Mar 5, 2013 Getting back into raiding 5.2 need quick tips Hey all. After having gone casual after Dragon Soul, I have just been using LFR since Pandaria launch, and now want to raid seriously again. I don't mind starting out in NMs before going to HMs, so I just need some quick answers. What spec is best for PvE atm? It seems Arcane or Frost is? What would be the main stat after Int to go after when picking drops? Any glyph preference? Quick basic rotation? Thanks very much.Protactinium6 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Lack of Mage weapons in... ...the Throne of Thunder. I was just checking out the loot tables for the new Raid. I may be mistaken but I only saw 2 weapons that mages can use and neither of them had hit on them. I saw one staff with haste and mastery. I also saw a dagger with crit and mastery. There was one sword that had intellect but that also had spirit so that's a no go. I only saw one off hand frill and that too was missing hit. Please tell me I was looking at an incomplete loot table. We should have more 2 weapons available to us right?Fämine9 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 5.2 MAGE GUIDE (Macro's) Hey guys, if your bored and got nothing to do atm, feel free to check out my Macro's guide that i just recently created for you guys :). Its mainly aimed at fire mages. but i got some other specific macro's in there too. Atm this is a BASIC guide, i will be doing a seriously indepth guide real soon in the Future :) Thanks for watching! Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Hunter's eat us for breakfest Can anyone defeat a good hunter 1 on 1 .. With my 65% resilience I feel hopeless vs them ..they literally 1 shot meFrostslick36 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Completely disillusioned with Mages For the first time in yonks i'm going into a new patch with tentative proclivities, and it's not because of the nerfs, merely because i've been shoehorned into a class i've historically hated and now they've further streamlined an already streamlined spec. ARCANE IS SO FLIPPIN' BORING. All this mathematical theorycrafting nonsense goes beyond me, I can't discern the numbers you guys come up with :P but what I can gauge is how much fun i'm having, and Arcane is just a an absolute bore. Even though fire has been so gruesomely castrated, i'm going back to it in 5.2 and was wondering as my gear stands, would it be viable at all to jump the boat? Do I have enough crit? Main v PS: I MIGHT JUST STAY IF YOU GAVE IS SOME !@#$%^- SPELL ANIMATIONS! What better allegory do you need for Arcane than the fact our spell doesn't even have an effect?Coockjawaw4 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Frost Mage - GG Engineering Hey all :) I'm having some major issues on this boss of the brawl'gar's arena! I found that each rank of it was for the most part a walk in the park and whatnot, but I stumbled upon the GG Engineering group and for the life of me I can't down them. :( 43 deaths and counting. I'm a frost mage - 482 item level. And I've attempted the whole strategy of "Stay near Bo so he gets hit by rockets" strategy. The electricity just kills me (even with Evocation + Cold Snap + Ice Barrier + Deep Freeze). Yes, I do chill under the shields when available. xD I've tried burning down Max (electricity just kills me again). I've also tried the strategy of just run in circles like a headless chicken and do as much dps as I can while moving (Oh, RNG, how i despise you sometimes). To my knowledge this is more of a survival fight considering a lot of people can pull this boss off with 20k dps, when moving I'm doing about 50k dps while trying to get as many rocket hits as possible. Not moving, it's an easy 150k burst - but not enough to pay off the damage tole. Do any frost mages have any suggestions/tips for this fight?Staza2 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Arcane Ideas and Junk Hi, everybody. I was bored today and came up with an Arcane playstyle I think I'd enjoy. Share yours. I know it's lame, but we can all be lame together. Arcane Specialization Through extensive studies of the Arcane arts, your max mana pool has doubled, though passive regen will not restore mana above your base maximum. Mana above the base maximum decreases at a steady rate. Arcane Blast 2 sec cast, 20,000 mana The Mage draws recklessly from the energy around him, dealing X damage and gaining one Arcane Charge. Each Arcane Charge decreases the mana cost of Arcane Blast by 25% and increases its damage by 10%. Arcane Barrage Instant Cast, 0 mana, 3 sec CD The Mage launches a barrage of magical energies at the target, dealing X damage and clearing all Arcane Charges, generating mana equal to 20,000 per Charge cleared. Arcane Barrage's damage is increased by 10% per charge and hits additional targets for 50% damage per charge. Arcane Charge Passive Successful Arcane Blast casts and