Feb 10, 2013 (2/8) PTR Build 16562 Spell Changes Talents Invocation Removes Evocation's cooldown and reduces its channel period and duration by 50%. Completing an Evocation causes you to deal 15% increased spell damage, but passively regenerate 100% less mana (was 50%), for 60 sec. Mage - LvL 90 Talent. Edit: Not the case, see below quote. Major Glyphs Glyph of Blink Increases the distance you travel with the Blink spell by 5 yards. Also increases your movement speed during Blazing Speed by an additional 5% (was 50%). Major Glyph. ...Digerati33 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Frost Mage PvP Gems? Hey all. I recently came back from a bit of a break and I want to dedicate myself to PvP. To that end, I'd like to know what the best/most viable gems are for frost mages. I'm currently gemming into PvP Power/Resilience and Int wherever I can but I'm pretty sure I'm doing it wrong. If anyone can provide some input, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.Aldrêk7 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Question about getting into mage I do not like arcane like at all.Can i still raid as fire or frost? or arcane and gtfo?Shortykungfu2 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Just a quick question fishing for opinions. I just started myself a mage, and decided to go Frost (to be honest, it was for the pet). And I started to think. . .why can't/don't the elementals have names? I'd settle for a DK situation where every time you summoned one it was a different name, especially with all the recent focus on Elementals and such in the last two xpacs. But just being, "Water Elemental" is kinda drab and not too cool. . .not a game breaker, but looking for other mage's opinons on this topic.Sadoren6 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Arcane rotation is hard! it hurts having to press arcane blast and then also i have to press arcane missles sometimes AND i have to keep up nether tempest. arcane is hardDrphilkiller11 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 WTB Deep Freeze Immune dmg back I really dont care what kind of nerfs would go across the board for frost to balance that, but Deep Freeze was the core dps ability for Frost mages when it did high damage to targets that were immune, making up for what used to be the terrible PvE damage frost did. My playstyle on my frost mage was how and when to use my deep freeze, now its really just how many fingers of frost procs can i get by spamming frostbolt harder?? I mean dont get me wrong having half my buttons light up and proc is still a fun spec to run, but seems like the only hard thing to do in frost was taken out, much less the fact that it was given to fire and frost as well. Also the duration on deep freeze should be longer in PvE, for PvP 4s is fine, but its gone from 2 frostbolts and an ice lance during deep freeze to ur lucky to get 2 ice lances in. This doesn't bother me as much as the Deep Freeze immune damage though.Squirrelock1 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 If scorch goes baseline PVP fire mages in pvp are going to have sooooo much fun. They will have access to both PoM and scortch. PoM pyros into a deep = 5-6pyros. making scorch baseline will make fire delicious mmmmmm toastyDeepinu11 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 in the ptr? is scorch still a fire only spell in the ptr? i heard it was going back to being effected by arcane charges if anybody can let me know that will be greatly appreciatedCrusix2 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 LFO (looking for opinions) So we know item upgrades are going away in 5.2, and current gear will cost less VP, so it seems that a good strategy is to spend what one has on item upgrades. Of course, it's also all about exactly when 5.2 hits, for me I'm sorta counting on 3/1 at the earliest. So I decided the first gear to upgrade was my Relic of Yu'lon, and by tomorrow, it will be at upgrade 2. So the question becomes what next. My current thinking is that I have one piece of tier gear, gloves @496. As the chances of getting anything better is extremely slim (my guild is a ways away from normal raiding) it seems logical for me to hit that piece before any of my other gear. HOWEVER, I had been thinking of my Blossom Pure Snow trinket... BUT I've read a few opinions that the Shock Charger Medallion may math out higher... a concept I am having issues with because going Shock Charger means giving up a 1k static Int! BUT I'm also pretty sure that it's actually better to carry my Pure Snow for dailies & even 5 mans and only use the Shock Charger for raids. Which leads me back to thinking maybe upgrading Pure Snow is a better choice. Opinions?Brightbrown7 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Which trink is better for arcane? Static caster's medallion: or Blossom of Pure Snow: It seems maxdps is worthless anymore for comparing gear. Is there a good webpage that can rank items for me based upon my stats/talents?Bhaalz2 