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3d [A] <E X A L T E D> Mythic Recruiting Updated Prog: 4/10M NH - 9/9N ToS - 8/9H ToS <E X A L T E D> is an alliance raiding guild on Aman'thul formed in 2007. We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on achieving end-game progression in a relaxed environment on a limited raid schedule. We're currently looking for players who love raiding and want to clear mythic content. Friendly culture in the guild with plenty of knowledgeable people to share tips and hints on improving classes. We are also try to run multiple Mythic+ groups so even if you can't commit to raid times there is high-level content that we can enjoy together. Progression: 4/10M NH - 9/9N ToS - 8/9H ToS Raid Times: Wed/Thu 7:30pm-11:00pm AEDT (server time) : Alt night Mon 7:30pm-11:00pm AEDT We also have a Discord server and Facebook community pages to share the good times. Currently recruiting all dps classes All classes considered based on performances. For more information or to apply please add me Healtrees Btag - Flashbang#1957Healtrees5 3d
6d [A] Omen - 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M 2/9M LFM R-DPS Omen is an Alliance side raiding guild based on the Oceanic server Aman'Thul. Our raid team is progression focused and aims to have fun while downing all Mythic content whilst current. Raid Schedule: 2 Progression and 1 Farm raid night a week. Wed, Thurs & Mon 9pm-12am Server time (Server time = AEST = GMT + 10) Current Progress 7/7 M-CE, 3/3 M-CE 10/10 M-CE 1/9M Who we are: The Omen community has been around and raiding together since BC. We have survived as long as we have because, whilst our culture is laid back and there are plenty of giggles between boss pulls, we are focused when needed and willing to put the work in to learn fights as a team and get bosses down. The feel within the guild was best summed up by a new member who at the end of their trial period said they loved it here as it felt like a group that had been friends for years but that you get to feel a part of that within a few raid nights. The things we are looking for in a recruit are: - Someone who will get as much out of the team progressing as they do out of seeing the content themselves - Players who are not e-peeners but are still hungry to be the best they can each raid night - Someone who looks at the raid logs to see how they can improve, seeks support from guildies and gives it to others - Players that enjoy the class/role they have chosen and love to raid with a team - Someone who watches/reads boss fight guides ahead of time - People who enjoy a giggle on Discord but can focus when it's needed - Players who turn up when they say they will and let the guild know when they can't Who we are looking for High performing, experienced & skilled players of any class / spec will always be considered. The classes / specs we are most currently most interested in recruiting for our raid team : - Shadow Priest - Ele Shammy - All Range DPS - Strong DPS with a solid Healer OS Whilst we are primarily looking for Raiding focused players we are also interested to hear from skilled players with more of a Mythic+ focus who may be interested in either raiding occasional or joining the Raid team in the future. If Omen sounds like a community you would like to be a member of or if you have any questions, please contact one of the Guild Officers below for a chat or head over to our guild site to check us out and apply. Guild officers to contact Vid (BTag: Vid#1333) GT (GotShadow#1228)Vidaar40 6d
Aug 13 [A]FM Unlimited 9/9n 9/9H msia/sg Unlimited Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic Server. Unlimited are primarily Malaysian and Singaporean players (GMT +8). We are a guild that focusing on progression and are not interested in committing the excessive hours required to achieve progression kills. Instead we stick strictly to a raiding schedule that allows for and encourages a balanced and sustainable approach to high end progression raiding. We've been achieved a few top tier end boss raiding experiences in all patches. •Recruitment (will pay xfer free by gold(100k)) for commitment player only. >We are currently recruiting players to progress TOS mythic bosses with a solid team/players. >Trialing period will be up to a maximum of 1 month. >Open for any exceptional players with good attitude, attendance and performance. >Welcome casual raiders too if u have too much commitment in real life. Example only can raid 1 or 2 days per week • What do we expect from you? ★Commitment- We require you to be committed and able to put in the work required for the guild to maintain its rank and its competitiveness. You're required to maintain focus a positive attitude during raids and to be able maximize and perform at a high level in all your characters. We will also expect you to match our requirements when it comes to alts or mixed raids. ★Attendance- Attendance is the key to our stability. We rely on a small number of players and for our raids to be sustainable, we require most of our members to have a close to 100% attendance. We are available to deal with the occasional sign out providing we have the time to prepare for it. Once progress is finished and we can deal with it, attendance requirements will usually lighten up. ★Communication- Being able to communicate with your team mates is an absolute requirement. We expect you to be able to write, speak and understand fluent sing English and we will require you to use Discord to speak and listen during raids and use our Facebook page or Whatsapp for both encounter strategy and general planning/scheduling. •RAID SCHEDULE Wednesday, Thurs, Mon (Mythic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Fri/Sat (heroic) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) Sun (normal) 9.00pm - 12.00am GMT+8 (Singapore time) TOS incentive -progression boss awards -30k ( base of attendance on the boss 100%) -full repairs -free feast and flask (when raid) Do not hesitate to contact us in game or Via Bnet ID Honey#1274Kiabo1 Aug 13
