Jan 6 Prot Hidden Artifact tip I just got mine, and I paid a lot of attention to everything while farming it. 1) You do not 100% get a message telling you noise from the cavern etc. 2) It can spawn in ANY gold pile, mine was near the statue guy. 3) The macro below %100 works. When you go into the cave if you click it, and it says TRUE (only while inside does the test work). Then you will NOT find your shield. If it says FALSE then go find that shield. 4) You can log out of the game, when you are oustide of the cave, and back in, to try and respawn the shield (took me around 45 mins of doing this). here is the macro, i didn't write it I got it from Reddit: /run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44312))Selinie65 Jan 6
Jan 6 Feeling between Arms and Fury... Hi guys. I just hit 110 a few days ago. I leveled this char with arms and tried fury after 110. However, I have following feelings: 1. Fury's crit rate is not as high as arms. Big numbers doesn't pop as often as arms. 2. Fury's survivability seems way worse than arms. Arms with 15% MS damge healing + Victory Rush, I don't have to eat at all. However, with fury, i am even troubled by rare mobs. 3. Yes, Arms is a bit slow peace. But I find fury is just a little bit faster peace than arms. Just very little... I expected fury is much much faster peace than arms. People say fury is way more fun than arms. But I just don't get it. Is it my gears' problem? Would it be better when I get higher ilvl? Thanks a lotRyuma9 Jan 6
Jan 5 Question about Critical Block I have a couple questions about critical block. 1. Can you both normal block and critical block the same attack? 2. Can you only critical block on critical strikes? 3. How do you directly increase how much you block/critically block?Sofa4 Jan 5
Jan 5 Fury Raging Blows question I keep noticing that I can't always quite get 3 uses during the window as the window fades just as my GCD finishes. I am not getting the 1st off fast enough? Latency issue? Need more Haste (15% currently)? Thanks guys.Guillotaur3 Jan 5
Jan 5 T21 4 set simming much lower than T20 4 set At what point will the T21 4 set beat out T20 4 set? Any advice on my gear/talents would help. I tried FOB/Trauma and with T21, yet still lose about 150k ish dps on my sims vs my T20 4 set.Butterycream4 Jan 5
Jan 5 Warrior Arena PvP Range CC Question TL;DR at bottom of page. So, yesterday I decided to return to arena's after returning to WoW after a long hiatus. I really like Arms this xpac. I reached 1945 exp on my Hpal at the end of cata and quit, just wasn't feeling the whole healing thing this time around. So I'm not or have ever been a 2k+ player. I started by playing Fmage/Warr/Rdruid with some friends. The mage is really good, like 2.8k during wrath, and his skill can pick up for my lack of experience. In the two whole arenas we did ( I know lol, just pointing out some things I noticed ), he basically told me who to tunnel and when to swap. That's something I'm figuring out watching videos and whatnot now. I realized, that my range closing interupt/cc combo's to stop cast CC like fear and cyclone (Focus charge or heroic leap/fear/interupt or range storm bolt] Takes a while and if I'm not enroute with these before halfway casting point of said cc, I'm not going to make it. I was experimenting with an Rdruid and seeing how long it would take me to focus CC, and most of the time if I wasn't within 20 yards it would take to long between the GCD's/flight time and the druid would get cyclone/roots off. I'm not worried about those, I know I can spell reflect/BS myself out of them, but more worried about keep pressure off my team. Example: I see druid casting cyclone. I'm past 20 yards, cast storm bolt. Storm bolt takes atleast a second at this distance to reach the target, and there seems to be some delay (probably my internet, but curious about what other warrs have to say) before it takes effect. I did notice fear+heroic leap was great because I can fear as soon as I'm in range mid-leap. I'm trying to not be a complete carry and carry my weight in the team other then being a damage tunneling bot. I think with my comp the mage is the key, if you control/focus him then my comp is in trouble UNLESS I'm good and can apply effective pressure and turn the tide. Plus interupting and such helps my mage add some pressure as well. Trying to make the most out of this season and see if I might finally be able to make 2k. This might just come down to my reaction time and such. Was wondering if any fellow warriors had any input that might help. TL;DR: Warrior range CC seems to take to long outside of 20 yards range. Looking for input/tips. Excuse any ignorance on PvP in general, just came back a few months ago and trying my hand again. A big problem is being able to predict when these cc's are coming, but that just comes down to awareness. And I have to work on my reaction time some.Helgax0 Jan 5
