Jul 10 WTB Heroic HFC - Archimonde Carry! Add my battletag #Rainbowsaur11928 if you are selling or know anyone else selling around 25k? Anxious about pre-patch coming want that mount quicklyRealfemale0 Jul 10
Jul 10 WTB 8/8 gold carry WTB 8/8 gold carry, add my btag Horrorz#1666 and hopefuly can get it done before it's removedMullerr0 Jul 10
Jul 9 The Auxilia, A Community Focused Guild. The Auxilia are recruiting players who want be a part of a positive community experience. Our focus is to create a relaxed and mature environment for people to play in. We have 3 tennets: • Represent yourself in a positive manner. Try to keep guild chat clean. • Be excellent to each other; help create a stronger community. • Always be willing to improve! If this suits your approach, or sounds like a welcome relief, be sure to check out our website Register and Apply today!Apto0 Jul 9
Jul 5 WTB Grove Warden Carry (25k) 688 ilvl Boomy Only want the quest item, not fussed about loot. Willing to pay around the 25k mark. Can't do Thursday/Sunday nights. Need a carry ASAP, having moose withdrawals. Whisper/Mail me.Xnightstalke0 Jul 5
Jul 2 [A] & [H] ÐC selling Challenge Mode Carry 27/05/2016 its a crazy 2 week for us, and we decide to stop arranging another schedule so we can finish our current queing customer! we will be available by 09/06/2016, see you! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title says it all, selling 8/8 Challenge Mode carry for BOTH faction! What do Challenge Mode : Gold get you? - Access to all exclusive transmog weapon from Challenger Savina - The Challenger’s War Yeti Mount ( silver reward, account-wide) - “The Indomitable” title ( bronze reward, account-wide) - 360 Achievement points! - Portals to the entrance to all 8 Warlords of Draenor dungeons! Price and Time? - Challenge Mode : Gold 8/8 = 250k - We do all in less than 2.5 hours. the more dps you do the faster it goes Crossrealm? We do not usually accept crossrealm payment, it all depends on the server you want to pay on. Add my btag and we can hopefully sort something Requirements? - Level 100 - 250k gold - Consumables and 6x Invisibility potion if you want to dps - Mumble (optional) Why Pick us? Simple, because we are jubei’thos best CM team. We have been in business since MoP with over 250 carries complete. Those years of experience has taught us that customer is KING. We never ever put a stress to our customer and will keep a FRIENDLY atmosphere during the run. So far in WoD we have done over 90 carries with 100% SUCCESS RATE, thanks to our 8/8 realm best experience. We offer an experience that no other group could ever hope to match. Come join us for a carry, and let us share that experience with you! Contact Info? Urehermawan #1356 Trollshaman#1368Brumoomars6 Jul 2
Jul 1 Aggressor on Blackrock late night for Legion <Aggressor> Recruiting all flame retardant individuals with a heroic / mythic raiding mindset for a late night schedule. Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday 9:30pm-12:00am Sever time (Pacific Time) All positions are open at this time. Leadership has current and previous mythic / heroic raiding experience as well as experience managing a guild. If you are returning from the break and haven't played in an expansion or so, that is fine on the following condition - you are able to show somewhere in your WoW history that you have cleared something on heroic (when heroic was mythic) or mythic when the content was VIABLE. This means current - for example killing heroic Ragnaros in Firelands isn't impressive if you did it only a few months ago. Add zio#1502 battletag to speak in person in game. Looking forward to progression, -ZioZionexx0 Jul 1
Jul 1 WTB Heavy Junkboxes I think the current price is 30g a box, will to pay 10% extra for the full 1255 so 42000 goldMujun0 Jul 1
Jul 1 Challenge Mode Gold Carries - 300k Offering Gold CM carries on Aman'thul before Legion hits. For those unaware, this expansions (WoD) challenge mode rewards will be going account wide in legion. We're offering full 8/8 gold carry for 300k. We have carried over 50 full clears and guarantee completion. We also cater to people who are just after specific dungeons at the price of 40k each dungeon. If interested whisper me or add my battletag: Bowgan#1297Bowgan9 Jul 1
Jun 30 WTB Moose Run Any guilds selling? Please PM or mail me. Thanks!Lucili0 Jun 30
Jun 30 Looking to buy alliance challenge mode gold Hey, looking to buy an 8/8 CM gold carry. feel free ti whisper me in game or add me on bnet - Fenastus#1472Kilana0 Jun 30
Jun 29 Woah It's been a while since I posted on here. Da fark does this sheet even get used any more?Bigbadtauren0 Jun 29
Jun 28 WTS Plans: Arcanite Reaper So for all you profession collectors out there, I hold in my hot little hands Plans: Arcanite Reaper . Send me in game mail if you are looking at buying it and maybe we can strike a deal. CheerioBelitemare0 Jun 28
