4d PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 4d
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25m Flamestrike animation not showing? Anyone else getting this? is this a bug or related to settings? Normally happens when there is a group of mobsXelkon4 25m
1h Why can't I pull 400k+ (Nighthold) This is for Heroic Nighthold, where I'm so baffled I can't even do Heroic Krosus and above because I cannot pull 400k+ sustained. I do my rotation exactly as it calls for... Even with the mobility. As RNG as this Frost spec is, I am out of words. What the heck. I got benched for the entire night tonight after we downed the bosses up to Krosus, because of it yesterday previous to Krosus... So I'm literally sitting here, sort of very upset. On my raid night I'm just doing nothing, because even when I do my rotation, I just do not know how the hell I can't keep my sustained DPS high enough due to this !@#$ damage and RNG situations.Paperjelly7 1h
1h Time to park your mage ? Normal Nighthold was a reality check for me last night. As fire, I realized that I had sub par dps compared to other classes on the majority of raid bosses. And to make it worst, if you look at logs (Heroic), you realize that in the top 5, there are 4 hybrid classes like the ret pally, DH, monk and Spriest that can not only bring higher dps to the raid, but can also off spec heal or tank. I pug a lot nowadays since my work does not allow me to have a fixed raiding schedule. So let me ask you, if you are a raid leader and you have the choice to bring a significantly higher hybrid dps like the ret paly, DH, monk or Spriest that can also off spec heal or tank, what would you do ? My ret pally does better damage with a simpler rotation without the need to constantly change gear / talents in between fights...Jacar45 1h
1h Fire or frost for arenas? I have a mage i hit 110 with a while back and have shown very little love to since. I am wanting to start playing it a bit more, and hopefully dive into arenas... from reading through the forums it sounds like mages are in a bad spot... but which of the two (fire vs frost) is better for 2's/3's atm?Chekyoursix1 1h
1h New Golden Traits Mage 7.2 Arcane : Aluneth's Avarice (Rank 1) (New) Mark of Aluneth restores 15% maximum mana when it detonates. Time and Space (Rank 1) (New) Arcane Explosion also casts at the last location where you cast Arcane Explosion within the last 6 sec. Fire : Phoenix's Warmth (Rank 1) (New) Phoenix Flames has a chance to grant 0% critical strike chance to you and the four nearest allies. Strafing Run (Rank 1) (New) Phoenix Flames chains to an additional 2 targets. Frost : Freezing Rain (Rank 1) (New) While Frozen Orb is active, you cast Blizzard instantly. Glacial Eruption (Rank 1) (New) After Ebonbolt damages a target, a pillar of ice bursts from the ground at that location, dealing 0 Shadowfrost damage. /Discuss One new small trait per spec as well Aegwynn's Intensity (Rank 3) (New) Increases the damage of Arcane Missiles by 9%. Pre-Ignited (Rank 3) (New) Increases the duration of Combustion by 3 sec. Obsidian Lance (Rank 3) (New) Increases the Frozen target multiplier on Ice Lance by 30%.Zubajiin28 1h
2h Anybody bothered that They decided to remake our ugliest tier set for T20? :/ Not just mages, but overall most of the T6 is very ugly for many classes, especially mages and paladins.Oscha20 2h
2h Arcane 7.2 Artfct trait Time and Space / PVP New for 7.2 artifact trait Time and Space causes AE to pop at the last location you used it within the last 6 seconds. I'm sure this is exciting for pve and hitting trash, but it is very bad and irritating game play for pvp. I am moving when using AE. Its one of my few instant casts that I use to take out an opponent when they are on their last bit of hp. I try to stick to my opponent when spam casting it. The last thing I want is to have it go off in empty space where we were all standing a few seconds ago.Eaglesgift2 2h
2h So ilvl or stats for gear ? Everyone says sim yourself .. Pawn seems way offChizzbolt4 2h
3h Class mount Who's ready for a floating disk ....OOOOOOOOO shinyMbank30 3h
3h Please change cinderstorm or make Meteor AOE Title says it all. Cinderstorm's probably THE most annoying spell in the game, with little to NO consistency, ESPECIALLY in aoe fights with mobs that have small hitboxes. Meteor is fine, but it's 'spread' damage is garbage -- you've taken our Combust/burst, at least give us SOME fun in the specPadtyg4 3h
