May 17, 2016 LF FriendshipMoose on Aman'thul... Anyone want to spread some friendship and invite me on a moose run?Amarinda1 May 17, 2016
May 17, 2016 Selling reins of posidus Selling reins of posidus On amunthul or on Barthilis server, mail me in game toon name stdz Rare mountStdz0 May 17, 2016
May 16, 2016 Looking for guild, must do pvp and pve. Disp and holy priest. Need reliable and capable crew to play with. I will never spec shadow.Nuannia0 May 16, 2016
May 16, 2016 <Delusions of Grandeur> 6/13 mythic Delusions of Grandeur are seeking more players to push further into Mythic Raiding. Delusions of Grandeur was originally created on November 4th 2008 as a PvE guild and after a couple of moves and a bit of a hiatus through most of Mists of Pandaria we have ended back where we started on Aman.Thul. Our primary player pool is sourced from the Oceanic area however we welcome players from any part of the world if they find that their prime time coincides with ours. Our player base is over 18, speaks English and can be either looking for an organised guild to tackle the end game raiding content or just looking for a social guild where they can get some dungeons done as a group and find people to chat to. On the raiding side, we have experienced raiders who have tackled every expansion from Vanilla to Draenor, and whilst we are not hardcore we are quite serious with our raiding and strive to achieve the best we can. Our raid times are: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday – 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time LF raiders to progress into Mythic Content. We are recruiting: Healers - Resto Druid Ranged DPS - Warlocks in high demand Melee DPS - Deathknight, Rogue All other exceptional DPS will be considered! 720+ iLVL preferred but not required. We are currently: Hellfire Citadel 13/13N 13/13H 5/13M Blackrock Foundry 10/10N 10/10H Highmaul 7/7N 7/7H If you would like to know any more or would like to join our friendly guild please contact an officer in game: Icemonkey, Sophanni, Abbrioch or Palà OR add Battletag: Icemonkey - IceMonkey#1506 Sophanni - essah#1165 Palà - destroyer#1238Palà5 May 16, 2016
May 14, 2016 [H] The Alernative 11/13 M Lead *new* Well Met! The Alternative on US-Bleeding Hollow is currently seeking individuals who share similar competitive progression goals and yearn to be part of a competitive Mythic, 3 night a week raiding team. We're a newly formed guild looking to build our mythic raid roster to push through HFC and Legion. Progression; 13/13 Heroic, 1/13 Mythic HFC on our first week of raiding as a guild! We Raid: Tue/Thu as of right now. We will be raiding Tue/Wed/Thur come Legion. 5:00p-9:00p PST 6:00p-10:00p MST 7:00p-11:00p CST 8:00p-12:00a EST ---Open recruitment for Range dps/healing classes--- Specifics: 1 Holy Paladin 1 Disc Priest ANY Ranged DPS class 1 Melee dps who is willing to go tank when needed. • Exceptional players are encouraged to apply regardless of current class needs. Our raiders are motivated, skilled and focused and we are looking for individuals who share these same qualities. We expect all our raiders to have a full understanding of fight mechanics and to always be ready on raid night.If this sounds like something you'd like to be part of, don't hesitate to app and get started with us.We look forward to seeing your app -------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions about the guild/recruitment process feel free to add us: duke#1285 (Main Recruiter) megg#1385 (GM/Raid Lead)Xandrii0 May 14, 2016
May 13, 2016 Grats Malediction! welcome to 13/13 guys. 16 more mounts left!Kopic3 May 13, 2016
May 13, 2016 (H) <TYRANTS> 13/13M Recruiting, Open. Tyrants: Formed July 2011 so been going a long time. 13/13 Mythic HFC and moving into Legion. Mature adult environment with a strong focus on endgame progression!! Raid Days / Times: Wed, Thurs, Mon 9 - 1130pm server time (AEST) Recruiting: 13/13M CLEARED NOTE: ALL APPS ARE PRIVATE Requirements: Mental approach to mythic raiding Skills and class knowledge Ability to raid mythic level content Looting: We use RC loot council, voting system What we offer: Solid raiding environment Issues free adult progression team Fair and committed looting and progression raiding structure. Repairs, Gems, Enchants all covered by guild. GOLD, we sell kills, mounts, etc etc, all $$$ split to the players How to Apply: Real ID :Jbomb#1142Jbomb3 May 13, 2016
May 1, 2016 looking for freinds havent been on in a good while looking for people to play wow with anyone wanna ??Miggityxxmac0 May 1, 2016
May 1, 2016 WTB TCG toys, pets, mounts for Gold or AUD Pretty self explanatory, looking to get TCG toys, pets and mounts for gold or reasonably priced AUD. Only on Aman'thul currently. Add me on Noongar#6511Noongarbank0 May 1, 2016
