Jan 14, 2013 Alter Time....Timer I am generally asking the community if there is a way to track alter time's buff so you can manage procs, spells and other situations to maximize the potential of our other abilities along with this spell.Mokrâh6 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Glyph of Illusion Can someone help me understand this... Glyph of Illusion is at best a toy. Sure it's fun and I'm really excited at the prospect of using it on all sorts of stuff and having a laugh about it, but it's still just a toy. It has no effect on combat, doesn't help you progress at all in anyway. Right? So why is this on a 30 minute cool-down? Seems a bit rough to have a a cool toy that takes up a Glyph spot be on a 30 minute cool down, and not only that, it lasts a mere two minutes! I can see this providing some small laughs in a raid, but once every 30 minutes? I can think of many other cosmetic buffs that last longer than this, and I think rightly so. One-two hours for something like this seems far more appropriate. Disclaimer: Yes my mage just hit level 25. Yes I was excited about this, as I am for all the other flavorful fun abilities in this game. I've always liked the magic users in fantasy stories and games and I've been holding off starting a mage until I knew I had the attention span to see it through. These little tricks that mages can do really fill out the class for me. Yes, i'm a massive nerd and like to embellish my characters a lot. I'll admit I'm totally butthurt by this, but I'm more confused at the long cool down and short duration of the buff, so as I said at the start, help me understand why this is the case. Discussion: I feel that this glyph should be open to discussion, why the cool down is so long, why it should be shorter, why it should be this long. Have you had any excellent uses of this? I heard about mages using this on bear druids with mirror image and walking around with as four bears. Do you enjoy these small aspects of the game? Things within it that generate good feelings, not big numbers.Ilura11 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Tier 15, thoughts? Title says all, Any thoughts, issues, or concerns with our new proposed set bonuses? Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Forcing change I think we can all agree that the only way to get a change or to be heard at all is to continuously complain as a group. Do you guys remember the proposed change to pyroblast recently? They were going to put that on cd. I'm going to say that it was thrown out because we as a whole came together to tell them no and to logically tell them why it was pointless and detrimental to fire spec. We can do this again. From what I've seen there needs to be a common cause for us. Is it possible for us to collectively complain about a particular plight? -Level 90 "talents" -Spec flavors (this can be for all pures except warlocks) -removal of shatter to be rid of reliance on shatter combos, I.E. the only way mages can kill. -Creating !@#$ specs which cause creative solutions like scorch weaving into arcane.Pandaclysm137 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 NEW PLAYER - should I fire, frost, or arcane? Hi, I'm brand new to WoW and while the mage class appeals most to my playstyle, I'm still trying to gauge which two specs I should use. I've been reading a lot of scattered threads on the state of fire post-5.1-nerf and Arcane's low mobility but high DPS capabilities (and not much seems to be said about Frost), but I'm finding it hard to come to a somewhat solid conclusion as to which spec it would be better to work towards. Help a new guy out and point me in the right direction?Vocalyze76 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 ilvl 483 Arcane Mage looking for Normal or HM email: Battletag: Cyrakken #1230 Looking for a Normal or HM progression group on Illidan-US. Armory: My main reason for putting up this request is to try to fulfill my need to raid. I recently to replaced because I was the "weakest link." Some of the reasons were my inability receive gear. What this means is that if I did LFR and we killed a boss I did not receive any gear and/or when I raided with my guild every week gear would either not drop. Or i lost the roll. Ive been raiding with this guild since about the first week in November and ive only received about 3 peices of gear. My gameplay style is pretty basic and its not really complicated. I am an arcane mage i i know how to scorch-weave pretty effectively of everyboss.(50-60k give or take a few thousand). Being an arcane mage is pretty simple with a few life saving rules: 1): always try to stay above 90% mana (Your mastery will benifit from the mana you havent spent) and 2): keep your Arcane charge stacks up (Arcane Missles is key for this rule).Cyrakke2 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 PvP: Fire or Frost Hey everyone, I just got my mage to level 90 and I want to use it for PvP. However, I've been debating which spec to use: fire or frost. I enjoy both of them pretty much equally. With 5.2 nerf coming soon, what do you guys think is the best spec, comparing damage and survivability for each. Thanks in advance!Rahfal4 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 RoP stands for ... Ring of Peace now apparently lol. Every time I see this in a thread I assume they're talking about Rune of Power, you know, that spell that is actually in the game right now? But noooooo, they're talking about the new