Evocation ticks generate one Arcane Charge. Arcane Charges increase the damage of Arcane Blast and Arcane Barrage by 10% per Charge and decrease the mana cost of Arcane Blast by 25% per charge. Max of 4. Arcane Missiles 3 sec channel, 0 mana All offensive spells have a chance to activate Arcane Missiles. Channeling the spell deals Y damage per wave (unaffected by Arcane Charge damage increases, but always deals the equivalent damage of a four-Charge Blast/Barrage in total) and can be cast while moving. Casting generates one Arcane Charge. Unleash Mana Instant Cast The Mage unleashes all excess mana to deal damage based on the amount of mana unleashed (and SP scaling) over ten seconds. Mastery: Mana Adept Increases the mana gained by clearing Arcane Charges. Increases the damage of Unleash Mana. Arcane Power 1.5 min CD The Mage charges himself with power, dealing 10% more damage. Spells that generate Arcane Charges past four will instead restore mana equal to one Arcane Charge cleared over the spell's duration. Lasts 15 seconds.Quotation1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 Question about flameglow Will it be worth taking in a rated bg environment or will Ice barrier still be the better alternative? ThanksIamahöttie3 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 5.2 PvP Mages Ok we looking for 5.2 pvp? More particularly frost spec.Applejäck1 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 5, 2013 The quest for the no dress transmog. While my "male" blood elf mage may look feminine I would still like him to wear pants. The issue I am having are the boots. The boots for cloth wearers are either slippers or painted on hoo..errr high boots. I have found few boots that have decent girth to them (ones I'm wearing included). Any suggestions would be appreciated, if they are pitch black the better. Has anyone found a good no dress transmog they like? Should i give up and put on a skirt or dress again?Bloodkorican8 Mar 5, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 New Fire Mage Changes - Critical Mass - nerf reverted. It's back to 30%. - Pyroblast - direct damage reduced 10%. What do you guys think?Blazing23 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 New to MOP, need serious help. Title says most all of it. I haven't played since Cata and I have NO CLUE what I'm doing with these new talents and glyphs. Can anyone help explain things for me, and give me a decent build to start leveling again with?Blixi3 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Getting low DPS as fire.. Hey everyone, just trying to figure out how I can improve my DPS. Right now it is usually between 20-25k. I know my gear isn't that great yet but I feel like my damage could be higher. My rotation is basically Living Bomb > Fireball until heating up > Inferno Blast > Repeat. I also use Combustion and Mirror Image when available. Anyone have any ideas on what I can do to improve? Any tips for stats I should work on or reforges to consider. Any advice is appreciated beyond "Get better gear" which I am working on =).Kyraniss6 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Frost Mage DPS Issues, feedback appreciated Hey guys, Just to start I'm not sure if our guild has been logging lately but if they have I will get those into this thread straight way. Pretty much I levelled this mage first in MoP and thought I may aswell play it and see how it goes. I started as Arcane but have recently gone frost as I enjoy the frost game play more. However I have noticed a lack of DPS on my behalf and with my guild still progressing through HoF and ToES I know I need to step it up and help them out or there really is no use of me continuing with them as I am only holding them back. I have followed the Icy Veins DPS guide and optimised equipment from Mr Robot; I am currently in the process of replacing my last few blues with reputation valor items (still working on August Celestials and Shado Pan and Shieldwall) and am hoping this week is the week I finally get a Sha touched weapon from LFR (fingers crossed). On Stone Guards and Feng in MSV I managed 59k and 52k respectively, compared to the other dps in the group (paladin, lock, another frost mage and monk) who never seem to dip below 60k. I feel this should be much better; again not sure if the lack of a Sha touched weapon is the big difference here (as they all have them, though we are only at most 5 ilvls apart) plus it didn't help today that the wild weather where I live in Australia has been affecting my internet (some very bad timed lag and latency issues). My single target DPS comprises of Frost Bomb/Frozen Orb off the bat, and then frost bolts untill I hit 3 stacks of the debuff on the boss. I then use procs as they light up and frost bolt as a filler spell, using both Frost Bomb and Frozen Orb as they come off CD. I have just switched to Nether Tempest to try that out for single target. Time