Jan 18 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 Jan 18
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55m Mage spec with the most burst? Hey guys, I'm thinking of rerolling my alt from affli to a mage spec due to the incoming Affli nerfs, Demo being hot buttery garbage and Destro may end up being anemic at best. Focusing on M+ so I'm wondering what's going to be best for this in 7.2.5? The main things would be ST and AoE with the least amount of rampup. That fire aura where everyone gets 800 crit looks interesting too although I know fire is traditionally a rampup spec. It's difficult to get synergy buffs anymore to raise team dps. I hate that they removed might buffs from paladins for instance. I know casters have a lot of issues in general this xpac with ramp up times and RNG but I'm looking for the best of the worst as it were or maybe I should just stick to developing Destro. Thoughts?Squib3 55m
1h Mage Tower 7: Buff Mages edition last thread mysteriously disappearedLaenia208 1h
2h Need a stun/interrupter for Frost mage Is there a trinket or something that can give Frost mages another interrupter ability besides counterspell? Ideally one that can work in pvp and pve.Tinkerizmo13 2h
2h Which one is fun ? I haven't played on the PTR servers due to working during the evening and getting home late. I really just play my main (Hunter) and help the guild and run high keys. Besides those points. One of my Alts is a mage. I'm still learning how to play it this expansion. I've like the way frost mage plays. It's fun to me(opinion) . Arcane seems cool too, my curious question is ... are frost mage playstyle still smooth with the TV build or GS is almost mandatory for raids? Did they change anything with Arcane? I'm hoping I can get some answers. Everything is subjective, but I'll take everything into consideration. Thanks! I understand that this isn't a PTR forum, but I'm hoping to get more answers due to my alt is basically a mage. *crosses fingers *Deadshhot2 2h
2h RIP Time and Space. GG Arcane Cleave Time and Space no longer generates AMs. This will kill Arcane in PvP and make Arcane much weaker on cleave. Please for the love of all that is good and holy contribute here: 2h
7h Fire Mage WeakAuras Help After months and months of grinding I finally received my last legendary, Marquee Bindings of the Sun King. It was indeed my absolute last one and I sympathize with all the fire mages who have not received thief's yet. Now that I'm out of my mindlessly grinding mode I'd like to work on my mechanics of ToS progression and I discovered weak auras from the comment section of Marquee Bindings of the Sun King on WoWhead. I set it up and it looks beautiful. I was wondering if there are any other refined sets of weakauras I can use to track Whispers, Time Warp, and any other thing. I've always been looking up at the buffs but I usually miss things. If someone could possibly share a weakaura set that I can just import and get on my way I would greatly appreciate it.Zarkafor0 7h
8h 7.2 Class Mount - Mage's sucks Not sure if everyone had the chance to check the changes coming in patch 7.2, Legion flying and the Epic Class Mounts. They have pictures of all of them, most of them look incredible (DK, DH and Warrior in special). Mage's one, on the other hand, looks like a crappy version of the flying carpet. They could have thought of many different cool ideas, like a modified blue drake (since Malygos was, after all, the aspect of magic), some kind of ethereal device, some magic flying beast, whatever. The current choice, however, was far from the best one. It's terrible, just terrible. By the looks of it, it feels like the devs spend 4 - 5 hours creating it, and that's it. It doesn't have any "Epic" feeling to it at all. If most of you guys feel the same, I propose we take this to Blizzard. Patch 7.2 is still a little far, they might be able to change it. What do you guys think?Arcaneblaze133 8h
