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Jan 9, 2015 Forge Gaming - Raid team spots Just formed on Aerie Peak. Forge Gaming is now looking for core players to form raiding team. We have 7/7N & 6/7H progress so far. Current core is 665+ Looking for the following About Us: We come from a gaming community with multiple games. The core/business decisions of the Community is run by 5 friends & family. We have been around for 10+ years and enjoy gaming together. Our other games house well let's just say a good handful of people. We're here to have fun and enjoy the game yet progress to the highest level possible. Some fooling around may happen although. What we're looking for: Enthusiasm about raiding. Ability and willingness to learn. Dedication and loyalty. Friendly personality. Sense of Humor. You should be willing to use Teamspeak. You should have a computer that can handle raid instances and a reliable internet connection. Times: Tue/Thur 8PM - 12AM EST - (5PM-9PM server time) Possible 3rd night to be added Current Recruitment Targets Tank Any class Heals Shaman - Med Paladin - HIGH Monk - Low DPS Death Knight - HIGH Warrior - HIGH Monk - HIGH Hunter - HIGH Priest - HIGH Shaman - HIGH Warlock - HIGH Mage - Low Druid - Med Rogue - Med Contact Information: Any questions feel free to contact me. Battletage ID yawh#1932Valtea3 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 Alliance <Reapers of Time> Recruiting Looking for active and friendly players willing to help others and grateful to receive help also. Level 1-100 Welcome. No rudeness allowed. Once enough people weekly Raiding will begin at a set time and date to focus around everyone's schedule. Guild is interested in Dungeoners', PVPers'. and Raiders'. We will be Active weekends and weekdays unless important priorities come into play were some are not able to be online. P.S.: The guild can be located in guild finder which is located on your action bar where the guild would be if you are not currently in a guild. <Reapers of Time> One and All Welcome!!Kelyanta0 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 Evil League O Evil Recruiting for Heroic prog Looking for a well geared Mage, Warlock or Shadow Priest for our heroic progression team, 645+ Currently 6/7 H 7/7 N Raid schedule - Tues, Thurs, Mon 5pm - 8:30pm Server time (thats 8-11:30 eastern) Whisper Thedetrin or Denastalas in game for more info or reply here Edited for progression updateThedetrin1 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 9, 2015 7/7H 1/7M 662 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild Hey everyone! I'm looking for a solid raiding guild that is in need of a solid tank. Looking for a guild that starts around 7-8 PST Add me at Shroomcake#1618 or post in this threadShroomcakè0 Jan 9, 2015
Jan 8, 2015 [Horde] MSTT Recruting raiders + casuals! Hi all, Moo Says The Tauren is an active, friendly, and helpful guild. Currently recruiting more members to join our new WoD raiding team. Casual 1-2 times a week raiding planned. Starting with Normal, moving on to Heroic progression if possible for the rest of the expansion. We have our own Mumble server for guild voice chat. We welcome all classes/races/specs. Always providing help for people that need it with gearing or levelling up. If you need more info. please whisper Blackshifter in-game or contact us here on the forum.Blackshifter0 Jan 8, 2015
Jan 7, 2015 East Coast Raiders are now recruiting! <East Coast Raiders> is an old guild with a new outlook! We just began raiding and are currenly 2/7N and moving fast! Are you looking for a [i]home[/i] to raid with? We are a laid back and social guild that happened across a dedicated Raid Leader. If you want a friendly guild that will also kick *** in raids we're here for you! As the casual guild that we are family and work come first. There is currently no minimum attendance requirement to be a part of our team. Our current needs are Tanks: FULL Heals: FULL DPS: RECRUITING Currently seeking caster DPS and melee! Raids are on Saturday and Sunday nights at 5pm PST (Server time) and run for 3 hours a night. We use the Personal loot system so as to avoid the drama that Loot Council or Master Loot brings. Who wants drama when they log on to play anyhow? Lastly, while those are our current needs we will never turn away a competent player that wants to join our team. That said we also host PvP events as well as other fun events to build a better community. Prizes are handed out at these things too! SO! Come for Raids/PvP/Socializing whatever... East Coast Raiders want you! For recruiting purposes contact myself, Nodins or Zylor ingame! Thanks!Morphìous1 Jan 7, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Seeking Evening Raiding Guild/Server Transfer Hey all. Fennrier here. Long time dwarf, long time dps meter destroyer. I am currently sitting on Stormreaver and have been for about 6 years now. Sadly, Ally side on this