May 7 Did Mage Food Get Nerfed in Arenas? After playing WW/Mage in 2's for a few games, I noticed that the tooltip on the food buff only mentioned mana regen, and I didn't notice my health going up. If it is the case that Mage food only regenerates mana, do any of the patch notes reflect this? Does the Mage still regen health?Shiezko2 May 7
May 7 Suggested Mage Changes. Please Look Into These. If you have questions about the suggestions ask. Mage - All bubbles are now instant cast, no cd with 750k HP (Base) - Bubbles will now obtain a cd when the improved talent is used. ... - Arcane Familiar: Will sacrifice his life for the player, returning 25% of HP on fatal damage. - Mana Shield: Grants 20% Magic Damage Reduction, but increases the cooldown of shield by 15 Seconds. - Ring of Frost: replaced by Improved Poly Morph. - Improved Polymorph : Your poly will no longer break on damage. - Nether Tempest redesigned: Now a passive, change on proc. (100% for Blast/Barrage, 15% On Explosion) - Unstable magic Replaced with Amplify Magic. You and a target ally deal 5% more magical damage. Lasts 1 hour, limit 1 target. - Slow: Now Passive: (100% for Blast/Barrage, 15% On Explosion) - Master of Escape: Greater Invisibility now has a 45 second cool down and no longer breaks on invisibility. - Rewind Time replaced with : Mass Teleport. You teleport yourself and two allies to a target ally with in 500 yards. Must not be in combat. Instant cast, 2 minute cooldown. 35% mana. ... - Ignite will now trigger every 1 second and spread to enemies with in 35 yards. - Blazing Soul. Attackers will now take 50,000 fire damage as ignite, stacking damage up to 5 times over 4 seconds but shield has a 25 second cool down. - Firebomb replaced with Firewall. Lay down a wall of fire enemies passing through it take 350,000 damage over 4 seconds (as ignite damage). Instant cast, 12 second cd. 15% mana. - Carterize will not longer burn for damage over time but now heals for the previous damage over time. - Unstable magic Replaced with Amplify Magic. You and a target ally deal 5% more magical damage. Lasts 1 hour, limit 1 target. - Firestarter: Ignite now lasts 15 seconds and burns targets for 50% of the damage taken over 8 seconds. - Flame Cannon : Fireball damage increased by 25% and now instant cast with a 6 second cool down. - Greater Pyroblast. Every 2 consecutive pyroblasts with in 8 seconds deals 15% of the max hp of a target. Frost - Glacial Insulation: Frost Barrier now has 150% Armor bonus, and slows near by enemies in 15 yards when active but has a 25 second cool down. - Frostbomb Replaced with Sleet Storm. Instant Cast, 12 second duration. deals damage ever 2 seconds and has a chance to generate frost fingers. 18 Yard radius. Slows targets caught in it by 35%. replaces frost bolt. - Unstable magic Replaced with Amplify Magic. You and a target ally deal 5% more magical damage. Lasts 1 hour, limit 1 target. - frostbite's root effect now coughts as a froze nova and will trigger Burst of Cold.Aminari0 May 7
May 7 Shimmer backwards while casting? Is there anyway to shimmer backwards while casting? (Mostly PvP Related) Poly isn't really an issue because its not a directional spell, but there are plenty of times I'm 80-90% of the way through casting a directional spell and shimmering forward cuts me off because i can't turn my character fast enough. I can occasionally set up a cast against a target at an angle, and get the spin, but its really cumbersome and not fluid at all. Additionally, I recall some camera flip/ character flip macros back in the day for blink backwards, but that's also not ideal (Also kind of disorienting). I wasn't sure if anyone had any thoughts on the matter, or how it could be done in a relatively seamless fashion?Usui7 May 7
May 7 I have every neutral legendary, but no BiS I've been frost the entire expansion. Tonight, Norgannon's dropped. And with that, I now have every neutral legendary, but have yet to get bracers/gloves. Thank you Blizz for blessing me.Rixa16 May 7
May 6 Nothing to Do? Dungeons, world quests, raids and PvP, is that all there is to do in Legion for my Mage? This is my main so that's why I'm posting it here.Failedwizard9 May 6
May 6 Fire Artifact Appearance - Need to be fire? Sorry if this indeed has been answered in some way, but I've not been able to find an answer. Simple question: Do you need to be in fire spec for the hidden fire appearance to drop? Thanks.Shiruyumi9 May 6
May 6 Remembrance of Frostfire (Ebonchill) Anyone unlocked this hidden appearance yet?Medeoan99 May 6
