Jan 11 Reckless Abandon LOL Blizzard, you realize this talent is COMPLETELY bugged right?!? It says increase Battle Cry by 2 secs and grants 100 rage. It DOES NOT grant ANY rage and actually MAKES RAMPAGE COST 100 RAGE HAHAAHAHAHA. Bug of the year award! Please hotfix ASAP! I posted it in the bug report.Brynjare6 Jan 11
Jan 11 Low Fury DPS? Hey. I'm a Fury warrior, No legendary or anything. Its the character I'm posting under, I cant stay in a group because my DPS is far too low to stay in Normal raids. I get about 95k DPS on the bosses.. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone please help me raise my dps to what it should be at? I Have 851 Ilvl. My dps should realistically be alot higher than it is. My rotation starts like this. Charge, Blood thirst, Raging blow, Furious Slash, Repeat. I occasionally throw in a Rampage whenever it procs. For multi target, I start with Odyn's Fury, Bladestorm Whirlwind spam. Please help?Imdisturbd2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Anyone finding it fun to pick honor talents? Suddenly with this patch as Arms.. it's like, all the tiers have choices that are so hard to pick from.. It feels weird actually having to choose what to take to pvp :o It's quite a good change!Goremise0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Aoe tanking So now that revenge costs 30 rage how do you threat gen off pull? Just one thunderclap and hope for a dodge/parry or drop 30 rage? Kind of annoying to losing half your aoe free talentsCainne4 Jan 11
Jan 11 new warrior question I am just coming back after 5 years away. I leveled a warrior to 70 in the past loved it. I plan to play fury with prot as my off spec. How do artifact weapons work? do i pick one for fury or do they drop . So i am wondering if do i need to level as fury or can i level as prot. I dont want to worry about getting drops for the wrong spec? Or is there somewhere i can read about this just point me there and i can close this post.Gimly1 Jan 11
Jan 11 PvP template changes? Anyone know how the pvp template changes effected us? Were we buffed or nerfed?Ørion1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Fix PVP Healing! Fix PVP Healing!Flashofsmite0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Revenge/bodyguard interaction Anyone else notice that with the revamp of 'revenge', the pvp talent 'bodyguard' should have been modified, yet remains the same? Here is the bodyguard talent for those unfamiliar: Bodyguard Honor Talent 10 yd range Instant 15 sec cooldown Requires Warrior (Protection) Requires level 37 Requires honor level 37 Protect an ally, causing 40% of all Physical damage they take to be transfered to you. When the target takes Physical damage, your Revenge cooldown has a 30% chance to be reset. Bodyguard is cancelled if the target is further than 15 yards from you. Lasts 1 min. Only one target can be Bodyguarded at a time. I logged in hoping the patch notes were simply overlooking a change to the talent. Seems like some sort of compensation needs to be made given that, with the new version of revenge, that secondary bonus is now far less effective.Gavahl3 Jan 11
Jan 11 Aggramar's Stride stacking w/mount? Look's like it may be stacking w/mounted speed, anyone confirm, intended? *Edit for clarityGormesh1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Indomitable It's a TRAP! (Devastator is miles better. Especially with Mannoroth's bracers and a skittish affix.)Kettlehack5 Jan 11
Jan 11 Im wrong fury changes are dope gg blizz don't listen to the hateMalnstream3 Jan 11
Jan 11 devastator why can't i hold all these shield slams?Terrorblåde13 Jan 11
Jan 10 7.1.5 patch notes Oh wow so they're claiming "most of fury's damaging spells have been increased in damage" but kept the nerf to dragon roar while not really buffing enough other talents that i'm quite sure i won't be changing a thing... And they nicely screwed my ring. lovely.Aliantonn23 Jan 10
Jan 10 Fury warrior 7.1.5. Now Vers is top??? From the changes am I reading this right. Vers is now gonna be our top stat. Haste & VersRagnorock12 Jan 10
Jan 10 Helya's Gaze? Has anyone heard anything about this Hidden skin? I had assumed it would be tied in with the release of Trial of Valor. But apparently there's no direction on how to acquire it. Are the 2nd Hidden skins for classes coming in 7.2 instead?Tabernackle2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Reckless abandon for pve now? I probably won't be able to play the new patch for another few days. I always run RA and frothing pvp but seems like RA will be as good or better than DR now with the RA buff of adding 2 secs during BC. I'm pretty excited about that and can't wait to try it. Anybody using it? Liking it better?Chingoblingo8 Jan 10
