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Dec 14 Meet Baardoch We have a goal to provide more updates, feedback, and clarity around issues that pertain to our website and forums. With that in mind, please say hello to Baardoch. Baardoch has been at Blizzard for many years, first in our Customer Support group, and now as a Program Manager on our Web team. I've personally enjoyed working with him on the new website and forums for the last few months, and I'm really glad that he's here to talk to you in this forum.Kaivax7 Dec 14
9h Current Web Armory Profile issues Hey everyone, Since there have been a few threads on similar topics and I wanted to consolidate the discussion and acknowledge that we are aware of the issues the community is seeing. Character Levels, stats and items not updating: In Progress We have identified issues with character profiles that are preventing them from updating properly. We applied a partial fix yesterday, so some of you may begin seeing characters update once you logout. We are close to a larger solution, but I don’t have a firm ETA yet. Character images and portraits not updating: In Progress We’re currently working with the game team to figure out the root cause and implement a solution so that you can return to seeing your Character in all their Legion glory. Demon Hunter weapons not showing: In Progress We believe that we have some solutions in place as a part of the larger Character Image update, and it should roll out at the same time as the image and portrait updates. We don’t have an ETA on when exactly to share right now, but we’ll try to provide an update when we can I wanted to make sure I shared some information on the issues in the interest of ongoing transparency and I’m hoping to keep this updated as we as we go. Please continue to report items here and we’ll make sure to take a look.Baardoch116 9h
Jun 20 Static Render Domains Update Hey everyone, We’re in the process of updating the domains that are used for serving WoW render images. If you are linking directly to any render image, please make a note of this change. We encourage you to switch to these new domains as soon as possible. Here’s a few examples of this change: Avatar Image Old: New: Inset Image Old: New: Profile Image Old: New: Here’s some more details about our static render: Images generated per character (see above for an example of each) We currently render three different images: An Armory profile image An Armory inset image An avatar image Renders generation Whenever a character logs out of the game, a request is automatically sent to the static renderer for a new set of website images. These requests are processed in the order they are received. During peak gaming hours it may take longer for your character images to update and appear on the community site. Black silhouettes If a character avatar is displaying as a generic silhouette, this typically means one of two things: The selected character is under level 10. The selected character may have not been recently played. Note: Until an image is rendered for Death Knights for the first time, the silhouette for that class will default to that of a human. In the case of Demon hunters, it will default to a silhouette of a night elf or blood elf, depending on the character’s faction. Our goal is to provide faster, better, more reliable services and this is just another step towards that goal. For Azeroth!Baardoch1 Jun 20
Feb 11 New Web Armory/Profiles Feature Yesterday saw the release of the updated Character Profiles/Armory feature for the WoW Community site. World of Warcraft has a set of passionate and engaged fans and we are excited to see the community discussing this newly relaunched experience. The Web Development team has been actively reviewing the feedback from you all in comments, forum posts, social media and fan sites, and we want to take a moment to say ‘thank you.’ Much like the game, the site has evolved over the years, and will continue to evolve based on the needs of the players and the ongoing development of World of Warcraft. While we can’t speak specifically to priorities of upcoming features at this time, I can assure you that we do take your feedback into consideration when we determine what new features or changes to existing features we’ll work on next. If there are specific bugs or feedback on the Web Site, we encourage you to continue to post here in the Website Feedback Forum. We also wanted to take a moment to discuss the Web Auction House. Many of the comments have stated that this feature has been removed; while this feature has historically been accessed from your profile, the Auction House still exists—we have just moved how you access it. You can find it in the Site Navigation underneath Game-> Auction House. The same requirements (level restrictions, logged in, etc.) are still in place. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. Thank you for your time, your honesty, and your feedback. Every Voice Matters! Lok’tar ogar, BaardochBaardoch21 Feb 11
