22h PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 22h
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1m Frost Mages So...I am very disappointed to the changes Blizzard has made to Frost Mages. They said they were balancing out classes with this last patch. They didn't balance out Frost Mages though, they just made them much, much weaker. At the beginning of Legion Blizzard gave us the ability to heal in Iceblock...they also gave us the ability to Iceblock twice. This last patch they took both of those things away. I never could stand up to a good Paladin, Death Knight, or Demon Hunter, but with these things gone my survivability just went down much more. I am easier to kill than ever. I also am reading on the forums that 22 percent of our talents don't work properly. Blizzard really needs to get their act together. The developers and the people making these changes either don't care about mages or are completely out of touch with the people playing them. Or both.Mckenna4 1m
13m Skorpyron as a fire mage So I was just looking at logs for that fight and as expected, mages are in the top. My question is: how are they pulling 3-4 million dps? are they pulling in more adds on purpose to pad meters because I don't see how LB can do that much DPS on waves of 4-6 adds.Mcpenco13 13m
21m Is Frost sorta screwed in NH? From what I've seen, Nighthold sure shares a lot of add-consistant fights, thus' using AoE. I know we're "buffed in AoE" a bit, but Fire/Arcane, other classes out-AoE us by miles. Am I missing something here?Paperjelly46 21m
24m Mage specs Hi mage forum, I am considersing boosting a mage and would like to know which spec is well equipped for mythic+ dps. I've never played a mage in my life, I have no idea what the pros and cons are of each spec. Please point me in the right direction, thanks!Tallyswift0 24m
42m How do you stay alive in pvp? I don't know about the top mages, but I have a seriously difficult time staying alive in pvp. 99% of the time, I am focused on by 2+ horde. AND, they really have their stuns, silence, slows timed. As arcane, I have been getting 3 dmg spells off before I am dead and that is trying to do temp shield, and the nerfed mage shields and ice block just prolongs dying by 10 sec., not to mention blink and displacement (which helps me get 1 extra dmg cast off). As fire, I have more mobility and get most of my insta fire casts off and with cauterize blink, some healing. I can manage to stay alive much, much longer but, fire just doesn't do enough dmg to bring someone down, (yay for pyro being less dmg than fireball). I have tried to bring down a disc priest, a druid, and monk for literally 3 min. and still cannot kill them. 25 sec recast time on silence and 20 sec recast on dragons breath, they just heal up. oh, ya, sheep them and IT heals them. Chain cast Greater pyro, and every 3.75 sec they get hit for 1.2 mil, then just heal almost to full in between casts. Oh yeah, the most hilarious thing is cauterize. I get to cheat death in pvp, only to run around for 3 sec really fast before their dots, combined with the cauterize dot and basically I kill myself. AND yes, i do ice block to stop the cauterize dot, but that usually leaves me with 20 percent health, one tic almost always hits, then they just stun me and i die. Useful suggestions would be appreciated. No need to say just learn to play or delete. I have tried many different opening combinations, but more suggestions would be helpful. Tired of being a loser in pvp, especially with these new BRILLIANT changes by Blizzard.Caustick15 42m
50m Arcane 4-piece bonus I just got my arcane 4 piece from nighthold today. I am really confused of when I should use my pop my cds. It seems if I play like before I got the 4 set (popping cd every 1.5 minutes then evocate), the 4 set bonus becomes pretty much useless. Please let me know if you figure out the new arcane rotation.Lstrea10 50m
1h Crying mages Seriously I don't understand what you guys are whining about, I love my mage and I am very powerful and all I read is this spec sucks this spec sucks I can't beat anyone when I constantly out dps people. This isn't speaking for pvp cause we are !@#$ tier there since 7.1.5. No we are not top dps but if put in the right hands you will shine. Fix your own problems not blame the amazing class that is mage.Sheeped13 1h
1h Arcane 4 piece need rework. Just got my 4 piece from nighthold today. After reading numerous posts and doing some theorycraft and raid testing myself. I think arcane 4 set bonus is really bad. I felt the bonus would have a great synergy with quickening (Too bad they removed it). Currently, arcane power has a 90 second burst cd and evocation also has a 90 second burst cd but you always evocation about 20 seconds after you use arcane power. The 4 set bonus only makes Arcane power and Evocation to come back at around same time. You will be in a very awkward spot because there will not be another burst window between two of your 90 seconds cds. There are some solutions to this, #1 You can get the new legendary helm so you get 2 charges of evocation, #2 You can try to take arcane missile proc relic, talents but I never really tested it. Please leave comment and tell me what you time.Lstrea1 1h