Apr 30, 2016 <Agents of Change> 10/13M HFC LF ranged DPS Agents of Change is a long-standing, adult, semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alexstrasza (PVE). We are currently in need of ranged DPS to solidify our core team. Raid times are 7:00 - 10:30 CST Tues/Wed/Thursday. We also offer a weekend group for alts or those who prefer to be a part of a more casual group. We expect raiders to maintain good attendance and be prepared for whichever encounters we'll be working on that evening. Our loot system is EPGP. Applicants should be over 18 with the ability to quickly grasp boss mechanics and maximize output while minimizing damage taken. Mumble, with the ability and willingness to communicate is required. High need: Ele Spriest Mage Lock Death Knight Med Need: Healer w/ DPS Off Spec WoD progression: HFC: 10/13M If you love to raid and are looking for a fun, but progression-oriented team please add me (Kyleena#1790) and I'll be happy to talk with you. If I am not available, feel free to check with any of our officers for more details: Tango (GM), Lacei (Lace#1242), Shamner, Darie, or Shammyspice. We do a Heroic HFC run on Sundays. You're welcome to join us and check out the group dynamic before joining. Edited by Kyleena on 4/13/2016 4:38 PM PDTTango0 Apr 30, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 Pacific Phoenix - Alliance LFM for Mythics How do you start advertising? About PP. PP has been around a LONG time - a couple of members since Molten Core in Vanilla, we then moved to AT around 2008 and have been going since then. We are mostly 30+ year olds who still enjoy getting together 3 nights a week to raid and try to clear the content. Beyond the game we've had a few guild meets to catch up in real life. There is a desire to clear the heroic content before each reset but we value our friendships and relationships above pushing progression as hard as we can. We expect people to come to raid prepared, to know the fights, to have appropriate chants, food, gems, runes etc but consider that to be just common courtesy rather than a demand. We're looking to add a few players to our raid group but more importantly to the guild. 18+ definitely. I think we're a good match for people that just like to hang about and shoot the breeze. We have several couples that raid together. Preferences at the moment would come down to tanks and heals. Raid times are Mon, Wed, Thurs 8pm-10pm and move to 8:30pm-10:30pm for DST. If you're interested please send me an ingame mail or head to and take a look around.Caisha12 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 26, 2016 Legacy Server(s) Request Hi Blizzard, A few years ago I had made a hard decision to cancel my subscription with you as the game had taken a direction which (as some will agree and some will disagree) no longer satisfied my own expectations. In that time away I looked to relive what once was and no longer had been. I turned to private servers and to my amazement (and yours as you already know) your lost subscribers are still in love with your initial game but not of what had become since. My curiosity arose of the current expansion and once again I subscribed to see what is only to cancel after two weeks (and two weeks too many). There are no concerns as to banning or deleting or whatever else you may do after my post here to my account as any of those actions hold no effect compared to the loss of the love that I have towards what this game has become. I currently have and always will have an account on a private server somewhere as I can still feel the grace and beauty of a game which is unlike any other. There has been a lot of expectation from your subscribers to be provided with a product over the years with every expansion since vanilla days and above all as a company to return a quality of a product which would cater for that expectation. But lets not forget what you already know and lets not dismiss what we are already telling you and that is the World of Wacraft's direction has taken a wrong turn in the eyes of many since a few expansions ago. To those that still find love and passion for this game as is now it is really good to see that there is still a loyal fan base but to the 'few' of us (and figures wise you know that I use the term lightly) we want to pay and keep a subscription for a product that we feel is justified. The current petition being signed and as you will find out soon directly is the voice from hundreds of thousands of loyal fans to your product (not as it is now but as it was once upon a time). The love for your game is still there but at the end of the day what it comes down to is the personal choice between is this game now worth it for what it has become or not. Turning the clock back, for me, I would say yes. Looking at it for what it is now I say no. I truly wish you all the best with whatever decision(s) you intend to make or have made already. My voice is but only one and one alone but my sediment isn't and is shared by thousands. Thank you for all the fun that you have provided me with over the years. Thank you for all of the friendships, both in-game and real world, that I have made as result of this game. There is one hope I have for the future which will not be quenched nor ignored nor dismissed in anyway, shape or form and that would be one day to return on here to relive what once was as it once was. Thank you for the opportunity to provide my feedback. Sealgair of Aman'Thul "Archenon poros"Sealgair1 Apr 26, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 Maybe your guild can make use of me. Edit: all sorted.Taggath2 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016 [A] Returning Player Seeks Great Community! Hey everyone! I realise in the lead up to Legion the server is in a "calm" state before the storm of the upcoming expansion. That being said, I'm a returning player looking for a really community-focussed guild. Friendly, mature people, who love to play WOW, experiencing all the content it has to offer. At this time, I'm not looking for anything elite-level as I've participated in the past - I really just want to PvP Casually, and every now and then, chip away at PvE Content. I've lead guilds in the past, have been raid leader, PvP leader, and have been general recruitment/moderating officer of a plethora of guilds over my years in WoW. I'll be playing a Mage, but if I like where I end up - I'll pop all my other character's in, like my warrior, to get a well rounded playstyle base to help the rest of the guild where possible I'm 25 years old, live in Brisbane and am super keen to come in at the ground level and slot myself into a pre-existing community. Thanks for your replies in advance! Cheers, DwalinDwalín2 Apr 25, 2016
