Dec 1, 2012 fire nerf hey blizzard look at the frost spec once why can i do just as much dps in pvp gear and pvp frost spec that i can with fire pve in pve gear... maybe you should have left fire alone and nerfed frost to some extent this is retarded how do you expect a mage to effectively crit now with how bad RNG can be and 50% to combustion thats like 15% of our total dmg in 1 boss fight GG raiding groups, start replacing all the mages now and get something newCartoonzs1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Out of proportion Nerf to Fire I am really pissed off with this nerf. I have experienced nerfs in the past and always adapted. But the last nerf to the fire spec is blatantly out of proportion. No wonder the whole mage community is condemning it. It does two things: First, It's a HUGE reduction of our damage. Can't believe Blizzard did so many changes in such a short period of time to the fire spec, initially changing the mechanic of combustion then nerfing both combustion and CM... They look stupid and totally unprofessional, improvising... Hey guys , have you tested this you morons! 2nd, it takes a lot of fun out of the fire spec. I swhitch to the fire spec in this expansion since Blizzard took off a lot of the RNG I disliked with the previous rotation by adding a way to more constantly crit with IB... Now they have us back to old style, standing there and spamming Fireballs waiting for a rare crit and hesitating to use combustion because we do not have enough CM to use it.. Implementing nerfs to both CM and Combustion at the same time is completely absurd and out of proportion and shows complete disrespect of players. The Blizzard people involved with this nerf have simply improvised and should be fired.Jacar3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Blizard destroyed the Fire Spec With the last Hotfix that was applied recently, Blizzard really destroyed the pleasure of playing Fire. Noticed a sharp drop in damage and combustion was really nerfed BIG time. I can't believe Blizzard could PLAY with a spec like that. So many changes in so little time. They look like amateurs. They don't give a damn about the players.Jacar3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Another Transmog thread So i have a question. I really like he look of the Mage Malevolent set but, I'm not that big a fan of the malevolent staff. Does anyone know a good staff i could transmog into that would match this set?Cosmickramer0 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 'Lock postin' in a Mage forum! :( I feel bad for you guys. What's worse is that Aff locks are undoubtedly next. It was fun.Ponpon3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Are Mages fun right now? I have an 85 Mage I'm thinking of leveling... and damage logs make Fire Mages seem like the only spec worth rolling as a DPS... and of course Frost Mages are the kings of PvP, no other class or spec compares currently... they're the best class in the game for raw power, by far... But... I'm not a FOTM guy. I need to have fun to play a class. And... to be honest... those level 90 talents look terribly annoying... especially Invocation, which seems to be the top pve damage output talent. Fully evocating every 40 seconds regardless of spec just seems terribly clunky and awkward and a boring mechanic. Are people enjoying playing right now? From a fun gameplay POV, not a "I'm top of the meter!" POV.Gremel26 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 5.1 and combustion This is silly the amount of damage I do with this spell now tonight on Empress I had a 123k combust rolling. Can we revert this spell back to what it was in 5.0.5. You buffed it to compensate for the Pyro nerf and than took out the pyro nerf and never "fixed" this. I say fixed because this spell before was really the only difference between a godmode damage mage and an average raid damage mage and now it's impossible as long as you have a pot rolling to get anything lower than 50k a tick if you try. For those of you who don't exactly know how to get this (even though mage is incredibly easy) Prepot start fight In my case wait for both trinkets to proc as well as a free pyro Hit PoM/Alter Time Pyro Pyro / Alter Time Pyro Pyro Where you combust is dependent on if your first pyro crit or not if it did cmobust after the third pyro, if it didn't combust after the fourth unless you wanna roll the dice and hope the last 3 do.Torkei68 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Thanks for obliterating the most boring class (Strictly referring to PvE here) No seriously, Blizzard. I thought our damage was justified because that's ALL we had. We didn't have some epic raid-cooldown other than Time Warp (which two other classes bring), no raid utility besides food (OMG FOOD THAT HELPS SO MUCH IN COMBAT!), ALL WE HAD WAS DAMAGE, on top of the worst L90 talent tier in the game. It just ruins the entire experience. Then you throw a 50% nerf to CM and Combustion (after you just tweaked Combustion, mind you) so that Mages will now be benched forevermore. So yeah, thanks for not only making Mages a really boring class in MoP, but then giving us damage and completely obliterating it.Pewpewblast4 