Jan 10 Protection Warrior Changes.... So whomever made these Protection Warrior changes should be fired and moved over to designing Death Knights. How does these kind of pathetic changes make it into the game?Wartsworth0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Prot Vengeance / Ultimatum WeakAura Make this WA today to track Veng / Ulti procs. It will prioritize Ignore Pain over Focused Rage if both buffs happen to be up (normally due to Ultimatum procs). Anyone interested help yourselves. ...Murdoc8 Jan 10
Jan 10 520 Days played on Warrior I didnt read the prot warrior changes carefully enough until today I guess.. Prot warrior has felt good this expansion. We arent spamming revenge, and we finally have a real absorb. We also had this really cool thing where we watched ultimatum procs and weaved our ignore pains with Focused Rage off the GCD, while we did our usual SS>Revenge>Dev on the GCD. It was fun and more of a decision than SB, Heroic Strike or Cleave. Focused rage was weird to me at first, but it started to feel good as I got used to it. It was cool to see big SSs, it had a good fantasy to it. It was actually really fun. And I was worried wed have no fun procs to watch this expac after the revenge changes. Ultimatum kinda saved that, especially with its vengence interaction, loads of fun. Now our rage dump weaving is GCD locked(NOT FUN, DOESNT FEEL LIKE WARRIOR, YOU ALREADY KILLED HAMSTRING AND HS OFF THE GCD), and our already kind of pain in the butt incarnation of Revenge is going to cost rage until we dodge or parry something? That sound like were being punished hard if we dont have a proc(given the shield block rage increase, HRep nerf and loss of rage for IP via ultimatum loss), and our single target rotation is getting closer to spamming Devastate and SS. But now Thunder clap can generate 5 rage and we can ditch Devastate entirely with a talent? What? Thats not fun blizzard, this talent better not be the most viable and should be intended for starter tanks only. Why make TC more enticing for single target, to make up for FR being gone or the devastator talent? It looks like TC now does more single target damage than Devastate, by a lot. So I should swap Revenge with FR, and TC with Revenge on my action bars now? Basically the way I see this, we lose a lot of fun procs to watch, TC is now in the single target rotation(maybe not all the time tho?), our Rage dump and mitigation abilities now must be woven(see Vengence) into the GCD thanks to revenge, our ability to pick up mobs has been pooped on, and instead of gaining things when we weave our rage dump abilities correctly and watch procs well, were punished hard when we dont. This sounds like an overall unfun change and a headache. Not to mention a hard overall nerf. Thanks for the increase to warbringer stun tho I guess..Hoboedd7 Jan 10
Jan 10 Requesting Fury DPS Assistance Hello, I'm looking for a little assistance in my DPS rotation. I feel like my gear is pretty good, and I did well in Heroic EN, but my DPS for my item level seems to be horrible. I know I don't have any of the BIS legendaries (sweet, sweet RNGesus... please...), but I like to believe it shouldn't impact me as much as it seems to. Below is my warcraftlog summary. Any (constructive) criticism is greatly appreciated. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/16132431/latest/ Edit: I know my Mindrend Band isn't gemmed/enchanted. I just got it last night before going to bed. Will be Haste/Haste of course :)Axetomøuth3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Revenge 7.1.5 Revenge damage has been greatly increased, Revenge now deals damage of 440% of AP(was 650%) ?????????Makeme7 Jan 10
Jan 10 Tracking Revenge Procs Has anyone found a good way to track Revenge procs using TellMeWhen? I'm tracking dodges/parries through Combat Events, but that has its peculiarities. I don't mind the changes in 7.1.5 and all, but is it too much to ask for a buff icon or something to track procs?Willing1 Jan 10
Jan 10 Extra Stam from 35+ Artifact Traits So in 7.1 you received no more extra stam via Artifact traits after 34/35 (i forget which). In 7.1.5, they didn't mention it, but they removed that limiter so now you get extra damage/healing/defense as well as extra stam. Cheers Blizz. Like, I'm still not over how boring yet necessary Devestator and Focused Rage are for warriors. But. This is a neat little change, thanks for the extra stam.Kionshi5 Jan 10