Jun 26 Herald of the Titans [A] Hello everyone, Seeking any expressions of interest for a Herald of the Titans run over the next week or two. I have one character almost fully geared and am seeking others with characters that qualify for the achievement if you would like to come and form a group to do it. No date locked in as we will need to gather a group first. Add Brugaliar#1717 if you are interested. Thanks so much!Halcyonna7 Jun 26
Jun 26 Returning Raider LFG for legion (Ali healer) Hey guys I'm an old raider starting back in wrath. I had to stop playing mid Blackrock because of work issues. I'm now looking for a new raiding guild for legion. I'm a healer looking hopeful to play a priest or monk but i have one of each healer and i am confident on all the healer class. leave a message here of add me Dalairus#1415Dalshe1 Jun 26
Jun 23 Startled - LF Raiders new or old If you are interested in applying for an available spot please apply at or pst Worstar (#Star11406), Vampirefang (Fang#6948), Sothwik (Maimalicious #1300) in game to discuss. Team 1 and 2 Currently recruiting for Legion get an early start Times: Team 1 :Wednesday/Thursday 630-930pm server (GMT+10) Team 2: Monday/Friday 630-930pm server (GMT+10)Worstar30 Jun 23
Jun 23 (A) Returning Hunter LF raiding guild Hi All, I am a returning player to WoW. More specifically to raiding. Spend a bit of time on other toons PvPing, but my Hunter will always be my main. I haven't done much as far as HFC. A bit of LFR and I have had a run through some normal and heroic this week. I'd like to get back into raiding, trying to clear as much of HFC as possible and head into Legion. Currently 712 ilvl (working on Valor for upgrades). I have completed the legendary ring quest, just working on its upgrades too. Not looking for a hardcore guild, but a guild that is still working on/through heroic HFC and/or just into myhtic or further if a guild is happy to bring me in. I can raid most nights from about 7.30 server. Thursday being a little later (8.30/9) due to work. Looking for 2-3 nights per week if possible. If you are interested or want to have a chat further, reply here, or hit me up on Btag: Wazolicious#6368Az2 Jun 23
Jun 19 WTB [Dampscale Basilisk Eye] 20k g total Hello, I'm looking to buy 607 dampscale basilisk eyes. I'll pay you more per eye the more eyes you farm. Here is what I'm paying: <100 eyes: 20g per 100 eyes: 25g per, 2500g total 250 eyes: 30g per, 7500g total 500 eyes: 35g per, 17500g total Current total price for all: 20140g If sending more than 100 please check with me first to make sure I still need them. They drop from the basilisks in Terokkar Forest in Outland. Here is the wowhead link to the item: Mobs that drop them: (2 other mobs also drop them but there are not as many of those) You can c.o.d them to me or contact me to meet me "in person". I log in every day at least twice. My realid is Nixee#2231 Thank you in advance and hope to hear from you =)Nixee1 Jun 19
Jun 14 Intolerance 11/13M <<<< Intolerance 11/13 Mythic >>>> Recruiting talented players- specifically Healer- H Pal pref but willing to look at any exceptional players DPS: Rogue Mage. Accepting any exceptional players regardless of class. Normal Raid Days Wed, Thurs and Sun 9:30 server to Midnight server. Reply now or enquire at http://intolerance-guild.enjin #swighty6370Shímmy1 Jun 14
Jun 13 WTS Blackened Defias Belt Taking offers! Currently the only ones on the Auctionhouse are super inflated prices so I'm not sure where to price it. Item was removed from the game! Jun 13
Jun 12 WTS Lord/Lady of War (Ally Side) Erzanna and my crew are now selling the Lady/Lord of War title on Frostmourne US! We accept gold on all oceanic realms But if US realms must trade of equal value in terms of pets **Note that Oceanic/US realms are compatible for the coliseum. ** <> This is a link to our sales post on Frostmourne. Alliance side only, asking price is 80k per person We generally run Friday night AEST 9pm-12am. In PST time this is about 4am-7am (but double check yourself). easiest way is to check a oceanic realms time You will get the Feat of Strength achievement called: The Last of Us which can be found at - While completing this quest you will also complete: Fight, Kill, Salute! which can be found at - This quest gives you 500 Conquest Points, 1000 Apexis Crystals, Champion's Spoils. Requirements - It is important you have these: Level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum (Garrison building.) 