Jan 6 from 1.70M DPS TO 1M DURING RAID i dont know whats happening. if i dont get procs and lots of movesments . my dps drops badly. i dont know what im doing wrong with my frost mage. do i really need BiS Legendaries. to sustain my damageDeathbreeze12 Jan 6
Jan 6 Hidden Skin - Missed Opportunity? Hi - I am Frost Mage. Several weeks ago and before I even knew there were hidden skins for artefact weapons, I had entered a portal in my class hall and found myself in Frostfire Ridge. As I thought it was a bug in the game I immediately ported out of the there. I have since come to know that this was the trigger that would have given me my hidden skin, had I understood the significance of where I was. Now after so many weeks of hoping for that trigger to happen again I am wondering if I have blown my chance and if I will ever got the opportunity again. I know that I am triggering the roll that occurs at the bottom of the steps in my class hall, as I have an addon to check that I have gotten the roll. Can someone in the know tell me if there is something I need to/can do do make this trigger again. Thanks.Ravenhawk44 Jan 6
Jan 6 How to get past 900 gear? Almost 4 and half weeks and all ive played is BGs. Nothing above 870 has dropped:( Am I doing something wrong? Is there badges to turn in for gear? Are we forced to do dungeons to keep up now? I'm sitting here 893. I have 19 Concordance of the Legionfall (is that even a lot??).Meatballzz6 Jan 6
Jan 6 Slowfall and Disconnects What gives? Is it just me or has this bug been in the game since vanilla? I do recall running around the Barrens as alliance, trying to Slowfall from one of the hills to flee from some Horde players and getting disconnected as soon as I touched the ground. I'll admit it was worse back then due to needing a light feather reagent to cast the spell, but having it happen in raids and dungeons and questing is really annoying. Example. Get on hill. Cast Slowfall on self. Jump off hill. Allow yourself to reach the ground without casting Blink. About 70% of my attempts immediately disconnect me from WoW. And a good 50% of those when logging back in i'm dead because - why not? I've had it happen by simply just casting Slowfall and jumping down stairs.Soj13 Jan 6
Jan 6 Would like some advice on Increasing DPS I know i have issues with Moving to much. I have little to no Addons aside from DBM. I know my rotation isnt the issue. I start with a prepot usually then EB>IV>Flurry>IL. Forb>(blizzard if two or more)>FOF procs. then i Frost bolt until procs happen and with a BF i Frostbolt>BF>IL and continue the process. I know i IL when i dont have FOF either when im forced to run or im IV and TW because its hard to get a FoF and not accidentally cast a second IL. From what you guys are seeing what is some advice any one could give me to help me out? I use Shard and Mag on Raid Boss, Though ive tried Sephuz on fights like Eonar and High Command to see how they fair. I also know i need to lower my crit which im working on as i get different pieces i come across.Arigozia24 Jan 6
Jan 6 Anyone else miss deep freeze? I do, a lotRaydiki12 Jan 6
Jan 6 Mage Overhaul While my creative juices are flowing All these other classes have gotten stronger, better looking, more epic abilities. Okay, now where are mages? Priest: Halo (Giant !@# ring of light) Warlock: Cataclysm etc, etc. Mages don't feel as powerful or on par with the others, even hunters could use a lot more creative, interesting abilities, such as glaive toss. Fun abilities, abilities that give your class character and helps distinguish themselves. I like the animation updates but at the rate you guys take to do things, who knows how long it'll be and I'm not complaining because I understand you guys have to work on whole expansions and creating new content but the #1 thing I remember about Vanilla wasn't necessarily the zones, although they were fun because they were actually a challenge but it was your abilities, how strong they made you feel and their power. Now we're on a power level way higher and yet we're still casting pyroblast? really? Interesting ideas: Double pyroblast: 2 pyroblasts, either pumps out one after another or 1 with each hand, throwing them at your enemy. Greater meteor (holds hands up in the air and has the motion of literally bringing it out of the sky, i.e hands come down as if you're using magic to direct it. Adjust damage and everything to match. New AoE maybe Phoenix Explosion, like arcane explosion, A single phoenix that flies in a straight line hitting and knocking back whatever is in the way, bursting into flame. Arcane: Black whole, rips open a dimension, twisting nether/black hole that slows and pulls everything to the center, the closer it is to the center the more damage it deals, if it's a common mob (Not dungeon, or raid) once it reaches the center it instantly dies. Frost: Double ice lance, throws one, spins around, throws another. Greater ice lance (not the dumb looking glacial spike lol) but a long trident-like spear. Maybe something fun like a snow ball that gets bigger the longer it travels. Flash Freeze: Freeze the ground over x amount of area, and freeze everything Greater blink : Can blink up to 40 yards (maybe a good idea? Idk) This might be going a little too far, or messing with the fantasy but instead of a snowball (a single target knockback) a miniature ice tsunami, that pushes everything back with a wave of ice. Any more creative ideas? I'll add to this thread if I think of anything.Kalec14 Jan 6
