Sep 25, 2012 Combustion too weak make the dot work with living bomb... flamestrike too ffsDrahmin12 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 Glyph of Illusion The on use effect either is way too short or the cooldown is way too long. Either way, mounting up should not dispel the illusion.Sethmann11 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 Glyph of FFB Should be Minor Title says it all, Glyph of FFB is regarded as a cosmetic choice between fireball and FFB, therefore it should be a minor glyph.Yggdräsil8 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 Rotation for Fire mage? Hi, What is the new rotation for Fire mages now? Is stat priority still the same as patch 4.0?Bombed3 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 25, 2012 Frost spec = extra mastery from where? So this maybe a silly question but im a new mage. When i switch back a forth between frost and fire i get an extra 6.63 mastery in frost, this is with no buffs applied. pls explain?Fknownage3 Sep 25, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Arcane Mage: 85 - 89 Rotation? Being the eve of MoP, I've been trying to search/experiment for a solid Arcane Mage rotation from 85 - 89. At a high level, here is my current rotation: Single Target: 1. Pop Nether Temptest. 2. Arcane Blast to 3 stacks. 3. Cast Arcane Missiles (once, twice, or not at all depending on proc). 4. Cast Arcane Barrage. 5. Rinse & Repeat... Multi Target: 1. Pop Nether Temptest. 2. Spam Arcane Explosion. I haven't been able to figure out a way to incorporate a solid burn phase at 85, considering I go OOM way too fast to do any good, sustained DPS. So since the MoP patch, my "burn phase" consists of popping all my CDs and just following the said rotation above. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a better, more solid rotation out there for pre-90 Arcane Mages?Drid2 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 New 85 mop question Hey, I hit 85 over the weekend and am wondering whether I can go and quest in Jade Forest with these quest green/blues? Also, I have only ever played as Arcane. Is this viable leveling spec? ThanksInfectioous4 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 How does my reforging look? My stats are geared for frost pvp with the lvl 85 pvp hit cap. So can some of my fellow mages please take a look at my reforging of my gear and tell me if I've done it correctly and also if i need to change anything? Big thanks for any help.Fknownage0 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Dragonwrath in Mop Assuming they don't nerf it, when will this staff be replaced? Will we see mages raiding with it?Zensa11 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Head enchants still working? Hey guys, I upgraded my head piece tonight but found that the old helm, because of the head enchant piece which is no longer available, is almost exactly the same. Is this the case or are my addons fooling me into thinking the old head enchants still work?Wÿtch2 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Instant Flame strike it has a 12 second cooldown now, atleast give it an instant cast again! PLEASE!Drahmin12 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Flamestrike...crappy as ever. just saying... Wish it still had some use in pvp. Hardly ever hits even when ppl not paying attention. It sucksAeropostle7 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Leveling mage now Ive had a lot of mages over the last 7 years and truly enjoy the class, but Im having a hard time now. Before I respecced my 85 mage to the new talent system, I started a new mage, just to see how it all worked. Ive had a terrible time. Just awful. Has anyone brought this to Blizz attention? Leveling a new mage from lv 1 is very hard. Ive leveled just about every other class under the new talents and mage without question is the WORST. It should not take 11 nukes to kill a lv 8 mob. Ive read in the forums about new mages dying and dying... and old mages all reply, well, thats the class. Its not the class. Or, it never used to be. My guild doesnt have any mages. We have a ton of spriests, lol. (I have one too.) And they are very fun. But I felt we should have at least one mage. Now I understand why there arent any. That baby mage is now lv 26. The way has not gotten any better. This is a misery. Only reason Im still at it with the little mage is because Im so curious if it improves. Im suspecting its a matter of spec. I went arcane because thats what I wanted to do with big mage. I read in forums I would have been better off with frost. Or fire lol. Or something. Meanwhile my spriest is out dps'ing every mage that happens in a random group, and thats very rarely because... there arent any mages.Twofeet5 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Will Inferno Blast mess up my strategy? I played a mage before the patch, and I'm leveling a new one post-patch. I just hit level 10, chose FIre, and read the description for Inferno Blast, which replaces Fire Blast at levl 24. Before I go much further, I want to know if IB will cause problems for me. The description says that Pyroblast, Incererate, etc effects will spread to up to 2 nearby targets within 10 yrds. That does not sound like something I want because when I see 2 targets close together, my strategy is to sheep one and kill the other. If IB is goona damage the sheeped target and break the sheep effect, that is not what I want. I'm not saying that IB is not useful to other people for