Oct 21 Updated T21 Frost 4P So basically it went from: "When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Frostbolt and Ice Lance is increased by 75%." to "When you consume Brain Freeze, the damage of your next Ice Lance is increased by 25%." They removed the Frostbolt buff and nerfed it by whole 50%. I will agree that it was really op before and it's a huge nerf to it, but it'll still be a solid DPS increase.Kharneus1 Oct 21
Oct 21 Why is My Frost DPS So Bad? So i'm curious as to why my dps has been low compared to the others most of the night. I dont know what's causing it to suffer so much? Does anyone have any idea? Can I get some help with figuring out what im doing wrong? I'm having some trouble reading logs.Starswirls8 Oct 21
Oct 21 State of frost at higher endgame Looking to make the switch. Maimed frost for cats and mop and looking to returnGalyndel2 Oct 21
Oct 21 New arcane missles still sucks As statedBlunta41 Oct 21
Oct 20 Frost help talent/stats. decided to main frost but im having trouble with talents/stats. just got back on my old mage i mained during EN. it's 863 ilvl all my gear is from EN i think going to work on getting it up but i have a lot of questing and what not to do still. talent wise- is GS still viable or is TV pretty much the go to now? im hearing a lot of debate between the 2. some say GS is bad some say both are viable depending what your play style is. also what kind of build is TV? i mean they both kind of look like ST builds to me. stats- what should my stats be looking like. right now all my gear is whack since i used to be fire so i think i have a high crit rating will obviously be replacing it for frost though.Astura39 Oct 20
Oct 20 should i sim latency/SP? not really sure what to sim besides the basics int and all that. wondering if Latency and SP should be simmed as well i would assume SP not so much but i think some items do has SP rather then Int still in legion not sure how frquent they are. latency idk how that will work. if it will sim for your current latency or what.Lethidoxi6 Oct 20
Oct 20 Immunity to frost nova ? Noticed my frost nova's not freezing hunter pets, shammy spirit wolve thingies and lock pets? Do these get immunity or is there some sort of "miss" happening.Horga3 Oct 20
Oct 19 Raven form for mages They should get one. Archmage Khadgar gets oneJangito34 Oct 19
Oct 19 Fire mage - WA - Rotation advice About to hit 110. Any advice for weak auras? Also, while I’m here, I always thought it made more sense to start a boss fight with a hardcast of Pyroblast lined up with the pull timer then popping combustion right before the cast goes off to start my crit chain that way but I’m reading that I should start with fireball first then pop combustion and fireblast ect. What’s the reason for that? Also, where does meteor fit in? Do I cast that first? Mid rotation? Before or after s hot streak ect? With it withoufht cooldowns? Thanks !Parmigiana4 Oct 19
Oct 24 7/9M Recruiting Fire Mage <The Last Pull> Horde Illidan, 7/9 M 9/9H is recruiting a 920+ (Priority for ranged) DPS (must have logs) for ToS progression. Raid times: Mon-Wed 9PM-12PM EST. Apply at: For more information Contact Raeya Btag: Raeya#1889 Discord: Ræya#7807 (alt 0230)Ræÿa2 Oct 24
Oct 19 Confused about stats ... again Yep. I'm befuddled. First I was going with crit/vers after I got the kilt .... then icy veins said vers was our top stat. Now it's saying haste is top and intellect is last? It does say all stats are close and that really the only way to know is to sim ourselves. Does it really come to that? Anyone just going with highest ilvl gear and letting the chips fall where they may?Aedrid13 Oct 19
Oct 19 race choice does the race choice really matter? i'm stuck on choosing between a Belf or a Troll. i've read a lot of stuff saying race matters and doesn't matter.. does it matter to y'all? Plus, some help deciding would be nice (:Manjaa7 Oct 19
Oct 18 Best combat ally? Title. Any suggestions to which is the most helpful in the world?Dormie37 Oct 18
Oct 18 is fire viable in pvp? for just bgs im not doing arena or any kind of hardcore pvping.Skórri21 Oct 18
