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1d [A]Delusions of Grandeur 7/7H 3/3H 9/10N Delusions of Grandeur are seeking more players to progress into Mythic Raiding. Delusions of Grandeur was originally created on November 4th 2008 as a PvE guild and after a couple of moves and a bit of a hiatus through most of Mists of Pandaria we have ended back where we started on Aman'Thul. Our primary player pool is sourced from the Oceanic area however we welcome players from any part of the world if they find that their prime time coincides with ours. Our player base is over 18, speaks English and can be either looking for an organised guild to tackle the end game raiding content or just looking for a social guild where they can get some dungeons done as a group and find people to chat to. On the raiding side, we have experienced raiders who have tackled every expansion from Vanilla to Legion, and whilst we are not hardcore we are quite serious with our raiding and strive to achieve the best we can. Our raid times are: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday – 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time (GMT +10) We are recruiting: All DPS - Ranged in Higher demand 1-2 Healers with a geared DPS offspec All other exceptional applications will be considered! 870+ iLVL preferred but not required. We are currently: The Nighthold 9/10N Trial of Valor 3/3N 3/3H The Emerald Nightmare 7/7N 7/7H If you would like to know any more or would like to join our friendly guild please visit our website: OR contact an officer in game: Icemonkey, Sophanni, Jinkx, Roflstompa OR add Battletag: Icemonkey - IceMonkey#1506 Sophanni - essah#1165Icemonkey3 1d
1d Guild Farmer Wanted! <Destruction> Destruction is currently looking to hire a guild farmer. Role Description: Farming all relevant raid materials to supplement Flasks, Potions & Food for all raids during the week. This will require both Herbalism and Fishing professions. Perks: 1. Weekly Mythic 12+ carry on the toon of your choice. 2. Weekly invites to guild alt raids and heroic clears. 3. Free Mythic raid clear (includes gear) 4. Invites to guild raid meta achievement runs 5. End game mounts (e.g. Guldan Mythic Mount) We also offer a friendly and active guild environment during your stay with us. If you are interested in this filling this role and would like more information on the requirements please contact me directly on: Cree#6232Creecree7 1d
2d <H> Kopitiam @ Barthilas GMT+8 (7/7M EN) ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Gengen26 2d
4d Startled Guild LF more raiders for both our raid teams team 1 - Wed/Thur 6.30 - 9.30pm server +10GMT and team 2 Fri/Mon +10GMT We are heading into nighthold and looking for healers and dps to come join us! PST anyone in Startled Guild or try our website 4d
4d [A] Omen @ Aman’Thul 7/7M 3/3H Omen is an Alliance side raiding guild based on the Oceanic server Aman'Thul. Our raid team is progression focused and aims to have fun while downing all Mythic content whilst current. Raid Schedule: 2 Progression and 1 Farm raid night a week. Wed, Thurs & Mon 9pm-12am Server time (Server time = AEST = GMT + 10) Current Progress 7/7 M-EN, 3/3 H-TOV Who we are: The Omen community has been around and raiding together since BC. We have survived as long as we have because, whilst our culture is laid back and there are plenty of giggles between boss pulls, we are focused when needed and willing to put the work in to learn fights as a team and get bosses down. The feel within the guild was best summed up by a new member who at the end of their trial period said they loved it here as it felt like a group that had been friends for years but that you get to feel a part of that within a few raid nights. The things we are looking for in a recruit are: - Someone who will get as much out of the team progressing as they do out of seeing the content themselves - Players who are not e-peeners but are still hungry to be the best they can each raid nigth - Someone who looks at the raid logs to see how they can improve, seeks support from guildies and gives it to others - Players that enjoy the class/role they have chosen and love to raid with a team - Someone who watches/reads boss fight guides ahead of time - People who enjoy a giggle on Discord but can focus when it's needed - Players who turn up when they say they will and let the guild know when they can't Who we are looking for/b] High performing, experienced & skilled players of any class / spec will always be considered. The classes / specs we are most currently most interested in recruiting for our raid team : - Ranged DPS with a strong healing OS - MW Monk with DPS OS - Resto Druid with DPS OS Whilst we are primarily looking for Raiding focused players we are also interested to hear from skilled players with more of a Mythic+ focus who may be interested in either raiding occasional or joining the Raid team in the future. If Omen sounds like a community you would like to be a member of or if you have any questions, please contact one of the Guild Officers below for a chat or head over to our guild site to check us out and apply. Guild officers to contact Vid (BTag: Vid#1333) [b]Del (Delorne#6666)Vidaar18 4d
