Aerie Peak

Nov 9 Recruiting for Mythic+ Dungeons Hello guys! As of right now I am sure some of you may find yourself in the same boat I am currently in. You’re probably in a good guild but you can’t seem to get a solid group for Mythic+ runs. I am currently 7/7M 2/3H. Straight to the point, I decided to form a solid group that can easily 3chest Lv.6-8 carry runs and efficiently do 8-12 keystones. I am currently looking for 2 DPS. I will also take a TANK into consideration if you think you have what it takes. The DPS can be the following classes: Rogue Monk Mage If applying as a tank: Druid Warrior If your class is not listed above but you know you can perform extremely well, please feel free to make yourself known. SCHEDULE Friday : 7pm -11pm Central Standard Time Saturday : 5pm – 11pm Central Standard Time Sunday : 5pm – 11pm Central Standard Time ** CST is 1 hour behind EST and 2 hours ahead of PST** The schedule times may seem a bit too much for some people, but after all I am looking for a dedicated team that is willing to put in their time to efficiently gear while having fun. After all, most of your 880+ gear comes from M+ Dungeons, sad but true. What are you looking from a dps class? I am looking for a solid 400-450k overall dps. There is an iLevel requirement of 870 to be part of this group. Of course, I will always take skill over iLevel but if at this point of the expansion you’re not 870, you really aren’t committed to your progression. Artifact Rank requirement? Each class has its own peak in their artifact. Meaning, a point when unlocking more traits is no longer a dps boost but survavility, utility for your class. My goal is to make the most efficient Mythic plus team to swiftly execute through level.7-10 difficulties. Carry runs are a big focal point. The goal is to do Lv.6-8 carry runs and 3 chesting them, as the team gets to know each other and are comfortable with their strategies, pushing through higher levels and attempting 3 chesting them should be of ease. So far I have been pugging my dps and it is just not a great experience when sometimes the pug we bring as a “carry” is carrying them. I think this needs to stop and time for a hardcore team. After reading all of this you’re still interested feel free to contact me through my btag (Oblivion#12140). Leaving a message here is also acceptable. The more information you give me about your experience, skill the greater chance you have being accepted.Chemz4 Nov 9
Nov 7 7/7 HC core. LF NEW MEMBERS <Online> Aerie Peak Welcome To Online! About: Online is a newly formed guild, most of which is EX-Military. Our raid leader and core raiders are 7/7 heroic. Our current aim is clearing mythic content in Legion at a reasonable pace. We want to have fun and progress through Legion. Raid Times: Tuesday – 6pm Server to 9pm Server. Fri-Sat: 6pm Server until 11pm Server. (Tuesday is allotted time for us for to get a taste for new content before full raid nights. Fri/Sat are progression nights.) Raid Expectations: We are not a super hard core guild, but we’re not fully casual. Requirements: Discord with a fully working Mic. Full flask, food and pre-pots as well as healing pots for every pull. Fully enchanted and gemed. (When we have more people in the guild who can help enchant and make gems we can help with that, so do the best you can to get that sorted before raid nights.) Recruiting: Tanks: Closed. Healers: Case by Case, DPS: All types Addon Requirements: Any Boss Mod, GTFO, Exorsus Raid Tools, WA, Details/Skada or some kind of metre. The list will change as time passes. Discord will have further updates. Loot: We’re going to use Suicide Kings, if you’re new to the guild and aren’t with us every night you will be at the bottom until the others ahead of you get loot. We think this is the fairest way to distribute loot so no hard feelings will occur. Disclaimer: We are a guild full of adults and those types of conversations will occur. We’d like to keep the guild 18+. No kids. No kids of guild members and this also means you should have head phones when in Discord so they can’t hear things they shouldn’t. Contact: Vophiel#1271 or HellCat13#1853 Or come into Discord: Nov 7
Nov 7 <Salty & Abrassive> Recruiting for H Raiding DeleteAkkashaa0 Nov 7
Nov 6 (A)859 RDruid looking for casual raid guild Looking to get into some raids. Nothing super hardcore; just want to actually see the content is all. Only problem is that I am not free on Weekend nights. So if anyone wants a happy go lucky Druid that likes healing and is available Tues-Fri any time, feel free to send me a message. Don't have any experience but I can read, have a mic, and am willing to learn. Cheers.Derj1 Nov 6