server is deader than dead. We are completely horde dominated and there are not a lot of good raiding options available to me. I am looking for a new home. I have heard through the grapevine this is a good server to play on Ally side, so I was wondering if there are any evening raiding guilds out there. Ideally I would be looking for a Wed, Thurs, or Fri. Raiding schedule. Tuesdays unfortunately don't jive with my schedule. About me you ask? Well, I have been playing since Mid BC. This character was my first and only main toon, but I have played every class and have most classes at atleast 90. I have mained ret the whole time and consider myself to be above average with the class. I have tanked and healed here and there, but I have always been kept as ret due to my talent with the spec. From BC until Mid Cata, i played in a very competitive progression raiding guild and we usually ranked 3 or 4 on the server all the time. I believe we were server 3rd on our ICC drakes. Mid Cata, during heroic progression in BWD / BOT I left the game for a while so I could go out and marry by best friend and start a new life with a couple of kids. So I played pretty casual after that time. Kids are a little older now, i have a little more free time so I would like to get into raiding again. I am not looking for bleeding edge progression by any means, but I would like to get into a good raiding guild again. Fun, but no BS at the same time. I like to have fun, but i like dead bosses too. If anyone out there is looking for a strong, mature player on their team, let me know! I am anxious to start a new life out here. Thanks for reading.Fennrier0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 Recruiting raiders (7-10 Tues/Thur) or casual <We Are Ragnarok > Is looking to expand our raid team to a 17-20 man team. We are a friendly, semi-casual but progression focused guild looking to push our way through heroics. Though we are focused on raiding we also accept more casual players just looking for a place to call home. All raiders must be above 640 ilvl but if you aren’t there yet please feel free to still join and we can help get you up there with us. Mumble is also required during raids. Raid schedule Tuesday/ Thursday 7-10pm PST (10-12pm EST) Recruitment needs Dps - (2) In need of WW Monk, Hunter, and possibly a cloth dps, but will still accept any exceptional DPS Healers - (1) would prefer holy pally but looking at anything Tanks - (Full) A little bit about me I’ve played wow and raided in vanilla and BC, but took a break during Wrath and Cata. I raided seriously in MoP and cleared the majority of ToT and SoO on heroic (before mythic existed). I was the raid leader throughout SoO normal and heroic. I transferred to Aerie Peak with some friends when the expansion hit and here we are! Please post here or contact me in game if you are interested or even just to ask questions or chat.Velsyra3 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 5, 2015 650 Prot/Ret Pally LF... Hello all, I am looking for a raiding guild to call my home. I've got 4 expansion's worth of high end raiding experience (DPS and Tanking), and I am looking to add a 5th expansion to that resume. I've taken the beginning of this expansion very slowly, and I hope that my raiding pedigree will give a good idea of where I've been and what I'm capable of. Current Main: Through MoP, I played my druid Logs are available upon request. My BNET name is Josh#1307; feel free to add me on there. Availability: I live in Chicago, and I am looking for an evening/late night raiding guild. Monday: after 10:00 pm central Tuesday: after 10:00 pm central Wednesday: Open Thursday: Open Friday: Open Saturday: 9 pm onward Sunday: Open Raiding Pedigree: BC Morutori Te Salutamus - Shandris: Kara - 12/12 SSC - 6/6 CoT - 5/5 BT - 9/9 Eye - 4/4 SWP - 5/6 prenerf, 6/6 shortly thereafter. Guild splintered off and I was recruited by Hemophilia (former top 200 world guild). WotLK Hemophilia - Shandris: Naxx - 15/15 Uld - to One Light Guild fell apart and raiders went to Suramar; I decided to part ways with them and not go to Suramar. Warfare - Frostwolf: Ulduar - got 0 Lights ToGC - Tribute to Insanity - no ponies by one dumb Shaman. I'm not still bitter. And I don't still harbor hate towards Shaman >_> Had a falling out with management around here and I skipped town. Advent Fury - Hyjal: ICC - 11/12 Heroic Cata Advent Fury - Hyjal: Raided here for ICC through 5/6H Firelands; burned out from the raid schedule and playing two characters I HATED. Artifice - Boulderfist/Blackrock: Raided DS up to heroic Spine: 500+ wipes on Blackhorn had taken its toll on us and 200+ wipes into spine, we called it. MoP I raided with Riot - Sargeras for most of MoP. I had a medical emergency that prevented me from raiding with them for a while, and in finishing up two bachelor's degrees and getting my graduate school bids all sorted out, I've had to take a break, hence why I