Nov 3, 2012 Frost Bomb + Reflect abilities PvP issues Tonight I experienced two instances where frost bombs reflected off Hunters. The two bombs crits for 150k and 170k. Frost bombs cast by enemy mages normally crit at around 60k - 90k on me. In neither case did I have any debuffs that might have increased frost bomb damage.Jamlielle2 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 arcane pvp instant/moving casts. Should I spec into scorch or is the dps from instant ice lance comparable? I know neither are my main builder/nuke. The other 2 options (Ice Floes and Presence of Mind) don't jump out at me. Keep in mind I'm casual, and I doubt I ever do arena or an RBG. Thanks!Inveigh10 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 How are frost mages in MoP? Want to know if its worth making one or notAzazér8 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 Frostfire Bolt leveling Hi, I'm currently leveling my mage as frost and I was wondering if Frostfire Bolt was any good to use, or if I should switch back Frostbolt. I have it glyphed currently so the cast time difference is about .25 and FFB does more damage.Valkyrria8 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 PvP Weapons - Staff vs Mh/Oh Which is better? I see all the top players using Mh/Oh over Staff, but wondering if there is any difference. Preference wise I'd rather use Staff but not if it's weaker...Trymea11 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 3, 2012 When do you combust? I use magenugget, (great addon) and it gives me a nice little ignite meter, telling me what my ignite and pyro has added up too. I usually use combustion when it hits over 20k. Is that around average, or should I wait until it hits a higher mark? Just fyi I have combustion glyphed.Meliannit7 Nov 3, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Problems maintaining Invocation dmg buff I try to remember to keep it up all the time but sometimes the fights get real heavy then i keep dpsing only to realize it dropped off 2 mins ago and my dps is suffering due to it.... Does anyone know a good addon that can tell me when its about to or when it falls off Much AppreciatedDeäthwish2 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Ghost crawler is Mage Bias? First these lovely level 90 talents.. now a 3 sec CD on pyro that greatly effects PvE mechanics ( I tested it on PTR Mr. Crawler and at 20% crit mage I still get to many clashes with CD's) You want my mage you can keep it, I will go find another MMO for the next 2 years as I did in Cataclysm You need a better less lazy system of balancing PvE and PvP talents till than I am done I will wait for 6.0 and try againCraftsman17 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 PvP guild The Undesirables is looking for dedicated PvPers for RBGs we are recruiting anyone who loves to PvP. We are at a CR of 1700 looking to push to 2400 before the season ends! Requirements: Skype is a big must for our RBGs. Communication is key cant stress it enough. Don't have a horrible microphone. Know how use cool-downs effectively. Also know how to play your class -Basic Info- Alliance Guild Server: Kil'jaeden Rated Battle Ground Schedule: We want to aim for 4pm-8pm PSTÀzriel1 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 I need help I tried LFR for the first time yesterday. I admit, I'm still getting used to and learning the changes to the pve frost mage play style. I also had never done these fights before. In dungeons and questing, I've been doing quite well; great dps and damage. I did fine with the first three bosses in LFR. My dps was suffering a bit, though. I was using my first frost spec as I'm most comfortable with it. Everyone left after the first three bosses, so I left too. I then decided I wanted to try the last three bosses, so I Q'd again. I got in on the last boss Qin-xi. Seems the group had wiped many times before I came in. My lag was so bad that when I pressed a button nothing happened immediately. I would press it again. It was like these huge delays on spells after pressing the buttons. I don't know if that was the issue, L2P was the issue, or a need to reforge, change talents or glyphs was the issue. But, I need help. My DPS was awful. I mean really awful. So anyway, we wiped. I was called out as being bad DPS, and one wanted to vote kick me. The best dps then said OK, and left on my behalf. That was really nice of him. At which point I told them it wasn't necessary to vote kick if I was the sole problem, and I left. Ignoring the 3 pieces of pvp gear I have on (as I will change those out as soon as I get better pve gear to fill those slots), do you see any reforge, enchanting, or gemming problems on the rest of my gear? (I play mastery still in pvp so hate to change those 3 pieces of pvp gear). What about my two frost talent trees? (The first