Aug 3 Help dps Hey guys, was wondering if anybody wouldn't mind taking a look at my H KJ fight : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gDW2a1xfAqvt4CQy#fight=10&type=damage-done and perhaps my harjatan fight: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/J67zPZmgA8kh1FNC#fight=7&type=damage-done and give me some advice, I feel as though my dps is really low. Thanks!Froshi0 Aug 3
Aug 3 ARMS HIDDEN ARTIFACT UP! Not sure if its US wide but I just checked and my bro helgar next to the forge wants to find a axe equal to Storm'kar. Go get it if it's there boys.Dantastic0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Fury Warrior Challenge So, I've been having a bit of trouble on the Mage tower, I get Agatha down to 50% almost every pull, but then I start lacking, does anyone have some tips for the second phase of the challenge? :PTiridan14 Aug 3
Aug 3 Sims updated for Alaya's? Have raidbots.com / simucraft been updated with the Alaya's 40% nerf? Its still saying my best 2 legendaries are Ring/Gloves, but when I test on a dummy I'm doing more with Helm/Gloves.Grommush0 Aug 3
Aug 3 arms hidden appearance is up it's up on tichondrius and sen'jin. i talked to the guy next to the forge and he had it.Clubbie2 Aug 3
Aug 3 Shield Block vs. Ignore Pain I main warrior but I rolled DK lol. When exactly do I use Shield Block & Ignore pain ?Grailed15 Aug 3
Aug 3 intercepting friendlies? Any good times to use this? I love the idea on paper but can never seem to execute it in any meaningful way. any tips?Flexeçutie4 Aug 3
Aug 3 Heroic/Mythic ToS Prot Talent Choices Hi Guys, Just wanting some advice on how i should change my talents for the Heroic and leading up to Mythic bosses. I have noticed alotof other tanks will end up taking Renewed Fury, Booming Voice, ANger Management for most fights. Should i be changing my talents and playstyle around this? Any tips and advice would be appreciated.Pulsate5 Aug 3
Aug 3 885 Moonglaives Vs 915 Cradle I know Moonglaives is generally regarded as fury's bis trinket other then CoF. Curious if you all think a 915 Cradle would outperform a 885 glaive? Simcraft says it would but i am still hesitant. ThanksBlackjustice9 Aug 3
Aug 3 Why is my health so low Compared to warrs of similar ilvl my health pool is significantly lower coming in below 3M. Is it my low lvl wpn?Defense9 Aug 3
Aug 2 DPS Help! Seen a few posts on this, figured Id throw my own issue out there as well. 923 Equipped, Stacked Haste, followed the same rotation as everyone else, and I have my 4 piece...but Im still barely holding 750k. From what Ive seen I should be doing way more than this..? Running with the Belt and the Ring, but I do have the Boots (kinda useless though) Bad luck with Legendary s. All pick me apart(s) welcome, Thanks!Rocshow8 Aug 2
Aug 2 Arms advice My dps seems fairly low but it could def be me !@#$ing up my rotation. Would anyone be willling to take a look at my gear and give some advice/direction! Thanks!Aururon4 Aug 2
Aug 2 Tank challenge questions Ive already beaten the tank challenge on my DK and now working on warrior and druid. Flail and werebear are incredible. Acceptable ilvl around 910-915? Is set bonus from ToS super necessary or can I just use M+ gear? Whats the best talent setup? Any warrior specific tips since I've already done it on DK and have a pretty good handle on the fight? Must have flail :D Thanks ahead of time.Haaspanda21 Aug 2
Aug 2 Race Change Warrior I am soon about to race change my old warrior. I am however stuck between two choices, Gnome or Pandaren. The idea of a technological terror of a warrior using science the other races haven't seen appeals to me, however so to does the idea of a Asian style warrior like the pandaren! Please help me decide, this choice is hard, I've been stuck on it for days!Smuggs12 Aug 2
Aug 2 Ignore pain... help So what's the deal with this thing? It seems pretty strong to me at level 84 but it's confusing. Is there any reason to not spam it since it stacks? I've read that a 20/60 IP is exactly 1/3 of maximum effect, so why would I ever wait to have 40-60 rage to use it instead of just using multiple 20 rage IPs? (Especially since I run with the little enraged talent from it) I feel like prot war is the most fun tank as it seems to be the most reliant on the player, but that also makes me wonder if I'm doing things wrong (I feel like I rarely use shield block as I just try to spam IP as much as possible to take 0 dmg as opposed to blocking some dmgBliztz2 Aug 2
