Website Bug Report

Jul 27 Please delete Please Delete posted under wrong form.Anestandra0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Having trouble viewing some of the site On Google Chrome at least. It keeps saying too many redirects, try clearing your cookies. I do and I still get the error. I did try viewing it with firefox and it was just fine though.Conser5 Jul 27
Jul 27 Chromie Reputation Broken? The armory says I'm only into Honored with Chromie, but I'm capped on rep with her in game. Is this because it takes less rep than other factions to reach "exalted" with her? And if so, shouldn't this be fixed ont he armory?Maizou0 Jul 27
Jul 26 Amory Showing Wrong Gear Color Variant My armory seems to be showing the wrong color variant for my shoulders. The armory is showing the purple variant of the tier shoulders. The shoulders I actually have equipped in game is the red variant.Darknesself7 Jul 26
Jul 26 Wrong total ilvl: one item shows wrong ilvl Hi, This is happening with my cloak. I used to have 855 then got ilvl 870 piece. I just noticed that when i got the ilvl 890 back piece it is still saying 855. My in game ilvl is 899 but on the website it is 896 due to that 855 vs 890 back piece. I have logged out, closed the game, logged out of Blizzard app, logged in, launched the game and checked both website and in game but still the same. In game it is updaing but website is not. I put a different piece and it showed also 855 and put back the 855 piece and do the process again without any result. Please help.Painisher4 Jul 26
Jul 25 Replica Staff of Guldan I figured Bliz would have fixed this by this point in the expansion. Take a look at my profile. The staff shows up as either a simpleton's Rubik's Cube or a gallon of blueberry sherbert and vanilla. I'd like to give the impression that I may be able to cause more than a slight ice cream headache for all the fuss and bother of my Transmog. Thanks for your time - Ubodu ♈Ubodu5 Jul 25
Jul 24 Legionalfall Please add this rep to the armory.Dartford1 Jul 24
Jul 24 bug in orgrimmer hi im cazjel i found a bug in orgimmar when i was On My Way! to the calendar event for dancing in the auction house which is by the way AMAZING i couldnt believe my eyes tens of people were dancing on the dance floor of the auction house in ogrimmar it was so much fun im definitively going to have to go to bed early today and take it easy tomorrow haha it was so much fun tho i cant wait for next years dance party i wonder if it will be in a different city or if it will stay in orgimar just something to think about!!! anyways ya i found a bug in ogrimmer i have attached a screenshot i really think having this bug near the entrance to a big city such as orgemmar when a global event like the auction house dance party 2017 is going on is a bad thing for the game and i wanted u guys to fix it! heres the bug please fix this i tried to kill it but it continued to spawn i was hoping if my level 25 singing sunflower was out it would override the code and prevent the bug from spawning hope this helps!Cazjel5 Jul 24
Jul 22 Character Not Searchable on Armory I am unable to successfully search for one of my characters via the Armory. When searching her name, Stjarna, I either get a 500 Internal Server Error message, or I get a list of 17 other toons, among which mine cannot be found. Additionally, I was unable to post this thread while having her selected in "Posting as:". She is a level 100 Warlock, and I have logged into the game with her several times recently. I can find her Armory page via a Guild Name search, and selecting her from the Guild Roster, but no other way. Weird. Any ideas on what the issue might be? Thanks.Grayson0 Jul 22
Jul 22 Armory ilevel is off (S4 unequip doesn't fix) For a while now (maybe since 7.2.5.), my ilevel has always been displaying as 2 below what it says on my character sheet. I've read numerous threads revolving around S4 gear murking things up, but it doesn't seem to help my situation as removing S4 gear will lower my ilevel but still remain off by 2. Any ideas or a quick fix on your side possibly? The issue is affecting the character I am posting as (Strava). Thanks for your support! I suppose it's possible that my in-game ilevel is the one that is off by 2, but I doubt it since no addons. Too lazy to calculate manually, haha...Strava4 Jul 22
Jul 21 Armory Showing Wrong Xmog When I look at the new armory it has the correct gear but the wrong version of it. Right now it should be showing the heroic set from ToS but it shows a mixture of both the heroic version and the normal.Chrisadan1 Jul 21
Jul 21 Cannot cannel auctions using the AH website I assume this to be a bugMandagen1 Jul 21
Jul 18 Forum keeps inserting extra tags I've noticed that when I quote someone in a post, the forum keeps adding an additional closing tag for the quote (ie [/quote]) so that there are two closing tags. At first I thought I had just messed up when deleting the part I didn't want or that perhaps the person I quoted had and I just didn't notice, but once I started paying attention, I was able to figure out it wasn't a result of any mistake I made. I'm not really sure what causes it, but it happens a lot.Nixxia0 Jul 18