May 6 Legendary questions pvp related I have been lucky to obtain some legendary pieces and would like some advice on what pieces should be best suited to have equipped. I do mostly random bgs and the some arena on and off as well as the world quests not much of a pve player. Pieces i have are belovirs stand,rhonins armwraps,gravity spiral and sephuzs secret any help would greatly appreciated. thank youSîzzle3 May 6
May 6 Fire Feels Good My Opinion: The 6% Buff for fire that came out this Tuesday was definitely a step in the right direction for balancing. The fire rotation feels fantastic since the changes that came in 7.1.5. Although we do fall a fair amount behind frost on some fights I feel we are able to be competitive with a majority of classes with ideal legendarys. I can understand how the spec would feel extremely lacking for fire mages without good legendarys. Finding a damage balance between players without Pyroblast Bracers and with Pyroblast Bracers is still something Blizzard needs to work on. However, as Fire, we have survivability and offer utility that most classes do not have right now. Unless you are a bleeding edge raider who is expected to min-max damage at every moment then fire is still, and has been, very relevant. Mages should always be able to carve out a niche in fights, regardless of your spec. As mages I feel we need to understand the difference between Frost players doing mechanically insane things for Icy Veins up-time and those who are middle of the pack. At 99th percentile the gap is significant, but for most players the gap isn't unbearable. ThanksRubbermould50 May 6
May 6 Water Elemental - Freeze & Water Jet I have been searching the forums for two days now trying to find some information that might help. I play a frost mage and a problem that has recently come up is "grayed out" pet abilities. If I drag the spell out to my action bar, it does not reflect this status. If I macro it, it shows a grayed out status...but remains usable. It has an impact on both the UI and on any WeakAuras associated with WeakAuras is unable to determine if the action is usable. Can someone help out a bit? I have cleared the cache and disabled addons...the same thing occurs. I am not having any luck pinning down the cause of the problem.Nydalis2 May 6
May 6 I <3 Meatball Got meatball as a follower, set him up as my bodyguard. Was out in the Broken Shore fighting one of the elite baddies. At about 10% health of the baddie, I see "Meatball hungry!", and *chomp* - big bad elite baddie is dead and its body is now a pile of bones and goo. Worth the price of admission! :)Bitcaster7 May 6
May 6 Arcane mage help on dps Hi, so i started to play my arcane mage lvl 110, Gear ilvl 871 stats is 26,63% crits,20% haste,35,57% mastery im 40 artifact, i did Nighthold aoe was good but my single target was really low like 400k(with potion that give 1,3k intel, is blizzard going to buff arcane in 7.2.5 or not or can someone explains some rotations to get better single target dps, thanksFrostknight4 May 6
May 6 Best combat ally? Title. Any suggestions to which is the most helpful in the world?Dormie29 May 6
May 5 Fmage arena, I must be doing something wrong but I feel extremely weak, it feels very very stackedInfinitelove5 May 5
May 5 Temporal shield ?? NERFED Can no longer cancel aura wtf blizzßéllé15 May 5
May 5 Halp! Arcane PVP :) (Long Post, I'm sorry) Hello! I'm coming back to the game and I'm trying not to have "FOBO" as someone put it (Fear Of Better Options). Please see my thread; I'm trying to make an Arcane PVP spec to play while leveling. I'm trying to L2P Mage as it's always been a dream of mine but I've failed in the past and gave up. I'm trying NOT to give up so here I go. I'm thinking in PVP with all of the melee and uptime they have on us that I am trying to play more of a "support" DPS where I focus on slows and being a nuisance that kites them while my team eventually kills them. Basically be an annoying lil betch and as they try to focus me they get killed by someone else. **Talents:** T1: Amplification. I don’t find that !@# is worth it because if I had 100% mana (which would usually never be) I would only get a 5% increased chance to proc AM, which equates to 20% total. Again only if I’m at 100% mana. Am I thinking correctly there? I’m stuck between the Familiar and Amplification. A pet to do dmg as I kite sounds nice but what is the damage like? 10% more mana is nice as well. Right now I’m choosing Amplification since my spec is focused on kiting and keeping my arcane charges. T2: Slipstream I chose Slipstream to effectively continue to kite and do some dmg and pressure as I move. This also allows me to regen mana on the go! T3: Mirror Image I chose Mirror Image for the added pressure as I kite but also a possible way to confuse enemies if I get