9h Frost Mage Badly Needs Changes for 7.2.5 Trying again to get some traction on frost. My original post on the topic: While I'd really love to see the above changes, I know a redesign that big isn't likely to happen. Instead, I'd like to see some of the major issues affecting frost mages addressed through some spell and talent changes. THE PROBLEMS -Small damage spell pool. We have five core abilities we use while DPSing, excluding IV, Ebonbolt (which is essentially just an extra buff FB on a 45s CD) and water elemental -Overall weak dynamic interaction between abilities, which means an overly simplistic priority system for a "rotation." Our shatter combos are the only fun aspect of this spec. I also like the interaction between FO and Blizzard -Weak AoE talents and overly specific DPS niche. Frost Mage has excellent ST and decent 2-target cleave, but lacking in all other aspects -Proc munching gameplay. Our FB>Flurry>IL combos have inherent DPS loss from wasted procs due to the way our FoF/BF are generated -Lonely Winter. This talent replaces our WE and gives a flat damage boost to our core scaling abilities. This further simplifies our spec and will always be the better choice past a certain ilvl -Gameplay currently propped up by Thermal Void (giving us an interesting core mechanic to work around) and double IL (a clunky and challenging mechanic that adds depth to gameplay) The planned change to TV addresses none of these problems and removes one of the few enjoyable components of this spec. Irrespective of whether it's a damage loss or gain, making IV have a more static uptime feels bad. This is especially true in M+ where it's harder to keep a rolling IV going. THE PROPOSED SOLUTIONS THERMAL VOID - Redesigned to make IV have 3 charges, 90s CD, 8s duration. IL has 5% chance to give one charge. Trait that originally gave 20% damage for 20s now causes your IL used while active to increase duration of IV by 1s. This would make the talent more fun and versatile. CD and IL return rate could be tweaked for desired overall IV uptime. GLACIAL SPIKE - Moved to replace LW in tier 1 talents. Yes, really. It absolutely makes sense to have this compete with your water elemental in the first tier. It would make up for the lost rotational complexity caused by LW, scales similarly based on mastery, and adds a badly needed spell to our toolkit. Damage could be lowered as necessary (although LW damage bonus is huge). FLURRY/BF - Flurry changed to 3s channeled spell, reduced by haste and fires 5 particles at the enemy (functions similarly to arcane missiles). Instead of current effect, BF now causes Flurry particles to apply Winter's Chill for .6s STACKING (so total WC time would be 3s beginning with first particle hit) and increases Flurry damage by 50% RAY OF FROST - Moved to replace GS in 100 talent tier. Replaces Flurry. No CD. Channeled spell dealing x damage over 5s (reduced by haste) to enemy. BF with RoF talented would instead cause your RoF to freeze your target over time, dealing increasing damage every tick and applying WC for 3.5s at the end of it's channel. WATER ELEMENTAL - Now has two kinds of basic attack. Waterbolt and Splitbolt. Can freely toggle between the two. Splitbolt fires 3 projectiles for 65% of normal Waterbolt damage NEW LEVEL 15 TALENT - Replaces original RoF. Your Cone of Cold deals increased damage and applies WC to all affected targets for 2.5s. This gives us a viable option for large group AoE and would be nice in conjunction with other spells like Comet Storm and Ice Nova FROZEN TOUCH - Changed to instead cause your FoF empowered ILs used on targets affected by your Winter's Chill to deal 25% increased damage and generate one charge of FoF. Essentially does away with FoF munching and would change gameplay to saving FoF charges for shatter combos SPLITTING ICE - No longer increases IL damage. IL now hits up to 2 nearby targets for 60% of normal damage. Makes this talent a more generic cleave option and helps shore up weak cleave damage FROST BOMB - Now duplicates (or some % of damage taken) all damage dealt to affected target. After 12s, the affected target explodes dealing stored damage to all nearby mobs (evenly distributed, shared, target itself takes 0 damage from bomb) COMET STORM - Radius increased or CD lowered to make this less gimmicky Certain traits would need to be adjusted to accommodate these changes (It's Cold Outside gold trait could instead increase icicle damage with GS talented, for example). I can't emphasize enough that if TV is changed to PTR version and double IL is removed the spec will be a complete snorefest to play. I'd really like to see at least some of these changes be implemented since they would improve on a lot of the issues I outlined above while making the spec more enjoyable.Pyllies14 9h
11h Concordance.. Now what??? I just recently finished getting Concordance for my Frost spec. I am unsure if I should continue to put points into, or funnel my AP into Fire / Arcane. What do fellow magi?Velliarrah10 11h
12h Should I boost a Mage? (Lvl 60) So I'm looking to buy legion here shortly, and once I do buy it, I'm gonna be hesitant on what I'm going to boost. But I do have an idea in mind, should I boost a mage with the professions of tailoring and enchanting? I want tailoring on a class that can actually wear the cloth armor. Is it worth making a mage?Shadydream3 12h
