Website Bug Report

Jun 23 Armory Not Updating It's been 3 or 4 days since I've updated. I also did a race change in this time, but it seems that my PvP ratings and spec weren't updating prior to the change even. Someone else said that having S4 gear on was the problem, so I might try that solution next.Helfdan0 Jun 23
Jun 23 Armory still isn't working This hunter that I am currently posting on hasn't been updated on the armory in over 2 weeks. My alts on the other hand do update hourly. Is there something that I can do or will I have to sit around waiting for blizzard to fix this issue?Offline8 Jun 23
Jun 23 Guild is not in Armory.. or at least updating Its not a new guild.. its not showing any of the ToS at all. so it isnt showing any progress ... loot or anything..Búrn0 Jun 23
Jun 22 Shop For Christmas, I received a $100 Gift card, I put the whole card in my Wallet. < Awesome I can buy some mounts and some game time when my 6 Mo comes up... NO You cant POSSIBLY use your damn wallet to buy game time?!?! WTF Your shop is stupid Blizz. Fix your !@#$.Decalfinated1 Jun 22
Jun 21 404/500 errors. Servers dying, fyi. Happening a lot.Jitka0 Jun 21
Jun 21 Mac Users Getting 404 and 500 most times Thread about it here Jun 21
Jun 20 "Realm Status" link broken I was using a link on the support page which was supposed to point to the Realm Status page, but I got a "page not found" error message. Seems your own links are broken, Bliz. Jun 20
Jun 20 No characters in armory. I log in to the correct region, the correct account and password, even authenticate, but when I get in to the app, Guild, Auction House, Guild Chat, Events and My Characters are grayed out. I have no character select option in the lower right hand side, either. What can I do? Here's a shot of my screen: Jun 20
Jun 20 Armory shows wrong weapon skin My Death Knight has the heroic (blue) version of Hellrender transmogged in-game, but the armory is showing the normal (orange) version of Hellrender instead.Dinìvas0 Jun 20
Jun 15 Player Profile/Armory Update 6/2/17 We wanted to take a moment to update you all on the progress on the Profile/Armory feature. As discussed in my previous post, the team is actively reviewing the community sites and forums, compiling feedback and committing code against it. Below you will find a quick bullet list of some of the items that we have updated since our May 9th launch. Added support for Hunter stable pets Added basic filters for Collections (Pets & Mounts) Added support for multiple talent specifications and tooltip support Fixed a bug preventing regular raids from showing as incomplete due to a Heroic-only boss not being killed Fixed a bug preventing character title from displaying properly Additionally, we made some minor tweaks and quality of life improvements to address some bug fixes on different devices and browsers. We appreciate your feedback as we work to support this important feature. The team continues to work on new features and improving existing ones. As more are released, we will be posting additional updates as appropriate. Lok’tar ogar, BaardochBaardoch6 Jun 15
Jun 14 New legendaries missing equip text All the new legendaries that were added today are missing their Equip: effect from the 'description' field in the item API. ie: new item: 151798 "itemSpells": [{ "spellId": 248072, "spell": { "id": 248072, "name": "Chaos Theory", "icon": "ability_creature_cursed_04", "description": "", "castTime": "Passive" }, "nCharges": 0, "consumable": false, "categoryId": 0, "trigger": "ON_EQUIP" }], old item example: 132410 "itemSpells": [{ "spellId": 207970, "spell": { "id": 207970, "name": "Shard of the Exodar", "icon": "ability_creature_cursed_04", "description": "Your Time Warp does not cause Temporal Displacement on yourself and is not affected by Temporal Displacement or similar effects on yourself.", "castTime": "Passive" }, "nCharges": 0, "consumable": false, "categoryId": 0, "trigger": "ON_EQUIP" }], Clubsteak1 Jun 14
Jun 14 [BUG] Armory Statistics missing I can no longer see any of the statistics about my toons, like how many times I've won/lost in AB on this toon. How many times I've died to other players, how many times I've loled, etc. Please fix soon.Cadavette2 Jun 14
