Website Bug Report

Oct 27, 2018 only showing portion of my characters i have 2 level 1 hunters and level 3 mage amoung other yet this is all i see whats going on are they not registering? i do like to view my characters page but cant so much as search up the othersZelvan0 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 27, 2018 Call to Arms website won't load characters I've been trying to use but it keeps telling me, "You can try World of Warcraft FREE with the Starter Edition, or get a game subscription to greatly enhance your experience. Getting started is easier than ever before!" It says I need to have been logged in within the last 90 days, which I absolutely have - I just played earlier today. I've tried this on two separate web browsers (Chrome and Edge) and it tells me the same thing. I'm definitely logged in, because it says my battletag at the top and "WELCOME MALVALEN" above the message about trying a starter edition.Malvalen76 Oct 27, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 Artifact transmog display issues in armory Look at my mog. I have Doomhammer in one hand and a random axe in the other. This happens on the loading screen too ingame but appears normal once you sign inLogrus2 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018 Armory Page - PvP Tab - Error 404 For awhile now I haven't been able to view my character's PvP tab, I get an Error 404 screen but I've already gone through each of the solutions listed. My character is over Lv10, has been active for over a month, and isn't going through any kind of realm or faction change. I sent an in-game ticket to a GM who confirmed the error page, and pointed me to post over here. Any help in solving would be appreciated! :)Raiiya41 Oct 26, 2018
Oct 25, 2018 API reports ICC LK kills as realm first My Warcraftlogs profile keeps showing my ICC Lich King kills as realm firsts. I've spoken with the person behind WCL about this before, and was told this is because the activity feed just reports what the Blizzard API shares. I highly doubt the Lich King has never been killed on 25 Heroic prior to my kill last night, especially when I've been farming that raid for some time.Kaarhu0 Oct 25, 2018
Oct 24, 2018 Armory updating, but API gateway down The armory seems to be updating fine, at least for this character, but the API gateway appears to be down which affects all manner of third party sites. Warcraftlogs, Raider.IO, Wowprogress, and Raidbots all seem to be unable to access updated information for my character even though it's present on the armory page directly.Kaarhu0 Oct 24, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 race/name changed I race changed my nightborne mage to maghar orc 4 hours ago and i also did a name change. My mage is not under my characters on the wow website and i have been trying to resync my warcraftlogs and raider io to my new race/name. Not sure if this is a bug or not but its kind of annoying. EDIT: this is actually the mage im talking about, its showing my old name only in the forums but on the WoW website its not showing neither this one or the new name/raceEuthaníze0 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 23, 2018 Not sure if bug or glitch In Alterac Valley pvp instance. When taking the mines before engaging the boss of the mines. It seems to be a warrior problem since they're the only class with charge ability. When using the charge ability against the boss of the mines you slip through the wooden crack the boss is on and fall through the graphic. You're automatically disconnect from the game. Sadly I have to wait until the match is over and also wait another 15 minutes to reenter the pvp instance. I'm not sure when this issue will be fixed, but it seems when warriors use their charge ability they go through the game graphics and then proceed to fall leading into a disconnect screen.Brutalistica0 Oct 23, 2018
Oct 22, 2018 Loading Blizz page starts a download When I visit this page, I start to download "en.dms" which fails due to "too many HTTP redirects". 5 partial copies in my trash now. Seems strange.Jamalia0 Oct 22, 2018
Oct 21, 2018 BUG FOUND: Armory Kill Issue Per the instruction given to me by a GM (Werthandis), I am posting my issue here. My kill progress in Ulduar is not reflected in my profile - at all. As you can see from my achievements, I have cleared this raid - multiple times. However the profile/armory still remains at zero kills. The GM reports that only representatives from this forum can resolve this issue. Thank you.Fayorie1 Oct 21, 2018
Oct 19, 2018 Keeps Redirecting me to login This happens a lot to me whenever I try to visit someone's armory via just changing server/char name whether or not I'm logged in. Started happening in BFA.Exterminatus2 Oct 19, 2018