was only 10/14 heroic.Sangwichs0 Jan 5, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Looking for Guild to raid with I am a ilevel 646 Fury warrior looking for a guild to progress with. I am 6/7 Normal, but my last guild never really raided so I am looking for something a bit more serious and a place to call home. I would love to raid 2+ times per week and eventually progress through heroic and even mythic. I am pretty flexible when it comes to raid times. Chat me in game at matty#1900Durzzaa1 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 665 Rdruid LF Rguild. Hello Aerie Peak, I'm not having much luck on the general recruitment forums so I thought I would try a select few realms that may have an opening for an experienced healer. Please have a read. After focusing primarily on PvP the last 2 expansions I decided to get back to my roots and start raiding again. I'm looking for an organized, dedicated, focus/goal oriented guild that isn't elitist minded. I'm a somewhat older gamer so I'm also looking for a mature guild that has a member base that takes raiding serious, but also has a good time doing it without raging. In return you'll receive a loyal member that will be dedicated to the success of your guild. As of right now, I'm currently in a casual weekend raiding guild that has some good players, but I would like to find a guild a little more dedicated to clearing content when it's relevant. Below is a brief explanation of my experience & accomplishments. PvE: when content was relevant - 10 year player - Completed all vanilla up to 4-horsemen - Completed all TBC up to M'uru (pre-nerf) - Completed most of Wrath (started to get into PvP during the end of the expansion) - Cata & MoP focused more on PvP (didn't care for either expansion) PvP: during Cata & MoP - 2 Time High Warlord (Frost DK, Disc Priest) - 1 Time Warlord (Resto Shammy) - Don't care for sandbox PvP, therefor never liked arenas, nor took them seriously Current: - 7/7 normal (current guild/pugs) 6/7 guild - 6/7 heroic (current guild/pugs) 2/7 guild. Had a few <15% wipes on heroic imp with pugs - 0/7 mythic (have not had the opportunity to run any mythic raids) - Proving grounds: one of the top healing scores Availability: all times est Weekend - Friday (8pm - 12am) - Sat (12 noon - 12am) - Sun 12 noon - 11pm) Weekday - Mon (8pm - 11pm) - Tues (n/a) - Wed (8pm - 11pm) - Thur (8pm - 11pm) In closing... Although I can play a dps well, I prefer and excel at playing a healing class. Please keep in mind I will be applying to your guild primarily as a resto druid. Thanks for reading and best of luck to all guilds on Aerie Peak.Cleric3 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Frizzwell-653 Disc Priest-LF N/H/M Raid Team Looking to get back into raiding, prefer a mature environment. Prefer a 3 or 4 group raid team with a Mythic raiding goal in mind. Faction change would be ok. Preferred Times - any nights - 8 or 9 to 12 est. 3 or 4 nights a week is a plus. Armory link ... ell/simpleFrizzwell2 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 4, 2015 Recruiting for Mythic! <Darkness Within> previously from Kirin Tor but now operating on Aerie Peak, is recruiting experienced and committed players for 20-man Mythic progression in both its Weekend and Late-Night raiding groups. We have maintained a high ranking position on both realms, Kirin Tor and Aerie Peak, for the past six years. While we treasure our raiders, we also take pride in our community and we desire a welcoming and fun environment for both old and new members. <Darkness Within> is an 18+ guild with a mature environment full of gracious and dedicated members who enjoy having fun, but are serious when it comes to raiding and progression. Even though we are located on a PvE server many of our members are passionate about PvPing as well. If you think <Darkness Within> is the perfect place for you then you may leave an application at our guild website: Please make sure to fill out your application seriously and thoroughly if you wish for it to be considered. Current Progression We are currently 6/7 Heroic and 7/7 Normal and recruiting for Mythic progress. Our wowprogress page (shows current progress) – Our Raid Times (based off of Pacific Time Zone) Late Night: Monday- 9:30PM – 1 AM Tuesday- 9:30PM – 1 AM Wednesday- 9:30PM – 1 AM Thursday- 9:30PM – 1 AM Weekend: Saturday- 5PM – 8PM Sunday- 5PM – 8PM Monday- 5PM – 8PM Our Loot System We use a loot council system composed of elected members during our Mythic raids. While in Heroic and Normal raids we use a modified Need before Greed/ Master Looter method. Class Needs Currently <Darkness Within> is looking for punctual and diverse raiders in need of a new and refreshing place to call home. A few of our specific wants are listed below: Late night- Restoration Druid (High Priority) Retribution Paladin (High Priority) Balance Druid (High Priority) In addition to those listed above, we also need a Rogue and two other ranged to accompany them! Weekend- Death Knight (any DPS spec) Mistweaver Monk (High Priority) In addition to those listed above, we also need three more core raiders to fill up our slots accordingly! Contact us You may also contact the following through Thornstar- Recruitment (Deillise#1246) Greamatter- Officer/ Raid Leader (Greymatter#1883) Alexiya- Lizzy (Lizzy#1553) Setlo- GM (Setlo#1250)Thõrnstàr1 Jan 4, 2015