up and coming monk ability. Don't get me wrong, have whatever crazy strong spell you want, just don't steal our mage acronyms :PMalhavoc1 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 14, 2013 Fire Mage Comps I want to start doing 3's, what are some good fire mage comps that are doing well atm?Nyrok4 Jan 14, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Macro Question Sup mage community I was wondering if there is a cancel alter time shift modifier macro. I was messing around with it for a little while and couldn't figure it out, not sure if it's even possible. Thanks!Ezkaton2 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Fire Mages on Elegon Hey guys, a quick synopsis of my situation and probably quick easy answers on your part. I have a fire mage in my raid team and I am trying to help him out with rotations on the Energy Charges to get down 5 sets of them. The only problem is I haven't really messed with my mage since Cataclysm to give him a correct response. My question is this, when downing Energy Charges on the second phase of the fight, what rotations are you using on the Energy Charges for burst damage. Do you cut out living bomb and go to a main nuke (use fireblast to proc insta Pyroblasts) rotation or switch to a scorch type rotation for faster casts?Trifid27 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Garalon and self heals Hi guys, I was hoping the mages here so have killed Garalon in 10N (or heroic) could give me some tips on my self heals for the fight. I'm still new to this fight as our guild only managed to try him last week (and got owned) but this week we dropped him to 4% and finally got the mechanics down, we just need to get our core DPS-ers in and I think we can kill it. However, how do you keep up with self heals on this fight? I'm trying to heal myself as much as possible so that the healers can focus on the other people kiting and stuff, but I just can't seem to keep up in the long run. I use the following: - Ice Barrier: Not sure if I should swap this out for Temporal Shield. The problem with Temporal Shield is that sometimes the healers don't realize that you will heal back up after taking Crush damage on Pheromone switch and they waste mana healing you anyways. I sometimes tell them that they don't need to do this but it's probably reflex driven to heal up people when their HP quickly drops. I have a priest so I can totally understand them doing that. I also feel that Ice Barrier helps out with the consistent 20k+ damage hitting the raid. It can absorb a total of 90 ~ 130k damage (depending on how many self buffs I have running when I pop it). But correct me if I'm wrong in thinking that Barrier > TS for this fight. - Cold Snap: Is actually my favorite talent for that tier. I love the control it gives as far as deciding when you want the burst heal. Also resets Ice Block. - Ice Block: Sometimes I quickly use this when DBM yells that Crush is incoming, and then cancel it quickly once the damage has been blocked. This also prevents the short stun that follows crush and I love it. Since I use Cold Snap, I can usually repeat this for more than one Crush in the fight. - Incanter's Ward: My talent for this fight as you almost instantly gain 30% damage buff the minute you use it. A minor (~30k) absorb. - Evocation: Is glyphed so I can heal myself for 60% of my max HP. But since my talent for this fight is Incanter's Ward the cooldown here is 2 mins. - Health Stone: -self explanatory- - Potion: -self explanatory- - Alter Time: I usually use this after Icy Veins when I have a high amount of HP and sometimes it helps because I return back to the high HP 6 seconds later. However, I rarely use this spell defensively. I tend to use it more for a DPS boost. And despite all that, sometimes there is so much incoming damage (over the course of time) that I actually have moments where I have no self heal left and the consistent damage from the boss is tearing down my HP. Our healers don't really run out of mana, but I want to be able to heal myself more if possible. Any tips? ThanksBreaktheice16 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Predict the next 50% nerf! Post your predictions on which mage ability will get the 50% next! The theme seems to be to strike right at the heart of a spec's playability, as when Combustion, Critical Mass, and Frost Bomb went on the chopping block. But really there is nothing left to cut in those specs! On the other hand Arcane has gotten off easy. Too easy! Therefore my prediction is Rune of Power. EDIT: We were all wrong the next nerf was another giant nerf to frost bomb. It only took 2 days for them to come out with that gem, so if you have new predictions you butter submit them fast, the next giant nerf is probably less than 48 hours away!Obfuscasious94 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 PvP vs Monks (advice?) So I have been finding monks to be increasingly annoying in PvP whenever I BG. I can't get away from them and subsequently cant get away from their cluster of BG team-mates. This has become increasingly frustrating as a ranged cloth class because I can't get away to avoid being blown up. Not only that but they usually have a second healer monk who just will not die. I know they are the new class so it's probably just something that I have yet to learn...but geez. Anyone have any tips/strategies or anything that they have found that works well vs Monks in PvP? Please share your experience so I can try it