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Why Blizzard? Why did you have to nerf Mages so hard? They were fine before. :/Vennik22 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Do I have to wait for the Pyroblast to hit? Before hitting Combustion on a string of Pyroblasts, do I have to wait for the last instant PYroblast to make contact with the enemy or just Combust after it is cast?Koviko2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Frost PvE dps trinket/dot question Should I use Nether Tempest and the raid finder Light of Cosmos or Frost Bomb and Flashfrozen Resin Globule?Silbunster1 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 I'm not a huge raider. actually if do 1 LFR per week thats big, but I've got nice gear, i know. sort of. The blue gems kill me.... have no idea what to put in them. I 've got so much reforging. I suppose. I guess the problem is idk what gems are out there... i could forgo the gem bonus, but its prob not in my best interest unfortunately wowgemfinder stopped updating at 4.2Pantyninja2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Soloing Black Temple Has anyone tried since 5.1? If so has anyone been successful? I'm trying to clear BT on my mage ATM and I am currently stuck at The Illidari Council. The problem is I just seem to die so quickly with everyone attacking me. I have the heal interrupt down so that isn't the problem (Unless my interrupt is on CD). I just cannot stay alive. If anyone can help I'd be grateful.Mushmöuth5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Cast random polymorph macro not working :c #showtooltip Polymorph /castrandom Polymorph(Turtle), Polymorph(Black Cat), Polymorph(Pig), Polymorph(Rabbit), Polymorph That's the macro I'm using and my polymorph doesn't cast random. It just casts sheep over and over and over forever and it makes me sad that I can't polymorph squirrels into random animals :c Anyone have a working /castrandom polymorph macro? Or is it just me?Aifen2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Greater Invisibility doesnt drop pet aggro? Hey, I know a lot of people say this is a terrible talent (and lets face it, it kind of is) but I got bored of cold snap and decided to mess around with it. I notice that it doesnt always drop pet aggro especially from another mages water elemental. Anyone else have this problem? You would kind of think they could get this work since its basically the same problem that plagued Vanish for so long =/Desolation8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Buy the PvP staff or MH/OH? I'm about to have enough conquest to purchase a weapon. MH/OH is usually better, but since I'm a casual and still gearing, I thinkin' I'm going to get the staff since it is half the price to upgrade. Is this bad logic? P.S. Should i upgrade said staff before purchasing other gear?Dabrenn3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Best weapon PvP before conquest one??? Best weapon PvP before conquest one??? (for mage)Banquito2 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Did Blizzard forget about you mages? Well 5.1 is here, yay. I don't want this thread to be a complaining thread; However I'm very disappointed in Mages. I do not know mechanics of Mages or what gear you need, but from I've noticed Mages do too much damage. On my pally I'm the off tank for a progression raid group and we have a Mage and he is the only one who ever pulls aggro off me on trash. I also do pvp as ret and I have an eley shammy as well. Now I really don't want to ask for much from blizzard, but the least I'd expect is for them not to let 1 class rule them all 1v1 or 1v3. Lets not discuss other classes in their lacking but rather why Mages can easily solo almost every class with merely 1 deep freeze and a silence. I also forgot to include that either blizzard nerf'd nearly every class in damage in 5.1. Some classes that did not get buffed in damage in my opinion did not need to do more damage with the appropriate gear.Chadbro18 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Hi Hi, I'm a she-male. Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Does Deep Freeze Still Do Damage? As the title says, in the past, it used to on people immune to freezes. Does it still?Cathom3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Good ignite tracker? Too lazy to search forums atm Suffice it to say Combustion Helper seems to have been swept under the rug since it's not reliable for me at all anymore. What other ignite trackers exist? I've been doing reasonably well without them but I like having the visual number usually.Shabayev10 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Spellsteal Redesign So, I've never played a mage, but I got tired of dwelling on the dismal state of Rogues and thought I'd spend some time looking at some other class issues. The Spellsteal changes leapt out at me as an awkward sledgehammer nerf to a skill that has made it very RNG reliant, rather than skill-based. What if Spellsteal, rather than costing a silly amount of mana, had a short cooldown (anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute, probably somewhere in the middle). Then, to remove the RNG nature of the spell, make it always