Oct 18 spec/race help going to undelete my old mage i used to main when legion started but im having a hard time deciding what spec/race to be. spec- i used to play fire when i started since it was the best for EN and i liked it's play style. however i mage a new mage just recently at around the same level but i played frost to try it out. i find frost a bit more boring to play imo but st dmg is pretty strong. arcane i played back in cata and i do find it enjoyable at low levels but haven't mained it at end game since cata. what im looking to do right now just practice mythic+ and arena's and RBG's im wanting to push high mythic keys next expansion and rated pvp. Raiding wise im not looking to get back into raiding this expansion. i might do antorus very late into the expansion but im waiting until next expansion since it's pretty much ending to get back into raiding. race wise- my old mage i mage into a belf which would be really good for mythic+ and pvp and probably arcane for the mana regen, my other mage is a troll probably only good for mainly pve content. im also not a huge fan of how they look in mage gear compared to belf but there racial is better for dps for fire and frost idk how well it sims for arcane but belf racial is kind of useless for fire and frost mana regen wise and unless we need to interrupt a lot of mobs at once or more constantly i don't see it being very useful in pve outside of mythic+ for those 2 specs but idk. my cons probably is frost- boring imo, Fire - artifact weapon and skins mostly ugly imo i like staves better on casters. Arcane - pretty much got to relearn the spec from scratchAstura2 Oct 18
Oct 17 Frost dps output? Hi, quick question for all of you awesome mages out there :). My sister who is a frost mage is number 1 in dps in dungeon boss fights and other times she's dead last under me as a disc priest. Her iLvl is 865ish and she usually pulls any where from 100-250k dps. I'm not sure why she's so inconsistent but I do know her dps drops if she's forced to move. We were doing the lfr yesterday and she stayed around 20th in dps. I'm not sure how to help her with this and was hoping maybe some of y'all could give her some advise. Oct 17
Oct 17 More mage portals, plz It seems everyone can teleport everywhere now-a-days. Can Mages get some more love? Since you know, that is our thing -- portals? Timeless Isle portal. Throne of Thunder area portal. Dino island portal. Broken isles portal. Portal to Argus ship I feel we should get all this stuff... I'm fat and hate walking anywhere.Gillb18 Oct 17
Oct 17 Someone tryed arcane T21? I've seen clip of guys (lie Dylemma) going with T21 as fire mage and people talk about how it will affect the gameplay. Is there someone who tryed the T21 as arcane and see if that measly 4% chance change something or is it really crap ?? I'm asking because I recently made the change to fire but... I think deep down there, I am an arcane mage ... :-/Wadd23 Oct 17
Oct 17 How is fire looking for next tier? Debating on swapping back to my mage for Antorus. He's geared for arcane although I have a few crossover legendaries like soul of the arch mage and shard of the exodar. I'd really like to try fire but I'm not sure I want to invest the time for farming legendaries/AP if it's not going to perform well. My gear is currently crit and vers heavy. Will this change what talents or legendaries I should be targetting? Any advice is greatly appreciatedRemmý9 Oct 17
Oct 17 Arcane Mental Block: Arcane Barrage and WQ Thanks for literally any insight, please be gentle I am just totally boning this. I do not understand Arcane Barrage, and I think it's because something is not clicking in two ways. 1) The goal is to have the highest uptime on fully charged Arcane Missiles, right? I get burn where the guides say to eschew Barrage and just go nuts on AM and Arcane Blast, but during the conserve phase, obviously the goal is to use less mana, but still be doing something, so how does Arcane Barrage fit into this if it, while saving mana, pulls down your charges constantly that it nerfs your output by keeping you at low charge AM's? 2) What is the secret to Arcane WQ soloing? There is just constant pulling, so are you suppose to be just running around with permawood 4 charge from Arcane Blast or AE and then AM at 4 charges and literally never using AB? If you do, you completely derail the damage train, right? It just seems like the charges wipe aspect of AB ruins it, so I am missing something fundamental about the upside of the mana dial down? PS. How on earth do you not get beat to hell in Argus? Thanks for any wisdom.Norrasen8 Oct 17
