5d Resize the mage class mount Now, I know the mage class mount isn't really the most inspired of class mounts and probably a special blue dragonflight dragon would've been waaaay cooler in the same way the special protodrake for warriors is cool. But in the end I doubt we'll get a different mount so I don't really mind it... or rather, I wouldn't if it wasn't for the fact that it is ridiculously small. I suppose goblins, gnomes and females don't have a problem with it because of their small and deinty features, but my character looks like a flying tower which, as cool as it sounds, looks really silly. And I imagine worgen, trolls and orcs having similar problems. All in all my suggestion would be that if we're not getting a cooler mount, the current one could at least be resized so it doesn't look too dumb when used. What say you? *Queue in "The price is right" theme*Arkoro17 5d
5d Mage is SO Boring.. Used to main mage in LK, came back to it in Legion ready to check out what's new and enjoy it again. Seems like every spec is only 3 buttons and RNG though... Anyone else playing Mage super bored?Lilgaylands23 5d
5d Is this common for mage? I main a healer but had an Arcane mage as a DPS alt this xpac. It was doing good for a while, but I've gone back to him this week for the first time this tier and it seems like his DPS has taken a hit. Like we prioritize different stats so my gear is far less effective than it used to be. Also Frost seems to have received a #s buff, so it's like not only did my BiS become WiS due to the stat priority change, but now all the AP I put into my main weapon is worthless as well, since raids will want Frost Mages, not Arcane Mages. Is this common? I don't even want to play him anymore, I don't see the point of investing all that time into a DPS spec to be raid-competitive when Blizzard will accidentally screw it over with an oversight or haphazard adjustment, and throw all that time out the window.Ciryn16 5d
5d Fire mage question When do I use Combustion? Also, do I save Phoenix Flames for more burst during Combustion or do I just use whenever after that?Brantelis3 5d
5d Soul of the Archmage - Frost Got this to drop quick. Surprised as all heck. I was thinking of switching out the Legendary gloves on my Frost Mage for something else when it dropped, but when I look around everyone say's its understatted garbage. I was originally opting for Sephuz's Secret as my replacement legendary otherwise (Shard is completely useless in my raid makeup so that's off the table). Maybe it's because I think fighting between Splitting Ice and Frozen Touch was ridiculous that having this drop in my lap settles both issues, but is it really that catastrophically bad?Seiryu32 5d
5d Unravelling Sanity, how to use as arcane ? Hey guys, I droped the KJ trinket yesterday and I was wondering how to use it at it's max... Should I pop it 12 sec before AP and/or POM to make sure I have the crit during these or I pop it at the same time as AP/POM to make sure the dmg gets their effect ? ThxWaddell11 5d
5d Frost Mage DPS Help!!!! Hello fellow magi, I am a frost mage currently using the TV build. I have been having some trouble with my overall damage in TOS. There is a similarly geared mage in my guild that is consistantly almost doing twice as much damage as me. My damage on single target on boss fights is usually around 700-800k, while he is able to push out at least 1 mill+ sustained on single target. My opening rotation is as follows: Prepot, precast ebonbolt, flurry, ice lance, cast frozen orb, drop fof procs when maxed at 3 and cast frostbolt in between ice lances when at 1/2 fof procs. Cast frostbolt+flurry+ice lance on brain freeze proc. (Does anyone see any major problems with my rotation?) My crit is at 30%, haste 20%, and mastery is super high due to tos set pieces(i understand versatility is more important). I have also read that using frozen orb before ebonbolt in the future would be beneficial to take advantage of the tos 2 set bonus. Any advice will be greatly apprecaited. Thanks!Surusama5 5d
5d Legion: Arcane Mage Talent Suggestion So! I have noticed that Arcane Mages are keeping two passive abilities for the level 100 talent tier. They're ok (Quickening seems great), however, I'd rather have something more visual, that resembles our "glass cannon" nature, since we cast Arcane Blast a lot and barely can see it. Therefore, it seems a perfect moment to add... Disintegrate! Yes, something like the Diablo's Wizard ability. Should be an instant mana burn CD, and I think it fits the fantasy and the class gameplay well. EDIT: It could also be an Artifact Trait! (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚ Anyway, I'd love to see a Blizz guy saying something about my suggestions, because they never do it (qq).Salaryn11 5d
