Apr 22 Mages in Arena How are you guys doing so far ? Me not so well . I have my moments wen I shine , but wen it comes to some decent teams I always find my self lacking behind . What comps are you guys running ? I've been running resto/mage an it's just some warriors/monks/rogues/ I can't keep them off me they pretty much can counter every shimmer I do an interrupt my spells from a distant .. I'm thinking I should try more double dps comps because I can't keep up with a pillar hugging healer for nothing . Any tips ? On what I should be doing ? Perhaps fake cast more ? But by the time I get the fake cast off I'm at half ho . We all know frost requires somewhat of a setupßéllé0 Apr 22
Apr 22 Optimal Follower choices? Is there a list out there of what are the best followers to activate/deactivate and what equipment to give them?Sevaira4 Apr 22
Apr 22 Frost Magus Mastery. Quick question guys, I realise mastery is considered not the greatest priority stat these days. Seems most people are going for Haste. Just curious since Mastery seems to increase the amount stored in our icicles does that directly benefit our glacial spike damage as well? (E.g hard hitting glacials in World PvP ;)Tredis7 Apr 22
Apr 22 Mage PvP requests Hello community, Personally, I feel that mages need some tuning for PvP. These are meant to buff or nerf, but rather help address the class fantasy of a frost mage, along with some quality of life changes. Let's get this right out in the open. Many classes lost some utility, spells and what have you, with the great prune of 2016. Even later down the road, mages lost their armours in favor of shields that are diapellable and easily broken. Simple tweaks could be made to this. Alright. Next thing, Frost mages do not have a stun. Is one necessary? I believe so. With the rate that melee have on upkeep, we need some way to effectively and reliable combat that. Sure, we can spec into Shimmer, but it cannot break stuns, nor roots. Our roots? Well, nova is on 30 second cool down and breaks from non-critical hits. Pet freeze, 25 seconds. I'm rambling now. What I would like see are some PvP honor talents removed, and replaced with talents that were great back in the day. Old school frost bomb that actually detonated after 3 seconds. Currently, Frost bomb is not a viable option for any form of PvP. It is incredibly clunky and lackluster in damage. Deep freeze making a return. Either baked into Glacial Spike as an artifact talent (like it used to be, allowing us to shatter frost bolts into it), or as a honor talent. Make it break on Ice Nova and Ice Lances if need be, but it'll be a nice method to create distance from melee and set up attack or retreat. Blazing speed! Why was this ever removed? It was amazing. Only lasted 1.5 seconds on a 25 second cool down. Bring it back as honor talent or something. Allows mages to play more offensively or defensively. We are incredibly susceptible to slows, snared and roots. Remove curse. This was a great talent for PvP. It may have been removed because of PvE reasons, believing de cursing should remain to healers, but with the amount of damage curses do, this would be a huge quality of life improvement, as well as allow counter-play to some classes. Lastly, this is an odd request, but I am surely not the only PvP players that misses their PvP trinket? Bring them back. I hate questing and not having my trinket, because I run with Shimmer. Not running with Shimmer is just hurting you. At this point, I'm inclined to believe that blink should have a baseline of two charges, with the Shimmer talent adding in some additional functionality - such as a speed boost or allowing you to use blink as many times as you'd like in 2 seconds. Thoughts? What do you guys miss about your mage in PvP?Kiekö12 Apr 22
Apr 21 New Animations? Any chance we will see some new spell animations for any of the specs?Adiccalen13 Apr 21
Apr 21 Fire mages, this is just the beginning! Rejoice my brothers and sisters.Kanarazu61 Apr 21
Apr 21 Arcane Barrage and Psyfiend Alright PvP Arc Mages is anyone having issues attempting to use ABarr on Psyfiend. I can't use it and it sucks not being able to kill it swiftly. Also totems what is this game?Skwints3 Apr 21
Apr 21 Shard of Exodar and Solo TW question Hi, so here's the meat of the problem: On Guldan, we wait til ~9 mins in to pop heroism/time warp, so there's no heroism on pull. With SoE, I can do multiple heroisms per fight, but then everyone would get the debuff. Is there any way to leave the group, pop hero, and then automatically get invited in (assuming someone with assist has an addon that allows such a thing)? My current thoughts are using a single macro for the leave and join: /script LeaveParty() /in 2 /w XXX Inv (The /w XXX inv automatically invites me back into group) Then cast Time Warp in the 2 second window. Also, I'm assuming this would be considering a clever use of game mechanics in order to use my legendary effectively, but if it isn't, please say so as well.Krissana10 Apr 21
Apr 21 Arcane ready up macro I want to make a macro that will cAst charged up, arcane power, and presence of mind. Help?Aezethrerius2 Apr 21
Apr 21 Fire on the radar for 7.2.5 I'm stealing verbiage from Portal's response on another thread... Lore: ...Balewind49 Apr 21
Apr 21 Fire Mage DPS is still !@#$, some suggestions Yeah we got a little buffed, but no one can deny dps is still $hit. Here's some suggestions: 1. Buff artifact trait Strafing Run by increasing single target damage if it doesn't bounce. 2. Buff pyroblast raw damage. 3. Change talent Unstable Magic, get rid of the needless aoe and increase percentile of damage. 4. Get rid of talent Blazing Soul and return Ice Floes. Seriously, I don't want to play frost. Help me stay fire. And don't give me other classes are !@#$ too so you should also stay %^-*. If other classes are !@#$, tell Blizz to fix it.Mabup16 Apr 21
