5-PTR-Build-23958Vivec18 Apr 19
Apr 19 How to (Actually) Make Arms Great Again Let me introduce myself quickly before I begin for those who don't already know me; I'm Stoic. I'm a long time Warrior main and former Warrior blogger. Some of you may have read my pieces on my former blog: Stoic but not Silent. If you did, you have my respect for making it through those long and wordy novels. Others of you may have read my Forum post titled "The Case for (old) Overpower" which trended during Warlords for over a year. The reason I blogged was because I felt like there was a particular need for insight towards the design portion of Warriors and I applied myself to offering not only constructive criticism but more importantly; suggestions. I said goodbye to blogging primarily because I wanted to spend more time and focus on my family rather than my opinion. I will admit that after putting so much effort into my writing that seeing the eventual state of Arms Warriors in Legion and also Overpower really did discourage me. It's been a long while since I've even cared enough to put my words back out there but partly this is me just speaking up once again because I feel that Arms design is going completely off the rails (Diablo style) and I just don't feel right NOT saying something. First of all lets quickly identify the issues: Arms isn't a completely lost cause and there is quite a bit fundamentally which has real potential. Even though Mastery is currently dominating an arm wrestling match with Strength I think that the newest datamined changes are moving in the right direction. As far as the design of the CS/Mastery gameplay; I don't think too many people think it to be problematic or unfun. Mortal Strike has felt unexciting since Warlords of Draenor. At very bare-bones level Slam or Whirlwind provide functional fillers but they are woefully unexciting needing drastic talents to compensate for their dullness. While I get that the designers wanted to leave the core barebones and add diversity through talents; the problem is that while it sounds good; it doesn't really work. Just adding buttons to dull isn't going to make exciting, just adding APM (attacks per minute) isn't going to make elegant or fun design. Much of the issue here is with the talents. Because like-talents aren't matched with one another and are spread out with dart-board like intent it creates a dilemma of non-competitive options. Take the first talent row: Dauntless is simply too powerful unless it's a niche situation. The fact that this is a talent is beyond me. Take the 45 tier; Avatar is simply the best option in pretty much any scenario due to the way it can be combined with other CDs. The solution isn't to gut the good and leave equal slim pickings; the solution is to strengthen the core in order that the optional doesn't become mandatory. I'm going to quickly break and deal with the elephant in the room; Focused Rage. This is probably the most polarizing talent in the entire game based on the way it is viewed by it's community. Some articulate that it's too punishing when played incorrectly, some love it for exactly that. Some say it's too fast and wild; others enjoy exactly that. Some people say it makes Arms unplayable, others wouldn't play Arms without it. I thing the only thing that everyone agrees with is that it is mandatory and no other builds can come close to it's performance. I personally don't mind playing FR too much, but I absolutely hate it in terms of design. like I said before just adding APM isn't going to solve a dull core. It presents the illusion of depth without actual depth. Spamming a macro or keybind that does nothing other than improve the function and usefulness of another ability begs the question of why that ability doesn't have that usefulness or function on it's own merit in the first place. FR does add depth, but it's a shallow one that tries to convince you that your level of fun is proportional to the amount of keystrokes you can achieve per minute. I much prefer depth via core design. So now let's talk about what I think is needed to make Arms great again. Unsurprisingly my solution includes Overpower which was one of my favorite abilities prior to it getting axed and subsequently being brought back in a neutered form. It's time to pull Overpower off that talent tier where it can't compete and restore it to some of it's former glory. So lets get Overpower baseline. It needs to hit like a MAC truck and would basically be like "Sudden Death 2.0". It would continue to not be blockable or parry-able. Now that Overpower is back lets design a suitable replacement for FR; instead of something that tries to make Mortal Strike feel cool, lets just forget that and make MS hit like a 3 stack FR by default (since we're losing some effect of mastery) and in FR's stead we'll have a talent which causes Slam and Whirlwind to generate a stack of a buff called "Tactician's Guile" which increases the damage of Overpower by 30% per stack with a maximum of 3 stacks each for 60 seconds. This plays right into the fantasy of Arms Warriors by having a preparatory combo which then can be unleashed in a devastating overpowering finishing attack. This stacks up better against the Mortal Combo and In for the Kill talents. For Tier 15 Dauntless just needs to go away; it's way too strong for a entire system which is managed by Rage limitations. This should be an Artifact talent. Period. So this opens 2 vacancies in the 15 tier since we made Overpower baseline and we pushed Dauntless to the Artifact weapon. Rend makes no sense in 45 and it makes