Nov 30 Arms PVP Every time I enter a BG with my warrior, I feel completely useless. I love the idea of the arms warrior, which is why I'm trying to stick it out and get more honor and gear...but man this is rough. I come from main-ing a hunter where I can go into a BG and actually contribute without having to shadow a healer the entire time to hope that I don't die every battle. The fact that I NEED a healer to even be remotely useful is broken to me. I've worked on my build and rotation. I've tried both FR and MC builds. MC is a bit easier but FR seems to be more bursty. Does it get better? I mean, my ilvl is 859 and my weapon is only 879. Is it a gear thing? Or is the warrior destined to feel gimp?Bigmikeyd15 Nov 30
Nov 30 Nithogg WB this week See title. Now we can get the original fury artifact skin. 4/4 finally I guess.Telemakos17 Nov 30
Nov 30 Ayala's Stone Heart = Too good. http://www.wowdb.com/items/137052-ayalas-stone-heart This adds SO much damage to Fury. Its not funny how much damage this adds to the classes. It is WAY too good, it should have not been a legendary, no other legendary adds SO MUCH POWER to the classes. We got nerfed due to this one legendary... if hes going to balance us around a LEGENDARY WE SHOULD ALL GET IT... seriously. Its the difference between 180k and 290k damage. For Fury, it can reset over and over and have higher crit and do more damage the more you use it. Its ridiculous. Its Furys strongest attack and its power is hidden behind a Legendary. NO OTHER CLASS GETS THIS MUCH POWER FROM ONE LEGENDARY...Dairuin62 Nov 30
Nov 30 Hope they get rid of tactician in 7.1.5 Pretty awful mechanic every other DPS spec but outlaw has a good amount of control and consistency in DPS arms is just rolling the slots for procs. it isn't very compelling gameplayFlickerr46 Nov 30
Nov 30 Arms warrior ATM, PVE I am wanting to rerolling out of monk, because I don't like how wind Walker feels on this expansion, and I tried making a mistweaver, but anything most weaver wants every other healer does. Besides the point. So arms warrior hit my list of things I liked based on the 100 trial. Fury seemed fun but the way it is being handled by blizzard is disgusting. Is arms viable ATM? And is it somewhat fast paced (gcd capped)? Also, I loved prot back in MoP. I like having something outside of dps to do, so is protest still 1) relevant? 2) personally fun? Apologies, tying to get a bearing amongst the sea of changes this game has undergone.Glasschin1 Nov 30
Nov 30 Prot leveling issues Hello! I'm currently leveling as prot, mostly through dungeons. I find while leveling that I'm constantly rage poor, despite typical pulls being 3+ mobs. I can usually get enough rage on pull, between charge and a revenge / shield slam, to get a shield block up (which doesn't seem to do much at my level), but I still have frequent issues with serious health yoyoing, and even losing large amounts of health doesn't seem to give me enough rage to get a defensive back up. Ignore pain seems to get erased as soon as it gets used, and the main CDs are on a somewhat long timer. I'm thinking changing to Shockwave might help with health issues when it is off CD, but does rage generation get a little smoother / easier at 110? I really do like that Prot Warrior makes me work for my tanking (as compared to every other tank I have played... Which is all of them). My only gripe is that I constantly feel like I'm begging for enough rage to actually do anything.Irisari6 Nov 30
Nov 30 Prot agro Hey guys, tanking is going well but I am having a hell of a time keeping agro in medium to large aoe packs. I am sick of hearing dps say "why am I pulling agro", I can't simply taunt each one to attack me.. how do you keep agro in packs? Do you rely on thunder clap? I believe Im letting to much down time go before tc on repeat which could be my issue, looking for adviceBucfifty8 Nov 30
Nov 30 Best 5 Champions in Class Hall? Hey guys. I am trying to figure out which are the best 5 champions in the class hall as of right now, since you can only have 5 active. Any ideas?Bearzki10 Nov 30
Nov 30 you guys stoked on this ravager buff? i know i sure am. it's going to be so much better to take than anger management for M+ and raid content.Sesay2 Nov 30
Nov 30 How is warrior for Legion solo PvE? Hey folks, I was thinking of boosting a Warrior to 100 mostly for solo PvE. How do they do in this content in Legion? Decent DPS and survivability? Which spec is probably best for solo PvE? Thanks!Goatleaker4 Nov 30
