Website Bug Report

Jul 5 Brawl'gar Arena (Season 2) Reputation The Brawl'gar Arena (Season 2) reputation bar is being displayed even though it is an outdated reputation from Warlords of Draenor. Why is this reputation still being displayed on the Armory?Galavant0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar Not Updating My Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar progress bar displays 10/14 even though it should be 14/14. General Nazgrim, Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Paragons of the Klaxxi and Garrosh Hellscream all show 0 kills even though I have killed those bosses 25 times each. This bug has been displaying since Warlords of Draenor.Galavant0 Jul 5
Jul 4 Armory not updating confused as to why my armory hasn't updated for the past month. I have been logging off constantly and all my friends who look me up cant seem to get an updated version of my character. My transmog seems to be updating just fine which is weird.Vanfuu4 Jul 4
Jul 4 Bug - Druid followers in travel form Since 7.2.5 the druid followers has been stuck flashing in and out of travel form whenever the druid itself is in travel form. I have seen both Bear Brollmantle and Thisalee Crow with this issue. Thank you.Elitana1 Jul 4
Jul 4 One character's Armory stuck since 7.2.5 It's weird that it's my main character- it doesn't even show ToS raid progression at all and my item level and gear doesn't update but my tmog appearance does. This is negating me from getting into raid groups/etc and it's just driving me nuts at this point HELPSÿras2 Jul 4
Jul 4 Another amoury bug. I transfered 3 Weeks ago and my char still doesn't show up, is there any possible fix to this issue?Bìñgøpläÿërx0 Jul 4
Jul 4 Horrible white flash on refresh Every single time I refresh this website, or navigate around, I get this awful white flash. It's extremely eye straining, especially at night. I've actually started closing my eyes before clicking anything on this site and I usually have to turn my brightness down at night. I am using Chrome, not sure if its a browser issue or what. Please fix this.Vail5 Jul 4
Jul 4 New armory showing wrong tier colors I am wearing heroic versions picture shows normal versions for head and shoulders.Truemist5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Armory and main profile here trouble Trouble with armory. It for one is not letting me see my page with the app, and two on the main page here my PVP info is very wrong as is guild on app and here. It is showing false info and I can't even view my monk on the app but I can any other toon. Help?Qyrienne1 Jul 4
Jun 30 TOS progression on Armory Hello, posted a few threads but I noticed on the armory page that on the ToS progression list that the boss fight Demonic Inquistion is named Illidari Council ( Another boss fight from BT). Possible error?Warston1 Jun 30
Jul 1 updating my credit visa card information i believe i post this here. the main card is no longer active, you can thank my bank for this, and so i want to get rid of this card and change it. problem, i cant. the link to edit my card information does not give me a way to input my 3 digit number that is on the back of the card. this 3 digit number is very important! i cant be charged if the 3 digit number is not given! when i delete all other card stuff, it still shows my older one, even after logging out, and staying offline, and then logging back in, everything is the same! i want to change my older stuff and i cant! so how in the world do i edit my card and make it my newest one? edit payment option, or editing card information does not work.Bodkonian10 Jul 1
Jun 30 Randomly logged out I am logged out of my account randomly throughout the day, I'll be mid arena or dungeon and i just get logged out.Ikizukuri1 Jun 30
Jun 30 Armory Not Updating since 7.2.5 This toon im posting on is now 912 ilvl and has a new leggo on and its not updating but my Xmog is how does that make any sense?Mud14 Jun 30
Jun 29 Transmog Not Showing Up on Web Profile Hi... This is really more of a Transmog Issue: In-game both my character (while playing) and my transmog menu show my shoulders the way I transmog'd them (same set different skin - red balls of flame with silver/metal accent) to match my helm and my belt. On my profile on this website, my forum avatar and in the Armory App for my iphone, the shoulders show a different skin (the blue balls of electricity and gold accent)... I've tried re-transmoging them about 10 times now to the red/fire/silver accent skin but they do not update on the forums/web profile/armor app no matter what i do. TL;DR - Shoulders don't show up as transmog'd on website/forum avatar/armory iphone app.... please help.Monieshotz2 Jun 29
Jun 29 cant see my character on wow armory so one of my characers, Turbowarrx-Tichondrius, dosent show up on wow armory which sucks cause i wanna see what i am in the top 100 ladder for 2'sMmrfister1 Jun 29
Jun 28 fixed fixedLyannamormon0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Armory not updating My armory (just this toon - other toons on my account seem to be fine) hasn't been updating for quite some time now. Are there any updates with a fix from the web team? thanks.Fable5 Jun 28
Jun 27 ARMORY NOT UPDATING FIX S4 pvp gear makes armory not update, to fix this take out those pieces of armor in game logout relog wait a few min and it should update. Not a final fix but helps so you get your wowprogress updated and your raidkillsLightblade0 Jun 27