Nov 6 EventusTemplum Recruiting Core Raid & Mythic+ <Eventus Templum> is currently recruiting and looking to build out our roster. Have a phenomenal core but need more to fill out a full stable raiding group and more mythic+ teams. Currently raid times are Tues, Sat, and Sun @ 8pm-11pm EST and mythic+ being ran almost every night. There is flexibility in those times in the future once we have a solid team we will poll the guild to see what works better for everyone. Looking for mature players who still like to have fun but know when its time to progress and get stuff done! Please message Zyvo#1992 on BNET or one of the officers in game [Schnookums, Pocketpallie, WhoFlugPuh, or Aelarus]Schnookums0 Nov 6
Nov 5 WTB 7/7 H:EN Run Looking to buy 7/7 Heroic EN run for an alt, anyone know of a guild already selling?Balatro1 Nov 5
Nov 4 Small Group LF heroic Raid Hi there, We have four friends including a bear (859), a holy priest (859), mm hunter (859) and mage (856). Looking to join a fun, but progression-focused guild for heroic progression. Available at 7 Server on weekdays, and late afternoons to evenings on weekends. Regards! Yami#11320Zeraphel2 Nov 4
Nov 2 <No Big Deal> Recruiting for Mythic Our weekend team is recruiting looking for range DPS and healers. Currently progressing through Mythic Emerald Nightmare our other teams are 3/7 - 4/7 Mythic. We raid Saturday and Sunday: 5:00pm to 8:00pm server time. If at all interested either send me in game mail to me or Quarky. You can also apply here Make sure to include the position of what team and who referred you so we can speed up the process. What we are looking for is mechanic savvy players who do know their classes GEAR ISN'T A ISSUE. We will gladly throw gears towards our team players. Contact: Bobarett If from another server Bobarett-Aeriepeak Battle ID: Suicide#1934 Guild Website/App: Nov 2
Nov 1 Focus [A] is recruiting 7/7H LF exceptional dps and a couple of healers for our core team as we move into mythic. Post me in game or delliedell. Please be over 855 ilvl. ThanksHaioden3 Nov 1
Nov 1 Intense Intents In Tents Recruiting Intense Intents In Tents is recruiting We are a group of people that have reformed a new guild and are looking for more players. Most of us have 7/7 H EN experience and are looking to fill a few more spots. We are looking for mature people with no Drama. Well we would like to take everyone, we do expect you to perform. Very friendly group with knowledgeable raid leads. Hoping to increase to 20 people to push some mythic raid content. We run a lot of 5 man mythic + and weekly Kara runs. Would love to add more exceptional players to our roster! We raid 6 hours a week on Wed/Thurs 8-11pm server time. Currently looking for a Holy Pally, Holy Priest, Monk, Demon hunter, Warlock and a Warrior. We will take other classes but these in particular are in demand. We expect a minimum of 200k dps as well as flasks, pots, food and enchants. Please whisper me or any member in guild, we look forward to hearing from you.Olaugh0 Nov 1
Oct 28 <Bumrush> LFMorning Mythic Raiders! 7/7H <Bumrush> 7/7H - W/TH 7AM-10AM(pst) - Trying to fill the last few spots! Looking for all exceptional applicants who are ready to progress in Mythic EN and Trial of Valor! add me Avee#1943 or the RL Taytar#1324 ThanksSaerce0 Oct 28
Oct 28 [A] <Sodium> LFM for H Raiding 3/7 H Hey guys! <Sodium> is recruiting up-and-coming raiders for Heroic and Mythic raiding. We're an alliance guild formed in this expansion, but lead by experienced and long-playing raiders. Our goal is to be a 3-day a week Mythic guild for current content progression. We're tangy, tart, and sometimes sweet... But mostly just salty. Here's the stats: We are looking for DPS and a Tank or two at this time. We are looking to grow the guild rapidly, so if you have little experience raiding, we have no problem bringing you up to speed for some salty good times! Progression: 7/7 N, 3/7 H Raid Times Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 7pm - 10pm Server Time Contact: Rhunduin Danklol Kealor RonnickRhunduin3 Oct 28
