Jan 18, 2017 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 Jan 18, 2017
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21m Frost feels wrong with 5mil crit ice lance I, personally, do not like how frost feels in the end of Legion and moving into BfA, specifically that an instant cast spell (which is a tiny icicle) is our primary high dmg spell. I feel like ice lance, empowered with FoF or not, should not be doing more damage than pyroblast with the legendary bracers (which in my case it is). I am at shatter cap, and casting a FoF ice lance with my bracers, incanters flow at max, and 3/3 frostbolt crits results in a hit of just over 5 mil (970 ilvl). As a raider playing a game THIS IS AWESOME, however as a fantasy nerd playing a mage this feels wrong. Ice lance is supposed to be a quick instant cast. A mage flinging a big icicle at you shouldn't hurt more than a giant, flaming rock. My pyroblast (with bracers) crits for less then this amount, and that feels TERRIBLE. I feel like the only way to really adjust the current form of frost to compensate for this is something like increasing frostbolt dmg by 175% and make FoF proc much less often, and reduce the effectiveness of shatter. This is a boring change though, and i don't like it all that much. I think a much more interesting change would be to get rid of FoF and make Glacial Spike a baseline ability, not a talent. You could reduce the cast time of GS to something like 1.5 seconds and have it be stored up to 3 stacks like FoF, but then fired off at will by using a second ability (you could call the abilities "coalesce" and "glacial spike" or something). This would keep GS at a similar cast time overall, and would also give frost really cool burst capability. Also, by getting rid of FoF, ice lance would feel more appropriate. I think keeping ice lance doing bonus dmg to frozen targets using shatter would be appropriate, especially for leveling (ie when a mob is rooted with frost nova). This would keep ice lance viable when questing/dailies etc, but not viable in most raid encounters (which, honestly, a tiny ice dagger against a raid boss seems silly). As a side note, I also had an idea to tweak the way fire works. I feel like if you increased the baseline dmg of pyroblast by like 225% (and removing the bracer ability all together), and also reduced the amount of dmg pyro contributes to ignite to about 15%, you'd have much stronger ST and similar cleave, making fire much more viable overall. I don't have much to say about arcane; I just couldn't get a handle on it in Legion. I'd love to hear some discussion on this topic! Thanks.Detrimentaly1 21m
57m Remove Lonely Winter From my perspective, this talent removes a large part of the frost mage rotation, fails to add anything new to the specialization, and encourages players to simplify their play style in exchange for higher damage numbers. A talent should add something new to the spec, not gut one of the aspects that make it unique. I fail to see how having a talent like this is good for the spec in any way, but am open to having my mind changed. I would appreciate your thoughts and welcome any counterarguments that are in favor of this talent being in the game. Cheers!Qubik16 57m
1h Alpha/Beta access poll Out of curiosity--since I've noticed a fair bit of people who frequent the mage forums have indicated they haven't been able to test their theorycrafting without alpha access, how many of you have it? I was, well--frankly--really frustrated to see the blue post about the near-finalization of talent/rotational changes to the majority of classes, and yet I don't see many recognizable names providing insight and their requested "data-driven feedback" for us on the forums, in the alpha/beta threads. (Obviously from a lack of access, and by recognizable, I just mean people I've had a fair bit of personal interaction on the forums--enough to presume their tastes) I guess I'm struggling to understand the beta-selection process, and why it's apparently indiscriminate selection, steers away from those most likely to be actively engaged on the forums for feedback. I can't even "like" posts in the Beta feedback threads to help steer positive and productive feedback. The mage-specific posts are seriously lacking for any mage spec. (just to be clear, I'm not suggesting people with alpha access have an obligation or responsibly to provide feedback or conversations, they should do what they want with their access.)Midguard9 1h
1h Arcane Intellect making a comeback Arcane intellect is in the current build on beta, it gives a 10% int boost to party or raid. At least we bring something useful to the table now....Spaycemage10 1h
4h Mage Portals Will mages be able to port / teleport others into legion zones in the future or?Buddhaports1 4h