Warp is used as called for by the raid and I try to line up my Icy Veins, Intellect Trinket, Intellect Pot and Alter Time when I have 2 fingers of frost and a brain freeze (though trying to use them all as close to coming off CD as possible). Not sure if this is enough information but I am starting to get frustrated at my DPS in comparison to others in the guild; I really would rather not go back Arcane however perhaps the truth is Mages just aren't my class (I have other classes at 90 or close to 90 so playing something else in the next patch is not an issue). Pretty much any help that you guys can give or feedback you may have would be majorly appreciated. I know there are many quality players out there and I would love to hear what you have to say. Thank you all, have a nice day :)Tearsrfallin8 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 5.2 mages pvp how were they looking? i've spent a bit of time away from my mage so no idea what is really going on with them now and going to happen in 5.2 so hoping one of you lovely people can give me a quick run down and if it'll be worth coming back to him purely for pvp in 5.2 :) cheersUrbanmage6 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Jealous of Locks in PvE Ok, I finally just got my Afflock to 90, at the heroic grinding phase, and I'm finding it's such a versatile and all rounded class to play that I'm actually regretting switching to my mage as my main. I should preface this with a note that I played Afflock back in Vanilla and raided in BC and WotLK. I only really switched to my Mage in Cata because my friend is playing on the Ally side, so I've actually had more raiding experience on my lock than my Mage. Afflocks in BC days were also also one of the top DPS specs, but the rotation was punishing. You couldn't clip your DoTs, no AoEs and you have little to no movement abilities. But if executed well, you'd top the DPS charts although people complained ceaselessly about how tough it was. But today, you can lay all your Dots with 2 buttons, DoTs can be refreshed anytime after the mid point, you can move and cast/channel without much repercussion and they have battle res. And yet they can still top DPS on single or multi-target fights (take that SPriests!). They are all-rounded in just about ever aspect. In comparison, mages may be competitive in DPS, but only if it is not very mobile. And personally, I have found Frost even more challenging to play than Affliction right now (timing Evocation is not trivial!). In terms of utility, mages were almost vital to the group in the past because of sheep, but now, even our cakes are discarded in favor of feasts. Sorry for the rant, but I just can't get over how much more developed as a class Afflock is now. I'm sticking to mage now, cos my team already has a lock, but I really hope that devs can also develop mages to be a more well rounded class.Smores5 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Leveling spec What is the preferred choice for 80-90? My gear is here for you to see if that makes any difference. Haven't done much with this mage since WotLK, not familiar with the differences and all that jazz.Blinkme2 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 So Arcane is actually getting beefed up Third time I've typed this in the past half hour but I feel like it behooves me to present this in a more noticeable way so the people flipping about Arcane's changes can simmer down a bit. :) Alright! This is actually pretty easy to paint for yall: the big concern is how you're seeing that 22% nerf on two of Arcane's core spells and a 13% nerf of the other. That's right, their uncharged damage is gonna start slightly lower. But it's not going to stay uncharged for nearly as long, since you're only asked to build 4 charges to reach your new max power. On top of that, quick math suggests that 6 charges of 25% extra damage each causes your buff to cap at 150% extra damage. 4 charges of 50% extra damage each—what you're getting in the new patch—causes your buff to cap at 200% extra damage. Holy crap, right? Right, holy crap. They applied the flat buffs to Arcane core spells because they're about to hurt like hell more often when you can legitimately juggle mana. Depending on who you ask, yeah, this is going to change how you play Arcane. But they had a pretty distinct vision of how they wanted this design for Arcane Mages to flow from the get-go. It's just more appealing to do it this way now, rather than chasing loopholes so you can cast nothing but Blast and Missiles 'til the Tauren come home. They're asserting its original structure. I've been playing this way in 5.1 to see how it works and feels, and I promise you, it's already working just fine. From where I'm standing, I don't know about you folks, but I'm getting a direct buff.Atamynn16 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Okay so seriously 5.2 -> Raiding spec. I