9h Please fix my armory and those of many others <<<< As you can from my forum display I have 5k more achievement points than my armory displays. I know these break all the time but many armories broke in the 7.3.5 patch earlier in the year and here we are 9 months later with none of them fixed. Just thought I'd express my frustration at this since I'm sick of waiting, feel free to do so here if your armory is also bugged/broken.Straven0 9h
9h Call to Arms website won't load characters I've been trying to use but it keeps telling me, "You can try World of Warcraft FREE with the Starter Edition, or get a game subscription to greatly enhance your experience. Getting started is easier than ever before!" It says I need to have been logged in within the last 90 days, which I absolutely have - I just played earlier today. I've tried this on two separate web browsers (Chrome and Edge) and it tells me the same thing. I'm definitely logged in, because it says my battletag at the top and "WELCOME MALVALEN" above the message about trying a starter edition.Malvalen70 9h
17h Armory Page - PvP Tab - Error 404 For awhile now I haven't been able to view my character's PvP tab, I get an Error 404 screen but I've already gone through each of the solutions listed. My character is over Lv10, has been active for over a month, and isn't going through any kind of realm or faction change. I sent an in-game ticket to a GM who confirmed the error page, and pointed me to post over here. Any help in solving would be appreciated! :)Raiiya28 17h
18h Forum Bug Originally posted in the wrong section, reposting it here. Quite often I get an error when trying to post a reply to the forum. It asks me to log out but when doing so I am unable to log back in. The only way to fix this is to clear the cookies cache from my browser. Sometimes I have to do this twice before I'm able to log in again. It's really quite annoying and should be looked into. To note: I use Chrome. It doesn't happen with any other forums I visit. The bug persists until I clear cookies cache.Cerene1 18h
19h Account showing toons that are not my own Only happening on the website and was told via the blizzard cs twitter to post here after clearing cache and no dice. Showing 3 toons that are not my own Najenda on sargeras a horde undead rogue 120 Leoné also sargeras a human warrior 110 and finally a Bulat a nightelf druid 110 Here is a link to the tweet I made showing the picture and Blizzard CS Responding 19h
1d Can't find my character. I typed in one of my characters name in the search bar, but I'm only seeing 3 toons with that name and none of them are mine. Lilymist 100 Pandaren - Kil'jaedenNelashena12 1d
1d Guild name changed old still showing My guild was reported last week Old name was A Core Hound Ate My Baby New guild name is The Hustle if you click on a core hound ate my baby under my name it takes you to The Hustle with the url showing the old still... guild name change was completed this past long does it take for the armory to update the guild name change? Kauqilla3 1d
1d Kills in Ulduar not showing in Armory I'm trying to complete every raid on every difficulty on this character. All of my progress in every raid, classic through current is reflected on my Amory page except for Ulduar. I even have most of the Ulduar achievements, on both difficulties, and according to the armory, I've never killed a boss there...Takuma4 1d
1d Armory PvP Tab Broken since 8.0 Reporting in to say that my PvP tab has been broken since 8.0, or at least that's when I started playing the game again and noted the problem. My PvP stats are just not there. I have two alts that do show my HK's etc., but my main here has nothing. It would be nice to participate in the new PvP ladder system, but many of us have broken armory pages. Thanks.Helfdan5 1d
2d Missing Azerite transmog Quests which reward azerite armor are not granting appearances to your collection that you do not take as the quest reward. Example: I am playing a rogue. I complete a quest which allows me to select from head, chest, and shoulder azerite items. I take the headpiece, but only it is added to my transmog collection. The shoulders and chest are not. This is directly contrary to the established norm of receiving all possible appearances applicable to the class you are playing when completing quests.Griffeth2 2d
2d Activision/Vivendi Program Error There have been more spelling and grammatical mistakes (given the nature of the game of course) than in every other expansion combined. This has nothing to do with game play or class weighting or anything else. Get your stuff together. *comment concerning structure of vivendi/activision* Vivendi + Activision = Activision Blizzard. I have also operated under Vivendi Hotel Operation Systems. If I am incorrect I apologize. Does not mater who is in charge. Spelling/grammar is a joke for the greatest MMO of all time. (Regardless of past wrongdoings to consumers)Grixque0 2d