Oct 23 [H] <Provoked> 2/7Mythic LFM Provoked is a Zul'jin based guild looking for reliable and mythic minded raiders to join our team in order to progress and be as competitive as we can. Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs 0830 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST Communication: Discord Loot: Loot Council Additional: We have a 100% optional donation program to stock the guild bank to provide flasks and food to the raid. Top contributor receives a sky golem mount (sell it if you don't need it) and the next 5 get to roll for 50000 gold. Currently need: RDPS (Hunter, Shaman, balance, Spriest, mage) - _________________________________________________________________________ About the server: Zul'jin is a high pop server that is mostly populated by Horde, there are many raiding guilds on the server so if this one does not work out for you then there are plenty to reach out to. * If you are on another server you will trial with us in heroic to see if we are the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us. At the current moment we are unable to cross realm for mythic. If you decide to xfer then we will pay via gold for wow tokens for 30 days of game time. What we expect: 1) be mythic minded, you are doing the hardest content the game currently has to offer for raids 2) be able to study your logs and compare to how your peers are doing at the same ilvl in the same content 3) we are here to have fun and expect everyone to have fun and joke around but at the same time, take raiding seriously and just know that there is a time and place for everything Website: In game contact: Bubbleototem; Real ID: bubbleosevin#1157 Email: Add me to Btag and we can chat in discord, take 5 mins and app on our website and Ill reach you, or email meBubbleototem0 Oct 23
Oct 15 [A] <The Seraphim> - 2/7H is Recruiting The Seraphim is a guild that's been around Aerie Peak since TBC and is mostly made up of friends. With the release of Legion, we are looking to add some new folks to our raid roster. Currently, we are 2/7H. I know it isn't sexy but most of us haven't raided since MoP. The goal is to clear heroic level raids. During Cata and MoP, we were consistently one of the best 10 man raids on AP. A lot of players from those days have returned for Legion and we are excited to tackle new raids. We are in need of 2 Healers. Our recruiting preference is as follows: Shaman Paladin Monk Druid / Priest We are also in need of DPS. We will take any type but Mages or Druids. These are not bench spots. This is for full time raid spots. Our times are as follows: Friday/Saturday: 5:30 PST to 9:00 PST We do play Alliance and will consider cross realm trials. Feel free to add me if you are interested in applying. My tag is: Lincoln#1417.Reese6 Oct 15
Oct 15 [A] <Saga> Recruiting for Legion <Saga> Is a recently renamed, faction-swapped, and transferred guild that is new to Aerie Peak. (some whiplash may have occurred) We field a strong core of veteran players who have decided to make the leap of faith to a higher population realm. We have left our home of 6 years to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly...wait...we are looking to meet new people! Our goal on AP is simple: Grow our guild on a larger more stable server, in order to take on the more challenging pve content that will be available in Legion. We intend to stay small and build 1 tight-knit raid team. And, you know, to slay internet dragons… We are looking for new raiders and members alike to join our community and defend Azeroth from a tomb. Is that right? Or maybe just what comes out of the tomb...we don't know...but we want you to join us! Those demons won’t slay themselves! We are currently in an open recruitment phase for legion. All applicants will be considered, and vetted even if their spec is not is not listed - feel free to ask an officer (listed below). Current DPS Recruitment: Boomkin (High) Ele Sham (High) Enhance Sham (High) Rogue (High) Unholy DK (High) Paladin (Medium) Warlock (Low) Priest (Low) Exceptional players for any spec will be considered Current Healer Recruitment: Any exceptional healer will be considered. Priest (High) Paladin (Medium) Druid (Medium) Monk (Low) Shaman (low) Current Tank Recruitment: Dps with tank off specs are encouraged to apply. Raid times are: Friday and Saturday evenings 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM server (Pacific). Past Progress: Tier 16: 11/14 Heroic (Pre Mythic Nerf) Tier 17: 1/7 Mythic | 10/10 Heroic Tier 18 13/13 Heroic What we provide Raiders: All consumables Experienced leadership A laid back raid environment A free exercise in patience! What we expect