Jan 18 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 Jan 18
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18m Mage fight and siegebreaker big Fight between Mage and human see the video 18m
36m When does gear start to matter? And by this I mean micromanaging stats such as: Haste / Ver / Mast / Crit LFR Norm Heroic Mythic Lfr Im sure you can go in with anything and no one cares Norm Im not sure how much micromanaging these stats on gear matter and how much people will complain about it if its not right. Im guessing anything above normal and people really get anal about it. Im only asking because I am thinking about trying to get back into the raiding scene soon.Sathyr12 36m
57m Frost Mage Issues with New Tier From my researched gathered, the tier 20 set bonuses are just too strong. Tier 20 is literally making Frost viable right now. Without tier 20 4p how are we going to manage to keep our IV up time with only 1 Frozen Orb. In my opinion if they don't change the way that Terminal Void works,Frost will be the survival hunter for mage.Zwiz1 57m
1h New staff skin? Blizz. Wat.Searith9 1h
1h Fire mage advise. So I'm making my dps class a fire mage and have been going threw the mage forums for tips and tricks. Any advise for a fresh mage? Websites to reference?Bigmonk1 1h
2h Your biggest crit. Any mob Level 1 Critter Rune of Power Combustion Meteor 40 million Anyone top that? Im guessing meteor is prob one of the top hitting abilities in WoWSathyr9 2h
2h [Arcane]Soul and Shard All That's Left for Me I've managed to snag every single legendary that Arcane can use, I've exclusively been Arcane for the whole of Legion (as well as nearly all of WoD when it became my main early in to starting the game). Okay, so I've had terrible luck getting DPS legendaries (got all the mana and utility legendaries before getting one DPS legendary), who wants to bet that my next legendary will be Shard, not Soul? And who wants to bet that with the combined theoretical might of Blizzard, Jagex, Arenanet and every other company who runs and maintains an MMO (including the crappy ones that Asian companies make, yes, even the knockoff games :P) that RNG will give me the ring I've been seeking for months before I get Shard? I don't want Shard, I want Soul; and I'm so over farming PvE content for it.Failedwizard4 2h
2h Mage Tower 7: Buff Mages edition last thread mysteriously disappearedLaenia268 2h
2h Should I use my Water Elemental in Frost Spec Hello All, I need some advice I am playing a Frost Mage and was wondering if using my Water Elemental now a days in Patch 7.3 is worth it or should I still use the Lone Winter talent and not use my WE. Thank you in advance for any help =DGhosttigers6 2h
2h Rate the Mage Name Rate the name of the mage above you on a scale of 1-10!Mirage485 2h
3h Rate that Mage Mog 2 Last thread capped ( ) so I'll pick up where it was left off. @ Calence Love the robe, crown and staff combo. Very elegant. However, I think it would look better without the belt and with shoes that match. 7/10Julia178 3h
3h New to pvp help please! hey guys im thinking about picking up a mage, pve wise i do fine but pvp wise not so hot. in bgs i do awesome especially when i can hide in a group, but arena i seem to just die and be unable to do anything. any tips for someone tryin to pick up a mage in arena pvp?Divinedeath9 3h
4h Leggo question So I simmed my mage for Shard + SFoS vs Shard + Mag. SFoS sims higher if I use the default settings on raidbots but when I adjust them to say 'light movement' instead of 'patchwerk', suddenly Mag is higher. Can I get some tips and advice on what to make of this and how to proceed? Note, I have my four-set for ToS if that makes a difference.Venaria1 4h
9h More mage portals, plz It seems everyone can teleport everywhere now-a-days. Can Mages get some more love? Since you know, that is our thing -- portals? Timeless Isle portal. Throne of Thunder area portal. Dino island portal. Broken isles portal. Portal to Argus ship I feel we should get all this stuff... I'm fat and hate walking anywhere.Gillb10 9h
10h Fire hidden artifact effect I was just wondering how often the fire hidden artifact effect procs? Is it random, or is there a way to trigger it?Zamzie11 10h
10h [Frost] How much haste is ideal? Right now this is what I'm at: Crit: 34.44% Haste: 33.40% Mastery: 35.30% Versatility: 8.06% All of my gems are haste, as well as enchants (except cloak obviously). Would it be worth it to start dropping a little haste for more versatility? Or am I in a good spot right now? Thanks!Cryogent2 10h
