Jan 18 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez188 Jan 18
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1h Is Frost just better at lower item levels? Hello! I'm fairly new to magery but I'm enjoying it a lot. I really like Frost but I'd like to play Arcane more consistently, the thing is that with Frost I seem to blow things up in dungeons and consistently do top DPS, but that is not the case at all on Arcane, or even Fire. Is Arcane only very good at high ilevels and with legendaries?Annoura1 1h
1h Arcane Mage haste? I just started playing arcane for a change and I was wondering how much haste I should have? I’m at 34 percent and it still feels incredibly slow sometimes on my arcane blasts. I’m also working on getting my versatility up some. Thanks for any adviceIcelancealot8 1h
2h Woolomancer display model inside class hall Hi, I noticed my woolomancer's display model inside the hall of guardians is different from the weapon my character is holding. Instead of a sheep-shaped staff, it appears as somekind of golden Kirin-Tor eye staff. I deleted my local cache and restarted the game, still there, anyone else has this "bug" ?Aravilar4 2h
2h Mage Solo Thinking about boosting a mage, but don't want to if they can't solo decently. In regards to tanaan questing and effectively taking on elites, are mages sufficient in soloing. If they're not good right now, but have hope in Legion I'd be good with that, but I don't know if thats going to happen. For example, in arcane's skill tree they have an arcane familiar. Do any of you know/think this will be a good solo ability like (but not as strong as) a warlock's pet. Just want to hear how the more experienced mages do when solo questing/fighting elites.Deykay15 2h
7h Orc or BE for mage in arena? ...for a horde mage. Thoughts? Also if you pick orc, do you play relentless? Any feedback appreciated, thanks!Trashbags3 7h
7h Need Spark Notes Version of Mage Classes Good Evening all, I have recently started playing a mage. So far I am reluctantly enjoying the class "flavor." However, I am totally confused on the spark notes version of each mage class. Please keep in mind that I have read the Icy Veins synopsis of each class. Though I would like real opinions from people like you to share your thoughts. For instance, what I want to know is what the pro's/con's of each class, what each class are good at or weak at.Rilandria0 7h
7h T21 sims lower than T20 for fire mages I just got the T21 4set and when I simmed them they are actually a 5% dps loss compared to my T20 set even though the T21 set obtained is 15 ilevels higher than my T20 across. Is this really intended? What's the point of a new set when they sim lower than the previous tier set even with much higher primary stats? Using the kindling talent is also a dps loss compared to meteor with T21 equipped. Same with Rop. Some people said that you need 2-3 combustion relics to make it work. I do not have combustion relics to test them out but if so, I find it silly that a tier set should rely on one very specific relic type to work. The T21 combustion bonus will remain pretty useless if not buffed drastically.Bigdaddymoo61 7h
13h Guess What My Final Lego will be???! It is the Fire bracers...... WTF Like if this wasn't my alt I would have just unsubbed. The horrible sickening feeling I have in my gut is the result of not having these bracers. The legendary system isn't fun. It makes me feel sick. I am stuck playing frost because of my lack of bracers.Iggyy6 13h
13h Is Pyrotex + T21 viable? Or did it just end up being a pipe-dream after the nerf to the set bonus? It's been ages since I last really paid any attention to Fire, so I've been seriously out of the loop.Marriama5 13h
13h Too many legendaries - Advice sought I'm in a conundrum. I've too many legendaries for my poor, little fire mage. And I'm stuck on which two (gee, thanks Blizzard for that awesome number.. *mumble*) to actually use. So far, I've got: Darckli's Dragonfire Diadem - Increases Dragons' Breath's damage by 100% and range by 25 yards. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus: which gives a shield every 30 seconds. Shard of the Exodar: Time Warp doesn't cause Temporal Displacement. Marquee Bindings of the Sun King: Consume Hotstreak and have a 15% chance my next Pyroblast cast within 15 secs, deals 300% additional damage Pyrotex Ignition Cloth: Pheonix Flames reduces the remaining cooldown on combustion by 9 secs. Belo'vir's Final Stand: After casting Blink, gain an absorbing shield equal to 20% of maximum health for 15 secs. Contained Infernal Core: Cast 30 fireballs or pyroblasts to call down a meteor at the target. And finally: Koralon's Burning Touch: Scorch deals 350% increased damage and is guaranteed a critical strike against enemies below 30% health. I'm so lost on which ones to equip >< Suggestions would be awesomely appreciated!!Ené4 13h
