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Dec 1, 2013 xrealm whispers to specific multibox toon I'm stumped. I'm missing lots of whispers when I have multiple accounts open because they seem to go to one of my random toons that are logged on from my single account. Is there a way in which people who are on my friend list to whisper directly to a specific character that I am most likely on, so that I don't keep missing important (and some not so important) messages?Alisonian0 Dec 1, 2013
Nov 30, 2013 Characters on Armory Hello Customer support! Why are there no Blue posts about Characters still not showing up from Server mergers. I have 1 character that still isn't showing up and my avatar pictures are not showing up. The character that isn't showing up is Smegeal. It's been 2 months since the issue started. I've contacted support multiple times about this and they all say it's being worked. Yet there are no Blue posts on past posts i've made and that other people have made. What are yall doing that's so important that you can't even reply to this issue? How hard is it to make a Blue post letting us common folk know what y'all are doing to try and fix this? I mean I can understand the servers that JUST got merged having issues. But the fact that servers like Skullcrusher and Black dragon flight who've been merged for awhile now are still having these issues is completely unacceptable. This has been a rant from you're favorite Military personnel. GET IT FIXED AND KEEP US UPDATEDIwntbreasts5 Nov 30, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 Website Auction House not creating auctions For the past hour or so, I haven't been able to post any auctions via the website. It gives me the error message "Process interrupted. Please try again." I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this problem.Daetola0 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 29, 2013 Profession problems.... So on my alts I have room for some of these glyphs....I log onto my scribe to see if i can make them, i cant. So i hit wowhead and figure out where they drop. I cross check it with my armory. I notice it says I have 11 unlearned glyphs but it does not list them. Not only does it not list them but the number is incorrect. According to my alts and their glyph pane here is what I am missing: Glyph of Regenerative Magic ( DAMP SHAMBLER - ROCK MOSS ) Glyph of Condensation ( ZESQUA ) Glyph of the Unbound Elemental ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of the Exorcist ( WORLD DROP ) Glyph of Divine Shield ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of Angels ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of Inspired Hymns ( WINDFEATHER NESTKEEPER ) Glyph of Shifted Appearances ( WHIZZIG ) Glyph of the Sha ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of Improved Distraction ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of the Compy ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of Spirit Raptors ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of Spirit Wolf ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of the Executor ( WORLD DROP TI SoO ) Glyph of the Weaponmaster ( JAKUR OF ORDON ) As you can see I am missing about 16 glyphs, not 11. Is this a new bug ?Khee1 Nov 29, 2013
Nov 28, 2013 [Bug Report] My Weapons Look Stupid I did a Tempest Keep run and acquired what was once my favorite item in the game, Talon of the Phoenix In-the game, they make my monk look like he's ready for an Agni Kai. On the website, though, the weapon on his left hand is turned around, so he just looks like he stole a pair of troll lovemaking masks. Also, they don't sparkle on the website. I demand sparkles. How else can I be expected to spark amazement and jealousy in the community if my transmog doesn't sparkle? Absolute madness. Thank you for your time.Mikkal1 Nov 28, 2013
Nov 27, 2013 I appear to be a shadow... For some reason all my characters are shadows on the forums. It happened after my realm got connected to perenolde. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?Drede2 Nov 27, 2013
Nov 27, 2013 Oops Character Not Available when will my character be available again? It's been like this sense blackdragon and skullcrusher merged.Skulljaw2 Nov 27, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 Character Not In Guild Since the merging of my server with others, every time I log into the WoW site, my character is not shown being a part of my guild. Though, when I click on my avatar to navigate to my actual armory page or to the guild roster, it DOES show that I am a part of the guild. My issue is that I am unable to access the "Events" link to sign-up or modify my participation to guild events. Receiving the notification, "This section is only accessible if you are logged in as a character belonging to this guild", as a result of this. Same type of issue with accessing the "Auctions" link, though that is not as important to me as the "Events". Thank you in advance. Hope this can be resolved as soon as possible.Swärley2 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 Guild not showing up in Armory??? We transferred our guild over about a month ago and it still is not showing up on the wow armory page or on anyone's character page. Hope someone can fix it or help me figure out what to do about it.Bastolan1 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 When will armory info be visible? For Cairne?Vandegodin0 