Apr 22, 2016 A Fresh Start - Ñostâlrius Hi all, I'm looking to start up a friendly, mature guild looking to progress into Legion. Just me and a mate at the moment, both coming over from Horde on Khaz. We've both been playing on and off since launch. If you're keen to level some toons, have some fun and get right stuck in when Legion hits, then hit me up in game Tiptopperoo#1340 or Rathpex. Cheers, DaveGromni0 Apr 22, 2016
Apr 15, 2016 Minfernal For those interested, Captured 7:15am Saturday the 16th AESTCuraitwo0 Apr 15, 2016
Apr 10, 2016 [A] Utopia 11/13M HFC: Weekend AM Raids (1) About Utopia We are a new guild in alliance, created only in Patch 6.0. We were previously known as Infusion in the horde side but left due to lack of raiders. Previous Tier Progress 3/7M Highmaul 2/10M Blackrock Foundry We do not support hate speech and misogyny. We believe that trust and transparency are the keys to fostering of friendship, and we encourage that atmosphere in the guild. As much as possible, cliques are avoided and we have a spammy (500msgs/day is normal! Haha!) whatsapp group chat to enforce that. Guild chat on the go, yo! (2) About Members of Utopia We are a group of friends who have united together to have some fun, to enjoy endgame content and raid together. We value skilled players, and most importantly, the individuals they are as a person. We are all working professionals with our respective RL commitments, and we understand the need to take time off for RL > WOW. We raid Saturdays and Sundays 0800 to 1100 GMT+8. However, we do not enforce everyone to make it for all 2 days (at least 1 yeah?) Most of us are Singaporeans (who have regular boardgame nights sessions and seasonal feastings at the IRL Guild Hall), but we also have a fun bunch of Aussies, Malaysians and Hong Kongers! Although we focus on raiding as our main common activity, we do run instances, old content, level alts and laze around together. We also have a clan in Diablo III just because! Hur hur hur! (3) What is fun now We are currently 11/13M HFC, and looking at aiming for Cutting Edge for 6.2. (4) What are are looking for We are looking for mature, decent, fun loving personalities, focused during raids, with high situation awareness and good knowledge about their class. And a friend! (5) What are spots are available We are currently recruiting for: - Exceptional DPS (6) Why should you apply If you like a simple guild with the simple mindset that we want to raid endgame content, and most importantly, have fun, we welcome you! (7) Do you get a confirmed seat for raiding? There is no confirmed seat, everyone (maybe except the raid leader) rotates their seat according to their gear requirements and progression needs. This means that as a recruit, you are expected to know your gear well enough and plan beforehand to facilitate this. We also fully believe in our raid leader's decision in the rotation. Our roster currently number around 23 :) (8) What is your loot system? EPGP (9) Where do I apply Please apply to our guild forums: or seek Strawbeary, Faeline or Roads in game. Or you can PM me! Thanks for your interest and reading this LOOOONG recruitment post.Faeline71 Apr 10, 2016
Apr 6, 2016 [A] <INDONESIA> 11/13M LFM!! <Indonesia> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Frostmourne (PVP) Oceanic server. We are formed mainly by Indonesian players to bond and raid together within the same timezone (GMT +8). We have a lot of activities aside from progression raiding: leveling together, an active RBG team with various compositions, and multiple arena teams. Communication Our main voice communication is Teamspeak 3. Be professional, civil, and good mannered. The main language that we will be using is Bahasa Indonesia, but we also accept any people as long as they can understand Bahasa Indonesia. Things that we expect from you: Attendance We expect you to have at least a 90% attendance during progression. Be professional and on time ready with pre-raid stuffs (seals, flasks, pots, runes, foods). We also expect you to master your off-spec as you might have need to use it to suit our raid composition. Raid Time & Details: Progression Main Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Progression 2nd Raid = Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m. (GMT +8) Trial/Alt/Casual raiders normal gear run = Friday/Saturday/Sunday 8 p.m. - 12.30 p.m (GMT +8) Rated BG: Rated Battleground time = Friday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Loot System: EPGP + Lootcouncil, consideration such as: - BIS pieces - Current gear - Previous loot Note: We expect trial raiders to be mythic ready (4 set + legendary ring), however we also offers opportunities for skilled trials to gear up even from nothing. Please don't be discourage if you just started to raid and have no clue about raiding and mechanic, we will guide you as much as we can. If you have any question or want to join our roster, add Atlazlol#1705 or Grandevoir#1333.Grandevoir0 Apr 6, 2016
