Website Bug Report

Feb 5, 2014 Cannot Switch Between Characters I cannot switch characters. This started yesterday. I try and click the drop down and it just brings me to my characters page. I am on Windows 7 Pro 64bit, I have Chrome and Firefox up to date and neither work.Stiflersmom2 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 How to change your character(bug work around) I have seen several people miss the workaround in a few posts about not being able to change characters. For those of you who are having issues switching characters in armory here is the work around. Go to the bottom of this page and click on the dropdown arrow next to your name on your portrait in the quick reply. Change your character there until they fix the upper right character selection dropdown. this does not work for everyone but seems to work for most of us.Shrlyrbiguns11 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 If I can't change my forum toon so be it... But at least fix the search so it shows me my posts more recent than a year and a half ago. It's really annoying not being able to track the threads I've posted since since the drop down menu is toast.Ersiusp4 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 Armory for toon not working My shaman on mok'nathal is unavailable on armory for some reasonJackncoke0 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 5, 2014 Inaccurate "Dropped by" source The Armory is displaying horribly inaccurate sources for several old-world recipes, particularly ones that were part of Highlord Kruul's loot table. For example, Pattern: Mooncloth Circlet lists Highlord Kruul in addition to Nefarian. Highlord Kruul hasn't existed in the game since the opening of the Dark Portal. Another example: Recipe: Potion of Petrification. _________________ I used to have a signature here. The Shattering... shattered it. Please don't step on the pieces.Aliok0 Feb 5, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Achievment points not displaying. for some reason after i transfered factions and realm my characters i creared in the future and this one as well do not display achievments. look left. according to my forum posts it shows i have zero achievments... idk if fhis is a known issue or of there is any solution. the feed is fine meaning it shows my achiwvment progession on the website this is something different. near my avatar it just shows 0Devastated2 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 I cant view this toons profile exactly as it says. I can look at a different profile.. calwook, from a different realm. i think this affects shu'halo for me. any suggestions? or what have you?Leefaxoiu0 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 undermine armory broken again? now that the realm transfer is complete the armory is messing up again.. it shows all my toons but when you try to pull them up This character profile could not be displayed, possibly for one of the following reasons: •The character has been inactive for an extended period of time. •The character name or realm was spelled incorrectly. •The profile is temporarily unavailable while the character is in the midst of a process such as a realm transfer or faction change. •Characters that have been deleted are no longer available. anyone have any info on this?Cancerous1 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Armory page gone? I am on a server that was recently merged and I am sure this is a known issue but I was wondering how soon the armory page for my characters will be fixed? It makes it hard to app to guilds when they all ask for an armory link and I have to go, um yeah I don't have one sorry. Its really not a huge problem and I would assume this has been asked before so if any one knows of a link to an explanation that could give me an ETA or an explanation that would be nice. Thanks in advance.Hollymoly3 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Forum Avatar Cannot Be Changed Is Blizzard currently working on a fix on this? I want to change my forum avatar to another but I no longer have the drop down menu when I press the white down arrow. This of course means I can't view threads I've posted in and other features. When I click on the arrow, it keeps taking me to my characters armory pose and stats. May we have it fixed please? Thank you :)Arrowrend1 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Cannot see My Character on The website Its been like 5 days since i view my character on the website.Any help would be apperciatedAideline0 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Can't view characters / auctions in Armory " Error This character is temporarily unavailable while it is undergoing a process such as a realm transfer or a faction change. Please try again later." I haven't moved realms or changed faction. My server Cho'gall recently became connected to 2 other realms, but that was several days ago. When can I expect to have my characters viewable in Armory?Beefpotato1 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 issue So not only are all my toons on Undermine not viewable through your website, now I can't even access any of my other toons through the drop down menu.Emetera4 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 No games applied to account bug on wow main every now and then when i come on the site to veiw the forum there it shows my char and name it'll say no games found on account but is easily fixed by logging and relogging just thought wow should knowRávé0 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 4, 2014 Armory wont update character name... As the title says the armory wont update my character name, cant use specific addons or websites because it says that my characters name is not valid even though in game it shows as Phaqdruid. anyone know how this can be fixed?Jerkie05173A2 Feb 4, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Another Missing Character My Mage Latae@Saurfang is also missing from Armory, all my other toons are fine just this one.Finhie0 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 character switching issue I can't switch characters on main website while logged in onto Chrome.Earthmoo1 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 armory + mobile ah not working Hi ever since the shu'halo merge none of my toons are showing up in armory and I am unable to use the mobile app. Please advise when this will be reso. edAddoric3 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Can't switch main character Hi there I'm trying to change my main character with the down arrow beside my name, on the big blue box on the top of the screen, but it just takes me to my current toon's profile. I guess the only way to change it now is