Jul 10 Possible to fire mage without BiS leg ? Hey guys, I am trying to go fire and the only 2 fire legendaries that I have are helm and gloves (and to some extent, the ring). Do you think it would be possible to have a build that is viable in raid with this ?? ThxWaddell20 Jul 10
Jul 10 Frost Mage with a lot of mastery I have a lot of mastery. I've been trying to get different gear but still at 59%. Should I use be using my pet to take advantage of this mastery?Furijan2 Jul 10
Jul 10 Need help with my frost mage dps Hey Ive been having some trouble with this mage, I'm not sure whats wrong but my dps has been pretty much mediocre, is it because of my built? or could it be my secondary stats? Simming with raidbot on single target(5min ST on patchwerk) it says i'm able to pull around 1mil dps, but i pull no where close to that unless its an aoe fight. I'm especially having trouble pulling good dps in single target fight, like goroth/krosus/KJ etc. Can anyone give me some pointer? Thanks!Sappheire7 Jul 10
Jul 10 Fire Mage Hidden Artifact This completely SUCKS! i have been farming for this hidden artifact for hours upon hours and NO drops =( and yes im Level 6+ Artifact Knowledge lol im so unlucky!!!!Velionx14 Jul 10
Jul 9 Help with Fire DPS? I know that sims can be a little off as far as DPS goes, but I still think that I could be doing a whole lot more than I am. I'm pulling on average roughly 500k ST, and I think I'm supposed to be doing more than that. I've been getting progressively better nearly every raid, but I feel I'm progressing slower than everyone else. Any help would be appreciated. Here's some logs from tonight, but I was playing rather poorly tonight. And some logs from a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, I don't have any recent logs of me playing at my absolute best, but I hope that these are enough. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Ázelas5 Jul 9
Jul 9 Arcane T20 2p AoE help . . . ... You guys using a cancelaura on PoM isteself or on AE?! I created one for PoM but I keep forgetting to change the keybind for ST situations :/ tnks in advance.Rillay6 Jul 9
Jul 9 Is Fire Viable? So ive mained arcane but got really bored and im wondering if fire is really viable pve without legs because ive been doing some m+ and i seem to do no damage outside CDVigier23 Jul 9
Jul 9 Spec situations As of right now, which specs are best at PvP, Questing, Mythics, and Raiding?Nolgor4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Fire Mage PvP What would an average fire mage burst rotation be in an average arena scenario? ThanksIntoxicating0 Jul 9
Jul 9 Dream wish I think this could solve so many problems we th frost Keep thermal void the exact way it is now and just roll it baseline in to icy veins. So now Icy Viens does the extra damage, lasts 30 seconds and is extended by Enpowered IL by 1 second each Next Move ray of frost to last tier buff the damage by 50% or keep its damage the same and decrease the amount of time by 5 seconds So now we have a ST Cleave and AOE talent optionElörian3 Jul 9
Jul 8 For those who got 4pc ( frost ) So how's our rotation gonna be like. Prioritize brain freeze over lance or don't munch procs. And what happens if both ebon and orb comes off cooldown, which do you castfirst?Màrage10 Jul 8
Jul 8 How is lonely winter these days? Im getting back to gearing my mage and ive decided to stick with frost. I remember awhile ago lonely winter was viable around 900 ilvl. Is this still the case? I would love to play without the wayer elemental if possible. Also, if you guys could give me any advice on my build that would be awesome. Oh and I was also wondering if i should be keeping a two piece t19 set in my build going foward? Is the bonus that the two piece gives us worth keeping while i gear in ToS? Thanks in advance.Melissara5 Jul 8
Jul 8 Is fire viable for PvP? Hey, i'm thinking on re-rolling to mage and the spec that most interest me is fire and I was wondering how good is it for PvP. My main game objective is going to be PvP and casual PvE.Brori3 Jul 8
Jul 8 Mage Alt, Which Spec? Been working on my mage alt, and now I need to decide what spec to play endgame. What I want: -Not legendary dependent (So I don't have to spend tons of time farming gear for my alt) -Good at Mythic+ (not going to do competitive raiding on this character) -Fun Which spec would you recommend for someone in my situation?Mithridates2 Jul 8
Jul 8 best stat priority for frost 7.2.5? Hey what is simming best right now for mages PVE? I seen some arcane mages tearing stuff up lately. I just respeced frost........and wondering what the best PVE single target stats priority for frost?Sheatwitch8 Jul 8
Jul 8 Arcane Mage Stat Priority Howdy Fellow Mages, I believe I finally nailed down my rotation and dps. On start up burst with pre-pot around I 1.4 mil and sustaining between 800k-1mil. Can any veteran Arcane Mage take a look at my stats quickly and possibly see some sort of gap between them? I just don't trust the websites that have guides because they all say differently, so I was hoping you could tell me what works for you. Thanks.Cptserious3 Jul 8
