Sep 21 Soul without Kilt? Viable? Hello folks So, the RNG Gods smiled upon my mage last night and gave me a new leggo. I was happy when I saw the Golden Dragon once again when I looted that Dreamweaver emissary caché but then I saw it.... it was a Soul of the Archmage... I know that Archmage + Kilt is a hell of a combo, but right now my other arcane leggo is the Timewarp Ring that I've been using with Belo'vir until now. So... is it as strong for arcane even if you don't have the Kilt to help you compensate the extra mana burning?Igniteya2 Sep 21
Sep 21 Versatility I made a thread before asking why more mages dont have versatility as a higher priority stat and got replies saying alot do actually put it as a priority stat. I stated that versatility basicly works like spell power did. I added 600 versatility to my character today and seen 4,000 plus; extra damage added to my spells so I dont know what the point to point ratio is for versatility to spell damage. As a fire mage this is why use the quick blade sets. Versatility for spell power and Criticle strike for higher chance at getting those big criticals. I heard mastery is a priority stat but Id rather have big numbers over longer prolonged burn effects. I mean I still get that effect anyways.Sathyr21 Sep 21
Sep 21 Aluneth is haunting me!!! I I recently decided to stop playing my arcane mage for reasons that I have already posted, while I have been thinking about all the comments I got I have been playing on the DH, as I'm playing him, I keep hearing aluneths voice telling me to come back to my arcane mage!!! Maybe it's a sign not to quit on my mage, that maybe things will get better for us arcane mages, don't know what to do now, the voices and the dreams I'm having of arcane power is haunting me, maybe it's my destiny to be an arcane mage no matter what....Ragingpowers10 Sep 21
Sep 21 New Frost Mage Help 1. Anyone have some tips on Single target rotation for a new mage (I'm unfamiliar with level 90 and 100 talents and artifact stuff.) 2. After 33.45% city do I stack haste or versatility? 3. if you could give me some advice on gearing fast that would be great. Thank you for your timeClentonjudd1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Feedback on (frost) logs I haven't played my mage since BC, but decided to boost and gear her and have just started to try some raiding. I don't really play DPS specs (typically I heal), and would really like some feedback on the little bit of raiding I've done so far. How can I improve? I know there are only a couple of fights in the logs so far, but would appreciate any suggestions for how to suck less :-).Exlara4 Sep 21
Sep 21 Arcane pvp hey guys I've been playing pve this whole expansion and for the last few days trying out pvp and ended up getting wrecked for the most of it lol. My question is what do you do when you're arcane locked cause i would just ice block but that didn't do much tbh.. especially in arenas, any input would be appreciated CheersToohard2 Sep 21
Sep 20 Arcane Damage Done Problems Anyone else struggling from having a huge difference in DPS and damage done? I can get in the top 3 for dps, then I check damage done and I drop down to 8th or so. Every other class is about the same across the board but for some reason Arcane mage just drops terribly across. I'm guessing it's due to the huge amounts of time spent worrying about mana and casting long Arcane Blasts. Fire and Ice you have consist dmg with always something going out. Might be time to rework Arcane around. Anyone else finding these results?Farriah11 Sep 20
Sep 20 fire stat priority confusion I just checked Icy Veins, and they are saying the stat priority goes Mastery, Haste=Versatility, Intellect, then Crit. Since when is crit dead last with fire? Yet on Noxxic it goes Intellect, Crit, Mastery, Haste, Versatility. Any suggestions?Tamarynn17 Sep 20
Sep 20 Marquee Tips Just got my Marquee Bracers from the Sangua Invasion Point, wanted to hear from people who have had them all expac about tips and tricks with it to maximize damage. Been playing with Firestarter so I've read a couple times now the goal is to fish for a bracer proc during Firestarter window. Some things I am curious about, does having these make Rune of Power more valuable than Incanters Flow? Also, if the Bracers proc during Combustion, is it worth hardcasting a pyro or just continue using instant casts? Any changes to gear priority? Also, I would love to hear any other tips you've found out over the course of the expac.Arcanosaur6 Sep 20