5h Fire Mages is this True? I was in a raid and got talking to mythic raiding 970 mage saying fire mages aint half bad in mythic. Hey mentioned crit up to 60% and then its Mastery. Crit is usually a frost mage stat....but He said he was simming...and then they pulled the boss........(and didnt finish the conversation). Anyone simming high Crit 50%+ for fire mages? (before investing in Mastery) If there any mythic fire mages...who are they are gearing there stats? (crit vs mastery) The mystery mage also mentioned Intellect isnt good for fire that true?Sheatwitch3 5h
5h Arcane - Hidden Artifact, Tower of Azora Maybe someone here can help shed light on this. I got the sheep to appear in my order hall, blew it up. Went to Stormheim next, blew up the sheep there. Last, I went to the Tower of Azora and saw Metcalf and Theocritus outside. From what I thought, they're supposed to begin an event, they talk a bit, and then it starts. When I got there, they were just kind of having a staring contest. No dialogue, Metcalf not clickable. Did I maybe miss a step in between the Stormheim sheep and heading to the tower, or has anyone experienced something like this? Tried asking a GM but they told me basically they can't help because it would be a 'hint'.Allarin63 5h
6h Why is my max HP so low?! Please help! Hello friends! I recently got to max level on my mage (Gamble-Bronzebeard) and I couldn't help but notice that I have substantially less HP than other mages with a far lower ilevel than mine. I have an ilevel of 927 and I have roughly 3.2M max HP (around 54k stamina) while I have seen other mages with an ilevel lower than 900 yet they somehow have 4-5 million health and 63k+ stamina. Can someone please offer me an explanation?Gamble7 6h
7h Deep Freeze Please bring back Deep Freeze. My Mage hasn't been as fun since it was removed. This was a really fun mechanicFerngully1 7h
11h Weak Aura for Arcane Mage Guys, I designed a "weak aura" for Arcane Mages that I really like, it helps me a lot. I would like to suggest it to you and if you want to try it please tell me what you think and what needs to be modified. Thanks ! Link: 11h
16h BFA Arcane Clearcasting The new clearcasting mechanic feels clunky. I assume the function is to mostly use the proc to channel free arcane missiles (or explosion), of course depending on talent builds, etc. However, it seems odd that if you're queueing up arcane blasts to proc clear casting and you'd like to use the proc on channeling missiles (especially at low charges, you won't want to waste a Clearcasting proc on a 1-charge arcane blast), that unless you're a robot you'll need to cancel a queued up arcane blast in response to seeing the buff to channel missiles. Is there anything in the works to address this? Is my analysis of how clearcasting should be used incorrect? For what it's worth I really miss the way arcane missile stacks worked and I'm very sad to see them go. This clearcasting mechanic just seems like it's trying to simplify the spec far too much.Kammany2 16h
20h Arcane with my gear? I've always liked Arcane, but I always go Frost for some reason or another, and I'm wondering if I can effectively do Arcane with my gear (I would have to swap to Norgannons or Prydaz for Leggy)Aleyandra10 20h
20h Do you Remember POM/PYRO? But there was a time when Mages owned wow...before Blizzard clipped us....we could one shot all the little pecker rogues...and a pull a boss from a tank with ease. Old school Vanilla.....when....2 words were feared “POM PYRO”...back then no one said sheat about "the glass cannon"....except for leroy jenkins. 20h
22h Leveling a mage sucks now At lvl 63, mobs have 12k+ health. My frostbolt hits for 1200.... How is this fun? I'm wearing cloth yet everything gets to melee range and beats my !@#. I used to love playing a mage, now I have zero urge to level this character. 0% fun.ßix36 22h
23h Hot to use Shard of the Exodar So I was lucky enough to have the Shard of the Exodar drop but I was wondering how I'm supposed to get the best use of it. I'm guessing the best use is to let others use their hero first and then use yours afterwards. Resulting in being able to use 3 TW's per fight (someone elses on pull, yours immediately afterwards and one more when TW comes of cd if the fight extends 5 minutes) But what do you do when you are the only one with timewarp in the raid and the raid needs to save hero for phase three in fights like guldan? I can't see any way to make use of it so I'm guessing its best to swap the legendary out for a different one in those instances. Another general question I had was do you try to stack icy viens and hero or use them back to back?Matalïn19 23h
1d Mage Tower 7: Buff Mages edition last thread mysteriously disappearedLaenia344 1d
1d What if mages actually had to fight in melee? Sure is cool how you have unlimited movement cd'sNickolaus14 1d
1d Frost Mage PvP Template Does anyone have a link to a site that shows the frost mage pvp template? The health sucks and frostbolts hit like garbage. Im curious as to how the template is set up.Brucelei0 1d