Jun 13 Media I dont know if this is a bug or intentional, but i cannot find the media section of WoW. Its there for all other games that is on the blizzard website except for wow, and i was looking for those epic desktop backgrounds that i have come to love.Zilthina0 Jun 13
Jun 12 Transmog doesn't match the Armory So there are some troubles with the armor colors showing different than the one that I have set for transmog. For example I'm wearing the Green (Heroic) set of Teir 19 and it's showing up the Blue (Normal) mode set on some pieces on the armory page. Please fix this so I don't look stupid on the armory! Thanks!Draith3 Jun 12
Jun 10 Remote AH + TSM data not working for Oceanic Realms The title says it all...FOr the past 4 days all Oceanic realms have not had access to remote AH. In addition to this the AH data not being updated for sites such as The Undermine Journal or TSM app. I not able to find any acknowledgement of this issue so please advise status ThxOwlkapown3 Jun 10
Jun 8 bug or intentional? profiles not easily found from mainpage, have to google for the link most times.Monthlycurse2 Jun 8
Jun 8 Missing in New Armory! Recent activity seems gone... something I referred to frequently (A LOT) to see what I got without having to log into the game, pour through my bank and try and guess what was the most recent acquisition. Makes trying to plan gear and upgrades VERY difficult. A VERY important ommission...Brightbrown0 Jun 8
Jun 8 Quest Questing in Surmar in the Felsoul Hold, the Black Tome is nowhere to be found. Sitting at the site, killed the felsoul inquisitors and the magehunters.., no Tome to pick up .Desdenardor0 Jun 8
Jun 7 Guild Armory Page Moved the guild back to an old guild tag in the last week but ever since we did that our armory page gives an internal server error Can't update anything with 3rd party sites (wowprog/warcraftlogs) because we apparently don't exist. Why? EDIT: Fixed finallyLeprakorn0 Jun 7
Jun 7 Wow Armory Hi How are you? I was trying to login to Wow Armory I am able to login but unable to do anything. Also all my toons have Error written underneath each if them, this was fixed a couple months ago and worked. Now it has happened again, unsure if others are having same problem. Regards.Catpow6 Jun 7
Jun 6 Armory page spec descriptions assume genders Take my pally for example: It's quite obviously a male Draenei, but the protection spec description says "Uses Holy magic to shield herself and defend allies from attackers." This also happens to protection warriors: Spec description on the armory page of a pandaren male: "A stalwart protector who uses a shield to safeguard herself and her allies." And blood DKs:ìvas Male Draenei spec description: "A dark guardian who manipulates and corrupts life energy to sustain herself in the face of an enemy onslaught." It's a minor thing, but some consistency would be nice!Bearfu1 Jun 6
Jun 6 Auction In Google Chrome, internet explorer and Firefox. Cannot use my auction page recently. Very annoying, this has been ongoing for months. Tried everything suggested by WOW including newer updates, keeps saying error or insecure parts of page. Trouble contacting support. Thinking about cancelling my account. Script says; cb=gapi.loaded_0:122 GET…R&client_version=1495958617945&key=AIzaSyB5V4SIBGmrqREm7kf2fBJgPcBMCdUrLzE 401 () ? ?Hecter0 Jun 6
Jun 3 Unable to log into account So whenever I go to the website, I'm brought to the login page. I put in my information multiple times to make sure it is right and when I try to login, nothing happens. I'm put back to the login screen without and message saying that my password is incorrect because I'm able to login on my phone, but not on my computer.Nostalrìus1 Jun 3
Jun 3 Armory page not updating My character armory page, Venusaur-Azralon, is not updating when I close my game, this same problem occurred last week and was only fixed on Tuesday, server maintenance day. This problem happened from the moment I switched my Druid race from Tauren to Troll. Could someone help me solve this problem?Venusaur0 Jun 3
Jun 2 Forum sites borking out occsionally Starting today, occasionally when clicking anything that would otherwise take me to the intended page, this comes up instead: Usually hitting "Back" and reclicking the same link again works properly. Using ChromeLevíathan4 Jun 2