thru the mobile armory.Knor2 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Charactar can not be found in the armory 5 daysJohnwayne2 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 Armory???? On all my characters , when i click my armory ...i get a blanked out face avatar, and this message ...what can fix this so people can see my armory Four, oh: four. Page Not Found There was a PAGE here. It’s gone now. (Is this what happens to pages that wander into the forest?)"Xanyae28 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 3, 2014 No armory characters 5 daysJohnwayne0 Feb 3, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Website not displaying link correctly Hi - over the past day or so, I've noticed that I can no longer click the drop-down arrow on the character pane in the top right to do things such as view my post. It still works fine, however, for the left-hand-side dropdowns. Where I should be able to click to get the dropdown, circled in double-red: The div block that I'm guessing isn't showing up: Showing that it still works with the left-hand-side images: Running Firefox 26.0 (latest stable) on Windows 8.0 (not 8.1)Monquette2 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Can't post as my main any more. I hope this is the right forum. Ever since Khadgar merged with Alleria, I cannot post as my main. It's a nuisance. When can I expect these toons (the Khadgar ones) to appear available? EDIT: Thanks for pointing me to the appropriate forum. This thread can be closed or moved or deleted or whatever.Mildread5 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Can't see profiles?? I can't see mine nor anyones profile when I click on their name. Not sure if this is only effecting Shu'halo or its website wide problem. I only read the first page of this forum, so forgive me if this has already been addressed. I'm way too tired to read further than a page. Is anyone having this issue?Samaìre0 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Connected Realms causing Armory issues So the realms Khadgar US and Alleria US merged (as far as I know) Yesterday, the 30th, and I have since then not been able to access the Armory profiles of my Khadgar characters. Alleria characters still show and work, but anything from Khadgar just leads to a 404 on the forums, and gives an Inactivity or Doesn't Exist error on mobile armory. Any solutions?Jjblade4 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Toons missing from Forums / Mobile Armory I am unable to select any of my characters to post with on the forums or use them in the Mobile Armory from Mal'ganis. Which is fun, because all of the characters I currently play the most are on Mal'ganis. And it's sort of awkward trying to recruit for my morning raid team progressing through heroics in SoO on a level 70 rogue on a different server. Submitted a ticket, they ignored my primary concern which is the forums and told me they don't assist with Mobile Armory. So, I resubmitted, and now I guess I wait another 3 days. I see many, many posts about people having somewhat similar issues on other servers. Have you had any luck getting them back at least on the forums?Wobble3 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 SoO Combat Text It seems that during the past two weeks or so; upon entering SoO Flex or LFR, there's about a 50% chance that my combat text will be disabled. I checked all my settings, clicked all the applicable boxes, unclicked and tried again, did /reload and nothing works.Mortessia0 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 2, 2014 Change character posting as in forum Used to be able to click the down arrow by my name, and change which character I was posting as, or see previous posts. Now all it does is pull up Armory. Anyone know what's going on?Grimholdt3 Feb 2, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Change to drop down arrow functionality? What moron thought this was a good idea? You come to the forums. You see the character you last selected. OK, fine. But if you have alts and want to see their stats, or their auctions (bank toons)? There's been a stupid change. When you look at the forum pages, in the upper right you see your toon. There is a small downward pointing arrow that we have used for years to select another toon, or posts that we have made. Now that arrow has no function. By which I mean clicking it does nothing. In order to select another toon, or to see your posts, etc, you now need to: 1:Go to a forum page 2: Select a thread 3: And then scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page where the reply field is you will see your toon's icon on the left. There, and ONLY there, will you see a drop down arrow that allows you to switch toons, or see what they have posted, etc. I know there are a lot of things that are broken in WoW (Brutusk still has a bladder infection), but nothing was broken about this forum feature. So why in the world would anyone change a feature that actually worked, that no-one complained about, and make it into something that is guaranteed to "P" off the players for no understandable reason at all? I can't even see the pencil-necks from accounting being responsible for this one. Even they are not THIS blind.Panstrudel3 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Who has D3 and can't manage toons to post on? I have a feeling it's the D3 website and WoW site interferring. Ever since I got D3 and I logged into the forums over there and made posts, I haven't been able to change my toon on here. Please post below if you have both Diablo 3 and World of Warcraft. Three fixes so far exist: 1. By far the most annoying, go to the Diablo 3 site, change which character you post on, on that site. The change will take effect here as well. 2. The easiest, scroll down to "Reply to Thread" and manage your characters there. This is the best way to change which character you post on. 3. The easiest way to manage your toons, is to create a new thread and leave the window alone. When you want to post on a different toon, change the toon, then middle mouse click (scroll click) and a new window will open and you should be able to post as that toon.Yobhguod2 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Can't Change Characters & Characters Missing When I click to drop down arrow on my character portrait, it no longer drops down, it just keeps bringing me to that characters armory. There are also characters missing from it, and characters that I don't even have anymore. Nothing is updating. I even have less achievements than I do ingame.Lodisa6 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Duplicate character list bug? I know there's a bug with the drop down arrow at the top of the page, but when I use the current workaround (portrait near the text box), I am unable to select some characters, since there seems to be some kind of a duplicate bug: When I click on any of them, it will always direct me to my Warlock alt. Anyone else running into this issue?Tikaru2 Feb 1, 2014
