Jul 20 Possible Execute Bug (Arms) Last night during raid I noticed that after executing, the debuff from the arms golden trait would occasionally disappear prior to my using MS, losing the benefit of the debuff. It happened a number of times on Avatar, including after raid in a quick heroic dungeon. Anyone else see this happening?Withmalice6 Jul 20
Jul 20 Umbral Moonglaives Should I delay BC/Avatar at the start by 1 second after using glaives so the last proc of moonglaives is buffed, or does glaives screenshot your buffs once you cast it and wont be affected by buffs you use after?Durpina16 Jul 20
Jul 20 Which trinket/ring setup? So randomly when looking at my inventory I found the legendary execute ring. No idea when I got it but it has to of been today. For the next few days while I research I am stuck with 1 legendary. For trinkets I have: Ettin Fingernail (ilevel 865) 1489str 345 crit/haste/mastery Stalwart Crest (880) 1713 Strength 1096 Mastery Burning Wish (970) 3960 Strength 511 Crit/Haste/Master Rings Ferocious Glad Band (885) 1071 Haste 1607 Vers Band of the Wyrm Matron (900) 1844 Crit 1090 Vers Ayala's (970) 2563 Crit 1922 Mastery Note, I can only equip 1 legendary trinket atm.Snaeb5 Jul 20
Jul 20 Please help with DPS Relatively new to warrior and just came back to WoW a few weeks ago. Currently ilv 889 and raidbots tells me I should be doing somewhere around 680k dps but I'm struggling to stay above 400k. This is my first time using logs so I hope I did it right. Any help/criticism is greatly appreciated. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/RY619qWtXTxDyZmf/#type=summarySaroniel2 Jul 20
Jul 20 How to set up Rend with Tellmewhen If I could get some help tracking rend with (Tellmewhen-Addon) I will be greatly appreciated.Beyeholy3 Jul 20
Jul 20 Arms or Fury for longer, solo fights? Im still working on getting my Warrior to 110, bouncing back and forth between Arms and Fury, trying to get a feel for each and figure out which one seems to perform better. Not just damage, but the ability to survive. From what ive experienced so far, is that Arms seems to lack survivability (healing yourself) in fights vs even a single elite target/boss if the fight lasts too long. Fury, while it takes 20% more damage, seems to have a lot of ways to get health back through the duration of the fight. is that pretty much how it goes at max level, at higher iLevel scores as well? Arms struggling in fights that last more than a short duration, due to the lack of healing? Im particularly curious about performance vs an elite mob (or 2) since many world quests require you to go head to head with elites.Zewks4 Jul 20
Jul 20 Fury Legs I just received the the legendary legs today and am wondering how much rage can be gained from our BC windows. BC->Rampage (Gain 8 rage from helm for enraging plus another 30 rage from 5 rampage crits) RB->BT (another 8 rage from enraging from crit) At this point thats 46 rage from 3 GCDS. I don't know how to feel right now.Hoppe4 Jul 20
Jul 20 Fury Execute Rotation Do we still cast Furious Slash or just Spam BT and RB for Rage regen?Azoj2 Jul 20
Jul 20 Why are so many Arms parses using CoF? I'm seeing A TON of top parses running CoF. I have an 890 CoF sitting in my bags, and I can't really see it outperforming what I'm currently using. Obviously sims are a raider's best friend, but I'd like to hear from others who may be running CoF and where it performs best.Withmalice5 Jul 20
Jul 19 T20 4 peice heal not working? Doing math, 5770k hp, bt w/ 1 stack heals for 230k, which is still 4%. Did bliz ninja nerf our 4 set's healing? Also, At the launch of the patch, BT w/ 10 stacks, bcry, and avatar crit for 6.7 mil, now it crits for 3.7 mil. My str has hardly changed. This leads me to beleive that it's only enhancing by the 20%, rather than the 50% with inner rage. Please, if anyone else wants to check on this. Please let me know....Malloreon0 Jul 19
Jul 19 Broken warrior artifact weapon Apparently one of the developers loaded the wrong artifact skin template when they put the mage tower challenge skins into the game. I thought I would inform my fellow warriors about it, since it may affect every good warrior come the end of the expansion, when "everyone" gets them. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753716081 You can see tell its broken when you first acquire the weapon in the cinematic after completing the mage tower challenge. You can also tell its broken by referencing the Blizzcon 2016 artifact 7.2-7.3 reveal footage. These are the only times it show the artifact weapons "correctly". ...Bug|LegionBreaker: Prot Challenge Skin The challenge quest is Good? **extremely freaking hard but that is not what this is about** This post is about the "REWARD" the skin appearance itself **Literally the appearance of the artifact is broken.