6d AHhhh Trinkets!!! Frost Hi all. So I know our supposed best trinkets (for Frost TV) are Sentinel and Terror. I got Terror and a titanforged Charm of the Rising Tide. Before everyone says, Sim yourself and see, I did! I sim Higher using unlikely trinkets. So I replaced Chronometer and Whispers with Terror and Charm, gained 12k dps. Now, here is the tricky part.... this new trinket set-up drastically alters my gameplay. For one, I don't know how often Charm procs or if I'm even using it correctly as I move quite a bit in ToS due to mechanics. Also Terror seems to be very random, sometimes providing as low as 1% damage and as high as 20%. My question to my fellow magi- what would you equip in this scenario? Stick with Metronome and Whispers for awesome burst/extra haste at the cost of a simmed 12k dps loss or switch to the proposed extra damage provided by Terror and Charm? Or would you take any of the other combinations of these four trinkets? Edited to add: After changing out the trinkets, the dps gain is actually only 8k increase with Terror/Charm. ""Aarÿn4 6d
6d Trinkets to use in H ToS So i have access to alot of trinkets and i Have no idea what to use for Heroic ToS progression. As far as intellect goes, is it still our best stat? For instance i have a 905 whisper, a 915 Charm of the rising tide, a 900 terror and a 900 tarnished sent medallion. I like all 4 of them but if i use the terror/tarnished like everything to telling me to use i hate to not have at least 1 int trinket since it's so much int lost. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!Raventhrops6 6d
6d Frost Help I have been fire for the longest time but thought about going to frost. My issue is when I switch the specs I'm at 61 percent with mastery because of my gear. Am I better off staying as fire? I actually like both specs. I'm thinking the mastery is way too high for frost?? Would i be better off with GS over TV because of this? Just trying to max my dps as much as I can. Thank you for any advice you give and taking the time to read this.Wonderlicks4 6d
6d Another slap in the face... Let's give the plebs a hidden appearance for frost, but let's make it look exactly like something made for a fire mage. Then let's put the appearance that should have been first, in last place behind a garbage pvp grind. Corporate puppets hard at work. I hope to God we have new devs working on the next expansion. Some that defy their corporate overlords. And believe that not every damn thing needs to be a grind. TLDR - Put fire on the frost hidden appearance and lock the frost behind a grind. Oh wait you did that.Rumaisa10 6d
6d Arcane 2pc and Ring combo 2 questions. Anyone not running T19 2pc. How does it feel without that 5%. If running ring combo, what is your mastery at, still shooting for above 30%?Dorandis7 6d
6d Nether Tempest Confirmation Required I've been wondering this for a while and have been looking in to it in my own testing; I'm noticing that it looks like that the target we place Nether Tempest on is damaged twice by the Nether while the targets surrounding it are hit once per Nether. Can someone confirm this to me or tell me if I am seeing things as this could potentially knock Erosion off its throne as the king of the level 90 talent row for Arcane? I have never seen this brought up anywhere before so I don't know if it has already been confirmed or not.Failedwizard2 6d
6d Mage Tower 7: Buff Mages edition last thread mysteriously disappearedLaenia249 6d
6d Mage Portals Hello there, returning member of the Mage society. The last time I played a mage was in BC, who was only in his 30s. I got my SW teleport yesterday, happy that I'm one step closer to get my portals, which I will use to serve the society... Except I realize that Dalaran has portal to all major cities and everyone has Dalaran hearth (an extra hearth if inn set to Dalaran). I feel that people no longer need a Mage to provide taxi services, which was different from the days I played the class when people would appreciate you for portals. Instead of having a single hearth where people need to decide if they want to set to the capital or quest location, people could just use the Dalaran Hearth, it's no longer a trade off. That kinda discouraged part of the reason why I play mage; to be a taxi for the community. Do people feel the same way? Am I just being naive?Ceruleanfate14 6d
6d Arcane change I think that presence of mind should allow for 2 instant arcane blasts without the GCDElixxr11 6d