Feb 1, 2014 Can't log in - getting Error #104 Is this error message part of the log-in problems or is there something wrong with my account? It is saying the information I have entered is not valid and telling me I need to check spelling on log-in and password. I know they are correct.Tenderloinsz1 Feb 1, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 problems logging in im trying to log in and i can make it to my password but its not giving me the window for my atho dudadIronmaidon1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Dont know if this is a forum bug or not ..but I cant access my post history from the profile tab top right hand side of the forum.Mirisanelle3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Can't change my logged in character on forums The little down arrow doesn't make the menu appear like it used to. Any ideas on what's going wrong?Polluted7 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Character Dropdown on Auction Screens The past two days I have encountered an issue that I am unable to swap between alts while on the Auction pages to view the status of my auctions in Chrome. When clicking on the character name or the arrow in the upper right, instead of seeing the drop-down list pop up with my other characters, it takes me into the currently selected character's armory profile. Once on the armory profile screen, the dropdown DOES work and I able to switch to another character. It's very annoying having to click into each character's armory profile just to swap toons so I can check their auctions.Kraylenya1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Can't Access Remote AH Is the Remote AH down? It worked yesterday, but now when you use the drop at the top it doesn't work. To Change the toon you have to use the one down at the bottom of the form to post. That allows you to change the toon. BUt when the drop down menu at the top is chose it takes you automatically to the toons profile. No other options.Ravnstorm0 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 profile problem I don't know if this the right place to post but this is annoying me. I keep trying to click on my characters name up there ^ at the top so I can change which character I'm posting with. You used to be able to click on the name and select which character or just hit profile, but now it JUST goes to the profile. I checked it on 2 internet browsers, so I don't think it's that.. help D:?Prínce8 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Can't post as my main any more. Ever since Khadgar merged with Alleria, my Khadgar toons have vanished. I can select others by going to the bottom and managing characters, but none of the Khagar guys are there. They have vanished. When can I expect this problem to resolve itself?Mildread0 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 WoW Forums and Google Chrome Am I the only one who can't click on my toon name at the top right of the page and get the drop down to appear? It works fine on all of my other browsers, but not this one :( Anyone know why this would be happening?Chibimidori3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 My Main Character Does Not Exist My character Paavo, a level 90 Warlock, has not been visible for multiple weeks. He does not show up in a character search nor does he appear on the list of characters I can use on the WoW forums. My understanding from the GM that I spoke with last night is that this a known issue, that many people have complained about it, and that there is no plan in place to fix it. I was told to post on this forum in order to increase the visibility of this problem and so I am.Maarit3 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Can't access armory since merge Not sure if this is the right place or not. Since the merge I cannot access the armory for my characters or any others on Shu'Halo. I also get hit or miss results for other servers. Searched but didn't find anything relating to this.Claviusnex2 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Website Character Toggle The drop down to switch characters is NOT working.Rooskai1 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Quick response to Connected realm issues but. Not to transfers or name changed toons it seem. Several people have had missing toons for months yet it took the newly connected realm issue to get a reaction in this forum and which was as it seems resolved very fast.Viperna2 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Cant post on recently transfered character I recently transfered my warlock to another server. But now I can't post on the forums with that warlock now. His profile on the character select is gone, and has been for like 4 days. I've tried relogging several times a day it he's still not on the character select list. I transfered the warlock 3-4 days ago. How long must I wait until he shows back up on character select thing for the forums?Omggoblin10 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 31, 2014 Can't manage my characters I can't change which character I post on, it's not giving me the option too ... Seems that's the only way we can do it atm while being on this site.Biebercleavr6 Jan 31, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Armory issues I can only click on certain people in my armory, not all are listed and available to be seen. Not sure what is going on, but if there is anyway possible that i can do something to help get this fixed i would greatly appreciate it.Seemoardotz16 Jan 30, 2014
Jan 30, 2014 Name/Race change corrupted armory profile I put in a name/race change many months ago and while the name changed in game, the web profile did not. I've put in untold numbers of tickets, and posted here in the forum all to no avail. What can I do to get this fixed? The original character was an Undead Hunter named Cenobiter The new character (after the PAID name/race change) is a Blood Elf Hunter named Alyriå You'll notice that my profile pic for this post currently shows me as an undead hunter named Cenobiter but the profile picture is clearly of my blood elf named Alyriå. Something is borked :) Additionally, the profile page heading shows: World of Warcraft > Community > Alyriå @ Hellscream While still listing the old name Cenobiter for the character and even in the Guild Roster Any help with this would be appreciated. it was a PAID change so I'm hoping it warrants some GM lovin. Thanks!Cenobiter0 Jan 30, 2014