Jan 18, 2017 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 Jan 18, 2017
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7m Frost Mage - DPS Help Hello. I'm having a problem with my DPS and I'm not sure what to do, my status is good I think ..(958ilvl) 33% Critical 27% Haste 51% Mastery 23% Versa I have the legendary ring, I own the Vision of Aman'thul (Yup), but I do not have the legendery bracer (yet) Basically I'm starting my rotation with Ebonbolt (on pull)> Flurry> Ice Lance. Then I start the Frostbolt sequence, use Flurry when it's usable (with a Frostbolt before, to get Chain Reaction) (Followed by Ice lance) I use Ice Lance when I have 3 loads ( with 3 loads of Chain Reaction) Today I did Garothi mythical with my guild, I finished the fight with 1.3M (We did it, yayy !!) (some wipes I stayed with 1M, 1.1M, 1.2M) (u guys can check my gear) So .. what am I doing wrong? Any tips? And sorry for the bad English, not my main language :PHyörinmaru2 7m
10m Fix Mage! We are the rogues of casters. We are a dps glass canon theme and yet out dps is terribly low. I know many will say we can cc but !@#$ by the time I get sheep off I'm silenced or it bounces off them like I never used it. We have no real heals, our one pet is useless, we have no awesome abilities like hunters or locks. We can't keep distance with every day melee moving faster than us with gap closers. We get stun after stun and our dps is pathetic. Am I undergeared...yup, but isn't randoms supposed to compensate stats? I'm actually a pretty good fire mage but we are just so weak. Fix us blizz!!!Nîhîlus12 10m
1h Rate the Mage name above you On a scale of 1-10!Ember48 1h
1h PvPability There is a bit to unpack here; also note that I have no interest in balancing 2v2 or 3v3 tl;dr Give mages the ability to stand in the fire for a bit and for balance, take away some of the seemingly frustrating movement abilities that melee complain about. Main point of contention from melee, they can not keep mages in melee range causing frustration. Main point of contention from mage is that they get locked down and are destroyed consistently, causing frustration. So let the melee's hit, but also let the Mages withstand some of it. It seems to me there are two realities in pvp and have been for some time. There is all the other classes, then there is mage. In pvp all the classes can withstand a short beatdown due to abilities or natural defense/dmg reduction while still controlling their character and/or maintaining the ability to still do damage. Italicized for emphasis. Enter the mage which has zero ability to withstand a short beat down and contains zero significant defensive measure that allow him to move while defended, let alone attack. So the major difference between all the other classes and mage is the ability to withstand a bit of pressure to some degree while also maintaining some damage. Consider a melee that is slowed, has you slowed, and is in melee range. Advantage melee all day because they can use all their abilities with impunity, despite the cc. Consider a hunter that is near death popping their shell and running off to their team. Consider a warlock who can actually stand in the fire to little or no ill effect! So the reasoning by Blizzard for mages seems to be that since they have poly (magic based cc that heals the target and wipes any dots off them...) blink (which is greatly diminished the second you get a snare on you), which still required the addition of displacement and now we even have a racial with similar function. These are considered our defense and while positioning can be important, movement really shouldn't be when considering the amount of snares available to many different classes, some ranged some not. I simply propose that mages gain a measure of beefiness so that they can stand in the fire, satisfying at least a base measure of pleasure by melees for still being able to hit them and allowing the mage a more similar fundamental game play experience as the rest of the classes. This can easily be handled by addressing current defensive mechanics as well as by adding a barrier type spell. Maybe have this spell function similar to flowing thoughts where it ebbs and flows from fire, to frost, to arcane, to shadow, to chaos, to physical, to lightning... you get the idea, and for those 1-2 seconds you are immune to that damage type. If anyone has played Chrono Trigger this is a similar idea to the boss fight against Magus where he would cast a spell and simultaneously be immune to that damage type until he casted another type of spell, then gaining the immunity of that damage type. The final thing I would suggest being addressed are physical based snares that have seemingly no way of being removed. Magical snares have all kinds of abilities that can nullify them but I have yet to find a physical snare removal ability (admittedly I have not looked very hard) but experiencing pvp on my Vengeance Demon Hunter I realized something between Cleansed by Flames and Reverse Magic, they don't work on a warriors snare and it is the only type of snare that I have to wait out. This could simply be a function of the DH focusing on countering magic, but I can't ever recall Mages having the ability to remove any type of snare let alone the physical based ones that melees use to lock them down.Diomèdes9 1h
