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1h [H] Few transfers looking for a home Myself and A few friends of mine want to make the switch to horde for BFA and we chose Area 52 as our home. I’m putting the feelers out there for a good mythic raiding guild to call Home for BFA. I will be transferring my 967 lock and eventually my 9/11M shaman. And my friends who are also mythic skilled are going to be boosting and gearing a monk, priest, druid and hunter. Looking for raid times on weekends or 6:30-11pm central during the weekdays. Not all of us will be raiding Mythic but those of us who do are dedicated, skilled, mature and have great attendance. We’re not looking to raid Mythic antorus anymore this expansion. ( well I might on my lock because I love raiding). We also run lots of keys and don’t mind helping people as long as the help is returned or paid forward. Just looking for a friendly non toxic guild with dedicated and skilled raiders to call home. Eizzok#5113 on discord to message me. Or kozzie#1185 on bnetKozzie5 1h
3h [H][10/11M] Cerberus Raiders is Recruiting! <Cerberus Raiders> is looking to recruit new members that are both like minded and reliable to join us as we look to progress through Antorus and build towards Battle For Azeroth. We provide Flasks and Feasts for all Mythic raids, we also are able to provide enchants and gems upon the request of any raider. Our raid Progress in Legion: EN: 7/7H,AOTC TOV: 3/3H,AOTC NH: 8/10M Tomb: 7/9M Antorus:10/11M Guild Goal - To achieve Cutting Edge for Antorus and have fun along the way! (not going for ranks but it'd be sweet if we get'em =P) Loot Type - Master Loot Progression Raid Nights Tuesday 9:30PM - 12:30AM (EST) Thursday - 9:30PM - 12:30AM (EST) New Member Application Requirements Equipped ilvl - 960 MIN. Artifact Trait - 75 MIN. Experience Req. - 6/11M or Higher Addons - RC Loot Council, Angry Assignments, DBM or BigWigs Geared Offspecs (any) are an asset We run M+ to +15, off-night raids, old/new content etc when we have the numbers to do so and encourage members to join whenever they can. Our guild is active on discord and plays many other games outside of WoW as well. If you are interested in joining us or want to see how we roll, please feel free to contact one of us for more info! IGN GM - Solanx @ Bnet: Solanth#1360 / Discord: Solanth#6317 Officer - Silent @ Bnet: mark#12435 / Discord: SilentShift#3857 Officer - Valepar @ Bnet: Tyrano#1374 / Discord: Kyle#1342 Officer - Crafty @ Bnet: DakotaH#1554 / Discord: Crafftyyy-Dakota#9953 Updated: April 19th, 2018Solanx23 3h
4h 969 Enhance Shaman LF Mythic Guild I am currently looking for a 2-3 night a week raiding guild. I currently have been raiding with an enhance shaman during Legion. I have all shaman lego's. My last raiding guild went on indefinite hiatus from raiding due to members moving on or waiting for BFA. I however want to continue raiding through Argus and beyond. If you dont see me online I have been in Alpha now BETA for BFA, just send me a friend invite and I'll get back to you when I am on Live servers Btag: Jiujitsu#1888 Recent raid Experience: Legion: 5/11 Mythic Antorus 11/11 H Antorus with AoTC 9/9 H ToS with AoTC 10/10 H NH with AoTC 3/3 H ToV with Aotc 7/7 H EN with AotcVulkrym1 4h
4h <Half Credit> [H] 6/11M LF dps! <Half Credit> [H] Area 52 6/11M is looking for a couple dps to finish off our core roster and progress through mythic ABT. Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Monday 10-12pm EST Recruitment High Priority Windwalker Monk Hunter Warlock Any exceptional class/spec is also more than welcome to apply Requirements Discord/Exorsus Raid Tools/RC Loot Council addon/WeakAuras Imperium offers you: -Free gems, enchants, pots/flasks and repairs for raiders -Active members even on non raid nights -Mythic +'s -Alt raid nights on thursdays What we ask from you: -80% Attendance -Knowledge of your class -Able to take constructive criticism -Come prepared for every raid -Positive attitude, patience, and ability to be a team player -And don't forget that sense of humor(: If you feel like we could be a good fit for you then contact our recruiters. Ouija (wubwubwub#1316) Monkey (Moclaw#1519) Notchoga (Choga#1882)Ouija34 4h
6h 949 Enhancement Sham lf Heroic Antorous Guild As the title says I am an enhancement shaman looking for an heroic/mythic raiding guild that raids during the week. I recently got back into legion in December. Am currently 11/11N.Kaoss2 6h
6h This server seems so..quiet Despite it being listed as full trade chat is pretty tame/quiet. Compared to the sister server for alliance stormrage which has tons of activity at all hours of the day. Whats the deal? O_OValarien2 6h
14h Late Night Raid LFM 5/11M Antorus <Virtually Impossible> is an established guild which we have built to fit what we wanted out of a guild; we wanted a home. One that is adult, social, full of active members, with plenty of events to do and plenty of guild mates to do them with. We pride ourselves on community and that aspect has given us great success. Now we are proud to say that we have achieved that goal! What we looking for: Active, community driven, social type folks. Friendly, talkative, and good-humored. Sassyness is a plus! As we are an adult oriented environment, we are looking for people who aren't offended easily. ;) TLDR: Fun, laid back, social folks! Need to know for Raiders: Casual/Hardcore raid environment. Raid Days/Times are Tues and Wed from 12-3am server time(Eastern). Progression is 9/9H ToS and 11/11H, 5/11M Antorus. Required 3rd party items - Discord and RC Loot Council. Raid needs are any Ranged DPS and 1-2 exceptional melee. Highest needs are Resto Druid and Warlock. Also the raid is looking for a permanent Raid Leader to join our ranks. You must have experience raid leading in the past and be reliable and quick on your feet. What you will get from the officers: Each of us has been playing and raiding since Vanilla. Combined we have over two decades of leadership experience, including GM, Officer and Raid Leader work. We will work with you as a team to make this guild into something we can all be proud of. What you will get from Virtually Impossible: A home <3 If interested please reach out to me @ Aradne#11285 :) Thanks for reading and see you all in-game!Aradne431 14h
18h Under City Graduates Afternoon Guild UnderCity Graduates is looking for any exceptional players 960+ We are currently 3/11M 11/11N 11/11H Tank needs- Low Healers needs- holly pally/disc Melee dps needs- Low Rdps needs- High Raid Times -Wednesday/Thursday START 12:00PM EST END 3:00PM EST Invites go out at 11:45AM EST every raid day. What We Are About We are a very friendly, very inviting guild. We have fun on other games besides World of Warcraft. We are a semi serious raiding guild, but we also like to have fun. We WILL NOT tolerate toxic behavior or anything of the like. We play to have fun and kill bosses, not deal with petty drama. What We Expect 75+ traits in main weapon. excellent raid attendance. If you are going to be late or miss a raid night, let us know a few hours before raid starts. We do not like to sit there and wonder where you are. Knowledge of your class and of the fights. We do not ask you to keep up to date with alts or alt specs. We want you to know your main and your main spec. We want everyone to study the fights. Addons Deadly Boss Mods RCLootCouncil Weak Auras(edited) for more Questions and info add armyofnova#1529 fraqt#1994Novavortex5 18h
