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Sep 10 Meet Baardoch We have a goal to provide more updates, feedback, and clarity around issues that pertain to our website and forums. With that in mind, please say hello to Baardoch. Baardoch has been at Blizzard for many years, first in our Customer Support group, and now as a Program Manager on our Web team. I've personally enjoyed working with him on the new website and forums for the last few months, and I'm really glad that he's here to talk to you in this forum.Kaivax4 Sep 10
Dec 23 Current Web Armory Profile issues Hey everyone, Since there have been a few threads on similar topics and I wanted to consolidate the discussion and acknowledge that we are aware of the issues the community is seeing. Character Levels, stats and items not updating: In Progress We have identified issues with character profiles that are preventing them from updating properly. We applied a partial fix yesterday, so some of you may begin seeing characters update once you logout. We are close to a larger solution, but I don’t have a firm ETA yet. Character images and portraits not updating: In Progress We’re currently working with the game team to figure out the root cause and implement a solution so that you can return to seeing your Character in all their Legion glory. Demon Hunter weapons not showing: In Progress We believe that we have some solutions in place as a part of the larger Character Image update, and it should roll out at the same time as the image and portrait updates. We don’t have an ETA on when exactly to share right now, but we’ll try to provide an update when we can I wanted to make sure I shared some information on the issues in the interest of ongoing transparency and I’m hoping to keep this updated as we as we go. Please continue to report items here and we’ll make sure to take a look.Baardoch63 Dec 23
Nov 15 Static Render Domains Update Hey everyone, We’re in the process of updating the domains that are used for serving WoW render images. If you are linking directly to any render image, please make a note of this change. We encourage you to switch to these new domains as soon as possible. Here’s a few examples of this change: Avatar Image Old: New: Inset Image Old: New: Profile Image Old: New: Here’s some more details about our static render: Images generated per character (see above for an example of each) We currently render three different images: An Armory profile image An Armory inset image An avatar image Renders generation Whenever a character logs out of the game, a request is automatically sent to the static renderer for a new set of website images. These requests are processed in the order they are received. During peak gaming hours it may take longer for your character images to update and appear on the community site. Black silhouettes If a character avatar is displaying as a generic silhouette, this typically means one of two things: The selected character is under level 10. The selected character may have not been recently played. Note: Until an image is rendered for Death Knights for the first time, the silhouette for that class will default to that of a human. In the case of Demon hunters, it will default to a silhouette of a night elf or blood elf, depending on the character’s faction. Our goal is to provide faster, better, more reliable services and this is just another step towards that goal. For Azeroth!Baardoch0 Nov 15
6h WoW Website Oddity Okay, so for a very long time now (I'm only just now searching for a possible fix for this) there's been a menu on both sides of my screen when I visit the WoW website. There is a small "x" and the top right hand corner, but nothing happens when I click it. In addition, this menu prevents me from clicking or interacting with anything that is behind it. For visual reference, here is a screen shot: 6h
18h Armory App Bug Armory App not loading? Just sits there and cycles over and over unable to access anything....Wyndaranu0 18h
1d Reputations Missing Hello. I noticed that my characters are not showing their reputation levels with the Nightfallen nor Valarjar factions. In-game I can see them, but I can't find them here; on (which presumably gets its data from here) the faction is there, but I'm listed as Hated with both when I'm Exalted or almost Exalted with both... I assume that's a product of how they display what's in their database vs how this site shows it. Will these factions be added in the Reputation tab? Thanks.Agrupiel1 1d
1d Legion activation not working?! I've recently bought legion the new world of Warcraft expansion, typed in the activation code, all was good until, I was asked to select an account, my 1 account was there, so I clicked on it. But it was not selectable. Thanks for reading! Watch this video for further explanation. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!Thaloril0 1d
2d Character not on website I am posting from a character other than my main simply because all of my characters on my primary server are not showing up (Daggerspine). Can a Blizzard employee refresh my character list or manually connect my characters? I can see them on the Legion app but not the armory app, website or forums.Juíc1 2d
