Nov 2 Selling H EN clears <Statistically Average> <Statistically Average> is selling full Heroic Emerald Nightmare clears and Xavius only kills. What: Full personal loot & Ahead of the Curve achievement! When: Runs starting on Sunday @ 7pm (Server Time). Who: Contact Flint#1143, Mightnpower#1105 or Mcnibbles#6613 for pricing and to register your interest.Stealth0 Nov 2
Nov 1 [A] That Was Sharp 7/7H Recruiting Hi Aman, That Was Sharp is a raiding guild looking for players to join us in heroic farming as we pull together the last of our roster in preparation for Mythic. Schedule Our raid times are: Thursday 6pm-9pm Sunday 4pm-7pm All times are listed in Server Time (AEST). What you can offer us We're seeking like-minded individuals to have some fun and kill some bosses. Emphasis on the fun. Extensive meme knowledge not required but will be appreciated. You will need to bring either strong current-tier raid knowledge, or demonstrate previous tier raid experience and a willingness to learn. Filling one of our needed areas is a bonus, but we will consider anyone who can prove themselves able to perform well. What we can offer We don't run multiple groups. If you're invited, it's for the one and only raid we run. We have fun while we raid. Expect a relaxed environment at all times except on progression bosses. We run mythic+ on an ad-hoc basis through the week, anywhere from 2 to 10 and up. We currently have 7/7H EN on farm. What we need DPS: Mage, Warlock or SPriest preferred. Healers: Any. Tanks: Full. Any others will be considered. Who we are The guild consists mostly of Australians between 19 and 25. We have a few Americans who our raid times suit better. Who you can contact Contact either Rydoz, Nohatnoplay, Creevey, Kayrar or Barkbjork on Aman'Thul. If you need to contact us X-Realm - add Ripstart#1322 or StickyBits#11146. Hope to hear from you!Kayrar2 Nov 1
Nov 1 [A] Sigil 3/7M LF Healers & DPS (GMT+8) <Sigil> is a late-night raiding guild on Aman'Thul alliance, with members from SG/MY/HK/AU. We are a long-standing guild, having been raiding consistently for the last 5 years (since start of Cata), and are looking for more DPS to join our Legion roster! High Priority: Ranged DPS (Mages, Hunters preferred) We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9pm to 12mn (GMT+8 Singapore time), with the occasional alt / casual run on weekends. Contact If you're interested in joining us, get in touch! Application Form: Officer Btags: Ophea#1302, samtham#1521, Criss#11291, Learn more about us at our website http://sigil-guild.enjin.comOphea1 Nov 1
Nov 1 --- --Strawbeary3 Nov 1
Oct 31 <Crustless Bread> 2/7M LFM <Crustless Bread> is a guild for people who want to complete the highest content available while maintaining a positive and fun atmosphere. We pride ourselves on our ability to help players get better. We recruit people who have the capacity to analyse logs, compare specs and come prepared to raids on time. We expect failure while learning a new fight but we also expect improvement and a capacity to reflect and act on feedback. Our Discord channel is very active and many hours a week are spent talking garbage while we run mythic+ dungeons, quest, gather materials or pvp. We run progression raids three nights a week (All times are in AEDLT) - Wed/Thurs 8:30pm - 11pm, Sun 7:30pm - 11pm. We also run a fun normal EN full clear on Friday nights for alts and casual members. If you are someone who learns quickly, is open to giving and receiving feedback and can analyse your own performance in raids then we want you in our guild! While gear and previous raid experience helps, it isn't necessary if you understand our guild culture. Please contact any of our officers or come check out our Discord Channel: Felstein#6366 Tiepriter#1144 Kieradi#1391 Morfuin#1237 Peace!Brahnn7 Oct 31
Oct 30 [A] Emerald Nightmare Heroic Sale Twisted Haven is selling 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare runs & Heroic Xavius kills! Come get your Ahead of the Curve: Xavius achievement and 865+ loots from Heroic Emerald Nightmare! WHEN Saturdays 9pm GMT+8 12mn Server Time / AEST (on Sun) PACKAGES 7/7 HEROIC EMERALD NIGHTMARE -Personal Loot- HEROIC XAVIUS ONLY -Personal Loot- TERMS OF AGREEMENT 1- The payment is done BEFORE the run. You are required to pay a 20% deposit to reserve your spot (20% of the total cost). Until you pay this deposit, your run is not reserved and anyone can take the spot. We need it to make sure you will show up. Right before your run starts, you will pay the remaining 80%. Gold has to be tradeable on Aman'Thul (Oceanic realm) 2- NO REFUNDS FOR A CANCELED RUN. If you sign up for a run, you agree to be available for the whole schedule. If you don't show up, are more than 10min late or cancel it, we keep the 20% deposit. So please, make sure you CAN and WILL attend your run before you reserve it. 3- You are NOT required to have killed any bosses or have any knowledge of the fights in Emerald Nightmare at all. However, we will request you to die early on certain fights. CONTACT INFO If you want to schedule a run or have any questions regarding our runs, prices or schedules, please message Geelee, Dtboltudown or Cenardorn in-game.Geelee0 Oct 30
