May 2 Ayala's fury rotation Just got ayala's ring! first lego, been playing legion since launch, great rng blizz thanks. anyway lol following fury's bloodthirst > raging blow > X rotation, should i just put ayalas procs at the top of the priority for the X slot? the priority would still be execute > rampage > furious slash? Edit: in my defense I never said I was playing since launch on this character. At the start of legion I was playing a different character, and I did raid emerald nightmare for several months, and did wq, didn't get a legendary. Then about when nh came out I took a break because I moved across the country, and in that time decided to reroll warrior. Damn lol was just looking for help with the ring, wasn't trying to get attacked.Ryorn9 May 2
May 2 Transmog I'm wondering what kinds of scores, or opinions for improving my look i can get. Was going for a Grom Hellscream feel now that we finally have single shoulder plate.Genjuros3 May 2
May 2 Fury Warrior Self-Healing & Sustain Buff Please improve the fury warrior self-healing or sustain. I find myself constantly bandaging or eating when questing - more than any other class in the game. Either give fury Victory Rush or buff the heal on Bloodthirst to 8%. This would be a huge quality-of-life improvement when solo'ing & questing on the fury warrior.Broxxorr44 May 2
May 2 First legendary.... And its the leap shoulders... /cry *update* They have been actually very enjoyable. Leaping to places i couldnt normally without waiting (pre flying) and getting quests done quicker. Overall happy :)Whòs25 May 2
May 2 Why Does Arms Dominate the 2v2 Ladder? I mean compared to Fury. I can understand why Arms would be superior in 3s, but arenamate doesn't even show Fury as represented in the top 15 specs. Mortal Strike is good, sure but so is burst and self healing. So what am I missing? Does Fury just not work well in healer/dps 2s?Ragefiend16 May 2
May 2 Defensive Stance Talent I would like to have the shield gone from its spell effects. I am not talking about how the ability fares in the game, nor how there's two spinning purple shields and an aura when I activate it. I really, really just want that alliance shield gone. Leave that for the proection warriors. I don't even want a glyph to replace that shield with another shield of my own. I just want to be able to have my arms warrior be in a defensive stance with only his two-handed weapon. Pls.Balgriff1 May 2
May 1 Stat Caps just wondering what should i aim to get my stats to like crit haste mastery ectRów13 May 1
May 1 New execute rotation, real or a load of crap? There is this warrior on youtube named Kelade. In his newest video he says the new Execute rotation is: Execute > Bloodthirst > Furious Slash. I'm skeptical about this as it's the first I've ever heard of this Execute rotation. Anyone able to confirm/deny whether this is what we should doing from now on or if this is bs?Idsmashdat9 May 1
May 1 WeakAura Rage Tracker Hi guys, so just as the title states I am looking for a template on WeakAuras to be able to track my rage and let me know the second I get to 100 rage. I am new to the add-on so I know close to nothing on setting it all up and creating my own.Cavalry6 May 1
May 1 Lame (fury dps) So last night I decided to see how dependant we are on DoS and CoF as trinkets. My current gear is IL 886 with the 2 piece set bonus. The ways I would test this is fight the target dummy until I reached 125 mil dmg and each item set up I would do 3 attempts. (I know it's not the best but the results were similar with each trial so I figured it was enough When I hit the target dummy with an 860 DoS and 865 CoF equipped, I was doing 565-585k dps. When I equipped my 890 trinket that gives a random element buff and an 895 might of crosus (weaker version of legendary trinket) my dps would range between 525-540k dps. I have to say, it's really lame how trinkets that are 30 IL lower than other trinkets give such a huge dps INCREASE.Fligmus6 May 1
May 1 Predictions for World Boss tomorrow? Since it is not going to be Nithogg.Rageloyce6 May 1
May 1 simc and top tier trinkets Finally got Draught of Souls to drop from Gul'dan (normal). Even came with a socket. So with this I finally had the alleged top two trinkets (I've had Convergence of Fate for a while) and my 890 Unstable Arcanocrystal would see retirement. Not so fast. Ran them through SimulationCraft and the results were a bit unexpected. CoF + UA: 818359 (Haste better than Mastery by ~.5) CoF + DoS: 807259 (Mastery better than Haste by ~.5) UA + DoS: 799305 (Haste better than Mastery by ~1) Am I missing something here? Is simc missing something here?Sagerremeseb5 May 1