13h Nether Tempest Refreshed by Arcane Damage The idea came to me yesterday, anytime you deal Arcane damage to the target you have Nether Tempest applied to it refreshes the duration; I also thought that buffing the duration up to 20 seconds from 12 seconds when you cast it would be welcome.Failedwizard19 13h
15h Rate the Mage Mog Rate the mog above you on a scale of 1-10!Mirage367 15h
15h Frost Mage stat weights Been looking at Noxxic ( ) and IcyVeins ( ) for stat priorities and weight but I see massive discrepancies (unless im reading it wrong?). Noxxic wights the stats differently, but if I'm understanding correclty then dividing everything by 9.05 (where Int=1) would provide comparable weights to IV. For comparison it would look like this: Noxic Icy Veins Int 1 1 Haste 0.83 0.99 Crit 0.67 1.25/ (0.64) Versa 0.50 0.93 Mastery 0.34 0.69 To further obfuscate things, depending on talents etc.. taken they can all cause stat weights to gravitate to opposite directions. Both sites recommend multiple talents at every tier but don't specifically marry the weights to a particular build (but an assumption can be made that their recommended talents were used in determining the weights). The biggest variations between the two above sources are versatility and mastery with Icy Veins giving both stats double the weight. If we followed IV then upgrading gear would follow 95% of the time with higher iLvl = better gear (with small exceptions when exchanging massive Haste for Mastery which is the lowest weighted stat on IV). If we followed Noxxic, choosing upgrades is much more difficult and often high iLvls would not equate to an actual dps upgrade. What are the more versed, experienced Frost Mages doing here? Does any one have their own weight/feels for stats and why (is it a particular talent(s)/build that have you prioritize a stat and avoiding another?) ThanksJoniburnz7 15h
19h I parse 95+ WITHOUT bracers AMA Currently 4/10M, have 6 legendaries and still no bracers RIP. AMAIceward31 19h
21h Fire Mage Trinket Situations I've got the following: Fire Mage here. 895 Heroic Warforged StarGate 890 Heroic Fury of the Burning Sky 890 Heroic Warforged Erratic Metronome 880 GulDan trinket Whispers in the Dark For 3-4+ add fights, I use Fury and I am tending to use star gate because of the pure intellect and the meteor. For single target it gets tougher. Metronome has the haste boost and more intel than whispers... but do I want to use Metronome AND Whispers? Good problem to have I know but I've simmed them and they are all close but wanted some input. Thanks all.Salfa10 21h
21h New Class Specialization for Mages We have been seeing this for a while with NPC's, and currently there is a raid boss in NH that does this. I propose that the first cloth tanking class be a battlemage. The battlemage can choose one of the three elements with which to tank in, and instead of dealing damage they use that element to reduce damage and protect allies. It can, and should be done. Thoughts?Saeraphym12 21h
22h Frost mage has the WORST spell graphics In the game, undoubtedly. Ice Nova (not frost nova, for clarification) - LITERALLY uses Nintendo 64 era graphics, some of the pixels during the spell are at least as half as big as my character Blizzard spell - unchanged since vanilla. Looks so weak and...sterile. Frostbolt - unchanged since vanilla Water elemental - unchanged since vanilla Cone of Cold - unchanged since vanilla ice lance - unchanged since vanilla Ice block - unchanged since vanilla Ice barrier - unchanged since vanilla Frozen orb - orb itself looks passable, but the hilariously cringeworthy paper mist spinning around it looks like it belongs...not in this game. Just so, so bad. Chilled to the core Artifact Talent - oh no! I've stepped on an albino beehive! Oh wait. Are those little white dots around me supposed to be snowflakes? Because they look like something i'd create on MS paint. A common frost mage theme here, guys. Ebonbolt - released in legion and somehow looks like vanilla graphics. Very clunky looking, like a little fat purple blimp getting shot out of my hands. Combined with possibly the worst rotation in the game, frost mage is just so !@#$ing bad to play and i've ended up avoiding mine like the plague. Blizzard, admit it already. There was a coding error during the making of the Frost mage spec and now you can't update their spell animations without deleting the whole class. It's okay. We understand. Start from scratch if you need to, frost mage has literally the worst. !