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 Armory using wrong armor set This really isn't the hugest deal in the world but for the last 3 or 4 days my armory profile shows me wearing the transmog i have on my frost armor set even when it says on my items "transmogrified to valorous scourgeborne etc" which is my blood set. i have logged out on both specs and re-transmogd them and it wont change, it even shows me using the sword from sha of pride (frost wep) when my blood spec spear is equipped... its just a little annoyingNephani9 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 Not a Bug: Wallpapers This isn't a bug per se, but I noticed under the media tab there are a bunch of great wallpapers. I was going through and collecting the different expansions and significant patch promotion wallpapers. I couldn't find the wallpapers that have to do with the expansion promotions. I see all the patches but the original game and expansion wallpapers are missing. I found a few on the Blizzard website (not the World of Warcraft site) but it is still missing the Pandaria wallpaper. Can these be put together on the WoW website and include the splash pics for each of the expansions. I'd be very interested and I'm sure others would be as well.Keraejis0 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 Grievous Gladiator's Girdle on Armory. I was just wondering if Blizzard is ever going to fix the appearance of the girdle on the armory? It looks quite awkward with the middle piece absent on the armory.Michita1 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 25, 2013 Rename issue here too I've seen a couple other posts about this, so I guess in that sense I'm glad it's not just me who's experiencing this. I renamed this character after a GM made it available from a deactivated account. It's posting this message under the old name, but if you look at the profile you can see "Chyron @ Thrall" in both the browser title bar, and in the path right under the main site menu buttons. Chyron is my new name (Yes I paid to rename just to add the N). I may have made the issue worse by creating an alt with the old name (Chyro) in hopes of "resetting" the character on the armory. I make use of the Mobile app and this mis-match is really proving to be problematic. When I select this character to see the guild events in it, the app more often than not jumps to the alt that I made who is guildless and I have to switch characters back to this one. Sometimes a few times before it actually works. And as for URLs: This is the old name. The URL works. This is the new name. I get an "Oops" page when trying to get to it. The name change happened on 10/10/2013.Chyro4 Nov 25, 2013
Nov 25, 2013 Armory not updating my character I faction changed a week and 2 days ago and the armory still hasn't updated my character to its current faction. I went from alliance to horde and it is still showing me as alliance. Any reasons why this hasn't changed at all?Lílith5 Nov 25, 2013
Nov 25, 2013 Guild is Missing? Our guild, which as been created now for about two weeks has yet to appear on the armory. Any fix for this? Socially Inept on Zul'jinFelarial8 Nov 25, 2013
Nov 25, 2013 Unable to purchase mount/pet from store continue to get error code BLZWEBBMPZNL46Bontemps18 Nov 25, 2013
Nov 24, 2013 IE 11 and Auctions Since I upgraded my browser auction postings are not completing correctly. It hangs when I press the Create button. I then need to refresh the page to get it working again and then it usually allows one or two posts before breaking. Everything is set to default in IE.Feuerhund0 Nov 24, 2013
Nov 24, 2013 Armory not updating properly? Last night I made the mistake of purchasing a faction change when I should have purchased a Race change. Blizzard helped my to correct my mistake without any least in game. My Character is currently an Forsaken named Sae, so why is my old Goblin Hunter still showing up in the character selection part of my armory? When I search Sae, I got her profile with my Goblin's image instead of hers--but I've had that happen before, it's usually resolved after a few hours. The problem is I want to apply for a raiding/social guild (The guild currently being displayed has disbanded, another weird thing...) and cannot do so until my armory is fixed! Please help, I already tried clearing my cache and cookies from chrome. Thanks!!Squeep5 Nov 24, 2013
Nov 23, 2013 Armory doesn't show the correct char race. It's not the big deal but as you can see the message under the portrait, it's say Im the night elf mage. 2-3 days ago I was human mage but change to night elf mage for roleplay with my friend but I dun know why it's still display my mage as human instead of night elf. Anyone have the problem like this?Asterion0 Nov 23, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Armory issue, Req Community Game Masters Hey, i recently change my mains name/race ( Yuht 90 orc warrior dragonmaw) ~2months ago. This character doesn't show up on the armory, my mobile app, or in manage characters tab. i went through 2 weeks of troubleshooting with in-game GMs and arrived to this: "This is the latest response from Customer Support: Hey there Randy, *bows* Lady Aenoki here with your ticket that has my undivided attention today! My apologies on being unable to chit-chat with you online today in regards to your champion Yuht not appearing on the wowarmory since your recent name change - it would have been an honor. Truth be told