4h Aran's Unattainable Jewels! So today, after wasting God knows how many tokens on Shade, I finally got Aran's Relaxing Ruby (from the quest bag of course @@) and it even titanforged. Of course the "joy" from that event was marred by the new trinket data which now places the Ruby way down on the list, a far cry from the previously lofty pedestal it occupied as number 1 for both single target and AoE. Only problem is I am not sure why. It looks exactly the same as it did before the patch and procs at roughly the same rate (about 2 a min.). Is the sole reason for the downgrade the fact that secondary stats lost value and it has 1k mastery instead of 1k int, and if so isn't that off set by the still considerable damage it deals? Thoughts?Fyrell7 4h
4h Please prune mage vanish I'm sick of fighting a mage and then they just go invisible when they are about to lose and heal to full, then burst me down with their cooldowns. Blizzard should remove this ability because it does not fit the class fantasy. Going invisible is for Rogues only. It has nothing to do with shooting fire and ice at people.Modor12 4h
4h Feeling the mobility/surv nerfs in m+? So yeah, Arcway Tyrannical As a ranged caster, tangled web (which pierces ice block) is a mechanic that I've never had issues with before, especially if melee doesn't move. It seems that this is a strange mix of having to choose slipstream over shimmer, whereby back in 7.1.0, after blinking out of a damage cloud, you would be left with one more blink to deal with tangled web. Now, the mechanic at 12+ works in such a way that you'd die by the we in a couple ticks. Taking more magic damage as arcane doesn't help without mage armor, plus 200k hp from 7.1.0's barrier saves us at least from half a web tick. This means that we have a high chance of dying when blink is on cooldown (died with 0.5s to help me blink-snap the web after getting a cloud spawned on me. Another notable happening is during the fel-guard boss, especially after a slam without a defensive, where a knockback into a green circle would be instant death. The usual way of coping with this would be to shimmer mid-jump. Of course with blink on cooldown and or with it being on the GCD, this make improper positioning (by tank movement or by dodging a slash) very punishing compared to previously manageable levels. 7.1.5- 5% gearstam buff + playstyle changes However, it should be noted that the 5% gear boost should have given us 5% more stam. Plus the surv lego buffs should help. What perplexes me is that does our 'increased' survivability with utility legos truly count if it got taken away from our base kit? (aka additional reliance on utility legos) To my knowledge, classes mostly got self-healing nerfs. But mobility + self-healing nerfs combined add a strange dimension of additional effort for equal level dungeons. To be fair, it probably involves just positioning changes, and is an unintended side-effect of the 7.1.5 changes (which i think were made for pvp). This feels oddly like an up-down progression for diablo 3 seasonal greater rift. Now, this was just two specific examples of how 7.1.5 for arcane failed to fill the gaps in helping to overcome these mechanics. (Barrage move speed running cannot compare with shimmer + floes) Perhaps frost + fire's having some better luck with the baked in cauterize + 2 charge block? I know frost would have the same issues with the web boss because of the magic pierce. But cauterize might have helped catch fire for the slam combo death + death web tick. Thoughts/feelings/ stories of how 7.1.5's changes scored an unexpected cheap shot on you?Lycoan9 4h
5h arcane buff/nerf We have to say sth. We need to make a scene . This is RIDICULOUS. Designer Notes: Arcane has been doing well in 7.1.5, but its numbers are lacking a bit. We're giving them an across-the-board damage buff, but tempering that with small reductions to a couple new talents that are proving to be too strong. So u admit that arcane is lacking in numbers, and then you go nerf their strongest talents that are in synergy without much to compensate. If we're using our strongest talents and we're still lacking in numbers, we need a overall damage buff and also buff to the other talents in the same role. Intended buff to arcane , again, makes everyone sad.Fuyumaho66 5h
6h Order Hall staff pedestals possible bug I just got the Woolomancer's Charge today and after I went back to the Hall of the Guardian this was there on one of the preview pedestals: Is this a known bug? This looks like an unreleased appearance for Aluneth, and I haven't seen it spoiled anywhere. If this is already known feel free to downvote me into oblivion, but I thought this looked really cool and wanted to share.Gehenn1 6h
