Jun 18, 2013 REALM up or not? I check the realm status , it is showing the realm is up. but can't log into the realm anyone have the same problem?Peppérmint1 Jun 18, 2013
Jun 14, 2013 WTS Level 25 Guild Hiya, As title says, WTS Level 25 Guild, Aman'Thul Alliance <Arcade> 6 Bank Tabs Thanks Contact: Chris#12251 for any info.Pëaches1 Jun 14, 2013
Jun 14, 2013 LF Leather worker - Found one, ty. With 496 leather agi chest and gloves!!!! Will be on Soboerd, Lasttresort, Aircon or Sapt Or leave a message here CheersAircon0 Jun 14, 2013
Jun 13, 2013 [Selling] "Lumpy" Battle Pet Selling Lump of Coal for 4,500g Links - Whisper Aizele in-game or add my battletag: Matthew#6460Aizele0 Jun 13, 2013
Jun 12, 2013 Veteran Healer looking for a home! Good day, Aman'Thul! Anyone looking for an experienced Priest? BattleTag: Rubdown#1502 A bit about me: I'm a 29-year old Canadian guy, currently living in Fukui, Japan. I've been playing WoW since launch in 2004. I've spent the entire time on Perenolde-US (-7 GMT). I was a hardcore raider throughout all of BC and WotLK, and the beginning of Cataclysm. I love cats, Italian food, and sunset walks on the beach (no, really). My typical availability: Monday - Thursday: 6pm to Midnight (+8 GMT) Friday nights and weekends: Any time, but depends on social life. Two years ago, just before the release of the Firelands raid, I got an exciting job offer and moved to Japan. Due to the massive shift in time zone, it became impossible for me to raid with my guild back home, so I unsubscribed from WoW for about a year. I came back when MoP launched, only to find that most of my long-time guildmates had moved or left the game :( Now I'm looking for a new home, in a time zone that actually lets me play when other people are online! What I'm looking for in a guild: A CASUAL/SOCIAL raiding guild. A HEALER spot in a 10-PLAYER raid team. An active player base. This is an MMO, and I'm tired of playing alone T_T A fun, relaxed, drama-free environment. Cool people. No douchebags please. Although I would love to be a cutting-edge raider again, I just don't have the time anymore. I'm looking for a casual raid team that gets together a few times a week just to have some fun, kill a few bosses, and maybe grab some loot. I have a pretty active social life so I can't guarantee 100% attendance. What I have to offer you: I'm a great healer. I have years of experience in high-end raiding. I'm a pretty cool guy (and I doesn't afraid of anything), always willing to help. I don't stand in the fire. If you think I might be a good fit for your guild, leave a post here or look me up in-game!Rubdown1 Jun 12, 2013
Jun 10, 2013 gold trade between server Hi, im interest in trading 30k from horde saurfang to aman'thul alliance pls post below or send ingame mail to amertha if interested (ally aman'thul) my battle tag is hak#1552Syrax0 Jun 10, 2013
Jun 9, 2013 [A] <Asgarde> 2/13 HM, looking for Ele Shaman Hi all Asgarde is a casual guild, but a very serious guild during raid times. As with all raiding teams there is an expectation that you turn up to raids with knowledge of the fight, enough knowledge of your own class/role to perform your function with the correct flasks/pots/gems/enchants/reforges to not let anyone down. Outside of those 9 hours you can be as social or as anti-social as you want. We raid 8:30 to 11:30 on Wed/Thu/Sun We also have a bit of an alt run going on Friday from 8:30 to 11:30 if that interests anyone as we always have a couple of spots free. Recruitment needs as at 31-May 1 Shaman. Prefer Elemental with Resto OS, around 510+ gear, your own progression isn't too important, if you're smart enough to learn then we're smart enough to teach you. Please contact me in game via Asuncion#1689. ThanksAsuncion3 Jun 9, 2013
Jun 8, 2013 @ Ocalite You are so eager to recruit players! I have a suggestion that I think would GREATLY increase your success... Make a new guild, with a new name that's not Teribad. Oh and try to avoid copy paste comments everywhere its kind of gross. TY!Teribad0 Jun 8, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 skoll anyone have any idea when the last skoll was seen?? thanksKhazael0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 $$$$$$Dark moon XMoG Hey there all I am WTB some darkmoon xmogitems pls I am willing to get them on horde and transfer over as well I am after the replica devout robes,belt pants and gloves (Purple priest set) ( I have head and shoulders already) Paying well:) Pst me or c.o.d me Thanks again OnecoronaOnecorona0 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Looking for +8 GMT or weekend raiding guild Hi all, I'm looking for a raiding guild preferably that raids on +8 GMT schedule or Weekends. Thanks.Stellalis2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 RP Guild anyone? I'd love to know if there are anyone in Aman'thul who would fancy a guild/group of sorts for RPers? As far as I'm concerned there aren't any at the moment and I reckon there would be others like me who would like to dabble in RPing without having to roll a toon in a US realm. Please forgive me if this is a ridiculous idea :)Roxetta2 Jun 5, 2013
