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22h Tank Lf active guild. Hi there, I am a tank looking for an active raiding guild. I have 6 tanks available all between 900-915 ilvl. Looking for a guild who raids preferably weeknights. I work full time M-F days and I am on the east coast. Current progression is 5/9 Hc Tos. Not a good fit for mythic as I don't have enough time to commit to a mythic schedule. Btag - Ray77b#1426 Discord - Ailiya#4626Ailiya0 22h
1d Bye Easy. Look like our local US first guild has left the server. Good luck. P.S. Since your not the hometown guild no more, I have to root for Midwinter from now on.Tìm10 1d
1d [A][Play Harder] (7/9H ToS) LFM <Play Harder> (9/9 N 6/9 H) is recruiting for our mythic progression in ToS. We would love to have 1-2 more solid healers and more DPS (any class as long as you know the skill!) for sure! Raid times are Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am-1:30 pm server. We are a family style raiding guild and do keystones including up to plus 20's in guild as well. We also welcome alts and casuals as well. PST Havikòm or Khazaram or Manapawz or Scorchem for a ginvite. :) If you are interested, feel free to reply to this thread as well.Esanelle10 1d
2d 913 Brewmaster monk LFG 6/9 N and 3/9 H experience, Raided 9/14 M SoO, and got 8/9 H Brf, looking for between 6-8 server time starting, raiding guild, available all days of the week.Yoresa1 2d
2d LF Guild Hey forum. I am looking for a guild to raid with for the end of 7.2.5 and beyond. I have many toons i would be willing to raid on: 910 boomkin, 907 UH dk, 905 afflict/demo lock, or a 850 MM hunter that i can gear up. I am 5/7H ToS exp. If you are interested hit me up on battlenet @ MagicPants#113255Tinisilber0 2d
3d <Pinnacle> Weekend raiding guild 3/9M ToS Pinnacle is currently recruiting for core spots on our raid team to push into Mythic Tomb. About Us: We are a guild that values commitment from our members for steady progression through content. Outside of raid we have a very healthy guild life, members are always active in Mythic+ and Discord. Current Legion Progression: T20: 3/9 Mythic ToS 9/9 Heroic ToS T19: 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV 5/10 Mythic NH Current needs: - Any RDPS (especially Shadow/Boomkin) - Pally Healer Please feel free to apply even if your class/role isn't listed! Raid Times: Saturday/Sunday/Monday 8:00PM - 11:00PM EST (5:00PM - 8:00PM Realm/PST) Currently also trying an optional Normal ToS on Fridays at 8:00PM EST/5:00PM Realm/PST, times are subject to change. Expectation: Our expectations are pretty standard: - Attendance for at least 90% of the raids is required. - Raiders come to raid each night prepared to play for the entire session, we take breaks if needed. - In depth knowledge on your class, role, and fights. - Not afraid to ask questions. - Have a positive outlook on raiding, don't become tilted by wipes, no toxicity towards other members. Loot System: We currently run a Loot Council system using the addon RCLootCouncil. Our LC is very transparent with the raid team to insure decisions made benefit the group as a whole. We allow access to the voice channel for listening (voice active only for LC members) and we offer 1 person from the raid team each week to participate on the Loot Council on a first-come first-serve basis. Trial period: Our trial period is pretty laid back. Players who make a good fit for our team show consistency with attendance and enthusiasm for progression/personal improvement. Typical trial period lasts for 2 weeks. If you feel like our guild would be a good fit, then please apply at: Discord: Contact for any additional questions: BT for Tachibana (Recruitment) - Simplicityy#1646 BT for Alpaca (Recruitment) - nibrca#1645 BT for Krimz (Recruitment) - sikology#1547 BT for Toastyhealz (Raid Leader/GM) - Demontoast#1636Feelsbadman41 3d
5d [A]<The Deceived> LF Dps For Heroic Info: Vent is required for raiding Food & Flasks will be provided Just started first week of heroic Current Raid Progression: 9/9 Normal ToS 2/9 Heroic ToS Current dps needs: -Death knight -warlock -warrior -monk 905iLvl required for Heroic Heroic Raid Times: Tue/Wed 6:00PM - 9:00PM Realm Time Normal ToS on Saturday at 7:00PM-11:00PM Realm Time, Day/times Might change (can bring alts to run). Expectation: *Show up 15 minutes before raid. *Knowledge on your class, role, and fights. *Positive Additude Loot System: We Use Rc Loot Council For Invite: -reply to post -message one of the battletags or toon ingame battletags Domagura#2963 Moonwisper#1131 Toon ingame Yimaishusa-Aerie Peak Moonwipser-Aerie PeakYimaishusa1 5d
6d 915 Bear LF home! What I'm looking for: + Chill/relaxed guild that understands this is a game and we're here to have fun. Semi-hardcore for raids is fine, but I'm looking for a relaxing home here, folks. Some activity outside of raid times would be nice! + 2 nights/week -- right now, only Tuesday is off limits, but that might be negotiable + Late night raid times, preferably 10pm PST or later, but I can possibly make something as early as 9pm PST start times work + LF full-time tank spot I don't have Tomb logs since I took a break for some family stuff a few months ago, but you can view my past NH logs here: BTag: OhMyItsAPie#1205Bëartron0 6d
