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Jan 13, 2014 forum avatars now shadows after merge andorhal was recently merged with ursin and scilla. afterwards all of our forum avatars are shadows instead of pictures. yes i've cleared my browser cache and it happens across multiple browsers. please take a look into this, it effects everyone on the realm who i've seen make a post.Grouch3 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Lots of threads about the Armory issues I'm specifically talking about the entire pool of characters on certain servers that have vanished from Armory. Has there been any response from a blue about this? Some kind of feedback, even if it's just a "We're looking into it" would be appreciated. I'd like to be able to use mobile again.Morgannä1 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Where did Undermine go? None of my characters are showing up on armory. Undermine has not been merged.Gimmypet0 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 13, 2014 Sinking Into Vash'jir - No Progress Bar Titled achievement to complete 130 quests in the zone -- ach. #4869 (Alliance) and #4982 (Horde) -- doesn't show a progress bar. Examination of the HTML shows the "has-sub" css class is missing from the list item.Sufia0 Jan 13, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Character not on Armory, nothing changed My main character Kelssar dissapeared from the Armory around 3 weeks ago. At first I thought it was just a temporary bug but he has yet to appear. I opened a GM ticket and he directed me here. I have not name changed, faction changed, server transferred the character. If you search for him on the wow website he does not appear. If you search for him on the mobile app you do see the character there but if you click on him to see his gear it will say Character not found.Kelsár6 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Wrong info in Armory Hi I found bug in my armory In my guild name, the guild is alliance but my guild is Horde. If i make guild Reserche' I just found alliance guild but my guild is horde side. TYBeraneck0 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Achv points differ ingame then on armory My achv point on my main char who has earned all of the ones I have is different then all my other char.. if u armor my lvl 19 twink rogue he shows them all even when he shouldnt even be able to get to the places to get them. My lvl 90 priest shows them all too but never earned them. Bothers me that all of them were earned on my warrior and hes the only one that doesnt show them on the armory..Llednar8 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Achievement Point Disparity & Loremaster Since the creation of account-wide achievements, I and others have noticed achievement point disparities on the Armory between characters even though we see one single number displayed in-game. I believe I've pinpointed one issue that is causing this -- the conversion of the original version of Loremaster (WotLK initial release) to the current version and the resulting non-equivalencies. Please forgive me for the length of this post however, if you're interested in the disparity issue, I hope you'll find the following information helpful. DISPARITY: My current, in-game achievement count is 10,855. The Armory shows my Alliance characters correctly however the Armory shows my Horde characters with 10,355 achievement points, a 500-point deficiency. LOREMASTER: The original version of the "Loremaster" achievement was released with WotLK and was achieved by completing X number of quests on each of the four continents [Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outland and Northrend]. There were no individual zone achievements at that time. ABOUT SUFIA: The only Character Service performed on Sufia was back during BC (i.e. this issue should have nothing to do with race, realm or faction changes). She is my only character which has completed Loremaster and she did so originally back in 2009. Later, as criteria for the Loremaster achievement changed (i.e. as zones were broken out into individual achievements and new continents were added), I sent Sufia back to questing the older content to "finish off" the new criteria -- maxing out each and every individual zone's achievement quest count for every continent up to and including current content. MY HORDE CHARACTERS: While they do receive achievement point credit on the armory for the account-wide achievements (e.g. Loremaster, Loremaster of Outland, etc.), they are not always receiving point credit for the individual zone achievements which Sufia completed (e.g. Terror of Terokkar). For the lengthy example below, I'm using one of my Horde characters (Tizzi) to compare achievements with Sufia. Both characters are set in-game to display all achievements to others. OUTLAND EXAMPLE: Before starting this troubleshooting process, Tizzi was not getting achievement points -- on the Armory -- for three Outland Quest zones: Hellfire Peninsula, Nagrand and Terokkar. Over the last two days, I sent Tizzi to complete "To Hellfire and Back" and "Nagrand Slam". Voila! Twenty more points were added to all my Horde characters across both accounts. So I wondered why this was happening and did a comparison which seems to clearly show there is no faction translation when the achievement numbers are different (see below as noted by the asterisks): *Hellfire Peninsula - To Hellfire and Back: (76 Quests) (84 Quests) Zangarmarsh - Mysteries of the Marsh: (52 Quests) (52 Quests) *Terokkar - Terror of Terokkar: (63 Quests) (68 Quests) *Nagrand - Nagrand Slam: (75 Quests) (85 Quests) Blade's Edge Mountains - On the Blade's Edge: (86 Quests) (86 Quests) Netherstorm - Into the Nether: (120 Quests) (120 Quests) Shadowmoon Valley - Shadow of the Betrayer: (90 Quests) (90 Quests) QUESTION: Why are the