May 30, 2013 Looking for chilled out guild social/raiding I am 88 resto/balance druid soon to be 90 looking for a good guild for good raiding and getting geared. I stopped playing wow after wotlk ended and im back now and looking for a guild! I know a fair bit about classes and what not i could be a lot of help to your guild! a voice chat would be pretty sweet but im not fussy :PKiirra0 May 30, 2013
May 29, 2013 Looking to Raid on wed and thurs. looking for a guild that does raiding on a Wednesday or a thursday afternoons or nights due to only times i have off from work. new to raiding in MOP too. thanks for your help. TrappeiTrappei3 May 29, 2013
May 28, 2013 Looking for good social guild Alliance Hi all, just started playing again after a year and a half off. Im looking for a good social guild to join. Preferably one that runs things together as well as being chaty. :)Feezle3 May 28, 2013
May 28, 2013 Mage and Priest LF Raid Guild Hi Guys After coming back from a break at the end of Tier 11, my wife and I would like to get back into raiding. We are capable and knowledgeable players who excelled in WotLK and Cataclysm Tier 11 raiding before taking a hiatus for other commitments. Link to my armory Link to my Wifes We do prefer to play as a pair as WoW is something we do together and are available during week nights 7:30pm ST onwards and on weekends. We are aware that our gear is not exactly up to scratch but its all enchanted and gemmed and really shouldn't be an issue. You can contact us via ingame or on here if there is any interesting and we thank you for taking the time in advance and hope we can find a home here.Adenah7 May 28, 2013
May 28, 2013 looking for casual raiding guild learning ret pally looking for a casual raiding guild :)Bighooman1 May 28, 2013
May 27, 2013 [A] Suitcase looking for raiders Suitcase is a relatively new raiding guild raiding 2 - nights a week. We came from hardcore guilds in Vanilla/BC but no longer have the time for 4 night schedules. We raid: Thursday 7:30pm -10:30pm server time, Monday 7:30pm - 10:30pm server time. we like our raiders to be online at 7:15 so our first pull is done at 7:30pm so we can get a clean 6 hours to raid each week. We have opened up the position for 2 capable raiders: Ranged DPS (Spriest, Mage, or Hunter) OR Melee / with tank offspec OR Healer with damage dealing offspec We are not looking for the following classes: Monk (we have too many, and they smell bad) We are looking for someone who wants to participate long term, that'd like to become part of our guild family and contribute to the culture and fun we have each week. Apply at http:/ OR in game mail Ohayo OR whisper Ohayo / Nikkol / Pandamomium in game to talk to us about your application.Ohayo4 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 [A] <ThreatImpact> recruitment [Semi-casual] ThreatImpact is a newly formed guild, our aim is to assist players (like you !!!) in exploring the infinite possibilities of World of Warcraft. For players who have reached max level, we have tanks and healers that could have speed up your dailies (random Heroic instances, random Heroic scenario etc...) queuing process... Low level players are also entitled for guild repair, courtesy from ThreatImpact... We are also in the midst of scheduling raid time. Tentatively, the schedule will be as listed Wednesday: 1930hrs - 2100hrs (MoP content) Saturday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Old school raid content) Sunday: 1930 - 2100hrs (Mixture of MoP + Old school content) Best Wishes, Ocalite ThreatImpact GMOcalite0 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Old school player LF a guild that kicks it I was a serious player up until WoTLK, then I went and did something with my life. I've got a lot of downtime right now and I wanna have some fun playing WoW, goofing off and kickin' it old school with some new homies. I'm new to this server. In vanilla I world pvp'd like a mad c*** on Illidan and Stonemaul. In BC I led raids and crushed arenas, in WoTLK..i moved on. Now in MoP I just want to goof off with a crew full of funny peeps. Seeing all the bonuses you get by being with a guild I figure I should find one now. I don't want to waste whatever rep i generate on a random guild that tagged me in the starting area. Later on I want to do some raids, arenas, world pvp, BG's and all kinds of uncategorized goofin' off. I'm living