Jan 10 7.1.5 Tanks analysis I know most of us Prot tanks are furious about the incoming changes. -- It is un-necessary. -- No one listen to any feedback or taking any of our test result into consideration. -- No communication, no explanation. -- There has been a lot of constructive feedback in here, in PTR forum, and in General. Most of them are on point and will make all these nerf less painful, and keep the fun factor in. But as with before, no one listened. I am not a good tank. But I love tanking. I have been thru the "Awesome Changes are coming" Nerf from Classic Wow, and every patches/Hotfixes ever since, and mostly, we got nerfed everytime. So, back in Classic, a class manager came in and claimed "Awesome Changes are coming", it turned out to be the HUGE nerf that nobody was aware of. And now, today, I am naming 7.1.5 "Legendary Changes" patch. Granted, they told us before hand (improved communication), but we were never given the reason behind all these changes. No combat log, no nothing... I know I am going to re-roll this time. It is no fun keep banging my head at the wall... So I did a very simple analysis from the patch notes, trying to help myself decide which tank class I should go. I am NOT going to comment how I feel after compiling these data. I do believe it speaks for itself. No, I am not going to post this in General. It will get bump down within 2 min. I may make post to link to this.Smartikat17 Jan 10
Jan 10 7.1.5 I just want to ask to see if anyone will respond with a little more detail. How will the glove nerf affect those with the gloves after today's patch? Will we see an incredible dive in dps? Or shall we balance out with the 5% buff? If you played ptr or have simmed, I would be very interested in knowing some information. So I will not be blindsided come tonight. Thanks!Thebayne4 Jan 10
Jan 10 Solo BWD? is this even possible? since the lava buff I cant make it to all three platforms on the final fightKaidenton1 Jan 10
Jan 10 Swifty a Frost DK now I noticed yesterday that on Darkspear Swifty is a frost DK after 10 years of being a warrior. That says a lot about warriors. I love my warrior, but I always feel like somethings missing that every other class and spec in the game seems to have...lol When I do play my alts and have to face a warrior in PVP I'm not even scared, because I know they have no heals and all I have to do is burn them into the ground...they have no prayer of beating me. I actually pity them because I know that they know they don't have a chance. Yet I still have this love/hate relationship with my warrior, I'm the most comfortable playing a warrior for some weird reason...yet in the back of my mind I feel like id be better off playing any other class.Hailtofire6 Jan 10
Jan 10 Best looking animations for horde? In your opinion, which of the Horde race/gender combinations has the best animations for warriors right now? Been trying to find a video that shows them all but so far haven't lucked out.Kegaran5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Well, my dps is up Maybe because I am able to use my ilvl items , maybe it's talent changes, but my dps is up for M+. I'm going with an aoe build, pretty fun actually.Wahkooah0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Duel? New Talent: Duel You challenge the target to a duel. While challenged, all damage you and the target deal to all targets other than each other is reduced by 50%. Lasts 8 seconds. I am a bit confused by this new talent. How does this work in PvP and how is it beneficial?Vinø4 Jan 10
Jan 10 I am the only one who read this... :D fury Enrage reduces damage taken in PvP situations by 10% (was 20%). Warpaint further reduces this to 5% (was 15%). :DLexthyra5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Arms in 7.1.5 What's the general view of arms come 7.1.5 for dps? Compared to frost DK/enhance shamans/rets?Pewpewwpew8 Jan 10
Jan 10 How is fury looking in pvp for 7.1.5 ? Totally tired of enhance rngness, hoping my fury brothers have some nice stuff coming ?Crimsonita8 Jan 10
Jan 10 7.1.5 Protection Stats Does anyone know what our stats should be like in 7.1.5? I'm guessing that it will still be stacking haste to a certain breakpoint then mastery all the way? Or are we going to go all out haste stacking? Anyone done any sims or know of one? Thanks in advance :DXuanney3 Jan 10