Apr 5, 2016 Looking for large social guild My wife and I started playing WoW in 2005 and was lucky enough to know people IRL who had already been raiding in one of the largest guilds on a U.S. server. The guild stayed strong through BC and WotLK, but Guildies either moved on to new games or started families and didn't have time for WoW. Since then we've moved to Frostmourne and found another guild, smaller, yet great for what we wanted, Just before MoP the guild broke up and due to the wait times to get into Frostmourne, We moved to Aman'thul and have been looking for a guild ever since. We've jumped through guilds we've been invited to which start off great over 100 players and 8-9 online yet after a week or two it dies down to 1-3 people online and no responses in Gchat. What we're looking for is an guild with a large number of active players. We don't really have any interest in raiding, as we also now have a family to look after but it would be nice to log on around peak times and see 10 - 20 players online and an active guild chat. Thanks!Moochkin1 Apr 5, 2016
Apr 1, 2016 Looking for ALI PvP guild that does RBGs Holy/ret paladin anyone recruiting?Vallisstia0 Apr 1, 2016
Mar 29, 2016 Aeonaxx! I was wanting to start another thread about Aeonaxx and Blood Seeker spawn times to see if we can possibly figure it out and maybe see him. Because I've been camping for ages without any sight of him or hearing about him or blood seeker. So please feel free if you see him or hear a previous recent kill please post it here. :) It would very much help any campers to do so so we can all eventually get him. :) Thank you heaps in advance it would very much appreciated!Skyelah3 Mar 29, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 [A] Brutally Honest (11/13M) recruiting. Brutally Honest is a late-night Australian raiding guild. We are currently the number 1 OCE weekend raiding guild. Forming in late SoO and finishing at OCE 26th (24th for 10man), BH are focused on being efficient and prepared, expecting our raiders to have thorough understanding of not only their class but also each encounter before we face it. We are looking for skilled and dedicated players who can commit to our raid schedule, aren't prone to random AFK's or DC's, don't stand in fire, and are happy to have a bit of a laugh while pushing through content. Progression: 8/10M Foundry, 7/7M Highmaul, 9/13M Hellfire Citadel Recruiting: 1 x healer (Pally/Druid/Monk) 1 x Ranged (Boomkin/Mage/Hunter) 1 x Melee (DK/Rogue) However, if you are an exceptional player and your class or role is not listed you should still feel free to approach an officer. Current Scheduled raids are (GMT +8): Fri - 8:30pm - 12:30am Sat - 8:30pm - 12:30am You should be approximately 675ilvl, working on your legendary questline and have a strong raiding history to draw from. If you think we're the guild for you please go to or feel free to add us on B-tag with a note - Lilly (BT: Everlilly#1600) or Drakar (BT: Drakar#6209) or Jbeka (Jbekka#6643).Drakàr46 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 27, 2016 Looking for Friends Looking for friends to chat to and also play wow together I do play StarCraft and heroes. I'm on server Aman'ThulBelkinta2 Mar 27, 2016
Mar 14, 2016 [A] <E X A L T E D> 10/13M LF HEALS & DPS <E X A L T E D> is an alliance raiding guild on Aman'thul formed in 2007. We're a semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on achieving end-game progression in a relaxed environment on a limited raid schedule. We're currently looking for nice folks who love raiding and want to clear mythic content. Progression: 10/13M HFC Raid Times: Wed and Thurs 7:00pm-11:00pm AEDT (server time) We are looking for committed raiders, please do not apply if you can't make our raid times. Currently recruiting the following classes/specs: - Holy Pally - Resto shaman - Boomkin - Mage - Deathknight - Rogue If you have any questions add me on battle tag: Zavz#1880 Or for more information please visit our website: www.exaltedd.guildlaunch.comZavz60 Mar 14, 2016
Mar 14, 2016 Heroic Archimonde: Looking for Carriers Hello everyone, We are a group of friends looking for a handful more Mythic geared players to join our Heroic Hellfire Citadel Archimonde carry group. We are looking for 735+ item level players with requirements per role. (DPS must do 110k+ including priority add damage, Healers need 100k+ hps for intense two healing) If you can meet the requirements above and are interested in making some good coin, you can find the Battle.Net tags to add below. WE WILL BE RUNNING THESE CARRIES EVERYDAY BETWEEN 5 PM SVT-8 PM SVT ( GMT+10) We are also looking for buyers for these runs. Buying a run includes: -Grove Warden Moose! -Personal Loot -Ahead of the Curve achievement. People interested in purchasing a run should add one of the Battle.Net tags below to book a run. We will be running this everyday! Upon being accepted into our group, you must be willing to partake in a trial run, just to make sure that we are happy with your performance. Please note, during the trial, you will not be able to bring a carry. After passing and being accepted as a core, you will be allowed to bring one carry to the raid. Bringing more than one carry will result in removal from the core team. This carry will pay the price you set, issues with prices (including tanking on purpose multiple times) will result in a ban from sales. You will be required to find a carry within 20 