Nov 29 Stat Priority/Gear Help Hey there, So I'm having a small struggle figuring out how to gear when it comes to minor upgrades such as 5iLvls or so... I know mastery is the top dog, but how far behind are haste and versatility? For example... I currently have an 840 trinket with mastery equipped. I recently looted an 845 with versatility instead (915 versatility compared to 898 mastery). Do we just stick to mastery if iLvls are decently close? Thanks for any inputYsgramor1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Prot as viable "support" role in PvP. As a warrior who enjoyed the glory of Prot in WotLK, I'm curious about people's experiences with prot in legion. With the marginalization of the support role over the last few expansions , Im interested to know how prot warrior has evolved in legion after skimming over some promising info on various forums . I've read that it is a good support role for team , much moreso than in draenor due to more ways to protect others from damage. The idea of interrupts and peeling interests me as a play style. Of course I don't expect to do much damage. Is survivability better than in draenor? (That is an unknown factor that makes me consider Blood DK as a possibility instead of War, since I have both chars at 100)... Long story short, not asking for what's OP. Been around long enough not to care about FotM... Wondering if prot war is good for support role in PvP, and can survive well and how the playstyle differs from blood DK (which ive play much less extensively in PvP compared to war)Worff15 Nov 29
Nov 29 Why even have Furious Slash? I rarely hit a dead spot in the rotation and when I do Furious Slash feels so measly. If I just replaced it with Whirlwind, would I even lose 1% of my total damage? I get that every class has filler attacks but FS brings a whole new meaning to the term.Lustinnet5 Nov 29
Nov 29 Prot Hidden Artifact So, 6 weeks of trying daily and still haven't gotten the hidden arti. I'm starting to feel like I'm missing something. I was AK6 when I started, 2 days from AK14 now. I'm always specced prot with loot priority set to prot or current spec(i main prot). I click the stone tablet everyday before checking. And everyday I jump to highmountain and run to that cursed cave. No luck. Do I have to have highmountain completed 7/7? I'm 4/7, I did enough to get the quest chain past the Ebonhorn reveal. Really getting tired of the momentary feeling of excitement followed by disappointment. false, true is the bane of my warrior's existence. Anyone else? Edit:is there any sort of confirmation that the Neltharion's Lair spawn is on the same "cooldown" as Neltharion's Vault? Are we sure Nelth's Lair can't be farmed for it? :(Brutalius19 Nov 29
Nov 29 Warriors Kinda Blow I recently came back from leaving a couple months before Legion went live. I had both a Pally and Warrior 100. I lvled my Pal to 110 and decided I wanted an alt and I couldn't let my warrior collect dust. All the while I lvled with my paladin I really never had an issue with hp. Now I come to this warrior, I literally dived trying to get my artifact cause I have no type of healing...wtf? Maybe I'll try a Frost DK or WW Monk, I'm not good enough in skill to make up the gap that is with warriors right now.Profezzor30 Nov 29
Nov 29 Why haven't you quit yet (serious) Im serious after all the waiting the nerfs the stupid pvp changes the usless new legendry the nerfs to the allready existing legendrys and them not even talking about us i cant log on anymore Its a waste of my time. Im just interested in why some people keep playing keep in mind that im a 50% pvp playerJetaxs30 Nov 29
Nov 29 Prot Warr Hidden Artifact.. The RNG daily reset check is bogus... Hands down the most hardest artifact hidden appearance to get. I hate how everyone and their mom gets it through a bug then it's hotfixed to add super long RNG to the drop rate aka you can go weeks/months without even seeing it. While you have all these reputation gated artifacts or like Beast Mastery hunter where you spend "8000g" on it. Tbh I wouldn't be mad if they had it on a spawn rate of every few hours or so.Angrybraun0 Nov 29
Nov 29 Fury DPS advice needed I have been trying to improve my DPS as of late as I feel comfortable with the rotation and CD use on fights currently. But I am not close to the sim number I should be pulling. I understand i wont be exact but I seem to be off by like 50k to 70k at least. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am wondering if its my gear as I have been shafted by both legendary RNG and gear RNG as i am still using two 840-845 ilvl items still. I havn't enchanted my neck yet with the Saytr just yet nor cloak as it seems like every other week i get a new item for those slots. I have a link to logs below for some Heroic EN and Heroic ToV and Mythic attempts on first boss of EN. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/4HBqVjn7y9mkvGbr#fight=8&type=damage-done&source=25 Any advice would be appreciated greatly. Thank you in advance.Nartus6 Nov 29
