Jun 29 Newb Q: How to use water elemental? I was reading in some beginner's guide which suggested putting the water elemental on "assist," which almost goes without saying. But even with assist active, it seems like there are just huge spans of time before your projectiles impact anything where water elemental is just sitting there idle. This is especially true when you're soloing content and dealing with 1 or 2 monsters at a time. So my question is, don't you pretty much have to manually direct your water elemental to attack at the beginning of any rotation? Do frost mages really have to do this all the time and is this not frustrating?Sushi6 Jun 29
Jun 29 Arcane T20 - set bonuses and rotation This thread is for a discussion of the new T20 set bonuses and their use with T19 and various legendaries. The new 2T20 set bonus seems quite nice for arcane. The bonus makes casting Presence of Mind instantly grant you 4 stacks of the aB buff. This week, I experimented with 2T19 +2T20 + kilt + Gravity Spiral For raiding, the opener rotation that seems to work well is 4xAB (to build AM stacks) --> Mark of Aluneth --> AM (until stacks gone) --> Barrage --> Presence of Mind --> AM (if new stacks) or AB. With Kilt, every ABar gives back 12% mana. This effective turns presence of mind with 2T20 into both a dps and mana-recovery cooldown. I also recently got the new legendary shoulders, Mantle of the First Kirin Tor. I used them with kilt + 2T19 + 2T20 in mythic dungeons. Some great synergy there. The orbs the lego shoots off do high damage and can generate charges. Couple the legendary with the arcane orb talent and the 2T20 set bonus for quick regeneration of charges to allow more barrages. It's pretty common to get multiple arcane orbs every pull! Overall, I like the 2T20 set bonus much better than then 4T19 set bonus. I also tried 4T20+2T19. In this setup I had no kilt and no gravity spiral. I was NOT impressed. I ran out of mana quite quickly and there seemed to be no synergy. Presence of mind's stack rebuilding feature gave slightly increased dps but without kilt, no mana regen. Overall DPS was noticeably lower. I have't yet tried 4T20+ kilt with no T19. Unfortunately, I only have 4 pieces of T20 and one of them is legs. Thoughts from anyone else on T20 and arcane?Mistwynd1 Jun 29
Jun 28 Having a tough choice To pick which frost talent would be best right now. Lonely Winter- Increase basic frost spells by 25% damage but lose your water elemental. Bone Chill- when you attempt to Chill your target you add a debuff that increase frost damage done to the target by .5% for 12 seconds stacking up to 8 times. Ray of Frost- Channel frost damage that increases damage as the channeling duration increases. All seem nice. I have looked at a lot of frost mage's builds in the forums and most have a mixture of the 3. Not sure if the Chill on Bone Chill means the frost bolt debuff. Not sure if at lower levels it's worth losing my pet for 25% more damage Not sure if adding another damage spell at lower levels like Ray of Frost is a good choice or not. Much appreciated for the answers in advance.Evenup4 Jun 28
Jun 28 Best legendaries for Frost? With the new 7.2.5 legendaries, I am not sure. What are the best frost mage legendaries (TV and GS builds) for most fights in ToS. I would like to know which ones to upgrade first. Thank you.Jacar9 Jun 28
Jun 28 Hypothetical Question for Fire Mages If a fire mage, and this is very hypothetical But if a fire mage were to go nuts in Suramar City and rain fire down on the unsuspecting filthy scu---citizens (yes! citizens) where do you think this crazy mage would strike? I'm just doing my part to keep the peace. Can't have anything happen to these beautiful people even tho they're crackheadswhosoldusouttothelegionandlookeddownonmeasIsavedtheirskins.Tinkerizmo2 Jun 28
Jun 28 Can't get Aluneth Hey all, I got through the quest chain and killed the prince, but can't get the staff now. it says I need to place three scrolls of Meitre, but I don't have them in my bags and can't find any info about them. Anyone else have this problem? I submitted a ticket also, but no response yet as I imagine they are busy. Thanks. I have also abandoned the quest and tried again to no avail.Rimailkall20 Jun 28
Jun 28 Frost Mage Action Bar Setup Frost Mage Action Bar Setup can somebody please tell me a good setup every forum i look at its just a bunch of people saying oh its just what your comfortable with lol. can someone just please tell me a setupEssaerae12 Jun 28