10h racials in PvP i was wondering how huge of a difference do racials in PvP make for mages. right now im considering going troll as arcane since i've had so many orc toons it's getting tiring looking at them. im looking to do rated PvP but i am always wanting to focus on raiding and other pve content as well. im decent at pvp not the best but i hear a lot of people saying racials don't make a huge difference but when i look at the leaderboards almost all of the high rated players are all races with good pvp racials like orcs, belfs, humans, and NE's only time i really see anything else is if it's a horde druid.Astura8 10h
10h Frost t21 set bonus question Item - Mage T21 Frost 4P Bonus - When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt or Ice Lance is increased by 75%. It's always difficult to interpret the language in these notes. I'm wondering how this bonus will actually play out in the rotation. When it says "Next Frostbolt or Icelance", is it talking about the next casted Frostbolt or Icelance, or the next one that hits? If it's the former, then having an Ice Lance crit for an additional 75% damage is incredibly good. If, however, your in-transit Frosbolt (the one you cast prior to launching Flurry) will consume the proc, then it seems like it will gum up our rotation a bit. In this case, it seems like I'll be holding off on launching Flurry until I have a FoF proc to cast before launching Flurry, so as to ensure a FB doesn't munch my 75% damage buff.Amoc19 10h
11h Great Looking Mounts for Mage Great looking mounts for Mage with each spec. I researched some and made a list below. Some mounts look so bright and glow. I listed color mounts match with spec color: Frost: Blue, Fire: Red, and Arcane: Purple. Frost [Archmage's Prismatic Disc] - Flying [Astral Cloud Serpent] - Flying [Celestial Steed] - Flying [Frosty Flying Carpet] - Flying [Hearthsteed] - Ground [Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent] - FLying [Spectral Steed] - Alliance - Ground [Spectral Wolf] - Horde - Ground [Spirit of Eche'ro] - Ground Fire [Ashes of Al'ar] - Flying [Cindermane Charger] - Ground [Core Hound] - Ground [Creeping Carpet] - Flying [Flametalon of Alysrazor] - Ground [Primal Flamesaber] - Ground [Pureblood Fire Hawk] - Flying [Solar Spirehawk] - Ground Arcane [Arcanist's Manasaber] - Ground [Cobalt Netherwing Drake] - Flying [Corrupted Fire Hawk] - Flying [Dark Phoenix] - Flying [Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent] - Flying [Leyfeather Hippogryph] - Ground [Leywoven Flying Carpet] - Flying [Mystic Runesaber] - Ground [Violet Spellwing] - Ground [Voidtalon of the Dark Star] - Ground Hope this helps. Have fun and good luck getting those mounts. :)Magezrock5 11h
14h Did you guys notice frozen orb changed? It's now ground target, and I can't find any documentation on this.Cintiq3 14h
17h T21 Fire Mage its weak I have a felomelorn 966, 934 ilvl and with T21 i got 30k upgrade DPS on a dummy. about 1.2 M damage on 10 minutes , artifact level 66 My Frost spec without bis legendaries with artifact 947 do the same amount of damage, artifact level 52. This is real, again Fire mage going down by blizz. That is REALLY annoying. Dev team really doesnt know nothing about class balance.Hayce6 17h
19h Your Class Fantasy I would just like to ask the community how you feel blizzard did creating and enforcing the class fantasy of your preferred specialization. If you don't have experience with one of the specs feel free to only comment based on the one(s) you are experienced with. Do you feel they lived up to what the class fantasy has been represented as and do you feel the gameplay of the class is able to keep you involved and further increase the feeling that you are the spec you chose? What did they do good? What did they do alright with? What did they do bad/ leave out? Please list which specialization(s) you are speaking on. Thank You in advance for your responses. :)Curtens7 19h
22h Video editing software Hello, I am looking for suggestions for a free, or cheap, easy to use video editing software. My computer did not come with windows movie maker. Edit: oops, did not mean to put this in the mage forumCanonic1 22h
1d Fire Mage on Heroic KJ Fellow Mages, My guild is working on Heroic KJ. Im looking for consensus best talents, gear and strategy for this fight specifically. Ive studied warcraft logs and I see a lot of mages with Flame Patch and other talents that dont jump off at me as beneficial for the team. Maybe great to cheese big numbers but Im not seeing the benefit making sure he goes down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Makros7 1d
