Aug 30, 2012 Anybody else actually like the Patch? I'm actually having fun with my new Rotation for Fury and the Direction Prot looks like its heading in could really be fun!Teedo9 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Fury is bugged. imbalance between arms/fury I have been playing for all of 45 mins and i noticed that Fury did something that arms cannot. When i hit my shield swap macro and use Spell reflection, then go back to my duel wield, the Spell reflection buff STAYS UP. I'm guessing this is because of the fact that "something" is still technically in the shields "slot". this also works with Shield wall. ARMS CANNOT DO THIS. as soon as you swap back to your 2hander the buffs go away (as they should). idk if this is intended (god i hope not) but it seems REALLY op for fury. you can hit shield wall , have the dmg reduction and STILL continue to do full damage with your weapons.Dafuq18 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Is it just me or.. Does arms just feel shonky to play? I am doing my best to ignore the numbers (scaling for 90) but just the playstyle itself feels... Ew. I have the "hang" of it now in PvP and PvE, but I am not impressed. I dig the new tools we have, but just the play and feel is bad to me. Been through all the incarnations and prepatches, but the feel and playstyle has always remained, well, warrior. This just feels awkward to me. Also, seriously missing improved hamstring :( What do you all think?Datan5 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Fury PVE - Lots of sitting around? Is it just me or are you guys finding times where your just sitting there for 2 maybe 3 seconds just doing nothing because everything is on cool down and your not enraged? Kind of lame, but maybe its just my gear.Shepkin7 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Warrior Transmogs There's been Plenty Of These on here But I wanted To Make My Own Rate My Transmog and Show Yours aswell love seeing warrior transmog'sYouënd500 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Help making warrior macro? Hey guys, simple (I hope) request here! I would like to /roar ever time I use Heroic Leap. However, I do not want to /roar when I initially hit the button. I would only like to /roar when I click on the ground and actually leap. Is this possible? I know, silly thing, but I would like to do it. Thanks!Melikar1 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 (BUG) Disrupting Shout and Shockwave I tested this with a Tauren Paladin he used his Hammer of Justice at maximum range which is 10 yards. I tested both Shockwave and Disrupting Shout at the 10 yard range and Shockwave & Disrupting shout were not effective until I got to the 8 yard mark roughly. Please look into this, it could be just a Tauren glitch.Minotaur0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Arms PvP Damage So I was dueling one of my friends just now, and I was starting to notice that he is hitting WAY !@#$ING HARDER than I am. So I looked at the average damage I was hitting for on my MS and such, and I'm hitting between 3-9k damage. Is this normal?? Because that seems way too low.Monikth1 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 PLEASE IGNORE Hey there. I've been leveling up this warrior lately, and ever since 5.0.4 I just can't seem to hold aggro like I used to. Before the patch, everything was fine, and now I can't tank more than 2 mobs at a time! Is there a spell I should be using that I'm not? Please help. EDIT: Apparently I wasn't in Defensive stance. Silly me.Valstan5 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Arms Warrior rotation(Battlemasters/rawr) Ok so what's the basic rotation. I seem to be doing a 28k at most and I'm not sure if that's right and considering Hunters do 38k I feel....ouch. I hear doing Colossus Smash first then Mortal Strike and the overpower proc nonsense. I specced into Impending Victory for an extra attack for rage and such, I feel like without Impending Victory it...is clunky as much as I hate using that term. Dragon Roar is awesome but I personally think it should be baseline or level 90 ability or 85+ I don't know. Rage generation is... definitely lower but I'm not starved to a point. Still not sure if I'm doing anything wrong. I'd like so constructive feedback here to better myself. Thank you.Lorthuron9 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Loving my multiple warriors, but... I miss Throwdown and Improved Hamstring very much. I feel like with the loss of those two we could have at least gotten some sort of hand of freedom/master's call type ability. I feel like I'm constantly slowed or CC'd to the point where I can't keep pace with most classes. I know people will say Dragon's roar replaces throwdown, but then you can't have bladestorm. There's also the talent to root all snared targets, but that has a 40 second cooldown. Then there's stormbolt which we don't have access to for another three weeks. Avatar will function like hand of freedom, but that too has a long cooldown.Eizza5 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Bouncy charge We run all bouncy when we charge. Each patch is worse and worse for visuals/sound. I feel like I'm playing the silent