a lot of sense in 15 so lets move it up. The third talent could be something from the TBC era talents like "Charge increases the damage of your next Mortal Strike by 15%" (Remember we have made MS hit a lot harder already) We'll just call it Juggernaut. This creates a healthy and early choice between Single Target, AoE cleave and up-front burst. In the place of Rend on the 45 tier I'd suggest a talent which enhances all of the 15 Tier talents further depending on the choice. I think this makes a really cool design and offers a compelling reason to not pick Avatar in some situations. We can call it "Further Training" or something. It would modify the charge Talent by making Charge additionally cause Mortal Strike to do a total of 35% more damage but cost 20 additional Rage, It would make Rend's periodic damage DoT generate Rage and also jump to a nearby enemy every 3 seconds (5 total jumps given 5 available targets) and lastly would make Sweeping Strikes hit 1 additional target (total 3). This could create some really cool builds for certain fights or situations. So let's recap the talents: ... As you can see this offers some very cool options as far as crafting builds designed for Sustained Single Target, Burst Single Target and AoE/Cleave. By adding Overpower back into the rotation and redesigning FR's combo playstyle into Overpower this transitions the activity of the spec from feverish button mashing to a much more proc and combo style dynamic playstyle. This also empowers Slam and Whirlwind to have more function rather than simply being fillers. By moving Rend into Tier 15 it gains much more prominence as being a very viable option along the other two which offer compelling playstyle choices which can be further developed by [Further Training] in Tier 45. This adds depth to the choices and decisions not simply by tuning but by design. I really do think that something like this would truely make Arms fun to play again for all players and with a little TLC from the balancing team Arms would again be viable in all scenarios. Let me know your thoughts and if you like the idea then make sure the devs hear about it.Stoic3 Apr 19
Apr 19 New to War, any good guides? Figured I'd come to you guys and see what's up. I'm an ex-monk coming over to a Warrior since the Monk is getting nerfed into the ground instead of any actual balancing, and wanted to know if there's any good guides out there for a Warrior. I'm mainly looking for good DPS and Survivability. Thanks very much!Chozek0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Rage against the crit Inc rant... I hate crit. As a prot warrior, crit is nigh useless. Parry and crit strike bonus, woo. Might as well zero out that stat. Tis infuriating that one stat is so bad that items with it are garbage. All these pieces I got tonight are getting vendored regardless of ilvl: Manacrystal-Adorned Helm Animus Pendant of the Fireflash (Fireflash = haste + crit) Band of Callous Dominance <-- My mythic+ chest item Reaver's Rattling Girdle Cruel Gladiator's Plate Chestpiece (crit + vers) Skoldiir Shoulderguards These are in addition to my other mythic+ chest items, which has given me items with crit more than 80% of the time. I get it: RNG is RNG. And I've had some bad RNG with crit gear. I'm completely okay with crit being worth less than other stats, but not with it being completely worthless. Two pieces with the same ilvl but one has crit+vers and the other has haste+mast? No problem. One piece 20 ilvls higher but it has crit and the other doesnt yet the lower ilvl piece is better? Not cool. I thought 7.1.5 was going to improve crit's value, but it's even worse than before. End rant. Thank you for listening.Plyrate0 Apr 19
Apr 19 New PTR changes good for pvp? Sorry it's been a while since I've played and I just wanted to confirm. Are the PTR changes good for pvp? It looks to me like arms warriors are getting buffed but there are still people complaining Thanks!Artofkite0 Apr 19
Apr 19 Death and Glory rage gain? I don't have CoF (not even sure that matters) and I was wondering, does anyone else only use Odyn's Fury with Battle Cry? Doesn't that basically null any benefit from Odyn's Glory 20 rage gain since BC generates 100 rage already?Cullin2 Apr 19
Apr 19 Titanic Power trait on Fury artifact Was this trait scrapped or is it simply hidden until you level every other trait? The calculator shows it, but it's not shown in game.Delezie3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Shield Block WeakAura So I am having an issue getting this WA to work. What I want is a shield icon with a count down timer. I found the common wago WA and imported it. It works wonderfully when I have the options window open, but when I cast it only the shield icon appears with no timer. My confusion is that it works about 75% of the time in a battleground but never in PvE. I know the WA I have is correct as I sent it to another warrior and it worked for him. Is there an addon that conflicts or an addon that WA could be dependent on? I even completely wiped out all WA files and reinstalled. I have spent hours trying to figure this out on my own so I reach out to you my fellow warriors.Diagoni3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Cruel Gladiator Blue Re-Skin http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=2372/cruel-gladiators-plate-armor-alliance-recolor Regarding this skin ^^ : Is this truly only available to Alliance warriors in blue? I usually rock the S3 version on my Orc and it would seriously be a shame if I couldn't get the pretty new version of it, and had to settle for the brown. Anyone know of a way to get the nice new blue set on Horde, or am I SOL?Krept1 Apr 19