steal the last buff added to the target. That way you a) know what you're stealing, and b) are reacting to your target's actions, rather than spamming and hoping. Granted, this would mean some spells could be protected (for example, a Warlock with a stealable aura could always recast a junk buff to protect their aura). However, you would also be much better at stealing quick offensive/defensive buffs like POM or a Paladin's bubble. It would essentially function as a counterspell for instant buffs. Anyway, feel free to reject it, since, as stated, I'm a Rogue with no Mage experience.Dak8 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 How to beat Healer 2s teams? As double frost mage. Might not be the most optimal comp, but it is just for cap/fun. Anyway, we simply cannot beat healer/dps teams. No matter the classes, any healer/dps team is very hard to beat for us. Tips?Mystora5 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Frost Bomb Stats Just a quick question - The 'modifiers' to frost bomb (e.g., spell power, etc.), are they factored in when it's cast, or when it explodes? That is, should I pop my trinket before I even cast it, or right before it goes off?Raventhor3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Jade Spirit - RPPM So I finally got my Wand from Elegon last night and threw Jade Spirit on before pulling Will. Mother Of God Procs: 47 Uptime: 350.6 sec, 62.3 % That calculates out to an average of 1027 Intellect and officially destroys Windsong in every way. I wish I had a larger sample size (will test more on Monday) but even if this is an outlier, the change to RPPM is very significant. On a side note, with a Pre-pot and all of my procs up it pushes to 40k Spell Power O_oMageski3 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Ice Barrier Nerf double dipped My Ice Barrier went from 96k to 63k (outside of PVP). That is way more than a 25% nerf. I'm guessing it was also scaling with the healing side of PVP Power, which was also nerfed (and rightly so). Ice Barrier also suffers from the 15% Healer debuff while in BGs/Arena/RBGs (When it really shouldn't). In BGs, Ice Barrier went from 84k to under 50k. This is a lower value than Ice Barrier had at level 85. Look, I'll be the first to say Ice Barrier was excessive. But it also seems that Blizz doesn't have a clue how nerfs add up exponentially. In all honesty, the nerf to PVP Power affecting healing was likely enough to bring Ice Barrier in line.Boomop23 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 Best spec choices for Challenge modes? I understand this choice will vary depending on the dungeon - but I guess I can explain my curiousity by asking; is arcane or frost particularly useful in some dungeons that fire is just not? I'm looking for PvE situations where fire is not optimal, I've been finding it a little dull lately and would like a change of pace. Would arcane or frost exceed fire in some Challenge modes? Which?Schmerlin11 Dec 1, 2012
Dec 1, 2012 DoTs and Hit Chance Just wanted to ask a question for clarification. Spell Hit Chance/Cap only applies to the initial casting of a spell, not it's DoT component correct? ie a DoT tick can't "miss" once applied. Just wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. Example: I could possibly miss a Living Bomb spell, but once applied no matter what my hit rating, all DoT ticks will count. Thanks.Ashfireburn1 Dec 1, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Nerf!! I use to play Pre-Cata and just started again. I miss the DPS of mages. Use to one of the best in games. What happened? !@#$ actually hits me now? Isn't the point of the mage to kill %^-* before it gets close? aka clothe gearCorcor1 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Replacing Ice Barrier I am feeling the nerf. I didn't think 25% would hurt as much as it does, but I'm feeling it in both PvE and PvP. In PvE, it still seems like the best choice because there's no way for you to spread out damage across 25 seconds, the cooldown of Temporal Shield. Also, Ice Barrier is still the only option that helps with casting knockback. But, for PvP, what option works best? Temporal Shield has the cool feature of basically nullifying any and all damage for 4 seconds, similar to Mistweaver's when stunlocked. Except, we don't have to be stunlocked. And our spell has a 25 second cooldown versus their passive which has a 10 second cooldown. I have tried using Temporal Shield before in Arena matches where we'd be facing Rogues and, every time they opened up on me, they were able to shave off 20% of my health before the Temporal Shield buff kicked in after spamming the button. Then, I'd move away after Garrote ran out, Nova the Rogue, and be ready to react to their cloak. Waiting for 4 seconds of their burst to heal back over 6 seconds feels like forever, but it's the only heal we've got so I'll try not to complain... What are the restrictions of this? The 6 second heal doesn't seem fast enough to not get you killed (since you don't have Ice Barrier to prevent further damage) and the 25 second CD seems just too long to prevent burst twice (since you don't have Blazing Speed to help build distance). And if you use Incanter's Ward at the same time