Aug 10 Christian Guild I'm looking to start a christian guild on Aerie Peak. Let me know if ur interested.Jnanden1 Aug 10
Aug 6 918 Boomkin Im a 918 Boomkin looking for a late night raiding guild. I work late so i need a start time that is after 11 est (8pst) and i can raid any night except thursday nights.I am currently and have always been on a horde server but am willing to go wherever i can fit in at. I am looking for mythic progression but understand that cutting edge isn't always obtainable. I am only 4/9 Heroic ToS due to a lack of commitment from my current guild. If you have any question or anything let me know. My btag is Tenning#1579.Tènning0 Aug 6
Aug 5 906 BM Hunter LFG + Raid Times available & time zone: I'm on all the time, Looking to Raid Wednesday, Friday, Saturday or Monday, preferably earlier in the week for obvious reasons 7pm-12 CST, No more than 2-3 nights and 3-4 hour Raids a week. Server preference: Aerie-Peak, Any other PvE WILL do, but I'm not planning on transferring Realms in the immediate future. Faction preference: Alliance ONLY Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Semi-Hardcore/Casual - Looking to farm heroic & Kill some Mythic bosses. Current progression/experience: Main has killed Mythic Helya & 8 Bosses in MNH Contact info: Onehotshot-Aeriepeak or add me @ Jbizzpro#1623, you ran PM me on forums too, but it'd be a delayed response. Anything else: I've got Discord, pretty familiar with Logs, Love to do Mythic+Onehotshot2 Aug 5
Aug 5 919 Hunter LF Mythic Hey everyone. 919 hunter, currently BM spec, looking for a mythic raiding guild. I am an EST player, and am currently available to raid up until 11:30 pm EST, and I cannot raid weekends. I am 7/7 M EN, 3/3 M ToV, 6/10 M NH, 9/10 H ToS. I'm looking for a relatively chill guild, not looking for a super hardcore raid guild. I want to progress through mythic without an insane amount of stress, anger, anxiety, or yelling. I've had that in some guilds in the past, but was pleased with my current guild because that was not the case; I would like to continue with that trend. Thanks for reading!Fuicyjruit4 Aug 5
Aug 5 <Focus> 3/9M Fri/Sat 6pm Server <Focus> is a 3/9M semi-hardcore raiding guild, looking to form a complete roster for our core raid group. When not raiding, we are actively doing M+ to fully prepare. We offer a competitive, progressive, yet social and well connected guild experience. We strive to push our raiders to the best of their ability opposed to casting them aside. Raid Times Thursday 6pm Server (Optional Farm) Friday 6pm - 10pm Server Saturday 6pm - 10pm Server Room for any DPS who can perform in core raid group and anyone interested in M+. Requirements Discord is required for guild activities such as raiding and M+. Expected to be fully enchanted and to use flasks/pots on raid night. Flasks and pots may be supplied by the guild. You must be able to reasonably take criticism, and do the work to improve and min max. If interested message Nameless#1304. OR Message Delliedel or Fluffyhealz ingame.Delliedel11 Aug 5
Aug 4 Ingenious Is Recruiting Fri-Sat Raiding [A - Aerie Peak – US] <Ingenious> is 9/9N and 5/9H. We are looking for more people that are interested in pushing through heroic with us and eventually getting into mythics. Raid Times: Fri/Sat 5-8:00 PST (8-11:00 PM EST) Current Recruitment Needs Death Knight: Frost/Unholy Demon Hunter: Havoc Druid: Balance/Feral/Restoration/Guardian Monk: Mistweaver Priest: Shadow Rogue: Any Shaman: Enhance/Elemental Warrior: Arms/Fury/Protection If you are interested in joining, please contact us in game. Contacts: Raid leader Marrowas @ Astindis#1335 Guild leader Tyash @ Becca#1498 Senior Recruitment Officer Shammash @ Rain#1770Tyash1 Aug 4
Aug 4 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 4
Aug 1 Momentum 10/10h seeks dps [A] Momentum is looking for a couple more. We are a small HEROIC raid team (sorry, no plans to get bigger and do mythic) currently 10/10h. Momentum was started in 2008 and most of our raid team has been playing together for years. We're flexible on classes and roles but ideally would love to add a couple melee dps and/or a tank to the team. We raid Tuesday and Sunday evenings, 6:45-10 cst. michelle#1957 p.s. adults only pleaseZipp7 Aug 1
Jul 31 Mythic +15 Carries! Mythic level +15 Carry (930 item level loot from weekly chest, along with a chance at 910 / Titanforged loot) - 200k All carries will be done by a group of friends looking to make some extra gold... We are all above 1900 M+ Score and have sold numerous Mythic + Carries starting from early Emerald Nightmare days! The prices listed above to our knowledge are the cheapest you will find on US-Aerie-Peak Alliance. Contact info - Aedint#1263Dwerf4 Jul 31
