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Nov 18, 2013 My battle pets are not shoing in the armory My battle pets are not showing in my armory pages today.Magnata1 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 18, 2013 Outdated Armory page Hi, I have a simple problem. When I go the forums for, it shows my hunter pre-transfer. He is now on Proudmoore, but the forums still show him on Bleeding Hollow with the gear I had on when I transferred. Can you all please fix this?Vènator1 Nov 18, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Scrolling Combat Text Not Displaying I'm having a problem with my scrolling combat text. While in the world I can heal and dmg dummies fine and see my combat text pop up about their heads. When I enter a raid, LFR, FLEX, 10M, my scrolling combat text stops displaying, and i can port back to town and it works again. What can I do to fix this or is this a known problem with no solution yet. Thanks.Oxhammerxo2 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 Possible PVP Bug?(Answered In-Game, DeleteMe) (Removed Post)Dwarvenlied1 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 17, 2013 All of my forum posts are being deleted I'm making posts, people are replying to them, but when I revisit the forum they are gone and this is making me very angry.Defenaor1 Nov 17, 2013
Nov 16, 2013 Odd forum/bnet issues..Modem/ISP problem? So I asked this here before but got no response, figured it was a forum issue that was going on, but I took my PC to my brothers house for the weekend and while I was there I never got the issue, but when i returned him it was there. So first of all its nothing big, but whenever I am on the WoW forums, after about an hour I'll get logged out and have to logg back in, even when I check the "Stay logged in" option. It does this on every computer in my house. All of which use Firefox / Chrome. Another thing is on the account page every time I refresh the page after logging into it, or click on a new page on it. I get prompt to log back in. Simply clicking the side or the X on the log in box takes it away, here is a video of it. I only experience this on the WoW forums/Bnet. Every other site functions normally and I stay logged in. In all, these are not "major" issues, but like I said it happens on every computer in my house, and when I brought my main computer over to my brothers house for a visit the issue did not happen there. So I am under the impression it's something with my Internet or maybe my modem settings? It's just bugging at me, It does it here but connected to someone else's (my brother's in this case) internet it does not do it. I am hoping someone can point me into the direction for a setting or something can possibly fix this.Sarym0 Nov 16, 2013
Nov 15, 2013 GM told me to post here about my problem. My orginal ticket is here basically I xfered my shaman, named Typpilol on the Server of KJ, and the armory will not show up or the forum account for that character. It's really annoying, and the response I got from the GM was as follows: This is the latest response from Customer Support: Greetings Typpilol! *epic fanfare plays... on kazoos* This is Game Master Tryanekus, at your service. Thanks for your patience while you were in queue. I hope that you are doing well today! ^^ I'm sorry to hear your character hasn't shown up on the armory after all this time. I know how frustrating it is to be unable to view it for any reason. While I would love to be able to help you with this, unfortunately, the In-Game Support department is unable to provide assistance with the website, as that is addressed by a different team. I would recommend posting on our Website Bug Report forum (, as they may be able to help you out with this. :) Well, Now im here, 2 tickets later and a forum post. Blizzard can I get some help? ThanksTyppi1 Nov 15, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Character won't show up on armory correctly I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I recently transferred a couple of characters over to Bleeding Hollow, including this druid. The other two 90s that I transferred are showing up on the armory correctly, but this character has not updated. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks!Druidiot2 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 14, 2013 Character level on guild roster isn't upd. Hey the character level of guild roster members isn't updating. For example me and my wife's characters are always the same. Been stuck as level 89 for the last month or so. The character sheet on armory shows correct level though. We've been thinking this is some kind of sync issue and left it unattained for a while in hope it will get fixed by itself, but now becomes kind of annoying watching guild members having still low levels when as matter of fact they've reached 90:ies. Can you please look into it? PS: I see my mini profile on the left side of the board, says also level 89.... *LOL*Detron0 Nov 14, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 character (Lv25) doesn't have portrait? Why does my character (Ziyasi) not have a portrait? I thought it was acquired at level 10. By portrait I mean the ones on and on the armory app. Thanks for any help or information.Ziyasi0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Damerons Belt of Darkness, wrong Picture This is not how it looks. Its on the character armory as well.Romrin1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Character not updating!! I purchased a server and faction transfer from Blackrock to Stormrage and my character has not updated yet. It still says that i am horde on blackrock and not alliance on stormrage. This has been unchanged for about a month. I log onto this character on a daily basis. Not having the correct armory makes it difficult for many things such as showing someone my progress etc.... I already know some people that have had the same issue as me and that has gotten resolved as well as newer transfers having their armory updated the same day. I really need some results at this point as this is getting really old really fast.Nerzhuk1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Deleted Toon Showing. See? This is the toon right here. Delete it please.Geist0 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 13, 2013 Two months now/still no blue post from blizz Did a faction change like two months ago. My warlocks armory is still bugged out and after putting in multiple tickets ilI just get referred to another thread that has no blue post at all. I've been told to report broken links....I have and nothing. What makes it worse is that my warlock is the gm of my guild and it has glitched out the guilds armory as well. So now if someone clicks on the guilds looks like the guild doesn't exist. Some sort of attention from blizz on this issue would be nice....or at least a post acknowledging that you guys realize there's an issue. I'm not the only one. Two months is ridiculous. Please look into this....or delete my post like the last one and continue this terrible customer service. Edit: typos from phone postingGaffervilben1 Nov 13, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 pop-ups contain nothing mouse over thread I recently re-installed windows and now when I mouse over threads (before clicking on them) the small pop-up contains nothing (on my other computer it is working fine). not sure what is used to generate the info (the beginning of the post).Shreelana0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 Wrong toon name I have changed the name of this character to Elegia more than 4 resets ago, on the website it still shows by its old name. CS told me to come post here about this issue. Thank you. Same obviously for Armory page.Zachariel3 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 Beta Profile Detects Wrong Video Card I just updated my beta profile (on OS X 10.9), and noticed that your app for that detects my video card improperly. Detected: 2GB Intel Iris Pro Actual Card: 4GB Nvidia Geforce GTA 780M This is a late-2013 27 inch iMac with maxed out specs running OS X 10.9. Let me know if you need any more info.Sesnir0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 12, 2013 very laggy action bar clicking or pressing I don't know why or what's causing this to be so much lag and slow response when you press too many action bar hotkey at the same time when fighting against regular mobs. My latency is like solid around 23 to 25ms both local and server time and my FPS are around 115 to 125. So just what the heck is going on here. Does anyone know how to go about finding out what's causing my in-game playing to have such a slow response when pressing or clicking multiple hotkey buttons at the same time. please help if anyone is also encountering this issueJackdaniell0 Nov 12, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 Anyone else Getting a bunch of errors involving changing their characters? So far I've clicked faction change equivalents, race change (same error no matter what), free character migration, etc. without the page showing up.Karob1 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 Can't Find Main Characters to Post On Hi All, For some reason I am unable to post on 2 of my level 90 characters. In searching for them they simply do not appear as a selectable option. I haven't been banned or suspended at all. I was however oversea's recently and when I logged into the game on my laptop I got account locked. But after a security check I was able to log in fine. I bring this up because this is when the problem of not finding my characters appeared. These two characters are also not found in the armory search. But I can play them in game currently. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated!Reyis0 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 Characters still missing a month later. 1 month after server mergers, characters are still missing from the armory, can you please fix this already.Skillcoil3 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 11, 2013 Stop geographic reroutes Dear Bliz, Please stop being too clever for yourselves with geographical settings. I travel often. I am currently in Taiwan. I want to watch the Warlords of Draenor trailer. STOP changing me over to the Chinese site! I don't want to watch it in Chinese. Lemme watch the thing in English fercrissakes. For the record, yes this happens even when manually connecting to , the moment you click on any link such as the link to the trailer, it reroutes to the zh site. Annoying!!!!Kenriith0 Nov 11, 2013
