Oct 30, 2012 Halloween 2012 Costume Contest Hey guys.. If any of you could please take a moment and just vote on my costume. Greatly appreciate it. http://www.costume-works.com/iron_man3.htmlKýra0 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Where be the stickies? It appears as though we are missing stickies for 5.0 Arms, Prot & PvP... we could probably also use one revolving around the discussion of the latest trends for warrior beards.Krakau1 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Dear Blizzard Warrior Team, Just wanted to take a quick sec to thank you for fixing Fury. I've been playing since Vanilla onset and a warrior has always been my main; and since wotlk Fury has been my preferred dps spec. As I am sure everyone can attest to, at the second half of Cata Fury became an undesired spec for those wishing to be competitive with their dps. Arms has always felt a little foreign to me within the PVE realm and during that period of time, my warrior sat. A lot. Not sure what took so long *cough* but I just wanted thank you very very much for once again making Fury both fun and viable. (edit for bad grammar)Spite14 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Elemental force vs Windsong Warrior PVP I saw they just updated both of these enchants. I was wondering which would be better for a warrior in pvp both as Arms and as Fury? As always thanks guysThørrior8 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 NERF ME YO Yo Blizzard im not digging these nerfs, like seriously, can i get nerfed on my 2hander damage + heroic leap so i can feel like Cata war again? Come on development team, bring it on. We all know you dont even play the game or read these forums.Dimaskdd13 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Really blizzard? Nerf warriors.... Arms warriors are literally 1 gcd'ing my shadow priest in duels. Its !@#$ing pathetic, how could blizzard let warrior get this OP? Ok so they were bad last season. So hey, lets make them better then any class in the game, lets give them 40% damage increase with 50% crit YAY blizzard! Wtf is ghostcrawler doing? Whacking off to phubs and occasionally nerfing classes that are already crap.you've lost my sub blizzard im going back to rift. Good day warriors enjoy playing a no skill class and i hope u get nerfed.Lilgoona8 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Fury use 1h or 2h Well kinda explains it 1h or 2h weapons. Ive been using 2h and dps is meh top 5, was wondering if dps would be better with 1h, and i know i need better gear im main prot.Xail3 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Prot in RBGS - upgrade armor first orget wpns Hey guys, quick question. I am wondering if i should go ahead and grab my mal. sword and shield tomorrow, or if i should keep grabbing all of the 483 stuff before i do that. I know the weps will give me more resil and whatnot, just curious as to whether i should grab the armor for way more str/stam and a little more resil, or weps for a good bit more resil and GODLY prot damage. Sitting at 7,858 (62.49%) resil currently with 17,996 stamina . Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!Fader9 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 What race of warrior should i be? I want to create a warrior, not just any warrior, but a warrior that i dont see much: night elf warrior, undead warrior, troll warrior etc. Can any one persuaade me to choose a certaiin race and spec to roll for one of these races? maybe even a draenei or gnome or goblin. any suggestions would be awesome. thanks.Shamanisticc14 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Heirlooms for a warrior. So i'm thinking about making a protection warrior for pvp( mostly low level pvp ) are they anygood? And can you tell me what heirlooms to get? like pvp or pve?Vyyrin2 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Return to Warrior I have been away for almost 2 years, and I am leveling my warrior to 85 before I get MoP. I tanked back in WotLK, and never leveled my warrior when Cata came out. I see lots of differences, but I am really lost, any info would be greatly appreciated. I plan on doing mostly PVE since I really suck at PVP lol. Thanks for any help.Rockbaine1 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Warriors haven't changed. Sooooooo getting really sick and tired of people saying warriors are OP. About they have this, they got that, they're toooooo OP. Lets review shall we..... 2 charges - You know warriors have always had two charges, but most warriors didn't know how to stance dance I know intecept shared a CD with charge recently. What we lost - Imp hamstring 2 Spell reflec - again we have always had 1 spell reflect and again most warriors didn't know how to macro and stance dance to use it. And to get 2 spell reflecs we need to spec for it. But seriously BIG SHIELD OVER THE WARRIORS HEAD JUST STOP BLOODY CASTING!!! What we lose - Safeguard Shockwave - Again we need to spec for it, its not something we get given to us. I dont use shockwave and maybe increase shockwave to 30sec CD would fix that. What we lost - Bladestorm AKA LOLSTORM. This is a HUGE gain for warriors, I admit that. I personly use Dragons roar as it suits my play style. 