Aerie Peak

Jan 21, 2016 Normal HFC (A) Monday Nights 6pm-9pm server Aerie Peak Community, Aims to Misbehave would like to open our Monday Night alt raid to the server for any alts/pugs that are interested. Monday Nights 6pm-9pm server/9pm-12am EST Minimum 675 ilevel. Please sign up through Open Raid Please feel free to contact me in game with any questions.Swordnbored4 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Looking to buy an alt a HFC carry Goros#1234 is the btag, would like to get this as soon as possible. Not opposed to normal or heroic, whichever I can get quicker, and at a reasonable price. The alt toon is a Mage. Thank you for reading and your consideration.Goros0 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 [A][Sargeras] 11/13M T/W/Th 6-9CST LFM! Hi there! I'm Arycys from <Adventure Time>. Excuse the cross-realm recruitment message. A quick note on our trial period for cross-realm recruits: We understand that server transferring is a big commitment; one that you may not be ready to make to find that you don't like the fit of a new guild. For that reason, we are more than willing to offer a 1-2 week transparent trial period with you staying on your "home" server. At the end of 1 week, if we agree that you and <Adventure Time> are a mutual fit, you'll be offered a raiding spot and asked to transfer. If you or our officers need more time to decide, we're willing to extend our trial period to 2 weeks. About us: <Adventure Time> is a "hardcore casual" 11/13m raiding guild on US-Sargeras. We are a group of skilled and progression driven players on a 9 hour a week schedule. We promote a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, however, when it comes to progression all of our raiders know how to buckle down and get serious in order to accomplish our goals. Our website is: We are primarily searching for another healer (preferably with a competent DPS offpsec), 1-2 melee *with* a tank offspec (backup tank style), and ranged DPS Your main spec's legendary ring and at least 715 equipped ilvl are heavily recommended to be considered. Current Recruitment Needs, up to date as of 6 JAN: Core spots available in the following positions: Deathknight - DPS Mage - DPS Recruiting the following at normal priority levels: Shaman - Resto/Ele/Enh Druid - Resto Rogue - DPS Warrior - DPS Warlock - DPS Even if your class is not listed above, please remember that all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply even if you do not see your class or spec listed above. We are always looking for great players to add to our roster. Our logs are public and easily searchable; if you feel you're significantly better than one of our mains and have the logs to back it up, put in an app! Raiding Schedule: Tuesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Wednesday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) Thursday 6:00 - 9:00pm CST (Server Time) We raid three times a week, and while we understand real life does happen, we expect 90% attendance or higher out of our raiders. In the event that you must miss a raid night, we expect for you to warn the officers ahead of time via our forums or an in-game whisper so that the guild can plan accordingly. What you can expect from <Adventure Time> Joining Adventure Time is not only joining a raiding guild, but joining a community and group of friends. On off-nights, we host achievement runs, alt raids, and other fun yet optional events. During raid, you can expect a professional and skilled environment that is not only fun to be apart of, but allows you to kill the bosses and experience all of the content for yourself, rather than just hearing about someone else doing it. Further, we offer repairs for raiders, and a supply of flasks, food, potions, and other necessary consumables for raiding. What we expect from you In order to maintain a successful raid on only 9 hours a week, as well as a fun atmosphere, we do have some expectations out of each and every one of our raiders. 1) We expect all of our raiders to come to raid prepared, having read the strategy we will be using for each boss beforehand, and equipped with all of the necessary gear and consumables to last the entire night. 2) We use ventrilo for communication during raid and we expect all raiders to be able to be on ventrilo, and we strongly prefer that our raiders have a microphone and are both able to and willing to talk. 3) We also expect you to put forth all of your effort in properly understanding not only the fights, but your own class and spec, so that we can maintain a high level of skill during our raids to continue our progression. Applying to the Guild If you would like to apply to our guild, please go to and click on recruitment at the top of the page to fill out an application. Once you submit an application, an officer will contact you shortly to discuss your potential membership. Contact Information If you have any further questions or you would like to speak with an officer directly, please feel free to contact via forum PM at our website, or at either of the battle tags listed below. Recruitment officers on the forums are Mina, Arycys, and Cas. Casayan#1119 Serival#1762 Mina#1850Arycys3 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 