500 to 700 Broken Bones. (Gained by killing the opposite faction in Draenor). Awards from winning the event: Lord/Lady of War Title Carries Alliance Flag of Victory Warlord's Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania (not 100% drop chance) 1,500 Conquest Points 1,000 Apexis Crystals Coliseum Champion's Spoils (Which contain flags and items listed above). Whisper me or send me an in-game mail with your battle tag to get put on the list, as these are ran throughout the week by us. I do accept gold on oceanic realms So if you're alliance on another US server and need the service, you're more than welcome to join us. You will be able to pay via pets of value. **Note - If you decide to use pets as payment for the sale, please ensure that the value of the pets are equal to 85-90k on Frostmourne as we need to recover the 80k from pet value minus the cut too. You can use this link to find out their current value <>. Please ensure when checking their value, you go off the MEAN value, as it is calculated over 12 days, not current, or median. If you are interested in buying this, add my battletag, Zync#1638 and or Zync#11439 Thanks once again, Erzanna and crew.Erzanna0 Jun 12
Jun 12 WTS Oceanic Nemesis quests Nemesis Quests - Selling Nemesis Quests of all races of the 500 kills for titles (TITLES) - 15-25 minutes (Little Time) - Conducted just outside your Garrison(Little Travel) -Once started can afk ill kill my own Panda (Little effort) Guaranteed best service, best price around Get in contact of me now to gain this awesome service at Zync#1638 and or Zync#11439 as well as telling me the race you need! From Friendly Erzzy Duely noting nemesis quest provide following titles for there faction ------Alliance Nemesis: Death Stalker <Name> the Death Stalker Nemesis: Huojin's Fall <Name>, Huojin's Fall Nemesis: Killer of Kezan <Name>, Killer of Kezan Nemesis: Orcslayer Orcslayer <Name> Nemesis: Slayer of Sin'dorei <Name>, Slayer of Sin'dorei Nemesis: The Butcher <Name> the Butcher Nemesis: Troll Hunter Troll Hunter <Name> -----Horde Nemesis: Draenei Destroyer <Name>, Draenei Destroyer Nemesis: Dwarfstalker <Name> the Dwarfstalker Nemesis: Gnomebane Gnomebane <Name> Nemesis: Manslayer <Name> the Manslayer Nemesis: Scourge of the Kaldorei <Name>, Scourge of the Kaldorei Nemesis: Terror of the Tushui <Name>, Terror of the Tushui Nemesis: Worgen Hunter Worgen Hunter <Name> Criteria to Warlord of Draenor (title) -Nemesis Races -Fight kill Salute Other services of mine -Cm carries -Lord of war -Seller of rare pets!Erzanna0 Jun 12
Jun 10 <Destruction> Mythic HFC Sales & BRF MOUNT! With T18 well and truly over, Destruction is now selling Mythic Hellfire Citadel! Next Available Sale Week: Wednesday 27th of April ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pricing HELLBREACH - 225k Hellfire Assault - 50k Iron Reaver - 75k Kormrok - 100k HALLS OF BLOOD - 300k Killrogg - 75k Hellfire High Council - 100k Gorefiend - 125k BASTION OF SHADOWS - 350k Shadow-lord Iskar - 100k Socrethar the Eternal - 100k Tyrant Velhari - 150k DESTRUCTOR'S RISE - 450k Fel Lord Zakuun - 100k Xhul’horac - 150k Mannoroth - 200k THE BLACK GATE Archimonde + Felsteel Annihilator - 1.9 million Archimonde (No mount) - 900k Blackrock Foundry Mythic Blackhand + Ironhoof Destroyer - 400k Popular Packages 13/13M - 2.4M (with mount) 13/13M - 1.6M (no mount) 12/13M - 1.2M 11/13M - 1M 9/13M - 750K 6/13M - 450K General Information Loot The loot rules will be Raider > Buyer. You will receive any items that are not needed by Raiders in the group. Our main raids average iLevel is 741 so there are currently a large amount of mythic drops being disenchanted. Buyers interested in a specific piece of loot please let us know and we can look into that items availability. Deposit Before we can lock your booking in we require a deposit of 20% of the total cost of your purchase. E.g if you wanted to buy a basic 9/13M package at 1,200,000g we would require you to pay a 240,000g (20%) deposit upfront. When Raid times are currently only Wednesday 7:00pm - 10:00pm ST (GMT +11) we clear all 13 bosses in the one night. Contact Us To organise a run with us whisper or mail me in-game. My b-tag is Cree#6232. Alternatively please feel free to contact any of Destructions officers for more information. IGN Hayley Mw FableCreecree18 Jun 10
Jun 10 [H]Scotch and Soda-Whisperwind-12yr guild LFM Scotch and Soda has been on Whisperwind for over a decade, and is well established in it's leadership and membership. We place an emphasis on the personality of the player over their ilvl and experience, making this a good place to come to spend time with amazing people, doing amazing things in game! We are looking for: New Players, Re-Rolls, Casual players, Raiders! All are welcome as we prepare for Legion. We focus on providing an enjoyable gaming environment for everyone in the guild, not just our raiders, and not just our casuals. We have 180+ unique players in guild, ensuring there is someone online pretty much all the time! No more logging in to a ghost town! We are currently 9/13 Mythic HFC and are #1 on Horde side-Whisperwind for progression in this expansion. We keep a laid back but focused approach in raids, and really enforce the no shaming/blaming concept while still pushing for progression and performance. If you are interested in joining the Scotch and Soda family, visit us on Facebook at Scotch and Soda Recruiting, check out our website at, or feel free to contact any of the officers in game: Rhawnah - Rhawna#1207 Zauberr- Karrill#1518 Treddybear- tredecim#1284 Gravesend- Nemo#1931 Blackangus-gundar#1433Rhawnah0 Jun 10