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 10, 2013 Ice Lance Question Hey guys, was wondering if anyone could explain to me how a Mage is able to spam ice lances without a GCD?Envydark5 Feb 10, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 New 90 mage .. worth it to get contender set? Hi all, I took a 2 year break from WoW, and I just got back into it. Basically, I want to know if it's worth it to spend all my spirits of harmony to buy the recipes for the season 12 contender set. Since 5.2 is just around the corner, I don't know if it's worth it or not. I have been out of the loop for so long that i don't really know what is happening when. Will there be a new season 13 set we can buy with spirits of harmony? I apologize if this is in the wrong thread :/Gilium4 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Mage Armors Problem I've found with mages throughout the 7 years I've played is that out of the 3 armors there is always atleast one that tends to be useless as the other 2 are better. Why not make mage armor baseline and nerf it a little so that is not overpowered since it would be baseline. Blizzard would know how to nerf it hopefully. I know each armor is based for each spec( Arcane, Fire, Frost) and so it makes the most sense to have the Arcane armor be the one baseline. Mages would still have to choose between 2 armors ( fire, frost ) depending on the situation and what we want to do but it wouldn't make the third option just another spell on the spellbook that its never used. I think this would help refine the mage class in the long term while still allowing the choice between armors. Thoughts ?Blazely25 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Arcane Crit? I have been using fire as my main talent tree but I noticed when I switched to arcane using the same crit reforged gear my dps seemed to be better than when it was haste/mastery. Can anybody else recall seeing this as well?Exosphere5 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Which mage spec do you think is for me? I'm leveling a warlock with a friend, I already have a 90 monk & 90 shaman, but I just prefer ranged dps now. Its not a biased thing, just a playstyle preference. I've grown tired of healing/tanking, I only healed in BC/Wotlk, & tanked a bit in cataclysm, now I just wanna push out numbers. I like the warlock affliction & demo spec almost equally, but I like affliction just a tad better, I like the idea of managing dots & then having an ability to push those dots even further as a filler. It sounds like fire would be the spec for me, this is based of cataclysm experience when I saw a friend play a mage. What spec do you think is for me? I'm just planning to roll a mage aside with my lock for more funzies.Dorider7 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Armchair Developers It's you're lucky day! You wandered off from the group tour at Blizzard headquarters to find a cubicle computer left unattended with the patch notes open for editing! Quickly, before someone comes back, make those Mage changes you're desperate to see! HURRY!Naini9 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Loss of "improved" counterspell So obviously sucks mages losing their blanket silence, but what are the changes like on the ptr with just the old counterspell? Does it significantly hurt your play and even survivability? If it does, then if enough of us kick up a stink they might consider stopping this change (yeah right). Would appreciate some feedback guys thanksCentrix4 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Let's take a look at 5.2 There's a lot of changes here, some good, some bad, some TBD. Let's take a look. ... As most PVE mages take invocation as their lvl 90, this is a straight 10% nerf to our damage, which isn't really made up for anywhere else. ... Invis now seems a more viable choice with the reduced CD. Great PVP change. ... Nice QoL changes. Mirror images never did that much damage, so the buff is somewhat insignificant. ... I don't know how the scorch change will play out, but I'll mention that more later ... Sounds interesting, but the % absorbed is rather low, and would need a decent duration to make it a viable choice over temporal shield or ice barrier. ... Probably the most pointless changes I've ever seen. The deep freeze one is literally pointless. The RoF one is frustrating. Blizzard has made what used to be 1 spell into 2 talents with CDs to accomplish what the original spell used to do by itself. ... Seems reasonable, encourages good play. ... I get the idea, less ramp up time, less of an issue building back stacks if you drop them, but time will tell how this affects arcane mages' DPS due to mana management issues. ... I remember a previous blue post about not wanting to completely change the way players play their character, especially mid-way into an expansion. Well that kinda seems to be what Blizzard is doing with this change, and with no real idea as to if it's a good idea or