Oct 17 Favorite version of mage? Just curious to see what expansion and spec you guys found mage the most fun to play. For me mage was my first char I ever made back in TBC but only ever got to lvl 40ish. I finally decided to level at the end of WoD and fell in love with mage in legion.Gríz14 Oct 17
Oct 17 Fire mages does it get better at 110? I know I'm not end game yet but damn I get wrecked in bgs. Like almost 1 shot. And I feel I do little to know damage. Even had people /laugh as I pop everything to try to kill them and nearly get em halfway . Does it get better at the end of the light lolGotherìa8 Oct 17
Oct 17 Just came back since NH dropped. What the hell do I do now? My ilvl is only 862 and doing some LFR my parses suck !@#. I imagine theres a boost to get 910 gear correct?Blighty12 Oct 17
Oct 17 please help to Adder Subtraction please help to Adder Subtraction to find Enervated Adder. See the video Oct 17
Oct 17 See big videos fighting See big videos fighting between mage or paladin with monsters. New videos Oct 17
Oct 17 level 70 mage raiding A friend asked me to join a group that shut down their XP at level 70 so we could do the old raids. I havent played much since Wrath so I have no clue where to find info on specs and such since the talent tree in no longer like it was in BC. Does anyone know where to find that kind of info or should I just wing it? lolRecôunt1 Oct 17
Oct 17 What does "speed" do? I got some shoulders for my mage that has the attribute "speed". Maybe it's because I don't find play melee often, but is this just a stat that quickens a weapons swing timer? If so that's kind of an odd cloth stat, though the rest of the attributes are a decent upgrade. I thought I remember a stat in lower levels specifically called "weapon speed" among the others like haste and crit so I'm just a little curious now.Menonay3 Oct 17
Oct 17 Fire BiS legos M+? Hey guys, just got the helm and wanted to see what BiS legos for m+ are? Im guessing: Helm + trinket for trash (~3+) and Bracers + ring for boss (1)Sinzzs5 Oct 17
Oct 16 Best follower setup? Just returning to the game, quit before 7.1 can someone give me a quick rundown on the best follower setup for 7.3? everything I've tried to find seems outdatedOzz8 Oct 16
Oct 16 Arcane hidden appearance issue So I followed a guide, and I went to polymorph all the required beasts in the Broken Isles. Apparently now I have to wait for a daily roll to succeed. The problem is, according to a command that is supposed to let me know if the daily roll has been rolled, the roll is not activating so I am not even getting a chance for the roll to succeed. The command I am using to see if the daily roll has been rolled is: /run f="\124cffffff00\124Hquest:%s:0\124h[%s]\124h\124r: \124cff%s\124r";for k,v in pairs({[44384]="Daily Portal Event Roll",[43828]="Sheep Summon Daily Roll"})do print(format(f,k,v,IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(k)and"00ff00Yes"or"ff0000No"))end I was told that the trigger for the roll to go off is somehwhere in the mage order hall. I have ran all throughout the order hall and it won't roll. Is there something I am missing? I will include screen shots. This screenshot shows that the Mage Portal roll for the Frost Hidden Appearance has gone off. This is a command to show my progress in polymorphing the various beasts in Broken Isle: /run for k, v in pairs({Azsuna=43787,Valsharah=43790,Highmountain=43788,Stormheim=43789,Suramar=43791}) do print(format("%s: %s", k, IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(v) and "\124cff00ff00Yes\124r" or "\124cffff0000No\124r")) end And the results: Anyone have any ideas what I could be doing wrong? Did I miss something? Did I miss a step, or maybe the command no longer shows the right progress? Let me know if you have any ideas. I don't know who to turn to in order for help. GM's give the standard response of "we cannot disclose information on hidden artifacts" etc. Also the guide I followed is: Oct 16