Jul 7 Time Lord's Regalia (Raid Finder) Hey guys, I was looking at getting myself the raid finder version of the time lords regalia, it 3 pieces of it drop from raid finder dragon soul, and the others are marked as vendor. I chased down the vendor only to find they do sell the item, in exchange for a token that doesn't seem to drop anymore. If anyone could give me any info on it, it would be appreciated. Cheers RollingRollingnomes3 Jul 7
Jul 7 Frost Mage Artifact Hidden Appearance missed At the beginning of the xpax, while having all the requirements met, I swear a was teleported from the Class Hall to Frostfire with the buff and stuff, but...I actually had no idea what it gives and had only few minutes before raid, so just telepoted back and rushed to EN. And then it occured to me WHAT i missed so idiodically. Sooo...did anyone else have same experience as me? Did you finally get that lucky daily chance again? Or I had the only chance and wasted it? Because so far the frost mage weapon hidden appearance is the most gorgeous one in the game. And it would look sooo good on me!Zójó11 Jul 7
Jul 7 is frost mage the only spec in the game with 0 burst aoe and trash sustained aoe? cant think of any othersRandomroguez23 Jul 7
Jul 7 New T21 Frost Mage Tier Bonuses (Source: "-NEW Item - Mage T21 Frost 2P Bonus - Flurry Damage - Each successive ice bolt of a Flurry deals 0% more damage. --- -NEW Item - Mage T21 Frost 4P Bonus - Brain Freeze Buffs Frostbolt - When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt is increased by 0%." Thoughts and concerns?Ópium9 Jul 7
Jul 7 Is ICEY VEINS off? for 7.2.5 it now lists stats for frost mages 1. intellect 2. haste 3. critical strike 4. vers 5. mastery Is this accurate....? Would explain my dps being 7.2.5. I been padding heavy on crit and haste. Is that still the case?Sheatwitch20 Jul 7
Jul 7 Frost Mage DPS for the 99% of us who suck I've been playing on and off since vanilla, but *really* got back into the game with the release of Legion (with a brief lapse right before 7.2). I've been playing a mage for the last 6 months or so, lured by the promise of insane DPS. Of course, I suck, and I could never get close to those numbers. I'm not in a guild and don't play with friends, so I basically have to learn everything on my own. That said, I've gotten *much* better, but only because I've finally learned most of the stuff that others know either because they spend 16+ hours a day on forums/sim-ing or because they have friends who play or a guild who have told them so. So here is the list of stuff I someone told me when I was starting out as a mage. A lot will probably be obvious to most people, but for the rest of us who generally suck, some of these pieces of information could prove invaluable. Get your artifact knowledge maxed out ASAP. Upon hitting 110, your first priority should be to max artifact knowledge. What no one told me was that, for each level of AK you get, the amount of artifact power received from loot goes up tremendously. Like, hundreds or thousands of percent. Like an idiot, I was grinding AP sitting at about level 7 for AK. Once I discovered this, I made it my sole focus until it was maxed. In 7.2.5, the cooldown after research is only 3 hours (it used to be days in 7.2). So how do you get the order resources necessary to get all that precious AK? You can buy order resources for Blood of Sarregas from a vendor in Dalran I was sitting around near the end of 7.2 with about 17 BoSs and nothing to do with them (so I thought). Once I discovered the vendor existed (just google it, can't remember her name), I was able to get almost all the order resources I needed to max AK from that vendor alone. Pick a build that requires you to keep track of as little as possible during a fight I saw sample talent builds on sites that didn't use Lonely Winter to be able to take advantage of the pet's Water Jet while frostbolting. If you suck like I do, I guarantee the pet will just be one more thing to complicate fights for you and you're better off without it. Remember, when people say "X is better than Y", 99% of the time they're talking about "at the highest levels of gear/talent". If that doesn't apply to you, feel free to disregard. I recently switched to Glacial Spike because i knew a) I wasn't using Icy Veins at 100% efficiency (remember, I suck) b) I would forget what to change in my rotation to prolong IV and c) I had a hard time making sure I used it when it came off cooldown and sometimes would go minutes without using it. So check out my talents and see if they make sense for you. Glacial Spike makes use of a "trick" (that everyone but me knew) that really increases your DPS... The Frostbolt/Flurry/Ice Lance trick and why distance is important It basically goes like this: if you have Brain Freeze up and you're standing at least 15 yards away from a mob (and you should always try to maintain at least that