Jul 16 7.2.5 new hairstyle bug With the release of patch 7.2.5, the hairstyle "tied" on blood elf female disappears when zoomed out far enough. Not a huge deal, but it triggers me since this is my favorite hairstyle. I know blues are busy, but please pass this bug on to the devs if you see this, thanks :^)Khirrah0 Jul 16
Jul 16 Completed mythic not showing up Saturday night 7/16 at the end of a Court of Stars mythic +18 there's was a huge (seemed to be server wide) lag spike when we looted the chest, and we were unable to loot for around 5 mins. We completed it in 32 mins 11 secs, got appropriate loot, keystone downgraded correctly etc. The issue is that it is not showing in anyone's mythic tab in game, nor the mythic keystone leaderboards on Blizzards website. This becomes an issue with being invited to high level mythics since players typically use completed mythics to gauge a persons skill level. If there's anything that can be done it would be much appreciated. To check the group was comprised of myself Sisterjrad, (rest of the names available upon request was directed here by a GM in game). We were all from the same server Proudmoore. Thanks in advance for any help that can be offered, and I'm willing to answer any other questions you may have.Sisterjrad0 Jul 16
Jul 15 Unable to ignore whole accounts on forums. Now moved to the correct forum. I have a few questions with the recent forum changes. The most pressing is that the ability to ignore whole accounts on the forums is gone. If we are supposed to "report, then ignore" players, this enables the person whom we are trying to ignore to come back on an alt and continue the harassment/argument/whatever. What is the reason for this change? The downvote button on forum posts disappeared overnight. What is the reason for this change, aside from the misguided idea that a likes-only environment will somehow make the forums more positive? Instead of simply downvoting you will, instead, get calling out. Thank you.Shieraiel2 Jul 15
Jul 13 Posts not getting bumped My posts in other users' threads are not getting bumped.Prizma0 Jul 13
Jul 13 Taunt disabled immediately after res? Tanking Kil'jaden in Normal ToS tonight and on two separate pulls, after accepting a res, I was unable to taunt the boss for several GCD's. I noticed something similar a week or two ago on Demonic Inquisition. Is there some mechanism that is preventing me from taunting/gaining aggro immediately after a res? It renders the res system nearly pointless when a tank goes down and can't do his job after a res. The other tank had double stacks of Felclaw by the time I was able to taunt the boss. It resulted in a wipe because we lost several DPS trying to recover. If this is not the point of a battle res, then what is it doing in the game?Mystnight0 Jul 13
Jul 12 Unable to use Web Remote AH I can't use it from home specifically. This has been ongoing since about Sunday 2/7/15. I can use the Web Remote AH from my work PC or from the Android app without issue. I submitted a ticket but I was told to post here. Unfortunately, it looks like this subforum doesn't see much activity from CS. I'm hoping someone who can help me will see this. When I try to buy something it redirects me to "" with no error messages whatsoever. When I try to post something it briefly pops up a notification saying "Process Interrupted. Please Try Again." and redirects me to "" Scenarios/Fixes I have tried: Chrome: Clearing Cache and disabling all browser extensions. Chrome: Incognito mode. Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome on My Wife's Laptop Power Cycling my comptuer, router, and modem. Disabling IPv6 Using Google DNS Logging out and back into Checking Chrome's Developer Tools, I watched the POST messages that were being generated and I noticed that there were some drastic differences. Here are two attempts to purchase the SAME EXACT auction 1 minute apart on the two computers: The left one failed from home, while the one on the right succeeded at work. What could be causing this? How can I fix it? ThanksLeftshark11 Jul 12
Jul 11 Wrong Guild Banner The new guild banner is a few days old in-game. Black, blue, and with the icon of two spears. But on the forums, in the armory, everything is correct but the icon. Instead of two spears, it's two hammers. Already waited past the reset and still no change. Please help...I hate hammers.Nafani0 Jul 11
Jul 11 TERROR FROM BELOW ITEM LEVEL WRONG On My Blizzard Character Profile, [Click My Profile Here] It Shows my Terror From Below Trinket is Listed as Item Level 855 Raid Finder Warforged. when I play my character in-game It shows Terror From Below Trinket Item Level 890 Raid Finder Warforged can someone at Blizzard fix my armory properly as it should show Terror From Below Trinket Item Level 890 Raid Finder Warforged.Starhammer1 Jul 11
