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May 27 nighthold down????? is nighthold currently down???????? we cant phase in it logs out of game .Mattone0 May 27
Aug 5 Ingame guild tabard/standard not displaying It has been over a year and 5+ complaints our guild colors/emblem still hasn't been fixed. It's not my settings/UI/addons/ ETC... I have done everything even so far as reinstalling, not to mention everyone else in guild/wow doesn't see our guild colors/emblem. ATM the standard guild tabard displays CORRECTLY, the renowned guild tabard displays CORRECTLY "EXCEPT" IT DOES NOT display the trim of the tabard. All the battle standards DO NOT display anything but grey color and olive branches emblem. Could this please be fixed, it first started about 2 months before legion became live. The end of the WOD era.Nikkirage5 Aug 5
May 23 Can't Log In to WoW webpage in Safari I can't seem to log into my account on the WoW webpage and I can't access my character profiles off of the WoW homepage. I can log in on the Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm webpages and get to my account, but when I go back to the WoW page it shows me as not being logged in. I try to log in again but it doesn't work. When I try to log in again on the WoW homepage it takes me to the battlenet log in page. After I put my info in it just address block at the top of the page sputters between the WoW page and the Battlenet log in page before settling back on the Battlenet log in page and asking me to put in my information again to log in. It never changes from that. I'm running Safari, version 10.1.1. I've tried clearing my cache, my history, and resetting safari. None of it worked. I have downloaded firefox and I can access the WoW webpage from there, but Firefox is not my primary browser. Is the WoW webpage now incompatible w/ Safari? If so, why can I still get to Hearthstone and HotS webpages? What is the solution so that I can access the WoW webpage in Safari? Thanks.Ewald1 May 23
May 22 Wrong Hunter Pet Colour My Quillen pet shows up as a blue Quillen on the Armory, but is actually a red Quillen in game. I don't recall having any of the other colour variants to test with, but I assume they would have similar issues.Miyal0 May 22
May 21 Fix my armory, please Note that I appear to be holding a blue and white checkered CUBE in my main hand and not the one handed-sword that is clearly indicated otherwise. How can that be?Bichorak1 May 21
May 21 Character Profile Shoulders I have the LFR shoulders but strangely it shows normal mode shoulder coloring on the website, most likely an error due to the fact that it is Titanforged which is rareVerdo0 May 21
May 18 Unable to search None of the search menus for any of the forums are working. If I type in a word and hit search all the website does is sit there and grind. I've tested this on multiple browers and my PC/phone and it always happens. Severely limiting your websites use, really need to fix this asap. After 10 minutes a search completed with zero results (even though there should have been thousands). I think your updated armory has totally broken your search function....please fixVetrai0 May 18
May 18 Web browsers save login password as periods For a long time now, every time I log into my account on your website, Firefox (latest nightly) and Safari both detect that my password has changed (it hasn't) and asks me if I want to save the new one. If I accept the change, it turns out it's saving it as a literal string of period (hidden password) characters. I havent tested Chrome, since Google requires you to sign access over to them in order to see your own saved passwords. It appears this is an issue with your website and not the way browsers handle passwords. There's a Bugzilla entry that discusses it here: To quote someone at Mozilla: ...Wain2 May 18
May 17 Armory showing messed up transmog It seems to be showing a normal NH gear, a weapon I am not using and just in general messed up In game this is my actual transmog: I want to look that way on my armory please :( ETA: My "fix" was to transmog over the heroic appearance, with something else that had the same heroic appearance, I shouldn't of had to do it though My weapon though is still broken.... there's no other weapons with the same appearance for me to even try using. So still needs fix. (Armory shows bad one, pic shows real one in-game)Xiata3 May 17
May 17 Mobile Website - Forums - Quoting It appears that (in Chrome on Samsung Galaxy 7 at least) the forum pages got some cosmetic upgrades recently. One thing that seems to have been lost is the ability to quote just selected text. In the past, I'd select the text (highlight it), tap it once, that would pop up a floating quote button, and when I tapped it, it would quote only the selected text. Now, when I tap the selected text, it simply deselects it with no option to quote anything. Two friends gave it a try on their devices and also had the same result.Levíathan0 May 17
May 16 Guild realm transfer still not showing We transferred our guild last week from Scarlet Crusade to Tich and still don't have it showing in the armory, which means I can't set up our spreadsheets for raiding. :( I can't find the guild anywhere on any website because of this, even though we're in it on Tich. Any idea when this change will come through?Montiara0 May 16