Jan 5 Legion Season6 Elite Mage Gear... What a disappointment. I'd hate to hurt someones' feelings who designed set gear, as i know it takes alot of time and effort; However this is just a recolor of ATBT Heroic. Actually, i dont even think it is a recolor, it's exactly the same minus the shoulders. Anybody seen the mythic mage T21 shoulders ? I'd like to know if they are infact indentical. I mean with this it's basically blizz is saying to mages, yes we know spriest and affli lock are "god tier" casters atm in a heavily melee dominated meta atm, and that's not going to change, so just reroll now. Jan 5
Jan 5 norgannon's foresight... as my first legendary ( sobs ) #feelsbadmanMánshoon11 Jan 5
Jan 5 961 Fire Mage Need Basic Advice | {For PvE} what is an optimal level "low" crit "high" mastery foir running this talent build. for raiding with fire. its sort of glossed over when discussing the firestarter talent Additionally, why does it say to pop combustion before the boss drops below 90% Im currently at >50% crit, 20%~ haste&mastery and around 9-20% vers. I always thought this was o.k. but apparently i believe i may be mistaken.Bloodsqt3 Jan 5
Jan 5 A Classy Outfit problem I was reviewing my achievements, and noticed I haven't received "A Classy Outfit" which strikes me as odd because I have purchased all of my class set pieces. The collections tab even registers that I have the full "Set". And I psychically have all the pieces in my inventory. But the achievement has "-Class Hall Leggings Earned" grayed out. I thought if you haven't earned them, you couldn't buy them from the guy in the class hall. What am I missing here?Kävi7 Jan 5
Jan 4 Frost antorus BiS trinkets? Wondering what the BiS trinkets are. so far i see on altered time that the injector is good but is there any other good trinket or am i assuming that they expect us to use the leggo? i mean idk when i will ever get the leggo and also what to replace my current trinkets with if i don't have anything amazing. yesterday i got the projectile trinket off of garothi but idk if it's even worth using. are there any sims/charts for the trinkets out yet on altered time?Lethidoxi22 Jan 4
Jan 4 Please take a look at my logs and help(Fire) Hello Guys, So I need help finding out what i am doing wrong and i cant completely see it on my logs. My parses are abysmal for fire DPS I now Have 4 piece tier bonuses I have the bindings and the Shard and still i cannot do decent damage For my stats I have been trying to go for the crit build, In game i can reach 60 % Crit along with 25 ish Haste and 23 mastery. I also understand the concept of instant pryo fishing and i execut all of this, but im obviously doing something wrong with becase with my ilvl i should be doingway more i think. Can someone who is good at reading logs take a look? thanks!Vitzi4 Jan 4
Jan 4 Can anyone tell me why the stats on my gear are lower than they should be? Cant post on my mage, so: See my chest, the 930 tier 21. See my equipped 930 trinket. See what they are supposed to be: My stats are ~20-40% reduced.Badird7 Jan 4
Jan 4 Time and Space Causing me to be Bullied This is cancerous, this trait pulls mobs through walls in Mythic+, I spent an entire Lower Karazhan run being bullied by my group because of it. Why won't Blizzard even acknowledge that we exist let alone fix this problem?Failedwizard8 Jan 4
Jan 4 Which is better for Frost? I just received Belo'vir's Final Stand and Soul of the Archmage I know I have way to much Mastery, but it just keeps coming on the gear. Which of those two legendry's should I choose? Thank you :)Uchawii2 Jan 4
Jan 3 Frost - Pantheon trinket? looking at the different sims from the trinket chart it stats the pantheon trinket is better then my decimator trinket overall in dps i believe or maybe it is just ST. i am wondering if this is actually good outside of raiding. it removes a pretty good amount of haste for mastery and exchange for int ontop of the mastery. i did sim it and it said it was a dps loss by a pretty good amount. so i am just wondering if this chart is tanking the pantheon trinkets into account for just the raid or is it overall such as dungeons and other pve content outside of raiding. i would assume not.Lethidoxi8 Jan 3