Apr 20 Frost mages I'm wondering if taking bone chill Intell I have shatter cap and decent haste is better then taking LW at 28 critical and like 20+ haste IV been doing both builds and seem to do better mythic pluse with LW and worst with it in raids so I'm wondering what I should stick with and why I should stick with it. Is bone chilling better tell I reach shatter cap and can make the most of ice Lance or not if anyone can explain the stats I need and what's better at which point thatd be awesome thank you!Ilovejessica5 Apr 20
Apr 20 I finally killed the Mage Tower Stroke of luck, I gotta say. After so much literal stress, but the other day I got the Frost artifact challenge completed... No more of that insane stress. For a person who gets overwhelmed quick usually, that was actually a big stressor for me. Also, I almost died to Raest. I did the technique of downing Karam first, (personally I would overlook him come certain points, so I figured to just kill him). I then neglected Raest so much, he was sitting at around 40% and I was at 20%. If I didn't have my Ice Block, and one more Shield, I would have embarrassingly died to Raest... But, time to rejoice and relax.Ópium9 Apr 20
Apr 20 Mages Need Changes! Hello Guys, and Blizzard. I'd like to make a case for changes to mage specializations. No doubted, mages are in general fairly balanced. We have however lost a lot of our uniqueness between our specs, and other classes. Lets get into it. ... - Make Temporal shield non-dispelable/stealable. ... Arguement: Where in the world did all our passives go? Seriously. This is very annoying. You have butchered arcane into a pure re-skin of other caster specs. It's utterly insane. - add passive to make spell steal dispel 2 debuffs by default and reduce its mana cost by 20%. - improve wisp. Make it grant various spells to the mage, like removing cc, dots, and applying arcane shield or make its attacks lower cooldowns by 1 second. - Add a new talent in place of ring of frost MassPolymorph: Polymorph all targets 25 yards from your target for X duration. 3 second cast time. -Nether tempest is still garbage. - Move Temporal Flux's current bonus (5% faster casting speed to blast) to a passive and then... - Redesign temporal flux to cause arcane missiles to use standard arcane charges instead of arcane missile procs. - Add a new ability in place of temporal flux "Mass teleport". Teleport all near by allies in 15 yards to target ally. instant cast, 3 minute cooldown. - Move rewind time to main stream as an arcane passive. - Add a new talent in place of rewind time. Improved slow now reduces the casting speed of a target by 30%, but now has a 15 second cooldown and increases its range by 15 yards. ... reduce cooldown of fire shield to 10 seconds and improve its absorb by a factor of 2.5. Redesign greater pryoblast. your pyroblast now applies 10% of the targets hp. make the Make Flare up honor talent also grant another stack of dragons breath. redesign world in flames to just grant +5 seconds on ignite duration, and another 20% damage. ... reduce cooldown of ice shield to 10 seconds and improve its absorb by a factor of 1.5 Grant frost mages some talent to replace frostbolt in place of diablo 3's sleet storm. Burst of Cold. Redesign to be an effect that just auto applies to all enemies in 25 yards. This talent has been under performing for some time and needs a rework. make it bursty. Just a few recommendations so far. Oh, and upgrade the dam arcane graphics.Aminari7 Apr 20
Apr 20 A fun dream If blizzard got rid of frost bomb, moved thermal void (with the nerf) to frost bomb tier and Ray of frost to 100 tier and replaced RoF with something. Or just leave it at 2 talent choices :p Or switched Ray if frost and thermal void (without the nerf to thermal void).Elörian1 Apr 20
Apr 20 Interesting Rotations I've seen a lot of information about numbers lately, but I'd like to spark a discussion about mage rotations for each spec. Which specs rotation do you enjoy the most? Which spec has the most interesting rotation? Which rotation is most dynamic and not too boring over time? What would you change?Shagh3 Apr 20
Apr 20 Having trouble breaking 450k sustained DPS I've tried multiple talent configurations as well as watching videos on how to increase my DPS, but I'm still at a loss. I know my gear sucks but it's all RNG so I'm doing the best I can. Any advice would be very appreciated! EDIT: I should add that I'm having trouble getting PAST 450k DPS.Wagglemaster23 Apr 20
Apr 20 BiS for Arcane The the Cord of Infinity best in slot for Arcane? Or, what is? I finally got my first legendary the other day, got the belt, but I can't decide if that's BiS or what is. Maybe the kilt? Which brings up another question, how good is the kilt?Alyxra8 Apr 20
Apr 20 The Great Akazamzarak is Gambit? If you have this new Goblin magician as a bodyguard, you'll notice he doesn't really fling spells, but instead like... cards or something? He uses his left hand, then right, then left etc. to fling cards in an arc from his coat, and then occasionally a big arcane-bunny is his nuke. Him throwing cards that deal damage reminds me of Gambit from X-Men. I do assume it's "magical cards", no?Ópium0 Apr 20
Apr 20 Best frost 2s partner? Any suggestions? I've been doing decent with a resto druid but I'm wondering what some other good setups/strats are.Dormie1 Apr 20
Apr 20 DD:P for Arcane? Well, I just dropped a WoW token on the AH to get a Darkmoon Deck: Promises trinket + Obliterum for my Disc Priest toon, but I was wondering if it's viable for this toon as well until I can get either my 4-piece set or the legendaries that affect my mana pool in a good way. Right now in dungeons and LFR (gearing this toon for use as my main toon for the rest of Legion), if I go all-out on a boss, I'm out of mana in what seems like seconds, even with Evocation, so I'm just standing around, waiting for Evocation to come off CD, which has a negative effect on my DPS. So, the question is, will Darkmoon Deck: Promises's mana reduction help with not going OOM as quickly until I can get my 4-piece or decent legendaries (wrist/kilt/hat)?Talih1 Apr 20