Oct 29 [A] Slow Motion - Recruiting for Legion Hi All, "Slow Motion" is currently 7/7N and 1/7H We raid Wed and Thursday 7PM AEST - 1030PM AEST. Currently recruiting the following Healers: 1 x Pally /Shammy DPS Open to all classes. Add me on Battlenet to chat further - Walliver#1193 CheersPotatoorc4 Oct 29
Oct 28 [A]<Just Another Guild>- GMT+8 LFM <Just Another Guild> is LFM ranged dps and healers to form a stable pool for casual progression in Legion. We are a group of players that returned to Aman'thul. Mainly from SG and Aussie. Raid times are Wed and Thurs. 2100-2330H (GMT+8), 1100-0130H (ST). Competent players with prior raid experience are welcome.Refusetoheal1 Oct 28
Oct 28 [A] Abandoned - Recruiting Greetings Folks, We are a small family orientated but committed guild named Abandoned. We aim to raid on Friday and Saturday Nights from 8 pm ST and Sundays after 1 pm ST. Currently running Keystone Mythic dungeons and below throughout the week (7pm ST and onwards as we have a few night owls). We have years of wow content under our belts. We are a casual group that understand things like : I need to AFK because my kids .......Work needs me to ........ or I can't log on because ...... All we ask is for you to be helpful, able to communicate and be active. We are a group of parents, husbands wives and a few friends, that have been through the raiding slog and now we are getting on a bit. So were gaming around our lives these days. We are currently looking for ALL classes and specs. Even if you're not looking to raid, we are happy to give mature and laid back players a home. If you are interested, please don't hesitate to reply here or contact myself or any member of our guild in game. Thanks for reading and happy adventuring!Repentless6 Oct 28
Oct 24 856 Resto druid LF Mythic raids Hi all, Looking for a mythic guild. I'm available after 8pm server time any day. Plenty of past Heroic/Mythic experience, mostly as a hunter, but have focused on healing this expansion. Current progression is 7/7H as a healer, 7/7N & 1/7H as tank. In addition to the Druid, I have a 850+ Vengeance DH, Blood/Unholy DK, Prot/Holy Paladin all capped, but the Druid is what I feel most comfortable on & is the most progressed. I'm also open to leveling a ranged class- Mage or Hunter would be my preference, but I haven't really dps'd at all in Legion outside of the artifact quests, so may be a little rusty. Mora#1251Morae0 Oct 24
Oct 23 [H] <Provoked> 2/7M LFM Provoked is a Zul'jin based guild looking for reliable and mythic minded raiders to join our team in order to progress and be as competitive as we can. Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs 0830 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST Communication: Discord Loot: Loot Council Additional: We have a 100% optional donation program to stock the guild bank to provide flasks and food to the raid. Top contributor receives a sky golem mount (sell it if you don't need it) and the next 5 get to roll for 50000 gold. Currently need: RDPS (Hunter, Shaman, balance, Spriest, mage) - _________________________________________________________________________ About the server: Zul'jin is a high pop server that is mostly populated by Horde, there are many raiding guilds on the server so if this one does not work out for you then there are plenty to reach out to. * If you are on another server you will trial with us in heroic to see if we are the right fit for you and if you are the right fit for us. At the current moment we are unable to cross realm for mythic. If you decide to xfer then we will pay via gold for wow tokens for 30 days of game time. What we expect: 1) be mythic minded, you are doing the hardest content the game currently has to offer for raids 2) be able to study your logs and compare to how your peers are doing at the same ilvl in the same content 3) we are here to have fun and expect everyone to have fun and joke around but at the same time, take raiding seriously and just know that there is a time and place for everything Website: In game contact: Bubbleototem; Real ID: bubbleosevin#1157 Email: Add me to Btag and we can chat in discord, take 5 mins and app on our website and Ill reach you, or email meBubbleototem0 Oct 23
Oct 23 Removed RemovedKaivax1 Oct 23
Oct 21 Ngarla....? Hey Guys! As most of you know, Ngarla is no longer among us. For those of you who are not familiar with him, he was the server troll. He was brilliant, he would just chill on Trade Chat and do whatever a Ngarla does. When Ngarla left, I found no reason to stay on this realm, any clue where he went guys? ThanksShadowsense8 Oct 21