2d Ulduar progress I was going back and doing old raids. On my armory, it shows Ulduar progress at 10/14. I have the Achievement "The Secrets of Ulduar", so shouldn't I have 13 or 14 out of 14 (I may be missing Algalon)? Any way to tell what I'm missing?Akatrena3 2d
3d Mythic+ Leaderboards still show only 100 Weren't these supposed to be expanded months ago to the top 500? It still shows only the top 100, which makes it really frustrating to actually rank so we can be scored on 3d
3d Error 404 Armory Page Bug Bug Error 404 keeps occurring when I try to see any of my character's PvP stats associated with my account. So this means nobody can see my rating on any of my characters. People use armory when filling teams and finding teammates so they look me up and think I have 0 rating. I only PvP so this is a setback for me as I look for teams. Please fix this for me it would be greatly appreciated.Laker1 3d
4d Statistics Displays Account Wide Stats Since the patch I have noticed the following errors in the statistics tracked by the website which do not match ingame display. The character profile appears to displaying data for the combined account rather then just this character for the following statistics: Total Honorable Kills The Prophet Tharon'ja kills (Heroic Drak'Tharon Keep) Total Honorable Kills Total Kills Total Kills that Grant Experience or Honor Total Honorable Kills Quests Completed Daily Quests Completed Any statistic which shows a # other then -- (12 errors total)Irenic1 4d
4d 7.3.5; Armory Displaying Char Ach Points As of today's patch to 7.3.5, the Armory no longer displays achievement point totals based on the total account-wide value visible in-game. Instead, it only shows character-specific point totals, despite showing the account-wide achievement progress; even when "Display Only Character Achievements to Others" is unchecked. Here is a character that I have not logged into yet as of the patch, which is still displaying the then-correct, account-wide achievement point total (total points went down due to achievement changes, but is reflecting the in-game, account-wide total): For reference, this is what it would look like if I *DID* toggle on the Display Only Character Achievements to Others. The point value is still incorrect, but much closer to the intended amount. I'm guessing this is because it hides actual account-wide (blue border) achievements, but still gives my character point credit. (Also worth noting that the value from the armory is still slightly inaccurate versus the in-game total, despite me making multiple in-depth reports since the initial achievement desync bug from 5.2, but that's another problem that's probably never going to get addressed.)Orunno20 4d
4d Mythic + leaderboards "UNKNOWN" player names It seems that the mythic + leaderboards, which players use to make judgements on whether or not to invite someone to their group, is full of "UNKNOWN" players. This makes it impossible for players to be properly credited for the dungeons they have completed.Aranhod6 4d
4d Area 52 leaderboards bugged This is a problem preventing many people on my server from getting into pugs, as scores are inaccurate because people aren't getting credit for M+. Looking at my server's rankings, people's names that do show are off-server, which explains why guild groups are showing as completely unknown. Please fix this before reset, I don't want to have all of the high keys done with my guild disappear from the leaderboard before it gets updated to 4d
5d Mythic Keystone leaderboards unavailable. The Mythic Keystone leaderboards are unavailable for a battlegroup: We see the following message: Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards are only available during an active season. The next season will start soon!Chabu1 5d
5d Guild Tabard Design Bug hello I changed my Guild Emblem about 15 hours ago and I noticed recently that the change shows up on my screen but everyone else sees it as my guild's old Tabard design, I have screen shots I can upload from my screen and someone else's screen who saw me in game while they were streaming on twitch.Kanami0 5d
6d Pandaria NPC mail breaking Mail Box Mail from Thelonius (August Celestials) breaks the entire mailbox. When doing the daily quests for the faction, every time I beat Ellia Ravenmane, I get some mail with random text/lessons from Thelonius. I cannot delete the mail, and opening it causes the rest of the mailbox to stop functioning. It requires a game restart to open any other mail, so long as I avoid opening the Thelonius mail.Laraus0 6d
6d Artifact transmog display issues in armory Look at my mog. I have Doomhammer in one hand and a random axe in the other. This happens on the loading screen too ingame but appears normal once you sign inLogrus1 6d