caught. T4: Charged Up It was a toss between Supernova and Charged Up. I was thinking Supernova because it would be an added disrupt and would stall the enemy for a second while they’re up in the air giving me the chance to get some meters away from them to keep them away. I chose Charged up because it gives me 4 charges every 45 sec. My plan is to keep 4 charges for added dmg to AM. T5: Chrono Shift. I chose Chrono Shift for the added speed buff and snare which should assist me when more enemies come after me and I myself need a speed buff bc maybe my Blink is on CD. T6: Nether Tempest I chose NT because it’s added DPS that doesn’t allow me to cast and when I’m fighting a group it’s nice to see the pressure spread! It also has a chance to proc Arcane Missles. T7: Temporal Flux I chose Temporal Flux for those instances that I am able to stop for a second and cast AB. **Honor Talents:** T1: Glad Medallion. I don’t feel like the other two would be beneficial. I don’t want to be touched ;). T2: Train of Thought Since I’m hoping to kite effectively, not being touched results in added damage for when I’m adding pressure with AM and AB. T3: Idk what to get :-/ Maybe Prismatic Cloak? T4: Kleptomania I want to spellsteal buffs which helps as my “support DPS” role I’m shooting for. The CD will help me not spam it where my mana is zero in 10 seconds lol. I don’t like the shield since no matter what I’m going to take the damage anyways it’s just 6 seconds later.. T5: Idk what to get… I like Time Anomaly but it’s very RNG so I was thinking Torment the Weak. Thoughts? T6: Master of Escape. Will be one of my tools to escape and reset **Play style: I’ll just give a random example of maybe a 1v1 or 1v2** Essentially, I will apply Slow to the target and use Charged Up. I will then apply Nether Tempest (NT) for some added pressure. While this is going on I’m going to continue to keep Slow on the target and blink when necessary and use Barrage if I need the speed buff. While this is going on and I am reapplying NT I should be getting some Arcane Missile procs which then I would only use when I have my 4 charges from Charged Up. My goal is to KEEP 4 charges no matter what unless I’m in trouble and need a speed boost then I waste them on Arcane Blast and then use Charged Up again. Always having 4 charges and POM also allows me every 1min to have insta cast 4 stack AB’s for added pressure. If I get the chance, meaning maybe they used their gap closer, and once I have enough space I will stop kiting and keep my 4 charges and spam AB (which is why I took Temporal Flux, it will allow me to add some DPS when I get the option) and hopefully get some more AM charges to use while on the run. If I get in trouble and a second enemy comes, I’ll keep slow on both. If I’m caught in melee range, pop Mirror Images, Nova, and get away and continue to try to kite them both. The point is to kite them away and either make them 1. Retreat bc they can’t catch me. 2. They die bc I’ve successfully kited them into my team. My spec is not to do damage and solo kill enemies. I know this is a long post, I’m really looking for some advice on how to make my play style work. I really, no idea why, enjoy kiting. I know it’s silly to compare games of different genres and play styles but in Overwatch my favorite character is Mercy because I can really kite very well as her and it’s such a RUSH it’s crazy. Anyways I hope some ppl can give me some tips on kiting effectively in Battlegrounds and maybe help me tweak my spec to make it more effective. Thank you!Victrik7 May 5
May 5 Mage pvp I am going to finish leveling my mage (currently lvl 102) and plan to focus on mainly arena gameplay. Which of the 3 current specs is the most viable? I know high level players can play either of the 3 and perform well but for a novice mage player which spec would you recommend and which is the least complex of the 3? I have very minimum experience as a mage its one of the classes ive played the least over the years but i plan to change that going forward.Preparedaf3 May 5
May 5 Mages and Battlegrounds So.. now that some of the dust has settled from the release of Legion and some changes have come.. I only played a few months into Legion on some other characters and lost interest because I honestly could not get away from any melee. I want to come back but am a bit nervous. What are your opinions on mages in BGs? Have they gotten better? I just spec'd for Arcane and Fire. I'm a bit bored of Frost since it's been pretty popular since day 1 but will definitely do a Frost spec at some point. What I enjoy so far, from looking at talents (I have not looked at honor talents yet), is that Fire and Arcane are pretty slippery now. I spec'd into the increased movement speed when you cast Scorch and increased movement speed when you cast Arcane Barrage as well as casting while moving Evocation and Arcane Missles... I feel like I should be able to get away from melee better while still applying SOME pressure as I move...Victrik5 May 5
