Website Bug Report

Oct 9, 2013 My toon is all messed up in the armory when i look for my toon in the armory i get nothing i have to log in and then click my profile. And then it is massively messed up i show that i am wearing a mana pot for a helm... and i am stuck in 2 poses at 1 time. now i took a break from the game for a while.. but it has been nearly a month and still the problem persists can you please advise ? Added a link to my toon Oct 9, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 error has occured under account management Alright, so I'm on my account page "" which shows all my accounts D3, SC, WoW. etc. When I attempt to go to my MoP wow account it says "An error has occured" Therefore I cannot access my account to add game time and such. Oddly enough some of my accounts still work like my battlechest account, D3, and such. What I've tried: Resetting my internet, changing browsers, deleting cookies, cache, history, etc. trying it on my friends computer, Restarting my pc, pondering for endless hours... so help please?Kurotsume9 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Bug with iOS 7.0.2? I updated to iOS 7.0.2 (regretably) a few days ago. Since then when I open the Remote app, I get the Blizzard splash screen, then it begins loading the log in screen and crashes. iPhone 5 AT&T Help?Enzzyte0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Different achievement point number? Hey everyone so I dont' know if this is a bug or not but when I logged in today on this character I had more achievement points than what is posted here in the armory. I did change factions about a month ago so I thought it might have something to do with that, does anyone have this same problem? Thanks.Alleta2 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 [BUG] Stats Wrong I just don't get it, for literally several YEARS, many items proc stats are simply way, way wrong. Why should I have to rely on third party sites for correct information on the items that I freaking PAY Blizzard to properly maintain? You should be ASHAMED!Brightbrown0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Monk and druid icons Looking at the forums titles, the icons next to the Druid and monk categories are switched. The Druid has the monk staff next to it and the monk as the claw. also rogue and tanking section have switched icons edit: ONLY appears when looking at forums on my mobileFoxmoolder0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 Armory Bug Highest 5 man team rating 1,818 Highest 3 man team rating 4,294,967,294 Highest 2 man team rating 4,294,967,294Firelèáf0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 8, 2013 DMF Arena not scaling gear down. If this could just be fixed. Yea, that'd be great. Thanks.Cupcáke0 Oct 8, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Armory bug? Guildmate of mine is trying to run SimulationCraft on his warrior. Said guildmate is right behind me complaining about this lol. SimulationCraft requires an armory page to gather data on gear and talents, glyphs etc, to run. It's a combat simulator to determine things like optimal reforges and the like. Well... he's not showing in the armory. He's showing on the guild roster, but has 0 achievement points. Click on his name and it just refreshes the roster. Search for his name and it returns forum results, but no character results. His avatar is still showing in threads he's posted in. Chorigos@Suramar, <The Hilt is a Lie> Not the only toon on the account. Account is up to date. He's logged into game right now o.oNashoba0 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 7, 2013 Item Bug: Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia When upgrading Nazgrim's Burnished Insignia the potential stat upgrade for the % proc shows as "(+5)" but only adds +0.5. It's a huge difference and kind of misleading.Glidden0 Oct 7, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 guild events not all showing Not all guild events are showing up on the events page. There is a raid up tonight and I only see it on the in game calendar. It don't show up at all on the events page. Yes, this toon is invited.Dahca0 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 Log in twice for no reasion. For some reason it makes us log in twice to view the guild events page. I was already at the guild page and I could not access the events link at all until I logged in. I logged in and the link was usable now. I clicked the link and it took me to the log in window again. So I had to log in twice, and use 2 auth codes just to see the events page.Dahca0 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 6, 2013 checkout not working I cant get to the check out.Keeps sending me please help:(Titanya2 Oct 6, 2013
Oct 5, 2013 Can't do online restoration? Help! I'm trying to do an online restoration through, it lets me select my server/character, but after that it keeps saying server unavailable. Server is Dath'Remar. And no I have not used it yet this month (or last month for that matter).Bankalank0 Oct 5, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 My Main Character is Missing on Armory My main character of the same name as this character is missing from armory. The two little ones are still on armory, but the level 90 is gone. Any suggestions?Gentyl0 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 Armory: Firelands Kills Seems on the "boss kills" part of your armory, the recorded # of kills for Baleroc is instead displaying your # of Alysrazor kills.Lifespark0 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 Deleted toon still showing up in mobile Deleted toon still showing up in mobile armory as well as an option for any ticket I submit (such as "I bought something I dont want from a vendor"; she is an option) The toon's name is protaa, on emerald dream. She was a level one "scout" I used to seek out ED trade chat to see how much they roleplayed. I deleted her, and on top of that, ED has the maximum allotted 11 toons per account on server. Yet her "ghost" still persists on mobile armory. It is not a hack, but I am kinda OCD bout such matters.... how do I vanquish her?Ckena0 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 4, 2013 Forums Issue? I seem to be getting an Error Murlock popping up every now and then when I change forums on the reload. Started a couple of days back....anyone else? Refresh usually fixes it...Graylen0 Oct 4, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 WoW forums and Google Chrome Is anyone else having trouble viewing the WoW forums in Google Chrome today? To me it looks like it's not pulling the CSS formatting. The page just