Aug 2 need some help at arms mage tower im doing fine on first phase,done it so many times im not having any issue on it anymore but the voidlord,i just feel i cant pump enough dps on his adds before they heal him and i get overrun. any tips?Madäwc7 Aug 2
Aug 2 Mythic+ Order Hall Chest I'm new to mythic+, please excuse my ignorance. When does the chest reset? I just assumed Tuesdays, but it says I've already claimed it for the week.Infamous5 Aug 2
Aug 2 PvP - What do I interrupt So I'm stubborn and want to play as a Prot warrior in BG's. When flag running, I do fine, but in any other BG the other team leaves me alive until last while I flail around trying to interrupt people. I'm wondering if there are somethings I should interrupt more than others? E.g: Priest: What's the biggest heal I should look out for? Do I interrupt fear? Shaman: ? Druids: I interrupt Half/Full moon or Entangling Roots Warlock: ? Interrupt fear? I feel like sometimes players bait interrupts from me and I end up just using whatever interrupt I have up against as many heals / big spells as I can. Should I prioritise some, basically? As far as interrupts I use: Pummel Talent - My charges do an AoE stun Talent - My heroic leap does an AoE stuns. I'm fond of using this up close to unexpectdedly stun a low health player for 3 secs or for stunning a group of casters Racial - War-stomp, I like using this in groups tooUngulate5 Aug 2
Aug 1 Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker This is my log of the work continuing from Thanatos, and my journey in getting the hidden artifact appearance for prot warr. Just to recap I copied and pasted the following to show prereqs: Burning Plate of the WorldBreaker 4.0 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752396738 For those of you just joining us, Dev's have confirmed this skin to be a daily reset. The conditions to acquire it are as follows: 1.) Gain Artifact Knowledge 5 2.) Read the "Saga of the Valarjar", located infront of Fjorson Stonecarver, in Skyhold (One time requirement) 3.) Be in Protection spec (required to see the shield, not to spawn it) 4.) Run to Nealtharian's Vault or fly to Obsidian Overlook. 5.) Run into the cave. If the shield has spawned you will hear a VERY LOUD ROAR and receive a emote. 6.) Check all the gold piles, sometimes it can be found along the dragon bones and plates on the lower level, within the cave until you locate your shield (Note: You must be in Protection Spec...see point 3) I don't even know what day I'm officially on now. This will be day 1, I guess.Hangry18 Aug 1
Aug 1 Fury Weapons pre-100 Quick question: Although pre-100 goes pretty fast, is it better to have faster or slower weapons for Fury? Or is it best to have one fast and one slower weapon (if possible), and if so, which setup? Thanks.Airc4 Aug 1
Aug 1 ARMS: Lost AP Applied to Unbreakable Steel I applied a lot of AP into Unbreakable Steel before finishing the second artifact quest line (Granting the 4 additional traits: Arms of the Valarjar, Storm of Swords, etc.) and it looks like Unbreakable Steel reset back down to level 1/All DMG increase by 5%, when before I had it up to 14%. Does US resent after you finish that 2nd quest line? That was a lot of AP lost. thanks !Heffnerr2 Aug 1
Jul 31 To all the Fury warriors out there Did any of you notice a change in proc rate with the nerf that Arms got on the 25th? As it sits Blizzard seems to of not only nerf the base proc rate for Arms but also took out the haste multiplier, not sure if the Haste multiplier removal has affected Fury either.Korcron5 Jul 31
Jul 31 How to get fury legendaries So I want decent DPS and so I was wondering how to get the best legendaries and what to they do. ThanksKaydewey15 Jul 31
Jul 31 The unrelenting So I just recieved 'the unrelenting' title while in the new pvp brawl. I looked online to see what it was for and all I could find was that it was a class challenge but there weren't any details on what the challenge was. Does anyone know what I did to earn the title?Hayuguyz4 Jul 31