15h Mages in BfA What class changes would you like to see in BfA? Frost mage (this is the spec I play the most, therefore the spec where I am most knowledgeable): I would like to have my pet back. I also want to cone of cold to leave a patch of ice on the ground after its use. Ice nova, comet storm, and ebonbolt or glacial spike should also become baseline. A rotation based off of RNG is not fun, period. Make OG frost bomb baseline. I see no downside for this for PvE as it'll do more damage than our frost bolt (lul), and it'll be perfect for PvP. Frost mage in PvP is all about burst. OG frost bomb offers more burst, but has counter play since it is casted and the player affected can just stand on his healer to break sheeps. Deep that doesnt break on damage. Make blazing speed baseline. Change shimmer to just reduce the cd of blink. Revert temporal shield to being able to pop it when the player wants again. I'd want temporal shield to PvE but I feel like it'll be op lol. Make being able to drop orb where you want baseline (QOL buff imo). Make Frostbite baseline. Make pvp trinket baseline for all classes and change first 2 rows of honor talents. Rework T5 and T6 of honor talents. Make ring of frost baseline. Fire mages (not too experienced here): Bring back old flame on. Meteor baseline. Blazing speed baseline but no deep. Same shimmer and temp shield rework. Tinder baseline. Arcane: Blazing speed, shimmer, temp shield reverts/reworks. Smaller range on displacement. Deep that doesnt break on damage. This specs rotation is so boring, I feel like it needs more spells but idk what. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE THIS SPEC ALTER TIME. THAT CLASS FANTASY THO. It's pretty obvious that I mostly play arcane. Comment on what changes you would like to see, whether its a QOL change, a buff, or spells that they should unprune!Namjoo28 15h
15h Seeking Help with Frost DPS Hello all, I have been having quite a few issues trying to figure out exactly what I am doing wrong for my numbers to show up so much lower than others on logs for my ilvl range. I'm following the rotation guides, and sticking to the statweights... however I'm still ending up in the 30th Percentile on most fights Here is the logs to a Varimathras kill Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Morbien6 15h
16h Reroll race or naw idk about you belf mages but for me since i pug a lot of harder content like mythic+'s not too high of a key only like 10-11 and lower ones i OFTEN am finding myself people are constantly relying on me to keep interrupting. i only have 2 interrupts one with a longer cd i can usually do 3 consecutively depending how fast the bosses/mobs cast there important spells that need to be interrupted. seems like nobody knows how to interrupt anymore and thus we constantly are wiping on easy fights. ontop of this im not a huge fan of the melee silence as a ranged player. i was wondering from your perspective do you think i should reroll troll for the extra dmg. i know it is VERY minimal boost but it would make things less stressful for me imo not always being relied on to interrupt when my interrupts are on cd then getting yelled at ( not always but occasionally ). the ONLY majore downside with the reroll is that i will lose 2% crit and im at 31% crit as frost. i don't have any gear to replace the crit i can change gems and enchants to compensate. any thoughts?Lethidoxi5 16h
17h Rune of power Will the wow gods finally remove this god forsaken spell that has plagued the mage for so many years now ? The single worst thing introduced to this class. Even if only only 1 spec uses it at this moment, that’s 1 way too many.Tigy16 17h
18h Fire mage - Help with dps HI guys, I been trying to use bracers/gloves with the new t21 pieces. My dps is low compared to t20. I been trying to figure out why. Using firestarter. First 90% I trying to fish for bracer procs. At around 90.5% with heating up I combustion near end of my cast. Then start the fire dance. Outside combustion I do the normal fire rotation. If someone can enlightened me on why my dps is low, that be great! Logs: 18h
20h Arcane staff: Antorus :( Why is it week 3 of antorus and this is still not fixed. At this point Blizz is just taunting us.Vaelistrasz13 20h
22h Mage Vs. Battles Rhonin vs Khadgar vs medivh vs Jaina vs cho’gall Level the playing field without using staff of the guardian. Who wins one vs one of these (or others). My pick is RhoninWangchi6 22h