18h [10/11M] <Put Me in Coach> LF Ranged <Put me in Coach> is a guild composed of raiders who raided with top 20 US guilds in past tiers, but were looking for a semi-hardcore raiding environment. With a 2 night/6 hour raiding schedule we maintain high efficiency during raids but still have a friendly environment. We have an established loot council as our distribution method. We are currently 10/11M and our goal is to end Antorus 11/11M and push for top 100 US in BFA. We are currently looking for all interested members! Raid Times Tuesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST Wednesday 9:30pm-12:30am EST Raid Expectancy • Knowledge of mechanics before entering raids • Personal accountability & mechanical proficiency • Minimal random afks and random chatter (we are fun but efficient) • High attendance Officer Expectancy What you can expect from us: • Positive leadership and constructive criticism • Flasks, food, and repairs provided for each raid • An active guild outside of raids; M+ high key groups, sale runs, AP farm, legendary farm, alt runs and more! Raid Requirements • We prefer you be 960 ilvl+ with a minimum weapon level of 75 traits • WeakAuras, AngryAssignments, and DeadlybossMods are required addons If this sparks any interest please contact me at App#1332 to set up a discord chat. Thank you!Appqt20 18h
19h 9/11 M Guild Recruiting Ranged Dps! <Alt Run> is an 9/11 M weekend raiding guild and we're recruiting! We are located on Horde - Mal'ganis Raid times: Friday 7-11 PM CST Saturday 7-11 PM CST *Optional heroic run for mains/geared alts Thursday @ 7:30 PM CST What we're recruiting: Ranged DPS (mage, boomkin, spriest, ele shaman, hunter) *Only VERY exceptional melee dps will be considered We are a chill, mature group of raiders all with the goal of reaching Cutting Edge together as a team. If you would be interested in joining our team or would like more information, you can either add my battle tag, our melee officer, or our GM: Alektra#1182 Syldrin#1194 Dash#1586 *If the fit seems right, we would be more than willing to help with the cost of a server transferTahliyah11 19h
20h <Raiders of Argus> Casual midweek night raid <RoA> is looking to rebuild our raid team. We are a friendly adult guild. We provide all raid mats and repairs all you need to bring is your skill. We are seeking players that are looking to maximize raid time as we raid only 6 hrs a week. We need a DK tank/ 3 healers and dps. We also welcome non raiders too. Our raid times are wen/thurs 9:30pm to 12:30am PST on Area 52. Contact Nottwo/Shintwo for details.Shintwo0 20h
21h 11/11M xD Selling Heroic Antorus and M Guldan <xD> 11/11M ABT is a recently transferred guild selling Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne full clears. Heroic Antorus Personal Loot - Price is 500k. Full clear guaranteed. Any loot raiders don't need will be available for roll between all buyers, which should be all gear outside of ridiculous titanforged levels. Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Price is 1.5M. Includes an Elisande kill if you need a CoF xD. Prices negotiable. Spots are limited, first come first serve. A 20%, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. If you miss your scheduled run for whatever reason, we can reschedule your run for a following week. Sales are on Sundays @ 9pm EST. Please be on at least 10 minutes prior to your run for invite. Sales usually begin with Gul'dan first and then Antorus afterwards. Will not accept gold from other servers. We can take players from other servers but get your gold over to this server first. If you are interested in any runs please message in game or bnet (Akusa#1820) to schedule your run.Akusalol10 21h
21h [H]<Ex Inferno>(Pink 11/11H) LF RDPS 4 M ABT [H] <Ex Inferno> With 4 raid team's on the Horde side, an active Mythic+ community and tons of other activities going on including Alt Raids on off nights, <Ex Inferno> is always looking for active raiders. Team Pink (AoTC - 11/11 Heroic ABT), "the working man's casual progression team" is looking for a few more raiders to push into Mythic ABT. Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun! At the moment we are looking for: DPS - one or two strong DPS (ranged preferred) to continue clearing Heroic and begin pushing into Mythic. Raid Times are: Wednesday 8:30 - 10 pm EST Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST 18+, Discord is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot. Contact: Bodhí (the í is Alt 0237) or b-net Bodhi#11669 Darkcntrl - (Cntrlfreak#1665) Soyprotien - (Cryptic#1259) Nayati - (SoulSyphon#11126) If those raid times to not work for you Ex Inferno has 3 other raid teams on the Horde side (one on the Alliance - Stormrage). Details here or just visit the Ex Inferno website at ***We welcome social members to our active community as well!Bodhí13 21h
21h 960 4/11M Frost DK LF Guild Hey everyone, I am recently returning to the game after a few month break. I am looking for a guild to finish out the Xpac with and to continue on into BFA with. I am open to basically any day of the week besides Monday and im looking for raid times that start @9 EST or later. Please feel free to contact me on Btag- Shakey#11323Shakeyz6 21h
1d World latency I'm fairly new to the server, so I would ask the citizens of a52, is random world lat spikes a common thing over here? Ever since I got here ive been getting themSând3 1d
1d 966 HPriest LF Mythic Guild Hello, hello! 1/11M, 966 Holy Priest looking to down a few mythic bosses this tier and find a guild home for BFA. My availability is flexible but 2am EST is the latest I'm willing to raid. My logs: My contact info: Discord: Ophiliah#2184 Btag: Sheridan#11238 <3Ophiliah1 1d
1d [H]Dirty alli player looking to return Horde I have 3/11M experience but looking to just clear heroic and play in mythic. Not looking for the hardcore OMG RAWR style, more of fun yet productive. I'm playing a MW/WW monk. i will xfer my rogue for BFA . i'm looking for raid times around 7ish to 10ish EST. i'm looking for a guild that is more then just raid 2 days then a ghost town, i like M+ and prefer a guild that runs them more then just a 15 a week.. IF this sounds like your guild hit me up wontòn (alt149) or Bnet Bacchuss#1772Wontòn2 1d