May 1 DCed From class hall So I leveled this toon on Saturday from 100 so I haven't played warrior at all this expansion so don't know if this is common or not but when leaving are class hall and choosing to go wherever half the time I get DCed and I log in back in and I'm in azuna or whatever it's called , like fack what just happened? Side note fury warrior is super fun and I had a blast leveling him ;)Wickedwillys6 May 1
May 1 Class Design Unrest - Please Read Hello Warriors, the time has come. If you are tired of class design flaws going on deaf ears, please head over to the class development forums and support my post: "Replace Lead Class Developer" There is too much money being spent on everything besides class design, when class design is arguably the most important. It's clear on nearly every forum that people are providing feedback and requesting changes without any response, and we need to let blizzard know we are done. Please go and support my post.Arcanosaur9 May 1
May 1 That charge... Just trying to think what that charge is where you charge to a location or something and knock players back, and seeing if there is any CD to it? Only asking because my last BG, had 2 Warrs, dunno which spec they were, were using those charges, and was spamming it that badly, it was making it hard to well, do the objectives to the BG. And don't want to report them for the wrong thing if there is no big CD on it either.Ayukami5 May 1
Apr 30 How bad... do you guys think they will over nerf us. I knew the Disarm and Duel combo was op but I am just worried they will over nerf arms. https://twitter.com/holinka/status/858779096809181185Devek1 Apr 30
Apr 30 Fury Artifact Challenge skin is awful af No one is going to complain how awful/normal our Artifact Challenge appearance looks ? I mean compare them with Havoc's or Retribution's, it's nowhere close ! Even at first glance, people straight up know it's is a Challenge Artifact Appearance because it looks so damn sick !Lozy11 Apr 30
Apr 30 Need help with dps build So i recently just boosted this warrior to 100 and quested through all of the legion quests and ive never played a warrior before and i find myself doing barely any damage and people complaining on how i do no damage. So i was wondering if someone could link or tell me a certain build of abilities i could use to maxamize damage.Or do you think i should just switch specs. Thanks in AdvanceAndantsu2 Apr 30
Apr 30 I got it, finally beat Agatha, BUT... My capture card didn't record the kill and I'm so sad. Oh well :/Prometheuss3 Apr 30
Apr 30 Agatha - quick question Just about to start giving Agatha try for the first time and was wondering ... Is Agatha more of a DPS check? Or, more of a survival check? I'm sure it's both ... but basically, I'm just trying to figure out my second legendary ... I have them all except for belt, cloak and sephuz ... I plan on using the bracers for the first one but would something Prydaz for extra survivability be better than KBW for burst AOE? ThanksCullin2 Apr 30
Apr 30 Rings I have the melandrus ring which is 890ilvl socketed.. and i have also 890 haste mastery ring.. is the haste mastery more powerful? My other ring slot is the guldan ring socketed, im not planning to replace that..Midasity3 Apr 30
Apr 30 150k dps under sim? I started using raidbots simcraft and it's saying that with my current gear, I should be around 900k. I'm currently only pulling around 750k, anyone have some advice?Broxiz4 Apr 30
Apr 30 Fury or Arms for TOS? Any new Sim details or information out there I can read up on that will help me decide between arms or fury for TOS? Right now I'm speced Fury with 44 traits, but I want to know if I need to start dumping into Arms before TOS so I can get caught up, otherwise I risk being way behind. Sucks blizzard has put us in this position, especially if I have to reroll as arms cause I'll be starting at 37 traits and it'll take me weeks to get caught up to where I am now on my fury spec.Demaciahh8 Apr 30
Apr 29 Can we get a post on 7.2.5 Arms? I know all the cool warriors play Fury these days, but with all the significant changes to Arms stats and talents, I'd really like to see something from the devs on their goals and plans with the changes.Bitesize1 Apr 29
Apr 29 Worst class in 1v1 scenario With every new patch the pvp situation may change and I'm just curious what from your experience is the hardest class/spec to play against when dueling nowadays. Considering that both players know what they're doing. Will appreciate any responseBlee6 Apr 29
Apr 29 Fury stats? Ok so I know what stats I need, the question is how much haste do I need?Kazu2 Apr 29