warrior who never spoke a word with most of the bleed/crit sounds gone.Brodo3 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 No point anymore Well blizzard, we had a good 8 year run, was fun except for the last 2 years, now you've finally finished me off, i will enjoy playing guild wars, maybe they wont have a mentally challenged developer who came from Ever Quest after drove it into the ground, to ruin yet another game, Was hoping after 4.0 and ret paladins you would come to your senses about completely RNG based class dps, but im guessing Ghostcrawler lost a duel against a warrior on his mage so they nerfed them to the ground. Arms dps is entirely based around 1 attack, 5 stack tfb, which im guessing you added to the game as a hilarious joke and a reason you could justify our once good and now terrible static damage, and even more embarrassing is your change to deadly calm to reduce rage cost by 10 rage instead of no attacks requiring rage. That might have been alright since deadly calm was pretty much just so we could free cast heroic strike a few times, but when heroic strike does 2k in pvp and 8k in pve, it is horrible and pointless. Fury dps is a funny joke as well. The change from enrage letting us use raging blow to just 1 raging blow randomly every now and then would be alright, if i didnt go 30 seconds between berserker rage without 1 proc of it, this would also be ok if wild strike actually did as much damage as it claims, but it dosnt, and you are dumb. Overall dps change to exacute supposedly pulling us up high at the end of the fight is almost as dumb as my name, and you should all be arrested for stealing an extra chromosome. Now you can say "oh dont worry it will be ok at 90". Which normally id agree with, o yea its fine its just low level bugs blah blah blah, but when you release such an embarrassingly terrible patch a month before release, what am i suppose to do for a month? Pretend i can kill a healer in pvp? Pretend i do as much damage as a DK, rogue, shadow priest, hunter, LOLMAGE, warlock, druid. You've actually made casters even more broken then they already were, so kudos on that feat. And some dumb community manager is gonna tell me "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM WORKS" but after listing these problems multiple times on beta forums, i can see you obv dont give a damn. Oh and nice job on dragons roar. "heres a good ability... LOL PSYCH GET RAPED" and the only reason i can see why you changed that is cause ghostcrawler lost a duel on beta, and obv needed to be nerfed, now instead of sitting on WoW getting hit for 60k from frost mages and hitting them for 12k, im gonna go slap children down at the local park strip and scream ROGUE LOLOLOL and steal there moms purses. GGGalactosamon13 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Impending Victory at level 85 I am now level 85 and have to wait the full 30 second cooldown to reuse impending victory as there is no longer xp gain at 85. Is this intended? It worked as described in the tooltip at level 84 resetting the cooldown after each kill.Scriptor3 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 One million damage execute. I was doing the last fight on LFR when I saw this number pop up. Checked recount after the fight and I apparently execute crit for 1,237,362. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bastionflare/7891042062/in/photostream/Hohgrah4 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Spirit on warrior arena gloves So, I was reforging all my gear recently and I have season 9 epics on my warrior here since I haven't been playing much since early cata, and I happened to notice that on my Vicious Gladiator's Plate Gauntlets there is Spirit on them. What the hell? I wasn't sure where to put this thread exactly but I have to assume that is not suppose to be that way.Titam2 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Heirloom question with Single Minded Fury So unless my eyes decieve me, there is no strength option for a one handed off hand weapon in heirlooms. I'm about to start leveling my other Warrior and I'm curious if maybe I missed something? You can get Single Minded Fury and Titan's Grip at level 38 now, but its odd theres no strength heirloom that can be equipped in an off hand.Frak0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 @ Wednesday Stupid high damage increases + 35% nerf = lawlz.Lukar141 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 new warrior Hey guys, im creating this thread to see what you guys think of the new warrior class and ask a couple questions. i know we are more mobile now with charges and leaps and what not but i think my damage is a little off for right now. most people seem to be taking shock wave over dragons roar for the time being which i can understand, i have not done that cuz it seems dragon roar is one of the only semi hard hitting spells i have other then slam now. Also with being more mobile i face a challenge without bladestorm to avoid a crap ton of snares. i know these new talents mean nothing in pvp until MoP i just feel pallys and dk's still out damage us and still have more survivability. im not judging this class until lvl 90 cap, it just makes me wonder