1d LeftCoast Weekend Raids <LeftCoast> Progression: 11/11H 2/11M *Raid day Weekends: Saturday and Sunday 8PM-11PM Eastern Time -Optional fun runs on Fridays nights. Team Needs: Tanks: (all will be considered with exp) Dps: Ranged- hunter, mage, shaman priest, druid Melee- monk, rogue, druid Healers: druid, paladin, monk *Though you may not play a class listed on our NEEDS, all players will be considered. We are a Mythic group looking to round our roster with like minded players that are looking for a forever home to push higher end content with limited availability. We pride ourselves on self sufficient and productive activity to better the guild and players around us. Always encouraging and pushing our team to the best of their ability and beyond. What we expect from our team: -Attendance *you must maintain a high attendance, you cant grow with us if you dont show. -Knowledge (understand and learn both your class and the current content, a dead body is a useless body) Follow Instruction (self explanatory) -Pushing higher end key (this is one of the best ways to learn your class and about yourself) -Contributions (whether it be gold to the guild, mats to maintain our supplied perks or even offing advice to others. Any help is welcome) -Friendliness (nobody likes a debby downer or jerks) -HAVE FUN (at the end of the day this is a game you log into to have fun) For all other INQUIRES please contact me directly: ghettoskippy#1896Ghettoskippy2 1d
1d <Pizza Rolls> 2/11M If you've wanted to get into mythic progression this tier, and want to learn and grow with a team of awesome individuals who enjoy playing the game-- not just on raid night, but off nights too-- <Pizza Rolls> could be the guild for you. We raid Tuesdays/Thursdays 8:30-midnight EST, and need consistent raiders (the primary reason for our transfer to this new server). Currently we're 2/11M, 11/11H. As of this post we are seeking: Rdps (mages and balance druids especially but all considered) MW Monk/Rsham Tank for BFA Bonus if you're a balance druid with resto OS. We are a really friendly bunch of individuals who are looking for like-minded people to progress with. All raiders receive free gems, enchants, and 1k in repairs every day so you never have to break the bank for, or because of, raiding. We don't just raid, though-- we also do guild rbgs and m+, so there's something for everyone here. If you are interested in joining or have more questions, please message Skarebear-Area52 or Criplust-Area52 in game or add us on bnet (Kateindeed#1554 [GM] Charlie#1375 [RL]). To be considered for a core spot you must have logs recorded or be willing to trial with us.Skarebear16 1d
1d <Death Toll> LFM for Antorus Raid Team <Death Toll> is a brand new guild to Area 52 that is currently recruiting more for our Antorus raid team. We run Antorus Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30pm-12:30am EDT as well as do mythic keys regularly to help gear guild members. Our raid leader has 11/11 Heroic experience from our previous raiding guild from Stormrage and has AotC as well. Looking for the following classes shaman (any spec) monk (heals/dps) druid (balance) mage warlock priest (shadow) paladin (healer) rogue hunter If you are interested please feel free to add myself Autumn#1958, our raid leader Subby7#1200 or any online members and we would be happy to have you!Honeyheals10 1d
1d <Metal Moolitia>11/11H LFM Raiders/Casuals Greetings everyone! <Metal Moolitia> (11/11H) is recruiting all interested (and heroic experienced) roles to join our weekly Heroic clear, as well as anyone interested in raiding in BfA. We are also seeking any and all casuals, and new, and returning players who are a good fit, as we continue to build our ranks for Battle for Azeroth! Who we are: We are a guild of friends and family - mostly aged late 20s+, with some couples, married combos, students, veterans (there are a bunch of us; shameless vet plug), people with kids, etc. - who value real-life obligations, but also raid time. We're kind of like . . . like a mullet: business up front; party in the back. Or, perhaps, "Sylvanas in the streets, Thrall in the sheets," works better. We have fun, but also get things done. (Now, I'm done). Our primary focus right now is Heroic raiding, which we have pretty much on farm at this point (with a little Mythic dabbling within normal raid times after Heroic clears in the future). We also run Mythic+ keys, and Normal Antorus alt runs and other events on off-nights. Battle for Azeroth plans: We'll progress through Normal, then Heroic, then Mythic in our Tues/Thurs raid, 9:30 pm - midnight server. As we clear content, it will be moved to off-nights, with most likely a couple teams for Normal and Heroic, possibly on different days to accommodate different schedules. Mythic will remain Tues/Thurs. All raid times are 9:30 - midnight server time (EST). Note: We are not a mass-invite guild with 24/7 peak hours. Our most active times start at around 8 PM server. We have about 35 core members (raiders/ casuals/ recently returning players), and their many alts. :D (Guild hoppers need not apply.) We use Discord as our hub for voice and text chat, and are a close group of helpful people who want to have fun together, both in WoW and other side games as well. :D Quick Facts: - Guild type: Raiding & Casual/Social (All raiding difficulties in BfA with one Mythic team) - Cleared: 11/11H - Heroic raid schedule: Wednesday & Saturday, 9:30 PM - 12:00 (midnight) server time (EST); any Mythic raiding will stick to these same times. Starting in June (and through Battle for Azeroth release), raid days will be Tuesday/Thursday at the same time. - All raid consumables, gems, enchants, and repairs are provided for Raiders. - Minimum requirements: 945 ilvl; around 1 mil+ DPS sustained, SURVIVAL and MECHANICS are equally important. - We only raid two days per week, so good attendance is expected. - Guild-Run Normal Antorus Alt/Casual/Heroic tryout raid: Friday, same time; but several of us also find Normal pugs throughout the week for our alts - Casuals/ New & Returning players welcome, or those who aren’t quite ready for Heroic raiding, but will put forth the effort to get there. - Mythic+ groups (join us for Mythic Mondays!), Antorus alt raids, old achievement runs, casual PvP and ridiculous inter-guild wargames, etc. Please contact: Ðacra (D is alt+0208)(Bnet: Dacra#11210; Discord: Dacra#0609) We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, and have a great day! :)Ðacra56 1d