not. Additionally, the pushes mages in the direction of standing still, which is bad mechanics. I don't really get what Blizzard is trying to accomplish with this change. ... We'll take these one at a time. At the onset, this looks like a buff, but the numbers behind it tell a different story. The the 3% increase to gain FoF means roughly an extra 2 procs every 2 minutes. This is traded, however, for the extra 1+ FoF procs from the water elemental freeze every 24 seconds. So we end up LOSING 3 FoF procs every 2 minutes, dropping DPS even further. The frostbolt change is a straight damage buff. However, since we are losing the debuff that increases our ice lance and pet's waterbolt damage by 15%, this increase ends up being largely watered down. I'd be interested if someone can crunch the numbers to see if the loss from ice lance and pet damage is made up by the 24% frostbolt buff. Overall, PVE mages using invocation can expect a 10% damage nerf, arcane mages can expect mana management to be potentially substantially more difficult, PVP mages can facepalm over the PoM/RoF and deep freeze changes, and those using invisibility can jump for joy at dying a bit less often :-D. Those trying out flameglow and scorchless arcane, I'd love to hear how they play out. Hope you enjoyed reading this! Like and comment (constructively please) below with your thoughts. Peace!Rasthen34 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Decent path to gear up ? Hey ya'll, I'm just your random BG hero alt, nothing fancy. I was wondering what would be a good method of acquiring gear to do some PvE in the near future. I assume it is still dungeon grind for loot, and some of the new faction rep items ? Please share with me how YOU geared up so I may find a smooth path myself. And yes I know it's late in the Xpac, i'm fine with that.... thanks for reading :-) PS: I heard Frost PvE dps is decent now, any truth to that ?Nukeyoface2 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Does cauterize work in pvp? Arenas and RBGSMarìo3 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 How is a mage supposed to best a hunter? I'm new to the mage and when I duel hunters I feel as if I am unable to cast 100% of the time. One explained it to me: Blood elf racial, silence shot, and his moth pet's silence, and then feign death or scatter shot/ FT. I mean WOAH isent that A LOT of silences/ interrupts? How is a caster supposed to win against a hunter with all of these anti caster abilities when I only have 1 stun, and cannot disarm or silence him..? Thanks to anyone that helps.Greengoblinn20 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 OK what is the deal with our mage bombs?? Hi fellow mages... As the title suggests, lets talk about the mage bombs IN PvP(!): Nether Tembest, Living Bomb, and Frost Bomb. I'm sure all of you know what these talents do, so Im not going to explain them. Buf first of all, I'd like to state that I am an old school mage (last played 2007-08?) and that I just hit 90. To illustrate, i'd like to state that whilst I levelled from 80-90, i actively spent time trying get Frost Nova-> Cone of Cold out of my system LOL. In addition, I must also state that I am an avid bg'er and dueller, and because ive only just hit 90, I onbviously have NOT (since 5 or so years ago) participated in arena. In essence, the bulk of what I'm going to say is based on theory, and what I would believe to happen in arena. I'm going to flat out state that in terms of utility/survival and in ARENA where CC is paramount, the mage bomb talents availabe to us are crap. They work against our cause. I really dont know why the game developers have designed the bombs to affect "other targets", thereby breaking our sheeps and any of our partner's cc's. This happens when you fight regular mobs in the world... There have been countless times where ive applied living bomb, only for it to aggro another mob or break a sheep on said mob. I understand that Frost bomb/fire blast (glyphed of course) yields some impressive numbers, but DPS is not the issue here. It is the bomb's counter-productiveness against CC. Therefore, Im asking for any tips, opinions, and advice of the wiser and experienced mages here... How do you deal with/use mage bombs in your pvp spec, when it comes to CC (or any other tips u can offer)? Is it as troublesome as I theorise it to be? Are there ways to counter said problem (yes I am aware of glyph of poly, but that only removes the bomb from the original target). Is Nether Tempest the most superior talent, since the secondary damage is dealt AFTER sheep breaks anyway? (Even if so, that still doesnt totally eliminate the prob) Or am I just missing something completely, because of my now noob position. If this is the case, I apologise, and ask for your sympathy. After 5-6 years of last playing a game that now seems so different is overwhelming. By all means chastise me, but if you are going to do so, I must ask you to please do so in a cogent and intelligent