Nov 29 Silly question about Thunderclap When did the sound change from actual thunder to crumbling rocks when you use Thunder clap?Sief0 Nov 29
Nov 29 ARMs - How does Rotation change with gloves? I just got the lego gloves (woot!). I did a test run on a few mythics, and I literally couldn't spend my rage fast enough in some cases. I know we basically Mortal strike on CD, always with the gloves. But, do we change our talents at all? Do I really need dauntless? Would Overpower be any better? I'm sure sweeping strikes would be good in Mythics+ for the cleave.Hyeena4 Nov 29
Nov 29 War machine in five mans? I think we should show some appreciation for massacre+war machine in five mans. Man what a fun play style. Harrumph!!Uddernaut14 Nov 29
Nov 29 Tanking issues I'm trying really hard to not get discouraged by bad players, but they are all over the place. I've been Melee DPS for pretty much all my WoW Career. Out of sheer boredom, I'd randomly jump on this guy and level him, and noticed quickly that learning my class was only a possibility outside of dungeons. Inside of dungeons, and it's a constant rush fest through content. I think I had at best 1 dungeon where DPS didn't pull something a second or two before I'm ready. I'm at a point where I am trying to run normal dungeons while continuing to learn dungeon tanking and mechanics in general. Last night, in Darkheart Thicket, there was another warrior in my group. He was 2 levels higher. Throughout the entire instance, he would constantly pulling groups of mobs ahead of me, die, then try to blame his death on me. I called him out just after Oakheart, and instead of listening, he ran into Dresaron's area and pulled the boss while I was sitting to recover health. Instantly died and wiped everybody and spouted off that it was my fault. Obviously, it wasn't, but it continued the rest of the way. How do you tanks put up with this sort of behavior?Roten4 Nov 29
Nov 29 State of Prot Warrior? I've benched this warrior for the better part of this expansion due to the issues with my beloved fury spec; however, I honestly miss the class that has been my main for years. I was going to dps this expansion to continue my fury kick I was on last expansion, but I'm more than willing to go back to tanking if the spec is in a decent place (subjective, I know). Basically I just want to know the following: 1) Are they viable in mythic+/heroic raids 2) Are they offering decent dps to compensate for the lacking utility? 3) On a scale from 1-10, how much fun are you having playing one? Feel free to add any of your own musings, as I enjoy reading a fellow warrior's opinions. Thank you for your input!! :DXinthos8 Nov 29
Nov 29 Fury template It feels seriously underwhelming. At what item level do we get up to 20% crit? this is kinda silly to be a crit based class with such low crit. Anyway, is there a website with the template scaling or something?Furyspammer39 Nov 29
Nov 29 Not terribly jazzed with this tank... Might be a grass is greener situation and with the exception of a druid I have one of each tank class sitting at 100. That being said I am tired of having to hand out Valium to my healers over my health yoyo and wonder what does a Prot damage intake look like in 5 mans? What is the best asset of the class? What is the Achilles heel? Considering a DK as well since I main-ed one since Wrath but I feel like I will run into the same issues on that as I do a Demon Hunter. I plan to tank mostly normal raids dabbling a toe into heroic. I also aspire to Mythic up to +10 but due to an inactive guild would settle for +5's. Thoughts? Opinions?Abélincler11 Nov 29
Nov 29 Is Arms fun in PvE? Looking at re-rolling a plate melee class for PvE and raiding, stuck between Paladin and Warrior. Is warrior fun in Heroic and Mythic level raids or is it a heartbreaking spec to play? ThanksPyroblasts9 Nov 29