Jan 5 Sword and Board with heavy repercussions Do these talents stack? I ignored my warrior for a bit, but seeing every pvp guide suggesting anger management, has lead to me not finding any mention of those two talents causing a mega shield slam. I’m a filthy casual btw.Therion2 Jan 5
Jan 5 Rate That Warrior Mog Again! My last thread capped so I'll pick up where it left off. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754936753?page=26 That's cool that you're wearing the legs and shoes for RP reasons but that doesn't make 'em match. Everything from the waist up looks good though. 7/10Willamina500 Jan 5
Jan 5 Bloodbath or Inner rage I got the 4piece Jug set now, so do i use bloodbath with my current gear set up? I am only pulling like 1m dps, I feel like im doing something wrongThesavage4 Jan 5
Jan 5 how to find haste breakpoints in simcraft? icy veins says to check simcraft for haste breakpoints but i am not seeing it anywhere.Zvifflemeyer6 Jan 5
Jan 4 DPS issues as Prot Hey Guys, I just switching to my warrior this tier and I'm having some serious single target DPS issues. I run avatar, devastator, anger managment and my priority is Shield Slam>Thunder Clap>Revenge (though i don't use revenge without the proc in ST situations. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Also what are some great DPS trinkets for prot warriors this tier. I already have great defensive ones. I used to parse anywhere from blue to legendary on my druid and dk and now i'm constantly in the gray/green. Here's a log of our Vari kill for review: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/6dpj2RwCa7ZtMQcr#fight=4&type=damage-done Thanks for the help.Nakua8 Jan 4
Jan 4 So I was looking at top arms logs.. It seems as though the top arms in mythic Garothi fit 6 battle crys into a sub 5 minute fight. Almost like he is using Convergance, but he is not. He also fit his third bladestorm in under a minute 20 seconds after his 2nd one. 2nd place on logs does not seem to have this occuring. Linking both. I am only trying to find out if there is something I am missing here? Because I just cant figure it out. Here is the guy i am talking about, this shows his BC windows. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/bd1NjxfRPTaryV8k#fight=8&type=damage-done&source=19&view=events&sourcebuffs=1719 This is 2nd places battlecrys. Theyre almost exactly 60 seconds apart. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/N8bW37tHGwMKdpyP#fight=5&type=damage-done&source=15&view=events&sourcebuffs=1719 If anyone has answers please let me know!Streetsweepa12 Jan 4
Jan 4 Got kicked for low dps as arms I'm relatively new to legion, about a month. Been gone shortly after wrath. Main was a pally in the early days and now I rolled warr (second time). I've been focusing on arms, playing around with whirlwind, mortal strike and rend. Right now I have the talent that gives two charges for MS. Gear score is at 922 and Weapon is at 73ish. Rotation is typically colossus when its up, followed by slams and overpowers in between. I'll queue battle shout when its ready and use artifact if colossus doesn't refresh early at times. I'll throw on whirlwind when there are 3+ adds near me (got the lego whirlwind belt) I came in at near the tanks dps 5% contribution and the top was near 10%. :/ I'm not sure what the hell im doing wrong, but I guess I should reconsider talents. Maybe go back to rend build and FoB. I felt like was rage starved then, and honestly my MS hits seemed higher. Maybe I should test with a damage meter now on dummies. Maybe I should push more mastery (or something). Or just go fury. That kind of stung though. Just demoralized me even wanting to play. Thoughts would be appreciated.Kveldulf7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Easiest of the 2 dps specs Hello warriors, TL:DR - Which of the 2 specs(arms or fury) is the easiest for a new player to do ok with? I have a friend I am bringing to Azeroth. He's new to mmo's as a whole and has said he wants a very easy class to play. He's played up to level 20 on a bm hunter and warrior and is undecided on which to boost to 100 since he bought Legion. I have a 110 bm hunter and I know it's a joke in terms of easiness. Which warrior spec is easier? How does it compare to the brain dead rotation of BM hunters? The last I played a warrior was in WoD. Arms was all about colossal smash windows and fury was maximizing enrage. Legion I am sure pruned a lot of that as they did every other spec. Thanks in advance.Xjd7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Alaya's Stone Heart This is the worst legion and one of the best. Sometimes I will go a whole boss fight in a raid and it won't proc. once. other times it goes off 4 or 5 times. I read where this one is suppose to be good, but with this kind of proc. rate, how does it amount to any thing? I really think blizz needs to turn up the rng procs. on this one.Mace14 Jan 4