Oct 17, 2018 Ability to Delete Post vanished? Apologies if this winds up being a double post. I tried to make this thread 10 minutes ago but it never appeared. I have a few questions. Primarily it deals with the post/thread linked below. The post I have a problem with is Page 6 where I made the following edit: ... I have literally never seen this happen before outside of one time prior and that dealt with a Blue poster specifically. Because I don't believe it possible for anyone save a CM or Mod to disable something like Delete Post, I feel it prudent to ask in this forum why 2 things are happening. 1.) When I quoted the fellow in the thread I'm linking, I cannot link to him directly where earlier and later in the thread I am able to. That's the lesser concern. 2.) The real question that makes my eyebrow raise atm is this. Why is my post missing the ability to delete and why am I only able to "Copy URL" or edit? This happened long before the 15 minute mark. Edit: This post finally appeared and as I worried, it did double post. Dunno what that was about but the same issue is manifesting here too. Can't delete this post, but able to edit. I was quite ironically able to delete the second post. Are the forums glitching out or something? A GM who I approached about the issue and my concerns suggested I do a cache purge. Really appreciated him also taking a moment to allay concerns that I had. I hope you folks can figure out what is causing this.Gaslight1 Oct 17, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 Can't find my character in Armory I am unable to find my character, a Dwarf Hunter named Muzi in the armory app since maintenance shut down on 10/24/2017. I am also unable to find the character on this website. However, I am able to log into him in the game. The character I am posting on is on the same realm as the character I am looking for. This character I have maybe logged into him once or twice since the Legion expansion. In fact, I am able to see the character I made back in Vanilla wow. Anyone else having this issue?Moozi11 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 16, 2018 Achivment page of guild does not work Hello! Faced the following problem - on the line of my guild in the armory does not work correctly, or rather does not work at all, the page of achievements. The guild is located on the Eversong EU server (Вечная Песня in Russian). Here is the link to the broken page: Ошибка синтаксического анализа XML: некорректно Адрес: Строка 1536, символ 138: <span class="icon-frame frame-18 " style='background-image: url("'thassunstrider_01.jpg");'> At the Russian-speaking forum they could not help me and sent me here. Many thanks to my friend, Raúko, for helping to write a US forum. I apologize for my bad English. Урадан - Свежеватель Душ. (Uradan - Soulflayer[EU])Raúko0 Oct 16, 2018
Oct 14, 2018 High M+ Runs Not Captured in Leaderboards Had this issue happen last week on a Waycrest +12 1-chest but see it happening this week again on a Tol +14 1-chest and Tol +13 2-chest. My realm is at capacity for the leaderboards and the cut-off for runs to be recorded currently is a +8 for Tol. Aren't these lower runs supposed to be pushed off for higher runs that are completed? The Waycrest was done exactly 7 days ago and it still does not show up in my Raider.IO, presumably because it pulls off Blizzard's API and it never pulled into the leaderboards despite clearly being high enough to make the cutoff. This week's runs, done yesterday, are having the same issue and it'd be nice to have these pulled in rather than lost forever and not included in my scores. We did a +15 Tol after the +14 and somehow that one got recorded but not our previous two runs (and of course we missed the +15 timer so that score is much lower than the other two that aren't recorded). Log for WM: Logs for TD: Are these ever going to be pulled into the leaderboards in time for 3rd-party sites like Raider.IO to record them or are they going to just be lost forever. This seems like a bug that Blizzard is aware of but what's the fix here? It's rather disheartening to spend time doing high keys to push score when the runs don't even get counted. The +14 Tol is high enough for Top 10 on our realm but still not showing up...Asumislk0 Oct 14, 2018
Oct 14, 2018 Please Include M+ Times in Character Data API It would be very beneficial to the mythic plus community to return data about the mythic plus dungeon times that a character has completed as part of the character data API instead of or in addition to the server mythic plus leader board API. For better or worse, the community relies heavily on the scores from raider.IO (often directly in game via their addon). Even the 500 runs in the current API start filling up within 24 hours on some of the higher population servers. Many people are only able to dedicate time to running multiple dungeons during the weekend which makes it very difficult to continue to improve raider.IO score on high population servers.Ylla0 Oct 14, 2018