1d Fire Mage Relics I finally got my t21 4pc last night and I'm still wondering if I should go for the Fire relics that increase combustion time seeing as the tier pc revolves around doing more damage in a combust. Has anyone found any info on this?Discast9 1d
1d Ignite is being consumed by lesser ignites? Hi there - I notice when I get a really nice crit which gives an Ignite, that when I get a lesser crit the Ignite DOT is then reduced to the new number. Am I then losing the damage? Does this mean when I get a really nice ignite crit I am supposed to just let it burn? Thank you for tips..Oye6 1d
1d Is it possible to farm elites as mage? It seems nearly impossible if you cant slow them... :(Mandrix20 1d
1d Frost mage considering fire on select bosses I'm looking for opinions here. I run TV build and have a level 78 artifact for frost. I'll have fire up to 75 tonight. I have all possible leggos at my disposal, full heroic T20 options and even picked up a couple of T21 pieces so far in Antorus. I'm considering running fire for Portal Keeper, Eonar and High Command; keeping it simple and just running a Helm/Gloves Flame Patch haste build for those. I don't really want to manage multiple fire builds and min/maxing gear sets within fire if I can avoid it. Will I help my raid if I can play fire well on these (or other) bosses in heroic progression (we, like everyone curb-stomped Normal). Thanks for input.Srig8 1d
1d Mythic Argus Killed 3 Mages Representing Looks like Method killed Mythic Argus and they were using 3 Mages. 2 Frost & 1 Fire. Good for them, but still hurts my heart not seeing an Arcane Mage, but Balance was there to take care of the Arcane add most likely. Anyway thought you would all like to see some Mages representing progression(Unlike Coven)Caith2 1d
1d Rate that Mage Mog 2 Last thread capped ( ) so I'll pick up where it was left off. @ Calence Love the robe, crown and staff combo. Very elegant. However, I think it would look better without the belt and with shoes that match. 7/10Julia331 1d
1d Melee too strong or do I need to L2P? Hey guys, I'm a frost mage ilv 920 who plays casually and likes to do random bg's alone or with friends. I am having a REALLY hard time kiting/holding my own against, warriors, demon hunters, monks, and ferals (When it comes to melee). It seems that no matter what i do, they have so many more gap closers than i have openers. I also feel like i don't have enough time to put in offensive pressure, as frost is a pretty hard-cast heavy spec with the exception of orb+ice lance or flurry procs (which are gained by spamming frostbolt.) Keep in mind, I am fighting these classes out in the open instead of in arena where there's alot of LOS and teamwork involved. Maybe I don't know how to play, but I really want some input on this subject because it just feels like there's nothing I can do; and considering bg's are melee-dominated, It really makes me want to quit :/Blastinz5 1d
1d Marquee Bindings of the Sun King Ever since Legion stated, it was only a dream to acquire these legendary bracers. From the start, they were incredibly broken, everyone gazed upon these and knew they would become 99 parsers as soon as the wow rng gods blessed them with this amazing loot. But, not so many were lucky, inlcuding myself. I started off by getting the fire belt, and then blink chest. Keep in mind, belt was really bad at the start of the expansion so it wasn't a very good start for me. After that I finally got a decent legendary which was DB helmet. Belt got buffed soon after so I actually had a DECENT setup, but obviously nothing compared to the pyro bracers. Emerald Nightmare and ToV both ended and I realized I could no longer play fire very competitely without pyro bracers so I was forced to go frost because it was better even without good legendaries. I actually ended up getting my two BiS legendaries for frost, Bracers and Lust ring. I swapped my loot spec soon after getting those legendaries, back to fire. I had something like 10 or so fire legendaries left to acqurie, obviously pyro bracers being one of them. Weeks, months went by. What started as a dream soon turned into a nightmare. Legendary after legendary, no pyro bracers. 7 left, get KJ trinket 6 left, get combustion gloves 5 left, get class ring 4 left, get meteor shoulders 3 left, get prydaz 2 left... I thought my luck might finally change. After over a year of waiting, dreaming of getting my Marquee Bindings of the Sun King, I ventured out today to do all my invasion points on argus and all of my daily world quest boxes that I had saved up. I knew my legendary bad luck protection was soon to proc. And I was right. 2 left, get sephuz.. 1 legendary left, a legendary that you must have or the spec is completely unplayable at a high level, a level you can contend with others playing the spec. A legendary that has driven me completely insane over the last year, and I still don't have it. I absolutely hate the legendary system. I hate it. I hate it. Where are my !@#$ing pyro bracers.Annartsa52 1d
