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Mar 19 Not on the ladder Hey, I'm making this post because my character is not showing on the PvP ladders. My teammates are both on the ladder, but for some reason I'm not there, I can see my rating in armoury, but not on the ladder. Any help or explanation would be appreciatedFingølfin0 Mar 19
Mar 18 Guild issue: Name mismatch on the website When we changed the name of the guild in 2015 the name on the site was not changed. We were able to access our page but it had the old name. However, someone created a guild with that name and now our arsenal can not be accessed. We have already opened several tickets but until now no one had said that they would need a topic here, well, now it has. Guild issue: Name mismatch on the website This issue started on: 01-13-2015 Correct guild page: Incorrect guild page: Guild Leader at the time of the name change: Bharadva - Azralon Current Guild leader: Kairu - AzralonZakonnica0 Mar 18
Mar 16 Web Armory AH refreshing instead of buying I'm not sure if this goes here or in Bug reports, but I've been trying to use the web armory since about 9:30am EST and any time I try to buy something, it just refreshes everything back to default AH search options. I've tried it with chrome, chrome incognito, and IE11. I've also tried the mobile armory/AH and it just tells me it's unable to connect to the network when I try to buy something, even though it searches and presents results with no issue.Cliche4 Mar 16
Mar 15 Rendered Image Loading/Caching Heya, I've brought this up a few times, but it's still an issue. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss this again after seeing a somewhat recent thread regarding the static render domains update, though: I'm seeing some mixed loading currently, with some content being served over the old domain, and other content being served over the new. However, there's still some low-hanging fruit causing performance issues with the domains, particularly on connections with high latency round-trip times. I'm connecting from New Zealand, and even with a warm cache subsequent page loads can take a while to load images because of all of the HTTP requests. The HTTP requests are currently blocking, and here's the waterfall of me loading a page, highlighting a moment where it's loading in images from the render API domains: As you can see, images aren't being loaded in concurrently. The easiest solution would likely be to deploy HTTP/2, preferably with a CDN so that latency doesn't affect load times so drastically. I personally use Cloudflare on a site of my own, and there are some fantastic options for caching there that could simultaneously improve performance while reducing the chance of seeing "stale" images. Here's an example page load waterfall where multiple members' avatars are loading in with a freshly cleared cache: The requests occur in parallel, significantly lowering the amount of time it takes for all of the data to reach the browser. I understand that Blizzard uses Akamai fairly extensively for web services, so if a CDN were to be used for this service, I imagine that Akamai would be chosen. Akamai has a nice page explaining the benefits of HTTP/2 here: Alongside the explanations, there's also a neat little demo available on this page: Web pages that require numerous HTTP requests to a single domain are the perfect use case for HTTP/2. This is a solution that could drop loading times to a tenth of what they are now, or even less! Regardless, I'm happy to see that the render API is continuing to be worked on. Hope to see some other goodies in the pipeline! :)Kodiack4 Mar 15
Mar 15 Replica Lion's Fang and Replica Lion's Heart Heya, I recently transmogrified my Protection artifact to the Replica Lion's Fang and Replica Lion's Heart. Neither item are showing correctly in Wow Armory. Instead they appear as blue and white cubes. This is occurring both on the website and the Wow Armory mobile app. The effected Transmogrification currently equipped so you can view the issue in my profile. Cheers!Lancea0 Mar 15
Mar 13 Report Post Feature Missing 8/23/2016 This afternoon the Report Post feature was removed from all of the forums that have been migrated to the new format. You can report your OWN post, but not those of other players. I assume this is a bug.Strawberries3 Mar 13
Mar 13 [Armory] Captain's Parade Breastplate The Armory is showing the wrong model for the LFR version.Neoplasia0 Mar 13
Mar 12 Still Loading Euopean format. Since pre legion launch the website refuses to load in base american format. Ive brought this up numerous times and been ignored. It may seem like a little thing but its a huge pain to have to chage the page settings every time you load the Warcraft homepage. Now there have been claims that its a routing issue and a browser issue but both of these things are irrelevant as the problem only occurred with the major website overhaul you did pre Legion. So once more I request an investigation into why the page loads european default settings in Australia when our default server is oceanic/US.Diddems2 Mar 12