7h Frost and the RNG Hey folks, I just boosted a Mage to 100 and went Frost. I have started questing and I'm finding that, if I get on the wrong side of the RNG (which seems to happen more than a beneficial string of procs), my DPS can be REALLY bad. Is this true? Does it get better? Am I maybe talented into too many passives? Thanks for any help!Olister9 7h
8h Is Frost sorta screwed in NH? From what I've seen, Nighthold sure shares a lot of add-consistant fights, thus' using AoE. I know we're "buffed in AoE" a bit, but Fire/Arcane, other classes out-AoE us by miles. Am I missing something here?Paperjelly93 8h
8h Absolutely insulting to Frost... The "hotfix" that comes out in a couple days states this for Frost: "-Frost -Comet Storm damage increased by 24%. -Flurry now fires its missiles faster. Designer Notes: Comet Storm is failing to live up to expectations, so we're buffing its damage. The Flurry change will help Flurry feel more responsive, while simultaneously solving a potential issue where Winter's Chill could apply to two Ice Lances (instead of just one, as intended) at extremely high Haste levels." Now, look at this: This is absolutely insulting. If you read the Hunter notes in the hotfix, it states how "Marksmanship has given a lot of feedback"... Like we haven't enough? Actual statistics, forums, pleas, and all that don't exist for us? We are AT THE BOTTOM... And Blizzard is buffing the UN-USED TALENT? I am absolutely beyond baffled... Are you serious?Paperjelly20 8h
9h Parking my Frost Mage for NH Well guys, it's been a good run. Frost was really fun in Emerald Nightmare and ToV. While we weren't perfect, we had a few viable specs, and Thermal Void build felt really fun to play when you could maintain 100% icy veins uptime and pump out the ice lances. There were certainly problems, the burst wasn't there and the AoE was a dumpster fire, but it was niche and playable and I could compete with most classes on pure single target. With the release of Nighthold, frost feels absolutely horrible to play, and I will be benching it in favor of my Demon Hunter for the tier. The following are the biggest problems with the spec right now: 1.) Our FoF generation seems incredibly sporadic and weak. Please just give me back the control where frozen touch wasn't a crap passive. 2.) Our haste feels incredibly low with the nerf, icy veins falls off and I feel like I am casting 4 second frostbolts that hit for 90k. It isn't fun. 3.) Our AoE is still trash, and Nighthold is mostly AoE or cleave fights. We aren't even that good at single target anymore... 4.) Our gear is optimized horribly. Absolutely need crit haste to function and none of the tier gear, cloth off pieces, or jewelry seem to have it. 5.) Our tier set bonus just seems like a mean joke. Anyways, it's been fun playing frost for the first 2 raids. I made a few posts back on the PTR forums, I feel like we are just getting ignored because not a lot of people play frost and it isn't worth Blizzard's time to engage with us. If you are still enjoying frost, more power to you. For everyone else, see you in Tomb of Sargeras hopefully if things get fixed.Ðmoney19 9h
9h Legion : Unfair for Pure DPS Class Legion : Unfair for Pure DPS Class ***Hybrid DPS spec should not perform better (in term of DPS) than pure DPS spec*** and I will tell you in depth for these unfair issue :- - You cannot go wrong with Hybrid DPS spec. Cause there is only 1 or 2 spec to choose if you wanna go DPS for Hybrid, affected the AP farm / Legendary Farm very efficiency. - While we got nerf / buff in the weekly basis, we need to change loot spec / AP grind in different spec, which is more time consuming than Hybrid Class. What the reason for hybrid DPS spec which don't have to choose anything got DPS more than us the Pure DPS spec ???? - People that play pure DPS class = They want to only DPS DPS and DPS. So what is the point for them to under perform compared to hybrid, where is the hybrid tax ???. With this expansion it's much worse cause of AP and Legendary lock out. - Seems unfair for me that while we're fighting for each other (Arcane, Fire and Frost) that who is the best spec, Hybrid just got 1 spec that can surpass us easily. I will be the one that protest for this issue.Arzunas8 9h
