Mar 9, 2013 How do you handle Rogues? I was doing the dailies in the Isle of Thunder when a Rogue attacked me, I saw my health drop quite fast and since I was in my PVE gear I was a free HK for him. I switched to my PVP set and damn!! He attacked me again, gained some distance and I noticed he used a Smoke bomb and started spamming Shuriken Toss. I don't know how that ability works but he dpsed me for at least 120k in a few seconds. Since when did Rogues become range DPS? If I'm close to the Rogue I'm screwed, now if I gain distance I'm also screwed. Any advice you can share? Or should I just run the hell away every time I see a Rogue? Thank you.Nicolay22 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 The nerf to mages is LUDICROUS It's so bad i've had two different guilds approach me in the span of an hour asking if i'd like to jump ship and join their 10m team. Not because of my merits, but because they've had to drop their mages. They simply can't manage the numbers needed, and nor can I. I've gone down from about 100k + single target to a disgraceful 70k+. Many people argue that Blizzard has always had a proclivity for mages, while I would say this is true in PvP, I absolutely wouldn't extend this to PvE. We've historically been extremely good at damage, but I can only surmise this patch has brought my DPS down by about 20-30% which leaves us with what? What incentive is there to bring along a middle of the pack caster with nearly zero mobility and zero augments to the raid group? (Arcane Brilliance doesn't count). So yeah, thanks Blizzard for castrating my main. I don't fancy rerolling all the way to an ilvl of 498 again, that's madness especially seeing how unfriendly MoP is to alts. Edit: this is purely in regards to PvE, I don't dabble in PvP and certainly don't profess to know anything about it. My mage (because I can't post on my other account): Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Frost mage gems Which is better for a mage, 80 int or 160 critical strike? What should i be stacking for pvp?Tinsletown1 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Time to learn my buddy's class Hello Mages! I'm Genobee, or in this case, Genobette. This is pretty much just going to be an experiment to help my friend whom I pvp with a lot learn some macros(he's so stubborn to make some, so I'm gonna figure it out for him lol) and just learn the Mage class in's and outs. I main a lock and he mains a mage. We've agreed upon leveling each other's main classes to learn how we can better ourselves and help one another. Pretty much I'm tired of us going, "Use that down...thing... What do you mean its not up!?" So my questions for you are; What are some decent/needed macros? Any tips/tricks that I should learn or practice? Any bad habits I should not get into? And for clarification I will be going Frost for PvP at 90 (I know shocking! But since he plays Frost I gotta learn his stuff lol). Arcane atm for this level in low bgs is just too fun though hehe. ~Thanks for reading my wall of text if you bothered! GenobeeGenobette5 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Ignite Question The tooltip for Ignite seems to state that if an Ignite already exists on the target when a new one is being applied, the effect will stack on top of the old one..however, I'm noticing quite often my Ignite numbers jumping wildly between 5k and 20k, even when I never see the DoT actually fall off my target. Is it a bug, or perhaps some form of latency issue? Or am I just interpreting the effect wrong?Ashmin4 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Frost mage issues Is any one else having issues with the Frost mages pet spell Freeze. It is not procing Fingers of Frost in raids although it seems to work fine while doing dailies and target dummies. I have looked for more info on this but so far nothing use full any input appreciated.Danight3 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Invocation + Glyph = Worthless Glyph? :( Evocation, oh how you have fallen. Remember when it casted and granted 60% health? That was sweet. Now, pick invo, and the heal is a pathetic 10%. At over 400,000 health, that amounts to a 40k heal . . . It's so small that I need to stare at my health bar to verify it actually did something! I'm now inclined that there's just no point of having the evo glyph if you will be using invo. Glyph of armors seems to be a better choice as fire for the increased physical damage reduction. What are other people thoughts about this?Rentrenus32 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Cant protect our buffs now? Slow fall changed So Slow Fall is not dispellable now and Incanters ward is which means that we cant cover Alter Time or Incanters ward buff with