6d [A] Amicorum – Recruiting for Legion [A] Amicorum – Recruiting for Legion Amicorum is a semi-hardcore, progression minded, Alliance guild on Aman’thul. Our goal has always been to push progression as fast and far as we can with the limited time our schedules, jobs and families allow us, and along the way have as much fun as possible, make friends and kill !@#$. We took a break at the end our HFC progression, but all core members are back and ready for legion and we need more dedicated raiders to join us in our fight. Looking for likeminded players to add to our core, with the drive to be the best they can be in their given role(s), the ability to listen to raid leaders and improve and adapt to raid encounters, mechanics and strategies. What we can offer you is a home, a family, and crap load of fun – of course phat loots are guaranteed as well! Raid Times: Being a Professional and family orientated guild, we aim to be a competitive raiding on a 2 night a week schedule. Raid days and times are: Wednesday & Sunday 7pm-10pm ST (GMT +11 AEST) Recruitment: We are always on the lookout for dedicated, capable raiders of any class/role/spec however with our current roster we have a high need for the following: DPS Mage Warlock Shadow Priest Elemental Shaman If you’re interested in joining us, or just want to have a chat before making up your mind feel free to hit up one of the guild leaders directly on the following bnet tags: Arcazian#1448 Sekhmet#1494 Joiistick#1644Chiillii11 6d
Jan 15 [H] Iron Wolves Cael/Nag 7/7H 3/3H Recruiting Iron Wolves on Caelestrasz/Nagrand - 7/7 H EN 3/3 H ToV, are recruiting talented players for mythic and Nighthold progression raiding. We currently have a good core group of raiders and just need a few more to complete our roster. Currently looking for S.Priest/Warlock/MW.Monk/H.Priest/H.Pal. All other classes considered. Current schedule Wednesday(progression) 8:30-11:30pm server Thursday(progression) 8:30-11:30pm server Sunday(progression) 8:30-11:30pm server Monday(optional) 8:30-11:30pm server If this is what you are looking for and you think you are what we are looking for and would like to know more please contact any of the following real id: R1stra#6976 Mallishone#1187 xSLaCkeR#6110Ikkuma0 Jan 15
Jan 13 FROSTMOURNE[H]<Build Trumps Wall> Sat/Sund1-5 <Build Trumps Wall> is a new guild consisting of a core group of raiders from cataclysm. We are looking to re-enter the raiding scene. We will be starting out with current HFC content with no intention of raiding WoD mythic as legion approaches. Our goal is to be able to develop a player base, where we can develop collectively and transition smoothly into legion content. Growth mind set non negotiable :D Casuals and pvpers welcome, we have a few arena junkies. Add dmac16#1960 in game for further enquiry.Dmac1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Not the Average Recruitment Post Its a fact of life as you get older your responsibilities grow and ample free time to yourself becomes a thing of the past. Its balancing act between doing just enough wife dailies to drop that wife aggro, knowing in your heart you'll never truly become exalted with her no matter how hard you try. Other things become more important then grinding out that raid progression early on in a tier, like making sure your kids have their well fed buff before logging them out in their bedrooms for the night. If you can relate to this you're the person we are looking for. Core of our guild has been together for years and over those years we've all gotten old and we all have these things they call responsibilities getting in the way of us slaying internet dragons at our will. Once upon a time raiding 2 or 3 times a week was the norm. Along the way we've lost a couple of good players and as a result of this we decided to become a 1 night a week raid guild in MoP. We've always had a small tight-knit roster who up until flex raiding was released only ran 10 man heroic content, at one stage being top ten guild in Cataclysmic on the server Frostmourne. Since flex and mythic raids were made available we've struggled with maintaining a reliable roster. We've always wanted to keep that small guild feel so along the way we've lost a few here and there to pursue mythic content or larger more robust guilds, this has been our biggest issue. As a guild our aim is to raid once a week and do all Heroic content before new content is released. Currently 7/7 heroic EN and about to jump into ToV. Seeking those with similar circumstances outside of Wow to join us on Thursday nights to take it to the Legion. One Night Stand - Khaz/Dath Alliance - Thursday 8pm- 11ish pm Add one of use if ya wanna talk more. Grim#1230 Valnum#1297Grimstein1 Jan 13