Aug 13 (A) < ARUS > LFM ToS [Arus] is a Perth Based, progression guild looking for long term members. We are running two teams for ToS - Team 1: 9/9N 5/9H ToS. Raiding Wed / Mon @ 9:30pm SVT ( 7:30pm Perth time) Tanks: FULL Healers: 1x Healer ( Pally ) DPS (Melee): 2x spot available (Sub Rogue / Hav DH / Enhance Shaman / Arms Warrior ) DPS (Ranged): 3x spots available ( MM/BM Hunter / Ele Shaman / Balance Druid) Team 2: 8/9N ToS. Raiding Thurs / Sun @ 9:30pm SVT ( 7:30pm Perth time) Tanks: FULL Healers: FULL DPS (Melee): 3x spot available ( Rogue / DK / DH / Arms Warrior) DPS ( Ranged): 1 x spot available ( Shadow Priest / Ele Shaman) If you are interested in any of the above openings, or would like to ask any more questions, please feel free to comment on the thread below or add my Btag - GrUzY#1179 and we can have a chat! NB: We are on Caelestrasz / Nagrand Realm.Hybernate3 Aug 13
Aug 12 [A] <Handle It> is LFM! <Handle It>! is now recruiting DPS and heals to fill out our raid team. Currently 9/9N, 4/9H, raid times are Wed/Sun/Mon 9pm-11:30, our plan once we have a full team is to move on from heroic to mythic. If you have any questions please feel free to post here or PM myself, or Furby in-game. We are also a very active guild and welcome social members.Velissaro2 Aug 12
Aug 10 [A] Bros Before Hozen 9/9N 8/9H - LFM -Raid Schedule- Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm ST (AEST) -Available Positions- 28/30 PLACES FILLED (Updated 11/08/2017) 1xRestoration Shaman 1xElemental Shaman -Raid Information- *What's the attendance requirement? We're asking you to attend our Monday and Wednesday raid nights 100% of the time (unless significant real life issues permit). *What item level do I need to be able to raid? The required item level to be able to raid is 900+. This is easily obtainable through world quests, crafted gear, mythic & mythic+ dungeons, LFR & world bosses. *What addons are required for raiding? DBM or BigWigs, WeakAuras2 & RCLootCouncil. *What platform is used for voice chat? Discord. *How is loot handled? Loot is distributed using RCLootCouncil. We do not use an actual council to distribute the loot, rather using the addon to just make loot distribution faster and smoother. If you can fill any of the positions available above and would like to raid with us, please reply to this thread or message any of the people below via. battletag. Hearte#11926 - Recruitment Officer Epi#1278 - Guild Master & Raid Leader Thank you!Epibolt42 Aug 10
Aug 10 Need a change? Evoke-Saurfang is a 2 nights a week raiding guild looking for more raiders to join our ranks to help us push further to ToS. We are a bunch of misfits whose goal is push end game content. We are currently 7/9N and planning to push heroic then mythic. Our current raid times are 7.30-10.30 wed & sunday aest server time. What we will provide • A fun raiding environment w/ a bunch of misfit who is not scared to get down a dirty • Mythic + runs during off nights to help you get your weekly cap • Guild repairs for raid nights. We are currently looking for • Balance druid • DK(frost or UH) • Warlock (any spec) But all exceptional class are welcome Logs: If interested contact Unsettled#1638, Lions#1143Draerukw3 Aug 10
Aug 8 [H] Marauders - Barthilas 8/9H Marauders is a 2 night a week raiding guild based on Barthilas we are currently seeking 1 DPS and 1 Heals pref druid to finish off our mythic team. Our guild is full of active, interesting and friendly people who like to run mythic + dungeons and generally help each other out. We also occasionally throw in the odd farm clears of previous raids on off nights when it suits people. Our raid nights are thur-sun 7:00-10:30 ST If you have any further questions feel free to post here or add me rhys#1696Eeveê1 Aug 8
Aug 5 935+ Carry Group Selling +15 Our group of Mythic raiders is selling +15's for GOLD on ANY server. Don't risk running with a bad group! Guaranteed 930 gear on Tuesday! Add me on bnet, Kmstadt#1329, for more information.Moarwolves0 Aug 5
Aug 3 [A] <Sigil> 1/9M 9/9H (GMT+8) - Recruiting <Sigil> is a long-standing raiding guild on Frostmourne Alliance, with members hailing from SG, MY, HK and AU (GMT+8). Most of our members are working adults with kids or other real life commitments, so we take a laid back approach to raiding and progression. We have been raiding consistently since Cata and are now recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras. Raid times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12 - 3am Server Time during DST (11 - 2am non-DST) - that's 9pm - 12mn GMT+8. Contact If you're interested in joining us, get in touch @ Tyrthas#1109 or Huntressrose#1321 Learn more about us at our website Cheers.Tyrthas10 Aug 3
Aug 1 [A]<Knights Who Say Nee> Pushing into Mythic Knights Who Say Nee are a casual raiding guild who are currently pushing into Mythic raiding. We have two separate groups that each raid 2 nights per week. Current Progress: Heroic - 7/7 EN, 3/3 ToV, 10/10 NH, 6/9 ToS. Recruitment: We are currently seeking DPS and 1-2 Healers to build numbers in the progression group. Any applications will be strongly considered, but in particular we need the following: DPS - Rogue, Demon Hunter, Druid, Monk, Shaman. Healers - Paladin, Monk Our raiding schedule is: Progression Group Wednesday: 20.15 - 22.30 (server time) Thursday: 20.15 - 22.30 (server time)Casual Group Friday: 20.15 - 22.30 (server time) Monday: 20.15 - 22.30 (server time)About Us: The guild mostly consists of Australians, average age is somewhere in the 20's to 30's. Many raiders are parents and that is taken into account in regards to raiding flexibility. The guild originally formed in Vanilla and has typically been a social/casual raiding guild with varying degrees of success. We've seen everything from micro raid groups that struggle to form to the chaos of managing 5 independent raid teams. In Legion we've worked hard towards improving the skill of the raid group, clearing each raid for AOTC and are now ready to make the push into Mythic. We aim to progress through Mythic at a steady pace but do not expect to achieve Cutting Edge in ToS. What we offer: A consistent raid team with clear expectations outlined that apply to everyone with no exceptions. A fair loot distribution system via Loot Council. Loot goes where it will help the group the most. A guild with a long history and many members who have been around 4, 6, 8+ years. We have a good, friendly environment and tend to have light trolling during farm raids but a focused attitude in progression. A strong desire to raid and keep pushing the boundaries. Legion alone has seen our group step up from a rag-tag band on 1-2 raid nights a week to two well defined groups with a total of 4 nights a