1d <Aloe Vera> Heroic Antorus/Argus Sales <Aloe Vera> Is now selling Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne runs! Times: Friday 8:45pm EST Start Approximately 2 Hours to Complete Costs: See Below _______________________ Heroic Argus Personal Loot- 80,000 gold. What You Receive: Achievement: Ahead of the Curve - Argus the Unmaker Violet Spellwing Mount Pantheon's Blessing(Used to upgrade trinkets) A chance to get one of your best in slot pantheon trinkets A chance to get your 3rd Legendary: Amanthul's Vision A chance to get Scythe of the Unmaker for Transmog Full Antorus Clear - Personal Loot: Cost: 400,000 gold Full Clear 11/11 The chance to get loot from each boss based on your own luck! Chance at the Antoran Charhound from Felhounds of Sargeras Chance at the Aggramar sword transmog Full Antorus Clear - Master Loot: Cost: 600,000 gold Full Clear 11/11 The only items that may be excluded are TF trinkets above 970+. We are not currently selling individual item sales, you are welcome to buy one wing and use your coins in addition to the loot that drops. A 20% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling, final payment must be made in full before the start of your scheduled raid purchase. If you've made a purchase and disconnect, you'll be given a 5 minute window to reconnect or we'll continue until you reconnect. If something comes up and you are unable to attend your scheduled purchase run you will lose out on the 20% deposit. We will work with you to reschedule another run but you will be required to pay the full price with the 20% non-refundable deposit again. Buyers are asked to be on 15 minutes in advance to finalize payment and avoid any potential server issues (unable to log on, authentication servers down, etc.) We can guarantee you will not compete with other buyers for your armor types. We cannot however guarantee any jewelry/relics. Priority is MS over OS, extra gear can be rolled on by any buyer interested for OS. You are not required to have any voice chat software or knowledge of the fights. You are welcome to contribute on fights that we don't require you to die early on. Please make sure to save your coins to maximize your loot potential! If interested post here, or find us in game to schedule a run. Please be advised that if you are interested in purchasing multiple runs, or send us referrals we are more than willing to work with the prices and offer discounts. ---------------------------------------------------- We also offer +15 Carries all throughout the week. 120k on Area 52 Token Price on any other server.Shocksamson7 1d
1d [H]<Carried>5/9M 9/11M is Recruiting! Hello! <Carried> (Area 52) is recruiting top notch players as we progress Antorus, the Burning Throne. Now is the perfect time to apply and move forward into the next tier with a stable guild of strong experienced leaders and members alike. We emphasize a competitive mindset while raiding and seek to learn from the encounters and each other in order to refine and dominate each tier. Your position in our raid group will be secured by three things: 1. Attendance and dedication. Never missing raid, giving notice when you will be gone, gearing yourself where appropriate outside of raid, etc. 2. Execution and performance of mechanics. During progression, we ask you not to worry about parses. However, we must always bring the best numbers we can to progression, so you must remain competitive in this sense. Above all, however, you must perform mechanics to the best of your ability and perform tasks assigned to you by the raid leader. 3. Attitude. We ask players to be respectful and mindful of one another. Clarifications of raid strategy are encouraged if you are confused about what to do and when. Above all, respect your officers and fellow raid members. Raid times: Tuesday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Wednesday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Thursday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Preferred classes/specs: -Brewmaster Monk -Guardian Druid -Boomkin with Resto OS -Ele shaman with Resto OS -Warlock/Mage We are always recruiting exceptional players, regardless of class or spec. Feel free to message us even if you are not one of those specs. ABOUT - Carried was one of the top raiding guilds on Silvermoon from BC thru Wrath. At that time we server transferred for Cataclysm and then took a break for almost all of MOP. We have reformed with a majority of our former core and during the legion expansion have added several talented players that are focused on skill and commitment. GOAL - Our plan for the rest of the expansion is to put progression at the forefront while keeping a relatively low burden raid schedule. We seek raiders with the ability to maintain focus on current content, and able to execute to achieve one thing - victory. We base our recruitment needs on player skill. Spots are always up for grabs, don't be afraid to apply even if we're not recruiting your specific class! If you are interested, please message one of the following: Sethyd#1459 (Recruitment Officer) Brood#1642 (GM) Faydin#1589 (Raid Leader)Xfmage38 1d
1d <M O I S T> 9/11M LFM! <M O I S T> 9/11M ABT...recently reformed on Area-52.... is looking to recruit skilled players for Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne as well as prepare for Battle for Azeroth. We currently use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot and our voice chat is Discord. Raid Schedule: ============================== - Tues: Mythic Farm/Progression 8:00-11:00pm ET - Thurs: Mythic Prog 8:00-11:00pm ET We also run some other pug raids Weds/Fri/Sat/Sun. Times will vary on off-night raids. Our current class/spec needs for Mythic: - Tank (all exceptional players will be considered) - Healer (Resto Shaman/Mistweaver all exceptional players will be considered) - DPS ( Ele / Enh Shaman *we dont have a single shaman* and various ranged dps.) We are looking to carry a 24/26-man roster for Mythic raiding so we can tailor our progression raid based on the encounter. We will still cycle people in for whichever farm bosses they need for loot. Please apply here!: WoW Progress: When we're not raiding, we do a lot of Mythic+ and old content for mounts/achivements/pvp etc. If any questions feel free to add any of our officers below on bnet: ChrisCarbs#1396Wetbrain11 1d
1d 4/11M [H] Late night guild LFM We are <Treefort> a late night raiding guild that dedicates 2 nights a week to raiding. Currently we are in Mythic progression raid are at 3/11M. We have a great, friendly atmosphere that likes to joke around with each other but buckle down when it comes time to kill stuff. We have an optional raid night on Sunday (at the same raid times) to do a Heroic run, and on Monday we run a "M+ night" to help people get their +15 key done for the week. We're looking for dedicated members who want a home for the rest of the expansion and to go into BfA with. Raid attendance is a high priority for us we really expect our raiders to be able to show up to raids ready to go. Recruitment Priority: Currently recruiting: All exceptional players at the following roles: Tank Dps (range or melee) Requirements: -We raid Tues/Thurs: 11:50pm-3:00am EST (optional alt run on Sunday same times.) -Discord must be installed -Experience is preferred, but if you are mechanically inclined and can learn and adapt quickly to fights then we'd be willing to give you a chance. -Have RC Loot Council addon downloaded If you're interested in joining feel free to whisper any of our leadership Bnets: fotmreroller#1278 roflkopterz#1404 Jac#1165 Roxyar#1750 CloudParade#1508Dotthots13 1d