slow fall now.. Why did they change Slow Fall to not be dispellable? This is frusterating.Frostjock5 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 9, 2013 Ring of Frost or Frostjaw? Due to the 2 second wait for an instant PoM Ring of Frost, I'm not sure if it's viable anymore. Would Frostjaw be better for the silence?Demetric6 Mar 9, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Frostfire bolt untouched? Well, frostbolt got buffed by 32%. Why doesn't frostfire bolt get buffed? Frostfire bolt was always stronger than the frostbolt, and if blizzard decided not to touch it due to it being instant then their wrong. Frostfire bolt isn't really instant, because you have to apply the frost bomb for it to activate. I think they should buff it, what do you guys think?Zeus5 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Just hit 90 ..... Yaaaaay So I was wondering what I should be reforging other then hit cap. I thought crit but I see some a few going haste. Not mastery I guess. PVP players so I guess I gem Int resil/pvp power? Thanks in advance you legend mages you ....Skyfire2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 When all you have is a hammer... ...then every problem looks like a nail. No subtlety, no finesse. This is the tool our wow doctors use for the changes we have undergone these past 2 patch's. (and 1 "HotFix" in particular) I see a few days worth of data that point towards certain doom most things considered. Some would say "It's only 2 days." Not enough time or data to make a hasty decision... ... I forget, how many days after 5.1 was this Hotfix? No, we don't want to swing an axe without more than a few days worth of information. What about the PTR you say? Don't be absurd, it's practically useless for soundly testing things well ahead of "Live" release. Can you smell the hyp·o·crite? No? Hmm, ok then let's try again. ... Is Burn to 20% and Evoc back to full repeatedly our viable option as arcane right now? It is! Wow! Now for the meat Living Bomb. You took our optimal 3-5 target bomb away without so much as a whoopsi daisy. From who? From the 2 specs least gear dependent atm. So now with so many multi-target fights I can NT so often you could call it unlimited mobility. Unless I want to use Frost Bomb and with the new Haste builds being optimal, I can do it every 7 Seconds! So fun either way. Love my OPTIONS for (most) multi-target fights. Pvp related? Possibly. Icy Floes changed to be a smidge better but stacked against other classes and the (seemingly) increased mobility this raid, it is still found wanting. Let's do a quick check. Say raid is 6 mins, IF can be used max 8 times. Max 2 spells per. Max spell time say 1.8 sec to be super nice. So 8x2=16 - 16x1.8=28.8 secs of mobility in 360 secs of fighting. Is that 10.37% ? Then there is the fact that that's based off max usage and not incidental use which is proper. Probably cut that number in half. I'm sorry, was I supposed to thank you for the 15 sec reduction? I totally forgot. Def Pvp again... Pyroblast pre-nerf against gear 1 patch away against the top 5-10% of player base.. Check! Although I admit not nearly so bad as having a spec obliterated and then summarily ignored as Fire was in 5.1. We were already well in line so no big shock this time I guess. Not like they will ever actually fix the fundamental scaling problem, just use the hammer. Fire Blast, excuse me I mean Inferno Blast now spreads to 1 target. Living Bomb still good for 3. Yeah, sure, ok? Guessing this has to do with the fact that such a high % of fights are extended multi-target fights. So to balance the specs overall AoE efficacy across the new raid you've reduced it's AoE targets from 3 to2. A 33% reduction? I'm sure there are 8 ppl out there ready with math on how it's wrong. Just seems wrong. Playing it will certainly "feel" wrong. RoP Reduced to 75%? Well when someone starts using it after whatever "hammer-fix" you come up with, then you can look again and see if your blind guess was accurate. On a side note however, I did and do think that RoP should be instant cast and cost at most a GCD. This one seems obvious to me if you want to alleviate the "Stone Shoe" effect at all. Flameglow Awesome! A new talent that is completely useless. I'd be pissed if I even had to do the icon artwork seeing as it's for nothing. Should have just left us with 2 tier 30's. Maybe when it gets balanced for MoP instead of Cata then it'll be good then. Oops Pvp again? Just an idea / Wishlist. Make Arcane Missles cost a Charge. Barrage costs 2. Increase stacks to 5 @ 30/35% and adjust dmg all around. Too much? Don't worry, you have already flopped twice on stacks in 5 months so you can't really make yourselves look worse. We don't care as long as it works