Website Bug Report

Apr 11 Web armory max listing price 429496g Please have a look at the forms on the web auction house. They only allow you to set a max bid/buyout price of 429496g. These fields should be in agreement with the limits set in-game. Currently they are not.Starien0 Apr 11
Apr 10 Forum bug: Character missing So this is a new bug to me, my warlock, Scuzz, is not showing up on my list of characters to post with. I just checked in-game, he's still there and playable and all that good stuff. Just can't pick him here. Prettttttty weird.Staggerot2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Forum Directory - 500 Internal Server Error Hello Blizzard, having an odd issue accessing the WoW Forum Directory page ( When I open the page while logged in, it loads everything but the directory, instead I get a 500 Internal Server Error message where the forum list should be. If I open the page while not logged in, it loads fine and I can navigate to forums without issue. If I go directly to a specific forum (say, General Chat), and then log in, I can post within the forum just fine. Navigating back to the directory will still result in the error. I've tested multiple browsers, cleared my web cache, and restarted my PC just to be sure it isn't an issue on my side. Behavior is the same. This issue just started as of today.Dawnglow27 Apr 10
Apr 10 Cannot log into all my characters on forums It only lets me choose 5 of the 12 characters I have on Sargeras not to mention all the characters I have on other servers. Why can't I select my other characters to post on? This must be a bug. Here is the proof: Apr 10
Apr 10 Cant post from Priest Character I cant post to forums from my Priest (Horde, Unhuman-Skywall). His name doesn't appear under the forum "Change Character" option, and there is a mix of level 1 characters that are NOT mine. I can log in and out of game fine and play my priest no problem. This is a recent (maybe since 7.2) problem. Thanks for your time.Warcannibal2 Apr 10
Apr 10 Forums, 500 Server Error Whenever I try and load while logged in I receive this error. I found an ongoing thread in the EU tech support forums, but not one here. So far as I can tell, I can load any sub forum and thread that I want while logged in. Just not that page. I have already cleared out cookies and cache data. I even cleared out my windows temp folder. This error occurs in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even old man IE.Prox4 Apr 10
Apr 10 Raid Progression not updating Hi, My guild (Rival on Bleeding Hollow) recently killed Mythic: Krosus (3/22/2017) and our Raid Progression for all of the characters that were part of the kill do not seem to be updating. Originally, we killed the boss and did not get the Mythic: Krosus achievement when the boss died. We each opened a ticket, and the Game Masters awarded us the achievement manually after confirming the kill, but for some reason the Guild Progress on the armory for all the characters in the raid has not been updated. This is only showing us 3/10M (you can see it doesn't reflect Krosus properly, but you can see the Mythic: Krosus achievement awarded). If you need a list of all the characters with the achievement, you can see their names here: Because of this problem, it seems like WOWProgress and other progression sites are not able to update properly and it's effecting our recruitment and credibility. I opened a support ticket, and they redirected me to you guys saying that the Armory was out of their control. Is this possible to correct? Can you please update all the characters that were part of the progression kill on warcraft logs? Or do you need me to provide you a list of all the characters with the achievement, that don't have the guild progress updated yet? ThanksDraekos8 Apr 10
Apr 9 500 error I am not understanding the 500 error that keeps popping up that requires me to log out and log back in. When you have a 2-step verification that needs you to track down your phone (old people like me) and have to "find my phone" haha, but seriously, please fix! This is crazy. I don't know what is going on but I had to do some workaround and click to be able to log in.Wisp0 Apr 9
Apr 9 unable to see main played character having issues to see main played character on armory as well as mobile armory. affecting remote AH play as well.Nanzepnatiel1 Apr 9
Apr 8 Heroic Star Auger Add Untauntable Just did several attempts on Heroic Star Auger, a boss my guild has on farm, and when the add spawned on every attempt he was untauntable and just ran around killing various healers. would love it if this could get fixed before raid time tomorrow.Luxsolis0 Apr 8