as Temporal, does that essentially waste part of your Temporal? Also, can you die during your 4 seconds of Temporal Shield? Is our only option to deal with Warrior + DK burst to just use Ice Block and save the shield for... Well, I don't know what do. I've never beat a Warrior + DK comp before. Blazing Speed suffers the same 25 second cooldown of Temporal Shield, but seems like it'd work better since you can avoid damage instead of eating it and hoping you heal up faster than they can react. Plus, it helps build distance which is key when dealing with melee players. I have no tried it more than just quick testing, though. The idea of not having any damage mitigation is a bit scary with the amount of CC that melee characters have, now. Double death grip, double charge... But I digress. What are the restrictions of this? 25 seconds seems like a long time to wait for movement (Blink is a 15 second cooldown, so you'll be able to Blink almost twice as often) and it seems absolutely useless against ranged classes since the only way for them to be unable to attack you is for you to be unable to attack them. It doesn't prevent damage at all, meaning that no matter how fast I'm running, a Chaos Bolt can catch me. With this talent, is our only damage mitigation our Ice Block (or Incanter's Ward, which aborbs maybe one white attack)? And how far away can you get in the 1.5 seconds that Blazing Speed lasts? Can you be stunned during that time? Slowed? When it says it "suppresses movement slowing effects", does that mean that the effects persist, they just don't apply for 1.5 seconds? And does it suppress movement preventing effects (stuns) or only slowing? And it says it can be casted while casting something. If you are casting any spell that you cannot move while casting, will this waste the Blazing Speed if you don't interrupt your cast to move?Koviko26 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Fishing big ignites Sup guys, just wondering whats your strat for getting huge ignites, any tip is appreciated, i seem to get only up to 50k with my current gear. Thanks in advance.Crazymahi0 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Fire Mage Trink Choice The trinket from Dominance Offensive at Revered- I assume this will come out as higher throughput than the Relic of Yu'lon? Or would getting both upgrades for the Relic end up making it the preferred choice still?Zuchen3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 frost mage pvp Hi guys So recently I've dust off my frost mage that has been sat for months and hit 90 to do some pvps and almost every bg I went in ppl focus me like mad mans dk/war/hunter/spriest/etc etc, its like kill on sight and because of the ice barrier/cone of ice nerf I found myself pretty hard to get away in 1 vs 2+ situation and end up dead. do anyone else feel the same way? I feel like because of the pvp nerf every class is trying to r me as many times as possible before any other patch comes outVánagandr9 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Help me out? I see other mages of pretty much the same spec and gear level pull and sustain much higher DPS than I do, even on fights that require a substantial amount of movement. Please help. I don't like being low on DPS. It's not beneficial to anyone.Lunâsia14 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mage PvP Professions Hey guys. I'm having the toughest time deciding on what professions would be best for Mage PvP. Most of the time I plan on doing 3v3 and RBGs. Some people tell me Enchanting/Tailoring. Other people are telling me BS/Engineering as well as a combination of other professions. I honestly cannot make up my mind at all and would appreciate your assistance/input. Thanks!Panic4 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 combust is useless for 3 lvls now? uh what? i get combustion at lvl 77 but i dont get ignite til 80. so from 77-80 my combustion is useless with the new patch? is this what im reading? obviously i dont know for sure yet i havent hit 77. just asking someone to confirm or deny this for meBakaryu6 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mage or Lock Guys, i want to be a dwarf i see so little of them and they are just awesome... I'm stuck between lock or mage and was wondering on your opinion. Also if you could recommend me a server with a good amount of allies (hopefully horde:alliance ratio balanced) that aren't children like my first server, Andorhal.Florexie7 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mages just aren't fun anymore <- This guy has been my main (and my favorite) character since I created him in Vanilla. It's always been fun to play a mage even though we're squishy. Up until now that is. Now before I get a bunch of people flaming me, hear me out. I know I don't have good gear; I'm working on it. That being said, it's just not fun anymore. I don't PvP on this toon much, so I'm strictly speaking of PvE here, but my DPS sucks.. **sucks**. I find it amazing that every item I'm wearing is a higher iLvl than anything I had in Cata (of course), but at level 90 my DPS is lower than it was at 85 in Cata.. LOWER! I tried switching from Arcane back to Fire again, but that didn't help; my DPS