1d <ASM> 1/11m - LF Ranged DPS (Tue/Thu) Hello! We are a large active guild on Area 52 with two core raid teams! We're looking for some dedicated DPS to join our raid teams. Please see below for Current Needs! Tue/Thu - 1/11m - Ranged DPS - 950 ilvl preferred (830pm EST) Fri/Sat - 10/11h - Tank and DPS - 930 ilvl preferred (9pm EST) We run a alt/social normal clear every Sunday for everyone! Casuals and socials are welcome as well. Please feel free to hit me up in game or simply drop your battle tag here if interested or would like more information. Thanks!! Veliska#1376Velkus1 1d
1d Liege! 7/11M Looking for Raiders Liege is currently looking for dedicated raiders with good attitudes to join our roster and progress with us through Mythic Antorus content (Currently 7/11M). We are a late-night weekend raiding guild, but we do so much more: achievement runs, mount runs, time walking, cards against humanity, keystones and pvp. We are helpful and friendly if you ever need any help feel free to ask. If we peak your interest please message me (Syntira#1221), Krustypizza, Alphablood, or Riketz with any questions you may have or feel free to join our discord and talk with an officer or member. (Link Provided Below) WHAT WE WANT: Resto Shammy!!! Holy/Disc Priest Demon Hunter DPS!!!! Monk DPS!! Blood DK DPS Looking for any class/spec!! RAID TIMES Friday/Saturday 11pm-2am (EST) Also we are always looking for back up raiders, and casual members just looking to join a growing community. 1d
1d [H]<The Resilient> 8/11 M looking for Rdps I D E N T I T Y [H] <The Resilient> is a 8/11 M raiding guild. We are looking for strong ranged raiders to fill in a couple spots for people who have had life interrupt their gaming fun. We are a laid back group of mature adult nerds who are focused on clearing Antorus. WowProgress: R E C R U I T I N G Ranged DPS and exceptional melee DPS. Especially warlocks and a rogue. S C H E D U L E Mandatory: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday Optional: Tuesday (farm) 6-8pm PST E X P E C T A T I O N S Be punctual. Be prepared. Be positive. We provide flasks, potions, and food. Discord is our VoiP of choice. We expect you to at least listen. Talking is highly preferred. Absences with notice can be worked around, but ghosting is highly unappreciated. C O N T A C T S BNET: Laolis#1620, December#1358, Jairou#1839, AlluraRaiyne#1298 In-game message: Torvonn/Torvdaddy, Ráiyne, Krungey, Kwlpp, Decembersnow, or Jairou A P P L Y Use the website link below to complete a short form OR Reach out to one of the contacts above. Please have logs ready, and plan to raid with us at least one night in the week as a trial.Decembérsnow3 1d
1d <SONDER> 6/11M LF Resto druid <Sonder> (11/11H - 6/11M) Is a small friendly guild is looking for skilled, dedicated players to join our Mythic team! We use ML looting system. We also do Mythic+ weekly, keys done for everyone. Get your 15's+ done! We host alt raids on Sundays (Heroic) open to anyone in guild. Looking for members to continue with us into BFA! Our goal is to consistently make meaningful progression until AoTC, and further if the roster allows us. Currently in need of skilled players in following roles: (Casuals just looking for a home are always welcome!). Healer (1) (Mythic Team) Resto Druid DPS&Healers (Sunday Heroic Group) All DPS/Healers will be considered Our Raid times: Tuesday 9-11 pm EST Wednesday 9-11pm EST Thursday 9-11pm EST Sunday 8pm EST (Heroic Run) Our recruitment process consists of a very short "Interview" with a quick review of your characters armory, and recent logs. If you prefer the interview in discord, please let me know! Repairs, Flask, and Food will be provided for all Raiders! Raiders are expected to follow these rules! •90% Raid attendance is required!! If you will not make it to a raid time, please let one of the officers know at least 1-2 hours ahead of time (24hr ahead of time is ideal). •Everyone is required to be online on their mains, 10 minutes prior to raid. We would like to start on time!! •Set up addons, grab your seals, and your prepots BEFORE raid! If you're interested in our guild or have some questions, please feel free to contact us at: Dinogoesrawr#11896 Dînogoesrawr10 1d
2d Looking for a few more good guildies! Hi I have a very layed back casual Horde guild on Area 52 that I would love to have some new people join! :) the guild is very layed back and Casual and we try to be pretty social ... we are all Adulting and play when we can between work and school and life in general lol.Most of us are long time players and most are between 20 and 40. Please feel free to join us and become a part of our Family... the guilds name is. Dude Wheres My Mammoth... send me a request we would be pleased to add you! Lok tar ogarEpheldea0 2d
2d 973 Prot Warrior LF 3-DAY Guild Hey Area-52 forums! What I am looking for: I am looking for a Semi-Hardcore guild that raids 2-3 days a week! I am looking for a guild that has the goal of killing the end boss at the end of the tier/expansion! About me: I am an active player, I play all the tank classes and I am active in m+ with all of them. I run +15/16/17/18/19s on my tanks weekly. I play on the daily and donate materials to the guild that I am apart of. I am a team player. I AM WILLING TO PLAY BOTH DPS AND TANK Logs: Availability: Tuesday: 7PM EST or later Wednesday: 7PM EST or later Thursday: 9:30 EST or later Friday: 9:30 EST or later Saturday: 9:30 EST or later Sunday: 7PM EST or later Monday: 7PM EST or later Previous progression: Emerald Nightmare - 5/7 Mythic Trial of Valor - 3/3 Heroic Nighthold - 9/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 Heroic Antorus - 5/11M Message me on @ Larry#1138 for serious offers! :)Grigorios3 2d
2d [H]For the Horde - An Area 52 Horde Community With the launch of BfA around the corner and the release of the community feature along with it, I am looking for other guilds interested in creating a community. I want the ‘For the Horde’ community to be a place like-minded guilds can hang-out, help each other, and fill potential missing roles in their raids, M+, BGs, etc. ‘For the Horde’ community IS NOT a place for guilds to recruit or try to poach members from other guilds. My guild, Metal Moolitia, , has set-up a Discord server for the community to share and use as a hub. If you are a Guildmaster or an Officer of your guild, feel free to contact myself or Dacra for more information, and to see if your guild would be a good fit in the ‘For the Horde’ community. Fenrisbear Bnet: dahmish#1808 Dacra Bnet : Dacra#11210Fenrisbear2 2d