week.What we want from you: Strong attendance. Exceptions are made for those who work irregular shifts, have responsibilities as a parent etc. However, we do run a roster and those who are regularly able to attend and are dependable will have less chance of appearing on the subs list. Commitment. We're looking for new raid team members that want to stick it out with the group. If you want quick gear so you can then move on this isn't the place for you. Have a voice! Speak up if you're having issues, whether in game or outside. Our raid leader is friendly and committed to working with people to help them improve. Be ready. Make sure you have all gems/enchants sorted out and come to each raid with pots/food/flasks/runes etc. We do provide a cauldron and feasts but everyone is expected to also carry their own buffs. Know the fights. The progression group isn't there to explain every last mechanic, watch the videos, run with us in normal and heroic, learn the fights and get mechanics down. Communication. Be ready to call out in Discord voice for certain mechanics. Everyone needs to have a voice and be vocal for call outs. Good teams rely on strong communication. Learn from mistakes. Everyone messes up but you need to learn how to avoid doing it again rather than repeating the same mistakes over and over.The must haves for the progression group are Blue parses in logs and doing mechanics correctly. If you struggle with parses we will help you improve, if you struggle with mechanics we will help you learn them. However unless you have them down solidly we can't bring you into the progression group. For those looking for a friendly guild and a casual raid environment without the stresses of progression the casual group has much less strict requirements. These are much more relaxed and social raids and a number of guildies only come to those and not the progression raids. For more information or to apply please speak to our raid leader: Xenoun#1416Xenoul0 Aug 1
Jul 27 Enchanted Thorium Breastplate & Leggings Can anybody in the server (or others Alli/Horde) craft this item? I have the mats just need a BS.Ahmáurnamu0 Jul 27
Jul 27 Resilient is selling Full Clears of H ToS Hi there, As the title says we are selling full clears of ToS, we reliably 1 shot all of the bosses and clears tend to take ~2-3 hours depending on the banter. Clears always start @ 7pm server time Sunday. Please feel free to contact me via in game mail or add me on Btag for prices. Judge#6496Judgeharm1 Jul 27
Jul 18 (A) Forced Induction, 9/9N, 8/9H, 2 Nights Feb 20 (Edited) Forced Induction is a 2 night per week raiding guild on Oceanic Aman'Thul server. We are a casual raid team and had great success in Nighthold (4/10M). We are recruiting players to strengthen our core and push greater heights in Tomb. If your'e interested in becoming apart of a casual and fun, but focused group then we want to hear from you! We raid Wednesday and Monday nights, 830pm-1130pm ST. Current Raid: 9/9N ToS, 8/9H ToS Previous Raids: 2/7 M EN, 3/3 H ToV & 4/10 M NH Please note that ANY and ALL exceptional application will be considered. Healer: Not accepting Healers at the moment. Ranged DPS: Elemental, Shad Priest, Mage Melee: Unholy DK, Sub Rogue, Ret Pally, Demon hunter To apply please contact RedPanda#1388 or head to and fill out the application form!Lowynfat13 Jul 18
Jul 17 [A] Twisted Haven 3/9M 10/10M GMT+8 Twisted Haven (Aman'Thul) is a GMT+8 raiding guild currently looking for exceptional and committed players to join us in progressing and completing the tier. We have members hailing from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines. RAID DAYS Wed, Thurs, Sun (3 day raid week) 9pm - 12am GMT+8 12am - 3am AEST (Oceanic Server Time) 8.00am - 11am EST / CST 5.00am - 8am PST (Raid will start at 11pm Oceanic Server Time when DST ends. No changes for GMT+8 time zone.) RECRUITING - Tank: Prot Paladin - Healers: Resto Druid, Mistweaver - RDPS: Hunter, Shadow, Boomy, Ele, Mage All other exceptional players are also welcome to app! Just add us for a chat :) Even if you do not fit one of the above high priority needs if you feel you have what it takes to be progressing through end game content please feel free to apply as we will consider all exceptional applicants. Please contact Mycra#1827 or apply at http://twistedhaven.guildlaunch.comMycra22 Jul 17
Jul 16 [A] Amicorum – Recruiting for ToS [A] Amicorum – Recruiting for ToS Amicorum is a semi-hardcore, progression minded, Alliance guild on Aman’thul. Our goal has always been to push progression as fast and far as we can with the limited time our schedules, jobs and families allow us, and along the way have as much fun as possible, make friends and kill !@#$. Looking for likeminded players to add to our core, with the drive to be the best they can be in their given role(s), the ability to listen to raid leaders and improve and adapt to raid encounters, mechanics and strategies. What we can offer you is a home, a family, and crap load of fun – of course phat loots are guaranteed as well! Raid Times: Being a Professional and family orientated guild, we aim to be a competitive raiding on a 2 night a week schedule. Raid days and times are: Wednesday & Sunday 7pm-10pm ST (GMT +11 AEST) Recruitment: We are always on the lookout for dedicated, capable raiders of any class/role/spec however with our current roster we have a high need for the following: DPS and HEALS If you’re interested in joining us, or just want to have a chat before making up your mind feel free to hit up one of the guild leaders directly on the following bnet tags: Joiistick#1644 NKidd#1641 SKidd#1486Chiillii1 Jul 16
Jul 14 [A] <Molotov> [6/9 H-ToS] is recruiting <Molotov> is looking for some skilled raiders to join our raid team. <Molotov> is basically a home for retired progression raiders. We all used to be rather good (there’s even a few members who are still capable of being elite level raiders) but now don’t have the time to dedicate to raiding on a serious progression schedule. We still enjoy the game, still play with skill, but now have more real life distractions so raid on a more casual basis. Our aim in raiding is to maintain “Ahead of the Curve” in each tier of content without doing any mythic difficulty content. What are we looking for? Skilled players who are also good people, we’re not interested in drama. Although we’ll consider anyone who is interested, we’re really looking for is: - a swingman (resto/ele shaman or holy/shadow priest or resto/balance druid) - ranged dps (seriously, why does everyone play melee these days) Realm: Aman’thul (Oceanic-PVE) Raid Times: Wednesdays and Thursdays 8pm to 11pm (server time which is currently AEST) Current Progress: 6/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Officer Contacts: Elarriel (Rath#6607), Philondraxa (Philondra#1481), and Sussanna (Philvarce#6592).Elarriel8 Jul 14