Jul 29 [A-Aerie Peak]<Ingenious>LF DPS and a healer. <Ingenious> is 9/9N and 5/9H. We have a great core of raiders who push themselves to be the best that they can be. We pride ourselves on being friendly and fun while being able to be calm and collected during progression. We are looking for more people that are interested in pushing through heroic with us and eventually getting into mythics. Raid Times: Fri/Sat 5-8:00 PST (8-11:00 PM EST) Current Recruitment Needs Death Knight: Frost/Unholy Demon Hunter: Havoc Druid: Balance/Feral/Restoration Monk: Windwalker/Mistweaver Priest: Shadow Rogue: Any Shaman: Ele Warrior: Arms/Fury If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact us in game. Contacts: Raid leader Marrowas @ Astindis#1335 Guild leader Tyash @ Becca#1498 Senior Recruitment Officer Shammash @ Rain#1770 Check out the YouTube channel for our first kills at Have a good day!Sillarus3 Jul 29
Jul 28 (A) Holy Paly Lf Raiding Guild 915 ilvl Lf raiding guild that raids on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Looking to push content and make some friends along the wayMuruiak1 Jul 28
Jul 28 Livid I need to vent cant play female character!!!!!!!!!!!! IM A MAN MAN CARTOONS MAN MEALS MAN MUSIC MAN JUICESExile0 Jul 28
Jul 25 Molten Core Swim Team <Main Tank Spot Open> Molten Core Swim Team is currently recruiting members for our main raid spot. we are Currently 8/9 H Tomb and will be pushing Mythic. Raid Time: Tuesdays/Thursdays/Sundays: 7:30PM-9:30PM. What we are looking for: Tank: Non-Paladin Tank for a full time Position. Requirement: being able to Work/communicate with other tank(s), communicate with the raid leader and the officers, great knowledge of the fight, good awareness and being able to pull his/her weight in DPS. Dps: All welcome. Requirement: being able to pull their own weight in DPS, great knowledge of their class/spec. Flexible and understanding that they might need to sit within a minutes notice for the good of progression. Healer: All Welcome. Requirement: Being able to pull their own weight in HPS, as well being able to work with the Healing officer to time CD, great knowledge of their class/spec. Flexible and understanding that they might need to sit within a minutes notice for the good of progression. Mythic + groups: High Demand: Tanks. Everyone else is welcome to join for pushes. Contact: Stormcrest, Boutreefiddy, Arrowwarrior, Singlesolder, Shamsz, Vaporman.Stormcrest0 Jul 25
Jul 24 <Convert to Mythic> LF Exceptional Players <Convert to Mythic> are always looking for excellent players to join our ranks. Currently, we'd like to add 1-2 exceptional DPS to our roster. If you're looking to push current content with a group of like-minded players, we may be the place for you. We're currently 9/9H, 2/9M in Tomb of Sargeras, after having completed 8/10M in Nighthold. Our raid nights are Thursday (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm server) and Sunday (6:00 pm - 9:30 pm server), with an optional night for farm clears on Tuesday (7:00 pm server). Visit our team page ( to see our current roster and our logs. To submit an application, please visit If you have any questions, please reach out (Jalpwn#1818).Jalck4 Jul 24
Jul 23 [A][Darkness Within] 8/9H ToS LF TANKS We are currently 3/10 M NH 8/9 H ToS. We have two teams that raid on different nights and times. Evening group (5:30pm Pacific to 9pm Pacific): Tank(s) (any except Paladin) Competent DPSLatenight group (9pm Pacific to 12am Pacific): Tank(s) (any except Paladin) Ranged DPS (Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Hunter, etc)Raid schedule: Tuesday (8:00pm - 11:00pm PST) - Normal ToS Recruitment/Alt Run Wednesday - Thursday (5:30pm - 9:00pm PST) Evening ToS Progression Friday - Saturday (9:00pm - 12:00am PST) Late-night ToS Progression We require you to: Have an in-depth knowledge of your class which includes but not limited to, optimum talent specs, gear itemization, stat priorities. Come prepared, raid ready with consumables such as flasks, potions, food, etc. Have taken time to research fights before raid to help minimize the learning curve for new content. Have the patience and the endurance to wipe repeatedly on new content as part of a learning process. 90% minimum attendance Discord with a working mic Our Website: For more information, feel free to leave a reply below, or contact: Däine - Daine#11510 [i]Excludedxl - excluded#1578[i]Goatjugs5 Jul 23
Jul 21 (A) 9/9H Guild LFM for Tomb About Us: Legendary Soul Hunters ("LSH") moved to Aerie Peak on June 10th after being together on Velen since 2007. We are currently 9/9 H in Tomb of Sargeras. We emphasize efficiency and timeliness with our raids, since we have chosen to limit our raid time to under 10 hours a week. Our goal is to return to mythic once we have completed heroic. We are a great those who want to make progression in a positive environment. Who Are We Looking For: Players who respect their teammates and want to be a part of a community. Players who are looking to improve each and every week, and can take constructive feedback about their performance. Players want to raid consistently over the course of the expansion and who are active in other areas of the game as well. What We Will Offer: LSH offers a positive raid environment that is perfect for players who want to progress at a high level. Raiding should not be a chore and with LSH it is anything but. LSH emphasizes being strong on mechanics and strategy first and foremost. Outside of raids, LSH frequently runs mythic plus dungeons with the intent to involve all members interested. Lastly, LSH offers a stable team of members that you can rely on week to week and expansion to expansion. Please see the below contact information section and visit the website to learn more or apply, or reach out in-game to any of us identified below if you have questions. Legion Raid Schedule: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8:15-11:00 PM EST Contact Information: Website: Recruitment: Cormahs (Aranel#1675) Santamarce (Santamarce#1454)Cormahs7 Jul 21