Jan 3 Frost trinket- injector sims low im reading acid injector is really good if your not at crit cap at around maybe 30%-31% which i am at but when i sim it over the owl which is 915 it sims lower. it is a 930 injector and im using a 930 prototype decimator. checked on the sim charts for the trinkets and it also says both are better then what i was using. i don't understand why it is simming so low though especially since owl only gives mastery. i am using a generic sim as well like no movement and all that. is this trinket only good for long fights compared to short fights such as in dungeons or is it better then owl overall?Lethidoxi7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Glacial Spike or Thermal Void Just a question. Gearing this character up I have been rather unlucky getting almost nothing but mastery, at 64% now. Would it be better to take glacial spike over thermal void?Alesen7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Mage tower challenge for fire. For some reason the quest doesn't show up, the only quest is the frost mage challenge but I am fire. Where / how to pick up the one for fire?Tyrealle5 Jan 3
Jan 3 Questions about Frost My mage dinged 110 yesterday and I had a few questions about the rotation. Ive looked through some good parses and I think I understand well enough to hold my own. But there are some things I dont fully understand. 1) When Brain Freeze and Fingers proc at roughly the same time, do I Lance first or do I Flurry first? Some guides say to Flurry, but it seems to me that its a waste of Fingers as I will Lance after the Flurry/Brain Freeze anyway. Even if I Orb and get a Brain Freeze proc, I can Lance enough to drop all of my Fingers before the Flurry proc drops off. 2) Some guides say to hang on to Fingers (to a stack of 2-3). Is there any reason to, aside from, say, burst windows? See above. 3) If Brain Freeze procs as I am about to cast or have just started casting Ebonbolt, should I cancel the Ebonbolt in order to Flurry/Lance first? 4) On two-target fights, I understand that Blizzard is a dps gain. Does that include the Blizzard cast, or just the instant Blizzard from Orb? 5) Why is 33.33% Crit our 'max'? Why is crit important at all, aside from Frostbolt reducing Icy Veins cooldown? Is it because of the crit dmg multiplier for Lance crits? Are there diminishing returns on that crit damage? Thank you, Mage community. If you think there are any other tips I may have missed, please feel free to drop them on me. I love my Frost Mage so far!Badird5 Jan 3
Jan 3 Most op time ever at pvp/pve Since mages are getting kicked in the butt at pvp by melees right now, I started to think about the golden times for mages few expansions ago where caster used to dominate all the content. So now Tell me in your opinion what expansion has been the best times for mage at both pvp and pve?Oswill5 Jan 3
Jan 3 arcane vs fire Ive been playing arcane and like it alot. My problem with it is arcane missile procs, seems i have a bunch when I dont need and none when i do. Its frustrating me. Is Ive tinkered with frost and just find it kind of boring. I leveled as fire and remember it being ok. It kinda seemed like once I was out of phoenix flames my damage went down and I couldnt keep my streaks up. Its been a while though. I mostly do mythic+ type content, but may do some normal raid runs with the guild after I get monk sets completed. Would fire offer any benefit over arcane? tl;dr when things line up on arcane, damage is great. not being able to control things lining up is making it a drag. Is fire better?Critikills5 Jan 3
Jan 3 Most op time ever at pvp/pve Since mages are getting kicked in the butt at pvp by melees right now, I started to think about the golden times for mages few expansions ago where caster used to dominate all the content. So now Tell me in your opinion what expansion has been the best times for mage at both pvp and pve?Oswill1 Jan 3
Jan 3 Forced to pve to get better gear? Is that why they did away with Honor points/badges? Ive been stuck at 890 for few weeks now, havnt gotten anything higher. Do I have to PVE to get better gear?Meatballzz12 Jan 3
Jan 2 Finally downed heroic argus. Pretty amazing battle. I did 1.5 million dps for the first 3 phases but dipped down to 1 million phase 4 due to saving CDs for orbs. I know I was not near perfect play for last phase but I did pretty good for the first 3. I recently switched from Glacial Spike to Thermal Void and I feel like its paying off with how much movement is involved in this raid. I really don't know why I made this topic really.Arigozia10 Jan 2
