Sep 2 Fury Enrage Changed to -20% armor Bliz throw fury a bone here. Lets think about this rationally, fury dps is sub par until execute phase, historically all bosses mechanics do more damage during the last phase. So our goal is to try to survive to maximize dps in the phase that fight mechanics are most likely to kill us because we take 20% more damage than other classes and has 1 defensive cd on a 3 min cd. Make enrage reduce armor instead of a flat 20% dmg increase. Why? Well soak mechanics for one... it's weird seeing my 5.5m life fury warrior die soaking the same swirl as another class that has 4.5m life. Or make fresh meat allow execute for the first 20% of the enemy's hp. The bloodthirst version is useless even for leveling. That is all. PS: Maybe fix bloodrage crits to always proc enrage even if blocked as it did crit... That is why reckless abandon is the only used 100 talent as it guarantees an enrage with our battle cry. Which forces that to be the only endgame build viable.Derilore18 Sep 2
Sep 2 Prot war - Hard to master, but not worth? im talking about PvE situation. thinking the prot needs rework. because the guardians or brewmasters are easier than it and stronger. i have not played prot war as 110 toon tho. I think a Prot war is such difficult to master since it has so much cds and mitigations; Ignore Pain and Shield Block, Last Stand and Shield Wall. Demoralizing Shout and Spell Reflect. additionally a Battle Cry the offensive cd. meanwhile a Guardian Druid using a Ironfur but so tanky. or a Brewmaster Monk using a Brew but never dies. a Prot war that managing all of his abilities still not that strong.Dwqwarrior46 Sep 2
Sep 2 Heirlooms for a protection warrior. I'm new to the game, like really new, I have dabbled in the demo since like 2014 but I've never really cared to purchase until recently and was asking for help on heirlooms as my friend gave 46k gold and I have no idea what to buy for my protection warrior. I also have a fury warrior I could use a few tips on. Thank you!Mungong0 Sep 2
Sep 2 Is Destiny Driver bugged? So How does this work?? It says intercepted targets and I get a shield but I see no shield coming up or anything? Am I using this legendary wrong?Danju2 Sep 2
Sep 1 Fury Lego BiS I returned from a 4 month break 2 weeks ago and want to know what are the BiS legendaries for Fury now and also what talents are best. need a crash course update on stats and all also. Also..is it worth replacing my lego cape/belt for lego execute ring/bracers so i can equip another belt that would raise my overall stats and ilvl? or is that a dps loss?Xaladune1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Fury 7.3 execute is nerf Blizzard you have nerfed fury execute for no reason. Execute was no where out of line for damage. In reality it needs more buffing. Put the Juggernaut increase back to 5 from 3. If people don't believe me somc your character and you see. This nerf execute is completely out of nowhere. If you think want you did is a buff, then wow you true are people playing a different game.Luciferss11 Sep 1
Sep 1 warrior season 3/4 elite gear changed? used to have green glowing accents around the shoulders (and other parts iirc?), doesn't anymore since 7.3 examples - before 7.3 (w green glow): https://i.ytimg.com/vi/znBoV1r2vUg/maxresdefault.jpg after 7.3 (no green glow): http://i.imgur.com/aDP0xL9.jpg pls fix my fav set :(Wodwarriorx6 Sep 1
Sep 1 Nithogg's Skull I'm at 40Ak and didn't get skull when I killed him ealier I thought it was 100% drop? or am I wrongIngara15 Sep 1
Sep 1 When does fury get good? Just started working on my warrior. Poor gear and not even at concordance yet. I understand my DPS is going to be terrible at this point. Im just wondering at what point will it get better? at about the same gear level my DH was doing 500k-600k dps, but my fury can only sustain maybe 350k. Are there breakpoints that I need to reach? As a side note I feel i do struggle with the class some. Im using frothing beserker and Im not sure if im utilizing it properly. Ive been holding rage until 100 to proc it, but I feel like that is leading to wasted rage, and quite often i reach 100 rage with a bloodthirst crit, then dump with rampage and waste the bloodthist enrage.Hodorclegane6 Sep 1