1h Today's Hotfixes (PVP Perspective) Frost only had changes made to its irrelevant talents, and not to the point that they're now relevant. Until they significantly buff frostbolt damage and address our inability to do any damage at all on-the-move since ice floes was nixxed, frost will be obsolete as far as i'm concerned. I've seen fewer and fewer frost mage teams in arena over the past week, and those I have seen have been pretty easy wins, unfortunately. It's heartbreaking. I didn't mess much with fire, but I'm wondering if these nerfs will kill its ability to generate pressure. From what I understand, flamestrike and flame patch were doing a lot of damage even in arena, and I don't think that will be the case anymore. Arcane was obviously overperforming, and I think they brought it back in line to a fair point, we'll have to see. The overpowered talent was nerfed to only be a 15% increase above baseline, so I'm planning to switch to arcane orb. Thoughts?Scarlin30 1h
1h Am I the only person who loves Ray of Frost? I feel like nobody else likes this. I've been playing Lonely Winter for the last couple of months and I hate losing Ray of Frost with that spec. I find it very useful in PvP as it gives you another option for damage in between your usual rotation/cooldowns. And it's basically immune to interrupts since you can start casting it again right after you get interrupted (unless that got changed with the last patch). It also helps for LoS-abusing targets. I wish it was baseline. P.S. I'm pretty sure it's getting a further 12% increase in damage in tomorrow's update. It was just buffed in 7.1.5. I can't imagine how hard it hits now. EDIT: Should have mentioned that this is a PvP thread.Cachexic14 1h
1h Arcane AoE I keep hearing that Arcane has mediocre AoE damage and I just don't get that. Arcane Explosions against a large group of mobs especially with RoP often gives me 1.2 to 1.5 million k DPS. Against groups of mobs greater then 4 I don't think I have ever been out dpsed by any char including Fire. There was a short time were monks could do it but that was nerfed before 7.1.5 even came out. I'm just curious what you guys think about the subject it just seems weird to me that people call our AoE average at best. Is that because they kind of put cleave in the same grouping. I mean i know for cleave we are not great but for large group AoE i just don't get it.Gandalor10 1h
2h Trinkets I know there was some talk about proc trinkets like Shock-Baton (etc) being nerfed, but has this been confirmed? Are stat sticks better than most of these trinkets now or what? I've noticed my SB doesn't seem to proc very often now, but that could simply just be bad luck on my part.Lezzard8 2h
3h 4 Fire Blast Charges? Sometimes I get 4 charges, other times I only get 3. For the life of me I cant figure out why. Help please.Zolltann4 3h
3h Generic stat weight for fire mages? I'm a fire mage. I guess I play like one step above casual -- I do Mythic+'s and pug raids sometimes, but I'm not a hardcore raider looking to squeeze every ounce of DPS out of my character as possible. With that said, I'm not really willing to do research on different stat priorities in different boss fights or learn SimCraft or whatever, but I do want to know if there's a generic stat weight that I can follow as a rule of thumb for deciding on those neck-and-neck quality pieces. I'm posting here because I've scoured the internet and have just seen a lot of people talking about installing SimCraft to find the different weights and then plugging them in to some addon and a bunch of other things that, honestly, I just don't care to do. Basically, I'm looking for easy mode stat weights for fire mages. Any suggestions? Thanks! :)Ottermelon11 3h
5h How much Crit should I have at this point? i took a break back in november and I just came back for the new raid. im ilvl873 with 1 legendary (Sephuz' Secret) and i have 62% crit while wearing ilvl869 gear (873 with items w/o Crit)Blazeìt4 5h
6h Failed PvP Templates at it again! Mage ... Thanks to FOTM players Overpowered was warranted. -Unstable Magic now crap. -Nerf to PvP AB damage minor -Stat Template Unwarranted and proof that your Stat Templates are not doing there jobs and blizzard isn't doing their jobs either. I am totally shocked at this and in disbelief how dumb the pvp devs are. Wonder how many blasts i can get off now if any to begin with how MeleeCraft this game is now, then go where did my mana go? It wasn't to bad before but now... Oh thats right I don't get mastery anymore because blizzard said so. WHEN MASTERY IS THE CORE MECHANIC OF THE CLASS/FANTASY! /facepalm Please give me the control over my stats i can tune my class better than you blizzard FFS!Joederp9 6h