still sucks. On top of being squishy and having my DPS suddenly start sucking, the latest patch SERIOUSLY nerfed Ice Barrier... Yeah, there ya go Blizz.. Smart move there.. Make squishies even squishier.. I don't need any flaming on this post, okay? This is just a vent/rant from a long-time player who has always loved playing a mage until MoP. Does anyone have anything constructive to say about this? Has spell rotation changed? Have mages become crappy across the board, or am I missing something? (Probably me, I know)... Should I concentrate on my lock or priest as my main rDPS now? Should I forget about casters and just play my rogue? ~Just a frustrated long-time player..Tauvudd27 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Afraid of casters? I am, by no means, a great mage. I'd like to think i'm decent, but far from being considered "good". With that being said, I am terrified of other casters, ele shams in particular. I feel like they outplay me extremely well. What do.Postcard7 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Deep freeze and Diminishing Returns As a "controlled stun" does deepfreeze share DR with controlled stuns from other players? I've noticed that sometimes my deeps only last 2-3 seconds, and not because they're dispelled. Let's say a druid mighty bashes a target right right before I switch to that target and deep it, is this the cause? Or if I deep a guy right after a warrior charges the target, did I just blow my main burst phase for a single icelance?Crystalah10 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Best choices, and other unrelated nonsense I want to get into LFR fast, and I'm down to the wire (456 ilvl), but I'm not sure what what I should go to get the most ilvls the fastest, I'm working on a trinket (On a side note, I hate OS rollers, stealing my last needed trinket :c), but other than that, does anyone know the eaiest of my 450, or below, ilvl items would be easiest to replace? On another side note, completely unrelated to this topic... mages need more good transmogs :c We have tirisfal, t11, and MAYBE what I'm using (others you think are good, not including the challenge mode one)... Personally I like it cause I got this staff cheap and it went well :)Obruo3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mage PvE Professions Engi vs Tailoring Im looking to get out of Jewelcrafting, since usually Jewelcrafters get the shaft when the final tier of gems come out, and the benefit of our JC-only gems begins to offer us less of a stat increase over other professions. I would like to choose between Engineering for the Synapse Springs, and Tailoring for the Lightweave Embroidery. Engineering has long been thought to be the "PvP profession", but it obviously offers some decent PvE capabilities as well. I was leaning towards Synapse Springs because it is on use, which would allow me to better line it up with my Combustion bursts. However, the CD is 1 minute, and the proc is 1920 Intellect. Lightweave is appartently on a 45 second ICD (confirm?) and offers 2000 Intellect. Assuming the proc chance on Lightweave will trigger before 15 seconds, would it not offer the higher average Intellect increase over Synapse Springs? I also heard that Synapse Springs can not be triggered with other On Use trinkets (confirm?). That is a big sticking point with me, as my goal would obviously be to stack as much burst into my Combustions as possible. What are your thoughts and experiences? Provide math if you would like. That would be more helpful than just "I use lightweave and it procs all the time!" Also, do any PvE Mages find the other tools of Engineering helpful in raid encounters?Cremate1 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Fire Mage Raiding Stream 8-11 Hey guys, just plugging my 10 man raid of MSV tonight. Nothing to high skill. If you you're a new player with mage questions feel free to drop them ill be answering questions in chatMijalol3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Growing Gap: Frost Concerns before 5.1 I posted this on MMO-Champion for additional discussion. I'm hoping for this to get to developers: I'm more and more concerned with each passing parse that Frost isn't scaling well enough. Echoes of Dragon Soul all over again. Frost really was viable in Tier 12, but then scaling killed it in Tier 13. I don't think this is necessarily a frost vs. fire thread, more of a frost vs. frost thread. I don't claim to be the best player in the world, but probably top 1%. I'm pushing the limits of frost as best I can in every fight right now (much to my guild's chagrin), and I'm finding on every fight I would be better off fire. This is concerning me. In the first week of Mogu'shan when people were wearing a lot of blues, my frost numbers were exceeding most fire mages on World of Logs. So let's look at aggregate numbers over time (data from World of Logs): All DPS numbers are median DPS scores from all players of the spec listed submitted to WoL. Stone Guard 25H October 25th: Frost DPS @ 127198.5/ Fire DPS @ 186551 November 4th: Frost DPS @ 149517 / Fire DPS @ 218040.5 November 12th: Frost DPS @ 144261 / Fire DPS @ 238016.5 The difference between Frost & Fire at the start was 