have read and gotten different responses and have tried to come up with own theory but im still not entirely sure, since i am not on the ptr :(. So for 5.2 PvE in my eyes it is looking like fire (at least for the start). But is there anybody with ptr experience that has an idea of both what spec to play and how good we are in relative to other dps.Fhizz14 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Whats the Best Race for a Arcane mage? Doing a race change and i dont know what race it better. (horde)Lixic15 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 My Mage Experience (A Look Back and Forward) So I'm now leveling what may be my 5th mage to 90. Due to many complicated reasons. I've loved the mage class since I really started playing in at the end of Vanilla, then through BC, WotLK, and Cata. Now that we're in mists and I've had to transfer servers, I'm leveling yet another mage. Though I'm having doubts about how I'm going to get this one to 90. Class comparisons are a fragile thing, but comparing my mage to say my monk, hunter, or (shudder) warlock even, the mage just doesn't seem as involved. To me, it feels very much like a 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, spam. I'm falling asleep as I play it. This is at level 86, and at level 56. Now maybe things will change at 90, but I'm concerned that they won't. Mages have been one of the most strangely treated class by blizzard in my opinion. Despite being a major PR icon for them. I won't say they ignore or side step them, but in terms of classes, it definitely seems like they got the short end of the MoP revamp stick. Again these are all impressions pre-90. So tell me fellow mages, am I crazy, is this what it's like at 90? Evidence suggests I'm not the only one as I keep reading about 'best in the world' players abandoning the S.S. mage. And for any blues that read this, what are your plans for the mage? What are your opinions on the state of the class? Every spec seems to be a two (frost, arcane) or three (fire) spell spec. And one of those spells is proc dependent. It's not fun, it's boring. There's no secondary resource system that many classes have now, which adds such a nice layer. Rogues have combo points, monks have chi, paladins: holy power, warlocks: soul shards/embers/demo. Hunters, priests and shaman are the only ones lacking that. Bottom line, I really would like to see a MASSIVE overhaul on mages. I'd rather play a deso warlock with a fun resource system (which I have done at 85 as well) then my mage. And that makes me sad, because I truly love what the mage used to be. But... I understand, things change.Cmrddynamite7 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 4, 2013 Frost Mage 5.1 PVP Glyphs, RBGS, CC vs DPS Okay -- What 3 glyphs are you using? I'm currently using Icy Veins, Evo and Ice Lance. I feel like Ice Lance and Icy Veins are holding back DPS. Help!! Currently I lead lots of 1900 rbgs groups. I do over 100 ccs per game but the problem is, I bottom the charts for damage everytime. Like 1-3 million. I have full malev and about 16 malev upgrades currently. I just reforged (today) from Mastery BACK to haste. It didn't change anything much when I went to Mastery from haste the first time... Typically when I'm in a target my rotation is (when im going for damage) Freeze, Icelance, Frostbolt x3 if possible, deep freeze, presence of mind- frostfire bolt. Icelance when proceed, Frostfire when Procced. I just set up focus macros which should help me loads. That way I can cc the heals while dpsing. That alone should def increase my damage. But I feel my rotation is way off. Mainly, I need to increase my damage. Any suggestions of the Top mages I can armory to see their stats??Subzelo12 Mar 4, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 Haste and mastery cap Im currently reforging and re-gemming my gear and i need to know what the haste and mastery soft cap is for fire mages.Westik7 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 PVE frost help I spent some times on the forums but i still at a loss if my main stat is mastery or haste or what? and also rotation. Totally new to mage. please help thank you.Candynova4 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 320 Crit vs 160 Int Hello. I was wondering people's opinions on the new secondary stat gems. I ran a Plot and Analysis in Simcraft for Haste, Int, and Crit. It came out as follows. Int = 3.51 Hit = 2.77 Crit = 1.99 Haste = 1.52 So with no socket bonus: Int: 3.51 x 160 = 561.6 Crit: 1.99 x 320 = 636.8 Edited for additional Information: I ran two 50k iteration Sims comparing the following gem choices: Simulation 1: Red Sockets: 160 Int Yellow Sockets: 80 Int 160 Crit No Bonus Sockets: 160 Int Results came out 68895dps Simulation 2: Red Sockets: 80 Int 160 Crit Yellow Sockets: 320 Crit No Bonus Sockets: 320 Crit Results came out 69421 dpsTwiig34 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 Where can I find a good Frost pvp guide? I have tried searching these forums but only seem to be able to find really old threads on the matter. Thanks in advance if anyone can provide links.Voagrius1 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 Totemspot Interview Lots of questions, including some Mage questions (some from yours truly), and some good detailed answers from Ghostcrawler. Good news for those of you who hate the L90 talents, discussion of what happened with Water Jet, Frost's soft caps, and more: ________________________________________________ Find answers to questions about Mage mechanics in Lhivera’s Compendium • Mar 3, 2013