friend, memebers of the Game Master Department such as myself are unable to change or force place a character on the wow armory, simply due to we have no access to the site's coding in regards to changing / force updating the wow armory. However, the wowarmory on is an automated system that update's itself every 72 hours. I ask for your patience in regards to seeing your character loaded on the the site. In addition to making a bug report with your character's information on the Bug Report fourms in the link provided below: By doing this, the Community Game Masters (the ones who do have access to the world of warcraft site and it's functions) will be able to take a look at your champion in specific and hopefully be able to get you up and running as requested. Other than that my friend, while I understand how this may not have been the answer you were after and may come off as a bit of bumming and frustrating news - I sincerely hope the information provided was not only clear and informative but also helpful. Until we meet again, may your future loots remain as epic as your ongoing adventures friend! Have a lovely day /bows, Game Master Lady Aenoki Customer Support Blizzard Entertainment" Anyways, i tired a few things one gm said go to outland, change password, log-out and back in. that didnt work, anyways thxs for reading.Swool4 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Realms/Characters not showing in 3v3 rankings Hello, I am not sure if this has already addressed, but when choosing to view the 3v3 community forum or rankings, my characters are not found, nor is my realm, US-Crushridge. I play every week and I haven't been able to see myself or anyone else from my realm on the rankings list for a while now, probably a few weeks. Is this going to be fixed anytime in the near future? ThanksSkicyco0 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 Store not working. BLZWEBBMPZQZF3 this error pops up when I try to buy something. I have used different cards its not on my end.Marw14 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 22, 2013 [Glitch/Bug] Mount + Pet Bundle I had an error message that says page cant be displayed every time you press Pay Now. I kept repeating and the same issues keeps on popping. Here the worst part, when you look at your history, you already have it purchased. I am troubled by it since there's a possibility it might have ate my bank account since I kept repeating the process because it kept sending me to an error page. As of now I feel safe since it only counted 1 purchase, hope the others didn't count. There is a big possibility the other purchase might have been delayed and it will suddenly pop in my history giving me multiple purchase of the bundle. The bundle also has the "queue" status, using its code to redeem the item will give an error message that says its already attached to your account, even though its not.Redmeat0 Nov 22, 2013
Nov 21, 2013 Blizz fix my armory already! Ive submitted a ticket through the website and havent been able to get help on this. I have 11 toons across 4 realms but my mobile armory only shows 10, same with the site here. The worst part is the toon that I can't access is my main toon. My 90 lock Zombiebars on BDF. I type his name into the search and nothing even shows up. Btw before even asking me about making sure i have the realm name etc. Thr only Zombiebars that exists is mine. I have several characters that are a unique name being the only one who has it (including this one). Anyway its been over a month since I've noticed this and id love some help. I can't use the AH on the armory for my main because I can't access him. I can't post on him in forums for the same reason. Do something please.Breetstick4 Nov 21, 2013
Nov 26, 2013 - Touch of Death - Potential Exploit - I am not particularly sure how it happened, but! in a WSG Match ~ Having just killed a Rogue in a 2v1 scenario (Resto shaman healing me from the upper level) I encountered a monk that took me from Full Health to Dead instantly. The killing blow being "Touch of Death" dealing over 550k damage with no other damage being dealt between being over healed by Victory rush and Dying. I understand there is a (4) set bonus for Monks to use Touch of Death in PVP but to my knowledge it requires the target to be at 10% health or Lower - Not 100% - Please look into this, as it happened more than once that round; So clearly someone knows something that they shouldn't be able to do.Spiara6 Nov 26, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Wowhead not showing item set after first? I put in a link to see this transmog, its works perfectly. But when I close the page or the browser and reopen it, it just comes up with a blank Wowhead page. I have tried this is 2 other browsers and it is still the same result. Anyone know why? ThanksKamai0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Guild not showing on Armory I posted this in this thread a few days ago.. still no response, figured I'd try my luck here. My guild is not showing up on Armory. We did not use any type of paid service, we simply have not shown up since the guild was initially created. All of my Google and WoW Forum Searches have lead me to answers indicating that it will refresh after the next server restart. Well... it's been about a month and several realm restarts later and we still aren't showing up, so clearly that doesn't seem to be the fix to my issue. Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Armory Achievement Bug? I have had my 200 mounts achieve be my most current achievement for over a month now, and every time I get a new achievement, it seems to refresh the 200 mount achievement. Is there a way for my actual newest achievement to show instead of my 200 mounts achieve?Eternalhawk1 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 20, 2013 Funky Armory Pose I'm not sure why, but my armory pose is a bit strange --- -my back is facing towards the viewer -I'm way off to the side of the frame -and I have a tail (and I don't actually have a tail) You might want to look at the female pandaren poses with staves.... please fix mine ;_; pretty please it makes me very sad!!Risami0 Nov 20, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Character not showing up in armory My toons name is Konvic on Illidan. Its not showing up on armory and it has been a month. I opened a ticket about this and I was told that the Gm and I have tried everything we can do and at this point there is nothing either of us can do. His response was " Spending some time looking into this, I tried a couple of things that we have the ability to attempt from our end to get your character to update (basically just involves refreshing your account status), as well as jumped onto your character directly to make sure there was nothing else that could be affecting the armory from going through. Having done all this, it doesn't appear as though anything worked - it seems like the armory is either bugged, or horribly delayed = / Since we Game Masters are not web administrators, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do from here to get it to update. However, that's not to say you don't have any options! I'd highly, HIGHLY, recommend creating a post on the Website Bug Report forum - it actually seems as though there's a thread building up with other reports now, so now's the time to get your information posted! Forum Thread: For when it starts working, here is what your armory SHOULD be under:"Hydrashock0 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Armory bugs The following armory notifications keep showing up even though myself and the guild have these completed. "Completed step Obtain 200 mounts of achievement Mount Parade. 15 hours ago Completed step of achievement More Fun With Friends. 15 hours ago" Every day these show up on my history log.Sevan2 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 Caching issue with character (mobi armory). Hey Blizz team, I know this is an ongoing cache issue going on with your service, at least from the research I have done, but from your responses it was said that I need to let you know on which of my characters it is happening to: PROBLEM: If you look at my avatar, it currently says "Grimen, Level 9 Worgen Warrior" which is not accurate. I currently have a level 90 Human Paladin with the same name on the same server. What happen was that I performed a character migration, deleted the Worgen, and named the Human the same name. However now the avatar is not accurate, mobile armory still shows the Worgen, and when I went on - it also shows the Worgen. CHARACTER: Grimen on Magtheridon [US] Would love for you guys to help out on this hiccup! Let me know,Grimen0 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 My faces not showing :( Hello, can a blue please let me know when I will see my toons faces again? I didn't see it with the connectivity to Burning Blade, so I gave it time. Now, it has been way over a month 1/2. When will I see my toons faces on my mobile app, and online here in forums instead of being a silhouette? /cryLillia0 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 19, 2013 IE, and Droid mobile browsing. Your web team might this: Without a updated IE- it doesn't consistently get passed the log in forms. What happens is it thinks it's trying to get redirected somehow, then says Error 401. However patching and updating to the newest version solves this problem. For grins- I just recently tride getting a Samsung S4 to read the forums. The results were amusing. The short is that only googles Siiri clone got me to the forums (Story forum specifically). It made it way to small for any sane person to read.Cedartusk0 Nov 19, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Guild and Characters don't exist It has been 4 weeks since i have brought my Mage to Zul'Jin and made a guild here. Neither of which are showing up on armory. Is this a bug and can I get it fixed? We are a 4/14 Heroic guild and nothing on this site to show it haha. My Mage is Canera on Zul'jin and the guild is Socially Inept on Zul'jin.Neytiri2 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 My battle pets are not shoing in the armory My battle pets are not showing in my armory pages today.Magnata1 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Outdated Armory page Hi, I have a simple problem. When I go the forums for, it shows my hunter pre-transfer. He is now on Proudmoore, but the forums still show him on Bleeding Hollow with the gear I had on when I transferred. Can you all please fix this?Vènator1 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Scrolling Combat Text Not Displaying I'm having a problem with my scrolling combat text. While in the world I can heal and dmg dummies fine and see my combat text pop up about their heads. When I enter a raid, LFR, FLEX, 10M, my scrolling combat text stops displaying, and i can port back to town and it works again. What can I do to fix this or is this a known problem with no solution yet. Thanks.Oxhammerxo2 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Possible PVP Bug?