Aug 31 how consistent are arms in pve? thinking about rolling arms as a new main but wondering is it very consistent in PvE content or is it just recently better in this tier and usually not favored over fury when it comes to pve? im considering a enhancement shaman otherwise but i like to do both PvP and PvE. i don't like to really swap specs i like to focus on one spec and play it as well as i can but at the same time nobody wants to play or feel forced to switch specs because one if under performing in PvE alone. PvP i can deal with since im not very experienced in PvP. any help? would you consider and arms or enhancement for this situation?Lethadox7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Fury or Arms BG? In my search of a melee alt I try warrior, all I see is people crying about casters dying so quick. On my lock I may die once or twice per BG and I get on warrior and spend more time in gy than playing. I'm almost to the point of trying out a dk. My question is does arms or fury have any survivability over one another in a bg? I see fury has easier access to heals yet arms has more hp. Secondly I've thought of going fury anyway since the damage difference is subtle yet there's supposedly a bigger fun factor to fury. Just looking for some opinions. Thanks!Crookedmán6 Aug 31
Aug 31 Valarjar Rep Farm: Nithogg Skull Just posting here to let others who may be wanting their Fury Hidden Artifact Appearance but do not have exalted Valarjar yet. I am currently speed farming Maw of Souls normal (250 rep per 5 min run) to get my exalted Valarjar so I can kill Nithogg and get the HA piece before he goes away for another 6+ months. If anyone would like to join, the more the merrier, and the faster we can clear! Stay as short or as long as you like, I'll be going until a hit exalted (2-3 hours). Just whisper Grimbli-Sargeras for invite.Grimbli0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Arms in Arenas! I am curious as to what works best in the arenas. I will be doing some testing with the skirmishes, but some solid input would help. I'm assuming the cleave build would work well for a melee match where not a lot of movement would be going on. If anyone has any other suggestions for another type of build for 2's and 3's please let me know, pvp is so much fun as a warrior! and I would love to get the right set of talents going.Rastana7 Aug 31
Aug 31 Agatha - Need Help Ok so I've been attempting to down this, I think my best attempt was 10% but I've got a lack of consistency going on; sometimes dying at phase 2 or before phase 2. Damage is no issue, I'm like 917 and pulling 1 mil+ through the whole encounter, I've definitely waited quite a while before trying this one as it's an alt. My biggest problems are: 1: imps spawning behind her, it seems sometimes they're a bit out of reach yet there seems to be some dot that gets put on me when I go behind her that just kills me? Not sure. 2: The plague zone imps, I can't seem to kill them before they drop the floor aoe, which makes her purple swirly aoe really hard to avoid, I kinda cheesed it a bit earlier with bear tartare but I'm not sure how to deal with this. Intimidating shout? 3: The boulder phase, should I try to make my way to her or kill the old imps first? (the ones that energize her are almost always up at this point). I've been swapping between arcanocrystal and convergance, not sure which is better for this. Thanks in advance!Sanctum4 Aug 31
Aug 31 7.3 Prot Warrior Changes Intercept Run at high speed toward an ally or enemy. When targeting an enemy, Intercept deals [ 1 + 70% of AP ] Physical damage, roots the target for 1 sec and then reduces the target's movement speed by 50% for 6 sec, but has a minimum range of 8 yds. When targeting an ally, Intercept will intercept the next melee or ranged attack against the ally within 10 sec while the target remains within 10 yards. Generates 15 Rage. Warrior - Protection Spec. 25 yd range. Instant. 1.5 sec cooldown. 8-25 yd range (25 for friends). Instant. 1.5 sec cooldown. Protection Warrior Decreases damage/healing of Ravager by 89%. Decreases damage/healing of Impending Victory, Shockwave, Storm Bolt, Victory Rush by 10%. Decreases damage/healing effect #1 value of Devastate, Devastator, Heroic Throw, Impending Victory, Ravager, Revenge, Shield Slam, Thunder Clap, Victory Rush by 5%. Decreases periodic 40. Decreases damage/healing of Deep Wounds by 5%. Warrior - Protection Spec.More nerfs for prot warrior? They are even nerfing damage on utility abilities again. No buffs to actual tanking abilities (yet) as compensation.Drako32 Aug 31