May 15 WoW US PvP ladders Have not been updated in 14 days. Please fix.Lifehousex0 May 15
May 15 Web and Mobile Armory Broken On web can't fully log in to character. Therefore the AH and Events buttons arent available. When I can make it in the AH it will not let me buy/sell or claim gold. On mobile I can log in. Except it boots me within a minute. Saying unable to connect or whatever. I suppose there will be no fix for this? I've asked in my realm. Most users have no problems with web or mobile. Not sure why it's just me. Perhaps someone can help me with this issue.Chaiynz7 May 15
May 15 Guild realm transfer still not showing We transferred on Friday and it is now Tuesday. How long does it take for a transferred guild to show up on the armory? Just asking because I want to set up raiding spreadsheets etc and need it to be on there :)Montiara1 May 15
May 14 guild transfer I am trying to transfer my guild to another server but when I try to it says that I cant but does not tell me why. has anyone else had this problem if so how did you fix it?Interga1 May 14
May 14 Weapons look like cubes Yeah my swords look like checkered cubes. May 14
May 14 Honor Talents STILL not on the armory why? just why?Gudërian0 May 14
May 13 New Profiles! Love the new profiles--how cool looking!!!! Only one feedback item--where the heck do I access the auction house? Mac userRaiderazc2 May 13
May 13 How the PvP section should actually look. ... Original post: May 13
May 12 WOW US RBG LADDER Has not updated in 10 days. Please fixLifehousex3 May 12
May 12 Charater not appearing on account or app this character, bipsi, does not appear on my list of characters on the WOW account site. on the armory app, when i try to bring it up in character view, i get the message "this character profile is currently unavailable due to a long period of inactivity." ive been playing this one since legion came out.Bipsi6 May 12
May 11 New armory bugs compilation I found 3 minor bugs on the new armory. I'll report here and you can report the ones you find as coments so I'll update this first post to have a compilation of all know bugs. FIRST: On the raid progress tab, the raids with optional / heroic only bosses don't show the correct progress for lower difficulties. For example, ToT shows 13/13 heroic, but shows 12 /13 normal and 12/13 LFR, should be 12/12 normal and 12/12 LFR, same with BoT, showing 4/5 normal when should be 4/4 normal cause Sinestra is not a normal boss. SECOND: The armory still shows incorrect values of secondary stats on rings and necklaces. THIRD: The armory still shows incorrect values of secondary and main stats gems. Help me reporting any bug you found to keep this first post updated :)Tatahe1 May 11
May 11 Reputation Display Bug - Alliance Hated? So I was looking through the new displays and came to reputation on my Paladin, Korvian and I actually found it funny to see; that there was a bar alongside "Alliance" that said 0/0 and red coded Hated. I ... Don't think this was intended but it did give a good laugh. Evidence Screenshot: Hope that can be fixed but overall everything else with it seems good.Korvian0 May 11
May 11 Collections tab on armory not working Shows an error for my toon. Just says something's not quite right.Prabao0 May 11
May 11 Touch-Scrolling Character Profile Issue I'm looking at the Character Profile screen on my phone and am having an issue with touch-scrolling. The page appears to be triggering a touch-up event and clicking on things like raid profile, achievement details, etc, even when the touch-scroll event happens.Aieny0 May 11
May 11 New armory beta New armory looks great! Can't wait till it's out of beta and has the functionality of it's predecessor like displaying correct achievement points and actually showing more than just a percentage for secondary stats. @blizz - What's the new link to the fully functional version?Nyfty0 May 11
May 11 Mischief pet a box Mischief is showing up as a checkered box on my page in my pet collections tab.Darielyia1 May 11
May 11 Activity Feed / Mythic Keystones not shown Mythic keystone dungeon activity is not being shown, and therefore wowprogress and equivalents are not being updated accordingly. Is there a plan to add the activity feed functionality back into wowarmory?Duckîe0 May 11
May 11 Shadow characters in Armory With a number of my characters, I can pull them up in the Armory, but instead of an image of the character with equipped gear, I just see a black silhouette. For instance, my level 110 Draenei pally, Sorrowglory, appears as a generic fem Draenei shadow. This was not an issue prior to the switch from the old Armory page the other day.Eyrinjia0 May 11
May 11 WoW Char. not showing up on WoW and I am having issues with characters of mine now showing up on the both and worldofwarcraft site's posting as and etc... please see my support ticket for further details.. Ticket Number: US59725625 if you can't for any reason see my support ticket... I will re-post everything here... :/Melchior1 May 11