Jul 31 Which Legendaries To Use So not too long ago I just got the soul of the battlelord legendary ring. That leaves me with soul of the battlelord, Naj'entus's vertebrae(the legendary belt) and Ayala's Stone Heart(the other legendary ring). My thinking is that for single target Soul of the battlelord and Ayala's ring would do better than soul of the battlelord and the legendary belt but I'm not sure. Any opinion on the subject would be much appreciated.Solomonster5 Jul 31
Jul 31 Stealth nerf to Ayala's Withmalice made this post https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758376363 a few days ago talking about how Haste's effect had been removed from Ayala's Stone Heart without mentioning it to the player base. Many people now are also wondering why their proc rate on the ring, instead of having gone down by around half, is more akin to 2/3 or 3/4. There has been no response by a community manager or a designer about this issue, which means we can't determine whether or not this is real. We've had some proof from someone who looked at how the game client treated the ring in regards to haste. https://github.com/simulationcraft/simc/commit/88d21170fa6904b6ea05f9959c6549c75bb0e764 But nothing from Blizz. Can you give us an answer on whether SimC is reading it wrong or did you guys actually overnerf the ring? Hopefully it's not another Arms Hidden Skin situation where you don't tell us about something for a long time on end to preserve the classic "Blizzard Pride" we've come to know.Kaytwo2 Jul 31
Jul 31 How's Arms? I know it's doing well in this patch but is it fun? I don't want to invest all my AP into Fury only to regret it later.Dualist5 Jul 31
Jul 31 Animation bug - challenge skin attacks Is this just me? When using the mage tower challenge skin for my prot weapon, autoattack and racial attack animation for fury use the "I've got a mace" animations. Huge issues with animation clipping/etc. Does not matter what fury weapons are xmogged to, set as, or etc.Calqulon3 Jul 31
Jul 30 Help a struggling Furry Warrior! Long post and no TL;DR for it sorry -- I really enjoy playing Fury, but I seem to be struggling a bit as of late. The most prominent being the following two situations: - I did the Invasion scenario for Val'sharah and while I managed to get through the World Quests about as decently as I always do, the final scenario was an absolute nightmare. I died multiple times trying to help others down elites, with my health dropping dramatically while the others were barely getting hurt. - I did a Heroic Maw of Souls run before that. In this run, we had a a tank and 'healer' who were paladins, but the healer wasn't healing. They were both DPSing, and while I tried to stay alive by not standing in stuff and backing away, I was again getting hit for massive damage. I managed to stay alive for a while, but ultimately ended up dying a few times (The other DPS died as well, though not as frequently. In addition my DPS is dismal to say the very least. While leveling, I was always somewhere between 1st and 2nd in Recount, pulling around 200k+. As soon as I hit 110 and started attempting gear fixing (I bought a bunch of Dauntless gear so that things on the Broken Shore wouldn't hit as hard), my DPS started plummeting to the point where my last look at recount was an absolutely awful 160k. I had a lot of gear with Crit on it before, but once I started trying to focus on Haste and Mastery, my damage started dropping. My rotation is Battle Cry -- > Rampage --> Bloodthirst --> Raging Blow -- > Furious Slashes. During Battle Cry I try to hit both Raging Blow and Odyn's Fury. After that, I alternate between Bloodthirst and Raging Blow on cooldown, Furious Slashes if there's nothing else and of course I try to time my Raging Blows to hit during Enrage if I can -- In short, I use everything on Cooldown, especially during Battle Cry. I know that I need more Haste, but RNG has not been on my side with Dauntless tokens and Dungeon drops, nor have any World Quests today so far offered me any rewards that would help. So I suppose this is a hybrid question: Is there anything I should be doing to fix my Fury play, or should I try out Arms? (I really don't want to, because I love Fury, but it's less fun if you're dying all the time and self-conscious about damage in a community that's currently very elitist and quick to hit the 'Vote to Kick' button)Indilia6 Jul 30
Jul 30 Bis Arms Legendaries So after the nerfs to helm and ring, what are our best legendaries?Omnimorte17 Jul 30