2d low dps for my ilevel this might sound like a same old complaint but I just finished doing normal antorus and there were people doing 1.8-2 million dps while I was only doing about 1 million dps without cooldowns. I know that knowledge of the fights might have had a play in this but to suggest that these people who probalby have around my ilevel gear out dpsed me by half suggests that im doing something wrong. can anyone point out a few things about my gear or how I should be playing? I normally take conflag but I decided to try out firestarter as it seemed like a good single target dps increase, however I am pretty discouraged by the results that were shown in todays raid.Babonim13 2d
2d Arcane Talent Build for Mythic+ (Help) How should my talent look like for mythic+? I'm currently using the raid talents for it but I do not like it. Why is our ST damage so crap? I love the AoE dmg though. How should our cleave damage rotation look like?Luvlene6 2d
2d Noob Frost Mage needs help! I may be ilvl940, but I'm a pretty bad frost mage and I need help. I understand I may not have the right gear (like using the arcane leg legendary), but other than that idk what I'm doing wrong. My dps is at around 1M for the opener and eventually drops to around 900k. For prolonged fights, however, it goes all the way down to 700k as I end up spamming Frostbolt and only get one proc (FoF or Flurry, just ONE) every 30 seconds. Am I gearing the wrong stats or do I need to pray to RNGeezus more? Also, what's the correct rotation? I use Ebonbolt and Orb on cooldown, and I try to Brain Freeze Flurry>Ice Lance when it procs (Paired with FoF if it procs). TLDR; low dps, idk what's wrong. wrong talents? wrong rotation? or RNGeezus hates me?Lanor4 2d
2d Arcane Intellect Returning in 8.0 Raid buffs are making a return in Battle for Azeroth, among this list of abilities is Arcane Intellect: Mage - Arcane Intellect 200 Mana, 30 Yard Range, Instant Infuses the target with brilliance, increasing their intellect by 5% for 1 hour. If target is in your party or raid, all party and raid members will be affected. Giving Arcane Intellect to other players and NPC's was one of my favourite things to do and I was angry at the start of Legion that we lost the ability to do this unless you were a Ret Paladin. I am beyond happy that they've brought this back. Link for the rest of them - 2d
2d Frost mage stat priorty I can't find any real answers, some say stop at 33% crit then others say go past 33, stop at 20% haste or 30%, get mastery over versatility, etc. Can someone give me a straight answer, Im running glacial build. 33% crit, 22% haste, 42% mastery, and 11% versatility. Should I keep trying to raise versatility, crit, mastery, or haste at this pointZïreael5 2d
2d alch/herb worth going? currently got enchanting and tailoring both are 800 but the problem is i barely find anything new to enchant and i don't really sell enchants because i feel like it's the same issue not a whole lot of demand with the lack of items you can enchant and how often you get upgrades after some time. i don't really have any alts that i play to get herb and alch up so i am wondering should i just get it on my mage? currently i just spend my bloods for flasks but those go down real fast and i can't make prolonged potions either since it requires bloods. the amount i spend on potions alone is about the same amount i would spend on enchants if i didn't have enchanting if not more because of pre potting/wipes. any thoughts? i do have flying and a 110 druid but i don't really play him at all. the flasks aren't really a major issue but the potions tend to build up financial wise and a lot of the times i find it that people are too cheap and or lazy to even buy or make there own flasks. plus with the future expansion who knows what will happen if enchants stay the same they probably wont make a lot of money and this expac alchemist/herbs made a ton at the very startCelbris2 2d
2d Question for Frost Mages re: T21 Hey all, Recently re-rolled from arcane to frost as my main spec. Have a question: The T21 4 piece makes the next cast of an ice lance after brain freeze do 20% damage. The question I have is, if you're running the GS build, does it increase GS damage or is it your next cast of an FoF empowered ice lance that gets the boost? I'm tried running both the TV and GS builds. Really love the GS build so wanna sort that out before I get 4 piece. Thanks in advanceAedrid8 2d
