Oct 8 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez187 Oct 8
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2m Class Hall Picture So feel free to think I'm weird and all; because frankly I am. Something has been bugging me and I wanted to seek other's opinions. Port into the mage hall and turn right. Just before you go down the stairs there is a picture on your left. It looks like one of those 'illusion' pictures where you had to kinda make your eyes go weird to see the hidden picture. It has glowing wavy lines flowing across it. Take a close look at it. Is this a freaking picture of naked Princess Lea sitting on a chair? I swear I can't be the one that noticed this. Maybe I watched too much Star Wars this weekend.Panamos2 2m
32m Rate that Transmog! You know the drill my mage brethren and sistren!Balaerion258 32m
45m Shimmer interrupts my casts half the time...Burrberry10 45m
49m The Incredible Disappearing Arcane Familiar Is the Arcane Familiar actually supposed to despawn every time we take a flight path, teleport or use the whistle? It's really annoying because it's such an easy thing to forget to re-summon... constantly. At least with Frost's water elemental, it is easily noticeable when the pet isn't active due to its size but the arcane familiar is so tiny that it's easy to play for a good while without recognizing you didn't resummon it...Samarqand6 49m
1h Warlord set transmorg Bought the vanilla warlord set with marks of honor and couldn't use them to transmorg. Bug or working as intended?Naxalite1 1h
1h Low fire dps Hey guys im currently a 874 ilvl Fire mage. my guild keeps telling me i need to improve me dps as it isnt what it should be for my spec and ilvl. i logged my raid today, i was wondering if some of you can have a look through it and tell me what im doing wrong/how to improve! Thanx in advance [url][/url]Kamakati3 1h
2h Spell Travel Time on Helya I recently did this fight as frost and had issues with using waterjet to generate Fingers of Frost. I usually can generate my two but for some reason (I think it is because of a travel time bug on spells), I can only get one. Has anyone else had this issue?Jazzytwo1 2h
2h Halp! Frost Immunitiy? I have noticed there are many frost immune mobs in Lich King areas. Now that all fire abilities have been removed from a frost mage how am I supposed to attack them? Respec? Or is this an issue that hasn't been addressed?Jelene4 2h
2h Low Dps Fire Mage :( I'm one of those returning WOW players from Vanilla to Pandaria to Legion. I've been struggling on this 10+ year old Mage for weeks now. I read all the guides. I had one prof in my guild coach me on my talents and rotations. I got the enchants. I'm 856 and I even have a Legendary and an 885 necklace. I even bought a new keyboard designed for gaming. I still am not breaking over 175 in TOV LFR. I can break 225 on a training dummy and I am barely pushing it on a boss level dummy. It is embarrassing and I am left wondering if I am doing everything I am supposed to be doing, what is going on? My computer is possibly slow? Am *I* too slow? Is it my internet?Unhala7 2h
2h Fire got flat damage buff in PTR build 23194 Passive "hidden aura" that gives 15% flat damage to all Fire spells. Will be baked into all the spells individually when patch goes live (whether it'll remain 15% is uncertain). Blue explanation: ... Some numbers: Live Fireball 65219 Pyro 138841 Scorch 17096 Phoenix 102572 - 34190 dot Meteor 192321 -51280 dot FireBlast 59354 PTR Fireball 74579 Pyro 155178 Scorch 20500 Phoenix 112000 37000 Meteor 376313 95000 FireBlast 67873 PTR latest Fireball 93145 Pyro 193808 Scorch 25673 Phoenix 140999 46900 Meteor 469991 11990 FireBlast 84000 (numbers courtesy of Elboba from MMO-C forums)Wintel42 2h
4h Fire mage and Crit I totally understand that crit is the top stat for fire mage. With no food I am sitting at 60% critical strike. Should i be swapping food? and another thing: i can't seem to parse above 50% on heroic EN bosses.. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. I used CiS on CD and make optimal use of my bracer proc.. Prepot and afterpot accordingly, combustion on CD. Any help would be awesome. Note: This was a pug run. I died on Nythendra due to spilling my soda on my desk haha. But any input would be awesome. i.e Tips and tricks.. or even talent changesSlingbladed5 4h
4h Gearing frost for 7.1.5 and beyond Like most mages I've been playing fire since the expansion came out and recently decided to start putting points into frost as well, with the end goal being at least 35 in each spec before nighthold. Currently I'm 36 fire, 34 frost, and 20 something arcane. Anyway, I'm looking for advice on how to best to prepare for NH as far as gear. Is there a target percentage of haste that I want to shoot for? Also, what legendaries and trinkets do I want? I have 5 legendaries from fire : the Time warp ring, and the bracers among them. The others are the chest, the neck, and the boots. So currently I have my loot specced into frost. Obviously I can use the time warp ring but I'm wondering what other legendary I want in frost. Is it the wrists? Also, which relic attributes should I try to get. I'm thinking anything that extends icy veins but I'm not sure what else. Any advice would be great. Thank you.Mephenz2 4h
4h Melting WPvP Raid With Combustion Tightly stacked group? Fire mage dream! 4h
6h Fire or Frost for raiding and stuff? Hello all, I was just curious as to what spec you mages would recommend to a potential returning mage for raiding, mythics, etc., Fire or Frost? Also, you don't have to if you want, but I would like to know the reasoning behind the spec you recommend so I can get some insight. :)Elduvin8 6h
6h I switched from Fire to Arcane and Love it I switched from FIre to Arcane about a month ago and boy, im not going back. I was getting soo frustrated with my poor performance as fire. Now Im having way more fun and I am getting great results. I just got parses of 99, 98 2 times, and 2 other fights in the 90s in EN. The last couple raids i've been consistently scoring about 70 and above on just about every fight. I was never even close to sniffing the 70s let alone the 90s as fire. Something just clicks with arcane for me. For those of you who are frustrated with your damage or performance give arcane a shot, sometimes its spec mechanics that can make a world of difference.Drstrànge14 6h
6h How is arcane in m+? I see almost no arcane in any top clears for any number, do they suck? I wanna make one but im scared no one will invite.Tingoodoo14 6h
