Website Bug Report

Sep 5, 2013 Unable to stay login at site I seem to have a problem with log in on site. Whenever I open the main page, it shows that no account is login and I have to log in my account. I have selected the option to remember me, even for the authenticator part (remember my login for 30 days) but it doesn't work. After logging in, when I click on any games, I will be shown as log out again, and I have to relogin. When I visit my account section, I will be constantly being asked to login even after I have login. Can anyone help me out here? I've tried clearing the browser cache and cookies, doesn't seem to help either. I'm using the latest Chrome browser on Windows 7 ThanksBeliskner2 Sep 5, 2013
Sep 4, 2013 Is the 45 character thread title limit right? It is a bug or oversight that one can only use 45 characters in thread titles on these forums? I find it is very difficult or impossible sometimes to make a 45 character thread title which is adequately descriptive, grammatically correct, and doesn't make me sound like an idiot who uses texting shorthand when I have access to a QWERTY keyboard.Glodd0 Sep 4, 2013
Sep 3, 2013 Armory bug Hey guys. I was just looking through my character on the Advanced feature where blizzard audits your character and tells you if you are missing something and I came across something a little baffling. I guildie of mine noticed that I did not have a scope enchanted on my bow and I went to the armory to check. Sure enough I did not have one on there. When looking at the audit screen it says this character passes. Now I know that this is not an end all be all feature but I pretty sure had I noticed earlier I probably wouldnt have over looked this for 5 weeks :P. Anyway just thought you guys should know and maybe its a quick fix for my hunter brethrenYikez0 Sep 3, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Views = 0? After looking around in the advance menu I noticed all of the posts have view counts of zero except for the stickies. Bugged?Duckhunt1 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Achievement points I'm not sure where this goes. I've noticed for a while that the armory hasn't' shown the right number of achievements. This is my main and many achievements are missing in armory. Yet when I swap to an alt, they show 11760 (levels 90 and 80) And the most achievements show on a little level 10 I use as a bank alt at 12540. I'm pretty sure the larger one is right as I hit 10k beginning of MOP. For example, I have all the dungeons and raids from classic through wrath, plus glory of raider 10m and glory of ulduar 10 and 25 man and mounts to prove it. But armory doesn't show the achievements complete. There are other examples, but those are a few. I'm not sure how much is affected in the game or not since there are so many.Vinya0 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 31, 2013 Error on accessing Game Acct in Acct Mgmt I am logged into my Account Management and can access my secondary game accounts, however when I try to click on my main account for WoW it keeps giving me "An Error has Occured" and sends me right back to the Account Management screen. Any ideas why the others will work and not the one I really want to get into?Burzum4 Aug 31, 2013
Aug 29, 2013 Thread Closed This character was created from the use of the scroll of resurrection so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it but, on my profile it lists 590 total achievement points but next to my character photo on the forums it says "0" next to the gold shield. Was wondering if this can be fixed or what's going on. Thanks Edit: It seems to be working nowFootballfan3 Aug 29, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 Website security certificate warning? Was getting ready to purchase 90 day/$41.97 digital time code from the store. Added it to my cart and as soon as I hit checkout, my IE gives me the security certificate message. The security certificate presented by this website was used for a different website's address. Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. I forgot to get the address it sent me to so I could add that to this post. I will get it and edit/paste it after I post this message. Just wondering if this is something to be concerned with or if it may be something on the websites end and not on my end. Thank you. The address after hitting checkout was I was not signed into my account first before hitting checkout, I usually just select the time amount, hit checkout then it directs me to log in with my information and I proceed with my purchase from there.Deathgirl1 Aug 28, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 Hunter pets still bugged After finding and taming Fangor on my 22 hunter I wanted to see him when I went on my hunter's page there was nothing but a pink ninja. Not only is this one bugged but several others also are bugged not sure if it's cause they are all rares cept for the one I started with or not. Please look into this and fix it, thank you.Iowawolf0 Aug 28, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 Guild Realm Xfer - Appoint a new guild master I am trying to purchase a guild master realm xfer and nothing happens when I click the button to select a new guild master. Whats the deal?Boogs7 Aug 28, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 Account Drop Down Bug I would like to check and see how much play time I have left, but when I go to the account summary screen, all the game tabs are closed. When I click the "+" sign next to them to open and view my accounts for that game, nothing happens. The web address actually even changes, but the screen does nothing. (If I click WoW it will say "" while if I click Diablo 3 it will say "" but that's it!). I tried to see if it would work properly in Chrome, and it does, so this is a Safari based issue it seems.Darithor0 Aug 28, 2013
Aug 28, 2013 Paid Guild Name Change bug? I created a guild on the Dawnbringer PvE realm but now I am having an issue with a Paid Guild Name Change. I changed the name of my guild from Phoenix Dawn to Fortress. It displays properly in game only. You cannot however find the guild by searching the WoW Armory. If you search for any of the characters in the guild you can find it but with the previous name. And if you click on the Roster or Guild Achievements or anything on the Armory website it takes me to a page that says Four, oh: four. Page Not Found There was a PAGE here. It’s gone now. (Is this what happens to pages that wander into the forest?) I opened a ticket on 6/13/2013 and this was the response I got back... "I was happy to look into this for you today. I have refreshed the guild for you so that should help to update the website for you. However due to the sheer number of services that were completed in this last week it's taking the website a little longer to update. This should refresh on Tuesday after maintenance has been completed. If for some reason after Tuesday it still doesn't show up first try clearing the cookies and cache for the internet browser you are using. If it still doesn't show up our website team can be located at:" It's Tuesday and the issue remains so I'm posting here just as I was told. (:Razariel16 Aug 28, 2013
Aug 27, 2013 Game Account Drop Down Doesn't Work in Safari I would like to check and see how much play time I have left, but when I go to the account summary screen, all the game tabs are closed. When I click the "+" sign next to them to open and view my accounts for that game, nothing happens. The web address actually even changes, but the screen does nothing. (If I click WoW it will say "" while if I click Diablo 3 it will say "" but that's it!). I tried to see if it would work properly in Chrome, and it does, so this is a Safari based issue it seems.Darithor1 Aug 27, 2013
Aug 27, 2013 Achievement criteria descriptions missing The descriptions for the criteria achievements for the Glory of the Thundering Raider meta achievement are not being displayed on the armory or the mobile armory. The meta achievement id is 8124. Thanks!Nariir0 Aug 27, 2013
Aug 27, 2013 [Armory] Incorrect name for bold blood garnet Tested in 5.3 Bold blood garnet displays incorrectly as "DEPRECATED Test Glyph 3 [PH]" in armory. Status: not fixed ( see )Eriv0 Aug 27, 2013
Aug 26, 2013 Missing Achievements on Armory This character is missing almost 2k of a achievements on the armory, but I am able to see them in-game. I Logged in all my characters and waited a week waiting for armory or the game to refresh but it has not worked as of yet.Crondizle3 Aug 26, 2013
Aug 25, 2013 Character not showing up. I have a Troll Hunter on Zuluhed named Lundia who isn't showing up on the website or on the Armory App. I want to be able to check my auctions and guild on my phone. Anything I might be doing wrong here?Laoisa0 Aug 25, 2013
Aug 24, 2013 Achievements not showing on website I recently faction changed (maybe 3-4 weeks ago) and have gotten quite a few achievements, in-game it's listed as over 9800 points, but the site is stuck at 2880, and doesn't have achievements listed such as double agent, over 9000, Dynamic Duo. if any more information is needed I will do what I can to provide it.Shadowfeonix1 Aug 24, 2013
