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May 1 [H] Guilds of Area 52 (Redirect) Redirect (New Sticky Author) May 1
1h <ES> 5/11M Tues/Wed 10pm-1am EST < Eternal Stuggle > -Horde Server: US-Area 52 Times: Tuesday/Wednesday 10pm-1am EST Current Progression: Antorus, the Burning Throne: 11/11 H 5/11 M About Us: -We are a Heroic/Casual Mythic raiding guild. -Our main focus is to raid the current content at a Heroic level and progress into Casual Mythic raiding. -We are a 2 night a week raiding guild. -We don't tolerate elitism and toxic people. Everyone must be respectful of each other. -We solve problems and kill bosses, but are okay with people learning and wiping when we consider the progression speed acceptable. -Team morale is very important to us. Constructive criticism is welcome, general complaining and negative comments are not. *Players who fail to respect this, will be removed from the raid team. What We're Looking For: -Looking for players who are happy playing on a casual mythic oriented raid team. Players who don't mind slower progression at times, and enjoy a 2 night a week raid schedule. -Looking for more people who want to play into the expansion Battle for Azeroth. Recruitment: -We are currently interested in all applicants for the current Mythic Antorus raid team. -We are also interested in people waiting to play in Battle for Azeroth. Specific Class Needs: DPS: -Warlock -Hunter Marksman -Shadow Priest HEALS: -We are currently looking for one full-time healer, preferably a Resto Druid. Also DPS players with a heal offspec who can cover heals occasionally. -Druid -Monk TANK: -We are currently looking for one-full time tank. Also DPS players with a tank offspec role who can cover tank occasionally. -Monk -Druid Applicants: -We have a trial period of two weeks, to see if apps are the right fit for the team. Acceptance is based off a combination of player skill and attitude/personality. -We expect people to come prepared for raids. Have your own gear gemmed and enchanted. Have your own consumables ready, food, flasks, potions, etc. -We do however, provide cauldrons and feasts which you can use. We also supply repairs for raid members. -We expect you to play your class to an acceptable skill level, have knowledge of current raid fights, and be willing to do homework if you fall behind performance wise. *Please leave a comment below with your battletag if you wish to be contacted for recruitment. :)Moofur29 1h
1h Any guilds selling The Chosen? (Gold only!) Any guilds selling The Chosen run? I keep getting so many fail PuGs that I'm thinking about just buying a run since it is going away soon. Please message me with a fair price if you are selling.. I do have chars on this server. Thanks.Galannia0 1h
2h 3 (H) looking for raiding guild Area 52 We are currently looking for a new guild Horde on Area 52. The three of us are older folks and have plenty of raiding experience dating back to MC 40. We are in the EST time zone and would be available any evening and sometimes on the weekends. We do have plenty of characters but our main's at the moment are 962 Assassination Rogue 966 Beast Master Hunter 954 Unholy Death Knight We do have other 110 characters we will be leveling up when BFA comes out. Please send me a message or leave your information Thanks!Mockchicken8 2h
2h 2 Dps mains looking for raiding guild My friend and I are looking for a raiding guild for BfA. We both have multiple years of raiding experience and several AotC achievements. We raided all of legion as alliance and are looking to start fresh with the horde. We plan on playing dps, most likely maining Demon Hunter and Death Knight. But we plan to keep a few alts ready just in case. Looking for a Tuesday and Thursday night schedule that plans to raid sometime between 7pm and 12am. We are looking for a semi-serious group that wants to push through mythic if possible. Also, not looking to switch realms/cross realm raid. - BlackStar#11465 or Discord -BlackStar#9040 if you want to message me.Elyzzar2 2h
4h 975 10/11M Resto Shammy Hi! I have played a healer since vanilla and am looking for a 10/11+ mythic guild to kill Argus and to raid with in BFA. I have 350 pulls on Argus and have seen up to chains 4 in P3. The dream guild would have raid times that start after 9:30 EST (6:30 PST), preferably not a weekend guild, preferably 2 day a week, and an active guild where people are actually online for a non-raid day. Feel free to add: Misthoof#1954Misthoof3 4h
4h [H] 9/11M LF rdps and a rsham! <Half Credit> [H] Area 52 9/11M is looking for a few dps classes to finish off our raiding roster and prepare for Battle for Azeroth! Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Monday 10-12pm EST Recruitment High Priority Warlock Any ranged dps Resto Sham healer Any exceptional class/spec is also more than welcome to apply Requirements Discord/Exorsus Raid Tools/RC Loot Council addon/WeakAuras Half Credit offers you: -Free gems, enchants, pots/flasks and repairs for raiders -Active members even on non raid nights -Mythic +'s -Alt raid nights on thursdays What we ask from you: -80% Attendance -Knowledge of your class -Able to take constructive criticism -Come prepared for every raid -Positive attitude, patience, and ability to be a team player -And don't forget that sense of humor(: If you feel like we could be a good fit for you then contact our recruiters. Ouija (wubwubwub#1316) Monkey (Moclaw#1519) Notchoga (Choga#1882)Ouija76 4h