59352.5, progressed to 68523.5, and most recently the gap has widened to 93755.5 dps difference between the two. Frost is beginning to look less viable and more like Dragon Soul numbers, but this extreme gap is likely due to DoT spreading. Feng the Accursed 25H October 25th: Frost DPS @ 77436 / Fire DPS @ 88450 November 4th: Frost DPS @ 77365 / Fire DPS @ 93675.5 November 12th: Frost DPS @ 80662 / Fire DPS @ 103494 Difference for this single-target (mostly, small adds are up briefly in one of the phases), starts at just a 11014 DPS difference on October 25th, progresses to a 16310.5 gap, and now more recently is at a 22832 DPS gap, with a major advantage to fire, on a completely different style of fight. Fire mechanics allow for DPS uptime to remain higher during epicenters, but overall despite what simcraft once said, there is no evidence to suggest frost dominance in single target. And it's getting worse. Bugs don't like fire: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 25N November 5th: Frost DPS @ 58450 / Fire DPS @ 80305 November 12th: Frost DPS @ 66383.5 / Fire DPS @ 88217 Gap goes from 21855 on the first week, and decreases to 21833.5. This fight remains consistent, though a 22k dps gap between specs is rather high, no? Remember, this is a median. Unless there are tons of really horrid frost mages dragging the rest of us down, that's quite a gap. To investigate this fight further I'll use my own numbers: I'm able to push out World #29: 67326 dps. That's a bit higher than the median. Modoshi is the curve killer, he managed to do 96096 dps, score one for frost! However, our hard work isn't paying off, top fire DPS is Cimsta @ 106597, over 10k higher than the best frost mage. Thing is, Modoshi's DPS, if it were placed on the fire mage chart, would be down at #13. Not bad you say? Well, Modoshi is a one-off. Next highest frost mage is Eliron at 83231, still a lot higher than my own parse of 67326. If Eliron and I were on the fire chart, he would be #90, and I would be cutting myself at #221, I've never been that low. So there are many more fire mages able to consistently be much higher than the top fire mages. Garalon 25N November 5th: Frost DPS @ 71974 / Fire DPS @ 108095 November 12th: Frost DPS @ 70367 / Fire DPS @ 123880 Gap went from 36121, fire > frost all the way up to 53513. An 18k dps increase over one week across all median DPS! Fire is pulling ahead at an incredible rate. One more, then I have to get back to work: Amber-Shaper Un'sok 25N November 5th: Frost DPS @ 119384 / Fire DPS @ 160991 November 12th: Frost DPS @ 133332 / Fire DPS @ 194731.5 Gap went from 41607, fire > frost all the way up to 61399.5. In conclusion, for now, I think that these numbers are astounding. This gap is unbelievable. I do not think frost is too low because when I compare myself to other DPS classes, I feel pretty good. Then when I analyze my numbers versus fire-- I just feel like as time goes on it's going to be moving further and further back into Dragon Soul misery, where if you're not throwing fireballs, reroll. I'm really pushing to be the frost mage this tier, the one that proves it is possible. But from the looks of it, I'm really afraid as I get into Heroic 25M HoF & Terrace, frost is going to fall apart entirely. I really would like it if this data can be commented on by blues, or that the MMO/WoW community can add more information to it. The pressure is really building. Mage will soon just be one spec. :(Akraen56 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Frost mage PVE in MOP Ok, I need some real data on this subject. Are frost mages going to be competative in raiding. Fire is going to be very strong again, and arcane doesn't looks as good. So can frist keep up or even surpass fire. Anyone have real data from playing the PTR enough. From what i am seeing it looks like frost finally has a chance.Outbreak17 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Fresh 90. PvP weapon before conquest? Running a 429 green that makes me kinda sad. Any suggestions of a weapon to fill the slot until 7250?Kazuka5 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Trinket I was wondering if I should use my valor for Blossom of Pure Snow or should I get something else?Jamdór6 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Mana I've been slowly leveling this guy and have noticed that while leveling I use absolutely no mana. "What I mean by no mana is my mana bar literally never goes down". Does this change at 90 or do mages no longer worry about mana?Dreadlly3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Upgrade Weapon or trinket?? Hey guys, I'm wondering if I should upgrade my weapon or trinket with my current valor. Here is the difference in stats: The only thing is, the trinket doesn't show a proc upgrade, but I've heard that the proc does get upgraded. It is possible that I will replace this weapon soon with the sword, but I may have the trinket for a while, not sure... Let me know what you think please.Parnstor3 Nov 30, 2012
Nov 30, 2012 Pvp gear help Quick question for the pvp savvy. I nearly have enough conquest points for the pvp helm but am I better off using them somewhere else and keeping my engi helm?Surprisesecs0 Nov 30, 2012