better than now. AM are castable while moving. (yes the 23,918th time posted) Given the proc rate it will not solve Arcane's mobility but more to add to Icy Floes. IDC about PVP. It's not my fault you don't have a different set of parameters for PVP, you should have hired the kids from MIT the first time around and you would not be in this mess. The About me section no one cares about Started late Wrath. Pressed 3 , (AB) repeatedly and had no cement feet. Found raid easy. So green. Cata 1st 3 raids & FL I was relegated to "B" team due to time. Still arcane though. Light green but still 1D. "A" team throughout DS (as DPriest?! Fun change!) Grew overall but Mage relegated to "B" team again. Still and always Arcane but never the gear to go Fire really. MoP...Fire is fun? Heating Up?! Bam said the lady. Improved greatly as a "Fire" mage. 5.1. My life is over. This gear is all wrong. Floated Frost for 4-8 weeks moving towards Arcane in the end. (Charts do not lie.) Ended up Arcane. Learning curves 3 times since MoP start has been amazing for my overall Mage-y-ness but hard on the heart. And the wallet. And the Training Dummy. Was raiding "A" team by Nordrassil standards. Went 7/16 before STUFF, then a Xfer off a dead server. New server, with a much better and bigger player base. And now I'm weak. Awesome. The few logs I have since 5.2 I post in humility. I know there is a laundry list of things I can do better but please bare in mind I'm not Mister top 100... or 500 even. The combination of a new raid, the all new 5.2 mage, the fact that my learning curve is STEEP! ( I pussyfoot for a few pulls paying more attention to visuals and then ramp up pull over pull) and that I am posting kills where, (especially the 1st kill) something ALWAYS goes wrong. Jin Rok Critical Error @ 1%. Next 2 are simply horrifying rotation fubars sometwhere during the pull. My best ain't amazing and these are not my best. Alot of trial and error with bombs too. Seeing as I only have 2 outside fire. I went insane on Horridon as Arcane and went Frost. This last one has no kill sadly I admit that while we (Magi) have been casualties of Blizzards "Smart like Truck!" changes, we are only the latest. I know many specs and classes have had outrages visited upon them great and small over time and recently. I know I'm only here now because now it's the mage. Learning about war and hearing about war is one thing. Having a bomb take our your Grandma and her last precious batch of blueberry muffins is another. Now it's personal. In closing and ranting Overall I believe Blizzard provides an amazing product. Nothing to compare. Yet. We become less each year but we are still millions. We pay you the equivalent of 3 new/xpac purchases a year (4 on release years) We invest time and energy into this game (or hobby as it could rightly be called) and those of us who invest the most are the ones playing the current content. It would seem like you have the responsibility as a business to maintain your product better. It should be that as a business you treat your customers better instead of these repeated inequalities and band-aids solutions. And let's nevermind about the nickle and diming over paid character services. I'm sure my Faction and Realm Xfer was really worth 65$ in energy consumed and wages paid. FOR AN AUTOMATED SERVICE. You might as well tell me to Truck myself. Excuse me, ourselves. All X million of us. /GOLFCLAP (Sorry for going to 11 but BS fees bother me. Banks are bad enough.) I know there are people at Blizz that care, however I'm sure they are not the ones with the yachts. 10 more levels to mitigate population reduction and milk the cow while they develop the next "Wow" (at this point and also bearing in mind D3's "Innovations", I'm not anxious.) If any of this long-arsed post resonates with anyone please "Like"Akiema1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Fire mage.. And a shadow priest 2's arena, will this comp work or will it be very frustrating?Hottnfrosty2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 WE WANT OUR BOMB CLEAVE BACK! This is total BS I say we all demand Blizz fix this slap in the face to all fire mages.Skorcher1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Mages and Mobility ... (Assume that he meant to say "tier 1 talents") During PTR testing, Ghostcrawler expressed his opinion of how Mages should play PvE content. We should move in quick bursts and then remain stationary until we need to move again. We would use our level 15 tier talents to assist us in these small bursts of movement, as well as Blink. Aside: The usage of "such as" implies that we have other options aside from instant casts, Blink, and talents. Maybe he was referring to Glyph of Invisibility...? Does anyone even