@#$ing. graphics. Compared to a boomkin it's not even the same game anymore. Before somebody says, "Graphics don't make a game" in response to that, it's obvious that graphics don't make a game but they can make the game in question SO MUCH more fun to play. I'm sure we've all liked playing a certain game because of cool, immersive graphics. Remember Legend of Zelda, Majora's mask? There was a certain charm to that game because of it's art style. If graphics didnt matter we'd all be floating dots shooting little black dots at each other in PVP and PVE. Graphics DO matter. And it's a shame that the mage's iconic spec, Frost, is subject to literally the most facepalm worthy graphics in the gameTyleon25 22h
1d Looking for gear/places to get gear. Best place/places and or quests for frost gear. I am returning to WOW and have not played since early days of BC. I decided mage mainly because ive always enjoued the ranged DPS and I went frost because ive always enjoyed freezing/slowing the targets. This game is 100 percent different than what I remember and just wanted advice on where to go and what to look for. Thank you.Arigozia13 1d
1d Time and Space Trait Please tell me I'm wrong and that this isn't a useless Artifact trait? It causes Arcane Explosion to cast a duplicate AE for 20% damage 6 seconds later. But if you keep casting AE it keeps resetting the timer? WTF?Torvalyn4 1d
1d Fire Mage Design Suggestions I personally like how fire mage spell effects were changed this expac-spells actually feel like they hit something, hard. Kudos to the graphic and sound effects team. As for how the spells work in-game, not so much. As now stands, fire mages need to stack haste for single target. Right now, haste stands second strongest next to crit in single target, and I don't think that's how fire mages were supposed to be designed. I personally think fire mages as the "arms warrior" of casters-slower casting, heavier hitting. Right now, when metronome+whispers+4 tier procs, It's hard to impossible to keep track of heating up, and press the right buttons. I often find myself hard casting pyroblast when I'm not supposed to, or miss a fire blast or phoenix flame timing. I personally think this sort of playstyle suits frost or arcane mages much better. Yet we fire mages are forced to adopt this frenzied fireball casting playstyle, because it deals most damage output. I have a lot to say on fire mage balance issues, but I won't in this thread. As for now, I just want to suggest that Blizz tweak fire mage spells so that we don't have to be seeing 1.0 split second cast fireballs and misclick spells. I don't think mispressing buttons unintentionally has anything to do with skills. I want slower casting, heavier hitting. I'm fine with the current crit/haste build, just make it a bit more realistically doable.Mabupxa1 1d
1d Frost Mage - Trinkets 900 - infernal writ 895 - erratic metronome 895 - whispers in the dark which two for frost?Tylenn3 1d
1d I Did the Mage Tower! (Arcane) I'm really happy.Failedwizard10 1d
1d Remembrance of Frostfire (Ebonchill) Anyone unlocked this hidden appearance yet?Medeoan100 1d
1d Fire Opener (1.8-2mil dps) [ilvl919] ***Updated 5/22/17**** Altered time has a lot of confusion and arguing, the mage forums are filled with misinformation. So let me try and explain my opener and how I sustain the fight. As far as I can see this is as close to perfect opener as you can get. 10/10h, 9/10m, m+20. Mythic Parse average 96%. I often raid call and do soak mechanics, so sometimes my parses drop to the 90% range. But have faith. Please call me out for anything I overlooked or missed, I will try and edit. Lets, get into it shall we? EXAMPLE SEQUENCE Before we start, Firestarter. *Using Firestarter as you should on most every fight except add fights where Conflaguration will spread from your main target. This will give you insane burst damage opener, that will carry you for most of the fight. So assume most of this opener is auto critting as the target will be above 90% health. Every high parse includes Firestarter, it's insanely strong for stacking up Pyretic Incantation and fishing for bracer proc, which if it does proc will auto crit above 90% health. Also this takes away the argument of when you should Meteor, because you go into your Combustion (@90% health with 5 stacks of Pyretic Incantion, so you can essentially pre-cast Meteor before your Combustion, while still benefiting from the 10% crit dmg. OH YEAH. - Pull timer 15seconds - @-4.5 seconds until pull timer Prolonged Power and hard cast Pyroblast. - @ 0 seconds use