if im doing it wrong for the time being since i cant really beat alot of classes and heals never seem to go down anymore.Sourpatches0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 MoP Warrior: Burst, TFB, and stuff Hello every. I like many people have been playing on the beta and enjoying their warrior. What has me worried is the retarted amount of QQ from people asking for warriors to be nerfed without really giving any idea on how to "fix them". So please I'd like to keep this thread more about how to balance warriors and not QQ for nerfs. Things I find to be very nice this time around on my warrior that I dont' want to be nerfed, is my sustained dmg while I'm on target is nice, mobility is nice, and I have cc or counters (or prevenative measures) to being cc'ed which is always a bonus. I do find find our burst to be on the op end if the everything works prefect which rarely happens. So now I'll list a few glaring things I find that need a change. 1) CD stacking with reck, skull banner, and avatar (if you choose it). Here are three strong cooldown that when stacked togeather and used say with dragon roar are very very nasty. One solution that has been said before is stop them from stacking, or but a debuff that stops one from using avatar and reck or skull/DR at the same time. The hopes is the burst phase may last longer but a good player maybe able to cc the warrior and bypass most of it. 2) Taste For Blood >< I like the idea blizz I really do, but I'm not a fan of rng expecially this rng. I rarely reach five stack, heck a decent portion of the time I don't make two or three stack. So personally I'd like to have mortal strike have a chance to add a stack, have it only stack to three and possibly make the duration last a little bit longer. To me having a max of three stack gets rid of the OMFG warrior just killed half my health crap thats been flying around. Three stacks give nice fat hit, and with rng smoothed to be more reliable I don't see a need to wait for the 5 stack of hell. 3) Dragons Roar....honestly I dont' see what the big deal is I've only seen it crit with all my cd's for 175k on a druid in only 3/4 pvp set. No one seems to complain when I run with shock wave and stun them twice in the same cd as DR. So I really can't think of a way to fix this. Some have suggested not having it completely bypass armor but CS kind a messes that up....possibly not make it always crit. Maybe add a extra 50% similar to something like overpower. To me warriors are in a great spot, tweaks are needed. In BC we were monster, Wrath we were good, Cata (not for s9) pretty crappy. The HUGE difference now is we have better moblity and control (which we have been asking for, for several expansions) that people aren't used to so they ask for nerfs. Yes we can still be cc'ed, but we can now counter it so it requires a higher player level to perform a good cc. Can't tell you how many times I've popped mass spell reflect that reflects a locks fear that they were casting at a shaman and not me so I get put in a deep freeze. Fellow warriors let me know your thoughts, I belive most of us want a strong class and not an OP one. If people are QQ about being destoryed let us know what happened with as much detail as possible. We might beable to clear somethings up and how to possible counter. For exampe I leveld a rogue becuse they kicked my !@# all the time, after i leveled I have a better understanding and less likely to qq about them. And always Blizz if you have any imput it is always appereciated.Tukoni6 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 5.0.4 Warrior dps I was curious what spec might be doing the most dps in DSStraza4 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Battle vs. Berserker stance So yesterday and today I found myself to be rage starved while using zerker stance as fury. Two test runs and two 5 minute sessions on test dummies left me scratching my head and wondering how the hell I went from an instrument of destruction to hitting like a wet noodle overnight. Low and behold as I was reading the tooltip reguarding Battle stance I decided to take a test run and do some runs as fury in battle. Damn, let me tell you it's a world of difference using battle stance than berserker stance for me in the last few runs. I am no longer starved as I was, and no longer struggling to gain rage. Anyone else been testing battle stance and comparing it against berserkerSsmoose7 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Warrior uptime, minimal utility As for warrior up time it seems that double time is the best option to go with along with glyph of heroic leap reducing the cooldown to 30 seconds. Shockwave with a 20 second cd helps with up time, but no improved hamstring and not having bladestorm completely !