May 5 Best Mage Spec in Legion... So far Hey everyone! I've been searching for anyone's opinion on Mage specsover the past week... I've searched high and low: you know, google, icy veins, trade chat. Maybe this topic exists already somewhere but I couldn't find a recent, hot thread for this. I tried arcane, thinking it would be badass to be Arcane with the new xpac and Archmagi all over the place. Overall, I was disappointed. Arcane is kind of boring mechanically and the damage did not stack up with fire mages around me. I generally have a good knack for finding good rotations. I'm not a big fan of standing still - most questing, raiding, and pvp events wont tolerate stillness. With arcane, I felt as though I relied too much on staying in my rune of power and timing my heavy hitting spells with my Mark of Aluneth CD. I felt inflexible and immobile. Especially for something as trivial as killing a couple of quest mobs. I rerolled frost and have been much happier. I considered fire but I'm not a huge fan of the new artifact weapon, and EVERYONE is rolling fire atm. I don't like playing what everyone else is playing. If you all could give some objective opinions on DPS value for each spec and rotations that you have found that seem to work well, I would appreciate it. I would also like some subjective opinions about spell cast mechanics, appearances, how your spec fits into the lore or whatever you think is important about your spec. Right now, I like frost (especially how blizz has incorporated some minor shadow effects into the frost spec), but I want to like fire and arcane too. Help me!!Zai30 May 5
May 5 i like double ice lance aside from all of the bs stuff, like the latency and distance requirements i think the idea of being able to get 2 ice lances off from a single flurry under specific conditions is cool because it makes you have to pay attention to those specific conditions to make the most out of your dps. here if you know you have lust and iv (and right # haste and distance) then you know you can get the double il. similarly, if you have like guldan trinket proc and iv/lust you can do it as well having to react to those specific conditions where you can get 2 ice lances off is what i think is cool about double ice lance. it raises the skill ceiling. if they choose to get rid of double il as, i hope they will just get rid of the latency/distance thing and somehow permit these same/similar conditions that will allow the player to react to get the most out by double il'ingHabib47 May 5
May 5 Claw Vs Satyr The current go-to is satyr. I sim higher with satyr than claw, but I've been seeing other frost mages running NH with claw. Thingy comes to mind as a frost mage who rolls claw and has excellent parses. What are your guys' thoughts?Kevinrex4 May 5
May 4 Please help Please help besides just being really bad I don't know what I am doing wrong. Need any advice to be more value added to my guild. May 4
May 4 Mage vs Affy Hey all, I recently hit 110 two days ago and I am playing Arcane. Loving the outplay potential. But I do have troubles against Affy Locks, I can't burst them fast enough or the just heal through everything. In a 1v1 situation I can't sustain against them either. Any tips?Pecs2 May 4
May 4 Arcane is amazing I really love how Arcane is right now. It's super fun (like, the most fun I've had in WoW), not brainless and pretty solid. But apparently people think otherwise? What don't people like about it? Other than the literal no healing. But that, to me, is part of what makes it not brainless.Redempta16 May 4
May 4 Arcane Mage Reworks @Respected Blizzard Development Team, Note: some other minor changes to shields included for other specs. ... - Blazing Soul, Arcane Shield, And Ice Barrier now all have 750,000 HP By Default and no longer has a cool down by default. - Glacial Insulation now increases armor by 100%, and slows enemies in 25 yards by 15%. but adds a 20 second cooldown. - Blazing Soul: Fire damage down by the mage while shield is active refills Fire Shield up to 100% of its base value (1m). Shield flame shield is active, fireball, pyroblast and scorch attacks have a 15% chance to activate a hot streak.but adds a 20 second cooldown. - Mana Shield: Reduces Damage Over Time and crowd control effects by 20% but adds a 20 second cooldown. - Unstable Magic: Redesigned to apply nether