use that? Just as a frame of reference, 1 GCD at 100% movement speed is enough time to move about 10 yards. If you factor in lag and spell queuing, it's a bit less. Presence of Mind gives us 1 GCD of 100% speed movement every minute and a half and is essentially used in fights with basically no movement. Blazing Speed gives us 1 GCD of 150% speed movement every 25 seconds which turns out to basically be an extra Blink if you move perfectly straight. Ice Floes gives us 2 full cast times of 100% speed movement every 45 seconds and it's length is dependent on what you cast. We have tools in our talents, as he said. He also said that we have instant casts, which give us the same amount of movement as using PoM (1 GCD at 100% speed). The more frequent these instant casts can be used, the more reliably we can move. All of the specs have the option of using an instant-cast mage bomb (Nether Tempest or Living Bomb), which also gives is 1 GCD of 100% speed movement. Then, each spec has the following: Fire has Inferno Blast and Hot Streak in its optimal DPS rotation. We get a crit, we use Inferno Blast followed by a Hot Streak proc. This can be done at a maximum of every 8 seconds (the cooldown of Inferno Blast) and gives us 2 GCDs of 100% speed movement. Other Hot Streaks without the use of Inferno Blast give us 1 GCD of movement. Frost has Fingers of Frost, Brain Freeze, and Frozen Orb in it's optimal DPS rotation. Frozen Orb can provide a lot of Fingers of Frost procs, giving Frost Mages a lot of instant casts every minute (the cooldown of Frozen Orb) for 10 seconds and up to 2 GCDs afterwards. Aside from that, Fingers of Frost procs are fairly rare (15% chance per Frostbolt cast) and they can no longer gain procs from their pet's Freeze. Brain Freeze procs, IIRC, were meant to average out to same amount from every mage bomb as you get from Frost bomb, meaning approximately 1 proc per 10 seconds (less time with more haste). Arcane has Arcane Barrage in it's optimal DPS rotation. And... uh... that's it. You get 1 GCD of 100% speed movement whenever you are willing to clear your Arcane Charge stacks. As you can see, Frost has the most instant-cast mobility, Fire in second, and Arcane abysmally last. Fire has the ability to improve it's instant-cast mobility as it's gear improves because it gets more crit rating. Arcane, one the other hand, loses mobility as it's gear improves as it gets more haste rating, causing it to clear stacks less often. Frost will see slightly more procs with more haste, but we all know how badly Frost suffers with scaling and issues with the GCD cap. As per Ghostcrawler's words, Mages are supposed to plan their movement ahead of time. Some classes, like Hunters, are able to make reactive movements without losing DPS. Mages are meant to make proactive movements and any other kind of movement is probably going to be a DPS loss unless the Mage was fortunate enough to get an instant cast proc at the time that he was required to move. So, basically, Mages are meant to study the encounters in more depth than other classes would need to in order to get similar results. With the current tier being very unfriendly to immobility, this put Mages in a weird spot. Arcane is far too immobile to be played competitively, Frost is very mobile, but lacks the DPS output of Fire at high gear levels, and Fire is (as always) RNG dependent and has a tough time building Combustions by taking any talent other than Presence of Mind in the first tier. And Ghostcrawler continues to say "Mages are in a good place right now." And I believe that he believes it. The only problem is that Blizzard seems to define Mages as a class that is meant to be harder to play than other classes. Every step of the nerfs (and there have been many) has been in the interest, not of increasing the skill cap of Mages (aside from the Counterspell change in PvP), but of increasing the skill requirement of Mages. And this is a constant trend. With this current tier of raid content, the skill requirement is higher than ever. Blizzard maintains that our DPS will still be able to remain competitive, but the requirements of doing so are much more skill-based than before. Moving while making instant casts is, for lack of a better word, awkward, especially depending on which keys you have these spells bound to. And 1 GCD is about enough time to move less than 10 yards. And with Ghostcrawler's expressed sentiment that we shouldn't even been using Scorch, that leaves us with only instants and the level 15 tier talents. ...Koviko0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Any pvp fire mages using frost bomb? Been a while since i've played my mage. Wanting to get back into fire and start up the season. I've been toying around and