Nov 29 Same S*** Different day its funny to me when the devs say theyre gonna "reduce cc" and they reduce it for the classes that rely on it to survive because of lack of defensives or heals. seriously pvp should be changed to stun v stun since thats all it is unless you roll one of the standard agility classes or pseudo-melee class. Every expansion and content patch it gets worse. The same usual classes have way too many stuns and slows that last WAY too long and NEVER break from damage. why doesnt charge remove slows like other classes? why can rogues do their jump in the air thing and NOT be stunned but warriors can get stunned feared and CCed during charge AND heroic leap? why was shattering throw removed and why is it fair that other classes can go immune to damage and heal and warriors cant even have a chance to break it? no heals no defensives just stunned and permanently slowed and unable to engage our target. why can clothies stand in front of us and take no damage but we can get blown up from 10 miles away and not have anything to protect ourselves? nope instead we have to choose between double time and a stun. whats the point of taking storm bolt since the range was clearly reduced? whats the point trying to even use it if we're getting destroyed from 40 yds away when we're permanently slowed and trying to get within 20 yds to use it? whats the freaking point of heroic leap doing any damage if we always get stunned BEFORE we even get there?!?!?! hamstring....................F****** really?! why does every ability in this game have to have a freaking slow attached to it? it never ends!!! seriously im F***** over it! screw the devs and their BS agenda.Bevoshorns27 Nov 29
Nov 29 Vengeance tracking addon? Good evening, I play prot with a Vengeance build because I enjoy the interaction between Focused Rage and Ignore Pain. Sometimes I forget which one I just used and what spell I should use next to take advantage of reduced rage cost. Is there an addon that might assist with informing me whether FR or IP has the reduced cost? Thanks!Dayon4 Nov 29
Nov 29 Hate to be that guy... But I have reached a crossroads with regards to spec, and would really appreciate some assistance. So, I took a break during WotLK, and just came back to Legion. Loving it. I used to be quite serious with raiding however life goes on and I don't have the time I used to. With that said I pretty much only play my new warrior, and would like help deciding which spec to dive into. Just bought the 15th point for Strom'kar (spelling?) and thinking about switching to Fury. Prof is just an afterthought and to be done if I'm needed - used to main Rogue so want to stick with dps. Does anyone have actual feedback on Mythic+, raiding and PvP performance as Fury now that the 7.1 changes have had time to grow roots? I'm loving playing warrior but the RNG element of Arms and it's inconsistency has led me to think that now might be the time to jump over to Fury and its more "combat rogue"-ish playstyle. All thoughts appreciated, just don't want to spend what little hours I have dumping artifact power into something that is not going to be as good as Arms.Ångron3 Nov 29
Nov 29 Fury Trinket I've got an 860 Ursoc's paw with no sockets, and an 840 Chrono Shard. Simcraft shows a 2% difference in dps... any suggestions on what to choose?Aliantonn4 Nov 29
Nov 29 Question About What to Expect from This Class Background My fury warrior hit 110 in the middle of Aszuna, and Val'Shara is the last zone I've chosen to do. I do my best to pick rewards with haste, and I've gotten used to the basic rotation. The Question I just ran Darkheart Thicket for the first time, and was the only 110 present. Yet, I was getting absolutely destroyed (in terms of DPS) by this 106 monk. I just couldn't keep up with the guy. I don't gawk at meters during a fight, but I always look afterwards. By no means was I using my rotation perfectly, but the fact that I couldn't even perform as well as someone four levels behind me seems a bit odd. Was I just sucking that badly, is it something to do with the level scaling in dungeons, or is it "Welcome to warrior, hope you enjoy your stay?"Arremes1 Nov 29
Nov 29 Fortitude of the Nightborne is awesome There is a set of gears that gives you this effect called "Fortitude of the Nightborne" One of them drops in CoS (a chest with crit/haste) The other one drops in Arcway (a shoulder with crit/haste) The set bonus gives you 3300 versatiility which is equal to about 8~9% damage increase for time being (15 sec) It procs pretty often. Not quite legendary level but frequent enough. Would it be BIS?Dfunction2 Nov 29