Nov 10, 2013 An Armory displaying problem This problem has been very long. Paradocks is my main. In my Armory, it shows that I have 16340 achievement points. But actually, in the game, I have 18700 points. All of my alts' Armories are displaying the right amount, which is 18700. Only my main, Paradocks, is displaying incorrectly. Actually almost all of these achievements are acquired by this character and I don't know why only this character has this problem. Since I often check my achievements on Armory, this has been bugging me for a long time. I know this could be just a slight problem for you which you might not think it mattered a lot. But personally I really want this could be corrected. I have so much love with my main as well as those hard working on the achievements. And that's why I would really like to see it showed the correct points and made me proud. Thus I would really appreciate that if anyeone could dig into this problem and fix it in case there'd be any solution. Thank you for your time.Paradocks0 Nov 10, 2013
Nov 9, 2013 Store typo "Pandarea" ?? ...Nobully1 Nov 9, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Wrong name on website So I did a server transfer about two weeks ago. Everything went through and Ive been playing on this guy for two weeks. In game, his name is correct (muffinbro). But when I log onto the wow website and post on forums, my name shows up as Zerria134564, which is the termporary name i was given for the server transfer. Help please! Its really annoying.Zerria1345640 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 View my posts is not working When I try to view my posts it shows nothing. When I try to view anyone's posting history it shows nothing. I made sure to delete my browser cookies, cache, and temp files, then logged back in and it still happening. I also tried a few different browsers with the same results. I had no issue with this yesterday in the evening.Tinkrashi21 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 Logging in bull#&!~ 2 years ago, last year, this year, last month, today. All the same. The option "Keep me logged in" never works, even last year you visit the webpage and it shows you logged in with your portrait at top right, go to forums or anything else and it'll get you to log in again to make or do anything with your account. The "Remember this computer for 30 days" option for authenticators never worked, not last year, not today, as soon as you login again you have to re-type your authenticator. And now with the blizzard authenticator service down I get login pop ups in every single page I visit. It's ridiculous, I visit another page of my account settings and I have to click on X on the login pop every single time like it's an annoying !@#$ing advertisement. Of all my favourite sites they "ALL" force you to login to them just to view some bull$*!~, this logging in crap is just at worse as getting advertisements popping up on your screen out of 7 hours of being on the computer over a weekend I spend half an hour of that time typing in login details, example given: logging in to a site to download a patch for a program that is free is ridiculous. Blizzard quit trying to fix an issue that has been going on for 6 %^-*ing years and REMOVE the "keep me logged in" and "remember this computer for 30 days" check boxes, they never worked 3 years ago, or 2 years ago or last year or today. Quit trying to fix something you cannot fix it just agrovates me that you have stupid !@#$ like this that has never worked but yet keep it there to lie to us.Demon0 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 8, 2013 My Characters are not displaying on the forum All the characters on my main server are not appearing on my manage character list. The Server is Thorium BrotherhoodDelanish24 Nov 8, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 Realm Lightninghoof is missing from arena pag Lightninghoof is missing from 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 arena ranking (PvP Ladders) pages. It's not even listed in the drop-down.Scyntt0 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 7, 2013 Money from auctions I set the starting price of an item on AH as 2 gold and buyout price as 3 gold . it showed after some time that my item sold and money incoming in 40 minutes . then i logged out . after about an hour i logged in and found that total money i had was