3h Fire mage BUFFED to an overall NERF! lmao Blizz is sneaky, for sure! Fire mage- Overall damage increased 3% Mage class- Mage Intellect Template reduced 3% LMAO.... I swear its like Blizz is totally pissed off at anything mage...! WOWOWOW!Meatballzz7 3h
4h Best leveling spec? Anyone level a mage recently? What spec and talents made it less painful?Sílentpaw0 4h
5h Mage in bfa / upcoming changes Things i would like to suggest to the dev team. (As baseline spells) Enemy spells: Would like to see mages being able to change the effect of a spell being cast or casted on the ground for example to something beneficial to self or pve and pvp team. Your counter spell changes the spell being cast to something else, your spell-steal adds an effect to your shield and next attack. Slow time effect on self you can catch both melee charge and melee running also spell bolts and arrow bolts etc (see Diablo 3's Slow time ability) Mages having more resilience in terms of being lock down when your element spell is down by pet / counter spell. More illusion spells such as mirror image to confuse / trick players in pvp.Mazren0 5h
6h No clue what they're doing with arcane? NEW: "Arcane Explosion Causes an explosion of magic around the caster, dealing [ 60% of Spell Power ] Arcane damage to all enemies within 10 yards. OLD:Damage increased by 60% per Arcane Charge. Mana cost increased by 100% per Arcane Charge. Generates 1 Arcane Charge if any targets are hit. Mage - Arcane Spec. 12% of Base Mana. Instant." So Blizz... is arcane just done as a spec for you? Been playing it about 10 years but now it seems like it's going to be mediocre ST AND mediocre aoe in BFA. Should we all just assume you want mage to be a 2 spec class? Because this is pre-Legion arcane minus prismatic crystal meaning we're no longer viable in mythic plus or on any boss with adds. I realize it's early, but we mentioned how bad the spec was in Legion Alpha and Beta and it remained a disaster until Nighthold when it upgraded to "meh."Tempestwinds39 6h
6h My friend told me that only nerds play mages. Real men fight with their hands.Vegemil8 6h
6h What are your thoughts on the sound effects? For all the specs spells and what not? Personally I feel like they use to sound better I'm not a huge fan of the new sounds.Timeforged6 6h
8h Solo leveling is TORTURE Is Mage meant to be able complete these 110 quests? There is often not enough room to kite without running into 15 mobs, and if I can’t kite, do I just have to accept dying over and over again?Gutb14 8h
8h Need help to improve my DPS I've been trying to take dps'ing abit more seriously with my frost mage rather than just being a healer. I've looked up the rotations and the guides on what to do. A problem I've had is that when I see other dps, it feels like they're getting their procs off all the time. I'm usually one to not want to burn off my CD's on trash mobs (mythic + I'll be more liberal with my CD use). But Once I use these CD's, my dps just goes down from 1.5M to 500k cause frozen orb and ebonbolt are on CD. I know that frostbolt has a chance to proc fingers of frost or brainfreeze, but I never get these procs so I end up becoming like a vanilla wow mage in MC spamming frostbolt cause fingers of frost or brainfreeze never pop up for me. Is there something I'm missing? It really does feel like every dps out there is just able to burst and keep it that way for long periods of time and then there's me, who seems to never get these kinds of moments.Jezminda2 8h
12h Which race should I pick for mage Thinking about preordering BFA and using the 110 boost on a mage. Either I would be a Draenei or Lightforged Draenei because pretty much I only like the Draenei race so which one should I pick for mage?Azuremi6 12h