Jan 10 Need help with arms warrior So i'm back after HFC , and im struggling with DPS on this warrior,i think for the ilvl i am currently at, i should be pulling more damage and im doing 170-190k, my rotation is basically CS > MS > Slam if everything else on cd my current ilvl 858 , i have 2 golden traits on my artifact any suggest/comment totally appreciated PS: is fury better than arms atm ? PS2: my 820 ww monk is doing 220k single target damage and this makes me sad comparing it to my warrior :cIdeeps5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Fury Patch Notes? Now I could be ignorant in saying fury needed some decent work done to it but from what the patch notes show all the bad talents still suck and dragon roar was nerfed. Nearly every other class in the game who didn't need a buff at all seems to have received plenty of them though. I could be reading this wrong but what I'm seeing is fury was ignored once again, what else is new? Not to mention all of our good legendaries have been nerfed. From how its looking we can go from being mid-low pack to low pack?Rickharrison2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Help me name my warrior so i decided to play warrior again and xfered him, i hated his name for years and just never changed it so now i want to, i started naming my toons with storm at the end and with something that goes really with with their class in front, cant think of anything besides rage storm and its taken, other suggestions?Dottingstorm12 Jan 10
Jan 10 we should do a video.. we should do a sad video for protection warrior like the heroic strike one :(Lexthyra0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Fury Hidden Artifact Farm Hello, I'm trying to organize a group of Fury warriors that want to farm Halls of Valor on NORMAL for the hidden artifact appearance. I'd like to get as high ilvl as possible because better damage equals faster clears. We will reset after killing Skovald, no need to kill Odyn. I think we can rotate the use of taunts+kiting in order to easily defeat the bosses as 5 dps, or someone can swap to tank while the other 4 dps. Please be exalted with the Valajar. Add me: XxRapturexX#1537 then whisper me that you are interested in farming for the hidden artifact. Thanks!Secksydeeps16 Jan 10
Jan 10 Changes in 7.1.5 are good? I've heard nothing but negative comments on the 7.1.5 changes. Looking through them they seem like pretty good changes to me. I'm solely talking about the protection warrior changes though. The following is only my opinion on the changes. I haven't played the PTR and have no experience with the new warrior build. Please feel free to enlighten me if it talking out of my !@#$. I will only be listing the major changes. Crackling thunder - radius decreased to 50%. I like this change to be honest. Yes it's a nerf, but a very minor one. When rushing through m+ I've pulled mobs as well as the boss with this talent. On eye of ashzara serpent boss and the reclaimer before the haste boss in arcway for instance. The radius is suffice. Devastator - I'm loving this idea. Increased dps output and rage generation, at the sacrifice of health and the 25% IP loss. I don't think this is a survivability loss. If anything the rage gained will allow for many more ignore pains. Revenge - focus rage is removed and replaced with revenge for vengeance. The vengeance rotation will be similiar except for waiting for revenge to get off cooldown. This will happen often and revenge will proc causing free revenge hence more IP. With devastators rage gains aswell as thunderclap and revenge proccing shield slam, rage will never again be an issue. The only problem I can see here is not being able to use revenge before an ignore pain due to it still being on cool down, therefor having to use a full cost ignore pain. Heavy Repercussions - 1 sec down from 1.5. Again. With shield slam proccing 3 times more often this wont be an issue. Shield block 15 rage. If they didn't do this then rage generation would be ungoverned. Shock wave down to 3 seconds. Is it just me that thinks it will be viable going war bringer instead with the 2.5 sec buff? DPS. I am currently pulling 250 -350 k dps most m+ dungeons. That's without kakushan or any dps talents. I honestly think with devastation this will go up to 300-400. Again, this is me speculating and I cannot confirm this. This is just my opinion and by no means am I a great tank with superior knowledge so please feel free to share your thoughts.Silverfoxxi17 Jan 10