7h Where did my Ice Floes go? (7.1.5) In the Q&A, Ion Hazzikostas said something along the lines of the following (paraphrased from MMO champion): "None of the changes in Patch 7.1.5 had the goal of nerfing or buffing a spec or class, it was mostly about fixing talent weightings, secondary stat values, and making itemization more intuitive." If that is the case, then why did fire mages receive the single biggest nerf in the history of the class? I am, of course, referring to the removal of Ice Floes from the fire talent tree. I have taken a "wait and see" approach, but because it was not even addressed in the Q&A, I will pose the question: If power level was intended to stay flat, what are fire mages receiving to compensate for this game breakingly massive hit to our mobility? And no, scorch is still garbage unless you have the legendary (and the boss is below 30% hp).Akarii63 7h
9h Spellborne (frost paragon trait) Does anybody know if the effect from it affects the water ele? Will be able to compare next week, but just wondering if somebody already knows.Teneea0 9h
9h Stars Design, No luck! I've been at it for at least 9-10 days(Since AK5). Couple(or more) hours everyday. Been in groups, solo, different areas, elites, foxes, MGSH, Suramar City... Nothing! What am I missing? Am I bugged? I usually don't get frustrated but moments ago I posted my group for farming it. Had a fellow mage join, ask questions and criteria on how to acquire it. He shows up after about 15 minutes of travel, pulls a group and gets it. I'm done. -_-Endara44 9h
10h Secondary Stat help Hey Arcanies, Question for ya: I'm ilvl 873 ... when i get a gear drop with a higher ilvl i take it. Intell is my primary stat so i figure "go with more intell." Now here's the thing: With the secondary stats on my gear i'm running crit higher than everything else ... think my crit is at 36%, haste 26%, and mastery is sitting around 31%. Should i start taking lower ilvl gear to buff up my mastery (as long as it's not TOO many levels lower) or just wait for equal or better gear with better mastery (and haste) stats? Thoughts?Aedrid15 10h
10h arcane artifact quest help? I am on the quest " The nexus vault" my problem is everything in this scenario part mobs damage way to high. The first 3 guys you have to kill are hitting me for over 280k per hit. so it die with in 4-5 hits. i have gotten past this part . my main problem is when i get to " Echo of aluneth ". He one shots me for over a million damage. the last time i tried he hit me for 1.8 million. I cant get pass this part. anyone know whats going on?Coweaters10 10h
11h Stat Weights & Priority, Help Hiya! I'm just a little nooblet mage lost in the ocean of gear desperately trying to find some clear answers. Alrighty! So, I've looked everywhere I can't seem to get a clear answer on what the proper stat weights/priority is for arcane & frost mages. It seems to heavily change between websites, but all make it seem as though if you do it wrong, you are DEAD. Frost mage I feel I get pretty well. Haste, then crit. But, arcane is all over the place. FOR CONTEXT, I'm really looking for stats for an all around scenario. I do a lot of WQs, but I don't really do a ton of pvp or raiding. I've been using Mr Robot & Pawn to get my weights, but it kinda confuses me. For example, there's a setting for Ursoc heroic & Mythic+ & I'm not sure which list of stats I need to follow, OR if I should just stick with Pawn's default. Any help would be much appreciated! I'll list my talents below. All of which, seem to work quite well for me so far. Arcane: Words of Power Shimmer Incanter's Flow Resonance Ice Floes Erosion Quickening Frost: Lonely Winter *I know, but it's been working for me* Shimmer Incanter's Flow Ice Nova Ice Floes Unstable Magic Glacial Spike Thanks guys!Fenidar9 11h
11h Thanks for the Battle Mage, Blizzard How do you design your WQ Rewards? Do you just say !@#$ it, RNG for days? 11h
11h What's your favorite BG spec? Why? I'm in the fortunate position of really enjoying all three mage specializations and I'm having a difficult time settling on one. PvE matters to me but not as much as PvP; specifically battlegrounds. I have little to no interest in competitive arena. I know it boils down to preference- I'm not asking you to tell me what to play. I'm only interested in which spec YOU most love in battlegrounds and why. Let's hear 'em!Hollow9 11h
11h Mage Tower 6: git gud these threads r slow nowSmallestcat220 11h
11h Frost Mage 7.1.5 Discussion - PvE UPDATED 11-30-2016 - NEW PTR BUILD 23109 UPDATE SEE BELOW! First PTR Build - 11/15/2016 Ebonbolt - Deals [ 900% Deals [ 1,100% of Spell Power ] Shadowfrost damage and grants two charges of Fingers of Frost causes Brain Freeze. Artifact. 40 yd range. 3 sec cast. 45 sec cooldown. Ice Block - Encases you in a block of ice, protecting you from all attacks and damage for 10 sec, but during that time you cannot attack, move, or cast spells. Causes Hypothermia, preventing you from recasting Ice Block for 30 sec. 15 Mana. Instant.5 min cooldown. Frigid Winds - (New) All of your chilling effects reduces the target's movement speed by an additional 15%. Frost Mage - Level 75 Talent. Frozen Touch - Immediately generates 2 charges of Fingers of Frost Increases your chance to generate Fingers of Frost charges by 40%. Increases the maximum number of Fingers of Frost charges by 1. Frost Mage - Level 60 Talent. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. 30 sec cooldown. Glacial Insulation - (New) Ice Barrier increases your armor by 50% while active, and Ice Block applies Ice Barrier to you when it fades. Frost Mage - Level 30 Talent. Glacial Spike - Conjures a massive spike of ice, and merges your current Icicles into it. It impales your target, dealing [ 750% [ 1,000% of Spell Power ] damage plus the damage stored in your Icicles, and freezes the target in place for 4 sec. Damage may interrupt the freeze effect. Requires 5 Icicles to cast. Passive: Ice Lance no longer launches Icicles. Frost Mage - Level 100 Talent. 1% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 3 sec cast. Ice Floes - Makes your next Mage spell with a cast time shorter than 10 sec castable while moving. Unaffected by the global cooldown and castable while casting. Max 3 charges. Mage - Level 75 Talent. Instant. Frost Mage - Level 30 Talent. Instant. Frost Spells Cold Snap - (New) Resets the cooldown of your Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Ice Barrier, and Ice Block. Mage - Frost Spec. Instant. 6 min cooldown. Cone of Cold - Targets in a cone in front of you take [ 1 + 28.62% 57% of Spell Power ] Frost damage and have movement slowed by 70% for 5 sec. Mage - Frost Spec. 4% of Base Mana. Instant. 