Jan 3, 2015 Looking for switch player Healer/Dps Our guild is currently progressing through highmaul. We consist of a solid group of players who in last expansion was top 5 guild in heroic siege progress. This expansion we have been hit unfortunately with some un reliable people which is unfortunate a lot of people have flaked out due to not wanted to raid anymore or play the game and we need to fill those spots. The biggest thing again that we need is a healer who is willing to play dps on certain fights. I will be 100% honest in saying that highmaul we are still trying to pull pieces together due to the issues i stated. But when 6.1 releases we will be going full force into Blackrock its just finding the last piece to the puzzle. We raid thursday and Friday 630 server to 10 - 1030 server or 930 est to about 1ish give or take where we are in the point of raid. Sometimes we may do saturday for a couple hours if we are really close to downing a progression boss. If this sounds like something that would interest you please add me on this is the toon I'm always on so feel free to add me with any questions etc, and we can get you in mumble to talk. thanks guys.Metorcs0 Jan 3, 2015
Jan 2, 2015 Alliance <Metal Wielding Maniacs> Recruitment <Metal Wielding Maniacs> is a guild that has been around since 2009, after transferring to this server in MoP we have stayed strong for several expansions including several of our core members downing mythic Garrosh. We have started to pick up pace downing 4 heroic bosses within the last week, making us currently 4/7 H. Metal Wielding Maniacs currently raids Tues-Thurs 5 PM PST to 8 PM PST (8-11 EST) with extra raids, not required ones, throughout the week if people are on and want to go to farm trash or heroic content for gear. Overall Metal Wielding Maniacs is a semi-hardcore guild who wishes to have fun as its main goal. All we ask is for a good attitude. We are currently looking for: Mistweaver Monk Hunters Warlocks Feral Druid We supply flasks, feasts, and repair, all you have to supply is potions. We use World Of Logs to track our members and make sure everyone is performing. Contact Bidi at Bidi#1377 or Agility at Icias#2800 for an interview and detailsAgility2 Jan 2, 2015
Jan 1, 2015 647 DK Tank (as of 12/31) LF Raiding guild. Title says it all. Im wanting to stay Alliance side though. I've got a Resto Druid I can heal with also. Just want something consistent where I can progress. EDIT: Redundant post is redundant.Hematurion0 Jan 1, 2015
Dec 30, 2014 Need Alchemist Looking for an alchemist to craft me one elixir of minor agility my materials plus a tip, will provide the recipe if needed.Zenjuteun1 Dec 30, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 LF two dps for Glory of the Draenor Hero Hi. I am looking for two exceptional dps to get Glory of the Draenor Hero done. We haven't had much luck with PUGs and are looking for a solid, steady group. Please be competent, able to listen to directions, have a sense of humor and not be afraid to wipe. Try and have at least 630 ilevel too! We'd like to get as much done as we can this week from around 4pm-to 8pm or so. After that, we'll do achievements on weekends. If you are interested, please message me. My battletag is Sephira#1771. Thank you!Mahalle0 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 662 Blood DK LG progression guild 7/7 normals 6/7 Heroics 1/7 mythic message me in game mortimerkhan#1446 I know all the fights for high maul and do not mind speaking on mic. Preferred schedule is 9th til 1st eat thank youFrznnugget0 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 Provën is looking for PvE/PvP Hello! Provën is a new guild on Aerie Peak that is looking for memebers to fill a Normal/Heroic Raid team as well as some players to do some PvP with as well. We are looking for new or old players for raids and we will be raiding Mon, Tue, Wed 10:30pm PST - 1:30 AM PST (Server Time) I know we are starting a bit late but we are looking for players that need a place to call home where they can raid and PvP freely! Feel free to contact me in game or on here if you are interested. Currently we need healers and DPS the tank spots are filled! Thanks, ChaoticsaurChaoticsaurr3 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 29, 2014 LF 2 dps for Glory of the Draenor Hero Hi. I am looking for two exceptional dps to get Glory of the Draenor Hero done. We haven't had much luck with PUGs and are looking for a solid, steady group. Please be competent, able to listen to directions, have a sense of humor and not be afraid to wipe. Try and have at least 630 ilevel too! We'd like to get as much done as we can this week from around 4pm-to 8pm or so. After that, we'll do achievements on weekends. If you are interested, please message me. My battletag is Sephira#1771. Thank you!Mahalle0 Dec 29, 2014