distance) and cast Frostbolt, you can immediately cast Flurry and Ice Lance and, since they travel faster than Frostbolt (and because of various other things like GCD) they'll hit before Frostbolt does. Why is this important? Because it majorly increases the damage of your Frostbolt. This one trick alone made me much less crappy. Also, this should be used for Glacial Spike as well if you hit five icicles and have Brain Freeze. tl;dr Never cast Flurry immediately after a Brain Freeze proc; ALWAYS cast Frostbolt and immediately Flurry/Ice Lance for big damage increases. Manage your cooldowns Something I've always struggled with is knowing when something comes off cooldown and casting it in a timely manner. I would go 30 seconds with both Frozen Orb AND Ebonbolt up and not realize it. All builds and DPS simulations assume you are casting things the second they come off cooldown (aside from the 5% of the time the spell/trinket/whatever is situation specific). You NEED to be able to effectively manage your cooldowns. What finally worked for me was to use the add-on "Tell Me When" and setup a row of comically large spell icons placed where I almost couldn't not see them. By entering setup mode (/tmw) you're given the opportunity to create these by right-clicking the transparent action bar looking thing that appears. I use it for Icy Veins, Frozen Orb, Ebonbolt, and my Potion of Prolonged Power (more on that in a sec). Just choose "Spell Cooldown" as the type, find the spell you want, make sure it's 0% opacity when unavailable and 100% opacity when available. I also added text to the icon (scroll down to the bottom right) to show the keybinding, so for example when Ebonbolt is off cooldown a giant Ebonbolt icon shows up with "S3" in the bottom left corner. Potions, Flasks, Runes, and Food I have some disposable income, so every so often I'll buy a WoW token and sell for gold. That allows me to buy the stuff that everyone else already uses which have a crazy affect on your DPS. Basically, there are four types of buff you can have going into a fight. Three are long-lasting (1 hour): Flasks (Flask of the Whispered Pact) Runes (Defiled Augment Rune) The "Well Fed" buff from food (Suramar Feast in a perfect world, otherwise Azshari Salad) You should go into every boss fight with those buffs up (if you can afford it). Food and Rune buffs don't persist through death, so everytime the raid wipes I re-apply. Yes you go through a ton of this stuff, but I've found that my gold stays about even despite using these in massive quantites due to rando world quest/boss gold drops. The last class of buff is Potions. If you've ever heard/seen someone talking about "pre-potting" and had no idea what they're talking about, it's the following: Potions provide a 1 minute buff but can only be used a single time during one fight. You can cheat the system a bit by using a potion just before a fight will begin (i.e. during pull countdown) and then again during the fight. Potions have a HUGE impact on DPS if you suck (like I do), so always try to have enough to use two per fight. My go-to potion is Potion of Prolonged Power, which others may disagree with, but again, I'm not at the top 1% of gear/talent so as long as it has any positive effect on my DPS and makes me look like less of an a-hole at the end of a fight, it's fine with me. That's all for now. If I think of others, I'll add them here, but this list took me from about 250K DPS despite trying to religiously follow the builds and rotations others posted online to 600-700K DPS without having to think about so much during a fight (which is good, because, again, I suck). Hope this helps someone like me out there!Malloc28 Jul 7
Jul 7 Arcanocyrstal. Talk about it people. I finally got one but alas, it is an 865. Still sims great for me. Just so hard for me to believe and accept that such a low ilvl trinket is best in slot for a lot of classes and specs.Zúko29 Jul 7
Jul 7 Welp. Blizz Overbuffed Arcane Im not a mage so dont get salty, but i just got RAPED on an ARMS WARRIOR by an arcane who kept blinking around town, walking fast, faces past, and im home bound. DUNUNUNUNUNUNu, blizz !@#$ off, DUNUNUNUNUNU, your just jerk offs!!! like my mixtape?Vênatorr10 Jul 7
Jul 7 Frost DPS Help I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to increase my DPS, I feel like I should be doing a lot more. Here is a log from heroic KJ Jul 7
Jul 7 Arcane Blast for Animation Update! I'm so excited about these new animations! Please make Arcane Blast feel like it has intense magical impact! Maybe an instant horizontal beam that gets wider with each charge? Just an idea. Keep up the good work <3Razgorb22 Jul 7
Jul 7 Incoming Potential GS Buff (Source: A new build was brought to PTR just recently. --- Mage Glacial Spike - Conjures a massive spike of ice, and merges your current Icicles into it. It impales your target, dealing [ 1,755% 1,170% of Spell Power, (used to be 1,170%) ] damage plus the damage stored in your Icicles, and freezes the target in place for 4 sec. Damage may interrupt the freeze effect.Ópium2 Jul 7