9h Request: Screenshot of Star Gate Proc I would really appreciate it if someone who got the Star Gate trinket can post a screenshot of the proc visual (hoping it will be a cool arcane meteor). I was really looking forward to it and just can't wait to see what it looks like, alas I used tokens on both normal and heroic but didn't get it (although I did get 920 titanforged set gloves so I guess I shouldn't complain)! Thanks! P.S. Don't use the class hall dummy because since it floats it's horrible for showing procs.Fyrell1 9h
9h Class mount Really sucks. You guys are really dropping the ball on this one. You could have made it a splinter of Atiesh so we could finally have the raven form so many of us have been wanting, but instead we are getting a flying Frisbee. Hate to break it to you Bliz but everyone who wanted a flying Frisbee already got it in MOP.Zaylan4 9h
10h 7.2 Animations Dear Blizzard, I know you're updating some of the casting/combat animations, but please consider giving mages some love. At the very least, let our portal spells have the option to look like the ones Khadgar uses in the Warcraft movie. Hell make it a glyph or something to have that option or glyph it to go to the 'classic' version. Also, dual handed casting would be nice, especially for cases where we throw out instant casts (i.e. Arcane Barrage, Pyroblast). Have our cast time spells come from one hand, and our instants another. A small visual update to give us a more active feel would be greatly appreciated by me and others, I'm sure. Thanks!Cloudfaith7 10h
11h Tired of blizzard nerfing mages (Arcane) I understand the nerf of fire mage because it was overpowered in 7.0-7.10. However there is no way for me to understand the recent arcane mage nerf. Arcane is doing very poorly in wcl and the 4 set bonus is the worst in all the dps specs. I did not complain because I have been sticking with arcane since legion launch. But this recent nerf is too much for me, I am considering to stop playing the game. Blizzard showed no respect me us player who grind day and night only trying to play the class we loved. Although blizzard say the change will buff arcane but I highly doubt that, Overpowered talent synergize extremely week with most raid mechanics in nighthold. Blizzard will only do something if we make cry threads about it.Lstrea21 11h
11h Need A New Way Of Frost Give us haste buff back Deep Freeze Talent Back Replace with frigid winds Take shimmer and icy floes off same tier -------- I was running !@#$ before the patch they nerfed our number 1 spell and took our haste . I wouldn't of minded if they nerfed anything else because with the pvp set up with shimmer an icy floes you could kite longer an make up for dmg.ßéllé0 11h
12h Arcance Stat Cap? Hi! So I just have a quick question! I have been looking all over and I can't seem to find a set answer. I'm wondering what the stat cap is for an arcane mage. I've seen that people say you should have at least 40 percent mastery... (not sure if this is even correct) but what about your other stats? Thanks in advance! -kimarlaKimàrla5 12h
13h Don't throw away Nighthold trinkets A part of the recent upfixes (Blue post) that some people might have missed : ... They sim ridiculously low at the moment but it might not be the case next week. So keep them. 13h
14h A dev hates the mage it's a theory. It's the only reason I can think of for the nerfs. A dev looked at a spreadsheet of the class stats. He saw the mage and said "!@#$ you", then nerfed: pyroblast, frostbolt, combustion, ice block, and many artifact traits. The dev looked at the mage and said "I'm gonna take the cannon out of glass cannon, and just have you be glass." I've %^-*!ed about the state of mages post 7.1.5 recently. I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my fears. We need to let blizz know this is not a learn-to-play issue. We desperately need damage buffs to be competitive in Nighthold and pvp.Kevinrex2 14h
14h I Have Yet to See... A Mage Transmog that has awed me and made me think BAM! now thats a mage. Best so far imo is MoP Challenge Mode set for Mage. But still....Velrynn24 14h
14h Arcane is last place, yet not buffed Meaning come tuesday, it will be 20-30% behind ALL other specs since all other below average specs are being buffed. Ouch. That sucks real bad, I wanted to pvp and pve in the same spec especially since in season 3 35+ will be enabled. This is going to suck. No raid invites.Tingoodoo72 14h