fashion. I appreciate any assistance on the matter!! Many thanks in advance!Neonfunk11 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Arcane PvP: I need to know more about Abni. Who is this man? Where did he come from? How did he learn the profound secrets he knows?Prokofiev13 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Updated Mage Pre-Raid Gear Guide (Level 90) UPDATE: Recently finished for Mists of Pandaria. In the list is all gear to be able to be raid ready up to Mogu'shan Vaults. Remember, that all gear listed is available from heroics, reputation, crafting and vendors. I have not listed any gear from Raids/LFR. If anyone has any suggestions on gear, please post so this list stays updated and current. - Gear is listed from highest to lowest ilvl. - (A) - Alliance Only, (H) - Horde Only - No PvP gear is listed. Remember that gearing will only get you so far. Enchants and reforging are necessary to be completely raid ready. You also have the option of using Justice/Valor Points on certain items to upgrade them to a higher ilvl; however, I would not recommend this if there are bigger upgrades you can obtain through purchase. HEAD Firecracker Corona - (Shado-Pan: Revered - 2250 Valor Points) Lightweight Retinal Armor - (Crafted: BoP Engineering) Barovian Ritual Hood - (Heroic: Scholomance) Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary) Breezeswept Hood - (Heroic: Siege of Niuzao Temple) NECK Wire of the Wakener - (The Klaxxi: Honored - 1250 Valor Points) Burning Necklace of the Golden Lotus - (Golden Lotus: Exalted - Quest Reward) Dorian's Necklace of Burgeoning Dreams - (BoE World Drop) Pendant of Precise Timing - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun) Mindbreaker Pendant - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent) Anarchist's Pendant - (Heroic: Scholomance) Necklace of Jade Pearls - (1250 Justice Points) SHOULDER Mantle of the Golden Sun - (Golden Lotus: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Shoulders of Engulfing Winds - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun) Whisperwind Spaulders - (Heroic: Siege of the Niuzao Temple) Forgotten Bloodmage Mantle - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary) BACK Cloak of Snow Blossoms - (Shado-Pan: Honored - 1250 Valor Points) Cape of Entanglement - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent) Cloak of Cleansing Flame - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace) Scorched Earth Cloak - (Heroic: Scarlet Monestary) Cloak of Ancient Curses - (1250 Justice Points) CHEST Robe of Eternal Rule - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring) Vestments of Thundering Skies - (Golden Lotus: Revered - 2250 Valor Points) Spelltwister's Grand Robe - (Crafter: BoE Tailoring) Natli's Fireheart Robe - (BoE World Drop) Robes of Fevered Dreams - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary) Robes of Koegler - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls) Burning Robes of the Golden Lotus - (Golden Lotus: Revered - Quest Reward) Robe of Quiet Meditation - (2250 Justice Points) WRIST Minh's Beaten Bracers - (August Celestials: Honored - 1250 Valor Points) Deadwalker Bracers - (Heroic: Scholomance) Bracers of Displaced Air - (Heroic: Stormstout Brewery) Tranquility Bindings - (1250 Justice Points) HANDS Imperial Silk Gloves - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring) Sunspeaker's Flared Gloves - (August Celestials: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Rittsyn's Ruinblasters - (BoE World Drop) Spelltwister's Gloves - (Crafted: BoE Tailoring) Conflagrating Gloves - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace) Bomber's Precision Gloves - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun) Gloves of Enraged Slaughter - (Heroic: Shado-Pan Monestary) WAIST Chang's Changing Cord - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Bon-iy's Unbreakable Cord - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Klaxxi Lash of the Orator - (The Klaxxi: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Girdle of Endemic Anger - (Heroic: Temple of the Jade Serpent) Incineration Belt - (Heroic: Scholomance) LEGS Leggings of the Poisoned Soul - (The Klaxxi: Revered - 2250 Valor Points) Leggings of the Frenzy - (Heroic: Gate of the Setting Sun) Leggings of Unleashed Anguish - (Heroic: Scholomance) Leggings of Unfinished Conquest - (2250 Justice Points) FEET Beach-Born Sandals - (H) (Dominance Offensive: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Sandals of Oiled Silk - (A) (Operation: Shieldwall: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Void Flame Slippers - (August Celestials: Revered - 1750 Valor Points) Sandals of the Shadow - (Quest Reward - 100% Drop from Sha of Anger) Scarlet Sandals - (Heroic: Scarlet Halls) Soulbinder Treads - (Heroic: Mogu'shan Palace)Adoxx18 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 9, 2013 Buff fire in PvE please. Most PvE mages enjoy playing fire. Please Blizzard, buff fire so