2d Aloe Vera 9/11M, Tu/Thurs 830-1130est HIGH NEED FOR EXCEPTIONAL RANGED DPS. Aloe Vera is located on Area 52-US. We're a semi-hardcore guild where many of our members have been actively raiding since Wrath of the Lich King. Our roster is assembled of 20-35 year olds that play other games together such as PUBG, Destiny 2, various Steam games, etc. Our raiding environment is generally mature. Loaded with crude behavior, thick-skinned conversation and a profane sense of humor. Ideally, there's a healthy balance of shenanigans and progression. That being said, we respect our members. We've developed a strong foundation and are working to expand our roster. Mission To cultivate a competitive raid team in a community driven environment. Aloe Vera was founded by a core of hardcore raiders that no longer wanted the hardcore raid schedule yet wanted to maintain a respectable rate of progression. Today, the goal still remains to compete and accomplish as much as we can in the 6 hours a week we raid. We strive to be a place for players who want to play at a high level but only want to invest half the time that the typical progression guild does in World of Warcraft. Raid times: Progression Tues 8:30 - 11:30pm server Thur 8:30 - 11:30pm sever Clean up / Alt and Recruit Heroic Clear Sun 8:30 - 11:30 EST Current Progress ToS: 5/9M Antrous: 11/11n, 11/11h, 9/11m What We Need Holy Paladin (All classes welcome and all applicants will be considered.) But also, we need you! We're looking for solid, committed raiders who take casual mythic progression seriously and are willing to help with guild mythic+ runs and heroic clears. We need people who are knowledgeable of their class and who is ready to deep dive into the current high level raid mechanics. We're a casual guild on off nights, but we go hard on raid night. The guild supplies Cauldrons, Feasts and Vantus Runes (where applicable). Raiders are expected to bring their own potions and food as the encounter demands. We use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution. Trials ARE eligible for loot, even if cross-realming. Loot is voted on in a council composed of officers and raiders rotated in on a bi-weekly basis. Biggest upgrade, attendance, performance and attitude are taken into account. Loot drama is NOT tolerated. Raiders are expected to have the following addons and keep them up-to-date to facilitate raiding: DBM or Bigwigs Weakauras 2 RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools ------ Please fill out our application on Google sheets: If you would like to contact us for more information, please add us on B-Net Recruitment Officer: Discord Blazrael#5763 / Bnet Blazrael#1258 Officers: Bnet HolyAnarchy#1844 , Bartholomeu#11258Blazrael19 2d
2d (H)<Allusion> Is Look For Raiders! Allusion 5/11 Mythic Who We are Our core has been raiding since Molten Core. We are composed of two groups of friends who met during WotLK. Each group shared the same goals and we decided to form a progression raid team. Goals Longevity is our #1 goal. We have all been playing for over a decade so we're not going anywhere. We want to build a large community that values each and every member. When it comes to raiding, Cutting Edge is what we are after for each and every raid tier. We will push as far as we can go with a 2 day progression raid schedule, but we will never forcibly burn out our raiders in doing so. We also have a second team that is primarily focused on casual heroic raiding. Raid Days/Times Tues/Wed (Mythic) and Thursday (Heroic). ALL TIMES 10pm-1am EST. Our casual heroic team also runs on Tue/Wed at the same times as our mythic team. We clear normal and often times an alt heroic raid on off nights as well as M+. Expectations Raiders: Have complete knowledge and understanding of how your class works through and through. Come to raids on time and prepared with consumables. Know your role. Have a complete understanding of each boss. Gear up as best you can outside of raids. Don't be a raid logger! Members: Be kind and courteous to others. Have respect for all members. Have some fun, that's what we are all here to do. Mythic Plus Mythic Plus has been a great addition to WoW. We value it not only because it helps gear our raiders, but also because of the challenge it brings. We are ALWAYS looking for more members to push high keys. Can't raid at all? That's fine. Come join us in M+ instead. We take it seriously and we have fun while we are doing it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. We are ALWAYS looking for more members and would love to have you join us. WilyDoc#1592 Steveoo#1935Goezerian2 2d
2d [H&A] <Ex Inferno> is LF you! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Dalaran while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. Interested in raiding? Team Pink [H] Wed 8:30 - 10 pm EST Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST 11/11H Heroic progression – The working man’s progression raid. Team Green [H] Mon/Tues 8:30 - 11 pm EST 4/11M Mythic progression – Have fun. Play hard. Personal accountability. Team Red [H] Fri/Sat 9 pm – 12 am EST 5/11M Mythic progression – Hold my beer and watch this! Team Orange [H] Wed/Thu 8:30 – 11 pm EST Flexible progression - the fun, learning team! Team Purple [A] TBD (Most likely Thu 8 pm – 12 am EST) No progression. Forming in BfA – One night stand. Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Head over to to see what we’re up to and, while you’re there, grab the link to our Discord server! Everyone is welcome to come in and chat! Want some more information or are interested in joining? Here’s how to contact me! Battlenet: iamadecoy#1447 Discord: Ytesia#1692 Or join our Discord and ping us with an @Officer tag. An officer will get back to you for chatting ASAP!Ytesia21 2d
2d 972 Feral Druid 5/11M LFG Hello everyone, I'm looking for a raiding guild to go into BFA strong with. I'm a good learner and I can pull my own weight and always willing to improve, also enjoy being in a guild that pushes everyone to improve. I'm also into doing high keys, so that's a plus too. Mainly only looking for a two day raiding guild, three tops. I also go to college so I try to balance everything perfectly. I main Feral but I have a Boomkin off-spec which is 974 which I don't roughly play that much, but I have decent experience on. I'm currently in Dalaran-US but I can server/faction change if needed. I also have a few friends that are really good players as well that could tag along if more are needed for the roster. They consist of a good Boomie/Resto Druid, Ret Paladin and a Blood DK/Fury Warrior. If you have any questions, please add me on: BNET: MatiasD#11630. Logs: Raider io: Discord: Miro#7691 Have a nice day.Mirotic3 2d
2d <Divinity> Recruitment TL;DR --- <Divinity> is an ex US #6 guild that has returned with original leadership & members for 2-day raiding. We are currently looking for top quality players for immediate core positions. Our focus is to clear Mythic content at a steady pace while having a great time. If you're confident in your ability to perform well and you’re interested in raiding on a lighter schedule, we encourage you to get in contact with us. Guild: Divinity of US-Kel'thuzad Schedule: Tues & Sun 6-9pm MST (we don’t extend or add days) Current Needs: All competent players. Website: Recruitment Thread: ...Mistamonk7 2d