Jun 28 Fallen Avatar Frost Mage Bug ...Spellsrus0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Frost Mage - Tier 6 and Tier 7 talent choice I've been checking some logs on the several top frost mages in ToS and the first 5 tiers of talents seem to be pretty much the same with all of them, but the last two tiers are split between two talents in each tier. Tier 6 - Unstable Magic and Arctic Gale. Tier 7 - Thermal Void and Glacial Spike. I'm looking for some opinions and suggestions on which talent is the best in each tier in your opinion and why, but also if I should be switching between these talents based on the bosses I'm fighting in ToS.Kharneus3 Jun 28
Jun 28 ToS looks pretty bad for arcane early on This is obviously depressing But this is actually hilarious Jun 28
Jun 28 Initial Tomb Raid Single Target DPS Data (2) There was a great look at some comparative numbers for Maiden's Single-target style fight; A discussion that should continue, but can't because I can't seem to keep it in my pants. Credited to Falorien on Stormrage ...Midguard14 Jun 28
Jun 28 GS Did it get buffed in PvP as well ?ßéllé3 Jun 28
Jun 28 Question about Dragon's Breath All the guides I've seen say to always use this spell on CD, yet it has a very short range. Are fire mages just not raged casters? It seems very wrong to me for a caster to be that close to your targets. For some background on myself, I've only really played two classes competitively. I started out as a Balance Druid in Cata and then, in MoP, I switched to Frost DK. Now I'm trying to go back to ranged caster and I really like Fire Mage.Amberelle5 Jun 28
Jun 27 2pcT20 Frost GS mages are lowkey arcane mages Frozen orb 10s buff + IV: Mobile ROP + AP Icicles: Arcane charges Main burst dps, GS and Ebon: POM AB & MoA Procs FoF and BF: AMs Playstyle: both attempts to squeeze as much dps as possible into a timed window. both goes into burst with icicles/charges. Both scales somewhat with mastery.Jics1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Ice Nova or Splitting Ice? Hello everyone! Just curious to what would be the appropriate rotation to inflict serious burst as of today's updated Frost version. Currently on my talents I have LW, Shim, IF, FW, UM & GS. I haven't thought of yet on the 4th talent as I am indecisive in-between Ice Nova or Splitting Ice. Would Splitting Ice boost the damage for my GS, or does it just hit secondary target as same damage percentage-wise? If I am aware correctly, in order to shatter, cast Frostbolts till you get Brain Freeze, therein hold it till you get 3 icicles & GS of course, following with Flurry first & right away GS to create the shatter right? Or am I doing it wrong? Also are there any other ways to shatter besides what I've stated above?Silveneish2 Jun 27
Jun 27 June 27 buffs Nothing for mages. Go FigureDorandis14 Jun 27
Jun 27 Too little vers for frost mage? I'm in the process of gearing this alt to raid normal Tomb with my guild. Somehow I've ended up with pretty solid crit, haste, and mastery, but virtually no versatility (a mere 670 right now). Is this something I should try to fix, or should the relative strength of my other secondaries compensate for that? Moreover, which build should I try to orient myself towards with my current gear setup: TV or GS? Right now I sim roughly the same for each (450k~), but I realize my stats are ideal for neither.Mairisol3 Jun 27
Jun 27 Blizz, will arcane will be gone in 8.0? While I acknowledge it's early, the first numbers via logs are in for TOS and arcane is pretty much dead last. Given how the only attention we have received in the past 5 months (since the quickening fiasco) is a nerf to echoes and a truly laughable 3% buff that literally did nothing to address the atrocious scaling of mastery (the stat we're built around) or the QOL issues (having to be in melee for aoe, non-existent cleave) our spec has, what should we mages conclude? I'm legitimately asking here. I'm one of the last people to say "the sky is falling," but even I'm to the point now where I'm convinced that a) you developers simply don't care about the spec at all (likely), b) arcane is somehow being punished retroactively for being very strong in Hellfire Citadel (least likely and only viable because of 2 extremely broken trinkets that made or broke the spec) or c) you developers haven't a clue how the spec works/should work and have given up