3 Silences - Well everyone knows whats going to happen here. What we lose - Well, gag order is getting hit by the nerf stick. Avatar - C'mon guys really? You can be CCed in Avatar stop being bads and use it. Save your CDs for when a warrior goes all big, red and hulk like, ME SMASH! I hear it works well. This was obviously a gain for warriors. Second wind - Seriously, you can get a warrior to 35% but then cant finish them off? What we lost - This was a gain that warriors sorely needed PvP wise. But we did lose 3 heals you know that. I cant remember off the top of my head but Second wind use to heal X amount of health over 6 seconds when stunned ETC Frienzy (spelling) regen use to heal when victim of a crit strike and enrage regen use to heal us for like 10 or 20% of our health with a 1 min CD. A Smart warrior could just about go defensive stance and heal full. We cant get pass 35% this way and being close to death aint fun Banners - Well, thats new! You know warriors did lose A LOT as well. But we gained a fair bit to. Look guys In summary you know the ONE thing and ONE thing only that has made warriors this way....... Taking away the need to stance dance to use certain abilities. Your so use to facerolling warriors who cant stance dance. Warriors were and are in some ways a harder class to play than others. Its just been honestly dumb down. I dont think I'm an expert at PvP I play this game for fun, but this should hopefully open some peoples eyes about warriors. We didn't really gain anything we already had it you just need to know how to use it and what stance. Pummel - Fury Spell reflec - Defensive Charge - Arms Intercept - Fury Shockwave - Prot spec Recklessness - Fury (pretty sure that changed ages ago not sure tbh) Shield wall - Defensive We have always had these abilities just you need to use them correctly. on a closing note........ I MISS REND!!!!!!!!Richairbear0 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Arms / overpower macro help I have a problem as an arms warrior in pvp sometimes, Sometimes I value Overpower greater than I do mortal strike so i'm trying to create a macro that will use mortalstrike and over power in it, but when i tried with the taste for blood buff on for over power /cast Mortal strike /cast Overpower and /use Mortal strike /use Overpower It would use both just fine the first time, but if the rend proc taste for blood procced while mortal strike was on cool down it would not use overpower until mortalstrike was off cooldown, Can anyone help me with my predicament please?Fwishy21 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 PVP VIDEO MoP 90 Arms Warr/Fire Mage 2v2 ((NOTE: This video, is not here to show Skill or any in that genre, Its mainly me and my Twin brother working together, doing what we love best ^_^!)) Could i please get you guy's to check it out and if possible please, Check out my Fresh Channel Like and Subscribe to see more Video's!, Give me some productive feedback on it also :). Hope you's enjoy it!!! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FriRuX3WbLE&feature=plcpVandettah0 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Warriors in PvP are underpowered! How can you do this to me blizzard!? You make monks the best in pvp and give us absolutely nothing! I thought with this expansion we would at least get a 10 second stun/silence. We warriors don't have enough CC! I want my money back!Lollipopboy16 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Need help... Ok Sadly being a vanilla warrior I feel bad having to ask this. But my dps just isn't up to par. I honestly could care less about the warrior changes. But that said I can only sustain around 55k dps in under any circumstance. I was actually removed from a raid due to my sup par dps. Which has Never happened before. So its either things change extremely fast or once my time runs out i will not be continuing with wow.Disâster0 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Why am i so bad at arms pvp? I leveled this character at first as a pve character and never thought of pvping with him. Then my friend leveled his healer and i got whirled into pvp. I was having a really hard time trying to stay alive and i expected it to be my lack of pvp gear. But i got a couple pieces and now i feel liek im doing even worse. I even went 0k/18d in a warsong gulch. I had really high damage but no killing blows and i died really easily. I jsut cant heal. I feel like second wind isnt helping much at all and i never get to use victory rush with my lack of kills. If i get slowed/rooted with avatar/bladestorm on CD (and thats very often with their semi-long CDs), i feel useless. Even when i charge and hamstring i seem to still go slower than my target. TLDR: Can u help me figure out how im doing so badly, yet i see so many complaints aobut warrior-OPness and how i see warriors on scroeboards with tons of kills and little to no deaths?Tarkinad14 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 30, 2012 Nerf Talk, Kinda BS? Kinda Legit? So, I've really looked into this nerf a bit, they are taking away our silences and taking away our...3 min cooldown in order to get rid of snares? Mainly for mages and warlocks sake's. Here's the thing..... Even with the current Avatar and silences a good