Jul 20 888 Marksmanship Hunter LFG Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Not really interested in faction changing.Xollin0 Jul 20
Jul 20 Casually Elite, new group for H/M Tomb Hello! Casually Elite, a member of <Convert to Raid> is forming in preparation of Heroic and Mythic tomb. This group is being reformed by 5 members of a 3/10M NH raid group that decided to leave the server and faction. We're sitting at 9 members and pushing to get a few more with the intent of fast clearing Heroic Tomb in order to get into Mythic once we reach 20+ members. Here is our team summary from CTR's website: Casually Elite is a group of progression-minded individuals who are looking for the best there is to offer regarding raiding with World of Warcraft. We're Casually Elite because while mythic progression is the ultimate goal, there will be no outrageous requirements for team members, provided you can show up consistently and perform at a high level. Members are expected to know their role and do what is needed in order to push progression, understanding that while high DPS is fun, mechanics are top priority. Raid times: Tuesday and Sunday 10pm-1am et (7pm-10pm pt) We do have a discord server. What are we recruiting? Pretty much anything. If you have the skill and the drive to push Heroic and get into Mythic, there will be a spot for you. We have one dedicated tank already and a couple healers so emphasis will be on another tank and some DPS. If you have questions, you can message me on bnet or just respond below. Thank you!Nepthen6 Jul 20
Jul 19 Not looking anymore Hi All, I'm looking for a new guild! I'm have a main spec Prot Paladin that's cleared 6/9H. I'm looking for a fun guild that has a raid. :) At a minimum, I'm looking for guild that wants to clear Heroic before the next tier that needs a full-time tank. I'm not interested in a Mythic+ tank spot or back-up tank role. See below for more info. Feel free to add me on if you want to talk further. Battletag: Lincoln#1417 1. Times available & time zone: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday between 8pm EDT to 11:30 EDT (5 PDT - 8:30 PDT). 2. Server preference: This one ofc! 3. Faction preference: Alliance! 4. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual to Semi-hardcore! 5. Current progression/experience: 7/7H EN 3/3H ToV 4/10M NH, 10/10H NH 6/9H, 9/9N ToS 6. Recent logs (if available): (I'll play any talent/gear combo needed to kill any boss on farm or progression.) 7. Contact info: Battletag: Lincoln#1417Reese3 Jul 19
Jul 18 <Exalted With Floor> [A] is recruiting! <Exalted With Floor> is now recruiting all classes for the main roster! We are a group of friends who have played since BC but have returned after a break to get back into raiding. First we will be clearing normal/heroic ToS with the hopes of one day getting back into Mythic. Our raid leader has previously been a part of a world top 50 guild during progression, so we will have an expert leading the way to Kil’Jaeden and beyond! What are we looking for? Dedicated individuals who want to progress through heroic and start mythic. A lot of the current team have mythic experience from WoD but haven’t raided in a bit, so once everyone gets settled again we will have a strong core base. We want to build upon this with others who have the drive to see more than the average raider! You must be vocal, know your class, and show up to raid on time & prepared. Having a prepared offspec is a huge plus for us, as some fights require you to have different playstyles. Everyone must have at least 51 traits in their artifact weapon and DPS should be pulling at least 450k on single target. We need to meet these numbers so we can progress through ToS! We are also looking for nice, fun people to play with- if you don't think you can be mature and handle yourself in a professional manner during raid, please don't apply. No racism, sexism, bullying, or elitism will be allowed- absolutely 0 tolerance policy! We want everyone to feel like they are at home here! How is our raid environment? We will be semi-casual, which means that even though we are going to be trying to push into mythic, real life does come first. We want a fun family of raiders who will try hard to progress but not take it too seriously to the point where you are taking it out on your peers. We like to joke around before & after the raid as well as during trash. However, during progression you should be serious so that we can get through the bosses as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are here to have fun and progress to at least AotC, so be a part of the team in every way possible! We expect 90% raid attendance, but are fully aware and understand that IRL is a thing. A bunch of us work full time and have families so sometimes one of us may need to miss out on a raid or show up a little late. That is alright so long as you communicate ahead of time so we can plan ahead. Our long term goal is to field a 20 man roster so that we can swap out as needed until we get to mythic (which we will exclusively recruit for when the time comes). Sign me up! Go to our website and fill out a recruitment form, and we will get back to you ASAP (usually within 24 hrs): Raid times: Fri/Sat 10pm-1am EST (7pm-10pm PST) Have any questions? Post below or contact one of our officers (we are usually on at night): Ebonrune#1180 (Guild Leader) Cyd#1968 (Officer)Clyt3 Jul 18