8h Arcane template mastery change What?Globalist0 8h
8h Flamestrike nerf pvp lol Just read hot fixes. Basically all the classes that got nerfed needed a nerf, including flamestrike spec. Except. Now no1 will ever run flamestrike because it's useless. Will take too much time to hard cast and got double nerfed in dmg. The ONLY way this would remain viable is if melee dmg got drastically decreased (not happening). Instead of nerfing things into the ground, try to make more incentives for use in different situations. ggDoctaboom3 8h
9h 17-1 Frost Hotfixes Chilled to the Bone's damage has been increased by 250%. Burst of Cold now increases the damage of Cone of Cold by 800%. At first I thought, maybe this is good combo: frostnova frostbolt shatter into CoC. But this is the reality: Chilled to the Bone's does no damage if you break it making it a useless talent. So it only deals damage if the target stays rooted for the duration or gets dispelled (double lol). Also CoC now just deals a bit more then a frostbolt with Burst of Cold, so maybe nova deepshatterd frostbolt into CoC, while the idea is ok, the damage is still not great and we have to sacrifice ice form leaving us with a 3 min CD icy veins (yea 3 mins offensive that can be purged) Concentrated Coolness now increases the damage of Frozen Orb by 250%. I had some ideas about this now if it would deal enough damage and it actually does ok, but you are stun/rogue dependant otherways anyone can get out of it with blink/leap/dash/rush etc. And we come to the point we still sacrifice our 1 min burst cd (ice form) for a 3 min purgable buff Blizz we want to deal enough presure we deserve to do some damage at least more then healers, right now im to the point i d even say "give polly a cd and give us more damage". the game isnt fun if your dps class does way less damage then the rest of the classesErikysan4 9h
9h Now that we can upgrade legendaries... Any recommendations on what to upgrade? Is there a way to sim legendaries at 940 rather than at 910? I have four--two utility (Belo'vir, Prydaz), two dps (bracers, Shard)--and given the tedious requirements to upgrade a legendary, I'd prefer to do upgrades in an efficient manner. Any advice?Tehbigz17 9h
9h How you should have handled Arcane Burst You really wanted to nerf arcane in pvp in a way that was balanced? Take out Presence of Mind from pvp. That was the culprit. AS IF casting in arcane was not punishing enough ( 9 seconds of me jumping because i cant cast anything except a 30 cd nova and a 4 min block) You nerfed not only mages but locks and boomies. Is this your way of telling casters to roll monk? (NO nerf, crazy mobility and burst) also why the hell did you nerf flamestrike like 3-4 months in the expansion when no one was complaining? I have never seen a forum post say "OMG fire mages using flame strike" that was like the only thing that kept fire mages viable PERSONALLY. RIP The arcane dream 1/10/2017-1/17-2017 . You made melee feel weirded out that they were not the ones 2-4 shotting you.Blazr8 9h
11h WID trinket for fire Got a socketed 885 version of the Whispered in the Dark trinket . Maybe my expectations are too high and also because it`s difficult to really measure its performance (dps increase), but I thought it would be stronger. It is simming well as per altered time so I must be expecting too much. Anyone has an opinion on this trinket and a strategy to maximize buff / debuff of the trinket ?Jacar0 11h
11h What does Blizzard have against Arcane Mages? I just don't get it. We got a buff to our damage so that we actually could possibly kill some people in the BGs and then they come right back and nerf us so hard we barely have any mana to cast any spells with? I just don't get what Blizzard has against Arcane Mages? Is it that they just have no idea how to balance us? Do they just hate the idea of Arcane and want everyone to play Fire or Frost? Our most important stat is Mastery and they nerf it into the ground in a BG? It just makes no sense. Like they threw darts at a dart board to determine what stat to nerf so that people would stop complaining about our damage. Imagine that! A Mage with DAMAGE! Who ever HEARD of such a thing, eh? LOL Could they at least come clean and tell us that they don't know what they are doing with Mages, but that they are sure they don't want to see them be successful in PvP anymore? At least then I could just concentrate on PvE and find another game for PvP that has people who know what they are doing programming it. So tired of getting a buff to just be BARELY competent in a BG only to have the nerfhammer hit so hard I am back to being a free HK. This is NOT the same Blizzard development I know. Those guys actually knew something about what they were doing. This crew on the other hand... /rant offMichaeas12 11h