1d Best spec for raiding? Not looking for the "well it depends on encounter" perspective looking for the top damage overall spec, don't care if it's easy just want to know what to play for raiding. ThanksMuscaria19 1d
1d Noob Fire Mage Needs Help Trying to figure out my Lvl 28 rotation. I cast Fireball/Fireball almost always get Heating Up after the first one (at least when I’m soloing). Then I hit Fire Blast before the second one hits - which gives me Hot Steak - then try to fire off Pyroblast as the second Fireball leaves. Here’s my question - it seems like most of the time I get Heating Up after that Pryroblast, but my Fire Blast is on GCD until that HU is finished. So I always just start over with Fireballs. Seems like I’m always wasting a HU. Is this correct? Also - why do I get so many more procs when I’m soloing as opposed to instances? That seems weird....Myrzl5 1d
1d Why play mage over hunter? So I'm leveling this mage, but I got to thinking, why not just keep playing my 110 hunter? MM does far more dps than any mage spec, I can have a pet as a portable tank for world content, and I have even more range. Not only that but it's also easier to play on top of it with better survivability. Why would you ever play a mage over a hunter? Is there any advantage? I'm being 100% sincere here not trolling I promise.Lunoire22 1d
1d Putting Fire mage on shelf :( Played my sons rogue and shadow priest. I use mouse turn and keybinding plus strafing but just didn't feel like setting it all up so I clicked and keyboard turned. I completely destroyed people. The survival is 3-4 x that of my better geared fire mage. I didn't even setup keybinds, just clicking icons lol. Fire mages are just absolutely terrible. There not getting any better, probably worse. Flame On in same tier with Phoenix. Even if the devs change it, the mentality they have towards mages , especially Fire mages, is so out of touch. The shield implemented for entire Legion was the worst ever added to any class. How can any developer look at that shield and what it does, or actually what it doesn't do, and think "okay that's perfect, I like it" Having to target the ground in order to slow people down will and does miss even when you put the graphic target dead center your target. I'm sure its lag or maybe world ms, either way, its another defense we cant do without that we are doing without. Plus, it has to proc to use it, and you give up Pyro instant. More of the same, there always seems to be some kind of annoying kicker that is baked into some of our crucial spells. Cauterize- use Ice Block to keep the heal. Caut on 5 min, Ice Block on 4 min. That is a lot of !@#$ to give up for a 26-35% heal. Extremely long cd. Other classes mash a button for the same effect. Demon Hunters Imprison incapacitates the target and does not heal the target Rogues Blind disorients the target and does not heal the target. Scatter shot disorients the target and does not heal the target. Shamans Hex incapacitates the target and does not heal the target. Mage Polymorphs the target and heals the target to 100% at the fastest rate in the game. Meteor- the only pvp choice our final tier offers. Kindling - no, Cinder gone, Pyroclasm - as if casting Greater Pyros is fun, it isn't, but its still better then Pyroclasm. Blazing soul - Change it a thousand times but if it doesn't protect any better then our Legion shield, you are wasting your time. Besides, since its put on the same tier with Shimmer, who will ever use it? Our last shield absorbed 194,000 damage and hit the attacker for 22k. Just wow. Having the same ilvl as any other class the mage has the absolute lowest health pool. Sometimes by more then a million. When our health reaches zero we die, Blizzard understands that right? Blink "pebble" glitch still alive and well after 12 years now. If we cant Blink, we die, Blizzard understands that right? Happened twice in a row last night in Silvershard mines. The floor/ground in that BG is deadly for mages. I am forced to take bad angles and go different routes because of this problem. More hurdles. Ignite is weak in pvp. I NEVER see it do anything other then trickle a lil DoT. Since its the one constant that is applied each and everytime you engage in a fight it will show a lot of damage at the end of the day, but don't be fooled. The ignite a target carries during an encounter with a Fire mage is weak. One of the weakest DoTs in the game. The tooltip says that a new ignite will be added to the current. Which does this, if you do happen to get a good string of crits off and get a decent ignite, it will drop in damage the second you cast Scorch or Fireblast or any spell that isn't as hard hitting as FB or Pyro. So a decent Ignite never runs its entire course. The new ignite is never added to the old one. I watch it and it never does. So a decent Ignite will be reduced by the mage doing damage? Sweeeeet... Conflag is terrible. 