Mirror Images with your first Fireblast while your precast Pyroblast is traveling you just created a Hot Streak. - @ 1-2 seconds Spend your Hot Streak then use your first Phoenix Flames, to get this ability on cooldown. - @ 2-3 seconds Spend your Hot Streak then use your second Fire Blast. -@ 4 seconds Spend your Hot Streak. This is where things will differ a little, because you need to judge your insta cooldowns based on how long you think the boss will be in the 91-100% DPS window. You essentially want your instas to come back up right as you're entering Combustion Phase, but want to use as many of your instas to quickly farm as many Hot Streak as possible, farming for bracer proc. Think the difference between Elisande, and Star Auger. IF on a short window fight like Elisande, this will probably be suffecient enough use of instas. You should start hardcasting Fireball and Spending Hot Streak until 91% letting your phoenix flame and fireblast regen. - Until Boss health reaches 90-91% - Let me first say be very careful not to send a Fireball/Pyroblast from Hotstreak into a boss thats about to dip into 90% health. You could lose your Pyretic Incantation and take a dps loss. Assuming you understand the above paragraph and are using Fireball/Hot Streak to keep chain critting. GET READY TO COMBUSTION. You're looking for boss health of about 91% health for your Meteor, and the start of your Combustion. So now that all that's out of the way you're able to get into the actual Combustion chain which at this point should be very simple. If you run out of instas, which some of you haste lords might do, judge wether to hard cast Fireball or use Scorch to keep the fire a burnin. -=-=-=-Break it down Xentros-=-=-=- What? Ok. ***You should use your bracer proc ASAP under the effects of Firestarter or Combustion, having 100% crit chance on it is muy bueno. 1. Prolonged/Pyroblast(pre pull @4.5sec) 2. Mirror Images 3. Fireblast # 1 4. Hot Streak 5. Phoenix Flames # 1 6. Hot Streak 7. Fireblast 8. Hot Streak 8.5 Read the above paragraph on using your instas. 9. Fireball once your done using instas. 10. Hot Streak along with Fireballs 10.5 Boss health @ 91% Health 12. Meatball (Meteor) 13. Combustion + Hot Streak (you had saved from your crit chain) 14. Pyro 15. Fireblast/Phoenix Flames 16. Profit Sustain Suggestions - Never have 3 fb or pf stacked up - IF No Hot Streak, If No Heating up Cast Fireball + PF immediately after = hope for crit chain -IF Heating up, IF No Hot Streak Cast Fireball + Fireblast immediately during the cast = hope for crit chain -IF Hot Streak Celebrate! Cast Fireball/pyro hot streak. Cross your eyes and hope to get lucky for another one. Crit is not as important as it was last patch, we can all agree on that. Pyretic Incantations is nerfed, and we got higher base crit rating. So some mages are started to drop below 50% crit in order to use "better trinkets". Please understand that chain critting is still your #1 of doing sustain dmg. No trinket will make up for losing 10% crit dmg every other cast.Xentros69 1d
1d Artifact appearance change For the life of me I cannot find the person to change my artifact appearance in the Hall of the Guardian. Any help on their whereabouts/name would be very helpful, thanks.Boltspark7 1d
1d Where can I improve my DPS? This was a normal NH Run, id link heroic but this is the freshest logs I have. Could be hard to determine sense there is a bit of a difference. However any input would be greatly appreciated. I parse at around the mid 60's for 907 ilvl frost mages. I use the legendary gloves and chest.Soläar5 1d
1d Mage Order Advancement Could anyone recommend the best talents to choose for a mage's order hall?Varlithras3 1d
1d Transferring to horde - race opinions? I know I'll get plenty of "play what you want it's your toon" im pretty set on what I'll be making - just want to see different opinions I'll be choosing either BE or UD Those are the two races of horde I really see "fit" being a mage just my opinion.. that's my race "fantasy"Duramax5 1d
1d Glacial Spike = death I got a 4.8 mil glacial spike off today. I don't even play Frost, how is this spec so brainless and strong.Redempta15 1d
1d I am finally caving I came to the conclusion that it is time to re-roll frost spec. I see all of these insane numbers frost DPS is posting on single target and no matter how geared I get on fire, I can't keep up. Are the ice lance bracers the BIS legendary for frost currently?Tylenn30 1d
2d Make Frozen Orb stop hitting Critters? Please. It's bad enough that its buggy >_<Rainoa2 2d