other situations, of course. But for what I typically do, it sounds like trouble. If I have to not use IB, that is gonna be a major reason to not be happy. Can IB be made to act like Fire Blast? I generally kill just one target at a time. SOme of us do that, you know, especially at lower levels.Buffydor12 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Blizzard- The spell I am a frost mage. Today I got blizzard. Yet, upon it's cast I was sadly dissapointed in it's lack luster graphic. My blizzard brings forth no winds! and there is hardly a spec of snow on the ground! I, Schnubzy the frost mage would hereby like to see a Glyph to give me more blizzardiness. Let swirls of snow fluster around me as I cast! Maybe a pile of snow! I feel all Azeroth will benefit from my potential vanity glyph.Schnubzy9 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 The best game's for mage design Certanly not this one. I feel mages are weak rather than OP like everyone says. Here's a list of games that I can honestly say I'm proud to be a mage. 1) Elder scrolls ( oblivion ) 2) Elder scrolls ( Skyrim ) Not as good as oblivion ( cant weild weapon + cast ) * unless you got a staff i guess, but spell combine kinda makes up for that. 3) Final Fantasy XI Online ( best mage design ever period ) 4) Final Fantasy XIV ( hopefully they will be better once the new *a realm reborn hits* ) Thats about it. Any other games I've played wether online or not, they don't rack up to these mages at all, especially FFXI, black mages / white mages / red mages + sub jobs, I think they are the best designed mages to date imo.Sathyr3 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Level 90 talents and healing they provide... One thing that bothered me is that Locks and Rogues, ever since cata, had ways of self-healing. Hunters have now a nice constant self heal and a couple of other healing tools, so Mages are actually the only pure class without a reliable self heal? How viable is the healing provided by glyph of evocation and the level 90 talents? Does that make soloing old raids a little more bearable? That would certainly make me more excited to reach level 90.Bagoas1 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Mage Bombs- now with more explosions! Living Bomb So, pre-patch, living bomb was pretty cool. You cast it on someone, it does some damage, and then when it expires, it explodes! Somehow whatever it is that makes it tick (some sort of unstable reaction? Sodium slowly dripping into a bucket of water you've cleverly affixed to their skin and disguised as a firesplosion?) also makes it explode whenever that thing is all used up. Weird but alright, whatever, we could totally get behind it! However, if the target if your bomb died while it still had some time left, the bomb was just smothered. Consumed with grief over its target's death perhaps? Maybe the blood from the newly created corpse just put out the fire in its soul? Who knows. Whatever the case, DPSing with this on low-health packs of mobs was always tricky, because, sure, you wanted to kill them, but you didn't want to kill them too quickly, or else all your hard work (tab, 2, tab, 2, tab, 2) would be for naught! Well, imagine my glee when I logged in to 5.0.4, was out randomly killing some something, and whenever said things died, there were lots of bomb explosions! Sometime between then and now, this spell has been changed to almost exactly mirror Seed of Corruption (which, gleefully, has been removed from game. BC was an embarrassing time for Mages and AoE my friends. An embarrassing time) expect way better because it doesn't have a cast time. When targets affected by Living Bomb succumb to their eventual fate, the bomb explodes. What is awesome, and I'm sure many of you have figured out, is that if you gather a few mobs together, bomb them and then DPS one of them, often times the explosion of the first bomb will trigger the death of some of the other mobs, which will in turn trigger the explosions of their bombs which just causes glorious destruction. This combined with AoE loot just makes farming things so hilariously awesome (secret pro-tip, Magister's Terrace awards an obscene amount of city-rep when wearing their specific tabard). Frost Bomb This spell didn't exist before, but I'd just like to say that I'm having a ton of fun with it. I'm sure everyone has seen the videos of PvP being hilarious with the combination of a well times frost bomb and ice lances. But in the Theramore scenario, grouping mobs together, frost bombing one of them and then frost nova or pet freezing the group give you the shatter bonus for all of your targets and WOW it's epic. Just absolute decimation. That's all I got for this guy. Arcane Bomb Okay okay, it's called Nether Tempest but why should it get the cool name while the other ones are so generic? No fair! Anyway, I'm marginally retarded so no one else has probably experienced this particular moment of enjoyment but originally I was trying out this bomb and it was awesome! I loved the visual effect and it's DPS is very good for a single target engagement. Weeks later (as in, maybe two or three days ago) I realized that there is no limit to the amount of targets you can cast this on! Imagine a room full of mobs and you've cast nether tempest on all of them. It looks awesome. Just magical arcane energy !