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Nov 15, 2018 <Stay Mad> 6/8M 2 Night <Stay Mad> is looking for dedicated raiders for Mythic progression in BFA. We are a 2 night a week raiding guild and we like to maintain a relaxed atmosphere while pushing as much content as possible within the confines of a casual raid schedule. During Legion and WoD we were alliance on Sargeras and were working on Mythic Aggramar (sub 13%) before taking a break in Feb 2018 due to general Legion burnout leading to so much turnover. After a nice breather we have decided to reroll on Area 52 and have brought back a large number of our former members and are looking for a few more to round out the roster. Raid Days/Times: ----------------------------------- Tues/Thurs: 9pm - 1am est BFA Progress: ----------------------------------- 8/8H Uldir 6/8M Uldir Legion Progress: ----------------------------------- Cutting Edge: Xavius Cutting Edge: Helya Cutting Edge: Gul'dan 7/9M ToS 9/11M ABT *Our Wowprogress link prior to our reroll* Currently Recruiting: ----------------------------------- - dps (ranged pref) Contact Info: ----------------------------------- Clawthorne#1124 Boatshoes#1381 Guild Website: (APPLY HERE!)Zenshoes34 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<GraveCloaks>2/8M Evening LF DPS Uldir/SoZ [2/8M][8/8H] <Grave Cloaks> Is a guild formed by people that have loved the game since vanilla. We are new to the server but the leaders have gotten AOTC throughout legion. Our main goal this tier was to get AOTC and we have achieved that. So, now the next step is mythic raiding. We are looking to recruit dedicated players who will be on the game and be part of the community. We are currently Progressing very heavily into mythic and with the right group of people we are going to get as far as possible by the time 8.1 rolls out. Uldir: Normal: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8 Mythic: 2/8 Current Recruitment Needs: (Don't be alarmed by the large amount of classes listed, we have a full 20 man roster) Tanks: None Healers: Paladin - Mid Priest - Mid Ranged Dps: Mage - High Warlock - High Boomy - Mid Melee Dps: Warrior - High Monk - High ******If we didn't mention your class still apply anyway, we are always looking for competent raiders and many different classes for Mythic+ Requirements: Attendance: 95% attendance rate is mandatory for raiders. When doing progression, it is of most importance that we progress with the same group of players for consistency. Awareness: This is something that every mythic raider needs to have, if you click your spells, or cant realize when your standing in AoE, please find another guild, there are plenty. Class Knowledge: This is something that everyone applying should already have, but this is something that can be learned, and we expect everyone to perform at least above a 50% average for their class. Raid Times for Uldir: Tues: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST Wed: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST Raid Times for SoZ Tues: 8:00PM-11:00AM EST Wed: 8:00PM-11:00AM EST Contact Us: In this Thread : I may be slow to respond, i prefer the two methods below In Game Btag: CorpSlinky#1243 Discord: Slinky (Thernian)#3476Thernian2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 375 mistweaver Hello! I am currently looking for a mythic raid team. My current progress is 2/8 mythic with experience on zek. I have been raiding since firelandsnin some capacity. Throughout legion I was able able to get mythic kills in the tier. I am looking for a team with a steady roster and progression oriented mindset. I don’t mind switching to horde either. I would like to keep a 2 night raid schedule. I would also like to be no later than 12 eastern. I love to play the game and go through progression. My attendance will be near perfect. I also can link logs as well. I started on my disc priest this tier and have switched to my monk as that is my strongest skill set. Please contact me on discord jymbo#3780. That would be quickest responses. Thank you!Jymbo0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<Elder Warband> Adults(25+), LF RDPS Elder Warband Horde- Area 52 Mythic + Dungeons Schedule: Weds & Thurs 8:30-10:45pm est Hello WoW community!! I, along my wife and a couple other friends, have decided to create a guild hoping to find other adults that are like-minded. We've joined other guilds in the past, but we've never found the right fit. Either they are too serious, too oblivious, or too impersonal. We want a to have a guild that everyone looks forward to logging into. Like Cheers “... where everyone knows your name”. Most of us have been playing WoW since the game released. We've made real life friends in this virtual reality game. At this point we are all working adults that enjoy logging into WoW when we find free time (we always seem to find it, sorry responsibilities!). Even though our playing time is limited, we still want to experience larger group content with friends. We want to play in a fun and social environment, while we face the challenge of the latest threats to Azeroth. Our main focus as a guild is M+ dungeons and raiding. For raids, our Wednesday and Thursday raid team will be focusing on normal/heroic mode, with no plans of running mythic raids. Our main reasons are rostering and time. Normal/heroic offers great flexibility and nobody gets benched. We are looking for other adults with a great sense of humor who don't get offended easily. Because we’re small; we’re hoping to find adults that play specific classes, are willing/able to play whatever role might be needed on raid night, and can be proficient in both their specs. Also, while we have a casual outlook, we want folks that can respect their fellow guildmates by making the raid times, being prepared (know the fights!) and participating with other guildies in a focused, but fun, atmosphere. Just because we’re not hardcore does not mean we’re not competitive with each other! We all want to do our best and know the class we are playing. Parents, altoholics, blue collar workers and professionals are all welcomed! As this guild is a place for grown ups to unwind, we will have an age gate. Members must be around 25yrs old plus. Our main reason for this is so that we have more things in common than just WoW. It has nothing to do with maturity, as I’ve met younger people that are more mature than some of the older people I know. We do have some folks under that age requirement that are friends and family. We are primarily on EST and mainly use discord for voice chat. If you are interested in joining or have a question you can contact me @ Okiru#1173 or Elzix @ Elzix#11913. Feel free to also contact anybody in the guild. I’m usually on in the evenings from around 8pm est till about 11pm. Thank you, happy gaming!!Omiku167 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Elysium> Morning Raid <Elysium> is a fun, friendly and helpful guild full of respectful and mature players who value fun above everything