Dec 28, 2014 4/7N 1/7H Raid times 6-9 Central time Tue/Wed One of the Wayward Enforcers raid teams is looking for more for Normal/Heroic killing. We've got off-spec people tanking and healing right now, so we have room for whatever role you want to play. Our goal is to finish Heroic modes before they're irrelevant, no real plans to push into Mythic. Fairly laid-back raid, but I do expect people to know what they're doing. Please message Khorwhynn in-game, or add my battletag: Nulian#1980Khorwhynn0 Dec 28, 2014
Dec 28, 2014 [H] The Horde Masonry Raiding Guild LFM Hey all. The Horde Masonry is a Horde raiding guild on Aerie Peak. We have players that come from other old guilds on AP. Knights End, Bacon Lovers United, and more. Our core raid group is very friendly, while still making good progress for 3 nights a week. We strive to provide the best raid environment possible, and we are always looking for nice players to join. If you are a casual, or a new player, you are still welcome to join. If you are interested in raiding, then we have a raid team that wants to recruit you. Thanks for reading, and below we have some basic info for those who are interested. Raid Times: 4-7 Realm Time(PST) Wed,Fri,Sun What we provide for raiders: Free flasks, potions, gems, and enchants. A friendly raid group that is commited to progressing. Contact: Teks#1384, or Burmeister#1712 About Aerie Peak: Aerie Peak is a mainly alliance dominated realm. Horde is on the low side, but we have some good guilds here. The economy is vibrant and the realm is not a PvP server, so the faction imbalance doesn't really matter. Thanks for reading, and we hope you consider us as a guild.Teksranger5 Dec 28, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 <Dark Tempest> [A] LF raiders, fri @ 6:30p <Dark Tempest> is currently looking for all roles for its raiding team. We raid starting at 6:30p PST on Fridays. We are a very casual guild and will be starting by doing normal mode Highmaul, then possibly onto heroic once we have established a solid raid group. We are just starting our raid team so any class/role is open. We use raidcall and provide guild repairs/feasts/flasks for our raiders. If you would like to join our guild, try out a raid with us to see if you like it, or learn more, send in game mail to Aygwean or whisper me anytime.Aygwean0 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 27, 2014 643 Prot Warrio LF later night raiding guild. Hey guys, I'm looking for a later night raiding guild. I haven't had much luck getting into any guilds that are progressing, let alone actually raiding. If you need a tank let me know, i'm 5/7 normal and 1/7 Heroic. I'm looking to get as far as possible.Bertog0 Dec 27, 2014
Dec 25, 2014 Looking for active raiding guild Just got back into wow today, excited to explore Draenor and start the grind to to Heroics and Raids. Unfortunately I haven't played since the Throne of Thunder and as expected my guild is completely empty lol. I'm gonna hold on to the benefits of being in a level 25 guild but I definitely want to look for another. Above all I'd an active guild. I'm pretty tired of being in a guild with hundreds of players but almost no one communicating.Regression0 Dec 25, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 Empyrean recruiting for mythic The guild is less than 1 week old and we are 7/7N and 5/7H, We need 4 caster DPS with 2 of those being mages. We raid Tuesday-Thursday from 430-8pm server. We are a semi hardcore raid guild and when we raid you need to be on time with flask pots and food ready to go, we will not hold your hand. Talk to crkaken in game or add me real id Coltsfan316#1541. If accepted to the guild we will do CM with you to see if you are what we need.Somuchdamage0 Dec 24, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 Protection paladin looking for mythic group Hello there, I'm a 660 protection paladin with ret off spec looking for a mythic group to run with, I've been playing since late bc and have ran heroic progression whenever it has been available. I'm knowledgeable reliable and always come prepared, get a hold of me at Vebo#1854 if you are interested Thank you.Xicy0 Dec 24, 2014