Jun 8 Last Hope 11/13M Wed/Sun Recruiting Schedule: Wed & Sun 8:30 CT - 10:30 CT Realm: Sargeras Current recruitment priority: DPS DK, Warlock, Mage, Rogue, Balance Druid - High Demand Warrior, Monk, Elemental Shaman, Hunter - Possible spots available Shadow Priest, Ret Pally, Enhancement Shaman, Feral Druid - Low Healing Sorry, no additional healers are needed at this time. Tanking Sorry, no tanks are needed at this time. About joining the guild: We would ask that you server transfer after a trial if you love us and we love you. Please get ahold of our guild leader swerenfl#1545/Gluteas-Sargeras/Glutose-Sargeras, or you can get ahold of me Adhesyve#1668 or Adhesyve-Sargeras. You can also apply at We are a 11/13 guild so we would ask if you’re applying that you have similar experience. About the guild: We have a very light schedule, but we have high output and expectations for the time we play. We’ve managed to get 11/13M on a 4 hour schedule, and with a couple more people we can get our 13/13M before pre-launch patch. The guild is pretty silly and fun in general with great raid leadership.Adhesyve0 Jun 8
Jun 6 Looking for casual guild Returning player looking for some nice folks to level up with. Most of my game experience is from pre-cataclysm where I raided at an elite level in BC and WoTLK. I don't intend to start raiding again. Currently enjoying the nostalgia, questing and learning all the new changes. If you think you have something that fits don't hesitate to reply below, whichever faction is fine, or talk to Micare (Alliance) in-game.Micare1 Jun 6
May 30 [H] <Groupielove> recruiting for Legion! Groupielove (Frostmourne) is current seeking dedicated players to prepare for raiding in Legion. We have cleared up to 4/13M in HFC with a small roster and having to pug has been quite painful. We have consistently been a top rated raiding guild on Frostmourne, until we hit a wall with numbers for Mythic progression. We are looking to fill a solid roster of 15-25 people in preparation for Mythic in Legion. Approx Raid Times (starting early as people are available for trash etc, and potentially going a bit longer if the progress is good, but respect that people have hard limits) Wednesday 7:30pm – 9.30pm Thursday 7:30pm – 9.30pm Sunday 7:30pm – 9.30pm Current recruitment for core team: 1* Tank. Currently have a Druid Tank, looking to fill another permanent spot with someone who can consistently make the times. Alternatively, if you have a tank spec and can offspec DPS and can make the raid most of the time this is also fine. We will be looking to have at least one permanent tank, and 2 other players willing to gear tank as either MS or OS and play as required. 2* Healers. Monk/Shaman ideal. Going into Legion will probably have a H Pally, Disc, R Druid. Ability to play DPS as OS is ideal but not essential. X* DPS. Will take just about any class/spec as DPS. What we expect from you: - An interest in raiding and progressing through difficult content - Use the nominated voice comms (using Discord at the moment) - Be able to put out reasonable DPS for your iLvl - Understand your spec and be working towards maximising your raid contribution - We raid 3 days a week, you should be able to make these nights. - If you are coming to a raid. Be on time for it! - Let an officer know if you cannot make the raid so we can plan ahead Casual raiders are also welcome but loot priority applies to active raiders. We are currently doing a few more social events such as achievement runs and the like on Wednesday nights just to keep active while we are taking a break from raiding. For expression of interest or more details please contact “Jarimu” in game, or reply here.Ductruffe0 May 30
May 18, 2016 [A] Former Mythic Raider LF Oceanic Home Hey there I am Whitt I am tank that has raised hardcore progression and ran my own raid team casually, I have moved to NZ and want to join an oceanic based guild. I am looking for a casual yet skilled tight knit team. I am available most week nights :) I am going to be bringing my prot paladin over and will be maining him for legion. If you have any questions add my ID Whittz0r#1451 Characters Mannymcman kelthuzad Whittfu. KT Whitt KT Whittster KTElunafall0 May 18, 2016