Oct 12, 2018 Gnomeregan Run Announcement Incorrect Date! You guys used last year's announcement. Tomorrow is the 13th not the 14th.Zareph0 Oct 12, 2018
Oct 9, 2018 Death in Arathi highlands bug Died in Arathi highlands now a ghost in Hinterlands. If I return to nearest graveyard I zone back to Arathi highlands Fall through the world and disconnect.Zòn0 Oct 9, 2018
Oct 6, 2018 Atal 10+ isnt working its not updating to armory or to IO Hello i was doing +10 Atal in 27:35 and i did it in time on the 30 min timer and ik its above top 500 since there was below that in the top 10 soo where do it go? it hasent updated on the website or anything been 3-4 days now any ideas i asked a gm and he told me to bring it here lol pretty sure there is nothing blizzard can do anything about this just really anoyying if i do a dungeon its not going to show up happend to acouple small keys but bigger keys like this just make it not fun for me if this keeps happening Oct 6, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 Armory Bug: Character Reputations I am currently mission on my reputation page, a listing for Tushui Pandaren, which is the faction affected by my tabard. I do not have a horde toon to test for the appropriate horde faction. I know this was on my reputation page in the past.Vilhelmriker3 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 World of Warcraft website error I couldn't find any website bug report section on the site - they all direct me to seek in-game support, but I just wanted to submit a bug. Under at least my character's reputations on the website, the Tushui pandaren reputation is not showing up. I have it at exalted. This led me to some rather high levels of excitement then disappointment when I thought I found an easy 100th rep to grind.Deathn1 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 Return of QoL features. Hello, I'm writing this post to request a selective return of an old feature that still exists on other Blizzard forums, and a request to correct a bug. I will explain these two in reverse order, which is order of importance. 1) Ignore on the forums no longer blocks all characters. This is very problematic because when we ignore someone we do not want them to dodge our ignore via an alt. In game this is a reportable behavior. On the forums we went backwards and list this. If someone is posting material that is gross or NSFW in nature, and I don't want to see their posts, all they have to do is swap to an alt. 2) Selectively reurn downvotes to certain forms. On the World's End Tavern forums we wound up with a person posting fan fiction which included depictions of child and animal abuse without so much as a warning. They also repeatedly posted links to an Instagram with adult content, abelist images, and racially insensitive images. They also posted links to NSFW lewd writing staring their previously underage but edited to be an adult OC. While reports are great things do not always get actioned in a timely manner and technically warning people that the content of given links is NSFW is in violation of the code of conduct. In fact, this dude complained someone warning people was harassment and that person ate a week ban. People read this forums on their breaks at work, between classes, and some people could get fired or expelled for accidentally viewing a site full of smut. Also minors could view it. This behavior puts the lives and livlihoods of users at risk. At least if we could downvote on that form we could bury or at least warns people about the questionable and dangerous (to job/etc) nature while we wait for action, and do so without risking our accounts.Zandrae1 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 Atal 10 not updating on highscores Hello i was doing +10 Atal in 27:35 and i did it in time on the 30 min timer and ik its above top 500 since there was below that in the top 10 soo where do it go? it hasent updated on the website or anything been 3-4 days now any ideas i asked a gm and he told me to bring it here lol pretty sure there is nothing blizzard can do anything about this just really anoyying if i do a dungeon its not going to show up happend to acouple small keys but bigger keys like this just make it not fun for me if this keeps happening Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 Character Missing from the Armoryå This character is missing. Its messing with my API spreadsheet.. XDNyftotes6 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 One armory not updating Ok, hi, my problem is my hunter’s armory will not update. I changed my mog about a week and a half ago, and it won’t update. I changed my druid’s transmog a two or three days later, and that updated within 15 minutes. Any idea what’s going on?Faolana0 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 5, 2018 The Forums Need to Change There’s something odd about these forums that I find very annoying. It