Aug 24, 2013 Character Profile's Hunter's Pets When I go on this site( and go to this hunter I like to show people my pets. There is a Hunter's Pets tab on my character profile that leads to a list of my hunter's pets. Now 13/49 pets of mine are glitched when you try to look at them. 9/13 are not the actual pet, they are shown as a pink ninja. Those pets are all rares so they have that in common. Some include a core hound, spiked wing serpent, undead ghost boar and a two-headed yellow ghost vulture. The other 4 are different colors(for example: I have a turtle and crab from the Isle of Thunder, they both seem to be infused with blue energy in game, yet the turtle shows up as a Green Spiked Dragon Turtle and the crab is a Orange Spiked Crab). So if you wanna check it out do so, I wonder is it just me or is it the pets, so check them out and let me know if you see the pink ninja. The pet's names with the ninja are: Insectivore Talon Bananas Drakos Gem Koodlock Quetzalcoatl Crystalweb HookfangAs for the different colors you wouldn't really know so that one doesn't matter just let me know if you see the ninja on those names. Thank you;)Shaynie1 Aug 24, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 Put a report option under names in combatLog Each day I see more and more people hacking. Hacking by fighting while flying mounted, flying around with ground mounts, and the most annoying one is invisible fighters. Last one: Don't you mean stealthed? No, I run into these invisible ranged fighters usually when hunting for rares. They ambush you while you're fighting a rare, kill you then turn invisible and untargetable, then you're just standing looking like a moron watching the rare fight and murdered by thin air.Errvicious0 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 23, 2013 [Bug] Missing a chunk of achievement points I can't seem to find a post about this type of issue when I did a forum search, or if I am posting this in the correct place even. That said, I would like to report a bug regarding my character's achievement points. For the past 2 weeks or so the armory for this particular character is not matching my in-game achievement point total. When I first noticed this bug I was checking my character's armory to make sure I logged out in the correct spec etc., so that I could run a sim, and I noticed that around 700+ achievement points were missing from my total. I checked in-game it is ~12170, but on the armory and in the forums it reads "11575". I gave it a couple of weeks to see if it would return back to normal and 'correct itself', but that of course hasn't happened. I am curious if this has happened to anyone else, and if Blizzard is aware of this issue.Arthurlange11 Aug 23, 2013
Aug 22, 2013 Arena Ladder JS bug I believe it this bug occurs in all arena ladders for all bg groups, my example however is for 2s in BG9. I am using up to date Chrome on win7 but I highly doubt it is the source of the problem. I discovered this bug while trying to filter the ladder by monks and noticed there was no drop down for spec. Then I noticed if i selected a spec for a different class and swap'd it to monk that it would display it as a selecting a monk spec (but still no drop down). However mouse-overing the results in the list wouldn't do anything anymore. This lead me to believe there was a JS error going on. Opening up the console in chrome lead me to finding a JS error of trying to read a property from undefined on line 231. Further exploration of the array Ladder.classes (the array which a non existent element is being accessed from), there appears to be no element "10" corresponding to the monk class. It appears Ladder.classes which is populated in the page body, simply skips class 10 and never puts anything into it. Hopefully all this information makes it easy to pin point this and get it fixed easily.Bîgmack2 Aug 22, 2013
Aug 21, 2013 Challenge Mode Leaderboard I know a lot of you don't care, but for those of us that are chasing the challenge mode titles that are coming for having realm first times. It would be great if the Cmode leaderboards worked fully. For example: the Ursin Server's Siege of Niuzao Temple ( in the number three slot, there's a five man team, none of those players were ever actually on Ursin, AND the only armory I can check is of the warrior from Mal'ganis. Anyways, what I'm asking, is that you try to fix the Cmode leaderboard, so that it's more accurate and resourceful. Please *.* That'd be awesomeSwinny0 Aug 21, 2013
Aug 20, 2013 Realm Status Page delayed updating... during Scheduled Maintenance. This may be the result of playing from 11.5 hours off PDT at the moment, but I've noticed that the Realm Status page doesn't appear to real time update during the regular Tuesday maintenance. This week in particular we're 45 minutes in and it still shows all Realms online with the majority having a Medium or High active population. However, when individual Battlegroups need to conduct Rolling Restarts, the page will immediately reflect when the servers go offline and come back up. This same effect will happen at the end of Tuesday maintenance as well. The Realm Status page will continue to list all Realms as down until 1-2 hours after they come back up.Solaria0 Aug 20, 2013
