Website Bug Report

Dec 19, 2013 Lil forum bug I was reading the realm connection page, and just happened to notice that one poster, Crowlight, belonged in a guild called Crusaders of Skadoosh.... and it was listed in the tool tip as a Horde guild. Toon looks human, alliance.... clicked on guild link, yup, it's an alliance guild. It just registers in the mouse-over tool tip as horde. :DSileas0 Dec 19, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Forums/Profile Having Seizure! Well it seems for a lot of people. That the forum Icon/Picture, and a few other little things are having quite a few problems. Looks like the forums lost what realms the characters are on. Try to go to your char profile in the armory via the link in the forum and you'll see the address is missing the realm name. Some, might even find that they try to look up a Guild. And get an Error Page, no words on what is causing this. As far as I can tell. So if anyone knows of anything, please let me know! ThanksVeleirrá30 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Forums Still Need Changing Ok, so, Im posting this again, because as far as I can determine, Im not allowed to post it in the General Discussion Forums, and it keeps getting deleted... I want to know if theres any plan on making the forums easier to use and/or follow on your created or replied threads. For instance, if I go to my "Posts" page, i have pages filled up with the same threads, but just different response of mine. Why not make it simpler? Have one bar for the post/thread...either one that I am following, replied to, or have created... and then have simple notifications on that bar that tell me when a response has been added after mine. And lets do away with me having 10 pages with 15 response to threads, sometimes the same threads, from myself. What do you all think?Jackbabalou0 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Forums Issue Characters names wrong. So I finally had names show up on my account tonight but these aren't the names of my characters on my account. Is this something with the issues Crushridge is having with armory? Anyone else having this issue?Bigscarybear0 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Crushridge Forum Armory, Mobile Armory Errors With the errors in the connected realm Monday, it seems to have caused more issues that Blizzard is announcing. Apparently the majority or all the characters are blank in Armory, Mobile Armory, Cross Realm Chat, etc. Is there an ETA on when at least this error will be fixed so we can post on the forums with our Crushridge Characters, access Armory and Mobile Armory, etc? ThanksSunev2 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Problems after a near merge. Hello, i'm actually a regular player of crushridge server, but since yesterday, when the merge was suposed to happen i cant even check the armory on my crushridge chars, also for some reason doesnt seem like the servers where merged yesterday at all since not me neither anyone else has seem any changein AH or seem players from theother mergedservers so far. Anyway, tldr; i cant getinto my crhshridge chars armory, and i woudl liek to knwo if the served was merged.Gnomoalbino7 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Portrait and Character's Page Not Working Hi! I have a problem. My characters portrait does not show up on the forums, and when I try to go to my character's armory page I get the delightful, "Four, oh: four," message. I have not been inactive at all, I was not banned for any reason, and I have not requested a deletion or anything of the sort. If someone could help me get it back that would be fabulous. Thanks! -EldendurEldendur9 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 18, 2013 Armory Name/Race/Faction Not Updating Going to post a comprehensive explanation of my issue and then give it a week before I call in to customer support on the phone. This has been an issue for 2 months. Feel like I've been patient and I'd posted about it in the past in related/similar threads without any response from Blizzard. I've opened tickets about this in game, and Game Masters have advised me to post here. I dont want to needlessly bother masters, or anybody in the customer service department...but 2 months is a long time with no communication. My issue is this. Presently, my characters name/faction/physical appearance/ and items are not updating on the WoW armory. Roughly 2 months ago I purchased a faction transfer. I changed my character's name to Calexas and am now (in game) a female human. I went from being Horde to being an Alliance character. The armory also reflects me as being in a guild called <Disorder> Interestingly, <Disorder> was a guild originally called <Warcall> before it merged with another group of people and became <Disorder>. It is a Horde guild that I was in 2 months ago before faction transferring. Despite the fact that I am no longer a member of the guild, I can see the present guild message of the day. The guild message has been updated multiple times, and I can still see it. Additionally - if your armory the guild <Warcall> and search for my old name 'saeres' on the roster, you will see that I am not listed anywhere on the roster, yet and considered to still be 'in the guild' - hence I can see the guild message of the day. Historically, there are times when the armory has not updated for a few days. Sometimes, armory doesn't update or refresh until a server reset. I've now gone through two months of server updates and the armory hasn't updated. Interestingly...the armory still tracks achievements that gained for this character on the armory. The armory also tracks when I gain items and all the usual statistics, from what I can tell. I want my armory to update properly. I frankly should not have access to private guild messages when I am not in the aforementioned guild. None of it is particularly riveting/sensitive material, but the bottom line is I am not in that guild and shouldn't be able to see it. I would also like my armory to update so that when I am trying to do cross server groups or interact with other players...they can see that I am a human/Alliance player without me having to tell them. It is annoying that my physical appearance hasn't updated along with any of my 'worn items' for 2 months. The name change and faction change