9h havoc 966 4/11 M lfg leme know hansoloh#1248Ninetwofive5 9h
9h MM/BM hunter LFG for BFA First expansion I will be maining DPS instead of heals. Looking to join a weekday raiding guild, pref monday-thursday.Squeekishots3 9h
9h Experienced Raider LF Mythic BFA Guild Just read whats in bold. Looking for a guild committed to clearing Mythic Content in BFA not too concerned about Antorus. Im available everyday until Midnight Sever Time overall 10+ years of raiding experience prior world top 150 experience and us top 25 as a holy pally. Classes Im interested in to raid in BFA - Rogue -Warrior - Havoc - Mage - Shaman My interest is mostly in that order Bluntron#11189Bluntron6 9h
9h [H] Previous Cutting Edge Mythic Guild LFM <House Gamon> of Area 52-Horde is previously a Cutting Edge Mythic guild, returning after a Legion break to recruit for our mythic raid team! We are a relaxed, level-headed, and mature group of people. I'd like to push harder in BFA with people who are confident in their ability to mechanic well. Raid Times: Wed/Thurs@ 8:00PM-11:00PM EST. We're a fairly laid back and friendly guild, so it goes without saying that we are looking for players of a similar personality. This means we don't want anyone with a short temper, but we are looking for people who are striving to improve and have an open-mind. For applicants interested in joining our mythic team, we require an item level of at least 960. This is not a dictatorship-style guild where one person makes all the decisions. Instead, it has a strong leadership committed to helping the team run smoothly all sharing the load. We also have an optional strategy session that is conducted outside of raid times (as needed) where ideas/strats/concerns are discussed, optimizing raid time and everyone has a voice. If you are interested in raiding with us: add AND message: Audrinna#1194, Flecks#1807, or Stephling#1722 or app at our website 9h
12h [Reckless Ambition] 10/11M Daytime LF DPS ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE POSTED TO OUR DISCORD, go to #applications tab and post the sample application. We will not be using our website for applications any further. Add on Discord #Bigfoonk#5433 , Afrifoonk#5473 Add in game (Btag) Bigfoonk#1152 , Athelis1979#1633 Link = Raid Times Area 52 - EST TIME , RAID HOURS EST. Saturday : 9:00 AM -1:00 PM Sunday : 9:00 AM -1:00 PM Recruitment Needs: Must be 965 ilvl with current mythic logs (1) RANGED DPS Reckless Ambition goals/progress: 1.Maintain a light raid schedule 8 hours weekly. 2.Be a top serious mythic progression guild on Area 52. 3.Complete with guilds who run 3 and 4 nights a week. 4.Active roster that does events outside raiding hours. We are currently 10/11Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne Have killed the following: 8/9 Mythic ToS 10/10 Mythic Nighthold 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 13/13 Mythic Hellfire #43 U.S. 2 Day We use: Voice - Discord Loot - Loot Council based system WowProgress - Why pick Reckless Ambition? Simple, Reckless Ambition has a very unique schedule which almost everyone can do! Do you work nights and can't raid a normal schedule? Are you tired after a long day of work and don't feel like raiding for 3+ hours? Do you want to progress with a great group and have fun while doing it? We have years of experience has leaders from Vanilla to Now. We have been raiding weekend mornings since Throne of Thunder(5+years). Fair Loot council system, everyone is going to get gear even new members!Afrifoonk14 12h
16h <Evocati> Led by 11/11M recruiting for BFA. <Evocati> - Area 52 is currently seeking skilled, level headed players to recruit to our roster for BFA. We are a roster full of very high rated M+ players and led by 11/11M raiders. This is something that we will look for in players, as we are always looking for new people to push with. We are always recruiting talented players to bolster our roster, currently our needs are: Healers: Resto sham Priest Druid Mistweaver Dps: Everything besides shamans Raid times: Tuesday 7-10 p.m EST Wednesday 7-10 p.m EST Thursday 7-10 p.m EST Awaiting the impact of mandatory personal loot to decide on loot rules. Since we are fairly new and not doing any legion content, we can't provide guild logs, but here are some of our raiders logs. What we expect from you Reliability. Be on time, but we understand if real life happens every now and again. Skill. You are expected to play at a high level and consistently be working to improve your play. Gear. You are expected to keep getting gear and maximizing your output. When the first raid tier is out, we expect you to be up-to-date and ready to rock. Accountability. We expect you to mess up occasionally because we aren’t robots, but you are also expected to own up to your mistakes and not make them repeatedly. Placing your blame on others will not be tolerated. Don’t be a douche. Nobody wants to spend 9 hours a week with a guy who doesn’t stop talking about fortnite. Nobody wants to spend the raid week with the guy who whines about parses or the guy who blames everyone but themselves. Don’t be that guy. What you can expect from us Fairness. We won’t let people be blamed for something they didn’t do. An enjoyable raid environment. Our raid leader is quite relaxed as well as experienced leading a US 50 guild. We all try to have fun while playing at the highest level possible. No carrying. We love our friends and family, but we also love getting bosses down. If someone isn’t carrying their weight, they will get replaced. We’re not gonna waste nineteen other people's time, just to make one person happy. If you are interested in trialing and looking for a fresh start, add Sonar#11232 or Deler#1870.Sonar3 16h