Jan 11 [A]<Destruction> 7/7M 2/3M Recruiting! [A]<Destruction> Is a semi-hardcore guild situated on Aman’thul Alliance. We are a progression minded raiding guild with the goal of clearing all Mythic in a timely manner, we offer quality raid hours and progression for a minimum time commitment. Previously known as <Radiance> we have recently reformed under a new banner and with server first from the previous tier now under our belt, we’ve set our eyes on Oceanic top 10 for Legion with the hopes of pushing even better finishes in later tiers. Looking for like-minded players for our core, those with the drive to push their class to the limits and always strive to improve and adapt to mechanics and strat variations. Times: GMT + 11 (AEST) Wednesday: 7 - 10pm ST Thursday: 7 - 10pm ST Monday: 7 - 10pm ST Sunday: 7-10pm ST (Added only on first two weeks of a new tier to get that jump start) Currently recruiting ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS of any class and spec! If you think you might have what it takes to step up to the next level please don’t hesitate to put an application through. Current recruitment needs DPS Warlock – High Shadow Priest – High Moonkin – High Hunter – High Elemental Shaman - High Ret Paladin - Medium To submit an application, head over to our website: Any queries? Please don’t hesitate to contact an officer directly. Ads#6351 Ponch#1518 Arc#11302 Azz#1137Adriael8 Jan 11
Jan 10 [A] Twisted Haven 7/7M 2/3M GMT+8 Twisted Haven (Aman'Thul) is a GMT+8 raiding guild currently looking for exceptional and committed players to join us in progressing and completing the tier. We have members hailing from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Philippines. RAID DAYS Wed, Thurs, Sun (3 day raid week) 9pm - 12am GMT+8 12am - 3am AEST (Oceanic Server Time) 8.00am - 11am EST / CST 5.00am - 8am PST (Raid will start at 11pm Oceanic Server Time when DST ends. No changes for GMT+8 time zone.) PROGRESSION 7/7M Emerald Nightmare 1/3M Trial of Valor 13/13M HFC (prior to pre-patch) RECRUITING - Tank: Prot Paladin, Prot Warrior, Bear - Melee: Ret, Rogue, Warrior, Feral, Windwalker - Healers: Resto Druid, Mistweaver - RDPS: Hunter, Shadow, Boomy, Ele, Mage All other exceptional players are also welcome to app! Just add us for a chat :) Even if you do not fit one of the above high priority needs if you feel you have what it takes to be progressing through end game content please feel free to apply as we will consider all exceptional applicants. Please contact Mycra#1827 or Dthero#1911 or apply at http://twistedhaven.guildlaunch.comMycra18 Jan 10
Jan 9 Role Play community on this server? I heard that there was a small community of oceanic role players on this server. Please contact me here or in game if your are involved, would love to chat!Nakoma1 Jan 9
Jan 5 <Aftermath> 3/3H TOV 3/7M EN Need 1 Tank Looking for either a Druid, Warrior, DK, or Monk. We raid 7:30 to 10PM AEST On Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. With this we will be able to complete our Mythic Team and clear it. We have logs, and use Exorsus raid tools. And we also provide flasks and food for raiding. Contact me on my battle tag Gucci#11658 or MickyD#11180. PS. Amazing Heals or DPS will also be consideredWeguccimane0 Jan 5
Jan 4 [A] Bros Before Hozen 7/7H 2/3H - Recruitment <Bros Before Hozen>, a previously realm rank #4 raiding guild. -Raid Schedule- Monday & Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm ST (AEDT) -Available Positions- (Updated 5/1/2017) 1xBlood Death Knight/Protection Warrior/Protection Paladin 1xElemental Shaman -Raid Information- *What's the attendance requirement? We're asking you to attend our Monday and Wednesday raid nights 80% of the time (unless significant real life issues permit). *What item level do I need to be able to raid? The required item level to be able to raid is 840 (normal Emerald Nightmare), 850 (heroic Emerald Nightmare & normal Trial of Valor) & 860 (heroic Trial of Valor). This is easily obtainable through world quests, crafted gear, mythic & mythic+ dungeons, LFR & world bosses. *What addons are required for raiding? DBM or BigWigs. That's it! *What platform is used for voice chat? Discord. *How is loot handled? Loot is distributed using Suicide Kings. This method ensures players have an incentive to show up to more raids if they want more loot. The Suicide Kings list order will be decided at the start of every new raid tier using a /roll. If you can fill any of the positions available above and would like to raid with us, please reply to this thread or message any of the people below via. battletag. Epi#1278 - Guild Master & Raid Leader Deathdunny#1913 - Recruitment Officer Thank you!Epibolt13 Jan 4
Jan 4 [A] <Drop the Poptart> 7/7H 1/3H LF Heal/RDPS <Drop the Poptart> is a semi-serious raiding guild on Alliance/Aman'thul formed up a week before the release of Highmaul in WoD, and we ended the expansion having cleared all WoD raids in Heroic. Currently we're 7/7H 1/3H. We're now looking for players who wants to progress further with us as a guild and have fun! Raid Times (AEST - QLD time): - Monday: 8:30pm - 11pm (9:30pm - 12am SERVER) - Wednesday: 8:30pm - 11pm (9:30pm - 12am SERVER) What we expect from you: - Be punctual to raids. We expect everyone to be online 10-15 minutes prior to raid for invites. If you are unable to make a raid night, please ensure to inform the raid well in advance. - Be prepared, that means doing your homework especially if you have not done the encounter before. We are prepared to show you the ropes, but only if you are willing to help yourself first. - Be eager to learn new encounters