10 second life on RoP - 2 charges. Why the ten seconds? Living Bomb is terrible, infact the entire 80 tier is weak to say the least. I'm still not over how pathetic this awesome spell has become. This thing use to kill people with the final explosion if their health was low enough. The current one isn't really worth wasting time with if there is any other spell available atm. Sad, but that's what happens when devs have no direction. You get little spells like these placed in our second highest tier that do nothing more then tickle our target. Absolutely adds no pressure and is never dispelled because no priest bothers dispelling something that is this weak. World In Flames - potential never reached:( Looked good until I used it. Even with the cast time deduction its still 2.25 second cast. 20% increased damage. Waste of time. Unstable Magic is useless in pvp. I don't see that it will show much damage done at the end of the game. It would be very little. Flame patch, not a pvp choice. and on....and on...and on.... I'm shelving this mage , he is at 925 ilvl. At that ilvl when I enter a pvp instant/BG , there is no spell in my arsenal that hits for over 200k except for our "gimmicky couldn't think of anything else so you get this" spell Greater Pyroblast. Not one spell shows doing over 200k damage. The Rogue, Shadow Priest and Demon Hunter that I play do not have any spell under 200k LOLOLOL....Okay, maybe one or two, most are reaching 400k-700k with a couple reaching 1 million plus. Just a slight disparity. I'm done dealing with needless frustration. Seeing BFA changes, seeing their mindset and direction, goodbye and good luck everyone.....Stephnrock36 1d
1d Arcane Mage Visuals - Down To Details After the update in Legion to arcanes spell effects the one thing i found lacking were some details that would really bring a lot to the overall feel of arcane in the form of casting runes. There is a lot of precedence set across Blizzard's games, media, cinematics, movies etc when it comes to using runes to identify mage magic in its casting. Some examples of this: Before the current live update there used to be a blue rune that flashed with each spell cast which can now only be seen on spells like blink, or spell steal. There is evidence during the update in Legion that there might have been an intention to include these types of visuals, that were then removed in a subsequent update in the Beta as seen in this video of Arcane Blast, there are runes at the casters hands. Currently on live, there is just a small flash and some sparks on the casters end to signify the spell cast, also those who cast this ability with two hands only see the sparks on one hand which looks quite bizzare and not very inspiring to accompany a massive blast of energy. I feel that adding these caster side runes not only adds to the established mage fantasy but also gives the spell more visual imact. I did some mock ups of examples which could be used to add to these visuals Rune of Power: This one is more of a QoL visual to show the border of the spells effect, there used to be one and the remnants of the visual still appear sometimes but does not actually correctly display anymore which makes it hard without weak auras to see where this is. Arcane Missiles: Having a rune almost open like a portal for these missiles to come forth from would make more sense then the current and same flash we get from AB cast. Arcane power could benefit from more 3D elements of some of the arcane lightning shooting off the body of the caster. Again, it is in these details that really bring spellcasting to life and give it a sense of power and connection from the caster and the spells the are casting. I would like to post this in class development but wanted the thoughts and feelings of the mage community first :)Evenai13 1d
2d Rate That Mage Mog 3 Because 2 got so big we had to put it down.Koadic70 2d
2d Time to get rid of cross spec spells. Ice block and frost nova are no longer welcome in my spellbook. They're both fantastic spells and I've happily used them for years, but now, but now it is time we go our separate ways. Mirror images belong to arcane, and should be baseline. In the place of frost nova I would like to have supernova be baseline. Dmg doesn't have to be insane, but a knock up and slow with it would be nice. Also, I'm sorry Fire/frost, but spellsteal is ours, as well as counterspell. Frost you can have frostjaw back in return, and fire can have something, maybe your old stun back. You can keep your mage tables, but there has to be a fire and frost theme with each one.Ufomammut4 2d
2d buff mages please Please..........Demenhunta36 2d
3d Mage tower appearances Wanted to ask. I see a lot of frost mages using their mage tower appearance, but are the fire and arcane ones just not good? I haven't used my mage to check the order hall in a while but I don't think I've seen anyone using the arcane or fire ones, only frost. Would it be worth it to gear my mage just for the frost appearance or would i be better off getting the looks on other toons (already got all for dk and havoc dh) ?Phaaze8 3d