12 sec cooldown. Fingers of Frost - Frostbolt and Frozen Orb damage have a 12% chance, and Blizzard damage has a 5% 2% chance, to grant a charge of Fingers of Frost. Fingers of Frost causes your next Ice Lance to deal damage as if the target were frozen. Maximum 2 charges. Mage - Frost Spec. Frostbolt - Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, causing [ 1 + 210% 195% of Spell Power ] Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. Mage - Frost Spec. 2% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast. Ice Barrier - Shields you for 60 sec, absorbing [ 10 + 1,000% 30 sec, absorbing [ 1,000% of Frost Spell Power ] damage. While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be interrupted by damage Melee attacks against you reduce the attacker's movement speed by 50%. Mage - Frost Spec. 3% of Base Mana. Instant. 25 sec cooldown. 30 sec cooldown. Ice Lance - Quickly fling a shard of ice at the target, dealing [ 1 + 89.3% 120% of Spell Power ] Frost damage. Ice Lance damage is tripled against frozen targets. Mage - Frost Spec. 1% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. Artifact Weapon Changes Ebonbolt (Rank 1) Deals 0 Shadowfrost damage and grants two charges of Fingers of Frost. causes Brain Freeze. (Clarification - NO LONGER GENERATES FoF, NOW GENERATES a Brain Freeze, which can then be used to cast a instant flurry and then an empowered Ice Lance) It's Cold Outside (Rank 1) Your Water Elemental's Water Bolt deals 30% increased damage and has a 5% chance to generate a charge of Fingers of Frost. (Clarification - YOUR WATER ELEMENTAL NO LONGER HAS A CHANCE TO GENERATE A FoF) Shield of Alodi (Rank 1) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 33%. -> 20%. Shield of Alodi (Rank 2) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 66%. -> 40%. Shield of Alodi (Rank 3) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 100%. -> 60%. Shield of Alodi (Rank 4) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 133%. -> 80%. Shield of Alodi (Rank 5) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 166%. -> 100%. Shield of Alodi (Rank 6) Increases damage absorbed by Ice Barrier by 200%. -> 120%. You can find the full list of changes here: PTR Talent Calculator here: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PTR BUILD 23109 UPDATES - 11/30/2016 FROST MAGE CHANGES: New feature or changes are UNDERLINED Ice Block - Encases you in a block of ice, protecting you from all attacks and damage for 10 sec, but during that time you cannot attack, move, or cast spells. Causes Hypothermia, preventing you from recasting Ice Block for 30 sec. 15 Mana. Instant. 5 min cooldown. 4 min cooldown. Talents: Glacial Insulation - Ice Barrier increases your armor by 50% 100% while active, and Ice Block applies Ice Barrier to you when it fades. Frost Mage - Level 30 Talent. Frost Blizzard (New) - Each time Blizzard deals damage, the cooldown of Frozen Orb is reduced by 0.5 sec. Mage - Frost Spec. Blizzard- Ice shards pelt the target area, dealing [ 8 + 396% of Spell Power ] Frost damage over 8 sec and reducing movement speed by 50% for 15 sec. Each time Blizzard deals damage, the cooldown of Frozen Orb is reduced by 0.5[/ins] sec. Mage - Frost Spec. 2.5% of Base Mana. 35 yd range. 8 sec cast (Channeled). 8 sec cooldown. Cold Snap - Resets the cooldown of your Frost Nova, Cone of Cold, Ice Barrier, and Ice Block. Mage - Frost Spec. Instant. 6 min cooldown. 5 min cooldown. Fingers of Frost - Frostbolt and Frozen Orb damage have a 12% chance, and Blizzard damage has a 2% chance, to grant a charge of Fingers of Frost. Fingers of Frost causes your next Ice Lance to deal damage as if the target were frozen. Maximum 2 charges. Mage - Frost Spec. Ice Barrier - Shields you for 30 60 sec, absorbing [ 1,000% of Frost Spell Power ] damage. Melee attacks against you reduce the attacker's movement speed by 50%. Mage - Frost Spec. 3% of Base Mana. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. 25 sec cooldown. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER! - This information is data mined and may contain errors or misrepresentations! Don't take the information here as gospel - Its just for you to chew on and possibly do some planning.Mercedis235 11h
12h Please Reintroduce Quickening While the current iteration of Quickening is slightly gimicky, the new version that was suggested in an early build of the 7.1.5 PTR sounded like a good fix to a talent that conceptually offers arcane a high risk/high reward play style, much like surrender to madness does for shadow priests. I'd also like to point out that the developers also did a great job redesigning Overpowered and buffing arcane orb in the final row to offer more static builds that may appeal to many other players, offering a wider variety of ways to play arcane mage. I respectfully ask the developers to please reconsider adding back quickening into the last talent row in place of Temporal Flux, which is an underwhelming passive talent option that doesn't offer the high intensity game play many arcane mages desire. For convenience, the new version presented in 7.1.5 PTR build 23038: Quickening: Arcane Blast and Arcane Explosion grant 5% Haste and increase the mana cost of your spells by 3% for 10 sec. This effect stacks, and is cleared when you cast Arcane Barrage. Arcane Mage - Level 100 Talent. This version would fix what's known to arcane mages as the "throttle" between burn phases that makes the old quickening feel gimicky, while preserving that amazing feeling of going into a burn phase with super high haste and being able provide huge amount of burst.Kammany12 12h
12h Do NOT remove ice floes I have been raiding on my mage since wod, I finished 13/13 M HFC before pre expansion patch. Now, I am 886 geared and currently progressing on mythic cenarius. From my experience as mage, I ll say ice floes is a fundamental part of mage rotation in pve and it is what makes mage stand out. Many people do not realize just how powerful this ability is. To be honest, I ll rather have ice block removed or blink removed for my arcane mage. It is important to give feedback to blizzard so hopefully they will revert the changes.Itopmeterz28 12h
14h Glacial spike vs comet storm for pvp? want to do arena and rbg'sDocyuki2 14h
21h Glaical Spike Build Dead in 7.1.5? Just wanted to make this thread to read everyone's opinion on how they feel about this considering the massive hit frost is taking as a whole on PTR currently. I think Blizzard should really find the right balance between Glacial Spike and Thermal Void spec. I get why Fingers of Frost generation was hit; you'd basically have full up-time on Icy Veins when your character has a ton of haste. But Frostbolt also took a big damage nerf to where Glacial Spike does poor damage making the spec dead in the water. According to the latest changes to Frost on PTR, Blizzard fully intends Frost to only be this Ice Lance spec which is quite upsetting. Anyway, what's everyone's thoughts about this?Deadrat14 21h