2d Recasting RoP during AP. With the 3 AP increasing relics and the 4th crucible AP trait, AP can become an 18 second duration buff. At this duration would it be beneficial to recast a spare RoP (if you have something like 2.5x the cast time of RoP remaining on AP)? (Possibly during the third AP and while Owl/potion/BL is active.) My gut feeling is that this could scale decently with haste, and directly how many extra GCDs you can fit into the extra duration AP. I attempted to mess with the SimcraftAPL for this, but the results for me were inconclusive(0.0006% DPS loss.) Here's my addition to the APL on the RoP line. I'm probably messing something up, since I have literally no knowledge of APLs. (buff.arcane_power.remains>action.rune_of_power.execute_time*2.5&cooldown.mark_of_aluneth.recharge_time+action.rune_of_power.execute_time>40) actions.burn+=/rune_of_power,if=mana.pct>30|(buff.arcane_power.up|cooldown.arcane_power.up)|(buff.arcane_power.remains>action.rune_of_power.execute_time*2.5&cooldown.mark_of_aluneth.recharge_time+action.rune_of_power.execute_time>40) Krazykrl3 2d
2d If We Are Losing Mark of Aluneth... Can we go back to being a single target DPS monster again? *Note: I don't actually know if we are losing that ability.Failedwizard2 2d
3d Relic Question for Frost Is a 935 ilvl Obsidian Lance relic better than a 925 Let It Go relic for Frost ? I would be enclined to equip the higher ilvl Obsidian Lance but want to make sure.Jacar2 3d
3d Fire Guides Pumped to have my mage back! Going to be my forever main :-) so I noticed the Icy-Veins guide is a little outdated in some areas, should I always use Altered-Time? My intial jump into it was slightly interesting. Was just trying to find a fire rotation guide and had trouble navigating it. Gonna come back to this post if I cant figure it out!Griffin1 3d
3d Mage Tower 7: Buff Mages edition last thread mysteriously disappearedLaenia310 3d
3d Macro Ebonbolt and Flurry? is there a way to macro these two spells together so that after i use ebonbolt, slurry will be cast right after, so that my ebonbolt crits every time? Assuming that the flurry hits the target first, that is.Watsmyname6 3d
3d Buff Frost Mage Hello fellow mages/readers, I am Lucrettne a mage for <Elusive>(5/11M) on Sargeras. Last time I posted was a few months back after thermal void had been reworked. In that post I brought up some statistics regarding Ice Time/Zannesu's journey and how utterly useless they are. Ice Time was originally buffed soon after, but this buff never made it live. It's evident when looking at Warcraftlogs that my spec is falling behind mostly every other spec in the game while warlock/boomy are relatively untouched by their recent nerfs.. The icing on the cake is that Mage tier 21 and tier 20 were both nerfed prior to Antorus launch. Is blizzard actually monitoring how a class will be performing; Or are they just blindly swinging a bat at this point? If I were a raid leader i'd probably ponder taking a mage when you could have a warlock do 3x as much AoE damage while barely (if at all) being behind on pure single target. Either flat buff frost mage 2-4%, or buff our aoe/aoe legendaries so that we aren't extra baggage on AoE fights! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my rant, Lucret (Here's a link to my WCL, I have parsed rank 1 multiple times including Mythic Gul'dan and have rank 1's as recent as Antorus) 3d
3d 3 DoTs destroy shield? 18k damge return?? My shield absorbs 200k. It damages anyone that hits it for 18k. Those numbers look like level 80 stuff, not 110. Two DOTs from any class will instantly destroy the shield. The 18k damage return is probably the most absurd and pathetic implementation in the game. It seriously looks like Blizz was gonna beef them up but just forgot about them. Blizz, wake up guys. 212k absorbing shield? Seriously? 18k hit returned? Why even bother coding it in?Meatballzz6 3d
3d Frost- What does shatter cap do exactly? i know that for GS build it makes your GS crit 100% after you apply shatter but for TV what does it actually do? im guessing it makes your flurry bolts crit 100% after shatter is applied along with your IL after the flurry as well? also if it's say not 33.34% maybe like 30%-32% how low of a chance is it to get a crit off from shatter? im asking because i got a huge upgrade yesterday for my chest it's a tier piece but dont have 2 set but it drops my crit heavily to about 30%. i'll have to see if it's even a DPS increase but i'd assu,e a 30 ilvl upgrade is a increaseCelbris8 3d