in Vietnam right now doing a little worldwide entrepreneur type s***, so I'm 3 hours behind Australia and 14 hours ahead of California. Guild requirements: You should have vent, a fair amount of activity in the evening of my time zone and a lack of overall seriousness. I want a guild that laughs and $#&%s around.Dolceand1 May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013 Looking For An Active Levelling Guild Greetings Aman'Thul! Been a long time since my account has been active on this realm. Last time I played seriously on the server was T6 content. Not sure if any of those players are still around or not. If so it would be great to join up with them again. Either way, I'd love to find an active levelling guild for now, and hope as I get to maximum level I can get back to raiding again, if that opportunity presents itself. If anyone has any recommended friendly guilds I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks and have a great day! Wil.Wilgore1 May 27, 2013
May 26, 2013 Crimzon Defenders new Guild Crimzon Defenders is a new guild looking at doing new and old raids on a Wed and or Thurs, times not set will talk to members what will be the best time . But not just for raiding doing all sort of content as a guild. Looking to recruit casual and friendly players to join all guild positions available thanks for all the help that you can give me in geting a guild going in doing things on a wen or and a thurs. Thanks TrappeiTrappei0 May 26, 2013
May 25, 2013 Holy Pally,Holy Priest & a Hunter LF Guild Hey Guys, Myself and 2 friends have been searching and searching for a raiding guild that can fit all 3 of us in for raid spots. We have raided together for about 6 years in wow and other games. We all have raid experience mainly LFR's in MoP but lots of previous experience, so we know how to move out of fire. We catch on quick and play to the best of our ability. Here are our armory links: Elmire:- Persiã :- Juicifruitz :- If there are any guilds around that can use all 3 of us in 10 or 25man, any days of the week from 7:30-8pm start until finish. Post a reply or contact any of us in game. Thanks :DElmire0 May 25, 2013
May 22, 2013 [A] <The European Treaty> LFM // EU based CURRENT DEMAND: - TANK / non pally / x1 - RDPS / x2 - MDPS / x1 ABOUT US We are an EU-based guild on Aman'Thul (US) that focuses on fun and enjoyment of the game. Our guild members strive to develop positive interaction and cooperation amongst one another while hoping to reach game content with lots of incredible and memorable times along the way! If you would like to play with others during European evening play times or American afternoons, then fill out an application on our website or contact anyone in the guild for more information. RAID TIMES (ST): - Tuesday, Friday, Saturday: 6:30 - 9:00am Join us on the adventure through the MoP expansion! Kind regards, TemporalisTemporalis9 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Tank/DPS looking for serious raiding guild. Hello, I am looking for a serious raiding guild that is currently doing ToT progression. First a little bit about me. Experience: I have been raiding since TBC and playing WoW since Vanilla. I have done all of tier 14 content and a few hardmodes, as well as cleared 2/12 ToT. Current item level for tanking 506, DPS 493 Raiding Philosophy: Never stop trying to improve, do your LFR and World bosses to upgrade your gear/OS and now do your heroic scenarios. Skill > Stats > Item Level. Tanking: Threat > Boss Positioning > Boss mechanics > My own life. DPS: Damage Done > Boss Mechanics > Own life. Play times: 4PM sever time to 11PM server time. And I am prepared to raid the full time I post if needed, that is 7 days a week I can make those times. Contact: Send me a tell or a mail and hopefully we can start up a more detailed interview or direct me to your guilds website. I am also will the server transfer or faction change it offer looks promising enough. Good luck to all guilds reading this with your own progression, and may all your drops be best in slots.Sayumaengkis0 May 22, 2013
May 22, 2013 Warrior LF Raid Group Ally/Horde I'm currently looking to join a raid group that is currently progressing through ToT, I'm willing to move my character to Alliance Aman'Thul or Horde Aman'Thul. I don't mind which, but would probably prefer Alliance if possible. I'm free every night from 9pm SVT+ as I live in Perth (GMT+8) Looking to raid 2 nights minimum but hopefully looking at joining a 3 night raid group. Prot Warrior: 502 DPS Warr: 491 I don't mind which spec I come on as MS, will just need to know asap in order to put my gear/rolls towards that spec etc I also have a Disc Priest/Shadow: 491 if that's preferred. (I would prefer to come on Warrior tho). Due to patch 5.3 issues I can't login to change my char equip/Prot, should be fixed today. If you have any questions please contact Chris#12251 in game. Thanks for your time.Rákshasa0 May 22, 2013