22h Fire: Perception vs Reality Greetings, I will preface this post by stating that I am biased. I play a fire mage, therefore, a nerf to fire as a spec directly conflicts with my personal interests. However, I believe that players of different classes and developers can have a rational dialogue driven by facts, reason, and respectful argumentation in spite of any perceived bias on either side. I was also completely understanding of the 6% nerf to pyroblast that occurred a few weeks ago that, in term, nerfed ignite as well. I also preface this post with full knowledge that the changes on the 7.1.5 PTR are not final, however, the preliminary changes do reveal the thought process of the developers that illuminate their perception of the class and direction that they wish to take from a balance perspective. A TL/DR is included at the bottom of my post, however, the post's value is strongly tied to evidence and logic presented as support found outside of the TL/DR. I would hope for you to read the entire post for the full effect. Blizzard, you know more than any of us posting on these boards how challenging and arduous the task of balancing specs can be while still maintaining the vision for your game and creating a fun experience. You also have a difficult task of balancing for PvP, PvE, and now mythic + content. Many small changes can have drastic consequences for other areas of this massive game. Despite the fact that I believe you exert a high amount of critical thinking and poise behind all of the major changes that you incite in World of Warcraft, I believe that the changes to fire are rooted on false pretenses of the perceived power of this spec. Like many of us here, I have played WoW with varying degrees of investment dating back to vanilla. I assert, with absolute confidence, that these proposed changes are the only time in my decade long history of playing this game where I have felt completely disconnected from the developers' perspectives of balance. Although, as I understand, the PTR showcases a state of the game that can constantly change, and that, theoretically, the changes proposed on the PTR are not final, I am profoundly troubled that these changes to fire were even proposed in the first place. The fact that these changes were even conceived, shows that the developers believe fire to exist in a state completely different than what many of us who are scouring logs and keeping up with the cutting edge theory of the game believe. Even moving past the concerns that I have over the changes being proposed, nerfs and buffs on the PTR are almost always fully realized with minor tweaks before they hit live. Blizzard, we have many reasons to be worried about the PTR that the response of "The changes are not final!" will not rectify. The pendulum will most likely not swing far back in our direction if it swings at all. Blizzard, even if you do not respond to this thread, as you are not entitled to, please understand that many of us are looking at evidence and do not understand even on a rational basis why these changes are being made. We feel punished for playing a spec, that we believe, (with evidence), is not uniquely powerful in any sense. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Evidence Supporting Why Fire Is Not Uniquely Powerful --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this section, I will show why fire is not overpowered currently using real-time data and log parses. The reason why many people laugh at fire mages when we attempt to defend ourselves on the basis of logs, is that they go to Emerald Nightmare Mythic statistics on warcraftlogs and see the following picture for high-peforming fire mages in mythic progression. From this image alone, one could certainly construct a reasonable argument that fire mages are overpowered and relevant in mythic content. However, this data is highly misleading. The data is misleading because warcraftlogs averages the damage on each fight to produce a total average. Normally, this type of data analysis would be acceptable, however, the fight that fire mages do the highest disproportionate amount of damage on ( thus the biggest factor to the overall rank of 3 in Emerald Nightmare ) is Xavius. This means that the main reason that fire mages are rank 3 on those logs are due to Xavius. On Xavius, fire mages do a TON of USELESS damage from ignite that spreads uncontrollably to tentacles. Additionally, fire mages with the legendary helmet literally pad their logs uncontrollably with the huge dragon's breath cone. I can't state enough how useless the Xavius tentacle damage is. When you average fights in the manner shown by warcraftlogs, this leads to fire mages placement being HIGHLY inflated on the list. If we look at Xavius specifically, we will find this image. In the case of Xavius, since a lot of the damage on "adds" ( primarily the tentacles ) is wasted, we can sort for boss damage on this fight to get a better picture of the spec's real performance. Note, on most fights add damage IS useful damage, however, on Xavius, vast proportions of add damage are WASTED on tentacles. When sorting by boss damage, the following picture arises. And just like that, fire is behind 7 of 11 dps classes and behind both frost and arcane. Note that this doesn't alone mean that fire is not overpowered, this simply means that the main fight that is boosting fire's overall rankings in mythic EN uses misleading data. The previous sentence means that we need to look at where fire would be without taking in to account the Xavius fight that makes the spec look more attractive than it actually is. Also note that on Xavius, fire cannot dps the most important adds ( Inconceivable Horrors ) effectively. The adds die almost instantly to the point where ignite damage is wasted frequently. Xavius truly is a niche case of a spec appearing to be good but being poor overall. Although not perfectly mathematically sound from a pure numbers perspective, we can look at the average position fire mage would have from the first 6 fights of EN (excluding Xavius). Nythendra: 10th Place, behind 8 of 11 classes Il'gynoth : 10th Place, behind 6 of 11 classes Renferal : 4th Place, behind 2 of 11 classes Ursoc : 11th Place, behind 9 of 11 classes Dragons : 3rd Place, behind 2 of 11 classes Cenarius : 21st Place, behind 