2d Armory: Missing Characters For a few weeks now I've been playing on Daggerspine and have made multiple characters, all of which show up in the armory through a search. However they do not show up in my character list and I cannot select any of these characters. When I try and use auction or event functions it says I must be logged into the character. Can this be fixed or somehow refreshed on Blizzards end? I'm really missing the guild chat features on mobile.Juíc3 2d
2d News RSS Feed does not work the news rss feed does not appear to work any more. The page links to a feed that hasn't been updated since the switch to the new site. can this be updated please?Prettiestman3 2d
2d Charge of the Aspects - Missing Pages To the Lore Keepers of Azeroth: I recently found that "Charge of the Aspects" ( is listed as 5 pages, but the same text is shown for all 5 pages. Is this correct? Did Nozdormu the Timeless One get stuck in a loop? Or did the Infinite Dragon Flight delete the other pages to keep their secret safe?Grandok1 2d
2d My progress got lost in DS LFR Hi, I have already completed the raid "Dragon Soul" in LFR but i realized that in my profile ( the progress got lost in that mode, you can check my achievements (example when we did it and wiped... or the same day when i completed that raid in LFR), you can check the dates and verify it, i hope you could tell me why this is happening and correct it in my profile. This error has been happening since 6 or 7 months ago. Thanks in advance.Daviddo14 2d
2d [Armory] Dragon Soul Bugged Hey, In december i decided to slowly fill my armor through 2017, hunting down old raids and farming some fancy xmogs, pets and etc. The thing is, i just finished the whole Dragon Soul raid in LFR, Normal and Heroic mode for the second week in a row and only the Normal one has counted in the armory. I have no idea why this is happening but please, fix this. As a completionist working towards a new objective, this is driving me insane Blizzard.Haegorn1 2d
3d Winter Payne NPC He isn't making any frost crux's but he did take 2k of my resources...Primeevíl0 3d
3d T19 displaying wrong skin in Armory Hello, Long-time readers of the website bug report forum may remember the problems with T17 skins from BRF breaking in the Armory. The issue was that Heroic and Mythic skins looked like Normal in the Armory, which made everyone who developed careful transmogs look like clowns. Myself and many others were ecstatic to discover that this problem, first identified in February 2015, was finally fixed in August 2016 with the launch of Legion. But guess what? I was milling around with my guild in Heroic Emerald Nightmare and picked up some T19-lookalike shoulders off Cenarius. They are the Heroic skin, with bright blue icicles jutting out everywhere. But in the Armory? They take on the golden hue of the Normal skin. The exact same problem that we had with T17 is now being reproduced, once again, in T19. Considering that the timeframe for past resolution was 19 months, I can only hope this issue is fixed sometime before March 2018.Zargus3 3d
4d Posts won't show up in Post History I've made a few posts and have returned to see if any of them have any replies and I can't find my posts in my history. It only shows 3 of my posts even though my profile shows that I've made 16+.Azêrëa2 4d
5d Error 404 Forum not found. Click on Forum button on front page of this site: then forum button: Error 404: page not found. I have to go through Battlenet forums link to get here. then Windows 10, latest MS Internet Explorer 11.Surfinbird54 5d
5d Constantly getting redirected to KR domain As the subject suggests, any attempt for me to go to or similar domains or following most links within the site will redirect me to the Korean site. As I am Australian and don't speak or read Korean and also, as I don't currently, or likely ever will hold an account with the Korean domain of, this is of limited (read; absolutely no) use to me. I've attempted to clear browsing data, I've tried using Chrome and IE and Edge, all have the same behaviour so I'm led to believe it's a problem with your geolocation service thinking Australia is actually in Eastern Asia. Close, but sadly, it's not. Just logging in to make this post was an ordeal of having to manually type in edits to links to navigate to the US forums.Palerma2 5d
6d [Website Bug] Posts not appearing correctly! Update: Re-written post to make it easier for Blizzard to understand the issue at hand. :-) Hello, Sometimes when posting here on the forums, My posts will sometimes not appear right away in my post tracker or on the forums itself in threads I've posted in. Earlier today, I had a message I posted not appear for about 30 minutes to 1 hour which was very unusual. This issue is still persisting tonight in regards to my post tracker showing my post history. Hoping this issue is resolved soon. :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash0 6d