** So, if you have not noticed yet... The artifact weapon skin is bugged. Looking closely at the LEGIONBREAKER prot warrior skin. Particularly the #1(yellow) and #4(red) recolor skins. These do not match. Throughout the entire beta + launch of 7.2 live these skins did not match. **They were able to make them match at Blizz Con during the 7.2 patch reveal panel.** The reason for this not being caught is at first glance the weapons are similar in color. But upon closer inspection they are literally paired the shields with the wrong weapon. You can tell this by looking closely at the Bone, Steel, and Straps of each weapon/shield. You can view this in game by: 1. Activating your Protection spec. 2. Going to the artifact forge in the order hall. 3. Selecting the First(yellow) or Final(red) LegionBreaker skin. Here's a link to my official post on the blizzard forums explaining the bug. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753716081 If you would like help out in getting this issue fixed. Reply to these threads and possibly up vote them for relativity on the subject matter. Otherwise you will be running around with 1 PINK'ish WEAPON and 1 YELLOW'ish WEAPON after you unlock the artifact challenge skin. (this is still a bug) (edit) JUST FOUND THE LINK! That PROVES! the skins are bugged! Actual Blizz Con 2016 footage that links the weapons (CORRECTLY!) ...This link goes directly to the warrior challenge skin at 52:52 in the warcraft panel at blizzcon 2016. EDIT: ...Vvar8 Jul 19
Jul 19 Ravager vs. Op Strikes Hello, I just got Arms Legendary Helm today and was wondering is better dps, Opportunity Strikes or Ravager? 2nd Legendary is Ayala's Stone Ring. Which would be better for Single Target and/or AoE FightsDombur12 Jul 19
Jul 19 Die hard RET pallly considering Warrior, help I have played RET pally a lot (I like the survivability) and in leveling dungeons I have some utility (put blessing of protection on the tank when he is about to die). But one drawback is that pallys are so slow moving. I have played with a warrior before briefly, and plan to level another one. I like the charge and heroic leap. My only caveat is what I should do in dungeons. If there is something bad (some type of AOE thing you are supposed to avoid), I suppose the only course is to stand back and wait. Is that right? (Pally has some defensives). Before you tell me to go back to playing pally, let me say that I am a bit bored with it and warrior might be more fun if I can deal with the reduced defenses. I am not particular fond of Fury warrior because I don't like wielding two swords on the back. SO, I am probably looking at ARMS. Any advice for running in leveling dungeons appreciated. Yes, I will have heirlooms. I might reconsider Fury for the better healing but I would have to put with the two swords. I know that some people regard having 2 swords as ultra cool, but I like the elegance of a single sword, I guess.Emilydor8 Jul 19
Jul 19 Fury drops from Odyn? The things for Fury's hidden artifact appearance. Do you need to be exalted to get them off Odyn? I know getting them from the world bosses requires exalted with Valarjar but I haven't been able to find an answer on whether that is also true of Odyn or not.Arberus1 Jul 19
Jul 19 Mastery vs Strength I read a while back that mastery scaling was decreased by a bit. Is mastery stacking still king? Whats does the difference between the stats have to be for a DPS increase with this patch? I.e 50 mastery = 100 str still?Destrey4 Jul 19
Jul 18 When to switch to arms? When should i switch to arms? Look at my gear please, i'm 910 ilvl with 2 set ToS gear. my fury weapon is only 901ilvl and my arms wep is 910ilvl but my arms sims 120k less dps then my fury, i switched to arms ingame to see if this was true and it seemed as if i was doing 200-400k less dps single target.Imwithdumby15 Jul 18
Jul 18 Nithogg?! So, according to my phone app mission map, it doesn't show the new world boss, however Stormheim is currently under invasion. THIS MEANS WE HAVE A 1 IN 2 CHANCE OF IT BEING NITHOGG. I'm holding my breath until the invasion ends.Faerri76 Jul 18
Jul 18 Nithogg . . . SPAWN ALREADY! I have been waiting for MONTHS for Nithogg to spawn, Blizz . . . I realize that RNG is in charge of Nithogg spawning, but I have seen that stupid "Jim" world boss spawn four times since I've been waiting . . . what the heck!? I just want my hidden skin! I just want axes! I'm a Dwarf! I am practically NAKED without proper axes! *Rant over* P.S. Sorry if this isn't the "proper place" to post this.Lokhem13 Jul 18