Five - Recruiting We're building a guild around the idea of 5 man groups that play together and for the more adventurous, do challenge modes and mythics. We believe that the 5 man building block will promote a stable, long-term guild while giving us the numbers to raid in-guild over time. New to the game or veteran, we have a place for you. Bring your friends and/or your alts; play at times that work for you. Helpful atmosphere, experienced leader. Typefrag for voice comms. Usual perks. We value respect and honor. Those displaying a lack of such will find the boot; everyone else, be yourselves :-) Contact a member of Five for more information or an invite. See you in game.Icefog0 Jan 18, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 <Legion Dairy> Now recruiting! (CTR team) Hello! Legion Dairy is a late-night team that is being started for those that are new to the raiding scene and are looking for a relaxed and laid back way to get into raiding. We're looking to start a team that is like family and can progress through WoD and into Legion. Everyone will be considered, especially those with zero experience raiding. The only requirements we ask for are as follows: Have DeadlyBossMods installed at the very least. Have an item level of 670 or higher. (Just do tanaan dailies, you'll get there in a day or two) Be a fun/friendly person! We're looking to laugh and have fun, so be prepared to join in! Come prepared to learn fights - It might take a while, but we can down any boss in here with the proper knowledge. Don't call anyone out, we're all here to have a good time. A good resource for learning these fights is going to be Line of Sight gaming on YouTube - ... 67JUDpqtN5 , however, I will help everyone learn the encounters personally. We're going for a 15 person composition, and need everyone except a resto druid. Raid schedule is going to be Tues/Weds from 11 pm - 1 am PST (Server time). I hope to have you join us soon and to fall in love with raiding as so many of us have!Abtarl0 Jan 18, 2016
Jan 17, 2016 So long, Aerie Peak, I'll miss trolling you Here is my farewell message. It is quite long, but hang in there and you will see the point that I am making. Thanks CtR for the fun!! We are fifteen years into this new century. Fifteen years that dawned with terror touching our shores; that unfolded with a new generation fighting two long and costly wars; that saw a vicious recession spread across our nation and the world. It has been, and still is, a hard time for many.But tonight, we turn the page.Tonight, after a breakthrough year for America, our economy is growing and creating jobs at the fastest pace since 1999. Our unemployment rate is now lower than it was before the financial crisis. More of our kids are graduating than ever before; more of our people are insured than ever before; we are as free from the grip of foreign oil as we’ve been in almost 30 years.Tonight, for the first time since 9/11, our combat mission in Afghanistan is over. Six years ago, nearly 180,000 American troops served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today, fewer than 15,000 remain. And we salute the courage and sacrifice of every man and woman in this 9/11 Generation who has served to keep us safe. We are humbledand grateful for your service.America, for all that we’ve endured; for all the grit and hard work required to come back; for all the tasks that lie ahead, know this:The shadow of crisis has passed, and the State of the Union is strong.At this moment—with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, and booming energy production—we have risen from recession freer to write our own future than any other nation on Earth. It’s now up to us to choose who we want to be over the next fifteen years, and for decades to come.Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? Or will we commit ourselves to an economy that generates rising incomes and chances for everyone who makes the effort?Will we approach the world fearful and reactive, dragged into costly conflicts that strain our military and set back our standing? Or will we lead wisely, using all elements of our power to defeat new threats and protect our planet? Will we allow ourselves to be sorted into factions and turned against one another—or will we recapture the sense of common purpose that has always propelled America forward?In two weeks, I will send this Congress a budget filled with ideas that are practical, not partisan. And in the months ahead, I’ll crisscross the country making a case for those ideas.So tonight, I want to focus less on a checklist of proposals, and focus more on the values at stake in the choices before us.It begins with our economy.Seven years ago, Rebekah and Ben Erler of Minneapolis were newlyweds. She waited tables. He worked construction. Their first child, Jack, was on the way.They were young and in love in America, and it doesn’t get much better than that.“If only we had known,” Rebekah wrote to me last spring, “what was about tohappen to the housing and construction market.” As the crisis worsened, Ben’s business dried up, so he took what jobs he could find, even if they kept him on the road for long stretches of time. Rebekah took out student loans, enrolled in community college, and retrained for a new career. They sacrificed for each other. And slowly, it paid off. They bought their first home. They had a second son, Henry. Rebekah got a better job, and then a raise. Ben is back in construction—and home for dinner every night.