1d Why mages are complaining so much about? Every single time i see a mage complaining about something, a decade of this comes to my mind:Ðæx9 1d
1d Mages Teleport Anywhere My buddy and I are disagreeing on an idea. What if mages could teleport anywhere they have discovered, i myself think this would be a completely broken as it would cause some inflammation in some items and would make most people main one or more mages simply because you can teleport anywhere you've visited on the map. I would like to know what the community has to say on it.Tagalo6 1d
1d Thoughts on tier21 set bonuses? What do u guys think about each specs tier set bonuses? And the new look of this tier set? 1)frost 2)fire 3)arcane Plz comment ty!!Ragingpowers31 1d
1d Frost gameplay questions Maybe some experienced frost mages could help me out here. I'm getting back into my frost mage and I'm confused about a couple things that I'm not seeing in the icy-veins guide. 1. If you get a brain freeze AND FoF procs at the same time, is it better to use the FoF proc first and then do the flurry combo? Or do you just flurry combo first using the FoF proc? Does this priority change for multi target cleave running splitting ice? 2. When using the TV build, say your icy-veins and orb cooldowns get our of sinc for whatever reason. Do you hold your orb waiting for icy veins to be back up or just use them both on cd? Thanks!Alerzuhl7 1d
1d Sphere of Entropy Frost Relic. Is it worth running 2x of these? I have one titanforged (+70 Ilevels) and the other warforged (+67 ilevels) from HTOS. I seem to have bad luck with other frost relics but was wondering what others would do in this situation.Beautevil4 1d
1d Fire Mage - Any Tips? I'm Bad DPS :( I'll start by saying, this isn't my main - or my the role I usually play. I main a Druid, and I typically play healers (My R Druid, My Holy Priest etc) So I wanted to play a DPS alt, did a n TOS, but man.... I am sad by my DPS. Makes me want to give up. Any tips? Log; 1d
1d New Arcane Explosion Hurts Eyes The new arcane explosion spell effect is seizure inducing. Real hard on the eyes. Have to switch back to Frost because of it.Thalgor86 1d
1d Soul without Kilt? Viable? Hello folks So, the RNG Gods smiled upon my mage last night and gave me a new leggo. I was happy when I saw the Golden Dragon once again when I looted that Dreamweaver emissary caché but then I saw it.... it was a Soul of the Archmage... I know that Archmage + Kilt is a hell of a combo, but right now my other arcane leggo is the Timewarp Ring that I've been using with Belo'vir until now. So... is it as strong for arcane even if you don't have the Kilt to help you compensate the extra mana burning?Igniteya2 1d
2d Why do you dislike the new animations? Why do people dislike all the new mage animations? I would appreciate it if you could put down what you like/dislike about a certain spell. (It doesn't have to be ALL of them, just two or three.) I just want to see what's disappointing people the most. I will say though, I personally think the Arcane animations look great.Kentar42 2d
2d Versatility I made a thread before asking why more mages dont have versatility as a higher priority stat and got replies saying alot do actually put it as a priority stat. I stated that versatility basicly works like spell power did. I added 600 versatility to my character today and seen 4,000 plus; extra damage added to my spells so I dont know what the point to point ratio is for versatility to spell damage. As a fire mage this is why use the quick blade sets. Versatility for spell power and Criticle strike for higher chance at getting those big criticals. I heard mastery is a priority stat but Id rather have big numbers over longer prolonged burn effects. I mean I still get that effect anyways.Sathyr21 2d
2d Aluneth is haunting me!!! I I recently decided to stop playing my arcane mage for reasons that I have already posted, while I have been thinking about all the comments I got I have been playing on the DH, as I'm playing him, I keep hearing aluneths voice telling me to come back to my arcane mage!!! Maybe it's a sign not to quit on my mage, that maybe things will get better for us arcane mages, don't know what to do now, the voices and the dreams I'm having of arcane power is haunting me, maybe it's my destiny to be an arcane mage no matter what....Ragingpowers10 2d