mage can -still- kite me all day long. Sure! When I use avatar I get the slightest chance of being able to kill him, But with the mass amounts of stuns and CC's that majority of classes have now n' days? If I'm not taken away from doing damage the whole duration I'm honestly a little shocked. When I do get out of the stun? Chargeeee over........Oh he just blinked. Heroic leap?!....I just got sheeped. Riiiiiiiight. The cooldown is -very- OP and makes us absolutely unstoppable!!! I've been doing 2's with a Mistweaver Monk and every single time I face someone who has the slightest clue in how to CC me, it's good game. It's nearly impossible to kill a healer who isn't undergeared or crappy at their job without all the CD's and sticking on them, and even then? If they know how to use their D CD's properly....GG. The only bit of the nerf I can honestly understand is the pummel silence getting taken away, They made it essentially worthless to attempt to interupt an actual spell which honestly takes away from good players who spent time actually paying attention to that, but at the sametime...Doesn't majority of every other melee class get that aswell? I'm pretty sure warriors aren't the only ones who's interrupt silences. Wheres the mass nerf on everyone else's blanket silence? Just seems to me like people are used to warrior's being the whipping boys in PvP and now that they got a few new toys that people need to learn and adapt to, Instead of learning and adapting to it they just sorta...Y'know. Freaked out until blizzard changed them and are making them in a very bad state. Maybe I'm wrong! Hope I am, But I'm already struggling against people who know how to kite and play D properly, Unless those are getting nerfed I just don't understand how this can be considered legit.Morfang43 Oct 30, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 I need some Race help... Hello... I am deciding to re roll my warrior and start all over... *yay* But I cannot decide what race to make him. He will be Fury/Arms, will mainly be for pvp, but only once i get him pretty high lv. I cannot decide between: Worgen Pandaren Human I have reasons pro and con for each race. Worgen: I have 3 worgen already, (i don't want to be raceist here) and it urks me to hell that the majority of my toons are worgen. I have a worg hunter, a worg druid, and my warr is currently worgen. I love them and all that, nice big fury creatures. And i love the extra crit, very useful in pve. But they look ugly on most mounts, and are not very good for pvp. If I didnt make my warr a worgen, I would feel better and prob make my lock a worgen (only reason my lock isnt a worgen, is that I would have 4 of them) Pandaren: The new cuddly teddy bears are fun, I just lv'd one to 90, and enjoyed his bounciness and food buffs, I understand that food is much more important now than ever, so being a panda has his benefits that might make him even better than a worgen in pve. The pvp stun is nice, but thats about all he would get for being a panda in bgs/arenas. Human: I know... cliche' to hell, and the most boring class there is, they walk like there is a stick up there you-know-where and most animations are lame. But the pvp trink would help a ton and the extra rep bonus is nice too. Another reason against being a human is that i am on Darkspear... I most certainly do not want to be classified as a Swifty/Bajh fanboy and that also would pain me.... But they do look best on most mounts, and that trink... *drools* So... idk what to do... Are there any plus or minus sides to each race that I am not thinking of? As an experienced warrior who may have had this problem deciding for themselves, do you have a personal opinion? I frankly need someone to tell me what to do, lol... I am very indecisive, and on my own, I would probably never have a warrior... lol Thanks, please help me!Kungfucius16 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Are prot warriors completely useless in rbgs? Ok, first off, I transfered my warrior to a different realm and now for some stupid reason I can't change to that character so I'm stuck on my warlock. But I just tried out my geared warrior in prot spec, full resil gems and reforged everything. But what I noticed is that since they took away the ability to gain rage from blocking, it hinders us from being able to use our defensive CD's when in desperate times. It just seems like others specs have better Def CDs and a lot more Defensive spells. I mean, what do we have? Shield block and shield barrier and Wall? Shield block is almost impossible to do unless you have great heals because both attacks that give you rage have 6 and 9 sec CDs and if you're getting attacked by 4 or so people, you're going to need something right away. And Shield Barrier only blocks you for 14k dmg which now-a-days is one attack, and the amount of burst that people give out, it's almost useless. I dunno, is it me or does anyone else agree? Just so you know, I was doing a lot of rbgs last xpac and I was a FC. Since this xpac started I was doing Arms and really haven't been prot for very long but this is just what seems to happen in most bgs right now. Lack of rage and abilities when needed.Shadowbounds2 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 War banner - Warriors Hello there, So i level my warrior to 87 excited to see the new warr banner spell. Looks So i place my skull banner and... Expectations: a huge !