Apr 5, 2013 valor gear Is it me or is 75% of the new valor gear crappy itemization for fire- all seems to be hit + mastery- not sure what is worth getting after trinket- pants are decent but obviously everyone is hoping for tierBalt3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Fire AoE Rehash... I was talking with a friend about aoe and for some reason it really came to me. As I play fire (And forever will) I was trying to devise a way for AoE to be on par with the rest of the AoEing classes and still retain its single target validity. My first option was to be able to spread combustion to all targets with inferno blast. Not ingite or pyro dot, just combustion. After a bit of discussion we concluded that would be entirely to powerful. 40k+ dots on ten different targets would be Aggro city. (but then again I've seen a dk tank pull almost 600k dps on a group that size) So out with that idea. My next one was to take away the spread mechanic of inferno blast, though it would still be used to entice a hot streak like normal, the AoE would be with pyroblast. A hot streak pyroblast ONLY would detonate as it hit its target spread the pyro dot to all targets, and doing 40-60% of the initial damage to all targets within X distance. Now, ONLY instant cast pyroblasts would cause this to happen. Opinions?Arshika2 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 ROP is garbage for fire and frost i was thinking over the developers wanting us to not have a cookie cutter spec and wanted us to use all of our talent points different tps for different fights obviously ROP serves no benefit whats so ever for a frost and fire mage but i was wondering if their was anything i overlooked i cannot find a single reason why i would use ROP and i honest to goodness feel that its only intended use is for arcane mages which actually works against the developers idea. i thought maybe it could serve a purpose in pvp but that just sounds stupid who ever heard of a stationary pvp scenario please this skill needs to be reworked =pCrusix10 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Fire Mage Effectiveness in PvP Now i've been experimenting with Fire in PvP and so far i've been enjoying way more than Frost. Frost just seems so.. boring. Yeah i love the damage of a frost mage but i believe Fire can be just as effective. Currently, my Fire Spec is PoM, Ice Barrier, Frostjaw, Cold Snap, Living Bomb, and Incanter's Ward. Now let's start with Tier 1 Talents Presence of Mind, Blazing Speed, or Ice Floes. Now Presence of Mind seems to be a winner in Tier 1 Talents because it's always nice to throw out a instant and extra pyroblast or instant Frostjaw/Poly. Blazing Speed is nice for a quick get-away or speed. Ice Floes is just Ice Floes... Tier 2 Talents Temporal Shield, Flameglow, or Ice Barrier. Temporal Shield isn't really that effective in PvP. I've been trying Flameglow it's nice to have a damage reduction but i still think Ice Barrier is the best choice. Tier 3 Talents Ring of Frost, Frost Ward, or Frostjaw. Ring of Frost doesn't seem all that great for Fire mages but is the best choice for frost hands down. Frost Ward I seem to play around with as Frost not surely not fire. Plus Ice Ward no longer shares DR with Frost Nova. Frostjaw is the best choice. Tier 4 Talents Greater Invisibility, Cauterize, or Cold Snap. Greater Invisibility is well Greater Invisibility. Cauterize is more PvE. Cold Snap is great to have two ice blocks plus heal. Tier 5 Talents seems to be where i run into a little trouble Nether Tempest, Living Bomb, or Frost Bomb. I've been trying out Nether Tempest and it's does a great deal of consecutive damage. But is Living Bomb still more violable? Frost Bomb isn't really a good option if you're playing as Fire. Tier 6 Invocation Rune of Power Incanter's Ward. Invocation works quite well for maintaining a constant spell power buff. But Incanter's Ward is still the best option imo even though it can now be dispelled which i seem to not have a issue with. Now should i use Presence of Mind over Blazing Speed, Nether Tempest over Living Bomb? Glyphs?Voss16 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 New minor glyphs/ class quest ideas What are your ideas? I feel like druids got a lot of love with the minor glyphs introduced in MoP, and I think we need more visual upgrades via minor glyphs. I'd like our Armors to have visual effect's on our characters, but maybe this is better suited for a class quest. (Ice for frost armor, Fire for Molten armor, Bright glow or something for mage armor) Warlocks got their green fire. If we got a class quest what do you think it should be? I like to propose something outside of changing class spell colors, and something entirely different but still visual.Portalgun2 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Mage Talents in General. due to my assumed insomnia, i was bored enough to think about our class as a whole. i began thinking about the mage of past expansions, what we've gained, what we've lost, and where we are now compared to then. i had mixed feelings about it, to be honest. i spent a long time, however, analyzing our talents and what they do for us. considering the fact that these talents were implemented for every class in order to "eliminate cookie cutters" and "allow for ultimate customization to one's play style," i'd say that blizzard has failed us mages. let's look at each tree. Level 15: PoM-BS-IF this tier, which originally held scorch (we'll come back to that), is based on what seems to be mobility. we can choose