“It is amazing,” Rebekah wrote, “what you can bounce back from when you have to...we are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very, very hard times.”We are a strong, tight-knit family who has made it through some very, very hard times.America, Rebekah and Ben’s story is our story. They represent the millions who have worked hard, and scrimped, and sacrificed, and retooled. You are the reason I ran for this office. You’re the people I was thinking of six years ago today, in the darkestmonths of the crisis, when I stood on the steps of this Capitol and promised we would rebuild our economy on a new foundation. And it’s been your effort and resilience that has made it possible for our country to emerge stronger. We believed we could reverse the tide of outsourcing, and draw new jobs to our shores. And over the past five years, our businesses have created more than 11 million new jobs.We believed we could reduce our dependence on foreign oil and protect our planet. And today, America is number one in oil and gas. America is number one in wind power. Every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008. And thanks to lower gas prices and higher fuel standards, the typical family this year should save $750 at the pump.We believed we could prepare our kids for a more competitive world. And today, our younger students have earned the highest math and reading scores on record. Our high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high. And more Americans finish college than ever before.Grimhock4 Jan 17, 2016
Jan 17, 2016 recruitment closed Recruitment closed for the moment.Sondrae0 Jan 17, 2016
Jan 15, 2016 [A] <No Big Deal> 9/13M Recruiting Ranged DPS Howdy! No Big Deal is a guild that launched at the start of WoD that has high ambitions as far as future progression goes. We have a community of people on at most times of day doing things from PvP to pet battles. Right now, as far as our raiding goes, we're looking for highly skilled ranged DPS, as well as exceptional rogues or dps DKs. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs, 5-8PM Server Time (or 8-11PM EST). If you'd like to contact me, my btag is adveshan#1772. Our website handle: no-big-deal.enjin.comAdveshan0 Jan 15, 2016
Jan 13, 2016 please delete please deleteCyrius0 Jan 13, 2016
Jan 12, 2016 LF A Mythic Progression Guild Hello all!ßuttersworth0 Jan 12, 2016
Jan 12, 2016 Lf social/questing guild Hello! Il 678 BM hunter here, who's current guild is a complete dead zone. I was interested in becoming part of an actual community, and would be willing to try my hand at dungeons, pvp, raids, or what have you.Drajira3 Jan 12, 2016
Jan 11, 2016 Honorable Warriors is LFM for Sat&Sun 8/13N Honorable Warriors is looking for more members to fill our raid team. We are just casual players with a desire to progress. We raid Saturday and Sunday 12-3pm pst and are looking for a part time tank (with potential full time position in the near future), a healer and melee dps. Generally we try to run 2-2-9 using group finder to fill in any missing positions but are working towards a full guild group. We have teamspeak available and use it as needed. We don't expect everyone to know the fights but we expect people to learn so we can all progress. If your interested in the guild or just want more info feel free to contact me. Btag - Shadow#16320Shadowflynt1 Jan 11, 2016
Jan 11, 2016 2 Returning Players Looking for New Guild Thanks for all the love! Post edited to remove.Vymrak3 Jan 11, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 Looking for info on realm: Hello all: I'll keep this short and sweet: I've played WoW since day 1 (mostly alliance). I have all classes at 100 and while i was into casual raiding and playing, its died down since Cataclysm due to real life. However, I am looking for a new realm to call home. My original realm was Llane (population: 2,656) and Undermine (population: 4961) and I see that your server is very much populated in comparison (25,744) so it will seem a lot more active than what im used too, which is good! Im not much into raiding these days, since real life i work during nights central time.. however i just wanted an idea of what the atmosphere, economy, and overall happiness with the realm is. im looking for a family type guild i can call home, help out, and make some new friends Thanks, and hope to see some of you in game soon!Justicator1 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 7, 2016 Looking for evening raiding guild. I work 3-11 EST. I'm looking for a raiding guild that is active around 8-11 p.m. server time. My main is a 705 Balance druid.Erliche0 Jan 7, 2016