14h Arcane AoE I keep hearing that Arcane has mediocre AoE damage and I just don't get that. Arcane Explosions against a large group of mobs especially with RoP often gives me 1.2 to 1.5 million k DPS. Against groups of mobs greater then 4 I don't think I have ever been out dpsed by any char including Fire. There was a short time were monks could do it but that was nerfed before 7.1.5 even came out. I'm just curious what you guys think about the subject it just seems weird to me that people call our AoE average at best. Is that because they kind of put cleave in the same grouping. I mean i know for cleave we are not great but for large group AoE i just don't get it.Gandalor19 14h
14h Help with raising my dps (logs included) I really love my fire mage but I feel like I could be doing more dps. Can anyone look at my logs and see if there's anything I could do to raise it please? I would like to up my performance percentage. Both logs are from N NH. Wednesday night's raid: Friday night's raid: 14h
15h Why is Mage so bad for BGs? Squishyness?Tingoodoo2 15h
16h Shimmer interrupting my spells? Hi folks, I'm finding that Shimmer is interrupting my spells during the cast. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is it a common issue? Thanks, BhamsBhams7 16h
19h Input greatly appreciated My guildies and I are pushing for a m+15 this week. We are logging it as well. I know logs dont mean too much on mythic plus but I have noticed my dps is subpar compared to our enhance shaman/assasination rogue. WowProgress Link: Here is my gear Here is a screenshot of my stats (not sure how imgur works) Warcraft Logs: We did several pluses. Skipped some trash and please ignore the +14 HOV...its just LoL I should note I have the Legendary Helm/Bracers equipped at current. I have in my bag a 910 Kiljaeden's Trinket and the Norgannon's Foresight boots. Also an 880 Cage Horror Trinket (1095 Mastery) an 885 Horn of valor (1116 Vers with on use 4304 primary stat) TLDR.. Are my stat weights wrong or do i need to 'git gud'Tristañ10 19h
22h Crying mages Seriously I don't understand what you guys are whining about, I love my mage and I am very powerful and all I read is this spec sucks this spec sucks I can't beat anyone when I constantly out dps people. This isn't speaking for pvp cause we are !@#$ tier there since 7.1.5. No we are not top dps but if put in the right hands you will shine. Fix your own problems not blame the amazing class that is mage.Sheeped23 22h
22h soloing as frost mage question? I have decided to make a panda frost mage . I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they do in soloing stuff like rares or pet and mount farming or even just legion gameplay as far as solo questing or world quests? ThanksHotdogz2 22h
1d our replacement for quickening... No one seemed to mind that our overall haste would be massively reduced by the removal of the quickening talent, which would nerf almost every aspect of our dps, from trinket proc rates, dot ticks, and cast times (which also helped for movement heavy encounters.) Not only were other talents such as supernova and nether tempest indirectly nerfed with the removal of quickening, but they were also directly nerfed. Now Blizzard notices we are all currently taking the talent that replaced quickening, which is much weaker overall, and they decide to nerf it to force us to take even weaker replacements. Also the nerf to missile damage is massive, because what they didn't mention is the 15% AM damage was PER AC, which makes the nerf actually from 60% for the majority of the encounter, to just 48%. AM is a third of our damage, and it will now be receiving a nerf of about 12%. Along with a 10% nerf to our OP talent which will be a huge hit to our opener and burst phases, which was still below other specs. And yet all this, somehow is not a nerf because some of our spells have been buffed by 5%? Not only that, but somehow once again, I'm supposed to believe this is a buff? This will be the third time where a nerf has been rolled out in an attempt to buff arcane. I'm really at my breaking point, and I don't think I'll be able to stomach another nerf while simultaneously being told I'm lucky to be getting these buffs. Btw, now that OP has gone from its initial 70% increase to arcane power, down to 40% increase to AP, and now down to 30% increase in PVE, and only 15% in PVP, can we all please stop with the 'OP is so OP, heuhuehuehue.' It really is a subpar talent now and what makes it all so much worse is to remember what it is supposed to be replacing.Pyretics0 1d
1d Mythic NH Tuning Hotfixes, where is the love? By now there are enough parses to suggest that mages are doing extremely poorly in NH. With the buffs to Feral, BM, Destro there is a good chance that all 3 mage specs are dead last. Also the "buff" to Arcane is laughable, at best a 1% buff, possibly even a nerf.Inferno34 1d