between an instant cast every 1.5 minutes, a 150% movement speed increase which suppresses movement slowing effects for 1.5 seconds every 15 seconds, or an ability that allows us to cast 2 mages spells on the move every 45 seconds. first, let's talk about how Scorch used to be in this tier. it also provided mobility due it being a cast-while-moving spell. it's mana cost was efficient, but what was it made for, essentially? Fire. a talent that was strictly made for Fire. why is this apparent? as soon as it became a useful spell for another specialization, it gets taken out of the talent tree, nerfed due to the increase in mana cost, and permanently put in the Fire specialization spell book. that doesn't seem like "ultimate customization" to me... the tier, as of now, does include BS which has started to find its way into a lot of mages' active talents. it's a nice escape maneuver for both PvP and PvE. it can help you catch someone in PvP, and it can help you avoid raid mechanics in PvE. i'd say a lot of mages prefer this over Scorch. next, you have what seemed to be the default in all aspects of the game unless you had a specific need for Scorch, PoM. while this move is probably a lot less represented now due to the utility of BS, it still provides a lot of use for those that do use it. even though PoM Ring was nerfed, it's still very good to use in RBGs when trying to trap the FC in a corner or when trying to keep players off of the node/flag. PoM Poly and, now, PoM FJ are still used in PvP for quick CC. on top of all that, PoM is still a decent PvE tool whether it be an instant FFB or Pyro during burst or an instant Symbiosis HT to help healers. finally, we have IF. now, i'm not sure, but i'd hazard to guess that less than 10% of the mage population actually use this spell. don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad one, but what does it provide that the others don't? if you're Fire, you have Scorch. BS gets you away from people so you can cast with hopes of not being interrupted. PoM makes the cast instant leaving no chance for it to be interrupted. i guess it could be a decent PvE move, but enough PvE mages like the utility of BS to make even PoM not as represented. PvP wise, it's a terrible choice since you leave yourself wide open to be interrupted. moving is a way to stop casting so you can hopefully juke the incoming interrupt. casting while moving increases your vulnerability to said interrupt. TL;DR - IF should either be reworked or replaced with something more attractive. its utility in PvP is non-existent, and its utility in PvE is almost irrelevant. Level 30: TS-FG-IB this tier, which originally held BS oddly enough, seems to be based on damage reduction. we can choose between a shield that heals back the damage taken while the shield was up every 25 seconds, a passive ability that absorbs up to 30% of each attack, and a shield that absorbs quite a bit of damage lasting 1 minute every 25 seconds. first, let's look at TS. at first glance, this move looks so-so with a cool logo, but after using it, you realize that it's actually a great ability. while not being popular in PvP due to the possibility of being globaled making the heal useless, it's a really nice PvE tool. the heal is a nice way to assist your healers and since it's not on the GCD, you can use it without losing DPS. PvP wise, however, it can still be used in duels quite effectively. next, we have FG. now, this passive buff is just great. 30% damage reduction per attack on top of ~65% resilience? that's just nuts. if you read Affx's Guide on Talents in 5.2, he mentions how dumb this is against rogues when you have Glyphed Molten Armor up. it's crazy how little damage they do. this is also a nice default in PvE, as well. the base damage reduction is, again, a nice assist to your healers. finally, we have IB. at the beginning of MoP, the majority of mages, both PvE and PvP, defaulted to this because, at the time, it looked like the best. the original BS was useless in PvE and not worth it in PvP, and TS was, again, a mediocre move that no one wanted to try. plus, the heal on TS could be dispelled making it useless in PvP. at least with IB you would absorb a little bit before it was dispelled, and that's exactly why it's not the default anymore. with the addition of FG, we don't have to worry about our only means of damage reduction outside of Block getting dispelled. now, IB is still a good tool that is still widely used, but it is nice to see that it's not the only viable talent in this tier anymore. TL;DR - overall, this tier is probably the most balanced of the 6. TS could be slightly reworked to make it a bit more attractive PvP wise, but removing the possibility for the heal to be dispelled definitely helped its case. Level 45: RoF-IW-FJ this tier seems to be based on CC. we can choose between an AoE CC that freezes enemies for 10 seconds on a 2 second cast every 45 seconds, a "buff" that can be used on you or a friend that causes a frost nova to all enemies within 10 yards of the target if the target is hit every 20 seconds, and a 1.5 second cast that roots and silences the target for 8 seconds, 4 against players, every 20 seconds. first, we have RoF. this seems to be the default for PvE mages due to its massive CC utility. PvP wise it is a nice follow up CC to a Poly, and it provides a nice way to keep players off the node/flag in BGs. next, we have probably the most underrated spell in this tier, IW. now, PvE wise it's pretty useless. if the raid wants Adds to be rooted, you can just