else. Our current core is experienced and has been actively raiding/raid leading at a high-end level for numerous expansions. If you are looking for a low-stress, no drama place to raid, we might be the right fit for you. Raid schedule Morning group: Wednesday / Thursday / Friday 9am-11am EST. Weekend evening group: Saturday / Sunday 8pm-11pm pm EST. Raid Progress Morning group: 8/8N 7/8 H Weekend evening group: 8/8 N 2/8 H What we need Morning group is actively looking for ~360ilvl Warlocks as a priority (but not exclusively) as well as a few solo orbrunners. (We are willing to teach anyone interested.) Any class is welcome. Weekend evening group needs EVERYTHING. That being said, everyone is welcome to join regardless of skill/ilvl if they are looking for a social place to hang out and have a good time. We strongly believe that Attitude > ability, and this guild exists to be a safe place where everyone can be themselves and have a good time. Any toxic or consistently negative attitudes will NOT be tolerated. What we expect of you - Be patient and respectful; - Know your class; - Be open to our strats and guidance; - Be willing to work as a team. What you can expect of us - A good, cohesive group; - Patience and respect; - Help and assistance where needed; - Determination to progress through BFA content. If this sounds like the right guild for you, get in touch with us! Guild Master: rabidducky#1747 Officers: Catisfaction#11291 and Storm#15414Nevie5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<Ex Inferno>Team Pink 7/8H LF Mage, Healer [H] <Ex Inferno> With 5 raid team's on the Horde side, an active Mythic+ community and tons of other activities going on including Alt Raids on off nights, <Ex Inferno> is always looking for active raiders. Team Pink (8/8 Normal Uldir, 7/8 Heroic Uldir - 2/11 Mythic ABT), "the working man's casual progression team" is looking for a few more raiders to push into Heroic Uldir. Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun! At the moment we are looking for: Healer - We are looking for 1 strong, raid ready AOE healer to join our team. Monk preferred, but other classes will be considered (no Pallies). DPS - Team Pink is looking for 1 or 2 strong DPS. Mage, Lock, Boomkin, S-Priest, DK Rogue, Warrior. 355+, a person who plays their class exceptionally well and goes into raids researched and ready to go. Raid Times are: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 10 pm EST (2 Hours) Friday 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST (3 Hours) 18+, Discord with a working mic is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot. Contact: Bodhí (the í is Alt 0237) or b-net Bodhi#11669, Discord Bo#0122 If those raid times to not work for you Ex Inferno has 4 other raid teams on the Horde side (one on the Alliance - Stormrage). Details here and or just visit the Ex Inferno website at ***We welcome social members to our active community as well!***Bodhí53 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 2/8M | 8/8H - Øld Gøds Currently Seeking WW Monk Warrior (pref. arms) Warlock Rogue D. Hunter Bal. Druid DPS. DK Please contact me via discord Discord: Pest#1463 -------------------------------------------------------- Guild & Server: Øld Gøds - Area-52 [H] Raid Times/Days: Tuesday 9pm-12am/Wednesday 10PM - 1AM EST/Server. Optional Sunday Continuation Current Progression: Uldir 8/8N | 8/8 H | 2/8 M ||| ATBT 11/11 H&N Recruitment Contacts: Discord: Pest#1463 Website:…/…/area-52/%C3%98ld+G%C3%B8ds Requirements: 340ilvl+, Be prepared, repaired & patient! Goals: To clear Mythic :) For fun: We LOVE mythic+, We troll each other, have a pretty interesting discord. Those with thin skin and no sense of humor are suggested to look elsewherePêst4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 7/8 Looking to push AOTC <Project Gemini> Is an Adult-Only heroic horde guild on Area 52 with over 60 active members since the launch BFA when the guild was formed. We currently run (2) 25-man Normal/Heroic groups. Our focus is to have fun and push content and build core relationships between players. Selfishness, toxicity, and belittling will not be tolerated. Also, if you are unable to help others and only concerned with your own gear please scroll on as this is not the guild for you. With the new loot system coming in BFA, no longer does loot distribution have to make things complicated. That’s right, we will use personal loot for all bosses and not unevenly distribute the gear like most guilds. Guild History: The founders of Project Gemini have played World of Warcraft while it was still in beta, pre-vanilla and formed a successful heroic guild throughout BC, WotLK, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, continuing to the upcoming BFA. Each expansion we have reformed the guild on a new server to give us a fresh start and interact with more like-minded individuals. Our guild success is dependent on motivation, respect, and dedication from raiders and in return, we provide the opportunity to clear all raid content on heroic each expansion. Raid Schedule: Thursday: Optional Raid Night Friday : 8:30PM-11:30 PM EST Saturday : 8:30PM-11:30 PM EST Goals: Build a strong foundation. World of Warcraft is centered on the social interactions of players and our goal is to provide a toxic-free place to call home. We’re interested in people who log in frequently and socialize building relationships while setting personal agendas aside. Guild First: We’re family. A guild is only as strong as its weakest member, this includes attitudes and behavior from the top down. We’re all adults here and complaining about running content you don’t need is not the right attitude for this guild. The raid leaders have determined the run in advance, as a raider you are expected to participate. Why is this? Because as a team we’re going to down the bosses and not progress individually. I’ve seen too many good people get left behind because of a decision to move to the next tier leaving most of the guild behind. Friends & Family: Bring the crew. Friends and family of members are always welcome. We have had a lot of husband and wife combinations that join, or families with mature kids. While no harassment or toxicity will be tolerated, genuine horseplay and profanity will be used in Discord and Guild Chat. Alt Runs: Yes we do them. As we progress through content it is natural to want to level another toon for fun or to try out another spec. Alt runs will be scheduled and ran at least once a week after the current content is cleared without multiple wipes. Alt runs will be set up, typically on the weekend. To keep the run moving smoothly, we ask that some already geared members help out with the run and rotate out to their alt on the following week. Our part of the deal: Experienced and Organized Leadership A relaxed and friendly environment for all raiders and members Guaranteed progression Guild repairs *Raid consumables for heroic Discord channel Your part of the deal: High Attendance Mature attitude Donate some mats or gold* ZERO raid experience required ZERO knowledge of your class or spec (New toons welcome!) Motivated to learn raiding, and your class Respectful criticism to improve your class Be Social, most of the time * - Raid mats will be provided for Heroic progression with the assumption donation of herbalism supplies are met. Requirements: 25+ Years of Age Discord (minimum to listen during dungeons and raids) Positive Attitude Contacts BattleNet: GM - Neoramuh#1528 Raid Leader - Addictive#1191 If you're interested, please contact us on battle net. A short interview will be arranged in Discord to make sure we are the best fit for you! [Updated 11/3/18] - Raid Recruitment We are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS (All) Healers Melee is heavy, backup spots are open Tanks for Mythic + Pushing.