looks unformatted (except for the toolbar at the top and some logo graphics at the bottom footer). The page views fine for me in Firefox, but Chrome is acting up just today.Oakblood2 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 character crash Blizz i can log into all of my guys but this one will crash when i enter world please help me.Avncar0 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 Is the Blizz-store down? I am trying to buy the Guardian Cub I go through the entire process, but when I click on proceed to check out I keep getting an error message. I have checked my billing profile and it is up to date.Ewing6 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 launcher I might have posted this in the wrong section and if so please redirect this, but I have a suggestion for the new game launcher. If you click on the launcher while it is already running in the background, it will open another copy of the program. If they could change it to open the launcher that is already running in the background that would be great. A few times, I have accidentally had eight or nine processes running and bogging my PC down.Kincayd1 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 Neutral guilds Hey. I've been noticing that whenever I search for a guild by name under the Faction column it shows as Neutral and there's a red ? with a black background instead of the usual Alliance or Horde symbol. What's going on here?Edisea0 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 Neutral Guild When mousing over someones guild information, either on their avatar or in the armory, it shows as "Level XX Neutral Guild" instead of the usual "Horde Guild/Alliance Guild"Nobully0 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 3, 2013 Suggestion I just started using the mobile Armory app. I love it. One thing I think it needs, though, is forum support. Say I'm not at home, just pondering the game, and I come up with a great idea. Or I'm on twitter on my phone and I see a GC post that I want to discuss. It would be great to just switch over to the Armory and follow up on the forums. Or vice versa. Did a little digging and didn't see anything turn up, so I thought I'd add it to the forum. Thanks, ZoppsZopps0 Oct 3, 2013
Oct 2, 2013 My realm not in faction change When I go to change my character to alliance under the realm list my realm doesn't appear, ive tried to search for it manually and it still wont pop up! please help me fix this. thanks.Deathlitchdf1 Oct 2, 2013
Oct 2, 2013 Realm list not showing all servers On the community arena rankings list it gives you the option to search for what realm you want and as of right now spinebreaker is not on this list any reason or idea as to why this is or is it a bug.Håvoc1 Oct 2, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Char Xfer, Name change, Faction change issue The past month I've bee trying to get a Toon transferred off of Garona realm. The Char transfer "Website" list will not display that realm when searched for, nor will it display all realms if that item is clicked. I've found the same issue trying to use Name Chang, and Faction Change. (They all use the same HTML interface.) Using Exp 10 or Chrome browsers, zero cache/cookies/history, 3 diff PCs. Placed a website error report ticket and they responded that the issue is in-game. Placed an in-game ticket and they say the issue is website (which I believe). So...if there is someone driving the website bus please have them respond. (Driver = Someone who knows something about the subject) Thanks.Dendamn1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 Can't select 3 of my characters or in armory So dardack/corscadenn/formorian all on Draenor don't show up on website/armory.Dardac1 Oct 1, 2013
Oct 1, 2013 An error has occured. Talked to a GM that helped me around the needing of getting past this stupid error, but none the less i was told to post my issue here for the web guys to fix. Account management page for my single main account gives me an error stated "An error has occured" with a Back to Management link, whenever i try to click on it from the main account management page. Has occured for about a week. I can click on the ptr account, i can click on the diablo account, just not on my main account to get to payments, transfers, etc. GM sent in a ticket further up, told me to make a post, so i have.Glockspray1 Oct 1, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 'Bout dem armory poses... I just paid 25 precious gold pieces from my real life gold pile to become a slavering lycan! Go Me! ...Now the armory is making me look like my battle-honed and silkily furred body is collapsing in on itself. Just a friendly reminder that many armory poses are still terrible. See also: male undead caster male panda caster female panda with staff plus others Much love, BunnyBunnylove0 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 30, 2013 WoW TCG Loot server problem? Hi guys, just a quick one, I have been purchasing WoW TCG packs because I like collecting the cards but also for the obvious chance to get loot rewards!.. My problem is, when claiming a loot award through Blizzards TCG website, the 25-digit code we enter applies for your countries applied server.. In other words we have the option of saying where your server is based such as; American, Korea, China etc... I play on an Oceanic server "frostmourne"... My question is, is this a bug on the wesbsite? not including oceanic servers.. Or am I completely missing the point and would just select Frostmourne under the American server selection? PS: I live in Australia.Discïplined1 Sep 30, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 "Show My Recent Posts" can't be done for ALL So, I have a bunch of characters. And I post on different ones for different things. I post on my toon of that class in the class forums or when making a class specific suggestion. I RP back and forth differently on the toons. When I want to go check on the threads I'm participating in, I have to go through each toon separately and click on Recent posts. There needs to be a "For all my toons" option. I want to see all my recent posts made on THIS ACCOUNT, not on THIS TOON. This interface decision makes participating in threads using different characters incredibly tedious.Arrataz0 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 Change character delays updating in IE 10 If you change which character you're posting from in the forums, the upper right header that shows your current character doesn't change until you move pages. It should be dynamic. STR: Log into the forums on an account that has multiple