less than 1 gold which mans i never got the complete money from the auction . WHRE DOES THE MONEY U GET FROM AUCTION GO TO ??? AND WHAT SHOULD I DO TO GET MY MONEY FROM THE AUCTION???Jassindor0 Nov 7, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Guild name change broken This might be a little complicated to explain, but here goes. We had two guilds "Flagrant Noobery" and "Who ate my french fries". We decided to nuke the old "Flagrant Noobery" and rename "Who ate my french fries" to "Flagrant Noobery" because we didn't care about the characters in the old Flagrant Noobery, but we wanted to name associated with our level 10 guild. Long story short that messed some things up. If you look at our characters at various screens in the armory you will see either "who ate my french fries" or "flagrant noobery". If you click it you will get mixed results. We want "flagrant noobery" to be the level 10 guild and "who ate my french fries" to go away. Can you help?Bürninator1 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Blizzard Store problems I can't add a new address to ship to. I fill out the form, hit submit, and then... nothing. It hangs there not doing anything. I'm trying to get a gift for a friend, and I don't want it delivered to me first and then me ship it back out, I just want it sent to them. This is in the merchandise store, not the god awful new monstrosity.Rubyheart0 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 What's with the forums? When I mouse over the World of Warcraft > Forums > XXXX things up near the main tabs on, nothing pops up. No menus, no sub-menus, nothing. When I click on the down arrow over to the right near my character's portrait to view my recent forum posts...I get an error, like they've been wiped away...even though they really haven't. They're still there when I take the long way to the forum and look at the threads. What is going on here? This has been going on for the past couple of days. It's not a HUGE issue, just kinda annoying, and should (IMO) be fixed.Luthorien15 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Armory broken Blizzard where are you? Id really appreciate a blue response on this for months i have went to armory and tryed to look up 2v2 brackets 3v3 5v5 with the filter trying to show only my realm of 8 years Gorefiend however gorefiend is not even listed and to top that off with the new connected realms i am seeing realms that are way better off then gorefiend ever could be. being connected long before gorefiend is which makes me think blizzard has forgotten gorefiend so my bug report/question is whats the hold up what gives why is gorefiend just gone im not mad just curious as its been my home server since 2004 and theres just no love or word on itEnderfect0 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 6, 2013 Transferred - Toons not in the Armory My wife and I server and faction transferred two of our toons midday Sunday. It is now Tuesday evening, and they still are not showing up. Is there an issue with the Armory?Talrak1 Nov 6, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Website: No Hover Dropdown Windows Hello, misposted this elsewhere. The dropdown window lists that used to show up are not appearing on my screen. Link to other thread below, if it helps. This most recently apparently started on or around the time of the launcher window showing up, and somehow, some way, the code for the hover windows appears to have been broken. Thanks for looking into this. Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Unable to select a payment method for renewal As title states, I am unable to select a payment method to proceed in adding more game time. Please help. I tried using different browsers to see if it was on my side but neither Firefox or IE made any difference.Bamfalot17 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 I keep getting logged out of this site Okay for starters this is not a Game issue, but a forum issue. Whenever I logg on I always have the "Stay logged in" marker checked, but after, what seems like 1 - 2 hours, I find myself not logged on Now I use Firefox and Chrome, it does this on them. But the other thing is it does this on all computers in my House, I tried everything people recommended me do but with nothing working, and I just for some reason decided to try it on other comps in my house, and I was just dumbfounded when it happened on them too. They also use Firefox / Chrome So now I ask, what can this be? is there something wrong with my modem? It only happens on the WoW forums, MMO Champ and other sites I frequent I stay logged on. I asked others and they don't seem to be affected by it on the WoW forums. I know its not a big problem and there are more bigger issues that need assistance, but I just can't figure out what this is and how I can get it so it keeps me signed in I use TWC as my Internet, Windows 7 and Firefox / Chrome on all the compsTrillon1 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 This