Oct 19 [A] Heals, Tank + 2 x MDPS Hi All, Myself and three friends are looking to join a Normal/Heroic raid group. Our preference is to be able to remain in our current guild. We have raided extensively in all expansions apart from WoD. I am heals Priest and we have a Prot Pally, Havoc DH and an Outlaw Rogue (Though the Rogue is hella undergeared and on holiday atm). Initially we'd only be looking for the 3 spots until we get the rogue up to speed. I am 852, DH is 842 and Pally 841. I have 21 artifact traits in Disc and 19 in Holy. DH has 21 traits in Havoc and 14 in Vengy. Pally has 18 in Prot. Armory profiles : We are chilled laid back and like to have fun, we use discord for voice but are open to anything. I will take responsibility for our group in regards to attendance and performance. I am happy to assist with wider organisation or admin as well if needed. Currently we have only been doing very casual group content so as a part of this as well we are looking to hopefully meet some more dps (ranged specifically) to do mythic 5 man content with as well. Our preference for raid times are Tue - Thu nights and maybe Sunday. Mon/Fri/Sat would be difficult to attend consistently. Approx 7-8 pm realm time starts. If we fit in really well we could be open to guild switches but our preference is to hold up in ours initially. Nostalgia and all that. I am based in NZ and the other 3 are based in Aussie. I am on most evenings and keen for a chat though any of the people mentioned here can direct you to me. My characters : Testitute - Priest Testophilies - DH (845 Havoc and open to alt runs etc) Tèst - DK Cheers, Test.Testitute1 Oct 19
Oct 17 Hunter 843iLVL Looking for guild Mythics+Raid Hey guys! Having a little trouble finding an active and dedicated guild that I can join that focuses on Mythic + runs and Raiding. If you have a dedicated guild that both takes WoW seriously and only seeks to progress itself and all it's members, please let me know as I am interested. Regardless I hope that all who read this s having a great day/night in the meantime. :) Race: Night Elf Class: Hunter Marksman Role: DPS iLVL: 843Sylvarnus0 Oct 17
Oct 14 [A] <Elevate> Recruiting Dps/Healers <Elevate> is recruiting a Healer and DPS for Legion progression. We are 7/7H Emerald Nightmare - 3/3N ToV Raid nights are Monday & Thursday 8pm - 11pm Server Time. We use Discord for Raid communication. Casual players/raiders and social players are always welcomed as well. Please message any guild member in-game for more info/invite. Thank you. :)Aessa0 Oct 14
Oct 13 LF Social Guild Active in AM (AEDT) Hey i'm looking for a Social Guild that is active in the late nite 11pm-4am most nites as my work usually makes it hard to play during normal hours looking to find people to do 5 mans, World Quests or any other things in wow, I'm a prot pally mainly just looking find some people to do things with while i'm playing wow I have a friend that i play with his main is a ret pally who might join with me he has the same goals for his time on wow as well i don't mind having to applying to a guild just want to put some feelers out there i'm not looking for raid spots as of yet i don't want to commit to something and not be able to show up for due life getting the way, if you want to pst me to see if might be a fit for your guild Battletag BroDarkness#6299Anzith0 Oct 13
Oct 12 862 Disc Priest LF Raiding Guild Hello! I am an AOTC finished geared Disc priest looking for a heroic or mythic raiding guild that is operating on a weekend basis. I live in Japan and work insane hours during the week, but still have time to play in the later nights. I'm looking for either a late night weeknights, or preferably a weekend morning, weekend night raiding guild. Hit me up here or at Rethiness#1229 to chat!Tieranade0 Oct 12
Oct 11 Lf guild - 7/7n 4/7h Hey, Looking for an active guild with skilled players to do M+ with and other stuff. I'm pretty casual atm, I have a family so am not able to raid at consistent times. I do most of my raiding in pugs between 11pm-3am WAST +8. But I am usually on earlier for 2 hours during the day and at random other times. Old skol raider, I currently have an 855 arms war and 855 hpal. Playing the hpal atm as I can actually get into raids /m+. Had a 0% wipe on HXav today :*( FeelsBadMan Anyway hit me up in game or on here if you are part of a large active guild and interested in a casual player to fill numbers in m+ CheersSoboerd1 Oct 11
Oct 11 LF Guild Someone take me in? Can play.Flipkem2 Oct 11