May 17, 2016 LF FriendshipMoose on Aman'thul... Anyone want to spread some friendship and invite me on a moose run?Amarinda1 May 17, 2016
May 17, 2016 Selling reins of posidus Selling reins of posidus On amunthul or on Barthilis server, mail me in game toon name stdz Rare mountStdz0 May 17, 2016
May 16, 2016 Looking for guild, must do pvp and pve. Disp and holy priest. Need reliable and capable crew to play with. I will never spec shadow.Nuannia0 May 16, 2016
May 16, 2016 <Delusions of Grandeur> 6/13 mythic Delusions of Grandeur are seeking more players to push further into Mythic Raiding. Delusions of Grandeur was originally created on November 4th 2008 as a PvE guild and after a couple of moves and a bit of a hiatus through most of Mists of Pandaria we have ended back where we started on Aman.Thul. Our primary player pool is sourced from the Oceanic area however we welcome players from any part of the world if they find that their prime time coincides with ours. Our player base is over 18, speaks English and can be either looking for an organised guild to tackle the end game raiding content or just looking for a social guild where they can get some dungeons done as a group and find people to chat to. On the raiding side, we have experienced raiders who have tackled every expansion from Vanilla to Draenor, and whilst we are not hardcore we are quite serious with our raiding and strive to achieve the best we can. Our raid times are: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday – 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time LF raiders to progress into Mythic Content. We are recruiting: Healers - Resto Druid Ranged DPS - Warlocks in high demand Melee DPS - Deathknight, Rogue All other exceptional DPS will be considered! 720+ iLVL preferred but not required. We are currently: Hellfire Citadel 13/13N 13/13H 5/13M Blackrock Foundry 10/10N 10/10H Highmaul 7/7N 7/7H If you would like to know any more or would like to join our friendly guild please contact an officer in game: Icemonkey, Sophanni, Abbrioch or Palà OR add Battletag: Icemonkey - IceMonkey#1506 Sophanni - essah#1165 Palà - destroyer#1238Palà5 May 16, 2016
May 14, 2016 [H] The Alernative 11/13 M Lead *new* Well Met! The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 3 night a week raiding team. We're a newly formed guild looking to build our mythic raid roster to push through HFC and Legion. Progression; 13/13 Heroic, 1/13 Mythic HFC on our first week of raiding as a guild! We Raid: Tue/Thu as of right now. We will be raiding Tue/Wed/Thur come Legion. 5:00p-9:00p PST 6:00p-10:00p MST 7:00p-11:00p CST 8:00p-12:00a EST ---Open recruitment for Range dps/healing classes--- Specifics: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Disc Priest ANY Ranged DPS class 1 Melee dps who is willing to go tank when needed. • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night.If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app and get started with us.We look forward to seeing your app -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add us: duke#1285 (Main Recruiter) megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xandrii0 May 14, 2016
May 13, 2016 Grats Malediction! welcome to 13/13 guys. 16 more mounts left!Kopic3 May 13, 2016
May 13, 2016 (H) <TYRANTS> 13/13M Recruiting, Open. Tyrants: Formed July 2011 so been going a long time. 13/13 Mythic HFC and moving into Legion. Mature adult environment with a strong focus on endgame progression!! Raid Days / Times: Wed, Thurs, Mon 9 - 1130pm server time (AEST) Recruiting: 13/13M CLEARED NOTE: ALL APPS ARE PRIVATE Requirements: Mental approach to mythic raiding Skills and class knowledge Ability to raid mythic level content Looting: We use RC loot council, voting system What we offer: Solid raiding environment Issues free adult progression team Fair and committed looting and progression raiding structure. Repairs, Gems, Enchants all covered by guild. GOLD, we sell kills, mounts, etc etc, all $$$ split to the players How to Apply: Real ID :Jbomb#1142Jbomb3 May 13, 2016
May 1, 2016 looking for freinds havent been on in a good while looking for people to play wow with anyone wanna ??Miggityxxmac0 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 WTB TCG toys, pets, mounts for Gold or AUD Pretty self explanatory, looking to get TCG toys, pets and mounts for gold or reasonably priced AUD. Only on Aman'thul currently. Add me on Noongar#6511Noongarbank0 May 1, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 <Agents of Change> 10/13M HFC LF ranged DPS Agents of Change is a long-standing, adult, semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alexstrasza (PVE). We are currently in need of ranged DPS to solidify our core team. Raid times are 7:00 - 10:30 CST Tues/Wed/Thursday. We also offer a weekend group for alts or those