is what I use in pvp and am comfortable with; the second I keep changing as I just don't know.) Yes, I still am practicing and learning the second frost tree and keep changing it up. I'm still trying to learn how to play a haste frost mage. Again, I should have been putting out alot more dps in this gear. Still not sure if it was the horrible lag, L2P issues, or other issues or a combination. I haven't had these problems in heroics or anything, so not sure what's up with it. I could really use your analysis and constructive criticism and help. Thank you! Edit for spelling/typosMagdasearu11 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Looking for Fire Mage themed xmog.. First time playing Fire, and all my mog sets scream Arcane. The S12 CP gear is red, but it'll be a while before I collect it all. Any suggestions?Knann9 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Need help with this guy's dps. Hello fellow mages, bear with me as english is not my first language! This week we had some problems and a couple of <15m wipes on Elegon, of course we derped a lot of times but I'm sure you all know that numbers can't lie and are often the reason to blame. But what stood out for me is the dps of our mage, he did 60k dps on stoneguard (the WoL that I'll be linking has all the fights this week) yet on elegon he did only 63k? What is he doing wrong? I checked the uptime on touch of the titans (the ring buff) and he has 74% uptime. Here is the log: And if you guys have any tips for me (or anyone in the raid) please post them here, we'll be starting hardmodes soon and I believe we have too much to improve. Thanks in advance.Pearlyk4 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Int over PvP power for PvP?? I just watched Cartoonz's frost mage gemming tutorial and I'm kind of at loss. I thought PvP power was ''THE'' most powerful stat for PvP dmg. It seems he suggests to go for mastery over PvP power and for the red slots he says to go for the int gem o_O. Is this accurate for sure? I have mining/herbalism on my mage. Was thinking of dropping one for BS for the PvP power sockets but I really hate lvling BS (just did it for my 90 warrior) and if Int is better, I might as well go with JC instead to get epic reds?Neosoul15 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Gems!!! I need some suggestions on good gems. I'm looking for some with good crit ratings. Any help would be greatly appreciated or any suggestions. Thanks!!!Blinkinout6 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Weapon enchants I like the cosmetic look of staves, and my beef is with the stats/enchant of staves vs MH/OH. I wish staves had the ability to be granted 2 enchants rather than one since with the MH/OH combo they receive 2 enchants thus making it the better choice DPS wise. Does anyone else feel the same way about this or do you think it should be the same as its always been? If we cant have 2 enchants on staves then why can't blizz increase stats on staves to compensate the int enchant to OH. I know I've seen this debate in previous expansions I just though MOP needed another one :D I love you all!Alameek10 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 do not make poly and deepfreeze DR dear blizzard, all the nerfs for mages since the start. it was somewhat manageable for me(personally). it doesnt effect the mechanism of the mage game play. however, if you are planning on making poly and deepfreeze to share diminishing returns. thats a huge mistake. you are not actually nerfing our CC abilities. the only thing you are changing is that to force mages to train a target to death. because swapping targets becomes almost impossible on a sheeped target with deepfreeze. for example, someone is already sheeped 1/2 times and now he knows he wont get swapped on with deepfreeze because the DR is alrdy on him. positioning becomes less important. lower the dmg or add CDs on sheep or increase CD on deep freeze to 40 seconds. whatever. but poly and deepfreeze can not share DR.Furryfurry2 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Best/Coolest Looking Mage Sets? I really like the tier 5 because of how dark it is. When I hit 90, I'll be getting it for transmog for sure. I am interested in knowing what everyone else thinks and what they like to see as well! Any input is appreciated,, thanks all!Ollivardo0 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 What race mage ? Hey guys, I was wondering what race to make for a mage. I already have a troll mage so was thinking of something different. I was thinking between pandaren/ goblin/ and undead but preferably the first two. What are your guys thoughts? ThanksBelål13 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Put MOP ports where they go please. My MOP port and portal show up in my general spellbook instead of under the tabs