and be willing to receive constructive criticism so you are able to improve yourself. - Be sociable and friendly to other players. - Ideally we would like your main toon to already be ilvl 840+. However, we are open to accepting players who are willing to put in the work to be a part of the core team and we are more than willing to help you gear up! What we offer to you: - A friendly environment with Raid Leaders who will help players who are struggling to get better. No this does not mean we will carry you as everyone is expected to be able to carry their own weight, but we will guide you if necessary! - Free repairs. - Mythic+ groups outside of raid for those keen to push through higher keystones. Currently we're looking for: - 2x Healer preferably Resto Druid, Disc or Holy Priest, or Resto Shaman. - Any ranged DPS; mailwearers are very welcome as we are consistently sharding mail. Please message Synn (Klat#1711) or Senera (Addy#1753) in-game for further details! We also have a guild website! Feel free to join at: Jan 4
Jan 2 [H] Lnertia is looking for players! Hello Aman'Thul! Lnertia is once again looking for new members to join our ranks. Our guild focuses on completing Heroic content at a quick and efficient pace. Lnertia was at the forefront of 10man heroic raiding in WotLK / Cata and MoP. After our guild was forced down into flex (Todays "Heroic") raiding with the arrival of WoD and the 20player mythic requirement, we have continued to deliver top horde progression at the heroic level, with all tiered content falling as horde side 1st's for Lnertia. Whilst our guild does not directly compete for high server rankings we do pride ourselves on quick and efficient content clearing for a social guild. Our roster features a wealth of players with prior hardcore raiding history who are done with the days of strict, mechanical and cut-throat guilds and are looking for a more light hearted and flexible social guild that still performs at a high level. Unfortunately due to the close knit nature of the guild and no aggressive recruitment strategy our guild finds itself needing a few new members to round out our team to cover and maintain a healthy raid roster. Currently we are seeking any applicants, with a focus on healing and ranged dps specialisations. Our raid schedule is a dynamic 2 nights a week when under progression, falling back to a 1 night a week deal once content is "on farm". Sunday is always raided with Wednesday and Thursdays changing on a weekly basis whilst progressing; Sunday; 8: 00pm -> ~11:00pm Sever time (progression and farm) Wednesday / Thursday (changes depending on availablity, only 1 of these nights per week); 8:00 -> ~11:00pm Server time (progression) For more information please contact myself on my current main "Klaxy". Alternatively my btag is; Kook#1943 Feel free to add me! If you have trouble contacting me do not be afraid to ask anyone in guild and they should be able to point you to an officer if they are online.Buntz5 Jan 2
Dec 29 [A] <Sigil> 3/7M 3/3H (GMT+8) - Recruiting <Sigil> is a long-standing raiding guild on Aman'Thul Alliance, with members hailing from SG, MY, HK and AU (GMT+8). Most of our members are working adults with kids or other real life commitments, so we take a laid back approach to raiding and progression. We have been raiding consistently since Cata and are now recruiting for Nighthold! Raid times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 12 - 3am Server Time during DST (11 - 2am non-DST) - that's 9pm - 12mn GMT+8. Contact If you're interested in joining us, get in touch @ Tyrthas#1109 Learn more about us at our website Cheers.Tyrthas1 Dec 29
Dec 28 Looking for an alliance pvp guild Any Alliance PVP Guilds on server?Simby0 Dec 28
Dec 23 Angelic Horizon 7/7 Mythic 3/3 Heroic LFM <Angelic Horizon> Moonrunner-Alliance 7/7 Mythic EN 3/3 Heroic ToV Raid times 9pm EST - 1am EST Saturday and Sunday Optional Friday Heroic run 9pm EST-1am EST We are looking to recruit some people for our bench and our core team for Mythic progression, very laid back guild but focused on progressing. Looking for players to come prepared and to know their stuff Currently seeking: Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest, Boomkin, Warlock Tanks: N/A Heals: Druid, Monk, Paladin Melee DPS: Rogue If your spec is not listed here and you feel like you would be a great addition to us feel free to message us :D Any players that feel they would make a great addition to our team will be looked at feel free to whisper me on discord or join Btag: Xaba#1395 Sleepybear#125674Surader4 Dec 23
Dec 21 [A] LF Casual GMT+8 Guild Hey guys, I'm looking to take a step back from the commitment required for mythic raiding to do more casual raiding and 5 man content. Work and kids have taken their toll, and I just wanna have a more chill, social WoW experience after a long day. My preference is for 2-nights a week of flex raiding (pref heroic) starting at 9pm GMT+8 to leave more time for RL or run 5-man stuff and muck around with alts. My main's a 870+ resto druid, but have some alts and ready to fill in any role the guild might need. I'm willing to pay for a server transfer, but it'll be a tougher decision to swap factions. Do drop your btag or other contact in replies and I'll get back to you asap. CheersBrackiart3 Dec 21