Nova them. PvP wise, though, it can be nice against melee. against ranged it's just as useless unless you consider hunter pets and lock pets. finally, we have FJ. this move, again, is pretty useless in PvE. PvP wise, it's really nice for CCing casters and healers, especially. i guess the root can be good for melee, but the silence is ineffective unless it's a DK. TL;DR - it seems like this tier is so-so on the custom scale. i understand that you can change your talents before arena matches and what not in order to better yourself for the team you're facing, but only one of these talents is PvE accessible. my main problem with this tier is i'm not sure how to make it better. i just feel like we shouldn't be stuck with one talent per situation. you should be able to choose depending on personal preference and not just the circumstance. that was the initial idea, anyway. Level 60: GI-CZ-CS this tier seems to be heavily based on keeping us alive. we can choose between a better invisibility spell every 1.5 minutes, a passive "cheat death" ability every 2 minutes, and a CD resetting heal every 3 minutes. first, we have probably the most pathetic excuse for a talent i've seen since this system began, GI. i don't understand their thought process behind this ability. yeah, it looks all good and well but we already have an invisibility spell! this simply makes the CD shorter, the fade time disappear, and it provides 90% damage reduction while it's active and 3 seconds after it fades. now, you may be reading that going "that doesn't sound bad at all. it's like vanish!" while you may be half right, it's not worth giving up the other two talents for something we already have. next, we have CZ. this ability is great for PvE. it can be used as a way to eat a big raid mechanic, or it can simply save you if you happen to get caught in a bad spot. guaranteed healers make it the default for most mages in PvE, but for PvP the healers aren't guaranteed, and even though it will proc saving you momentarily, odds are, unless you Block, you're going to die anyway. it's simply unreliable. finally, we have CS. this ability can be used in PvE as a quick heal or a simple Block reset for a certain fight or two, but it really shines PvP wise. this is the default for most PvP mages. the 30% heal can be clutch and resetting a 5 minute CD every 3 minutes is so nice. there is honestly no logical reason why you wouldn't get this in PvP. TL;DR - GI is simply a "filler" talent spot. it serves no real purpose because hardly anyone uses it. the idea is great, but this should be given to our normal invisibility if it's going to be used. we really just need a completely new talent in that spot. it also doesn't help that CZ is mainly PvE while CS is mainly PvP. is this supposed to "eliminate cookie cutters"? Level 75: NT-LB-FB this tier holds our bomb spells which are one of the most important aspects in our rotations. we can choose between the arcane bomb, the fire bomb, or the frost bomb, and yes, i know that was over simplified. first, we have NT. this spell is actually the favorite for most mages at the moment. in PvE and PvP, unless you're Fire, you're using NT. it's a much better ability PvE wise compared to FB due to its multi-dot nature, and PvP wise, in Frost spec, it provides more sustained pressure than FB while proccing more FFBs in the long run. its damage might not be amazing in frost, but it's enough to justify using it over the other two. next, we have LB. now, there's really no reason why any other spec besides Fire should be using this. it simply scales better with crit while providing decent cleave damage and nice DoT. finally, we have FB. while this move is the least favored PvE wise, it's still used frequently PvP wise due to its high burst capability. the cast time on it sucks and it can be dispelled, but if you time it right with a Deep in Frost, its only viable specialization, you can throw out some massive burst with CDs and the free FFB. comps like RMP rely on FB Shatters in a Bomb to get the kill most of the time. TL;DR - with the exception of NT, this tier is more proof that a certain talent heavily favors a certain specialization. there is no real reason why these should be talents to begin with, but Blizzard probably just grew tired of thinking up talents for us and said "screw it." this is especially relevant in the final tier... Level 90: Invo-RoP-Incanter's this tier is based on what seems to be mana management and spell damage. we can choose between a passive 15% damage increase and 50% less mana regeneration every time we complete an Evocation, a 15% damage increase and 75% more mana regeneration that replaces Evocation on a 1.5 second cast, and a passive 6% damage increase and 65% mana regeneration that deactivates when the ability is on CD which absorbs damage turning it into up to a 30% damage increase for 15 seconds and 18% mana every 25 seconds. first, we have Invo. now, in PvP, this ability blows since you have to remain still while receiving it and most PvP mages use Evocation as a heal. in PvE, however, it's really the best option for both Fire and Frost. the 15% damage increase is amazing, and both Fire and Frost have mediocre mana issues at best with the mana regeneration decrease. its main flaw is that you have to channel a full Evocation to obtain the buff rendering you motionless for the duration. next, we have RoP. this move is completely useless for PvP since you have to stand still in order to gain its buff, and the only spec that is forced to use it, also the only spec