Mar 12 Mythic+ Dungeon Leaderboard not updating This week I completed a 21 Eye Of Azshara as well as a 19 Maw Of Souls, the World Of Warcraft website has not shown it to be updated yet to either. As well as a 3rd party site called "Wowprogress" will not update it because of this. It shows the dungeon on my "Weekly Best" on my characters Mythic Dungeons tab. I was also wondering if anyone else has recently had this same issue?Flabby0 Mar 12
Mar 8 Support Site Issues (Item Restoration) Hello, I've been trying to restore a piece of gear I accidentally sold in-game. However, When I load the page to restore a piece of gear the browser will crash. Note: This is ONLY occurring on the Item Restoration Page of the Support Site. I'm encountering this issue on the following browsers at this time! Browsers: Google Chrome Internet Explorer Microsoft Edge Mozilla Firefox I've additionally tried to load the pages with NO AddOn's or Extensions enabled and the issue continued to persist. Hoping a resolution is implemented soon to resolve this. :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash1 Mar 8
Mar 7 Armory still bugged after a YEAR. Cannot see my priest, even though I am currently logged onto him. Countless tickets, nothing solved. It's been a year since this first happened after I transfered him to his current server. Beyond frustrated. A gm had responded to me and told me he/she would bring it up in a meeting, but nothing came of it and I'm very tired of not being able to look up my toon. Blizzard pls...Ursula7 Mar 7
Mar 7 What happened to The Armory now redirects to the WoW community site... which doesn't have the ability to search for characters. What happened? This is a huge issue, especially as it breaks any sort of third-party tool that relies on searching for characters on the armory (such as and guildzilla).Borondir40 Mar 7
Mar 4 Account Management Display Issue Hello, I've noticed tonight that multiple licenses I had for Blizzard Games got reverted to Standard Edition from Digital Deluxe Edition, Despite upgrading some time ago now. I still have ALL of the Digital Deluxe rewards from buying Digital Deluxe licenses of various games despite this happening. List of Licenses Affected: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void I've also submitted a Support Ticket regarding this in case this is not a bug on the Account Management. I'm suspecting it is NOT though as I've not received any E-Mails regarding this from Blizzard Customer Support. Thanks for your time! :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash0 Mar 4
Mar 2 Armory - 940 legendary appears as 910. My legendary cloak that I obtained after 7.1.5 - making it ilvl 940 - still only appears in armory as 910. This makes my equipped item level show in armory lower than it actually is in game. Was wondering if it was a known bug, and if so, will it be fixed?Nybio4 Mar 2
Mar 2 . .Tamarán0 Mar 2
Feb 28 Armory achievement points error This character is my main, and every achievement I have ever earned has been earned on this toon. However, the point total for my account (25950) doesn't display on this character's armory page, rather it shows as 22270. What's weird is all my alts do have the correct total. Is this a known and/or fixable issue?Rykoffe0 Feb 28
Feb 28 any eta on the armory actually working?? Well ... was wondering if you guys have got a ETA on this .. can not view updated gear on them or any third party sitesShapebender0 Feb 28
Feb 27 Typo in "Races: Night Elf" "Against Malfurion’s warnings, renegade druids created a new World Tree in hopes of restoring the night elves’ immortality. But this new World Tree eventually became tainted by a dark malady called the Emerald Nightmare, which the night elves were were able to combat with Malfurion’s aid." --- The word "were" was written twice in a row.Selenius2 Feb 27
Feb 25 New Characters Missing from Character List I have any issues where no new characters I create on US Hyjal show up on my character list here on the website or on the Mobile Armory App; this has been going on for 3-4 days now. I have tried creating several characters over the past few days and none have them showed up even after waiting overnight. My most recent character there is named "Valanár" but when I look on the website and the mobile app, it only shows a character named "Aranath", whom I deleted a 4-5 days ago. As a test, I created a new character on US Area 52 with the same name "Valanár" and that character showed up on the website and mobile armory within an hour. For some reason, only new US Hyjal characters refuse to show up for me...Valanár2 Feb 25
Feb 25 [Resolved] Error 404 when creating a message Update - 2017-02-27: This issue is now resolved. No further action is needed at this time! Xanlorash [The Insane] ----------Original Message---------- Hello, I'm trying to create a thread on the New Player Help and Guides Forum, But when I click Create Topic, I receive the Error 404 message and my message will not post properly. Hoping this gets resolved soon. :-) Xanlorash [The Insane]Xanlorash0 Feb 25
Feb 24 Armory Xmog When using current tier gear without xmogging it it doesn't show up properly on armory But when its xmogged from something else it works Feb 24