it can be up to par with arcane.Dazaex19 Feb 9, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Question about optimal crit for fire So, I know no one is playing it right now, and I'm probably a fool for wanting to do it, but my guild isn't really caring about progression right now (just farming normal modes when people actually sign on) and Fire has always been my favorite spec. At the moment I don't feel like "relearning" Arcane in 5.2 and Frost works, but I've just always been drawn to Fire. After searching for near two days on google/WoW websites, I can't find an answer to this one question I have - What is an "optimal' (suggested) crit rate to start raiding as Fire? I'd assume around 30% buffed, but wanted someone who might have found an answer to let me know.Çarnis5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Best level 90 Talent for Sha of Fear Currently my guild is working on normal mode Sha of Fear. I switched to arcane for the extra dps boost unfortunately, but what I'm having a problem with now is trying to figure out what level 90 talent is best to use on Sha of Fear. There seems to be too much movement, specially on the platform phase, for Rune of Power, but not enough damage (unless you want to run into things) for Invoker's Ward. So I come to you my mage forum friends for advice. What are you using on Sha of Fear.Walkingzippo27 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 [5.2 PVE] Your Tier 1 Talent Picks! Hi Mage board, I believe the devs are mostly done iterating with tier 1 talents, so here's the question I pose: If the 5.2 changes went live today, using Tier 14 bosses as a model, which tier 1 talent would you pick based on that boss and your chosen spec? You're free to map it out by boss, or you don't have to go into something that specific either. If one talent wins out the vast majority of the time, don't hesitate to state that either. Any sort of feedback is welcome.Digerati5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Looking for some help. Hello everyone, I'm looking to improve my raid performance and thought it would be useful to see if I could get some help from the forums. Here are my logs from last week. I know I need to work on my alter time usage and cut down on my movement so i'm not using scorch as often, but I'm not sure what else I should be looking at improving. I also ran my character through simcraft and got the stat weights: Int:4.21 Hit:4.07 Mastery:2.20 Haste: 2.15 Crit:1.60 Should I be using pure mastery and mastery hybrid gems instead of int and int hybrid gems, or is it close enough that it doesn't matter? Thank you in advance for any help.Mazrin0 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 How are you fire mages doing in 5.1? Hey there, just a friend druid here. I don't have any mages in my group but am wondering how you all are faring in 5.1? I know fire took a big hit this patch and was wondering if all of you mages have switch over to arcane. Are there still any fire mages left? Another thing.. how are you guys looking for 5.2? I keep hearing fire might over take arcane finally and this and that.. Sucks all the nerfs blizzard has given you guys =/Ohhdang12 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Mages need a buff! Seriously, beating a mage is stupid easy, all I have to do it root them and they can't do anything. I hate to say this but it's pretty pathetic that even me, a MONK, can beat a mage, and that's how you know this game is broken, when a monk can beat a mage...that shouldn't happen ever!Huangloh5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Mage Arena Videos. Hey guys, just wanted to get some word out about my channel, have frost mage videos mainly, as well as some boomkin, hpal , and rogue ones coming up! mostly limited to arenas currently, but will be starting up some RBG footage next week. Link to my channel: Feel free to leave any comments on the videoSnowjob3 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Flameglow From a blue post: ... Above is confirmation that it will work on every single tick of dots. Every time you take damage, whether it's channeled, a dot, or multiple hits at the same time, an amount of that damage is absorbed. We can probably assume that the "Absorbed" amount will show up in combat text and combat logs, so healers will love us. In PvE, any fight where Incanter's Ward is good is also probably a good fight for Flameglow. In PvP, it's good against any dot spec or "machine gun" style spec, like rogues.Kurojushi61 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Flameglow Congratulations on your new "Soul Link" ability. Well a better version of the "Soul Link" ability.Hsx5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Why pick Nether tempest over Frostbomb in PvP ^ As title says. I don't get it. It deals lower dmg than Frostbomb...Zhk6 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Thoughts on Mage 5.2 Changes Anyone else noticing frost nova break on a 15k dot? Blazing speed vs Pom? Can't use blazing speed while stunned. Ring of Frost Change? The only instant cc the actually took skill? Nerf. Flameglow vs Ice Barrier? Flameglow doesn't do enough seems like a pve talent for aoeing mobs down. Frost Bomb vs Nether Tempest Frost Bomb is still lack luster for the amount of setup it requires. In all seriousness I'm amazed that frost bomb was not buffed in 5.2 and nether tempest completely reworked? Mages shouldn't be warlocks. Overall the new talent system Mist offers is total !