from raiders: Approximately 90% attendance High level demonstration of class knowledge Raid awareness wut, huh? Reasonable dps, hps, dtps parses. Officers decide what reasonable means... Patience! (We help develop this, see above) How loot works: We fight over who doesn’t take an item before finally giving up and giving it to the class/spec least likely to gain anything from it…. In all seriousness, loot is distributed based on its secondary stats and their benefit to a specific class. Slightly modified Loot Council. Other requirements: 20+ A good sense of humor Mumble (VoIP) A boomerang.........................Seriously? How to apply: We do not have a written app. You will be required to speak to an officer over Mumble. Be prepared to provide logs (even old, or LFR logs are fine), discuss your past raid experience, and communicate a sound understanding of your class/spec/role. Contact an officer to get started: Solace#1766 Morafim#1128 Post#1159 Note: Re-post title name changed after site upgrade.Ithikar14 Oct 15
Oct 15 <DevilsAsylum>LF DPS&H for weekend raid team Devils Asylum (Alliance) is looking for friendly active players for our casual/semiserious weekend raid team! We're a small guild full of experienced social players, starting our progression. We understand people have jobs and lives, and most of us are ex-hardcore looking for something a little more fun :) We raid Saturdays and Sundays, 6pm realm time (9pm EST). Looking for a few more ranged DPS and one more healer to fill out our team. We don't care if you're new, returning, rusty, seasoned, etc. As long as you're willing to learn and have a good time with us. We have an active discord channel and are willing to help gear. Feel free to add me - vylaedyn#1626, reply here, or talk to our officers: Vymrak, Opheliarose, Agarcn, RazorbackkVymrak0 Oct 15
Oct 14 <Seinfeld> looking for more DPS Seinfeld is a casual raiding guild formed by a group of close friends. Our goal is to make reasonable progression through current normal and heroic content, and keep a chill, low-stress atmosphere while doing so. New or out-of-practice raiders are welcome. In Seinfeld, a good night for us isn't whether we downed the boss or not, but whether we had a good time doing so. Folks who enjoy bleeding edge progression, or have a propensity for drama would likely be happier in another guild. Currently, we're recruiting two more healers as well 3-4 DPS. Melee DPS is preferred, but not required. An 840+ ilvl is desirable, although if you are (not unreasonably) lower, you may be considered if you're willing to commit to catching up quickly. Our raid times are currently Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:00 CST. On other nights Mythic+ dungeons may occur based on availability, these are not required. While real-life circumstances certainly occur, you should be able to show up on-time often, with at least a vague understanding of what is going to occur in the fight. If you are interested, or would like to hear more, feel free to contact Husbandu, Luksusowa, or Xinqinn in-game. We hope to hear from you soon!Husbandu2 Oct 14
Oct 12 <Mechanics> recruiting a Range DPS <Mechanics> formed in WoD and seeks to be a mythic guild in Legion. Currently we are 7/7 normal and 4/7 heroic. We are looking for a competent Shadow priest or Hunter (range). Our current DPS team in an average ilvl 550 and we would expect you to be no lower than 545. You don't need to know every mechanic for the new raid but you are expected to know your class and be able to follow a raid leaders direction. Mechanics raid schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 20:00 - 23:00 PST (server time) If you are interested in joining the team please respond to this post or send a tell to Yammers, Solar, or Bigwu. We may run you through a mythic + to see what you can do. Thank you for you interest. YamYammers2 Oct 12
Oct 12 5 Players LFG, Nights Team of Five looking for raid group, open to starting own guild. Everyone is 835+. We currently have a protection warrior (854), Holy Priest, Mage or Monk, Paladin, and Hunter. We are looking to raid 10-1am est or (7-10 server) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays. Myself and another player are both former US top 100 raiders from Cataclysm. Any questions please whisper in game. Thanks, WelfareWelfaretwooh2 Oct 12
Oct 11 858 MM Hunter LF Guild Hello all! I am an 858 MM hunter that is currently looking for a guild. My availability is 8:00PM server - 11:00PM server. You can add my battletag @ ChrisBowers#1297 and we can chat!Bowerss0 Oct 11