11 of 11 classes Aggregate: 10th Place, Behind 6 of 11 classes So, if we remove the NOISY data from Xavius, fire mage is, on average, the 10th best dps spec in the game and literally below average in terms of class placement. What this means, is that if you have a room of the top 20% of raiders in the world, and you pick a dps AT RANDOM, on average, they will perform slightly better than a random fire mage in mythic EN. Disclaimer: For any astute mathematician, I am aware that warcraftlogs takes a weighted average and I only took an average of the positions of the class. However, if you remove Xavius that has highly inflated dps numbers, each bosses dps for 80th% is around the same meaning that the weighted average will not be much different than the results that I obtained. I did the calculation this way for ease and to shorten this already incredibly lengthy post. Now lets look at Trials of Valor on heroic, which, thankfully does not require nearly as much thought as they aren't as many ways to obfuscate the data. I will use heroic because mythic has almost no samples, especially on Helya with only 2 guilds being able to kill her at this point. Fire has one amazing fight in Helya and two terrible fights in Odyn and Guarm. However, we see that in Trials of Valor fire is literally 17th place and LAST place in terms of class placement. In trials of valor, there is a spec for literally EVERY single class, that performs better than fire mages. Let me repeat this, In trials of valor, there is a spec for literally EVERY single class, that performs better than fire mages. Unfortunately, the situation is much worse than it seems already for most fire mages. Let me elaborate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Effect of the Sun King --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty much everyone agrees that the fire mage legendary bracers the Marquee Bindings of the Sun King are overpowered. Even Blizzard devs have admitted that the fire mage bracers and unholy DK bracers outstandingly overpowered. Blizzard said, ... So, all of the analysis that I previously explained is highly affected by the legendary bracers that is skewing performance especially in single target scenarios where mages struggle. Because I was using logs for the top ~80% of players, a large portion of the fire mage data is from mages using the bracers. Blizzard already realized that pyroblast was hitting like an absolute truck with these bracers so they nerfed pyrbolast by 6% which hit all mages. The thing that doesn't make literally any sense, is that mages, as I have shown are around average with the bracers. In 7.1.5, the bracers are being nerfed as well as the class. Can someone explain this to me???? I am truly perplexed as to the reasoning behind these changes. With the bracers, mages are slightly above average to average. Without the bracers, mages are performing around average to below average. So Blizzard wants to nerf the bracers and the spec simultaneously after already nerfing us a few weeks back?? Also, the 6% pyroblast nerf was larger than most people realize. Each artifact relic minor trait if you get the best one gives 2% pyroblast damage. So the nerf literally was like removing the minor trait from every artifact relic you will ever receive. Without the bracers, the spec feels so anemic on fights that don't allow for the abuse of living bomb. Blizzard, this feels like all fire mages are being punished for the OPness of the bracers that you are already nerfing! I am being punished for a legendary item that I don't have! Let's take a look at how the bracers affect mage rankings. Luckily, warcraftlogs allows the option to exclude items from ranking lists. This is the top 100 rankings for fire mages on mythic ursoc excluding the legendary bracers. We can see, that the 100th best fire mage WITHOUT the bracers on Ursoc is the 500th best mage overall on Ursoc. This is STAGGERING. This shows that the bracers are a large part of the high end mage rankings. Blizzard, your proposed solution nerfs the bracers and the rest of us. However, I have shown that even WITH the bracers, fire mages still aren't as strong as perceived. This is what many of us can't wrap our head around and why many of us are infuriated by the already frustrating legendary item system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perception vs Reality --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Perhaps the most alarming thing for any fire mage waiting for our fate to be decided is Ornyx's response in a previous thread. ... The problem is, the perception of fire mage is warped. I understand that Blizzard wants every player to have a voice, however, I have shown that the perception of the public is that fire mages are stronger than they actually are. This shouldn't be an issue of voice, but rather of fact. This was the only justification provided from Blizzard to these large sweeping nerfs, was that unnamed members of the WoW population believe fire to be too strong. Yesterday, I did a mythic + dungeon and we pulled 20 mobs. Fire mages' dps in AOE is quadractic, meaning that the more mobs present, the much higher damage we do per mob due to living bomb. As I combusted and spiked to millions of dps, the healer made a comment about how he/she wished his/her alt was a fire mage. Do you know what the healer didn't see? The healer didn't notice the small pulls where my combustion was down where I do the dps of an ilvl 830 melee dps at 870. This averages out over the course of the entire dungeon. After the dungeon was over, I looked at my logs ( yes I log 90% or more of the mythic + that I do ) and I only beat the other two dps by ~5%. However, the healer BELIEVED that I was the one carrying the massive damage load because of the asinine spikes in damage allowed to us through mass pulling and combustion/living bomb AOE. Fire mages are incredibly easy to scapegoat and be perceived as overpower due to the flashy nature of our damage. We are noticed when we are on top, but invisible when on the bottom. Players see this, and they get an improper PERCEPTION of the actual strength of the class. Ornyx, this is why your response has deeply troubled me, and many other fire mages trying to remain rational in this situation. We all know that everyone thinks we are overpowered. I can understand why people think this as well as I have pointed out! The problem is, the average player's assessment that isn't in the trenches with fire mages ( especially on our numerous bad fights ) isn't rooted with experiences. They only see the glory. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic + Balance --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A brief segment on mythic + balance. Blizzard has stated that since mythic + awards cutting edge loot, it must be balanced to similar scrutiny as raid content. This is a reasonable statement and policy. I do want to say this about fire mages in mythic +. I stated previously that our damage in AOE situations is quadratic. This needs to be fully understood so that the rest of my argument makes sense. When most classes AOE, they do a ton of dps because they are hitting many targets. Most of the time, the amount of targets that they are hitting does not enhance the damage dealt to an individual target. Fire mages do not operate this way. Due to living bomb applying to each target in an AOE situation, and then exploding damaging each target again. The more targets that a fire mage hits in mass AOE, the more damage that each individual monster takes. This is made even stronger by the fact that giant pulls align very nicely with combustion. This means that fire is hilariously rewarded for massive pulls that are mostly only possible in LOW mythic + where the tank won't die instantly. On higher mythic+, fire is nowhere as good at AOE as one would think simply because 99.999% of the playerbase ( depending on affixes as well ) cannot just pull 20 monsters per pull. Think of this week in NA where the affix is bolstering. Most pulls are 3-4 monsters each. This means that living bomb doesn't reach insane damage and this also means that there are several pulls where we cannot use combustion. Without combustion, fire does TERRIBLE damage in AoE. So we do 1 pull with insane damage, and 1 pull with terrible damage. Now, obviously, we are still very good in mythic + especially due to our burst on short boss fights, but we, again, we are not as good as one would think. For high mythic +, ( the content that Blizzard wants to balance with high scrutiny) fire severely suffers from many small pulls. We can see, again, that we are ~10th place on mythic + 10 keystones, and 6 of 11 classes. Absolutely not warranting a nerf. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Conclusion --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most troubling part of this entire scenario is that switching specs has never provided so much turbulence. Although artifact research will allow a player to quickly catch up in terms of artifact power on off spec weapons, they will still be hurting massively in terms of legendary items ( that can amount to +/- 75,000 dps single target), artifact relics, and itemization. For example, I have gotten insanely lucky with artifact relics but have had terrible luck with legendary items. My Felo'melorn is literaly 911 ilvl, I have 3 relics that are amazing. 1 from Nightbane titanforge, 1 from mythic + 10 titanforge, and another from a mythic + 8 titanforge. So despite my legendary luck ( sephuz secret is the only one I have ), I have something to look forward to. The thing is, I have spent 15 days played grinding content like a madman for fire. I have literally done over 100 + mythic + dungeons ( from wowprogress) as fire where a large, large portion of those are multiple chest runs with a few close friends. If I am forced to switch specs, the new system that you have in place will literally RUIN me. The only good thing about my character is my artifact relics, and the same is true for thousands of other players. What about the players that spent 25 days played and have a similar artifact relic to mine and spec specific legendary items? Never before has the punishment for switching specs been so high. Blizzard, Ion claimed in a Q&A with fatboss TV that you would avoid changing specs like this for this specific reason. I have never invested so much into this game to be punished so severely which in part is due to a legendary item that I don't have. I am objectively being punished for the perception of fire that other players hold and for a legendary item that I do not have. I am unlikely to get my frost or arcane artifact relic even within 11 ilvls for the next 80 hours of play time at least. In conclusion, I will say this. I am a competitive game fanatic. I have been on the cusp of grandmaster in SC2, I have reached top 500 in Overwatch, I've reached global in CSGO, Top 500 on the LoL ladder, etc. This is the single biggest change that I have ever disagreed with in all of my years of gaming ever. I have played my fair share of overpowered classes, underpowered classes, and classes believe to be overpowered but weren't in every game. This is by far the situation where fire mage is purported to be extremely powerful, but in reality, is not. I have not once been compelled to post on a forum in complete earnest and exasperation to what I have at stake. Blizzard, you do not owe me much of anything - this I understand. The only thing that I believe you owe to me, and to players like me that have invested so much in to a system that is so hard to change ( artifact relics/legendary items/itemization) is that you exert extreme care and analysis before potentially erasing literally several DAYS of effort and play time. Ornyx's response, and the sheer magnitude of even the first draft of these changes has led me to believe that this is not the case. I do not believe that fire mages should receive these nerfs for the reasons explained above, and I am willing, for the first time, to fight for many of these changes to be reverted. TL/DR: The perception of fire mages vastly out-scales how strong the spec actually is. Although biased, I have provided a large amount of rational evidence as to why this is the case. The system in places punishes players extremely for switching specs due to artifact relics, legendary items, and itemization. I believe all fire mages are being punished for the few that were fortunate enough to get the legendary bracers. I understand PTR isn't final, but the PTR shows how the devs perceive fire mage's strength. Of any proposed changes in the history of my gaming life ever, these are the ones that I disagree with the most. I disagree vehemently based on the claims made in my post. Thank you for reading this incredibly lengthy post.Smalldps360 22h
23h Leveling 100-110 in Arcane spec? Hey guys, I'm 101 and leveling as a Fire mage right now and I am considering changing specs to Arcane (just seems like a more enjoyable experience). However from what I've gathered online fire seems to be the spec to level with (fastest). Is this claim warranted? Have any of you leveled from 100-110 in the Arcane spec? How was the experience? Thanks in advance.Tonniberry3 23h