who prefer to be a part of a more casual group. We expect raiders to maintain good attendance and be prepared for whichever encounters we'll be working on that evening. Our loot system is EPGP. Applicants should be over 18 with the ability to quickly grasp boss mechanics and maximize output while minimizing damage taken. Mumble, with the ability and willingness to communicate is required. High need: Ele Spriest Mage Lock Death Knight Med Need: Healer w/ DPS Off Spec WoD progression: HFC: 10/13M If you love to raid and are looking for a fun, but progression-oriented team please add me (Kyleena#1790) and I'll be happy to talk with you. If I am not available, feel free to check with any of our officers for more details: Tango (GM), Lacei (Lace#1242), Shamner, Darie, or Shammyspice. We do a Heroic HFC run on Sundays. You're welcome to join us and check out the group dynamic before joining. Edited by Kyleena on 4/13/2016 4:38 PM PDTTango0 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 Pacific Phoenix - Alliance LFM for Mythics How do you start advertising? About PP. PP has been around a LONG time - a couple of members since Molten Core in Vanilla, we then moved to AT around 2008 and have been going since then. We are mostly 30+ year olds who still enjoy getting together 3 nights a week to raid and try to clear the content. Beyond the game we've had a few guild meets to catch up in real life. There is a desire to clear the heroic content before each reset but we value our friendships and relationships above pushing progression as hard as we can. We expect people to come to raid prepared, to know the fights, to have appropriate chants, food, gems, runes etc but consider that to be just common courtesy rather than a demand. We're looking to add a few players to our raid group but more importantly to the guild. 18+ definitely. I think we're a good match for people that just like to hang about and shoot the breeze. We have several couples that raid together. Preferences at the moment would come down to tanks and heals. Raid times are Mon, Wed, Thurs 8pm-10pm and move to 8:30pm-10:30pm for DST. If you're interested please send me an ingame mail or head to and take a look around.Caisha12 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 Legacy Server(s) Request Hi Blizzard, A few years ago I had made a hard decision to cancel my subscription with you as the game had taken a direction which (as some will agree and some will disagree) no longer satisfied my own expectations. In that time away I looked to relive what once was and no longer had been. I turned to private servers and to my amazement (and yours as you already know) your lost subscribers are still in love with your initial game but not of what had become since. My curiosity arose of the current expansion and once again I subscribed to see what is only to cancel after two weeks (and two weeks too many). There are no concerns as to banning or deleting or whatever else you may do after my post here to my account as any of those actions hold no effect compared to the loss of the love that I have towards what this game has become. I currently have and always will have an account on a private server somewhere as I can still feel the grace and beauty of a game which is unlike any other. There has been a lot of expectation from your subscribers to be provided with a product over the years with every expansion since vanilla days and above all as a company to return a quality of a product which would cater for that expectation. But lets not forget what you already know and lets not dismiss what we are already telling you and that is the World of Wacraft's direction has taken a wrong turn in the eyes of many since a few expansions ago. To those that still find love and passion for this game as is now it is really good to see that there is still a loyal fan base but to the 'few' of us (and figures wise you know that I use the term lightly) we want to pay and keep a subscription for a product that we feel is justified. The current petition being signed and as you will find out soon directly is the voice from hundreds of thousands of loyal fans to your product (not as it is now but as it was once upon a time). The love for your game is still there but at the end of the day what it comes down to is the personal choice between is this game now worth it for what it has become or not. Turning the clock back, for me, I would say yes. Looking at it for what it is now I say no. I truly wish you all the best with whatever decision(s) you intend to make or have made already. My voice is but only one and one alone but my sediment isn't and is shared by thousands. Thank you for all the fun that you have provided me with over the years. Thank you for all of the friendships, both in-game and real world, that I have made as result of this game. There is one hope I have for the future which will not be quenched nor ignored nor dismissed in anyway, shape or form and that would be one day to return on here to relive what once was as it once was. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my feedback. Sealgair of Aman'Thul "Archenon poros"Sealgair1 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 Maybe your guild can make use of me. Edit: all sorted.Taggath2 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 [A] Returning Player Seeks Great Community! Hey everyone! I realise in the lead up to Legion the server is in a "calm" state before the storm of the upcoming expansion. That being said, I'm a returning player looking for a really community-focussed guild. Friendly, mature people, who love to play WOW, experiencing all the content it has to offer. At this time, I'm not looking for anything elite-level as I've participated in the past - I really just want to PvP Casually, and every now and then, chip away at PvE Content. I've lead guilds in the past, have been raid leader, PvP leader, and have been general recruitment/moderating officer of a plethora of guilds over my years in WoW. I'll be playing a Mage, but if I like where I end up - I'll pop all my other character's in, like my warrior, to get a well rounded playstyle base to help the rest of the guild where possible I'm 25 years old, live in Brisbane and am super keen to come in at the ground level and slot myself into a pre-existing community. Thanks for your replies in advance! Cheers, DwalinDwalín2 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 22, 2016 A Fresh Start - Ñostâlrius Hi all, I'm looking to start up a friendly, mature guild looking to progress into Legion. Just me and a mate at the moment, both coming over from Horde on Khaz. We've both been playing on and off since launch. If you're keen to level some toons, have some fun and get right stuck in when Legion hits, then hit me up in game Tiptopperoo#1340 or Rathpex. Cheers, DaveGromni0 Apr 22, 2016
Apr 15, 2016 Minfernal For those interested, Captured 7:15am Saturday the 16th AESTCuraitwo0 Apr 15, 2016
Apr 10, 2016 [A] Utopia 11/13M HFC: Weekend AM Raids (1) About Utopia We are a new guild in alliance, created only in Patch 6.0. We were previously known as Infusion in the horde side but left due to lack of raiders. Previous Tier Progress 3/7M Highmaul 2/10M Blackrock Foundry We do not support hate speech and misogyny. We believe that trust and transparency are the keys to fostering of friendship, and we encourage that atmosphere in the guild. As much as possible, cliques are avoided and we have a spammy (500msgs/day is normal! Haha!) whatsapp group chat to enforce that. Guild chat on the go, yo! (2) About Members of Utopia We are a group of friends who have united together to have some fun, to enjoy endgame content and raid together. We value skilled players, and most importantly, the individuals they are as a person. We are all working professionals with our respective RL commitments, and we understand the need to take time off for RL > WOW. We raid Saturdays and Sundays 0800 to 1100 GMT+8. However, we do not enforce everyone to make it for all 2 days (at least 1 yeah?) Most of us are Singaporeans (who have regular boardgame nights sessions and seasonal feastings at the IRL Guild Hall), but we also have a fun bunch of Aussies, Malaysians and Hong Kongers! Although we focus on raiding as our main common activity, we do run instances, old content, level alts and laze around together. We also have a clan in Diablo III just because! Hur hur hur! (3) What is fun now We are currently 11/13M HFC, and looking at aiming for Cutting Edge for 6.2. (4) What are are looking for We are looking for mature, decent, fun loving personalities, focused during raids, with high situation awareness and good knowledge about their class. And a friend! (5) What are spots are available We are currently recruiting for: - Exceptional DPS (6) Why should you apply If you like a simple guild with the simple mindset that we want to raid endgame content, and most importantly, have fun, we welcome you! (7) Do you get a confirmed seat for raiding? There is no confirmed seat, everyone (maybe except the raid leader) rotates their seat according to their gear requirements and progression needs. This means that as a recruit, you are expected to know your gear well enough and plan beforehand to facilitate this. We also fully believe in our raid leader's decision in the rotation. Our roster currently number around 23 :) (8) What is your loot system? EPGP (9) Where do I apply Please apply to our guild forums: or seek Strawbeary, Faeline or Roads in game. Or you can PM me! Thanks for your interest and reading this LOOOONG recruitment post.Faeline71 Apr 10, 2016