@#$s us over. Getting kited by mages and hunters now seems worse then before. Mass spell reflect with a 1 minute cd and spell reflect with a 20 second cd (glyphed) along with heroic throw 3 second silence (glyphed) does delay some burst on us, but it doesn't seem to be enough utility. The main change I do not like about this patch is not having improved hamstring, I don't know it might just be me and its not needed? But without it and without bladestorm I seem to not have much mobility. Maybe its just against mages and hunters and now locks. Just looking for some feedback, positive or negative. I'll read it all. Oh, and second wind. Please nobody troll about it, because its one thing warriors deserve to have now not having improved hamstring/bladestorm and having minimal utility we need this ability to make a "last stand" and wait for our charge/shockwave to possibly make a clutch move to win a duel/skirmish.Mìsty14 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Fury in Mists - Worgen crit worth racechange? I've been debating going worgen for the 1% crit passive. I know that the crit was already really good for dps warriors, but i never felt like it was worth race changing for. I finally finished doing Insane in the membrane, so i don't really need the increased rep any more, which was one of the larger deterrents for changing. I know the rep is always good at the start of new expansions because of all of the new factions, but with how insanely important crit is going to be starting tomorrow/in mists, should i shell out the cash or not? I'd appreciate any input you guys may have.Oldschool12 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Staggering Shout completely useless Completely useless.... i mean really... really... when rogues use cloak of shadows this move wont work... really??? when mage have is icebarrier on... the ice barrier absorb this move... really... that not make sense to me cause it supose to be warriors when class use defensive cool downs warriors can track and stick close to the target maybe we cannot do so much damage but we can stay near to our opponents better example when death knights use icebound fortitude we cannot stunt them but we can double hamstring and spam some hamstring to keep them near to us.... but whats the point now with warrios?? we are magic now?Amazona3 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 How to change my style? Since I do virtually all solo PvE I spec as a protection warrior in PvP gear and have been using a basic rend-shield slam-shout approach. Now rend is gone and is automatically applied as 'Deep Wounds' Does this mean I should basically substitute 'Devastate in my plans? I'm confused by all this and other changes. Seems that the level 75 talents for instance are almost useless to me as a solo player.Geodir0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Shield Block vs Shield Barrier I'm going to preface this by saying I'm not a number cruncher, and I'm not an epic raider as my armory will show. Running HoT after HoT I can't really think of a situation where Shield Block would be preferred over Shield Barrier. Is there something that I'm missing or not understanding?Valvier16 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 predictions.. last stand gets nerfed before the 25th. anyone else have predictions?Yogg6 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 No point anymore - with less rage The fundamental flaws with warrior current design for dps pve and pvp. Arms- Deadly Calm being changed to reduce heroic strike by 10 rage is a useless cooldown in every way imaginable except if you get 5 stacks of tfb and only have 20 rage. The general design of warriors being heavy ended DPS has reduced our damage in PvE and PvP to a point we most likely wont compete with any other classes unless RNG gods have blessed us with there hands upon on bousoms. The problem with that philosophy is if a fight ends part way through execute phase (i.e. Madness) we wont be able to bring our damage up enough to not look like down syndrome kids slapping brick walls with raw fish. Also in PvP the damage we do especially versus a healer, isnt enough to even come close to execute phase so its pointless. The loss of throwdown, improved hamstring, and bladestorm in pvp is the worst thing ive ever seen. Sure we can get bladestorm now, but at the cost of having no stun, and we still wont have imp hamstring. This leads to some terrible 1v1 or even BG play against casters/ranged classes, reducing our up time to charge stun and shockwave stun. Fury- My biggest problem with fury is the fact that enrage no longer gives us raging blow for its duration. Getting 1 proc for 1 enrage proc, is a highly flawed system that usually leads to sitting for 30 seconds between berserker rage while just spamming wild strike. This of course also causes problems in pvp were you will most likely never crit, and are forced to use zerker rage for a raging blow proc, leading to some serious problems against any fearing class. As well as the parry increase for all classes, unless you have more expertise then a clock maker in a concentration camp, you are not gonna land more then probably 2/5 hits. General Problems - As i said before the reduction of our overall dps for the buff of execute is flawed in a sense that unless were in PvE were not doing enough damage to bring a player down to 20% HP to even get to execute. And a major flaw with the new rage/stance system, is we still get no rage from attacking a target absorbs, making anyone playing with a paladin or priest, impossible to kill. One of the main problems ive had with all plate wearing classes tho since vanilla, but