@#$ing up everyone's day, one snake like magical mystery bolt at a time. The time spent casting this on more than three or four mobs is probably not worth it, but it looks awesome. Anyway, happy Maging, enjoy the journey to 90. Try to take some time and enjoy things. Unless you're one of those ZOMG, WORLD FIRSTS kind of people, and then you're probably going to want to level your druid first, because seriously, druids are awesome. Also I hate Warlocks.Alia6 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Please improve fireball + frostbolt graphics! Please, they're still the same old ones and most classes have received cooler looking spells. At least increase the size of the tiny fireball / frostbolt projectile!Kynarei4 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Equalizing AM and AB What about equalizing the damage the 2 do. This would take out most of the RNGness and would still maintain the same rotation. The damage would be much more predictable without such large sways during the fight.Batar14 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 24, 2012 Managing arcane charges I know that arcane is kind of broken until we get our tier six talents but I'm trying to plan ahead. I like the new arcane charge system, but I haven't been able to find much information about how to use it effectively. My thoughts were that in most situations you would use AB up to four times, then use up any AM procs, and then consume them all with Barr. I tested this on my 85 mage and it never went below 90% mana, keeping the damage from my mastery bonus. With Invocation I've heard that you just keep it up at six stacks the whole time to drain your mana and use Invocation to get yourself back up. With RoP your mana regen is strong enough that you might be able to use AB up to five or sixs stacs, and then use up AM while you're higher. Thats all speculation, if anyone knows of an arcane guide out there I'd love to see it.Rehl3 Sep 24, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Talents? I've been looking at the talents, and I was wondering which dot arcane mages have chosen. And how well has it worked out for you?Emostella3 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Rerolling mage ( need advice for pvp ) So yeah , im quite bored from my feral druid & wanted to level a mage for serious pvp at 90. My questions are which spec is better , fire or frost ? I usually see fire mage !@#$ting the opponent with lots of cc without letting the latter any time to reacht or fight back , with pretty strong burst too. But frost is also very attractive due to having like a 1shot macro with frostbomb, i dont know how they do it but still..awesome ._. I want to go frost because i like those 1 shot macro thingy but i feel that i will miss something crucial also if im not fire spec :/ please give me some ideas & advices :)Ooccoojr5 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Thoughts on best aoe spec? What do you guys think will the best dungeon AOE spec? Also what bomb? I'm considering frost with glyph of Ice Lance, Fireblast and Living Bomb for easy uptime on LB and ability to focus on casting other spells instead of constantly re-applying Nether Tempest.Barraged5 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Portal Theramore So who's all ported to Theramore with out slow fall?Rayo2 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Was wondering??? The way the crittermorph Glyph works? Does it mean in pve and pvp i can sheep muiti targets at the same time all day?Yimo1 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Mage Diminishing returns I haven't seen a similar thread about what drs what now. What I've tested: None of the third tier talents dr frost novas or elemental freeze. Frostjaw does however dr the blanket part of counterspell. Ring of frost does not dr deep freeze. Poly and ring dr.Icelanceàlot0 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 What spec will you level to 90 as? Wondering what everyone is thinking. What spec are you going to level as in MoP and why?Angël12 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Tier 14 What do you think of the new tier set? Personally, not my favorite. Just seems "blah." Can't put my finger on it. Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 my dps sucks I need help. Im a 47 fire mage and my damage sucks. im always the lowes damage in dungons. I have put as much int. as i can afford to but im broke.....any ideas on how i can get up to a respectable level of damage?Alaurinda7 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Need advice, PvP Hello, Im going to level this mage for arenas, going to play Mage/Shadow Priest/Holy Pala. Whats the pros and cons of Fire and Frost, in this comp? Thanks.Harmoný0 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Ice Barrier Animation I'd like to see the animation for Ice Barrier be centered on my toon. I play a Goblin and the animation's height greatly surpasses the height of my character and looks like it could be fixed. I don't mind that half the animation would be through the ground. I assume Gnomes have the same issue.Tekneex9 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 23, 2012 Your Thoughts on "Frost Bomb" Too strong I believe it should get Nerfed scales too strong with mastery, and buff there other attacks such as frost boltVilye49 Sep 23, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Heating Up, Inferno Blast, Pyro I seem to be having some issues with instant Pyroblast proc'ing consistently after a second critical hit after Heating up procs. The mechanic as I understand it is when Heating Up procs followed by a critical that then is supposed to