Feb 23 404 error for today's Q&A When clicking on today's Q&A's add in the app, I get an error 404... Fix it quick! 20 mins left before the start of the Q&A!Picoglad1 Feb 23
Feb 23 Armory: Missing Characters For a few weeks now I've been playing on Daggerspine and have made multiple characters, all of which show up in the armory through a search. However they do not show up in my character list and I cannot select any of these characters. When I try and use auction or event functions it says I must be logged into the character. Can this be fixed or somehow refreshed on Blizzards end? I'm really missing the guild chat features on mobile.Juíc6 Feb 23
Feb 23 Curious question about achievement display So, I know I have more than 12105 achievement points, but it doesn't update. It *DOES* if I change characters (tho this is my main)...wondering why that is. Not a horribly important issue (ie: it's not even important..)..I'm just curious why it can't be updated properly.Archona4 Feb 23
Feb 23 New boe cloak doesn't appear on battlenet AH Drape of the Forgotten Souls is boe and I see a lot of auctions ingame but when I use the website or mobile app, they don't appear. I remember same bug happened when vial of the sands became bind on use in the past and it was fixed shortly If you don't believe me just search Drape of the Forgotten Souls in web AH and ingame AH. Anyone else can correct me? And is this the right forum or should I open ingame ticket?Dooboo1 Feb 23
Feb 22 [Armory] Dragon Soul Bugged Hey, In december i decided to slowly fill my armor through 2017, hunting down old raids and farming some fancy xmogs, pets and etc. The thing is, i just finished the whole Dragon Soul raid in LFR, Normal and Heroic mode for the second week in a row and only the Normal one has counted in the armory. I have no idea why this is happening but please, fix this. As a completionist working towards a new objective, this is driving me insane Blizzard.Haegorn2 Feb 22
Feb 21 Blizzard about/copyright pages not loading Getting connection timeouts when trying to access (which had info regarding Blizzard/WoW copyrights/trademarks) and (the "About" link at the footer of all WoW pages, including this one).Exupery0 Feb 21
Feb 21 M+ Leaderboards? The Hyjal details haven't updated what looks to be over a month... I noticed some realms do have current data. Is this ever going to be fixed?Ventilatte1 Feb 21
Feb 21 Some Legion reps not showing on Armory The Nightfallen and Valajar are not showing on Armory for my Horde characters Is showing OK for my Alliance Characters eg: But not my Horde ones eg: Feb 21
Feb 20 Web Auction House It has been down since yesterday. When will it be available?Weimar7 Feb 20
Feb 20 New guild not updating So a few of us started a new guild on thursday night and for some reason even though my character is showing the new guild when i click on it i cant see the whle guild roster.. just keeo getting 404 error. ANy ideas? links to previous issues?Neevaah5 Feb 20
Feb 19 Armory bug/glitched? Hello, I am just noticing that on my armory, my legendary has not updated to 940 iLVL, although I received it as a 940 when it dropped. Is this a bug? Or is there something that I need to do to fix this? Not a big issue but generally curious.Hecktix2 Feb 19
Feb 19 My guild doesn't show in the Armory After three weeks, my guild still doesn't show in the Armory, when it is gonna be fixed? it is hurting our recruitment.Abromination3 Feb 19
Feb 18 US Windrunner Mythic+ Leaderboard Bug The mythic+ leaderboard for US Windrunner/Darrowmere connected realm is not updating and doesn't seem to have been updated in some time (showing times from the US week of Teeming Skittish Fortified). I have tried multiple browsers and have received the same results. Other realms I checked appear to be working fine and showing the updated affixes and times.Dankovich2 Feb 18
Feb 17 ilvl not showing correctly im 886 based on the character tab in game and have been for 2 days. My profile on battle site shows me as 884, how do i fix this?Greeniejr2 Feb 17
Feb 17 Auction house: Error still in maintenance. When a access my Auction house from the blizz site it say : Error This realm is currently in maintenance. We are thursday ???? I could i fix that??Derec1 Feb 17
Feb 17 Armory/Legendary upgrades May seem minor but all of my legendaries in game are upgraded to 940s, however when I look into the armory on the website they are stuck at 910. Which makes quite the difference in my equipped ilvl. Before today I really didn't think much of it but its annoying trying to join a 880+ group and my correct ilvl is not showing when people look up folk's armory.I had someone remove me before we even began, cuz they thought I was trying to sneak past their requirements due to a bugged armory. Is there any fix to this? Appreciate it. After looking to see if I was the only one, I don't seem to be the only one, but 95% of the ones I checked out, they did not have the same visual bug.Draelon0 Feb 17