tempest to a target, and can proc on any core damage ability (like Bolts, Explosions, Blizzard, Dragons, etc). Each spec will have a unique elemental type of animation (so frost for unstable magic (frost) etc) Internal Cool down 12 seconds. - Super nova explosion radius increased to 35 yards, explosion center is at the mage, and now deals 250,000 damage but no longer knocks up. - Nether Tempest: Removed. Merged into Unstable Magic. - Temporal Flux: Moved to nether tempests location. Now allows arcane blast to be casted while moving. - Ring of Frost (removed for arcane). Replaced With black hole - Blackhole: Slows near by enemies by 80%, if they reach the center they become stunned for 3 seconds. Replaces ring of frost. - Mirror images now have a 35% Chance on damage to spawn, instead of being an active talent. - Arcane Familiar: Now Passive for arcane mage. - Improved Explosion: (Replacing Familar). increases explosion radius by 50%. - Improved Erosion: Erosion now instantly Stacks its power debuff and is increased to 15%. ... - Torment of the weak: Redesigned. Renamed "Slow Down!" Slow is now automatically applied on arcane explosion, and decreases the damage of targets that are effected by slow by 15%. - Rewind time: Removed. Replaced with: Improved Poly Morph Concentrated Power - Replaced. Improved Polymorph - Improved Polymorph: Polymorph no longer breaks on damage. - Master of escape: You now have two stacks of teleport and displacement. - Concentrated Power: Removed. Replaced with Mass teleport - Mass Teleport: 2 minute cooldown. You can now teleport yourself, and two allies to a target ally in 500 yards. - Temporal Shield: No longer dispellable.Aminari6 May 4
May 4 Arcane help So I mess around with this mage during normal farm, and my only legendary is the arcane bracers. I was wondering, do I use AM during AP to try and get it to proc, or I also read somewhere that I should be using AM during AP anyways because it does more damage? Basically I'm just really confused lol, this is way different from Arms or Unholy, my two mains. Any help is appreciated!Belorey1 May 4
May 4 Water Elemental model updates I may have missed it but has there been anything said about new glyphs for the water elemental? I supposed the Pandaria one is way to cool for use to be running around with but we have the Legion ones in the Hall and Ele Shamans can proc the Air version. It would be nice to have something that moves, and looks, a little better than the other two.Erentil2 May 4
May 4 Mage PVP Spec help Anybody have insight of the pros and cons of each spec? Im enjoying all mage specs currently so that doesn't really influence my decision here. I ask this because I just hit 110 and don't want to waste time in a spec. Mainly BGs with some 2s and 3s.Siseneg9 May 4
May 4 Help with my frost deeps! Hullo frnds. I am relatively new to raiding on a mage - have played melee for the last 12 years. I also leveled up and initially did fire (FOTM!) and now i'm on frost (new FOTM!!?!). WarcraftLogs is really neat because it lets you compare yourself against others in the same ilvl area. What this tells me, though, is that i'm usually fairly average against other players. I don't want to be average, I want to be good (maybe great?). Will some of you experts help me understand where i'm screwing up? Some areas I know I need help with: Better awareness of ice lancing with 5 stacks of incanter's flow. Is there any way to disable Blizzard's auto queue of next spell? I am a masher from back in 2004 and I find i screw up things like hitting an extra ice lance or flurrying twice (thus missing an ice lance). It doesn't happen often but it drives me nuts when i mess it up!Please! And thanks!!! May 4
May 4 Returning Mage looking for advice.<frost> Hi, i was a fire mage till 7.1.5, dropped game and returning now. I want to play all specs now (just to be safe) and i'm going to start with FROST. 0 AP on ebonchill right now but that will up. i'm reading guides, forums, noxxic and those things but is quite complicated to me since i know nothing about Frost. so any advice from you will be good. i want every advice on talents, and specially rotation (since the one on noxxic is ankward). thx and hi again guys :)Merkhen4 May 4
May 4 Frosty mage Yo! So my guild was in need of ranged classes, so i'm switching over to frost mage! Yay! I have seen a lot of info on them, but I am a bit torn on what to do, now and the future. With t19 what (I know this is absed per boss) talents do frost mages usually run? With T20 what do you speculate to be the go to build? Thanks all!Auroron9 May 4
May 4 Alexstrasza's Fury The talent should take Dragon's Breath off of the GCD just like fire blast for a much smoother rotation.Lorand1 May 4