1d Fire Mage gank rotation Hello, What is your favorite or the most effective gank rotation for a Fire Mage (ie what rotation delivers the most damage in the shortest amount of time)? ThanksAndromedon2 1d
1d How does it feel Being the easiest AND most broken class in the game? Must be pretty nice. Whine until you get your way with a 100% success rate, say ur class is midpack when its top dps. nice niceEatyobish22 1d
1d Frost DPS Help So i switched to Frost a couple weeks back and i feel like im doing it wrong lol. My DPS ranges between 100-140 i am i820 , but i dont feel like i have a solid rotation, i feel more like im just randomly pushing buttons. Can some one recomend a site or offer some guidance? T.I.a.Thinks4 1d
1d arcane low dps? I enjoy playing arcane over fire, but I cannot get decent damage out as arcane. I save my cds, I RoP, I follow the same rotation as I have for years, but somehow my dps just comes out extremely subpar. I follow icyveins as closely as I can, but I always come out bottom of dmg meters as opposed to fire where I always come out around the middle to top. arcane mage gods, pls helpMagine3 1d
1d Let's Have a Serious Talk about Frost AoE Neither of the last two PTR builds brought buffs to frost AoE, so it's time to draw some more attention to this topic. Frost AoE is currently very poor. It is one of the worst of any spec of any class in the game. This is a big problem, because mages are a pure dps spec--it's all we do. We offer no extra utility that other classes don't have, other than conjuring food and opening portals. So if we can't bring the damage, we don't get invited to high end content. With that in mind, Here are some productive suggestions for how this issue can be improved: 1) Too Many Spells Doing Too Little Damage Frost currently has the following AoE spells: Blizzard Frost Bomb Frozen Orb Ice Nova Cone of Cold Comet Storm Having so many abilities makes the spec very cumbersome to play, as you're basically launching 4-5 AoE spells into a single pack, on top of frostbolt, ice lance, and flurry. Some people may like this more complex playstyle, but the extra effort and button mashing doesn't pay off in terms of higher dps. 2) Frost AoE Spells Do Too Little Damage With so many aoe spells, you'd think we would be good at AoE. Nope. The damage on all of these abilities is very poor. I would recommend a 20%-40% damage buff to comet storm, frozen orb, frost bomb, and blizzard. People may raise the concern that this will encourage using AoE spells on single targets, but I seriously doubt that. Even with Arctic Gale (talent giving +30% damage to blizzard) and the frost legendary that buffs blizzard after a flurry, most mages do not regularly cast blizzard on single targets. The damage is just too low. 3) Frost's AoE Abilities Are in Competition With Each Other If you look at frost's AoE abilities, many are actually talents, including comet storm, splitting ice, frost bomb, and other AoE buffs like arctic gale and unstable magic. The problem this creates is that many abilities are on the same talent tier, making it impossible to choose more than one. These talents/buffs need to either be moved around so that they aren't competing with each other, or made baseline. For example, I think splitting ice is a prime candidate for ability that should be made baseline. I hope this post gets some attention from Blizzard and starts a conversation about how we can improve frost AoE and frost dps overall.Rixa63 1d
1d Buff mages? Fire mage could really use some buffs why are they getting no major buffs? I always see them as near the bottom of dps chartsBattlezone20 1d
1d How 2 Fire pvp? Hey all. So I'm a PVEer, who is specced for PVE, who basically never PvPs except for the rare random battleground match. But suddenly find myself wanting dat sexy achievement mount that requires me to put myself into world PvP situations. How do I do the thing? I've noticed that DHs tend to utterly destroy me in only a couple rotations and ignore my very few snare options and totally out-move me (lolblink). Ditto Warriors. Ditto Monks. Ditto others. Basically, if I can't steal kills where they're distracted, I'm probably gonna get wrecked. I know I'll keep losing if I don't spec more for PvP, but I don't mind losing as long as that progress bar fills up. I'd just like to get facestomped less. :)Abracadaver18 1d
1d Fire shamefully bad without max honor Pyroblast is about as bad as bad can get without the 46 lvl honor talent. There needs to be more balance in this spec, the last line isn't even a choice, its simply play arcane or frost until you get lvl 46. How can a 4+ sec cast do so little damage? 75k for a 4 second cast (pvp) is a joke. So on an average player health of 2.3M it does 3.2% of players health. Greater Pyroblast does 35% of players health, so 1 honor talent makes pyroblast do over 10 times the damage of the blast line. Honor talents should be a difficult choice, not a fools choice. Pyroblast (the baseline) should be doing about 15% of players health to make the other honor talents viable.Bullseyes10 1d
1d Low arcane dps Hi all, im not sure what im doing wrong as arcane. I use to be able to parse at around the 80-90% on boss in the previous expansion, now i hardly ever parse higher than 50%. I really have no idea what i am doing wrong as arcane I've re read the Icy veins guide. Hi all, i seem to be having super low dps, in other expansions i would parse in atleast the 80% but now im in the low 40% or lower. Im not really sure what i am doing wrong, im stacking my CDs but on Heroic TOV i cant get over 200k overall dps. Here is long of some fights. thx for the helpEonx3 1d
1d about jewelcrafting neck for firemage beforr i already have 875 neck with socket and i am using jewel crafting ilvl 855 neck not big different crit and mastery between this so what should i use ? any good idea ? replay my question thanks all sry for weak english @_@Acessxx1 1d
1d At least they acknowledged ROP hate Wonder about the mirror images buff they mentioned. Especially with icy vines dying.Bitterhope25 1d
1d REJOICE, I FINALLY GOT MY 3rd LEGENDARY aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its Koralon's Burning touch. Koralon's burning touch Prydaz Norgannons foresight wooo! I am STACKED, thanks for the ilvl boosters!Spcymeatball39 1d
1d Arcane 7.1.5 Does the removal of quickening effect arcanes rotation? I don't like the plays the of arcane, I used to play arcane in wotlk when it was abx4 then missiles or barrage It's unlikely but I'm hoping a return to that play styleFoodspec1 1d
2d Red bullets Just curious to the red bullets getting pulled to mobs,anyone now what the action it's connected to?Johnisme2 2d