16h 11/11M xD Selling M Guldan and Heroic Antorus <xD> 11/11M ABT is selling Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne full clears and Mythic Gul'dan mounts. Heroic Antorus Personal Loot - Price is 250k. Full clear guaranteed. Most loot raiders don't need will be available for roll between buyers. Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Price is 1M. Includes an Elisande kill if you need a CoF xD. All prices are negotiable. Spots are limited, first come first serve. A 20%, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. If you miss your scheduled run for whatever reason, we can reschedule your run for a following week. Sales are on Sundays @ 9pm EST. Sales usually begin with Gul'dan first and then Antorus afterwards. Will not accept gold from other servers. We can take players from other servers but get your gold over to this server first. If you are interested in any runs please message in game or bnet (Akusa#1820) to schedule your run.Akusalol5 16h
19h LFG Weekend Day Raiding (Mythic) Experienced, mature, drama free raider looking for weekend day raiding guild 8-10 hours a week. Looking for starting times between 9 and 11 PST Saturdays and Sundays. I work 50-60 hours a week and wasn't able to raid consistently in Legion after EN (Cutting Edge in EN, AOTC all other tiers with casual guild). Will play any DPS class / spec needed. Looking for a mature, fun group that likes to progress. Links to relevant early Legion logs below. Willing to provide much more in-depth information to anyone interested. PM here or on Bnet @ Furl#1949. Thanks! 19h
20h [H]<Elder Warband> Adults, Raiding, M+s Elder Warband Horde- Area 52 Mythic + Dungeons N/H Raiding 11/11 N- 11/11 H Schedule: Weds 8:30-10:45pm est Hello WoW community!! I, along my wife and a couple other friends, have decided to create a guild hoping to find other adults that are like-minded. We've joined other guilds in the past, but we've never found the right fit. Either they are too serious, too oblivious, or too impersonal. We want a to have a guild that everyone looks forward to logging into. Like Cheers “... where everyone knows your name”. Most of us have been playing WoW since the game released. We've made real life friends in this virtual reality game. At this point we are all working adults that enjoy logging into WoW when we find free time (we always seem to find it, sorry responsibilities!). Even though our playing time is limited, we still want to experience larger group content with friends. We want to play in a fun and social environment, while we face the challenge of the latest threats to Azeroth. We are newly reformed and seeking others adults to help us grow. Our main focus as a guild is M+ dungeons and raiding. For raids, we will be focusing on normal/heroic mode, we do not plan to be running mythic raids. Our main reasons are rostering and time. Normal/heroic offers great flexibility and nobody gets benched. As of this moment, we don’t have enough to fill up a raid, but we have cleared earlier tiers, short-handed, so we can raid together in some form. Our plan is to run two nights per week, right now we’re only gathering once per week until we get a few more people. We are looking for other adults with a great sense of humor who don't get offended easily. Because we’re small; we’re hoping to find adults that play specific classes, are willing/able to play whatever role might be needed on raid night, and can be proficient in both their specs. Also, while we have a casual outlook, we want folks that can respect their fellow guildmates by making the raid times, being prepared (know the fights!) and participating with other guildies in a focused, but fun, atmosphere. Just because we’re not hardcore does not mean we’re not competitive with each other! We all want to do our best and know the class we are playing. Parents, altoholics, blue collar workers and professionals are all welcomed! As this guild is a place for grown ups to unwind, we will have an age gate. Members must be around 30 yrs old plus. Our main reason for this is so that we have more things in common than just WoW. It has nothing to do with maturity, as I’ve met younger people that are more mature than some of the older people I know. We are primarily on EST and mainly use discord for voice chat. If you are interested in joining or have a question you can contact me @ Okiru#1173 or Elzix @ Elzix#11913. Feel free to also contact anybody in the guild. I’m usually on in the evenings from around 8pm est till about 11pm. Thank you, happy gaming!!Omiku75 20h