achievement numbers different? The reason cannot be because the underlying faction quests are different. Even though the two factions have exactly the same achievement number and exactly the same number of quests to complete, the quests themselves are not exactly the same across the board -- there are Alliance quests and Horde quests and shared quests... FINAL NOTE: I've noticed the same disparity in other achievement categories as well, but I'll stop here as my point has been made. =)Sufia0 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 12, 2014 Missing from Armory Hi, One of my character "Ninersblazin" -Blackrock is missing from the armory, every character even level 1 and 2's are showing up except for this 90 mage. before i was Freshie on Deathwing and the character did not show up there as well. If you could please address this issue i would appreciate it. Thanks!Unforgvn0 Jan 12, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Suddenly no raid experience in armory ^ Title. You guys plan on maintaining this system or just letting it go to hell?Pröcess0 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 Please fix "Missing profiles". I mainly play one server: Darrowmere. Roughly three weeks before our merge with Windrunner until now, the profiles of my characters on Darrowmere can not be found. This is incredibly annoying as I check my reforges and gemming on Ask Mr. Robot and even it cannot found my profile as well as when I try to get into flex raiding and normal, a lot of people want to see your experience in raiding and now no one can. Please fix this problem ASAP. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has thought this problem has more than taken long enough to fix.Jèsuschrist1 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 11, 2014 WebAPI results, forum avatars, and you! Hey guys I've found something interesting. So if you poll my character using the Web API, you see the following: "thumbnail":"firetree/53/91200053-avatar.jpg" However checking the graphics on my forum image, its showing: "thumbnail":"malorne/53/91200053-avatar.jpg" Intrestingly, firetree was recently merged with malorne, and as I change my gear, the firetree "thumbnail" graphic changes for me. Which is odd, because my character is on Malorne and always has been. the Malorne one hasnt changed since the merge. I wonder if this can be fixed, so my thumbnail in the Malorne folder gets updated correctly so everything matches nicely again. Thanks!Concequence1 Jan 11, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 ARMORY BUG Yes I went there. Capitalized letters. Can we get some response in the website bug forum. NOT everyone at blizzard could be working on WoD to fix this issue. Please address this issue!Viperna8 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Web/Mobile team AFK!?!?! Guild transfer 10/13/2013, followed by 3 character transfers with it. same guild/realm move. Successful move, characters ingame on both servers exist as they should and/or should not. Character armory profiles also eventually updated to exist on new server. Problem: Though I can search on the WoW page and the "new realm" characters profiles are accessable and do show correct gear and such, the guild profile does not exist on the new server, and does exist on the old server as well as the old server's version of the moved characters armory profiles. the old server version of the characters are still listed in my dropdown character management box when logged into the WoW website/batlenet. the new server armory profiles when clicked via the dropdown character management on the wow website gives a website error even though the profiles come up just fine when searched for (charactername@realmname). This also causes the mobile armory to not have access to proper information and unable to use guild features as such. normally id agree with support when they say "armory is mostly automated, just wait a few days or even till after server maintenance reset and it should update" except A. its been almost 2 weeks and a server reset has passed with no change. B: there are multiple other reports of this issue in recent weeks. Its one thing when a feature is broken for everyone and blizzard can stick a sign in the ground and say hey this is broken, we'll get to it. thats fine. but when its a "here and there problem", and seems at this point that the problem isn't going to fix itself through updating and quite frankly having to wait weeks or a month for a fix is pretty much unacceptable in the world of customer support. Bigger problem: dating back a month or more, ive seen posts regarding this, and not a single one (and seemingly many other topics) has had the grace of a reply from a blizzard employee let alone a web/mobile team member.... so.... ??? ok?!...... I don't know if blizzards subs are down and maybe they layed off that department... or maybe those ingenious little web team people hacked blizzards accounting department and approved the whole department for a reallllly long vacation... I don't know whats goin on over there... but it would be nice if someone would figure it out and at least give us one of those cute little blue posts... even if it says "yeah... were working on it, it'll be a day or five". Or perhaps if I (entirely possible) missed a forum post that has one... someone point it out for me. Yeaaaaahhhhhh. That would be great, lumberg.Blinkery4 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Website bug - White box when hovering mouse. You know how when on this site, if you hover your mouse over a thread title or an item, you get like a summery of what it is or what it's about? well, when i do this the background is white, and it's very annoying. this just started happening like a week ago. How do i get it back to normal? This is what i'm talking about: -thanx.Chidatar2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Free Character Migration is in "maintenance". See this thread. If the service is suspended instead of being in maintenance, then please update the website to reflect this. Don't have us keep coming back to "try again later" as the page states.Zonedout1 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Problem with my guild showing up on Armory Hi im the GM of an alliance guild on Frostmourne but when you look at our guild on armory it shows up as a horde guild? Its a very strange issue to have but its an issue none the less. Anything that a GM could do to fix it would be appreciated.Drakký6 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Shoulder Enchant bug on Armory My character, Automatic, has his shoulders enchanted with the Greater Crane Wing inscription. When I look in the armory, however, at the bottom it says that the shoulder inscription is missing, even with it being viewable on the piece itself. This isn't very major of a thing, but I feel it could mislead anyone who just glances at the profile without hovering over the gear. Thank you!Automatic2 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Deleted toon still showing up on bnet account I made this thread on the customer support forum and didn't get any helpful answers, but someone suggested I post it in the bug forum. I deleted a Worgen Rogue named Wilfe about 2 months ago. He does not show up on my in game character list on the login screen, which is what is supposed to happen, but when I go on this website he still shows up on my list of characters. He has long been deleted. Why is he still on my drop down list of toons? This isn't a big issue, but it is annoying that he is still in the list. I can even post on the character. Someone on my other thread said that sometimes it takes bnet a while to update character information, but as I said it has been 2 months and my main character(the paladin I am posting on now) seems to update just fine.Ealdred5 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Can not find my character Hi i have restored my character few months ago and now i can't find her on wowarmory. But when i go through my guild toons i see her when i press she is not available to see. Please fix this. Its been months. Character name Soulward on US Frostmourne.Spadin0 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 I think the dead realms were buried. My realm was connected 11/25/13, and like players from many connected realms, my characters lost their avatars. For most connected realms, including other connected realms I play on, including realms that have been connected after this one, usually the avatars return after a few days. This realm's avatars haven't returned. None of the suggested methods like logging in and out of the game, in and out of the forums, or posting on the forums have worked. One thing I have noticed is that this isn't the only realm affected by this in the long-term, and oddly enough, those realms are all extremely low-pop and sometimes faced additional issues like lost mail or characters. Extremely low-pop as in, a few hundred active players is a generous estimate. Healthier realms like Burning Blade or Skullcrusher that just needed a little population boost might have seen their avatars darken for a day or even a few days, but the dead realms are still cloaked in shadows over a month later in my case, even longer for others. You would think that if all connected realm procedures were the same, that these hiccups would be more likely to occur on higher-populated realms. I can understand the reasoning for this, and I suspect that with some servers such as this one, Tortheldrin, Rivendare, Balnazzar, Gurubashi, and many others, Blizz could no longer continue to justify keeping a server online for only a handful of people. Where other realms were connected, perhaps our home realms truly did go offline, and our characters were migrated to one of our "connected" realms. Or there could be another explanation, like the forum really did think our realms were dead, sent out some sympathy cards, and deleted us from their contact list. Wanted to go ahead and post this now, because today it was announced my realm will be connected again in the near future. Well technically, it was the realm we're connected to that was announced to be connected again-- Blizz forgot we're there. After we're connected again, I can expect people to reassure me that their realms were connected too, and to just have a little bit of patience. Did it take your realm's avatars over a month to resurface? No? K. Dalvengyr: Gurubashi: Blackwing Lair: Warsong avatars are active, though the three realms Warsong is connected to (Balnazzar, Gorgonnash, and The Forgotten Coast) have been ghost'd Hakkar would go here, but I can't find anyone who's posted from that realm recently :( Ysondre: Demon Soul: Haomarush: Rivendare: Onyxia: Balnazzar: Tortheldrin: Smolderthorn: Garithos: Lethon: Detheroc would go here, but I can't find anyone who's posted from that realm recently :( Agamaggan is the only extremely-low pop realm to still have its avatars, but it seems as if it hasn't been connected yet: And then we have yours truly, Azshara, still cloak-of-shadows'd. Gorgonnash: Anub'arak: And so on, I stopped checking after this, but there's likely more. Of the 20 lowest-pop US realms as listed by WoWProgress, with two currently still unaccounted for (maybe one of you likely-to-be-mysteriously-cloaked fellows can post here), I can only find two realms that still has its avatars. Agamaggan apparently hasn't been connected yet, as it isn't listed on as having been already connected. Warsong still has its avatars, but the three realms it's connected to have been ghost'd, so perhaps Warsong is hosting the refugees from those other three realms. Like I said, I totally understand that