for ALL THE OTHER ports. Shouldnt they all be together?Gargus9 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 2hand vs. 1hand weapons Am I missing some appeal to 2handed staves? With equal ilvl and no legendary type perks, staves typically have equal or lesser states than a wand+off-hand, but the off-hand has the option to get a second enchant (and about +180 more intellect because of it). Am I missing some perk?Spald13 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Arrow to the Knee I've mained a Mage since WoTLK around ULD -> Now. First thing I must state is that I feel we are weakers now in both PVE and PVP than we have been in years. Also our talents we have gotten are lame remakes of other classes abilities. Alter time is.... less than satisfiying, maybe it if refreshed CDS it would be cool, but its hardly even a dps increase, while other classes get amazing new abilities like Shammies shapeshifting into uber awesome dps gods, and warriors avatar... we got a frost bomb.... yay? In regards to the 5.1 patch notes, you make me not even want to bother trying to play my mage now. You took LB off combustion dmg, now pyro, even when pyro has a 3 sec cd? Not like it wasn't hard enough with the slow missle speeds we have to stacks a decent ignite/combust. I also don't understand the frost nerfs as Fbomb already takes forever to go off and is dispelable with zero consequences for doing so, and not to mention ITS A HARD CAST THAT CAN BE INTERUPTED. Take away our burst, our survivability, increase mana costs, what do mages really have at that point? We have zero unique abilities now.Watergirl4 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 So, what is your single target DPS? I jacked up my crit on this toon at level 84 and did a bunch of BGs. Basically, I paved over everything, having a game where I got 103 killing blows and 3 deaths. My single target DPS on an 85 dummy was 34k. With a druid buff and a crit elixir, it went up to 41k, sustained. So, without all these jacked up multipliers and a requirement for hit chance, what are you guys doing at 90 for single target DPS, and in which specs? I'm certain I've been spoiled by having tasted a 54% crit chance.Krenfused21 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 Which spec is ... Guys can you tell me if mage dps is viable right now? How are they looking atm? Im planning to roll mage as my first range class :) which is overall good in dps and leveling? TyShikios2 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 2, 2012 I'm back! But... what happened to this class? Life's been crazy and exciting for the past 9 or so months, but as winter approaches and I'm looking for a way to waste some time, thought I might mess around in arenas, and try to find a particularly fun, and hopefully somewhat effective, arena comp to play. I've played Warrior/Mage/Druid since season 3 with awesome/famous people like Saris, Dahis, Hoodrych, Velsus, etc., and it's always been one of the most fun comps to geek out on. Figured now's a good time to try it again! That said... what happened to this class since I've been gone?! It seems like the majority of the mechanics that separate the good from the exceptional have vanished. Armor swapping, the necessity of casted CC, cooldown management (coldsnap neutered) are mostly absent. I like that there's a fair amount of glyph variety at the moment (DF, Poly, FB, Armors, Ice Block are all solid options in a variety of combinations) but the playstyle is all exactly the same and appears to center around frost bomb burst. We're obviously early in the expansion, but the last time I played was season 10-ish and the class feels exactly the same, minus a lot of the juicy bits of flavor that made it fun to play. The small, unexpected bits of min-maxing that was possible to eek out a little bit more damage or control in unexpected ways. There's still some things people don't seem to be doing that I want to learn and execute (double shatter frost novas from 36+ yards with FB+FB+IL when bomb explodes, anyone?), but those opportunities seem few and far between. Whether this means a brief return due to disappointment, or the exploration of a new class, we'll see... but good to see a few familiar faces to explore with :)Affx15 Nov 2, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Looking for advice with PvP Looking for tips on improving my stats, enchants, gems ect ! Obvs you can tell I PvP so just looking for any kind of tips. Thanks in advanced !Dopemagic7 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 PvE vs PvP question? I am a developer and just had a thought on how to fix the main problem of pve vs pvp nerfs etc. but not sure if this can really be done or if it is even a good idea so wanted to hear thoughts on this and see if it is even possible. PvP players complain a lot more than