Oct 11 3/7H Guild looking for Heals Molten Core Swim Team is 3/7H EN currently looking for a few healers with capable os dps. We are a progression guild and love to learn and teach. By no means will we strive to hit a 4 or 5 day raid week, but we will progress through end content and satosfy your raiding needs. Currently we would like to bring in a disc priest and resto druid with both having a decent dps offspec. All other classes welcome of course and we will find you a spot. We typically run a 25+ man raid on Tues/Thurs/Sun 730 Pm Pst to 930pm pst. If interested please contact me in game or via this forum. Pjmes#1446 Mcst.gamerlaunch.comShamsz0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Recruiting Healers and RDPS My guild, Underpaid and Overworked is looking for raiders to roll with us on Mon/Wed/Fri at 5 server. We are 5/7 N. We are especially looking for a pally or shaman healer and any RDPS. Guild membership is not required but we will offer it if you wish.Bobhunterco0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Darkness Within 18+ Darkness Within is recruiting! We are looking for fun, laid back people with a great attitude towards teamwork! Selfish players will not be tolerated at all. Our plan is to raid weekends Friday-Saturday 9:00-12:00pm PST. Hopefully we will have enough people to do multiple dungeon days, pvp days and hopefully another raid team! We want people who love to chat and chill after raids as well and get to know each other be a bunch of friends, not just a raid team! If interested please head over to to app or send a ingame mail to Mearra- Aerie Peak.Mearra0 Oct 11
Oct 10 841 Resto Druid lf raiding/mythic guild. i'm looking for a guild that, in ideal circumstances, raids on Tuesday/Wednesday. i'm available for raiding at any time on those days. otherwise, i'd like to do weekend raiding on fri/sat/sun, which i'm available to do after 7 P.M. i can do other days as well, but, again, only after 7 P.M. cuz of work.Aversa2 Oct 10
Oct 10 Experienced hunter looking for raiding guild Hello Aerie Peak! I’m Bonsai, and I’m in need of a raiding team/guild. I’ve been raiding since Vanilla (I tanked then, switched to Hunter in BC), and have spent time raiding in every expansion. I love the raid scene, and love pushing endgame content at a productive pace, while still maintaining a semblance of a real life. Currently I’m hanging out in CTR, but I don’t have a raid team, and ultimately finding that is most important to me (I love the guild, it’s nothing against them). I’m seeking a guild that raids Normal/Heroic (Mythic as well if I stick with this expansion long term) evening hours, preferably two weekday sessions ranging somewhere between 2 and 3 hours each, within the evening window of roughly 3pm-10pm server. I love a solid community. Being a Vanilla guy, I loved the tight bonds and sense of team within a good guild. A strong community is definitely a plus. I myself am in my late 20’s, and would definitely prefer an adult guild. I’m not looking for a guild that bases the majority of its communication around “your mom” jokes and sex humor. It was funny when I was 16 but I’m over it. I consider myself highly knowledgeable and functional as a raider. I know my class, I pull optimal numbers, I show up repaired/flasked, I watch the strat videos, I don’t waste anyone’s time. I expect the same courtesy out of the people I raid with. In my perfect world, the people I raid with tend to have the attitude of “raid optimally and have fun doing it”. I’m looking for a guild that has a track record of successful raiding. Hopefully this is enough information to run on. Thanks for reading my friends!Bonsai4 Oct 10
Oct 10 845 Paladin Retribution looking for guild Looking for a chill guild for mythics and plus also raiding. I am not a hardcore player but i want to have really good gear.Iamys0 Oct 10
Oct 9 [A] <Has Candy> Is Looking For Success!!! <Has Candy> Is a casual/progression guild looking to form Mythic+ and Raid teams asap! We are currently looking for Ranged DPS, Rogues and Healers. Lets make progress and have fun doing it!! We use Discord for all things cooperative and plan on raiding 2-3 nights per week. The ideal raiding times will be between 4pm and 6pm server time. We also have several Guild events planned for fun and would love for members to participate. If you have any questions, hit me up on my battletag @ Wayhaykid#1586 or post your interest here. We are looking forward to meeting you! And remember, no party is complete unless it Has Candy!!!Dragonbon0 Oct 9