were paid services...they obviously reflect in game - but armory is an extension of WoW and the game. Finally - it is misleading to players whenever I post on this character as it does not reflect my in-game name. My in-game character's actual name 'Calexas' doesn't show up anywhere on the armory.Saeres1 Dec 18, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 Guild Master Services Unavailable Hello, I was wondering if an update was available on the status on Guild Master Services. Arygos became a connected realm a couple weeks ago, and since then I cannot access any characters on that server under Guild Master Services. In fact, that server tab is completely empty. Clicking on the Arygos tab results in an error message of: "You do not have any characters who are Guild Masters." I have three guild leaders on that server, all for at least six months (two for over a year). The leadership has not changed. In the past, even if they were ineligible, the character(s) would still show up in the server tab. I submitted a ticket last week (12/10/13), and the response stated: "I've looked into this for you and it does sound like this may be some type of weird issue related to the realm mergers. These types of issues are all being handled by a team of specialists, so I've submitted all of your information up to that team to have everything checked out and make sure we get it resolved. They should be following up with you directly once it gets taken care of." I just wanted to follow up. Any update would be appreciated. I want to give Blizzard more money! =) Thanks.Death2 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 17, 2013 guild missing in armoy well lets just say i make a thread to try and get new members no one sees it cause my guild looks like it isnt even there i can search for my self and see my self just fine but when i click on my guild i get four oh four and no one in my guild can see us either they get the same thing would love for it to be fixed ive opened a ticket in game but they told me to come here and start a thread how odd but if anyone could help that would be great guilds name is DEViANCE on cho'gallCãrly0 Dec 17, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 This isn't my character I suppose this will work itself out but I figure I better document it anyway. I think this has happened to me before and I didn't really have to do anything to fix it. This isn't my character; I've never made this character and it isn't listed on the character selection screen in the game. There are two such characters showing on the list on this website. The lowbie I usually post on the forums with is fine in game but no longer appears on the website. -- Oops, I'm sorry I posted on the wrong forum. Hope I'm not spamming~ -- Actually it's possible these are deleted characters my kids made, hmDovev0 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 The Innkeeper in Scryer's Tier doesn't work. I want to choose this inn as my home location but it doesn't allow me to. Is this a bug or just my account? Sorry I didn't know. My bad.Hildax1 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Armory is broken... Still Yes, this is yet another person complaining that the armory is broken. This is a very big issue, as many of us rely on the armory for other tools such as wowprogress and askmrrobot. Until this issue is resolved, many of us will not be able to maintain guild functions, such as updating progress/ranks. We also will not be able to effectively reforge any gear we pick up (of course we could always try to do our best by eye-balling it) to appropriate min/max standards. Please, Please help us out here.Homewrecker3 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Battlenet profiles Are they all broken? All of my toons show that I am not on a server. Click on my name to see what I'm talking about.Twinkielock19 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Portrait not showing on Character list but 1. I wanted to see what my average item level was equipped on my character and when I went to do that a big screen popped up saying "Four, oh Four not found" and when I looked at the URL, it said "character//Ráscal/" and I can see that is not correct because it has been doing that ever since I transferred my heirlooms to another server so is this an in game/website issue or what?Ráscal1 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Hey all Hey all I have a problem, can someone explain to me why is my character's portrait gone? The one on the left.Robmanxx1 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Is Blue aware of the Armory/forum issues? I'm sorry to be trolling for a blue response, but the Website Bug forums are awash with people whose avatars and profiles look just like mine. Seems to be due to a glitch between the Armory and some servers. If I manually add my server name between the // in my character profile link, everything works fine. There has been no acknowledgement that it's a known issue. Not asking for a personalized tech response, just asking for ANY sort of tech/CM response on the Website Bug forums. Pretty please, thank you, and happy holidays.Kaleth5 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 Forum Avatar issue I'm curious as to what is going on with my avatar. It just shows the silhouette of the character rather than the actual character. Is this something new with the patch, or a bug of some kind? Anyway to fix it?Dudearonamy22 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 16, 2013 lack of customer service (armory issues) .../sigh, I have had an issue with the armory - not showing my main character for over 3 months & I first began posting here in September. The only blue post I have seen about this issue was on 11/8/11 - over 2 years ago (page 10/14), located here: ^ However this thread was locked, and requests ignored by community game masters. I challenge anyone to find any blues post anywhere on this damn forum, a place that should be littered with them - thus I am going to be unsubing from the game due to lack of customer support. I play the game to raid (pve) but can't join any decent raiding guild without having to link my armory, so i will be quitting the game till blizzard does what we pay them to. I hope I am not the only one who does this, or feels this way - i encourage everyone to do