Nov 22 Bring back Gladiator? Maybe? I know it was a weird experiment but it was a ton of fun. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!Boffin29 Nov 22
Nov 22 Arms PVE - % Mastery cap? Guys, What's the % mastery cap for war arms in PVE? My ilvl is 876, but I have only 58%. Is good or no? Thank you,Saggaroth14 Nov 22
Nov 22 New to Fury, what am I doing wrong? First off, I’m a bona-fide altoholic, and I don’t get around to my warriors very often. That being said, when I do play warrior, normally I play prot. However, in doing the class mount quests recently, in the stupid arena, I had to do some as Fury. While the arena in general was frustrating, I found the fury part to be kinda fun. So when it came time to level this warrior, I decided to level as Fury. However, I’m finding Fury to be the squishiest of all classes/specs I’ve played — did I mention I’m a certified altoholic? What am I missing? I’m doing every trick I know, avoiding, pushing every button I have, trying to take singles, but it seems after every fight or every couple fights I’m having to eat up from almost dead. It doesn’t seem smart to design a class that has to pause like this every fight/couple fights, so it has to be user error. So I turn to the warriors who know: what is the trick to leveling a fury warrior to fight with leveling gear and not get roflstomped continuously?Kutiekins4 Nov 22
Nov 22 My results in pvp are better eith fury I don't understand why. If arms is so good how come I just feel immobile and not powerful. I feel like the only thing im good for is executing targets that my team mates couldn't finish. Sure my kill rates are high but I can't do anything to a target if they are at full. Is arms really that much better than fury? If so what am I doing wrong? This is mostly speaking from random BG experience mind you.Excelor12 Nov 22
Nov 22 @ Tuesday So I've gotten to the "dailies" I guess. Not bad I like how they work. However I miss just being able to buy the ability to fly instead of doing a list of things. I'd rather pay 30k to fly...Darthalia9 Nov 22
Nov 21 Class mount questline Hi, Ive reached lvl 110, finished th3 class orderhall campaign and done the broken shore assault and Breaching the tomb achievement and i still havent received the class mount quest. This is a bug right or am I missing another requirement?Khainor1 Nov 21
Nov 21 Keybinding/Keymapping I'd like to know the layout you guys tend to use for Prot Warrior & Arms Warrior? For Legion & most of Wod I've used a razer naga + Tartarus combo instead of using the keyboard. However, I'd like to no longer use either. Especially, not the Tartarus. I've heard of a 1 hit macro?Johnny1 Nov 21
Nov 21 BfA - Prot changes you would like to see. When I played in vanilla warriors were the end all be all of tanking, the iconic tank class. I came back to legion after a break after cataclysm and have noticed a large decrease of warrior tanks; I actually loved tanking in cataclysm and have noticed that warrior popularity in tanking has significantly decreased. Most people will tell you that other classes can do the same if not better than warriors for much less effort. I tried tanking low level mythics on this warrior at the start of the expansion but unfortunately it "felt" unpleasant, that with being one of our best talents required a swing timer to use properly. Back in cataclysm I could rend; thunderclap to apply AoE Pressure; then cleave. Warriors also have no way of bringing in a ranged caster a la gag order. so now I play as a mage main hoping tanking will one day be great again on warriors. What are some changes you would like to see to the Prot Warrior spec?Huggybears2 Nov 21
Nov 20 PSA - Only Chance to get Deathbone Recolor! I just wanted to give everyone a friendly reminder that during this WoW anniversary, Azuregos is walking around and drops the Unmelting Ice Girdle, the only belt in the game that matches the Deathbone Recolor. I highly recommend, even if you don't want it now, to run it on your plate characters and bonus roll. Some day, you may regret missing out on it (again)! Links: http://www.wowhead.com/item=18547/unmelting-ice-girdle http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=1324/deathbone-guardian-recolorDradnor0 Nov 20