Jul 14 LATE NIGHT RAID TEAM 1am-4am EST <At Midnight> of Stormrage is currently recruiting exceptional players to improve our roster for Mythic tomb! About <At Midnight> At Midnight is a late night Alliance raiding guild on the Stormrage Server. Our guilds focus is on raid progression, we want to clear the content while it is current. While we are not raiding, the guild does 5 mans, PVP, Transmog runs, we hang out on discord, and play other games with each other (LoL, Heroes, Overwatch, etc..) Raid Schedule: <At Midnight> Wed/Thurs/Fri 12:00 am - 3:00am (CST) 1:00am - 4:00am (EST) --- This is the Server's time as well. 10:00pm - 1:00am(PST)(tues,wed,thur) Expectations: -Be on time. We pull the boss at 12:00AM, we expect you to be online and ready well before this. -Loot is a tool to help kill more bosses, not the reason we raid. -We expect you to have read up on any bosses that we will fight. Whether it's something we already have on farm, or our next progression bosses. -You are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted as well as having food, pots, and flasks. Upon Joining the Team: -You will be placed as a "Trial Raider" -You will be given a date that we will decide if you will be bumped from "Trial Raider" into "Raider". -During this time you will be evaluated by the raid leader and his raid officers, any corrections or improvements given to you by them will need to been seen prior to your bump into "Raider" status. We are currently recruiting any great DPS, however these are the classes we are short on in the raid group: 1 ret paladin 1 mage 1 warrior 1 death knight 1 shadow priest Whether or not you see your class needed up here, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to message us as we are always looking for good players to join our roster! If you are interested, you can message the tags listed below! Katie#1178Squeekerrz0 Jul 14
Jul 13 916 Guardian Druid and 916 Shadow Priest 916 Guardian Druid and 916 Shadow Priest currently looking for a weekend raid team. Both are 9/9N and 7/9H. Both have concordance in all specs and the ability to play off specs as well as druid having a 910 frost mage available with concordance. Btags: GiGi#1168 & Syan#1437 Logs: Jul 13
Jul 10 920 Prot Pally First off, I am open to transferring horde. But you will pay for the transfer. 57 Artifact 1600m+ 10/10H 1/10M (Got put on Nights when we started Mythics) 9/9N 7/9H (3 Weeks into ToS, and our raid group was apparently Mythic Ready) Shorten the story up, didn't see eye to eye with my guild. Held through till the end of the week, and decided I still didn't see eye to eye. Came back from working 2.5 months on nights, to giving them the solid tank performance that I had given prior to working on nights, and they had moved on with other routes. Monday - Friday 7pm-11pm CST, are my available times for raiding. I'm looking for a guild that is ready to start Mythic, needing a tank to fill in that last slot. What I bring to the Table: 1. 97-100% Attendance on mandatory raid nights, 50/50 on optional. 2. Can read over my own logs, and adjust from there. 3. Very Vocal, and if put in a leadership position can lead. The only time I won't be vocal, is when there is a lack of communication between the other tank being vocal, if the other tank is not vocal and I point it out numerous times to Guild Leader, and officers, and they do not do anything about it. I will not be vocal. 4. Parses don't matter, but consistently always parsing. Could use additional help on the DPS side of the table though. What I don't want at the Table: 1. Loot Council that funnels gear to specific players. 2. Individuals that continue to mess up, and miss raid nights, and allow them to recieve gear/pats on the backs when they wipe because of mechanical errors from not having the slightest clue to what has happened. IE: Knowing that standing in swirlys from Maidens, will give you the bomb. Making you ineligible to properly tank the boss when it needs to be taunted for your side to receive the hammer. 3. I expect guild repairs, if I contribute to your guild bank. If you require me to put materials in a bank for feasts, then I expect to get something else other than feasts in return. 4. If it's progression 20 minute explanations are good, if it's not progression and it should be farm, then I expect a short overview and a ready check and pull. There is no need to have 20 minute discussions before every pull. If you're looking for a tank that gives you 100% output when receiving output from the rest of the raid, then here I am. If you want someone that will put in just the amount that the bare minimum guy puts in while jerking himself off, go somewhere else. I'm not here to carry your raid team. Add me at Stephen#11786 Have Top Notch internet with no latency issues, also have a back up MiFi hub in case power goes out. Here are my logs from Tomb: LINKS: WoW-Heroes WoW Progress Warcraft Logs Jul 10