Apr 7 Main, oh mian where have you gone? Why does my main keep disappearing? It is like every other day I can't select my main to post on? What gives blizzard?Oresmith1 Apr 7
Apr 7 Need to amory update. I was transper caracter 3weeks ago. It still cant find my caracter in amory. i can't go raid. Because they r cant find my achtive. Plz resolve this problem. I cant use app 'legion companion'. Relm : Frostmourne Caracter : Joyxp - human priest Joyjoyb - human paladin plz update my amory.Joyjoyp0 Apr 7
Apr 7 how to change realms on armory i have started a new character on a diff realm wow armory will only show my old character on the old realm any ideas?Alexandriia4 Apr 7
Apr 6 My main character is not available to choose for posting? The main character I use does not appear in the "posting as" options menu, any reason why?Sameshul0 Apr 6
Apr 6 Forum - 45char title limit != form limit The front-end form field for "Title" should cap at 45 characters. Currently the field limit does not jive with the backend requirement for 45chars or less, resulting in frustrating errors. Cap it on the front end, please.Starien1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Forum posting - main Please fix the issue that is stopping me from making forum posts using my main character. It's been nearly two weeks. How is there not a fix yet?Rekall2 Apr 6
Apr 6 Krosus on Armory not displayed despite kill Conversation was as follows "Game Master Lorrothir at your service ^_^ My colleagues and I have all completed our investigation. We were able to grant the achievements to all affected players. If there's anything else you might need just let us know! Thanks for playing and enjoy the games! Customer support cannot directly update the website directly. If the progress on the website is not displaying correctly, please report it to our website team via the website bug report forums. They're pretty on point with resolving that type of thing. If there's anything else you might need just let us know! Thanks for playing and enjoy the games! " Essentially, my guild Local Defense killed krosus right before he broke the last bridge, the lockout and guild news said he was defeated, the loot spawned and gave us loot, and no achievement was given. Game masters gave us all our achievements but pointed us to the website bug report forum to resolve the armory kill counter. Help would be appreciated :)Englavian1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Armory updates not working Armory updates not working, Transferred couple toons to new server and it hasn't updated on armory at all this was about week ago for warrior and couple days for rouge, as such I am unable to SIM these toons or use other addons, opened a ticket and understand when say updates periodically but yeah has been a week and no update.Bonethugg1 Apr 6
Apr 6 Realm transfer doesn't reflect out of game On Sunday 26/03/17 I transferred my character Aerynn from Aman'thul to Khaz'goroth with the name changing to Aerryn. I was able to log into Aerryn - Khaz'goroth in game after half an hour as is normal. The problem is that the transfer is not reflected anywhere else for more than a week. On there is no record of Aerryn on Khaz'goroth but Aerynn is still listed on Aman'thul. Same for Armory, companion app and wowhead. I am unable to use any of the features of those as Aerryn on Khaz'goroth though I can play as that toon fine. I have submitted 2 tickets and changed my password to no avail. Other guildmates have the same problem. Thank youMorgynn1 Apr 6
Apr 5 Main Character gone from forum selection My main's gone from my character selection, I was told to come post here by a GM after the steps they suggested didn't work. ... He's still on the armory, just unable to select him under Posting as:Gillrien0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Krosus progress still not showing. We downed Krosus right at enrage on Sunday. We have the achieve as individuals now, but Wowprogress still isn't updating from the game and it's hindered our ability to recruit.Abël1 Apr 5
Apr 5 Raid progress not recorded My guild killed mythic Krosus last night. We killed Krosus right at enrage and the achievement was not award initially. We were able to work with a GM and everyone was given the achievement and this achievement shows on Armory. Although, under the Raid progression section the kill is not showing up. Is this just something that takes time to update or are you able to help out?Kobena4 Apr 5