Sep 20 i defeated to defense the hill.Please help please help me. How can i win? see the video. (The sound is very loud just slow it a little) Sep 20
Sep 20 The true way to get your next legendary 1) Do lfr cenarius 2) Somehow manage to kill yourself with glacial spike. (please don't ask.) 3) profit. It's depressing too because no matter what gear i put on, i'd lose dps.Looneyluna12 Sep 20
Sep 19 Just got my mage to 110 Discovered why you don't hard cast in pvp. All of the instant cast spells do as much damage as pyroblast which is just an instant cast fireball because of the busted !@# template you got. I haven't really touched the other specs yet. Wow I'm disappointed. But at least the flamestrike battleground build works like I hoped it would.Traxis3 Sep 19
Sep 19 Fire or Frost for PVE? So, just got my mage to 110, and I'm trying to figure out what spec to go into. I like both, but neither of them have really jumped out to me, so I'm looking for some opinions on the two specs. Appreciate any input, thanks.Alivyana11 Sep 19
Sep 19 Mages so vulnerable to dispels In pvp, fire frost and arcane mages are so vulnerable to dispels (or spell steal). Any decent priest or shaman will spam dispel/purge when we pop AP, icy veins, combustion. It takes out our shields. It takes out hot streaks (does it take out finger of frost?). Fellow mages, is there any way to counter this? Many thanks!!!Juno25 Sep 19
Sep 19 Spellsteal Weak Aura or Add On? I was wondering if someone can recommend a Weak Aura or Add-On for alerting me when a mob has a buff or something that can be spellstolen. I used to use "Spell Thief" add-on but it hasn't functioned since 7.3. Not sure if it matters, but would be mainly for PvE. Yours, TaygaTayga7 Sep 19
Sep 18 Which Mage Spec is Top DPS Now? Just made my alt 110 mage, in the process of gearing up. Is fire still the top dog right now? I know Arcane could go higher with the NT-Tempest stuff, but with the nerf to that how is Arcane doing at the moment? Never had any clue on Frost either, are all specs comparable now?Awms46 Sep 18
Sep 18 Goodbye Mages :-( ..... I am giving up on my mage, cannot be switching specs every freakin time, not only is it a waste of time but blizzard can't make up there freakin mind as to which spec to nerf or buff, so I'm moving on to make a DH, at least there it's only one dps spec and not worry which 3 specs should I choose this patch like the mage, one minute it was arcane then fire and now frost... it's just dumb so I wish u guys the best of luck, I have maimed my mage for 14 years and Otis a sad day for me because I will truly miss my mage but o well.Ragingpowers14 Sep 18
Sep 18 Frost legendary/ talent help Im having some trouble deciding which legendary/ talent combo to go with. I currently have 3 legendaries for my frost mage- bracers, gloves and chest. I know the gloves/ bracers with thermal void are not bis anymore, but should I stick with those two legendaries and keep using thermal void, given my choices?Melissara2 Sep 18
Sep 18 I am terrible at this class Hi guys! I am at the end of my rope with this class. No matter whether i try fire, arcane or frost, i get wrecked while i am trying to level. If i blink into a bit too many mobs or something, they just stomp me. I see a lot of tutorials on the mechanics in end-game, but not much on WTF i should be doing with crappy gear and terrible proc-rates. Please, i need help. THank you.Vesser10 Sep 18
Sep 18 2p/4p Arcane Yo Arcannies, Just wondering if anyone's tried running the 2p/4p combo for our lovely spec. Obviously SotA is mandatory. Just wondering which other legendaries people have tried it with. Shard seems likely. Anyone tried it with SotA and Rhonin's (to retain some mana regen)? While I do adore the kilt, I'd like to try the 2/4 combo. Just looking to see if people have tried it and what they thought of it.Aedrid7 Sep 18