Aug 31 How do Warriors self-sustain long fights? Love Warriors. Lore, design, playstyle, ect. Never played one though, simply because I began Pally and won't be doing an alt until I've at least unlocked Part 1 of the Broken Isles achievement. However, I do want to ask you amazing tanks a question: How do you survive long, solo, fights? Fights like elite mob encounters or random large mob pulls(9+ enemies). I see a lot of people complaining Warriors can't PVP because they have no self-healing, which seems crippling in general. PVP and in PVE. So how do you survive when the fight drags on? During dungeons and raids I can definitely see where Warriors shine with the kind of defense they have, but in World Quest content it seems like a huge disadvantage since you wouldn't have a healer by your side and most likely have to waste gold opting for health potions in case you have to deal with elite mobs. For instance: Last night my pally got attacked in Surumar by Nighthuntress Syrenne which is an elite mob with 20mil HP, she caught me by surprise and put me at half health with a root combo. Thankfully I popped my heal, followed by defense CD, and went to work on her. Because of all the health she had during the fight, she would chip my health down, through the mitigation, and I would have to top up with my heal to keep the fight going. It seems like, had I been using a Warrior, I'd be screwed in that scenario since the health I lost at the beginning of the fight would never have returned and the long, dragged out, fight due to her huge health pool would have eventually whittled my remaining health down. Same for Surumar missions in general, where I regularly pull up to 8+ mobs at once and use my heal to keep me going through the fight. I realize Warriors are Defense Cooldown kings, but without some kind of added heal it seems like they're entirely cripple during world content much like pvp, where fights can take a prolonged time. Unless maybe you get lucky and get some stacked heal items or maybe leech.... I'm no pro at Warrior, I don't know anything about how you guys play, so I'm just all assumptions right now. So let me know how you guys work through the issue: - Long fights. - Massive add pulls. - Dead or lazy healer.Valriden20 Aug 31
Aug 31 Fury Warrior Self-Healing & Sustain Buff Please improve the fury warrior self-healing or sustain. I find myself constantly bandaging or eating when questing - more than any other class in the game. Either give fury Victory Rush or buff the heal on Bloodthirst to 8%. This would be a huge quality-of-life improvement when solo'ing & questing on the fury warrior.Broxxorr47 Aug 31
Aug 30 Returning to Warrior Hey guys! been wanting to return to playing warrior got burned out on it for awhile cause seemed like in pvp all I did was sit in graveyard ha ha but recently I came back went into some bgs and was top for kills and top 3 for damage so feeling good about it. if you have any tips on how to survive in battlegrounds be glad to hear :D also is protection warrior terrible right now pve wise? ive heard so much bad lately about them but am loving the idea to get to tank again would I have a hard time finding a group to take me in for say normal tomb of sargeras as a prot (with appropriate gear score of course)?Ayoni9 Aug 30
Aug 30 warrior t21 is it me or does it feel lackingXflip6 Aug 30
Aug 30 Nithogg Is up.Heahmund4 Aug 30
Aug 30 2k Arms Warrior PvP!! Been making Arms warr videos doing arena hitting 2k. Wanted to share to other arms warrior struggling with builds and rotaions. Arms warr channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrLEfHhctQo&list=PLIKxZUe0PC7meJUAAGfiTe3U5WiaTf4pFFosachee0 Aug 30