Apr 20 7.2.5 Predictions Hello all, Leveled a alt for 7.2.5 and I just wanted the community's prediciton on the best spec for ToS, focusing on ST, and dabbing into some m+? Still frost? How is arcane? Thanks.Gelkymage22 Apr 20
Apr 20 Class development arcane mage thread Arcane seems to be low priority for any changes coming into the next patch with no communication from the development team, and I'd like to create more awareness of our issues to help improve this. Check out my thread in the class development forum & bump with your own feedback/suggestions please! (I realise it's a wordy post, will try and edit it down!) We're a relatively small community compared with frost and fire so any support helps!ûn5 Apr 20
Apr 20 Marquee+Shard Is this combo any good? Just got shard as my second legGöd2 Apr 20
Apr 20 Which spec is best Which spec is the best ATM? I've been playing arcane and loving it but I basically only see frost mages in our order hall is frost op or something? Also I heard in 7.2.5 frost will be nerfed via double ice lance and fire will be buffed? Will arcane be untouched and sink to the bottom again?Rosey2 Apr 20
Apr 20 best dps spec? I have been off for a while and I just want to know the new best dps spec for a mage for just pve for now. its been soo long since I played..Pheónix7 Apr 20
Apr 19 Fire mage How is fire mage for random/rated bgs and world pvp? Looking for a fun alt but I hear so many complaints about ranged/casters getting curbstomped in pvp outside of arena. Half the casters ive tried so far get blown up pretty quickly with a melee training them. Although ive had some success on a boomkin. I would mainly be doing random battlegrounds and im looking for a caster/ranged alt. Thanks fellasAntigen4 Apr 19
Apr 19 Anyone who can explain latency solutions? So i have gained ilvl and lost dps since the last patch. I am consistently having problems with hard casting flurry or just standing there mashing my buttons waiting on an ice lance to go off. I obviously dont pretend to be the best player but i am just as good as i was prepatch yet my dps has gone down 50k+. It is super frustrating because I am casting spells just like i always did but now instead of the ice lance going off instantly I have to stand still like an idiot and mash the button extra times. Flurry of course is the same. I hit the button and either it doesnt go off so i hit it again and it makes me double cast a hard cast flurry or it doesnt go off and i have already moved on the next cast and i wasted my free flurry. I have messed with the command (Spellqueuewindow i think is the spelling) but it has little to no effect.Ashthorne7 Apr 19
Apr 19 Omega Awesome Mage Spells I was wondering if any other mage was hoping that someday we would get a Black Hole spell and the like... y'know, the one the wizard has in D3. Got to thinking about it since we almost have the same Ray of Frost spell (even though it's situational and rarely used) Maybe an orb like hovering spell that slows or pulls in and explodes. I am big on space science so that's the method of the madness I am currently spewing. What do you guys think? Any other spells out there you wish we should have but don't?Skyfire10 Apr 19
Apr 19 Arcane Mage Talents 7.2 - Update needed? 7.2 Arcane Mage Talents The current path of talent selection needs to be updated from the current Single Target/AoE path. What I mean by updated is if we are basically given this dual setup then all talents needs to meet this usefulness. Each row seems to have that one talent that is next to useless in its situational usefulness. Which basically relegates a player to "one" selection within that row on average. Yes one can change talents in the field but again the situation most of time does not require it (or one talent in that row never sees any application/use) My idea is that all talents get some addition to their use -- add a aoe/single target effect to all abilities or most of them to the extent it actually warrants use or at least feels like it does. Because again at the present most of the talents in a given row are lacking performance. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My ideas/solutions on talents that should be updated >>>> Temporal Flux is near overkill or redundancy effect and should be changed to something that adds some aoe/single target effect - Temporal Flux arcane blast has a 20% change per arcane charge to proc touch of the magi or make the next 2 arcane blast you cast instant. SuperNova should be reduced to 15secs or 18secs and the damage should be increased by 20% Ice Ward should be removed and changed to ArcaneBolt - Cast a frost/arcane bolt @ 1.5 secs that deals 30K damage and reduces the cooldown on all other frost spells by 1sec. (provides a frost school to cast from) Nether Tempest Damage should be increased slightly or allow it to be applied to 2 additional targets with reduced damage. ==Overpowered/Rune of Power/Charged Up combos being the only setup that can maximize single target damage is a bit bland== I discuss more of the topics and talents such as Words of Power/Arcane Familiar in the video. This has been discussed but I think we need to keep it going. Chime in on what you think. Phroz Talks Legion 7.2 Arcane Mage Talents Peace and Love.Phroz24 Apr 19
Apr 19 Fire mage stealth buff What if, blizzard stealth BUFFED fire mages on top of this 6%,without telling you? What would your response be?Fefy10 Apr 19