Jun 29 . Blame the Gnome -Aman'thul[u][/u] A small and friendly social and raiding alliance guild, We have weekly raids as well as mythic+ and achievement/transmog runs. If you are looking to join to make some new friends or raid even if you've never raided before then this might be the guild you're looking for :) We are currently looking for tanks and a healer for our raid team but all dps are still welcome to join. Raid times are 7:30 pm AEST Wednesday and Thursday and we are happy to gear you up to join in. ( We are not hardcore raiders, its more for something to do with a great bunch of people) If you're interested you can add my battle tag Shadow#114896 or message any member in game :)Hød0 Jun 29
Jun 28 [A] AFP - LFM DPS for ToS Authorised for Payment is looking for a few extra DPS. Who we are: A heroic raiding guild that has cleared all Legion Heroic content prior to ToS. We only formed for Legion, but many of us have played together in other guilds on Aman'thul. We are Raiders for 6 hours a week. 2 nights, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 7.30 and 10.30. We do want to clear content in that space of time. We expect raiders to bring consumables and try to maintain gems / enchants once you get gear you won’t replace quickly. We're not interested in Mythic. Not because we aren't capable, but we never had the desire to recruit and maintain a roster of over 20 people for it. We’re a bit laid back. We chat and !@#$ talk and occasionally laugh at ourselves and the dumb things we do. We raid because we enjoy the social aspect of it. Why are we recruiting? We were at the stage where we were clearing Heroic Nighthold in under 90 minutes and a majority of the raiders wanted to have a break and ‘revitalise’ before Tomb of Sargeras. So we took a 6 week hiatus. Unfortunately. some of our raiders decided to extend that break even longer. What we want : Players who will fit in with the rest of us miscreants and enjoys a bit of banter on Discord. Players who understands that we /roll for gear and yes, sometimes randomness sucks, so there's no point whining about it. Players that aren't dickheads in general, trade and instance chat channels. Even with a few players taking a longer break, we have a raid group. We'd like a few extra people to bolster our numbers. Ideally, we’d like to recruit the following classes: Mage Shaman (Elemental or Enhancement) Rogue. Other DPS classes are welcome to apply, especially those with an interest in being a back up tank. Sorry, no healer positions are open. If anything, we have too many healers for our current raid size. Additional info: Outside of raiding, we do enjoy other games. You’ll see members on our Discord channel playing other games together like Heroes of the Storm, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Overwatch, Tabletop Simulator, World of Warships and recently Bloodbowl. We’re always looking for people to join in these with us. Ask any member online to direct you to an officer. Alternately, add me on Battletag. [Touchdown#11678]Maliwan1 Jun 28
Jun 28 Eternal Guardians - Aman'thul Guild Eternal Guardians is a well established casual raiding guild based in the Aman'thul Oceanic Server. We are currently 7/7H 2/3H and 4/7H. We have several talented and geared players willing to help gear and teach guild members so that they can reach their classes potential. We have recently gone under some changes in the guild and as such are still finding our grove, but now would be a good time to join our community and find your place in it. All classes and specs are welcome to apply and join, as are all levels of players. Raid nights will be Wednesday-Friday 7:30pm-10pm Server time, but be prepared to stay behind another 30 minutes if we're close to downing a boss. Eternal Guardians focuses more on the fun and the social aspect of raiding, rather than hardcore progression. So expect some laughs and a good time as we work our way to AOTC Gul'dan. Feel free to add my battletag to talk to about joining- or whspr me in game Starhero-Aman'thul. Astro#12930Starcat2 Jun 28
Jun 27 Who needs a priest? Sexy pandaren lady looking for strong guild to support her. Likes healing and long walks on the broken shores. Seeking heroic raids and mythic dungeons. All 3 specs 910+ and 11 legendaries! Available most days 7pm-12am ST* Send me cookies if interested <3Holyserenity0 Jun 27
Jun 23 Not the Average Recruitment Post Its a fact of life as you get older your responsibilities grow and ample free time to yourself becomes a thing of the past. Its balancing act between doing just enough wife dailies to drop that wife aggro, knowing in your heart you'll never truly become exalted with her no matter how hard you try. Other things become more important then grinding out that raid progression early on in a tier, like making sure your kids have their well fed buff before logging them out in their bedrooms for the night. If you can relate to this you're the person we are looking for. Core of our guild has been together for years and over those years we've all gotten old and we all have these things they call responsibilities getting in the way of us slaying internet dragons at our will. Once upon a time raiding 2 or 3 times a week was the norm. Along the way we've lost a couple of good players and as a result of this we decided to become a 1 night a week raid guild in MoP. We've always had a small tight-knit roster who up until flex raiding was released only ran 10 man heroic content, at one stage being top ten guild in Cataclysmic on the server Frostmourne. Since flex and mythic raids were made available we've struggled with maintaining a reliable roster. We've always wanted to keep that small guild feel so along the way we've lost a few here and there to pursue mythic content or larger more robust guilds, this has been our biggest issue. As a guild our aim is to raid once a week and do all Heroic content before new content is released. Currently 101/10 H NH. Seeking those with similar circumstances outside of Wow to join us on Thursday nights to take it to the Legion. One Night Stand - Khaz/Dath Alliance - Thursday 8pm- 11ish pm Add one of use if ya wanna talk more. Grim#1230 Valnum#1297Grimstein13 Jun 23