activate Instant Pyroblast. It doesn't approximately 15% of the time for me. To test, target a Training Dummy, spam Fireball until Heating Up procs and shows the graphic and then immediately hit Inferno Blast, a guaranteed crit. When it fails, the Heating up graphic goes away and there is no Instant Pyro. More detail: It fails most frequently if Heating Up procs when I've already started casting a Fireball, I let Fireball complete then quickly hit Inferno Blast. If I pause for a moment after the Fireball cast and then hit Inferno Blast Instant Pyro procs consistently like it should. Anyone else experiencing this? Oh - and I have a low ping and have adjusted by distance to the Target Dummy from Max Range to melee range - no difference.Jaycyn4 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Inferno Blast damage calculation So back awhile ago GC gave us this post about how the damage calculations were being delayed to compensate for travel time and allowing us to manually proc Hot Streaks ... Has anyone else noticed that since the hotfixes on Friday, this is not happening anymore? There is no longer any delay in the calculation, meaning you have to interuppt your cast in order to cast IB instead, if your target is in melee range. I should specify that I am using the glyphed FFB as my nuke, as it is possibly only in that instance that it is happening.Grizzlebees32 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Question about level 90 talents Which one will you be using for PvE?Energizê10 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Leveling a new mage Hi! I'm thinkIng of leveling a Mage and was wondering how they are solo. I started a lock and it's extremely easy with them but I think everyone and there mother is playing a lock right now soo I figure I would see how mages are. I like to as well as pve. Nothing serious tho for pvp. Just for fun.Rustynails18 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Mage Question So I just started playing a mage, I wanted t try something out of the norm as I played all melee up til now and all alliance. So I rolled a mage, never played a caster class, I read up on some of the stickies, but doesnt seem to talk to much about leveling at low levels with th new xpac coming up. So I was wondering at these low levels do we just spam fireball or what, (I play a fire mage right now). I cant seem to compete at all in dungeons with all the AoE going on, actually got booted from one for low dps, can someone help me with this or is this just how it is till i get higher levels and obtain the good stuff? THanks in advance for any helpDevá6 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 incanter's ward absorption priority anybody know from beta testing, if incoming damage is absorbed by incanter's ward before being absorbed by ice barrier or the damage reduction of greater invisibility? Also curious about absorption priority when other classes shields are active.Slatra4 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Reduce Ring of Frost cast time Seriously this is stupid how long the cast time is, I cant cc anybody because they just walk out of it by the time its casted and since u removed improved cone of cold its literally impossible to get it out without being cc'ed silenced or them walking out, this is retarded 2.2 seconds is too god damn long it shld be around 1.3 AS A FIRE MAGE!Drahmin36 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Levelling as a Mage... I've been levelling as a Mage, and I've died at least two dozen times already. I have never died this much on any class within the first 15 levels. I rarely die once at that level. I've had a priest, shaman, warlock, and a pre-5.0 mage, but all of them seemed to not have too much problems when levelling. Both in the beta on a pandaren mage and now on Champ here, I've just died over and over and over. I tried Fire, but I was seeing maybe one or two crits every five minutes. So I was mostly just spamming Fireball or Frostfire Bolt, and then Fire Blast on CD. Switched to Arcane. I'm doing...a little better, but still pretty poorly. If a mob gets within melee range at any point, I'm more than likely going to be taken down to half health. If -two- mobs jump me, I usually try to CC the second one and nuke down the first guy before finding a corpse nearby to Cannibalize, but my CC usually breaks for no apparent reason. The timer doesn't run out. I don't have any DoTs to break the sheep, and nothing else hits it. It just...pops back out. Am I doing something wrong here? I keep hearing that mages are "so OP" at higher levels, but, frankly, I have no idea if this is true, or a poke of fun at the many many many times they were nerfed in the beta.Champson17 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Flamestrike cast time really blizzard... it has a 12 second cooldown now atleast give up no casttime back PLEASE!!!Drahmin2 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Best armor against ret pally I think a ret pally( if he is good) is a pretty good match for a mage. Bad pallies will always qq. Ive had a pally do such crazy burst and @#*!!