Apr 29 Survivability in Arms? Anything? Okay...seriously. I have a relatively fresh 110. I've been trying to play arms and there must be I'm missing. Do we have ANY survivability at all? Or, rather, do we have anything that isn't awful? I'm tired of dying and dying and dying and dying and dying...and that was BEFORE hitting 110. I've leveled Demon Hunter, Rogue, SPriest and Warrior and it's the only class where just fighting two questing mobs can kill me. At least with other classes I could justify the risk by bringing DPS, but unless I'm playing my class wrong there's just nothing to work with in either survivability or DPS. I suspect this won't be a problem with raiding, but are there any general tips for staying alive just questing? I've gotten the ONE god-awful sustain artifact talent trait (wooo, 9k healing every 6 seconds. I'm so excited.) I've looked through my talent pool and I feel like it's a lose/lose or punishment for having to decide between second wind and defensive stance. Is it a stat thing? Do I just have to accept I'm guaranteed to die at least once doing WQs? Anything?Woopingyu3 Apr 29
Apr 29 Executioner's Precision + Ayala's Does the new golden trait for Arms and the execute legendary ring make arms competitive again? I can't help but think using that with the FR spec would make them a monster at single target fights. If only the ring would even drop for me...Kredel5 Apr 29
Apr 29 Arms warrior garbage? Ok i tried all 3 specs and most recently I tried arms. My char is lvl 98. To me it looks like it doesn't do enough damage with low survivability. I have to sit and eat in between nearly every mob. And forget about doing quest bosses. I tried to do a lvl 97 elite mob and couldn't do it, I had to switch to prot. With prot, I have killed a 660 hp lvl 97 elite. WIth arms I can't get a 297k elite to 50% without dying. So there must be something I am missing here. People say its the best for endgame pvp but from what I see the other specs with equal gear will be better than arms. I just can't see this spec being any good, the damage and survivability is too low.Falerina12 Apr 29
Apr 28 still no bis legendaries just got 8th legendary kiljaedens garbage wish 8 (E I G H T out of TEN) legos in and I still don't have the cape !@#$ this game %^-* blizzard unsubbing when stormblood comes out !@#$ing %^-* !@#$ that is allSelestina12 Apr 28
Apr 28 Fury pvp Fury warrior or Ele sham for pvp? Im just coming back and Ive heard both are in good places. I mainly enjoy bgs and world pvp. But I will run 3s on occasion. Please no "play what you like"Zubjub8 Apr 28
Apr 28 new fury war-questions :D I think ive made some pretty noob mistakes that are holding back my dps and i want to make sure I have it in my head correctly. Enrage lasts 4 seconds, when auto-enraged from frothing berserker I want to: -Not press the rampage proc until the auto-enraged falls off. While enraged I want to (non-execute phase): -Fill the window with as many raging blows and bloodthirsts I can. -Fill the window with a combination of bloodthirst, furious slash and raging blow. -Fill the window with furious slash and raging blows -Fill the window with one raging blow and alternate bloodthirsts and furious slashes While enraged in execute phase I want to: -have saved up max fury, 75% fury or at least 50% fury? -toggle between bloodthirst and execute, to keep fury up -stop using raging blow Boss/single target fight, after opener I want to: -use cooldowns as they become available or stack cooldowns together? -always line up battle cry with Odyn's Fury and use Avatar by itselfFlexeçutie21 Apr 28
Apr 28 0/3 DPS legs What on Earth are the devs smoking. I have Fury as my loot spec. Fury. A dps spec. I just got Prydaz. I'm now 0/3 dps legendaries. I have the bracers, the boots ,and prydaz. Are you guys incompetent, ambivalent, or unable to implement the ideas you want due to bureaucracy? There is no excuse. You should have flagged throughput legendaries and had a counter that limited us to like one at a time, thus guaranteeing a throughput leg for our next one. I just don't get it - how can the development team be this bad at game design? Do you play this game? Do you know how annoying it feels to get 3 utility legs in a row as a dps spec? Seriously wtf is wrong with you guys. Do you want ppl to unsub? I can't think of a single rational explanation for this idiocy.Mortis9 Apr 28
Apr 28 Bad luck protection Im just wondering how this works because I was fury spec spending nethershards for trinkets and I hopped into a group doing M+ forgetting that I had changed my spec I ended up getting the fury cape, does this reset my chances for getting a legendary on my prot spec?Katypàrry4 Apr 28
Apr 28 Furious slash as a filler? Basically my dps feels low, and I'm wondering if I'm just using fs too much... I use it as a filler, maybe once per 'cycle' of (when i hit 100 rage) rampage > rb > bt > fs > rb, to get my next bt to crit hopefully... Idk. Am i using it too much?Aliantonn13 Apr 28