when I could "/who 1-90" at peak hours and still get a complete list of everyone online at the moment in one go, because it's still less than 49 people altogether, yeah I get that it might have been time to pull the plug. It's bad publicity for a MMO to start closing down servers, so I have to hand it to you, you were pretty crafty about it. You shuffled us along with some other flowers who just needed a little watering, but I see what you did there. Can I have my avatar back now?Skrit18 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 10, 2014 Missing armory avatar picture As can be seen to the left I am missing my armory avatar picture. This is occurring on all my characters on this account in addition to the one character I have on my trial account. This also seems to be affecting the mobile armory. Oddly enough if you search "Korthos" and mouse over my name you WILL see my avatar picture.Korthos11 Jan 10, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Guild name change. I have been trying to change my guilds name under Guild Master Services for weeks. The website give an error. "An error has occurred. You do not have any characters who are Guild Masters." I put in a ticket and was emailed back by a GM..."I was able to access your character "Applegurl" and verified it was indeed still the guild leader of Nick Toons! =]. " I think the error is in the website which is not showing my toon as the guild master. I have tried different browsers with the same issue. Anyone else having web issues?Applegurl5 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 9, 2014 Professions and Recipes Various professions have several unobtainable, removed from game, or otherwise not accessible to players listed. This includes Engineering (Critter Enlarger, Red and Blue Smoke Flares, Goblin and Gnomish Tonk controllers, Goblin and Gnomish Radios, and cross-specialization items), Enchanting (Titanguard, Arcane Dust, Greater Blasting), and other assorted items from other profs, which I'm sure people will be kind enough to list below. There is also the matter of "Release Spirit", a spell from an item listed under all primary professions. Finally, there is Archaeology, which lists all projects as incomplete, regardless of skill level or completion status. Any plans to fix this issue, even in the distant future?Cantfocus2 Jan 9, 2014
Jan 8, 2014 dear blizz everytime i try to log in it keeps saying check the connection i thought i was hacked or its just you guys are putting new things in can you try to fix that?Deathreaperz0 Jan 8, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 Upgrades in armory Why doesn't armory show the upgrades I have done to my armor?Tazrock3 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 pvp ladders not updating title says all, has been 2 weeks and no response from blizzard please do not re-direct this to the arena\pvp forum, as this is clearly something wrong on your end tyUnholy4 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 7, 2014 Account characters incorrect When logged in and looking through the list of my characters, I have characters that are missing and others that are not mine. I am concerned that account information is being accessed by others. Can you verify that my account is safe?Wandana0 Jan 7, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Character's being blotted out on the forums I play on the server Demon Soul and I never had this problem before hand, now my all my characters on Demon Soul are permanent black silhouettes on the forums. :l Didn't happen until after the server's got merged though with the other low pop realmsTaromillas1 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 WoWProgess + API Issue? The guild is not updating on WoW Progress. I think its having a problem reading the API of the guild. WoWProgress: "The API error looks like this: {"status":"nok", "reason": "Internal server error."} If this is what you are seeing, then WoWProgress is unable to get data for your guild. Please contact Blizzard Support." Well when I went to the API Link ( I get: {"lastModified":1389033268000,"name":"Sadistic","realm":"Whisperwind","battlegroup":"Rampage","level":21,"side":0,"achievementPoints":470,"emblem":{"icon":12,"iconColor":"ff101517","border":2,"borderColor":"ff0f1415","backgroundColor":"ffffb317"}} Is this a problem on Blizzard's Side? Or WoWProgresses? My armory updated with the latest heroic kills however: Jan 6, 2014
Jan 6, 2014 Akama Armory? Started after the merge - can't armory any character on Akama. I can't use my Akama characters to post on forums. It seems like Akama has disappeared! Every other server seems to be working.Cake2 Jan 6, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 Search my guild - 404 - Velen/Eonar merge Since Velen and Eonar connected on the 23rd, we are unable to find our active guild on armory. Whenever I search <Shade of Arrows>, I get 404. Seems to be a Velen-wide issue for guilds.Cobane1 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 5, 2014 Character Portrait Not Showing After Merger My character's armory is here, but no character from Andorhal, Scilla, or Ursin seems to have a portrait after our merger. Help?Mist2 Jan 5, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Achievements not updating A lot of my achievements aren't being updating on . They show up as completed in game but not on the website It shows I have 0 pet battle achievements and all my exploration achievements aren't showing up. I have the "World Explorer" achievement and many more. Could I get an explanation or a fix to this. ThanksGreytness2 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Cannot Initiate Faction Transfer I tried to faction transfer a character and reported: An error has occurred. and then provided a link Disappointing really, disappointing.Orìon2 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 "An error has Occured" I just tried to initate a race change and it says "An error has occured" I also tried in mozilla firefox and chrome and deleted all cookies. Can someone please helpRazerizer3 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Where is my guild in the Armory? I can see my guild name, however, when I click it to look at the Armory, it comes back with a "four oh: four" error. I can't log into the WoW app and use guild chat, it simply shows me guildless. I assure you the guild is still active and hasn't disbanded or reformed at all. I have been on and offline all weekend, I'm in guild in the game, but, the guild doesn't show up on the website. Please take a look into it?Qyxz3 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Realm merge issues affecting armory Juleya , GM of Avatar on TFC. Since Realm merge today , our guild does not appear accessible in armory , nor are our toons accounted for in a guild on outside sites that draw from the armory like Our progression for guild and guild existence on these sights is ... well, non-existent. Toons are unfindable on askmrrobot etc, Other guilds on the realm seem to have their populations accounted for , so seems to be limited problem to our guild and maybe a few others but not across the entire server. HELP :)Juleya0 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Armory bug - Darkfang Mask (lfr) The lfr version of Darkfang mask (Dark Shaman encounter) is showing up in the armory as Darkfang Mask (10-25N) not lfr version. The difference is the color.Sònya2 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Worlock Hand of Gul'dan Problem when my lock deploys the Hand of Gul'dan if the green bullseye happen to fall on something else: example: one of the pile of earth in Half Hill. when you click to deploy the Hand of Gul'dan it also selects the pile of earth and you have to retarget the enemy. This does not happen when my Death Knight use Death and Decay.Mortilus1 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 4, 2014 Guild Master Services not functioning Instead of connecting more realms... How about you guys fix the Guild Master Services for the realms that are already connected instead of connecting more realms that are going to experience the same problem? Still not able to change guild name....Macky1 Jan 4, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 Realm Status page Realm Status page: still shows Anvilmar as down since 2 weeks agos connected realms maintenance on 12/16.Weekender0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 Where did my toons go? My realm, Akama, was being linked to another realm today... When I logged into my account here...all of my Akama toons are gone? I can't select one to be my profile...which is why I am using a lowbie. The realm appears to be up. Any help?Cranberri0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 3, 2014 My armory is missing Hello my pally Protroasts is showing as a lvl 1 toon on realm Strangeland but hes a lvl 90 pally on Barthalas is there anyway to fix this up i cant use 3rd party sites to check gems or reforging.Protroasts0 Jan 3, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 Battle Net Account service errors? I keep trying to transfer a character to a new realm, and it comes up with an error. Even the other services come up with an error and it's been like this since last night. Anyone else having similar problems?Neptune1 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 [FIXED] Character Profiles Missing - Details! Hi there, I have noticed some posts that Character Profiles are missing. I've noticed my profile is missing as well. I've also taken the liberty of looking into this situation and noticed that the URL for those profile(s) affected have changed. If you go to your profile that is bugged currently it will look like: However in normal circumstances the character profiles should look like: --------- If you notice in the second link, Which is the correct link, It has the realm name in it. While the bugged link doesn't have the realm name in it. This is what is causing our character profiles to become shadows. So until Blizzard steps up and resolves this, We'll have to type in the realm name in the link when looking up characters in the armory here on the WoW Community Site.Korlastus17 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 2, 2014 character not accessible in armory Hello I am not able to access the armory profile of my warlock on this account. Its very frustrating because i cannot use other sites that need armory access to function. Please fix this issue.thank youGalewind0 Jan 2, 2014
Jan 1, 2014 Character Missing My character is not only missing from my account to add the character it's also not searchable and not in the Armory anywhere which is a bit of a pain in the !@# since I can't app anywhere without the armory being visible. Is there any method to report this issue where it's actually looked into seems there are 100 pots with the same issues not being resolved or even acknowledged.Reqfu1 Jan 1, 2014
Jan 1, 2014 Forum post eaten on preview - sign-in issue? After spending a good 30 minutes constructing a long, well-written forum post, I clicked preview to check for any formatting errors. I was then prompted to sign in again, which I did. Then the preview pane came up empty. The entire forum post was completely erased. So there's clearly an issue where being forced to re-sign in is causing a potential post to be wiped, which as you can understand is quite frustrating when one spends that much time trying to construct a quality post. In the interim I've learned I can't trust the forum panels and will construct my posts elsewhere then copy/paste, but this is still something I think could benefit from some attention. Because it sucks. Thank you.Lubricious0 Jan 1, 2014