Apr 19 Mage in WPvP My perception after being on the receiving end of a Mage ganking is that mages are pretty decent in WPvP, mainly in that it's all about who can get their burst out the fastest and at range preferably. Arcane and frost mages have made short work of me numerous times. I have a 110 mage now and am pondering whether it's worth the grind to gear up.... so the deciding factor for me is how well they do in WPvP as I play on a PvP server. Any opinions would be great... don't mages feel strong in WPvP? Any spec totally better in open WPvP? I normally don't even try to WPvP as it kinda sucks, but want to try mage if they are as good as I feel they are ( strong burst, decent defensive and escapes)Malumcarno9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Christabub's [Fire Mage Guide](with agatha) --Guide Not Completed!!!Will Update and Elaborate soon 4/13/17-- This will be an in-depth guide on how to play the elusive fire mage focusing on mythic nighthold and mythic+ content. Hopefully i can give a unique perspective or clarify some things with the class. Because of the mass migration to frost/arcane in 7.1, a lot of player generated information is lacking for fire. Lets keep it going brothers. The title is sarcasm and clickbait. --- To address the mass crying and exodus of the fire mage --- Yes, we're mediocre. Get over it, If you like the class just learn and do well at it. You can still do well on any given encounter. Stop crying though, just play better and enjoy the mythic+ damage. ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Intro and Basics 2. Talents 3. Opener 4. Encounters 5. Mythic+ 6. Tips N Tricks 7. Agatha ___________________________________________________________________________ Me I've been playing different variations of mage in raid/pvp settings since 40 man afk molten core in vanilla. NOW IM 8/10 Mythic Nighthold parsing from 80-99 most of the time. Also have high mythic+ experience with a few top 100s. I got Agatha beezy too on the first day. ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Intro and Basics Fire mage is a ranged caster class that relies on cooldowns and has excellent multi target AOE. Because of this fire mage are top tier for mythic+ which we will talk about in another section. But this is also useful on certain encounters throughout the legion expansion, as many of them have aoe elements. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2. Talents Single Target (Trillax, Star Auger, Krosus, etc.) Firestarter - This is how you get huge openers. Especially on fights where the enemey has a decent amount of HP (content you're not blowing through). Mirror Images - The best dps cooldown fire mages have imo. These dudes hit so incredibly hard and they scale with your intellect. Very good damage if only 1 target to hit. Flame On - For obvious reasons, have an extra fireblast and reducing cooldown is great for ST. Unstable Magic - Not good but why not Meteor - Meatball for your opener. ___________________________________________________________________________ Aoe Fights (Skorp, Anom, Tich, etc.) Conflagration - Cuz the flare up is good on aoe Mirror Images or Rune of Power - Rune of power is still good on heavy add fights, like spellblade mythic. Most of your damage will come from blowing insane amounts of aoe during ROP on adds. Mirror image is great, but you cant take advantage of that. However on anomly you would use Images because the Aoe inst consistent enough to take a ST loss. Alexstraszas Fury - Especially with helmet, getting the 100% crit on a large pack of mobs is insane dmg. Also using this as a fireblast when not able to cleave. Living Bomb or Flame Patch - Living bomb is the easiest and most effective aoe talent here. But on spellblade and some others flame patch does well with high health adds. Meteor - Ill write 17 paragraphs why cinderstorm is bad, later. __________________________________________________________________________ 3. Opener - Before reading any of this please understand. If I get bracer proc at all during combustion I immediately start hard casting pyroblast while under its affects. If you think 3 instas will give you a bigger combustion than one 300-326% dmg pyro. You wrong. The instas dont go anywhere either, use those garuanteed crits to keep PI up after if you need to. EXAMPLE SEQUENCE - Pull timer 15seconds - @-3 seconds until pull timer Prolonged Power and hard cast Fireball. - @-0 seconds Fireball lands (hope for crit) - @ 0 seconds Mirror Images - @ 1 seconds (If your precast crit) you cast Fireblast to create Hot Streak - @ 1 seconds (if your precast did not crit) you cast Fireball until you do crit, then cast Fireblast to create Hot Streak. - @ 2-? seconds you have Hot Streak. Cast another fireball immediately followed by your Hot Streak proc. All of this followed by a combustion in midair, instantly creating another hot streak inside of combustion. So now that all thats out of the way you're able to get into the actually Combustion chain and use your meatball (Meteor). - Pertaining to Meteor. A lot of mages say you need to pre-cast meteor in your opener, i say nay. You can get a lot more burst from being conservative with your instas. And stacking pyretic incanation a bit for meteor is all good. So, You want Meteor to land in combustion, very high dmg. So, You want Meteor to be fluid inside your Combustion spam, so not to get too much gcd. So, You realize you will do more damage in the long run the sooner you can get your Fireblast and Phoenix Flames off cooldown. So, before you cast Meteor... You should have 1 stack of PF and FB on cooldown. (So while you're doing other junk, they're refreshing). So, You'll use Meteor after your first Phoenix Flames and its follow up Pyroblast. So, You use your first PF, it Hot streaks inside of Combustion. So, You cast a Hot Streak Pyroblast