Jan 2 Best Alliance race for frost PVE? As the subject states, I'm curious to know which Alliance race is best for frost PVE. I thought it was human because of the Human Spirit racial, but I've been hearing otherwise from various sources. Some argue Dwarf with +crit racial, some gnomes for the +mana while others say NE for the +haste granted during the night, which is when I would want to raid. Any definite for sure on which race pulls ahead by even the slightest amount would be appreciated.Poredhead3 Jan 2
Jan 2 Arcane Gearing So what's the general consensus for stats and gearing atm for Arcane? And don't say "sim it", that's the lazy man's answer, I'm looking for the general consensus, not the individual.Failedwizard22 Jan 2
Jan 1 Help with Fire mage dps Hi all, first time posting here. I need some help improving my overall dps. Ran through most of heroic Antorus last night and I found myself slipping below 1m dps very frequently and I'm not entirely sure why. I've recently started raiding so I don't have any tier from ToS or Antorus. I've tried to gear as best as I can and I've been doing a bunch of LFR and M+ to try and get my opening / rotation down pat. If any experienced mages could give me some advice on how to improve or just give some good criticism on what I should be doing better I'd really appreciate it! Here are the logs from last night's run. We stopped on Aggramar after wiping a few times.òzin2 Jan 1
Jan 1 Wow...Warrior absorb 1,455k, seriously? My shield absorbs 212k. Complete balance.Meatballzz6 Jan 1
Jan 1 Bad Luck Prot on Frostbolt like Fireball? It would be nice to have it where brain freeze is guaranteed after a certain number of frostbolts like fireball increases crit chance with each cast. So as to prevent situations where you're sitting there casting 20 frostbolts in a row. While we're at it maybe we could change the Mastery on Ebonchill to Versatility.Heapsofsheep10 Jan 1
Jan 1 Why can't Frost Mages... Make ice-cream?Ópium8 Jan 1
Dec 31 frost gearing for raids atm im sitting 948-950 on ilvl gear but as i look at ask mr. robot and icy veins they r sooo a part on which gear is best to use for raids and enchants gems. stuck between which to go to. im not bad in raids just want to improve but i cant find which website that has the right info.. if i got to icy veins on which gear, gems, and enchants vs ask mr. robot. were talking about a lot of gold to switch over too. soo lost on which is the bis items this raid and best way to do stats.Deadlybolts15 Dec 31
Dec 31 Marquee Bindings of the Sun King Ever since Legion stated, it was only a dream to acquire these legendary bracers. From the start, they were incredibly broken, everyone gazed upon these and knew they would become 99 parsers as soon as the wow rng gods blessed them with this amazing loot. But, not so many were lucky, inlcuding myself. I started off by getting the fire belt, and then blink chest. Keep in mind, belt was really bad at the start of the expansion so it wasn't a very good start for me. After that I finally got a decent legendary which was DB helmet. Belt got buffed soon after so I actually had a DECENT setup, but obviously nothing compared to the pyro bracers. Emerald Nightmare and ToV both ended and I realized I could no longer play fire very competitely without pyro bracers so I was forced to go frost because it was better even without good legendaries. I actually ended up getting my two BiS legendaries for frost, Bracers and Lust ring. I swapped my loot spec soon after getting those legendaries, back to fire. I had something like 10 or so fire legendaries left to acqurie, obviously pyro bracers being one of them. Weeks, months went by. What started as a dream soon turned into a nightmare. Legendary after legendary, no pyro bracers. 7 left, get KJ trinket 6 left, get combustion gloves 5 left, get class ring 4 left, get meteor shoulders 3 left, get prydaz 2 left... I thought my luck might finally change. After over a year of waiting, dreaming of getting my Marquee Bindings of the Sun King, I ventured out today to do all my invasion points on argus and all of my daily world quest boxes that I had saved up. I knew my legendary bad luck protection was soon to proc. And I was right. 2 left, get sephuz.. 1 legendary left, a legendary that you must have or the spec is completely unplayable at a high level, a level you can contend with others playing the spec. A legendary that has driven me completely insane over the last year, and I still don't have it. I absolutely hate the legendary system. I hate it. I hate it. Where are my !@#$ing pyro bracers.Annartsa62 Dec 31