Apr 6, 2016 [A] <INDONESIA> 11/13M LFM!! <Indonesia> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic server. We are formed mainly by Indonesian players to bond and raid together within the same timezone (GMT +8). We have a lot of activities aside from progression raiding: leveling together, an active RBG team with various compositions, and multiple arena teams. Communication Our main voice communication is Teamspeak 3. Be professional, civil, and good mannered. The main language that we will be using is Bahasa Indonesia, but we also accept any people as long as they can understand Bahasa Indonesia. Things that we expect from you: Attendance We expect you to have at least a 90% attendance during progression. Be professional and on time ready with pre-raid stuffs (seals, flasks, pots, runes, foods). We also expect you to master your off-spec as you might have need to use it to suit our raid composition. Raid Time & Details: Progression Main Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Progression 2nd Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Trial/Alt/Casual raiders normal gear run = Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m (GMT +8) Rated BG: Rated Battleground time = Friday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Loot System: EPGP + Lootcouncil, consideration such as: - BIS pieces - Current gear - Previous loot Note: We expect trial raiders to be mythic ready (4 set + legendary ring), however we also offers opportunities for skilled trials to gear up even from nothing. Please don't be discourage if you just started to raid and have no clue about raiding and mechanic, we will guide you as much as we can. If you have any question or want to join our roster, add Atlazlol#1705 or Grandevoir#1333.Grandevoir0 Apr 6, 2016
Apr 5, 2016 Looking for large social guild My wife and I started playing WoW in 2005 and was lucky enough to know people IRL who had already been raiding in one of the largest guilds on a U.S. server. The guild stayed strong through BC and WotLK, but Guildies either moved on to new games or started families and didn't have time for WoW. Since then we've moved to Frostmourne and found another guild, smaller, yet great for what we wanted, Just before MoP the guild broke up and due to the wait times to get into Frostmourne, We moved to Aman'thul and have been looking for a guild ever since. We've jumped through guilds we've been invited to which start off great over 100 players and 8-9 online yet after a week or two it dies down to 1-3 people online and no responses in Gchat. What we're looking for is an guild with a large number of active players. We don't really have any interest in raiding, as we also now have a family to look after but it would be nice to log on around peak times and see 10 - 20 players online and an active guild chat. Thanks!Moochkin1 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Looking for ALI PvP guild that does RBGs Holy/ret paladin anyone recruiting?Vallisstia0 Apr 1, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Aeonaxx! I was wanting to start another thread about Aeonaxx and Blood Seeker spawn times to see if we can possibly figure it out and maybe see him. Because I've been camping for ages without any sight of him or hearing about him or blood seeker. So please feel free if you see him or hear a previous recent kill please post it here. :) It would very much help any campers to do so so we can all eventually get him. :) Thank you heaps in advance it would very much appreciated!Skyelah3 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 [A] Brutally Honest (11/13M) recruiting. Brutally Honest is a late-night Australian raiding guild. We are currently the number 1 OCE weekend raiding guild. Forming in late SoO and finishing at OCE 26th (24th for 10man), BH are focused on being efficient and prepared, expecting our raiders to have thorough understanding of not only their class but also each encounter before we face it. We are looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, aren't prone to random AFK's or DC's, don't stand in fire, and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content. Progression: 8/10M Foundry, 7/7M Highmaul, 9/13M Hellfire Citadel Recruiting: 1 x healer (Pally/Druid/Monk) 1 x Ranged (Boomkin/Mage/Hunter) 1 x Melee (DK/Rogue) However, if you are an exceptional player and your class or role is not listed you should still feel free to approach an officer. Current Scheduled raids are (GMT +8): Fri - 8:30pm - 12:30am Sat - 8:30pm - 12:30am You should be approximately 675ilvl, working on your legendary questline and have a strong raiding history to draw from. If you think we're the guild for you please go to or feel free to add us on B-tag with a note - Lilly (BT: Everlilly#1600) or Drakar (BT: Drakar#6209) or Jbeka (Jbekka#6643).Drakàr46 Mar 27, 2016