Aug 30 Arms vs Fury - Logs vs Sim DPS Hi all, My main is a Death Knight, and I'm about to start leveling and gearing up this alt, and maybe try to get into end game raiding with it. As I was looking over the logs and the Sim DPS on warcraftlogs.com & wowprogress.com respectively, something odd just jumped out at me. By the logs, its looking like most of the higher performances are coming out of Arms warriors. But by the SimDPS on wowpogress, most of the highest values are all generated out of the Fury spec. I'm looking for some help understanding why there is such a big disparity, between the expectation (SimDPS) and reality (logs). I'm not sure if there are other classes dealing with the same issue, but DKs (Unholy & Frost) certainly aren't. Anyone with more advanced knowledge of the Warrior class able to explain to me what's going on? I like to make informed choices when I start playing a class, so I appreciate any constructive feedback.Daeriel4 Aug 30
Aug 30 WHY DID YOU NERF FURY EXECUTE! I know that they buff execute by 20% but they nerfed juggernaut by 2% per stack. So unless my math is wrong below by stack 10 of juggernaut, the old execute surpasses the buffed execute. lets assume that execute base damage is 500,000. So when you add the 20% buff the base goes to 600,000. Then on you second execute old is 525,000 and new is 618,000. then 3 stacks would be 551,250 and 636,540. by stack 10 old is 814,447 and the new is 806,349. So at the end of the day its a nerf. Is my math wrong? stacks 1.05 1.03 differ 500,000.00 650,000.00 150,000.00 1 525,000.00 669,500.00 144,500.00 2 551,250.00 689,585.00 138,335.00 3 578,812.50 710,272.55 131,460.05 4 607,753.13 731,580.73 123,827.60 5 638,140.78 753,528.15 115,387.37 6 670,047.82 776,133.99 106,086.17 7 703,550.21 799,418.01 95,867.80 8 738,727.72 823,400.55 84,672.83 9 775,664.11 848,102.57 72,438.46 10 814,447.31 873,545.65 59,098.33 11 855,169.68 899,752.02 44,582.34 12 897,928.16 926,744.58 28,816.41 13 942,824.57 954,546.91 11,722.34 14 989,965.80 983,183.32 (6,782.48) 15 1,039,464.09 1,012,678.82 (26,785.27) 16 1,091,437.29 1,043,059.19 (48,378.11) 17 1,146,009.16 1,074,350.96 (71,658.20) 18 1,203,309.62 1,106,581.49 (96,728.13) 19 1,263,475.10 1,139,778.93 (123,696.16)Luciferss18 Aug 30
Aug 29 Do you feel like a noob playing prot WPVP? So I do a lot of world pvp as arms and I find there are certain classes (mainly tanks) who have almost a night and day difference compared to bg's. Now I know BGS are supposed to be a level playing field with static bonuses for people who put time in to enhance their item level. But how come they dont seem to die ever in Wpvp and are butter in BG's. I for one happen to refuse to fight blood DK's or any tank without a healer. Even a warrior. The healing prot warriors have alone is ridiculous. It just doesnt make sense to me. Does being able to use two legend set bonuses really make the game that unplayable in Wpvp? Also the fact someone with 10 item levels higher than you can have over 1 million plus hp compared to you is pretty stupid. (and thats not a tank, tanks will have closer to 5 or 6 million more then you sometimes). When I play prot I dont even really have fun. I just get whispers telling me to respec and that it isnt fair. You know what? I agree. On a side note bring warrior mobility back and make it so rogues cant kingsbane envenom 1 shot me.Beeno18 Aug 29
Aug 29 Simming 300k higher So I'm currently simming at 1.1m dps at ilvl 910, only pulling about 800k-900k most ST fights. I've finally gotten around to checking parses and saw I was getting legendaries for my item level. I understand you lose a lot of dps from having to run around and do mechanics, but is there anything obvious that I'm missing? https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/dalaran/broxizBroxiz5 Aug 29
Aug 29 What do warriors think about us DHs in PvP? DiscussManchilddh26 Aug 29
Aug 29 ToV Fury Hidden Skin When running ToV for the Haft to drop, do you have to set loot specialization to fury even if your fury spec'd? That being said, do you also have to have fury activated to loot it to begin with?Vorgol2 Aug 29
Aug 29 7.3 You will play with Fury or Arms ? 7.3 You will play with Fury or Arms ? Warrior Fury Relentless damage bonus reduced to 3% per application (it was 5% per application). Execution Damage increased by 20%. What they think fury will hit more. Now with perform doing 20% more on damage? They think Arms should have been snorted too, I guess they will leave your comment.Armagedøn8 Aug 29