trying (most likely). The best arcane has been in Legion is lower mid in EN. We were at or near the bottom in TOV, lower mid to near bottom in NH save for the few fights like Tichondrious where we could "pad" numbers, and now it appears as though we're below even survival hunters in TOS. Sorry, but this is INEXCUSABLE for a pure dps class. Given the thinly veiled antipathy towards casters this expansion, the outright hostility towards mages (of all specs) and the utter lack of attention paid to arcane, is it safe to assume that mage will go the way of DH in 8.0 and be a 2 spec (frost/fire) class? Again, this isn't a sarcastic troll post devs, I'm seriously asking if arcane is on the chopping block and this is your way of passively-aggressively telling us we're on notice?Tempestwinds25 Jun 27
Jun 27 Fire Mage PVP Question I've been doing the BGs for the weekly event, and I felt like I was doing a lot of AoE, but not really doing any damage. I looked at my tooltips and noticed that Fireball was listed as doing about 250k and Pyroblast was listed at 200k. Is it supposed to be like that? This seems like a bug, or...something wrong.Snake3 Jun 27
Jun 27 Do you always want to shatter a FB? Short and to the point. If you are going to use a BF proc, do you ALWAYS want to go for the 3 hit combo? Cast sequence at 10+ yards FB -> BF -> IL, so that you shatter both the FB and IL?Rivvi10 Jun 27
Jun 27 Arcane t20 set nerf the Class Development page has been busy since the nerf to t20 Apparently the 2p 10% buff from PoM went from 15s, to 6s. making for an over >50% nerf to it's uptime. The other thread discusses: 1. The 6s window risks having Arcane Missiles miss out on the buff because of travel time. 2. Half of the buff is consumed by Arc Blast GCDs, making the buff even more notoriously convoluted (and in most cases, a DPS loss) for AOE 3. A /cancelaura macro is needed to make 3+ target use of the buff (regardless of the duration) and with it reduced to 6, the macro is absolutely mandatory for AOE. 4. Kilt wearers get the strongest benefit from the bonus--to the point where the set bonus isn't a meaningful dps upgrade at all if you don't have the kilt yet. 5. The single-target dps benefit has been substantially reduced, gaining ~1-3% throughput in ideal usage. What are people's opinions on this giant nerf to an already mediocre bonus? Class Dev Jun 27
Jun 27 Missing sheep options! for some reason I am missing sheep spells that I farmed YEARS ago.... any idea where my turtle and pig went?Lane4 Jun 27
Jun 27 Glacial Spike Rotation question. I have 4 stacks of Icicles and a Brain Freeze proc. In this scenario which one do I do? Additional info: I have 30% Chance for Frostbolt to get a Brain Freeze proc. A. Frostbolt> Flurry> Ice Lance> Glacial Spike (and hope the Frostbolt gave me a proc and if so)> Flurry> Ice Lance or B. Frostbolt (Saving the Brain Freeze)> Glacial Spike > Flurry> Ice LanceRainoa16 Jun 27
Jun 26 Frozen Touch vs Splitting Ice I had assumed the tooltip of "increase FoF proc rate by 40%" meant that FoF proc would be 12% + 40% = 52% but from reading I realize that it's actually 12% + 12% * 40% = 16.8% Hmmm... not nearly as great as I thought. Is that 4.8% bump for FoF still better than Splitting Ice? Or should I be face palming myself over all that lost Splitting Ice damage?Tinkerizmo4 Jun 26
Jun 26 Frost Mage PvP template Frost needs a template buff or something, this damage is actual trash. Frozen Orb and fingers of frost procs are just about the only thing that does damage. Really weird, because Frost has always been super brainless and obnoxious to play against. That, and I really don't wanna play fire because it IS super brainless, just, it kinda sucks in PvP if your opponent has a little bit of common sense.Redempta2 Jun 26
Jun 26 Portal to Broken Shore? Is there a portal to broken shore from mage class hall? I see warriors have theirs.Skyres9 Jun 26
Jun 26 Why is everyone so angry about their mount?! I love the disc. It's animated, it's detailed, it's different for every spec, and it has its own summoning / dismissing animations! I use it all the time. It honestly doesn't matter what mounts they gave us. It really doesn't. You people would still complain! I hate these forums!Amberelle74 Jun 26
Jun 26 Frost rotation (single target) question Just curious - I am learning the frost rotation now - but having a hard time finding an accurate source. What do you guys do for the best single target dps?Okinawa21 Jun 26