6d Player character links return 404 not found Links to player character pages are returning a 404 not found. Browse to Click a player's name e.g. Revolol - a 404 not found error appears (full address is These broken links also occur when searching for player characters ( Windows 10, Chrome 55Shiftfaced5 6d
Jan 13 Can't See My Weapon Click my picture.... Why am I holding a present in the armory?Ðêmôn0 Jan 13
Jan 12 Site cannot be reached Starting today, I've been getting this error/page when loading up any battlenet sites. It usually lasts for about 2-3 seconds then the page loads normally. I first noticed it at work today on both my phone and desktop so I assumed it was just my work's network. However, when I got home, it immediately did it there too. I use Chrome.íathan17 Jan 12
Jan 11 <Moved to Mobile Bug Report> <Moved to Mobile Bug Report>Fancystache1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Nice work and thank you Inbound linked now work and no longer leading to 404 =)Iceacid0 Jan 11
Jan 11 Fix PVP Healing! Fix PVP Healing!Flashofsmite0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Page doesn't load, then does Only WoW's forum does this... I go to the forum and I get the default browser "Page not found" for like 2 seconds as if there is no site, then it refreshes and loads the correct forum. It only does it once per session. Pretty annoying UX and seems like an amateur web dev mistake that could be very easily fixed!Mendocino0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Armory I haven't been able to update my armory since yesterday. Is this on my side or bnet's?Stabatron8 Jan 10
Jan 10 Can't browse to armory get 404 error See screenshot attached. Whenever I look up a character then try to view in armory I get the message in the screenshot. Why is this?Dirtydancin11 Jan 10
Jan 9 Worst Bug I've Ever Found! Hi guys, I play an enhancement shaman. So this is the third time this bug has happened to me. It seems to only happen by use of the LFG system, because the first time it happened in a random heroic (i think it was Nelth's Lair), then in looking for Raid Trial of Valor, and just today it has happened for the third time in Nelth's Lair again. Basically, I'm not gaining any Maelstrom from the maelstrom weapon passive. You're supposed to gain maelstrom from auto attacks and windfury procs, and it's just not happening. This leads to being constantly maelstrom starved, and unable to even use Stormstrike when i get stormbringer procs. I'm easily losing 200K+ DPS and it's THE WORST BUG I'VE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH! I usually burst 1M+ DPS (883 ilvl) but i was topping out at like 600K. I can tell it's hapenning because as soon as i get out of the dungeon, i'm gaining maelstrom from auto attacks again. This is the second post I've made since I think the first one got deleted. I'm going to keep spamming the forums until someone notices this CAUSE IT'S F***ING TERRIBLE!!!!!! If you play a shaman please confirm this bug if you can. IT NEEDS TO BE DEALT WITH!!!!Ipixel0 Jan 9
Jan 9 No characters in armory. I log in to the correct region, the correct account and password, even authenticate, but when I get in to the app, Guild, Auction House, Guild Chat, Events and My Characters are grayed out. I have no character select option in the lower right hand side, either. What can I do? Here's a shot of my screen: Jan 9
Jan 8 Incorrect tooltip On the Remote Auction House, any Saber's Eye of ... shows as +500 to the stat in question. The ingame item is actually +200 of the stat. While changing the tooltip to be correct is prudent, I wouldn't mind if you made the item +500 (agility for me please, thank you).Efreeta0 Jan 8
Jan 7 Armory wrong ilvl Hello, my Armory is showing wrong ilvls on my gear, 855 on my belt (actually 870) and 865 on my shoulders (actually 880) which I guess is pulling down my equipped ilvl. I know it's a petty thing but is there any fix? Thanks, BernieBerniesandaz3 Jan 7
Jan 6 page not found Ok this effects all sections of the blizzard and battlenet websites no matter what link you have, even the main sites before you go anywhere on them. You will get a page not found error any time you go to all sections when you open them up for the 1st time (per session) If you close the browser and reopen the site you will see the page not found once again. I refresh will fix this however but its not a perma fix. I can reproduce this 100% of the time on my computer, laptop, and windows tablet and this only recently started. I am using windows 10-64bit, It happens with explorer and chrome.Dahca0 Jan 6
Jan 5 Suggestion for the forum voting system Wasn't exactly sure where to put this. The forum voting system too easily judges people for simple things. Outside of getting rid of it, I think it would be a good thing for the votes to show how many upvotes and dowvotes a person gets, rather than just a total. The way it is now just lets a mob mentality take over on any given subject. ThanksPhumbles0 Jan 5