Jan 4, 2016 Everlast Sat/Sun Mornings Kel'Thuzad Everlast is a new guild that is looking for members interested in raiding Heroic/Mythic Hellfire Citadel and on wards into Legion. Everlast was founded by a couple of friends that where getting tired of the way the guilds they were in was being ran. I myself am 8/13M and friend is 5/13M. Raid days will be on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm EST with possibly a second time slot on Saturday or Sunday evening. We are currently looking for the following ranged dps classes: -Marksman Hunter -Balance Druid -Shadow Priest We ask recruits to have: - 710 item level - 715 ring and on Tomes - fully cleared HFC on heroic Our first run is Saturday the 9th, at 10am EST. If you have any questions, feel free to post below, add my battletag Drewcifer#1186 or message me in game, on Kel'Thuzad TwizzlerrzTwizzlerrz0 Jan 4, 2016
Jan 3, 2016 Recently Transfered Fury War LF raid guild. Good evening and thank you for stopping by! I recently xfered to Aerie Peak in hopes to find a raiding guild and call home. I am fairly new to the raiding scene in WoD and would like to learn and progress to Heroic! Feel free to whisper in game or leave a post!Xemirin0 Jan 3, 2016
Jan 2, 2016 WTB <Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent> I'm willing to negotiate a price, please respond to this thread and or add me on btag: Firebombpk#1909 I will be watching this thread often, please remember to post your offers as to how much you want for the mount!Fjola0 Jan 2, 2016
Dec 31, 2015 WTS Normal & Heroic HFC Runs WTS Normal & Heroic HFC runs. We are reaching out to other servers to see if there is any interest in this service. We also sell HFC Heroic carries for the moose mount as well. Get it while you can. Please add if interested. sithrogue#1902 Archimonde Heroic kill for mount - 40k Full HFC Normal run - ALL loot for your class - 100k Full HFC Heroic run - ALL loot for you class. - 350k Both runs provide you with all tokens for you class as well as gear that can be utilized by your class. If you are a Mage you WILL NOT get strength gear If you are a Pally you will not get cloth gear Please add and whisper me if you have any questions.Darkarthas5 Dec 31, 2015
Dec 31, 2015 [A][Proudmoore] 13/13M Recruiting! <Critical Hit> is 13/13 Mythic in HFC and currently looking to recruit players interested in the Mythic raiding scene and who plan to continue playing in Legion. Below are more details about what we are looking for. Raiding Schedule Thursday: 6pm - 930pm Pacific Sunday: 6pm - 930pm Pacific Monday: 6pm - 930pm Pacific What we look for in a player: Dedication: It is important that you come to our raids wide awake, and fully focused to undertake the task at hand. Come in with prior knowledge of fights, and prepared to do whatever it takes to optimize your class based on individual encounters. Self-Motivated: Wanting to improve yourself in all aspects of the game without anyone reminding you, or telling you, is highly prized. Attendance: We require that all players be able to meet our schedule at a nearly 100% rate. In order for content to be cleared, it is important that our roster be as consistent as possible. Communication: World of Warcraft, like many other online games, is a team game that often requires good communication. You will be required to have Mumble during our raids. While we do understand that your real life can unexpectedly conflict a raid, we do expect players to communicate that to us so we can plan accordingly. How to get in contact: The best way to get in contact with someone is to add: Suicune#1583 Cheerios#1147 Dave#1500 We will get in contact with you as soon as possible and are mostly on during the day. We are currently interested in: Tanks: Open Healers: Open DPS: Open We are interested in players looking to commit to raiding and who bring a positive attitude. We do require that you be geared and have some experience with the encounters. Don't let that turn you away! If you are confident with your ability as a player, then feel free to talk to one of us.Heavensfall1 Dec 31, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 <My Little Camels> 9/13H is recruiting! <My Little Camels> server 40th, 9/13H are looking for raiders to fill core spots in preparation for mythic. We raid Fri/Sat 6-9pm server. We are a fun progression based group that takes raiding seriously and loves to kill bosses. If you have any questions about the guild or are interested in joining please whisper toyosi#1891 or matty#1900.Mahtty0 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 30, 2015 LF Fri Sat evening Raiding Guild I've played WoW off an on since Burning Crusade. I don't have much experience raiding in WoD but I've raided enough through the years to know how to stay out of fire hehe. I'd like to find a guild that raids on the weekends and in the evenings due to my work schedual. Thanks (=Conclusive1 Dec 30, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 [A] <No Big Deal> G1(8/13M) G2(13/13H) Our mythic group raids Tuesday-Thursday, 5-8PM server time. We're looking for ranged DPS, excluding hunters. We are also interested in feral druids, and possibly dps DKs. Along with this, we are looking for potential healers. Our heroic group raids Saturday-Sunday, 5-8PM server time. We're looking for a few healers, and ranged dps.Adveshan2 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 29, 2015 Bloodsail Buccaneers Rep Looking for a standard comp 5-man group of to farm Bloodsail rep in Booty Bay. It's through killing the Bruisers so the group needs to be decently powerful (lvl100's would be the most efficient). Add me via the character name Levíathan (the " i " is a special character). If interested, we can coordinate a time in the coming days to all meet up together.Levíathan1 Dec 29, 2015