@# banner with skulls and blood all over it etc. what happened: a gay $%^ tiny yellow flag with a picture of a skull in the midd that lasts for 6 secs. Is it good? Now all these other classes get these new badass abilities at 87, and wars get a banner that disappears after 6 secs n not only looks like -*!@, but has a #$%^ effect too. Im talking about pvp here. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3949775290?page=1 ^ as this person said, im really disappointed, and they should change the spell looks/effect or replace it with a totally new spellRogrash16 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 shockwave Is there any way that the "lag" of shockwave can be reduced? It always feels like the damn thing doesn't actually use until a second after I hit my hotkey, and often times, causes me to completely whiff. Maybe if it actually had you face the direction of the target, like some old channeling abilities would, such as drain life. It's mildly frustrating, I notice it happens more often after I've been drinking.Lssjbrolly3 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 How to get into tanking I have a 90 warrior who is raid ready but as DPS. I have been asked to switch to tank for raids. I dont mind the change. But I do not have a single tank item. With this being early in the expansion, the availability of BoE plate trank gear is lacking. Also, there is no craftable tanking gear. I do not know how well it would go if I ran heroics or even normal dungeons as a tank in DPS gear. I know that there are 2 schools of warrior tanking the hit/exp and the dodge/parry/mastery school.Skyaan2 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Main dps talents as arms So i been lvling as prot in instances, i got that down with what to use etc. But i tried arms yesterday and was lost. Seemed i did no damage at all. I know its low lvl and will change when im higher but what talents are the ones used the most while lvling and at max lvl?Wversus2 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Avatar gutted in Pve for Pvps sake. as the title say this will render avatar useless in Pve. bloodbath and avatar were all ready close in damage with bloodbath coming out on top. "something i hate". this is going to remove any doubts and push avatar off every warriors bar in favor of bloodbath. i miss my big CD in raid, if this is going to go live give fury back Deathwish. i understand the pvp nerfs to avatar and that can be Justified but leave the rage gen alone and keep the extra 4 secs on there and avatar might be ok.Mmrsmite20 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Titan's grip and polearms I have done some forum searching and tried reading up on why Fury can not use polearms to DW (As I have read that this is the reason that strength polearms are not being implemented again) And according to what I read its because of the lack of a good (and feasible) animation for it. I think I found a simple solution. I tried finding a suggestion forum to post in but was unsuccesful so I will gladly re-post where this would be appropriate. ANYWAYS enough, more to the point I think simply using dagger animations would work for polearms, to an extent. We stab with daggers, and stabbing with a polearm in one hand would not cause clipping and seems feasible in reality. For a special animation the rogues mutilate animation comes to mind. They could still use our warrior specific animations which might clip slightly but I don't feel it is enough to scrap this idea. I don't feel I've overlooked anything and this seems like an obvious solution, but feel free to critique/point out anything I've missed.Xalbian13 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Arms potential to top BG charts Is it there? I know I have just started obtaining a pvp set, but I constantly sit in the "mediocre" section on the damage charts (between 6-12th) with 3-5 kills and 5 deaths or so. The people above me are always spriests, mages, locks, hunters and DKs. My question is, is that just the nature of things? Or does it completely come down to gear? Cheers. Edit: I would also like to point out that I know damage isn't what really matters in a BG. Just a concern to me if I'm not doing enough damage as I could/should.Fragstar3 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 A few PvP Qs. Just about finished leveling this toon up to mess around in 2s with a friend of mine, haven't played warrior much in PvP at all and I had a few quick questions. Sword and board- 1. Use it just to pop Shield Wall and Spell Reflect then immediately switch, or do these buffs drop when you drop the shield and go back to the ol' 2h? 2. When the kill target of melee, should I be rocking swoard and board for the extra mitigation, especially I'll be in stuns, etc. since I won't be putting out any damage anyways. Defensive stance- Only rock it while being attacked? Or rock it all day long to guard against switches and my slow reaction time? To me rage gen seems to be close to the same, and as long as I can stay in combat ill be receiving it where as I have to be