Oct 11 [A] <Team Strudel> GMT+8 raiding etc <Team Strudel> is a GMT+8 casual, mature raiding and social guild looking to recruit for Heroic raiding and on to Mythic. We say we are casual, but that does not mean goalless. We're currently looking to consolidate our raid team to move to heroic format, then form a core 20-man team to push mythic raids. Our "casual" tag refers to our attitude - we'll always put a great deal of effort in to helping guildies who want to join our raids improve their playstyle and gear so that they can do just that. We tend to raid at 10.30pm server time (11.30pm during AEDT), being about 8.30pm for those of us in the GMT+8 time zone. Most of us have kids and other commitments, so we are understanding of the challenges facing some people who are keen to raid. The first priority for our guild is genuinely decent and nice people. Skills can be honed, gear can be farmed. We have people that are good at most classes so we can easily help anyone that wants to learn to improve their playstyle - and there is never a shortage of guildies willing to help guildies farm for gear. We can't teach attitude, though. In addition to our raiding, we currently have two (potentially three) teams farming mythic/mythic+ dungeons regularly. There are always people available and keen to run dungeons of all types. We also have a thriving set of guildies that love to do the stuff other than raiding. You'll always find someone willing to join you to farm old or new content for legendaries or achievements or rep or whatever. I hope you will check us out and leave a message here - or pst me (Khanso#11183) or Aethe in game. We're often on alts and a guildie can direct you to us. On a specific note, we are most in need of a strong tank and a couple more strong ranged dps. Have fun.Khanso4 Oct 11
Oct 3 Basic Impulse 1/7M (Stormrage) recruiting Basic Impulse is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild that is looking to maintain top 15 server while we build and groom our roster. Once we have established a core raid team, we will focus on being a top 5 guild on the server. We are looking to build our raid group around people who have both exceptional mechanical skills and a strong understanding of their class/spec, while enjoying a more casual approach to end-game raiding. ***Raid Times: Tue, wed, sun @ 8pm-12am EST.*** * Loot System: We have raiders roll for gear, while applying some emphasize on making sure gear is “passed” to whoever needs that item the most. **What you can expect from us: We put the progression of the raid group first, and for that reason we give raid spots to people based on their personal performance rather than their relationship with another member of the guild, or the amount of time they have raided with us. In addition, if a player is under-performing we will approach them in private to assist them in improving their performance. If a player is unable to perform around the same as most other raider’s, they will be benched until they can show us in mythic+’s that they clearly can compete within our current roster. Above all else, we strive for a rage free, light atmosphere that is focused when needed, and will do what is necessary to maintain that raiding environment. We also provide flasks, and do our best to subsidize pot’s/enchants. **What we expect from you: That you are ready for raid, and online 15 minutes before the raid starts. While we understand that people can’t play hours and hours outside of raid time, we do expect people to do as many mythic+, and world quests that give artifact power as they can. We believe in people playing the class they enjoy the most, and for that reason we do not expect anyone to have an additional raid ready character, nor do we class stack. Most importantly, we expect all players to have reviewed boss mechanics prior to raid, and to have a positive attitude during raid. Application process: Instead of having people apply online through an application process, we simply conduct a brief interview on the spot. Afterwards, if both people are satisfied we will host a 5 man mythic/mythic + trial to see firsthand how a person deals with some mechanics and if their hps/dps is satisfactory. Upon a successful trial run, a person will then raid as a trial until they illustrate that they clearly compete with our current roster. Contact information: If you have any questions, or would like to begin the application process, you may add Fillawsophir#1663, (maximus#11355).Fusions0 Oct 3
Oct 2 [A] LF Raiding Guild No longer looking, thanks.Myra1 Oct 2
Sep 30 LF Raiding Guild - Ele'y Shaman Raiding issue resolved :D Thank you to everyone I have met and good luck with your future slaying!Captplanet3 Sep 30
Sep 29 Aman'Thul Connected realm? Hey all! Been looking around for info about connected realms and can't seem to find an up-to-date list of them, Is Aman'thul connected to any? would be great to have an extra 11 character slots lol.Tullerion6 Sep 29
Sep 28 WTS 1-700 Profession Kits Currently selling kits which will take you from 1-700 for most professions, including Cooking and First Aid (I will of course provide information in regards to which items you need to craft with the materials purchased in order to reach 700). Estimate prices are as follows (may vary): LW - 28k Tailoring - 15k Inscription = 10k Blacksmithing - 12k Engineering = 12k Jewelcrafting = 12k Alchemy = 8k First Aid = 4k Cooking = 20k Hit me up via BattleTag @ Mantias#1242, or reply here with which profession/s kit/s you're after along with your BattleTag or character name and we can discuss prices. Cheers.Scumfingers2 Sep 28