Dec 25, 2015 Garrison my beach is bear. i have no battle station or dock to build my boats. i have 2 / 6 but theres no npc to speak to..Hingkingming0 Dec 25, 2015
Dec 25, 2015 [Style] WTS Mythic Hellfire Citadel + more <Style> of Illidan-Horde is looking to sell full clear runs through Hellfire Citadel + more. Below you can find our package deals, and what you get from each deal. 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot Run) - Guaranteed Felsteel Annihilator mount - Guaranteed Ilvl 720-735 loot for your class/spec - Get BiS loot including all Warforged/Socketed Gear - Mythic Hellfire Achievements + "Defiler's End" title - Takes 4-5 hours to Finish 13/13 Heroic Hellfire Citadel (Master Loot run) -Guaranteed ilvl 705-720 loot for your class/spec -Ahead of the Curve Achievement + Heroic Achievements -Takes 2 hours to complete Scheduling: Our raid times are flexible and can be shifted to accommodate buyers. Generally, our times are between 8-12EST. To schedule a run with us or if you have any further questions, contact me using the information below or reply back to this thread. Contact Info: Battletag: styleraidsel#1676 Skype:lishuopanboStyleraidpeo0 Dec 25, 2015
Dec 23, 2015 Cheapest H HFC Carries Done over 70+ carries since release of HFC Prices are as followed: Heroic 12/13 Clear - 150K /Roll Heroic 13/13 Clear - 200K /Roll Heroic Archimonde ONLY - 100 /Roll 2 Weeks of 13/13 H Clear - 350K /Roll Complete Package Deal: 1 Run 13/13 H Where you /Roll what you need in a 30M raid 1 Run 13/13 H with all loot for your spec reserved in a 30M raid 2 Runs to ensure you get everything you need Price: 500KG All prices are negotiable. Gold only accepted on Sargeras. Run is done on Tuesday @ Noon EST (When raid IDs reset) If WoW is down it will done as soon as realms come up Why is our run special? We run with 30 people guaranteed, which means more loot for your buck. We get the maximum loot drops which ensures you will get the maximum chance to get all the loot you need. Instead of playing with 10 people and 4 buyers in our competitors run, you run with 29 people and you! Contact: Dysfunction#1930 *This run is done by indie teams and not associated with any guild.Kateuplifts4 Dec 23, 2015
Dec 22, 2015 Option for mass character realm transfer??? I know this is not a thing but the servers that i have been playing on have been extremely quiet for the past few months and it took my 6 level 100's to realize..... crap I leveled these guys for end game play and there is no world pvp or people in the cities. wondering if blizzard ever thought of a sale or bulk realm transfer because I have 7 level 100's(I also have a lot of alts that i would love to move over) i would like to transfer to a server more suited to there level. Anyone else have these problems??? Nagrand-Horde(2 level 100's, 2 level 60's) Aerie Peak-Horde(2 level 100's, level 92, 3 level 70's) Garrosh-Alliance(2 level 100's, 1 level 60)Drbärber0 Dec 22, 2015
Dec 20, 2015 Aerie Peak Santa Gnome Motorcycle Gather Hi Everyone I'm looking for the next Motorcycle Gathering where everyone gets together on their chopper and ride around Azeroth! And since it's the Winters Veil right now everyone can get into the machine that turns you into a Santa Gnome before the ride starts. It would be a awesome sight to see a trail of Santa Gnomes on motorcycles roaring by. I'm in the Realm Aerie Peak. so If there is any Motorcycle Gathering happening in this realm or in another realm I'm able to get into with a invite please let me know by either sending a reply on here or in game for what day it will start, time, place to meet...maybe even have a highlighted map of the coarse to look at a few days before the event happens? I would like to start a event like this right in Aerie Peak but I don't want to do it all by myself. I would like to get others involved so a goal can be met on setting a date and time, where to go, 1/2 way lunch break, finish line! This is not a race of coarse just having fun cruising with everyone else on their motorcycle as Santa Gnomes. Depending on how long the ride will be which we won't know till a coarse is made and figured out ( The 1 hour Santa Gnome buff can be used as a timer while riding the coarse for testing ) So if anyone in Aerie Peak is interested on helping making this event happen the more the merrier! First thing first is we need a fun coarse made that won't be to long of a ride...try to think of some places that's easy to pass...not to hostile (if low level players come) awesome views to look at along with a half way rest / lunch break spot. I'm looking forward on doing this event and hope you are too!Evilfranz0 Dec 20, 2015
Dec 17, 2015 715 Warlock or 720 dk lookingfor progression. Hello first let me thank you for looking. I have a 720 Frost dk 13/13H 5/13M and also a 715 warlock 13/13 H. Would like to olay the warlock but either is ok. Looking for a guild that is fun and also serious if that makes any sense. Looking for times around 9pm to 1am est time any day of the week. Can be earlier for saturday. Please contact me at Death#15499Santamuerta3 Dec 17, 2015