that it should be used with, is Arcane due to its terrible mana issues. this talent is simply a joke, and it's a lot funnier than GI and IF. finally, we have Incanter's. this ability isn't terrible for PvE, but since you have to take enough damage to get the 30% damage increase for 15 seconds, it's not really worth the GCD every 25 seconds. PvP wise, though, this is the default. you can use the absorb to mitigate some damage and set up major pressure during that 15 second time span, and the passive mana regeneration and damage increase is simply amazing for PvP. not to mention the other two blow since they require you to not move for a certain amount of time. since when have you been able to just stand in PvP? TL;DR - everyone complains about these talents, and for good reason. while some feel they are boring and simple, others feel they are poorly designed. there is no reason why Incanter's should be the default for PvP. there is no reason why Invo should be the default for PvE Frost and Fire, and there is no reason why RoP should even exist. all in all, with the exception of the Level 30 talents and arguably the Level 45 talents, the entire mage tree has cookie cutter abilities and abilities that just seem to be fillers. i personally find it sad that a class like ours, of which they could have done so much with, was shafted in this respect. our talents are simple, non engaging, and encourage cookie cutter builds. 3 of the talents have no business being in the tree to begin with! feel free to leave any feedback. i'd like this to be requested as a sticky, not so it can become one, but so a Mod can see it and provide his thoughts. Blizzard presumably knows of our distaste for the 90 talents, but we really need a talent overhaul in general.Notorious15 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Mirror Images Break Dragon's Breath [BUG] Hi, I was just PvPing today, and I was pretty annoyed by the fact that Mirror Images continue to attack a Dragon's-breathed target, thereby breaking the CC. This doesn't happen when a target is affected by Polymorph, and it shouldn't happen while a target is in a Dragon's Breath, but it does. I'll be keeping this thread bumped consistently in the hopes that Blizzard will address this issue in the coming patches. Thank you, Elus.Eluss7 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Lazy Bastards at Blizzard couldn't even... us a three dimensional offhand. Look at Tyrannical Gladiator's Endgame when you hold it in game. It's always facing the same direction, it rotates with the camera meaning it doesn't actually have sides. Its all a lie. Damn blizz hates mages. EDIT: It doesn't even have the right model in the Armory.Smorgasworg3 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Frost Mage H ToT10 progression stream Hello! I'm Outcold, I started raiding as frost a few weeks ago. I raid with Void on Laughing Skull have fun and enjoy! Feel free to leave any advice or feedback! Stream/Raid Times(CST): Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am Wednesday: 8:00pm-11:00pm Monday: 7:30pm-11:00pmOutcold2 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 5, 2013 Should frost mages... Have offensive water type spells? I mean, mages can already summon water elementals. What is stopping them from offensively casting water AND frost spells. I'm sure the arcane can cover non-shamanic water spells too. Like a geyser that knocks someone up with cunsussive force OR encasing someone in a bubble that acts as a stun and DoT as it suffocates the enemy.Procellá19 Apr 5, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Arcane Reforging I've Been using Ask Mr. Robot recently, and I like it a lot, but i have an issue with it as far as reforging goes. My miss chance right now is a whopping 0% for raid bosses, and yet i'm being told i need more hit and exp. Am i missing the obvious here, or Do i really need more hit chance after being at 0 miss? Also, if i'm not missing anything obvious, what else would you recommend reforging into? All mastery, or something different?Allarric13 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 what is better, fire frost or arcane I havent played in over a year cuz my only computer broke and i was wondering what i should do with my mage. I was fire but not sure if that is a good route and when looking for good gear what should i look for???Aellee9 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 got owned by a rogue using only shuriken toss a melee class owns a ranged attack class by using only ranged attack? wtf is that? the rogue didnt even get in melee range and i got owned by shuriken toss + dots need helpSfgyk26 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Preliminary raidbots data.... ugly. Preliminary data, have to take with grain of salt, context matters etc..... For all logged 25 man kills: All three mage specs last. For top 100 25 man kills: As expected fire is a little higher here because this is the top 100 (ie good rng parses, fire has wider range of expected DPS). Still barely middle of pack. Thoughts? :(Audacity55 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 2 New Glyph Ideas Glyph of Frozen Fortitude - Major Glyph Modifies your Ring of Frost, Ice Ward, and Frostjaw to become defensive abilities, rather than control ones. However, it also increases the cooldowns of all three abilities to 2 minutes. Ring of Frost - 2m cooldown Summons a ring of frost that reduces the damage taken by party and raid members standing in it by X% [20%] for Y seconds [~8s]. Ice Ward - 