Nov 20 What is the point of Bloodthirst? I'm just curious - I'm only 83 right now, so perhaps it's not at its potential power, but the healing it gives it so insignificant that I don't even understand what the point of it is. It does more damage than my default attack, which is nice... But the 4% healing... Why is that even there when it heals for so little that it makes absolutely no difference at all? You've got Demon Hunters who can go down to like 60% Health and pop their Healing Attack and go back to 100% Health... Then you've got our Healing Attack which makes you go from 60% health to 61% health... I'm just wondering what I'm missing here. What is the point of even putting healing on it if it's going to be so insignificant? It's almost a little insulting.Ghalthuk7 Nov 20
Nov 20 Fury vs Rogues I've really been enjoying fury in PvP. But the one class I can't seem to beat is rogues. Sometimes I can get them if their cooldowns are down. But I've been fighting rogues who wait till I pop my cooldowns then they hit evasion then just kill me while I have no way to survive them. Any advice?Boffin5 Nov 20
Nov 20 Season 5 Elite PvP set So now that I’ve seen it and have had a lot of time to think about this... Season 5 PvP set looks horrendous... Blizzard...why?...why so boring. Please bring back that bloodbathed, crazy, and reckless warrior we all love...Eluur4 Nov 20
Nov 20 Gladiator Spec? I just wanted to say I hope everyone is having a great week and that you get all the drops you're looking for. 2 weeks to Antorus! :-DTabernackle2 Nov 20
Nov 20 Haven't played in ages!(Topic #12749628905?) Alright, just started playing again, freshly rerolled on a new realm as my old realm being dead is why I kept losing interest the few times I have come back since Dragon Soul. Where do you go for information anymore? Is Icy-Veins it? Are they good for Warriors? I haven't played more than maybe 3 months since Heroic Dragon Soul so Im getting back into the swing of things. And... Arms or Fury? As someone who's probably going to stick to solo and 5 man(Mythics) content, maybe ever so rarely doing a normal/heroic raid but never touching mythic.Cavernous3 Nov 20
Nov 19 How to find BIS items? Hi everyone, I'm quite in a pickle trying to figure out what my best in slot items are, so I can pursue them. My problem is, is that all the sites that say what my best in slots say that items such are that mainly have versatility or crit as its primary stat though the ones with haste are not. Can someone naby point my to some advice as to find the best gear? Thanks! (Fury warrior fyi)Michaeltvx3 Nov 19
Nov 19 Fury in Legion - how do you heal? How does a fury warrior self heal in Legion? There's no victory rush, and enraged region is on a 2 minute timer. I can't even do the easy quests to get the legendary without dying right now because I didn't bring bandages and potions. Is this vanilla or am I missing something? Bloodthirst only heals for 17k and that doesn't even come close to the damage I am taking. Help!Krasher48 Nov 19
Nov 19 Arms warrior PVP macros? What are must have PvP macros for arms warrior?Grankine14 Nov 19
Nov 19 Best Horde Warrior Race? I'm going to be leveling a warrior with a friend and I was wondering what race I should pick: orc? Tauren? Other? I plan on doing mostly jut dungeons where I'd tank but I also want to get in there and try out Fury definitely. I will be full BoAs . So what do you think? Which is the best overall race (racials, looks, etc)?Fatheroflies14 Nov 19
Nov 19 ARMS WARRIOR BEST LEGENDARY'S FOR PVP ? Yepp im asking that question, seems very awsome and unasked, as far as im concerned. NOTE FOOLS: IF your a very experienced PVP warrior, have a warrior with a rating of atleast 1800+ (preferrably 2000 + in legion/dreanor), your imput would be very well appreciated. Warrior only guys, like i said unless you have a warrior. Anyways shall we begin ? shall we ? alright guys ! So ok listen guys, peep, i have 4 legendary's so far as arms warrior. #1 rethus incessant courage belt (quite the buff i put into it honestly, i love it). #2 prydaz xavaric's magnum opus (my first legendary, i love it to death, saves me from so much, its ridiculous, but doesnt work on arenas or bgs, IDK ! especially my shield that it has). #3timeless stratagem (i love the triple heroic leap espcially to ge tout situations) #4 Weight of the earth (got it this weak so idk, seems amazing tho like, seriously) so again im more PVP based, like hardcore PVP, to hell with PVE and dumb raids. So which is best for pvp, more like which 2 are the best for pvp. I cant seem to know what exactly is great for an OP arms warrior, as they are all insane by 1 trillion %. IM trying to do truck dps, fel -demonic crazyily over the top powered DPS. What do ya think guys ? talk to me, fill this off.Tyeias8 Nov 19