Jan 5 DH Order Hall Campaign cannot be completed DH Order Hall campaign completion bug. There are no quests available post Black Temple portion (I have Akama as a follower now). Help.Reâver0 Jan 5
Jan 4 Forum Link Broken Everytime I click on the "Forums" link on the man page (Link URL: I get an error 404 page. Anyone else getting this?Soyabean2 Jan 4
Jan 3 Some Legion reps not showing on Armory The Nightfallen and Valajar are not showing on Armory for my Horde characters Is showing OK for my Alliance Characters eg: But not my Horde ones eg: Jan 3
Jan 2 Website Character Image Refuses to Update Hey, I've run into an issue with my character image ( where the image refuses to update. The items in the slots, however, seem to update, but the image doesn't. Everything on my profile is up to date, except for the image of my character. This is after about 5+ days with probably 40+ logins/logouts, at various times of the day. I was wondering why my image refuses to update to my latest gear, and if anything can be done about it. Thanks!Veraz11 Jan 2
Jan 2 What is (and isn't) correct on armory ? i am a raid leader for a mythic raid group. We're not competing for server firsts or anything like that, but we like the challenge of mythic raiding and do as much as we can. So, i have to recruit to keep us at 20 and keep things moving. One of my main tools for recruiting is the armory listing for a character. I'm looking for some specific things - one of the most important is a pattern of steady progression. I expect to see the first few bosses of an instance killed more times, with the number of kills declining with difficulty. Even numbers of kills across all bosses says to me that it's likely this person hasn't had the true progression experience - either got carried or jumped into a guild after progression was done. Neither of those indicate the level of experience and tenacity my guild needs. I'm also looking at history (sometimes more than current, for returning players) for similar progression patterns in historic content. The current state of the armory is seriously handicapping my ability to evaluate candidates. As near as i can tell, nothing previous to EN is reliable. How, exactly, does that work? is it reliable data but in a context i am not expecting? is there known errors that i can adjust for? is there another source for this history?Inani4 Jan 2
Jan 1 issue with forums Im having a weird problem when i try to get to these forums. If i go to > wow > click on the forum part, it will take me here: I can get here fine if i type out the actual/real forum address, but why is it linking me there? Can i fix it somehow?Teáse0 Jan 1
Dec 31 Guild not showing up on website I can't find a guild on WoW's website. My friend is the GM so I know that it still exists. She hasn't logged on in a month or two though, and I figured that could possibly be the reason, but I figured the guild would still show up with all of it's members. She also isn't showing up on my friend list anymore. I have a friend who hasn't logged on in 3 months and they still show up so I figured she would still be showing up, not having logged on in a month or two. Any ideas?Nyromi6 Dec 31
Dec 31 Character Selection This is seriously messed up, and there's no consistency in how it responds to switching characters, or going to the forums. I'm on Frizbee and I click the Forums, and it goes to the forums but my character is now Wiki. So I select Frizbee and it goes to her but takes me off the forums. Back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes it will actually work the first time, and other times it takes upwards of 10 tries.Frizbee0 Dec 31
Dec 30 Iron Horde Scraps Ive got over 1300 iron horde scraps but the daily that turns them into gear at the war mill is not available for this toon.Roadrat1 Dec 30
Dec 30 odyn`s favor exchange?? cant turn in odyn`s favor ? (misha). it shows mission completed,valor map shows where to exhange but nada!!Puffcowboy0 Dec 30
Dec 30 Armory Image Not Updating It seems this is an ongoing problem, but I just wanted to post to note that my character was originally updating (he's only about 2 weeks old) but as of the last few days his armory picture is stuck in time. The actual gear slots and stats are updating correctly. Thanks.Helfdan8 Dec 30
Dec 29 Character Limit You are only allowed 45 characters to post here??Cherri7 Dec 29
Dec 26 No prestige 5 skin on my artifact weapon!!! Not getting the skin for my artifact weapon at prestige level 5, any one else having this issue???Ojoverde2 Dec 26
Dec 26 Wow armory profile wont update. Is there something i can do to force it to update?Namyalc5 Dec 26
Dec 25 New Armory The new Wow Armory ( Is terrible. Where is the class/spec Filter Why can't we see the class spec of a player in while listed Why would Blizzard downgrade their armory, just for appearance? 1. Less functions 2. Less details 3. Everything zoomed like it's meant for my phone (adjusted to 75% to look normal) Why? Note: when things like this happens, other people create what what you are missing. AKA, someone will now create a website with the details that are missing on your armory. Dec 25