2d New Frost Mage Help 1. Anyone have some tips on Single target rotation for a new mage (I'm unfamiliar with level 90 and 100 talents and artifact stuff.) 2. After 33.45% city do I stack haste or versatility? 3. if you could give me some advice on gearing fast that would be great. Thank you for your timeClentonjudd1 2d
2d Feedback on (frost) logs I haven't played my mage since BC, but decided to boost and gear her and have just started to try some raiding. I don't really play DPS specs (typically I heal), and would really like some feedback on the little bit of raiding I've done so far. How can I improve? I know there are only a couple of fights in the logs so far, but would appreciate any suggestions for how to suck less :-).Exlara4 2d
2d Arcane pvp hey guys I've been playing pve this whole expansion and for the last few days trying out pvp and ended up getting wrecked for the most of it lol. My question is what do you do when you're arcane locked cause i would just ice block but that didn't do much tbh.. especially in arenas, any input would be appreciated CheersToohard2 2d
2d Arcane Damage Done Problems Anyone else struggling from having a huge difference in DPS and damage done? I can get in the top 3 for dps, then I check damage done and I drop down to 8th or so. Every other class is about the same across the board but for some reason Arcane mage just drops terribly across. I'm guessing it's due to the huge amounts of time spent worrying about mana and casting long Arcane Blasts. Fire and Ice you have consist dmg with always something going out. Might be time to rework Arcane around. Anyone else finding these results?Farriah11 2d
2d fire stat priority confusion I just checked Icy Veins, and they are saying the stat priority goes Mastery, Haste=Versatility, Intellect, then Crit. Since when is crit dead last with fire? Yet on Noxxic it goes Intellect, Crit, Mastery, Haste, Versatility. Any suggestions?Tamarynn17 2d
2d Marquee Tips Just got my Marquee Bracers from the Sangua Invasion Point, wanted to hear from people who have had them all expac about tips and tricks with it to maximize damage. Been playing with Firestarter so I've read a couple times now the goal is to fish for a bracer proc during Firestarter window. Some things I am curious about, does having these make Rune of Power more valuable than Incanters Flow? Also, if the Bracers proc during Combustion, is it worth hardcasting a pyro or just continue using instant casts? Any changes to gear priority? Also, I would love to hear any other tips you've found out over the course of the expac.Arcanosaur6 2d
2d i defeated to defense the hill.Please help please help me. How can i win? see the video. (The sound is very loud just slow it a little) 2d
3d The true way to get your next legendary 1) Do lfr cenarius 2) Somehow manage to kill yourself with glacial spike. (please don't ask.) 3) profit. It's depressing too because no matter what gear i put on, i'd lose dps.Looneyluna12 3d
3d Just got my mage to 110 Discovered why you don't hard cast in pvp. All of the instant cast spells do as much damage as pyroblast which is just an instant cast fireball because of the busted !@# template you got. I haven't really touched the other specs yet. Wow I'm disappointed. But at least the flamestrike battleground build works like I hoped it would.Traxis3 3d
3d Fire or Frost for PVE? So, just got my mage to 110, and I'm trying to figure out what spec to go into. I like both, but neither of them have really jumped out to me, so I'm looking for some opinions on the two specs. Appreciate any input, thanks.Alivyana11 3d
4d Mages so vulnerable to dispels In pvp, fire frost and arcane mages are so vulnerable to dispels (or spell steal). Any decent priest or shaman will spam dispel/purge when we pop AP, icy veins, combustion. It takes out our shields. It takes out hot streaks (does it take out finger of frost?). Fellow mages, is there any way to counter this? Many thanks!!!Juno25 4d
4d Spellsteal Weak Aura or Add On? I was wondering if someone can recommend a Weak Aura or Add-On for alerting me when a mob has a buff or something that can be spellstolen. I used to use "Spell Thief" add-on but it hasn't functioned since 7.3. Not sure if it matters, but would be mainly for PvE. Yours, TaygaTayga7 4d
4d Arcane playable/good without Kilt? I really like arcane alt, looks cool plays cool. But this is Legion, and some classes if you don't get that 1 godmode leggo, forget about it. Is arcane good without kilt? I got 4 crappy ones so far. Should I bother?Tastey29 4d