Jul 18 Proper arms rotation I understand top arms warriors roll Dauntless / double time / rend / bounding strike / titanic might / in for the kill / opportunity strike and gear focusing mastery then some versatility. I got a 930 relic for arms (shadow) today, so I'm considering running arms this week. My understanding as far - Keep "rend" up - Execute(x2 if possible) + colossus smash result in the highest mortal strike. - "Slam" to exhaust the excess rage. - in execute phase, rotate "execute, execute, colossus smash, mortal strike" and repeat. I hardly use bladestorm in single target since I don't have the bladestorm leggo. Any tips and critics?Tasdinggo22 Jul 18
Jul 18 Main stats question Which stats should I focus more? in PVE or PVP Mastery>haste>crit?Lumphy2 Jul 18
Jul 18 So is the Fury t20 4set Healing Ever going to be fixed before the tier ends, possibly? A month in, and not a single mention of t20's healing on Bloodthirst not working.Xinlul3 Jul 18
Jul 18 Queries on Protwarrior hands leggo How was the prot warrior hands leggo kakushan one of the top 3 leggo? I always use the bracers and belt, but I just can't get the rationale why the hands is in the top 3(according to icy). But my play style still follows, I'm just looking for some explanation how so? Anyone can share their experience on this? Thanks.Grumash5 Jul 18
Jul 18 Dauntless Tokens Are they used to upgrade your worst items, or are they generally used to just target Legendaries - as in Legendaries in a specific slot.Shadowball6 Jul 18
Jul 18 Great Storm's Eye and Tier 20 4-piece So I got the Great Storm's Eye legendary on my Warrior today, however I do not have the 4-piece on him. Would I still want to use Bladestorm on single-target to make use of the helm's special ability, or is it still a dps loss on single target until you get the 4-piece?Moonchìlde13 Jul 18
Jul 18 Ferocious Gladiator's Insignia of Victory? This is on WQ right now for a couple more hours. I can't find anything about its proc rate. Is this worth the effort for PvE?Tabernackle1 Jul 18
Jul 17 Quick question Can you guys give me any tips for talents and how to do high damage in a Rated Battlegrounds?Kuanaalgo4 Jul 17
Jul 17 IP scaling Thoughts on if it additionally scaled on Artifact ranks?Makeme6 Jul 17
Jul 17 Rage generation quite slow. Where there any changes in the way Warrior generates rage. I have noticed recently that I find myself without any rage to spend in some cases even fighting multiple targets. Where there any nerfs?Kurgosh3 Jul 17
Jul 17 New alt Good morning warriors! I used to main back in Wrath and am thinking about picking it back up. I see warriors are supposed to be up there for DPS and tanking is okay-ish. Is there a dedicated website for this class or specific specs? Or is icy veins and discord the way to go for accurate information. TIA!Rockea4 Jul 17
Jul 17 My thoughts on arms... So, I've been fury so far in legion. I didn't like the way arms played with the FR build, so I just didn't mess with it. I did raid as fury and arms in WoD (as any good raider would have in HFC. played glad a bit too.), and with the changes to arms play style and obvious buffs, I decided to give it a whirl, and what ive noticed is.... What a faceroll spec... Arms is the BM hunter of melee imo. Not saying fury is super hard, but at least you have to think about what button to hit next. Arms is just spam spam spam. MS up? HIT IT! MS down and CS up? HIT IT!!!!! Both down? 1 target? HIT SLAM!!! 2 or more?? HIT WW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Execute range?? HIT EXECUUUUUUUTTTTTEEEEEE!!!!!! (and CS) dont worry about rend, take trauma. No such thing as a CS window ITS ALWAYS UP! You dont even have to keep SS up anymore. ITS PASSIVE! SPAM MOAR!!!! What a joke to be a top tier dps spec. I dont have convergence (46 traits), have a 915 wep with an 865 relic and already simming over 1M DPS. I mean, maybe im missing something, but where is the depth? other than holding BS or BC for a specific add or burst window, where is the decision making? You dont even have to worry about talents. trauma is good, so is rend, ravager is good, so is OS. looking at logs, you can pick just about any trinket and talent combination and it is doing well. The only thing that appears to be mandatory, is the ring. Helm would be nice too. Just my .02c. Flame on facerollers!! here let me save you some time: This is an alt. Here are my logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/1054218/13#metric=dps This is my main: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/stormrage/hendoe here are those logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stormrage/hendoe Have a great day!!Hendo37 Jul 17