Sep 23 [A] Previous Heroic Raider LF Guild WoW Character Name: Jeebs Age: 30 Location: Australia BattleTag: Dan#11508 Main Spec: Unholy/Blood Raiding Experience: BC Casual raiding twice a week, cleared Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Magtheridon and began Tempest Keep before Wrath launched. WoTLK Raided normals from Naxx through to ICC casually. Cata Hardcore 10 man raiding. Completed heroics and some hard mode heroic achieves in Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, heroic Al'Akir (but not conclave), Heroic Firelands clear with the exception of H Ragnaros which we were working on when the guild broke up. MoP Took a break until late MoP, cleared Mogu'Shan Vaults on Normal. WoD Played extremely casually because WoD was... not my favourite expansion. I have my DK geared to 840 for unholy and blood which is my main. I'm in the process of levelling and gearing my fire mage and a MW/WW monk. Looking for a guild where I can log on and do Mythic Dungeons and come along to raids when my schedule allows. I'm not sure if a guild like this exists, but I'd love it if I could join one.Jeebs0 Sep 23
Sep 21 Returning player LF raiding guild Hello, I have recently come back after a long hiatus from the game and would like to join a guild on my havoc demon hunter, i'm currently sitting around 841+ ilvl. Please reply or add me on andicus#11264 if you have any questions. Just as a brief guild history I have been a founding member of Latency (#1 horde oceanic at the time) on Barth horde back in BC and I have huge amounts of end game experience both PvE and PvP at top levels. I don't necessarily care for top 100 guilds or whatever, just a place I can have fun with people that enjoy the game like me. Ps. I'm willing to transfer from Barthilas.Vajiira1 Sep 21
Sep 21 Looking for a PVE guild WoW Character Name: Zeroz Age: 30 Location: Australia Real ID: Tfarcraw#1583 Main Spec: Assassination but willing to play any if required Raiding Experience: VanillaI was in a guild called playNOW on Spinebreaker clearing ZG, AQ20, Ony, MC, BWL and AQ40 up to Twin Emps. I know these are outdated and hard to prove though I could link Feats of Strength if required. BCplayNOW disbanded at the start of the expansion and I found myself un-guilded. On a US server at that time, there weren't many guilds raiding at times suitable for someone living in a GMT+10 timezone so I spent the expansion pvping. WoTLKTransferred to Frostmourne. Cleared Naxx, OS, EoE, Uld and ToC (normal) prior to taking a break from the game. I then returned near the end of the expansion clearing ICC (heroic) in a friends guild a handful of times. CataCasually raided clearing BH, BoT (normal), BWD (normal). MoPLeveled a Mage ( and cleared MV, HoF and TES on normal. WoDRan LFR on my Rogue and HFC (heroic) on my mage a handful of times. Mic: Yes Internet Connection: Stable Raid Relevant Addons: Recount, DBM, TellMeWhen and Omen Screenshot: Criticism: I'm always looking to improve as a player and take criticism well. If I'm doing something wrong or could do something better - tell me! Availability: I'm available to raid two nights a week on either Mondays, Wednesdays or Sundays from approximately 7pm - 11pm. Like many others, I've been playing this game for quite a while and have discovered that it's actually the social aspect of the game that keeps me here. I love to experience content new and old with others who enjoy the game as much as I do. What I'm looking for in a guild is bunch of people who share this same passion and aren't averse to having a laugh along the way. :DZeroz2 Sep 21
Sep 21 LF active social guild I am a returning player looking for an active mature social/raiding/leveling guild I am still trying to relearn the gameplay and how to play my characters. I do have a lot of Alts as I get bored and will level an alt I am looking for a long time guild not some on the whim guild that boot me when I'm not on for a couple of days due to me having a job and not on everyday.jArielimnda1 Sep 21
Sep 20 [A] <HYBRiD> LFM for Legion!! <HYBRiD> Casual Raiding Guild, is recruiting! Raids Most Wed, Thurs and Sun 9PM til 12AM ST. We offer a friendly chilled atmosphere, and understand that real life happens, So if you want to experience the legion content with some friendly folk, Reply here and or PST in game :) Timmo#1764Timmó0 Sep 20
Sep 13 (H) LF social guild for legion please Hey all. back for legion never got into WoD. looking for a friendly guild to do stuff with( all of the things) haven't raided for a long, long time wouldnt mind giving it ago again but not even close to hardcore ( im 30 now), would be happy even with 5 man funs for a while. i have a 100 of every class bar DK and im pretty well happy to play any role but going to be rusty and undergeared lol. please let me know if you have a guild that suitsGrayel4 Sep 13
Sep 9 [A] Demon Hunter LF Raiding Guild Guild found.Velesa0 Sep 9
Sep 6 About gold farm Hello guys. I would like to ask you how/where can i farm some gold at least to pay for wow token? I tried many places like time issle and etc but its not really working. And i would like to know what can u suggest about to farm gold. Thanks in advance.Gennissa0 Sep 6