Nov 29 Warrior Class Fantasy So I know this expansion has been a lot about class fantasy, but when it comes to Warrior Class fantasy I just don't see a lot of the class fantasy I remember from the years of playing a warrior. The class fantasy i remember for warriors is no magic and no healing. Just lots of health, kill or be killed, and masters of weapons and hand-to-hand combat. What this means is we don't have any healing, but we have huge health pools to chew through. We don't have much utility and CC so we either burst our targets down as Fury and Arms or we wear them down as Protection. Either way though once we engage it was a fight to the death for us or the other guy ran away. The small utility we had revolved around weapons, overpowering our enemies, and inspiring our allies. In the past this has been things like disarm, intimidating shout, Banners, battle shout, commanding shout, overpower, etc. Why can't we go back to that class fantasy?Themar20 Nov 29
Nov 29 That moment when you wanna make a warrior thread on the mage forums just so they'll at least read what people on here are saying Honestly every patch even if its so small i have to have a fear of being nerfed in one of the specs or changed in some dramatic/pruning "Why are you doing this?" way. Better start leveling your ret paladins just in case :/Alrithin12 Nov 29
Nov 29 LFM for random BGs! Hi there. from time to time i record a vid doing some BGs with friends and getting some of you to add my battle tag and hit some BGs with me. Here's another video just having some fun with friends doing some random bgs. Battletag jugernaut#1609. Add me up and let's get some kills together!!! No im not a streamer... i'm not good and not trying to advertise that i am. Just looking for ppl to play with and have some fun together. Peace out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAQOzqAztBYJugernutz0 Nov 29
Nov 28 Arms rotation queston Do we ever Slam if we have less than 32 rage? OUTSIDE of BC and Execute. I know we never FR unless we are in BC, or about to rage cap. But what about Slam? I know we cast is MS and CS Are on CD and we have 32+ rage. But about about below 32 rage? Is there a reason for this? Source: Arms warrior compendium tells us so. Edit: How important is it to actually be above 32 rage? Is there a reason for thisJahronie1 Nov 28
Nov 28 How is Fury? So I started this xpac as prot and haven't deviated from it since, partly because I wasn't hearing good things about arms or fury. However lately I'm seeing a lot of fury warriors running around, and it got me wondering why. Is fury good? I'm getting close to maxing out my AP tree for prot and might start putting AP into fury after that if it's worth it.Ornstien5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Struggling with holy paladin heals Hi guys. Looking to see if anyone else has similar issues. I am a casual/solo player working on gearing up. I was just wondering if my fellow protection warriors notice a significant difference in tanking survivability when being healed by holy paladins. I always have shield block up and usually some amount of ignore pain as well, but, in regular mythics (+0), holy paladins struggle to me. This is particularly on trash packs. I do not have problems with any other healer in the game. Is there something I should be doing to help? Is this just a case of poor tank/healer class synergy? Thanks in advance for your input.Sunwoku5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Stick with Warrior? So I have this 108 Warrior that I personally love to play as fury and sometimes prot. I feel like I should just stick it out and get him geared up and continue on, but every time I read these forums, it sounds like it may be a waste of time. I am sure that the next patch could change things, so I am thinking of just sticking it out. Is the class really that bad right now? It seems that way based on the forums. Keep in mind I am really casual so nothing ultra competitive will be done on this guy, but that being said, I also don't want to waste my limited time into a gutted class. Thoughts?Qwiggz22 Nov 28
Nov 28 Protection warr AoE threat issues? On my 873 Vengeance demon hunter threat is absolutely no issue for me and to get full threat it takes literally "1" button to do it, that's "Immolation Aura". As a 870 Protection Warr I find myself losing aggro immidiately after a thunderclap/revenge combo to most hard hitter dps where as I didn't have this issue as a demon hunter. I feel there must be something I'm doing wrong. I find myself fighting for threat often. I know it's not a damage issue because i can hold 300k+ on trash and 170k-210k on bosses single target w/ potion. Any tips?Angrybraun9 Nov 28
Nov 28 Artifact Tree I cant find any pvp artifact tree guides. I've gotten all my mandatory abilities, and now I'm left with a decision between starting Touch of Zakajz or taking Defensive Measures. I almost exclusivly PvP. Which one is better?Pëter0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Prot hidden rare? My warrior is Artifact Knowledge 16 (will be 17 tonight) I have checked every day since AK 5 no luck........ I know rng is rng but this is pretty sad.Gemetzel9 Nov 28