Jul 8 (A) <Asparagus Initiative> LF Range DPS Howdy raiders! <The Asparagus Initiative> is a "hardcore casual" raid team in the <Convert to Raid> guild who's goal for every patch is to get AOTC achievements for current content and then see how far we can progress into mythic content before the end of the tier. We are currently recruiting range dps (bonus points if you have a healing offspec). We formed just over a month ago and are already 9/10 H and we need some more folks to fill out our mythic roster! Raid times are Thursday and Sunday nights 6pm-9pm server (pacific) time. Visit our team website for more info or to apply: Jul 8
Jul 6 <The Browncoats> Recruiting for N/H/M ToS <The Browncoats> are recruiting skilled DPS and Healers, and probably 1 tank for Normal/Heroic and some light mythic ToS action. We are a "real life comes first" PvE guild with a semi casual attitude (come prepared, show up on time, kick !@#, have fun) Raid nights are Tuesday & Thursday 8-11pm EST. 900+ iLvL minimum Message Newdle in game for more info. And yes, some of us like Firefly.Newdle1 Jul 6
Jul 4 Garbage shaman. Shanuba is a key depleter! I wouldn't bring him on a +2Bbop0 Jul 4
Jul 4 new to server Hello guys I am new to server and a recently came back (came back today) from a decent hiatus from wow 2 yrs i am lvling this little gnomette and i will be boosting at 60ish for professions to make it easier for me i want i am looking for a good social causal raiding guild that i can have fun and dungeon with due to i work early mornings 4 am to 2 pm so i wont be consistent in raids but i would like to be a back up when i can (of course i will gear myself i'm not looking for hand me outs advice maybe but ill do my best to gear myself). if there is any guilds out there willing to pick me up so i can chat with u guys while lvling so i wont be in complete desolate. much appreciated. ty for time guys and happy hunting down the legionSteampunkete0 Jul 4
Jun 30 <A> <Lenormand Oracle> Looking for Raiders Hi All, We are mostly a casual guild. But we are looking for some raiders who would be interested in progressing EN Mythic. Message me in game if you're interested. Raiderazc@1121Raiderazc0 Jun 30
Jun 28 Returning Blood/Unholy DK(BrM Alt) Returning Blood/Unholy DK(911 ilevel blood/908 ilevel unholy). I will start of by saying I didnt come back to get much experience in NH/EN. I was away for three years. That being said I had a long and established time as a tank and dps in top 20-30 guilds from about t2 to t15. I would have gone back to them however I my timings have changed and prefer to find a guild that starts up after 8PST. I am primarily looking for guilds that are established and have at least 8/10M in T19 going into T20. This is due to my confidence in my abilities. I can give you people to talk to people in the guilds I was part of so that you can check me out if need be. Thanks *I do have a preference for tanking roles as that is what I spent the large majority of 15 years doing but I am still a good solid dps that always parses highly so I will switch back to unholy if need be for a spot. I also have 52 Points into Frost now as well to round things off. On the side of this I am used to spit raiding so I have also leveled 3 alternatives to my tank. Bear, DH, and Monk. The monk is what I have been primarily working on as an alternative and can main switch to him as primary if a BrM tank is preferred. **About guild nature: I can't believe I am going to type this out as well but I from my experience since coming back in some middle of the pack guilds, I am going to say this. I prefer environments that aren't ego-centric. By this I mean I have found from experience that guilds that are supportive about each other and not concerned about flexing their ego with more abuse then ability aren't guilds that actually make it or stay in top spots. I have just left a guild that had some good clearance in NH for this specifically. I am not here to flex my ego. My performance will do that for me 57Points into Blood 53 Points into Unholy ***I am willing to race and server change for the right fitRatzass4 Jun 28
Jun 27 Illusions Glitch? Im trying to transmog my offhand for my fury warrior and the Illusion Winters Grasp keeps appearing on the offhand and I dont know how to unequip the illusion, can someone help?Chaught0 Jun 27
Jun 20 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara1 Jun 20
Jun 19 <FACEPULL> LF Ranged DPS Facepull of Convert to Raid is currently recruiting Ranged DPS (Healing offspec would be amazing)!! 4/10M for Nighthold, looking to bolster ranks for Tomb. We raid Tues / Thurs 5-8 sever (8-11EST) with an off night/Optional raid on Sunday to farm AP from other raid content . We also have people available most nights for Mythic+ Dungeons You can message us at or check our Twitter Feed @facepullctr PM @Kempo - FacePull, @Eshelon - Facepull, @Loni - Facepull on Discord or Yamobethere in game (BT: Byrdman#1951) if you have any questions. Or Apply now at: Website: www.facepullctr.comYamobethere0 Jun 19