Dec 20 [H] <Exception> 7/7M 2/3M GMT+8 Recruiting <Exception> is a semi-hardcore guild on Barthilas. PROGRESSION: Tier 19 - Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Tier 19 - Trial of Valor 2/3M RECRUITING: Tanks: Looking for someone reliable and committed, preferably with a long history of progression raiding. Healers: We are looking for a reliable core healers, paladin and druid preferably. We are also looking for a 5th healer, who is able to also play their DPS offspec at a high level. Ideally priest, however any classes will be considered. Damage: Currently very high priority on Shadow Priests, Boomkins, and Mages. Any exceptional damage dealers are also encouraged to apply. ... EXPECTATIONS: Dedication to knowing your class inside and out A working mic & Discord (and be willing to use it) Knowledge and preparedness to the content being cleared A positive, can-do attitude RAID TIMES: Wednesday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) Thursday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) Sunday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST)For the first 2-4 weeks of a tier, we also raid Monday - 7:30pm - 10:30pm GMT +8 (10:30-1:30 AEST) CONTACT: Sushi - Sushi#1583 Eiken - Eiken#1949 Nakk - Aliquem#1893 or visit our website at Dec 20
Dec 19 [H] Heroic ToV Weekly Pug Good Evening, My name is Haws (Haws#1579), I am the Raid Leader of Our Valor and we are raiding on December 19th and looking for people to help kill Helya. We are a small but dedicated guild that has prided itself on running smooth and efficient pugs to help with our progression as a small group. We have been able to teach and work with many PUGs to help us complete farm content, and also teaching PUGs new fights that we are progressing on. We are looking for people to come to our raids and be dedicated to coming so we can clear out content. Whether you are playing on an ALT, want Bonus rolls for the week or you want to kill the fights for the first time and want to come to our raids to progress further, We are the group for you. Info is below. Raid Details Time: Thursday Dec 19th 4:00 PST/7:00 EST - 7:00PST/10:00 EST Guild Players: 6 Agenda: Helya Needs: 1 Tank / Heals / DPS (Ranged would be nice, But won't turn away High melee DPS) Requirements Gear: 870 Experience: First 2 bosses in heroic Supplies: Potions (You are expected to double pot), Food, Flasks. Expectations We expect that you can - Take criticism - attempt to improve - Come to multiple raids - Be prepared - Have a positive attitude - Contribute to fightsRacker0 Dec 19
Dec 19 Server Merge? I know this is something that has and still is coming up as a point of conversation amoungst players on Aman'thul and I was just looking for some clarification from perhaps a blue if there is still a plan to have us merge with Saurfang, as I know it's the only other oceanic server that's PvE and has yet to be merged. Thank you!Epibolt17 Dec 19
Dec 18 <Skill Based> 4/7M 3/3H Introducing <Skill Based> - the lovechild of <Statistically Average> and <Crustless Bread>. In response to the struggles of recruitment on Aman'thul, we've decided to merge. We're always looking for more rad dudes to raid with; send one of our officers a message if you think you're a good fit. Currently looking for: Experienced DPS for the Mythic team Tanks & Healers for Mythic+ Raid times: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday @ 8pm ST - Mythic team progression Monday @ 7/8:30pm ST - [OPTIONAL] Heroic EN/N ToV clears Requirements: Discord for voice comms Food/Flasks/Pots/Enchants self supplied Willingness to learn, be patient & put in effort At least one 99 on Oldschool Runescape Who to contact: (You're spoiled for choice) Flint#1143 Felstein#6366 Tiepriter#1144 Mightnpower#1105 ProfClive#1605Stealth6 Dec 18
Dec 16 878 Resto Shammy & Havoc DH LF Raiding Guild Looking for a new home! I am a Resto shaman ilvl 878, Arti Wep 37. Current progression 7/7H, 1/7M EN. This has been my main toon since creation in the BC (lots of race changes, before sticking with panda). I have always healed and though I do have an OS Elemental - me playing it is a bit like this: I have been GM of a social raiding guild for 8 years, currently playing on Thrall US. I am based in Qld Australia and the latency of playing on a US realm is killing me. I would also like to take a step back from leadership and just be a raider with the only responsibility of turning up for raids on time - fed, watered and prepped with knowledge of mechanics/strats. My *other half is an ilvl 877 Havoc DH, Arti Wep 36, current progression 7/7H, 1/7M EN - We are looking for Horde side only (sorry Ally), any nights, any times with raid conclusion before midnight AEST. Also looking for a raid team that has a social side to it, not interested in just turning up for raids and never see anyone again until the next raid night! * Please note: Though we are a couple, we are not joined at the hip & understand that there may not be a spot on a raid team for both of us. My Btag ► Jade#1617 His Btag ► HnH#1171 Thanks for reading!Foreva2 Dec 16