3d Switching Specs Around So I really enjoy frost but I just got the option to get a second Artifact weapon, I am having a tough time choosing whether I should pursue Fire or Arcane. I am wondering which would be better for PvP compared to Frost. Or should I use one of those other specs to raid with? Is Frost optimal enough for PvP? Also when I finally decide on a Artifact wep/spec to pursue would I need to get a whole different set of gear for my other spec too?Calvarcus1 3d
3d Frost mag Glowy proc behind FoF? I noticed that sometimes I would get this glow beind the two FoF procs, that disappears after I ice lance. I can't figure out what it is.. anyone has an idea? Also I just recently started playing more seriously. Any advice for a newbie frost mage?Monikioo2 3d
3d Frost mage talent change suggestion I propose the following changes to make frost mage a more interesting spec to play, with a focus in PVP situations. As some generic talents would change, I try to address how a change would likely not affect PvE as well. Note while all changes may not be 100% perfect, I think they would at least push frost mage in the right direction: (1) remove the ability to shimmer while casting (pvp only) Reasoning: Mainly due to the changes below with regards to deep freeze being added back into the game. Shimmer+deep would prove to be far too powerful. (2) replace Glacial Insulation with Blazing Speed from MoP/WoD Reasoning: I can't find statistics, but I would love to know how often Glacial Insulation is taken in PvP or PvE . It is a very underwhelming talent. Also, as the other two option on the tier promote mobility, Blazing speed would be an additional mobility talent to opt into, and would thus fit right in. (3) Make Frigid Winds baselineFurther, make the chilled debuff a 50% baseline slow for frost mages in PvP, down from the 65% it would be in PvE. Reasoning: Currently, in PvP situations, frost mages baseline slow debuff "chilled" that is applied through blizzard/frostbolt is a 40% slow, which makes it the weakest slow in the game, even if it has near 100% uptime. Other classes have 100% uptime spammable slows that are minimum 50%. Frigid Winds primarily feels like a leveling talent. It surely has some uses in PvE, potentially through slowing Adds on a boss fight or in a mythic+ during necrotic week, and I see no reason against frost mages bringing an incredibly powerful slow as utility in PvE content by having Frigid Winds baseline. (3.5) Put Deep Freeze in Frigid Wind's spot. Reasoning: Losing deep freeze has limited the viability of frost mage 3v3 (and 2v2) compositions all throughout legion, and forces them to rely upon teammates (see: Sub Rogue) for being able to set up CC. Frost mages used to excel in providing themselves with opportunities to control the game, and that was lost by losing Deep Freeze. Furthermore, putting deep on the same row as ring of frost eliminates much of the criticism frost mage received where one could deep -> poly -> get kicked on poly -> cast ring of frost. (4) Replace Ice Ward with Frostjaw Reasoning: Again, I'd like to see how often Ice Ward is ever taken in PvP or PvE, it is a very underwhelming talent. Putting the Frostjaw root/silence back into the game on the CC row alongside Deep/Ring allows mages to bring additional utility in various situations, further opening their composition options. (5) Deep Shatter - In addition to increasing frostbolt damage by 150% on frozen targets, also increase Ice Lance damage by 150% on frozen targets. Reasoning: Deep shatter attempts to recreate the iconic shatter playstyle of WoTLK frost mage, which is frostbolt->ice lance followed by a pet nova (or in legion, ice nova/flurry combo) as they are about to land to shatter them. However, deep shatter is forgetting about the ice lance bonus. As Deep Shatter prevents using fingers of frost, the number of "frozen" ice lances is significantly reduced so I see no reason as to why ice lance damage shouldn't be allowed to hit massively on frozen targets, much less often than spamming FoF procs from orb. Please feel free critique the above points, I welcome any and all views.Kammany0 3d
3d Can you get leggo's for OS? so i believe you could get leggo's for your OS if your main spec already has every single leggo possible thats not crafted or dropped from regular content such as the ABT ones from argus and the quest. however on my mage i go frost and doing a ton of content that should be giving me leggo's and im getting 0. literally am not even trying to collect essences but by the time i reach 1k i have still gotten 0 from regular content like rares, chests, lfr, etc. is it still possible or even possible at all? of course im sure if i swap specs they would drop but i am just wondering if i stay frost which i have every leggo for will i still get any for my OS's? the only one i've gotten thus far i bought with essences but none have dropped. not sure if its not working or just bad rngLethadox8 3d