the same - IMO the only way to stop blizzard from ignoring us and to get more attention on this is to stop giving blizzard money. farewell!Swool0 Dec 16, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 How many have to post b4 this is addressed?! READ THESE FORUMS.Homewrecker0 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 Armory problem with firefox I'm not sure if this is the place to be asking this, but the armory recently seems to have an issue with firefox. When I mouse over an item, the box that pops up has a white backround, making almost all of the text unreadable. It works fine with chrome, though. We tried disabling addons, but it's still not working rightStolfus4 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 Collectibles from store gone? ^I scroll to the bottom, press either collectibles/books/action figures etc, and I am redirected to a page not showing physical items. What happened to the physical items in the store?Emmarette8 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 15, 2013 None of my Avatars Armory Work Is there a way can fix this? No Stats nothing!Glacierstorm5 Dec 15, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 Error on Forum Homepage ... Getting that on the forum homepage. Using Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63 m on Windows 8.Tupacked0 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 Forums Avatars Suddenly Blacked Out ...And I've no idea what's causing it. I'm not transferring this gal (or any of my other characters) to another server, I've not deleted or been inactive with her, and have tried logging out/back in to no avail. Is there something else I can be doing? It's admittedly not all that big a deal, but... Well, I find it nice to be able to browse my post history. EDIT: Also, none of my toons are showing their server under their name when I do the drop-down menu to switch which one I'm posting as.Marriama2 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 500 Internal Server Error Getting this error when attempting to access the guild info from within a character armory page or on a direct link from search result. Appears there is absolutely no way to access guild information since the application of 5.4.2. See links for sample. or Links copied 12/14/2013 0739HrsPaelryder0 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 Profile Link yeilding 404 EDIT: Webtools are working again, seems like the profile link is still broken, but that issue is unrelated to webtools not working last night. On the home page of, the "profile" like for my main, klik@hyjal, directs to, instead of yeilding a 404. While this by itself isn't an issue, other web tools, like mr. robot, seem to be getting the same incorrect link. You can imagine just how problematic that is. The link issue began within the last few days. I cannot distinctly remember if I had the problem before 5.4.2 was pushed to live servers, so there is a possibility the issue is related to the patch. I only noticed the web tools getting the bad link (and connected it to the wow profile link issue) tonight. The issue does not occur on any of my alts if I switch to them in the drop down menu, nor does it occur when using the search bar on to search for klik and following the link. To a blue in shining armor: Please fix me! Maybe you guys can go in and manually fix my link on your server, as a quick fix, until the real fix comes out? (I'm assuming this isn't a totally isolated issue, which means you guys probably know it's happening & are working on a fix already. If not... oh boy, spreadsheet time I guess)Klik1 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 Blizzard! and armory issues! There are several similar posts that appear to be getting ignored by blizzard, and they wont let us submit a ticket about this... Many of us are having issues since 5.4.2 on the Forums / / Armory and mobile app with our toon avatars not appearing - also when I log in I still do not have access to armory things like the AH and guild. I am not the only one with this issue, but no one is acknowledging it! Tell us something. Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 guild tag I have this guild tag on this toon (which btw is an inappropriate name imo), but I'm not in this guild. I'm not in any guild. this toon has never been in a guild. please fix. Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 Paragons of the Klaxxi kill not showing up. Killed them last night, but the kill is not showing up for any of our raid members.Steelzen136 Dec 14, 2013
Dec 14, 2013 My toon's armory isn't updating I recently faction transferred my paladin from Horde to Alliance to play with some friends. The armory was working yesterday and showing my level 84 Human Paladin, but today it is showing the previous level 82 Tauren Paladin that I was last week. Last night I hit level 85 but the armory isn't updating at all. The link shows that I'm still in the old guild on the Horde side, but if you go to my new guild's page, it shows more recent activity, albeit still outdated: Dec 14, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Guild Missing from Armory This has been going on for close to 2 months now... any chance of a response?Rykanbubbles1 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 is the mobile armory down? The app won't connect for me this morning. At work and need my AH :)Masovak6 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Mobile Armory Issue Hi, I'm not sure why but I'm unable to log in to my mobile armory on this toon....she doesn't exist nor does any toon from this server. I only noticed this today; probably been a week since I used it.Aeowynn18 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Workaround for "404 character not found" The linking from the forums to the characters appears to be broken..... however, the armory is still fully functional. It's just not linking to the forums properly. _________________________________________________________________________ I clicked on the little magnifiying glass icon to search for my character posts. I got "404 character not found" But then I noticed that it was only searching for "Mistwynd@" ... the server name was missing. When I added the server "Mistwynd@Lightbringer", my armory instantly popped up and displayed properly. Blizzard's forums simply aren't putting