minutes of raid forming, if unsuccessful you will need to zone in and down the boss. Multiple finds for carries can be shared with other carriers on your server if they haven't found one themselves, reducing wait time. Below is a list of the players incorporated into our team that you may see in your carry Jackwow (Mage) - Frostmourne Vivy (Warlock) - Frostmourne Blueprìnt ( Prot Paladin) - Frostmourne Arzenal (Moonkin) - Frostmourne Mishadin (Holy Paladin) - Frostmourne Creecree (Arms Warrior) - Aman'Thul Nibren (Rogue) - Frostmourne Soakzy (Mage) - Sargeras Castard (Mage) - Frostmourne Wance (Rogue) - Frostmourne Aelrroy (Rogue) - Sargeras Valdro (Holy Paladin) - Frostmourne Wufleh (Hunter) - Sargeras Lasertag (Disc) - Sargeras (Note: Unfortunately due to the high amough of Frostmourne carriers, we will no longer be taking applicants from this server due to diluted sales, all other realms are ok). Of course we are still currently looking for the following classes / specializations to join our carry team: • Tanks: All classes • Healer: Restoration Shaman, Disc Priest, Mistweave Monk • DPS: At this time, we are welcoming those who can play their class extraordinarily to fill these roles. (We would love more Mages, Hunters, Warlocks and Moonkins that meet the above requirements.) If you have any questions regarding this, please add my battletag: Jackb#1816, Koreanonly#1799, Snapdead#6588 and we will be more than happy to have a chat to you. If you're looking to be carried for heroic Archimonde for cheap please add the battletags listed above ^ Thanks!Jackwow3 Mar 14, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 13/13M Raider LF Raiding Guild Hello guys, We had Hellfire Citadel on farm for a while one and one night clearing 13/13M on Tuesdays, from 7:30pm – 11:00pm CST, is not fun anymore. I am looking for raiding guild for my Windwalker Monk. You can armory my cute, little monk. He does have Legendary Ring which I plan to max the fastest possible and an experience of 9/13M. I main another melee dps so I should still perform at my raiding standard. I have flexibility for any days of the weeks. I have all my BiS trinkets except my class trinket. Only missing 2 Mythic tier pieces, and I have my BiS socketed Mythic polearm from Mannoroth. I do not mind progression at all. You will be guaranteed to have my very best performance. Thank you, Sky Note: You are free to contact me through my battletag: Skyfall#1891 (Willing to Faction Transfer if needed be)Votkinsk0 Mar 3, 2016
Mar 3, 2016 [A] Sigil 13/13M recruiting for Legion GMT+8 <Sigil> is a late-night raiding guild on Aman'Thul alliance, with members from SG/MY/HK/AU. We are a long-standing guild, having been raiding consistently for the last 5 years (since start of Cata), and are looking for more to join our Legion roster! We raid Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 9pm to 12mn (GMT+8 Singapore time), with the occasional alt / casual run on weekends. Contact If you're interested in joining us, get in touch! Ophea#1302 or Criss#11291 Website: (Please also add us on Bnet) Cheers!Ophea8 Mar 3, 2016
Feb 29, 2016 [A] <Drop the Poptart> 13/13H LF dps <Drop the Poptart> is a semi-serious raiding guild on Alliance/Aman'thul formed up a week before the release of Highmaul in WoD, and we ended the expansion having cleared all WoD raids in Heroic. We're now looking for players who wants to progress further with us as a guild! Raid Times (AEST): - Monday: 8.30pm - 11pm - Wednesday: 8.30pm - 11pm What we expect from you: - Be punctual to raids. We expect everyone to be online 10-15 minutes prior to raid for invites. If you are unable to make a raid night, please ensure to inform the raid well in advance. - Be prepared, that means doing your homework especially if you have not done the encounter before. We are prepared to show you the ropes, but only if you are willing to help yourself first. - Be eager to learn new encounters and be willing to receive constructive criticism so you are able to improve yourself. - Be sociable and friendly to other players. - Ideally we would like your main toon to already be ilvl 840+. However, we are open to accepting players who are willing to put in the work to be a part of the core team and we are more than willing to help you gear up! What we offer to you: - A friendly environment with Raid Leaders who will help players who are struggling to get better. No this does not mean we will carry you as everyone is expected to be able to carry their own weight, but we will guide you if necessary! - Free repairs. Currently we're looking for any healers and dps, preferably range. Please message Lena (lena#1600) or Senera (Addy#1753) in-game for further details! We also have a guild website! Feel free to join at: Feb 29, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 LF a +8 GMT Raiding Guild on Amanthul Hi I am looking for a raiding guild in my timeslot. I am on the tome of chaos part of the ring and am at i712Shakerfire1 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 26, 2016 From Now till Legion I am curious how many players / guilds are actually already thinking about Legion. I am curious what players and guilds are planning leading up to Legion. Will guilds be toning down raids because they keep getting close to enough for Mythics but each time they do 1 or 2 quit because they are sick of waiting for the numbers this late into the Xpac. Will people be trying to build a team ready to roll once Legion is ready by not raiding to often but enough to work out if there is Chemistry and comradery with 1-2 raids a week to build said chemistry by exploring merges with other guilds etc. Please post what your plans and goals are leading up to Legion...Curvacious6 Feb 26, 2016