3d Mage pvp spec Which mage spec for wpvp and battlegrounds?Gotherìa1 3d
3d Fresh 110 Hey just wanting to get some tips on where I can find decent weak auras for fire spec ?Arcborne1 3d
4d New mage here and could use advice! So, been leveling a mage and just dinged 110 (woohoo!) but I have never played one endgame before. Here's a few questions: What is the easiest spec to raid in/solo/quest? What is the strongest spec to raid in? What is the easiest pvp spec to play? What is the strongest pvp spec to play? Which spec do YOU have the most fun in? Any addons that you use that'd be worth checking out for a mage? Which follower do you use? *Best racials for an alliance mage? *I leveled mine as a night elf and don't find really like the racials much (shadowmeld is useful sometimes hehe) and might race changeKrassios6 4d
4d FIRE MAGE WITH LOW DPS Hi all, i have a problem, i feel like im not doing the dps i could do.. I read guide, saw tons of videos, but i just cant rise my dps.. all help is welcome, and thank you! LOGS ARMORY 4d
4d Please buff low level Frostbolt and Fireball Returning player leveling a new mage. Currently level 45 and wanted to post some quick feedback to the powers that be: Levels 1 - 45 have been overall pretty unfun. Mainly because of how almost laughably low the damage is for the main spells - frostbolt and fireball - and how few other abilities (when you finally get them) are proc'd from them. For frost specifically, the stuff is so unbalanced, that spamming flurry (received at level 20) is actually more effective for killing things that doing a proper rotation. And, unless you were unlucky enough to follow, say, Icy Veins mage guide, and not pick up the talent Ray of Frost, then you would lose out on a single spell that by itself nearly doubles your dungeon damage - at low levels. If the new huge health pools given to mobs in the leveling process - to make stuff "challenging" - is largely designed to enable players to actually learn how to play their class, then please tune spells and talents to roughly resemble what they'd do end-game. For starters, seriously consider buffing frostbolt and fireball - 2 spells that will be (or should be) - sigh - literally 90% of your mage's early life.Koltor1 4d
5d Arcane or Fire to gear next? my frost mage is pretty geared sitting 956 ilvl with i'd say decent stats to definetly get ABT heroic down if i wanted to and push mythic. 80 traits in my staff. at 80 it definetly feels useless leveling the weapon though i know many people stop at 75 but figured since i wasn't really gonna play anything else i might as well but now i kinda want to try and learn another spec at least get the mage tower skins. which of the 2 would be better to gear up? I have played fire during EN it was fun but im sure the stats needed now and rotation have changed since then. Arcane i haven't touched since Cata. the only major thing im really looking to do RN is practice PvPing in both arena and BG's for BfA and more mythic+ practice. right now im confident enough to down a +15 in time with a good group i have pushed up to a +18 undergeared and with pretty bad affixes to even complete it but if we hadn't had those affixes we could of easily cleared it; not in time but with the gear and group we had.Lethadox5 5d
5d Brain Freeze problem As of right now, the optimal frost mage rotation results in fingers of frost procs being wasted as a result of having a brain freeze proc on top of a FoF proc. This is because after each instant flurry an ice lance is cast in order to benefit from the frozen effect of the flurry debuff. However, it is not uncommon (even when played perfectly) to have a FoF proc when this follow up ice lance is cast, which consumes the FoF proc when the ice lance would have had the frozen benefit from the flurry anyway. A solution that I would love to see for BFA is a small window after BF consumption that prevents FoF procs from being consumed, similar to the T21 4-pc bonus but having a much shorter use window (probably one second). The complete rule would be: after consuming a BF proc the next ice lance cast within one second does not consume a FoF charge. This would give frost mages greater freedom to store up FoF charges for high movement phases without worrying about BF procs effectively taking away those charges.Qubik10 5d
5d Are Mages really that bad off? I wanted to roll a nightborne fire mage but all I read in mage forums is complaints. Are they really that bad?Sculley55 5d
5d #MagesNeedHelp Blizzard help us weakest class in gameBeond10 5d