Äsylum5 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 +Phantasos+ A Horde Late night Raiding Guild Phantasos is currently recruiting. We raid Tuesday and Sunday at 11pm to 2am EST. We are looking for ALL dps and healer classes. We are 5/8H (currently able to get 5 bosses down in 3 hours). We provide feasts, gems, enchants and repairs. Along with raiding we also farm keystones almost daily. We're a close knit group of friends who are like a family. We like to have fun and get bosses down. We're looking for like minded people to help us grow and succeed.Elarisìel30 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 3/8 M Uldir Recruitment Looking for a solid healer preferably a mistweaver monk, disc priest, or resto shaman. 18% wipe first night on Zek'Voz. Need someone who is mechanically inclined, ready to raid 2 nights a week with a cutting edge mentality. Our ultimate goal is to achieve Cutting Edge and progress through the raid at a steady pace. We raid from 8-11 Server time on Tuesday's and Thursday's and run alt raids throughout the week and weekend. Consumables are provided with the exception of augment runes and pre pots. Also not opposed to a warlock, boomkin, or monk dps joining. If you would like to talk to an officer in the guild contact information is here. Seejay (Raid Leader) Battletag - Csanton#1471 Tkul (Guild Master) Battletag - Aztlan#1729Seejay1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 3/8M exp Rdruid + lock LF 2 day Raiding Guild Unfortunately, our guild decided to stop raiding so my friend and I are looking for a new home. Our requirements: - 2 Days - No weekends (Including Friday) due to work and family obligations - Horde Message me or Altz in game, or add me on bnet: nastyfacts#1491Anabiotix4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 (H) LF Late Night or Mid Morning Raid Guild! Looking for a raiding guild that is running from 12pm or later during the week or tues/wed mid morning. Have multiple toons I can raid with. Have been playing since Vanilla and raided every xpack minus Pandaland.Bubblepunch1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Common> Recruiting dps/heal We are 2/8m 8/8h We are a casual aotc guild, we are not trying our hardest to clear mythics. We will kill the mythics as they come but we are a relaxed aotc guild for the main part. We still value purple and orange parses, please come ready to compete. We are accepting all dps and healer roles at this time. I can be reached at Squidpapers#1573 weekdays after 7 or weekends any time.Hüngrÿ1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Sacred Lotus> 5/8M T/W 8-11pm EST LFM Guild: <Sacred Lotus> [Area 52 - Horde] Raid Times/Days: 8-11pm EST Tues/Weds Current Progression: 5/8M Recruitment Needs: Boomkin w/ Resto Offspec, Rogue, Mage, Ele Sham, Hunter, Shadow Priest Any exceptional players will be considered even if not listed. About Us: Repeated CE guild created during Cata on a 6 hr/week schedule with a laid back atmosphere. Home to many former top 200US raiders with former top 50US leadership. Contacts: Biomedic#9573 (Discord, preferred)|Shatlaraaz#1707 (btag)Biopriest4 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 372 Frost DK with tank OS LF Guild 8/8H 1/8M DK looking for active mythic raiding guild that is online during non-raid days for M+. 376 Unholy/Blood and 372 Frost. Prefer raid days on Thursday-Sunday after 9pm server, but can possibly do Tuesdays as well depending on hours. Discord: Julian#8577 Battle Tag: bk201#11238Atmel1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Mage/Ret Paladin LF 8.1 Raid Guild Hi everyone, I am looking for a guild that I can begin raiding with soon or starting with 8.1. Currently I am working on gearing up this mage, but otherwise my paladin sits in the 340's. I have not done much raiding this expansion as I was starting a new job and was unsure how my schedule would look. Now that things have solidified I wish to return to the raid scene once again. Feel free to reach out to me here or on at Neos#1903Sentryl2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] Simplistic - Recruiting (F/Sa Raiding) [H] Simplistic is recruiting new members! Do you want to join a guild that has fun while downing content? Want to feel more like part of a family and not like another body in a large guild? Then join us! Simplistic was formed late this year with like-minded individuals who want to focus on Heroic content and progression while keeping guessed it... Simplistic :) We do M+'s, Island expeditions, Uldir, and even sometimes world PVP. Currently we're 8/8N & 8/8H in Uldir and starting Mythic this week. We raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am EST -12am EST (server time) and are accepting any strong players with the goal to push through and have fun. Not a raider? No problem! Any and all are welcome in the guild. if you're interested in joining you can reach out to any member currently online in Simplistic, or reach out to me in-game for a quick chat and invite. (Rep#1160) ~OR~ (Zerocool#12166) Thanks for your time !Teppo0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 No Country for Old Gods 8/8 Heroic <No Country for Old Gods> 8/8H is a casual, focused guild that regularly gets AOTC every patch. We are looking for a few Ranged (Mage, Hunter) Non-monk Healers, & an off-tank raid Fri-Sat 10pm-1am EST. pst We're a laid back group who like to joke around, but get kills. Super social and welcoming atmosphere. Not looking to raid? You're welcome as well! We run keys as well as PvP quite regularly. Come hang with us! Message me at Meggiemeg#1562 for more info!Megansyndrom9 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Zenith> 2/8M Forming Hardcore Roster **Just Transferred to Horde on US-Area 52 from Alliance US-Proudmoore** Raid Times (EST) Tuesday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM Wednesday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM Thursday: 10:00PM - 1:00AM Apply Here: (may change to soon) Who are we? Zenith came together in March of 2018 with the goal of creating a highly competitive, but non-toxic raiding environment. We aim to produce an enjoyable raiding experience, while using our time as efficiently as