Apr 28 Low DPS Help As Fury, I monitor my Enrage and time it correctly with Bloodthirst and Rampage. I use the correct rotation and do my best to use Odyn's Fury with Battle Cry and Avatar. I use Enraged Regen. with bloodthirst when needed. iLVL = 892 yet I only do 350k dps on average. Whats going on? How am I suppose to do higher Mythic Keystones and progress with this DPS?Djarbo8 Apr 28
Apr 28 Random BG Talents - Arms Warrior I'm just curious what go-to talents people use in Random BG's. I often find myself being rooted to high hell so I try to stick with War Banner for a little bit of catch-up. Are people using double time? Should I just give up on arms and go fury like everyone else, considering i dont usually run with a pocket healer?Russh2 Apr 28
Apr 28 Warrior feels like so much effort to play I tried out arms warrior yesterday on my alt because I felt fury required too much button mashing and the fact that arms is getting better in tombs. I was surprised to find out arms is also a lot of button mashing too. How do you guys manage it? On my dk, I just try to proc Rime and out comes a 1.5M hit damage, but on the arms warrior, if you want to burst like that, you have to set up a colossus smash with a bunch of furious stacks. Also, before a battlecry, you have to prepare these CDs so they line up perfectly. Even my rogue is a lot easier than this. On my warrior, I find myself staring at my buttons all fight and by the time a couple of battlecries go out, the boss is dead.Artice24 Apr 28
Apr 28 Warrior Defensive Macro Is there a macro to switch from 2h to 1h and shield? all the macros ive seen whenever i try it it says must have a shield equiped. ThanksPigmyz23 Apr 28
Apr 28 The Problem with Eitrigg So if Eitrigg is a Fury Warrior, why is he dual-wielding one-handed axes? Blizz, why do you let Varian and Eitrigg dual-wield 1h weps but we can't? What's up with that?Dayon13 Apr 28
Apr 28 Defensive Stance 7.2.5 (Warriors Needed) EDIT: NEW 7.2.5 PTR LINK BELOW Goto Quote Compilation for the last 3 PTRs https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754355358#post-1 Class Discussion Thread https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754135673?page=1#post-1 Will be taking another shot for 7.2.5 and hope the support we had leading up to 7.2 will continue to grow. Please stop by the PTR and show your support. ... Hey all, I have a post on the PTR forums linking to all the recent request to change the animation of Defensive Stance. It has been something many have been asking for since the removal the Glyph. Please stop by and show your support. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20754135673River40 Apr 28
Apr 28 When do you feel the (ignore) pain in mythic+ When do you start to feel the limitations of ignore pain etc in mythic+ dungeons? I start to struggle a bit at +7 or so with spamming most of my rage into it. I still manage to avoid using shield wall regularly, but I have reached for my last stand quite a lot more.Adrenas2 Apr 28
Apr 27 KJB Glitched? It does 1.1mil for fury with all the buffs (Bcry crit dmg bonus trait/Mastery/Avatar/Frothing berseker). It hits for almost 900k with no buffs, the math doesn't match. Whats wrong with this trinket? EDIT: TL;DR - Trinket is glitched and fury community doesn't care cause now that our spec is strong in PvE we have a bunch of retards playing it ( see post below ) and flocking these forums.Amarantine15 Apr 27
Apr 27 How many gap closers do warriors have in PvP? I've been out of touch with PvP for some years now. It seems warriors have no trouble maintaining 90%+ uptime on me, which is really strange because I'm a frostmage. I have shimmer on a 15 second cooldown and frost nova on a 25 sec cooldown. I recall warriors had charge, intercept, and spell reflect and duels with them tended to last a while. As long as they rotated those, combined with second wind healing they could drag out the duel and stand a chance at winning. But these days warriors don't seem to need reflect at all. They have multiple charges and some sort of insane long-range leap ability that seems to give them more mobility than mages. Kiting them is impossible. I saw a warrior cover like 70 yards in 2 massive leaps, like they're wearing rocket boots or something. What on earth happened?Wintel16 Apr 27
Apr 27 ***ANOTHER SKYHOLD BUG THREAD.*** When trying to teleport from Skyhold to another zone we're often being disconnected from the game & when we return, we are dropped in Azuna. This happened to me 5 times in about 1.2 hours. The warrior section is a broken record and I'm surprised there hasn't been a hotfix to shut us up yet. (not really surprised)John6 Apr 27
Apr 27 Where the hell is Nithogg? Shar'thos spawned again... Been waiting on 3rd piece of my skin for like 2 months. /rage /lifeshard /1stworldcomplaintsbutlike!@#$Amtis13 Apr 27