characters Use the dropdown box to change which character you will be posting as. Actual Result: The dropdown changes your character behind the scenes, but displays the old character until you move to a new page. Expected Result: The dropdown also updates to show your currently selected character immediately.Arrataz0 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 Manage Characters doesn't work in IE 10 STR: Log into the forums on an account with multiple characters, using IE10 Use the dropdown to select a different character to post with. Click Manage Characters Attempt to drag characters around to change the listing order. Actual Result: Nothing changes Expected Result: Can change the order characters appear in the list so that my 90's show above my bank alts.Vivit0 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 29, 2013 Checkout not working. I have the Winged Guardian in my Blizzard store cart and when I click the checkout box to go to purchase the code I am redirected to each time. Help?Theprodigy3 Sep 29, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 free character migration When I click on free character migration on the account page, it always says "an error has occurred".Thornevald5 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 my pet is stuck in passive mode my water elemental will not attack. I have tried everything. he's stuck in passive mode. even when i manually click attack he does nothing. he doesn't work against other players or NPC's. Now, before you respond with that cut and paste crap about my WTF, cashe and interface files, I've done all that. It has nothing to do with my addons or with my interface. It just started out of the blue today. I put a ticket in game, even though I probably won't get an answer for 3 days as usual and they will most likely send me that same copy and paste email you guys send everybody even though I told them in my ticket that I tried everything. Any REAL help would be great.....Ruwkus5 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 WoW Armory/App Updating Errors I have noticed that the armory is not updating my current guild status. On this partciular character I am posting as it lists me as part of <Tirisfal Financial> but I gquit that guild some time ago. This is occurring on the browser and the WOW Armory App for Android. Using the app I can still access the guild roster and attempt to sign in to guild chat though my character in live is clearly unable to do so.Tellerinna0 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 28, 2013 ....time out... I just typed a post that would have left me satisfied with leaving the game but the web page timed out and I had to relog and lost all of needs better coding to detect if a person is really afk. I was typing the whole time. Because of this now I can't post it, and the way I typed everything can't ever be repeated in my lifetime as I poured my heart into it. I'm very upset with this....but unfortunately I'll have to make a short version of what I said here, despite what the category dictates. Bottom line: I quit the game because there was too much to do. Half was dailies and the other half was a mesh of meshes, each with their own versions of dailies, and no feeling of accomplishment. And since I'm upset this has become a rage post. Do whatever you want with this post but know the poor quality of the website shattered my heart first..Apold0 Sep 28, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Free character migration page not working Everytime i try it says error your characters are online, when i tried to log on an hour ago the wait time was too long so i left wow Ive restarted my comp 2 times, changed browsers (chrome, ie) Is there anything else i should be doing? i read it says to wait 20 mins after logging off but its been an hourDolarhyde4 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Remote Auction House down?? I just tried doing some auctioning because I saw some of my things sell that I like to keep stock on the AH of. When I tried to create an auction it tells me it's down. Anyone else getting this?Dlm0 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 Why can't I see my panda's face on his armory So, for a while now, my pandaran's face has been blocked by his right arm in his armory profile. You can't see my head piece, chest piece, etc. It was the same way with my old gear, you could never see what my gear looked like. Is there a way to fix this.Emeryss5 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 27, 2013 quest bug hey guys i was wondering if this is a wow bug or if my comp is hell !@#$ and time for me to get a new one . when ever i go to get a quest the npc automatically exits out of the quest it takes me 5 times till he lets me accept the quest. the same happens with merchants plz helpErtrilshort0 Sep 27, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 a boss kill not showing Our 10 man killed Paragons of the Klaxxi and none of our toons on the armory are showing the kill. We have logged in and out changed gear etc. Can you please check it out. TyEklipsa1 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 Armory Bug: Direbrew's Bloodied Shanker This weapon does not show up in Armory. The slot appears empty, but isn't.Tvarika1 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 TCG Loot card redeem Website The website to redeem WoW TCG Loot cards is not functioning, it will not allow me to choose a realm or click the redeem code button. page in question is at the following link Thank you.Gabz3 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 need help please i have two trinks and according to in game sources its is supposed to give me 7% hast and mastery but when i look on armory it only gives me one, that includes in game, what the heck is going on here, fix it plzDavilett2 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 26, 2013 [Bug] Armory-recent activity Hope this is a bug. Sorry, and I do apologize if it is not. Whenever I kill players out in the world, on my armory page it says I killed a player in Isle of Conquest, over and over, the timestamps change frequently. (like my isle of conquest kills it says, was a recent raid of goldshire). Just wanted to let you all know of this, I am sure I am not the only one with this, I see it on my Guild Masters Armory as well. Thank you- I know it is not serious, but may need to be looked at in the future.Aglaica4 Sep 26, 2013
Sep 25, 2013 Character transfer I currently unable to transfer a character, It's saying faction pending, 2 days after the faction change. This is quite a bug, And needs some attention.Holyshackle1 Sep 25, 2013