has become more evident since wrath, is armor does not seem to do a damn thing. The logic behind it is as a plate wearer your armor should reduce alot of the damage you take, so you dont need as many defensive cooldowns, however we tend to not do as much damage as a rogue or a mage, while they still hit us for more then we hit them (USUALLY). As well as the fact that armor does not decrease damage from ranged attacks. This all adds up to a very not very mobile melee class, that has significantly less defensive cooldowns simply because of an armor type that dosnt really do anything... Please post any thoughts or criticism below, will read it all.Galactosamon7 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Dragon Roar is broken It doesn't knock anyone down, they just keep right on walking by. Whats the point of this? Is it supposed to be a stun, an interrupt, or just an animation for some 13 year olds to giggle at?Bigjuicy27 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 Dragon Roar Not stunning Ya its not stunning for me is this a bug or what is going on hereXwarrior9 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 30, 2012 heya ? about hit in cata as fury if you went past 8% hit your dps went up slighty is that going to be same in mop or should still stay 7.5? plz adviceBatedcobra0 Aug 30, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Taste for Blood Concerns Dunno if it has been commented on before, or even brought up, but the passive ability for arms, Taste for Blood, is to hard to stack. The talent description suggests that it should be stacked to 5, at least on a semi-consistent basis. After about 5 minutes on a dummy, hitting nothing more than MS and Overpower, I was not able to get TFB to rise above 2 stacks. There were also long spans of time (30+ seconds) where I could not get a proc at all. Is this normal? Are other people seeing the same results? I'm the first to admit that a 500% buff to heroic strike and/or cleave should not be the norm, but whats the point of saying that it can stack up to 5 times if its near impossible to stack that high? edit: spent another minute or two tinkering with an addon and got it to proc up to 4, but I think the question still remains.Bulliwyf7 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 SMF vs Titans Grip Anyone run the numbers, or even tried both out for comparison? Please tell me both are viable now :)Kreul1 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 STARVVED Does anyone else feel a bit rage starved? Like when I'm tanking im never able to use shield block because of the high rage cost and the need to spam TC,cleave and Revenge to hold agro. I feel pretty starved in arms as well I barely use anything besides MS, OP and HS. Keep in mind im lvl 65Baunchez7 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Prot PVE Rotation/Macro help. With the new talent and ability changes, I'm sure we're all trying to get the kinks out. That's why I hope we can all get together and talk about how we're putting together and using our Protection abilities. For one thing I can never seem to get enough rage to ever use shield block. I even un-macro'd heroic strike from Devastate to save on rage. What are you guy's doing for your macro's and rotation?Gastrick0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 New warrior is amazing, but do u feel guitly? Hello guys ...im a warrior try-hard since ive began playing that game...ive always been a warrior and will always be. I realy loved the warrior of cataclysm..we had some great tools but o fcourse we were a bit underpowered compared to other melee like rogue,dk,ret and realy underpowered compared to caster like mage. U know what guys..., i REALY liked being underpowered ...everytime i was pwning a guy i know in my hearth that i deserved that Victory and everytime i was failing, i was questionning myself about how i could do better and what to do next time...now mage rogue and dk are so ez to handle if ur good and that means a cannot call myself a try-hard anymore because i dont know why but i feel a bit guilty about how well we are now and how well we will be doing in mop. And of course i realy fear the reroller...everytime i saw another warrior this xpac, i knew that that guy was also a try-hard and that he loved the class ...now i fear that alot of warrior ill see are just gonna be reroller frustrated legendary crying baby rogues. I guess our time has finaly come guys... Were now fotm.Percidios11 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Colossus Smash Question I cannot post on the Beta Forums. In patch 5.0.4, Collosus Smash applies the Physical Vulnerability debuff (4% added Physical Damage taken for 30 secs). However, it does not appear that the Physical Vulnerability debuff is applied when the T13 4 piece bonus procs. Is this working as intended or is this a bug?Steelfrenzy6 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 How to increase my DPS Im currently doing around 33k on dummies self buffed, not activating any major CDs or racials. I have heard of other warriors doing about 45k-50k DPS, and i wanted to know what im doing wrong...I currently do thiss : If im low on rage : MS - OP - OP - OP If i have any free