May 3 Anyone else playing all three specs now? I'm loving 7.2 for this very reason. I've been recently playing all three specs and it's been a blast. I finally feel like a mage again and not just "Arcane". Previously I felt compelled to only play Arcane because the damage lost from switching specs wasn't worth it. Now that I have all golden dragons I'm only missing traits that at best would provide a marginal DPS increase. I'm covered with Sephuz and Shard for my general legendaries (although soon I will start getting Frost/Fire ones). I'm not even that behind others on my "main" spec. AP cost / AK scaling sees to that. Of course now that I play all three specs, the distinction between Arcane/Fire and Frost is sticking out like a sore thumb, particularly on ST. Frost is literally king right now it's not even funny.Mythlos11 May 3
May 3 TOKEN HELP WITH DPS POST really just want to know how i can improve, i cannot really read logs well so i am asking you genius mages to help a brother out thanks in advanceMidgtmalesta3 May 3
May 3 How good is the Teir set bonus? Now that a new raid is almost hear. I was thinking of specing Frost. Anyway i started breaking up the matching set bonus teir armor. The damage from fire right is not worth playing. How much extra does the teir armor get you?Sheatwitch6 May 3
May 3 Frost Mages RNG Ok, I love frost mages but sometime the RNG just kills me tho. I can sometimes cast 10+ frostbolts with no procs. Am I doing something wrong or is it that RNJesus just hates me?Chillish5 May 3
May 3 What the Arcane Should Really Look Like Listed below are only talents/abilities that have been changed. all non-listed items remain the same. Passives Erosion is now passive. Slow is now a passive: Your Arcane blast and barrage apply slow, and your arcane explosion has a 50% Chance to slow the target. Improved Spell steal. your spell steal can now be used to remove magic, curse effects on yourself, and grant 3% Hp when successfully stealing the debuff. Talent Tree ... Arcane Familiar: Now Deals Damage, Grants 10% Max Mana, and periodically removes magic effects on the mage and grants their value of damage as a heal. Words of Power: Now grants you an additional 7% Chance to trigger arcane missiles. ... Left Unchanged. ... [Redesigned] Mirror Image: Now has a 25% change on Arcane Blast, Frostbolt, or Fireball. Incanter's flow: Now cycles between 10 and 20% ... Super Nova: Range increased to 15 yards, and now interrupts targets casting instead of knocking them up in the air. ... Ring of Frost removed and replaced with Improved Slow Improved slow: Your Arcane explosion now always applies slow, your slow always snares for 2 seconds, and its range is increased by 15 yards. ... Temporal Flux now takes the place of Erosion and now allows arcane blast to be casted while moving. Nether Tempest now passively applies on barrage, or arcane blast. ... Temporal flux is spot is replaced by Improved Arcane Missiles. Improved Arcane Missiles Arcane missiles now have up to 5 charge stacks and you cannot be kicked/silenced while casting them. Honor Talents ... Concentrated power now grants 10% More damage, and 5 seconds more duration on arcane power. Torment of the weak replaced with illusionist an illusionist, a new arcane permanent pet. its abilities are Arcane Blast Swap With Player (40 yards) can be used in cc. Arcane Shield the illunsionist and its pet Counterspell. ... Master of Escape: Your greater invisibility now has a 1 minute reduced cooldown, and you can no longer be knocked out of it by taking damage or negative effects. Rewind Time removed and replaced with mass invisibility. Mass invisibility's slot is now replaced with mass teleport. You can now teleport to your target (limit 500 yards), teleporting you and near by allies in 15 yards to them. 2 minute cool down.Aminari10 May 3
May 3 Best follower setup So guys which is it for the mages im currently with modera on bodyguard and plan to get meatball soonFaredor0 May 3
May 3 Been Fire, thinking of switching I've been fire since the start of legion, was arcane all the way through wow until this point. I went fire with the understanding that at end game and gear fire would be able to pull their weight. As it turns out, that doesn't seem to be the case. As fun as fire is I'm considering switching into main spec frost or main spec arcane. For the most part, it seems like frost is the way to go. They pull the large numbers, top charts and generally pull their weight. In a time when groups will simply remove you if you're not topping charts I'd like to be able to feel secure when pugging into groups and not embarrassed running with my guild. What would you all suggest to get used to frost? I'm having a hard time learning it from 110 and I've been following Icy veins for the spell priority. My ilvl is 895, what type of dps should I expect on bosses (single target) at that ilvl? I imagine pretty high. Any advice would be much appreciated. As it stands right now I'm feeling the desire to put the mage on the back burner where she was all through WoD but I've had alot of fun with fire and would hope I'd have fun with frost once its learned. Any advice?Batik9 May 3