May 10 Armory Web pages "broken" In case anyone had problems viewing the new "Armory" pages, I found that if you block tracking websites, it will break the CSS on that page. As I run EFF's Privacy Guard, I found that this host cannot be blocked as automatically done by Privacy Guard: Setting just to block cookies instead of block host is sufficient to apparently restore operation. The symptoms of a broken page: You see a black and white page with HUGE full-window-width icons, scrolling down you would see some text that would normally show up on the page, seems to indicate the stylesheet was not loaded. Allowing but blocking cookies to the above host seems to restore operation. As EFF's Privacy Guard usually isn't wrong about these things and the fact that an off site webpage is needed to view Armory pages, this seems to imply that private information is being shared to third parties...Stevner0 May 10
May 10 Character profile bug: weapon display error You can see the bug by clicking my character at the left.Roypally0 May 10
May 10 Character Image Link The old armory had a link towards the bottom to get a jpg file of the background image (your character). The new armory doesn't have this functionality and there doesn't seem to be a way to get it since right click > save just tries to save an html file. Y U DO DIS?Maximus1 May 10
May 10 Armory feedback On my tablet I'd try to scroll down but it opened item windows instead. It looks like the bounding box for the item link is noticeably larger than the item icon and description. It would help if maybe you had to link directly on the icon to get more info, or add the text of the item name as a hyperlink to the item tooltip. Everything else in my post relates to viewing it on my PC using Firefox with Windows 10, although I noticed similar things on my tablet this morning. The character model is way too big. I would like to be able to see the whole character and the weapon names and icons for the equipped weapons when the armory first loads without having to scroll down. It would help if it was maybe 25-40% smaller. It would help if the icons for the equipped weapons were up higher, and maybe scale down the icons for all items about 15-20% so that they can be a bit more compact. The weapon icons should be visible right as the armory page loads. Now I have to scroll past the top part of the armory and I still can't see the weapon icons with my browser window as tall as it can go I have to scroll past the helm and gloves icons and half of the neck icon and waist icons to see the weapon icons for the weapons I have equipped. The scaling is way way off. The background needs to make sense for the character race. The warrior background doesn't fit any player race (vrykul most likely, based on screenshots I've seen of the Legion-specific warrior class hall), and for other race/class combos it's even worse. Undead hunters have a night elf themed background, for one extreme example. I also don't like that all the backgrounds that I've seen so far are indoors. I'd much rather see characters outside. Please let us use the old race-based backgrounds. I really liked the old background for night elves and I'd love to see it on the new armory - please revert the backgrounds to those if you do nothing else with the backgrounds. Ideally though, I'd prefer it if you gave us a choice of several backgrounds, including the old race-based ones (my personal favorite, I haven't seen a single new one that I like) and maybe a couple other race AND class appropriate backgrounds as well (both at the same time). My weapons still do not match the color they are in game. They are the blue heroic Calamity's Edge from HFC, not the yellow normal difficulty version. This broke when the Legion pre-patch went live, and it is still not fixed with the new armory. It might have to do with adding titanforging to HFC.Pizzadahutt0 May 10
May 10 Missing Pandaren Player Factions Hello! Beautiful redesign on the armory page. But I am noticing one problem: the Huojin Pandaren faction does not appear on the Reputation page with the other Horde racial factions. Thanks for the neat update! :)Shilihu0 May 10
May 10 Profile shows wrong armor coloration For some reason, my profile displays my helm, shoulders, and gloves with the normal Nighthold coloration, when they are in fact heroic. The ilvl and whatnot are correct; it's just the visual that is wrong (they show up as purple, when they should be green). A minor bug, but it would be nice to see my character how she actually appears in-game.Fluffnstuff3 May 10
May 10 Raid Progression tab bug In the raid progression part of a character page, for Bastion of Twilight, it has a 4/5 bosses bug. It will say Sinestra hasnt been beaten on normal mode, but she only appears in heroic. Shouldn't it be 4/4 normal, and 5/5 for heroic?Neppeta0 May 10
May 10 Character wont display My character Xerohour wont display on armory, when i click view all characters it wont show my 110 demon hunter. been like this for 3 weeks now.Xerohour2 May 10
May 10 Reputations If you're hated with Bloodsail Buccaneers and Syndicate, they don't appear in the reputation list. I don't know if this is intended.Wicky0 May 10