1d Comet Storm PvP Comet Storm PvP Hello, I'm an avid PvP player - particularly BGs. Seeing with the recent buffs to some signature spells, Ebon Bolt, Glacial Spike, etc., how about a buff to Comet Storm? I love Glacial Spike and all, but the recent nerf to frostbolt is noticeable, especially in PvP. Without Deep Shatters, I'm hitting for roughly 60-90k, including critical hits without modifiers. It's a pity we can't directly buff frostbolt without it affecting deep shatter modifiers. And even with Deep Shatter, you're lucky to get off one frostbolt before it breaks. Anyway, off topic. Is there any counter argument for not wanting to buff Comet Storm? It's only good when it shatters.Kiekö3 1d
1d Mages need Loving Too... Enough is enough. Time to stop nerfing our class and ruining it to the point of the full extent where mages soon won't be able to do anything. Our entire class is down the bottom of the DPS, and yet, Arcane is getting nerfed and Frost is only getting 1 talent buff. A pure DPS class that is doing poorly and is not getting any real help with our performance. Any before anyone post in here saying "just switch specs", you see how RNG this expansion has been. Now you tell me that switching specs is just as easy as pie!Ayukama4 1d
1d Memories of Ebonchill, Help. I have been searching all around Dalaran to speak to the Reflection of the Council of Tirisfal for more then an hour. I have tried to search up where I am supposed to go but no luck.Dulath25 1d
1d Trinkets I know there was some talk about proc trinkets like Shock-Baton (etc) being nerfed, but has this been confirmed? Are stat sticks better than most of these trinkets now or what? I've noticed my SB doesn't seem to proc very often now, but that could simply just be bad luck on my part.Lezzard13 1d
1d Shimmer bug I've posted this in the bug forums and still no recognition whatsoever. We've always had this shimmer bug from what I can remember, but nowhere close to what it is now, especially in instanced pvp, after the recent patch. Constantly stop casting after blinking. I notice that my body is slightly in the air after I blink sometimes, which causes the cast to stop, and the times I'm not in the air it works fine. Is there a way to decrease the chance of this bug? Anyone? Bueller?Doctaboom0 1d
1d Easier to raid with: Lock or Mage Note: I know there is a lot of negativity over Mages now and Locks are getting some buffs. My question below isn't about numbers, it's about ease of rotation during raids when you have to follow mechanics. Hey all, I really hate to do a thread like this but I was wondering between an Affliction Warlock and an Arcane or Fire Mage--which class is easier to raid with? I tried out Arcane last night with my guild (who is awesome) during an EN normal run to get gear for late comers like me--and I sucked. I sucked bad. It was pretty frustrating. I didn't feel confident in my rotation (Arcane is nice when you don't have to move at all!) and unlike Locks, Mages are the definition of a glass cannon. I was dying all the time. So, here I am after a frustrating night of raiding. Do I stick with my Mage and maybe switch to Fire instead of Arcane for the supposedly easier rotation? Or do I switch over to my Aff lock that is a bit more forgiving on soaking up damage mechanics and in which I think the rotation is also forgiving--at least on movement fights for the most part! Maybe my issue was that I was trying to bit off way to much with the Arcane spec and maybe there is an easier Mage spec for raiding like Frost or Fire.Tikidot5 1d
1d Arcane Design Problems (Possibly) Arcane has always been my favorite spec but there appear to be some problem with arcane mechanics in contrast to the design philosophy Blizzard stated. Problem 1 - Mastery The mastery stat of arcane is comparatively too weak. According to simulation craft, my stat weights are intellect (~12) > haste~versa~crit (~11) >> mastery (~6), which is also proved by the in-game experience of many other arcane mages. Blizzard clearly stated that they want us to choose gears to equip mostly based on primary stat. However, given the poor performance of mastery, it is very likely that players will try to avoid mastery as much as possible especially for rings, necklaces and trinkets. Overall, arcane mastery needs buffs. A simple buff could be to increase its damage bonus. More complex ones can be to extend arcane power duration or reduced its cooldown and so forth. Problem 2 - Legendary Many mage spec-specific legendary are not so competitive in comparison