Feb 23, 2016 13/13M LF Guild 13/13M Exp (21 M Archi kills across 3 characters), LF Guild for this priest alt. 735 12/13M on this priest. Disc/Shadow, but can play Holy if necessary. Looking for more of a casual position since I clear on a couple of other characters each week already. Open to GMT+10 or GMT+8, However I'm from Melbourne. My main is a 746 WW/MW Monk which I'm not transferring to this server. Preferably 10/13M+ Guilds only. Thanks, xo.Glamour0 Feb 23, 2016
Feb 22, 2016 <Radiance> Selling Heroic HFC 13/13! Radiance is now selling Heroic HFC! Next Raid - February 12th! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Time Friday 7pm - 9pm ST (GMT +11) Full Clear A full 13/13 Heroic HFC with loot included - 150k Solo Archimonde Kills We also sell Archimonde Heroic for the mount, achieve and Feat of Strength -50k Deposit A deposit of 20% of the total cost of your run is required to lock your booking in. Contact Us To organise a run whisper or mail me in-game (CreeCree or Cashmoney). My b-tag is Cree#6232. Alternatively please feel free to contact any of Radiances officers for more information. IGN - Battle net ID Moo - Dustbuckets#1676 Hayley - Stormboxing#1731 Mw - Ads#6351Creecree3 Feb 22, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Hellscreams Angels 13/13H LFM Raiders Feel free to add any of our officers for more information! Guild: Hellscreams Angels Realm: US-Thrall - Horde (PvE) Progress:13/13H, HFC Schedule: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 PM EST Loot: Lootcouncil Roles Rogue(high) Hunter(high) Warrior(Medium-High) Paladin(holy(medium)) Monk(mistweaver(medium)) DK(dps(high)) Mage(medium) Warlock(medium) Shaman(elemental(medium)) Hellscreams Angels was formed during this tier and has since made nice progression in our limited time together. Our members range from very new very talented players to players that have been clearing heroic(mythic) content for years. We pride ourselves on our ability to have both an efficient and fun raiding environment. Outside of raiding our guild is active and engages in alt raids and such on off nights. In the end, our goal is to push progression content on a 6 hour per week schedule. And clear Mythic before Legion releases. Expectations In order to begin a trial process with us, your character will need to be geared appropriately (~715+ exceptions CAN be made for incredibly skilled players) and have progress on legendary ring. From there, we would like to see a completed application or contact via btags below. Keep in mind that gear does not make the player. We look for these things in our trials: · Awareness (first and foremost) · Class, role and strategy knowledge ·Have a playable Offspec · Attitude(must have thick skin we have a playful atmosphere) · Reliable attendance · Participation in discussions and guild events · Social fit If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us baloø Huuqwas#1907Sinciti0 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 20, 2016 [H]<Invicta>-Barthilas 8/13M LF Disc Priest Invicta, Barthilas Invicta is a recently resurrected MoP raiding guild. We achieved 8/14H(pre-6.0) in SoO starting with 2 months remaining till WoD. Currently we are 13/13H and 8/13M in HFC. Our main core is composed of high-ranking players who still wish to pursue a more relaxed raiding schedule of only 2 nights a week. This core is looking for other similar players both in desire and ability to join us on our progression through the rest of the Mythic content. Socials are also welcome. Our website can be found at: Needed Classes: - 1 x Discipline Priest Requirements to apply as a raider: - 720 ilvl - A link to your logs (preferably from current tier) - Some sort of basic ability to play the game well :^) Raiding Days: Monday and Sunday (May be subject to change) Raiding Times: 10pm - 1am SVT If interested, make an application on our website: Any issues or concerns, please add: Arch#1849 OR Cmath#2402 OR Nachoboss#1927 OR Weldos#1504Weldorf0 Feb 20, 2016
Feb 18, 2016 anyone do challenge mode carrys on this realm looking for a real quick ubrs gold run for gold post me Fresh#1676Fresh0 Feb 18, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 [A]Delusions of Grandeur LF RDPS 3/13M Delusions of Grandeur are seeking more players to push further into Mythic Raiding. Delusions of Grandeur was originally created on November 4th 2008 as a PvE guild and after a couple of moves and a bit of a hiatus through most of Mists of Pandaria we have ended back where we started on Aman.Thul. Our primary player pool is sourced from the Oceanic area however we welcome players from any part of the world if they find that their prime time coincides with ours. Our player base is over 18, speaks English and can be either looking for an organised guild to tackle the end game raiding content or just looking for a social guild where they can get some dungeons done as a group and find people to chat to. On the raiding side, we have experienced raiders who have tackled every expansion from Vanilla to Draenor, and whilst we are not hardcore we are quite serious with our raiding and strive to achieve the best we can. Our raid times are: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday – 8:30pm to 11:30pm Server Time LF raiders to progress into Mythic Content. We are recruiting: DPS: Ranged DPS - Warlocks in high demand All other exceptional DPS will be considered! 