Jul 7 Champion of Legionfall for Mage Hello just wondering if there is a bug for this quest or something. I have completed this on 2 other classes with NP - but with my Mage here, I accepted it, return to my class hall and nothing is there for me to "Recruit" or no quests at all. I have unlocked my 3rd relic, and went ahead and completed "Three is a lucky number" just to be safe if that was holding me back Now the only quest available for me there is for my Fire Artifact weapon. I'm not really too hyped about getting my class mount, but this is just irritating me lately. Only quest i have in my log is Champions of Legionfall (Recruit) I go and talk to Aethus Sunstrider or w/e his name, and he doesn't do anything I've abandoned, re-accepted this countless times. Still stuck Any info would be great, Thanks, i've tried like everything and searchedSubmerged2 Jul 7
Jul 6 Frost Mage legendaries? So on icy veins it says BiS are the gloves and the time warp ring but I hear other people saying the gloves aren't BiS and the wrists are. If someone could clear this up for me that would be great. Thank you.Thelle2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Arcane 4pc. Better than we thought? Still feels clunky to use sometimes because most of the time you want the 10% for AM or AE. But I've been enjoying the increased Arcane Charge generation. I haven't been able to test it in raids yet, but on the dummy it feels better than I thought. (Perhaps I just want to be optimistic here). Any wiser mages out there that have had a chance to test it more? I know there was a lot of doom and gloom on it before Tomb.Astos14 Jul 6
Jul 6 What will be the best pvp spec 7.2.5 Hello Over the years since vanilla iv been lvling this mage. Haven't main'd a mage since the HWL grind. Im thinking of making the swap to mage for the next upcoming patch. Currently arcane and its great fun But I want to seriously push raiting next season, whats the best inc spec?Nivis6 Jul 6
Jul 6 Arcane T21 Item - Mage T21 Arcane 2P Bonus - Spending Arcane Charge Buffs Damage (New) Each Arcane Charge you spend increases your damage dealt by 0% for 0 sec. Item - Mage T21 Arcane 4P Bonus - Generating Arcane Charge Grants Haste (New) When you generate an Arcane Charge, you have a 0% chance to increase your haste by 0% for 0 sec. Thoughts? I can see some real synergies here but generally I have mixed feelings about this tierMagicgirlguy5 Jul 6
Jul 6 Returning player, regarding new animations. I'm returning to wow as a mage, going to spec in fire and will play mostly pvp. But I recently read about new frost animations, will fire animations also be improved? is fire a no go spec for arenas as always? thanks!Luuiz3 Jul 6
Jul 6 How did that Arcane mage do that? Some weeks ago I dueled an arcane mage, 1x1, where this guy instantly 1-shotted me with arcane missile not once, nor twice, but 3 times. Each time was like Duel! Accept Arcane Missile! dead frost mage. He might have cast 1 instant, but it wasn't an attack, right before smearing my sorry gnome butt across the hills of Orgrimmar, but each time Arcane Missile was the beginning and end of the fight. How did he cast Arcane Missile so fast without any other attacks? Now that I've started fiddling with Arcane, I realized that he must have had some leg or just the right combo of talents that I don't understand yet but it escapes me and my amazo Google abilities. What did he do? They're was actually some significant downtime between each duel and I know that he requested to wait for some CD's (I was very polite about getting a$$ stomped). What did he do to cast Arcane Missile so fast?Tinkerizmo2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Any fire mage beat Agatha without darcklis? All guides ive found have used it for the fight. I'm sure its been done without but I'm not sure what talents to run and when to use lust if you don't have it for imps. I only have belovirs, ignition cloth and sephuz's =/. I usually have to get lucky with imp spawns to make it past 20%. Umbrals, Energy imps and shield all at once usually screws me once boulders start rolling.Talamastian4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Mage heal Why are we the only class in the game without a heal?Dorandis26 Jul 6
Jul 6 are we using splitting ice for ST now? i'm asking this because i'm looking on warcraft logs, and i'm seeing splitting ice being used over frozen touch on single target fights like goroth and maiden. is there a reason for this? i thought maybe those fights were different on mythic and summoned adds but even looking at the normal/heroic logs, splitting ice is still the choice talent.Veriea6 Jul 6
Jul 6 New mage, in tutorial area, but fast learner New to the game, a mage and Im on Wyrmrest Accord. Looking forward to meeting with mew people.Gladiodor0 Jul 6
Jul 6 Fire PvP Does anyone else think we need a slight damage buff?Lunchsack0 Jul 6