Dec 15 [A] <INDONESIA> 13/13M Recruiting for Legion! <Indonesia> - Frostmourne - Now recruiting for Legion Roster! We are formed mainly by Indonesian players to bond and raid together within the same timezone (GMT +8). We have a lot of activities aside from progression raiding: leveling together, an active RBG team with various compositions, and multiple arena teams. Communication Our main voice communication is Teamspeak 3. Be professional, civil, and good mannered. The main language that we will be using is Bahasa Indonesia, but we also accept any people as long as they can understand Bahasa Indonesia. What we need: - Range DPS (Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Boomkins, Shamans) - Exceptional Players - Good raiding history Attendance We expect you to have at least a 90% attendance during progression. We also expect you to master your off-spec as you might have need to use it to suit our raid composition. Raid Time & Details: Progression Main Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 9.30 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Trial/Alt/Casual raiders normal gear run = Friday/Saturday/Sunday 9.30 p.m. - 12.30 p.m (GMT +8) Loot System: EPGP + Lootcouncil If you have any question or want to join our roster, please add btag Atlazlol#1705.Grandevoir1 Dec 15
Dec 14 [H] <Crucifix> 7/7 H EN 3/3 ToV N <Crucifix> was established in 2010. We are a fun loving bunch of individuals who have bonded together as friends and family. We are the largest social / raiding guild on Aman'Thul. We have 4 Raid Teams at the moment. Discord is our preferred mode of communication. Raid teams are: CAPTAIN CRUNCH PROG: 7/7N EN, 7/7H EN, 3/3N Trial of Valor RAID TIMES: Wed / Thurs: 8 - 11 PM (server times) GIT GUD PROG: 7/7N EN, 7/7H EN, 3/3N Trial of Valor RAID TIMES: Wed: 6 - 9 pm & Mon: 5.15 - 8.15 PM (server times) TEAM 4 PROG: 7/7N EN, 7/7H EN, 3/3N Trial of Valor RAID TIMES: Wed / Thurs / Mon: 8 - 11 PM (server time) SOAPDROPPERS PROG: 7/7N EN, 5/7H EN, RAID TIMES: Mon / Tues: 8 - 11 PM (server time) We are recruiting for all teams at the moment for Mythic Progression - all roles required, more especially - Healers. If interested, post below or add my btag - Duntainted (rhapsody#6842)Duntainted3 Dec 14
Dec 8 Midday Mythic Raiding Guild Are there any mythic raiding guilds that raid around noon (GMT+8)? Please contact BHMatrix#1755Blunder1 Dec 8
Dec 7 Solid Crew looking for decent guild Solid Crew looking for decent guild - Most of us are 5/7 EN H and 2/3 TOV N 3 Players LF guild Enhance Shammy - 868 Ievel Dk/Mage - 865 Resto Shammy - 868 Pst in game for more infoPotatoorc6 Dec 7
Dec 7 Midday Mythic Raiding Guild Are there any mythic raiding guilds that raid around noon (GMT+8)? Please contact BHMatrix#1755Blunder0 Dec 7
Dec 6 [H] <Rebirth> @ Saurfang SGT/AWST (7/7H) ...Arýâ0 Dec 6
Dec 4 Eternal Guardians - Aman'thul Raid Guild Eternal Guardians is a well established semi-hardcore raiding guild based in the Aman'thul Oceanic Server. Several AOTC members have returned in Legion to build a core raiding team to smash through Emerald Nightmare and Trials of Valor before the next Patch. At the moment we are still building the core, but as of 16/12/2016, we have cleared 6/7 H-EN. All classes and specs are welcome to apply, as we will be taking the best of the best to down these bosses. Raid nights will be Wednesday-Thursday 7pm-10pm Server time, with Sundays in reserve. Friday nights will be casual Normal runs for gearing alts and newer players. As we are behind some of the other guilds on the server in progression, we are looking to overtake them in future patches, so come along for future mythic progression. Feel free to add one of these battletags to talk to us about joining. Jor#1175 Astro#12390Starcat0 Dec 4
Dec 4 about blank bKnawty1 Dec 4
Nov 29 Ngarla remove or ban from server please Hello my fellow aman'thul players i wanted to post this for discussion as its starting to get beyond a joke on aman'thul trade. As you all know ngarla of no guild sits in its garrison or stormshield every day provoking the realm into arguements and trouble and making our game less enjoyable. I believe this is its sole purpose at the same time gloats about being on disability support pension and putting down people who have jobs and goto work. It baits people into conflict by making obvious provokative statements to get a response and then plays a victim when people respond. I would like to see something done about this person and the only way anything will happen is if we all let blizzard know how we feel about this person so that is why i have started this post. We have seen trolls before we laugh and move on but this one always wants the attension on him or her, posting private information about itself. I and so many others are sick of the problems this person is causing on our server so i kindly ask for your opinions and possibly blizzard to look into this person who clearly has no respect for others and always thinks its opinions rule aman'thul. People say put on ignore i have, people say leave trade but why should i have to. I love this game and have put alot of time into it like many other people why should we have to tolerate ngarla day in day out? Please let me know what you think thanksYfourt51 Nov 29