Oct 6 <The Returners> are recruiting ranged DPS. <The Returners> (7/7 EN normal 1/7 EN heroic), are currently recruiting ranged DPS, with preference to MM hunters, shadow priests, locks and Mages. Our raid nights are every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 til 8:30 server time. My brother and I formed this guild with the intent to build a solid community here on Aerie Peak that supports all facets of the game. We are both veteran players of about 9 years having a wide scope of experience with multiple roles and classes. We have both led raids and guilds alike with a modest amount of success. We are both adults with families and full time schedules so we fully understand the demands of everyday life. We only ask that you try and participate some of the time. We encourage our members to talk to one another, pug with one another and help each other. This is paramount among all our goals. After all what is an MMO without community. It is something my brother and I experienced when we both began playing WoW and feel has fallen off significantly since. If all of this sounds good to you please feel free to contact us here on the forums, our website, or in game for an invite. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!Runeagon2 Oct 6
Oct 6 <Cobra Command> [A] Recruiting Hello all, Thanks for taking the time to read through this thread. Here are the Basics Server - Aerie Peak - Alliance Raid Times - Tue and Wed 7p-11:00p PST Needs - Heals, Ranged Dps Healers (Priest or Monk) RDPS (Hunter, Priest, Boomkin, Warlock) Our Core has been raiding together since Early in Warlords. We have a strong group thus far but are looking to expand as we don't have enough DPS. We are currently 5/7 Normal while only raiding 2 nights a week. We are looking to push into Heroic in the next couple weeks once we round out the group. Classes we are looking for: Healing 1 MW Monk And/OR Holy/Disc Priest DPS Hunter Boomkin Warlock SPriest Contact Fangrage#1130 Exceptional players always welcome to apply even if class, spec, role not listed.Fángráge3 Oct 6
Oct 4 Disc Priest - LFGuild/Raid Group Hi all! Played for a while now but never really gotten into the upper level raiding scene and looking to try to do that in Legion. Looking for a laidback raid group/guild for N/H EN as well as Mythic+, available M-W 8-12 PM EST. Have voice capabilities. Working on gearing further but happy to follow and help! PST in game or respond here!Exaedius1 Oct 4
Oct 4 <Rapture>[A] Raiding 9 to 12 Cen. TH/F LFM Rapture is Back! Close group of no Drama friends looking to get back into raiding and looking to refill the ranks. When: Thursday and Friday 9 to 12 Central (7 to 10 Server time/EST) What: Emerald Nightmare (6/7 N so far) We expect each member to come with Legion Flasks, 300+ stat Food and to at the very least read up on each Boss before Raid. Roster: Tanks: Both slots are filled, but we are a competitive guild and if you can prove you are the best then the spot is yours. Healers: All healers are Welcome, Always end of story DPS: Currently have a greater need for Ranged than Melee. Also doing Nightly Mythic runs to gear up Raiders! Guild repairs are on Thursday and Friday nights to pay for damages on learning the fights. Would prefer all Raiders to Join the Guild to earn Achievements and gold for the repairs. If interested feel free to post here or add me @ Jovins #1628Olyver2 Oct 4
Oct 4 <UNDERPAID AND OVERWORKED> 5/7 N LFM We are looking for 2 healers resto shaman high demand also some ranged dps we are currently 5/7 normal and will be pushing heroics as soon as we full clear please in game mail myself or arizin for info or inviteÇancerous1 Oct 4
Oct 3 [A] Muscle Tribe of Danger 5/7 N Recruitment We are a group of friends on Aerie Peak looking to start up our own raid group. We cleared most of normal EN, but our group was too casual and unorganized. Looking to fill out a 15 man group. We have two tanks and a healer already. Once we get a solid ten we can raid as a group and expand into 15. Raid times would be 7-10 PM JST (+9 GMT) Tuesday and Wednesday. Making adjustments on Tuesdays to 6-9 on server down days. Looking for geared 845+ ilvl members. We hope to move into heroic EN once we get started and have a couple of weeks under our belts. Feel free to add me or just post here. I'll check this regularly. Snowdemon #1796Feralflaiir1 Oct 3