12h Shimmer INTERRUPT castings ALL THE TIME I am suffering a huge problem when i play mage. Shimmer is described as "castable while casting". BUT, every time i cast and then use shimmer, it always interrupt my channel. For example, when i am casting a blizzard, when the channel goes to half, i use shimmer, the casting will be interrupted. This is so annoying for a PVP player, especially when we have to choose only one from moving cast and double blinks. This is not a common problems, some mages have some not; btw, i didnt learn anything from the mage trainer. I hope i didn't confuse anyone. I am really asking for help for this "bug", i have spent a lot of time on my character and i dont want to give it up. because the most ridicules thing is you never know will ur next mage character be all right or not!!!! Please someone help me, I hope this article can be read by the wow technical team. GUYS, NEED UR VIEWS AND COMMENTS.Stolensheep16 12h
12h Arcane Linguist is still outdated. This has probably been brought up before, but Horde mages with Arcane Linguist still cannot understand Shalassian (Nightborne language). This isn't a game-breaking bug, but for those of us on an RP realm it can be a little frustrating. Do we know if this is going to be updated?Bosleone3 12h
16h Fire Mage Hidden Artifact This completely SUCKS! i have been farming for this hidden artifact for hours upon hours and NO drops =( and yes im Level 6+ Artifact Knowledge lol im so unlucky!!!!Velionx23 16h
16h New 110 Mage - Spec and Rotation options Hi Y'all. decided to use my token to get a 110lvl mage. It's been Cataclysm since I played mage and always had used Fire. So I figured I'd go fire. I hate, and I mean with a fiery passion of a thousand suns, HATE the rotation. The need to monitor stacks on abilities, the need to watch for specific procs. Just not the style of play I was used to when I played mage before, and (as my avatar indicates, Nothing even remotely like a warrior). What's the other specs like? Back when I last played, arcane was simple 3-4 button rotation, but Frost was pretty much PvP only. which of the two is likely to yield a more simplistic playstyle that requires less micromanaging? It's bad enough that the Mage is ridiculously squishy, but having to also watch procs and stacks on abilities is just not my style. I guess worst case, I wasted my 110 token, But I'd LIKE to try and stick with it.Widdlyskuddz11 16h
18h Frosted Donuts for conjured food Who agrees we need frosted donuts as conjured food, I think it'd be pretty cool.Doozycooch1 18h
1d What is a good class to boost? I currently have a hunter, paladin, and demon hunter at 110. I have 102 monk, 56 rogue, and a 60 druid. So what class other than these should I boost?Shakeit8 1d
1d Blizzard belt question If I’m running the blizzard belt what is the protocol for singlet target usage? Do I cast an instant blizzard anytime it’s up as long as I have a buff from the belt effect or do I sit on the buff until it hits 5 stacks to blizzard? If it is at 5 stacks, do I hard cast blizzard or never do that in any situation ? Thanks in advanceNootzio2 1d
1d How are mages to compete? How? Gilneas random BG Top damage: Top 6 melee. #1 - Death Knight (Frost) Prestige 2 191,433,538 damage #7 - Mage (Fire) Prestige 4 61,874,445 I died 3 times. My uptime was 90%. I used everything in my spell book. Rarely was there a time I wasn't casting something. Using up every CD available. HOW IN HELL can a lower prestige DK out do that by 3x???????? HOW IS IT ok that my pyro averages 194k damage? HOW IS THAT OK??? IT ISNT OK!!! wht the !@#$ing hell has happened to Blizzard? Why don't they give a %^-*!@# $%^- about mages? Mages have to have gear that is 40 points higher than there opponent or its lights out..WTF BLIZZARD????Stephnrock28 1d
1d Anti-melee ideas For Frost: cone of cold could change to what i would like to call Avalanche basically its a short range spell that has a long distance effect, a series of ice columns hit the target/s in a short frontal cone arc, pushing the target/s out to long range. For Arcane you could have an ability from Diablo, which is (Slow time) basically anything inside the area of effect moves slowly, so even if you used charge or heroic leap and would still move slowly until you got to the outside edge of the area of effect. For Fire.. Perhaps fire Twister, fire moving around you in a circle etc.Mazren16 1d