pve people about nerfing others. PvE people only complain once the nerf happens because it effects us in PvE. So since they have different gear already, why couldn't they add pvp talents along with changing the skills to suit more for pvp. For example the Pyro that was to be nerfed. Why couldn't once you entered a rated bg or teams or just a plain ole bg that then the Pyro gets the 3 sec nerf? Not saying it should just using it as an example. Since all these pvp things are instanced anyways I don't see why they can nerf things that will only effect pvp once you zone in. Like CD's on such and such that will be long for pvp but not be that long for PvE. I guess I don't understand why that isn't possible or if it is would that be a good idea. Same would go with damage. If they needed to decrease dmg for a certain skill then once they zone in to pvp it takes effect. Hopefully this makes sense and if this is a horrible idea or been said before I apologize.Bojangle4 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Death combo So what's the deadly frost combo I've heard about where you burst the most damage in an ideal world for pvp?Cowboydav4 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 @mages Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 problems with combustion I use a macro with Presence of Mind and Alter Time so i can sometimes shoot 5-6 Pyroblasts in a row and yet the combustion damage ends up being only like 15k a second and that is with multiple crits aswell. Now this happens quite frequently but other times I can get it to go up as high as 45-50k a second, I am not quite sure what is causing this inconsistency, could someone shed some light on what is happening or what I might be doing wrong? #showtooltip Alter Time /Cast Presence of Mind /Cast Alter TimeForsaken4 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Let us name our water elementals!!! While ur changing some abilities of our little idiots, why not allow us to name them too! :)Rycidious6 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Brain Freeze In my spell book, it says that i obtain brain freeze at level 77. I just hit level 75, and I picked up frost bomb. I noticed that when I use fire blast(glyphed), and when it detonates the bomb, I get a brain freeze proc. Is this supposed to be happening?Davebert6 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 All mages 100K mana, SAME Spells=BORING WHY did Blizzard change all Mages to the SAME 100K mana pool almost regardless of equipment/higher level? If it fixed a problem, it sure makes it BORING, a bunch of Sames running around, pew, pew. This goes against all sensible theorycraft on a used to make SENSE: Least experienced mage with worst equipment had lowest mana pool. Get more experienced, level up, better equipment = MORE MANA = MORE power, logical progression, NO artificial cap at an ARBITRARY 100K (WHY?!?) Now I look at equipment for Stamina (WHY? AT LEAST it CHANGES MY STATS with better equipment!) and I suppose some of the DataWonks know some adjustment to weird formulas and such that have HIDDEN benefits to "better" equipment... BUT NO MORE MANA, the most BASIC mage power stat??? THIS IS BORING. BORING part 2: ALL spells are basically the SAME within the 3 mage types, Fire, Frost, Arcane? AND no real new spells with higher levels 86-89? Makes "speccing" your mage unnecessary and boring. Maybe Blizz did this to Generic the classes so all damage easier for them to Equalize and less brain work to do, with the game declining in users. They had the "interesting" system down it's stupidly infantile. I was an arcane mage and owned face...and knew WHY, and HOW to do it, and LIKED getting better equipment and uplevelling, then considering how to optimize. Now we have this "All the Same Mana, all the same spells, just 3 specs" Communist-like thing going...ugh. "You can have ANY color you long as it's Black, Ebony or Charcoal!" Poindexter Says "Well, you clearly are stupid, of COURSE all mages have the SAME mana, because...I am Poindexter the Apologist who finds stupid reasons to not admit the Wrong Turn!" I'm trying to keep playing, I really am, have been at it almost since the beginning...a casual user but I had FUN...sometimes in Guild, sometimes Ronin... This "Same Mana, No REAL Spec Trees Anymore" is WRONG. I find myself leaving...Proton6 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Deep Freeze Idea What about changing DF so that it cant be dispelled but can still be trinketed? With the added cool-down to DF and the lowered duration, it seems that the opportunity for getting a killing blow on most targets is becoming less and less for a frost mage. Any opponent with a 'cleanse magic effect' type ability can almost negate DF. Just looking for thoughts and opinions, thanks.Rotmatter10 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 