with the bis and with that of other classes. Blizzard want to balance the legendary items so they nerfed the majority of the bis legendary in 7.1.5 to minimize the gap between players with or without them. Taking arcane as an example: The kilt is nerfed by 25% in mana regeneration and it is still the bis but are not way too powerful compared with the legendary of other classes. This change is somehow successful. However, the armwrap is now too weak. With the reduced probability from 25% to 18% and the possibly unstated nerf in arcane missile activation chance, the armwrap now hardly takes effect in combat. The typical proc for a raid boss is now 1-3 procs per fight, which does not provide any observable enhancement in arcane single-target performance. With the removal of quickening, the armwrap is even more useless. As for the rest, the arcane belt was not helpful enough even in 7.1.0 and has not received a buff so far. The arcane hat also provides little help in combat. These two are just like a high-ilvl non-legendary items according to their reputation among players (I don't have them though). So now the second bis legendary for arcane are the exodar ring and kj trinket, not because they are strong, but because the other legendary are too weak. This might fit the goal to minimize the gap between players with or without them. However, when compared with other classes, arcane has extremely limited choices. For instance, havoc headpiece and shoulder piece both provide significant enhancement in their combat, in addition to the default half-giant and many other usable legendary items such as mo'arg, cinidaria and so forth. In a word, arcane has few choices in legendary compared with other classes because most of the equipable legendary of arcane are too weak. Problem 3 - Nerf in Amplification I understand that this is not finalized yet nor do I want to see it patched. Blizzard claims to give arcane an across-the-board buff but the amplification talent is nerfed. Are the changes really a buff? Yes without using amplification and no if it is used. Arcane has not been so strong in single-target since the launch of Legion, ignoring nt-spam. I cannot see why amplification is considered too strong. Maybe it is because they see arcane mages doing very good damage in the burst phase but there are classes even stronger at that, for example, havoc and ret-paladin. Havocs can do more than 2M dps at start well arcane can only start with 1M dps and such a nerf falls to arcane. Basically I think the nerf in amplification is entirely unnecessary. Problem 4 - T19-4P Bonus Similar to how arcane legendary hat is useless, the T19-4P Bonus for arcane is weak too. Evocation is never the only cooldown that constraints arcane rotation. The T19-4P Bonus may in addition to include a cooldown reduction in arcane power to prove usaful, so does the legendary hat. Previous simulation by an anonymous player shows that the 2P to 4P improvement for arcane is only 0.2%. [Edit]: Okay since we have much disagreement on this part. I hold back this point a bit. I'm using OP build and in my rotation, the gap between a fluent rotation and the next evocation is less than 20 seconds, which is supposed to be even shorter with the 2P bonus. It is possible that those using TF or Orb builds need it much more than I do. Sorry that I wasn't considering these. Problem 5 - Competitivity in Mobile and Rich-Mechanic Fights Ignoring amplification nerf: It is typical that a caster is badly influenced in mobile fights and fight where you are required to do a lot of mechanics. And the so-called across-the-board buff is making it even worse. With such changes, we do not do as much damage in the burst phase as before but do more damage during normal casting, but when we always have to move, this buff is never received. Many arcane mages have been complaining that they are not so competitive in Gul'dan fight, and such changes will make it even worse because of the running required. With the nerf in amplification, things become even worse. (Now I feel myself close to the standby-seats for heroic gul'dan :()Aluneth9 1d
1d tarecgosa's rest cant use it on PVP . can we get it as a mount in the mount tab? thanksBlazr1 1d
1d Frozen Touch Bug? Did Blizzard intend for Frozen touch to only be ~4.8% increase on Fingers procs? Honestly if they made it a 40% increase of the baseline 12% I'm flipping tables...... Edit: Did some testing. 50 Frostbolts with Frozen touch gave me 8 FoF procs 50 Frostbolts with Ice Nova gave me 7 FoF Procs What a sick joke.....Farmßoy6 1d