1d Am i the only one who still loves mages? Frost for life btw. All I see is people complaining. (Forums I know I'm not new here) but I just don't agree. I do decent enough in pve. Not the glass canon I was hoping for but I keep up. Pvp I do fine so long as I pick my battles correctly. I also am just fine using my utility to help the group rather then just blowing people up. Slowing FCs dressing melee to peel off healers throwing out counters and spell stealing shields. Picking off low hp guys with my heavy burst. I don't run slot of arena but when I do I struggle and stopped bothering with 2s entirely. But in rbgs. (Again super casual so I'm not like glad level) I do good enough that I don't really have complaints. I do wish I could handle dks and wars a little better. As frost I feel like I should have enough utility to at least keep them off me. Not that I want to be able to even kill them 1v1 but at least be able to slow and freeze them enough I can stay alive long enough for help to arrive. Idk maybe I'm just not a baby and have seen the dynamics of class balance enough that I can be patient and wait for mages to make a come back. I mean as frost for 10 years I have been the bottom, the top, the middle. I have seen every class and every spec have it's glory days and it's useless days. However I'm still content and I still log into my mage and have plenty of fun playing.Smõke22 1d
1d GS vs TV Frost build I've been looking at messing around with GS for the cleave AoE fights in Antorus. it seems like it would be better for fights like Antorian High Command and cleave heavy fights. I simmed for singe target and in my current gear is about ~60K behind TV and I'm looking to see if I can close the gap for ST. Without having to spend a couple of hrs doing sims and gear swapping does anyone know if : A) Are Mag's bracers devalued by less casting of IL and would this make CmS Helm better? B) Is the tier 20 two piece devalued enough to drop it for higher ilvl gear because it is seemingly awkward line up with a GS shatter crit with the 2p. C) Is this a pointless exercise to try to make a lesser talent feel better. Thus far with my sims haste seems to be favored over haste by a bit and it actually makes mastery somewhat useful its only about ~7 dps behind Haste/Vers (vice TV which mastery is absolutely worthless)Pyrõx10 1d
1d 3.4k Mythic Plus Team LF rDps 3.4k Morning Team LF DPS: Name: Ctrl Alt Del Playtimes: Weekdays (11:00am to 2:00pm CST) We're looking for serious players who are able to be here Monday through Friday from 11:00am to 2:00pm consistently to push high keys. Consistency is what we need Mythic+ Score: Currently seeking 2.5k+ for tryouts. ilvl Requrement: Looking for 960+ Current Needs: Boomie/WW Monk/DH/Aff Lock Will consider all exceptional players. Contact: My IGN is Gamercop. My RealID is Gamercop#1941 or just message me here on Discord. Stream Streaming every morning during our times: 11:00am to 2:00pm. Come watch some high level M+ runs from a tank PoV!Gamercop0 1d
1d Arcanocrystal and Arcane Spec Hi fellow mages, I recently switched back to Arcane from Fire. As the tittle suggest, I have a 910 Arcanocrystal and It was certainly useful as Fire, Idk if it does the same for Arcane, as I had been hearing a lot of stuff concerning trinkets, any help would be appreciated.Cyprinne5 1d
1d Not just a Food Vendor problems I'm having a noob problem with this quest. Ithe requires me to feed the prisoners Mana Pudding, but all my refreshmentor conjuring will give me are Buns.. How do I get the mana pooding? Do I have to go back to the cooking trainer and learn it?Shalack2 1d
1d 3 weeks, no iL 900. Monk just got iL1000:( Damn what luck.. Ive got nothing but 870 for 3 weeks, almost 4, now. Monk, prestige 1, just got iL1000 ring drop. What damn luck I got a 870 Tunic!!! WOOOWHOOOOO....!!!!Meatballzz10 1d
2d Arcane mage t20 vs t21 When does the 2 set bonus from tomb become out ilvled with antorus set? I have all 6 pieces heroic 950+ but still using a 925 helm and 920 chest from tomb. At what point should I stop using it?Sweetteabag3 2d
2d New to Mage question Hello guys, so basically I'm new to mage and I was wondering what is the best spec for pve. I barely pvp so it doesn't really matter for me, and if you could tell what's the most fun spec. ( For raiding on a mythic level )Dfat2 2d
2d Frost Mage T21 Just started playing a frosty mage after about playing exclusively healer since cata. Loving it so far, having some troubles understanding what gear to go for. I know the stat weighs and am aiming for mostly haste/vers now that I hit the 30% crit mark. Just wondering how good the T21 bonus is, and how many ilvls an item is worth dropping to equip the 2/4 pc. ATM I am wearing a 940 leg piece over the LFR 915 tier leg piece (they have same stats), but i lose out on the 2 set bonus for wearing it. Not sure what is worth. Thanks guys.Faultypally9 2d
2d Best spec now and for 7.3 I know that playing the spec you enjoy the most is a good general rule, however I just leveled a mage to 110 and with the way legendary items work I don't want to play frost and get a frost legendary, just to have frost not be top dog in 7.3. So, what is the best mage spec now and what will be the best spec in 7.3?Omnimorte48 2d