6d Any advice fire mage vs shadow priest I'm having serious issues with shadow priests in battlegrounds right now. I can not beat them one on one with fire. They just seem to burst me down, silence, stun etc before I even get their bubble removed. I spell steal and stuff like that but just cant seem to lock them out and avoid their burst damage. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Gingerbear5 6d
6d Rusty at frost, help/tips Hi all, Playing my frost for the first time since August and I'm struggling to get back in the swing of things. I switched to fire for a good long while, so I'm sure gear and stats are a big part of the problem. I notice in fights I can start with roughly a 1mil burst, but then I struggle to maintain anything above 600k. I've looked at videos and icy veins, but if any actual played have tips I would greatly appreciate it. Rotation: icy veins, ebonbolt, flurry (proc), frost bolt until flurry procs again with frost orb and blizzard used as filler.Sendeda1 6d
6d or curse? How long has it taken you to get that most needed legendary that you feel complete and at your best? I feel that I spend too much time focusing on getting that perfect legendary only to be let down when I do finally get one. I got my 3rd yesterday which turned to be the boots after about a month since my second. Is it really random or is the system designed to reward you with a "good" legendary after you have a couple already?Beautevil21 6d
6d BUG: Comet Storm I'll be posting this on the bugs forum too. Comet Storm is currently bugged. It seems to fail about 90% of the time. Casting Comet Storm fails to launch the missiles, but the animation does play. ALL 7 projectiles will not appear. NOTE This only affects PvP in BGs. I have not tested this in Arenas. Out of 3 BGs, the missiles have not appeared. Temple of Kotmug, AKA, Murder Ball Strand of the Ancients Warsong GulchKiekö5 6d
Jul 13 Frost vs Fire? Hey guys, trying to decide which legendaries i should try to farm for, i am a very experienced fire player but i am seeing frost mages completely dominate me in most ToS fights. Is frost that far ahead these days? Just came back since ToV. I have legendary fire bracers + neck piece and no legendaries for frost yet.Sinzzs14 Jul 13
Jul 13 Arcane or Fire for pvp and pve? i used to play fire for EN and really enjoyed it with a lot of trouble with it's aoe rotation. i wouldn't really cast flame strike so my dps on AoE heavy fights was very low then what it should have been. I haven't played arcane since cata but i really enjoyed it's burst but hated it's mana conservative phase. i have tried frost but really can't get into it. Anyways which would you suggest i play for both pve and pvp? im looking to push mythic raiding, high mythic+, and try to push high rating in pvp for arena and some rbg's. right now fire would be the easiest for me to learn to play since i've played it the most recent but since im starting at lvl 1 it doesn't really matter im just looking for viability in every aspect of the game right now. doens't need to be top dps i just don't want to get sat out on in mythic+ and raids.Lethadox1 Jul 13
Jul 13 Instacast Blizzard Hello, New to the forums so sorry if I sound stupid. I've been watching a lot of Frost mage pvpers such as xaryu and they somehow are able to instacast blizzard. How do you instacast blizzard? Is it a certain legendary? Talent/Honor talent?Asoraxi4 Jul 13
Jul 13 Arcane missile usage Quick question on how many arcane missile charges to use. If i'm sitting at 4 arcane charges and have 3 arcane missile procs how many should i use at once? I've read a few guides online and seen a few video guides on youtbe and they all say different things. Some say to burn them all once you get 4 arcane charges and others day just use 1 AM if you have 3.Ragnorath7 Jul 13
Jul 13 Arcane Needs Advice So I know rotation im doing pretty solid on single target but feel a little low what are good Stat priorities for Arcane I've tried looking up top arcane mages in pve and their stats are so different from eachother people are stacking diff things right now im Crit 29 Haste 21 Mast 25 and vers 13...any adviceKkruum7 Jul 13
Jul 13 Please provide feedback on new Spell Effects As the title suggests, please provide feedback! This is our opportunity to be heard on our input. We've all seen the videos, and some of you may very well be in the PTR.Kiekö7 Jul 13