wailing on somebody to get the extra rage gen. in Battle right? Berserker stance- Do I ever really need to use this? I've heard in general that stance dancing is nearly dead, but wanted to get the opinions of real warriors. Opening gap closer- Likely this depends on the situation, but in general to open on someone, mount rush out and charge to the target, saving heroic leap to either GTFO, to create distance for another charge to interrupt, or to close the gap after a blink, shadowstep, or other gap creation? Or open with Leap to the target and save the more reliable charge to close any second gaps? PS. You guys have the BEST PvP hero to look up to for your class IMO, Bajheera is an absolute boss, and so much fun to watch.Chugemperor6 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Glyphs for arms pvp spec I got a SoR about 2 weeks ago, prior the last time I had logged in was circa '06. Which glyphs are better for arms pvp, and why? Also, axe/sword/mace 2h does one stand above others in pvp dmg? Any knowledge laid down will be greatly appreciated. See ya on the battle field.Zafirax0 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 [Fury] White damage percentage Simple question: how much of my overall damage on a single-target fight should be white attacks? Currently I'm getting anywhere from 15-18% of my total damage from white attacks - is that too high? IF it is meant to be lower, what tips do you guys have to bring it down? I currently use BT and CS on cooldown, use Berserker's Rage if not Enraged from either attack, and fill empty CD's with Wild Strike, and don't find myself with enough rage to use HS regularly. IF it is meant to be around that number, should Hit Rating be seen as equal to Mastery for stat weights? I think currently it's below it once you're capped, right? If white damage is meant to make up a good chunk of our damage, wouldn't having higher hit be a positive? Also, this is a bit of a newb question (haven't been Fury since BC haha) but is our Mastery multiplicative or additive - e.g. if you have 15% mastery does that mean your enraged damage is 25%?Patri15 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 [ARMS] Final Thoughts of new Spec I posted this over in the DD forums, but I think it would get more appreciation here. (Not sure if blue's even look at class forums any more) basically my thoughts on Arms and how sad it's become. So, during the MoP beta, I didn't get enough chance to actually sit down and play due to my life being too busy. I got to level 87 and kinda hoped things would improve as time went on. Sadly that's not the case and I feel that there's a lot of things wrong with this spec and how it can be played out for both PVE and PVP. So a little about me real quick, I've been playing arms in PVE since TBC. I had no interest in raiding in Vanilla, and was more interested in PVP for the short time I was 60 before TBC rolled out. Only a few times (ICC, in particluar) have I spent time as Fury. The other times I've been Arms and generally have loved every iteration of the spec through out the years. However in MoP this spec is currently a shadow of what it used to be, in terms of flow and damage. The major probelms with Arms in both PVP and PVE I feel are that Taste for Blood isn't fun, We have no real choices in Talents or Glyphs, and our AOE is rather poor when there's more than 2 targets invovled. Taste for Blood isn't fun, or good for PVE and PVP Honestly I was really suprised that Taste for Blood made it to live in this form. In it's current form Mortal Strike allows the use of Overpower, which is fine. However the biggest issue comes when Overpower allows the chance to proc Overpower (30%). Now in terms of PVP and PVE damage the Overpower damage itself, is generally poor. Overpower is our lowest hitting skill, even with it's improved critical strike chance, it generally doesn't deal a lot of damage. The bulk of the damage that comes from successive overpowers is related into Heroic Strike. A 5 stacked heroic Strike can easily hit up towards 100k in a raid without criting. Now this isn't a good thing for several reasons. The first being that the chance of how far Taste for Blood will take your damage is up in the air. You don't know how many times you'll be pushing overpower. Either you'll end up doing a little more damage with Heroic Strike (Or none at all which happens often), or you'll end up with some super amount of damage. This isn't fun because I have 0% control over it. Even with the improvement of gear I will never be able to go, "Alright I'll be able to push Overpower X more times, before I switch to slam". It's not fun, it's unpredictable, and it's unfair for the Warrior and other classes in PVP for the warrior to go, "Ops! Hit you for 100k +". Taste for Blood in it's current state is not fun for anyone. It's infuriating for me in raids when I go 3-4 Mortal Strikes without getting any procs of Taste for blood, and its infuriating for anyone in PVP when I suddenly take huge chunk out of their life with no cooldowns. Another issue is that I constantly feel bad when I do get strings of Overpower to go off because it takes SO LONG to get back to my other primary abilities (Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash, Bloodbath + Dragon's Roar). Fury's Bloodsurge allows them to reduce the GCD to 1 Second for the 3 successive casts of Wild Strike, Perhaps something similar could be added for Taste for Blood due to the fact spending time doing a weak damaging skill to hopefully hit hard isn't too fun in my book. So Suggestions on Improving Taste for Blood: 1.) Reduce the number of times Tatse for Blood can stack. Increase the chance for Overpower to allow Overpower to proc off itself in order to regulate the damage. 