Jul 30 Archavon's gloves vs. 2 piece T19 Hey all, As a primer - I currently have 4 piece t20, 2 piece t19. I'm currently wearing KJ Trinket and Mannoroth's bracers (i know). I don't have Ayala's, so i'm trying to decide if the Archavon's gloves bonus is better than the 2 piece t19. Thoughts on if its worth the tradeoff? -MarMaraxxus1 Jul 30
Jul 30 Is my DPS low or wut? I'm 904 fury and usually can only pull around 500-550k single target...is this low for fury? It feels low. And if it is low, why? I know that's a loaded question because you all don't know my rotation or anything, but let's assume my rotation is fine for the purposes of this question. Do i just need more haste and better throughput legendaries? ThaaanksGoroop6 Jul 30
Jul 30 Fury warriors help So as of right now buffed I have 28% haste but tonight I just got tier helm and legs but it drops me to 25% haste is it worth it to drop my haste for 2 piece ?Dublefisting15 Jul 30
Jul 30 Arms feast to famine....... I agree, arms could of used a slight nerf, but 40 and 50% nerfs on our BiS legendarys killed an already lackluster arms rotation once again, and after switching us from arm, to fury, then back to arms already this xpac why do this to warrior dps? have 2 specs sitting at artifact lvl 59.... would be nice for all arms warriors to band together and demand this ridiculous nerf be revised a bit to something a bit less impactful because at this point i dont know if i should be arms, fury, or unsubscribe.Uzzeil32 Jul 30
Jul 30 Fix warrior T20 4pc Can we please change how the the fury 4pc works. I think it really is useless how the buff to increase Bloodthirst damage after using Raging Blow disappears after 1 stack of using Bloodthirst. How man fury warriors actually use Raging Blow 10 times before using Bloodthirst? Instead, how about the stack buff disappears after 10 stacks has been reached and start over the buff cycle. So every time you use Raging it will increase the buff and when you use Bloodthirst the buff won't disappear until after 10 stacks or we can keep the uptime on 10 stacks by using Raging blow.Haniquin22 Jul 30
Jul 30 Soul of the Battlelord is pretty trash. I just got Soul of the Battlelord What a worthless legendary as Arms OR Fury, haha. Its stats are not even good enough to warrant replacing a 925 ring as a stat stick... THAT'S depressing.Murloch3 Jul 30
Jul 30 @Day. Are you prepared? Well punk are ya?Greìl433 Jul 30
Jul 30 Seeking Warrior Advice (DPS) My main spec (originally) is/was Prot, but I'm sort of tired of tanking all the time, so I've been working on Fury. I've read Icy Veins' guides and I use the WarriorDPS addon. My DPS seems really low for my ilevel: in 5-man dungeons and in raids, I've noticed that warriors of similar ilevel as my own (some even lower), and especially Arms warriors, are doing anywhere between 100-200 million more damage than me. This, to me, says I'm doing something very wrong. I'm not a fan of the whole swapping out different gear sets for different specs (maybe I'm lazy but I've always hated having to carry around a second gear set and having to remember where it all is in my bags), however some of that has apparently become less complicated it seems, as the need for more than one gear set has become less of a priority than it was before (i.e.; Icy Veins suggests that all three specs have almost the same stat priority), so I'm using the same gear, mostly, through all specs. I stack Haste because it's a high priority for Fury, as is Mastery; which are my two top stats, or should be (Unfortunately Reforging is gone, otherwise I would increase one stat that should take priority over another) I am, as far as I know, fully utilizing cooldowns and other items to maximize DPS: Odyn's Fury, trinkets (Shivermaw's Jawbone, Horn of Valor), racials (Blood Fury), Battle Cry, Defiled Augmentation (+325 Strength), Food for Stat buff, etc. The one thing I have not been using in raids yet is Flask of Countless Armies, because they're expensive to make/buy. Same goes for the armor enchants ($3k+ for neck and cloak enchants. I'm not going to blow the money when I'll upgrade the item likely sooner than later). Not sure if I am missing anything, but I would appreciate some tips or advice from a fellow Warrior, because I feel like a really crappy DPS at the moment...Gormolg15 Jul 30