2d Male Nightborne Casting Animations Does anyone like them? They are the same as male nelf casting animations, and nelfs could be mages for some time now (but not locks). I really like the male nightborne model, except the casting animations are, for me, vomit bad. I made a starting one to see if i could get used to it and enjoy it, but it just stayed so awful. Personal taste varies, so hopefully there are people in the community who like them.Taßoo5 2d
2d Unknown Aluneth Appearance? No sheep! Was setting in Fire before switching over to Arcane so I could look through the different appearances I'd unlocked and I found something odd in place of where I imagine the Woolomancer's Charge would sit as the "Secret" appearance. Checked all of my actual options at the artifact forge and everything seems in check, but for whatever reason this (what seems like an unfinished and unanimated model) came up for me. Screenshots below, lemme know what you think! 2d
2d Ray of Frost idea Hey guys, Ray of frost sticks out like a sore thumb. I think it would be a really cool spell but it doesn't really interact with the spec at all. What if when you used the spell, you could fire off ice lances while channeling (and maybe give it the ability to proc some too). Would anyone else think this is cool?Kiaven1 2d
2d Rate that Mage Mog 2 Last thread capped ( ) so I'll pick up where it was left off. @ Calence Love the robe, crown and staff combo. Very elegant. However, I think it would look better without the belt and with shoes that match. 7/10Julia465 2d
2d Portal Magic, Base line spell For some time portal spells have only involved going from point A to B however i think there could be uses for pvp and pve. I would like to propose an ability called "Alternate Dimension" and this is how it would work.. You select your target which would be a mid range distance, when you activate the ability only you and the target can see each other and can only target each other and can see no one else....also, other players would not be able to see you or the target either (during the duration of the spell). The visual would be something like what you see when you cast invisibility spell. You still see the same environment you were standing in just like the invisibility spell. The target would be able to break out if they can get a stun on you which would break your concentration...this would not be a channeled ability you can use all your abilities as can the target, the applications of this might be.. 1. Alternate dimension on the can get some damage in without them having a target to heal or have a secondary target heal them. 2. Alternate dimension on any other target, maybe flag runner... the enemy team would lose target, though so would your own while you get as much damage out as you can, perhaps you get some damage buff etc. In pve, this could even work on boss fights yes the boss would only be able to see you.. but because you and the target are in an Alternate dimension the rest of the players are able to be out of combat for a short amount of time which would mean you could do a group rez. Also this would be a way for you and a friendly target to gain some safety in a raid and pvp. Hope you enjoyed the read, and found this portal based magic idea interesting, Thanks for reading.Mazren4 2d
2d New Mage. Basic questions. I'm totally new and not sure about the mechanics of mage. I did read through Icy Veins but there were some really basic information I couldn't find. First my ilvl is 914. I have 33% crit, 25% haste and 53% mastery. My dps is around 600k and I feel like I should be doing a bit better than that. I read in another thread on this forum that I should open with Ebon bolt, then icy veins, flurry, ice lance, orb then regular rotation which starts with frost bolt and then dump procs. 1. I'm just not sure what spell to cast during which proc. 2. Is there an addon that can audibly let me know when something procs? When should blizzard be used? Before ebon bolt? Is two targets not enough to use blizzard on? I talked to someone that said I should open with blizzard to increase my dps even on one target. Much confusion. Any help would be very appreciated!Nichari11 2d
2d Best damage spec & racial? What would be the best spec to raid with and best race for racial or doesn’t racial matter too much anymore? Wanting to start a mage but unsure on what to do.Fearøshima4 2d