Jun 1 New Armory: Statistics missing Where are the statistics located? I need to be able to check kills and deaths and tons of other stats that used to be available for years. Why were those removed?Healcopter2 Jun 1
Jun 1 Safari Browser - MacOS Does anyone else have problems with the WoW website on Safari? It loads and scrolls incredibly slow on my Mac. No other web pages I visit have similar issues. Anyone experiencing this?Corlane2 Jun 1
May 29 New Armory Feedback Overall so far I like it. However, if possible, could a mouse over be added to show the secondary stat number rather than just the percentage?Lorrimar18 May 29
May 29 Missing Characters from Armory & RAF ? I recently made a new account with my roommate. We've both been playing for about 2 weeks on our accounts and neither of us have had our charcters show up in the armory. I cannot use the mobile app because of this, the only characters I have ar ethe ones on my inactive account, like the character I am posting on now. The missing characters are all on Emerald Dream with the following names Grilledchz Pbandjelly Righteousblt Turkeyonrye (Roommates): Turketron Handbannana The other issue is that when I select the account on the site it shows I do not have any active RAF going, the in game functionality of RAF is intact though so this is not a very big deal, but I do want to know why it isnt showing up.Kilois7 May 29
May 27 nighthold down????? is nighthold currently down???????? we cant phase in it logs out of game .Mattone0 May 27
Aug 5 Ingame guild tabard/standard not displaying It has been over a year and 5+ complaints our guild colors/emblem still hasn't been fixed. It's not my settings/UI/addons/ ETC... I have done everything even so far as reinstalling, not to mention everyone else in guild/wow doesn't see our guild colors/emblem. ATM the standard guild tabard displays CORRECTLY, the renowned guild tabard displays CORRECTLY "EXCEPT" IT DOES NOT display the trim of the tabard. All the battle standards DO NOT display anything but grey color and olive branches emblem. Could this please be fixed, it first started about 2 months before legion became live. The end of the WOD era.Nikkirage5 Aug 5
May 23 Can't Log In to WoW webpage in Safari I can't seem to log into my account on the WoW webpage and I can't access my character profiles off of the WoW homepage. I can log in on the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm webpages and get to my account, but when I go back to the WoW page it shows me as not being logged in. I try to log in again but it doesn't work. When I try to log in again on the WoW homepage it takes me to the battlenet log in page. After I put my info in it just address block at the top of the page sputters between the WoW page and the Battlenet log in page before settling back on the Battlenet log in page and asking me to put in my information again to log in. It never changes from that. I'm running Safari, version 10.1.1. I've tried clearing my cache, my history, and resetting safari. None of it worked. I have downloaded firefox and I can access the WoW webpage from there, but Firefox is not my primary browser. Is the WoW webpage now incompatible w/ Safari? If so, why can I still get to Hearthstone and HotS webpages? What is the solution so that I can access the WoW webpage in Safari? Thanks.Ewald1 May 23
May 22 Wrong Hunter Pet Colour My Quillen pet shows up as a blue Quillen on the Armory, but is actually a red Quillen in game. I don't recall having any of the other colour variants to test with, but I assume they would have similar issues.Miyal0 May 22
May 21 Fix my armory, please Note that I appear to be holding a blue and white checkered CUBE in my main hand and not the one handed-sword that is clearly indicated otherwise. How can that be?Bichorak1 May 21
May 21 Character Profile Shoulders I have the LFR shoulders but strangely it shows normal mode shoulder coloring on the website, most likely an error due to the fact that it is Titanforged which is rareVerdo0 May 21
May 18 Unable to search None of the search menus for any of the forums are working. If I type in a word and hit search all the website does is sit there and grind. I've tested this on multiple browers and my PC/phone and it always happens. Severely limiting your websites use, really need to fix this asap. After 10 minutes a search completed with zero results (even though there should have been thousands). I think your updated armory has totally broken your search function....please fixVetrai0 May 18