Nov 28 Mogging fury artifact into arms artifact Hi fellow warriors, does anyone know how I can mog my Warswords of the Valarjar into Strom'kar (mog one artifact into another)? I've seen several warriors running around dual wielding Strom'kar but I've not been able to transmogrify mine. Can anyone share how they are doing it? XD Thanks!!Zalithra9 Nov 28
Nov 28 Karma is a B Karma is, hands down, the most annoying move in the game. Mage's ice block I can deal with even though it most likely will mean they rest cds and I will die. Pally bubble is pretty silly they get full damage and it auto triggers, but I can jump away and kite while it's up. Karma though, karma is a !@#$%. There is no kiting a WW monk, so that's out, and you can't hit them, so that's out......What do I do to win against karma? I've tried fearing, but they trinket usually because I don't take any other stuns. wat do?Wrecksy12 Nov 28
Nov 28 Arms issues So have we given up hoping for changes to this rng hell that arms is subject to? or do we just not care since nothing will be done anyways. i honestly hate playing arms more and more every single raid. if you have good rng you do great damage but still cant beat the top dps in the group. if you have bad rng and have to deal with target swapping/mechanics you do slightly more damage than a tank. this playstyle has zero skill required and is all about luck. and its absolute garbage. i was content with trying it out and seeing how it plays but when it comes to mythic progression like Odyn you absolutly have to tailor a strategy around having a arms warrior or he will do absolute terrible dps. we have to have some damage catchup battle cry isnt enough it used to be enough when you could BS in BC window and catch up but nerfs galore i hate this spec right now. its not fun. Karazhan weekly for nightbane good luck the opera bosses run around and place bad pools on the floor you cant get 100% uptime on a boss. the weekly affixes are suicide for mele its just a bad week overall...(Maybe just for me) i just want this class to be completly redone the rng doesnt work and is not rewarding. if having good rng would make you do great damage like outlaw buffs but no...you need good rng to compete and that happens once every 10 pulls. Tactiction needs to be cumulative its the only way for it to not be so god aweful.Neidish22 Nov 28
Nov 28 The Devilsaur's Bite The Devilsaur's Bite is a trinket available to leather-wearers and hunters (but not dinosaur loving warriors) as a reward from the Jurassic Park WQ in Suramar. http://www.wowhead.com/item=140026/the-devilsaurs-bite&bonus=1826 This trinket is amazing for arms warrior. I want it. Give it to me. :(Zagsmash4 Nov 28
Nov 28 Prot war mythic + Are prot warriors viable in mythic plus content i was looking at leader boards and i see more druid dk and pally i was just wonderingBrickouse8 Nov 28
Nov 28 thought about lvling a warrior what would you guys same overall better pve warrior?... horde or alli it doesnt matter to me.Edix11 Nov 28
Nov 28 AOE in dungeons as fury Help plse Hi All ! So I'm still pretty new to this class, and I think I do half decent in the heroics/handful and couple of mythics I've done. But I feel like I'm missing something on AOE. I think I get the basics of our single target. But for some reason I really think I screw up our aoe, especially when there are like 2-4 mobs. How do you guys handle 2-4 targets? What changes after 4? Is there a point where you no longer use bloodthirst as part of the rotation? If you only have time for a short response please help me with 2-4 targets. Is there a point where with say 2 targets you just go single target rotation? How are you handling a large multi pack pull? Are there specific talents you consider necessary for mythics?Ithurtsalot3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Need advice 1v1 warrior I continue to have issues soloing arms warriors on this DK in pvp this expansion and I'm looking for some advice on what to avoid, what to watch for, and how to not be so terrible. I do fine against other classes but arms just pushes my pooper in. Please help a scrub? For reference, this is the warrior that plowed me in BGs most recently: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/arthas/Ghoraxe/simple Not amazingly well geared but obviously more skilled than I. I was getting crushed with ~200k colossal smashes and almost 500k mortal strikes when my DCDs were down (was WSG and he may have had 'zerker buff) but I don't know how to counter it.Frostfel1 Nov 28