May 21, 2013 server question Just looking for a new server since my server has a very low population during the hrs I can play. I normally play from 12am to 4am east or 3pm to 7pm west. From these times how's plugging and group finding for the alliancePainolympiks0 May 21, 2013
May 19, 2013 LF 2 night a week raiding guild Hi, looking preferably for 2 weeknights but basically around time frame 8-11pm. I have a resto/ele shammy 497, heals main spec. Have some experience in recent content...any guilds interested reply. Cheers.Kvöthe0 May 19, 2013
May 15, 2013 Seeking TANK ToT Thurs 16th May 7pm Hi all, Our replacement tank will no longer be joining Premedicated's first run into Throne of Thunder, and consequently we are now in a bit of a bind. We seek a friendly and patient tank for our run tonight (Thursday the 16th May) from 7pm-10pm server time, to be continued on Monday. This will be our first attempt, but we are prepared and ready to go. Ventrilo will be our voice chat of choice for tonight's run. Flasks for the duration will be provided, as will gold to cover your repairs. I can be contacted in game from 6:30pm onwards, or via BTAG Zgrok#1875, or you could whisper a member of my guild that may be online before then. Thanks for looking!Gauzepaws0 May 15, 2013
May 15, 2013 Deleted post DeletedRyañ12 May 15, 2013
May 13, 2013 First bank tab cleaned out!? So it appears that a few hours ago a played named Dékka took everything out of our guild's first bank tab. Even though the invite and lowest rank are restricted to 1 withdrawal a day. Has anyone else had this problem before? I've opened a ticket but I'm not that concerned about it. Just the principal of it all. Also, I searched for his character to try and find alts but he's deleted himself so no joy. Are there any other ways to find this guy?Stormforged1 May 13, 2013
May 8, 2013 Want To Buy 1x Sentry's Gloves 1x Champion's Girdle 1x Champion's GreavesDerenathon1 May 8, 2013
May 6, 2013 [A] Premedicated - 25 LFM Premedicated is a level 25 guild looking for tanks and a DPS or two to round out our almost ready 10 man team as we move into ToT. After some serious guild attrition around the release of Mists, Premed has gone from barely raiding at all to rebuilding our numbers and finishing ToES. This may cause some to scoff, but we are proud of what we have rebuilt! We are now looking to move on into ToT after running LFR ad nauseum and we need help. This help could be people on the server who are happy in their guild, but are looking for a regular ToT PUG, or someone who would like to join our family. All we ask is that you show the same courtesy and dedication that the rest of the team shows you. We understand that real life comes before WoW and that people miss raids, but communication and respect is the key for us. We are a group of good humoured adults who agree that the people you play with is far more important than spending 30 hours a week being screamed at. We prefer to foster an environment where people don't fear that they will be put down for making a mistake. This is not to say that we don't take accountability seriously or spend time perfecting our gear as best we can, or being prepared with consumables and strat research, but we have learnt that an atmosphere where people are afraid leads to more mistakes. We enjoy raiding with friends and as we are all adults with jobs/family/study we have decided to make the most of what we can on a shorter raiding schedule. We currently raid Monday and Thursday 7pm-10pm server time. On the nights we don't raid, there are people around who love running old school raids for mounts/mog/achievs, along with the usual PVP-mad crew and some pretty bizarre guild chat conversations. I can be contacted in-game, or B-Tag Zgrok#1875 Thanks for looking :)Gauzepaws0 May 6, 2013
May 4, 2013 LeveL 9 100,000hk bank guild for sale. If you are interested come talk to me in Hyjal and I will transfer it for you. HTHardtarget0 May 4, 2013
May 4, 2013 [A] [The Foundry] Recruiting Hi, We are currently looking for a rogue, kitty, lock or boomy (2x spots to be filled) Mature group of raiders who just want to enjoy raiding without the pressures some guilds lump on you. Currently 3/12 TOT mainly due to not having a solid line-up since TOT was opened (teaching ppl fights week on week is not fun :P). Raiding Mon Wed & Thursdays 8-10:30 ST. No leather wearers in team so druids/rogues would clean up :) Send me an in game mail or whisper me for more info.Kawenda0 May 4, 2013