2d <Alacrity> Selling Mythic Antorus Hello and welcome to <Alacrity> We are a guild of friends who have been running and selling Challenge mode (Mythic +) carries since MoP. We are a very experienced group of friends who are ready to help you get your achievements, mounts, or loot. Antorus progressions has finally ended. scheduling will most likely be Tues/Thurs at raid times 9pm est. If for some reason those times do not work for you, we can always figure something out that works for you and us. Heroic Argus the Unmaker - 300k Personal Loot 11/11 Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne - 800K Personal Loot 11/11 Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne with all loot + tier - 2M Master Loot 10/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne with all loot + tier - 15M Master Loot 11/11 Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne with all loot + tier + mount - 22M Master Loot Mythic Argus the Unmaker Loot from argus + mount - 10M Master Loot For Specific bosses or other clears not 10/11M or 11/11M feel free to inquire about what bosses you need. Mythic Gul'dan Mount + loot - 1M M+ dungeon prices are listed dungeon by dungeon. If you purchase more than one at a time, discounts will be given. M+ Prices: M+ 7-9 - 75k M+ 10 - 150k M+ 12 - 200k M+ 15 - 300k Come get your in time +15 dungeon achievement completed today! And the weekly cache loot 960+ piece of gear guaranteed from chest We will provide the key for any dungeon you decided to buy. No need to try and pug to boost your key, we got you covered. Karazhan Prices: Karazhan - 150k Nightbane - 300k Karazhan w/ Nightbane - 350k If you'd like to book a run, or have any questions, feel free to add me: TMac#1531 If you are on a different server and would still like to book a run. You're in luck, we accept gold on just about any server. most of us have alts spread everywhere. It's a first come first server to save you a spot in the run. A Deposit WILL be required to save you the spot. All Deposits are nonrefundable if you decide to not show up.Prices and deposits may be negotiated if its a slow week and as the instance gets nerfed. As a final disclaimer WE DO NOT SELL FOR REAL MONEY, we will NEVER ask you to "get on skype to talk about it" or pressure you into pursuing "alternative payment methods". We do these sales to fuel our progression, so every run you book with us goes towards killing new bosses.Tmaac6 2d
3d <Ooker Dooker Fightclub> [H] 11/11H Ooker Dooker Fightclub We are currently recruiting a few players to progress into Mythic Antorus currently while have all of heroic (11/11) on farm, need DEDICATED players looking to continue raiding who can make times consistently and efficiently perform their role. Recruiting: 1 x Tank 1 x Healer (Non Priest/Druid) 1 x Elemental Shaman 1 x Warrior 1 x Mage 1 x Feral and/or Moonkin Druid 1 x DH Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30-10:00 PM Server Time Thursday: 7:30-10:00 PM Server Time We don't just raid! We are not strictly a raiding only guild, we run mythic keystones, achievements, level together, etc! Contact: You can freely contact myself or add me on bnet ~ @MaxSquats#1413Bababoowee6 3d
3d [H] <Useless Gaming> 7/11M LF DPS We see it every day, another mythic raiding guild disbanding. <Useless Gaming> has continued on even as so many others have fallen! Currently recruiting: Multiple DPS - both melee and ranged. Current Tier: 7/11M 11/11H Antorus. Past Tier: ToS - 6/9 Mythic, Nighthold - 8/10m, ToV - 2/3m, EN - 7/7m. Raid Days and Times (Progression): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9PM to 12AM server (EST) Off-night (Normal/Heroic/Achievements): Sunday 9PM to 12AM server (EST) If you are not one of the classes or specs listed above, but are still interested, please apply! We look at every application and will always find room for exceptional players. Apply at: The leadership of the guild has experience back to the days of Vanilla. We have extensive raid experience, players ranging from US 1st, to players from more casual guilds. We have seen and done it all when it comes to progression. We started our own guild when Legion started to build a top progression guild, with things done our way. We have gathered some great raiders together, some out of retirement from US top guilds, others we found along the way, and have the makings of a very good Mythic progression guild. We are not a large guild - we do not recruit for a huge bench - our roster stays around 25 raiders, and they all see raid time almost every week. We like the small, close knit family feel our guild has, and want to keep it that way. Our raiders are loyal and many have been with us since the beginning. We are looking for players with a like-minded attitude, looking to push themselves, and finish this mythic raid tier well before the expansion goes live. You will progress here, you will learn here, and you will have a great time raiding here! Please feel free to contact us via Btag: Drias#1325 Iszee#1297Pashion15 3d
3d TOAST (Team 15 new) LFM Area 52, We are a brand new team coming online in the guild Toast. Its a massive guild that has 15 raid teams that have several levels of progression. Our team is brand new with players coming back after being gone from wow. We are looking to get our team off the ground and running before BFA and would like to start progression in this XPAC and get as deep into Mythic as possible. We will be starting in the Heroic level and moving forward. If you are late to the game (like we are but posses skills) and want to get into a set team before BFA so the comrade can take affect than talk to us. Info below. Raid times: Sun, Tues, Wed 730-1030pm est Loot: Loot Council Team Leader: Painreaper#1101, Thumper#12501 Hit me up if interested. Thanks, PainPaínreaper0 3d
3d Friends Seeking Progression Guild Hi there! My friends and I are somewhat new to AREA52, and we're on the hunt for a new raid team. Preferably heroic progression. This character is just an alt of mine, but I intend on bringing a 955 Warlock, my friends include a enhancement shaman, a boomkin/tank druid, a DK Tank (who is also interested in hunter dps, if no tank spot is available) All toons are heroic geared, although the enh shammy is a bit behind, we're working on it. Hoping for a start time of in and around 7PM EST, but somewhat negotiable. We also do mythic +! Thanks for reading my post!Karlie1 3d
3d 962 Hpally LF Guild Current guild called it quits. I am long time player, since vanilla. LF a heroic/ mythic raiding guild. Avaliblity: Tue-Thus: 7pm-9pm EST Sat-Sun: 10am-1Ppm EST Experiences this Xpac: 7/7h EN; 1/7m EN (Different toon on mythic) 10/10h NH 3/9h TS 8/11h ANT What am I looking for: I want not only a raiding guild but i love the hell out of MOG runs and achievments. Contact Me: Bnet- HeatherG#11352 Discord- Cuppycake#2337Cüppycake0 3d