Jun 16 Selling Heroic/Normal Kil’jaeden!! Hello everyone!! Ready for Tomb of Sargeras? If not, we have the solution. Usually to get into those random raid pug groups you either need an ilevel much greater than what the raid drops, the heroic kill of the final boss, and good wowprogress. A little too much don’t you think? Well aren’t you glad we are here!? We are providing with Kil’jaeden kills since the first week of ToS. We will be selling both Normal/Heroic Kil’jaeden. For those wondering, we are only taking GOLD in all realms. How to contact our team for purchase? Join our discord: When the first week of ToS comes out we will open our services to everyone! When you join the discord please make sure you read the message sent to you by the Dyno (Bot). Be one of the first to get that heroic/normal Kil’jaeden kill!Eliaennara0 Jun 16
Jun 15 DADCORE - solid raid team 2 nights per week DADCORE Raid times: wed + thurs 8-11pm svt / sydney time Requirements: - 900+ ilvl - Concordance trait by tomb release - Gems / Enchants - Up to date class knowledge - Commitment to both raid days. 90% attendance expected - one geared and practised alt / be willing to make one Roles needed: - 1 x tank with viable dps offspec (prefer non dk) - Range: Lock / Boomie / Spriest / Mage / Ele sham - Melee: Enhance / War / Feral / Rogue / Dh / WW - Heals: 1 x heal with strong dps offspec or dps alt Goals: You should be serious about your commitment, the best way to achieve team goals is to have a team who is there every week, you should log onto wow more than raid times, so you can stay competitive. The goal is to push forward together in a fun environment. Contact: Stranger#6450 bnetRookdawg0 Jun 15
Jun 6 Omnomnomnivores LFM - social guild Social guild (Fridays 7:30EST) We are a small guild looking to open our guild and hearts to fun and goofy people who don't mind the odd bit of crude humour. We all have responsibilities and families but have all been friends for a long time. We're looking at people who want a little bit of downtime from all the stress in their lives and want to have a laugh and play some wow together. We use vent, all have 110's and not too far away from starting heroic content. We are gender balanced so it's definitely not a boys club. But the guild isn't rushing towards raiding, mythic content as we're more about the fun times. We are looking at expanding our little family so that we can all indulge as little or as much as we like We generally play as a whole on Friday nights at 7:30 EST (Australia) but a lot of us play at different times during the week as wellBullquip2 Jun 6
Jun 2 (H-Nagrand) ASURA 7/10M GMT+8 9pm Asura is a Horde raiding guild on the Nagrand (Oceanic) server. We are a GMT+8 based guild, with the majority of our members based in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and various other parts of Asia. Who we are: A guild of mature adults who share an enjoyable gaming experience amongst members who work as a team and characterize politeness and mutual respect for one another and the general server population. Our core raiders are all working professionals who wish to give our best and push for progression, without sacrificing our working/family commitments. We will also accept cross server / real ID raiders who wish to remain on their current servers, but are able to attend raids regularly, and treat them as guild members with the same privileges and expectations. Raid Times: Wed Thur Mon : 9pm - 12am (GMT+8, SG time) [11pm-2am Nagrand server time]. (We do not observe daylight savings time and therefore during daylight savings our raid times will be 12am-3am Nagrand server time.) Recruiting: Melee: One spot Ranged: Mage / Priest / Hunter Heal: Paladin ALL SKILLED AND EXPERIENCED RAIDERS WILL BE CONSIDERED AND ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY REGARDLESS OF RECRUITMENT NEEDS Express all interests to the following members of our guild: [GM] Aholeydonut (Real ID: ABADHAIRDAY#1606) [RL] Lolish (Real ID: Lolish#1706) Or apply at Jun 2
May 21 910 equipped ww monk lf mythic raiding team ww monk lf guild to raid with 3 or 2 nights a week. Have got good amount of mythic raiding experience. If interested please add me as Chrizbix#1784Drugsnhugs0 May 21
May 19 [A] <INDONESIA> 13/13M Recruiting for Legion! <Indonesia> - Frostmourne - Now recruiting for Legion Roster! We are formed mainly by Indonesian players to bond and raid together within the same timezone (GMT +8). We have a lot of activities aside from progression raiding: leveling together, an active RBG team with various compositions, and multiple arena teams. Communication Our main voice communication is Teamspeak 3. Be professional, civil, and good mannered. The main language that we will be using is Bahasa Indonesia, but we also accept any people as long as they can understand Bahasa Indonesia. What we need: - Range DPS (Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Boomkins, Shamans) - Exceptional Players - Good raiding history Attendance We expect you to have at least a 90% attendance during progression. We also expect you to master your off-spec as you might have need to use it to suit our raid composition. Raid Time & Details: Progression Main Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 9.30 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Trial/Alt/Casual raiders normal gear run = Friday/Saturday/Sunday 9.30 p.m. - 12.30 p.m (GMT +8) Loot System: EPGP + Lootcouncil If you have any question or want to join our roster, please add btag Atlazlol#1705.Grandevoir2 May 19
May 14 20 Level Cap After Purchasing I don't know what's going on, but it seems like I still have the level cap on even after purchasing WoW. I also still have the money cap, meaning that I cannot have more than 10 golds. Please tell me how to fix this.Baitzadusto0 May 14