Jan 3 Taunt Issues Hello, Today I started running Burning Throne and suddenly it seems sometimes when I taunt, it does not actually taunt the boss, but places the spell on CD. I was unsure if this is more widespread than myself or if it was more likely something I was doing wrong somewhere. Thank you!Boneclawzz2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Fury Warrior - Reinforced Armor Hello, I've been playing mainly arms in pvp, but switched to have some fun with Fury. However, I ran into a problem with Fury and the Reinforced Armor honor talent. I'm not sure if it's actually class related, but I figured to post it here. Now, in Fury spec I have 5.8 million health. With the reinforced armor, I should be at roughly 6.4 million, but I only go up to 5.9 million in pvp. I believe it's a dampening thing that makes it harder to increase health with the talent the higher your base health is, but I'm not sure. Help would be appreciated, thanks.Kezíe3 Jan 3
Jan 3 trinket woes finally got what i thought would be a decent trinket upgrade (960 Horn of Valor) only to find that according to bloodmallets its only beats my 915 heroic Engine by a hair /facepalm that is all.Peastain4 Jan 3
Jan 3 DPS is poor. Advice appreciated! I am new to fury warrior and my ops is slow what I believe it should be. I would appreciate any advice from my learned colleagues! Here is my most recent log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4qpJQ12xDhdZmfaG#fight=23&type=damage-done&source=2 PS - I just got the 4 pc last night and understand that bloodbath will be a go to moving forward. Thanks in advance for you comments!Buggy2 Jan 3
Jan 3 Anyone happy with prot? Title.Starkasaurus33 Jan 3
Jan 3 Not sure What class to choose Hi, i am a point in legion where i don't know what class to play, i love to play dh, but also love to play warrior, and death knight seems pretty and good as well any thoughts are advice of what class i should reroll?Thenewworgen11 Jan 3
Jan 2 SMF in BfA FTW I get why Fury was 2H only during Legion, and I didn't mind all that much, but we lose out on a huge assortment of 1H weapon transmogs if we can only use 2H weapons. Personally, I hope they bring back Single-Minded Fury with Battle for Azeroth. Since we're losing our artifacts anyway, I think it would be a nice change of pace to go back to some 1H weapons like old school Fury. Thoughts?Azgar16 Jan 2
Jan 2 Arms PvP gear info...? Playing around in the 10-19 bracket for a while as a change of pace. Did a bit of looking around online and couldnt find much to tell me what the BiS gear is for optimal dps as arms. I ran into a few mentions of "fel armor" but i couldnt figure out what that was. Any info would be much appreciated thanksKrixvs4 Jan 2
Jan 2 Can someone please clarify for arms Just getting into higher end stuff on my warrior can someone please tell me what are best talent choices to go for in pve? I looked at icy-veins (i know not always great) but atleast to get sort of a taste of arms and its saying to whirlwind to dump rage is there a certain rage i should start at like EX. always whirlwind above 30 rage or anything like that? or just dump till empty? thanksJabloopy11 Jan 2
Jan 2 Best Warrior (Arms) Rotation? Sup forums? What's the best updated rotation for 7.3 for arms warrior with talents as well? My highest dps i did was 400k and to me that seems crap. I'm an orc warrior. Also whats the talents pls thnx.Thomb1 Jan 2
Jan 2 2nd wind in 2s/3s I know the general consensus is it blows, but i've been thinking that in cases where you're p sure your heals is gonna get tunneled or you're in a spot where you know you're not the prio target (so you don't need defensive), won't your 2nd wind proc on long term ccs like cyclone blind sap hex etc? basically ends up as a big reset button and i feel like it could have value in 2s considering you'd need a couple seconds at most to regen the majority of your hp. altho the other 2 talents tend to be more consistant so i guess that's why 2nd never shows up in terms of usageShaeth2 Jan 2
Jan 2 It pains me That pro warriors like swifty and bajheera hasn´t found out that @cursor exist! Watching them click heroic leap, gives me the migrane.Samsang2 Jan 2
Jan 2 Tidy Plates not working, alternative? I'm using ElvUI and Tidy Plates (with Threat Plates) and 9 times out of 10 when I launch my game Tidy Plates is not active even if I turn it off, on, reload ui, etc, etc. Then sometimes it will randomly work when I fire up WoW. So unless there is a fix for this, is there a good alternative to TidyPlates? This is making Tanking quite difficult when you're as used to TidyPlates as some of us can be.Wargunn13 Jan 2