Nov 19 PvP Survivability Does Arms or Fury have the better survivability? and how do you play that spec to help keep yourself alive more?Taleryn6 Nov 19
Nov 19 Lost interest in long time favorite class. I have been playing this warrior as fury and protection since 2015 and had loved it up until Legion. Enhancement shamans have become what fury warriors once were in their resource generation and ability to spam abilities to dump resources at key times... My issue with Fury warriors is mainly their rotation. Since Legion's inception, I have grown tired of the melodic rotation of 2 (raging blow), 3 (Bloodthirst, 4 (furious slash), 2, 3, 4, 1 (Rampage), etc. Coupled with the predictable and unfurious audio sounds of the spells, it puts me to sleep. I have an idea for the fury warrior that sounds interesting to me by changing some of the abilities and rotation. Furious slash - 1/2 of normal global cooldown, no cooldown, generates rage (e.g. 5-10) Raging Blow - No cooldown, costs a little bit of rage (e.g. 10) Bloodthirst - Short cooldown (e.g. 4 seconds), generates rage (e.g. 15, more than furious slash), only Bloodthirst crits activates Enrage Rampage - Only usable while enraged like the name implies, and/or when rage caps, to mitigate the importance of the critical strike stat. Consumes a large amount of rage, example: 50 up to 100 with more rage consumed producing more damage. Or just a flat 85 rage consumption as it currently does. Everything else can stay the same. OPTION 2: Same changes just suggested to abilities with the addition that either Rampage or Bloodthirst critical hits generate a significant amount of rage over time to allow for the upscale spam of, say, raging blow. Thoughts/opinions, or are these forums a massive void?Ragnarlobrok4 Nov 19
Nov 18 Whelp I hate my Warrior So I recently came back to play after a long break since WotLK (pretty long, I'll say). And I found out, after tanking a few pugs, that I hate my Warrior. Prot used to be super fun for me because it was about hitting stuff. Watching for Shield Slam procs, Revenge procs, etc. There's a lot of that now, but I feel like I'm juggling buffs instead, which is a major turn off for me. I leveled up a Monk to see what I missed and found myself loving their tanking style, and found it more reminiscent of my old Warrior. Sure, there's the Stagger mini-game and keeping up Ironskin Brew, but that's just a small upkeep. I don't know, I feel like I'm missing something, cause I really wanna fall in love with my Warrior again. Please help me out!Ghostcrawler9 Nov 18
Nov 18 Charging or Leaping in the water Charging or leaping in the water makes you fall through the ground. Even inside of silvershard mines when I was in the water I charged and still fell through the ground, had to spend the rest of the match down there waiting for it to end not helping my team. Fix this blizzard.Anirox2 Nov 18
Nov 18 Please Return Execute for Protection Are there any plans to give execute back to protection warriors? As one of the few who loves playing PvP as a protection warrior, the removal of execute destroyed our damage and ability to kill. Am I alone in wanting this?? If there are threads about this sorry for the repeat but I just miss it soo much. Thanks for your time and I hope to be executing horde on the battlefield in BFA!!Flokie3 Nov 18
Nov 18 Arms Warrior Question 1. Do you use Colossus Smash on cooldown, or just when the debuff is about to expire? 2. Is Mortal Strike only to be used during Shattered Defense Proc?Avarath12 Nov 18
Nov 18 Why are all warrior artifact weapons swords? I'm just curious if anyone knew. I mean considering how many different types of weapons there are this seems odd. (the shield has a sword for other)Dukaat16 Nov 18