Apr 18 Stack Colossus Smash We all agree CS debuff and tactician need a rework. How about the basic idea of making CS stack, either duration or damage. That way, tactician procs aren't being wasted. For instance, each stack adds another 6-8sec onto the existing debuff. OR Each additional stack of CS adds 33% extra dmg taken. Debuffs still only last 8sec, but the multiplicative factor of 2-3 procs in a row could make for some amazing damage windows. I hate seeing tactician proc 3 times in a row, and knowing its full potential is being wasted, and the only real benefit is a shattered defenses buff. This could help smooth out the RNG.Wahkooah2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Will it be Nithogg this week? *Shakes Magic 8 Ball*Balurt5 Apr 18
Apr 18 Question. Has anyone tested Fel-Oiled Infernal Machine compared to Convergence of Fates or Draught of Souls? Thats a !@#$ ton of haste that wanna try with my burst, but im not sure if someone else has tried already and its confirmed that it sucks %^- or is actually good.Danofwar1 Apr 18
Apr 18 Leaving Warrior Class Hall disconnects me? Does anyone else have a problem with leaving the warrior class hall? About 75% of the time I end up disconnecting, and wind up in a random spot in Azsuna.Axebreaker6 Apr 18
Apr 18 Gearing up quick for pvp Ello mates, haven't played in a while. Looked up some guides on icyveins and other websites to get tips on how to gear up quick for rbgs/arenas. Doesnt seem to be much info out there. Any tips?Oakwell3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Prot warriors are so good They can get nerfed every patch and still be viable, gorram we are overpoweredAzzînoth8 Apr 18
Apr 18 2 and 4 piece NH bonuses for Protection... What do you think about them? How good are they? Is it worth to drop couple ilvls to get 4 set bonus? This is what I'm doing now, but idk anymore... Is rage gained from 4 set really that much? I run devast build btw.. Any opinions? Thoughts?Alexxyaa2 Apr 18
Apr 18 How many times? How many times will I get kicked from m+ groups because when I use the teleport on warrior class hall I get disconnected and spawn in the middle of Aszuna? That is ANNOYING AF. It has been here since legion launch. Fix your game blizzard.Baløsö16 Apr 18
Apr 18 Current arms warriors - time for fury? I have been arms since the beginning of Legion, even though I had a feeling fury would be eventually buffed/better. However, I've noticed that with almost each patch, our our relative power gets smaller and smaller. For example: At Legion launch, in full mythic gear, before the multiple FR nerfs, I was able to hit very high mortal strikes. FR got nerfed, so the numbers got smaller, however, we were able to get more gear from M+/Raids to increase our mastery/dmg. FR got nerfed AGAIN, thus lowering our numbers overall. THEN Blizzard nerfed secondary stats for everyone. So once again, you had to get more gear just to be able to do the damage you originally could hit from the beginning. Now, here comes a huge nerf to mastery. Currently, with all CD's on opener I can hit about a 2.2m MS. After the incoming nerf, what am I gonna hit now? A 1.8m? I was hitting 1.8m mortal strikes over a month ago in lesser gear. My point is, Blizzard is constantly nerfing our damage, putting us in positions where our actual power doesn't really increase. And with the more gear we get, we essentially catch up to where we were before we were nerfed. Arms warriors are just way too reliant on mastery, to the point where we still keep items even if we have a new piece of gear thats +20 ilvls higher. I do not think any other class has this issue. A 20% nerf to mastery and 10% buff to damage overall is not going to fix this spec. It needs more than that. I think I will just go fury. More fluid playstyle, bigger numbers, useful on AoE, etc. I know I am probably late on this switch, but usually I'm one to stick things out and not reroll/respec when things get tough. But enough is enough,I am tired of getting sh!t for playing arms, and I am tired of the nerfs and everything else that comes with arms.Onlinecutie3 Apr 18
Apr 18 Warrior Ulduar quest too hard? Hey folks, I was wondering because i've done a couple of class campaigns but i've never experienced something as hard as this before. I've been having no trouble until I got to level 110 and started picking up the questline again. Currently at the Ulduar quest where you're supposed to find Hodir. Anyways the felfire imps have 981k, the Doomguards have 4.8 million and the Felguards have 2.4 million. The mini-boss had 22 million HP and hit for 70k normally on me. What's this? Was this what you all experienced? This is insane! I'm just wondering because things are hitting like trucks and it's all lopsided for me, they're even harder than Suramar mobs.Grghl5 Apr 18
Apr 18 nerf you carried warriors i know you guys are like locks when it comes to complaining. but blizzard needs to nerf your carried little class so your like the rest of us in battlegrounds. your endless charges, your inability to be cc'd for over 1 second and this damage your doing with shield slams is stupid. so I don't expect you kids to man up and agree with any of this, and like much social media, I could give a crap. I just hope someone at blizzard notices this post and say something. cuz you guys need to be put in your place. balance? ya probably never, but its what your babaied class needs.Nukerezia26 Apr 18
Apr 18 REMOVED REMOVEDDreadnova0 Apr 18