2d Please Read-Pros and Cons of7.1.5 Arcane Hey everybody. It truly is exciting to see the class changes coming to Arcane in 7.1.5, however I would like to point out that the original intent for the Arcane class changes was to remove a cookie cutter build... i.e. it was unfair that quickening was the only option on the last tier which was viable. First off, I would like to say that buffing Overpowered and Arcane Orb were some of the best changes that Blizzard decided to make. I am dismayed that Blizzard decided to remove quickening Altogether. Buff Overpowered and Arcane Orb but please leave quickening as an option for the mages who prefer it. Please consider the fact that we have played with Quickening since launch and it is truly fun. The best iteration of quickening, would be a 4-5% haste increase per cast of Arcane Missiles, Arcane Blast, and Arcane Explosion, for a 3% increase in mana cost per spells. Therefore, skilled Arcane Mages could fish for Arcane Missile procs to negate the increasing mana cost, eventually reaching the maximum mana increase before it becomes unstable. This kind of gameplay is at the heart of the Arcane Class fantasy.... And it is compelling gameplay. Some people dont prefer the amount of time and effort required for the long term reward but I personally am upset that quickening is being removed altogether. When I saw that Quickening would increase by 5% per stack instead of 2% I was truly excited. Especially when I saw that Temporal Flux could be taken as well. Honestly, Temporal Flux should remain a 1st tier talent so that the mages who do not want to play with Quickening can take Temporal Flux and Overpowered/Arcane Orb. The haste is truly helpful to making the Arcane rotation fun. ----> Blizzard should be changing talents to remove cookie cutter builds, I dont understand why they have created Amplification, and replaced Quickening with Temporal Flux. Basically, they have made Amplification the only option in the first tier compared to Arcane Familiar or Words of Power at 1%/20%. The primary problem with talents that boost the power of abilities at 4 Arcane Charges is that we basically only use abilities at 4 Arcane Charges due to current class design which makes having low arcane charges bad bad bad. Blizzard should offer compelling talents which allow mages to DPS at lower arcane charges... An example would be a 40% haste buff at 0 charges, 35% at 1, 30% at 2, 25% at 3, 20% at 4. Temporal Flux, and should also be offered in a different tier than overpowered. Keep quickening on the same tier as new overpowered and Arcane Orb. The Arcane Class fantasy is that 4 Charge Spells are super powerful but unsustainable, hence, we must tediously control our mana, waiting for the opportune time to unleash hot devastating blasts of mana, refresh ourselves and then strategically use as many high charge spells as possible without using too much mana. The main ability which allows us to float at higher arcane charges while conserving mana is Arcane Missiles. Amplification is a cookie cutter talent because almost all of our Arcane Missiles are already at 4 Arcane Charges, and Arcane Missiles does roughly the same % damage as my Arcane Blast. Clearly, a 60% increase in damage on nearly all of your Arcane MIssiles is better than a marginal increase in proc chance of Missiles on top of the set bonus. Also, another huge problem with the current build is that Temporal Flux does not affect Arcane Missiles and so Arcane Missiles are super slow to cast and its no fun. Arcane is super fun when we cast super fast but have to make the right decision about when to burst, when to use missiles, when to barrage. I do not understand the nerf to Nether Tempest. The problem talents in that tier were Erosion and Unstable Magic. They should have buffed Erosion and Unstable Magic, or replaced these talents with more compelling gameplay. Besides Nether Tempest, all of these are just passive bonuses to damage. The primary problem with Unstable Magic and Erosion, is that they only do damage when your casts land on the target, whereas, Nether Tempest is always doing damage, even when you cannot cast. Also, if I dont take nether Tempest, how will I counter Sap Soul in Vault of the Wardens?? :P A simple talent which provides compelling gameplay would be: Arcane Barrage has a Chance to not remove any Arcane Charges. Because Arcane Barrage already does pretty good damage, a talent like this would allow you to benefit from the cooldown reduction of Arcane Barrage by haste. If you needed to conserve mana, you could only benefit from this if you had an Arcane Missiles to wait for the cooldown of Arcane Barrage. The main changes arcane need are Talents which either incentivize or cause Arcane Barrage to Interact with our Other Abilities, or improve the ability to do damage at lower arcane charges inbetween Arcane Powers. The buffs to Overpowered and Arcane Orb are fantastic, but the removal of Quickening is a horrible and rude move to make for the mages which have played with it since launch. I am also truly surprised that Blizzard has neglected to buff the artifact trait Touch of the Magi Consistantly, Touch of the Magi is out damaged by Mark of the Hidden Satyr, even with good Micromanaging of Touch of the Magi. In Warlords of Draenor, I was a subtlety rogue and the Soul Capacitor trinket was very compelling. Touch of the Magi reminds me of a mage Soul Capacitor, and so a 20% increase in damage for 6 seconds is rather lackluster. It could definitely be a compelling trait if it would do double damage or if it would interact with your abilities in new ways. Instead of giving you a minor damage bonus window, it could be better used to establish new procs for Arcane Abilities besides just arcane Missiles. Please reconsider removing Quickening and reconsider creating cookie cutter talents like Amplification. Arcane Mages need talents which generate compelling gameplay with Arcane Barrage, and lower arcane charges when we cannot sustain a 4 charge burst.Arcanosaur15 2d
2d 7.1.5 [Fire] Zero crit utility build? Hey guys, I'm just wondering what the viability would be of stacking exactly zero crit in 7.1.5. Okay, hear me out. With Firestarter, you can achieve 100% crit the first 15%, and with Koralon's you can achieve 100% crit the last 30%. This leaves a big gap of lower damage from 85-30%, but would do some pretty hefty damage in the last 30%, which is usually where damage is most important. Will anything like this be viable? Is there any other augmentations that exist that could help this spec exist? I'm always looking for ways to "play outside the box", so I wanted to see what your opinions were.Moltenkoore5 2d