Dec 15, 2015 [A] <Kindergarten Dropouts> Recruiting <Kindergarten Dropouts> is a Fun Leveling / Casual-Semi-Hardcore raiding guild. We're looking for strong players with fun personalities to round out our roster for Legion. If you feel you are a strong player ( or just a Nut) in your current guild, or your guild disbanded and looking for a fun new home, Kindergarten Dropouts might be for you. We hang out with each other outside of raids. We don't disappear after the last boss of the night and suddenly show up again when it's time to raid. If that sounds like a team you'd like to be part of, We encourage you to apply! Server Time Tuesday- Raid at 5pm-9pm Wednesday - Raid at 5pm-9pm . High ● Healers (Monk, Priest) ● Dps ● Backup Tank (Paladin, Druid) ALL exceptional players are encouraged to Send an Ingame mail!Badwõlf5 Dec 15, 2015
Dec 15, 2015 WTB Heroic HFC Run Let me know your options with prices for various loot configuration drops.Scottparker5 Dec 15, 2015
Dec 11, 2015 Server Realm Pool? I was wondering what servers are part of the Aerie Peak realm pool so I can know which guilds I'll be able to join. Thank you for your responses. (=Conclusive2 Dec 11, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 <Exiles of Lordaeron> Stormrage 13/13H 1/13M We are looking for:- 2 Healers (strong pref. for holy priest or shammy) no disc. 1 Tank (pref for Pally but not essential) Possible ranged dps positions, and benchwarmers welcome. (benchwarmers are not guaranteed a spot) Raid times are:- 8.30 - 11.30 EST Tuesday & Thursday (optional run 8-11 est Sunday for alts and fun) <Exiles of Lordaeron> are a long established raiding guild. Loot distribution is by Loot Council, and RC Loot Council Addon is needed to roll on loot. EoL like to have fun while we raid, it's not all serious. But we have expectations to achieve while we are having fun. Applicants should be aware of adult humor. We have achieved 13/13H and 1/13M. Mythic is progression to us and we got out first kill in the first day of progression last week. Applicants should be skilled players who know their class well and pick up new content with relative ease. Experienced 13/13H is preferred and completed Legendary ring is essential. Logs desirable. Your gear score should be 715+ and be an active player who makes the most of the upgrades available to you through valor. EoL does not require its dedicated team to be in the guild, and crossrealm applicants are more than welcome to play from their realm. If you are interested please contact:- Kamalie callie#1299 (Recruitment Officer) Zetaz stirfry213#1589 (Raid Leader) Luminnarus Luminnarus#1437Kamalie0 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 9, 2015 Selling a rare name for ingame gold. I a rare names that I am looking for ingame currency it is level 1 so I will delete the character, and you can remake it on your account after payment The name is 'high' Leave comments on this thread if you are interested and we will take this furtherPurple1 Dec 9, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 LF Guild Looking for a guild that raids on weekends, casual approach, fun atmosphere. I am not a hardcore gamer and do not want to be in a guild that focuses on that. I have three kids so those days are long gone for me. Btag Dark#12476Zerrik0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 8, 2015 BRF mount run If anyone is doing this ill buy with gold leave btag please, very interestedGutsgor0 Dec 8, 2015
Dec 7, 2015 <Neonmoon> 13/13N 8/13H Fri/Sat Evenings <Neonmoon> is looking for solid RDPS/MDPS, 1 tank, and 1 healer for Fri/Sat 8:30pm-11:30pm Pacific standard time. Give me a shout out at akalittleman#1387, or the other officers (preferred) JustinTyler#1941, DelanyTyler#1129, or Mattydb#____ Message any of these toons ingame. Nélfy, Voldœmor, Etheral, Suggestive, Or apply at Neonmoon.guildlaunch.comNélfy2 Dec 7, 2015
Dec 4, 2015 [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS Greetings <Helms Elite> an Alliance raiding guild that transferred to Whisperwind 9/28/15 and we are recruiting for core raid spots! About <Helms Elite>: Helms Elite formed as a raiding guild at the end of Vanilla and began raiding with the release of Burning Crusade. Guild leadership that started in Vanilla is still in place. Primarily located on the Lothar server ( as Alliance ) the guild did spend time on Chog'all ( as Horde ) for the MoP expansion and returned to Lothar and the Alliance for WoD. As one of the servers on line at release, Lothar was home to many top raiding guilds. However over the years and not unlike many servers, the active raiding player base has dwindled and now struggles to support the few active raiding guilds. Whisperwind: Our move to Whisperwind is an exciting time for the guild, with plans to expand our raiding roster to 20+ and continue our focus of clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel and moving on to Mythic. Long term we seek to be an active part of the raiding community on Whisperwind. Raid Times: Progression Raid Group – 7/7H - 10/10H - 13/13H HFC ■Tuesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Wednesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Sunday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) This group is about progression and pushing to be the best at all times. Recruiting: Tanks: We have a strong interest in applications from Non-DK tanks Healers: accepting applications DPS: We have a strong interest in exceptional ranged dps players Raiding Focus: Our raiding focus is to clear all current tier raid bosses in Heroic/Mythic We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our rosters. Requirements: ■ Age 17+ and in control of your online gaming time. ■ Know your class. We expect your best performance at all times. ■ Take constructive criticism and direction when need be. ■ Research the basics of boss fights on your own time. ■ Show up on time, and ready. ■ Good raid awareness. Do not stand in fire. ;] ■ The ability to listen and speak on Teamspeak3 during raids. ■ Be open-minded, laid-back and not easily offended. ■ Don't be an elitist. Show us you're good by actions, rather than words. ■ Computer/internet that can run World of Warcraft (especially while in a raid environment) without any issues. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: ■ Squizz: Squizz#1910# ■ Rettuclos: Rettuclos#1494 ■ Dedaol: Dedaol#1914 Feel free to whisper us in game for information Website: Feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. www.helmselite.comSquízz0 Dec 4, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 <Neonmoon> 13/13N 11/13H M/W/F 4-7am PST <Neonmoon> is looking for early morning raiders for our Heroic progression. LF skilled players mostly ranged dps, but considering all. We have aspirations of running mythic as far as we can get before Legion, then push ing mythics in Legion. We run a loot council aimed at optimal gear distribution (completing sets etc). For the first 2 weeks you will undergo a trial period where we will determine your permanent position on the raid team judged by your performance, attendance, and fit for our group. We have a guild website we'd prefer you apply at: but if you prefer to apply through battle tag: akalittleman#1387 or in-game mail to: Nélfy, Fortiniener, or Bestro (all my toons).Nélfy10 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 LF guild after being inactive a while I stopped playing back oh 4-6 months ago I don't really recall exactly. Anyhow looking for a decent guild that is fairly active and raiding with a solid group of people that doesn't mind having someone who is a little behind in progression. It wont take me long to catch up as i consider myself a pretty competent player. I also understand we are basically in the slow pain staking wait period for the new xpac whenever next year but id like to catchup as much as possible. I prefer raiding Friday/Sat/Sunday but any day between 7pm and 11:30pm CST fits my schedule. Now I am off to find out what this whole "shipyard" thing is all about...Velarc2 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 @Convert To Raid Hello! Welcome to the Alliance! What toon to bring here... DK? Warrior? monk? So many options.Runesine79 Dec 1, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 Spectral Tiger Hello, I'm looking to buy a normal Spectral Tiger on Aerie Peak, currently willing to buy for 180k. If you are interested please leave a bnet below, as I am posting on an alt so my main doesn't get spammed with fake offers. ThanksZoë0 Dec 1, 2015
Nov 30, 2015 Aerie peak down? cant login to any of my characters in garrison or in draenor... keep getting world server down error. wondering if this is me or everyoneSkulsplinter0 Nov 30, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Me drawing Durotan! *.* Hi guys! So, i did a really cool art of our dear Durotan, from the Warcraft movie trailer: D For those who want to take a peek at the video ... it would help a lot. Here it is guys: AH! One mere thing, had posted here before a drawing I did of Garrosh. is old but well worth checking out! I will leave the post below: Thanks for everyone !!! and... sorry for bad english :DAlcantis1 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 26, 2015 [H] 691 Frost DK Looking for Raiding guild Hello, looking for a casual raiding guild that is just trying to progress as a team! Just got back into Wow after a small break. Doesn't have to be anything too serious! Currently 691 iLevel but increasing as I now have more time to play! I pull very good DPS for my iLevel and I guarantee you will be happy with my numbers. Know most of HFC but some bosses still new! Shoot me a pm in game Whurk#1796Vlaz0 Nov 26, 2015