Nov 18 Warrior's survivability I currently have leveled all of the classes to level 100, besides a Dk who is sitting at 90, and I must say out of all of the classes I've played warriors, outside of protection, have the worst survivability when it comes to soloing elites and old raid content. With that being said, depending on the content, Mages and priests aren't far behind.Blåckout17 Nov 18
Nov 18 Fury Warrior Wish List for 8.0 BfA I think Fury is actually in a really great spot and is a ton of fun to play. With the next expansion announced, and knowing that Blizzard is likely to make class changes, I started thinking about what I’d like to see for Fury. I don’t think it needs much at all. Just a few QoL changes and a bit of shuffling/reworking on talents. Curious what my fellow Fury Warriors think about the current state of Fury and what could be done to fine tune a really fun spec to play in the next expansion. Here’s what I came up with: Berserker Stance: Haste increased by 5% and your auto attacks generates 30% additional Rage. Defensive Stance: A defensive combat stance that reduces all damage you take by 20% and all damage you deal by 20%. Charge: 20 sec recharge. 2 charges. Charge to an enemy, dealing 70% AP Physical damage, rooting it for 1 sec and then reducing its movement speed by 50% for 6 sec. Generates 20 Rage Raging Blow: 4.5 sec CD. A mighty blow with both weapons that deals a total of X Physical damage. Generates 5 Rage. Berserker Rage: 45 sec CD. Go berserk, becoming Enraged, removing and granting immunity to Fear, Sap, and Incapacitate effects for 6 sec. Level 15 Talents Shockwave • 40 sec CD • Stun all enemies within 10 yds for 3 sec • Deals 50% AP Physical damage to all targets hit • CD reduced by 20 sec if hits 3 targets Storm Bolt • 30 sec CD • 20yd Range • Stuns target for 4 sec • Deals 100% AP Physical damage Warbringer • Charge now deals 100% of AP damage to all enemies within 5 yrds of the target and stuns them for 2.5 sec. Level 30 Talents Furious Charge • Charge also increases the healing from your next Bloodthrist by 300% Disarm • 45 sec CD • Disarm the enemy's weapons and shield for 4 sec. Disarmed creatures deal significantly reduced damage. Gag Order • Pummel and Heroic Throw silences the target for 3 sec • Cannot be used on players Level 45 Talents Wrecking Ball • Your attacks have a chance to make your next Whirlwind deal 250% increased damage. Deep Wounds • Bloodthirst causes the target to bleed for 400% AP Physical damage over 15 sec. • This effect is cancelled if the target reaches full health. Avatar • 1.5 min CD • Transform into a colossus for 20 sec, causing you to deal 20% increased damage and removing all roots and snares. Level 60 Talents War Machine • Killing a target increases your movement speed by 75% of your Haste, Critical Strike, Master or Versatility, whichever is highest for 15 sec Double Time • 2 min CD • Increase the movement speed of all friendly players within 10 yards by 40% for 4 sec. Bounding Stride • Increases the number of charges for Heroic Leap by 2, and Heroic Leap now also increases your run speed by 40% for 3 sec Level 75 Talents Sudden Death • Your auto attack hits have a 10% chance to make your next Execute cost no rage and be usable on any target, regardless of heath level. Frothing Berserker • Raging Blow no longer has a CD and can only be used while enraged and increases the damage of your next Raging Blow by 4% stacking up to 3 times Carnage • Reduces the cost of Rampage by 15 rage. • Execute critical strikes reduce the Rage cost of your next Rampage by 100% Level 90 Talents Bloodbath • 30 sec CD • For 12 sec, your melee attacks and abilities cause the target to bleed for 40% additional damage over 6 sec. Bladestorm • 1.5 min CD • Strike all targets within 8 yards for X damage over 6 sec • You are immune to movement impairing and loss of control effects, but can use defensive abilities and can avoid attacks Dragon Roar • 25 sec CD • Roar explosively, dealing 150% AP damage to all enemies within 8 yards and increasing all damage you deal by 20% for 6 sec. Dragon Roar ignores all armor and always critically strikes. Level 100 Talents Frenzy • Furious Slash increases your attack power by 2% for 10 sec, stacking up to 5 times Reckless Abandon • Battle Cry last 2 sec longer and generates 100 rage. Anger Management • Every 30 Rage you spend reduces the remaining cool down on Battle Cry by 1 sec. (Of course damage amounts, duration and cool downs could/would be tweaked for balance) /my 2 copperSyward8 Nov 18