6d 2 Version of my main on the Armory Hello! So long story short i race changed my character "dridolmar" a couple of times from goblin->undead->blood elf-> to tauren. and when he was a goblin i server changed him from stormrage to area 52. now when i search him on the WoW armory, it shows my current character, the tauren on area52 and the goblin on stormrage. the goblin doesnt exist anymore. since there is 2 versions of the same character Warcraftlogs isnt able to show my stats on the website because it cant tell which one is mine. Is it possible for you guys to remove the goblin from WoW armory since he is no longer a thing? Thanks in advance!Dridolmar0 6d
3d Fishing Bobber instantly disappearing What is the deal with the fishing bobber failing instantly or within 5 seconds of the cast? I thought it was the strong fishing pole but i destroyed it and the problem is still occurring. No matter where i fish in a spawn pool or open water i cannot catch anything. A guild mate said the same thing is happening to them so i know its not on my end. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks guise!!Oldbones1 3d
6d Posts missing from threads Yeah i am not talking about deleted posts from mods Eg: I open a thread i see like one post and 12 pages, the page is missing all other posts I refresh the page then all the posts gets loaded back up Is this ^ something on my end that's causing this, or is this perceived generally by others here as well??Wariya7 6d
6d Unable to view Rep in armory Hi all, Not really a major complaint but one nonetheless: I seem to not be able to see my reputation with the Voldunai faction on my reputation tab within the armory. I was wondering if anyone has experienced something similar with the same or a different faction and how to fix this if possible. Thanks in advance!Ruhdiqulous0 6d
6d Armory login for guild view I am having a issue with the guild page on the Armory site, which is hosted on I observed that the character armory pages have been moved over to the World of Warcraft website, however the guild pages still live on the site. This is confirmed with the informative text "The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new World of Warcraft website. Sorry for the inconvenience!". When viewing the guild page. I utilize the armory website (and previously the armory app) to interact with my characters and guild while offline (at work usually) to plan and prepare for an efficient play experience later in the day, or week. Specifically, I am trying to log-on to the website, while viewing my guild's armory page, so I can view the guild events scheduled for this weekend. However, when I click the log-in button, and enter my username and password, the login page loops back on itself, and does not advance. I can log onto the world of warcraft website with no issues, and here in the forums as well, which appear to be hosted on too. Please look into the web hosting issue for guilds on the online Armory. Thanks, PiratejimmPiratejimm0 6d
Sep 13 Armory not showing pvp stats I can't view my pvp stats in armory at all, it goes to an error page. In-game, it also says that my highest 3 man team rating is 4294967294. Which is awesome...but obviously wildly incorrect.Ehronna2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Issue with characters armory? Hi, so if you look me up on armory it shows i am 348+ ilvl, but my pants aren't showing and says not in slot (despite showing there is pants in the slot)and my tauren is standing there pantless so if i look myself up on wowprogress or any other site it says i have no pants equipped and my ilvl is 326+ Basically have a pant glitch, i've tried taking off and putting on and relogging, this has been an issue since first night of uldir.Aylirn3 Sep 13
Sep 12 PVP Tab (Amory) Haven't seen it since i transferred my toon to the beta months ago. Can I has back?Dawnhammer0 Sep 12
Sep 12 White Flashing when opening Pages This has actually been documented before on the EU forums, but every time I load a new page on this website the background color fails to load before the page itself, so I'm left getting a white flash that burns my eyes. It's gotten to the point that I'm closing my eyes every time I click something. See: Gif he created documenting the issue: Please do something about this. Unlike the OP from the EU forums, switching to Firefox does not help me. It was reported as a bug in Chrome, but they're certain it is a issue.Starfleet6 Sep 12
Sep 12 Missing characters after patch 7.3.2 Greetings adventurers! We experienced an issue after patch 7.3.2 went live that was causing characters whom had logged out since the patch went live to be hidden from certain features on several online systems such as the WoW armory on, the WoW web API, as well as from some mobile applications. We have resolved this issue, however, any affected character will need to log in and log out of the game for the affected character to once again display in those affected systems.Maguthul19 Sep 12