Mar 3, 2013 So you're leaving Mages, are you? God, people whining about these changes make me wince. It's one thing to be conservative, but are you this scared of numbers changing? You all make it sound like Blizzard never tweaks us. Like you've never been around for the shifts and rewires of optimal gameplay. I've been a Mage for 8 years. Things have changed, and it's been a great ride that I'm sure as hell not ditching just because of a patch. I'll spare you some tripe about 'true mages' and assure you that you're a bunch of starving drama holes. Leavers are weak. So if you're going to leave, keep walking. Go to some other class. Or hey, take your Mage out to Hellfire Peninsula and gank people 24/7. I hear that's what's hip. c:Atamynn30 Mar 3, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 poor poor mages and mayhaps all spellcasters. only lvl'd my mage to 87 before deciding I wanted to go DK for melee goodness but it's astounding how much faster my DK is lvling. single-target, aoe... doesn't matter, just plowing through things I'd have to dump so many hardcasts into on the mage. not trying to taunt you guys, im just honestly surprised at the disparity in the grind processCloberella10 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Cooldown Resettting for 1v1 World Duels Hey everyone! I'm looking to discuss thought's/Opinions on allowing instant cooldown duration resets after completing/defeating an opponent in a 1v1 duel. Another question that would arise is what would be appropriate in terms of Cooldown's on Timewarp/BLoodlust? Feedback plz!Sparkeyy5 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 5.2 PTR CM nerf reverted; Pyro nerfed 10% The CM nerf on the PTR (from 1.3 to 1.2) has been reverted. They still apparently think Fire will end up a little bit too good, because instead of the nerf to CM, they are nerfing Pyro a bit: ... Regarding reasoning, they listened to those of us saying the CM nerf punishes those without very high end gear, and it looks like they might actually attempt to fix this long term, instead of simply forcing fire mages to constantly ride the "get good gear / get nerfed" merry-go-round: ... Link: Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Who still plays this class? For starters, this is my first toon and WAS my main account. Ever since the day I decided to 'try out' the free trial of WoW. I fell in love with the class. 90 talents = Perm retired , and I unsubbed for 3 months. Rerolled. Any hope of reestablishing my love for this toon, CRUSHED, with one look at the 5.2 PTR changes. What is the point if rolling/continuing a mage? Portals and Non-buff food? You are sole DPS, yet even top geared mages cannot contend with other classes on a serious raid roster. You have to channel evocation (WHICH IS GETTING NERF) or stand in a little square that requires cast time and pray that you don't have to move soon.Fabulosa32 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Arcane Raid UI (16/16H, US 13th) I recorded this video so I can easily recreate my configuration if a patch or computer trouble causes me to lose it. Figured I'd share it with you bads so that you can learn. P.S. Compare my UI to another top Mage's (I was in that raid - you'll see me on the meters): Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 90 talent ideas I am not a fan of the 90 talents, I usually pick the one that least annoys me. Here is how I would fix them. Get rid of the damage bonus to all and make Rune of Power baseline. It would no longer replace evocation. I would change the talents this way: 1. Fiery Invocation- replaces evocation and in addition does X damage to all enemies within 10 yards. For every one sec of Invocating raises crit chance by 1%(max +10% crit chance), lasts Y amount of secs. Fiery Invocation can be cast while moving. 2. Arcane Reaction- (passive) empowers Arcane Blast, Fireball, or Frostbolt to explode on crits dealing 50% damage to all enemies within 10 yards of the target (target take full damage). Passively increases mastery by 5%. 