Sep 5 <Crustless Bread> Recruiting Best thing since sliced bread. We have a couple of spots for ranged dps for our heroic/mythic raid group. We are a close community of people that are item level 890 in lols. We spend way too much time on Discord and are preparing to dominate raids in Legion. If you are laid back but take your dps rotation seriously, hit me up at Felstein#6366. Peace!Brahnn0 Sep 5
Aug 29 You're invited... On August 29th it will be Phantasmagoria’s 7th birthday! After 7 great years together and only a day before the release of Legion, we are very excited to be celebrating this birthday on Aman’thul. We’d like to say thank you to all the members of this server’s community who have made up our home for the past two years by inviting you to celebrate with us. On the evening of August 29th at 8pm Server Time members from our guild will be hanging out near the Bank in Stormshield to hand out gifts to anyone who would like to come celebrate with us. We’ve been saving up a while and aside from our killer collection of Left Sharks, we have some exciting stuff to give away including free gold tickets, rare transmog items, pets, mounts, toys, and other fun novelty items! All gifts are gift wrapped and none of us know where the good stuff is hiding, but we invite you to come and find out with us, have a chance to pick up some super cool items and enjoy hanging out with other members of our home, Aman’thul! Congratulations Food on winning the mount :) Thank you so much to all that came to roll! We look forward to seeing you all on Monday the 29th and thank you all again for making Aman’thul a great server to call home! From Phantas, with love xoxoVivica13 Aug 29
Aug 28 *RECRUITING* for Heroic Dungeons in Legion Hello guys, Kiers here is forming up a group that will be grinding Legion-Heroic Dungeons upon release. Currently we are only looking for ONE HEALER (any classes will do), i will go ahead and list down some of the criteria that we are looking out for: -Have to be proficient in the class you are playing -Able to commit to the farming with the group -Must have at least one VoIP program (i.e Mumble/Skype/Teamspeak) -Character must be 110 before this coming Friday, with latest being Saturday morning We will start the farming on Friday afternoon, and will be going all the way to Sat/Sun. For additional information, please add me Andrak#1510 or reply under this thread, i will get back to you ASAP. It can be most likely to assure the group will also be advancing towards Mythic+ Dungeons with the same composition. Thanks for your time~Keerst0 Aug 28
Aug 26 To any returning raiders without a home... Hi there, <Regular Tempest> is a semi-casual raiding guild made up of meme-generating scripts pretending to be humans. We consist of a group of friends that started playing together back in Vanilla and have grown with every expansion to what we are today. We have experienced success at the top of both PvP and PvE content. These days we spend a lot of time hanging out in Discord and play a lot of Overwatch and HotS together. We are currently recruiting all classes in preparation for Heroic -> Mythic raids in Legion. We plan on pushing ourselves to progress as quickly as we can but ultimately, we're here to have fun. We don't take ourselves too seriously but we prepare thoroughly and get stuff done. We are currently in need of the following: 1x Holy Paladin 1x Rogue 1x Ele Shaman We encourage anyone interested in raiding with us to get in contact as we prefer to recruit to culture rather than how high your numbers are. Numbers are good, but not if you're a douchelord. Raids times are scheduled as follows: Wed/Thurs 8:30 - 10:30, Sun 7:30 - 10:30 ST. Contact Felstein#6366 for details or reply to this thread for more info. Peace!Brahnn5 Aug 26
Aug 22 It's a Feature Aman'Thul Horde Aussie Based Horde Guild The guild's prime objective is to provide it's members with the means to pursue their own personal gaming goals, whether it would be raiding, dungeoning, PvP, or just social gameplay - we hope to offer something for everyone. We are currently recruiting all classes and levels in an attempt to bolster our ranks so we are able to provide the basis for some structured guild activities and events for our members to participate in if they so desire. Guildwebsite: or whisper Shoulka in Game for more info or for invite thxZharzanu0 Aug 22