Nov 17 Meta with the new tier set bonuses. (arms) The current go-to legendaries are the ring and the helm for arms. but since the new tier bonuses won't affect ravager(bladestorm) anymore... Would it be better to have... I'd say "Archavon's Heavy Hand" instead of "The Great Storm's Eye" ??Dfunction6 Nov 17
Nov 17 Some tips? Lok'tar Ogar! I'm a Warrior Fury, and i don't feel that i'm doing a good job as a DPS on dungeons (Never asked Recount, tho) My hotkey bar is set like this (At least my most used spells): 1. Charge (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=100/charge) 2. Execute (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=5308/execute) 3. Whirlwind (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=1680/whirlwind) 4. Bloodthirst (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=23881/bloodthirst) 5. Rampage (http://www.wowhead.com/spell=184367/rampage) 6. Heroic Throw (http://www.wowhead.com/g00/spell=57755/heroic-throw?i10c.encReferrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS5hci8%3D) My strat is this: 1. I have one of my Fury talents set to an additional charge of Charge 2. Whenever i have someone too far, i Charge (Duh). 3. Spam Whirlwind, as fast as i can, sounds great for AoE. 4. Ocassionally, i attack with Bloodthirst to increase my Rage, but i sometimes forget to do it, which makes me realize why i never gain any Rage 5. When i reach at maximum Rage, no matter what, i ALWAYS do Rampage. And that's what i do in every Dungeon, i believe i can do it correctly, cuz... i don't think this strat is good at all Can you guys give me any advice? I don't want links to webpages or anything, i just want some of your personal experiencesNekronosh4 Nov 17
Nov 17 Is fury for PVE viable right now? I just got back in WoW, I tried playing Fury and i'm honestly having a blast right now. I know arms is the best spec but is Fury viable for the least ?Cobüs8 Nov 17
Nov 17 Prot really needs a rework, a concept Prot warrior the class fantasy is cool but currently from a gameplay perspective its very boring and bland. It does the job but very least enjoyable and fun in terms of gameplay and user engagement. The warrior should get gladiator stance and tank stance back and the good old stance dancing mechanic. Demoralizing shout and Taunt weaved gameplay The Prot warrior should get rid of vengeance and integrate its cleave to Devastate. Demoralizing shout has reduced cooldown, but now with less mitigation and do slight damage received increase to targets affected. The targets under demoralizing shout are cleaved by devastate. This works similar to Paladin cleaving wave attack when under consecration field. Taunt will generate threat and opens a small window for more damage when we are in single targeted gameplay. Prot warrior should also get rend as a dot. Shield bash cooldown and its reset mechanic remains same. Shield Block We all saw the Troll prot warrior who tanked Anduin from the cinematic. In Macaree we have a WQ which tasks us to wrestle a Draenei, In this mini game there is a block ability. Warriors shield block should be some thing like this for the duration it will drain rage but its maintained until a certain threshold damage is taken. Critical blocks will replenish a portion of rage while under shield block. Shield block is now like a choice and gives player opportunity to analyze the rage they receive and pop it when ever they want but with the choice of doing less dps Currently shield block remains a weak cool down and very cheap dont feel significant. Shield block also needs a visual feedback and reworked animation. Hope we get a rework on Prot warrior for the upcoming expansion and this will give us a new , fun and engaging gameplay. ThanksKillerpeon14 Nov 17
Nov 17 Ignore Pain, 0 Mitigation? I've been scouring for answers around different forums and guides and I can't seem to find the answer. While tanking, trying to get this toon to cap relatively quickly, I'll run into fights and hit ignore pain after I've taken enough damage. I'd say 80-90% of the time it works perfectly fine. Other times however, the tooltip will say "blocking 90% of the next up to 0 damage" and I'll notice I didn't get any armor mitigation whatsoever on my healthbar. Has anyone ran into this issue? I've heard that there is a max rage cap of 3 uses for Ignore pain, however, how long is that cooldown? I've gone a good 2 minutes before a fight and it'll suddenly not work for that ability click. Would appreciate any help or clarification. Thanks!Kräken5 Nov 17