Jul 11 Doubt about search function / ladder section Search function I don't know if is intended or not, but when i search for something, the final query is considering first and last spaces. For example when i search for characters or guilds ( "+" = space): áterav = success +áterav = doesn't find anything áterav+ = doesn't find anything If i'm looking for guild, the search query is discriminating between capital letters in some cases but in others doesn't, for example: Purple Side of the Loot = success purple side of the loot = doesn't fin anything Damage Control = success damage control = success DaMaGe CoNtRoL = success And in other cases, it doesn't even find the guild, for example: Sky Dolphins PVP Leaderboards This used to be very good in the old website, you could filter for class, spec and server. Now, you only have a pseudo filter by rating (default). My problem with this is that when you try to filter by server, rating or whatever; the filter only work for the results displayed on the current page and doesn't work for all existing results. In this way it's very hard trying to find anything that's not related with rating. So, is this intended or not?Áterav0 Jul 11
Jul 11 cant create support forum threads on f2p acct Tried creating a new thread in the CS support forum using character Mistfiend from a starter account on this Thread appeared to be submitted but when I went to refresh the main page of the CS forum I got a message stating that form data could not be resubmitted and I needed to either cancel the refresh or submit the page refresh request without resubmitting data. CS forum does not have the thread. Could not update an existing thread either from that character who was created within the past few days, is level 20, and is in the armory.Nok0 Jul 11
Jul 10 How to fix missing characters in armory Hi all, So after 4 weeks of my main not showing up on armory, the GM said the main issue is that characters are not updating or created upon creation. I think I sort found out how to force an update. So my main is in frostmourne. I recently went to moon guard to create a lvl 55 death knight in another server - lvl it to 70 to unlock DH in that server, then lvl it 100. Apparently, doing so somehow force update all the characters I had...(I had 2 mains showed up and my bank alt showed up in the armory. If you find it tedious to lvl up the DK and DH, one way is to create 2 DK on different server then at least get them 60 (finish the intro quest with heirloom should get you there), doing so will force the update. I don't think creating multiple DK without leveling will force the update as I had tried once. The character lvl has to move to make armory believe it's active, thus updating all chars from your account. Hope this helpsJerliz2 Jul 10
Jul 8 pop quiz: advanced rune drawing - stuck I have been trying on and off all day to complete Pop Quiz: Advanced Rune Drawing, but it never completes the fire rune, so I am stuck on the quest chain.Chophouse4 Jul 8
Jul 6 Wrong Color Shoulders on the Armory The shoulders Im wearing, mage tier 20 heroic, should be silver like they are in game. Its using the purple color on the armory which is normal mode color.Giscõ0 Jul 6
Jul 5 Gelkis/Magram Clan Centaur Reputations The Gelkis Clan Centaur and Magram Clan Centaur reputations are displayed even though they are outdated and unable to be increased to Exalted. Why are these reputations still being displayed on the Armory?Galavant0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Brawl'gar Arena (Season 2) Reputation The Brawl'gar Arena (Season 2) reputation bar is being displayed even though it is an outdated reputation from Warlords of Draenor. Why is this reputation still being displayed on the Armory?Galavant0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar Not Updating My Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar progress bar displays 10/14 even though it should be 14/14. General Nazgrim, Siegecrafter Blackfuse, Paragons of the Klaxxi and Garrosh Hellscream all show 0 kills even though I have killed those bosses 25 times each. This bug has been displaying since Warlords of Draenor.Galavant0 Jul 5
Jul 4 Armory not updating confused as to why my armory hasn't updated for the past month. I have been logging off constantly and all my friends who look me up cant seem to get an updated version of my character. My transmog seems to be updating just fine which is weird.Vanfuu4 Jul 4
Jul 4 Bug - Druid followers in travel form Since 7.2.5 the druid followers has been stuck flashing in and out of travel form whenever the druid itself is in travel form. I have seen both Bear Brollmantle and Thisalee Crow with this issue. Thank you.Elitana1 Jul 4
Jul 4 One character's Armory stuck since 7.2.5 It's weird that it's my main character- it doesn't even show ToS raid progression at all and my item level and gear doesn't update but my tmog appearance does. This is negating me from getting into raid groups/etc and it's just driving me nuts at this point HELPSÿras2 Jul 4
Jul 4 Another amoury bug. I transfered 3 Weeks ago and my char still doesn't show up, is there any possible fix to this issue?Bìñgøpläÿërx0 Jul 4