May 1, 2013 1800 MW monk LF rbg action. Hello, I know the forums are not a LFG but I have no other choice im and MW monk currently 1800 in RBG'S. Im look for a core group to run some rbg's with to push rating, im curretly spamming OQ for groups but most fail i dont have to money to server change but i am looking for a core group from any realm i am on most of the time. please get back to me if you are intersted thankyou.Undyingqt0 May 1, 2013
Apr 25, 2013 Vincere Aut Mori - Late night - Team 2 LF DPS Hi Everyone! We are team 2 in VAM and we've just killed Primodius in ToT and we're looking for a well played and well geared hunter or plate dps (with a tanking offspec) to round out our roster. These are raiding roles to help push us through the rest of the instance and into heroics, and to help cover for inevitable absences. We raid: 11pm - 2am Friday and Saturday nights. I live in Sydney and raid these times, but many of our raiders live in Perth or SE Asia. Ideally you'll be: an ex-hardcore raider who wants to raid, but not raid as much. Someone who takes pride in your performance and wants to clear content as quickly as possible, without dedicating tens of hours per week to doing so. We're looking for someone to impress us and compete to be at the top of the DPS meters, while completing boss mechanics perfectly, and keeping the rest of the raid alive! If you're interested talk to me (Catrinn), Kt (the GM and Team 1 leader), or Maikyl (Team 2 leader), or check out our website at: Apr 25, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 WTB [Bonecaster's Belt of the .....] H or A I'm looking to purchase any version of the world drop Bonecaster's Belt. Will pay a hefty sum of gold to anyone who can farm/find me one. If you're on Horde, make an Alliance alt and message this character. Thanks.Gascoigne0 Apr 24, 2013
Apr 24, 2013 WTB [Hide of Chromaggus] - H or A Hi Aman'Thul-ians! I'm after the BoE Shoulders from the Cata raids: Hide of Chromaggus If anyone has these, please whisper me: Hypriestess on Alliance side or Sophistique on Horde side - after for transmorg for my druid since I'm hideously unlucky with drops :/ Willing to pay 10k goldSophistique2 Apr 24, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 LF Tank or Healer Startled Guild (6/12) Alliance Is looking for a skilled tank (not druid or monk) with dps OS OR a skilled healer with dps OS (priest/pally only) to join our main team Raids are Tue/Wed 6-9pm server. Sun 4-8pm server. PST Worstar or any Startled member with Star in their name your ilevel & exp to discussWorstar1 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Ele Shaman LF Raiding Guild Looking For: - 10/25-man raiding [GMT -8/9] I'm pretty flexible with the time. - Just returned after raiding everything up through WoLK. Took a break near the end of Lich King to focus on kids and real life. Been back on for a little over a month and really feel the itch to get back into raiding. Real life isn't much of an issue. - I live in South Korea which is the reason why I want to move servers. I raided on this server back during Burning Crusades when I was in Korea the last time and enjoyed my time here. Background: - I have been playing WoW since early 2004 and have experienced most of the end game content. I did get burnt out a little after raiding pretty regularly through vanilla, BC, and WoLK. I didn't play much of Cata at all and really just started back up about a month and a half ago. - I'm able to raid every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Occasional Friday, Saturday, and Sunday but not all the time really depends on what I have going on. - I put my all into the raiding because I feel if I don't I'm not only wasting my time I'm wasting the time of others. - Able to maintain attendance rate and also willing to be flexible. Raided vanilla and TBC as healer only and would like to avoid that for now. I'm still burnt out from healing. What I Have to Offer: - Consistently looking to better myself and my class. If I don't answer in chat its because I'm probably trying to find a tweak or two to increase my DPS. I record most encounters so that I can go back and critique the encounter and find what I did wrong to better increase my performance. - a very reliable and mature raider - I'm not perfect, but I listen well and learn fast - Almost never look for a guild bank to find mats/potions/food for raid able to handle my own requirements to ensure I'm ready to give the group my best performance. - Love playing the game, enjoy working with others, would love to find another 5 man group to do achievements and just basically enjoy the game when not raiding. Raid Experience: MoP: Only been back a month have done every boss on LFR. I know it's different in normal/heroic, but I have been studying the encounters on harder difficulties. Cataclysm: None did not play long. WoLK ICC: 10/12 