12h Horn of Valor I got a great Horn from my Mythic 12 chest and I'm wondering if this is an all around good trinket for both ST and AOE with it's great on-use effect. I don't see many people equipped with it though. I have yet to enter NH (scheduled this w/e) And I'm thinking of equipping this and a nice socket WQ bloom stat stick. Thoughts?Nevindaal3 12h
12h Shard of Exodar Legendary Ah! I finally got this beast over the weekend! I have been told its one of the best Legendaries in the game! Essentially it removed temporal displacement debuff, so I can Time Warp every 5 minutes instead of 10, and/or I can benefit from a double lust. My damage on a whole has been out of this world because of it. I honestly didn't believe I would get any legendary in Legion because I am not that lucky, but thanks to a Highmountain Emissary cache! Does anyone else have Shard of Exodar Legendary?Vivitix19 12h
13h Talent question hi everyone , I have recently started a frost mage and just a few moments ago hit lvl 15 talents opened up and I chose lonely winter . I was just wondering how many of you use this instead of having a pet and how well it works in pve ? was also wondering if you stick with that talent later of in legion ? thank youSylarsong6 13h
13h Frost Mage PvP Concerns/Suggestions Edit: Added January 17th Hotfixes. They buffed most of the talents that are actually broken. DO NOT BE FOOLED! THOSE BUFFS DID NOTHING! Added what changed to these talents after the hotfixes. This post is going to be concerned only with Frost Mage PvP. More specifically the four honor talents that do not make sense or do not even work for Frost. Chilled to the BoneThis talent does not deal enough damage to be relevant. Furthermore, it's usage is dependent on long CD's of Freeze and Frost Nova. This makes the benefits of this talent pretty much none. I can also confirm that this damage does not even proc if you shatter the nova with another spell making it even more useless. After hotfix: Still does not proc when you break the nova. IE: if you Cone of Cold to shatter the nova it does not proc. Currently the only way to make this proc is to dispel the nova (hits for about 250k) or the nova has to expire. Yes even feral druids shifting out of the nova does not proc this. It LITERALLY only works when dispelled. FrostbiteThis was a classic frost mage talent back in previous expansions. However, it does not have its own DR's and this makes your Frost Nova and Freeze nearly useless if you've gotten two or more procs. You actually have to avoid this talent as to not screw yourself on Root DRs. After Hotfix: Nothing changed here. Still avoided because it makes your Frost Nova and Pet Nova DR. Also DRs with other roots. Concentrated CoolnessThis talent straight up does not work. I am not sure if Frozen orb is just bugged in PvP right now or what.... Currently in arena it ticks for 6-7k damage and with this talent it goes up to a whopping 12-13k damage. In other words this talent is currently useless. After hotfix: This is still broken. Now instead of hitting for 6k per tick it hits for about 26k. I am not sure what is trying to be accomplished here. But in order to get to a damage amount worth a damn they would have to buff this by almost 2000%. Burst of ColdA talent that was recently nerfed in the recent patch. For what reason it was nerfed I will never know. Currently in PvP Cone of Cold hits for around 14-20k damage. Plus, this is yet another talent revolving around Frost Nova. No one is going to take this over Ice Form in a million years. After hotfix: So this talent started out at 600% at the beginning of the expansion. For some reason it got nerfed to 250% in 7.1.5, even after I posted statistics on the PTR forum about how bad of a change that was. Now they buff it to 800%? Past the original starting point? This just shows that (a) they did not test things at all, or (b) they did not listen to ANY PTR feedback. After recently testing this in arena it hits for ~220k. Still making it sub par in comparison to Ice Form. I am making this post to show that roughly 22% of our Honor Talents either do not work or are completely useless. Something needs to change with these talents to make frost more interesting. No other specialzation in the game has four talents that are bugged/not used. Besides template changes, which could be made to make Frost viable again, it would be nice to have more options besides Ice Form and Deep Shatter. **One last gripe about Frost Mage. Our regular talents at level 90 leave no option for single target damage. If anything could Unstable Magic please be made to not break crowd control? I've seen that many classes got baked in AOE damage fixed so it would not break crowd control. Would be nice if we got the same treatment.Leviholyswag17 13h