Jan 10 7.1.5 legendary choice Ok so with my current gear and 7.1 mindset, I was going to equip the vertebra belt as my second legendary instead is the magnum opus, but I've seen the stats for the opus and I'm not sure... Something like 3% haste and mastery isn't bad at All... Any suggestions?Aliantonn0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Question about New Prot Talent If I have the prot gloves, do i still need to go devastator for the gloves to work? or do the gloves basically just give me the devastator ability? It says "Equip: Devastator" so i was assuming it literally just gives you the devastator talent, but couldn't find anything on it.Alrithin2 Jan 10
Jan 10 New Prot warrior looking for some guidance. Since i pretty much finished off my warswords, i decided to throw some AP into the prot side of things and im finding i enjoy it. Any help in finding a good Prot warrior guide or two would be very much welcomed.Marndor11 Jan 10
Jan 10 Prot pvp? Hey whats up guys. As a person who has always loved the aesthetics of using a shield and sword. im stuck in a little snag. i do pvp, not into pve but i also like using a shield and sword, the two 2h's and single 2h dont catch my attention. so have any of you guys ever tried going prot but using fury or arms gear ? would this be viable in pvp?? is it a good idea? lol with glad stance gone. i dont know what to do... btw im not a hardcore pvper just like killing dudes lolRels2 Jan 10
Jan 9 Coagulated Nightwell Residue - Prot Trinket I've been running Normal Goblet from EN and Mythic 2 Nerubian Husk w/ a socket from VH. I got Voaged Nightwell Res last night, and even though it has mastery it feels kind of solid. with 10 stacks, and my Golbet buff, i can easily push a 1.2M shield, which is basically a free 60 rage IP with Dragon Scales. Even with 5 stacks its enough to cover IP downtime because the CD is so short. Don't know if that haste drop is worth it though. ANyone use this at all?Bêtty5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Our champions are losers For a bunch supposedly all about the glory of battle and the thrill of combat they sure seem to fail a lot of 170+% bonus rolls on my gold missions. They are getting precariously close to being thrown off of skyhold.Erthan4 Jan 9
Jan 9 Prot warriors With all these terrible changes they spit in our faces with this... "Guardian Druids now take 10% increased damage from players (was 25%)" "Protection Warriors now take 15% increased damage from players (was 25%)"Sovreign0 Jan 9
Jan 9 Has blizzard said anything about prot!? FIRST THING! this is not another doom and gloom post about 7.1.5 and how nerfed warriors are... i am farily sure most of us agree it is bad. But what i am looking for is... has blizzard had a single blue post explaining the obvious nerfs? From what i could tell we where roughly the 3rd ish best tank behind druid (god teir) and pallys. Dk Monk and Dh got much needed buffs and druids got some... but why the warrior nerf stick... what am i missing!?!? I just want to know if there has been a responce or are they litterly just not entering the warrior forms at all....Littels5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Secrets of the Axes help I just got the arms warrior quest for the hidden axe appearance and I was wondering if anyone who has done it before could answer some questions on it. First of all, if I die during the duel is the quest lost? Also is there a timer for when I need to duel the guy. Id rather hit 110 and gear up so I don't fail the quest but I don't want it to disappear or anything. Thanks!Khâl4 Jan 9
Jan 9 why prot deciding to drop healing as a main and start tanking, with m+ as a focus. Debating between prot warr and DH. My question is, what does a prot warrior bring that a DH does not? It appears the DH utility is fairly extensive with mobility, gorefiend sigil, fear, silence, unreal sustain, good threat generation with multiple fire and forget aoe abilities. Just starting out and both characters have identical ilvl's. (830ish). and the DH's ability to tank at the moment is much much higher. Me and 3 other friends 4 man'd with no healer all mythic (normals / +0) with the DH but the warrior was unable to manage some fights. This is with me using a rotation close to the following: shield block on cd>IP>ss>dev>revenge @ 1s cd on ss. Does the DH simple scale better with gear at lower ilvl? Do warriors begin to out scale with higher ilvl? Thank you so much for your time and help.Paperrclip9 Jan 9