Jul 13 Alright.. mages with the Woolamancer's Charge Question for you... When you are in the order hall by the Forge of the Guardian, if you look at the display stands that show what artifact skins you have unlocked, do you see a different staff in the stand where the hidden artifact skin should be displayed? What I am seeing is this staff: The top of the staff is a Kirin Tor violet eye symbol. However, there is no entry or information about it. The only thing I can think of is that this staff was intended to be the Arcane hidden artifact skin until it was replaced with the Woolamancer's Charge and that the reason that it shows up in the Hidden Artifact display stand is that this was something that was overlooked when they made the change.Rea6 Jul 13
Jul 12 choosing between mage and death knight Hi guys I wanted to have your advice I want to play a new character and I am hesitating between arcane mage and unholy death knight. I know people will say play the one you like the most but I like both equally. I wanted to know which one would be the easiest to find a guild to raid and which one would be preferred for raids and mythic dungeons. Thanks!Umäru6 Jul 12
Jul 12 Fire and Arcane Does anyone think frost is still far superior to fire and arcane even when the people playing frost are way undergeared or even not as optimized in gear as you? I am 925 and i only sim at 920k where i see 4/4 piece frost mages pushing like 1.7m on single target encounters. wtf?Owlmanjones13 Jul 12
Jul 12 UI Help with Thwarting the Twins I'm struggling with this quest. The UI is the worst boss of all. I'm using ElvUI, enemy nameplates enabled. Raest summons 1 billion adds and I can't find the three important mobs. When I make attempts with name plates disabled I can't see the Hands fast enough. I want Raest, Kalem, and Hands nameplates permanently available. I'll settle for all of the stupid adds to not have name plates. I really enjoy accidentally targeting one of them when I drop a Blizzard. I just had 7 attempts and I averaged over 1.2mil DPS. My issue is targeting. Thank you for your support!Rellkin5 Jul 12
Jul 12 Frost mage pvp question Hey guys, took about 6 months off, just getting back into my frost mage. Was wondering whats the cookie cutter talent and honor talent spec for casual pvp is?Letho2 Jul 12
Jul 12 Best PvP branch for mage I don't really love frost, but I want to know the advantages of using it for Bg's and arenas compared to fire and arcane.Esquizoide2 Jul 12
Jul 12 PSA: Downvoting Removed ... Some people were thinking there was a browser bug when they noticed they couldn't downvote. Here's to hoping this saved people some confusion. Downvote me, I dare you.Vemer12 Jul 12
Jul 12 Incanter's Flow - do you watch? Question for you top tier mages who are squeezing out every last D in dps. Do you keep an eye on your incanters flow stacks and only throw FoF IL and EB when 3-5 stacks? Is it statistically significant to try and watch this? A guildmate told me I should only do IL at 3-5 and so I set a WeakAura to track, but between watching out for boss mechanics and trying not to munch procs I'm not sure it's a dps gain. Sometimes I'll delay EB when i'm clear (no FoF/BF procs) for a couple seconds to get where EB will fire in the 3-5 uptick but then i'll get a FoF or BF from FB and end up delaying EB even more. Thoughts?Marzela17 Jul 12
Jul 12 Fire Mage Log Assistance They say what gets measured improves. I've been trying to slowly but surely improve and look at other logs but could use some assistance. I'm missing something as I am putting countless hours into Tomb but am missing something in my rotations. Anyone able to offer assistance or direction? Jul 12
Jul 12 Rate the Mage Mog Rate the mog above you on a scale of 1-10!Mirage500 Jul 12
Jul 11 Empowering 2nd artifact Since I finally unlocked Convergence on ebonchill I want to do fire spec (and eventually arcane), but I can't figure out how to unlock the second tier of traits on those artifacts. How do you unlock those traits for the service and third artifacts? I suspect it's a quest but after switching to fire and talking to everyone in the mage hall... here I am.Tinkerizmo11 Jul 11
Jul 11 TV vs GS I haven't really been able to find a clear answer on when to choose one over the other. Is it dependent on bracers, haste, or just running your own sims? Are they both close enough to eachother that one doesn't really outweigh the other with 4pc t20 or leggos?Thalhia5 Jul 11
Jul 11 Best spec for new mage? Hello, I used my 100 character boost for a mage and was curious to know what would be the best spec to level with? I have only been playing the game for about a year, maybe less and I have never played any kind of ranged dps character! Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!Zireaelandri7 Jul 11