22h Weekend Raid Area-52 <LeftCoast> Progression: 11/11H 5/11M *Raid day Weekends: Saturday and Sunday 8PM-11PM Eastern Time -Optional fun runs on Fridays nights. Team Needs: Tanks: (None at this time) Dps: Ranged- hunter, shaman, priest, warlock Melee- monk, rogue, druid, Demon Hunter Healers: Shaman *Though you may not play a class listed on our NEEDS, all players will be considered. We are a Mythic group looking to round our roster with like minded players that are looking for a forever home to push higher end content with limited availability. We pride ourselves on self sufficient and productive activity to better the guild and players around us. Always encouraging and pushing our team to the best of their ability and beyond. What we expect from our team: -Attendance *you must maintain a high attendance, you cant grow with us if you dont show. -Knowledge (understand and learn both your class and the current content, a dead body is a useless body) Follow Instruction (self explanatory) -Pushing higher end key (this is one of the best ways to learn your class and about yourself) -Contributions (whether it be gold to the guild, mats to maintain our supplied perks or even offing advice to others. Any help is welcome) -Friendliness (nobody likes a debby downer or jerks) -HAVE FUN (at the end of the day this is a game you log into to have fun) For all other INQUIRES please contact me directly: ghettoskippy#1896Ghettoskippy1 22h
22h [H&A] <Ex Inferno> is LF you! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Dalaran while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. Interested in raiding? Team Pink [H] Wed 8:30 - 10 pm EST Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST 1/11M Heroic progression – The working man’s progression raid. Team Green [H] Mon/Tues 8:30 - 11 pm EST 4/11M Mythic progression – Have fun. Play hard. Personal accountability. Team Red [H] Fri/Sat 9 pm – 12 am EST 5/11M Mythic progression – Hold my beer and watch this! Team Orange [H] Wed/Thu 8:30 – 11 pm EST Flexible progression - the fun, learning team! Team Purple [A] TBD (Most likely Thu 8 pm – 12 am EST) No progression. Forming in BfA – One night stand. Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Head over to to see what we’re up to and, while you’re there, grab the link to our Discord server! Everyone is welcome to come in and chat! Want some more information or are interested in joining? Here’s how to contact me! Battlenet: iamadecoy#1447 Discord: Ytesia#1692 Or join our Discord and ping us with an @Officer tag. An officer will get back to you for chatting ASAP!Ytesia32 22h
22h Multiple 10/11M players LF ARGUS PROG Multiple 970+ players with 300+ pulls on Mythic Argus, looking for a a raid team to finish out Cutting Edge. Drop your battle tag/discord tags and will contact you. Looking for guilds progressing on mythic argus! also must be around 7-12pm est (in that range)Wrig1 22h
23h Late Night Raid LFM 5/11M Antorus <Virtually Impossible> is an established guild which we have built to fit what we wanted out of a guild; we wanted a home. One that is adult, social, full of active members, with plenty of events to do and plenty of guild mates to do them with. We pride ourselves on community and that aspect has given us great success. Now we are proud to say that we have achieved that goal! What we looking for: Active, community driven, social type folks. Friendly, talkative, and good-humored. Sassyness is a plus! As we are an adult oriented environment, we are looking for people who aren't offended easily. ;) TLDR: Fun, laid back, social folks! Need to know for Raiders: Casual/Hardcore raid environment. Raid Days/Times are Tues and Wed from 12-3am server time(Eastern). Progression is 9/9H ToS and 11/11H, 5/11M Antorus. Required 3rd party items - Discord and RC Loot Council. Raid needs are any Ranged DPS and 1-2 exceptional melee. Highest needs are Resto Druid and Warlock. Also the raid is looking for a permanent Raid Leader to join our ranks. You must have experience raid leading in the past and be reliable and quick on your feet. What you will get from the officers: Each of us has been playing and raiding since Vanilla. Combined we have over two decades of leadership experience, including GM, Officer and Raid Leader work. We will work with you as a team to make this guild into something we can all be proud of. What you will get from Virtually Impossible: A home <3 If interested please reach out to me @ Aradne#11285 :) Thanks for reading and see you all in-game!Aradne460 23h
1d Nostalgic (H) Nostalgic (H) Area 52 --Raid times- Wed-Thur-8-11 server. -Loot method: loot council. We at Nostalgic are returning to the game after a break in WoD. We're recruiting Healers- Holy Paladin, Holy/Disc Priest Tanks- Open Dps- 3 melee, and 6 rdps Are you an individual who... -Is a loyal guy/gal who is looking for a long-term home? -Is a competent and competitive player who has an understanding of his/her class but also keeps up with the latest changes to his/her class? -Is a player who assesses his performance to consistently improve? -Is a self starter and doesn't need people to hold his/her hand? Well, some of us might be convinced to do more then hold your hand, do you have pics? -Is not only able to accept constructive criticism and learn from it, but expects it from his/her guild mates as a stepping stone to improve? -Has on outrageously good sense of humor? -Is also really really ridiculously good looking? This is important. -Is into furry or gnomes or a furry gnome? Look, I don't make up the rules, I just think them up and write them down. Are you interested in a guild that... -Recruits Smart? We don't recruit for bench spots, and personality is as important as a factor as is skill/experience. -Has real people you can actually