3. Icy shield- Absorbs X damage, increases haste by 10% while shield is up; haste lasts an additonal Y seconds if the shield is destroyed or dispelled.Rakara2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 I'm confused here I find that I'm crunching higher dps by using scorch to fish for heat up procs, but everyone else is saying i'm suppose to be using fireball. Is there something I'm missing here?Donai5 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Arcane spamable movement macro help! looking for a macro that can be spammed while moving. I guess with Barrage but none scorch based cause I speced PoM. If only scorch based would it be that much of a DPS lose to scorch over Ice Lance? Thanks or the help.Manacakes0 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Question from a newcomer I'm rolling a mage for the first time and spec him fire because I read it was the most fun spec, but so far it's been boring and frustrating, with spells that take ages to cast. Does it gets any better before 90? If so, when?Agrïppa4 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 New to mage rotations Hey all, So, I'm new to the mage class, decided to roll one to see how it differs from the warlock (my current caster). So far I've leveled my fire mage to 23 and am noticing that in instances my cast times are sooo long, which I'm not used to and it feels like i do nothing. now i know that fire mages are up there in terms of how much dps they can crank out, so can anyone suggest a good rotation that will help maximize my numbers. or is this something I'm going to have to wait out until i level higher. any input from veteran mages appreciated! Don't let me go back to the fel magic!Malgot2 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Got to 90, advice on which 2 specs for pve? Obviously 5.2 is going to change things, and no one knows for sure it seems what will be the best though I'm seeing some say fire at a high iLevel. Regardless, any advice on which two specs I should select for now/start to learn for PvE? Arcane & fire?Spinecloud5 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 PoM Fire Mage tips. Hey just wondering if anyone can give some tips on using Pom over scorch, I like the look of the playstyle more than wasting hot streaks with a badly timed scorch. After watching some guy on YouTube 1v2 healer comps i want to give Pom a try. My main problem is not knowing what to do inbetween IB procs, and then maybe missing Luton getting a pyro due to being cc'd or los'd. I don't know what to do for an opener either. Also can I get some opinions on frost jaw against ring of frost. Thanks.Orranis5 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Am I crazy to think that 5.2 won't be thatbad After hearing nonstop from ppl in my guild that my Arcane mage is getting nerfed, I got fed up and looked. The only thing that really makes me wonder is the nerf to Arcane Blast. At first I didn't think the nerf was going to be bad. AM & ABarrage nerfed...but the stacks are fewer and stack for more power. Then I looked again and saw that ABlast is getting nerfed as well. Using rudimentary math at a glance....they are nerfing AM, ABarrage and ABlast by 22.2% and 13% respectively. Thats 3 big nerfs vs one big buff. But heres the thing....with the fewer stacks you aren't going to need to worry so much about the stacking which is less "situational" and you'll be spending more time using ABlast which has a buff of 25%. So either I'm completely right to not know how it's going to turn out......or I'm have no idea whats going on. Plus the new Innvocation seems to work better with a reduced casting time and longer duration. I still think Incasters Ward is the way to a raid, you're always going to get hit so might as well throw the IW on all the time. ignorant am I?Xagger15 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Why is my DPS so low as a Frost maGe (pve) Hi Guys, Not sure what i am doing wrong? but my dps is low on recount - I ran as a frost mage not sure whether it is my gear, reforge incorrectly or my rotation even maybe my talent tree. I got voted out LFR alot of times, because my dps is down and alot of people whisper me to go arcane mage but I refused because i am a frost mage lover all the way. any help, suggestion, that will help me do more dps as a frost mage equal to arcane or fire mage will be apprecaited.. thanksAlliepooh57 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Presence of Mind vs Blazing Speed in 5.2 PoM vs Blazing speed... LET THE DISCUSSING BEGIN.Foxfirebbx18 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Mage stat weights Looking at all the talk of the CM nerfs over the last few months, and the recent leveling of arcane to help put it in line with most other specs I feel like something very important has been getting left out of the discussion here. The majority of fights we are playing arcane from the numbers we are shown, but there are definitely fights where fire can still really shine like cleave fights. Frost too definitely has its advantages on cleave fights, but I have not played with a