out and not have to worry that monk = rez timer.Icerayne3 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Should I use Blizzard ever? I've been leveling as Frost lately. When it comes to AoE, I've generally been casting Flamestrike, and if Frozen Orb is off cc then I cast that and spam Lances. However, Orb has a 60s cd, so there are often times where there are still multiple mobs but no Orb to rip them apart. Is it ever worth it to cast Blizzard? Also, I'm close to hitting 75 and getting my bomb, so I assume things change then. Once I have it, should Blizzard just be thrown to the side, or is there a certain number of enemies that makes it worthwhile casting?Vocalyze10 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Tips for Frost PVP Hey all, (TL:DR at bottom) So I dinged 90 a couple of days ago and originally I was pvping as fire. 85-89 I felt competitive and outside of the lvl 89's still in full cata pvp gear, I felt I could take most people on with a good chance. Now however I've made the switch to Frost (last night, as of writing this), and I have never played frost before in my life. I've pvped as Spriests, warriors, hunters and DK's with a degree of success (personal enjoyment; scoring well in bg's, etc, nothing like rating though), but never a frost mage - and it really, really shows. I suck. Badly. I get the idea to lock people into freezes for the shatter burst combos, but whenever I'm pvping people are always getting out of them or my snares are on cooldown or I've got a bunch of horde in my face and it's so frantic trying to do anything as my health (boosted by currently !@#$ty gear) is dropping faster than the fat man that sat down too fast. Or my initial burst doesn't kill them and they're back in my face or, in the case of healers, they heal themselves back up happily. (even with a CS silencing them) Needless to say, pvp currently isn't friendly to someone just learning the ropes of a new spec in contenders gear. Like with one warrior I got a chance to unleash all my quick bursts on him, the frostbolt, frostbomb, icelance then instant frostfire bolt etc, it took away about 1/4 of his health before he was back to showing me what the sharp end of a kebab knife feels like. TL:DR: So, how do you (the reader) pvp as a frost mage? How do you go about it? How do you go about 1v1'ing people, like what's your process etc etc any advice that can be given will be of great help.Lhexus2 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Quickest way to ilvl? Hello all! I'm currently stuck at 463 trying to get to 470 for the upper level raids. I tend to pull my weight in the ilvl 460 raids (but they're really not that challenging in LFR anyways). I've been doing them for the past few weeks and have gotten squat. I usually roll double on the Will of the Emperor for the chance at the headpiece and neck but, like I said, have had no luck. I've been working on the rep. grind for Golden Lotus and the Klaxxi but it will take a long time for GL to kick in...not so much for the Klaxxi. Is there anything I'm missing? I've been running H: Scholo for the chance at the epic staff drop but, like the first Scholo staff, it seems to have an abysmal drop rate. I desperately want a new weapon. :\ Any suggestions on what to do?Hakuren8 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Combustion dmg I was just curious for all the mages out there. That is fire spec of course. I have addon that lets me set what i want the total dmg for combustion to be. So I can set it for 200k and it will let me know when i reach that point. But I am not sure if that is a really "great" number. Well my ilvl is 478. Can any mage let me know what my combustion damage should total?Calebra0 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Non endgame guides/reference for lowbie mages Hello, I have been playing on my sisters account since she no longer plays wow anymore. I have started running this mage in dungeons and there is an addon that my sister has that lets me know where my dps is at compared to other people when I am in a dungeon, hopefully you are familiar with these. This meter thing is a huge downer lol as I was thinking I was able to do alright against bad guys. I noticed by the time the dungeon is over I am consistently behind by atleast 100k in total damage and by atleast 200 dps if I am reading the meter thing properly. This basically has me thinking that I could be doing something very wrong. I asked my sister about it and she said she would be of no help as she has never played a mage and I should check out the forums. So I ask you the more experienced mages in the community what kind of pointers can you pass down to us lowbie mages? Can you shed some insight to an inspiring mage? I don't know what kind of info that you would need from me to possibly help me out but I would be willing to answer what ever I can if it were to help you help me. I am by no means a theorycrafting/numbers person so directing me to a place that tells me values of this and that are of no help to me. I am more or less looking for a beginners guide to being a better mage type of thing. I appreciate the help if you feel the need to help a beginner.Sciuto7 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 How would you redesign frost mastery I've heard from a lot of mages (Xiun) in this forum that Frost Mastery is what needs to be looked at after the many nerfs mages have got this expansion. So how would you guys design frost mastery to make