possible. Our raid is comprised of highly-skilled and team oriented players that are self-motivated to achieve the goals we have set out to accomplish. Boss strategies are discussed constantly via discord and we actively look for the best way to approach an encounter together. Our leadership has a decorated history of leading progression guilds at a high level. They are pro-active in making decisions that move us towards our goals. As we are progression focused, we value: performance, dedication, and community over all things. If you have talent, but are not willing to put in the work or have a poor attitude, then you are not for us. You are expected to go above and beyond to maintain your spot on our mythic progression team. Apply if the following are true: You want to progress at a high level with minimal time invested You want to enjoy the players you raid with You do not like or contribute to toxic environments You enjoy leadership that takes care of problems proactively You enjoy being part of a friendly community You enjoy optimizing your character as much as you can You put in time outside of raid to improve your performance You put in time outside of raid to research encounters You can take constructive criticism in a positive manner You can pick up a class and master it within a reasonable amount of time You own a microphone and can clearly communicateThe Recruitment Process: Once you have completed reading through our "About Us" page on our website, you may go to the application page by clicking "Apply" on our website. Fill out the simple form and wait for a response from one of our leaders. Once you are contacted, you will be setup with an officer for an interview. Interviews take roughly 10-20 minutes. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your abilities, history, and personality. If we decide to move forward from the interview process, we will conduct a trial run and make a final decision on whether to take you on as a trial or not. Once in the guild, you will be promoted to our trial rank (Aspirant), and will run content with us for the next couple weeks. We offer constant feedback on what needs to be improved or changed during this process, and if denied onto the raid team, you are welcome to stay on as a member. Contact List: Ruloh#11722 – Raid Lead Lilith#12189 – Co-Raid Lead Dammascus#1499 – Officer Novakowski#11944 - OfficerRulock26 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Keep it Simple>7/8H LFM Raid times: Tuesday 8-11pm EST Thursday 8-11pm EST Recruitment needs: Melee:: Warrior,Rogue,Monk Ranged:: Priest, Druid, Hunter, Warlock, Mage Heals:: Druid, Paladin, Monk Contact Information: Atrixia#11822 on battletag OR Kal#11812 About Us: We are a new PvE progression focused guild that raids on a light schedule( 6 hrs/wk). We are a small community that recognizes real life happens but that people can be active and make time for their home away from home. While we are a progression oriented guild we like to maintain a relaxed and casual atmosphere. New or veteran players are welcome as long as they are trying to constantly improve their performance for the success of themselves and the guild. The ideal candidate for this guild and the raid team is someone who is open minded, active, driven and able to maintain excellent attendance with our schedule. If you think the guild would be a great place for you to call home, don't be a stranger-Contact us via Btag to chat!Vekxi19 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] -Genesis-[8/8H] LF RDPS/HEAL <Genesis> 8/8H is looking to recruit chill and loyal players to join our fun shenanigans while building a strong social community. Our main goal is to create a fun and welcoming environment that welcomes players across all aspects. Raid times are 2100-0001 Weds/Thurs. But with the 8.1 and introduction of a new warfront mode announcment, something started to stir, the horns of war have been blown and with them we have marched back to front lines of the horde! We are looking to rapidly expand and form a rated-battleground team to push rank! RBG times are 2100-0001 Tues. Be aware: We are casual in the time that we raid, not in terms of the effort that we put in! We aim to get as much cleared to the highest level that we can in the short time that we have available! We are looking for social players who just want a community they can join right in and feel welcomed every time they log in and join in with daily mythics,lfr, or raid alt-runs. Experience may very, players who know their classes inside out, turn up on time and want to get the most raiding may have a chance at trialing during the alt raids. If raiding is NOT your thing we may have a home for you on our RBG team(currently needing healers.) LOOKING FOR: If your main spec/class is not listed we do allow all others to join our guild, we are always more than welcome to recruit and add new faces to our community! TANKS:FILLED MELEE: FILLED RANGE: SPRIEST / BOOMKIN HEALERS: RESTO-DRUID What we can offer you: ⦁ Friendly environment with a no-drama policy. ⦁ "Professional" progress minded attitude. ⦁ Decent amount of progress for the time invested. ⦁ Some stuff to do outside of raids. What we want from you: ⦁ The ability to contribute to the guild, if it be farming mats, doing achievments, etc. ⦁ Willing to do group activities! ⦁ Being able to use discord and be vocal if needed. ⦁ Most importantly....Have fun! Most importantly, WoW is meant to be fun but its not fun to hide in channel and not social with our fun friends and wait to be called on while solo playing. Casual refers to this conundrum we want to make steady progress through all levels of content but we don't want to make the game feel like a second job to our raiders,marauders,and other players in order to make that progress faster in any aspect we may be doing. To apply Either post about yourself here, add Kryptek#1227 . or use in-game guild finder and search for the guild and apply there. In-game questions contact Grishkie, Rhumor or Trashie.Mugoku3 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 375 Frost Mage LF Guild Hey all, i'm looking for a casual heroic raiding guild but i'm open to delving into mythic as well. I am currently 8/8 H and 2/8 M I also do mythic plus whenever there is a key and time permits. Preferably I like to raid at night during the week. If I am a fit in your roster leave a comment or message me on Bnet @CallTheKerps#1166 Thanks!Elesîa14 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<Digital Gangsters> 6/8M 8/8H LFM [6/8M][8/8H] <Digital Gangsters> is a progression minded guild, looking for exceptional players. The majority of the guild's core raiding roster transferred from a different server and we've come to US - Area 52 to down content efficiently. Progression: Uldir: Normal: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8 Mythic: 6/8 Past Progression: US Rank 253 Guarm US Rank 273 Odyn World Rank 68 Skorpyron US Rank 302 Chronomatic US Rank 276 Trilliax US Rank 354 Krosus Current Recruitment Needs Ranged Dps