Jun 18 Late Night Casual Weekend raiding Hey there, Duplicity on Aerie Peak is looking for raiders to join our roster. We are a new guild formed of friends that have been playing for 5+ years together. Our roster has a diverse group of people when it comes to experience, from returning players to current Mythic raiders. We are looking to clear content at our own pace, prioritizing having fun. That being said, we do plan to see end game content and do have an expectation of performance in Raid. *Update* We just did our first raid last night, full cleared in 2 hours : ) Also, our roster is rapidly growing. Doing a Heroic run tonight for anyone thinking about checking us out (4/15/17) Times: 9PM-12AM PST Days: Friday/Saturday Server: Aerie Peak Feel free to post here, or add my Btag @ Katoclysm#1550.Howbatdah1 Jun 18
Jun 17 A New Dawn is recruiting! Hello all! A New Dawn is recruiting for our Tomb of Sargeras guild runs. We are a newer(ish) guild, and we are currently working on continuing our progression for this expansion. Our raid days/times at the moment are Saturdays (4pm server - 7pm server) and Sundays (4pm server - 7pm server). We will generally go past the time if everyone is okay with it. If not, we will then stick to those times stated. We do mythic/mythic+ dungeons throughout the week. There usually seems to be enough guildies on to form a guild run for those. There are not set times/days for these though. We would prefer those with raiding experience. Not necessarily required though. Just please know your class spec. And lastly, we do like to joke/rip on each other sometimes. For the most part though, we are a mellow group. If all of this sounds like a good match for you, give us a shout to join! Our progression so far is... (updated 06/25/17) Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic Trial of Valor 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic The NIghthold 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 NormalEillermoond8 Jun 17
Jun 15 Knights and Weekends - Alliance (LFM!!) Server: US-Aerie Peak (Alliance) Raid Nights : Sunday, Monday & Tuesday 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST 10 / 10 H NH Hello! Are you looking for a guild in which to enjoy the new Legion content? Knights and Weekends is a community of adult gamers focused on casual raiding and progressing through Legion content in a fun laid back environment. We’re currently looking for a few more to join us through both Raid content, PVP and Mythic + Dungeons. All players are welcome regardless of gear or class or spec. Our guild is focused on players who enjoy working as a team but without all the stress and possible frustrations pushing Mythic Raid content. If you're looking for a group who enjoy a bit (or more) of crude humor, want to take a step back from super hardcore raiding and can have a good time in a relatively stress free guild environment, KAW might be right for you. If we sound like we fit what you're looking for, please reach out to Melzorz#1950, Pirokey#1857, or Grim#1882 for more information. edited: raid times and progress.Miillie10 Jun 15
Jun 13 <A>Terror Squad Inc PvP community guild Link to Guild Recruitment forums thread: Terror Squad Incorporated (Terror Squad Inc) Server: Emerald Dream Type: PvP Hello friends! My name is Alatril and I am here to make a small announcement. I have had a vision of a guild format I wish to share and hope people will join in to help build. For too long now I have watched the PvP community dwindle down especially on the North American side of the spectrum. Below will be an outline of what I hope to accomplish (with help) with this community guild. Table of Contents 1) Our (my) goal 2) About Myself 3) Community 4) Development 5) Competitive PvP 6) PvE? 7) My server 8) Closing Our (My) Goal So simply my goal here is to create a community of players who love to pvp, want to improve and contribute to the PvP community in general no matter how big or small the contribution is. I hope to build a guild community that not only wants success when it comes to higher ratings and PvP achievements but success on improving other players in the process and helping them reach goals they want to set for themselves. To often I see disdain for players that want to PvP but don't have the experience in high pressure situations to actually improve and contribute in those situations. I want to build a guild community where players not only have access to other players of the same skill level but players who are also willing to help other players improve by sharing their experience. About Myself This won't be long because this isn't about me. However I feel like a little background is needed. I have been playing WoW since its exception. I have dedicated countless hours to the game and characters. My love for PvP started late Vanilla when a friend of mine dragged me into an AV for quest. I have never been a player that has achieved high ratings nor sought to. However recently I have watched top players on Twitch