14h Frost Rotation and Stat Priority help 7.1.5? New to mage and casters in general. Just wondering what the stat priority is and rotation that I should be following for single and multi target Also, what builds to go with as far as raiding and mythic+.Lycisciana0 14h
16h Nightborne Archmage in NH before Telarn... ...casting an Arcane Blast with the updated visual and animation. Please copy paste to player Arcane mages. Thanks.Mythlos4 16h
16h Mage Tower 6: git gud these threads r slow nowSmallestcat292 16h
17h Norgannon's Foresight 7.1.5 Personal thoughts for 7.1.5? Retrospectively, I think that they somehow made it worse than it was considering the crazy amount of movement in Nighthold, at least for arcane. It's utterly useless for volcanic now. Instead of 8 seconds still + 5 seconds casting, Might have felt better being 5 seconds still + 2 moving casts. Oh well, still a better stat stick than the belt.Lycoan4 17h
18h Fire Mage Opener (1-1.2mil dps)[886ilvl] ***Thread has turned into somewhat of a talent/gear theorycraft too, so checkitout. ***Lots of mages on here with lots of opinions, not all of them wrong, but this is not supposed to be a fiery ego battle. Most things said in this post can be subjective to playstyle, pull, pull time, aoe, movement, etc. Altered time has a lot of confusion and arguing, the mage forums are filled with misinformation. So let me try and explain my opener and how I sustain the fight. As far as I can see this is as close to perfect opener as you can get. 7/7m, 2/3m, 5/7h m+16, Parses 80-99 in heroic fights. I often raid call and do soak mechanics, so sometimes my parses drop to the 80% range. But have faith. Please call me out for anything I overlooked or missed, I will try and edit. * ST-Trinkets - 865 Darkmoon card (highly recommended, especially if your crit rating is -56% - 870 Horn of Valor (best trinket in the game for us atm) * 18-20% Haste - Important for your combustion, to get off all your instas within the limit. (This is subjective to opener/playstyle. But a lot of smart mage men are suggesting this haste softcap. (actually around 16-18%). *I'm an old school mage. I think pre casting pyro is always a good idea. This patch, last patch, last expansion doesn't matter. Assuming it crits you've wasted 0 seconds of pull time and you're doing 5(2%)[sadface]% more dmg from PI. EXAMPLE SEQUENCE - Pull timer 15seconds - @-5 seconds until pull timer prolonged power and hard cast pyro - @-0 seconds pryoblast lands (hope for crit) - @ 0 seconds macro (mirror images, and an "on use" int trinket if you have one [Horn of valor and prism are very very strong now with MI]). - @ 1-2 seconds into fight and your first cast of the fight is fireball regardless of wether or not your precast pyro crit. - @ 2-3 seconds and as soon as your fireball starts casting immediately fireblast. No matter what fireblast asap after casting your fireball. (this starts the cooldown on your fireblast so you can weave another bonus fireblast in at the end). [Very Important] - If your precast pyro crit, that fireblast you just cast will activate hotstreak. SO as that fireball leaves your hands you spend your hot streak and combustion in mid air to start your crit chain. [Very Important] - If your precast pyro did not crit, the fireblast is now a heating up. Hopefully with the stacking 10% crit chance the fireball your casting now has a 20% chance to crit, creating your crit chain. So with a fresh hot streak. Hard cast another fireball along with that hot streak - use combustion in mid air. [Very Important] - If you suck or get unlucky (damn rnjesus) and your precast pyro and first fireball both dont crit. Grit your teeth (complain to a friend) and cast another fireball/pf at the same time with combustion as theyre traveling. Into the crit chain. So now that all thats out of the way you're able to get into the actualy combustion chain. So, lets assume you have hot streak from example a (the dream). You cast your very first fireball along with a hot streak pyro proc, as those are in the air you combustion. Boom already 4 stacks of pyretic incantation. - Cast Meteor (if you have it) [CIS is garbage, sorry simlords]. (kindling isnt total rip) - [Very Important] - Your first insta to use will be phoenix flames for the same reason you use a fireblast so early. (you want it to come back up asap!) So. 1. Prolonged/Pyro (pre pull @5sec) 2. Macro (MI/Trinket) 3. Fireball#1 4. Fireblast 5. Fireball#1 + Hotstreak 5.5 Cast Meteor and Combustion 6. Pyro 7. PF (your first pf of the fight) 8. Pyro 9. Fireblast 10. Pyro 11. Fireblast 12. Pyro 13. PF 14. Pyro 15. Fireblast 16. Pyro 17. PF 18. Pyro 19. End with a fireblast on 1-3 seconds off cooldown. Sustain Suggestions - Never have 3 fb or pf stacked up - IF No Hot Streak, If No Heating up Cast Fireball + PF immediately after = hope for crit chain -IF Heating up, IF No Hot Streak Cast Fireball + Fireblast immediately during the