Mage - High Warlock - High Priest - Low Shaman - Medium Hunter - High Balance - Low Melee Dps Warrior - High Demon Hunter - Medium Rogue - Low Monk - Low Feral - Low Survival - Low Death Knight - High Ret - Medium Enhance - Low Healers Priest - Closed Druid - Medium Monk - Low Paladin- Low Shaman - Medium *If we didn't mention your class still apply anyway, we are always looking for competent raiders Requirements: Attendance: 90% attendance rate mandatory for raiders, due to our laid back raiding schedule. If you are to miss a raid that player must be able to notify the GM minimum of 24-48 hours in advance (with emergencies being the exception). Awareness: This is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you every single aspect of the fight don't bother contacting us. Class Knowledge: This is huge. You are not going to have your hand held. You are expected to pull your weight in damage, healing, or whatever else your responsibility may be. Failure to do so will result of a really warm bench, all thanks to you. Our Philosophy: We are expecting to push through Mythic content fairly quickly while still maintaining a fun laid back environment that knows how to focus when necessary. We love to have fun so please come with a sense of humor. We encourage a competitive raiding environment, this means that all raiders slots are eligible to be challenged. We expect and encourage players to optimize their characters in which ever way possible to provide a smoother raiding environment and experience. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Wednesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Contact Us: In this Thread In Game: bhcmoney#1320 or Crimson#1648 Discord: money88#4962 or Krimson#4495Bhcmonee50 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Nocturne 5/8M About Nocturne Led by experienced raiders and players, many of which are former Cutting Edge, Nocturne’s goal is to create a team and environment where progression, efficiency, and plain fun interweave seamlessly. Despite raiding less than most Mythic teams, our goal and expectations are clear: push ourselves and our team to be the best we can be, through dedication, preparation, and clean execution. We all have other commitments and schedules that keep us from raiding 9-12 hours a week – but we won’t let that stop us from clearing the hardest content WoW has to offer, and loving every minute of it as we do so. We strive to build a collaborative, honest, inclusive, and open raiding environment, where every member of the team has the opportunity and resources to grow and succeed. About Eternal Kingdom Eternal Kingdom is a large World of Warcraft multi-guild gaming community based on Proudmoore Alliance and Area 52 Horde. We formed in 2013 with a very clear goal: Make the world a better place! Gaming is what we love to do but it isn’t just pixels and polygons for us. We understand that while playing a videogame we can also create positive change for ourselves and for others. We continue to grow and attract those of a similar mindset, basing our community around a commitment to something we call the three pillars. More on that here: Schedule Tues: 8:30-11:00 PM PDT / 11:30-2:00 AM EDT Wed: 8:30-11:00 PM PDT / 11:30-2:00 AM EDT Thurs: 8:30-11:00 PM PDT / 11:30-2:00 AM EDT Contact CptJello#1513 (Discord - Ben (Taryyn/CptJello)#8204) - Team Lead Moemoney#1484 (Discord- ALL MIGHT jr#1825) Hectoram93#1196 (Discord-Hector Archael#5451) WANTED: 1 experienced and high performing Healer(Disc) and Ranged DPS. APPLY HERE What we expect Given that we don’t have the luxury of extensive raiding hours, we need players who are dedicated and prepared to use what time we do have. It’s expected that you will read up on fights, watch videos, and make an effort outside of our raiding hours to maximize the team’s potential whilst inside the instance. We want raiders who are always looking to improve – whether that is pouring over logs, hitting the training dummies, or chatting in your class Discord. We also understand that real life always takes precedence over WoW – it is just a game after all. We understand that you may have to miss a day here and there – but we also want people who WANT to be here, and will do everything they can to make the raid. Most importantly – we want you to have fun, and we want to have fun with you!Youngsinatrå1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] - Ex Inferno - Team Red - Recruiting Ex Inferno's <Red> Raid Team is LFM for its Raid Team! Current Progression 8/8 Heroic 2/8 Mythic Raid Times: Tues 8:30pm-11pm & Wed 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. Play Style: Adults - Like Fun but get it Done Mindset. Focus is clearing normal through heroic to start then building from there. Looking for those who want a raid group that is social, enjoys playing with each other and can focus on serious progression What are we looking for: Tank: CLOSED Melee DPS: 1 SLOT DH Range DPS: CLOSED Healer: OPEN Resto Shaman (Ele OS Pref) Mistweaver Monks Holy Pally Requirements: Self-Starter, Consistent Raid Attendance, Discord, All required addons (we will get you the list). Interested? Whisper Pharcyde#6648, Steg#5568 Check us out at for more details. If this raids progression mentality or raid times are not your cup of tea, we have other raid teams.Farcyde8 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Slightly Delicious> 6/8M is recruiting! <Slightly Delicious> is recruiting mature and like minded raiders for Mythic progression! We are a semi-hardcore mythic progression guild looking for solid and consistent players to bolster our raid team as we progress toward CE. Our raiding atmosphere is laid back and memey but focused on our goal. Our goal is to push through Mythic content and achieve Cutting Edge. Core raiding positions are based on: 1) Performance - Knowledge of your class, ability to play it in demanding content. 2) Preparedness - Consumables, being on-time, knowledge of fights and your role on them. 3) Attitude - Respect for others. Willingness to ride the bench for raid composition. 4) Attendance - Raiders must maintain 80%+ attendance to hold their core spot. Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday 7pm-10pm EST (Optional heroic on Thursdays and Alt Runs on Saturdays.) Currently recruiting players with 4/8+ exp: BM Hunter(!!!) Warlock(!!!) Willing to consider exceptional players regardless of class/spec.