Nov 27 [A] Malediction - 5/7M - Two Night Raiding Malediction is a semi-hardcore two night a week Alliance guild on Aman'Thul. We launched early in 2016 and killed Mythic Archimonde four months later on the 8th of May. Raid Times Thursday (8pm to 11pm) Sunday (8pm to 11pm) Casual/alt runs on Wednesdays (8pm onward) Current Recruitment DPS: Elemental Shaman Warlock Warrior HEALERS: Paladin Check out or website ( or add us on Battle Tag: Voli (Recruitment) – Voli#6115 Ylaéna – Ylaena#1306 Yuqii (Guild Master) – Yuqii#1942 Inv - iNvert#1785 Td - Drj#11122 Why consider joining us? Our guild master and raid leader, Yuqii, is a veteran raider with years of officer experience and the following Cutting Edge achievements: Ra-den, Garrosh Hellscream (25 player), Imperator's Fall, Blackhand's Crucible, and The Black Gate. ('Cutting Edge' means that you've killed the boss on mythic before the next tier of content comes out) We know there are veteran raiders who are reaching the point where a two night schedule is much more appealing to them but are worried about taking a huge step backwards in progression. Yuqii created this guild with the goal of making two night raiding work without sacrificing progression. We may be a boss or two behind the 3 night guilds but we're always going to be progressing at a steady pace. We'll continue getting 'Cutting Edge' achievements into Legion and do so while only raiding 6 hours per week. Requirements Potential raiders should be highly skilled at their class and have at least 7/7 bosses down on heroic (though Mythic experience is preferred). Your gear should be minimum 855-860. At the moment, cross realm mythic is disabled and we are unable to conduct trials as such. You need to be on Aman'thul Alliance, have Mumble and a working microphone. If you don't meet any of these requirements but are still enthusiastic, you should get in contact anyway. Depending on your circumstances we may be able to work you into some casual runs to get gear and mythic exposure. Thanks for your consideration, VolìVolì0 Nov 27
Nov 23 (A) <Handle It> is LFM! Greeting! We are looking for more keen members to raid with us starting immediately. We haven't had a guild raid since Cata, so we'd like to replace 8/8 DS with some EN & ToV action, and beyond! What we are looking for 1x non bear tank 2-3x healers Ranged DPS Happy to chat if you're not in the above criteria though, feel free to hit me up in-game if you wish. :) About Us Currently we raid Wednesday & Thursday night, usually 8:00pm-8:30pm until late. Technically we've had no progress as a guild as we've pugged since the launch of Legion but have cleared EN Norm multiple times and 2/3 ToV. We also do Mythics + together most days and generally will hang out and chat in discord. History We were around towards the end of Cata and had 3 teams clearing DS with some heroic kills in there, but when MoP hit we lost alot of members due to different reasons and subsequenly took a break from raiding until Legion. Our Goals To maintain a friendly environment within the guild while clearing content as a guild, progress through heroic content and then move on to mythic as soon as possible together as a guild.Velissaro0 Nov 23
Nov 21 Druid LF Poachers 875 Druid Resto/Guardian (Feral/Boomy?) LF Group for regular mythic+ dungeons Available Sun-Sat 1pm+ Server TimeWereluna0 Nov 21
Nov 18 To previous <Unrest> players If any of you are ranged DPS and are currently missing a raid team, <Bros> would love to have you! We're not currently pushing mythic content but we have a solid team and are 7/7H and 3/3N focusing on heroic Odyn at the moment. If you like chill environments we'd be more for you. If you'd like to focus on pushing mythic progression more then we're probably not what you're looking for. Wednesday, Thursday & Monday from 7pm-10pm ST (AEDT). You can find a home with us if you like! <3Epibolt1 Nov 18
Nov 18 [A] <Unrest> No longer recruiting. <Unrest> Oceanic on Aman'Thul - We are putting together a brand new team for Legion. Looking for confident and competent members for our Semi-Hardcore raid team. Our core raid team cleared all Heroic and some mythic Draenor content. Raid Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm AEST (Server Time) We are looking for any and all members at this stage, including social/casual and those looking at raiding in Legion. We are looking at pushing Mythic as far as we can, so we want people that aren't only interested, but are wanting to put effort into learning as a group so we can achieve as much as possible. If you're interested in starting a team from the ground up, to try and push for top 10, and you feel you'd make a great addition to the team - let myself or Biffity know via this thread or Battlenet message. Gotshadow#1228 or Biffity#1842Gotrunes7 Nov 18
Nov 17 Long Forgotten Hippogryph data For your rare mount hunting needs. Encountered first crystal at approx Friday 18/11 2 AM server time Looted 5th crystal 5 hours later at 7.20 AM server time. Crystals where found at (in discovered order) /way 51.8, 57.6 (Corner next to broken ship in Oceanus Cove) /way 35.6 37.8 (Next to tree - Llothien Highlands) /way 36.6 12.2 (out in the open) /way 48.88 45.61 (On a rock) /way 45 53.6 (at the coast, inside the broken half of a ship (hard to see from almost every angle) Good luck to all looking for the mount.Kopi0 Nov 17