Jan 1 Arms warrior help, PvE Hi friends, So I'm a PvPer who recently joined a guild since que's are so dead and I have some questions regarding arms warrior in a raid setting. Which gear do I wear I wear? Is 2P with a lower ilvl better than higher ilvl gear with good stats? First of all I don't know how to sim, so I'm guessing that's a large part of it, but I see people saying that they have an X ilvl equipped and Y ilvl in bags. Do I always put on gear with the most mastery and haste? Also yes, my leggo's suck. RNG op. Thx for the future help.Kaelys5 Jan 1
Dec 31 Fury started out fun but? Hey Guys my rogue is well geared and I started playing warrior. Fury feels like Sub in many ways with little burst windows centered around battle cry. Convergence of fates is a must and I am sad to see this. But moreso I noticed as I started raiding that Warrior after it's starting burst is all about keeping enrage up which means furious slash spam. Now I do not have the leggings and was wondering ( I have Helm + ring with 2 passive) Does fury only truly become fun once you have legs? And what tips can you fury warriors provide for me. Msfurrybutt - 960 rogueMsfurrybutt11 Dec 31
Dec 31 T21 set bonus... 4-set increases damage and critical strike of >>Whirlwind<< or >>SLAM<< by 12%. So I am failing to understand why whirlwind wins out and FoB becomes the go to. There is nothing in our set bonus that actually favors WW over slam as our filler. I am still finding that TM/rend (using slam as filler) is consistently beating out the damage of FoB/Trauma on single target damage (ignoring execute phase). FoB/Trauma is subject to so much more variance that a lot of times it is just performing out right worse then the consistent damage of TM/rend. My sims show FoB/Trauma as ~500k higher then TM/rend (with my current gear) though I am not actually seeing this in practice. I have been using FoB/Trauma but I am going to try TM/Rend cause the consistency I think wins out and execute phase I can't really see Trauma winning out over more overall CS (due to lower CD from TM). When you get a string of no PROCs of CS in FoB/Trauma it literally annihilates your throughput whereas TM/Rend doesn't suffer from this as much. I am still curious how the TC guru's (ie the peeps that wrote the Arms Compendium) came up with the conclusion that FoB/Trauma is better????Palaceknight33 Dec 31
Dec 31 Artifact levels and points You could upgrade your artifact skills; with points.Qomsuw2 Dec 31
Dec 31 Current top tier PvE spec? I'm having a hard time telling if arms or fury is currently the top DPS spec for mythic+ and raids. Any advice on what is currently the best and which spec is going to be the strongest in the long run so I can gear up accordingly. ty tyt tyGush6 Dec 31
Dec 31 Why is fury fun? and arms boring? These seem to be common sentiments on the forum. I was wondering what series of events in the playstyle make one fun and the other boring. I want to have fun :)Mireman6 Dec 31
Dec 31 DPS Advice Hello! Im looking for a bit of guidance around my DPS, im pulling around 900k - 1.1mill in Antorus and cant help but feel it may be a little low compared to my gear level. Here are my logs for the the 1st fight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vXpTkFb1tVLwDfjG/#fight=1&type=damage-done Any advice would be greatly appreciated! :DMangiina4 Dec 31
Dec 31 Should i go Engineering 110+? Hey all, Old School Warrior here. I currently have Blacksmith/Mining professions and own majority of the BS recipes, however I am looking into changing to Engineering/Mining.. Is it worth it at level 110+ or should I stay with Blacksmithing. I mainly PvP and rather not spend too much gold changing if its not worth it.Darkprime5 Dec 31
Dec 31 Damrul Damrul the Stronk Listen blizzard I know you don't pay attention to paying customers, especially 12+ years customers but holy !@#$ you are such pieces of %^-* for allowing something like Damrul the Stronk to let the battle go the way it does. While defeatable, the whole fight is stupid. and whoever designed it is as well. Jesus Christ you people are trying to make people ubsub you. that's my best bet. Good luck and fix these !@#$ing fights. what else do you get paid for?Achenas5 Dec 31
Dec 30 Old Timer in need of Drunk when I made thisHotslol5 Dec 30