Sep 18 Slow Fall nerf Why is no one talking about the horrendous change to Slow Fall? I have been hoping for a change to move it to act more like Goblin Gliders, giving us the ability to slowly turn, or control our fall in some way. What happens instead? They make it so we have even LESS control. This spell has been nearly the same since Vanilla and your only change is to make it worse?! So I'm forced into buying some crappy engineering toy to get through jump challenges for chests? Bull.Serenalin28 Sep 18
Sep 18 Best stat 4 arcane 7.3? So ive been visiting some websites but there all different, some say mastery is best stat while others say haste or crit I mean how can I find out which is really the best stat ?Ragingpowers13 Sep 18
Sep 18 PvP help trying to learn how to pvp as a mage and need some help. Frost - how do i kite as frost? like with arcane it's easy for me because slow is instant and i can just spam it. i try to throw down blizzards but they run out of it before it finishes or they don't take dmg from it so the slow isn't applied. also for later on how do i burst? would i save up my FoF and flurry to burst or do you just use it up as it comes? i am only lvl 34 but will be leveling but i haven't played frost before so idk how the rotation or utility works in pvp and pve. im sure frost orb will help a lot but im trying to learn for times when frost orb might be on CD. also is blizzard worth using on just 1 or 2 targets? i know it reduces frost orb cd but i mean i have a really hard time applying it without getting cc'd or people move out of it. i even try to predict where they are going but it doesn't always work.Astura0 Sep 18
Sep 17 Woolomancer's Charge proc rate. blizzard could you please up the rate to like every 1/10 polys or something? i go almost 50+ polys without it and it's almost not worth the year i had to wait for it. Edit- also please fix animations. i get stuck in them.Kanstil10 Sep 17
Sep 17 How much dps With my current gear, as frost, about how much dps should I be doing? I feel like sometimes my dps isn't quite where it needs to be, but I can't think of any other ways to optimize my rotation. I was thinking maybe if I swapped incanter's flow for rune of power and dropped it at just the right times I might be able to squeeze some more dps out? I'm happy with my crit chance and have been focusing more on getting my haste up to crank out procs faster and for my frostbolts to work down my icy veins CD faster.Alicandra10 Sep 17
Sep 17 arcane or frost burst? trying to decide which spec to main. my old mage was fire so don't want to roll fire again. i am wondering which of the 2 specs has a meatier burst given situations like movement, cc, etc.. rather then just standing still. basically like in a pvp situationAstura24 Sep 17
Sep 17 2s Combos for Fire/frost mage? My mage friend and I want to try to push for 2k rating in 2v2. We are casual so we know 2v2 isn't the talk of the town and will take us a lot of games haha. However I cant find anything on decent combos since all I read are 3v3 for Splay and double melee etc. we were 1900 in Wotlk with Spriest/frost mage the last time we arena lol, is this still viable? I prefer Lock, Priest or DK do any of these work well together holy/disc + mage Spec? Destro lock + Frost mage? UH/Blood DK + Mage spec? Or are there far better options like Rsham, Rdruid, MW (not fond of these classes)Daecéivable5 Sep 17
Sep 17 Orc/troll frost pvp viable? trying to decide between orc and troll for frost. troll i think sims highest in all 3 specs for pve i believe but i am wondering if i want to push both pve and pvp how well will troll be for say pvp and how would orc be for pve? i kind of want to go troll since i haven't had a max level troll before and know im going to push pve content at the least but at the same time if i do plan to pvp i don't want to feel handicapped due to that lack of stun reduction if stuns remain an issue. im not a fan of belf's i've made so many within the past month it's kind of getting tiring leveling new ones. nor do i care for there racial. it is strong but i just get trained by melee when i go in to use my racial and end up dead half the time.Astura0 Sep 17