Dec 31 T21 sims lower than T20 for fire mages I just got the T21 4set and when I simmed them they are actually a 5% dps loss compared to my T20 set even though the T21 set obtained is 15 ilevels higher than my T20 across. Is this really intended? What's the point of a new set when they sim lower than the previous tier set even with much higher primary stats? Using the kindling talent is also a dps loss compared to meteor with T21 equipped. Same with Rop. Some people said that you need 2-3 combustion relics to make it work. I do not have combustion relics to test them out but if so, I find it silly that a tier set should rely on one very specific relic type to work. The T21 combustion bonus will remain pretty useless if not buffed drastically.Bigdaddymoo109 Dec 31
Dec 31 DPS Low, Need Help, Please For my current ilvl it seems my dps is not up to par. Can someone please assist? It's much appreciated! I tried icyveins for specs, but am I missing something?Blackthornn5 Dec 31
Dec 30 Frost Pet Passive/Defensive Macro Instead of binding directly in Keybindings/Action Bar/Pet Bindings i was thinking i'd like to just use a passive then defensive (in one keypress) to get it to catch up to me. Sometimes it gets "lost" and stays put and therefore isn't in range when / where i need it to be. So a prompt would be nice to get it to stay nearby me yet still attack my target. Am i overthinking this, should i just have /pet attacktarget macrod into every spell? Or maybe a simpler method if anyone has pet management finesse.Bloodsqt1 Dec 30
Dec 30 How accurate is Warcraft logs? Trying to decide which mage spec to play I want to play arcane but have heard its bad all expansion... But according to Warcraft logs its top mage spec? Was wondering how accurate it is?Heshlon7 Dec 30
Dec 30 Frost at the moment is a killing machine Heh, inssert dk rib. It is so much faster paced than fire, its like realistically 3:1 or 4:1 how much faster it feels to play, always rotating cds feels like you aren't just waiting to be a threat during your comet storm window, you are still very deadly and if in rbg a unstoppable slowing turrent of frozen misery to all who oppose you.Bloodsqt1 Dec 30
Dec 29 Just came back, mage feels really dumbed down I always used to play elemental mage back in the day. Just came back a couple days ago. Where is my CoC? Where is my arcane Aoe? Where is ice lance? Where is my blast wave knock-back? Where is my frost nova shatter procs? where TF is my evocation??? I'm level 80 (level this char was at when I quit), have almost my entire spellbook filled out...only a couple more things to get before 110....and it feel so empty. Like a shadow of what mages used to be. I have like 10ish spells to really use? wtf did they do to this game?Ishmale40 Dec 29
Dec 29 Got my 4 peice time for rune of power? As the title says I just got my t21 4 peice set and was wonder I g pyrotex gloves and rune of power was tje ideal set up. Thanks in advnce.Babonim11 Dec 29
Dec 29 RNG turned around Switched to frost at the end of EN and finally got the frost bracers legendary!!!! With my RNG luck it took me that long to get all others b4 getting the bracers as the last legendary. Almost brought tears to me and stress lifted off my shoulders. It's such a huge legendary to have as frost. Think about it since EN raided every week though raids normal's and heroics, mythic plus, all the daily world quests, all other ways to get legendary's to drop. I was giving up on this. Bad RNG players with me this is a blessing.Deadlybolts1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Fire mage help Hey guys confused on the stat priority for fire mages should i be stacking haste or crit or after what percentage crit should i be stacking haste? And yes I know i dont have the leggo bracers they have been a pain to get probably going to be my last leggo.Konoyaro6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Cone of Cold Either buff it or get rid of it entirely, it's a spell I use only because I feel bad for it's complete uselessness.Elixxr27 Dec 29
Dec 29 2pc t19 with 4pc t21? Do you think if you got some good titangorged mythic tier 19 would it be worth it to combine it with tier 21 four piece for the extra brains freeze proc chance?Arigozia1 Dec 29
Dec 29 Returning to my Mage Good Day, I have decided after playing around with almost every other class in the game that I will be returning to my mage to play full time as my main. After looking at the different specializations I have decided to go with the Arcane Mage specialization. I think it provides a very nice mode of play that is relaxed and exciting. For those of you who play an Arcane Mage: do you have any tips or suggestions for the current patch version of World of Warcraft? Regards, ~The MagicianMagician6 Dec 29