2m cooldown Places a frozen ward on the caster's target that reduces their damage taken by X% [30%] for Y seconds [~10s]. In addition, the target cannot be affected by snares, roots, or knockbacks while protected, but said affects can still be applied to the target. Frostjaw - 2m cooldown Freezes the targets jaw, causing intense pain that breaks their concentration, causing them to deal X% less damage [~-25%] for Y seconds [~4s] or the next Z attacks [~3] (whichever comes first, Y seconds or Z attacks). (Stuff in "[ ]" is just what I feel the variables should be) Glyph of Alter Time - Minor Glyph No longer returns you to your previous position when the spell expires and is re-used.Kalarr9 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Soloing as a Mage. So I've been thinking about going back into some old content and getting all nostalgic over how awesome wow once was. Any tips on how to solo as a Mage? i.e Spec, glyph's and utility's or what you do to solo the good old stuff.Ekosa27 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Arcane Mage DPS Are all arcane mages feeling the pain? Before the nerf I was always in the top three in raids now I'm not even competitive. Today was the final straw. 14th in LFR. We had a monk set up to tank switch to dps with tank gear on and he out did me by 30k. Blizzard you need to take note of this. The classes are more screwed up than ever.Frozu7 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 that wacky mage burst XD start watching around 51:00 lmao XD keep up the good work guys !Mtdews6 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 So... 496 Sha touched Staff from Lei Shi w/ gem or 502 Dinomancer staff?Serawyn1 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Annoying mage bugs lately... I'm pretty sure I can set the timeline of these right around when 5.2 dropped... The first is during any fight, regardless of distance, I go into a melee stance and am unable to cast. Tab target does nothing, I actually have to click on another player then retarget the enemy to continue casting. During every Oondasta run it happens close to a dozen times, and happened last night during Tortos a lot as well. Happens randomly everywhere else but those two fights stick out for me the most. Doesn't appear to be affected by range either. The second is disappearing Molten Armor. Regardless of where I am or what I'm doing, I'll notice it is off and I have to reapply. Happened several times farming transmog pieces in BC dungeons, as well as several times going thru Throne. I'm noticing it more and more lately though. This is on 2 different PCs, one 64bit build, the other 32. Basic addons (DBM, Recount, Combustion.) Before I submit a bug report, has anyone else noticed this/these?Integràl9 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 Blizzard - The Spell When frozen orb is on CD, I feel as though my AoE is vastly inferior to my counterparts. In feeling this way, I've looked for alternatives to sustain a respectable amount of AoE damage and have found myself examining blizzard - which, in its current state, doesn't seem like a viable alternative. I think blizzard might be more viable in AoE situations if it adapts an approach similar to a destro lock's rain of fire: We drop it, let it occasionally proc fingers, and go about our business. What do you guys think?Boxedwaffle5 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 4, 2013 bad? I don't even know anymore.Dauldi11 Apr 4, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Which pull rotation? Hey guys, appreciate any advice. Over the course of the last 2 weeks I've really started to fully understand and maximize the mage class & my dps. Been very fun. Which of the following would you use? 1) #showtooltip Icy Veins /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() /use 14 /use Potion of the Jade Serpent /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear() /script UIErrorsFrame:Show() /cast Mirror Image /cast Icy Veins /cast Alter Time /cast Lifeblood /cast Frostbolt This pull basically combines icy veins & alter time off the bat. I then cast Frozen Orb. I also have my frostbolt & PoM macroed together so when I use frostbolt it always checks for PoM. 2) Basically everything in 1, except Alter time. I would wait to use Alter time until I have 2 Frozen Fingers & Brain Freeze procced. Appreciate any advice again, thanks!Exilevilify5 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 PvP: Teach Me How to Deep Freeze Started playing Mage again and am totally lost - I used to go the easy route DF, 3xIL Then I thought... should I be setting up a shatter FB beforehand? FB, DF (before FB hits), 3xIL And now I'm like... is FB better during DF in general? FB, DF (before FB hits), FBx1-2 Also, I haven't tried using Frost Bomb yet so I'm not even sure where that fits in. I've been running with NT. HALP!Demant2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Fire Mage whats your opener in Random BG ? Your going with a sheep on someone and then burst someone else ? Your starting with your big burst on someone ? Your casting Frostfire just to be sure your target is snare if he ever decide to turn on you ? Something else ? I used to always open with a sheep to turn the odd in our favor but it just seem that CC is a big aggro and just get someone on me as soon as sheep break hehe.Varlak10 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Please clean up my rotation (PVP) I've been 90 less than a week and have never played frost before (I love fire but it just can't compete