2.) Reduce the GCD to 1.0 when there are successive Overpowers cast. For example a Warrior could go Mortal Strike (1.5) > Overpower (1.5) > Additional Overpower (1) > Additional Overpower (1) > Slam (1.5). There are no Choice in Talents I was really excited for this new talent system. Not going to lie, I convinced several friends to come back and play because of the new talent system alone. However I now find myself stuck in always choosing the same talents. DPS warriors' in general are always picking up Bloodbath, Dragon's Roar, Safe Guard, and Double Time. The second and third Talent Trees are largely irrelevant. As for PVP it's the same scenario for the most part Double Time, Second Wind, Piercing Howl, Shockwave, Mass Spell Reflect, Avatar (Soon to be Bloodbath next patch). I was honestly hoping I'd be able to be different from the other Warriors I generally raid and participate with (I was so excited to for Avatar, only to find that Bloodbath was superior for PVE in every way) but alas it's not the case. I'm not going to offer suggestions because there would be too much and too many things to comment about. Arms' AOE is atrocious compared to Fury's This was something that really caught me off guard. Anyone that played with Blood and Thunder last expansion pack will tell you how much fun it was for both Protection and Arms. However this expansion pack it seems to hit like a little girl, while fury gets to constantly use Whirlwind (No Rage issues during AOE), and than turns in with Meat Cleaver for some serious AOE damage.Curoar14 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 @the people crying about warriors... Panzuur42 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Help With Warrior Rotation Just wondering what type of rotations you guys use at low level when tanking in dungeons. Any help will be great.Jawplug0 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Disparity: SMF vs. TG So I'm getting the point where one-handed str weapons are hard to come by. In the past I've had two-handed weapons in my inventory at least 20 ilvls above my 1-handers. Crow Wing Reaper vs. Shadowrend Longblade But when I equipped them I noticed I was getting nowhere near the same damage as SMF despite HUGE increases in attack power. And I'm not talking a minor drop in damage with two-handers. I mean it was downright laughable how much harder I hit with Shadowrend Longblade. My question: Is this reflective of how things are at 90? Is the difference between SMF and TG really so huge? Cuz that'd be a huge bummer; I like the look of TG by far but I don't wanna gimp myself simply for aesthetics.Soreln2 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Warrior PvP: Arms or SMF? I currently play SMF and have gotten to 1700 in 2's (Not great i know) but I really enjoy SMF. I have not seen another Fury Warrior in Arena though, and I have had people tell me to go Arms. Is it really a must do? Is Arms really that much better? Thanks.Volkrad5 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 gag nerf & spell reflect I think gag order maybe needed a nerf, but instead of making it unusable against other players I honestly think it should just be changed to interrupt of cast with no silence instead. secondly mass spell reflection doesn't require a shield, whilst it is still very annoying to have to macro and switch of weapons, then cast reflect, then switch weapons back on normal spell reflections. I think I could completely overlook the gag nerf if normal spell reflection didn't require all the mambo jumbo. thoughs?Aloïs3 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Avatar bugged? So I've been pvping a few days now and I've noticed Avatar is not working as the tooltip indicates. I pop it and I am still completely stunlocked, rooted, snared, feared, and hexed. All this happening during its duration. How is this possible?Lucienn8 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Warrior for a weekend. We dont need you, pvp or pve it dont matter. What this class needs is alittle dedication. I've been reading around and there is alot of players saying they are going back to their dress wearing sissy class. How do you expect to get any better if you just give up. If you want to go please all just go at once so you dont wear out the hinges on the warrior door. They squeak enough as is and WD40 can only do so much. Warrior Pride and bear strong son, I'll keep rocking this class even if my crits are crappier then my white hits.Bannanaclip5 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 I'm the new warrior in town. I may be a stranger but not for long.Stranger15 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Dusting off the beard I haven’t played a warrior in quite some time, if it sets you mind at ease