(!!) We have an active Discord and many of our players enjoy content besides raiding as well, such as high keys, PvP, and other games. If you see yourself doing mythic content with a mature and laid-back community you will definitely find a home in Slightly Delicious. If you are interested in joining please contact: Skilten#1591 (Discord: Rupie#4499)Op0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 2/8M Wraithsteel Legion Recruiting! Wraithsteel Legion is recruiting! We are looking for a Resto shaman and a few exceptional RDPS to round off our mythic raid team. We actively push M+ together as well. Raid times: Mythic Progression 9-12 EST Tuesday/Wednesday, Heroic runs Mondays 9-12 EST Area 52 Horde 2/8M 8/8H Btag Viral#1495/Discord Hell#7415 for more info!Hellranger0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Raidsense [H] 5/8M 2-days LF Mage/Lock Howdy all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Raidsense is a guild with a corresponding community that is aiming to provide two things: 1) A stable, consistent, low time commitment cutting edge mythic team and 2) A welcoming, friendly, non toxic learning environment for newer raiders as well. To accomplish those two goals we have two teams. A Mythic team, where expectations are higher and recruitment is more selective. We also have a team that exclusively runs Normal and Heroic content that is open to all who want to join to raid with it for learning purposes. ... Leadership Information: I've has been raiding at a fairly high level since Burning Crusade, with a strong presence in WoD/Legion where I lead <Champion> on US-Proudmoore into the top 50 US ranking territory, peaking at a US 17 finish for Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Other notable finishes include US 53 Mythic Guldan and US 67 Mythic Archimonde. I tried to launch Raidsense previously when running <Champion> but the commitment required for both making Raidsense a success while keeping a competitive raid team successful was bit much. So I've decided to scale back heavily on the competitive aspect and focus on building the community I've been wanting to for a while. Keimoo started raiding competitively in Legion, quickly climbing the raiding ranks. Starting fresh in the expansion, working his way up to Champion towards the end of Nighthold, and eventually finding his way to Vision for Antorus, where they finished US 13th. He has proven he knows how to quickly pick up the game and play it at a very high level. He is the co-founder of Raidsense. ... In addition to the guilds for both factions, we have the faction specific communities as well with the new community feature. Links can be found on our website. Overall the goal of this guild is to create a friendly and fun environment for all sorts of players. If you're a strong player who performs well regularly who enjoys helping mentor players who are less experienced, we want you. If you're an inexperienced player who is wanting to improve your play and get more serious about raiding, we also want you. You can move up to the mythic team from the heroic team if you're performing well enough. We will also be happy to help prepare you for more competitive rosters if that's where you're hoping to end up eventually. If you are interested in any aspect of this community, please don't hesitate to contact me or Keimoo for an invite or more information.Bâlto30 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 Mythic Raiders LF Guild Hello, I am looking for a new home for myself and a small group of my old raid team. We are looking for a mythic focused guild with an active environment. We are all 2/8 mythic. Primarily there are 3 of us looking for full time core raiding spots, with two or more people wanting to come along as possible alternates or core members based on scheduling. We are looking to push far into mythic each tier, hopefully to cutting edge. We are all in our late twenty's to mid thirty's, like to have fun but knock down content. We abhor toxic, unprofessional outbursts and are looking for a mature environment, many of us have been officers and gm's in the past, and we appreciate the hard work that goes into a guild and want to find people of a similar hard working mindset for progression. We are looking for a guild that raids after 10 pm est, later isn't a problem, but that is a hard cap on how early we will go. Looking for 2/3 days a week, preferably Tuesday, wed, and Thursday. Our specs and logs: Yartek: Resto/Boomy Main: Crafty: Sin/Sub Main: Ago: Frost Main blood os: (Just switched to DK so i don't have logs, I was a brewmaster monk for our guild, my logs from our raids are here: Possible core/alternate depending on times: Shill: Vengence main, havoc os: Rico: Havoc Main: We are actively looking for a new home, so hit me up here, or on bnet: Twobaus#1664Ägo1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 <Nepenthe> [8/8H 2/8M] is recruiting! Hello, We are Nepenthe and we are recruiting for mythic Uldir progression. We are a laid-back guild raiding 2 nights a week from 8:00-11:00 EST on Tues/Thurs. With an extra optional night on Sunday where we do heroic/normal. If you're looking for a place to call home and hang out with people every night we're what you're looking for! We do mythic+ nightly and plan to have other activities such as clearing mythic versions of old raids, mount farming, pvp groups, ect. Hit us up! You can reach out either through whispering someone in the guild, sending in-game mail to Morowin, my battle tag Nerosus#1828, or Benighted's battle tag Clipse#1410. Look forward to meeting you! Currently Recruiting: Tank: Open to all options Melee: Open to options. Ranged: Open to multiple options. Healers: Open to options.Tendronas16 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 360 Rdruid Veteran player looking for a mythic guild I have 5/8M experience on my main Hpal, i'm looking to join a team for my alt resto druid. I don't currently have any available logs for my druid, but I can guarantee I will be a valuable raider. :) I will post my paladin's logs for a reference. Here are some details of what I'm looking for: - Raid Time Tues-Thurs evenings, I have flexible availability for a different raid schedule but only 9pm cst or later. - A guild with strong leadership and stability - Active outside of raid m+ etc, not looking for a dead guild who only log on to raid - Mature players who enjoy a non-toxic environment and want to down content at a reasonable pace, achieving cutting edge each tier. - Horde Only If you feel that I might make a good fit for your team or have any questions, please feel free to message me or leave a response. I look forward to hearing from you. Please send me a msg if interested or have any questions, thank you. Btag: Grace#1550Serenë1 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] 380 H Priest LFG 4/8M holy priest looking for a new raiding guild. Been raiding since the vanilla days. My prev guilds GM / Raid lead decided to take a break and so everyone went their own way. I have seen and attempted mythic Zul and Mythrax with ~30% attempts. Looking for a 2-3 day a week guild with hours between 8-12 EST. Feel free to add my btag: TheChosen1#1867Moogwen2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H]<Carried>9/11M 4/8M is Recruiting! Hello! <Carried> (Area 52) is recruiting top notch players as we progress through Uldir. Now is the perfect time to apply and move forward with a stable guild of strong experienced leaders and members alike. We emphasize a competitive mindset while raiding and seek to learn from the encounters and each other in order to refine and dominate each tier. Your position in our raid group will be secured by three things: 1. Attendance and dedication. Never missing raid, giving notice when you will be gone, gearing yourself where appropriate outside of raid, etc. 2. Execution and performance of mechanics. During progression, we ask you not to worry about parses. However, we must always bring the best numbers we can to progression, so you still must remain competitive. Above all, however, you must perform mechanics to the best of your ability and perform tasks assigned to you by the raid leader. 