get to know, instead of voices and pixels. -Is able to have fun during raids? We joke, make fun of each other, have full conversations in Discord and still get bosses down. We know how to have fun, but we also focus when it counts. Our members enjoy numerous perks, and we love to take care of them. We've provided gems, enchanting mats, BOEs, flask, and anything else we can get our hands on. Look we know how most guilds recruit. They use the same buzzwords ("serious casual," fun and friendly," "mature," etc,) and take most applicants. We are different, although we are not for you if you're the sort that only cares about pixels, or doesn't ever say a word in Discord or in guild chat. You see, were looking for colorful additions to our family, people who make logging into this game about more than just slaying Internet dragons. Interested? Gear and experience can be easily obtained, but good attitudes are harder to come by. Come give us a try, we might even call you the next day. For contact or any questions Rah#1152.Bloodscyth6 1d
1d [Reckless Ambition] 10/11M Daytime LF DPS ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE POSTED TO OUR DISCORD, go to #applications tab and post the sample application. We will not be using our website for applications any further. Add on Discord #Bigfoonk#5433 , Afrifoonk#5473 Add in game (Btag) Bigfoonk#1152 , Athelis1979#1633 Link = Raid Times Area 52 - EST TIME , RAID HOURS EST. Saturday : 9:00 AM -1:00 PM Sunday : 9:00 AM -1:00 PM Recruitment Needs: Must be 965 ilvl with current mythic logs (1) RANGED DPS Reckless Ambition goals/progress: 1.Maintain a light raid schedule 8 hours weekly. 2.Be a top serious mythic progression guild on Area 52. 3.Complete with guilds who run 3 and 4 nights a week. 4.Active roster that does events outside raiding hours. We are currently 10/11Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne Have killed the following: 8/9 Mythic ToS 10/10 Mythic Nighthold 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 13/13 Mythic Hellfire #43 U.S. 2 Day We use: Voice - Discord Loot - Loot Council based system WowProgress - Why pick Reckless Ambition? Simple, Reckless Ambition has a very unique schedule which almost everyone can do! Do you work nights and can't raid a normal schedule? Are you tired after a long day of work and don't feel like raiding for 3+ hours? Do you want to progress with a great group and have fun while doing it? We have years of experience has leaders from Vanilla to Now. We have been raiding weekend mornings since Throne of Thunder(5+years). Fair Loot council system, everyone is going to get gear even new members!Foonkintime137 1d
1d <YIKES> 11/11M Recruiting About Us [Seeking ranged DPS for core positions!] YIKES is a mythic progression guild on US Area52 [Horde]. We are the very definition of a semi hardcore guild. We kill bosses in a timely and competitive manner all while maintaining a fun and relaxing raid environment. We are currently looking for any skilled healers as well as a mix of ranged/melee dps. Requirements * RC loot council, Exorsus Raid Tools, DBM/BigWigs. * Experience with mythic raid content at a current level. * A minimum of 75 traits in main spec Artifact Weapon. * Discord with Microphone for communication. Raid Times Monday THROUGH Thursday 8-11pm EST We add the first Friday of every mythic tier to help push us where we want to be. Where to Apply Applications can be done via Discord/Template Discord : Application : Please note that only one app can be submitted. All skilled players are more than welcome to apply. If you do not see your class on the recruitment list, feel free to throw up an application. We are aiming to reach top 50 US, and all exceptional players are welcome! Achievements HFC: U.S. 113th Archimonde EN: U.S. 54th Xavius ToV: U.S. 73rd Helya Antorus: U.S. 75th Argus Any questions add Duplicities (recruitment/sales officer) Duplicities#1712 Keldornblack (GM): Keldorn#1456 Sokzäk(one of the healing officers) phattony#1147Duplicities25 1d
1d <Legacy Reborn> 11/11M Mythic Antorus Sale Greeting's Area 52! Looking to boost your ilvl? Missing a certain Tier piece for completion or Transmog? Want to be <Titanslayer (insert your name here)> and brag about your Cutting Edge: Mythic Argus achievement? We've got you covered! As the server's premiere 2-night guild, <Legacy Reborn> is excited to announce that we're now offering spots in Mythic Antorus, the Burning Throne runs for sale! Mythic Antorus the Burning Throne Packages 5/11 Mythic Antorus - 2M gold 7/11 Mythic Antorus - 3M gold 9/11 Mythic Antorus - 4M gold 10/11 Mythic Antorus - 5M gold 11/11 Mythic Antorus (NO MOUNT) - 8M gold Argus the Unmaker only (NO MOUNT) - 3.5M gold All packages include loot for the class and spec of your choice, this applies to ALL Warforged/Titanforged loot as well! Prices are open to negotiations. We are also selling the following: Mythic Gul'dan with Mount - 1.5M gold Want to buy something that is not listed or have a special request? Contact me at Emobear#1720 on and we may be able to work it out for you. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How does loot work? A: All of our Mythic runs are done with Master Loot. Once you've chosen a class/spec for your run, you will receive all tier tokens for your class (even if multiple tokens drop) and all armor for your class type. You will also receive any rings, necks, cloaks, trinkets and relics appropriate for your chosen spec (stat priority pre-determined by us for jewelry and cloaks). This applies to all loot dropped by any boss you purchase, including items that may Warforge/Titanforge to ilvl 985! Q: When is my run? A: We raid Tuesday and Thursday 8:30pm to 12:30am EST. While we strive to clear all farm content on Tuesday and have done so in previous weeks, occasionally we may need to continue for a short period on Thursday. We will do our best to let you know in advance. Q: How do I buy a run? A: To reserve your spot for a certain raid week, we require a deposit of 20% of the cost of the run you are buying. The remaining 80% will be due on your scheduled raid night before you enter the instance. Reservations are first come first serve. In the event that you do not show at your scheduled run, your deposit is non-refundable. However, if we need to cancel your run, you may choose to have your deposit refunded, or reschedule for a later date. Disclaimer: WE DO NOT TAKE REAL MONEY, BIT COIN OR ANY OTHER REAL WORLD CURRENCY. The only valid form of payment is WoW gold. The purpose of us doing these sales is to bolster our guild's future progression in Battle for Azeroth. Contact me at Emobear#1720 on if you have any questions or are interested. Hope to hear from you soon!Vengeancedh11 1d
1d LF FRI/SAT RAIDING GUILD 940ILV tank/resto druid.Ojaý0 1d
1d <Metal Moolitia> Semi-Hardcore LF Ranged Greetings, Everyone! <Metal Moolitia> (11/11H) is recruiting casuals, new and returning players, and Normal and Heroic-only raiders in Legion and Battle for Azeroth who are a great personalty fit for the guild. We have a few spots left in our semi-hardcore main progression team (for Battle for Azeroth, ultimately Mythic) for the following caster DPS: - Mage - Elemental Shaman* - Shadow Priest* - Moonkin* * pref. with heal offspec for emergencies Once those spots are filled, we will be done actively recruiting for progression content. Who We Are: We are a guild of friends and some family - mostly aged late 20s/early 30s, with some couples, married combos, students, veterans (there are a bunch of us; shameless vet plug), people with kids, etc. - who value real-life obligations, but also raid time. We're kind of like . . . like a mullet: business up front, party in the back. Or, perhaps, "Sylvanas in the streets, Thrall in the sheets," works better. We have fun, but also get things done. We are active on Discord, our hub for voice and text chat, for both WoW and other side games. Legion PvE Our primary focus in Legion was Heroic raiding, and our mandatory raids are now over until BfA. We run normal Antorus on Saturday, and have been clearing Heroic weekly, and doing H KJ kills for artifact appearances, Legion achievement runs, old achievement runs, and M+ while we wait for BfA. Battle for Azeroth Plans: We'll progress through Normal, Heroic, then Mythic in our Tues/Thurs raid, 9:30 pm - midnight server. As we clear content, it will be moved to off-nights, with most likely a couple teams for Normal and Heroic, possibly on different days to accommodate different schedules. Days TBD. Progression raids will always be Tues/Thurs. All raid times are 9:30 - midnight server time (EST) Our progression team is FULL on tanks and healers. We currently need a couple ranged DPS with Heal offspecs. How We Operate (Important) We have a strict, zero-tolerance policy regarding bad attitudes, disrespect, condescension/elitism, and general douchebaggery. Toxic people, regardless of who they are, will be removed from the guild. The vast majority of guildies have been with us a long time, and we specifically recruit good people with the right personality who are looking for a long-term home. Having no reservations about kicking out those who create a negative guild environment has enabled us to maintain a close-knit, zero-drama, zero-toxicity guild. Officers make decisions transparently, welcome advice and opinions when they’re delivered tactfully, and are always happy to work with people and help them meet their goals for their characters, as long as they’ve made an effort help themselves first. Everyone in the guild is helpful and inclusive, regardless of rank or role. Politics & Religion are off limits for public conversation. Take it to PMs. Summary & Misc.: - Guild type: Semi-Hardcore (Non-Hardcore? Semi-Casual? Wut?) Raiding & Casual/Social - All raids are from 9:30 PM - midnight server (EST) - Highest Cleared: 11/11H Antorus, no aspirations for serious Mythic progression in Legion - Heroic Antorus: Tuesday & Thursday - Normal Antorus:: Saturday BfA - BfA Mythic Progression: Tuesday & Thursday - BfA Heroic Progression: Saturday (Normal/Heroic prog - Heroic farm) - BfA Normal Raids: Days TBD Raid Logistics: - All raid consumables, gems, enchants, and repairs are provided for Raiders - SURVIVAL and MECHANICS are equally important as Role Performance - We only raid two days (5 hours) per week, so great attendance is expected - Loot is personal, and unwanted stuff is put up for rolls - Keep whatever BoEs you loot. Blizzard looted it to you, so to us it counts as personal. - Casuals/ New & Returning players welcome, or those who aren’t quite ready for Mythic raiding, but will put forth the effort to get there. - Mythic+ groups (join us for Mythic Mondays!), Antorus alt raids, old achievement runs, casual PvP and ridiculous inter-guild wargames, etc. Please contact: Ðacra (Bnet: Dacra#11210; Discord: Dacra#0609) Please use these, rather than contacting me in-game. I'm often AFK or messages get spammed out before I can read them. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, and have a great day! :)Ðacra93 1d