*#@ me, but pallies have been in turn schooled by me. so in everyones opinion what type of armor should mage use on pally? frost mage btw I was using molten, (with armors glyph) to reduce some of the damage I take from them. But lately i have been seeing some success with mage armor, becaues of its pure power upgrade. frost mages ret pally an equal match if both are skilled mage armor vs molten armorGlimdir8 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Good thresh hold for combustion? I was just wondering what everyone's threshhold in combustion helper is. I got a 400 IL on my mage.Lawlessmage1 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Dungeon Spec? I have been running dungeons as fost and was wondering if fire or arcane would be better?Pushka0 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Feel on mages. Do you like how mages feel after the update? For me Cata was eh for the most part but now I'm starting to really enjoy my mage again. I feel like an all powerful wizard harnessing the secrets of the arcane to blast my enemies and impress my friends.Anarcanist9 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Bombs for Arcane/Frost (WTF?) Does anyone else loathe the bomb mechanic? In Cata, the living bomb felt cool, was rolled into combustion, it had good synergy with your other spells, and could be spread with an easy one/two combo. But now Blizzard has revamped bombs, divorced living bomb from Fire, and made bombs a requirement for use in all mage rotations. In arcane, as far as I can tell, it's not required for any proc, it's just a passive dot that you are forced to apply every few seconds. It's just that irritating thing that interrupts your rotation, again, and again, and again, and again. It doesn't even seem to do that much damage. There is no satisfaction in setting up your bombs, there's no build up, it's just a chore. It feels clunky and tedious. And then there's frost. The poor spec that's Cata rotation has already been gutted and twisted. Call me stupid, but I really enjoyed frost in Cata. It's damage was terrible, but it was a lot of fun! Squeezing as much damage as possible into those frostfire bolts and freezes, using the good old Flamestrike/Blizzard shatter combo on trash packs. Good times! Now, frostfire bolt ONLY comes from bombs. If you pick frost bomb, you have to sit and cast an extra spell every few seconds, a spell that will give you a grand total of one brain freeze. If you pick the arcane bomb, you no longer have to cast, but you'll spend half of every mutli-mob fight applying the damn thing to everything. Living bomb, well granted, I haven't tried it yet. I suppose with the glyph of fire blast you could start playing frost like some sort of mutated fire spec. And then, to get the most out of your spells, you have to stack your frostbolt debuff to three, which on anything other than single target fights where your target actually has the health to survive three frost bolts, is a major pain. Blizzard, as far as I can tell, is completely useless and does less damage than just throwing ice lances, applying bombs, and hoping for brain freeze procs. So, am I missing something? Is there a way to artfully incorporate these steaming excuses for spells into single-target and multi-target rotations? Is there any satisfaction to be had in doing so? Did Blizzard just needlessly copy a core mechanic from fire and force it into two other specs that neither needed it or wanted it? Because from the testing I'm doing, I'm really not enjoying the mage anymore. I've played this thing since vanilla, and in a lot of ways the mage has gotten a lot better, but I'm just not feeling this bomb thing. It was fun for fire, but in frost and arcane (the specs I wanted to run with in Mists) it just feels really out of place and jarring. Does this feeling go away?Sylvancrest20 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 Which is pulling better dps in raids Frost or fire?Blackmanakin1 Sep 22, 2012
Sep 22, 2012 The mobile beast - Why fire is the ultimate. The strong mobility of fire from Cata has only gotten stronger for MoP - but here is a key aspect that most players do not understand. Your biggest strength, hands down, is that you are not restricted to standing still to cast. What does this mean for you? Scorch has a shorter cast time than nearly every non-instant/channeled spell available to other casters. It can be cast while moving. Two crits (or a forced crit from inferno blast) sets you up for the start of your huge burst potential. Ok, you know all that, so what's my point? One thing most people are not cogniscent of is 30-40 yd range. As a caster with a spell cast which does great damage, is useable at all times while moving, and applies a DoT, we have the ultimate control over enemy casters/ranged. Playing offensively (more so in arenas) by keeping an eye on enemy casts and your rage in relation to the maximum range of THEIR cast is key to control. Most people simply use the red dot range indicators - my suggestion is to always have /range 40 up (if using dbm) or something similar to this. With blink, and forced crits from inferno blast, you have the potential to set up a big burst and blink away or simply walk away before the enemy has time to retaliate. Pillar hugging has become an even greater tool than ever for fire mages with their ability to spec to RoF on a 20s CD. If you are quick, and your computer does not suck (read MS>100) you will be the ultimate mobile beast, controlling your enemies and keeping them on your toes; what a mage is really about. The next time you see a big burst coming, IE cd's, simply cast your scorch and outrange. Blink if necessary.. and of course when this is not an option, THEN resort to your other forms of management (DB, CS, DF, poly). With time and practice you may find yourself dominating classes you thought impossible to beat.Azuriz1 Sep 22, 2012