Jun 26 Initial Tomb Raid Single Target DPS Data After the first week of the new TOS raid, I was curious to see the results that each of the three mage specs were pulling on single target. For single target, I chose to analyze the Maiden of Vigilance fight on normal difficulty. Given over 16,000 parses of normal TOS for mages on this fight, I analyzed the average DPS at 75th percentile at each ilvls from warcraftlogs. Bottom line, frost (no surprise) is outperforming fire by 6.3% and arcane by 7.3%. Scaling, not including set bonuses, looks like frost and arcane scale at about the same rate, with fire scaling 4.4% worse. DETAILED RESULTS The results show that frost (715,433 dps) is on average 6.3% ahead of fire (670,794 dps) and 7.3% ahead of arcane (665,615 dps) on this fight (data over ilvls 889-921, where there were enough parses for a statistically significant sample for each spec at each ilvl). Looking at dps scaling in that same range, frost scales about 4.4% better than fire (16,267 dps per 3 ilvls for frost vs 15,550 per 3 ilvls for fire). Arcane is close to scaling at the same rate as frost, only .3% behind using that same comparison (arcane is 16,224 dps per 3 ilvls). These comparisons obviously do not include effects of T19 vs T20. I thought this would be a good week to analyze given that few would have the T20 bonuses yet. The down side is that the learning curve on the fights may affect performance, but that is the same across specs, and this fight isn't that hard from a mechanics perspective. Just some initial data to share with the mage community. There are certainly flaws to this analysis, but its some single target data to consider.Falorien7 Jun 26
Jun 25 Low Frost Mage DPS So I am at Ilvl 904, 33% crit with food on 19% haste 43,891 int. 51 Artifact traits. I am pulling roughly 400-450k on normal kil'jaeden. I feel like this is really really low, or maybe I am just wrong. My rotation is this. Ebonbolt > Icy Veins > Frozen Orb > Frost bolt for stacks of frost fingers and chain reaction, then dump ice lances and flurry > repeat with frost bolt until chain reactions at 3 then frost bolt Ice lance with procs. Do I only Ice Lance when I have procs? Or am I suppose to be Ice Lancing after every frost bolt no matter what. Also what else could I possibly be doing wrong to have my DPS so low?Røley8 Jun 25
Jun 25 Unsolved mystery If you have acquired the hidden artifact skin for Alu'neth you would have noticed that on it's stand is a different skin . That skin has been on the stand since 7.0/7.1, so i know that it just can't be a bug and with Legion already half over i have been wondering what we have been missing.Dandorian2 Jun 25
Jun 25 LF PVE FMage Coach Hi all! I am not necessarily new to the game but fairly new to mage. I am in a heroic guild nothing too fancy and we are currently progressing Heroic ToS; my current ilvl is 902 I do decent on the damage charts but I feel like I'm not living up to my full potential. Is there any heroic or mythic raiding mage that would be willing to mentor me and help me improve. Thank you!Cwoqcwoq1 Jun 25
Jun 25 Best neck enchant for 7.2.5? wondering best neck enchant for fire, arcane and frost. appreciate the info in advance.Twistedshade5 Jun 25
Jun 25 >Have an AMA for Class Devs >Completely ignore any questions about Fire or Arcane (from the very same post they were quoting, at that)Marriama16 Jun 25
Jun 24 How do I change artifact weapons? So I started as fire.. i'm level 110. Quit playing for about 6 months. Just changed my spec to frost and want to get the appropriate weapon. Nowhere in the hall is a quest or anything to do this. I looked up the starter quest and it's given by Meryl Felstorm, but he's just laying on a bed in my order hall and has no option to interact or receive a quest from him. How do I do this? I have no artifact weapon quests in my log.Yesplz5 Jun 24
Jun 24 "Fix" Shimmer, please Shimmer needs to work exactly like Blink on the first cast. It can put a Hypothermia-like debuff on us for 15 seconds that prevents it from breaking stuns and snares again to balance it if necessary. We shouldn't have to lose a stun breaker (Shimmer replaces Blink) just to gain some raid mobility. (I hate changing talents just for raiding) We already lost the Blazing Speed talent in the pruning. Shimmer gave back a little bit of the quality of life movement when futzing about indoors. It's annoying to lose the stun breaker.Cedric9 Jun 24