Dec 29 Mages in BfA What class changes would you like to see in BfA? Frost mage (this is the spec I play the most, therefore the spec where I am most knowledgeable): I would like to have my pet back. I also want to cone of cold to leave a patch of ice on the ground after its use. Ice nova, comet storm, and ebonbolt or glacial spike should also become baseline. A rotation based off of RNG is not fun, period. Make OG frost bomb baseline. I see no downside for this for PvE as it'll do more damage than our frost bolt (lul), and it'll be perfect for PvP. Frost mage in PvP is all about burst. OG frost bomb offers more burst, but has counter play since it is casted and the player affected can just stand on his healer to break sheeps. Deep that doesnt break on damage. Make blazing speed baseline. Change shimmer to just reduce the cd of blink. Revert temporal shield to being able to pop it when the player wants again. I'd want temporal shield to PvE but I feel like it'll be op lol. Make being able to drop orb where you want baseline (QOL buff imo). Make Frostbite baseline. Make pvp trinket baseline for all classes and change first 2 rows of honor talents. Rework T5 and T6 of honor talents. Make ring of frost baseline. Fire mages (not too experienced here): Bring back old flame on. Meteor baseline. Blazing speed baseline but no deep. Same shimmer and temp shield rework. Tinder baseline. Arcane: Blazing speed, shimmer, temp shield reverts/reworks. Smaller range on displacement. Deep that doesnt break on damage. This specs rotation is so boring, I feel like it needs more spells but idk what. BUT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GIVE THIS SPEC ALTER TIME. THAT CLASS FANTASY THO. It's pretty obvious that I mostly play arcane. Comment on what changes you would like to see, whether its a QOL change, a buff, or spells that they should unprune!Namjoo44 Dec 29
Dec 28 Arcane Mage or Shadow Priest? So I've played a DH and a WW monk this expansion, but now I've decided to get a little bit serious about raiding an I want to accomplish that with a ranged dps class. I have both a mage and a priest at lvl 105, I play arcane and shadow only, and find them both equally fun. Sadly, I have to focuss on one of them. Wich one would you say has an easier time finding a group? Are they both equally good? (don't really care about numbers, as long as the class isn't bottom tier i'ts good enough, as I'm not gonna do mythics any day soon). PD: I'm also interested on doing some pvp, but on a more casual level.Rogu9 Dec 28
Dec 28 When is Blizzard going to Fix Blink? I don't understand why they have never taken the time to fix this spell. Since the beginning Blink has always not work when you have a slight change in elevation or if something so much as a branch/pebble is in your path it doesn't work. I feel like the spell should be refunded if player did not travel over 10 yards or so or something of that nature. This is specially terrible in PVP as well. We have one tool to quickly get away from a player and if it messes up you're dead. I don't recall seeing the warriors heroic leap not work correctly that often or see rogues sprint not actually work or a monks ability to roll(or what ever they do) or a hunters disengage or a DH's vengeful retreat not work either. So why is it OK for a Mage's Blink to not work when pretty much every others escape or mobile ability works fine? Another thing is why are mages the only class that when they get silenced they are useless? if I am not mistaken every other class have abilities to use outside of their main skill tree. If i get frost locked i just have to sit there and die or hope my blink actually works and i then die any ways because said class has 4 to 5 ways to get to me after i blinked if my blink actually worked. I have played several other classes in PVP and so far mages are by far the hardest to be effective with specially if we get targeted before others. Where is my ability to disarm a melee class so they just have to sit there and do nothing for 5 plus seconds waiting for the timer to be done so they can damage again. Imagine how much different PVP would be if Casters could Disarm melee classes and just force them to sit there unable to attack for 5 or so seconds. I bet you in a heartbeat Blizzard would do something about it to "correct" the issues.Arigozia21 Dec 28
Dec 27 Just got Pyro gloves for fire.. So I just landed my first leggo and it was the gloves and have questions on the roation. My only other leggo is the crafted shoulders. What I've been doing is using PF sparingly/banking so after combustion I have the 3 stacks to leverage the power of the gloves. I am not sure if this the correct method that yields the best DPS. Since I selected Firestarter as my level 15 talen my rotation consists of pre-cast pyro during 3 of the countdown, and then go into the normal rotation of fireball and if heating up FB > insta pyro. Until the boss gets around 91 percent or if my current cast will finish with the boss less than 90%. Then I pop my combustion and beging scorch, if heating up FB > insta pyro chaining. Once combustion wears off I start weaving in PF to help generate hotstreaks. Is this the correct method? :) thanks!!!Tyrealle3 Dec 27