Jun 27 S4 Pieces Break Armory Armory will update if I log without S4 Pieces. If I keep them on it doesn't work. Please fix.Helfdan0 Jun 27
Jun 24 fix your login cant use auction house over the web since new website, page just [removed] reloads when trying to create an auction ongoing issue [Edited for language - Moderator] Moravsky0 Jun 24
Jun 24 broken far as I know, to log in using the mobile legion companion app, it logs into first. it sits there "connecting" endlessly. tried a number of times, all the same, can't log in, can't check anything, now I have to get to the big machine just to check my table... grrrr.Brightbrown0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Duplicate Armory Character Name: Cyberz Realm: Azralon I transferred my Horde Troll Druid from Azralon to Nemesis Alliance over three year ago. And then I went back to the horde azralon, but in the tauren race. But sometimes, when I open some website or app that needs the armory, it still shows my old druid (Troll 95 from mop) armory along with my new one. Any type of info I can receive for this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Cyberz0 Jun 24
Jun 23 Character Transfer: ERROR: Server Unavailable Trying to move my hunter from Sargeras, doesn't seem to work, gives an almost immediate error. Under the gold cap, nothing in my mail, etc etc. Sargeras didn't seem to show up when I was looking for realms so I had to type it in manually.Goldstein1 Jun 23
Jun 23 Armory Not Updating It's been 3 or 4 days since I've updated. I also did a race change in this time, but it seems that my PvP ratings and spec weren't updating prior to the change even. Someone else said that having S4 gear on was the problem, so I might try that solution next.Helfdan0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Armory still isn't working This hunter that I am currently posting on hasn't been updated on the armory in over 2 weeks. My alts on the other hand do update hourly. Is there something that I can do or will I have to sit around waiting for blizzard to fix this issue?Offline8 Jun 23
Jun 23 Guild is not in Armory.. or at least updating Its not a new guild.. its not showing any of the ToS at all. so it isnt showing any progress ... loot or anything..Búrn0 Jun 23
Jun 22 Shop For Christmas, I received a $100 Gift card, I put the whole card in my Wallet. < Awesome I can buy some mounts and some game time when my 6 Mo comes up... NO You cant POSSIBLY use your damn wallet to buy game time?!?! WTF Your shop is stupid Blizz. Fix your !@#$.Decalfinated1 Jun 22
Jun 21 404/500 errors. Servers dying, fyi. Happening a lot.Jitka0 Jun 21
Jun 21 Mac Users Getting 404 and 500 most times Thread about it here Jun 21
Jun 20 "Realm Status" link broken I was using a link on the support page which was supposed to point to the Realm Status page, but I got a "page not found" error message. Seems your own links are broken, Bliz. Jun 20
Jun 20 No characters in armory. I log in to the correct region, the correct account and password, even authenticate, but when I get in to the app, Guild, Auction House, Guild Chat, Events and My Characters are grayed out. I have no character select option in the lower right hand side, either. What can I do? Here's a shot of my screen: Jun 20
Jun 20 Armory shows wrong weapon skin My Death Knight has the heroic (blue) version of Hellrender transmogged in-game, but the armory is showing the normal (orange) version of Hellrender instead.Dinìvas0 Jun 20
Jun 15 Player Profile/Armory Update 6/2/17 We wanted to take a moment to update you all on the progress on the Profile/Armory feature. As discussed in my previous post, the team is actively reviewing the community sites and forums, compiling feedback and committing code against it. Below you will find a quick bullet list of some of the items that we have updated since our May 9th launch. Added support for Hunter stable pets Added basic filters for Collections (Pets & Mounts) Added support for multiple talent specifications and tooltip support Fixed a bug preventing regular raids from showing as incomplete due to a Heroic-only boss not being killed Fixed a bug preventing character title from displaying properly Additionally, we made some minor tweaks and quality of life improvements to address some bug fixes on different devices and browsers. We appreciate your feedback as we work to support this important feature. The team continues to work on new features and improving existing ones. As more are released, we will be posting additional updates as appropriate. Lok’tar ogar, BaardochBaardoch6 Jun 15
Jun 14 New legendaries missing equip text All the new legendaries that were added today are missing their Equip: effect from the 'description' field in the item API. ie: new item: 151798 "itemSpells": [{ "spellId": 248072, "spell": { "id": 248072, "name": "Chaos Theory", "icon": "ability_creature_cursed_04", "description": "", "castTime": "Passive" }, "nCharges": 0, "consumable": false, "categoryId": 0, "trigger": "ON_EQUIP" }], old item example: 132410 "itemSpells": [{ "spellId": 207970, "spell": { "id": 207970, "name": "Shard of the Exodar", "icon": "ability_creature_cursed_04", "description": "Your Time Warp does not cause Temporal Displacement on yourself and is not affected by Temporal Displacement or similar effects on yourself.", "castTime": "Passive" }, "nCharges": 0, "consumable": false, "categoryId": 0, "trigger": "ON_EQUIP" }], Clubsteak1 Jun 14