cast = hope for crit chain -IF Hot Streak Celebrate! Cast Fireball/pyro hot streak. Cross your eyes and hope to get lucky for another one. Crit is not as important as it was last patch, we can all agree on that. Pyretic Incantations is nerfed, and we got higher base crit rating. So some mages are started to drop below 50% crit in order to use "better trinkets". Please understand that chain critting is still your #1 of doing sustain dmg. No trinket will make up for losing 10% crit dmg every other cast. Opinions Intellect is far far better than people realize with the changes to Mirror images. Trinkets that have "on use" Int buffs and "stat stick" trinkets are very powerful right now for fire. Mirror images takes a reoccurring and static snapshot of your stats. Fire stayed about the same single target as before patch 7.1.5, other classes however seemed to have gotten a large single target buff. (this was noticeable to me on fast we were killing mythic guarm from one week to the other). HOWEVER our aoe has been buffed, fire mages are the kings of mythic+ right now. Living bomb is still insanely strong. Stronger IMO than flame patch. Arran's relaxing ruby - Dont use for ST. However, still beyond godlike for mythic+ and AOE. IDC what any sim says honestly, my "flame wreath" accounts for just as much dmg as ignite by the time a mythic12 is done. STILL VERY STRONK. (It should also be noted that Living bomb spreading can proc your flame wreath, again VERY STRONK). Some mages will hard cast and save their instas to keep a chain crit going, this is bad if your gear (crit rating) is good like 50%+ without abilities/talents. So, for example... MR. Mage has 0 hotstreak, 0 heating up. MR. Mage has 2-3Phoenix Flames up. Mr. Mage spams fireball until one crits, then using FB to gain hot streak. This in my opinion is wrong. Like I said in my post earlier, if 0 hot streak, 0 heating up. GAMBLE. Send out your first fireball with a pf attached, pretty good chance you'll get a double crit if your gear is good. This is how mages can seperate themslves from the pack, you're mitigating the fireballs in exchange for free pyros. Stop looking into sims so hard, a good mage will swap gear/stats/and trinkets especially to be competitive in aoe/st.Xentros41 18h
18h Sims and Weights with Fire Legendaries Hello fellow Mages. This might attract a bit of hate but I have been lucky enough to loot the 4 main Fire DPS legendaries, AKA, Marquee, Koralon, Shard and Darckli. I thought to myself I might as well use this luck to provide some insights and "landmarks" to Fire mages on what to expect from their legendaries in term of DPS upgrade and what stat they should pursue. Please note that this is only my personal stats weights related to my equipment specificly and it might vary depending on your Ilvl, trinket, Weapon lvl, stat distribution etc. My base Ilvl without any legendaries is 873 with 38871 int, 57% crit, 6% haste, 13% mastery, 7% versatility UNBUFFED. For these sims I used a 875 int/versa trinket and 880 int/mast trinket (No luck on crit trinkets) as int trinkets are looking really solid on 7.1.5. I will only start with ST sims and might add AoE / adds / Movement sims later on when I have more time. For ST, I used Pyromaniac / Mirror Image / Flame On / Unstable Magic / Meteor I only change Flame on to Alexstraza's fury with Darkcli as it is a DPS upgrade on ST compared to flame on. Here we go : No legendaries 419k int 1 hast 0.95 crit 0.84 vers 0.78 mast 0.70 1 Legendary Marquee : 464k int 1 crit 0.85 hast 0.83 vers 0.81 mast 0.70 Koralon : 456k int 1 hast 0.85 vers 0.79 crit 0.76 mast 0.72 Shard : 444k int 1 crit 0.84 vers 0.80 mast 0.71 hast 0.71 Darckli : 439k int 1 hast 0.90 vers 0.81 crit 0.79 mast 0.68 2 Legendaries Marquee / Koralon : 496k int 1 hast 0.87 crit 0.80 vers 0.79 mast 0.71 Marquee / Shard : 489k int 1 hast 0.92 crit 0.91 vers 0.83 mast 0.71 Darckli / Marquee : 481k int 1 crit 0.83 hast 0.81 vers 0.81 mast 0.68 Shard / Koralon : 480k int 1 hast 0.91 vers 0.82 crit 0.78 mast 0.72 Darckli / Koralon : 474k int 1 vers 0.83 hast 0.74 crit 0.72 mast 0.70 Darckli / Shard : 461k int 1 vers 0.82 crit 0.79 hast 0.75 mast 0.70 DPS INCREASE : No legendaries +0% Darckli +4.7% Shard +5.9% Koralon +8.8% Marquee +10.7% Darckli / Shard +10.0% Darckli / Koralon +13.1% Shard / Koralon +14.5% Darckli / Marquee +14.8% Marquee / Shard +16.7% Marquee / Koralon +18.3% Sadly the 2 conclusions are : 1) Legendaries are really strong for fire and make a massive difference. So the situation is a bit grim for people without any DPS legendaries. The positive note is that all of these 4 legendaries are good, so you can do well with any pair. 2) Stats are really close to each other. Crit / Haste / Versatility can all be best stats in ST depending on your setup, mastery being unsurprisingly last on ST most of the time. So you will have to sim for yourself what stats you should pursue. Gerenal trends per legendary : Darckli emphasizes versatility as it is the only secondary it benefits from Marquee emphasizes haste for shorter casts Koralon seems to emphasize haste as well and unsurprisingly lower crit weight. Shard seems to have a bit of a negative effect on haste but benefits equally from the rest. Marquee + Koralon seems to be a winner here as they got the best ST dps and both benefits highly from haste making gearing a lot easier.Zubajiin16 18h