the full link to your characters. Note that this workaround will only let you view your armory for your characters, but won't fix the link on the forums. You'll still look like a silhouette when you post here. ________________________________________________________________________ Logging out for 24 hours won't help. It's a website issue on Blizzard's end. None of my characters on Lightbringer or Silver Hand link to the forums... and some of them I haven't played in months.Mistwynd0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 PLEASE HELP! 404! All my characters along with my entire guild page is just saying "Four oh: four" Along with the armory app, it isn't loading my guild at all. What can I do to fix this?Omek0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Character Transfer ERROR: Server Unavailable Hello, I am trying to transfer a level 80 character from this account, which has been inactive since 7/31/2010, to a different account that is active. However, when I go to the character transfer web page and click on the character I wish to transfer, I get a message stating "ERROR: Server Unavailable." I have tried using a different web browser, even a different computer, but always get the same error. The product level on this account is Wrath of the Lich King, if that makes a difference.Platitude6 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Characters Sporadically Missing First off, this is the first truly frustrating issue I've had with WoW so hats off for the good track record. That being said.... :) My characters seem to like hiding on me. Whether its on the mobile app (which I received "server" error messages for most of the day yesterday) or on the website where I'm at right now. I'm missing a few characters seemingly all the time. They're there in game. I've logged into them. But now on this site I can't view the profile for some of my characters and one of my realms is not showing up on the "My Realms" section of the forums. Is there some kind of systemic problem you're aware of, am I cursed or should I just blame the healer?Mallia1 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Blank Avatars So I was having problems with the Mobile App so I decided to report that in the mobile app forum, when I went to select any of my characters on Moon Guard (characters that were unavailable via the app) have now lost their Forum avatars. When I click on my avatar I get the 404 (Four o' Four) error. What is going on Blizzard?Tiffiejackfu2 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Website broken!!! Okay. All the avatar portraits are blanked out like what happens when you recently delete a character, I can't view the stats on any of my toons, or anyone else for that matter. And I can't even view any guilds. I keep getting the 500 internal server error. I've tried using different browsers, so it can't be me. Please, fix this!Chei5 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Armory showing wrong faction for guild The armory is showing my guild as horde, this is clearly a bug that seems to have occured since BurningBlade was linked to OnyxiaRendán2 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Name bugged in Armory Hello, I transferred this character some time ago, changing the name to "Mckale". The only problem is the armory still shows it as my old name "Talyriel" Please help! EDIT: I think i broke something here...made a character called talyriel on same server now theres 2 talyriels on stormrage if you search the armoryTalyriel0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Missing Portrait/Armory Solution? It looks like realm names have just disappeared. Example: Portraits are linking to instead of Same thing if you try to click on someone's guild, the realm is just omitted: vs Mine are showing up fine, but if your portrait is a shadow just look at the address it's trying to link to: it probably says "character//Yournamehere" when it should say "character/REALMNAME/Yournamehere". Not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but hopefully it helps!Yenna0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 I can't view my armory, or see my character! I can't see my character to the left <------- It is just the default used for a level 1 character. I am also unable to view my armory. Is anyone else having this issue?Eternalaria5 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 armory issues its not letting me view my profile directly on this site and my armory app is now not letting me in at all. it was showing 4 of my 6 characters yesterday now i cant log in at allRodorme0 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Chrome mobile login issue Android 4.3 scaling works perfect on Chrome browser on Samsung S4 using Android 4.3. But while logging in and inputting my authenticator code, a dialogue box pops up that does not properly handle zoom functions. So I cannot properly copy and paste my code. While using the standard browser on the S4, a page opens up instead of a dialogue box. Which makes it possible to input the authenticator code without issue.Mulezz0 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Missing Character Portraits... Not a big deal but kinda interesting... I noticed that after the whole server merge debacle involving nesingwary that my portraits for all my characters don't show in the armory anymore. Not a big deal but I figured i should mention it. Is anyone else having this issue?Daemunn16 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Archaeology recipes incorrect This has been a problem for a long time, but it still persists. My forum profile does not show a single completed Arch recipe (while in reality, I have every Arch achievement point). Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 WoW Armory Can't seem to view anything from my primary realm (Grizzly Hills). I have a few toons on Trollbane. when I go and view realm status page, it only lists Trollbane and NOT Grizzly Hills as my realms. Grizzly Hills is listed in the complete list. I am playing all my toons on Grizzly Hills ok , just cant work with them in Armory. Poorman Grizzly HillsRazzell4 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 characters missing from Mobile Armory Has anyone else experienced this since the patch? Dozens of my Characters are missing.Treymus1 Dec 12, 2013