Sep 17 mage or shaman? i just can't get over how my shaman looks when it's casting it's so damn beautiful. Mage i like it seems like the only current range dps that i enjoy playing in pve it's not too bad but i want to get into pvp next expansion in arena's im sure they are fine but i don't see many in rbg's atm only 1 in maybe top 100. shaman i like to heal on but in pvp it can get boring/annoying because you get trained hard as a healer. as a healer you also feel useless at times when your heals are on point but the dps sucks so you can't do much. it would be easier for me to get into pvp as a healer as well since i mained healers since i started but it does get really boring at times if i don't do anything progressive like raiding. i am also not a fan of constantly swapping specs even for questing. i will literally quest as say resto because of this which can take longer and be harder. any help? i have a shaman at around level 30's and then this mage. i can only have 1 atm because i deleted the shaman and it has the same name as this toon so i will have to delete this mage and revive my shaman in it's place.Lethidox3 Sep 17
Sep 17 Dalaran - Broken Isle Mage portal I am not sure if this is a bug. It has happened to me twice this week already. After raid I summon a portal for my guildies. It CLEARLY is the Dalaran - Broken Isle one. On my screen hovering my mouse over the portal it says "Dalaran Broken Isle ". Somehow when my guildies hover over it, their will say Dalaran Northrend.... Is this a bug? O.o anyone having same problem? lolLeens0 Sep 17
Sep 16 mage pvp question best spec right now for non prestige BGs with a 820-835 ilvlCrtitman3 Sep 16
Sep 16 Chest Gem Missing Anyone else not seeing the chest gem geometry on Robes of the Arcane Tempest? Seems to have dissipated after the reset.Quindelle0 Sep 16
Sep 15 Memories Of Ebonchill Quest Memories Of Ebonchill Quest - How do I know if I have completed/done it? I have been playing Arcane all the way to lvl 110 including some Broken Shores content. The char was parked for a few months and now that I have brought them back out, I spec'd to Frost for a change. I do not see the Memories Of Ebonchill Quest in the class hall. How do I know if I have done it? Any macros to look and see? Thanks in advance, MagikpawMagikpaw1 Sep 15
Sep 15 Concordance Concordance giving a chance to buff you 4,000 intellect is awesome. But about how often on average does this proc? I just got it and I assume with it being so powerful that the procs couldn't be very frequent. Those of you that have had it for a while, how often does it go off for you?Alicandra3 Sep 15
Sep 14 Animations> Player To Character Bond iam a big animations fan, its a really big part of a game that we the players(the payers) should have choice in our customization menu, class was never a issue to me it was whatever class you enjoy pick that class and than there was always this picking the right race problem, i liked tauren but hated the way they cast spells , so i had to sacrifice the race i liked the look of for a race i did not like the look of just to get the right casting animation feel than i was happy but now every caster has at least one spell that cast like the tauren race, two arms out straight lava burst for example, i hate that animation so bad, so blizzard if your reading this, More choices/custimization/animations is what binds every player to their character as they see fit, this should be strongly introduced and fast, it was a bit hard for me to explain my problem and perhaps so many other s have a rough time with in this great game, i think it would be a great game changer and would bring more players back into the game.Volátile2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Please help me with my logs Hi, iv'e recently leveled up a mage(frost) and have started raiding. Just lfg till i gear up a bit more. Iv'e been logging my fights and my logs look terrible for my item lvl. I'm not sure if it's my rotation or my gear that's the culprit. Iv'e never played a dps spec before, have always played healers. but thought i'd give dps a go. While i'm enjoying it, i really need to figure out why i'm so low on wowlogs according to my il. Appreciate any help. Sep 14