3d Fire Talent - Cinderstorm Level 100 talent Cinderstorm is really a mystery to me. The mechanic is clunky to me and I cannot find why it would be ever used. Does anyone use this in Mythic, Raids, PVP, or solo cluster AOE killing? Could use some help on this talent. Thank you in advance!Kzo17 3d
3d Tips for Frost Used to level as frost but changed to fire when 7.1 came out. Have been fire all through Legion, and recently wanted to try out frost again. I really like the spells and playstyle, but am wondering on good rotations and stat builds. My damage is low most of the time, but I can crit decently. You can look at my mage to see what I should change and prioritize. I should add, I am NOT building my mage to raid. I want to build him for somewhat PvE, but primarily PvP. Looking to figure out when and not to cast spells, as well as getting procs at a more frequent rate. All help will be appreciated :)Urlann2 3d
3d Mage-y name ideas for Void Elf? I'm leveling up this guy to hopefully try to do the Mage class hall stuff before BfA/the new Allied races are available and some of the class hall stuff is unavailable/undoable. The Timelord title works really well with his name :D BUT, like my title says, I'm trying to come up with a good name for the Void Elf mage I want to roll once I have them unlocked. I was thinking maybe some of the more Mage-y sounding prescription drug names might be a place to start, like -Xanax -Zoloft -Zyrtec - (I swear I had like 10 or 15 thought of while I was trying to fall asleep last night! lol)Again8 3d
4d Fire mages suck I used to be frost when leveling, but then I made the massive mistake of switching to fire at 110 and I went so far into it before I realized that blizzard nerfed it to the ground. If only I realized that you will be dead last in ST dps without your tier and bracers, I never would have rolled this terrible gear dependent spec. Being a fire mage without my tier or bracers has been nothing but a life of regret and frustration. I sim at 890k which is terrible. I even checked the top rated fire mage in the world with all his tier and bracers, and he only sims at 1.1 mill. I look at all these other fire mages who somehow magically get their 4/6 tier set and bracers after 2 weeks of antorus while I'm sitting here with nothing but mythic gear and bottom rank leggos. All I ever get from raids are relics and trinkets because rng hates me. Ive never been kicked from raids for having too low dps, and on a good day maybe I'm 1 mill in the recount, but I'm always overcome with intense anxiety of being kicked because no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, no matter how perfect my rotation is, I'm near the bottom of the dps. I keep farming for leggo constantly with the faint desperate hope that I get my bracers, but I'm sure that the next leggo I get will be something useless like the chest piece or boots. Antorus resets soon. Can't wait to get another useless trinket that I don't need. After this xpac I'm never playing mage again. Instead, I'll play a class blizzard doesn't nerf, like a paladin or a dk. Don't go fire.Chillbro31 4d
4d Regarding Fire Mages and their balls. So, it’s been a little more than a month since BfA was announced, yet Blizzard still hasn’t said a word about the artifact visual appearances going forwards. Stuff like Thal’kiel, Hati, or most importantly a fire mages balls. Ever since I first started playing a mage back in TBC, all I wanted was to have balls like the blood mage did in Wc3. When they gave warlocks balls in MoP I thought the dream was done. Yet, in Legion they finally remembered that the word mage was in blood mage, and gave us balls instead. Now they want to take away our balls, after we just got them! It’s outrageous, it’s unfair. How can you have blood mage as a class fantasy yet not have balls?Tarandral2 4d
4d mage is so much better than I thought long story short I boosted a mage at launch of legion and absolutely hated it. I hated fire, hated arcane, hated frost. couldnt survive etc etc. anyway, a day at a time I play fire and work my way to 110. This morning it all finally clicked for me. the movement, rotations... Im obsessed. I absolutely love fire mage. If you ever saw me in game talking mage trash I am sorry and hope we can make love in the futureWorldwarczar11 4d
4d Blizz, what is the obsession with Mastery ?? Every single piece of gear I get from the pvp boxes or honor level up has Mastery and removes Crit. Whats next Blizz, gonna remove the burn from our fire? Trust me, Pyro hits about average, it isn't like it use to be, so stop fearing that we might get one too many procs...Meatballzz14 4d