How much will combustion be nerfed in 5.1?? I read that Pyroblast will no longer affect the damage over time ability of Combustion. I can say that the only way i get my combustion to tick over ~22-25k is when i get two nice big pyro crits in a row. Now that Pyroblast isn't a factor in your combustion damage i'm seriously concerned that i wont be able to get Combustion to tick for higher than ~15k... Thoughts? This is a huge part of our damage as far as i'm aware... let alone the 3 second pyro CD that will be implemented.Sonic19 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 armor What armor should I wear for frost pvp?Cowboydav2 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Garalon + Mage = Strategy? I was curious how some mages play this fight. I tried running in the circles and scorching the legs. I tried running in the circles and fireballing (normal rotation) the legs. I tried sitting dead centre where most are stacked and getting heals and just going through the normal rotation on his body and using my dots to spread to the legs. I found the 3rd one to be the easiest/best as I was able to concentrate more on the fight. Just wondering what everyone elses way is to play this fight?Propheta1 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 MoP 90 Fire Mage PvP Duel Vid! ((NOTE: This video, is not here to show Skill or any in that genre, Its mainly me and my Twin brother working together, doing what we love best ^_^!)) Could i please get you guy's to check it out and if possible please, Check out my Fresh Channel Like and Subscribe to see more Video's! :). Hope you's enjoy it!!! :) Just showing you guys what Fire mages can do :). Not a pro but i think i go ok :D Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Newbie Questions Just got a couple of questions, what's the fastest way to level, questing or dungeons? Also is frost>fire when doing solo questing up to 90 because of frost's better survivability or does it not make much difference? Using fire spec right now I heard it's does the most dps is this true? Also, did some pvp matches and finding it hard to pull off some 3 second cast times when getting interrupted and then snared and just dieing, how should I be playing in pvp with fire spec? Thanks for any tips/help!Cautionhot3 Nov 1, 2012
Nov 1, 2012 Frostjaw mouseover macro? The following macro works for Polymorph, but it can't find a target when I try using it for Frostjaw. Is this a bug or am I missing something? /stopcasting /cast [@mouseover, exists][@target] FrostjawNoojora1 Nov 1, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Anyone Sheep in Challenge Modes? In heroics the tanks think CC is insulting, in scenarios its pointless and in raids no one seems to care. Haven't been able to do challenge modes yet, so I'm looking for a verdict from someone who has. Is polymorph dead this expansion or are C-Modes their last bastion of PvE usability?Sennel8 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Xiun you should come back and main your warrior. JK and I were blowing !@#$ up with only him as the dps. If we added an arms warrior, things will get dead real fastDishbag2 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Invocation...clunky? I just hit 90 2 days ago (I think) and I chose to go with invocation over the other 2 options. My question is this: Does anyone else find it as clunky and frustrating as I do to stop DPS for 5+ seconds while I am channeling Evo? I know I get the 25% boost at the end, but it just seems so wrong to stop mid fight every 40-45 seconds to redo it.Gusion19 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Mage Board Glyph Feedback Thread for 5.1! Hi Mage board! The developers have been soliciting feedback for glyphs for the upcoming content patch, so I figured I'd start a feedback thread to get everybody's opinions. Here's a template we can use to keep it focused and to the point so that our feedback may be easily processed. Thanks! Describe your playstyle and preferences. What do you do in WoW? - ie: Organized PVP or PVE, Soloing, Dungeon/Raid Tool, random BGs, pugs, etc. List what you feel applies the most to you. What specs do you play with primarily? How often do you change your glyphs? What major glyphs do you use all the time? What major glyphs do you use situationally? What major glyphs do you want to you use but don't have the space for? What major glyph changes do you have to suggest? Are any glyphs feeling mandatory? Do you have any tweaks to suggest to make other glyphs more compelling options? Do you have any ideas for fun minor glyphs?Digerati44 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 10/26 Mage 5.1 Changes - Level 90 talents - Rune of Power no longer has a 6 second cooldown. - Invocation was changed to give the active bonus while at full mana and 40 seconds