715+ iLVL preferred but not required. We are currently: Hellfire Citadel 13/13N 13/13H 3/13M Blackrock Foundry 10/10N 10/10H Highmaul 7/7N 7/7H If you would like to know any more or would like to join our friendly guild please contact an officer in game: Icemonkey, Sophanni, Abbrioch or Palà OR add Battletag: Icemonkey - IceMonkey#1506 Sophanni - essah#1165Icemonkey29 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 13, 2016 Need Leveling Buddie For Aman'thul Hi I am new to wow and I've only been playing for two months and was wondering if there was anyone who wonted to become a Lvling buddie. I find playing by myself a little boring and was hoping to play with someone. I dont mind playing with a headset or not. However unfortunately i am currently doing my yr 12 VCE so have selected time to play. Im on mostly weekends till late. Comment bellow if your interested.Darijungwong0 Feb 13, 2016
Feb 8, 2016 {close please}WTB [Hyperion Gauntlets] Found a seller.Kain0 Feb 8, 2016
Feb 5, 2016 ilevel 709 holy priest looking for guild I am looking for a HEROIC raiding guild that raids on weekends and is currently clearing the upper level of HFC (Iskar, xhul, etc.) Add me on Mentalfruit#6129 to contact me thanks!Jiesi0 Feb 5, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 <Vehemence>HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Guild information: ( Vehemence is a newly established Casual raiding guild on the Realm Sargeras as Alliance. We are Looking for all competent members to join our ranks. If you want to raid but cant seem to get in a guild that is worth your time OR you are returning to the game from a break and come to find your guild is dead or dying, HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY! All raid positions are OPEN and subject to DISAPPEAR QUICKLY Our Objective: To Create a Dynamic community full of like minded people that enjoy playing World of Warcraft with no added Stress. Our plan is to go into the start the new expansion with a full raid team dedicated to downing the new content at a comfortable pace. We are attempting to go through the growing pains of creating a raid roster NOW rather then wait for the craze of an expansion drop to then pick up the torch. What we are looking for: -Casual's- Similar to core members, all members with the intention of being a causal member are asked to be humble, respectful and actively communicate among the guild. Casual members are asked to be social and most importantly HAVE FUN. Also Casual members are more than welcome to join any guild event or activity listed though either our guild website or the in-game calendar. In some instances casual guild members will be called upon to fill core raider positions if we happen to have a lapse in attendance during a scheduled raid night (ultimately not our intention) -Core Raiders- We are actively recruiting core raid members to create a SOLID raiding roster team to raid current tier content as well as fully implement our team upon the arrival of LEGION! Upon application to be a core raider, each member will have to go through a interview process as well as trial runs with leadership to determine your position and what the needs of the guild will be. All raiding members will be held to our attendance policy standards and most importantly asked to be humble, respectful, level headed, and active among the guild. -Guild Captains- As a newer guild we also are recruiting players that have proven themselves to leadership to be slotted into a GUILD CAPTAIN position. For more information in regard to their duties or this position please visit our Leadership Forum on our Website. Attendance policy: Again we are a semi-casual raiding guild so we will not jump down your throats but, core raid members will be required to be online and ready for invite 15m prior to our scheduled raid time with flask's potions and food enhancements prepared. If you are aware of a attendance issue prior to raid night, please contact your assigned Guild captain with more information to be communicated to the Raid Leader. How to JOIN <Vehemence>: If interested in being apart of our raid team, please add me via Battletag: MCgigleface#1897 and visit and apply through our recruitment page. All applicants will be taken seriously. If interested in becoming a social or "Casual" Member, please reach to a Vehemence officer for a invite :)Cyrius0 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 4, 2016 Heroic arch Does any guilds on this server sell? ally prefKollector0 Feb 4, 2016
Feb 1, 2016 Guardians Reborn 7/13 H HFC Server: Aman'Thul - US Guild Name: Guardians Reborn Website: Raiding Schedule: Wednesday, Friday 8:15pm ST Faction: Alliance Progress: 7/13 HFC What we are looking for: 1 - 2 Healers (Non priest, Non Pally sorry!). Small hand full ranged and melee dps. What our we can offer: A relaxed and fun raiding environment A diverse group of players to engage in activities with Alt Raids Vent Ideal Members: Are mature, over 16 years. Possess a working microphone and are not afraid to use it. Possess a stable internet connection and a raid capable computer that will not explode. Excellent Attitude: No negativity. A positive personality that synchronizes with the rest of the guild is an asset. UI Requirements: Some form of boss mods Last but not least you can apply via our website or Contact me in game via Btag TinyTitan#1906Serendipìtý0 Feb 1, 2016