Aug 29 Protection is Dead rRagoroth15 Aug 29
Aug 29 Arms Hidden Artifact Appearance Quest Proc Anyone know when the Arms Hidden Artifact Appearance Quest Proc is supposed to, well, proc? I have heard that it has only been up 5 times since Legion's launch and only for 24 hour periods. Anyone know what the deal is?Arkiz3 Aug 29
Aug 29 Struggling Prot looking for advice I enjoy the play style of prot, and I can run a heroic with no issues. However, my damage is abysmal. Yes, I understand I'm a tank not dps, but I've seen prot warriors both online and in game that seem to push out some pretty decent damage. I play Blood DK, Veng DH and Prot Pally as well, but when I get on my Prot War, it just feels like it's so much slower to kill things. I'd welcome any advice including talents, rotations. tips etc. ps - I know Devastator is the recommended talent in that tear, but don't use it because it boring and gives me one less button to press. Is it's damage that much better?Tahnok5 Aug 29
Aug 29 Gladiator Stance Return. So, Is there anyone else that would love to see the return of Gladiator Stance? I for one would!Majinbuuz42 Aug 29
Aug 28 Arms mage tower challenge P2 Can someone please explain to me why the hell does my herioc leap keep going into cooldown when the void boss is casting his ability @me where im supposed to leap away for the adds. I am soooo tired of this happening constantly which i dont understand its not letting me. I knock p1 like cake and constantly fail @p2 thanks to this bs :(Bloodrend2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Rage starvation just fact of life for Arms? Admittedly, my gear is garbage - this is a 4th alt, and I'm not quite to the point where I can be picky about stats; I'm just trying to raise IL to 900 at this point (I haven't even had a second legendary drop, let alone being able to pick between multiple options). However, the rage starvation issues I am suffering from in my FoB build have been... bad. I don't like having to HL out and then charge back into combat just to maintain some level of consistency with WW when everything else is on on CD/hasn't proc'd. Yet that's exactly what I am having to do on most raid boss encounters... which is obviously killing my already-low DPS. Is there something I'm missing - aside from better gear - to overcome this issue? I feel totally hamstrung by the lack of rage, yet swapping to Titanic Might seems to produce the opposite problem: rage capping and ho-hum gameplay.Shaslial11 Aug 28
Aug 28 Heroic KJ Fury or Arms and Talents I was wondering what arms talents are optimal for heroic KJ or if Fury is of any use on this fight.Vorgol14 Aug 28
Aug 28 Sweeping Strikes Range? I gotta say i am pretty disappointed with sweeping strikes range. I don't expect a huge AOE field for it but the current range is ridiculously small. Mobs have to be literally stacked on one another for it to work. In my personal experience most tanks even in raids wont do this, so it makes the talent seem kind of weak. I understand with really good tanks this talent can be amazing as seen on WoWlogs but I mean why not extend the range some?Blackjustice6 Aug 28
Aug 27 How is Fury in PVE? I see that Arms is all the rage at the moment, but what about Fury? Is it viable or is it just a worse arms?Malgorok9 Aug 27
Aug 26 World boss rotation! still no Nithogg.... Oh look another week with some world boss no one cares about. I don't believe for one second they can't just force the system to spawn Nithogg. At this point blizzard is just giving Fury warriors the middle finger considering its been !@#$ing 8 months since he spawned.Wingity15 Aug 26
Aug 26 Charge>CS>Rend>MS or Charge>CS>MS>Rend? For the life of me I can't figure out which is better. Ignore ravager+4pc opener in your considerations. Typically I've done charge > cs > rend > battle cry > MS > artifact > slam > MS(if proc) but yea if anyone has something better please shareFligis3 Aug 26