afterward, rather than upon completing an Evocation.Digerati63 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 dmg I'm pulling a steady after 8 mins of combat on a dummy i do about 60k dps, is that low as frost stacking haste? could you post your dps/spec for me to compareKylesmash4 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Frost Bomb Nerf Frost bomb hits 50k instead of 100k + now... Yah. Way to ruin my dps shatter combo blizzard, I can't get anyone below half health anymore. Time to switch to fire.Trojanhorse7 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 5.1 pvp fire mage thoughts With the change to pyro I was wondering if anyone else was considering what stats to go for? Perhaps 30% haste when possible to try to get a second pyro in the new 4sec duration DF or maybe to go for more mastery to take advantage of increased damage to combustion from ignite? This isn't being covered in the pvp fire mage and thought it should have some attention. Hansol was unavailable for input.Pandaclysm1 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 Arc PvE Q's (no negativity allowed) Yes I know everyone is complaining about Arc, Yes I'm stubborn and still rolling with it, so Yes here is a constructive post looking for help with the current state of arc! :D Arc AOE Q's: Currently I've been doing a PoM flamestrike while spamming AE and unloading missile procs on the big target. That may change as I just realized AE does not gain stacking damage from charges like I was hoping, I also try to keep tempest on a target. I may of just realized that tempest may be able to be cast on multiple targets, which brings up another Q. Is it more efficient to spam tempests on all targets, or is what I'm doing the most efficient? Does it depend on the mob count, ie 10 mobs vs 3-4 mobs. Do you guys use the Abarr cleave at all for multiple mobs? I'm pulling decent numbers but its no where near the frost spike of bomb/orb/blizz, perhaps it shouldn't be but I feel like I'm not as competitive as I should be? Arc single Q's: Currently I'm running a high haste/mastery spec with the goal of most of my dps aligning with what use to be considered the conserve phase in cata. The rotation is variable depending on procs but typically (based on current gear) cast AB to accumulate stacks usually to 4. Cast AM if I have two charges, otherwise keep a charge banked for high stacks, but dont keep two as you'll waste them if it procs again (like chi/combo point capping). You then weave at high stacks depending on mana/procs and clear with Abarr when you have no choice. The ideal looks like this: ABx4 (two charges proc) you're at 93ish percent mana, clear a charge to bring you back to 100%, cast AB bringing you to 6 charges, AM procs, Alter time, burn both AM's at 6 stacks and Abarr, Alter brings you back, clear a missile, AB, clear a missile, AB (now you're out of fun, unless more AM has proc'd so you usually clear with Abarr here) My main question is whether or not this is viable? As I'm pulling decent dps but it's proc'y so I have little control over it, minus popping cooldowns near the top. My AM's are hitting for about 25k on a crit, so that's 125k, if you're lucky, does that seem like overwhelming power or is it underwhelming? How does that stack up to you frost & fire or other arc mages? The other question is should I be clearing at all? Should I run scorch and fish for proc's more and then clear? Is this an overall dps loss or gain? Stacking up to 4-6 before your damage hurts is quite the ramp up? This is getting long so I'll end it, but wanted to get some discussion going, thanks for all your time.Gobias1 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 That burning feeling... So, Ive fallen in love with fire.. especially for pvp. I like the mobility that it provides over frost, and in my opinion, has a tiny bit more survivability with dragons breath. Dmg is decent, but not as good as frost's burst... still, i do much better in pvp with fire and have more fun. So heres my problem... Most of my guild, and many other players ive met have nagged me saying things like, "you should go frost, youll survive more" "Frost does more damage, you would help the team more..." Should i cave in and give frost more time, especially with the fire nerfs coming? Thanks all.Wrydan4 Oct 31, 2012
Oct 31, 2012 How to improve my DPS (Fire mage) Hey everyone, I am in the process of trialing out for a guild. I cleared MSV in a 10 man with the guild this week. Tonight we downed the will of the emperor. However, my DPS was relatively very low, at about 45k. My trial has been extended but on the condition that my DPS picks up. I was wondering if there is anything that you can see from my output here: Or from my gear that I might be doing wrong (besides the cheap enchant on my bracers). Thanks, InglehartInglehart19 Oct 31, 2012