May 13 Recruiting for Kil’jaeden Sales next tier Hello everyone! We’re currently recruiting exceptional players next tier for Kil’jaeden sales (HORDE). Our team goes way back to Heroic Archimonde. We have been actively doing Heroic Gul’dan Sales and continuing until Tomb releases. Due to recent game changes, we have lost potential players and we are looking to bolster our roster once more. So far, our group is made out of raiders from the top 30 US guilds. Do not let that intimidate you, we also have players who are in top 200 US guilds but due to their exceptional performance they are part of the team. As of right now we have a weekend schedule (Sat & Sunday 3pm CST – 1am CST). When Tomb comes out we will be doing sales every day. If making gold is something that catches your attention you will be making a low minimum of 1 gold cap per week, in the first month(s) of the tier release. That is if you’re committed to making gold. We’re currently recreating every role. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. If you’re interested in taking part of this team please add me on DISCORD: Phet#6456 I will answer at my earliest convenience. Note: If you leave a message in this thread it is very likely I won’t be able to message back.Votkinsk3 May 13
May 11 [A] Drop the Poptart - 10/10H Drop the Poptart is an alliance raiding guild on Aman'Thul. We've been around since the beginning of WoD and are focused on clearing all heroic content at our own pace. We do not currently have any intention of pushing mythic content, this allows us to foster a more relaxed and inclusive environment rather than focusing on progression. We still push to clear heroic content while it is relevant and before the inevitable nerf wave each tier, and have thus far been successful. Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Sunday 2030 - 2300 (AEST) (Currently the same as server time) Current Progress: 10/10H NH What we are looking for: - Be punctual to raids. We expect everyone to be online 10-15 minutes prior to raid for invites. If you are unable to make a raid night, please ensure to inform the raid well in advance. - Be prepared, that means doing your homework especially if you have not done the encounter before. We are prepared to show you the ropes, but only if you are willing to help yourself first. - Be eager to learn new encounters and be willing to receive constructive criticism so you are able to improve yourself. - Be sociable and friendly to other players. - Ideally we would like your main toon to already be ilvl 880+. However, we are open to accepting players who are willing to put in the work to be a part of the core team and we are more than willing to help you gear up What we offer to you: - A friendly environment with Raid Leaders who will help players who are struggling to get better. No this does not mean we will carry you as everyone is expected to be able to carry their own weight, but we will guide you if necessary! - Free repairs. - Provided flasks and food Currently we are looking for DPS classes and Healers to add to our roster going into Tomb. But other roles will be considered. Contact: Ben - Kaéda, Sylvié, Alisaié (alt-code 0233) (Abbeb#6835) Ark - Arkadius Caser - Caserlist Feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions or would like to talk about joining :)Kaéda1 May 11
Apr 30 LF Mythic Raiding Guild [H][Barth] Hi guys, Just posting an expression of interest for any mythic raiding guilds that are currently looking for 2 healers (Resto Shaman, Resto Druid) that raid x2 days a week? <Thursday/Anyday> we have viable alts/os that we can bring to the team if required. We are pretty versatile on what a team requires and willing to change to a different class/spec in a mythic environment, happy to tank, dps, heal. Only interested in guilds that won't be imploding, just Trialed recently for 2 guilds both ended in a was very promising and literally imploded over 1 DPS leaving. I just want a guild I can be in for literally ever, for the right fit we would never leave, we want relaxed people who have fun and can handle banter to a mild extent. We legit just want a guild that's solid and are doing Mythic and are not losing there minds over hitting a wall, a drama friendly guild. Server Transfer is defitely something we can look out if you tick the correct boxes vice versa aswell. Nukems: Resto Shaman, 904ilvl, 3/10M, AP 43 OS: Enhancement Shaman: 900ilvl I can go Elemental if required. Alts: Monk Brewmaster: 895ilvl Disc Priest: 885ilvl (Willing to go Spriest) Kuror: Resto Druid, 903ilvl, 4/10M, AP 42 Alts: Mage Fire: 895ilvl We also have 90%+ DPS/Tanks friends looking for guilds also, so if anyone's creating a Guild? and has raiders from Mythic prog we would be interested, or guilds that have been around for awhile. Our friends are really good and we love playing other games together hence why we sticked together, there more then happy to be bench players and wait for a spot to open up. We've had some trouble finding the right guild for us due to the fact we play in a large friend group, but its getting to the point now were we can't enjoy the game due to having a lot of members always wanting to play with us. If we could find spots for everyone it would be great but that's just not the reality anymore that we live in. Guild hopped quite abit getting into Barthilus due to trying to find a team for myself and my friends, was in one guild for a longtime on Frostmourne. my logs are set to public (Mythic/Heroic) feel free to check them out, majority of my logs for DPS/Heals are above 80% I would link them but Warcraftlogs is currently down for me. Any questions please contact me on Battlenet: Nukems#1183 ThanksNukems1 Apr 30
Apr 30 [A] <Utopia> Weekend AM Raiding 7/10M NH About Utopia We are a group of raiders that have been together since Cataclysm. For some of us, we have been together since Vanilla/BC/WotLK. We were initially in Aman'thul horde during Firelands but moved over to Alliance during end of SoO. Most of us are working professionals with respective RL commitments that makes it hard for weekday raids, and we understand the need to take time off for RL > WoW. As such, we raid Saturday and Sunday 0800 - 1100 GMT+8. We do not enforce attendance and the roster is overstocked to make up for the unforeseen issues that may crop up. As such, all raiders will need to take note that raiding seat rotation is necessary. Although the guild is made up of friends, we try as much as possible to ensure a friendly and open environment. We believe that the purpose of the guild is to raid with friends, and we intend to maintain it by inviting more into the circle of friends. Raiding is the guild's main common activities, but there are always members to run instances, old content, level alts and generally laze around passing bad jokes. The guild maintains an active whatsapp group and discord (for those who'd rather not share their mobile number). Currently Recruiting We are currently recruiting: - Ranged DPS (except Hunters) - Restoration Shaman Contact Information Please contact Faeline/Sanmaz in game, or contact us via Apr 30