1d Resto Druid LFG for BfA Update: I've now found a guild. Thank you all for your consideration and good luck to everyone in BfA! I'm returning from a year-long break and would like to start raiding again in BfA. I'm a mature and friendly adult player (age 38) who has been playing since 2007 (exclusively as resto). I had hardcore (6 Day/week, mythic equivalent) experience for 1.5 years and have served as a guild class leader, but most of my experience has been at the heroic equivalent level as a healer. My raid availability is from 7pm to 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time (all days of the week) and I have a rock solid attendance record. My character is not currently able to raid at the mythic level due to my ilvl (941) and lack of knowledge about the current raid, but I'm willing to jump in if I can be used before BfA. My current goal is to find a fun group of people who like me and can put me to work as a resto druid. Please message me, I'd love to hear from you! My Btag is Krayl#1663Leafix2 1d
1d [H] <Casually Disorganized> Raid Guild Casually Disorganized is a semi-hardcore raid guild that will be pushing the envelope in BFA. We will tackle the most difficult content while maintaining a healthy environment for people to enjoy and learn. Join us today and help to create a learning environment where progression is still a primary focus. Our culture will not be stuffy and drama will NOT be tolerated. We are looking for people willing to learn and have fun. Lead is 7/11M and looking to push content while still having something for everyone to enjoy. Current needs: HEALERS and any solid dps with raiding experience. Schedule: Tues/Wed 8-11pm server Once things are up and running we will reevaluate the raid nights to better accomodate everyone. Contact Info: Birch (Storlock)#4293 (discord) primary Birch44#1969 (BattleTag)Storlock5 1d
1d TEAM 15 (TOAST) LFM (5/11M) Area 52, Team 15 of TOAST is looking for the below. Hit me up if interested. Tanks: None Healers: Shaman, Mist weaver DPS Melee: Warrior, Enhancement shaman, Rogue, Feral, Demon Hunter, Ret Paly DPS Ranged: Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Shadow Priest Current Boss Status: Imonar (Progression starts Sunday) Raid times: Sun, Tues, Wed 730-1030pm est Loot: Personal Progression: 5/11M Team Leader: Painreaper#1101 Hit me up if interested. Thanks, PainPaínreaper9 1d
2d <Tartaros>H Area 52 5/11mythic DPS & Healer <Tartaros> is a late-night mythic progression guild (11/11 H & 5/11 M). We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm-1am EST. We are currently recruiting 3 Skilled dps and 2 healers. We also push 20+ keys add me for more information Battle Tag Swiftreaper#1997Swiiftstorm2 2d
2d 2 Teams BFA <HACKED> is a semi hardcore guild located on Area-52 Recruitment Weekdays- Mon and Wed 9pm-12am EST Weekends- Fri and Sat 11:30pm-2:30am EST - Needs: We are recruiting a few for both groups that will be Starting come BFA. Most of us are returning GM/Officers and raiders from <Raids Naked> Realm 6th in MoP. At this point in the game we are just looking to get in and smack some bosses around whilst having fun. Our goal is to get as much down without the drama and salt that most guilds offer nowadays. - Loot is Personal for Normal/Heroic and Council during Mythic. Expectations - Fully prepared for raids. - Competitive and committed. - Able to take criticism. - Mature. - Have common sense. Attendance We like to raid. We show up and don't miss raids without good reason. Skill High numbers is not everything. We want the sort of players who can think on his/her feet and make good decisions in split seconds. Do your job instead of pad. Stay focused while adjusting to unexpected during a fight. The ability to play all the specs of your class. Not standing in fire is basic, we want MORE than that. Atmosphere We spend 6 hours+ a week together in raid and several hours outside of that in discord doing plus pushing, pvping and or playing other games. We like a good laugh and some of us make terrible jokes. We're not looking for asshats. We want good fellow raiders who are similarly driven and can take a bad pun once in a while. If we sound like a good fit, feel Free to message Oxythymia in game or battle tag: Oxythymia#11311Oxythymia1 2d
2d 4K Resto Druid LF M+ Team Hey guys looking for ppl that want to push keys. Very exp healer in m+. Hit me up at any time. I’m open for anything. LOOKING FOR SERIOUS PLAYERS ONLY! Shaped#1271Shåped1 2d
2d LF Heroic Raiding guild going into BFA looking to get my warlock in a heroic raiding guild going into BFA. im trying to get myself established at the start of the X pac. I would prefer 9-930pm start time. 2-3 nights per week on raiding and one night on mythic+.Junebugz5 2d
2d 971 3/11M ret pally LF raiding guild Hey guys I'm a 971 ret paladin looking at trying to get cutting edge this xpac and following through into BFA. I am 3/11M and led a group of PUGs into achieving these. However, I do not think it is feasible to achieve 11/11 through pugs. I am available 7pm-1am EST on Friday and the weekend of this week(next week I am available any time) I would prefer weekends and fridays(this week-starting next lockout I am available any day) *****However, starting next week(next lockout) I can raid any day/any amount/any time. I have discord and communicationAustino3 2d