Apr 27 Best lvling and WQ Spec? Is Prot still the best lvling nd WQing spec? Or is Fury or arms better?Muln5 Apr 27
Apr 27 Is the beard for me? So I've been trying to find an alt I really enjoy. Thought I found it with a ret pally....until I went into NH. It's just so....boring. I really disliked it. The main reason I didn't like it is the whole judgement debuff to maximize Templars verdict and holy power management. That being said I'm looking for a good straight forward dps alt. Is fury fun? What's the best part about it?Lucrend11 Apr 27
Apr 27 PTR 7.2.5 arms/warrior changes Underlined is new change Anger Management (Arms) Every 10 Every 20 Rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Battle Cry by 1 sec. and Bladestorm by 1 sec. Anger Management (Fury, Protection) Every 10 Rage 20 Rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on Battle Cry, Last Stand, Shield Wall, and Demoralizing Shout by 1 sec. Dauntless Your abilities cost 20% 10% less Rage. Arms Warrior - Level 15 Talent. Fervor of Battle Whirlwind deals 45% 80% increased damage to your primary target. Arms Warrior - Level 45 Talent. Focused Rage Focus your rage on your next Mortal Strike, increasing its damage by 30%, stacking up to 3 times. Unaffected by the global cooldown. Arms Warrior - Level 75 Talent. 15 20 Rage. Melee range. Instant. 1.5 sec cooldown. In For The Kill Mortal Strike refunds 30 40 Rage when used against targets that are below 20% health. Arms Warrior - Level 75 Talent. Rend Wounds the target, causing [ 108% of AP ] Bleed 280% of weapon damage) Physical damage instantly and an additional [ 5 + 111.8% of AP ] Bleed damage over 15 sec. Arms Warrior - Level 45 Talent. 10 Rage. Melee range. Instant. 20 Rage. Melee range. Instant. Titanic Might Increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 16 8 sec, and reduces its cooldown by 8 sec. Arms Warrior - Level 90 Talent. Arms Cleave (Arms) Strikes all enemies in front of you with a sweeping attack for (90% 110% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Cleave (Fury, Protection) Strikes all enemies in front of you with a sweeping attack for (90% 110% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Colossus Smash Smashes the enemy's armor, dealing (202% 222% of weapon damage) Physical damage, and increasing damage you deal to them by 15% for 8 sec. Warrior - Arms Spec. Melee range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. 20 sec cooldown. Execute Attempts to finish off a foe, causing (162% 202% of weapon damage) Physical damage, and consuming up to 10 additional Rage to deal up to (162% 202% of weapon damage) additional damage. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. Warrior - Arms Spec. 10 Rage. Melee range. Instant. Mortal Strike A vicious strike that deals [ 0.633 * 327% 392% of weapon damage or 0.024 * Level * 327% of weapon damage + 0.511 * 327% of weapon damage or 327% 392% of weapon damage + 0.511 * 392% of weapon damage or 392% of weapon damage ] Physical damage and reduces the effectiveness of healing on the target for 10 sec. Warrior - Arms Spec. 20 Rage. Melee range. Instant. Slam Slams an opponent, causing (226% 305% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Warrior - Arms Spec. 20 Rage. Melee range. Instant. Whirlwind Unleashes a whirlwind of steel, striking all enemies within 8 yards for (183% 225% of weapon damage) Physical damage. Warrior - Arms Spec. 25 Rage. Instant. [u] [/u] Do you think focused rage will now be in line with the rest of the talents because of increased rage cost and nerf to dauntless?Ohnono22 Apr 27
Apr 27 New Arms War I need that gif of Dr Strange saying Teach me... I've read online guides and tried to follow their instructions, but I feel like I'm missing something. I know my ilvl is a dumpster right now, but if someone tells me it's just an ilvl issue I'll accept that - but I'm currently a dumpster right now. So fellow Arms... teach me. I know my talents are wrong atm - I'm just trying to WQ and gear this toon up. I know I'm supposed to talent into Deadly Calm and the BC talent This is what understand (correct me if I'm wrong): Stack haste to 27% for that extra GCP breakpoint on BC Stack Mastery Meh Vers, Meh Crit Why meh crit? I find myself starving for rage almost always. I read people's comment saying that are drowning in rage with no rage dump for Arms. I find crit gives me much more rage. Is it simple cause BC is such a low CD? How am I supposed to use this daily to daily vs instances vs raids? Also why do people say there's no such thing as a rage dump for Arms... What's the role Slam (or WW) supposed to play then? Is it cause they take a GCD and in some cases it's not worth the GCD to use these abilities? And my god... how do I properly use FR? And Execute phase - aside from deadly calm, how do I properly use this? This destroys my rage.Omerius4 Apr 27