2d Rate the Mage Name Rate the name of the mage above you on a scale of 1-10!Mirage406 2d
2d Wanting to level my alliance mage alt... Which spec for leveling 100-110 and which spec for pve? I've read nothing as far as how each spec is performing just looking for honest input.Shamura4 2d
2d Arcane is the only relinquished relic? Has anyone gotten anything but an arcane relic out of this? I'm up to ten arcane relics and zero frost.Drazana1 2d
2d frost mage, spell priority? i am having a hard time switching to frost on my mage there seems to be just so much to do and was wondering what are the main priorities? so far all im doing is frost orb to proc frost finger, frost fingers whenever up even if at 1, comet, and frost snap? whenever up and then ebonchill into flurry and then just spam frostbolt whenever everything is on cd. im spec'd for pvp and using a cookie cutter guide until i get better then figure out what talents to use for what comps. i know my rotation is wrong but could i get some tips? i know i should use blizzard to reduce cd on orb which im not currently doing and for aoe but when do i use ice lance should i save it up even if frost fingers didn't proc and i have 5 icles or just use once at 5 even is ff didn't proc but freeze the target first to increase dmg. also wondering if i should always apply that chill debuff and if only frostbolt applies it or does everything simply apply it? i am also confused on what exactly chill does. i think i read it slows them but does that buff also act as if they are frozen?Lethadox0 2d
2d frost race/learning? going to main my mage again but have to switch to frost since i fire isn't as great when i left it earlier in legion. i was wondering though. 1. what is the best race horde wise for pvp? i hear orc typically for stun reduction ( think you can blink out of stuns though idk ) and undead for WoTF which removes fear, sleep, and charm. 2. how hard is it to learn frost from scratch at a high level? im not a huge fan for duel specs so i typically just stick to 1 spec and haven't played frost since WoD but never at end game so idk much about it's rotation. will mostly just be grinding rep and toying around for a few days to learn though nothing majorly hard. plus im broke and my gear is low on my mage only 840's ilvl i think or 60's also does anyone know if i have to redo all the quests in each zone due to faction changes i mean i already completed all the alliance ones at the time but i assume i will have to redo them all againLethadox6 2d
2d LOLOLOL Fire 4 piece nerf?? Item - Mage T19 Fire 4P Bonus Hot Streak has a 10% chance to also grant you 15% Haste for 10 sec. Why in the world would fires 4 piece get nerfed? Are they not bottom of the barrel enough yet?Wyndoor5 2d
3d Frost or Fire for pve/pvp? As the title says, i wanna main this character for pvp and i'm not sure what spec to go for it i'll do some pve on the side but i mainly wanna pvp so should i go frost or fire? I like fire more but frost seems good at pvp, can any mages help me with this question?Kilthis1 3d
3d Highest mage dps spec in 7.2.5 Which mage spec will be the highest DPS/Damage in 7.2.5?Karmakey38 3d
3d Mage pvp? Hi All, I just got my mage to 110 and will be focusing on pvp. Which spec is best for arenas/bgs? Seems arcane can be locked out rather easily in arenas.Xzhort2 3d
3d Aluneth and Dalaran load screens Maybe it's a hardware thing on my computer, but Aluneth has something curt to say every time I port to Dalaran. But apparently says it before my character zones in. Anybody else?Nalaar6 3d
4d Fire Mage. Always. Been a fire mage since I started WoW back in WoD when fire was low in dps if you had very bad ilvl gear. The fire mages got a huge boost when Legion got released some time back but instead it seems to have fallen behind almost every spec. Still I will at least not switch to any other spec if that is Blizzard's thinking. I'm happy to see dps meters but I like the fire mage spec a lot and would not trade it for any other spec. I believe that the Artifact system for the specs is a flawed concept. Great idea to start with but seems to have become a poorly implemented talent tree. Yup it's a talent tree. My question is: this is merely a substitute to the original talent tree which stops at 100....why do we have to earn additional artifact power? It's like changing a spec and being informed helpfully that you will need to levelup all over to get talent points for another spec or something. Remember how you would have unused talent points if you change a spec? Yeah that's how it should be. We do not have different number of traits in each weapon from what I know. If Blizzard really wants all to enjoy any spec this would be the best solution in my opinion. The only way to solve this would be to earn traits for all specs at once. Switch to a new spec and you have unused traits or so. This will probably fall beneath hordes of posts but this is my view: Nerf it all you want. Fire Mage. Always. Not complaining and not switching.Jahar17 4d