2d Ilvl 941....1.2mil? Hi there, I’ll make it short and sweet. On my best fights I’m doing 1.1, maybe 1.2 mil. Compared to what I see other ppl doing, I just feel that that is low and that’s with the 1500int buff from the flask (can’t remember what it’s called) and 325 more from defiled rune. I’ve read quite a bit and watched a few vids, but I feel like I’m still struggling to break a million. I shoot for all crit. I currently have cinderstorm talented because I was doing bgs, normally though I choose kindling (I think it’s called, not meteor). Can someone please let me know if that dps is appropriate for my ilvl and stats please? Should I wait until the boss is down to 90% before I use combustion? I’ve heard conflicting opinions. Any help would be greatly appreciated because I took a couple weeks off and will be raiding again this week. Thank you!Pompeii6 2d
2d Ebonbolt is GONE in BFA *places face in palms of my hands* No, not like this... why, almighty Gods, why? Any Frost Mage knew Ebonbolt was like a shy girlfriend at first, but soon then became a significant part of our lives. We would wake up every morning to it, proccing us some nice Flurries for breakfast along with a hefty glass of DPS spell burst into a nice flowing chain. And now, it's just gone like the wind from Mr. Blizzard. No one can replace my true love, Ebonbolt. My opener will never be the same without it... /cry No spell is currently in place of Ebonbolt, but since BFA is in alpha, anything is subject to change... But, I'm always skeptical about what Blizzard tweaks in classes, especially Mages. Like it or not, Ebonbolt was a good spell to have for Flurry proc's, as well as extra juicy damage and by God, an extra spell to use. What might you think will happen?Ópium21 2d
2d Baseline spells for Mage Slow time area of effect on own area Mages can change the spell effect of other casters both casting and existing such as aoe heals in effectMazren2 2d
3d Heroic Coven of Shivarra Notice on warcraft logs and other sites most frost mages are using arctic gale over unstable magic. Is it just to get our frost orb faster? I ask this because in my heroic group the adds are not stacked together for its feels like a more single target fight due to the blizzard ain't going to hit multi targets. So why arctic gale over unstable magic? Only thing I can think of is to get the frost orb faster.Deadlybolts2 3d
3d Rate the Mage Mog Above you Well, uh... 0.8/10 Blizzard, Legion is so out of season.Arissya1 3d
3d Item Level 910, Pyro average 194k?? Why isn't Pyroblast hitting like a truck anymore? It takes 25-35 or more to kill anything.Stephnrock13 3d
3d Secondary Stats - Fire Hello! I have some questions regarding secondary stats for Fire mage. I currently have the 4p T21, the legendary belt, and Firestarter. Still missing the bracers, however I only have a handful of legendaries remaining so it'll happen eventually. The Icyveins guide says to prioritize crit with 4p T21. Is there a point where crit becomes less important and I should focus on mastery? And if so, when? 45%? 50%? 55%? I ask because I have other legendaries or higher ilvl gear I'm not using to prioritize crit, but I don't know if I'm stacking too much. I saw a video of a fire mage sitting in the mid-high 40% and was recommending mastery. Thanks.Fajra4 3d
3d Bloodlet vs Pyro. Give me Bloodlet Why is a glaive throw ability that much better then any Pyro I can cast? Melee has better range damage than my fire mage? How is that okay? So to combat it we have a shield that absorbs 200k. 200k doesn't cut it.Meatballzz5 3d
3d Few mage changes in BfA Is anyone else worried about the lack of attention mages are getting at least thus far heading into Battle for Azeroth? Ive seen virtually no changes except a few minor tweaks to arcane on the alpha currently. I know things will change and they already mentioned they dont want to completely overhaul every class, but I am a bit worried. I've mained mage since end of Wrath and I have enjoyed the playstyle of mage much more in every previous expansion compared to Legion. I dont want to play something Ive already grown bored of for another entire expansion. Mage is competitve, but a very lackluster style of play. In PvE, you're spamming a filler til you get procs. In PvP, you're just running away because melee have more mobility than you and mage is one of the hardest classes to 1v1 on, which really has never been an issue. Can't rely on old playstyle of slows/roots/kiting and our only toolkit is multiple blinks. Please make some changes to how the class plays because I won't be happy with just getting Arcane Intellect added on top of what we currently have, because that's the only significant change so far.Annartsa39 3d