it better in PvE and more fair/fun in PvP? I guess i'l start with my idea Water elemental damage and frostbolt damage increased by X% Frost bolt increased chance of proccing FoF Your turnSuntimehappy9 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 RiP Scorch Cause really who's going to use it now?Lamiai24 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 So Water Elemental in raiding? ... Seeing how you CAN'T freeze bosses.....Rayo57 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Shield Macro Hello, I was trying to create a key bind where I could press F12 and it would cast my Ice Barrier, and then I click it again and it would cast Mana Shield. Then once Mana Shield cool down ran out I could cast it again. I tried a sequence macro and that didn't work because it would cast IB then MS and then it would get stuck on IB since the cool down was not up. Is there a way to get around this problem? Or will I have to use two different key binds for it?Naton15 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 mage hunter mage hunter 2's comp possible to reach 2k? or is this just a bad comp?Hottnfrosty0 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Does Anyone else Find Water Elmental Annoying Honestly I enjoy frost, but haveing a pet follow me all the time is annoying. Especially when it makes a sound that makes me need to pee. And just having this big water blob follow me is just well annoying. *Suggestion* Give us the option. Maybe like warlocks have grimoir of sacrifice,...we could have something similar that gives up the elemental for a % damage increase. I like to feel like a pets needed. Please.Eriyk8 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 MAGES ARE DONE ?? Hey Mages Are all three specs of Mages pretty much dying off next patch ? I mean where is the light after the tunnel ? cause all i have come across are dead Mages along the way or abandoned Mages. Blizz .......Nokiaa26 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 13, 2013 Why is my mage so weak Ok, I'm running my DK thru Scarlet Monastery(H) and there is an Arcane mage in the group. I have recount turned on, and I am blown away by this mage's damage, especially Arcane Blast (AB). Recount shows AB used 44 times: 33 hit, 11 crit. The hit minimum is 73,055, avg is 137,986, max is 226,158. The crit minimum is 104,848, avg is 232,622, max is 394,455. This grouped arcane mage has an ilvl of 487, my mage ilvl 483; grouped mage int 15,566, my mage 15,245; grouped mage sp 22,243, my mage 21,048. So as you can see these mages are not that far appart in stats. However, there is a huge difference in AB damage from the grouped mage and my arcane mage. I can not understand this difference. For example, my mage's Arcane Blast shows an unbuffed, initial damage of 27,145 in the tooltip and this is what I get on my 1st AB to a target dummy. With Arcane Brillance the tooltip damage increases to 29,805. I then buffed my mage with Potent of the Jade Serpent which increases Int by 4,000 for 25 seconds. The tooltip then showed the minimum damage had increased to 35,579. This is not even close to the grouped mage's minimum damage of 73,055 which is double what my mage can achieve. Also the other recount number for average, maximum and crits appear to be way out of my mage's reach, or so I believe? Can someone please explain to me how I might even get close to that mage's recount numbers. If you need more stat information, I will be glad to post it.Gabríel11 Jan 13, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Idea for Rune of Power. Would this be too over powered? Keep the same buff it offers, but reduce the casting time to 0 making it instant cast. rune of power is planted at the feet of the caster. Reduce the number of runes to 1. Maybe take it off GCD.Roxxùs11 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Mage Reforging/Regemming Costs - Normalize? Hi Mage Board. This is a topic I'm thinking about taking to the 5.2 PTR discussion board, but I wanted to get some perspective from my own class first. -Right now, reforging costs around 400g each time for me -I also have to change out 12 gems in my gear to go from Fire -> Arcane, each gem being around 30-50g. So every time I respec on a fight, it's about 900g. Pretty hefty. Or is it just me? Looking forward to 5.2, I foresee more respecs as Frost gets a buff, so I could see myself using all 3 specs depending on the fight. Back in T11, I changed a lot between fights, but I didn't have to regem since Reds were the way to go. My fellow Mages, do you think the cost of reforging is prohibitively high? Should it perhaps be normalized to a certain gold price per piece? ie: 10g. It's going to keep going up as reforging is based directly off vendor cost. Not much we can do about the cost of gems, but I do think reforging needs a look. Thanks!Digerati8 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 LFR Tier versus higher ilvl I keep doing LFR in the hopes of getting the tier gear from it. Otherwise i dont need to do it. I thought the 2nd set bonus might be better than the higher ilvl gear i have on. I already have the 483 tier gloves which would replace my 489 gloves. Then i would need one more tier piece to get the 2nd set bonus. I would have to replace either my helm which is 496 or my chest which is 502. Is it worth it for the set bonus?Seledor0 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Total Noob trying to decide speciality I'm a total noob with a Level 11 Mage