Jul 6 Glyph of not holding my staff while casting? Please? I can't stand playing Arcane while my staff is waggling all over the place while I cast.Showmantic5 Jul 6
Jul 6 how much should i be casting blizzard? i'm reading on altered time that i should be using it every time it's off cd on 3+ targets. it also states to prioritize it just above frostbolt as a filler on 2 targets. maybe it's the wording but i'm not sure what that means. am i supposed to use it every time it comes off cd on 2 targets too? also, while i'm here, is it still beneficial to go into frostbolt->brainfreeze->icelance when you proc both fof+bf mid-cast?Veriea6 Jul 6
Jul 6 Arcane rotation? Need some help with arcane rotation if anyone knows it. Currently using kilt and cord of infinity. Clueless on how the rotation goes, but I want to raid and pull high numbers with arcane. Any input is appreciated.Chiodo5 Jul 6
Jul 6 Ebonbolt....(#bringbackdeepfreeze) Anyone find ebonbolt to be one of the most underwhelming artifact abilities (mostly visually). Looks like a purple shard of Icey rock with a shadow theme...shadow and Mage? Tbh I really wish they would've Made glacial spike the artifact talent and put a different 100 talent in, maybe something to help with aoe as apparently frost is terrible with aoe in pve. Then imagine the synergy between comet storm and GS in pvp, actually having a way to garuntee all 7 comets crit after a spike lands would make comet storm also more attractive again. Anyways just my 2c. Oh ya, bring back deep freeze with damage at the end for no more deep>sheep meta...kthxbyeRyodin26 Jul 6
Jul 5 Tier 20 4pc? (Frost) I'm on the road to almost a 4pc set of Tier 20, as Frost. Is it worth in the end if I had to give up 2pc Tier 19 for a while? (Because of what tier pieces are dropping...)Ópium8 Jul 5
Jul 5 Arcane Familiar... Has it been turfed? Has Arcane Familiar been turfed? I took a break for awhile and now I notice I can't use the Arcane Familiar spell anymore.... Anyone know when they turfed it?Bloodember1 Jul 5
Jul 5 I played around with Arcane and... eh. Something about the spec just doesn't sync with me. Now that leaves me with Fire and Frost. Which one?Illuminist3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Gnome race for mages I keep hearing people say gnomes give 5% mana and int. The buffs when I'm on a gnome char don't say that though. Anyone know if Gnomes do have a 5% Int buff, and if they do how does it work? Is it just a 5% base or 5% of your gear? How much would it come out to at 110 if it was just a base 5%?Omgzhi4 Jul 5
Jul 5 Mythlos' Reaction to Arcane Animation Update Jul 5
Jul 5 New frost mage animations/sounds I think they did a good jobNoxygen7 Jul 5
Jul 5 I feel like Archmage could be more rewarding I went through all of Azeroth saving every town I came across, even helped the travelers... and finally I'm getting awarded the title of Archmage. After helping the Kirin Tor, the Archmages of Dalaran; I finally get awarded the awesome power of a mage and become an Archmage... yet as usual theres really no change. The Archmages of Kirin Tor are able to open portals to what appears to be anywhere in the entire game; Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Pandaria, Kalimdor, but it doesn't just stop at Azeroth, no of course not they can go ANYWHERE they want even to Outlands at will because they possess the pinnacle of arcane power. What awesome powers do I, an archmage have? Well, I can make you some biscuits or summon a portal with a very long cast time to a city that you could just hearth to, other than that ... really nothing special. I was thinking... why not just put up a few questlines for mages with no limits? The thing I'd REALLY love to have in game is the ability to teleport / conjure a portal to any zone, that's right. Any zone. Why not? We have flight paths going to anywhere, why not let a mage? (I understand they want it to take a bit longer) Why not allow someone with A LOT of time on their hands to spend that time in your game doing something they want to do? It could go down like this 1) Get exalted with Kirin Tor 2) Be a mage who has completed their class hall and won the favor of the council of six 3) Get a quest from Khadgar to smooth talk some quests out of them 4) read a few of their books to start to understand advanced portals the way they do it, to expand the option of where portals can go to beyond city walls 5) do quests from the council / from Khadgar to go help innkeepers in different zones and once done with that zone you get a teleport to that zone and can purchase the book of portals from the council / Khadgar (or just learn it for free instantly with the teleport, whichever) I would really like to see this be a thing because as of right now, mages are practically useless for transportation. If you need to get to a main city, you just go to Broken Isles Dalaran and take one of the very many portals there. PS: All of this of course after azeroth is saved and is no longer in danger from dragons I mean demons. "Just wanted... a little fun..." -Thistleleaf ThorndancerNystradaia11 Jul 5