a lot of times). This is just assuming a turret firing position. Evocate for Invocation buff/Icy if up....FB, FB, FBomb, FOrb, FB (Alter Time w/ 2 FoF and BF) - FFire/IL/IL, FBomb, Alter kicks in - FFire/IL/Deep/IL/IL/IL and one last FFire from the last Fbomb. Takes about 25 seconds and does 1.5mil in my crappy gear against a dummy. What does most everyone else do? I assume there is a shorter rotation of taking out the frostbolts, but I just wanted to stack 3 of them in there. Also, the glyph for deep freeze didn't seem to do me much good with the GCD removed. I still only got 3 good lances in during the deep. Is that the norm? Thoughts?Nezlezar4 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Frost Bomb & DoT Trinkets My brown nosing paid off last night in the form of a Breath of the Hydra, which mandates that I use nether tempest or living bomb but not frost bomb, since I don't believe that the explosion of frost bomb can proc the trinket - presumably because it's not considered to be a DoT. While I do use nether tempest on a majority of this tier's fights, I occasionally use frost bomb when the situation calls for it. To ensure that this trinket sees its full potential, I would like to see the explosion of frost bomb count towards proccing this beauty of a trinket.Boxedwaffle3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Thinking about faction changing My troll mage into either a worgen or draenei. I love worgen animations more, they are more on the "wild side". So basically it boils down to crit vs. hit... Any help? :PVlandrina3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Mage before Mists Personally, I greatly preferred the Mage play style before the MoP changes... Like, new talent trees and stuff. It seemed more fluid... Am I the only one?Sunlit12 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Re-rolling mid tier, need frost advice So my guild broke up and my new one needs a mage, so I thought what the hell. However my knowledge of frost is pretty limited and I want to make sure I get some insight before going into ToT on thursday. ****DISCLAMER**** I know I don't have any gear enchanted because I'm waiting to see if I can get anything out of LFR at this point. Any help would be awesome thanks everyone!Blinkstorm1 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 PvP scares me I've always been a PvE mage. The last time I tried to delve into PvP there was so much relearning to do - so much re-macroing, regearing, etc that it scared me away. I felt really confused/alienated and fell right back into my comfort zone, pve. I'd like to retry. What are some suggestions for getting started, as a complete noob? What are some things that you wish someone had told you when you got started? Spec suggestions would be great too. Thanks in advance.Rot9 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Hi, I'm the worst mage ever. (advice sought) I've been a mage since WOTLK (was a HPally before) because I got tired of all saving people and I was ready to kill all the things(ALL OF THEM!!). So I went the dps route and immediately fell in love with being a mage. I picked it up right away and was happily face rolling with my fellow dps comrades as arcane until cata rolled out and I had to swap to fire since arcane got a big kick in the genitals mid cata. I always thought I would be arcane forever until I met my new love, fire. Combustion spreads always gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. After all: Teach a man to build a fire and he'll be warm for a few hours; set him on fire and he'll be warm the rest of his life! But I digress. I was merrily topping meters (with the assistance of combustion helper and dpstime) until MOP. I managed to sorta plug along as fire until it got nerfed into the ground and Frost/Arcane became the top specs for mages which presented a problem for me. I absolutely DO NOT like the new arcane playstyle as it doesn't seem to do much good at all with all of the high mobility fights in the new raid instances etc. I was doing alright as arcane but clearly not as well as I would be doing if every fight was a patchwerk. I tried frost but for some reason it was very square peg/round hole for me and I loathe the elemental with the power of a thousand mountains. When they started working on un-nerfing fire and I managed to accumulate 30%+ crit self buffed I changed back since I was under the impression that you could still do competetive deeps as long as your crit was high. Once again I was doing alright. I was no longer below the tanks and was able to squeak into the top 5-10 of my skada meter which is a vast improvement but I really feel like I should be doing better with my current gear/buffs. Fast forward to last night. Every fight we did with the exception of Horridon(lol multidotting) I was nearly dead last below the tanks. I've been resistant to expose myself to you guys because it's not easy to ask for help and let people see how awful I really am at magery haha. But! I'm in dire need of help since I don't want to be a bench warmer due to crappy damage output. So please, if someone could glance over my log and slap some sense into me I would appreciate it. I've read many different websites (some of which are considered garbage resources by the community in general) and spoken with other mages on my server but nothing has really been able to shine a light on where I'm messing up so badly. I will confess, I do have happy feet because I know that a dead dps is a useless dps so I am running away from things alot. I