3. Attitude. We ask players to be respectful and mindful of one another. Clarifications of raid strategy are encouraged if you are confused about what to do and when. Above all, respect your officers and fellow raid members. Raid times: Tuesday - 9:00pm to 12:00am EST Wednesday - 9:00pm to 12:00am EST Current recruitment needs: -Warlock -HPally -Priest w/offspec (heals or dps) -RDruid -Warrior We are always recruiting exceptional players, regardless of class or spec. Feel free to message us even if you are not one of those specs. ABOUT - Carried was one of the top raiding guilds on Silvermoon from BC thru Wrath. At that time we server transferred for Cataclysm and then took a break for almost all of MOP before raiding WoD and pushing mythic in Legion. We have reformed with a majority of our former core and seek to push Mythic in Battle for Azeroth. GOAL - Our plan for BFA and the next raid tier is to put progression at the forefront while keeping a relatively low burden raid schedule. We seek raiders with the ability to maintain focus on current content, and able to execute to achieve one thing - victory. If you are interested, please message one of the following: Sethyd#1459 (Recruitment Officer) Brood#1642 (GM) Faydin#1589 (Raid Leader)Xfd8 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 5/8 H Transfer Guild LFM <Refused> 5/8 H recently transferred its core members to Area 52 and are looking to fill a full raid team. Leadership is AOTC with mythic raiding experience. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday from 9PM-12AM server time. Currently looking for all roles. Limited positions left for melee DPS.Calraith0 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Ex Inferno> Community is LF You! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, expeditions, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Zandalar while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. ...Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Also check out our Alliance Post on Stormrage: Want some more information or are interested in joining? Head over to to see what we’re up to. You can also join our Discord, come in, and chat! Ping us with a @Hello tag in #general if you'd like to join and/or get more information. An officer will get back to you ASAP! DISCORD LINK: Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 [H] <Hypnotic> 5/8M - Tue/Wed 9-12:30PM EST Hypnotic is a 2-day*, 7-hour* mythic raiding guild on Area 52 with a two-pronged focus; (1) Fostering a mature, competitive, and fun raid environment (2) Achieving Cutting Edge each tier Website: Raiding Schedule: Tuesday/Wedsday 9:00-12:30PM EST *For the first 2 weeks of each new tier, we will also add Sunday 9:00-12:00PM EST. What is our mission? We are a group of adults who appreciate steady, serious progression on a less intense schedule, which allows our players to partake in the rest of the game(M+, PvP, or whatever your interests may be). We will compete with guilds that raid substantially more than us without losing sight of what matters: enjoying the people that we’re playing with & maintaining a balance between real life and World of Warcraft. What do we expect from you? Know your class inside and out and are willing to do what it takes to min/max as much as possible (e.g professions, races, etc). Always look to better yourself, this includes being comfortable with reviewing yourself on Warcraft Logs, RaidBots, etc. Come prepared to raid with all consumables such as flasks, potions, enchants, gems, etc. Maintain an active character, if you only log in for raid, then log off shortly after, this isn’t the place for you. Have 90% raid attendance. What are we currently looking for? Warrior, Mistweaver Monk, Demon Hunter, Boomkin, and Hunter, Healing Priest, Mage. What if we are not currently looking for your class? We are always looking for exceptional players regardless of our recruitment status. Our raid environment is competitive, and if you feel you can outperform our current core raiders, we encourage you to apply. How do I join Hypnotic? Apply on our website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact anyone from the leadership team listed below. Guild Master: IGN: Layonmysigil Battle Net: Layonmyhands#1485 Discord: Jukku#8438 Officers: IGN: Aezchi Aezaris#1262 Discord: Aezaris#1337 IGN: Vexamas Vexamas#6969 Discord: Vexamas#8506 IGN: Grodrak Grodash#1819 Discord: Grodrak#824Aezchi40 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 15, 2018 ilvl 369 Disc Priest Looking For Guild Hello Area 52, I'm looking for a guild currently raiding Mythic Uldir preferably on the weekend. My main spec is disc with an ilvl of 369 with an offspec of holy. I raided with my resto druid Tikimoonlite Dethecus all of last expansion competing in mythic raid progression up to Antorus. I'm a competent players and am happy to be trialed to prove my worth. Please let me know if you have any questions. My discord ID is Tikimoonlite#3947. Thank you for your consideration.Tikifreaky2 Nov 15, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 364 Hpriest LF Raid and keys guild I'm looking for a layed back casual progression guild. Not into world first status, but want to progress. Preferably one that is female friendly. Availability: no Thursdays, all other days after 9est with preference to Tuesday Wednesday night raids. ilvl: 364 Spec: Hpriest, I can play other specs just geared and prefer holy Btag: Mstaken#1895Msbehaven9 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 380 Druid and 380 Mage LF a home for 8.1, would like to find a guild that will clear Heroic quickly and progress into Mythic content. We're both active in M+ with 1200 + raider io scores so it would be nice to find a guild that does a lot of M+ too. We are looking to stay on Area 52 Weekday 2-3 day raiding guild preferred. Pogchmp - Mage Tenatia - Druid Thank you,Tenatia4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 377 Elemental Shaman LF Guild 377 Elemental Shaman 8/8H looking for a guild. I would like to find a guild that farms Heroic quickly and progress into Mythic content. I'm active in M+ with 1000 + raider io scores so it would be nice to find a guild that does a lot of M+ too. My availability for raiding days are Tuesday and Thursday I'm also comfortable with healing offspec 369 ilvl. Thank you,Simoniser4 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 4 players LF Raiding guild 367 Prot /Arms Warrior, 368 MW, 367 DH, 366 Rogue LF Tue/Thur Raiding guild. Somewhat new to server players LF Heroic/Mythic Progression guild with a focus on M+ as well. LF 8-11 pm cst (9-12 server) raid times if possible. Hit me up on here or on bnet Hadoken#11737.Ronswolson3 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 <EPG> Recruiting for 8.1 <Extremely Powerful Gamer> We are a brand new guild recruiting veteran and fresh raiders alike with a progression-focused mentality to be part of our ambitious raiding team. Our goal is to fill out a solid roster for 8.1 and eventually pushing CE. We are interested in quality raiders with a minimum of AOTC experience. This is a perfect opportunity for players who are tired of dying guilds looking for a stable mythic roster, or anyone just coming back to the game and looking for a guild to grow with. Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 9pm-12am EST --Recruiting-- -Tanks- Open -Heals- Holy/Disc - High MW Monk - High Resto Druid - High Holy Paladin - High Resto Shaman(Dps Offspec) - Medium -Melee- Rogue - High Demon Hunter - High Shaman - Medium Druid - Medium -Ranged- Mage - High Warlock - High Hunter - High Druid - High Priest - Medium Always looking for exceptional players regardless of what is listed above. We have a few minimum requirements as we are looking to recruit quality players over someone to just fill a raid spot, this includes: 360+ ilvl 8/8H Uldir experience 80%+ Warcraft Logs parses 90%+ Attendance (We understand things happen and having to miss a day, all we ask is to let us know in advance.) Note: if you are new or looking to re-roll don't worry about warcraft logs. We are also looking for additional officers and raid leads. Apply on our Website: If interested or have any questions you can contact us via Btag: KingAlfred#1254 or Grace#1550Lfrd0 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H][8/8 H, 2/8 M] <Red Bread Redemption> <Red Bread Redemption> is recruiting for heroic Uldir progression. We’re a group of tight-knit players on Area 52 Horde currently sitting at 8/8 H, 2/8 M. In previous expansions, we’ve pushed heroic content, then moved to progress on to mythic at a casual pace. We hope to do so again when we get our numbers back up. We raid 9pm to 12 pm EST on Friday and Saturday. All we ask in our guild is that you share the same laid back attitude that we do, always try to improve yourself as a player, and work with the team to further progress. Needs: Healer - closed DPS: Melee – Closed, but super bonus if you like tanking m+ Ranged – Mage, hunter Recruitment is open to all, the classes listed are just our current high priority needs and/or open classes. If you feel you’re up to making 90% of the raids, performing well every week, and can follow mechanics, feel free to send me a tell! Pilate#1430 on bnet Pilate#1855 on discordPilate38 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 hubby and wife looking for new home We are currently looking at possibly transferring off Thrall for the right home. I have 6 120s atm all between 350 and 368 ilvl. Currently 7/8H with 3% wipes on Gahun. Looking for weekday team where we can fit in, myself as a flex role player. My wife is 5/8H and has 3 characters she can play 2 healers and one melee dps. My characters are as fallows Willing to flex between any of those characters in any combination though atm I am enjoying my shaman and warlock the most. We are both looking for something during the weekday at night around 6pm est till about 11pm est. Large community or multiteam roster is a big bonus. If you think you have a team that would be a good for the two of us please reach out. Memoryfoam#11291 Wifes toons. Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 Upcoming Lock LF Guild/Server Xfer I will be hitting 120 soon on my warlock. I will be looking to raid, so I am looking for a guild. I am looking to Server Transfer to Area52 As soon as I hit 120 I will be gearing up as fast as I can. I do have Uldir raiding experience from a tank POV. I am 8/8N 1/8HPerilo1 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 <H> P A N T H E O N LF Raiders Pantheon is a Heroic only with some Mythic raiding when there is time type of guild. Currently, 8/8N and 8/8H. We want to make sure raids are enjoyed, but not the mythic push stress that some endure. We all have a life, and are not basement dwellers!! Progression is KEY. **Warning** if you are the type who gets offended easy we are not for you :) Rude, Crude, and Saucy!! We have been around since Legion so we have a solid bunch of folks. We just need more to the roster. WoW lovers unite!! NEEDS: DPS (Ranged mostly) Raid times: TUE/WED 10:30pm EST - 1:00am EST. Thur Raid/M+ switcharoos 10:30pm EST - 1:00am EST. FRI: ALT raids for mains / Alts 10:30pm EST - 1:00am EST. When we are not raiding you can typically find us running Mythic + at the max that can be done for the weekly. Type of raiders needed: People who enjoy raiding and are consistent raiders. People who know your class inside and out, and who can multi Role in specs. Folks who love wow, and enjoy having fun and not being so serious all the time. We still get it done, but have fun doing it! Rycon#1217 Discord: Rycon#8818 Warcraft Logs:áina3 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 [H]370 MW LF raiding guild I am currently 4/8H (with AoTC) and looking for a guild that raids 2-3 days preferably on weekdays between the times of 8PM to Midnight EST. I am a veteran WoW player with 13 years of raiding exp on and off in each expansion and have some raiding experience in other MMOs in the past such as EQ, SWTOR, and FF11/FF14. I am hoping to find a guild that can be my permanent home for BFA. Any questions hit me up at Onedvsbstd#11794. Thanks.Reissa17 Nov 14, 2018
Nov 14, 2018 4/8M AOTC - Vrekt - 3 Nights 7-10pm <Vrekt> of Illidan Vrekt is a newly formed guild that started at the launch of Uldir. We're looking for a few more raiders as well as social MEMEbers, pvpers and derelicts alike. Raid Info: Goal: Mythic Progression / CE Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights. Vrekt is a team founded by veteran raiders looking build a progression-oriented core roster of players with the common goal of clearing mythic content while it’s still relevant. If you’re a player with current mythic experience, a player that feels they’ve outgrown Heroic content, or a former hardcore raider looking to get back in to progression without the 5 day a week commitment, then Vrekt may be the right home for you. What we require: Knowledge of your Class/ Role Don't be Toxic Be prepared every raid Participation in strategy discussion and encounter research Positive attitude and presence (we want to keep it fun) Patience as we build our roster If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered. __ Current Needs: Healers: MW, HPriest rDPS: Lock, Mage, Hunter mDPS: Ret __ How to Apply: Go to our discord and fill out an app using the template in the application channel. For more info, please contact us below. Discord: Destructive#1640 Bnet: MasterSK#1789Sämäel4 Nov 14, 2018