Nov 17 Warrior or Monk I am returning to the game after 9 months away and would like to reroll from a DK. I've always liked warriors and I just leveled a monk who I enjoyed. I'm trying to decide between the two. I do pve and pvp so take both into consideration. How enjoyable is Prot for mythic + and is fury viable for pve and pvp? Arms just seemed sluggish to me, but then again I don't have the artifact yet.Ozgiliath12 Nov 17
Nov 16 Arms Talent Builds Is the DPS loss for running Trauma/TM in single target fights that large where Rend/TM is an absolute must? I am looking into raiding as a melee DPS for the first time and I absolutely do not like DoT management in rotation - like, at all. Trying to find a melee dps gameplay that is right for me. Totally different from a caster. Still not used to chasing hitboxes and positioning behind the boss. XDAudríel9 Nov 16
Nov 16 How to check my ranking How can I see what position am I as tank in my realm at Warcraft logs?Feca1 Nov 16
Nov 16 War PvP Burst? so like, what does the most disgusting amount of damage in terms of burst? Fury i assume?Damaldris20 Nov 16
Nov 16 Heroic strike Bring back heroic strike. Also let me get my second leggo plz.Zabuza5 Nov 16
Nov 16 Is fury squishy? Is it just me or is fury super squishy? On arms spec I have no trouble staying alive because of the healing passives from my artifact weapon. But in fury spec I'm finding myself struggling to survive if I can't kill them fast enoughBoffin7 Nov 16
Nov 16 Prot build? Do I need to have a certain amount of haste so I could take Indomitable instead of Devastator or should I also take Devastator for the rage generation?Pappadoc2 Nov 16
Nov 15 leveling spec Is arms/fury the best leveling spec? what talents should i take to power through leveling? i have legendary belt and heirlooms so i want this over quickly. cheers warr famBladek1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Trinket question Hello, i just received Bloostained Handkerchief (935ilvl) from my weekly chest. previously i was using the PVP 920 Badge of Victory (strength + vers on use) in its place. i have consulted iceyveins for info regarding said trinkets, but it lists handkerchief well under the on use. any insight would be most appreciated.Peastain4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Warrior or Deathknight? I'm trying to decide what I want for my main-alt....I realized leveling up this guy, after starting over on a new server, that I just can't go without a tank alt. Farming heroics, helping friends, farming old content for gold/mogs. I know deathknights have great self healing which makes them ideal for solo farming as well as carrying weaker under geared groups through content. Dk starts at 55 so it makes leveling it up faster. I love their whole dark/edgy deathmetal look, and I know their story in legion was great, tho the orderhall was a bit unimaginative. On the other hand, warriors I believe are a little more face paced and fun to play. They also look pretty "metal" and have some of the coolest animations now. There is also something to be said about just how good it feels to shield bash your foe in the face with your shield. I also have to consider other specs. I love fury tho I hate arms, despite the fact it's always OP....on the other hand I don't like unholy and only slightly enjoy frost. I used to love it too but with the changes I wasn't really feeling it.Primálfury7 Nov 15
Nov 15 Out healing healers as Prot I recently acquired the legendary bracers which heal you for 1% for every 10 rage spent. In my opinion this is the best legendary for Prot warriors.Permarage4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Why so few BE/Goblin Warriors? I have been thinking about making a goblin warrior due to their racials. Another gap closer would be welcome. But.. According to wowcensus BE and Goblins are a little rare.Turklton61 Nov 15