Apr 5 cant find my caracter in amory I was transper caracter 2weeks ago. It still cant find my caracter in amory. i can't go raid. Because they r cant find my achtive. Plz resolve this problem.Joyjoyp0 Apr 5
Apr 5 Unable to login to website as main. My main toon, Troggles-Fizzcrank, cannot be accessed from the Character selection window on the website. It is thankfully still available in game, as well as the armory and mobile companion apps. This started last Thursday (3/30/17). Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.Trogdoriat0 Apr 5
Apr 5 stop necros! can you maybe make threads auto-lock after a week or 2 with no replies?Prestdigitor1 Apr 5
Apr 4 Armory updates? Firstly apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum here, please move it if necessary. My question is when/how often does the armory update or sync data? It's pretty prompt in giving me auction data/mailbox stuff... But I have characters in my list still at their level from a week or more ago (such as the hunter I'm posting this as, she's actually in her early 40s) and showing as not in a guild when they're all in the same one, characters I've been playing recently (such as my warrior who is now almost 70) not appearing in the list at all (so I can't check their auction stuff), and even characters still in the list that I've deleted from my characters in game.. Is this normal for armory? When can we expect a character sync? Thanks guys for a great game still, but the accessory apps need some work ;)Hardshafts0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Repeated Log In Requests I'm simply trying to get to the item restoration page on my account and it's pissing me off to no end that your website is asking me to log in every other page I visit. Click account settings. Log in request. Search "Item Restoration". Log in request. I log in after the second request and it takes me right back to the same @%&@$%&@%$ log in screen.Sajakain0 Apr 4
Apr 4 Forums keep requesting login I can't tell if this is just me or not since I haven't seen anyone else say something about it but about every other page on the forums asks me to login all over again. This happening to anyone else? Checked out another browser (Safari) and it only seems to keep requesting me to login again on Chrome.Sùn8 Apr 4
Apr 3 Error 500 on WoW Forums Unable to access WoW forums without first logging out and then back in. i have no other issues accessing the forums on any other blizzard product. when i log on to my acct to access armor i receieve error 500, have to log out, navigate to the forum of my choice, and then log in.Terbin1 Apr 3
Apr 3 Random letter has been added to my mains name I do everything on this website under my character "Looneyluna" which is a 110 worgen lock, but for some reason the name has been changed to "Looneylunar" The only way i can even get to my actual page is by googling my characters name.Sentres0 Apr 3
Apr 2 500 Error when going to Forums Whenever I go to world of warcraft forum I get a 500 error. When I google a specific section, like world of warcraft customer support forum, I CAN get to the specific site. (That is how I got here in fact.) But if I try to access forums from the world of warcraft web page, I get the 500 error. I did clean out cookies and delete browser history. It didn't solve the problem. Any suggestions to fix are appreciated. Best Regards, Rastlin Note: I did try the edge browser and it seems to work on that browser.Rastlin0 Apr 2
Apr 2 Profile graphics jagged edges Anyone else notice this since 7.2? Portrait and profile on the website is really jagged and low detailedBeato3 Apr 2
Apr 1 Can't find my character My character is not view able whenever I try to post on the forums, and I have sent a ticket about this previously. I was told at first to remove any cookies from my internet browser, which after doing so seemed to allow me to post on my character. However, after a good night's sleep the problem showed itself, and trying the same solution yielded no results. I then used Internet Explorer, since I don't touch it and removed all cookies from it, yet the problem still shows on there. I was told to post here, to see if there is any sort of solution, or to at least get the information out there. Thank you!Svindrad0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Another Character missing. Im hit with this bug. Cannot find Mourdred the mage.Serithin0 Apr 1
Apr 1 Hot Seat Quest in Spires of Arak issue The quest Hot Seat in Spires of Arak keeps crashing the game when i sit in the chair. It is happening to at least 2 other toons at this time also.Phillzs3 Apr 1