@#$. Worst change for WOW so far. This expansion is turning out to be a real let down. I guess the game isn't about being fun anymore.Shírayuki20 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Frost Mage is not OP Frost Mage is not OP because the majority of people playing Mage are bad. So: Bad player + OP class = Balanced. Right? Nah, just kidding. Change their ridiculously burst to sustained damage and they are fine.Emphasize12 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Invocation Talent I know currently invocation is quite a long cast, and it is being changed, but I still feel like mana-gem doesnt see enough use. Invocation is my personal choice in talent, and so are the fire/frost specs. I feel like sometimes there are periods of time where it may be inconvenient to Evocate, or the boss may be approaching death. Maybe consuming a mana gem could extend the period of the damage buff by 10s, to find a more appropriate evocate-able area?Endure0 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Frost Mage PvP They are OP and with all the slows and blocks.. please fix.Arjunà24 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Good Addon for Invocation. Sometime i forget to look at my invocation Buff and when it expires is there a good addon for that?Zombietroll3 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Woot, 4 stacks for arcane instead of 6!!! I don't care if blah blah blahbiddy blah blah nerf is happening, at least the playstyle is becoming somewhat how it used to be regardless of viability. Before 5.2 and right now, we are currently awkwardly weaving scorch and remaining at full stacks. It looks like we will now have to drop stacks - like an arcane mage should do - and scorch isn't an option. Now I know that we may be getting some nerfs, but hey, balancing can come in the future. What I am totally concerned with is how fun and not-awkward this class is - and this change is a step in the right direction in my opinion. Also, arcane PvP should become incredibly better from this change. With higher benefit and less stacks required for our huge burst buff, it is easier to set up burst damage. so.... I am not really posting this for any reason.... just wanted to say WOOOOOOOOT!Bavok5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Arcane Mage Trinkets I recently purchased Blossom of Pure Snow to replace Flashfrozen Resin Globule and noticed a HUGE dps decrease. I went from 75-85k dps on average, to 65-70k dps, and from 100k with time warp popped to only 80k. Is this normal? I know the crit isn't all that useful for arcane mages, but this drop in dps seems a bit ridiculous.Mythdir1 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 What's the fastest way to level a mage 1-90 I'm thinking about leveling a mage, what's the fastest way to do it. (specs talents and when to change then)Hawkyboo1 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Nether Tempest PVP With this talent should I continue to use mage armor or frost armor for the haste? Which one will give me more overall damage in BGS I figured mastery is probably still best even with NT for arena.Mindboggler2 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Fire or Frost for PvP? Was wondering what the best spec in terms of burst damage was for 5.1. I usually do arenas and need a good spec/rotation to burst the enemy down in seconds.Protozmg2 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Which trinket for Arcane? I am about to upgrade my trinket and was wondering which one of the following is better for Arcane: Blossom of Pure Snow or Shock-Charger Medallion? I know none of these are really ideal for Arcane but I have to make to do with what I can until Essence of Terror drops.Infectiious2 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 8, 2013 Pom Pyro Is it still viable to go for the spec for alter time pom pyro?Mindboggler5 Feb 8, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Low level mage PvP in 5.2 So I'm looking at leveling a mage in BG's from about 40-90. I play with a priest pocket healer. What's going to be the best spec to use in 5.2?Beornsham3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 Mage or Rogue PVP? Which is better for 1v1? Which does more dmg in a pvp environment? Which is more fun?Gaines3 Feb 7, 2013
Feb 7, 2013 lowb dungeon mage tanks Have any of the veteran mage players here, who have levelled lots of rerolled mages, ever tanked a level 15-30 dungeon _as_ mages in BOAs? Just curious.Ziima7 Feb 7, 2013