Aug 21 [H] <Mercy> Recruiting raiders for Legion! <Mercy> - Skullcrusher US Is recruiting for progression minded raiders for Legion. Raid leader is multiple Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve. We will raid 2 nights a week. Currently looking like a combination of Tuesday 9 PM - 12 AM, Friday 9 PM - 12 AM, or Saturday 10 PM - 1 AM. Times are in EST Raiding will be treated as semi-hardcore during progession. Food, flasks, potions, and repairs will be furnished by the guild. We will be working on getting everyones BiS crafted gear immediately off the start. Some groundwork for raiding Loot is MASTER LOOT. We use Loot Council. We will not hold your hand when it comes to playing your class. If you need help there are multiples of your class in guild, guides online, and guides ingame. Play your class competitively or someone else will. We expect that raiders will be ready 15 minutes before start time when invites are sent out. Repeated absences will result in loss of raid spot. Be able to accept constructive criticism. If you mess up, be prepared to fix your mistake. If you are doing something wrong be prepared to hear advice and be able to correct the mistakes. We DO NOT condone outright criticism and bashing on other players. No attitudes during raiding period. If you have a problem take it to /w and deal with it there. If you do not agree with something say it, but don't have an ego. We are all progressing together and someone who is sour ruins the fun for everyone. If this sounds like a guild you are interested in, give Andromina-Skullcrusher, Carespanker-Skullcrusher, Trixibelle-Skullcrusher, or Limpspoonqt-Skullcrusher a whisper to ask questions! Current recruitment needs! High, Medium, Low needs deathknight (tank) - medium demon (hunter) - low druid (balance) - medium druid (restoration) - high druid (feral-dmg) - medium druid (feral-tank) - high hunter - low mage - medium monk - medium paladin (holy) - high paladin (protection) - high paladin (retribution) - medium priest (healer) - high rogue - medium shaman (elemental) - low shaman (enhancement) - low shaman (restoration) - high warlock - medium warrior (protection) - high Andromina0 Aug 21
Aug 16 [A] WTS Lord/Lady of War Suntanis and crew are now selling the Lady/Lord of War title on Frostmourne US! **Note that Oceanic/US realms are compatible for the coliseum. **This is the link to our 'main' sales post on the Achievement forums <> Alliance side only, asking price is 80k per person We generally run Friday night AEST 9pm-12am. As a 'guide', NY is 14 hours behind AEST time. So a 9pm start for us on Friday night, will be a 7am start on a Friday morning in NY. Work out the appropriate time that suits you from that. Alternatively, use <> to work it out yourself. You will get the Feat of Strength achievement called: The Last of Us which can be found at - While completing this quest you will also complete: Fight, Kill, Salute! which can be found at - This quest gives you 500 Conquest Points, 1000 Apexis Crystals, Champion's Spoils. Requirements - It is important you have these: Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum (Garrison building.) 300 to 700 Broken Bones. (Gained by killing the opposite faction in Draenor). Awards from winning the event: Lord/Lady of War Title Carries Alliance Flag of Victory Warlord's Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania (not 100% drop chance) 1,500 Conquest Points 1,000 Apexis Crystals Coliseum Champion's Spoils (Which contain flags and items listed above). Whisper me or send me an in-game mail with your battle tag to get put on the list, as these are ran one day a week currently (possibly more days depending on demand). If you're alliance on another server and need the service, you're more than welcome to join us. You will be able to pay via pets of value, or, if you have gold on an Oceanic server, we do accept gold on any Oceanic realm. **Note - If you decide to use pets as payment for the sale, please ensure that the value of the pets are equal to 85-90k on Frostmourne. You can use this link to find out their current value <>. Please ensure when checking their value, you go off the MEAN value, as it is calculated over 12 days, not current, or median. If you are interested in buying this, please add my battle tag Sun#13995. Thanks once again, Suntanis and crew.Suntanis2 Aug 16
Aug 14 Affinity-Recruiting for Raid and pleasure. Affinity - Alliance, is a mature minded social raiding guild. Considering membership of all mature minded players of any experience and character level providing you are active and respectful. Currently rebuilding our raid team in preperation for LEGION, looking for Ranged DPS. We refer to this as a Social Raid team. We envision this balance between casual and hardcore, that is that we are NOT a casual team, we DO push progression, only not as hard as a hardcore team Raid Times: Friday and Saturday nights 8pm Server (UTC+10) - 10:30/11:00 (9pm server time during Australian daylight savings months) So if you are interested come join us. Whisper a Taedevout, or officer Taomi (Tirythya) or officer Celad. ingame, or apply on the website. ( Aug 14
Aug 13 Want to conduct shifty business deal I have in my possession a Sky Golem for sale, problem is, its on the wrong realm. So I need someone who is willing to trust me and pay for the mount on one realm, and receive it on another.Fluffers0 Aug 13
Aug 8 *Post removed as no longer relevant* *Post removed as no longer relevant*Epibolt0 Aug 8