after that Phoenix Flames lands. So, as that ^ Pyroblast is traveling to your target, have your Meteor ready. So, You'll be able to cast Meteor as that pyro is in mid air. So, Immediately after the meteor casts you instantly Fireblast (which is off GCD) to renew your Hotstreak Combustion Chain. So, you're basically cheating GCD. -=-=-=-Break it down Xentros-=-=-=- What? Ok. 1. Prolonged/Fireball(pre pull @3sec) 2. Macro (MI/Trinket) 3. Fireball#1 4. Fireblast 5. Fireball#1 + Hotstreak 5.5 Combustion Mid Air 6. Pyro 7. PF (your first pf of the fight) 8. Pyro (as THIS pyro is traveling in midair, you cast meteor) 8.5 Meteor (this pairs well with the non-gcd fireblast afterwards) 9. Fireblast 10. Pyro 11. Fireblast 12. Pyro 13. PF 14. Pyro 15. Fireblast 16. Pyro 17. Fireblast 18. Pyro 19. PF 20. Pyro 21. End with Fireblast 2-3 seconds off cooldown. ___________________________________________________________________________ 4. Encounters (Nighthold-Mythic) Skorpatron Dodge all the stuff. Living bomb the call skorps as soon as they're targeteable prioritizing a small skorp that might die fast and spread it faster. Use your meteor on pull to dmg skorpatron not hit the first adds. If your guild is even 1% like mine the first and maybe even second set of adds are going to get blown up by dk and dhs. Always focus adds while they're out. Try to land multiple flamestrikes, and always hit with your db helm legendary. Later on in the fight, time your meteor, pharameres if using, leg trinket if using, and dragons breath helm to burst adds down. Mythic skorp could be a ROP fight, but its hard to use this to its full potential. Chromatic Use Dragons Breath helmet if you got it. Try to land large cleave damage and line up your combustions with adds spawning. Save your meteor for when little adds spawn from the big adds death. Living bomb one of the adds ASAP then spam flamestrike + trinkets. Dont move immediately upon a red pool spawning underneath you, you can get in the rythm of casting and moving without having to stop any casts for safety. Trillax Try to get green cakes so you can tunnel vision the boss as much as you can. Start on the opposite side of the main ranged raid if possible and if your raid lead doesnt mind. Green cakes almost always spawn opposite of where current ranged are standing. This allows you to grab the first 2 cakes that spawn within the first 10 seconds of the fight. Then blink back towards raid group. Try to save instas for the spinny beam beam phase even if that means a little lower sustain damage 20 seconds before. Stay out of the middle. Spellblade Ariole Conflag, ROP, AF, FP, Meteor - Use these talents on this fight. This is a very heavy mechanics fight you will be dancing. Save your 3rd ROP charge for when the frost adds spawn. Cook up some free flamestrikes. Your flamestrike/meteor damage during frost elementals will carry you throughout the fight. So stack up all your damage to burn the adds. If your group is competant enough you can just cleave off of spellblade for fire adds. And for arcane adds you definitely ROP and use all cooldowns. 5. Mythic+ placeholder 6. Tips N Tricks placeholder 7. Agatha The fight is a drawn out dps check with adds that absolutely need to die. Equip/Talents - Pyro - Free Flamestrikes can save America. Shimmer - Two blinks essential for dodging and controlling imps. IF - Good DMG, helps you passively burst. AF - Essential for killing the fireball imps Ice Ward - 2 Novas for controlling DMG buff imps. Living bomb - for reasons. Meteor - to help burst fireball imps. Pyrdaz (for absorbing an insane amount of passive dmg) Dragon Breath helm (for killing imps) Pharameres Trinket of explosions Adds --- THIS IS ALSO THE KILL PRIORITY ORDER 1. Fire ball Imps (that give boss immunity) 2. Dmg Buff Imps (that channel boss to do more dmg) 3 . Plague explosion Imps (that run to you and explode) HOW TO KILL THIS LADY 1. Be off to the sides of the room near the pools, so when the kamikazee imps get to you they explode and leave the pool on the sides of the room. This is a long fight so having poisons spawned in the middle is bad. She summons kamikazee imps after the 20sec or so mark, for the rest of the fight. Try to master these, and pay attention to where they're exploding. 2. Pay attention for and memorize when the DMG buff imps spawn at the back of the room. Immediately blink to them and Nova (you can have two frost nova if you're using talent). Kill them 1 by 1 ********UNLESSS********* she is using dark shield ability. THEN leave them in nova, pop her shield and then kill them. It is 100% possible to not let them channel on her at all. Between 2 novas and 1 well placed Dragons breath helmet, you can keep both of them rooted/stunned until death. 3. The small imps that fireball. THIS IS PROBABLY the most important thing. Save your Meteor/LB/Pharameres/DB helmet for these little idiots. They make the boss immune, which most of the time will line up with her dark fury dmg shield and sometimes even the dmg buff imps. I cannot stress how important it is to wombo combo these down ASAP. If these are dead, and you're staying on top of rooting/stunning the DMG buff imps. You will have 50% higher chance of winning off the bat. :::::::::::::TLDR::::::::::::::: Kill all imps. Prioritize certain imps. Break through shield when fireball imps are dead. Then go to kill DMG buff imps. Dodge boulders. Put kamikazee imps on edge of room. Use blink to travel from edge of room to nova DMG buff imps. Save lust for meteor phase. Save combustion for when you fall behind, its not a race it's controlling adds. Tings that will def kill you 1. Boulders 2. Trying to kill DMG buff imps while she has dark fury up. Very important to pay attention to her as the dmg buff imps are spawned, she will almost always cast dark fury while they spawn in the back as a way to throw you off. Run to the back nova them, then burst her fast to break shield. Interupt. Then deal with imps. 3. Not killing the Fireball imps ASAP. If you let these guys live for 5 seconds you lose. You you just fell behind on dark fury, sorry die in the pools. 4. WILLY NILLY WITH THE EXPLODING IMPS. 5. MELEE BY THE BOSSS???? yes it can happen. tldrtldrtldr - leave dmg buff imps in frost nova while you dps down dark fury, then focus down those imps. ALWAYS KILL FIREBALL IMPS WITHIN 4 SECS OR YOU LOSE.Xentros9 Apr 19