was finding frost bomb quite useful for fire. Any other using it, and how is it working for you? I like adding to the burst. If I deep freeze a target that I just put frost bomb on and put a few good hits and combust seems higher intial burst and still does more over all damage single target over living bomb. And having the Aoe slow is nice too.Lawlessmage1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Tip vs Melee Hi guys. During last two patches, I find myself defenseless against melee classes. Yes, I can get the opener if I am lucky, but for example warriors - they have numerous abilities to get in range. I can hardly cast cast-time spells, only after Dragon's breath every 20 seconds. They just remove frost nova and they are on me. Even if I reduce them to below 35% hp gradually, it's impossible to keep up enough steady dps while he is crushing and interrupting me. Or should I respec to Frost, so I can passively slow them and spam ice lance? This is what I recently see from Frost mages in BG-s anyway...Otherguylb9 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 PvP question. A friend of mine was helping me learn to be a better PvP player. One of the things that he had shown me was when a druid had poped to tree form and I was trying to take them down, he had me wait for, I thought, regrowth. Then cast spell steel. Supposedly the druid was not supposed to be able to cast it again for a time. I was then able to take out the druid. I have not been able to recreate this in BGs. I'm not sure if I misunderstood something, or remember wrong, or maybe I'm just having horrible luck with my timing. Could someone please advise or straighten me out on this? Much thanks.Drawmij6 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Site What is the best website to get new spec builds for frost pve for 5.2, I checked Noxxic but they have it the same as the Arcane build this cant be right??Trémere0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Blazing Speed <3 I know we're in a bad spot right now PVE-wise, but who else has fallen in love with Blazing Speed? This + Blink is just an absolutely awesome combo.Napwneon2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Frost tips So I just respeced to frost as fire got nerfed. I died against a paladin in 20 seconds(with 10 second ice block) when I could well survive around 60 seconds with fire spec. And even could do more damage. I spammed 4 frostbolts, he came close, I freezed him which he removed. Then my hp went down to 50% instantly... Then warlock came and helped me, but he just bubbled and killed me. He even waited for my iceblock to remove and dps-ed me easily. I guess I will have to reroll, or just stick with fire... But fire is bad vs melee anyway... Any tips how to play a frost mage?Otherguylb3 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 5.2 Frost PvP is nice. I'd like to hear what other mage's experience with 5.2 Frost thusfar has been. The buff to frostbolt is noticeable, and when I run a frost bomb spec, I can put out some good pressure in between deeps with a bomb -> FB -> FB -> Freeze -> Lance combo. I managed to get that to do a good 600k on a target dummy, and it can severely hurt enemies who are dumb enough to let you cast on them. Follow it up with a Deep/Orb FB Lance Lance, and its game over for any healer without a major CD. Having a traditional Shatter combo actually be a worthwhile source of damage is fun. Not having to run PoM/RoF is actually sort of a breath of fresh air. Ice ward is a convenient addition and so it FrostJaw for silenceing and another ranged freeze. blazing speed is fun and I also feel really tanky running Flameglow and Glyph of Amor with Molten armor. Its quite a lot of passive damage reduction, something mages have never really had before. Maybe its my imagination, but I do feel like other classes got buffed more than we did and I don't quite feel as dominant as I used to feel, but the playstyle is more fun. So what do you guys think?Exclesior2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 (PvP) PoM Ring nerf, opinions? Blazing speed? PoM rings used to be one of the great utilities for mages in pvp (arenas and rbgs) but now it pretty much useless. The time it takes for the ring to go into affect is way too long, and might as well just be casted. I was wondering if other mages (frost mainly) are going to swap PoM for blazing speed for RBG or Arena purposes.Highest1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Hey Blizz! How to fix mages... What're your thoughts? I'd like them to return arcane to the way it was but make scorch only usable by fire spec and if that's not enough add in 5% base dmg cut to AB. 6 stacks was actually more of a challenge than 4 and give me back decent