seems that drama and arguing are rewarded more than having actually good and popular content. The more people joining a forum and start complaining the more that form stays on the top and hence; drama, trolling, and arguing are rewarded. I’m not sure how much attention Blizzard takes to these forums, but I think a change needs to be made. Instagram puts their pictures into two different categories, recent and most popular, and frankly if a subject is getting a lot of likes I think that’s what I might want to start reading first. The vote up mechanic that Reddit uses would deter people from wanting to troll and would flag people that try to derail a form subject. The ranking system they use would flag trolls. Lastly there are a few people on the forums I actually like, and I find it a little difficult to talk to these people in game when all I can see is what server there on. A better friend request mechanic from the armory might make things a little easier. I wouldn’t have to break the “Linking” Code of Conduct whenever I wanted to talk to someone away from the forums. Also, I wouldn’t have to talk back and forth keeping that top spot on a forum page.Perfectia0 Oct 5, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 M+ not showing up on Blizzard 500 leader board I did a +10 Tol Dagor last night, 10/3/2018, in time, and it is not showing up on the Blizzard 500 leader board. Because of this, my raider I.O. score is not being updated. Has anyone else experienced runs that are clearly within the top 500 on your realm not being updated? The run DOES show on my dungeon journal in game.Beechcraft20 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 Mythic+ Run not on Leaderboards Hello, my group and I have ran 3 Atal'Dazar that should be on the Sargeras top 10 last week, which is easily the top 100, the first 3 counted, but were depleted, then our 4th was in-time +15, but was not on last weeks leader boards, while we've completed multiple keys that are showing up on the leader boards since then. As a result to the in-time Atal'Dazar +15 we got a Motherload +16 wich shows on our record. The run should have been Sargeras realm #2, so of course it was in the top 100, however we haven't received any credit for the run. I made a ticket and they said to post here and that GM's have no control over it, what would the max wait time be for a leader board to update, and if it never does update, how would one go about fixing this problem?Roflcoptor7 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 Website Character Warrior Rage Display Bug On the website, I guess it would be the "new" armory, not the old one where guilds are still at, I noticed that rage displays as 1,000 instead of 100. Here is the character i was looking at: Here is a screenshot: Cheers!Dejablue1 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 Armory Not Updating The armory appears to not be updating Uldir raid progress. My character information and loot are accurate but no LFR or Normal kills are showing up. This is bad for those who pug alot.Nahtas8 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 4, 2018 Armory down Armory appears to be completely down. I can't view my own armory or the armory of any other random other players I click on. It doesn't load at all and gives an error message.Mistwynd4 Oct 4, 2018
Oct 3, 2018 Profile error/bug/weird behavior. Getting tired of clicking on any profile and getting redirected to the main WoW page a couple times a day. Not sure why it does it but it's really annoying.Kegstand0 Oct 3, 2018
Oct 2, 2018 PvP Data Resets Every Week Until you play a game in the current week after a reset, the Armory will always show that you haven't participated in rated games at all. Once you play a game in a certain bracket it comes back with the correct data.Helfdan0 Oct 2, 2018
Oct 1, 2018 Some forum posts don't show up Made a few forum posts where I typed a lot for the end result to be that it never properly submitted? It kinda hurts to go through that when you were typing it for so long. Just thought I would leave a comment here about that.Noxtrius1 Oct 1, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 default level filter on guild rosters not a bug, but it would be convenient if the default max level on armory guild rosters could be 120 instead of 100.Mirrassa1 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Acheivement is 0? But my armory page says different? Whats the deal here?Mordecaí0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 30, 2018 Name not updating on M+ Leaderboards 4 days ago I bought a name change. For the first few days after my character was completely gone from the armory. Now he is showing up again, but all my runs since then (both while he was missing and now that the name shows correctly) display my old character's name on the M+ leaderboards on this site. (+10 SoB, 2x +9 KR, and a +7 KR on Greymane US still show my character as Winchestir.) Side note; first I submitted a bug through, where I was told I need to submit the bug in-game, where I was then again told to submit the bug here.Vruum0 Sep 30, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 Account showing toons that are not my own Only happening on the website and was told via the blizzard cs twitter to post here after clearing cache and no dice. Showing 3 toons that are not my own Najenda on sargeras a horde undead rogue 120 Leoné also sargeras a human warrior 110 and finally a Bulat a nightelf druid 110 Here is a link to the tweet I made showing the picture and Blizzard CS Responding Sep 29, 2018