and trying to decide which specialization to choose: arcande, fire, or ice. I wanna kill lots of other players when i get up in levels, so what do you guys recommend?Saturyn9 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 mashing alter time causing it to end early I noticed many times whether it is my play style or my keyboard, I would cast alter time and end it a few milliseconds later because of my fingers mashing the button. Is there any macro or sticky key feature which can prevent this ?Blademagic11 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 What is good/fun lvling spec? I just started a mage and was curious what a good leveling spec would be. Thank you for any feedbackMagdalum2 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 PvP question... Making my first mage ever and was wondering which spec is best for pvp...Mostly just random bgs. Thanks! =)Impwarlord6 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Mage bomb "sound" addon? I am currently high level raiding, and want to maximize DPS. One thing is I sometimes forget to refresh bombs at the right time, just because so much stuff is going on, that apart from my arcane rotation, throwing in bombs at the right time is the one thing I need help with. Are there any addons that can make a sound to additionally help me to remind myself to refresh LB or NT? Something that makes a sound, not unlike DBM when you are in a void zone, or get a debuff. I currently have Mage Bomb Tracker and use Mage Nuggets, but they don't VERBALLY alert me, or make a SOUND, which is what I want. Does something like this exist? Thanks in advanced.Gudu2 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Replaces Blink. Blazing speed is down to 15second cooldown, HOORAY. but replaces blink... so... i can either keep blink, and free myself from stuns, and roots and instantly move... or... i can take blazing speed and only free myself from roots and snares, and move over time... this isnt the way to make blazing speed more appealing... if anything makes it much much much much less appealing.Jkspiritlink56 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Mages in Challenge Modes Looking for a thread, or site, that offers a bit of help for Mages in challenge modes. Google isn't really coming up with much and i'd like to know a bit more. Any help is appreciatedErockx7 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Mage Changes 5.2 : Deep Freeze Deep freeze has already been nerfed to quite a huge extent why make it break on any damage that benefits from shatter? This is really such a dumb change.. remove deep freeze from fire mages as it is completely broken they can 100k+ pyro 3x in a deep freeze.. frost mage NEEDS to be able to spam icelances into deeps to be able to kill anything / put out pressure and if it breaks instantly (after already been nerfed to 4seconds) it is almost completely useless SOOOO much hate on frost mages just cuz 1500 noobs dont know how to use their abilities. @ Cold snap change.. Thanks so much for making it include useless cone of cold.. and reducing heal by 15%.. Awful Change there was nothing wrong with it before. PS Atleast u fixed blood fear Its amazing frost mages are still getting nerfed yet Feral / Spriest / Enhance are not being touched at all.. Blizzard has no ideaShaun25 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Frost Mage 4 piece worth losing int? I can swap in the raid finder chest for a 4 piece bonus, gain more haste but lose a decent amount of intellect. Would the extra haste and bonus be worth it? Will replace the wrist piece with a tad more valor earning.Kammy1 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Say goodbye to scorchweaving arcane mages Just read the patch notes for 5.2 preview. scorch is now 3.5% base mana cost. Looks like frost bolt is getting a buff however. guess its time to start the respec to frost...Telthazar24 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 PTR Invo RoP Setting the mechanics aside for a moment, and ive tried both on the ptr, whatever they work. We are getting a damage nerf to arcane, wether you use scorch now, or clear your stacks. With RoP for certain. I need to do some more testing with the Invo change to see how much the reduced cast time compensates for the loss of the previous damage buff.  I assume its a wash which was likely their intention. I get the play style thing they want to achieve with RoP, but i dont buy that many will use it. Anyways rambling on. Point of the post is Arcane is getting a damage nerf no matter how you slice it, increased cost of AB, decreased mana regen of RoP, and im not seeing where they are getting the data that warrants this. Im back and forth with a couple people in my raid depending on the fight, way low on some, tops on others, also looking at random parses periodically from others im seeing the same thing. Nothing really ground breaking that points out a nerf is needed. I could be overlooking some things, or could just be a baddie, but if anyone else has some personal data from their own raids i'd be interested in hearing it. Thanks. Edit: im not a fire or frost person, but arent they also getting a nerf from Invocation since they only cast it at the required time? Meaning they are close to losing the full 10% minus the 2 extra casts you get from the channel duration.Batar2 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 12, 2013 Glyph of Frostfire Bolt Okay so I am currently leveling as fire, and this