self-healing with invocation so we can bring some survivability/break for our healers. What's even the point of 10%? You take more than that in the time it takes to cast.Portal0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Blizzard you Sleeping??? Please whomever it concern wake up and listen to what the community has to say.... You can't go bloody change everything like this. Customer should be your first priority while running a business and here you think your bloody developers are your priority... (looks like it). I am not someone who can say i am the best arcane mage player in the world but all i know i can play that class and spec well enough. PLEASE LISTEN AND DO THE NEEDFUL. Request: Sorry for caps CAN WE BLOODY STOP OTHER STUPID CLASSES TO COME AND BARK ON THE MAGE FORUM. IF THEY STILL FEEL THEY WANT TO LET THEM POST WITH THEIR MAGE TOON ONLY. THIS SUPPOSE TO BE A MAGE FORUM NOT PALLY, ROGUE, HUNTER.WARLOCK, WARRIOR. ALL THOSE WHO ARE POSTING HERE AND BLOODY LAUGHING ON MAGES I JUST GOT ONE THING TO SAY. You can bark all you want but be prepared for your turn as well cause its not gonna be far from now. however, you wont see a mage come to your bloody forum and laugh on you or nerf you got. note: Those who read it Thank you so much. Those who wanna still bark keep at it cause IDGAF about it. Lastly, Sorry to anyone who felt bad about any sentence or word written above. Thank you.Ffamage5 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Fire for Levelling? I've just switched to Fire and I love the simplicity of the spec coupled with the awesomeness of setting things ablaze. However, I hear that Fire is bad for levelling because it is so heavily gear-dependant. I mostly solo quest and run dungeon finder. Is Fire really a lost cause for levelling? Thanks!Gromgok2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 living bomb spread removed? Well this was new to me. When i saw that they were removing the ability to detonate frost bomb with the glyph i had no idea they were gonna kill the lb spread with it. Now this may sound dumb but was this intentional on their part or just an oversight. (for the love of all that is holy and good in this world please be the latter lol)Mithyranax2 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Last Straw Well, bottom of the pack, what do we have left for us, mages, in PVE (normal and heroic progression)? I voluntarily offered my guild to sit during the raid until the situation with mages improve. Honestly that thread "[2 Trade] LFM dps no mages" is a pretty nice summary of the class whereabouts along with raidbots data. So, let me ask you, what we as a community can do? We did provide as much data as we can at the moment, GC says "we are looking closely" (why do I smile when I type this) and we are waiting... Throw your ideas of what we can do in the interim. I propose to write an open letter to Blizzard and post it for public access. Public attention will make it almost mandatory to respond.Vortune5 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Fire Mage Nerf? Hi. I recently posted here yesterday concerning my character. This is my second WoW character and I've noticed that people have been talking about these huge nerfs to mages. I also seemed to notice that most of these nerfs were applied to arcane. Is a Fire Mage still good to play? It wouldn't matter to me that much except I want this to be my main, and I've been playing a lot lately.Darkeider5 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Arcane Nerf oh wellMaralei0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Tortos. What do? I know to try and cleave combust on the first set of turtles. But like in terms of dps what do we do throughout the rest of the fight. Spam nether tempest? I'm sort of at a loss. Can anybody give me some advice? -Thanks :DFhizz0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 two days Mages are LAST PLACE (all 3 specs) After two days of raiding, all 3 mage specs are last place LOL 25 person normal, overall dps: Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 PvP Weapons Has anyone noticed there is an imbalance between getting the Main+OH vs getting the staff? Am I just really really tired or is my math correct in glancing at the stats and finding this: Main + OH you lose 26- health, 17 intel, 11 crit, 113 resil, and then insignificant single digits for the rest of the stats. The trade off used to be that you'd get a greater spell power at the cost of resil and health. Now it seems you get another 160 or so intel from the OH enchant, but with the changes concerning pvp power, 160intel does very little. Why not just make it a difference of pvp power and pvp resilience between the two respectively. *sigh FINALLY they added a 1H sword