Normal 10/25 ToC: Normal Clear 10/25 Ulduar: Normal Clear 10/25 Naxx: Normal Clear 10/25 Again, very mature raider been doing it for a long time. I love the content but especially the experience of taking a group of people and being able to work together to achieve a common goal. I'm currently on a US server, but will move as soon as I'm accepted to a guild. I also have a 90 priest that I am willing to move if he is needed. Thanks for any feed back. DellDellandra1 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 23, 2013 Herald of the Titans I will be running a Herald of the Titans run sometime in the near future, and am looking for more members. Players will be rewarded with the account wide title, "Herald of the Titans" Herald of the titans - Defeat Algalon the Observer in 10-player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment with an item level higher than is available in 10-player Ulduar. Armour items must be ilvl 226 or less, and weapon items (mainhand/offhand/ranged) must be ilvl 232 or less It doesn't matter where your gear is from, so long as it meets the above criteria Epic gems are allowed Reforging is allowed (this includes mastery!) Heirlooms are allowed (although you shouldn't really be using them) The Cata leg enchants, MoP profession enchants and Savage Armor Kits are all allowed You can use Cataclysm consumables (flasks/potions/food/ Adventurer's Journals) Me and a friend on a different server have been running each other through the ICC dungeons (Forge of souls, pit of saron and halls of reflection) to start gearing up. Not sure exactly when it will happen. Current members. Karajh (Tank) Monklyfe - Amun-Thul (DPS) USEFUL INFORMATION - Naxxramas 25 man drops 213 gear. - The three dungeons near ICC drop 219 gear - Heroic trial of the champion drops 219 gear - Ulduar 10 man drops 219 and 226 gear - A justice vendor can be found in dalaran which sells 226 gear - 232 weapons can be obtained from trial of the crusader 10 man, or from heroic Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron or Halls of Relfection. Best in slot herald gear can be found here - BiS is not a requirement, but gear still does matter If you are interested please drop a forum response or send me in game mail to either - Karajh - Tichondrius Monklyfe - Amun'thul Arguss - FrostmourneArguss1 Apr 23, 2013
Apr 21, 2013 Silver Monarchs (H) = Flexible Schedule Istven -- Guild recruitment belongs in the Guild Recruitment forum, not here. Please refrain from posting guild recruitment threads in other forums. Thread locked. Thank you.Istven0 Apr 21, 2013
Apr 20, 2013 Guilds LF Ret pally Are there any active raiding guilds at the moment that are looking for a ilvl 498 ret pally (no offspec atm)? Please post your guild's websites so that I can try my luck and apply :) thanks! NB: I plan on levelling BM hunter (in progress), rogue, dps monk and this DK in that particular order, I do not know if this info is relevant for recruiting guilds...Aseleth0 Apr 20, 2013
Apr 19, 2013 lag is anyone else lagging i mean like 11k ms (world) and 8k ms (home)Bighooman1 Apr 19, 2013
Apr 18, 2013 Deleted double post Minorthreat0 Apr 18, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 Hunter & Disc Priest LF guild Hey potential bosses :) So, Myself and Aizlyn are both looking for a raiding guild to join - prefer 10man but willing to compromise. We are unfortunately a pair - yup, I know everyone hates that. It sucks for us just as much. This is why I am posting a LF guild thread rather than just searching and applying myself. This way we both get what we want, both meaning US and YOU. We are very experienced raiders - been raiding on this server since BC - at a competitive level, always playing these toons and specs. We do also know how to play all of our alts to their fullest extent. We have been both officers and Raid leader (Barrowwind) of guilds so we know what we need to do to compete and represent a guild at all levels. We are not necessarily looking for the best, most heroically awesome guild on the server - although we very much can keep up with that level. We just want to raid together. We are both mature and very much like to have a laugh and a joke at a mature level. (Yes, this means we swear, and are sometimes crude) Our current gear and experience of MoP is not the best - but our experience in raiding in itself is not matched by many. Obviously, we would be be prepared and ready to go - knowing the boss mechanics and anything else that is needed before we even touched a raid. Our gear levels are 471 hunter and 477 priest and we are running as many Heroics and LFR's as possible. We have only been level 90 for 36 hours. If you have an opening for us - let us know via this post or ingame whisper/mail on nagrand. I'll make