Nov 16 [A] Pacific Phoenix Recruiting Ranged DPS PP has been around Aman'Thul for a long time, very stable mature long term guild. We raid Mon, Wed and Thurs. 8pm-10pm Server time. We're mostly 30+ so it's a pretty casual atmosphere. As of now we are 7/7 Heroic EN, 1/7M. We will be focussing on ToV before we move back to Mythic. We are running 22 or so players and would like to balance it out a little bit with a couple more ranged players. Not especially concerned with the class. We have a lot of hunters at the moment. Please whisper or mail me ingame if you're interested. Mick.Thipz1 Nov 16
Nov 16 [A] WTB Legion ores Hi all, Just thought I would throw it out there, if anyone is wanting to get rid of their felslate/leystone ore without waiting for the AH, COD me with what you have, and if its a reasonable price I will take it off your hands :) ThanksSerapias0 Nov 16
Nov 14 [A] <Drop the Poptart> 7/7H 3/3N lf range dps <Drop the Poptart> is a semi-serious raiding guild on Alliance/Aman'thul formed up a week before the release of Highmaul in WoD, and we ended the expansion having cleared all WoD raids in Heroic. Currently we're 7/7H 3/3N. We're now looking for players who wants to progress further with us as a guild! Raid Times (AEST): - Monday: 8.30pm - 11pm - Wednesday: 8.30pm - 11pm What we expect from you: - Be punctual to raids. We expect everyone to be online 10-15 minutes prior to raid for invites. If you are unable to make a raid night, please ensure to inform the raid well in advance. - Be prepared, that means doing your homework especially if you have not done the encounter before. We are prepared to show you the ropes, but only if you are willing to help yourself first. - Be eager to learn new encounters and be willing to receive constructive criticism so you are able to improve yourself. - Be sociable and friendly to other players. - Ideally we would like your main toon to already be ilvl 840+. However, we are open to accepting players who are willing to put in the work to be a part of the core team and we are more than willing to help you gear up! What we offer to you: - A friendly environment with Raid Leaders who will help players who are struggling to get better. No this does not mean we will carry you as everyone is expected to be able to carry their own weight, but we will guide you if necessary! - Free repairs. Currently we're looking for any dps, preferably range. Please message Lena (lena#1600) or Senera (Addy#1753) in-game for further details! We also have a guild website! Feel free to join at: Nov 14
Nov 14 Guild Leadership Discord New Guild leadership discord I wanted to open up a discord that was focused on Guild Leaders (officers or GM's) as a place to go to get feedback on problems they face, help with Raiding issues, help with PVP issues, and even a place to help you find a raid spot for a guildies that needs to move on due to "reasons". Here is the discord info and right now it is open to all. So feel free to join and let's build a helpful community for all looking to build a healthy guild! Here is the Link to the discord: Nov 14
Nov 11 ilv860 Hpriest looking for gmt+8 progression As title, currently in mist of looking for a GMT+8 guild for progression. Ilv860 and have experience in 7/7 H for Emerald Nightmare. Pls leave a mgs here and i will revert asap. ThanksAshdawnx0 Nov 11
Nov 11 [H - Frostmourne] <Build Trumps Wall> Hey Aman'Thul :D We are 1/7 EN on frostmourne horde, we are looking for exceptional dps who like to push their class limits. We raid 7:30 - 10:30 Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday We also run a separate lockout of farm content mondays at 7:30pm and sunday afternoon at 12:30pm for alts / trials / and people looking to parse well and force their way into the mythic team. Add dmac16#1960, i'd love to have a chat on discordDmaac1 Nov 11
Nov 10 n/a n/aJoelsaron1 Nov 10
Nov 9 FREE & EASY Normal EN clears! Hello everyone! Bros Before Hozen are now running free Emerald Nightmare clears! These runs will start at 7pm ST (AEDT) Thursday nights and only require you to join us on Discord and have an item level of 840+. Please let me know in game around 6:30pm on Thursdays if you'd like to join us! You don't have to be in guild or anything like that; these runs are just a way of us getting to know new people. We'd love to see you join us! See you in game!Epibolt2 Nov 9
Nov 8 [H-Frostmourne] <Build Trumps Wall> 4/7M Hi :D Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday 7:30-10:30 Server time. (extended if needed) We are looking to recruit players who are looking to raid at a mythic level. We have a super big/active community = D Mic / Discord required. We expect our raiders to educate themselves on upcoming progression fights, account for their own consumables, be cool with being subbed and be responsible for maintaining a decent level of performance as it pertains to their class. add dmac16#1960 to enquireDmaac1 Nov 8