that I could have such wonderful Xmog looks with! :( I'm torn; I always chose looks over stats, but PvP is sooo stat intensive these days.Opnobo1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 You know what's awesome?? Not being a raider. It's times like these that make me happy that I'm a pvp only player.Mageco0 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 8, 2013 Fire mage AOE 5.2??? What should we use? I'm having a hard time figuring out the proper rotation as a fire mage now that living bomb has been gimped when it comes to AOE. I used to living bomb/spread arcane explode and sometimes flamestrike. What are we to do now?Cartheden1 Mar 8, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Critical Mass 1.2 multiplier? So day before the patch I read this blue post. "Here are some recent changes: - Renewing Mist - mana cost reduced 10%. - Healing Rain - mana cost reduced 15%. - Beast Cleave - damage increased from 30% to 50% of original damage. - Critical Mass - nerf reverted. It's back to 30%. - Pyroblast - direct damage reduced 10%. The mana changes were to help less well geared healers. The Beast Cleave change was because we felt Survival's multi-target damage was too far ahead. We don't mind good AE as a spec niche, but it shouldn't be so high that you feel like an absolute idiot for not swapping to that spec. (This is the same mentality we used when trying to tone down without destroying Combat rogues being good at cleaving.) The Fire changes were because we needed to nerf Fire to keep other mage specs competitive in PvE in 5.2, but we agree that nerfing Critical Mass unfairly targets less well geared players, and that the spec is just less fun if it crits too rarely. (Long term, we might investigate some of the non-linear percent scaling suggestions players have made.)" Link: and while in game I noticed that Critical mass's tool tip was "Multiplies the critical strike chance of your Fireball, Frostfire Bolt, Pyroblast, and Scorch by 1.20". Correct me if I'm wrong but shouldn't it be up to 1.3? Or is that suppose to be coming later?Ryuxo5 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 So I went from 65K to 45K.... And I was just told by a warrior that his dps went from 50K to 70K. So regardless if mages needed a nerf...what the **** is with buffing other classes to what mages were?Xagger31 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Refuse Frost That is all.Karinà11 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 25 Horridon as Fire? This is frustrating. I'm doing easily 10 mil less damage than some of our other DPS on this fight because of this DoT spreading change. Is there literally nothing I can do to increase damage output on adds? The highest I got on our attempts was 103k while my average was anywhere from 75k to 90k. I'm seriously having trouble adjusting to this.Snowing11 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Wondering if this is normal. (changed name) Ok I was solo questing the new dailies and I found I was killing the Saurok. Anyways While killing one it was going down pretty quickly, but a few seconds later I see a huge number pop across my screen. 725k Crit. I want to know how I got this, and how I could repeat it. If someone could help me with this that would be great :)Bezzdor0 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Why is it SO HARD to reach hit cap? I'm sitting at 471 ilvl after a few upgrades, and am having trouble getting to hit cap after: Reforging all items to hit, gemming 3 pieces for hit/expertise, and enchanting 2 items for hit. WTF? Why does Blizz make it so hard to reach hit cap?Rasthen10 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Man, I thought the the CM nerf was bad... But I nearly shed a tear when I saw my cleave damage last night after the Inferno Blast nerf. My feelings are so hurt right now. Been in love with my mage for years, and couldn't stand playing another class... but I feel heartbroken with all these nerfs. Im not looking for any feedback or anything, I'm too exhausted to fight on forums, make QQ threads to Blizzard, or even theorycraft anymore. I give up. I just needed to vent, and a shoulder to cry on.Cremate15 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 mage comparrision to other dps you done messed up blizzard and u know it worse dps out of all goes from bot to top arcane, beast mastery, fire, frost so pure dps class being at the bottom of all charts= balanced?Crusix1 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Great Job Blizzard (Not Sarcastic) Fire Mages will be effective if you keep them where they are now. I hear small complaints that frost's damage is a little too high, but I must say you've done a great job with making Fire viable in 5.2. Hopefully no nerfs come to a mage's net abilities and if any nerfs do come to frost pvp, it only effects frost pvp.Mikeyx12 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Level 90 PvE Talents? So I'm just about to hit 90. As for the talent tree which of the 3 is best for PvE? I plan on being Frost until my gear is sufficiant enough for fire.Hamlon10 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Rated Battlegrounds as Frost 5.2 thread Hello mage forum ^.