Character doesn't exist anymore I deleted this character an transfer a 90 priest from Earthen Ring to Aerie Peak with the same name. Now the armory no longer shows my 90 Priest on ER or AP and only shows this toon (which was deleted). How do I get that updated?Deevinity0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Achievement Point Issues - VERY In-Depth Look This thread's information is still up-to-date, even if some of the links are broken. It will be revised in the near future, unless the devs finally fix these issues. Updated: 11/4/2013 - Fixed some broken links, still needs revision. This is very long and very detailed. You have been warned. The most important point out of all of these is Observation 4. Though there are several threads on the topic, they all seem to go off in their own direction and none of which really seem to take a deeper look into the problem. Though I have posted about it in several of these threads, I finally stopped to examine it more in-depth and these are my observations. Hopefully this will narrow the problem down some more, and hopefully get a blue response on this ongoing problem PLEASE. Note: All of these are based on my own investigations between characters of various realms and both factions on my two accounts under the same Battle.Net. Others who are having this issue should take a closer look as well and add your findings here. Observation 1 - Achievement point totals, as well as total achievements completed, are not equal between Live and the Armory. This inconsistency appears to have arisen since the release of Patch 5.2. Though obviously this is the actual issue, I wanted to reiterate that point. BOTH achievement POINTS and achievement COUNT are, in my case anyway, incorrect. At the time of this writing, these are my totals for this character, Mulvark on Wyrmrest Accord. Underlined sections will include a number in brackets which is equal to the armory's incorrect value. -Achievement Points: 16,345 (16265) ~Missing 80 Points -Achievement Total: 1542/1937 (1534/1937) ~Missing 8 Achievements -General: 69/72 (68/72) ~Missing 1 (BUT THE ARMORY DATA IS CORRECT, I'll explain why in the next section.) -Exploration: 114/117 -Dungeons & Raids: 587/726 -Professions: 138/201 -World Events: 165/175 -Quests: 172/196 (167/196) ~Missing 5 -Player vs. Player: 148/252 (145/252) ~Missing 3 -Scenarios: 32/42 -Reputation: 54/72 -Pet Battles: 64/84 *Note: My math was not incorrect, nor were my numbers. I double-triple checked. Armory's achievement total value is incorrect compared to live, however it is also incorrect compared to its own data. I am actually missing out on 9 achievements according to individual sections, but this is because there is a value on Live that is not correct. The next section will explain further. Observation 2 - Achievements can go missing from the armory, possibly because of doing achievements out of order. Achievement chains that go from Indivudally tracked to Account-wide tracked appear to be the blame, and can cause Live to register 'ghost' achievements. Take a look at my General achievement tab. It's missing something, isn't it? Got My Mind On My Money flat out does not exist in my achievement list. Though I have no idea how long that has been the case, I noticed it only after I earned my first Account-Level stage of this achievement, which I earned before finishing other individually tracked ones. Here is a breakdown of this achievement. Stage 1: 100g (Complete!) Stage 2: 1000g (Complete!) Stage 3: 5000g (Complete!) Stage 4: 10000g (Complete!) Stage 5: 25000g (Complete!) Stage 6: 50000g (Incomplete) Stage 7: 100000g [Account-wide] (Complete!) Stage 8: 200000g [Account-wide] (Incomplete) On Live, while it says I have only 3 achievements to earn in General, it clearly displays 4. I'm missing the 2 achievements that are visible on the armory, as well as two achievements that are in this achievement chain. The armory data is accurate in that I am missing 4 achievements in the General tab, but keep in mind that it is not displaying these achievements at all. I'm going to assume based on the other numbers shown in Observation 1 that I am not, however, receiving achievement point credit on Live for the ghost achievement. Observation 3 - Contrary to what Observation 2 might lead you to believe, not all chains with account-wide stages later on experience the same problem. Let's again take a closer look at my achievement totals, this time look at Dungeons & Raids. I'm missing something - the Valor Point achievements. Much like what you saw with Got My Mind On My Money in O2, a similar problem occurs here. Once again, we're going to break down the Valor Point achievement. Stage 1: 1000 Valor (Complete!) Stage 2: 5000 Valor (Complete!) Stage 3: 25000 Valor (Incomplete) Stage 4: 50000 Valor (Incomplete) Stage 5: 100000 Valor [Account-Wide] (Complete!) The interesting thing to note here is that both Live and the armory data is correct. The total number of achievements in this section I need