Jun 14 [BUG] Armory Statistics missing I can no longer see any of the statistics about my toons, like how many times I've won/lost in AB on this toon. How many times I've died to other players, how many times I've loled, etc. Please fix soon.Cadavette2 Jun 14
Jun 13 Media I dont know if this is a bug or intentional, but i cannot find the media section of WoW. Its there for all other games that is on the blizzard website except for wow, and i was looking for those epic desktop backgrounds that i have come to love.Zilthina0 Jun 13
Jun 12 Transmog doesn't match the Armory So there are some troubles with the armor colors showing different than the one that I have set for transmog. For example I'm wearing the Green (Heroic) set of Teir 19 and it's showing up the Blue (Normal) mode set on some pieces on the armory page. Please fix this so I don't look stupid on the armory! Thanks!Draith3 Jun 12
Jun 10 Remote AH + TSM data not working for Oceanic Realms The title says it all...FOr the past 4 days all Oceanic realms have not had access to remote AH. In addition to this the AH data not being updated for sites such as The Undermine Journal or TSM app. I not able to find any acknowledgement of this issue so please advise status ThxOwlkapown3 Jun 10
Jun 8 bug or intentional? profiles not easily found from mainpage, have to google for the link most times.Monthlycurse2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Missing in New Armory! Recent activity seems gone... something I referred to frequently (A LOT) to see what I got without having to log into the game, pour through my bank and try and guess what was the most recent acquisition. Makes trying to plan gear and upgrades VERY difficult. A VERY important ommission...Brightbrown0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Quest Questing in Surmar in the Felsoul Hold, the Black Tome is nowhere to be found. Sitting at the site, killed the felsoul inquisitors and the magehunters.., no Tome to pick up .Desdenardor0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Guild Armory Page Moved the guild back to an old guild tag in the last week but ever since we did that our armory page gives an internal server error Can't update anything with 3rd party sites (wowprog/warcraftlogs) because we apparently don't exist. Why? EDIT: Fixed finallyLeprakorn0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Wow Armory Hi How are you? I was trying to login to Wow Armory I am able to login but unable to do anything. Also all my toons have Error written underneath each if them, this was fixed a couple months ago and worked. Now it has happened again, unsure if others are having same problem. Regards.Catpow6 Jun 7
Jun 6 Armory page spec descriptions assume genders Take my pally for example: It's quite obviously a male Draenei, but the protection spec description says "Uses Holy magic to shield herself and defend allies from attackers." This also happens to protection warriors: Spec description on the armory page of a pandaren male: "A stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard herself and her allies." And blood DKs:ìvas Male Draenei spec description: "A dark guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain herself in the face of an enemy onslaught." It's a minor thing, but some consistency would be nice!Bearfu1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Auction In Google Chrome, internet explorer and Firefox. Cannot use my auction page recently. Very annoying, this has been ongoing for months. Tried everything suggested by WOW including newer updates, keeps saying error or insecure parts of page. Trouble contacting support. Thinking about cancelling my account. Script says; cb=gapi.loaded_0:122 GET…R&client_version=1495958617945&key=AIzaSyB5V4SIBGmrqREm7kf2fBJgPcBMCdUrLzE 401 () ? ?Hecter0 Jun 6
Jun 3 Unable to log into account So whenever I go to the website, I'm brought to the login page. I put in my information multiple times to make sure it is right and when I try to login, nothing happens. I'm put back to the login screen without and message saying that my password is incorrect because I'm able to login on my phone, but not on my computer.Nostalrìus1 Jun 3
Jun 3 Armory page not updating My character armory page, Venusaur-Azralon, is not updating when I close my game, this same problem occurred last week and was only fixed on Tuesday, server maintenance day. This problem happened from the moment I switched my Druid race from Tauren to Troll. Could someone help me solve this problem?Venusaur0 Jun 3
Jun 2 Forum sites borking out occsionally Starting today, occasionally when clicking anything that would otherwise take me to the intended page, this comes up instead: Usually hitting "Back" and reclicking the same link again works properly. Using ChromeLevíathan4 Jun 2
Jun 1 New Armory: Statistics missing Where are the statistics located? I need to be able to check kills and deaths and tons of other stats that used to be available for years. Why were those removed?Healcopter2 Jun 1
Jun 1 Safari Browser - MacOS Does anyone else have problems with the WoW website on Safari? It loads and scrolls incredibly slow on my Mac. No other web pages I visit have similar issues. Anyone experiencing this?Corlane2 Jun 1