Jul 4 Horrible white flash on refresh Every single time I refresh this website, or navigate around, I get this awful white flash. It's extremely eye straining, especially at night. I've actually started closing my eyes before clicking anything on this site and I usually have to turn my brightness down at night. I am using Chrome, not sure if its a browser issue or what. Please fix this.Vail5 Jul 4
Jul 4 New armory showing wrong tier colors I am wearing heroic versions picture shows normal versions for head and shoulders.Truemist5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Armory and main profile here trouble Trouble with armory. It for one is not letting me see my page with the app, and two on the main page here my PVP info is very wrong as is guild on app and here. It is showing false info and I can't even view my monk on the app but I can any other toon. Help?Qyrienne1 Jul 4
Jun 30 TOS progression on Armory Hello, posted a few threads but I noticed on the armory page that on the ToS progression list that the boss fight Demonic Inquistion is named Illidari Council ( Another boss fight from BT). Possible error?Warston1 Jun 30
Jul 1 updating my credit visa card information i believe i post this here. the main card is no longer active, you can thank my bank for this, and so i want to get rid of this card and change it. problem, i cant. the link to edit my card information does not give me a way to input my 3 digit number that is on the back of the card. this 3 digit number is very important! i cant be charged if the 3 digit number is not given! when i delete all other card stuff, it still shows my older one, even after logging out, and staying offline, and then logging back in, everything is the same! i want to change my older stuff and i cant! so how in the world do i edit my card and make it my newest one? edit payment option, or editing card information does not work.Bodkonian10 Jul 1
Jun 30 Randomly logged out I am logged out of my account randomly throughout the day, I'll be mid arena or dungeon and i just get logged out.Ikizukuri1 Jun 30
Jun 30 Armory Not Updating since 7.2.5 This toon im posting on is now 912 ilvl and has a new leggo on and its not updating but my Xmog is how does that make any sense?Mud14 Jun 30
Jun 29 Transmog Not Showing Up on Web Profile Hi... This is really more of a Transmog Issue: In-game both my character (while playing) and my transmog menu show my shoulders the way I transmog'd them (same set different skin - red balls of flame with silver/metal accent) to match my helm and my belt. On my profile on this website, my forum avatar and in the Armory App for my iphone, the shoulders show a different skin (the blue balls of electricity and gold accent)... I've tried re-transmoging them about 10 times now to the red/fire/silver accent skin but they do not update on the forums/web profile/armor app no matter what i do. TL;DR - Shoulders don't show up as transmog'd on website/forum avatar/armory iphone app.... please help.Monieshotz2 Jun 29
Jun 29 cant see my character on wow armory so one of my characers, Turbowarrx-Tichondrius, dosent show up on wow armory which sucks cause i wanna see what i am in the top 100 ladder for 2'sMmrfister1 Jun 29
Jun 28 fixed fixedLyannamormon0 Jun 28
Jun 28 Armory not updating My armory (just this toon - other toons on my account seem to be fine) hasn't been updating for quite some time now. Are there any updates with a fix from the web team? thanks.Fable5 Jun 28
Jun 27 ARMORY NOT UPDATING FIX S4 pvp gear makes armory not update, to fix this take out those pieces of armor in game logout relog wait a few min and it should update. Not a final fix but helps so you get your wowprogress updated and your raidkillsLightblade0 Jun 27
Jun 27 S4 Pieces Break Armory Armory will update if I log without S4 Pieces. If I keep them on it doesn't work. Please fix.Helfdan0 Jun 27
Jun 24 fix your login cant use auction house over the web since new website, page just [removed] reloads when trying to create an auction ongoing issue [Edited for language - Moderator] Moravsky0 Jun 24
Jun 24 broken far as I know, to log in using the mobile legion companion app, it logs into first. it sits there "connecting" endlessly. tried a number of times, all the same, can't log in, can't check anything, now I have to get to the big machine just to check my table... grrrr.Brightbrown0 Jun 24
Jun 24 Duplicate Armory Character Name: Cyberz Realm: Azralon I transferred my Horde Troll Druid from Azralon to Nemesis Alliance over three year ago. And then I went back to the horde azralon, but in the tauren race. But sometimes, when I open some website or app that needs the armory, it still shows my old druid (Troll 95 from mop) armory along with my new one. Any type of info I can receive for this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.Cyberz0 Jun 24
Jun 23 Character Transfer: ERROR: Server Unavailable Trying to move my hunter from Sargeras, doesn't seem to work, gives an almost immediate error. Under the gold cap, nothing in my mail, etc etc. Sargeras didn't seem to show up when I was looking for realms so I had to type it in manually.Goldstein1 Jun 23