and love watching WoW esports in general and not only wish to improve myself to learn the game and its mechanics better but also contribute to WoW esports either by playing or otherwise. I just want to be involved. Also this summer I hope to launched a Twitch talked show called NerfCraft as well (follow on Twitter @NerdCraftWoW) Community Community has always been big to me. Community is what made this game a passion and it is what continues me playing. However, as the game has its ups and down I have also seen a decline in community. This has a lot to due with declining player base and server deaths but also some other things. The one I wish to focus on is the PvP community. I see a lot of divide and disdain within the community. What I hope to accomplish is to build a guild community where mutual respect no matter what a person's skill level is. Everyone can learn from everyone in my eyes. Everyone can contribute. Developement Players in general are far more skilled than ever because of how long the game has been around. However I still feel like a lot of players want and have room to improve but don't know where to turn to do so. Also it seems harder and harder to find players to connect with to play with as well. I hope to build a guild community that gives players access to such things.Aliatril3 Jun 13
Jun 11 LF rogue to farm lockboxes 400k! Looking for someone to farm me 1400 heavy junkboxes for ravenholdt rep will pay! spoogey#1190 feel free to add me.Primehunter2 Jun 11
Jun 11 Lvl 21 Dran Sham LKG 4 Friendly Active Guild Hey, I am an experienced player, I am a lvl 21+ Draenei female. I am looking for a friendly, active guild. I am a little curious about Draenei exclusive guilds but not limited or anything. I play almost every day. I play solo but like to talk and do the occasional dungeon. PM me in game or reply here. Thanks.Lewenn0 Jun 11
Jun 10 [A] 891 Havoc Demon Hunter LFG + Raid Availability: Any time of day of the week except Wednesdays. I have Heroic Nighthold progression experience and looking for a good guild to get ToS done when it comes out :) add my battletag: Vez#11616 for more info if neededVezerix1 Jun 10
Jun 9 (H) BOV IS RECRUITING <Blood of Vengeance> Horde faction raiding guild on Uldaman-Ravencrest is looking for competent raiders to assist us in raid progression. Lead by players with an extensive raiding background and Realm First Titles, Blood of Vengeance is a guild focused on progression with a schedule that allows our raiders to maintain their social/work lives and, most importantly, actually have fun while raiding. If you are a retired or recovering hardcore raider, Blood of Vengeance is the place for you. Recruiting: Demon Hunter: Havoc Death Knight: ALL Druid: Resto, Balance, Feral Hunter: Beastmaster Mage: Frost and Fire Monk: ALL Paladin: ALL Priest: ALL Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw Shaman: ALL Warlock: Affliction, and Demo Warrior: Fury, and Protection Raid times are: 7pm - 10pm (CST) with optional EN/ToV runs on Monday and Friday, and an optional current content run on Saturday night. Progress: 7/7M EN (Cutting Edge) 2/3M ToV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Gear: Minimum gearing requirements as we push into mythic content consists of: 885+ item level At least 36 *Post 7.2* points in primary artifact We strive to experience and clear all available content with a limited raiding schedule. To accomplish this, we are looking for a great core raiding team. This is what you'll need: Consistency - Show up to raids consistently, be someone who the raid team can depend on Ability to learn - We don't expect you to inherently know everything, but we expect you to learn from your mistakes Attitude – Have fun and progress! Good game skills, and the ability to improve on them. Game skills are things such as: Encounter awareness - Be aware of encounter mechanics happening around (and under) you Game knowledge - Understand the strengths and limitations of your class Mechanical skill - Maximize the strengths of your class while playing around the weaknesses We pride ourselves on our leadership and the community we have created. We focus on group improvement through individual player growth and accountability and group cohesion. Check out our website at: and fill out an application. Contact Lejend#1376 , Avelay#1352 for more information. Groups are welcome to apply as well. *Paid Transfers & Faction Changes may be available with solid parses if requested.Essamun1 Jun 9
Jun 8 Molten Core Swim Team Recruiting for Raids Recruiting for Raiding. We are currently progressing through Mythic NH (4/10) and plan to hit it heavy in Tomb. Please whisper in game pjmes#1446 for more info. Requirements: Be willing to play different specs and classes depending on the situation. Be open to advice. Be on time and ready to go. Most of all have fun. Raids Tue/Thur/Sun 730-930 ST. We are also recruiting all willing and ready to learn more about content. We run normal/heroic clears weekly. Mythic +s on a daily. We do old world achievements. We are also raiding Blizzcon with 9 members going and looking for more to join our guild and raid in November. (We have shirts!) Find Shamsz on Aerie Peak!Shamsz1 Jun 8