Sep 14 Thwarting the Twins help I've tried about 20 times, no luck. I've gotten to Stage 3 a few times but then get overwhelmed. My ilevel is 908, I have Frost Bracers/Shard. My trinkets are kinda meh, and I don't have any T19/T20 pieces. But, I should be able to do this. One of my trinkets is a 910 Chrono Shard, so that gives me some speed sometimes. I'm eating Bear Tartare, have Whispered Pact up and Prolonged on Standby. I have Drums so I can Lust twice. My talent setup is: Lonely, Shimmer, IF, Frozen Touch, Frigid Winds, AG and TV. I've read a few guides and watched videos and get what you are supposed to do. I just find he just keeps closing the distance and kills me. I'm also not sure if it's better for me to focus on Raest or Karam. With the nerf to Thermal Void, you can't keep up IV all the time now. Lot of the guides suggested that. Anyhow, appreciate any tips or alternate talents that have led you to victory!Mansfield17 Sep 14
Sep 14 Arcane Hidden Appearance So i started the quest to get the Arcane Hidden Appearance. I have polymorphed everything necessary and the past two days have had no problems *triggering the roll* with the script everyone gets from wowhead, but today It keeps showing as false, pls help.Utilitytouch10 Sep 14
Sep 14 Help with choosing which Legendary.. So, I just got Norgannon's Forsight. The problem is I'm already using Prydaz and Shard of the Exodar... I'm guessing I should swap out Prydaz for Norgannnon's? Or does Pry still win out? Also, is it worth losing my 4pc?Aerindae10 Sep 14
Sep 14 best horde race for fire mage? going to roll one, just wondered what current best race is. I have seen troll, undead, and orc. thanks!Gingershammy12 Sep 14
Sep 14 Is there a crit cap 4 fire? Just wondering if there is or not thanksRagingpowers13 Sep 14
Sep 13 More mage love from Blizzard "We’ll implement the following damage increases to account for the Netherlight Crucible: Death Knight - Frost +4% Demon Hunter - Havoc +3% Druid - Feral +2% Hunter – Beast Mastery +6% Hunter - Survival +5% Monk - Windwalker +9% Rogue - Assassination +5% Rogue - Outlaw +6% Rogue - Subtlety +1.5% Shaman - Enhancement +3%" Once again, mages do not register on Blizzard's radar but melee sure do. Gotta love Watcher and his melee > all, casters can go F themselves attitude. But what's new right? And before you say "but this is because some specs don't scale as well," I know. But I guarantee 15 IL on the weapon won't be a 5-6% buff for casters (who are generally behind as it is).Tempestwinds20 Sep 13
Sep 13 Netherlight crucible ideal traits So is there list up for mages which are best right now? In particular fire and frost Mage At the moment for my fire Mage I have the choice of the shadow one that deals 200k dmg/healing Or the light one that gives 1500 crit during concordanceKitteykat5 Sep 13
Sep 13 Arcane change I think that presence of mind should allow for 2 instant arcane blasts without the GCDElixxr13 Sep 13
Sep 13 Double ice lance So is blizz going to fully bring it back or are we just going to have to deal with forward momentum and annoying positioning every time we get a brainfreeze proc during IV+hero. Doesnt seem like they can fully get rid of it.Celias5 Sep 13
Sep 13 Relic Ilvl or BiS on NetherLight Crucible With the rise of NetherLight Crucible, Relic Ilvl is still more important than BiS traits unlocked on lower Ilvl relics?Faerna1 Sep 13
Sep 13 Crucible traits sims? Hey guys, I just found out about the crucible traits and am curious if anyone knows any sites that may have simmed the dps increases to decide which we should be aiming for first? I checked altered time but couldnt see any on there.Sinzzs4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Where to start? Hey there guys, i just took a break from wow and i was wondering, where do i begin? my item level is 864, and i don't know if i should focus on gearing, or head straight to Argus. Suggestions?Terees2 Sep 13
Sep 12 Where to begin? Hey guys, i just took a fairly long break from wow and my ilvl is 864, i was wondering, should i gear up a little, or head straight to Argus?Terees1 Sep 12
Sep 12 Fury of Frostfire for doing nothing? I logged, tried to portal to Aszuna from my Order Hall to do a WQ, was sent straight to the end of the quest line, the elemental simply gave me the appearance. Why what?PlayerSGGMJH5 Sep 12