Apr 19 Legendary Bracers... The legendary Fire Bracers are a meme legendary. Glad I got them from my chest today with a 920 relic. Proof: Apr 19
Apr 19 Arcane or fire I am currently wondering which spec is doing better in NH? I looked at wow logs and saw the list of millions of fire mages... I was maining fire at the start of expansion, but I went arcane, just wondering how the two compare? This is mostly because I want to be as competitive as I can be for my raid guild, although it's not like we're pushing mythic right now. And from the info on forums fire got a 6% buff this patch and it still is low... how much lower is it on boss fights? Any help would be amazing!Sisky11 Apr 19
Apr 19 Followers in 7.2 Hey yall, With the arrival Akazamzarak, what setup of followers are yall using? I find Aethas to be great, but i'm not sure Akaz is worth levelling.Batlhazar3 Apr 19
Apr 19 Stars Design Hello, I am trying to get the Stars Design hidden appearance for my mage, I have AK 21 and haven't quested much in Suramar yet as she just turned 110 the other day. Does anyone know if you need certain rep to start farming for the appearance or just a certain AK? ThanksLaillah7 Apr 19
Apr 19 Want fire mage's to be legit again.... Let ignite be able to crit... just sayingCalligraphy39 Apr 19
Apr 19 Celumbra, The Night's Dichotomy any good? Got it for "cheap" in trade (not cheap but for 2/3rds of the price on the AH) and wondering if it is any good for mage. Certainly seems like it will help with my sustain if I choose to use it.Criyer4 Apr 19
Apr 19 Something's up with my rabbits! Poor little guys... We gotta do something!Göd1 Apr 19
Apr 18 Frost mage in 2s? Hi, i got a frost mage lvl 102 and will lvl him up to 110 but i would like to know if frost mage are good in 2s with a healer. if yes can someone tell me what talents since im new to mage and for pve what talent is very good for mythic dungeons/raids. thanks in advance for the helpFrostknight2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Haste/versatility Is it just me or is there too many haste/versatility items in nighthold/end game content? I have the ability to increase my item level but would sacrifice a large portion of critical strike for haste/versatility. Have a 900/910 ring and a 910 cloak with all haste and versatility and this seems to be all that drops these days. thoughts?Tylenn4 Apr 18
Apr 18 Order Hall/Weapon Quests So far the story and tone seems to be more on the humorous side of things. Of the weapon quests, the Fire artifact was the most interesting with Aethas trying to get back into Dalaraan, and invading Ice Crown Citadel again to be confronted by the new Lich King. I'd say the Arcane artifact was good, but I already did that quest line as a Disc Priest. I was pretty disappointed to find that it was pretty much copy pasted without hardly any differences. I suppose it makes more sense to say that Disc Priest is copying Arcane mage in this instance though. Ebonchill was original, but it didn't have the gravitas of the Fire artifact. Bunch of mages getting blown up because they're stupid, and doing the same ritual because apparently I'm just as stupid. I wish I had the quest item from Netherstorm to summon Vargoth just to see if he has something to say for himself. I don't have it on my mage though. I was disappointed to learn that Esara is not a body guard or combat ally. She has an interesting fighting style.Shiroko1 Apr 18
Apr 18 Quick Overview of The Great Akazamzarak When you pick him up today you might need to make a decision of whether or not to keep him if you're 6/6(7/7) champions. As a Champion: Spec: Frost Counters: Spells Special: Randomly returns from missions with Unlucky Rabbits (that do nothing) or Lucky Rabbits (+20% mission success chance item, can use three per mission, unique (5)) As a Bodyguard (at character ilvl 903): Charged Card: He spams this almost non-stop at a 1 second cast time hitting for roughly 90-150K each. Over a 1:30 fight he did 8.9million damage or ~99k dps. Exploding Rabbit!: Occasional AoE attack for ~400k damage. As a Support: Pick a Card!: ~2min hidden cooldown. Appears next to you and casts a Fan of Knives (but with cards) attack, dealing ~3 million damage over three seconds to enemies within 10y.Regendrasil2 Apr 18
Apr 18 The Great Akazamzarak is now up on NA servers And he won't shut up until you talk to him. Every 30 seconds he says this line. EDIT: This questline is hilarious. Loving it. But short =/ But I'm finally a real mage(ician)!Roija2 Apr 18
Apr 18 Hotfix for April 17 Fire [With maintenance in each region] Damage of all abilities increased by 6%. Its something right?Roxxùs7 Apr 18
Apr 18 Versatility on new gear Every single piece of gear i get since 7.2 has versatility on it. Both types of tokens from broken shore, random drop at the end of invasion, broken shore world quest gear, new world boss gear. Has Bliz decided that versaility is top stat for fire mages? Im not going to keep spending nethershards to get versa gear. Anyone have better luck?Soth10 Apr 18
Apr 18 New arcane mage Hello fellow mages, I've recently decided to pick up my arcane mage for the first time this expansion after being an ele sham the whole time. I am just wondering what my stat priority should be?? I've asked around and people tell me to stack mastery until I get a mana saving legendary. Other people tell me to get haste to 18% then crit and haste. I have no idea. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated.Mulgus7 Apr 18