18h Simple Kindling Buff Current. Your Fireball, Pyroblast, and Fire Blast critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1 sec. New Your Fireball, Pyroblast, and Fire Blast critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1 sec and the amount of your critical strike stat converted into mastery by your next Combustion by 1%. Max of 25, 30, 50 stacks, w/e is fair. Thanks in advance.Malrune0 18h
18h Touch of Magi update please Arcane needs some form of cleave that is passive and somewhat effective. We lag so pitifully behind other classes right now in this and without the serious heavy hitting single target potential we had we could really use a little help. I would suggest updating Touch of the Magi from 10% to 35% of casted arcane blasts and include the initial arcane blasts impact into that calculation. As it stands now with a 10% chance on a 2 second cast time spell if you're bringing in one of these procs every 20 seconds and then you have to hope you can muster enough dps in 6 seconds to have 20% of that be worth cleaving.... well lets just say that it isnt even worth mentioning and overall its a terrible golden trait to have as it stands.Làvie4 18h
18h NH all spec discussion So nighthold is out and what are ur thoughts of how ur spec is doing? I'm arcane, 5 bosses left in normal and I must say I feel pretty good with it, always in one of top 3. Aracne orb is really good on sustained aoe fights like scorpyron, and some others that I forgot their names. Can pull 600-700k on them. 800k when ure farmiliar with the fight and when to conserve CD for aoe phase. So pretty good I think. How is fire and frost doing in NHFuyumaho12 18h
18h Everywhere at Once Is bugged again.Skwint1 18h
19h Disappointing in Dungeons So I've recently dusted off my mage and so I'm going through the hell of gearing up for raiding and mythic content, but in light of my recent experiences in dungeons I'm wondering if I shouldn't just go back to playing melee DPS so I can at least feel like I'm contributing the bare minimum to my group. The way content is run these days it seems like a tank will just round up every bit of trash per room and then it's a 5-10 second AoE fest, which is barely giving me time to Blizzard, send in Frost Orb and start spamming FoF - any spells with a hardcast might as well not exist. Because of this & the fact that I almost never get to execute a "rotation" I'm usually sitting at the bottom of the meters, feeling like I'm not pulling my weight and wondering if my groupmates are seeing me as a freeloader. All that aside, I tend to do really well on bosses or any fight lasting more than 30 seconds -- not top of the meters mind you -- with a 2nd place finish behind mDPS with 40 - 60 iLvL ratings higher than mine. Can anyone provide some advice on how best to handle fast pulls on trash for a frost mage? I'm still under 50% crit in fire spec so I'm not ready to switch over yet, plus I don't have enough practice with fire so I feel like even more of a liability.Mokshaa7 19h
19h Slipstream vs Shimmer For Nighthold I wanted to open this discussion up about the 2 main movement abilities for Arcane mages. For reference, Im 10/10N 1/10H after the first night of raiding. I did Normal mode as Fire but want to and plan on playing arcane for as much of Nighthold as I can. This is mostly on feeling of the fights and my experience with Slipstream playing arcane elsewhere. Obviously Slipstream is hugely powerful because you never ever have to worry about breaking your channel or Evocation breaking from movement and obviously having your arcane missile channel offer you an opportunity to re-position yourself or keep up damage during high movement is nice. I dont think the merits of Slipstream need to be looked at. Having used Shimmer for all the nighthold bosses, it felt like in a number of cases that it was such a life saver that it might be worth taking over Slipstream on a number of bosses. Specifically: -Blinking to get around the Chronomatic Anomaly room rapidly when the nasty slow is up -Blinking through Trilliax beams so you have some time to hardcast on the other side -Blinking to the back of the Krosus platform when targeted with Orb or to soak Burning Pitch way in the back (less valuable as the fight goes on) while still being able to get back quickly because of multiple charges -Blinking out of the Solar Collapse on High Botanist every time -Movement around the Elisande room, especially to soak the red bubble Like I said, I was using Fire and Shimmer last night so maybe for some of these the abilities are infrequent enough that you should reliably have Blink up (preferably while not being completely unable to use it at other times in the fight) but Im not sure. For those who played through Nighthold normal and heroic with Arcane or are planning to, were there cases where you think you would take Shimmer over Slipstream for the fight?Giscõ4 19h