Dec 30 Weight of The Earth lego and shattered def With the recent change to include our artifact ability to proc the arms 2set, I noticed this legendary also procs the 2set when applying CS with heroic leap. I never used this legendary before, but I became excited at the prospect of running the talent to reduce the cooldown on it, with the shoulders and these legs, alongside mortal combo with a stead stream of empowered abilities and strong cleave potential. However, the debuff when applied by heroic leap, unlike our artifact ability, does not apply the shattered defenses buff that makes our MS and Executes so strong. If this was however possible, I feel it would be a game changer in the options available to us, opening up a third avenue of play away from FoB or the regular rend/slam/extended CS build. With the death of FR build, I've sought something a little more engaging, but how would you guys feel about adding shattered defenses procs to leap-applied CS debuffs?Sukô4 Dec 30
Dec 30 RBG Spec/Talents What is the best spec and talent build for RBGs? Just starting to do RBG's on this warrior and figured Arms for MS & Execute but not sure what talents to run.Revo0 Dec 30
Dec 29 Rage starved ? Arms Anyone else feel starved with this an spec ?Kopi21 Dec 29
Dec 29 squishy fury im currently at 881 item level and im having trouble doing all the argus quest. i can take on like 2 mobs. ive never haf this problem before anf idk why im dying so fast. is my item lvl too low or do i just suck as a warrior?Kondin6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Arms hidden appearance I did a quick search within the forums to see when the last time the hidden questline was up. The last forum post was made August 3rd. I seriously hope it's not this infrequent to get this appearance. I've been trying to get it for 2 weeks now and it won't show up. This is starting to get ridiculous.Dirtytape39 Dec 29
Dec 29 Prot M+ Legendary help? Hi folks, I don't raid, Mythic Plus dungeons is my jam. I'm using the trink and Thundergod's (with Booming Voice) listed below. I just got the ring and am wondering your opinions for best 2 of what I have below for M+ pushing. Any other M+ tips for prot are welcome as well :) Archimonde's Hatred Reborn http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/144249 Thundergod's Vigor http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/137089 Sephuz's Secret http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/132452 Rethu's Incessant Courage http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/146667Nafear13 Dec 29
Dec 28 Arms problems I have always been a caster but for some reason this expansion I've finally gotten into my melee characters. My problem right now with my warrior is I really don't enjoy it as much as my DH or Paladin/Rogue. I have her geared decently but most of my toons are sitting around 890 (altaholic). I'm playing arms but for some reason I just find it to be kind of slow and idk unenjoyable compared to my DH. I like fast combat like rogue with blades swinging and moving around a lot. From a warrior perspective would I be better off playing fury? I'm just curious because I haven't tried it and with how easy it is to get my artifact at least up to a few levels of concordonce, should I switch to fury? Is it a bit quicker combat? What I mean is, instead of swinging a big ol sword around in a slow feeling way, is fury quicker and more busy looking. All I really do is casual stuff. My favorite thing is to solo old raids for transmog. Alright well any advice would be appreciated.Vaelessa3 Dec 28
Dec 28 Eye of Shatuq Is this item garbage? I feel like its useless since it relys on the other tank having it. Unless I miss understand something.Half8 Dec 28
Dec 28 Parkinson's Be Damned - Kruul Down Finally made my personal goal for the expansion. Worst part of this was dealing with my constant muscle spasms, but I finally got it down. Yelled "NO! DAMNIT!" when he got Twisted off on me at the very end. He phased right after the cast, though. http://www.mediafire.com/convkey/5ee0/gti67xroofw24abzg.jpg I am proud of myself.Geranguas15 Dec 28
Dec 27 All I Want For Christmas... Are the Tusks of Mannoroth. Sadly, I can only farm once a week. /sad Woogy :(Woogywòo4 Dec 27
Dec 27 Convergence of Fates & ilvl Hey Guys, Given Convergence of Fates is one of the BiS trinkets is there a need to get another one from Normal/Heroic Nighthold just to boost up my ilvl ? DPS isnt too bad generally around 900k-1mil depending on the fight (no tier sets yet), but just more concerned about getting rejected in Group Finder due to lower ilvlSlashii15 Dec 27
Dec 27 Squishy? Hey guys, for some reason i feel WAY too squishy as a fury warrior doing WQs and what not. I understand how the class works at its core. I am not a newbie to WoW, just to warrior. I die so quick that at one point i thought I had a res sickness or something. I cant take on more than like 2 mobs max... and BT doesn't restore enough health. I may be under-geared but for WQs? Really? Any insight would be helpful because this almost feels unplayableHurtzel1 Dec 27