glyph seems too good to be true. It seems to make Frostfire Bolt have the same cast time and damage as fireball, but you get the bonus 40% snare. Is there anything I'm missing here?Capsule7 Jan 12, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 New New blazing speed change This build included a new version of Blazing Speed. We changed it from the previous build because we thought that it was too strong. This is definitely something we’re still iterating on for 5.2. The new version replaces Blink, but goes farther than Blink (and distance is variable instead of fixed), does not cost a GCD, and provides brief stun and root immunity, and is on a different spell school. Feedback from playing with it is very helpful. We realize that there is somewhat of a conflict here with the PvP Glove bonus, and will resolve that if needed.Ithkuil10 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Strange mage nerf on ptr i went to live and i saw that rune of power had a 75% mana regen increase from 100% and i didnt see this on the notes, anyone know anything about this?Syberius1 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Ok so I tried raiding Arcane Honestly I don't see how this spec is the best. Ill give you an example, I died in an encounter, it was in MV and it was the one before Elegon, and when I got rezed I had like 30% mana, and from that point on my dps faulted cause even with the rune of power and my mana gem it didn't go back quick enough. Hopefully with the new Evocation change it wil fix this. I also want to add that all the Mage specs focus on the RNG and I think this is bad, unless other classes focus on a RNG cause I only play this class and none other. Id add more but I gotta go to work.Ragnork42 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 (Frost) Alchemist Stone Trinket help I have the DMC trinket, but have not been lucky enough to get any other one from raiding. I have Zen Alchemist Stone (I can't find the upgraded code, but at 466: 871 mastery and 4689 int proc) and Blossom of Pure Snow right now. I have thought about buying the Static-Caster's Medallion, but I am not sure how the alchemist stone compares to it. I have read a lot of trinket lists, but the alchemist stone is not mentioned normally(if at all). I have done some simming and looked at website like: and both have the alchemist stone ahead of the other 2 I mentioned. If someone could please shine some light on this for me, I would appreciate it. I know little about theorycrafting and such, but an i-level 466 trinket being better than the 496 one seems wrong to me. Thanks for the help.Valabee4 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Arcane or Fire? Soi just tried out arcane in lfr and did not like it one bit. I've been trying to find a guild to start raiding with and didn't want to play spec I didn't like but at the same time I don't like playing a spec that has poor damage as I would like to be able to keep up during a boss and not be carried or can't down a boss cause of low dps. I like fire a lot but with the nerfs arcane is top. So what I was wondering is it ok to stay fire or am I forced to go to arcane or should I just re roll to something else cause I didn't have any fun with arcane during the lfr.Fuzza19 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 How can I not explode in Battlegrounds? Hey guys, I just hit 70 and decided to start trying out battlegrounds. My initial impressions have been confused, excited, and occasionally happy (followed swiftly by more confusion). I like the mode, but I could use a little help knowing how to play well. Any tips/pointers? My main problem seems to be that all the crowd control makes it nigh impossible to stay properly positioned; I'm getting grabbed, pushed, slowed, feared, and stunned all over the place. DK grabs and warrior/druid dashes seem to be giving me the most trouble. What do I do to prevent these, or what do I do once they occur?Vocalyze7 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Fire's RNG game stinks! I have an idea! I'm practically spitballing this, but I don't want folks to hold back on their opinions, and I'm sure there are good reasons this wouldn't work, but ever since WotLK, Fire has depended on crits to achieve its proper throughput, and for a time, that was neat. A lot of classes had RNG elements in their systems. Now, after two expansions, I feel like that's gotten less desirable and less enjoyable for me (also played Fury as a Warrior for a while, didn't enjoy it much for the same reason). I can't speak for a lot of folks. :V So! Idea! What if Fire had a passive (let's call it Hot Temper for now) that increased your crit chance by a small percentage every time you landed a direct-damage spell and didn't crit? It would end as soon as a direct damage effect critted a target, including Inferno Blast. The idea is that it would add inevitability to a crit over time for people down on their luck when it matters most. The buff wouldn't last long, probably expiring if no new stacks are added after five seconds, not that you can take it from one fight to the next unless you're really zipping. Aaaand that is my idea. \o/Atamynn8 Jan 11, 2013
Jan 11, 2013 Mages and their rotations I had no idea it'd be so.... Dull. Were we always like this? I've tried every spec and compared to any other class I've played, this is just boring. I could do it in my sleep. Any plans to implement some changes to make mage more fun to play?Shaisoo12 Jan 11, 2013