Aug 19, 2013 Please give me my main back. My main posting character has been missing from my character list (here on the forums, not in game) for months now. Is there anything that can be done about this? I've seen that you are able to fix the issue of deleted characters still showing up, are you also able to fix the issue of existing characters not showing up? It would be awesome if you could.Grimmsy1 Aug 19, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 Mount recieve for Scroll of Resurrection Bug Hello there Blizz team. Just for a random thing to do today i went to Scroll of Resurrection Status and check my history.. Well there was 3 mount showing up for me that i could recieve. Well when i click Claim Mount and choice my toon and everything it tells me it has been sent to an in-game toon for that person and when i hop on i check mail and it not there. IDK if the site is bugged in that section or is the in game mount bugged for it. So I wasn't sure which section to post so i thought i would post it here. So maybe you guys/gurls should check it out and see what going on there.. I was like OMG i can get an in game mount and then find out it wasn't sent to my toon i pick. Look into it BlizzDeavelm2 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 17, 2013 RaF I recruited a friend, and he payed for 60 days of play. I cannot receive my free month, and when I push Claim Mount, nothing happens. I have already spoke with customer services on the phone, but I'm just reminding you that there is a bug with that. :) Thanks!Exalius2 Aug 17, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Molten Front Hi was just curious if anyone else has noticed the stepping stones in the Fireplume Peak still bugged. Now i'm aware and pretty sure most people are that this was an issue when molten front was released. It has become a joke that i come down here even today an still notice that 80% of the stones are bugged and i seem to jump directly on them but fall straight through. I urge blizzard to please look into this and fix it or am i missing something and this is just a troll..... I really cant see how so many of these stones i cant jump on and why this hasn't been fixed yet -_-Troubleshøøt2 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 False loot tables on the Lich King on Randomly decided to look up the lich king on here to see where the drop chance was on Invincible, since it's the only mount in-game i'd trade all my mounts in for if given the chance to. I know it's a lot to manage and all, but it listed as invincible obtainable from all modes except 10 man regular Difficulty. Meaning it can drop on 10 man heroic, 25 man regular and 25 man heroic, I know for a fact it has always been 25 man heroic. but thought i should point that bug out in-case anyone got the wrong idea. not that anyone would, but being a mount hunter and getting false hope like that surely does not feel great. unless it was randomly changed when i wasn't looking which in that case would be nice. but I have all doubts about that.Karilly2 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 16, 2013 Website all glitched out The website is acting all weird. For the forums, the background is white when viewing the list of threads. When viewing a thread, everything is all out of place, the text is black and hard to read against the (glitched) brown background. The other parts of the website are also messed up. When viewing the WoW main page, the body is pushed over to the left side, and to the right is a plain white background. Also, it is impossible to change which character I have selected through the website.Kelendrian1 Aug 16, 2013
Aug 14, 2013 Fix Blood Elf armory with 2H mace When i go to armory my character or any other blood elf toon using a 2H mace, the mace covers up almost half my body and my whole head, i can hardly see what gear im in, or what my guy looks like. plz fixMäniäc2 Aug 14, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Forum glitch? I haven't noticed this until today, but I keep opening up people profiles while on the forums and get sent to a different person with the same name? For example- When I open the OP's profile on the post below I get a Pandaren Rogue instead of Gnome Warrior? Anyone else experiencing this glitch? Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 Glorious Tyranny Enchant on bows is bugged I recently got 2200 with some friends and was looking forward to getting my enchant that came as a reward. I was also looking forward to the awesome red glow that it puts on the weapons. However for some reason it wasn't working for me. But my friends melee weapons worked fine. So i tried to transmog to different bows and so far I have only found 2 bows/guns that it works on. This makes me very unhappy because I am being forced to use the look of a bow that I don't even like that much to be able to see the enchant that I worked to get. Please fix this blizzard I want to be able to use any bow I want and see the red glow from the enchant on it.Ibåsh0 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 13, 2013 plz help. I just bought Lil' Ragnaros and its not showing up what do i need to do.Hazardx1 Aug 13, 2013
Aug 10, 2013 Logged out of forums constantly Hello. I have been noticing lately that it doesn't seem to matter what I do, I get logged out of the forums if I look at something else (or play wow) for a little bit (less than an hour). Sometimes I get logged out while I'm reading a thread. I have the box checked to remember me. This is really annoying. Is it working as intended?Serenitya8 Aug 10, 2013
Aug 9, 2013 Not showing Stats on gear For about 20 minutes now, the site has NOT been showing stats on gear.Jahck0 Aug 9, 2013
Aug 8, 2013 A site that won't work on an iPad? Seriously? This is the only site that I visit that doesn't function on an iPad. You know, those little devices that 90% of the world now uses to browse web-sites? Most days, just logging in isn't possible, and even when I *can* login successfully, pages just freeze when you click a link, until you start rolling your fingers around the screen. Really, in this day and age, why do I have to use a desktop or notebook just to view *this one site*. Every other site, regardless how many server scripts are involved, work just fine. Bad enough you lock any thread that criticises *anything* about the game or company, without having to rage-smash my device in anger. Pls, be fascist all you want, just give us a site that works at least half the time. /ready-for-fanboi-outrageRuffneck87 Aug 8, 2013
Aug 7, 2013 Boss Counter - Firelands It appears on both normal and heroic, the boss counter on the armory page for Alysrazor and Baleroc, the Gatekeeper share the exact same boss counter number. I've noticed this because I solo alysrazor but the counter for Baleroc goes up as well.Zorix0 Aug 7, 2013
Aug 6, 2013 BLIZZARD STORE DOWN? Been trying to buy the cosmetic armor piece for the past 2 hours. Every time I press check out it just reloads to the same page? Any idea?Mercthegreat1 Aug 6, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 Armory enchanting bug The 3 bottom enchants on this list were on the PTR or ingame for a limited amount of time, and were REMOVED since their addition. These enchants are: (Item not found) (Item not found) (Item not found) As someone who is an enchanting completionist, I am not happy when people whisper me in game and say 'You don't have every enchant, armory says you're missing 3!' It's annoying to have to explain to these people how these enchants were never added to the game. This bug has existed for over a year. They've never been fixed; and I'm sure other professions have the same problem.Bunnychaser7 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 5, 2013 Armory Quests achievement bug. Basically your armory will say you are missing achievements from the Quests tab. A lot of people have this issue. I believe I found the culprit for this. These achievements tend to be faction-specific. It makes some sense, [Fo' Grizzle My Shizzle] requires 75 quest for horde, 85 for alliance, so these achievements might be completely separate depending on the faction. So I did some testing. I initially completed this on horde. It was not showing up for this character, so I tried completing it on alliance side to fix the issue. It fixed it for this character, but not for my other alliance characters. I believe the first faction you finish it on is important, as it uses that link as default (Hover your mouse over an achievement in-game to figure out which completed it first). I will post my other characters to show this bug.Ravene2 Aug 5, 2013