Jul 17 PVP Arms or Fury for Bursting Which spec bursts harder in PVP?Revo10 Jul 17
Jul 17 Arms or Fury? So I'm considering walking the way of the Warrior once again and levelling mine from 100-110. Do you guys think it would it be worth it? I'm usually Prot but want to DPS for a change but am torn between Arms and Fury. Which of the two specs is the most fun to play in PvE and PvP at the moment?Malaeus5 Jul 17
Jul 17 Did fury get nerfed? Im suddenly hitting like a wet noodle in random bgs.Mahekun5 Jul 17
Jul 17 Best 3's comps for Arms Warr (7.2.5)? Just coming back to wow. Wondering what the best arms warrior comps are for pushing 2k+, is Turbo any good still? Thanks!Staygolden2 Jul 17
Jul 17 Tactician procs, do you... This is assuming you have Ayala's and in a non-execute phase.. 1). Tactician procs, you hit CS, and right after so does Ayala's. Do you use your shattered defenses buff on execute, then MS with an EP? Or do you MS first then use execute proc? I imagine the former is more efficient, because while you don't stack SD/EP onto your MS, at least both your MS and execute get a buff (MS from EP, execute from SD). 2). Tactician procs (or CS comes off CD), and Ayala's procs at the same time, but you haven't hit anything yet. I'm assuming you treat this like a mini execute phase and use execute first, then CS, then MS to stack SD/EP on your MS? Sorry if these are stupid questions.Ripmacestuns4 Jul 17
Jul 17 HAVIN HELL GENERATIN RAGE since last patch cant keep or get enough rage to fight very efficiently ? any ideas on generatin rage better besides auto attacks and waitin?Tgkwarlord3 Jul 17
Jul 17 Question with upgrading legendaries So I just started playing again after taking some months off, right around when ToV opened up. I only had Prydaz and the WW belt as legendaries. In a day or so I'll have the 50 mats to upgrade a legendary. Are either of them worthwhile, or should I hold on to the materials for a better legendary? Are you able to keep upgrading legendaries now, so my question is irrelevant? (I remember at one point in early notes they said you could only upgrade one, but the option to do more would be added later, so I don't know where it's at right now.) Thanks!Tabernackle5 Jul 17
Jul 17 Fury tips Hey guys I'm new to warrior, just got to 110 a few days ago and I have been playing arms and fury on the switch, since I have no clue what spec to play and they are both fun. One thing I noticed is that I do much more damage as arms, but I feel that is mainly because of my lack of haste. For fury, do I use Rampage as soon as it is up? or do I wait until I am not enraged before using it? Same with Battlecry, is there an optimal time to use it? Thanks guys! Cheers!Cann3 Jul 17
Jul 17 CoF as prot For an off spec trinket is this suitable for tanking mythic + 10 - 12 or so? Should I look into DM trinket, as gold isn't an issue. I do want to eventually get into some higher level key runs, and prot is my best chance to do so.Tanelkoth7 Jul 17
Jul 17 Fury hidden still require rep? I been working on the rep each day with wqs, new warrior getting close to revered with Valarjar. Just curious if exalted still required for items to drop. Also on other two I run by the forge guy with arm weapon out and the cave with shield waiting for those rngs, unless i skipped a step.Whitelion1 Jul 17
Jul 16 Arm dps rotation Sorry i'm sure this has been addressed but just returning. With rend when is the most ideal time to refresh it? Does it have a period during the last few seconds before the fall off tick where you can refresh without losing dps? I assume i us CS > MS > Rend > Slam still? Thanks!Babyrabbits2 Jul 16
Jul 16 hard for me to keep and get aggro latley ive been doing heroic dungeon and have been doing bigger pulls but cant get or keep aggro and have to use taunt on enemies why is thisTironien2 Jul 16
Jul 16 Fury t20 2 set I started tracking my 2set procs and I noticed that it would proc without procing enrage. I could never get it to happen on a training dummy but it usually happens about 5 times in during a boss fight. Has anyone else noticed this or is it supposed to happen.Cleaveópatra0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Fury PVP Stamina? Hello all, Quick pvp question, I am a 915 fury and I do weekly 2v2 with my son who Is a holy Pally. I know that the stats for pvp raise 1% per 10 item levels but at my current item level, I am lower in HP than my son who has a 900 Pally. Has anyone else seen that Stamina is not raising like other stats or is there a Stamina cap for Fury? Did they nerf fury stamina in pvp?Thormarsh3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Your Favorite Spells to Refect Hey Warriors! I wanted to get your feedback on what your favorite spells to use Spell Reflect on! Please share!Bambäm36 Jul 16