Oct 3 844 Rogue looking for a guild Title says it. Ive completed a lot of content on my own and in pugs. Would like to find a relaxed and friendly guild. I also would like to do mythic and raid as well. I'm not hardcore but I do want to try to have the best toon I can. My days and times for events are open. I'm also very helpful and I don't mind helping out lower levels. Thanks for your consideration.Quizzel2 Oct 3
Oct 2 Looking To Build A Dungeon Team Hello all, I'm looking for a few people to join a guild that is just focused on 5 person dungeons. With all the levels and rewards that are on par with raid gear, I'd like to create a small squad that meets a few times a week to clear mythic level (+) dungeons. Feel free to add me on BNET: Deadpool#1723 if you are interested. If there is interest we can form two teams but right now Im focused just on building the first team. Ill likely be tanking but can also mdps. So we would need the rest: 1mdps 2rdps (mage/lock) 1healer Looking forward to playing together!Bookish0 Oct 2
Oct 1 Meiling Anyone know if Meiling still hangs around here?Chameleøn0 Oct 1
Sep 30 <Amused> 3/7H Recruiting DPS We raid Thursday-Saturday 5 PM Server time to 8-9 PM depending on how progression is going. We are professional and you MUST come prepared to EVERY raid (Food,Flasks,Pots). We use TeamSpeak for voice com, and we are looking for GOOD DPS!!! Add me on Bnet if youre interested Gucci#11658Weguccimane1 Sep 30
Sep 28 852 Rest seeks relaxed raid/mythic guild Why hello there everyone. I am just your fairly typical guy looking for a home where I can do some Mythics or Raids. Not looking for anything too serious, best progression Heroic "look at the e-peen!" type thing but it would certainly be nice to have a guild where I can say "Anyone up for Mythics?" and get a reply other than "what are those?" and also have a chance to get in on a raid every week. Weekdays and nights would be best Take care everyone.Derj0 Sep 28
Sep 28 <The Returners> are recruiting core raiders! <The Returners> 6/7 Emerald Nightmare, are currently recruiting ranged DPS, with preference to MM hunters, shadow priests and Mages. Our raid nights will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 til 8:30 server time. Those not interested in raiding are always welcome of course. My brother and I formed this guild with the intent to build a solid community here on Aerie Peak that supports all facets of the game. We are both veteran players of about 9 years having a wide scope of experience with multiple roles and classes. We have both led raids and guilds alike with a modest amount of success. We are both adults with families and full time schedules so we fully understand the demands of everyday life. We only ask that you try and participate some of the time. We encourage our members to talk to one another, pug with one another and help each other. This is paramount among all our goals. After all what is an MMO without community. It is something my brother and I experienced when we both began playing WoW and feel has fallen off significantly since. If all of this sounds good to you please feel free to contact us here on the forums, our website, or in game for an invite. Thanks for reading and happy hunting!Runeagon5 Sep 28
Sep 28 840 UH DK LF Raid Team Hey, First things first: Looking for a team that does NOT raid tuesday and PREFERABLY NOT on the weekend however that is only a preference. Anytime after 6pm PST would work. Please don't contact me if you're team is not ready yet, I am looking to raid asap. Me: Turns out my previous raid team won't be raiding till way later so I'm looking elsewhere for a team that can use me now. Originally played a Resto druid last xpac and switched to DPS. If you're interested hit me up on Vvardenfell#1872. I have a headset, willing to communicate, can provide previous logs, trial me, etc... I'm sure I'll at least preform better than some of your core members :>Telvanni0 Sep 28
Sep 27 834 Holy Priest LFG Hey hey, 834 (and climbing) Holy/Disc Priest looking for a raid group on Aerie Peak (to avoid having to xfer realms). I've spent the last 2 xpacs as a MW Monk (getting through N and some, but not all H) and wanted to try something new for Legion, as well as focus on more difficult content. Available M-F 6p-12a and anytime on the weekends. I'm super laid back, enjoy the nerdy side of researching specs/fights, and am willing to help however possible. Thanks for your time and good luck in Legion. PriismPriism2 Sep 27