Nov 26, 2015 <Alone> weekend 13/13M Fri/Sat 6-930EST LFDPS <Alone> of Aerie Peak's weekend team wants you! Raid Time: Friday & Saturday 6pm-­9:30pm EST Server: Aerie Peak Faction: Alliance Who we are: We're former raiders of <Alone>'s main progression team that can no longer commit to four days a week. We raided with them through MoP, saw some top 25 U.S. ranks along the way but decided to take a break towards the end. Leave it to Blizzard to make a great expac and pull us right back into some light raiding. Old habits die hard I guess! Who we're looking for: We want the hardcore minded player that may not be able to commit to raiding a ton of hours. Despite having a very conservative 7 hour a week schedule we expect to get things done and we need top level players to do so. We want the player that will hold themself to a high standard and that has an extremely competitive mindset. You don't need to be a theorycrafter for your class but you should keep up with them and constantly be looking to improve. Raiders should come knowing the mechanics of a progression boss before we ever pull it. What you can expect: Solid leadership and planning. With such a light schedule we're provided the benefit of watching streams and critiquing logs before we get to later tier bosses and we come prepared with a detailed strategy in hand as a result. Inside of raids we're focused on the task at hand and look to be as efficient as possible. Our time in raid is short and therefore very precious to us. We aim to keep things moving along at a steady pace but do have fun and promote a bit more relaxed atmosphere on farm content. We don't expect you to maintain an alt and will never ask you to. We won't ask you to play a role you don't want to but being proficient in your off spec is a huge plus. We want players to play the class and role they enjoy as it usually translates into better play. Progress: We are currently 13/13M We finished tier 17 at 9/10M BRF 7/7M HM (10/10M BRF finished after HFC release) Needs: DPS - High Healers - High (Any exceptional healer will be considered.) Tank - Low If you don't see your class and you are an exceptional player, please contact us and we will discuss! Apply at: Add any of the following players in game if you'd like to know more! Tahlos#1412 Kaylii#1948Pembe116 Nov 26, 2015
Nov 25, 2015 [A] <Fite Club> 2 day 6p-9p LFM DPS 4/13M ... ... I'm available anytime to answer questions. Best of luck! Nalda#1338Nalda12 Nov 25, 2015
Nov 24, 2015 New Horde Re-Roll Guild Hey Everyone, right now we're in the middle of gauging overall interest in forming a new Horde re-roll guild. This first started last night after I posted in the recruitment thread trying to find a guild that fit my desires in a new guild. What I ended up finding was there were numerous individuals interested in the same things I was, and not many (if any) options out there. Here is my initial post "Hey Everyone, I'm searching for either a new Horde reroll guild, or for others interested in creating one. I've been playing this game on and off for the past 11 years now and have gotten to the point where I've started to lose interest. I sat down and realized the reason I've lost a lot of the fire is because of the community at large and how it feels like there is no real interaction anymore. The times I had the most fun were back in Vanilla with smaller "family" like guilds. I realized that ever since those guilds vanished I was never having quite as much fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like to find another guild with a similar structure. As I've gotten older(30) I've come to have different goals from when I originally started. I'm no longer the hard core PvE raider type like I was early on, and really haven't been since probably BC. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy raiding, and would like to continue doing it at a somewhat leisurely pace. But with being married and having a career I have found I don't have nearly the time, or desire to spend 4-5 night a week in a dungeon for hours on end. I want to find a group of people who are at similar points in their lives. I have nothing against younger gamers, but I find it much easier to communicate with others around my own age because we have much more in common. I work Fri, Sat and Sunday all day(never on), but usually have plenty of free time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. My first choice would be to find a group of like minded individuals who have already set plans in motion for such a project. However, I wouldn't mind getting together with some people to get something going. I'm not interested in leading, as like I said before I don't feel like I have the amount of time required to keep things running smoothly and I don't think it would be fair to others. I wouldn't mind helping in other aspects though to get, and keep things going. This has gotten to be a lot longer then I initially thought it would, although I feel like I could probably say a lot more about myself and what I'm looking for. I guess I'll just summarize a few things here and if you either have something in the works, or interested in getting something going you can contact me in game. Contact Info: Carnage#1881 Summary New Horde Reroll guild Age: Around 30 Active chat server (Vent or TS preferably) Smaller community(Not a zerg guild) PvE and PvP(Not hardcore) Family like atmosphere (Supportive atmosphere, but able to give each other a good ribbing from time to time) Thank you for taking the time for reading this. I greatly appreciate it!" Since this post I have started a facebook group to keep track of overall interest. Feel free to visit, and join the group if it's something that might fit your wants/needs. Facebook Page: Here is the link to the original post in the recruitment thread: I thank you for taking time out of your day to look this over.Kazrak0 Nov 24, 2015