Apr 18 I have a few questions 1- To be rejected in mythics interferes in your gear level ? Yesterday i saw a lvl 921 warlock but that didnot complee nighthold, how to be like him. 2- Playing solo, compared to mages warlocks kill stronger mobs and much faster. Do you think this is too important ? 3- In legion dungeons have less mobs and they are tougher ? Thank you.Bigspellz5 Apr 18
Apr 17 Kilt + 4p T20 > 6 Tier Pieces i. Intro With Blizzard allowing us to choose between certain legendary combinations or 6 total set pieces, many of us who possess the Mystic Kilt of the Runemaster are wondering whether or not we should try to gather 6 set pieces or simply use the 4pT20 and our Kilt. First off, for those who do not have the Kilt, I would like to say that 4pT20 + 2pT19 with Rhonin's Assaulting Armwraps and another legendary, (Probably Sephuuz' Secret vs. Shard of the Exodar) will be incredibly lucrative. ii. For those who do have the Kilt, what should we do? In my opinion, keeping the Kilt will be more valuable, and I will assume the use of Charged Up as well, because it is by far the best talent in that tier if you have Kilt of the Runemaster. First off, lets talk about the T20 2p bonus: Presence of Mind grants 4 Arcane Charges and increases the damage you deal by 10% for 10 seconds. 1)This implies (with and without Kilt) that Presence of Mind is basically an improved Charged Up. If you do not have any Arcane Charges, simply use Presence of Mind instead of Charged Up. 2)If you do have 4 Arcane Charges (with our without Kilt) 1)Always always always use Arcane Barrage before using Presence of Mind for a free Arcane Barrage. If you have the Kilt, this barrage is critical to regain 12% mana from the Kilt and maintain the positive feedback cycle. In fact a macro of: /cast Arcane Barrage /cast Presence of Mind may be useful, because Arcane Barrage has a travel time to the target. If you activate Presence of Mind while Arcane Barrage is traveling, you will increase the damage of that Barrage by 10% (because spell damage is calculated upon collision.) 3)After activating Presence of Mind, we maximize damage for the next 10s, regardless of whether cooldowns are available or not. Now, lets consider implications of the T20 4p bonus: "Arcane Missiles reduces the remaining cooldown of Presence of Mind by 4.0 seconds." This is the critical statement... WoW, amazing ability! The T20 2p and 4p create a positive feedback cycle with Presence of Mind and Arcane Missiles. *Remember that Arcane Blast has double the normal chance of proccing Arcane Missiles* Casting 2 Instant Arcane Blasts every 1min is already super powerful, but expensive. Casting 2 Instant Arcane Blasts as often as possible is even more powerful, but even more expensive. Important! Our goal will be to cast as many Arcane Missiles as possible inbetween Presence of Mind, but STILL only using Arcane Missiles with big buffs, or to avoid casting Arcane Blast because you already have 3 missiles. This presents the opportunity of possibly keeping the T19 2p bonus, which: "Increases the proc chance of Arcane Missiles by 5%" (So a 10% increased proc chance of Arcane Missiles on the two instant Arcane Blasts from Presence of Mind) as well as every other Arcane Blast in between Presence of Mind. Wouldnt it be better to have 6 tier set pieces for the T19 2p and T20 4p? No!!! iii. Math of why 5% proc chance is insignificant compared to mana to sustain the positive feedback cycle: 1)Even though the 2p appears to reduce the cooldown of PoM further, it really doesnt, and the people with the Kilt will have more mana and cast more spells than someone with 6 set pieces. Therefore, 4p T20 + Kilt is better. A system of 2 equations is used to relate the # of Missiles for a # of Blasts: i. n_Missiles = 2*p*m_Blasts + p*(n_missiles-1), where n and m are integers, p is base proc chance of Arcane Missiles. This literally translates to: Blasts have double chance to proc missiles, but Arcane Missiles still has a chance to proc Arcane Missiles, finally the n-1 is to account for the fact that you have yet to cast the nth missile.) ii. n_Missiles*t_Missile + m_Blasts*t_Blast = 60s (Presence of Mind cd before cd reduction) This literally translates to: The time between Presence of Mind CD is spent casting Arcane Blasts and Missiles. First, we rearrange i., we find the Number of Arcane Missiles expected from a certain number of Arcane Blasts: n_Missiles = (2*p*m_Blasts - p+)/(1-p), where p is base proc chance. For me, p=.26 so n_Missiles(Arcanosaur) = .703m_Blasts-.703; this is equation is a number. Now we substitute this number into ii. and get: (.703m_Blasts - 0.703)t_Missiles + m_Blasts*t_Blasts = 60s (or with cd reduction if you want) Since I cast Arcane Blast in 1.89 seconds, andMissiles in 1.7s. For p=0.26, my proc chance for missiles: What math calculated: If proc chance p=0.26 (For example, having 6 set pieces) Arcanosaur's m_Blasts inside a 60s window: 19.935 Arcane Blasts Arcanosaur's n_Missiles inside this same time: 13.24 Missiles Check: Is 19.925*1.89 + 13.24*1.7 ~= 60? 