Dec 24, 2014 Terrorpene Tamed 9:13PM PST FYI.Xanara0 Dec 24, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 [A] <Content> 6/7 4/7 RECRUITING 20M HERO/MYT Hello ALL! Welcome to <Content>. We're a bunch of old sk00l l33t players from way back yonder, who now have careers and still manage to find time to play this game. A lot of us are originals, you might see a few turds floating in this bowl who managed to be in guilds you read about when you were a young gun, that's just how we roll. *WE ARE A TRANSFER GUILD, OUR PAST SERVER WAS DEAD - GOOD LORD WAS IT DEAD! Content is a guild focused on firstly, enjoying the game. We don't take things personally, like joking, making funny noises, listening to Smalls get bagged on by everyone (he's one of them) and listening to Paul scream like an Italian idiot. But that's what sets us apart. In Content, you get personalities that have adapted to the game, eachother, and personal lives. We're all friends who look out for each other. Even though we may joke, we take raiding seriously - so here's the serious stuff: Requirements: Hold a conversation Follow directions Receive criticism & not cry about people telling you you're doing something wrong *But, if you do it right, we will commend you - HELLO CAREERS! Speak English Have Ventrilo (and a microphone, no fans near mics allowed) You MUST come into our guild with a real, 635 ILVL, showing you gave somewhat of a !@#$ about your characters progression Ability to focus when we need to focus, joke when we joke Determination & confidence, we're probably the only guild on this server with people who have real personalities. We're not old, so we don't want old - 21-35 preferred, must be able to joke in disgusting ways. Our raid times: 9pm - Midnight (1am if applicable) EASTERN STANDARD TIME Monday Tuesday WednesdaySo, do we have your attention? We need: Tanks Healers DPSMessage myself, Redskin, Mature, Yoek, Madomg So again, be smart, play with smart people, and enjoy the game - that's why we play. Add me: Yoek#1972Joseph13 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 23, 2014 632 Holy/Disc NE Priest LF Raid Group Working strange hours so I'm available mornings from 8:30-12:00 noon all week.Stélle0 Dec 23, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 (M)Ring of Oütlaws LFRDPS Su/T/Th 730-1030PST <Ring of Oütlaws> of Windrunner No one likes to read a wall of text when looking for a guild; so here it is plain and simple: our guild is extremely relaxed and welcoming, yet we play for mythic level progression. We aim to progress through content as a group, work with people on mechanics and rotations, while also keeping the social dynamic of our guild intact. We're not here just to raid, but to be a family. *** Guild Information *** Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30pm-10:30pm PST Progression: 6/7 Heroic and 7/7 Normal Site: We've seen both 10 and 25 Heroic (New Mythic) before and we finished 5.4 as 14/14H. We've been on Windrunner for not even a year yet and I think we've made a mark on the server already. One of our most well known achievements is being the last guild in the U.S. to kill Heroic Garrosh before server shutdown for patch 6.0.1 (we think, we had 3 minutes left before server reset). *** Recruitment Needs *** As you can see below, we currently have a need for ranged DPS, however we are always open to applications from people of any class/spec Elemental Shaman: Medium Warlock: High Mage: High Moonkin: High Hunter: Medium Our recruitment process is relatively simple, apply on our site and we will have a friendly chat on mumble. We are looking for players who can play at a mythic level, but also fit into our guild socially. We tend to avoid players who bring negativity to raid, regardless of their skill level. *** Contact Information *** Site: In game contacts: Russ#1537, Kencaid#1632, Auvrey#1906, Nellers#1800Anela0 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 22, 2014 LDD - social, dedicated raiding guild We're here to show that social raiding does not mean casual raiding. We are a heroic-mythic raiding guild that is also a warm & welcoming home to casual players and our many, many alts. We´re looking to continue Heroic & Mythic progression raiding this expansion, and have a few spots to fill. We will be aiming for Mythic with TWO equally skilled 20-man teams each raiding 3 nights a week! Currently both teams have about 12-16 raiders and we're making sure not to grow too fast, in order to get to know all our new recruits first and make sure everyone is a right fit. A little about us ... Our Raid Days & Teams: ... Those wishing to apply to Group 1: contact souporsalad#1231. Those wishing to apply to Group 2: contact Bil#1488 We still have a few openings. Gear & experience are nice but attitude and mindset is much more important to us. Heroic / Mythic raiders: Raidnights / times vary per team (see above). All times are PST = servertime We ask that you have a bossmod (DBM, BigWigs, VEM) and ventrillo (with a working mic) installed. You don't have to be chatty, but you need to be able to communicate during boss encounters. Big ego's or loot wh*res are not welcome. Any form of drama will be made fun of. We expect no less from you. You may trust us to not waste our raiders' time. We like to joke around, relax and have fun during farm-nights, but we