Sep 27 LF social/Casual guild Afternoon. Exp casual returning player new to server. Looking for With some active fun/social/ casual light raid guilds . That understands Real life comes first. Thank you.Blaix1 Sep 27
Sep 27 Weekend Casual/Social Raid Team LF RDPS <Devils Asylum> - Alliance Looking for a few ranged DPS to fill out our weekend raid team. We're a group of friendly mature social players, with experience, looking to have fun and progress. Active guild, active voice chat, willing to help out. Raid times are weekend evenings (6pm realm, 9pm EST). Specifically looking for a Warlock, Mage, and Priest to fill out the team, but all are welcome to apply.Vymrak0 Sep 27
Sep 27 (H) 847 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild Looking for a raiding guild around 7-8est during week any time on weekend msg me in game iyce#11672Iycê0 Sep 27
Sep 26 The Outreach Program - Alliance We are a small family orientated guild looking to grow and experience the game at a casual pace as life allows. We are planning on raiding two nights a week. Thursday 7-9 ish and Friday 7-10 ish server time. We are not hardcore. If we kill bosses, Great. If not, we will keep trying. We just want to enjoy the game as kids and family time allows. No attendance requirements. No raiding requirements. No experience required. All are welcome. Lets just try to have fun playing the game we all enjoy :)Zerrik5 Sep 26
Sep 26 837 and climbing Havoc Demon Hunter LFGuild As the title says, my realm isn't really recruiting as Demon Hunters are everywhere and I was unlucky and made this toon on a bad realm. Was wondering if anyone would take me into a loving raiding guild. Thank you!Sevidin1 Sep 26
Sep 26 Outlanders recruiting for Legion! Now that we are all outlanders on these Broken isle anyway, it's time for you to join up! Perks: Guild with repair money! Our GM was the voice of God in one of my dreams once. Actual tight knit community, not one of your "fanclub" guilds where you're just a nobody with an annoying <Convert To Anything> tag on your head. None of that splintered nonsense, actual core neighborhood of Aerie Peak players. We have a discord (doesn't everyone?) that we hang out in all day. EVERY DAY. Here you can be a SOMEBODY WITH FRIENDS! What is Outlanders about? Everything. We do Mythic+ 5 Mans, WQs together, Raiding (still kicking off), and we'll do that all the way up to and including Mythic. History: I have been an on again off again member of Outlanders since I was chasing the Dragonspine Trophy (previous life as a Hunter named Anasmira) off Gruul in Burning Crusade. This is the best guild on Aerie Peak. I've been friends with all of its core members for a decade. Unless all you care about is progression competition. We work our way through all the content, just not as fast as some of those other guys. Outlanders has experience raiding endgame bosses of every tier (maybe not WoD.. nobody played that game) before their ezpz nerfs kick in. How to Join: Almost anyone can invite you, but Chaingirl, Eashlan, Araloth are usually easy to reach. Everyone starts out as a Trial. But all you have to do is not be a poopdick to get promoted someday. Raiding Requirements: Be 110. Be okay at the game. Don't be horrible at the game. Don't be a %!*%*#*@. Flasks, Pots? Meh. We will be using Personal Loot for anything we can. Raid Schedule: TBD! Looks like it'll be Fri/Sat based on availability and based on west coast times. But check this thread again later for more info. Most Wanted: Healers! and RANGED DPS! Least Wanted: Main Spec Tanks! We have so many of these, including yours truly (and I am the most glorious tank on Aerie Peak by definition. My transmog says so).Chaingirl0 Sep 26
Sep 25, 2016 Paladin looking for mythics+ and raiding team 846 Prot Paladin looking for a raid team. Also looking for a serious mythic+ group. Im an experienced player ( been playing since 04) 2200+ pvp player/ Undying title. Been tanking for 4+ years.Haioden0 Sep 25, 2016
Sep 25, 2016 844 protection paladin looking for a home Hello, I'm currently looking for a heroic, or mythic raiding guild to call home, I've been playing since late bc, raiding since wraith, and completing content since then, I have extensive experience in tanking and communication while doing so, calling for cool downs and the sort. Please contact me with any questions at Vebo#1854Xicy1 Sep 25, 2016