Sep 11 500 server error Just recently posted on the General discussion Jinyu thread which is and when I posed my quoted reply to Tausnor's post I got a 500 server error message. Has anyone here in the forums encountered the 500 server error message since it has happened to me 5 or 6 timesAegonvii1 Sep 11
Sep 11 characters missing from forums/3rd party apps I can't select my main Aggronaut... on the forums..nor can I sync that char on any websites such as / wowprogress... what is going on? i can still see the char on armory though.Aggronought2 Sep 11
Sep 10 Reporting is Broken I keep getting an error message when I try to report a post for spamming :( The timing is most unfortunate as it is Sunday Sunday Sunday. ETA: This is for General Discussion.Quercus2 Sep 10
Sep 10 Raid progression not updating on armory I recently completed ulduar (normal and heroic) from wrath a couple of days ago on this character and it still hasn't updated on my armory? I put in a ticket and the game master told me to report the bug.Laserz1 Sep 10
Sep 9 I can't change my forum character This is the character I want to change it too (Yes it is MY character.) But nor my lvl100 characters show up or this one does. Why is this?Deadlong2 Sep 9
Sep 9 Dueler's Guild is bugged This happened to me the other night. I queued for a duel, and waited around for about five minutes. Nothing was happening, so I left the area and went about farming. Roughly an hour later, I was running across an area and the loading screen popped up. I thought I had found some secret, but then it teleported me back to the Dueler's Guild area and the achievement Slugfest popped up. Problem is, I neither fought nor won any duels for this achievement, and most definitely had left the Dueler's Guild area. So the queue should have been dropped. I figured it was just a random bug, and submitted a bug report and went about my business. Well, a similar thing just happened to me again. I queued for a duel, and waited around. Nobody was in the area, so I left and went to farm. About twenty minutes later, I get ported back to the Dueler's guild and now it's saying that I just won three consecutive duels when I didn't even fight one. Then it started porting me and another person to duels, then immediately ending them as a victory for one of us. This queue system for the Dueler's Guild is all kinds of whacked out. [Edit] Just realized this isn't the right place for this. Tried to delete it.Pettingzoo0 Sep 9
Sep 8 Blizzard Website - Blinding White Flash This happens only on chrome which is what I use regularly. Every navigation to will cause a blinding white light for 0.1 sec on my monitor. For example, if I refresh this page, the page will appear white for 0.1 seconds, and then everything loads. Is this happening to anyone else? Super annoying while browsing forums during the night time.Leredditarmy12 Sep 8
Sep 8 BloodWing Bonepicker is bugged...again Apparently this is a common occurring bug. As of 1746 on Terenas-Hydrazis the "Enormous Egg" to spawn the NPC to do the WQ is bugged and does not spawn. Basically preventing us from getting the guaranteed upgrade it provides if it gives you one. Kinda messed up Blizz...Deràj1 Sep 8
Sep 7 White Flash when loading new page/topic. Every new page I load on these forums begins by flashing a bright white empty screen at me for a fraction of a second before everything appears. My first assumption was my net was just being slightly slow, but I can go over to the Overwatch forums and the same issue does not happen. It's bad enough where I feel I have to close my eyes every time I open a new topic or refresh the page because that white flash literally hurts my eyes otherwise.Vaenaru1 Sep 7
Sep 6 Website hangs, latency in game. I can barely browse the forums right now. The page won't load fast enough if at all. The pages mostly hang at "Transfering data from". Not just that, but I see big white blocks that appear on this page. They come and go. Also I've been experiencing high latency on the game, somewhere around 200. Is Blizzard having technical difficulties, or is it all on my end?Samasha2 Sep 6
Sep 6 Automatically redirected to en-gb Hello there This isn't a huge issue, but it's kind of annoying sometimes so I figured i'd ask about it. Whenever I go to or click on the wow page on, I am automatically redirected to the en-gb (european) site. I live in Australia and my account is located on the US servers. I'm not using any sort of VPN or tunnelling software, so i'm not entirely sure why this happens. It's easily fixed by changing the gb to us but it would be nice not to have to do that every time. Thanks for any assistance :)Xyra4 Sep 6
Sep 5 Wow Forms display 4-6 post for my character, but only 1 I have posted over 7posts on the Blizz Form system, but only one is showing when clicking on the number of displayed posts. Anyone else having this issue?Goriface1 Sep 5
Sep 3 Mission Table Troops Bugged!!! I have the trait to be instant troop but when i trained today they were on 30 mins timer, was working fine yesterday.Kalexor1 Sep 3