Jul 16 I felt like a dungeon boss tonight Sweet nostalgia grabbed me tonight, and I thought I'd pay a visit to that classic ganking ground, Redridge Mountains. Over a decade has passed since I was ganked there myself as naïve young night elf, by a giant, war-stomping tauren named Gwarlord. The battles there were ferocious back in the day, and I yearned for a bit of the ol' world PvP action. So into homely old Redridge Mountains I rode, just fixin' for a scrap. There were a couple of low level characters, so I assassinated them at a distance with heroic thrown as I entered the town proper. They never saw me comin. Next I saw a strange sight, a bald little alliance player named like a baby. Killed him off too. Finally some lvl 110 alliance characters showed up and gave me a bit of heat, so I retreated up the hill a bit. Up there 2 110's engaged me, a 110 warrior and a 110 priest. I literally stood there for literally 5-10 minutes soloing both of them casually, as the priest healed the warrior and they both tried to take me down. I was having fun feeling like a miniboss so I didn't really try to kill them, plus I was playing with terrible ping which made actually trying to land my offensive cool-downs nearly impossible. A few more lvl 110's show up, and things get a little hotter but since the 110 guards died so easily, and generated so often, my Impending victory was always up, giving me constant heals. 4 players literally could not kill me, and I soloed them for several minutes. Finally a fifth or sixth show up and take me down after several more minutes, with lag seeing me die before I can get off my heals or kill the DPS hurting me. The whole encounter took about 20 minutes from engaging to the first 110 to me dying. Most of them were obviously of a terrible gear level, but a few were not bad. Even when I died, I could res, charge in, Impending Victory, generate a lot of rage to spend, pop a trinket and be back at full health, leading to another 2 minute boss fight against a literal dungeon group. Anyway, as I stood there, engaged in furious and fun world-PvP, war-stomping the red clay... I realised I was now the Tauren ganking Redridge, and the circle was complete. Thank you to all the alliance who helped me find the joy of world PvP again. It was a blast! (TL:DR decently geared warrior rags on RPers for several minutes and gets exicted) (Can I post screenshots that have players names in them?)Ungulate5 Jul 16
Jul 16 Is something wrong with my CoF usage? I'm having a lot of trouble to sync Odyn's Fury with Battle Cry while using my Convergence of Fates. My opener is: 1. Charge 1.2. Avatar while charging 2. Battle Cry 3. Umbral Moonglaives (I use them early so a bigger part of their duration can benefit from BC) 4. Rampage 5. Odyn's Fury 6. Continue with non BC rotation Hearing from other warriors, I've been told that next my CoF should allow me to BC twice before OF comes off cooldown. But in my case my first BC becomes available when OF has around 10 seconds remaining. There's no way I can fit another BC in those 10 seconds. I feel like I'm leaving OF unused for way too long (around 20 seconds) in order to delay it until my next BC. Am I doing something wrong? I could really appreciate some advice on how to combine those two abilities better. For reference, my legendaries are the fury helm, the triple jump shoulders, I have around 30% haste and no tier bonuses. ThanksLunaticus27 Jul 16
Jul 16 Battlelord or battlemaiden Wouldn't it make sense to give female warriors this title for finishing the warrior class hall quest? I don't know if any other titles have a contextual difference but I think Battlemaiden sounds awesome.Boffin15 Jul 16
Jul 16 Prot:Vengeance Weaving Tips Could just use a quick pointer on this. I just got my Warrior to 110(no matter what Warrior tanks will always be my favorite). So do I ALWAYS want to go Veng > IP > Veng > IP for survivability or just Veng when I have the free cast proc to get the cheaper IP? Talking from a pure survivability standpoint. Thanks!Uncleslam3 Jul 16
Jul 16 Protection Warrior Gearing T19/T20 Remember reading that around when tomb opened that 2pc T19 (helm+cloak) and 4pc T20 was the BiS for protection, is this still the case now that people are progressing further? Also does anyone have helpful links to where protection warrior information might be found? Didn't see anything stickied and a google search wasn't terribly helpful.Bananal1 Jul 16