Feb 15 WOW51900319 WOW51900319 Repeated random crashes. WOW crashes every 1-20 minutes. Please fix - this has been happening since the last update.Felleynd0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Feedback, Streaming, and Dungeons Where is the Feedback to Blizzard? There's an option for us users to provide feedback to you Blizzard, but all I see are the open forums. Well here is some of my feedback. 1) ALL OF THE SUDDEN, when I try to do CTRL+F1 I'm in this apparently new stream w/face book. Hello?! That hot key is being used by me in WoW! I had to go read your stuff and figure out how to turn it off. There should've been a message to inform us, but the default should be OFF! 2) I am furious with Blizzard FORCING dungeons on us to progress both with our classes and professions! Furious! I'm sick of you constantly pushing us to group up with people and do dungeons and it IS forcing us, otherwise, with Legion, we CAN'T progress beyond a lower point without doing dungeons. I do NOT want to do dungeons! And to all those people who say it is an MMO and that dungeons are somehow a part of that paradigm, you are WRONG! We can be social with friends and guildies, but STILL DETEST dungeons! So STOP FORCING US!!!!Myashi0 Feb 15
Feb 14 Random sidebars appearing for half a second. These just recently started popping up, usually when I hit return/back. I managed to take this screenshot(email edited out): They only last about half a second and are sliding away as soon as the page is loaded. Just a bit weird, not that big a deal though.Teneea4 Feb 14
Feb 13 Website not updating Guild info. The website/armory is not updating my guilds info. It says my account is still in a guild that it is not but the character page has the correct guild name. However when you click the correct guild name it takes you to a 404 page. The guild was created on 2/9/17 and the website still has not updated correctly. This is causing issues with progress tracking and recruiting.Dreadapostle0 Feb 13
Feb 13 Mythic + completion not showing up on armory This week, our group finished a Mythic 16 and Mythic 17 Vault of the Wardens. This is not showing up on the leader boards or on members armory. A ticket has been opened and i was directed here to report the bug. Both runs were completed on February 10, 2017. ThanksMorpherrez0 Feb 13
Feb 12 Achievement points not showing correctly. Hi, I'm having a problem with my achievement points as they are showing incorrectly in the guild and in the armory. It is displaying my achievements in the guild and armory as 9440 but in-game i have 10510 achievement points. I know that if there is multiple characters that have different achievements then it will be a different number but i only have the one character (Jazza). Thanks, -Note: All the achievements that are account shared are the ones that aren't showing as achieved in the armory even though all progress has been achieved on this character. Such as "It's Over Nine Thousand' is showing as incomplete even though my armory achievement points is 9440. How can something like this be happening? ( Feb 12
Feb 11 Character shared achievements not counting. Hi, I'm having a problem with my achievement points as they are showing incorrectly in the guild in the armory and in-game (displayed to other players). It is displaying my achievements in the guild and armory as 9925 but in-game i have 11095 achievement points. I know that if there is multiple characters that have different achievements then it will be a different number but i only have the one character. The achievements that aren't showing as completed are all the character shared achievements such as 'Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider'.Jazza0 Feb 11
Feb 11 Website Gem Tooltip Gem tooltips on the armory pages are showing incorrect values, stating +375 secondary stats, instead of +150.Sleepwalkn1 Feb 11
Feb 10 Switching between games forces relogin When I switch between say the WoW forums and overwatch then try to switch back the website takes me to a login screen then won't let me login. The only way to fix it is to type the wow forum address directly into the address bar.Ziryus0 Feb 10
Feb 9 Stormheim Stormrage server i have started to farm here to day and have come across now 4 herbs that are buged out seems the other 3 were fixed or something but it keeps happening in this Zone for some reason ......the bug i am talking about is you herb it get nothing and it doesnt go awayHeálinghëll0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Armory Set items are showing incorrect models This has been a bug with the Armory since at least WoD, I used a Mythic T17 transmog on my Warlock and the Armory would show the models from the Heroic tier set instead. Now I'm having the same thing on the Armory with my T19 set on this character, my Heroic pieces are showing as the models from the Normal set pieces.Seramorez0 Feb 9
Feb 8 Stormbringer not resetting Stromstrike CD Occasionally when Stormbringer procs Stormstrike will stay on cooldown even with the buff active. I'm not sure if it happens only when specced into Tempest but it seems to happen with 1 stack left on Stormbringer after using the first when it does happen.Aesedai1 Feb 8
Feb 8 WoW Armory not updating The WoW armory keeps saying my sephultz secret is item level 910 but it is 940. It's been like this for many days... Is there a way to force update it?Gindrik5 Feb 8