Jul 11 What am I doing wrong? Hi, I am new to mage and I'm currently at 860 ilvl with 29% crit and 14% haste. I am still gearing my character to get to the crit cap and then haste afterwards. I start off the fight currently peaking at 600k or so DPS with lust/icy veins. This is my current opener: Ebonbolt - Icy Veins - Flurry - Ice Lance - Frozen Orb - Frostbolt until FoF or Brainfreeze and using IL or Flurry when they are procd. However sometimes I get almost no procs of either FoF or Brainfreeze and my DPS can drop to around 210k. I generally probably average around 245-260k without burst windows.Astarx3 Jul 11
Jul 11 Frost Mage Stat Priority So, I need some help with stat priority at this point before I start taking from other stats. I was hoping that someone could enlighten me on haste vs. crit and whether or not there's a threshold for crit I should be shooting for. Also, should I be casting Ice Lance as soon as it procs or cast it with a frostbolt/glacial spike to maximize damage?Neyeli5 Jul 11
Jul 11 They have kills but not rank on WL?!?! Hey guys, trying to follow 2 fire mages on WarcraftLogs, Dylemma and Imfiredup, and even if they have kills, they dont have any ranking and dps numbers ?!?! how come ?Waddell13 Jul 11
Jul 11 (Frost) Go Glacial Spike build... With the minor changes to a few of our spells, and the ungodly amount of Mastery you just cannot get rid of in NH, replace TV with Glacial Spike, and fill that in your rotation properly. You will be impressed.Paperjelly23 Jul 11
Jul 11 Esprit 2/9M <Thaurissan> Cutting Edge! Hi Friends, Esprit~Thaurissan is a Casual +8 GMT Singapore based Guild that is looking for the below mentioned classes to enhance our Mythic Raid team for Tomb of Sargeras. We are currently 2/9M and achieved 3 out of 3 Cutting Edges! If you are one of the below classes , we highly encourage you to apply and join the very welcoming and friendly team. We raid Wed Sun Mon - 830pm SG time and we are looking for the below main classes: Guardian Druid MW Monk Holy Priest Rogue Moonkin Mage All other classes and casuals welcome to apply. Add me on bnet @ pewpewpew#1884Ketupaat0 Jul 11
Jul 11 Rotation Question I have a huge question on my frost mage rotation. So far it seems to be pretty straight forward however I seem to be simming way higher than what I can achieve on my ST rotation. I open with ebonbolt to instant cast my flurry. I then cast ice lance any time I get fingers of frost. If I do not have fingers of frost or brain freeze I proceed to cast frostbolt to build 5 icicles which I then dump with an ice lance. I also cast blizzard in order to reduce the cooldown the cooldown of fingers of frost and cast frozen orb when I have a fingers of frost and brain freeze ready to be casted. Is there anything wrong here? I also use icy veins on CD and time warp.Skarmac5 Jul 11
Jul 11 Slight Arcane Rotation question I had a question about Arcane and Arcane charges. So, if I've hit 4 arcane charges and no arcane missiles, do I keep spamming Arcane Blast till I get one? Right now I'm alternating between that and spending them on Arcane barrage then building back up, because spamming Arcane blast at 4 charges is a real killer on my mana. The problem with spending them on Arcane barrage is when I proc missiles off of that. I could always use Charged Up to fix that, but right now I have the point in the 25% damage increase since it helps my AoE damage on dungeons.Candelin3 Jul 11
Jul 11 Brain Freeze Question So a bit of a specific question: You cast Frostbolt -> BF proc, and because you queued another Frostbolt, you don't use it directly after the 1st. You cast 2nd Frostbolt -> Use 1st BF proc followed by an Ice Lance. A 2nd Brain Freeze proc occurs as a result of the 2nd Frostbolt and because you got rid of the first proc in time you didn't munch it. Is it more efficient to use this 2nd Brain Freeze proc straight away, or cast another Frostbolt before consuming it? You risk having to munch an FoF proc if you go the Frostbolt route, but I am not sure if casting the Frostbolt will result in a minimal dps increase.Howtocook4 Jul 11
Jul 10 7.2 Artifact Talent Unlock Hi, im having trouble finding the quests needed to unlock my next group of artifact talents. I am at maxed traits in the weapons and I have even unlocked the next set of knowledge research, but I dont know where to pick up the quest to get the second set of traits unlocked. Help would be great!Applescruff3 Jul 10
Jul 10 Leveling a mage 1-110 no heirlooms Hi there I am very interested in leveling a mage by questing and dungeons. Dont really care about reaching 110 as fast as possible i want to enjoy the experience. Whats the best spec to level with currently and how was ur leveling experience with mageGóbliñ5 Jul 10