May 10 Weapon Image missing on armory Hello; I've had this issue for about three months and it's ongoing still even after it has been reported. If you take a look at my armory, you can see the "Replica staff of Gul'Dan" is not displayed correctly in the armory, i'm assuming this is due to missing image files for it; I'd love it if it can get fixed :D Thank you!Fopps0 May 10
May 10 Miscalculation of Character Achievements On my main toon that I do everything on, is missing all pet achievements, but is displaying all my pet achievements on my warlock. Has been like this for years now. Anyway to fix this issue?Opràhwinfury1 May 10
May 10 New armory - stats include temporary buffs I noticed that my stats on the new armory profile seem to include any temporary buffs (including broken shore buffs) that I had when I logged out. This is not very useful as it doesn't give a clear picture of what someone's stats actually are, since you can't see what buffs are affecting them.Bitesize0 May 10
May 10 Raid Progression Page Inaccuracies! For the Raid Progression Page: - Bastion of Twilight Normal Mode lists Sinestra as a boss but she is a boss in Heroic mode only. ( - Throne of Thunder LFR and Normal Mode both list Ra-den as a boss but he is only a boss in Heroic Mode. ( - Onyxia's Lair (Level 80) is listed under Classic raids when it should be under Wrath of the Lich King. - All of the "Classic" and "The Burning Crusade" raids only list the final boss and number of kills. These raids have other bosses and they should be listed in the kill list along with number of kills for each.Lobelia1 May 10
May 10 Website: Requiring third party cookies Posting replies to news articles on (e.g. ) requires setting your browser to accept third party cookies. No modern website should require this, and almost no other common one does! It's not secure or reasonable practice these days. Your Blizzcon feed was the same two years ago but I think they fixed that.Wain0 May 10
May 10 New Armory : collections issues It looks pretty. I think whoever did the design aesthetics did a great job. However there are functional problems. - I feel the collections pages REALLY need filters returned. I usually check them out to see if a friend owns or is missing a certain thing and I'm sure many users do. I doubt many go there to see what pets a player has that begin with "A or B". It's not very practical to hit "Load More" over and over (maybe a Display All button?) and then search. Collections are also only showing one of each pet type and not how many of each you own or differences in colours. It's disappointing that after all these years this functionality hasn't been implemented, but instead we find functionality removed. - mounts are still missing from collections. Some of them, like the Acherus Deathcharger, have been missing for years! The Chauffeured Mechano-Hog is very common and its Alliance counterpart appears, but despite numerous reports it remains missing years later. For a comprehensive list, see: - correct colours are still not being displayed for both battle pets and hunter pets, when the NPC can come in multiple colours, even though they're shown in their correct colours in the in-game journal / stable. The MorphID of the pet, in both cases, should be part of the Armory data and dictate which image is displayed. Right now I have a tamed brown boar (Spinetusk Piglet) as my hunter pet, but the Armory is displaying it as the black one. And I have a red Dung Beetle minipet as the first pet in my line-up but your page displays it as the black one. I realize that a number of these issues are probably outside the realm of the people who assembled the lovely new look to the Armory, but clearly technical / server people have been involved here too and hopefully they can spend some time cleaning up long-standing issues. Thanks :)Wain0 May 10
May 10 Armory - Pauldrons of Warped Memory mythic The image shown on my character profile for the shoulders is incorrect. I have mythic pauldrons of warped memory and they are blazing fire from the shoulders. The image on my character profile (armory) show them as blue with lightning. Can we get that visual fixed please? Thanks!Kromulok1 May 10
May 10 New Armory where is PVP? Add in Pvp talents and graphics for different arena/bg ratings in the new armory. This seems like such a no brainer. Bronze graphic for 1200 - 1599 rating Silver graphic for 1600 - 1999 rating Gold graphic for 2000 - 2399 rating Platinum or something fancy for 2400+ Also add in some different character stances/poses to the armory.Deebõ0 May 10
May 10 Armory missing most information. Hopefully a bug, if not it still needs to be remedied; tons of missing character information in the armory now like titles; actual stats and not %, auction house, pets on main screen; recent activity and so forth.Netali3 May 10
May 10 New armory collections tab bug Pretty trivial issue, however Knight-Captain Murky and Legionnaire Murky aren't rendering in the new battle pet collections tab, instead they are displaying as blue and white checkered boxes.Midikin1 May 10
May 10 Potential privacy/security issue. While looking at my armory page i was just randomly logged into the website as another person, i could even select the drop down menu and view all of this persons characters >.< i wont include a ss for the persons privacy but it was pretty strange.Virus1 May 10