19h What spec to solo AQ20 1st boss? I would like to get Vestments of the Shifting Sands, which drops off the 1st boss in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20). I'm going to try to solo this starting at about level 70ish. I was wondering what spec might work the best. There are a bunch of mobs before getting to the first boss, and they are in packs. FIre at my level has good burst for single start, but frost has Ice NOva as a talent. On other other hand, Fire might be good for the actual boss once I reach that point. Anybody solo'd this at a relatively low level, and if so, how did you approach it? Eventually, soloing this will be trivial, but I'm not sure how far I'm going to level the mage, and most importantly, thought it would be fun to solo it as soon as possible.Jezebellah2 19h
19h So I start making a mage for boost And I realize "oh crap! How can I possibly survive 1v1 pvp or anything when I get attention?" Arcane has zero self heals. Zero. The cast times are 2+ seconds. So how could you possibly beat someone 1v1 or if you got their attention in a BG when 1) you have no heals 2) They do 3) 2 blinks + 2 ice novas is all you have I keep reading about arcane being juicy in pvp for damage. Im assuming it is in regards to BGs and the mage is in the back nuking folks who arent paying attention or otherwise engaged with another? Am I wrong?Khrøn7 19h
19h Arcane or Fire Was fire nerfed to a point where arcane is better or should i stick with fire?Vigier8 19h
20h Cord of Infinity - Why wasnt this fixed? Why wasn't Cord of Infinity changed when legendaries were revamped. It's a pretty useless item. Is this item on your radar, blizzard? Will you be doing another round of legendary changes? Thank you for your time.Zantt14 20h
20h Question about fire legendary bracers I got these bracers today off the world boss. Was pretty happy since it's my second legendary, and I haven't gotten one since beginning of October. It seems that it can hit real hard when it procs. I have set up a weak aura script for it. Seems to work fine. My question is, once the bracers proc, do I cancel everything else and just hard cast pyro? What's the best way to use these. Thanks.Pyrotex7 20h
21h Frostfire Remembrance Transmogs There was a thread like this for the Star's Design and I know there aren't that many frost mages and only a fraction of them post on these forums and only a fraction of you have this appearance, but I just got it today, so I'm making this anyway. If you got this cool appearance and have a transmog to go with it post here and show it off. If you don't, post here anyway.Mondal13 21h
23h Best spec for PVE? I'm just starting to play this alt in legion, I'm fire currently but I keep dying. I'm wondering what the best spec for leveling and pve content?Felía8 23h
1d 3 frost bolts during water jet? is this what i should be aiming for to extend icy veins? the timing is very tight.Aronien4 1d
1d 7.15 Frost Mage Mathemication Seems like most of the more in-depth mage discussions here and on altered-time (along with the majority of mage expertise) focus on Fire Mages. I wanted to try and start another thread specifically going over how to spec your Frost Mage post 7.15. Our Icy Veins guide doesn't seem like it's getting a lot of care/attention/updating and though i'm not a mage expert I'm not sure how reliable it is these days. To start, let me say that I'm not here to present a guide to anyone. There are way better and more mathematically inclined players to rely on. What I'm hoping to do is have a conversation here to find out what sort of talents we should be picking in light of the 7.15 changes. Here are some of the specific things I'm wondering: Tier 1 Talents: -Is Lonely Winter starting to look viable? Since the majority of your damage is coming from Icelance, Frostbolt and Flurry, and since LW buffs them by 25%, does Bone-Chilling fall behind now? Tier 3 Talents: -How does RoP stand up now in a Glacial Spike build? Taking 10% off of it obviously hurts, so is IF an option there? -On a IV/TV build, how is Mirror Image performing compared to IF? Tier 4 Talents: -Frozen Touch got nerfed pretty hard, so is Splitting Ice starting to look reasonable for ST? Tier 6 Talents: -Is (puke) Frost Bonb set to make a come-back? A 25% nerf to Frostbolt probably changes the math there. Let me know what you guys think, and if you have other things you're wondering about.Amoc96 1d