Apr 23 <A><Shabe Quai> Casual NZ Guild Recruiting Hey guys, Looking to recruit some casual raiders for the guild, our schedule is: Wed 7pm-9pm NZT (5pm-7pm ST) Fri 7pm-10pm NZT (5pm-8pm ST) Sun 2pm-5pm NZT (12pm-3pm ST) We are using discord for voice and look to progress through the new raids from Norm to Heroic, potentially Mythic if we have 20; we don't really care, we just do whatever is the right difficulty for our gear. We're all easygoing but do wanna progress, so as long as you aren't intentionally trying to die every fight, have a pretty positive attitude & don't get frustrated easily, you're in. We are preferring the following: Tank of any kind, ideally not Prot Pally, Resto Shaman for heals & then melee DPS. Although these are prioritised, any other roles/classes are welcome. iLvl wise, anyone 860 or above is fine, doing N NH at the moment. Post here, in-game mail or add my BNet tag mintek#1557 CheersEaglekick1 Apr 23
Apr 12 [H] <Brain Storm> 4/10M <Brain Storm> is an 18+ progression raiding guild that currently resides on Horde Tichondrious. We progression raid 3 times a week with an optional day for fun/alt runs. The guild is comprised of competitive End Game players with a very relaxed environment not found in many progression guilds. Raid Times: Tuesday 8-11 EST / Wednesday 8:30-11 EST / Thursday 8-11 EST. Friday is optional casual/alt fun run. Sunday is Main Raider Heroic Clear. Also optional. During progression raids, the guild will supply all Food, Flasks, Potions, and Repairs. All we ask from you is that you are consitently striving to better yourself as a player and come with a good attidude. We will accept any and all applications and judge each one accordingly. Brain Storm is also accepting all casual players just looking for a place to hang out and move up the ranks in a relaxing way. During the recruitment process please allow for up to 48 hours for application review. Please add buster#1195 and Bigtofu#11165 for quick ingame response. Please feel free to visit our website at www.brainstorm.guildlaunch.comBigtofu0 Apr 12
Apr 10 Still down... It's been wayyy more then 15 minutes why are we still down :(.Kutherek4 Apr 10
Apr 10 Aftermäth-Aman'Thul 3/10M LF H PALLY Aftermath-Aman'thul 10/10H 3/10 M Raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 730-10 pm. Recruiting H PALLY For mythic LVL raiders Btag mickyd#11180 soild fun raid team we play to enjoy the game come have a chat we will kill bosses together this spot avil is a full time spot thank youKnawty3 Apr 10
Apr 7 Startled Guild - LF Mythic raiders LF more raiders for both our raid teams team 1 - Wed/Thur 6.30 - 9.30pm server +10GMT and team 2 Fri/Mon +10GMT We are heading into nighthold and looking for healers and dps to come join us! PST anyone in Startled Guild or try our website Apr 7
Apr 5 900+ Weekend raiding team I am currently looking for a guild that raids saturdays from 8pm AWST (+8) and Sunday 7pm AWST. I have many characters that i am willing to play at various levels of gearing notably 896 Brewmaster, 895 MM Hunter, 899 equipped Frost DK, 886 Spriest and pretty much every other class/spec from about 850-870. I am willing to play any class and role but will need gearing for certain classes. I am currently on Frostmourne alliance but am willing to transfer to any OCE server to a stable raiding guild that fits those times. I do not have any logs to share at this time as my raiding in legion ended after the guild i ran disbanded after 4/7M EN and have just been raiding extremely casually since then. I have AOTC and 10/10 heroic experience in every role. Feel free to add my B-Tag Dkaer#1950 to have a chat or reply here. CheersDkaer0 Apr 5
Apr 3 (H) BOV IS RECRUITING! <Blood of Vengeance> Horde faction raiding guild on Uldaman-Ravencrest is looking for competent raiders to assist us in raid progression. Lead by players with an extensive raiding background and Realm First Titles, Blood of Vengeance is a guild focused on progression with a schedule that allows our raiders to maintain their social/work lives and, most importantly, actually have fun while raiding. If you are a retired or recovering hardcore raider, Blood of Vengeance is the place for you. Recruiting: Demon Hunter: Havoc Death Knight: ALL Druid: Resto, Balance, Feral Hunter: Beastmaster Mage: Frost and Fire Monk: ALL Paladin: ALL Priest: ALL Rogue: Assassination, Outlaw Shaman: ALL Warlock: Affliction, and Demo Warrior: Fury, and Protection Raid times are: 7pm - 10pm (CST) with optional EN/ToV runs on Monday and Friday, and an optional current content run on Saturday night. Progress: 7/7M EN (Cutting Edge) 2/3M ToV 10/10N NH 10/10H NH 3/10M NH Gear: Minimum gearing requirements as we push into mythic content consists of: 885+ item level At least 36 *Post 7.2* points in primary artifact We strive to experience and clear all available content with a limited raiding schedule. To accomplish this, we are looking for a great core raiding team. This is what you'll need: Consistency - Show up to raids consistently, be someone who the raid team can depend on Ability to learn - We don't expect you to inherently know everything, but we expect you to learn from your mistakes Attitude – Have fun and progress! Good game skills, and the ability to improve on them. Game skills are things such as: Encounter awareness - Be aware of encounter mechanics happening around (and under) you Game knowledge - Understand the strengths and limitations of your class Mechanical skill - Maximize the strengths of your class while playing around the weaknesses We pride ourselves on our leadership and the community we have created. We focus on group improvement through individual player growth and accountability and group cohesion. Check out our website at: and fill out an application. Contact Lejend#1376 , Avelay#1352 for more information. Groups are welcome to apply as well. *Paid Transfers & Faction Changes may be available with solid parses if requested.Essamun0 Apr 3