Jun 24 Water Elemental Blizz kinda keeps up with lore in-game with mechanics, which is why we get NE mages and stuff now, but should frost mages really have water elementals anymore? Essentially you magically imbue their bracers to enslave them. I think it's time we retired the water elemental and gave it to the shaman, and give mages the arcane protector (as seen in the order hall). Anybody else?Faloestril11 Jun 24
Jun 24 Dead horse, prepare for beating. WOW developer AMA. Long section on mages. Not one word on arcane. Not. One. Word. Frost, frost, shimmer in pvp, fire t20, fire legendaries. If I wasn't convinced before I am now.Tempestwinds8 Jun 24
Jun 24 Arcane and Fire buffs Mage Arcane Damage of all abilities increased by 3%. Fire Damage of all abilities increased by 3%. And there it is.Refrigerate96 Jun 24
Jun 24 Fire Mages... Why? I'm not sure how to create a forum where we can just talk about the state of fire mages without it devolving into an argument about how easy it is to re-spec, but here's my best shot... After playing a fire mage since vanilla, I can bravely draw this conclusion: We're at the point in WoW now where fire mages received their ceremonial end-game nerf, and Blizzard is not going to fix fire for the remainder of this expansion. Usually at this point we get an announcement for a patch where fire is getting brand new ideas (yay!) 6 months down the line, and then Blizzard calms down our quells by telling us fire will be fixed in the next[i] expansion. Don't get me wrong, this is still very far from the worst expansion to try to have fun with a fire mage. I just don't get why we can't buff fire [i]this expansion. I'm not even necessarily saying 'fix fire' here, but we get to this state where fire is clearly lacking and Blizzard doesn't even move in a direction towards fixing it. I understand that 'fixing' a class can be complicated, but it can't be that hard to give some artificial buffs that take the edge off - our current state is kind of lulz...Persianmage5 Jun 24
Jun 24 Spec Identity Crisis So I started legion off as Frost and even got the Frost lego bracers but that is the only lego I have that is spec exclusive. The other two I have are the neck and Sephuz's Secret. I like all three specs almost equally as I have spent the better part of the last two weeks trying to pick one to main because I cannot afford to keep dumping AP into all three weapons. Fire's is lvl 37 and Arcane/Frost are both lvl 46. No matter how hard I try or how much I read online about every single thing right down to the lore of each spec; I just cannot pick one and stick with it. Maybe someone here can offer some insight? Oh, Jaina please help me before my little gnome brain explodes!Singularity14 Jun 24
Jun 23 7.2 Legendaries Great for Arcane? Hardly surprising considering we didn't really have many good ones before, but it seems like both the Mantle and the Soul are performing incredibly well and indeed would be BiS if the darn Kilt wasn't pretty much mandatory (I don't think anyone can argue that effect shouldn't be baseline). Personally, I was more excited about the Mantle, even after it was nerfed, because of the apparent synergy with the Kilt and, let's face it, because I love the Arcane Orb visual and the Titans know Arcane could use every bit of updated pixels when it comes to our horribly lackluster spell visuals. Of course as faith would have it I ended up getting the Soul first and although at this point in the expansion I suppose it's just a matter of time before we get them all I am curious to know how well the Mantle performs from someone with first hand knowledge. I am quite pleased with the Soul, although here again the effect or rather the talent Temporal Flux ought to be baseline. I didn't realize how much I had missed AB casting speed increasing with charges until I put it on last night! So to the folks with the Mantle how do you like it and do you feel one is better than the other, I mean besides the obvious i.e. Mantle for AoE/Cleave and Soul for ST fights. On a side note, what the hell are we going to do about being near the bottom or dead last on the charts in ToS? At this point I feel like only those of us fortunate enough to play in guilds willing to indulge us in our masochistic tendencies to play Arcane can afford that luxury! ><*Fyrell3 Jun 23