5d How do i sim frost? i just got into learning how to sim in 7.2.5 but just got back to end game so i really don't know much about simming. How exactly do i do it and how does it work? I am reading a lot about people saying to "sim your gear or w/e" to find out what talents are best for your current stats. How do i do this? I have Statweight addon and simcraft. don't know how to go from there. is there like an indepth guide i can read or a video showing me this? the ones i see are all kind of basic guides but i want to try and maximise my dps/gear.Lethidox8 5d
6d Frost- mage tower advice Title^ Looking for advice on how best to handle the Twins. What's the ideal minimum ilv? What talents should I use? Legendaries? The strategy? All I've gotten so far from my druid is Karim running at you trying to one-shot, and that he moves faster the longer the fight goes on. And his brother dropping pools on the ground.Flarugan3 6d
6d Polymorph Tomes? Hey, all you glorious mages. I'm wondering where the various 'Tome of Polymorph: <Critter>' spells are found. I happen to love Penguins, and it makes sense for a Frost Mage to turn people into penguins, in my opinion. Anyway, I'm wondering where the tomes for Polymorph can be found, as I'd rather not just use the bland, boring old sheep.Sielar4 6d
6d Killed fellow raider with icicles.... So somehow during the phase 2 to phase 3 transition to heroic Argus we had a raider die and there were no bombs or bursts out either. His death recap was icicles from me. And they did quite a bit of damage as well. Any one have this happen to them?Arigozia12 6d
6d Nightborne mages Where you at >.<Arcborne12 6d
Apr 19 Second Artifact Questline Bugged? So I came back to my class hall to see I had the option to acquire my second artifact weapon quest by Meryl Felstorm. I declined because I wanted to do other stuff. Afterwards I had lost the option to acquire the quest line for the artifact weapon. Is this a bug, or did I screw something up? I've checked to see if I had any followers, if the quest is in my journal and Meryl Felstorm just says "Hey Maenova" with no options of giving the quest again.Maenova1 Apr 19
Apr 19 Astral Projection There are many examples of this throughout the game and lore, but no true character abilities so far. I want casters to be able to leave their bodies and wander around the map, or at least the local area. You can already do this with no range limit if you die, but you don't get to fly in most areas, or see living things. Let's assume you get little or no influence on the physical world, but would be able to interact with aspects of the game that are normally intangible. Out Of Body Experience is considered a key aspect to mysticism and magic in every culture in the world. In addition to just wandering around, the developers could throw in all kinds of NPC's, mobs, treasures, portals, and battle pets that can only be accessed on the spirit plane. They might even throw in some unique structures, such as echoes of buildings that stood for a long time, but are no longer in the physical realm. Players would have the incentive to re-explore existing areas once they got the spell, without making it a required aspect of the game. It wouldn't require a lot of new coding or resources. Change the lighting to give an otherworldly look to the astral version of each zone. The zones could have different colors or brightness depending on the spiritual state of the area, such as Plaguelands clouded in shadow, or Highmountain glowing with An'she. You might even see Nightmare tendrils or portals to the Void, if an area has been the target of dark magic. This would offer the chance for a whole new set of mechanics, while leaving existing game mechanics and balance in place. And of course you'd get to fly without a mount, if you had the right skill. If you aren't a caster, you might get one to help you gain access. Or you might find toys that would give access to an advanced character of any class. The potential here is really unlimited. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR: Allow characters to leave their body and explore the spiritual version of an area, where they can't affect the physical world, but can access new features and content not normally visible. The map would remain mostly unchanged and require minimal additional resources.Wikipedia11 Apr 19
Apr 19 Anyone miss their pvp racials? Hey, I'm going to level a new mage with some buddies I convinced to try wow (suckers). I currently have a human mage who I haven't played since the last expansion. I really liked to play him then, but I haven't really done much pvp with the changes to the trinket racial. I'm wondering if there's anyone here who changed races from human or belf and ended up really missing those racials (I know torrent is going to be changed somehow in BFA too but I imagine it'll be pretty good still like I hear human trinket is). I guess I'm just trying to convince myself to roll nightborne instead of human or belf :) Thank you.Samgar4 Apr 19