to complete are the same between Live and the Armory, and the Live game does not incorrectly grant me ghost credit for these two incomplete achievements. The only issue with this specific example is that the achievements are not displaying on the armory. Observation 4 - This is a very important one. Achievements are updating dynamically, as intended. I've frequently seen it mentioned, even brought up once by a blue a while back (if I remember correctly), that the issue is most likely due to the way the armory stores data and updates, and sometimes things can just fall off and never properly update until the character relogs and forces another update. This is absolutely not the case, and I am 110% certain of it, without the slightest doubt in my mind. I can't make it any clearer, this is not a problem caused by the armory displaying outdated data or not dynamically updating achievement points. Armory data is up-to-date, it's just wrong. Period. (Remember, I'm talking armory, not forum portrait.) This is why. (Second account, same Bnet) The above links may no longer function, this will get repaired soon. The first is a character of mine on my main account, that I have not logged into since 5.2 released. The second is a character from my second account (under the same Every single thing shown there is correct, the only issue is what you saw in O2 and O3, achievements disappeared. They're still properly accounted for, however. The achievement point total is correct. The achievement total is correct. Each individual section is correct. No achievement is incorrectly credited for. And no achievement is not properly accounted for. These characters, which have not been logged into for several months, are showing values that are consistent with Live (except for the ghost achievement Live is displaying for GMMOMM, which is not a problem with the armory). Notice that even their activity feed is updating with progress I'm making on other characters. Now, here is a link to a handful of my alts that I have played since 5.2. Some might not be played for a while. Notice, however, that all of the armory's achievement point data will be consistent with each other, but inaccurate nonetheless. Activity feed can, again, verify that it's being dynamically tracked. Observation 5 - Certain achievements are losing credit across factions. While I certainly understand a slight difference between Alliance and Horde just due to faction-specific achievements, there are numerous ones that are properly credited for on Live... but the armory disagrees. Here's a comparison between this character's armory, and my Alliance mage's. Look at the difference in Achievement Points - its HUGE. On Live, Rhykes has 16320 Achievement Points and 1541 Achievements. Mulvark has 16345 and 1542 Achievements. I'm missing a few points somewhere though I just haven't figured out where - I expected that to be the case due to faction specific achievements. That being said, Rhykes is missing a HUGE amount from live, many of which are Quest achievements. Because I'm a Loremaster, I should have all of the zone achievements completed. I'm not going to go into too much detail about what achievements appear to be affected, as the problem as a whole seems to be on a much greater scale for some more than others, and more than just the quest section is affected. There may be a pattern, or it may be somewhat random. I know for certain that Horde Side I'm not being credited for Mighty Roamin' Krasaranger, Rally the Valley, or Upjade Complete which I completed all on Rhykes. On the other hand, I saw a few Eastern Kingdoms achievements, such as Redridge Quests and Dustwallow Quests that Rhykes did not have credit for. While it is true that I never completed them (to my knowledge), I did complete the Horde equivalents and therefore they appear complete on Live; much like my Horde toons are able to see completion for the 3 Pandaria quest achievements I linked. -- After spending several hours trying to figure this mess out... needless to say I'm a bit exhausted. I'm hoping this information was helpful in trying to figure out the issue, and I encourage anyone else who may be having these problems to take a closer look at your achievements and post your findings below. I know many of us want this fixed... I know I certainly do.Korkol9 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Tagurdead still missing Its been 2 months and Tagurdead on BDF server is still not found. I see there are still issues with the armory and i'm not the only one. Please fix this problem. thanksPandamist0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 Character doesn't exist? Why doesn't my level 21 horde shaman show up in the armory? She's in a guild and it shows when I filter through the roster but when I go to click on the link to show her, it sends me back to the summary page. When I put her name in with the realm, it brings me to an "Ooops" screen with all the jargan of why it doesn't show.... inactivity, being transferred, etc ...Kriaaheals1 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 5, 2013 missing armory profile picture pretty self explanatory. it also appears as though portions of my armory profile are out of date; if you search Korthos and mouse over my profile it shows arms spec when i'm logged out as prot. also whatever APIs is using it is pulling this same incorrect data i believe this started roughly at the time Dethecus was merged with Detheroc. any help is appreciatedKorthos0 Nov 5, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 Name hasn't changed on the Armory So I race/name changed this toon 22 days ago, but it still shows the old name (Irankontrash)on my armory page. In fact, if you search for Totemswtfqq I don't exist at all. Any ideas on how to fix this?Totemswtfqq1 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 4, 2013 Website Issue: Dropdown Nav Windows Not There Hello. I was not sure where to put this, so I'll try here. The really super easy to get around the forums popup dropdown windows that appear over the words in the forum path sets are not showing for me. I have not noticed any change that explains this outside of the blizzard launcher window showing up and the forum dropdown windows not showing since that feature was released. Again, not sure where to put this, however I did wonder if others are seeing this as well. Thanks.Xelnia7 Nov 4, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Character / Armory page not updating The new website / armory looks great. Way to go Blizz! The only problem I have is my armory page is not updating regularly. I have logged my character in and out multiple times since the last time it updated. It still shows my old gear as well as my old level on the armory page. I am wondering if / when this issue would be resolve or if there is a way to force an armory update. Please respond blues as I know I am not the only person experiencing this issue. Thank you! TrickeyTrickey268 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Another flavor of armory error with Siege! My armory indicates I did not complete flex wing 4 (which is preventing me at this extremely late date in the game to get invites for flex 4). However clearly I did - i have the achieve for flex 4 even shown in my achieves. I don't get this at all. At first it showed everything but the klaxxi, now it shows nothing. here's the link for the achieve for downfall (wing 4) And notice how it is given on 10/28 - but there's no checks next to the names! Furthermore, if you look below it you will see this meta achieve from the same session on 10/28 [strike: Kill 18 war bringers with a single iron star] No idea why this is messed up, but it's impacting me getting into more flex runs. Please help. On the other side of the spectrum, on my main, the paragons kill does not show for normal, so it indicates 12/14N not 13/14N. Please help!Sitcom0 Nov 3, 2013
Nov 3, 2013 Bad link on Faction Change service In the process of preforming a Faction Change, at the stage where it's got my character roster and is asking which character I want to select, there's a link "Faction Change table of equivalences" which links to a page that 404's: I'm guessing it's supposed to link to this article now: Nov 3, 2013
Nov 2, 2013 No login with enforced high level encryption Hi! I run Firefox with Noscript, Adblock, Ghostery, Lightbeam etc. in Private Browsing Mode to help secure my browser. One other tool I've recently picked up using is 'Calomel SSL Validation'. Normally I used to run with RC4 disabled. But with recent 'revealations', I've wanted to force higher encryption than what browsers do by default. So I've also disabled 128 bit ciphers whilst leaving 256 bit ciphers alone. I set up Calomel for the following: FIPS 140-2 Restricted 256 bit ciphers Limit to Perfect Forward Secrecy ciphers Disable Online Certificate Status Protocol checks Force TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1 only With these not at all unreasonable encryption settings (including RC4 disabled), it's impossible to log in to the Blizzard Store. The browser throws message about a lack of SSL Cipher Overlap and gives up. I may be wrong in this, but no doubt there are legacy systems that can't do the above, so it's a bit of a waste of time. On the other hand, Windows XP hasn't got that much life left in it so lack of cipher quality and upcoming EOL of the product, so it's actually not a bad time to pin this cipher issue to the wall and contemplate for the future, etc.Imablulol0 Nov 2, 2013
Nov 1, 2013 Addon settings mysteriously deleted So I log in this morning and many of my addon setting were deleted. Tell me when, tradeskill master, moveanything to name a few. No idea how this could have happened. I have had my UI setup the same way for YEARS and it was very highly customized now I have to start from scratch, I assume. Has anyone else had this issue - and is there anywhere where my addon setting might possiblt be saved / backed up?Lolvengence1 Nov 1, 2013