Oct 16 T21 tweaks - more mastery...yay? :| Was reading this on MMO champion: Mage T21: Overall - Mastery increased, Critical Strike reduced, Haste slightly reduced. Runebound Collar - Critical Strike removed, Mastery added. Runebound Cape - Haste removed, Critical Strike and Mastery added. Runebound Gloves - Mastery removed, Haste added. Runebound Leggings - Critical Strike increased, Mastery reduced. Anyways, it's obviously not a big deal, but Frost mastery design drives me absolutely bonkers. As far as secondaries go, I have trouble finding a less efficient stat for any other specs, and it makes itemizing a huge pain.Amoc7 Oct 16
Oct 16 My highest SIM DPS is with Pyro Hello there, I have all the fire legendary availlable but, if I sim myself, my bracer/gloves are my best sim (1,250m dps, bracer/ring are lower 1,190m dps and bracer/belt 1,170m dps) Do you think I should go with bracer/glove ?? ThxWadd2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Addons? Would anyone have suggestions for necessary or essential addons for a frost mage? Post them below. It'd be helpful if you explained what they do as well. Thanks.Djsquirrel10 Oct 16
Oct 16 Frost Mage Relic Question So, my frost mage (Kahlúa) got an upgrade on one of her relics this morning. At least, I thought it was. You'd think that going from an ilvl 870 relic to an 880 of the exact same name would be an upgrade, right? Stoic Hibernation at item level 870 +49 item levels +1 Rank: Let it Go Stoic Hibernation at item level 880 +52 item levels +1 Rank: Let it Go When the 870 was still equipped, my mage's health was 3,811k. You would think that adding +3 item levels would increase one's health, but no, her health DROPPED by 7k, to 3,804k. Is this a glitch? I sincerely hope it is not intentional. Also, she had no flask or food buff that would increase health.Oblivienne2 Oct 16
Oct 16 Fire tips needed Hello, did not play much mage in legion but started a few days ago and decided to focus on fire. My question is when does it get better? I know mage overall is gear dependant and fire is also bis legendary dependant. I can pull over 1.5m with openings which is nice but my worries starts when my cds fades i get stuck to 600-700k despite having the third BIS lego. Is that normal with my non optimized gear(grabbing pretty much any higher ilvl item atm) without the wrist and belt? It feels so bad when i can go back to my ret pal or WW monk that can out dps my mage below 900ilvl. Pretty sure i got the correct rotation/openers right. I also TRY to stack mastery but it doesnt come up too often. Its depressing and i really dont want to go frostborefest :/Râdagast3 Oct 16
Oct 16 How many legendaries does it take.. How many did you get before you obtained the best ones ? I recently hit 110 and am running LFRs so I should get my first one soon and just hope it's not the boots.Paigeymagey43 Oct 16
Oct 16 How is fire in 7.3? I started fire and switched to frost for PVE. I was thinking of switching back to Fire. How is the DPS per Spec in 7.3? Where does fire rank after 7.3 relic upgrades?Sheatwitch3 Oct 16
Oct 16 Can't get Aluneth Hey all, I got through the quest chain and killed the prince, but can't get the staff now. it says I need to place three scrolls of Meitre, but I don't have them in my bags and can't find any info about them. Anyone else have this problem? I submitted a ticket also, but no response yet as I imagine they are busy. Thanks. I have also abandoned the quest and tried again to no avail.Rimailkall22 Oct 16
Oct 16 Soul of the Archmage Changing Specs Bug So I'm using Soul of the Archmage for my Arcane spec and when I change specs to Frost or Fire (which don't use that ring) it prompts me to choose a talent from the corresponding tier. This seems like a bug because if I change specs out in the field at a non-rested area then I won't be able to choose a talent without a tome. Just seems kinda sketchy to me. Anyone have any thoughts or a similar experience?Nycris4 Oct 16