need everyone to stay focused and perform well during progression. Always show up well prepared to raids. This includes being gemmed and enchanted, having watched videos of the fights, and having researched your class and spec in and out. You should know what talents and spells are best per encounter and be open to change and experiment.The link below details the raid requirements much more thoroughly and it is imperative that all raiders read, understand, and fulfill these requirements during raids. If this sounds like a match, you can apply on our website: If we like your app, you'll be invited to one of our raids as a try-out, to get an idea if you're able to stay alive & pull your weight. Casual & New players: We welcome any able body that is just looking for good company - to level with and maybe do some casual flexraiding. Any member ingame is able to /ginvite. Even though our main focus is raiding, we're excited to help out players who are new to the game. Whether you're leveling up your first toon, or are looking to make the next step after clearing LFR. We have a lot of experienced players who love to answer all your questions and help out where we can. We have an active guildchat, our own vent server and a guildwebsite with member interviews & videos. Contact: Visit our website: for more info & to post your app. A website app is not required, but very much appreciated. We're getting a lot of applicants lately and ingame interviews take up a lot of time. We'd also like to enable our officers to review every application, which works better if they're posted online. However, if you'd like to be discrete about your application, you can whisper Sanzang (souporsalad#1231), Elume, Léyah or Bíl ingame. On our website you'll also find links to all our Twitch & Youtube channels, if you'd like to follow a livestream of our raids. Disclaimer: The average age of our raiders is around 40. We're pretty international (in fact, we have more Asians, Canadians and Europeans than Americans)! We often make self-deprecating or borderline inappropriate jokes (if you can't handle this or are easily offended, this is probably not the right guild for you). Offensive / disrespectful comments are not tolerated.Sanzang3 Dec 22, 2014
Dec 21, 2014 [A] Embyr - 1/7H 5/7N Highmaul LF: DPS, Heals We're a guild whose focus is on progression, clearing content at a steady pace. We believe in IQs over ILVL. We're not looking to be the fastest or best on the server, but we are looking to provide you with a guild that proves itself to be exceptional every week. Embyr houses a wide range of players: competitive raiders, casual raiders, casual players, and anything in between. We want to foster more than just a small group of people who log out after raid, and our main goal is to foster a tight-knit community of people who enjoy winning with each other, all while smashing the content in a timely manner. Requirements: Suitable gear, experience (past expansions or current), Mumble, and knowledge of your class/role. Recruiting: DPS: Rogues, DKs, Warlocks. Healers: Monks, Priests, Shamans Tanks: Currently Full [Groups/Guilds welcome as well] Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. 5-8PM Server All spots are earned and maintained weekly. We're not here to carry you, but we are here to continually evolve with you into a cohesive, competitive body. Apply on, or contact Valvatores or Vishal in-game.Valvatores2 Dec 21, 2014
Dec 20, 2014 Disc Priest - Proven Healer Ilvl 639 disc priest looking for a raiding guild to run with pref Friday/Saturdays.Saintvetis0 Dec 20, 2014
Dec 18, 2014 5 New Transfer LF Home. Hi, me and my buddies have just transferred from our server and are looking for a few more new friends to get right back into raiding. We were 6/7 Normal and 5/7 Heroic before the guild imploded. Let us know what's up! We currently have myself, a shadow priest, a mage, a mist weaver monk and warlock.Smalls4 Dec 18, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 LF 2s/3s/RBGS I know this is a pve server yadda yadda yadda save it. Looking for groups for 2s/3s/5s/RBGS on my rogue. I have experience, 1800~, but it's all irrelevant with the new season/expansion. Available most nights and weekends save for 5-8 server Sat/Sun for raiding. Add me on RID Justin#11312Applecrisp0 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 17, 2014 100 hunter LF raiding guild ILVL 635. Raided in most of vanilla and BC, took a break for 5 years or so. Looking for skilled mature raiding guild that raids Monday-Friday 7-8 pm server timePoisnasty0 Dec 17, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 [A] <LagBot> LFM for N/H Highmaul <LagBot> Normal / Heroic Tue / Thu, 8pm - 12am EST <Convert to Raid Azuregos> The goal of the LagBot team is to get a group of like-minded players together with the goal of progressing through content. We're a group of skilled players who are passionate about playing our classes to