an alt and talk on your server if needed to answer any questions/concerns. we are more than happy to apply if you wish this of us - no issues there Note - We are looking for a HOME - somewhere to be involved and welcomed and wanted on all levels - for a long time. We are unguilded atm due to personal reasons that need not be discussed here on forums, but if potential guilds would like to know why - we can explain in full all previous guilds and reason for leaving ( nothing interesting 90% of them were just dying over time ) Have fun all. TLDR - Hunter 471 - Priest Disc 477 - LF raiding guild. Package deal. (In all honesty though, if you only read this I wouldn't bother, cause we won't fit in.) Barrowwind#1537 Aizlyn#1254Barrowwind1 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013 LF 2 day/week raid group or guild Looking for a 2 day/week raid group (or guild) - Alliance or Horde Suitable raid times: Start: No earlier than 7PM Server time. 7:30PM server time would be PERFECT. End: No later than 11:30pm Server time Can be a little more flexible on Friday nights Can do the occasional 3rd night. Toons on offer: DPS Deathknight Enhance Shaman Hunter (MUCH MUCH prefer to play either of the above as my main. More than happy to play hunter on nights when we need extra range or a specific pet buff) About the player: I'm a "hardcore" raider with a limited amount of time to raid due to life and family obligations. Alot of average players like to throw that term "hardcore raider" around without much to back it up. I actually strive for perfection and am always within a few % of my simulated single target DPS. My raid awareness is well above average. I don't have any noteworthy achievements to mention since moving to Aman'thul (4'ish years ago). However, prior to moving here, I was with an amazing group of people. We raided as a 10man group 2nights/week @ only 2 hours a night. We did a 3rd night as 25man with another guild. We achieved a 'Tribute to Insanity' on our 3rd week of Heroic Trial of the Grand Crusader on 30/11/2009. We were fairly undergeared at that point and accomplished it around the same time as many "high end" guilds that raided far more than we did. Our first time on LK - we were 5% away from killing him by the 10th attempt (this was pre-ICC buffs/nerfs). Sadly that was the last raid I had with my old team. Also prior to moving here, ranking in the top 100 to 200 on WoL was almost a weekly thing (without artificially inflating the numbers via tricks of the trade, Unholy Frenzy, etc) . Fast forward to today, my most recent raid team fell apart due to the attendance boss. So now I'm looking for a decent group of people to raid with. A group that's mostly established and looking for one more DPS to round out their team. What I can offer a raid team is solid DPS, reliability and fast learning of fight mechanics. If anyone is interested please reply here, chat with me in-game or send me an in-game mail and I'll come looking for you. Thanks for your time.Larzon1 Apr 13, 2013
Apr 12, 2013 Looking for raiders (casual) 10m Hi all, Me and some of my friends just came back to WOW recently and are looking for some like-minded people who are keen to raid 10m MOP raids. Who should be reading this and who might be interested? If you are a working adult who have just got back to wow and have hit 90 recently and not in a mad rush to raid, then please consider us. We are casual players who have a very experienced geared tank (who knows the fights) and other players who are busy gearing up currently. We are looking to raid 3 hours, 2-3 times a week, with progression in mind, but at the same time, not playing like mad in the old days. We have our own commitments outside. This is not a guild recruitment, but rather, just some friends seeking out like-minded people who intends to gear up slowly while enjoying wow. What kind of attitude do we expect and what can you expect from us We are working adults who were hardcore gamers but now casual as age has caught up with us. Politics and drama should be left outside the game. Basically, we are looking to set up a group of closely knitted players around a fixed time that is convenient to all parties and to build strong friendship as we go along. What classes do we need now? For the time being, we are looking for priest discipline,druid restro and warlock deso and hunter, other interested classes pls free free to apply. interested parties pls put your interest here or drop me or meatsak a msg in game for more details. I will get back to you shortly. PS: sorry bout the u in my character's name ^^;;Lümas7 Apr 12, 2013
Apr 9, 2013 Adelaideian players? Just curious to see how many people live in this city and play on this server. Edit: and also read the forums.Trollpaladin2 Apr 9, 2013