Aug 4, 2013 Account Wide Achievement Points Bug Same issue on normal armory. Lost about 3000 points on this toon about a month go, right now it is showing 15925, all my other toons on the same server / same guild has 18330, and it is showing 18330 in game. All of the account wide Achievement are not completed on this toon. (I only have 1 account)Aeaue1 Aug 4, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 500 Internal Server Error When Posting I use a satellite connection a lot and I am unable to post on these forums with. It always gives me a "500 Internal Server Error" when I go to post. The internet works fine on any other forums, but these. Why am I unable to post from the satellite connection?Shidha1 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 3, 2013 Annoying behavior of web AH Problem #1: The in game AH does not do this, I'm not at all sure why the web AH does, because I find it very annoying. Steps to reproduce: 1. Select an item to list. Note that the interface fills in a suggested list price, but leaves the buyout price blank 2. Change the list price to something different, and fil in a buyout price 3. Adjust the duration using the dropdown. Observed: the list price reverts back to the suggested lit price mention in step 1 above. Expected: the list price I've set remains unchanged. I really can't think of a good reason to alter the list price when changing the duration. In almost all cases, the actual list price and the suggested price are going to be different, since the former is chosen by some arcane algorithm that someone at Blizzard dreamed up, while the latter (i.e. the one we want) is dictated by the market value of the item. Problem #2: Steps to reproduce: 1. Select a stackable item to sell where you have many of that object, enough to fill one or more complete stacks, and have an incomplete stack left over. 2. Hit the Max button next to the stack size, and then the Max button for the stack count to sell as many of them as possible as full stacks. 3. Set the price to be "per item", and then fill in a list and optional buyout price. 4. Create the auctions. 5. Select the remaining partial stack to sell them Observed: the UI retains the "per item" selection, but fills in the per stack values for the listing and buyout prices, effectively multiplying the price by the stack size. Expected: the filled in prices remain at the per-item prices. I suspect the root cause of this is that the AH UI needs a very simple "mindset" change. Ever since we've had an AH, it has defaulted to considering the per-stack price as the more important. In actuality, the per-stack price really has very little value to us. For items that can be stacked, in the vast majority of cases we are far more interested in the per item price than we are in the per stack price. While addons can be used to alter the behavior of the in game AH; there is no easy way to do so for the web one. In theory, use of a program like Charles ( ) could get the job done, but that's not a place we really want to go. It would be, to say the least, a very risky proposition to start modifying the code that controls the web AH without the knowledge or blessing of Blizzard.Sotheby0 Aug 3, 2013
Aug 2, 2013 Account Wide Achievement Points Bug Lost about 3000 points on this toon about a month go, right now it is showing 15925, all my other toons on the same server / same guild has 18330, and it is showing 18330 in game. All of the account wide Achievement are not completed on this toon. (I only have 1 account)Aeaue0 Aug 2, 2013
Aug 1, 2013 Fist Weapons Glitch on Character Profile? If you click on my toon, and take it to the page where I'm standing, and my gear is shown and all that. You can see that my fist weapon on my hand on the right side of the screen is.. well.. on the wrong side of my hand. Is it possible for you guys to fix this?Tsong0 Aug 1, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 My achievement points are not updating Hi, If you take a look at my achievements... the pet battle section says i've done absolutely nothing as far as achievements, 0/90. This hurts me deep. I've completed a great number of these, leaving my achievement points on the website to look inaccurate. I've submitted a ticket, they told me to post here, here I am. Who knows what else hasn't updated in my achievements, but the pet battle at 0/90 was a clear give away that some thing was funny. Any update/fix/resolution would be great! Thanks in advance, BriggleBriggle1 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 31, 2013 So the armory doesn't update my achievements? I guess this is the right place? I'm horribly sorry if it isn't. But for some reason my armory has been showing my main, Babyseals, with 3.5k achievement points for weeks now. However all my other characters show the appropriate amount of achievement points that I have ingame, which is 4.5k. I'm not sure what's going on, it isn't a big deal I'd just like to know why.Babyseals1 Jul 31, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 Guild name not changing on Armory. No longer relevant as I paid for a faction change. You can delete this! Sorry!Manali0 Jul 28, 2013
Jul 28, 2013 /who when I type {/who }and select guild from the menu there is no guild names shown.Jassmine1 Jul 28, 2013