Jun 23 Prismatic Cloak I just had a thought and figured I would see what people thought about it. I agree that Shimmer with the old 1.5 sec immune to magic damage prismatic cloak was a little too often, but maybe if you choose to run Blink instead of shimmer prismatic cloak could still be 1.5 sec magic immune? Seems like an option to at least give people the choice as to how their blink/shimmer should work for them.Nightchill0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Arcane Mage, help Interested in levelling my 100 Mage. I've always liked the arcane fantasy but I don't wanna be dead last in damage. How are they looking in 7.2.5?, I've heard they are very legendary dependant?. ThanksHarumaph9 Jun 23
Jun 23 I cant use offhand for my class?? How the hell do I unlock the offhand ability for my warlock? Im trying to equip my staff and then I found this other staff that could be used as an off hand, currently equipping my smooth metal staff. But I have no idea how to be able to wield them both or is that just impossible? Still quite new at this. If I cant then why would there be an option for it?Hynath4 Jun 23
Jun 23 Low FoF procs? Not sure if they reduced our chance to proc FoF? But I literally had to cast 40 frostbolts on heroic star augur in a pug before I finally got 1 proc of FoF, it wasn't AS bad after that, but still very very low chance even with frozen touch. I mean, nerf our IV and all, thats fine, I have no problem wioth that. But not getting any FoF procs and just casting frostbolt for 60% of a fight is just a real crappy feeling. Forget the DPS, just the fact that we get to sit and press 1 button and pray to rngesus for a proc feels really bad Anyone else getting low procs?Werikk5 Jun 23
Jun 22 Add-on question. Tracking bombs on Maiden .Jacar0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Fire in ToS So my TOS parsing has been horrible, be it frost or fire... the other mages in the raid also suffered particularly bad parses... so while I muled over the data in the logs, I can say this with confidence... If your going to do !@#$ dps, do %^-* dps as fire, it's heart and soul makes it more fun than !@#$ dps as frost. Lukewarm Ice lances arn't as cool as meek Pyro's with mobility. What was clearly evident in TOS was despite trying hard, TOS parsing has a lot to do with raid positioning, tanks abilities to get mobs in cleaving range and dps strength (ilvl) without carrying. If either of these don't align, frost and fire alike will simply have to make do with middle to bottom of the pack dps. The raids experience in TOS will for sure help make casting more efficient... Anyway having recently got lucky with the Soul of the Archmage ring, I tried the combo of pyromaniac, flame on and controlled burn, had pyros for days albeit with a high amount of bracer procs mostly at the worst of times while suffering from a lack of haste trinket procs or compromising mechanics... but still was very fun with all the free pyros and the element of surprise rng... you'll also find that you won't be short on instants for subsequent combustions... speculation but perhaps the build may have some synergy with gloves/kindling - at the expense of bracers.Canex0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Mage Tower Appearance Tints For the fire mage challenge appearance the first tint makes your orbs have a blue flame streak on them, but with the red tint there is no color streak. Is there a way to keep to orbs with the blue streak and still have the red tint?Qahnaaris0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Fire or BM hunter? which of the 2 is better over all? im trying to decide which to main. been maining this hunter recently and it's okay.. getting tired of my pets having pathing issues at times and im sure fire isn't as great looking at all the complaints but i did enjoy it over frost. i am trying to push high mythic+ content and do rated PvP and if possible raiding. my mage is only like 860 and i haven't played it since kharazan released. i have basically the same issues with both specs. 1. AoE ( my aoe rotation is sloppy but it is more forgiving on my BM hunter as i have an easier time doing his rotation versus the AoE on fire ) 2. survivalbility in PvP ( always getting trained by melee ) only huge pro my mage has over my hunter is i have done all of the quests prior to 7.2 in every zone on it including suramar and my rep is all capped i believe or close to exalted. on my hunter i have yet to do much questing or even touch suramar. i do have flying but spend my days just pvp and farming WQ's for AP.Lethadox5 Jun 22