Jul 29 Dealing with Demon Hunters... What's the strategy for a fury warrior? Seriously, !@#$ those %^-*s. Especially the tank specced ones. What the !@#$ are we supposed to do? I hate them. %^-* them. !@#$ THEM!!!Roargathor6 Jul 29
Jul 29 Soul of the battle lord Just got this ring legendary how good is it ??Dublefisting18 Jul 29
Jul 29 Goblin Tanks So I am thinking about moving this toon over to horde side and see that side of the world for awhile. I have been debating on a race and I like goblins, but back in BC I had a gnome warrior tank and everything was a pain because I was so short. I would get LOS issues under hills, have to stare at bosses feet, etc. I was wondering how the other short tanks out there are doing now? Might just go Belf or Orc.Kanaan23 Jul 29
Jul 29 Melee animations As much as I love the newer animations for melee. I do miss the differences each race had. For instance the 2 handed slam from an orc. Or the spin from a troll. Maybe they can reintroduce some of that?Boffin5 Jul 29
Jul 28 Champion Armaments Hi Guys, Just curious about your Order Hall choices on this one, do any of you bother with the Champion Armamanents anymore once your followers are decked in blue/epic items? I have never gotten anything good from them for months and just wondering if i should stop or switch over to the other order hall choice... Thoughts?Pulsate4 Jul 28
Jul 28 Ayala's Stone Heart nerf on fury? Hello my friends. lets be honest. im a prot warrior. i play fury or arms just for funs. But today doing a few things around i notice that Ayala dont proc as it use to be for Fury. doing LFR just to try it out. (finshing lego quest) notice that on Heyla fight only 7.5 % of the fight. used to be around 25 to 40 if i recall correctly... making rampage build almost impossible to play. have this happen to u guys?!Stollmar1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Feeling of being raged starved I love the way a warrior tanks but I find myself playing other tanks more because it just doesn't feel good to be rage starved and not be able to use abilities like other tanks can. Am I the only one having this issue?Thorox3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Transmog 2 handers to 1 handers? Hey, I think fury warriors should be able to transmog 2 handed weapons to 1 handers. I'm not asking for single minded fury back or anything it's purely cosmetic. Dual wielding 2 handers is cool and all but most of the weapons look kind of comical how large they are when being dual wielded, and 1 handers being locked out for fury warriors really limits the weapon variety you can have. It's such a simple change too and I think it will go a long way to making more transmog appearances possible what do you think?Gandolàs3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Help with Fury DPS Currently our fury warrior is struggling with DPS (relatively new player to WoW and is unfamiliar with the forums) Here are our logs from our last two raids. Any input and suggestions would be appreciated and passed along. Character named Tuuych https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/dyfwnjY3z8PB4axQ/ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/ZD72rJkGBQcm9zFv/Nartis3 Jul 28
Jul 28 Improvement for Defensive Stance I recently used the defensive stance talent on my arms warrior and was surprised that it produced a shield for my toon to carry. I like this talent and hope they keep it because it allows my toon to use a spear and shield combination. Just some improvements I think they should make: 1. Make a glyph for people who want the defense buff but don't want the shield animation that way their toon keeps the 2 hand stance. 2. Make another glyph for those of us who want the shield animation but want to choose different shields for the appearance. The default faction shields are cool but clearly don't mesh with certain transmogs so I would like the option to choose different shield appearances where I can just go to a transmogrifier like I do for the rest of my armor.Swatilda5 Jul 28
Jul 28 New to Prot Hello im new to Prot warrior but not to tanking. (Prot pally/brm monk/blood dk). But id love to add prot warrior to the rotation. However im at a loss for build, stats, legendaries. I will be running Mythic+ content ONLY. So any info you have for that content area would be great. Also i personally like surv builds over maxing my dps if that helps. Any help would be great! Thanks! Legendaries Stats required BuildNazgrar28 Jul 28