really good pve frost mage yet, so i can not really attest to the numbers they pull on average from personal experience. I am not going try and argue that I am an expert by any means, but I think I have done a lot to help myself push arcane into a spot that works for me, but often times I still get to hear, "Man fire would do a lot of damage on this fight." This is kind of a joke now in our guild, but months ago when we were hitting dps walls, it was a serious debate that we would have. The problem that a lot of people in our raids, and maybe even in the community is that they do not understand that you just cant "switch specs" and be effective mid raid. Currently the min/max priority for mages for secondary stats are entirely different. Fire = Crit > All Arcane = Mastery > All (I know this one is a debate with haste, I am actually rocking haste right now) Frost = Haste > All For a lot of classes that dual spec this is something they have to constantly deal with as generally when you swap specs you are doing something very different, like Shadow flopping to disc, or Elemental or Enhance flopping to resto, or Holy going ret. These changes occur naturally between fights because some fights require different numbers of DPS, Heals, and even Tanks. When offspec gear is being distributed no one looks the other way when someone from these classes goes for it, obviously not at the expense of a main spec though. For a mage, if I want to be a team player and go Fire and Arcane to get the most out of my char I basically need to get 2 identical sets of gear reforged, and regemmed differently, or literally swap out 9 gems, and reforge 10 pieces of gear between fights. Asking for an identical piece of loot I already have is a tough sell though. Having to raid a gbank for 18-36 gems a raid, and reforge between fights would be taxing for many raid banks as well, and ridiculously taxing for personal funds. It is reminiscent of having to flip specs in early 10 man bc, and going through 500-600g a week in respecs for my priest back then. This is also compounded by the fact that Mage gear is shared by a lot of classes. That neck I want. All our warlocks need it, and it might even be good for boomkins, elemental shamans, and shadow priests as well. When you guys make your decisions on balancing our class to bring things in line you need to remember that if you are going to make a strong single target class, and a strong cleave class, you are going to see mages pidgeon hole into the overall most effective spec to reduce farming and gear competition. Just figured I would bring that up because I never really see it posted, and it is pretty much my sole frustration right now with the class. This is a quality of life rant. Not trying to see you completely turn mages on their heads, but to give a similar example this is how locks look for secondary. Affliction = Mastery > All Demo = Mastery > All Destro = Mastery > All There can be some debate between those specs as well, but generally speaking it is true.Legend1 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Strength of Ignite indicator? Just trying out Fire for first time in a long long time -- What's the best way to know the relative strength of your Ignite buff, so you know whether to blow Combustion or save it?Valrath6 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Vs. Ret paladins... So, I was having some world PvP issues lately. I seem to get my !@# handed to me by Ret pallies as a frost mage. Sure, I'm the one instigating, but.... well, what do I do? I'm obviously doing something wrong since all I can find are threads about how frost mages destroy retribution paladins, so I could really use some help. Please and thank you!Zizzak3 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 2, 2013 Mage's To Stronk ... On the real, though, Frost Mages need slight PvP buffs. This game needs to be rid of the skillless, faceroll badness that is KFC. Mages were overpowered at the beginning of the season. Then we got nerfed. Hard. I'm willing to bet a large chunk of the Mage representation in this list are holdouts from before the patches. (And most Mages who continued to compete did so after having gotten an early season and compounding gear advantage.)Broseph6 Mar 2, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Combustion question Im used to 4.3 combustion. I just want to make Sure i understand correctly before i start raiding. So ignite stacks now, ive heard that you want to pop combustion right after ur first pyro crit. Some way try to stack your crust but that seems Too complicated. Whats the best way to go about it?Talonstryke1 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 5.2 Mages are ....? how many of you guys think to roll a warlock since mages are so overnerfed?Neonin50 Mar 1, 2013
Mar 1, 2013 Critical Mass nerfed again? ... This is apparently coming to the next PTR build.Ryegeleye156 Mar 1, 2013