4d Which mage spec is good atm? So i'm debating on switching over to a mage since my last 2 mains this expac were melee and ended up burning me out and every other ranged class kinda bores me. I'm a little out of the loop is fire still the clear winner of the 3 specs, has frost or arcane won out recently, or is there a combination of viable mage specs atm?Norlanda9 4d
4d New Fire Mage having DPS issues. Hello! This Alt started Raiding. I was carried last night by the Guild and we're currently at Heroic Gul'dan. They did down him before I joined, but I feel like my dps should bee way higher than 250k. Please remember that : *I didn't use a Flask or Enchant/Gem my gear, which I will be doing later today. * My Weapon also doesn't have his 3rd Slot, as I'm still working on the quest - it will be a while. My Rotation was pretty much always; Living Bomb > Rune of Power > Fireball until I get a Hot Streak > > (IF Hot Streak: Fireblast) > Pyroblast. *If I get my Bracers to proc; I start casting Pyroblast. -- Is my Rotation wrong? I received, "Darckli's Dragonfire Diadem" Helm lastnight before Raid and just raid that you should use Dragonbreath no matter how many targets if you spec'd in to "Alexstrasza's Fury". Should I remove "Flame On"; and instead spec in to "Alexstrasza's Fury"? I also feel like my Heating Up will cancel out if I cast a 2nd Fireball; which I did not know the 1st Fireball got a proc. Icy-Veins says there's a 0.2 chance.. But I feel like this happens everytime. When should I use Phoenix Flames? Should I use that instead of Fireblast when I get a Hot Streak proc? if I have a it up?Sheepwithme19 4d
4d Arrange a funeral? I read this article the GM of my guild sent out to us. It was about an MMO ending and how the friends who'd been playing and the people they met all gathered in one of the towns in the game for the Final Hours of the Game (basically awaiting the apocalypse together). Anyone interested in a funeral for arcane mages? I have a priest, I'll conduct the ceremony and we can all bid farewell to our spec of choice as it dies within the game. We can gather somewhere, tape it, put it on YouTube .... go the whole nine yards. We can follow up with the christening ceremony for all the mages who give in and re-roll frost (cause that's what the devs want us to do anyway). In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Save the Fire Mages Fund (that they may hopefully not need to gather and say goodbye to their spec as well).Aedrid14 4d
4d Fire BIS Legendarys what are the two that you need to go up the charts?Flamesickle8 4d
4d Well Played Blizzard When Legion first came out I decided to start playing WoW. I heard that it was going to be one of the best expansions ever. I always played mages in my other games so I picked mage and I love fire so I chose that spec. I had no idea if it was good or not I chose it cuz I loved it. When looking up the legendaries I joked with my brother that Marquee Bindings of the Sun King looks awesome and we joked that knowing my luck it'll be the last one I'd get. Now flash forward to today. After misery after misery with the nerfs to fire mage, terrible stats and trinkets for an entire raid tier, and no communication from Blizzard, I still stuck with my fire mage because I just love it. I had terrible luck with legendaries as well. First I got all the cross spec ones, then I luckily picked up the belt, and then the ring, and finally today I opened the helm from my weekly cashe. That's right after playing Legion since release with only one character I obtained every legendary except for Marquee Bindings of the Sun King. A fire mage playing the spec since beginning with having the bracers being the last legendary is probably the saddest thing that can happen. I have a sneaking suspicion that the Blizzard gods were watching me joke with my brother that day and bestowed this curse on me. I know I can't do anything but wait even more and maybe my luck is so bad that I'll end up getting the new ring instead (wouldn't that be hilarious). But I just wanted to tell Blizzard: Well Played. Seriously.Zarkafor6 4d
4d New ring talents So how about new ring talents? Frost- Frozen touch, Fire- Flame on, Arcane-Blast one. Seems bis ring to meInp18 4d