Oct 16 New tier bonus for fire = TRASH NEW Item - Mage T21 Fire 2P Bonus Increases the duration of Combustion by 2.0 sec. NEW Item - Mage T21 Fire 4P Bonus Combustion also increases your critical strike damage by 12% for 14 sec. So our current tier is +10% dmg on a pyro after using a pyro that crits. Which works all the time and provides +10% dmg for the entire duration of combustion. We will be going from bursting 10% harder AND 10% more pyro damage after a pyro crit to a measly 12% more dmg for 14 seconds after activating combustion. Not only is this pitiful and awful they made sure to include that the buff only lasts 14 seconds meaning any relic traits to increase combustion duration are also useless. As anyone with basic math skills can figure out gaining 2% dmg during burst just to lose 10% damage on pyros throughout the rest of the boss is not going to be a net gain. These tier bonuses are awful and need drastically buffed. The bonus was originally 50% and then was nerfed to 12%. This was completely overboard and made it so we will be sticking with t20 for the entire raid tier. These tier bonuses and the garbage trinkets make me not even want to bother doing this new raid. These two things are supposed to be one of the funnest parts of a new raid and both are a total let down and awful/boring.Wyndoor155 Oct 16
Oct 15 Arcane not viable in Antorus? Fights look like they heavily favor fire and some Frost. Does anyone know if Arcane is going to be viable?Defury12 Oct 15
Oct 15 Invisibility needs to be revamped It may be great PVP but it is by far the most useless talent in the game. I would say maybe one out of 10 times i use it i actually get to become untargeted and get away from mobs. The other 9 times i use it something still hits me and the mobs act is if i never actually went invisible which means they are still targeting me. I think PVE the CD needs to be reduced or the spell itself needs to be reworked. I know i am not the only mage with this problem. I almost dont even bother with while actually trying to run away. I mainly save it for when the game glitches and im stuck in combat so i can mount up or use a "taxi" service.Arigozia12 Oct 15
Oct 15 Female blood elf mages? How many of you are actual females in RL? if not why did you pick female belf? was it because its nice to look at when naked? or in smexy clothing? for the 1% crit ? whyyyy there are sooo many of you lmaoKritkat28 Oct 15
Oct 15 Rate me How is my mog?Boredmage4 Oct 15
Oct 15 New to mage I am new to mage and I just reached lvl 10. I can't decide on which spec to choose. I mainly do pveGronak11 Oct 15
Oct 15 Burning Scrollz What dungeon or raid do i get tier 14 regalia of the burning scrolls (purple version) .. It doesnt say on wowhead, and if it does i just cant find where it states the location. Sorry if its adum question, but the dumest question in the world is the one not asked. Helpme look better guys . thank you in advance Thumbs up xDRumboywalt8 Oct 15
Oct 15 Antoris trinkets So, what trinkets do we think are looking good for us next raid tier? There are a couple im excited to tryYamagie9 Oct 15
Oct 14 New Arcane Explosion Hurts Eyes The new arcane explosion spell effect is seizure inducing. Real hard on the eyes. Have to switch back to Frost because of it.Thalgor96 Oct 14
Oct 14 Mage Order Advancement Could anyone recommend the best talents to choose for a mage's order hall?Varlithras8 Oct 14
Oct 13 [Frost] Should I farm mythic T19 pieces? Hi fellow mages, I started playing this mage close to Argus 7.3 patch so I never had the chance to raid NH, meaning I don't have any Mythic tier pieces of T19. Since Antorus will come out pretty soon, I was wondering if it was worth it to farm Mythic NH to try and grab 2 pieces of tier 19 (which seem to work perfectly with t21)? I really hope we wont need to keep t19 pieces to be competitive as that would be terrible design, but who knows... t20 and t21 dont seem to have great synergy, and since I don't have the legendary bracers, I'd like to be able to only equip 4 pieces of 1 set... In order to equip 2sets , i need to equip my legendary ring and boots (the one that allows you to cast while moving) instead of Lady Vashj gloves.Azhalar9 Oct 13