have the worst RNG in the game and always seem to be the only one targetted with some sort of ability to run away from. Also: I see I logged out while pet battling. My hat is the tier helm left over from pre-ToT if it helps at all. And here is my log of last night: My rotation is: Evocate, pre-pot, NT, fireball (to get my trinkets proc'd), synapse springs, images, FB til heating up, inferno blast for a Pyro!, Pyro!, combust, rinse/repeat. And yes I combust when Pyro! crits.Avocado4 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Question about trinkets (Fire spec) I was looking through the trinkets in Throne of Thunder try to see which ones would be the best for Fire, seeing as I'm trying to gear up to switch over from frost. The three that stuck out the most were: (Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance) (Unerring Vision of Lei-Shen) (Breath of the Hydra) I'm not really sure which two of these would be optimal, but I have seen top fire mages in WoL using Cha-Ye's and Breath of the Hydra. Just want to be sure, and also perhaps get some insight on why 100% crit for a few seconds isn't as viable as the others. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :) (I apologize in advance for not knowing how to hyperlink items through text if that's even possible.)Aldrêk7 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Arcane mage macro? I want a macro that will cast arcane blast unless arcane missles is available, (cast arcane missles) =) failproof pleaseArcilis33 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Convince me to roll a Mage Not like any of you should care that I be a Mage, but listen for a second. I've been leveling as a tank for about a week. I hate it. I've tried to respec Fury/Arms. Hated it more. I suppose I just don't like the warrior class as much as I thought. Well I'm rerolling DPS, as every tank has dreamed to do at one point, I suppose. I've been looking at the Mage class specifically but I guess I need something to push me over the edge to roll one. I heard about the big nerf that came about in 5.2. But there is just something about the class that is pulling me in. So, why should I roll a Mage?Màngekyo50 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Off Hands Did some searching on wowhead, came up with bubkis. I seriously need to ditch my weapon... and I see the first section of ToT has a dagger and a wand that look delightful. So first question... if I equip a wand, can I use an off-hand? I see there are 2 in ToT, are there any other sources of off-hands?Brightbrown9 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 502 Staff or 502 dagger w/476 offhand Which is better? I have Dinomancer's Spiritbinding Spire atm. (502) Staff I picked up Athame of the Sanguine Ritual tonight. (502) Dagger Would it be better if I used the dagger with Inscribed Jade Fan? (476)Puntie1 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Nether Tempest crit bug? At least I assume it's a bug. Basically if you cast nether tempest on a frozen target, it will continue to crit even after the freeze wears off. It benefits from shatter over its whole duration, as long as it was initially cast on someone who was frozen. Anyone experiencing this?Elispira3 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Frost mage question Thank you for the replies in advance... I've always been an Arcane mage.. recently I switched to frost. The spec is fine but that darn lil pet is always in my way. Is there a way to sacrifice the pet and do more damage?Sparky7 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 OMGHALP-Frost PvP: How should I be reforging? Inspect my profile if you will but please give me advice on how I should be reforging. Thanks :)Frostbìté2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 3, 2013 Frost Mage Crit Rating & reforge/gem help. Hi, I have a Frost Mage that I am currently gearing for PvP and I have a couple of questions regarding reforges. How much Crit Rating is required to achieve 25% with Arcane Brilliance and Molten Armor? Should I go for 25% Crit Rating without Molten Armor so I can use either Mage Armor or Frost Armor? If going for 25% Crit without Molten Armor, what Crit Rating would be required to achieve 25%? I have noticed that a lot of Frost Mages are using 320 PvP Power gems in blue sockets over the purple 80 Int and 160 PvP Power, does this mean that 2 PvP Power > 1 PvP Power and 0.25 Int? Seeing some 80 Int and 160 PvP power purple gems in red sockets, does this mean that 1 PvP Power and 0.5 Int > 1 Int? Thanks in advance to all that reply.Lazarüs2 Apr 3, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 High Level Mage PvP Video/Channel What up guys, nDn here back again w/ my season 11 main. I had quit my mage in s12 because they changed fire so much and I despised that but I'm getting used to spamming ice lances now. I might go arcane for fun for arenas, make sure to come check it out. :P Here are some matches against a Thug Cleave and RMD. ... Let me know if you have any reccomendations/suggestions/questions. Always open to new things, I will probably respond faster if you message me on youtube or leave a comment on the video but i'll try my best to get back on here too. Hope you Enjoy! Watch me live at: Please like and subscribe! Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Anyone else not like multidotting? Been trying heroic horridon 10 man. Since the nether tempest buff, my aoe is like...60-80% nether tempest refreshing. It's such a sudden....drastic, decrease in quality of life. I miss just fire blasting and that doing the dot spreading for me.Atrumx48 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Invisibility next to useless? OK I have mage alt for alchemy and herbalism, recently 90 starting to tiller rep so I can have another farm. I'm used to playing NE and using shadowmeld as an escape. I've a druid and played rogue so prowl and stealth are tactics I know how to use. Why the hell is Invisibilty so hard to use? Darkflight breaks it , slow fall breaks it, it has a 3 sec delay and a 5 min CD, yet is suppose to be better than stealth because caster is invisible... and what about the spell animation making it harder to see where you are going when you do run for it. So not to make this just a rant. What tips are there to using it well? or is just another issue blizz is neglecting?Malindrea11 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Trying to level as Arcane Can you guys let me know how bad my set up is? I am trying to get my toon as stream lined as possible. I want the best stats for my arcane spec.. ThanksIroa3 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Which Spec should I level as? I like to pull mobs and gather up my enemy's to kill. Which Spec should I go with??Rochellezz6 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Trinket question - Fire Mage I am presently using: Relic of Yulon (2/2) ilvl 484 Blossom of pure Snow ilvl 489 (0/2). I am presently sitting at 32% crit with an ilvl of 496. I am thinking of getting the VP Volatile Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault. The 1467 passive intellect is impressive but it procs haste (not crit), which is not ideal for the fire spec. I am afraid that If I dump Blossom which allow me to get 3595 crit for 15 secs, I won't crit as much and my dps will go down. Can anyone confirm if the trinket is worth buying considering my situation and if so, would you replace Relic or Blossom with it. Thank you for your answers.Jacar18 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Haste break points and caps There's a lot of people going on about haste caps for Mages without any idea what they're talking about. A cap is a point at which getting more of the stat has no additional effect. A break point is a specific amount of a stat that gives a significant increase in damage/healing/mitigation over what you would have if you were only a point below that amount. Hit has a cap. There is a point where getting more hit will do you no good, because you already have a 100% chance to hit. Crit has a cap. It is the point where every single one of your hits is a crit, getting more crit will not make you have more crits at this point. Crit's cap is 100% crit +1% for each level the mob is above you, 103% for skull level mobs. Haste has a cap. It is the point where every single one of your casts are performed at the global cooldown and your mana regen is equal to your mana expenditure. For Fire and Frost it's 100% Haste, for Arcane it would be 500% Haste. Mastery does not have a cap. Nether Tempest does not have a cap, it has break points at 4.17%, 12.5%, 20.84%, 29.17%, 37.5% and every 8.34% from there on. Living Bomb does not have a cap, it has break points at 12.5%, 37.5% and every 25% from there on. Frost Bomb has a cap. Frost Bomb's cap is the global cooldown. Haste does not effect the 10 second cooldown. ... If Frost Bomb's cooldown is affected by Hasted, then the cap for Frost Bomb would be 900% Haste, otherwise Frost Bomb's cap is 50% Haste. (The 6 second fuse is affected by Haste, but doesn't matter for DPS purposes).Sethmann8 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Greater Invisibility Not Working Correctly Today I've played several battlegrounds and I have noticed that Greater Invisibility has not worked as advertised. Roughly 80% of the time I activate it, absolutely nothing happens. No dots are removed, I don't enter invisibility, nothing. The only thing that happens is that the cool-down for invisibility is activated. Sometimes the spell works for a second or so - I'm not attacked and no new Dots - as if I really have gone invisible; then, a few seconds later, I'm attacked full force. Note: during all of these times I've cast nothing after casting greater invisibility, and I've done nothing other than run. The spell tooltip is extraordinarily misleading, to say the least. It says that (1) I will become "instantly" invisible (not true), (2)and that it will remove two dots (rarely true),(3) and that I will become untargetable by enemies for 20 seconds unless i perform certain actions (happened only once or twice out of the twenty to thirty times ive used it in combat). This is simply not accurate. When I cast the spell during battle - and to be clear, I cast NOTHING else afterwards, because I know it would break the supposed invisibility - it almost always results in a 1-2 second reprieve from enemy attacks before I start getting dotted, meleed, and hit by other spells and abilities once again. This is a totally misleading (and therefor pvp-useless) talent. I can't believe it has actually made it this far in the testing process twards MoP.Reljin11 Apr 2, 2013
Apr 2, 2013 Dino Polymorph Warlocks got green fire, and Hunters got tome of dino catching, why did we not get Tome of Polymorph: Raptor!? A Zandalari in the beast pens area cast Polymorph on me and turned me into a little mini raptor, but I can't get that ability at all? (I know, I already have sheep, pigs, porcupines, monkeys, turtles, and cats. . . but please can't I have this?)Alordis14 Apr 2, 2013