37.658s + 22.51s = 60.168s; the equation was a success. Now, lets use this equation for p=0.21, which would be my proc chance if I lost the T19 2p: Arcanosaur's m_Blasts inside a 60s window =21.83 Arcane Blasts Arcanosaur's n_Missiles inside a 60s window = 11.08 Missiles Check: Is 21.83*1.89 + 11.08*1.7 ~= 60s? 41.26s + 18.836 = 60.096; the equation was a success. At first glance, with 3 set bonuses, you will cast about 2 more Arcane Missiles per 60s Window, and 2 fewer Arcane Blasts than someone using the Kilt and 4piece. ****We still need to compensate for the fact that wearing the Kilt will allow you to cast more spells in the same time because you have mana to stack higher haste. WHAT REALLY MATTERS But whats more important.... Look at the worst case, where p=0.21. In a 60s period, there was a cd reduction of 44s..... Like what? 60s -44s = 16s CD of PoM.... Note, this is just an approximation, so it can only be used to deduce that the CD of PoM will be reduced very rapidly, even without the 5% proc chance from 2p T19. It does not tell you what PoM's cooldown will become with cooldown reduction. Maybe I will make a table that calculates this for you. iv. Mana Math: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We will really need Evocation, the 20% mana returned from Mark of Aluneth, the 12% mana returned from using a 4 Charge Arcane Barrage before Charged Up, and the mana returned from 4 charge Arcane Barrages before each Presence of Mind + 2p T20, in order to sustain the positive feedback cycle with the highest uptime of 4 Arcane Charges. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the 6 tier piece rotation, over a 60 min interval, you could expect to cast 20 Blasts and 13 Missiles. Lets see how many we can cast at 4 Arcane Charges: 20 Blasts*198,000 mana/blast = 3,960,000 mana Within this 60s period, no Kilt, I will regenerate: 4.2M mana Surprisingly, I am likely to generate Just enough mana to sustain this rotation even without Kilt. (32% mastery, 19% haste) Where does all this mana come from?You start with max mana. In the 60s window, you generate 1.5% of your max mana per 5 seconds which is basically 90% of your mana bar. (67 seconds = 1 mana bar worth of mana regen) You will likely cast Evocation for all 4 ticks for 1 mana bar worth of mana regen. On the opener, we should almost always: Mark of Aluneth -> Rune of Power -> Presence of Mind + Arcane Power -> Arcane Blast x2 to benefit from Aluneth's Avarice. Those first 2 Arcane Blasts will cost 158,400 mana with Overpowered, and with my 1.448M mana pool, Aluneth's Avarice will restore 289,600 mana, so we make it all back. Adding all this mana together equals 4.2M mana. ****Later in your rotation, it will be super important to be below a certain amount of mana before using Mark of Aluneth + Presence of Mind, because they will restore a lot of mana. With the Kilt, every Presence of Mind and Charged Up can be used to generate 12% of your max mana pool. For me, that is 173,764 mana per 4 Charge Arcane Barrage. (For you know, like class fantasy purposes, its important to note that it takes ~1,650,000 max mana for 1 4charge Arcane Barrage to return the Mana cost of 1 4charge Arcane Blast with Kilt.) Charged Up with 32% mastery restores 173,764/40s = 4344 mana/s If properly using Charged Up, this is up to 260,646 mana per minute. If you include the fact that Presence of Mind will also return 173,764 per use, and is likely to be shorter than 40s cooldown with cd reduction: The combined mana per minute of Charged Up and Presence of Mind will be more than 521K mana per minute. ****Note that there is a positive mana feedback cycle with Presence of Mind as well**** which my model is incapable of accounting for. My modly merely concludes that we can expect the CD of PoM to reduce very rapidly, regardless of the T19 2p bonus, and that people with the Kilt will cast more total spells. v. Weighted Average of Damage Here is a very important concept. The Kilt restores >500k mana, which is 2.5 extra Arcane Blasts per minute. Kilt users can add these extra spells to their rotation if we assume the ability to gain enough haste to fit them within the same time frame as someone using the 6 tier pieces. 6 Tier Set Pieces: Arcanosaur's m_Blasts inside a 60s window: 19.935 Arcane Blasts Arcanosaur's n_Missiles inside this same time: 13.24 Missiles 4p T20 + Kilt: Note that I added 2.5 Arcane Blasts and 1 Arcane Missiles to the previous numbers to account for the extra mana and haste by taking the Kilt. Arcanosaur's m_Blasts inside a 60s window = 24.33 Arcane Blasts Arcanosaur's n_Missiles inside a 60s window = 12.38 Missiles The 6 tier set pieces really only generates about 1 more Arcane Missiles per minute so it will take 15 Presence of Mind's to gain 1 more Presence of Mind than someone using the Kilt, therefore, we can basically ignore the cooldown reduction increase from the T19 2p. (If we compare nearly identical itemizations, only the difference between total number of each cast in each rotation will matter.) With these nearly identical itemizations, any cooldowns, Rule of 3s, or critical strikes will roughly increase the average damage by the same amount in each rotation, thus are not important in this calculation. Only number of casts matters. Assuming that Arcane Blast has a damage unit of 1, and Arcane Missiles has a damage unit of 1.32* then: 6 Tier Set Pieces: (19.935*1)+ (13.24*1.32) = 37.41 damage units 4p T20 + Kilt: (24.33*1)+ (12.38*1.32) = 40.67 damage units I am assuming a damage unit of 1.32 for Missiles because: 1)Arcane Missiles does 15% more damage 2)Arcane Missiles is cast in 88% of the time of an Arcane Blast. 1/.88 = 1.15 Therefore, because Arcane Missiles is faster and does more damage 1.15*1.15 = 1.32 vi. Conclusion The Kilt user will cast more spells and therefore do more damage. There should be sufficient mathematical evidence above to conclude the following: 1)Expect the CD of PoM to reduce very rapidly, regardless of the T19 2p bonus. 2)The 2p T19 Bonus will take ~15 Presence of Minds in 1 fight in order to gain 1 more Presence of Mind over someone wearing the Kilt 3)There is more mana contained within the Kilt rotation, so they can stack slightly higher haste and cast more total spells than someone using 6 tier set pieces. If you have any questions please ask, in a couple days I will likely post a 4P T20 + Kilt rotation and guide.Arcanosaur41 Apr 17