May 18 Web browsers save login password as periods For a long time now, every time I log into my account on your website, Firefox (latest nightly) and Safari both detect that my password has changed (it hasn't) and asks me if I want to save the new one. If I accept the change, it turns out it's saving it as a literal string of period (hidden password) characters. I havent tested Chrome, since Google requires you to sign access over to them in order to see your own saved passwords. It appears this is an issue with your website and not the way browsers handle passwords. There's a Bugzilla entry that discusses it here: To quote someone at Mozilla: ...Wain2 May 18
May 17 Armory showing messed up transmog It seems to be showing a normal NH gear, a weapon I am not using and just in general messed up In game this is my actual transmog: I want to look that way on my armory please :( ETA: My "fix" was to transmog over the heroic appearance, with something else that had the same heroic appearance, I shouldn't of had to do it though My weapon though is still broken.... there's no other weapons with the same appearance for me to even try using. So still needs fix. (Armory shows bad one, pic shows real one in-game)Xiata3 May 17
May 17 Mobile Website - Forums - Quoting It appears that (in Chrome on Samsung Galaxy 7 at least) the forum pages got some cosmetic upgrades recently. One thing that seems to have been lost is the ability to quote just selected text. In the past, I'd select the text (highlight it), tap it once, that would pop up a floating quote button, and when I tapped it, it would quote only the selected text. Now, when I tap the selected text, it simply deselects it with no option to quote anything. Two friends gave it a try on their devices and also had the same result.Levíathan0 May 17
May 16 Guild realm transfer still not showing We transferred our guild last week from Scarlet Crusade to Tich and still don't have it showing in the armory, which means I can't set up our spreadsheets for raiding. :( I can't find the guild anywhere on any website because of this, even though we're in it on Tich. Any idea when this change will come through?Montiara0 May 16
May 15 WoW US PvP ladders Have not been updated in 14 days. Please fix.Lifehousex0 May 15
May 15 Web and Mobile Armory Broken On web can't fully log in to character. Therefore the AH and Events buttons arent available. When I can make it in the AH it will not let me buy/sell or claim gold. On mobile I can log in. Except it boots me within a minute. Saying unable to connect or whatever. I suppose there will be no fix for this? I've asked in my realm. Most users have no problems with web or mobile. Not sure why it's just me. Perhaps someone can help me with this issue.Chaiynz7 May 15
May 15 Guild realm transfer still not showing We transferred on Friday and it is now Tuesday. How long does it take for a transferred guild to show up on the armory? Just asking because I want to set up raiding spreadsheets etc and need it to be on there :)Montiara1 May 15
May 14 guild transfer I am trying to transfer my guild to another server but when I try to it says that I cant but does not tell me why. has anyone else had this problem if so how did you fix it?Interga1 May 14
May 14 Weapons look like cubes Yeah my swords look like checkered cubes. May 14
May 14 Honor Talents STILL not on the armory why? just why?Gudërian0 May 14
May 13 New Profiles! Love the new profiles--how cool looking!!!! Only one feedback item--where the heck do I access the auction house? Mac userRaiderazc2 May 13
May 13 How the PvP section should actually look. ... Original post: May 13
May 12 WOW US RBG LADDER Has not updated in 10 days. Please fixLifehousex3 May 12
May 12 Charater not appearing on account or app this character, bipsi, does not appear on my list of characters on the WOW account site. on the armory app, when i try to bring it up in character view, i get the message "this character profile is currently unavailable due to a long period of inactivity." ive been playing this one since legion came out.Bipsi6 May 12