Apr 3 Late Night / Early Morning Raid Team I am currently looking for a guild that raids any nights from 3am-8am AEST (any day and anywhere in those times). I have many characters that i am willing to play at various levels of gearing notably 890-895 Brewmaster, MM Hunter, Frost DK, 885-890 shadow priest (still needs work) I am currently on Frostmourne alliance but am willing to transfer to any OCE server to a stable raiding guild that fits those times. I do not have any logs to share at this time as my raiding in legion ended after the guild i ran disbanded after 4/7M EN and have just been raiding extremely casually since then. I have AOTC and 10/10 heroic experience in every role except healing. Am happy to roll a healer for the right guild. Feel free to add my B-Tag Dkaer#1950 to have a chat or reply here. CheersDkaer2 Apr 3
Apr 2 (H) Mythic Weekend lfm [Fluffy Kittens] H on Zuljin is currently rebuilding our Mythic raid team. We have made solid progress, however have openings on our 20M Mythic roster due to real life taking away a few of our raiders. What Do We Offer Current raiders receive guild repairs /flasks /food provided each week, we just ask you donate spare mats to the Gbank so this can be maintained. A solid group of individuals progressing on current content, continuously making AotC, while maintaining a light and friendly raid environment. Officers willing to help you balance stat weights, rotations, and mechanics for optimal efficency. Members reliably parsing above the 80th percentile, eager to progress further into Mythic content with you. What We're Seeking Current needs are: Ranged DPS Rogue Enh Shaman Havoc Demon Hunter 1 healer (pref with viable dps OS) While these are our current needs we are willing to trial any player looking for a progression minded guild while maintaining that fun relaxed environment. Current raid days are Saturday and Sunday 8-11 EST. With Friday being a optional day for alt / trial member runs. Please contact anyone below for more information. Recruitment Officer: Thanatos#12871 Other Recruitment Officer: lonewolfmcq#1468 Guild Master: Phobia#1707Douchebruh0 Apr 2
Mar 25 Looking for guild Looking for guild down for anything mostly want to rp but thats probs never gonna happen until rp aus serverAlarada0 Mar 25
Mar 9 Afternoon Raiding Guild - Recruitment. [H] <Insømnia> (Area 52) is currently recruiting for our Heroic/Mythic NH progression teams! Do you find your days filled with time that you don't want to spend pugging in group finder? Then <Insømnia> is the group for you. The afternoon EST slot is what we're here to make great. Our team is currently 9/10H NH, with our sights set on becoming the premier high-end content guild for the daytime slot. We raid from 3pm - 6pm EST, Tues/Wed/Thurs. Current needs: Tanks: Not currently recruiting Healers: Need 2 healers (1 with DPS offspec), pref. Shaman or Druid Melee DPS: Not high priority but open to exceptional players Ranged DPS: High priority, all classes considered While we expect you to transfer your character if we bring you on permanently for mythic raiding, cross-realm trials are absolutely fine. Area 52 is an active, highly populated horde server. For more information, please contact myself, Aiko, at my tag: Restless#21182. You can also leave a comment on this post or head toïko0 Mar 9
Mar 7 [A] Kopi Kaki (GMT+8) 3/10H - Recruiting Kopi Kaki is a mature casual raiding guild that has diverse members from SG/MY/HK/PH/JP and AU. Despite being casual oriented, our members are experienced players all the way back since vanilla days. Most of us are mature adults with family and kids, so we raid wisely with our limited playing time. We are looking for additional members to join us in our ranks who wants to enjoy both worlds of WoW and real life. Server: Aman’thul Current progression: 10/10N , 3/10H Nighthold Raid time: Every Mon / Wed / Thur between 12am to 2:30am server time (9pm – 11:30pm GMT+8) Looking for: Tank - Experienced, any class DPS - Open to both Melee and Range Voice: Discord Guild perks: Repair cost, flask & food during raid and other profession services if you provide mats. If interested in joining us you may get in touch with the following: Hardone#1426 Or ingame with Hardone / Decadere / Risper / Aevist / AilisHardone1 Mar 7
Mar 7 Delete NAIcemonkey0 Mar 7
Mar 3 Returning Player LF Guild I have started plying again after a long time and would like to join a casual guild. Im not interested in raiding just more for the social side. Unfortunately the character I wanted to play was somehow transfered out of my shortly after I stopped playing. After some support tickets seems too much time has passed for them to do anything about it which sucks. So the stuborn sentimenal side of me has created a new character the same just with a similar name (original name was Squal) and im leveling him up from scratch. So if there is a guild that doesnt mind one more for the company and later i might help with my professions. (I have herbalism and alchemy on squall. My first character from vanilla Alastair has Enchanting and Tayloring.) ScottSquàll2 Mar 3
Feb 28 [A] KOTDA Section 8> 7/10H - Recruiting Guild: <knights of the darkage> Alliance Raid team: Section 8 Server: Aman'Thul - US Raid Schedule: Thursday, Friday, Sunday 8:30pm - 10:30pm ST (AEDT) Progression: 3/7M, 3/3H, 7/10H Who are we? Section 8 is an established raid team that consists mainly of friends from Australia and New Zealand. We have been together since WOD where we pushed into mythic over our 2 nights per week raid schedule. Moving into legion we have increased this to 3 nights per week with Thursday as our farm night and Friday/Sunday as progression. We are a friendly tight knit team that tries to provide not just a reason to log into on a raid night, but a reason to enjoy the game in and out of raiding. Recruitment We like to run a 25- 30 roster but we're always willing to make room for a great player. Class Needs Ranged DPS: Open Melee: Pally, Monk, DK Tank: Open Healers: Closed All logs will be looked at, so please have some or make some. If you are interested in us or have any questions about the team, feel free to add the below battle tags even if you're class has no need. Thanks for your time and looking forward to the responses. red#1803 - FrelserFrankne0 Feb 28
Feb 26 Mottled drake Wts mottled drake, will sell for gold or irl money, add btag for more deets : znf#11372Tòxìc0 Feb 26