^ I'm curious as to what to gem and spec my mage as in 5.2 for specifically Rated BGs. In 5.1 I stacked Resil > power and if nether tempest will pull ahead of frostbomb or vice versa. :)Gumps4 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Mana Management as Arcane??? Completely and utterly impossible? What? Without Scorch, how do we avoid running OOM in the first few minutes?Pynn1 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Frost Mages Are NOT OP I didn't come on the mage forums to read topics about, "Mages are OP! Nerf them!" "Our level 90 talents are terrible! Boohoo! I'm going to eat everything in my fridge now!" Seriously, let's stop complaining and start ENJOYING what we do have. And stop complaining about frost mages being "OP". Hell no! It's the player that's playing it! Sure, frost mages toolkit is more geared towards PvP but there are other classes that are even better, such as paladins and druids. Hence, why they are the top classes in the game. But, no, let's point the finger at the mage. My experience playing a frost mage: Our sustained damage is terrible, outside of our cooldowns and procs we do no damage. We have a shield and plenty of freezes as a "OH $#%!" button, that also procs to help us do more damage. But unlike some classes, frost mages require an ACTIVE player. It takes strategy! You have to use your cooldowns wisely to get the most out of them because once you're out of procs, you can't do any substantial damage. It's not like this hunter where all I have to do is click on 3-4 buttons, 1 button the majority of the time and get top DPS. No skill whatsoever, that's what turned me off about my hunter. I like being able to use my brain, something that keeps me engaged in what I'm doing, not just some killing machine where I click on the same button over and over. The real reason frost mages appear "OP" Good players > Everyone else. Most people who play frost mages and do well are experienced players who know exactly what they're doing. Not just kids who roll FOTM and expect their class to carry them. Mages haven't been like that since Burning Crusade! So please, stop blaming mages for your failure of a character. Learn to counter mages and stop whining about what your class can't do. The best players in the game made the most out of what they had, so you need to do the same.Aeromatic7 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 How to fix mages in 5.2 (imo) The changes aren't so bad, and having to relearn a spec isn't always a bad thing, but this number of changes in one swoop is brutal. But, I don't think all hope is lost. In my opinion, these are a few minor changes that could help relieve some of the mage rage. ---Arcane -Increase the damage of all the spells that got reduced by about 10%. A 22% reduction to every darn spell that matters is a bit much. -Give us something to spread our dots. I'm guessing you didn't like us using Living Bomb/Fire Blast in arcane, but now trying to spread a dot around manually feels like a dps loss. ---Fire -Inferno Blast needs to spread Living Bomb again. Removing that was sneaky, and honestly, it was very upsetting to realize. -Critical Mass needs to be looked over again. Considering how important crits are to this spec, reducing it as much as you did is causing a problem -Combustion is my biggest problem. Its dot component needs to be increased. Maybe not back to 100%, but waiting for what can feel like forever for a few crits to build up a decent Ignite amount, only to have that amount only count for half, many times feels like a wasted dot. ---Frost Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of Frost overall (I've tried it, I just don't like it.) Anyone else's input here would be appreciated. I know I'm dreaming, but I'm kind of hoping a blue sees this and might actually consider some of it.Silversyn2 Mar 7, 2013
Mar 7, 2013 Hit rating shown in game and armory different In game it states that I have a hit rating of 4780 good for 14.06% and another 1% expertise from racial for a total spell hit of 15.06%. In the wow armory it shows 4780 hit rating for 15.06% and 1% expertise for racial for a total spell hit of 16.06%. Where is this extra 1% spell hit coming from that the armory is showing? Which is the correct hit percentage?Frozeya2 Mar 7, 2013