Mar 31 Can't post on my main So yeah. I mean whatever I have other 110s but my normal main doesn't show up as an available character anymore for posting.Seivarden0 Mar 31
Mar 30 Not on the Ladder 2.0 Hello, Specialist Game Master Rilnoth adress me to these forum so I can get some help to fix the reason why my Rogue is not showing in the PvP Ladder, my teammates are both on the ladder and they have lower rating than me. Please help me.Aiden1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Wowprogress severed from reality. Whatever means their website uses to update from in game, that connection has been severely disrupted. Our guild page still doesn't have Krosus progress updated, and is now showing a string of gquits that haven't actually happened.Abël1 Mar 30
Mar 30 Arcane Orb is Broken Arcane Orb is broken, you get 1 arcane charge on cast but it does no damage nor gives any more charges.Awsometastic0 Mar 30
Mar 29 WQ in broken shore The rate of WQ in broken shore is really low. I am assuming this is a bug.Cresintin0 Mar 29
Mar 29 Not on the ladder. I got this same problem with my character, one of my partner and me is not showing our characters in PvP ladderboard, Vitcheztëin-Ragnaros and Maripaula-Ragnaros. I hope someone can help us!Maripaula0 Mar 29
Mar 29 Wow error on charge I get a wow error sometimes when I charge a enemy has happened twice today I play on a mac computerArianagrànde0 Mar 29
Mar 29 Dragon Soul LFR Completing Dragon Soul LFR via the NPC outside the Dragon Soul instance is not updating the raid progression table on my armory profile, however Pandaria LFRs have updated on completion. Why is this part of the raid progression table not updating?Atharnos2 Mar 29
Mar 29 Legendary Bug On Armory (Not Showing 940) I notice that my legendary that was 910 & I upgraded, updated to 940 on armory However, the legendary that actually dropped at 940 - shows 910 on armory If someone uses armory to get into a raid, they will think I am less geared them I am and/or didn't upgrade my legendary when in fact both I am wearing *are* 940.Avabelle7 Mar 29
Mar 29 Characters missing from Website & armory Characters missing from forum & Amory...are still in game, but you have a problem with the armory.... I have only 3 toons showing up in the Armory...where are my other ones? Here is a screen shot of those that show up. I have several others that are still missing, here is a complete list. Mar 29
Mar 28 Notification not Responsive friendly Just noticed that if I don't have the website open fully that the notification gets cut off. video: Mar 28
Mar 27 Graphical Corruption - Gear Exploded... My new Dreadwyrm Greatcloak is (as of posting) displaying improperly on the character webpage. It appears to have exploded or something. Also happens with my forum profile picture, buckles flying in the background.Brekka0 Mar 27
Mar 27 Web page keeps opening new tabs Web page keeps opening new tabs and then forcing me to login again. Then it won't accept my password. I have been using the same password for years. I was forced to change my password. I finally got my password changed but when it opens a new tab in Chrome it forces me to login again. Then it won't accept the new password. I have some windows that automatically connect to my account. But when I go from the Support Web page to the World of Warcraft web page it opens a new tab. Then it Forces me to login again. But then won't accept my password. I'm not going through that hassle again with the stupid prove your a human scribble. I can never recognize the scribble so it takes me many many tries. Fix the web page so that it stops opening new tabs and forcing me to login again. And then it won't accept my password. Fix the Web Page so that it accepts my password.Gitin2 Mar 27
Mar 26 Armory does not show characters I am a new player. I used the Armory yesterday and loved it. It worked fine for a while, then one character did not show anymore, then another. Now I still cannot see either of my main chars.Firefriend3 Mar 26
Mar 26 Armory/Missing Characters issues I suggest everyone not able to see their character in the Armory or in the forums to open in game tickets and refuse to let them close it as long as it's not fix. Hopefully it will get escalated and someone will finally be able to help us. The data in the Armory is updated as many website (askmrrobot, wowprogress) are updated correctly, Blizzard's website is the issue. I know GM can't help with this and are always referring us to this forums but it's unacceptable to have 0 feedback after weeks. 55$ bucks and can't post on my mains on the forums... it's annoying.Vedronis14 Mar 26