the best of our ability. While we may have a casual schedule, I think we all share the desire to perform well and optimize/improve as much as possible. Healthy peer criticism is encouraged in our raid environment. If someone is not performing, they may be asked to step out for the night. We are setting our short term goal as Heroic progression, but will transition to Mythic when we feel comfortable as a team. Requirements: - 635 iLvl - Overall knowledge of your class - Ability to attend and perform consistently - Mumble w/ Microphone - Ability to receive and provide constructive criticism/feedback (We're a team) - 18 or older Recruiting: - 1x tank - Resto druid - Hunter - WW monk So you're still interested, huh? Good to hear! We've set up a one page website, showcasing our team - this also includes a quick application. Fill it out to the best of your ability and show us what you've got! Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Warlords, Ctr, and A house fire. I enjoy warlords a lot and was hoping to actually raid this tier of heroic and mythic I haven't really raid hardcore like that since burning crusade, but my plan were ruin by electric fire in my room. Family alright and all the silly pet.CTR I want to thank you for all the fun times I had with you guys. I was hoping to donate to a lot of pets and gold to our giveaway in the first of the year, but it look like I can't make it. Enjoy Warlords, I will try make it back as soon as possible.Elspèth1 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 633 ilvl Mage LF casual raiding guild Short and simple. Looking for a Raiding guild, either on Monday or Wednesday pref. after 5PM Mountain time. My experience is "lacking" persay hence why I just want a casual raid not a serious hardcore progression. Just really want in for learning and improving my own class and learning mechanics. If your guild fits this or raid team please post all the information below.Datcubchoo0 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 16, 2014 Pally Tank, Holy Priest and DK DPS LF Guild Hi all. We are looking for a smallish guild that raids 2 or 3 nights a week after 6:30 PST. All of us have played since Vanilla. Sometimes as raiders, other times as casuals. We are looking to get into a good guild that likes to do things together (not just raid). We are all in our 30s and are fairly mature... One of my flaws is a potty mouth, so family friendly guilds may be out. We like to have a good time but are skilled players that want to succeed and will do all we can to help that happen. I am in game quite a bit these days as I work from home. You can catch me online on this toon or Akria, send me an in-game mail or respond here. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.Lyllae3 Dec 16, 2014
Dec 15, 2014 Poundfist Down Poundfist down. 11:05pm Server, 12/13/14 in the canyon, central location.Burujas1 Dec 15, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Hyecia 639 Resto Shaman LF raid group Looking for a progression minded raid group that raids anytime between 5-9pm server Sunday-Thursday.Hyecia0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 14, 2014 Recipe:Roasted Moongraze Tenderloin I recently came across 2 Of these and i don't need them and no one at the AH Seems interested. They're 1k Each so PM if interestedDradio0 Dec 14, 2014
Dec 13, 2014 651 WW Monk 6/7H 7/7N Exp Alliance or Horde Currently 7/7N 6/7H experienced (on my Rdruid, have achievements to prove it) Prior Experience: SoO Heroic 7/14 (before Pre-Patch), Dragon Soul Heroic Progression/ full clear normal before nerfs, full clear ICC 10/25 before nerfs and up to Professor Putricide. Usually came into expansions mid/late xpac, rushing to learn, gear and master my class/raid mechanics. Currently in Wod, as you can see above this isn't the case this time Looking for: Progression Pve guild 7/7N 5/7H (or closely similar), must be active. Players that PvP are a plus. Raid nights must be Wed/Thurs/Friday (Friday preferably being optional) 10pm PST and later. Strongly prefer Alliance (started Alliance, switched to horde in wrath, want to get back to my roots) Being as my main is a healer, dealing with melee mechanics is a small process I'm re-learning (though I'm not too bad, just smoothing out the edges) spencer9191#169 or post below to contact me (in-game might be better)Eternalcrux0 Dec 13, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 634 Bear tank Looking for a Heroic / Mythic raiding guild. This toon was an alt before WoD , my raiding experiences have been done on several toons. Soulsek- Dk - Undermine Soulsek - Shaman- Llane (use to raid in alone) Soulsek- Paladin- Frostwolf Adezard - Rogue - Llane Been playing since Vanilla, and these are the toons I've raided on over the last 10 years. Bnet is Soulsek#1145 thanks!Soulsek2 Dec 12, 2014
Dec 12, 2014 buying universal language module 30k! psst me in game or just cod it to me tyTurtlekeepr0 Dec 12, 2014