I didn’t re-roll mage when it became clear that cataclysm would be a barren wasteland. That said the last time I seriously leveled a warrior was back in wrath. In short I’m wondering what has changed as far as tanking is concerned. Is the new rage system problematic or take some getting used to for tanking. Last if you have any tips to rage management I’d appreciate it.Torlai3 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 FURY PVP Hello! Ive been pvping alot as arms, only to remember everyone talking about how there going to pvp as fury. I have seen zero fury pvp'rs. Anyone have any ideas? LeiffLieff6 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 someone help me with warrior rotation? im switching to arms from fury because im done with it. What's a good arms rotation? Btw how do I use heroic leap? i use it but i gotta go to some distance. how do people use heroic leap in pve?Tonytime3 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Just getting started again... leveling spec? Just getting back into wow, done some quests as arms so far and it's okay. Any good arguments for prot or fury over arms? I've got to redo all my keybinds for prot or I'd try it right away (since everything changed with the talents).<br/><br/>I'm dual spec of course, I'm thinking I'll keep prot for dungeons and such.Atroxis1 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Arms Rage Generation low? Am I doing something wrong? During 99% of Cataclysm, I leveled solely as Prot. I used to level as Arms way back in Wrath, and I remember gaining -- and spending -- lots of Rage. But, here comes MoP and they massively nerf our solo damage output. Without pulling lots of mobs (which isn't always feasible/advisable while questing), our low damage output makes questing a chore, rather than fun like it was back in Cataclysm. So I decided to switch to Arms and try that out. Except.... What's with the astoundingly slow Rage generation? My Prot Warrior gets more rage than I know what to do with (I wind up spamming Heroic Strike and/or Cleave constantly) but yet with Arms, I can't even throw out Slams on a reliable basis. And then there's the GCD gaps where I'm standing there staring at my action bar, thinking... 1). Mortal Strike is on cooldown. 2). Colossus Smash is on cooldown. 3). Not enough rage for Slam. 4). I'm not using Heroic Strike or Cleave if I can't Slam. 5). Thunderclap takes Rage too, so that's out. 6). Battle Shout is on cooldown. So, errrr.... Am I forgetting something? The only time I can really do much is if I'm able to Charge into a fight first. Yes, I could leap away then charge but there's cooldowns associated with that too. I tried opening my spellbook but I haven't really found anything that really deals with the rage starvation issues. Yes, there's bloodrage (I assume it is still there?), but again, cooldown. Also, after killing several mobs in Kun-Lai (yes I know I'm still wearing some 384s), I find that single mobs take me down to 50-60%. I can Victory Rush/Impending Victory the next mob, but then I finish with 40-50%. So... what am I doing wrong? Or should I just forget about Arms and go to Fury?Dharyna24 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Should I Replace Coren's Trinket with.. I'm currently wearing Coren's Cold Chromium Coaster, should i replace it with this Carbonic Carbuncle?Sevn5 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Back to the mage... well seeing that Blizzard in its usual fashion nerfs to much, im going to stick with the mage. its funny to me though because there are other classes that can put a beat down on you pretty fats with cd's to... and they cant be kited. mages, ret pallies, hunters, hell even geared ferals in the right hands is devastating. i agree Avatar was a little to powerful when stacked with other CD's so a simple fix is to not allow them to stack avatar with recklessness...problem solved, if there was one. people who are good at pvp have adjusted well and they dont just stand in front of the warrior and try to tank the dmg. they cc when they see all cd's has been popped, cuz unlike a hunter a warrior can still be stunned. its whatever, was fun seeing the warrior class actually viable for a short time, i guess its back to PMR rules over all again.Metuo12 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Avatar and Prot (PvE) If the current changes go through, and Avatar looses the extra rage gen. Will it still be best pick for Prot?Joesepi4 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 how do you beat a monk i honestly dont know im very open to suggestionsMinos5 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 @Sunday ... Really wish my group wasn't spending like an hour a week on one dungeon. Ugh. We should be more than close to getting our sets, but stupid bad timing is keeping us so damned slow.Clutche50 Oct 29, 2012
Oct 29, 2012 Can I get some input.... Okay boys, I know you're probably better at figuring out what enchants and gems a person should be using. But, I gave it the ol' sorority try; girl power! Anyways, I would gladly appreciate any help you can lend. This is my gear with chants and gems along with my spec that I am currently using in the PvP world. Thanks in advance for your input.Sovnya6 Oct 29, 2012