Aug 7 Returning 10/13M - LF Guild (>95% Parses) WHAT CAN I OFFER? Returning 10/13 Mythic HFC raider (rolling mage), looking for a guild to progress in Legion with. I am committed progression raider who shows up prepared. You can check my Warcraftlogs as a Resto Druid throughout HFC, where I was parsing mostly all orange (>95%) and a handful of purple (>80%) for Hellfire Citadel before I quit due to real-life reasons. You can verify this from the screenshots below, or from the warcraftlogs link below. Also feel to add me on Bnet if you want to verify my identity/toon: quasii#1439 WHAT GUILD AM I LOOKING FOR? There’s just two things I am looking for in a guild. Progression Guild: Looking for a semi-hardcore/hardcore progression guild that has previous Mythic progression, really keen to hit the ground running with my new guildies when Legion raids are open – with a firm eye on mythic end-game. Raid Times: Looking for a guild that raids late night server time (I am a working adult in a GMT+8 country), below are the time slots I could certainly make. All Days (Except Sunday): Starting 11.30pm Server Time or later (equivalent to 8.30pm GMT+8) Sunday: No restriction in terms of time WHO ARE YOU? 27 year old working adult from Singapore (GMT+8), who is in full control of my weekly schedule. You can check my attendance on Warcraftlogs, went like 5 months in a row without missing a single raid. RAIDING UI Believe some guilds would like to take a look at one’s raid UI when it comes to applications. Below is the raid UI that I use: CONTACT ME Always available for a chat at quasii#1439Quasiie0 Aug 7
Aug 7 How is the server? I'm thinking about moving my toons to Aman'thul. It seems to be a low-medium population pve oceanic server, but with a decent pve raiding scene. How do you guys perceive the server? What are its pros and cons?Maerlimzen5 Aug 7
Jul 24, 2016 [A] Returning raider looking for guild I've been away from WoW for a few years and have recently picked it back up and looking forward to Legion. Now I'm looking for a raiding guild for Legion to run a couple of nights (AEST) a week. I have very little WoD raid experience but raided quite a bit in BC (holy priest) and a little bit in Wrath (DK DPS) before real life got in the way. Ideally I'd prefer a DPS or healer role. I used my free level 100 boost on a mage and am really enjoying it, but also have a level 100 mistweaver monk and 92 restoration shaman I could level up. Shout out if you have an open spot I could fill.Vakahna3 Jul 24, 2016
Jul 23, 2016 [A] Returned raider LF social raid guild I've been away for a while and my old guild has evaporated, can anyone recommend a friendly group out there who are a bit more casual and need some extra shooty?Azzý0 Jul 23, 2016
Jul 23, 2016 <Phantasmagoria> Archi and Blackhand Sales We are now able to open spots for people to purchase Mythic Archimonde and Blackhand kills! ARCHIMONDE When: Thursday nights, 8.15pm Server Time How much: 1.2mil What you get: Mythic Archimonde Achievement, Felsteel Annahilator mount, Cutting Edge, "Defiler's End" title, and loot. Next Free Date: August 4th BLACKHAND When: Thursday nights, 7.50pm Server Time How much: 200k What you get: Mythic Blackhand Achievement, Ironhoof Destroyer mount, "Ironbane" title, and loot. Next Free Date: August 4th When you come in for a carry with us, all we expect is that you can tag the boss at the beginning and then die for the remainder of the fight. All gold must be traded or dropped into our guild bank before the carry on the night! If you are interested in purchasing the kill and mount for either or both bosses, please contact me on Vivica#11103 to set up a date!Vivica16 Jul 23, 2016
Jul 21, 2016 [A]<Destruction> 13/13M Now Recruiting! <Destruction> Is a semi-hardcore guild situated on Aman’thul Alliance. We are a progression minded raiding guild with the goal of clearing all Mythic in a timely manner, we offer quality raid hours and progression for a minimum time commitment. Previously known as <Radiance> we have recently reformed under a new banner and with server first now comfortably under our belt, we’ve set our eyes on Oceanic top 10 for Legion with the hopes of pushing even better finishes in later tiers. Looking for like minded players for our core, those with the drive to push their class to the limits and always strive to improve and adapt to mechanics and strat variations. Raid Times: GMT + 11 (AEST) Wednesday: 7 - 10pm ST Thursday: 7 - 10pm ST Monday: 7 - 10pm ST With the potential for an optional extra raid night if necessary also on the table. Recruitment Currently recruiting ALL EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS of any class and spec! If you think you might have what it takes to step up to the next level please don’t hesitate to put an application through. Current recruitment needs DPS Mage – High Warlock – High Spriest – Medium EleSham – Medium Healers Mist Weaver Monk – Medium (Viable DPS off spec preferred) Resto Shaman – Medium (Viable DPS Off spec preferred) Please head over to our website: to submit an application. Any queries? Please don’t hesitate to contact an officer directly. Cree#6232 Ads#6351 Azz#1137 Arc#11302Creecree0 Jul 21, 2016