May 3 Affliction Warlock So let me get this straight, Affliction has better AoE than Fire and better ST than Frost?Chillish19 May 3
May 3 arcane mage stat priorty altered time says mastery #1 haste last but personal sims say Haste > Vers ~= Int ~= Crit ~= SP > Mastery? pls helpKittymeowss16 May 3
May 2 Shaman Purge Cost Reduced Shaman Purge mana cost reduced by 20%. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Meanwhile Arcane Mage can't cast Spellsteal without nuking DPS. GG.Mythlos8 May 2
May 2 I think Arcanes role is off So arcane has for the most part been the ST spec for mages in most recent xpacs but now we are pretty much sitting in the same role as fire. This really doesnt seem intended or if it is wtf was blizz thinking. Fire is the aoe spec, frost is the cleave spec and arcane is the wait for it....aoe spec(why do we have 2 aoe specs?). Pretty sure it supposed to be arcane: single target spec, frost: cleave spec and fire: aoe spec. Is it cause you feared arcane being useless in mythic+'s and cant tune it where you want it or what? I'm fine with it in its current state and enjoy the play style but it still doesnt seem like it is where it is supposed to be. Wondering if scaling going into later tiers is why it currently isnt playing its current role. Just curiousWaft22 May 2
May 2 Did we just get nerfed? So this morning I notice all of my stats are lower. Mastery went from %24 to %12, Haste and Crit are lower, and I find myself running OOM alot. Anyone notice similar?Arkhane6 May 2
May 2 Arcane Single Target This was posted as a comment but I decided to make an actual post out of it... (Edited) I'm doing really bad dps on ST.. Tried to do H NH and I'm ilvl 896 doing 600-800k AoE dmg and only a whopping 250k on St. As you can imagine I got kicked and quickly lol... And yes I have done normal NH and know mechanics. My burn rotation consists of: Arcane Blast 4x to get max charges Rune of Power Arcane Power Then just burn ABlast. AM at 3stacks Finish it off with a barrage then an evocation During conserve: Mark of Aluneth Rune ABlast AM whenever possible Barrage to reset which is at about 65-70 mana and then repeat. When evocation and arcane power are off CD I burn again.. I shouldn't be doing 250K ST it's just not right as arcane. Suggestions already include posting a log, using MoA with Rune on both conserve and burn phases and waiting until I get set bonus to gain more dps.Lissandrra9 May 2
May 2 can mages beat warlocks? Just recently been hitting pvp heavy and in bgs i have problems with afflic locks, they dont die, damage is crazy, seem to have double silences, i may be wrong though not sure. How can a frost mage beat a lock? or are they just our hard counter?Rekcobaine12 May 2
May 2 ????? All specs Temporal Shield can no longer be cancelled before its duration expires?????????Shadøwvanish0 May 2
May 2 Glacial Spike spec stats? Can someone fill me in on this? I'm trying to pick between some gear and most of the info I find is on Thermal Void spec or conflicting. ThanksDormie5 May 2
May 2 Rated Mages ?? Where all the 1900+ mages at ? What spec is best for rated push ? Do you guys get out dps against mongo Melee/ healer teams sometimes ? It's kinda hard to get away with all these gap closers at times any tips ? Should I watch my dr's more ? 2v2 prespectiveßéllé2 May 2
May 2 T19 2 and 4 pc as Glacial Spike Glacial spike is my chosen build. I like it. It provides the damage I need for the progression level I want to attain. So please don't post telling me why I should be playing Thermal void. I know why it's better from a progression stand point, I just choose not to. I have 3/4 ilvl 875 T19, shoulders, cloak and chest. When I get the 4th piece it will be a significant ilvl drop to use all 4. I know why the 2 and 4 pc bonuses are amazing for Thermal void, are they really a boon for glacial spike or should I not bother with them right now as glacial spike? If I can get my hands on 890 gloves, pants cloak and shoulders that would be a no brainer to me, but given the ilvl loss with sub-optimal glacial spike itemization on some pieces, should I just hold off using them?Robyllard15 May 2