Sep 29, 2018 WoW Companion app update I noticed today that the companion app has been updated for BFA content. That is awesome. However, there are still alts I have running legion content. Is there not a way for me to monitor their progress any longer within the app?Kalzari2 Sep 29, 2018
Sep 28, 2018 Armory issues No raid progress being posted and mog isnt even showing. Mog shown is almost a week old. Plus i have 6/8 lfr progress, and 3/8N. Shows correct for other characters but i I havnt played them in acouple days anywaysKillidan0 Sep 28, 2018
Sep 28, 2018 Heroic Zek kill missing from armory Killed him not once, but twice now, where's my credit? ETA: Seems the issue was fixed, thank you.Xiata0 Sep 28, 2018
Sep 28, 2018 Armory Updates The armory appears to not be updating Uldir raid progress. My character information and loot are accurate but no LFR or Normal kills are showing up. This is bad for those who pug alot.Nahtas2 Sep 28, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 PvP Stats Not Showing up Hello. I want to bring to your attention that there is a bug regarding PvP stats. The PvP stats are not showing up at all for my character page on the Blizzard website. I have tried all the trouble shooting tips with no success. It has been like this for a few months... any help getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.Elwardude0 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Armory PvP Tab Broken since 8.0 Reporting in to say that my PvP tab has been broken since 8.0, or at least that's when I started playing the game again and noted the problem. My PvP stats are just not there. I have two alts that do show my HK's etc., but my main here has nothing. It would be nice to participate in the new PvP ladder system, but many of us have broken armory pages. Thanks.Helfdan9 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Raid Progress Not Updating My boss kill progress isn't updating on the armory page. It shows the correct kills in game under the Raid Tab, but not on the website. The kills happened almost 12 hours ago, and usually never takes that long.Ghostlore4 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 In-game Achieves Not Registering on Profile For some reason, my achievements in the pet battle and collection categories are not registering on Daralynne's profile. Can you help me resolve this so I can track progress via The other categories appear to be accurate.Daralynne0 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 27, 2018 Item Restoration Filters gone? I feel like I'm probably just missing something, but I don't see the filters I'm used to on the Item Restoration screen. I did one just recently enough for it to have come off of cooldown today & need to find the gloves I accidentally did something to over the weekend, but I don't see the filters for item types or ilvl threshold that I remember from the last time. I've got 44 pages of stuff available for restoration & IDC about 95% of it, not looking forward to scrolling through all of them. Was this an intended change? Is there something wrong with what I'm seeing? IDK what the deal is, but I know they were there before & they're not there now.Lorandor2 Sep 27, 2018
Sep 26, 2018 Defaults to Great Britain So why when I am in my US account management page. I click on games at the top, choose world of warcraft it directs to the en-gb? This happens when I am in the shop too. Yeah I know clear my cache etc in chrome, but it keeps happening. Just wondering.Abii3 Sep 26, 2018
Sep 26, 2018 Mythic + Scores not accurately read on Armory Mythic + Scores not showing from a week ago in armory and causing to not have a proper score. Its frustrating to try to get into a group when your scores are not being read correctly.Mimoko1 Sep 26, 2018
Sep 25, 2018 Forums been messed up for 3-5 days Sometimes when I post it will say like "Error please log out and back in", Then i'll just click Submit again, and it won't even show my comment on the forum for like 5 minutes, or if I refresh page other issues are you click on a forum, and the comments on 2nd page for example, won't appear unless you reload, just posting this thread to let it be known, anyone else with this issue?Shadowy2 Sep 25, 2018