3d <Ex Inferno> Team Red 5/11M LF DPS <Ex Inferno>'s Team Red is recruiting dps for mythic progression. We're a laid back group of tight-knit players on Area 52 horde and we're 5/11M. We raid 9pm-12am EST on fri/sat. All that we ask in our team is that you share the laid back attitude that we do, you always try to improve yourself as a player, and work with the team to further progress. High Priority Feral Druid Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman Retribution Paladin Medium Priority BM/MM Hunter Mage Rogue <Ex Inferno> is a very active community that has four raid teams within it and offers offnight normal and heroic raids for extra gear/alts. You can find many people wanting to run keys all the time and a list of people who run +16s as their lower end keys. We also other guild events connected to micro holidays to bring the community together and have a bit of fun. We hope that you will consider us at <Ex Inferno> - Area 52 Contact Info: audball#11105Audelia2 3d
3d Experienced Frost DK or WW Monk LFG Name: Nate ID: Larrathos #1652 Character: Larathas and/or Larathoss Class: DK and/or Monk Spec: Frost and Windwalker Item level: 973 and 960 I have been playing WoW since vanilla and have been raiding since burning crusade taking a break from the game for the end of cata and the majority of MoP. I have experience in both Heroic and Mythic raiding content. I am a skilled a competent raider with years of experience raiding. I have experience with leadership holding roles such as main tank, raid lead, and guild lead. My attendance has always been excellent. I handle mechanics and play my class well and hope to be a great addition to your raid team. Availability: Mon-Thur after 9 server Previous Raiding Guilds and Experience: Below is the raiding experience I have from the past two expansions. All progress listed below was made during the appropriate raid tier; kills after the raid tier ended are not counted. AotC can be provided Legion Guild: Dark Side of Elune Server: Area 52 Role: Main Tank 95% of the time, dps to fill on nights of poor attendance. Class: Death Knight Spec: Blood Progress: Tomb of Sargeras: 13/13H & 1/13M Antorus the Burning Throne: 11/11H & 3/11M Guild: Beyond the Dark Portal Server: Area 52 Role: Ranged DPS Class: Shaman Spec: Elemental Progress: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7H & 1/7M Warlords of Draneor Guild: Beyond the Dark Portal Server: Area 52 Role: Melee DPS Class: Shaman Spec: Enhancement Progress: Hellfire Citadel: 13/13H 1/13M Guild: Dark Order of Chaos Server: Area 52 Role: Melee DPS Class: Shaman Spec: Enhancement Progress: Highmaul: 7/7N & 7/7H Blackrock Foundry: 10/10N & 8/10H Thank you for taking the time to read this. please do not hesitate to add me or respond here with any questions. Larrathos #1652Larathas1 3d
3d <Limit> (US 1st) Selling 11/11 Antorus/ToS Add my btag: Rhobe#1139 if interested! Prices are as follows: -Antorus. the Burning Throne- -Heroic Heroic Argus only (Violet Spellwing guaranteed): 200k 11/11 Heroic with Personal loot: 650k 11/11 Heroic with Master loot (20+ man raid, all titanforges included): 2000k -Mythic 11/11 Mythic with Master loot (all titanforges included): 12000k Mythic Argus kill (no loot): 5000k Mythic Argus mount (Shackled Ur'zul): 9000k *Other packages available on request -Tomb of Sargeras- -Mythic 9/9 Mythic with Master loot (all titanforges included): 2500k Mythic Kil'jaeden kill: 800k -The Nighthold- -Mythic Mythic Gul'dan mount (Fiendish Hellfire Core): 1500k A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of scheduling. You will pay the remainder prior to the first boss being pulled. We like to keep on schedule and tardiness to runs can result in a loss of your spot. If you would like to purchase single bosses, only tier bosses, or have any questions feel free to contact myself, Rhobe (Rhobe#1139). A large majority of our services are streamed, you can come watch @ 3d
3d <Ronin> Sargeras 5/11M Recruiting Ronin is recruiting for Antorus/BFA! We are always seeking exceptional applicants. Who are we: Ronin 5/11 Mythic is a group of raiders looking to do Mythic raids on a lighter schedule (Sun/Mon Mythic). Most of us are young professionals who want to be able to raid on a lighter schedule, yet still see the content, and perform up to our abilities. Our goal is to kill all content while it is current on our 3 night schedule. What we do: We come prepared. Everyone is expected to show up with proper fight knowledge, so we don't have to spend wipes learning simple mechanics. Raid time is focused on getting things done, not f*****g around waiting for 2-3 people to get their act together. If you are under-performing, and make no effort to improve, you won't be raiding here for very long. When we do it: Ronin raids Wednesday, Sunday, Monday nights from 8:00 to 11 PM CST. Invites start going out at 7:45 and we pull immediately at 8:00. We do not push past 11:00 unless we are extremely close to a kill, and even then we will only do 1-2 more pulls at the most. We also do optional Heroic raids on Wednesday nights to raid with our friends who cannot raid Mythic. These runs are generally good for alts, and for AP farming. Why we do it: We enjoy the push for progression, maximizing our characters (on a reasonable schedule), and raiding with people whom we've established friendships over the years. How we do it: Each person in Ronin is autonomous, and shows up for raid prepared. Everyone is expected to know the ideal talent specs, rotations, gearing, gemming, enchanted, etc for their class. We do provide flasks, food, gems and enchants for raiders. We do not have time to teach you how to play your character. You either show up ready to perform, or you don't get an invite, although we do make every attempt in helping you get better prior to sitting you! If you're interested in us, reach out to us through Battletags below: Duâlity-GM (Duality#1810) Lizzlet-Officer (Masakoxtreme#1626) Smashzerõ-Officer (oicu812#1947)Smashzerõ3 3d
3d [H] Acheron- 6/11m. LF DPS <Acheron> is a transfer/merge guild which completed 5/11 mythic in our first week on Area 52. Raid times: Tue/Wed/Thu 9:30-12:30 EST BFA first month: Sun 9:30-12:30 optional Loot: RC Loot Council Required attendance for Core: 90% Suggested gear level: 960+ Acheron prefers players who treat their guild mates with respect by showing up on-time and prepared. Attendance during progression is highly valued and will be heavily weighted in deciding Core positions and in seating for BFA. Although the guild is not rated-PG, harassment, racism and/or extreme vulgarity will not be accepted. In our raid, we request brevity during pulls, attention to mechanics over logs, and prompt recovery time. Currently recruiting 2-3 DPS to bring our roster to 25 (Mage/Rogue/Warr & all others considered). In your Discord interview, we will request your armory profile and recent logs. Contact Orrunok, Okaíthul or Xymos for more information(edited)Okaithul3 3d