Aug 26 Picking the right legendary So in short, I like many others may have many many many many MANY........ many legendaries to use. I myself sport a whopping 14 (this includes the crafted belt) so my options are in no way limited like many warriors. But at times I wonder what i should be picking for ST, while yes the Helm/Ring Combo is the highest Sim out I have. I also have Gloves which after some live testing proved to make my rotation feel nice and not have any Rage starve issues while maintaining almost the same damage output. Coming back to my original question. How do you pick what legendary to use for the raid fights in ToS?Korcron6 Aug 26
Aug 26 Trinket help for Arms Hello all, I am trying to figure out definitively what trinkets are best for arms? I currently have a couple of options (860 mastery stick, 910 terrorbound nexus, 925 specter of betrayal, 920 vial of endless toxins, and 885 spontaneous appendages) and after some testing, figured out that my current equipped gear performs well, but I feel like I could try to get some better trinkets. Could I get some suggestions on things to try to get f to better my DPS? Thanks.Jaeshang10 Aug 26
Aug 25 Fury or Windwalker? Greetings, Was curious on what you Warriors think between Fury or Windwalker? Mostly in terms of PvE. Trying to pick my main and just looking at what would be best to go with. Thanks!Dashir6 Aug 25
Aug 25 Fury Tier 21 Set Bonus Do you like it?Tiridan4 Aug 25
Aug 25 . I don't know why, but I can't seem to do the damage warriors are supposed to do, in raids, or in BG's, I follow the rotation on icy-veins.com I don't know what I am doing wrong, or not doing right. I do arenas, and I get out damaged by several classes. I don't sit in CC, i'm not an idiot. I'm not a gladiator, but i'm not stupid either. What am I doing wrong? Why is my damage so low?Fotmrolled8 Aug 25
Aug 25 Finally beat the Arms challenge! Woohoo, !@#$ you Xylem! Gonna work on the other two now :)Jacksouth1 Aug 25
Aug 25 Warrior test dummies worst in the game The training dummies in the warrior order hall is by far the worst in the game. I have 8 other 110s besides this one and don't have any issues with any others like the warrior dummies. For starters, the 2 on each end always dissappear after awhile and come back in a few minutes (fun when you charge it and blow every CD only to have it dissappear). Other issue is they seem to block and parry like nothing I've ever seen. Blizzard take the damn shields from them or something? I mean I've even had a trauma ticking dot that was parried?? I know you will say, stand behind them, well irs hard because they are against a wall and makes screen visual bad. Even then they still block alot. Out of all the other classes, none get blocked and parried by there training dummies like the warrior ones. Am I alone here or does other have dislike issues with them in warrior order hall? Is it because they have shields on? I don't get it.Chingoblingo13 Aug 25
Aug 25 7.3 Fury Execute changes Looks like Execute will hit harder at base (good) but stack slower on Juggernaut (wat?). No change in duration (wat^2?!?)... what is this, I don't even... From MMO-champ- Warrior Execute Off-Hand Attempt to finish off a wounded foe, causing (666% 800% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. Melee range. Instant. Fury Execute Attempt to finish off a wounded foe, causing (666% 800% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. Warrior - Fury Spec. 250 Rage. Melee range. Instant. Fury Juggernaut (Rank 1) Execute increases damage dealt by Execute by 5% 3% for 8 sec, stacking up to 99 times.Hrothknut34 Aug 25
Aug 24 Arms or Ret? What do you guys think is stronger or more fun?Critine16 Aug 24
Aug 24 Archmage accosted How the heck am I supposed to defeat this guy at the top of the tower as an arms warrior. He 1 shots me. I'm 826 which should be enough I would think. I can't interrupt I hide in the alcove but I can't burn him down fast enough. Is there something I'm missing or am I just that bad ?Hartric24 Aug 24
Aug 24 No self sustainment I loved being a gnome warrior. Shield and board plus fury arms pwn in pvp pissing off people when my small behind roflstomps. My question is for soloing... Other classes are able to self sustain with self heals but we lack. What soec is the better one to self heal and does a warrior tank get anything? That victory rush sucks and only procs with a kill making us to overly reliant on healersUntouchable12 Aug 24