Nov 15 Help with choosing legendaries Hi all -- here are my four legendaries: Aggramar's Stride http://www.wowdb.com/items/132443-aggramars-stride?bonusIDs=3570 Thundergod's Vigor http://www.wowdb.com/items/137089-thundergods-vigor?bonusIDs=3570 Soul of the Battlelord http://www.wowdb.com/items/151650-soul-of-the-battlelord?bonusIDs=3570 Sephuz's Secret http://www.wowhead.com/item=132452/sephuzs-secret What 2 are best for Arms PvP? What 2 are best for Prot PvE and Prot WPvP? Thank you, fellow warriors.Firewatch1 Nov 15
Nov 15 A warrior with guns/bow I would like blizzard to add a talent to allow the warrior to shot a gun or bow before they charge to the battle. It could be like 3 shots charge with 30 sec cooldown each. It would fit nicely in arms warrior since they are weapon masters I have seen many npc warriors who do that and they look very nice. Even in warcraft film there were footmen shooting their rifle before they charged to battle. It would fit alot with Kultiras since their soldiers tend to use guns. It could be like the defensive stance which gives u a shield. Blizz could add another stance like for example "skirmish stance" which gives you a gun to shoot a few times in exchange with less melee damage just like defensive stance does. I have always loved the class fantasy of a weapon master who uses all weapons in order to take down his oponent. Without doubt I would make my warrior my main if that "Class fantasy" becomes true.Mandriuz15 Nov 15
Nov 15 Fury And The Fantasy So far this expansion i've been loving the fury fantasy, however I do have some small gripes that I'd like to no longer have as gripes. Single Minded Fury: Please bring this back, don't get me wrong two 2handers feels amazing and all, but at times I'd like to use my 1 handers, attacking at greater speeds with more "fury". I know a lot of people simply would be down for this simply for the fact of transmogs, and thats fine too. I'm getting a bit sick of holding two weapons the size of a bus. HP and Damage: Fury to me has always been a "Verge of death" spec, that when you're low you refuse to go down, however it would be nice to see something akin to death wish brought back, sacrificing my health for damage way back is what made us such badasses back then. Fury should feel more "Furocious" and reckless as we get lower. Rotation: so far it feels fluid, i love always having a button to push, i love the high uptime however I feel like at times I have TOO much uptime, i've tried doing builds where I can take more of a chill pill but damage can never keep up. Raid Utility: I saw in BfA all classes are getting raid buffs, which is cool and all but the warrior class fantasy is someone whose on the fore front, in your face and leading his allies into battle, it would be really cool to see our current val'kyr buff be able to be used raid wide with a CD like bloodlust. As it is when it comes to raiding we warriors still will be picked less than other classes, simply because they bring more to the table (Luckily they give us high dps to make us a considerable option) tl;dr just small things and my two cents but I wanna know if im not the only one feeling this way.Queldano3 Nov 15
Nov 15 Glad warrior stance/spec and boots option Any chance that we will see a return of gladiator stance/spec for warriors in Battle for Azeroth? It seems like a lot of people, myself included, really enjoyed that when it was a thing back in Warlords. Gladiator was literally the most fun I have ever had on my warrior. Also...any chance that we could get an option for boots to toggle on or off on races that have giant toes/hooves so that the boot cover these...lookin' at you troll, tauren, draenei. I hate picking a great xmog only to have it ruined by bright colored toes or giant hooves hanging out that don't match the look and I cannot be alone on this feeling. Several of the races of this game running around in giant and menacing instances filled with dangerous traps and enemies with no option for boots is kinda ridiculous. Thank you for your time!Goregrin21 Nov 15
Nov 15 Warriors getting Nerfed in BfA So I was just eyeballing the changes to the classes and I can't help but notice the cancerous cycle repeats itself - the druid is getting loads of buffs and the warrior is getting loads of nerfs. As a warrior main (Despite my profile avatar) this tree-hugging druid-praising trend fills my rage meter beyond the limits of the bar. >:C Tell me, fellow warriors - what are your thoughts?Valdemar25 Nov 15