Jan 30, 2016 Blood Infusion Quest No longer needed. thanks to the guys that helpedThalorien0 Jan 30, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 [A] <Lost Legion> Sargeras - Raid Recruitment <Lost Legion> is a casual alliance guild on Sargeras realm raiding normal content two nights a week. Our core leadership are veterans of progression raiding who love the game and love pushing our limits within limited time. Normal/Heroic flex groups allow us to accommodate a "less hardcore" raid structure while still providing our members with challenging and interesting content. We're here to enjoy the game and provide a constructive and supportive location to see the awesome experience that is end game WoW content! Our raid nights are Tuesday 7pm to 10pm Central time and Friday 8pm to 11pm Central time. Your attendance is by no means required, we're not hardcore pushing progression (at least for WoD), we're aiming to enjoy the content. With that in mind make sure you sign up for events through the in-game calendar to ensure you have a spot. There is a hard limit of 30 people per raid. Raiders are provided with flask, potions, food, augment runes, and a repair stipend for all official guild raids. As a casual raiding guild we aim to accommodate whatever character you want to play. Above all else, we're doing this to enjoy ourselves. The more raid ready roles/characters you bring to the table the better! As for our current important recruitment needs, we are looking for another dedicated tank and 2-3 dedicated core healers. We're always recruiting members for all roles though so don't let that discourage you. Thanks for your time, please feel free to contact me (Battletag Smoknbarrels#1801) with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you and raiding with you soon!Heidaal0 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 [H] Chasing Active Guild hey im after an active raiding guild i would contribute as a casual raider as i work nightshift and can only play on days off and my roster is retarded so swing me a friend req anytime Tag: skillgannonn1678Johnceena0 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 25, 2016 [A] <Keyboard Warrior> 9/13M GMT +8 Background: Keyboard Warrior is a GMT +8 MYTHIC HFC Progression Guild from Saurfang with players from Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia (Perth time fits the best) but most of us are based in Malaysia. If you are in Malaysia, we also regularly meet up for RL activities like board game nights, movies or general hanging out. We are now looking for experienced raiders of all classes to join us in Mythic. The Facts: HFC Progression: 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic 9/13 Mythic Raid times (GMT +8): Mon: 9.00 PM to 12.00 AM Wed: 9.00 PM to 12.00 AM Thu: 9.00 PM to 12.00 AM [Optional Alt Runs] Fri & Sat: 7.00pm til late Recruiting: ALL CLASSES (TANK, DPS & HEALS) - Why? We are in the process of forming 2 raid groups (maybe even more if enough people joins) Touch base with us at any of the following BTAGs for more details: AssKilla#6315 Farnie#6924 Cloudrunner#1736 Check us out at or or http://kwmalaysia.enjin.comRaeryan9 Jan 25, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 H - Invicta (Barthilas) - 6/13M We are Invicta: * Horde guild on Barthilas * 6/13 Mythic prog * Raids Sun & Mon, 10pm-1am ST Our core group raided together in MoP as a 10-man Mythic (then called Heroic) team. We reformed a few months ago and have progressed through the content at a decent pace: in 17 weeks we've gone from 0/13N to 6/13M, killing Mythic Gorefiend in fewer than 50 valid pulls. We are not actively recruiting at the moment, but high quality raiders are always welcome. To be a member of our team we expect you to: * Listen and communicate effectively (talking optional); * Contribute positively to the team environment (knowing when to joke and when to focus); * Be able to execute your role in the strategy but also adapt when things don't go to plan; * Possess situational awareness and knowledge of fight mechanics; and * Possess the technical ability to get the most out of your class and be committed to finding ways to improve. If you're over 18 yrs old and 725 iLvl, and you're interested in joining us, please apply at: Thanks.Kenzhi0 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 21, 2016 Forming group for exalted rep grind bloodsail At this moment (alliance) will need 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps on a monday & wednesday night around 6pm aest My battle tag is Snipe113#1540 write a comment if you're keenBerakate0 Jan 21, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Mythic Tank looking for Guild. I am a well geared Brewmaster Monk/ Blood DK looking for a guild that is progressing in the latter half of Mythic HFC. With my guild having no desire to continue raiding I am looking to finish up HFC as I don’t like to leave things unfinished. A bit about me: I have raid led for many years and I know how to be effective in a team environment. I have 8/8 CM gold on both Brewmaster and Blood DK. I hold the current realm best UBRS on Frostmourne. 9/13 Mythic HFC Progression all as a main tank. Extensive knowledge of all fights in HFC. And more… ask me if you would like further details. So maybe you are in need of a tank or one of your current tanks would rather play a different role. Let me know if you are interested. Vizioso#1970 Links to armoury: Logs:øso2 Jan 20, 2016