(Answered In-Game, DeleteMe) (Removed Post)Dwarvenlied1 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 All of my forum posts are being deleted I'm making posts, people are replying to them, but when I revisit the forum they are gone and this is making me very angry.Defenaor1 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 16, 2013 Odd forum/bnet issues..Modem/ISP problem? So I asked this here before but got no response, figured it was a forum issue that was going on, but I took my PC to my brothers house for the weekend and while I was there I never got the issue, but when i returned him it was there. So first of all its nothing big, but whenever I am on the WoW forums, after about an hour I'll get logged out and have to logg back in, even when I check the "Stay logged in" option. It does this on every computer in my house. All of which use Firefox / Chrome. Another thing is on the account page every time I refresh the page after logging into it, or click on a new page on it. I get prompt to log back in. Simply clicking the side or the X on the log in box takes it away, here is a video of it. I only experience this on the WoW forums/Bnet. Every other site functions normally and I stay logged in. In all, these are not "major" issues, but like I said it happens on every computer in my house, and when I brought my main computer over to my brothers house for a visit the issue did not happen there. So I am under the impression it's something with my Internet or maybe my modem settings? It's just bugging at me, It does it here but connected to someone else's (my brother's in this case) internet it does not do it. I am hoping someone can point me into the direction for a setting or something can possibly fix this.Sarym0 Nov 16, 2013
Nov 15, 2013 GM told me to post here about my problem. My orginal ticket is here basically I xfered my shaman, named Typpilol on the Server of KJ, and the armory will not show up or the forum account for that character. It's really annoying, and the response I got from the GM was as follows: This is the latest response from Customer Support: Greetings Typpilol! *epic fanfare plays... on kazoos* This is Game Master Tryanekus, at your service. Thanks for your patience while you were in queue. I hope that you are doing well today! ^^ I'm sorry to hear your character hasn't shown up on the armory after all this time. I know how frustrating it is to be unable to view it for any reason. While I would love to be able to help you with this, unfortunately, the In-Game Support department is unable to provide assistance with the website, as that is addressed by a different team. I would recommend posting on our Website Bug Report forum (, as they may be able to help you out with this. :) Well, Now im here, 2 tickets later and a forum post. Blizzard can I get some help? ThanksTyppi1 Nov 15, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Character won't show up on armory correctly I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I recently transferred a couple of characters over to Bleeding Hollow, including this druid. The other two 90s that I transferred are showing up on the armory correctly, but this character has not updated. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!Druidiot2 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Character level on guild roster isn't upd. Hey the character level of guild roster members isn't updating. For example me and my wife's characters are always the same. Been stuck as level 89 for the last month or so. The character sheet on armory shows correct level though. We've been thinking this is some kind of sync issue and left it unattained for a while in hope it will get fixed by itself, but now becomes kind of annoying watching guild members having still low levels when as matter of fact they've reached 90:ies. Can you please look into it? PS: I see my mini profile on the left side of the board, says also level 89.... *LOL*Detron0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 character (Lv25) doesn't have portrait? Why does my character (Ziyasi) not have a portrait? I thought it was acquired at level 10. By portrait I mean the ones on and on the armory app. Thanks for any help or information.Ziyasi0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Damerons Belt of Darkness, wrong Picture This is not how it looks. Its on the character armory as well.Romrin1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Character not updating!! I purchased a server and faction transfer from Blackrock to Stormrage and my character has not updated yet. It still says that i am horde on blackrock and not alliance on stormrage. This has been unchanged for about a month. I log onto this character on a daily basis. Not having the correct armory makes it difficult for many things such as showing someone my progress etc.... I already know some people that have had the same issue as me and that has gotten resolved as well as newer transfers having their armory updated the same day. I really need some results at this point as this is getting really old really fast.Nerzhuk1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Deleted Toon Showing. See? This is the toon right here. Delete it please.Geist0 Nov 13, 2013