time i will use CS , and when i reach 5 stacks of TFB i will heroic strike, preferably with CS up. If my rage gets near 60, i will change my rotation to : MS - CS - Slam - Slam And only use OP as a filler, in a intelligente way, without allowing myself to go rage starved.....So i will basically favor Slam over Heroic Strike if i'm with a moderate ammount of rage What am I doing wrong ?Cádogan3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Reforging, what are you reforging now? As you know we now have tons of mastery, more than enough hit and more than enough expertise. So my question is what are you doing with ur stats. I tried to reduce my hit to the necessary for pvp (5%) and also drop expertise because I have more than I need but I couldnt drop it, the same with mastery, I wish I had more crit than mastery. I want to hear your opinions.Landsverk2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 TG than switching to SMF? I saw a blue post on mmo, that said they fixed this. But when i go from 100-20% as TG than switch to SMF weapons I really don't get any change. Or is it internal cd that I wonbe able to see? Or did they not fix this yet?Methodss3 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 internal error when to try to install I was so looking forward to this patch, and i got an internal error when i try and loaded wow, i called blizz and they told me to uninstall and re install, so i did, i tried to dl the game again off the website and im getting the same error, this is so unfairGhellscream0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Anyone else a fan of Juggernaut? I'm not sure why but i feel it is superior than Double time.Metrosity2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 PVE Arms questions 1. Any reason not to macro Deadly Calm to HS and cleave? 2. Do we still use OP in execute phase? In Cata, that was a DPS loss, or so I understood. 3. Do we use Dragon Roar in our single target rotation? It doesn't generate rage, but it doesn't cost rage, and seems to do about the same amount of single-target damage as my other abilities. 4. What glyphs is everybody using? Glyph of Colossus Smash is still an obvious choice, but the other ones seem up for grabs. I guess that's a good design, though-- more choices. 5. We can use whirlwind now, but how many targets do we need before it's worth it over just sweeping strikes and thunderclap?Vindus4 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Arms or Fury in MoP pve? With all the new changes to both specs.. what do you think will be the dominate spec for dps in pve, for right now, and when MoP comes out? Also im a little upset our new moves in MoP are just banners.. But none the else let me know what you guys think!Differents0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Macro Bug? I'm having trouble creating a macro using Devastate. The game doesn't appear to be registering macros with Devastate in them, while other abilities in various macros are working as intended. Is this because a stance/form now needs to be associated with the spell in order for it to be cast? I see Devastate has a Protection label attached to it now in the spell book. Macroing the ability by itself doesn't work. Macroing it with other abilities does not work. But, saving the macro does update the macro icon with the Devastate icon as though it knows which ability it is. So confused. Even plaid old, /castsequence reset=combat Devastate , isn't working for me.Alexandrä0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 how am i ever suppose to kill a holy paladin after avatar is reachable alot of movement problems will be fixed but I do not see how I will ever be able to kill a holy pally. they are to strong in every way, its not even remotely balanced, frankly i don't think other classes are gonna do it either, its disgusting... yea...disgusting is the only word i can think that truly explains this situationBluddflag13 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 Last Arena - double war zup guys! I want to share with ya my last arena videos! I hope that ya enjoy it! Ps: we are not professional and we just did it for fun =D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bFIlpIHf5s See ya on mop!Colleron0 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 shockwave or dragon roar? ive seen a lot of warrior in BG or i dueled using shackwave instead of dragon roar... what do you prefer?Gannicuz2 Aug 29, 2012
Aug 29, 2012 What should a noob to WoW Warrior know? Hello to all, For starters, I hope this is posted in the right forum. Just got an account last weekend, upgraded a few days ago & am enjoying it, so far. Starting to get a better "feel" for the game. Am a bit overwhelmed with the knowledge base here though, lot of stuff I search seems geared toward the experienced player, so I would like to know what tips/suggestions/stuff to read, experienced warriors have for a noob. I would especially like to know how to more efficiently use my tool bars, as it seems like the tool bar icons like to move around when I'm in battle! I assume macros & keybinding? PS: I've read some threads regarding the state of the Warrior class on WoW and hope I didn't choose poorly.Ranexerox27 Aug 29, 2012