2d Ret Pally LF Guild Currently on [H] Hyjal server which is PST, looking to move to a EST time zoned server. I own and operate my own company so my playing hours are really flexible. I would like to be finished raiding by 10ish pm EST. Just getting back into the game, ilvl like 920 or something but that's only after 3 or 4 days of playing. I have lots of mythic raiding exp, have been a ret pally for over 10 years now pretty much all i play. Add me if you'd like to chat. SuddenChaos#1348Fanacuz9 2d
2d 11/11m Frost Mage LF new home for BFA LF semi-hardcore established raiding guild with people who have an active community. 500 + pulls experience on M argusNotkappa4 2d
2d <Sonder> LFM players for BFA! <SONDER>[7/11M] is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to bolster our roster with intelligent, skilled and dedicated players for BFA. Currently any exceptional players will be considered, no matter the class or spec. We expect a certain amount of devotion and self-awareness inside a raid environment, but outside of raid we are a laid back group. We regularly do Mythic+ and host Heroic alt raids, as well as the occasional Normal alt run where anyone is welcome. Casual players are always welcome :) Raiders Currently accepting anyone with raid experience. (Anyone with good recent logs will be prioritized) Raid Times Tuesdays:9-11pm est Wednesday: 9-11pm est Thursday: 9-11pm est For more information, please feel free to add me on Bnet: Dinogoesrawr#11896Dînogoesrawr5 2d
3d <Dramatic> is now selling Mythic Antorus! <Dramatic> located on Thrall formerly on Sargeras is now selling full or partial Mythic Antorus bosses as well as the Mythic Gul'dan mount. Requirements/info: - We accept gold only. No RMT or items, etc. - Cross realm characters are allowed as well as cross-realm currency as long as you are horde. - We require a 20% down payment as confirmation of the sale and your presence on the sale date and time. We will give you a 30 minute grace period to show up or a negotiable length of time if you warn us in advance. - We do our runs on Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30 - 11:30 CST/server time with most of our runs being completed in 3 hours for a full clear. If you can only meet a portion of this time feel free to contact us to negotiate a suitable time. - On master loot runs you get everything you need for your main spec (multiple token drops, etc.) aside from max item level relics (985). Mythic Antorus 9/11 Mythic Personal Loot - 3m 9/11 Mythic Master Loot - 4m 10/11 Mythic Personal Loot - 3.5m 10/11 Mythic Master Loot - 4.5m 11/11 Mythic Personal Loot (no mount) - 4.5m 11/11 Mythic Master Loot (no mount) - 6m Mythic Gul'dan mount - 2m If you have questions or wish to set up a run please contact either Crimm#1855 or Synnove#1345.Crimmv0 3d
3d [H]<Ex Inferno> (1/11M) LF DPS 4 H/M ABT [H] <Ex Inferno> With 4 raid team's on the Horde side, an active Mythic+ community and tons of other activities going on including Alt Raids on off nights, <Ex Inferno> is always looking for active raiders. Team Pink (AoTC - 11/11 Heroic ABT, 1/11 Mythic ABT), "the working man's casual progression team" is looking for a few more raiders to push into Mythic ABT. Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun! At the moment we are looking for: Ranged DPS - one strong RANGED DPS (Boomkin, Hunter or Lock preferred) to continue clearing Heroic and begin pushing into Mythic. 960+ with 75+ weapon. Melee - Warrior or Rogue. That being said, we will consider any STRONG DPS (Ranged or Melee) that can help us progress into Mythic. Raid Times are: Wednesday 8:30 - 10 pm EST Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST 18+, Discord is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot. Contact: Bodhí (the í is Alt 0237) or b-net Bodhi#11669 Darkcntrl - (Cntrlfreak#1665) Soyprotien - (Cryptic#1259) Nayati - (SoulSyphon#11126) If those raid times to not work for you Ex Inferno has 3 other raid teams on the Horde side (one on the Alliance - Stormrage). Details here or just visit the Ex Inferno website at ***We welcome social members to our active community as well!Bodhí32 3d
3d <Disconnect>2day 11/11M, Fr/Sa 9:45p-1:45a PT <Disconnect> [US, Area 52, Horde] (11/11M 9/9M) is a 2-day, late night, weekend Mythic raid. We are looking for progression minded players interested in a friendly yet competitive raiding environment. We just realm transferred to Area 52 from Stormrage in May 2018. Guild used to be called <Shattering>. Pardon the messed up Wowprogress/ data. Recruiting any exceptional Tank, Healer, and DPS. Raid times: Friday & Saturday 9:45pm-1:45am PST 10:45pm-2:45am MST 11:45pm-3:45am CST 12:45am-4:45am EST (server time) Apply at: What you can expect from <Disconnect>: Strong Guild leadership focused on progression Fair loot council with progression in mind An easy going and friendly atmosphere not common in most progression guilds Dedicated and skilled core team A group that understands that WoW is a game, and is meant to be fun What we expect from you: Consistency Raid awareness Accountability and responsibility Experience and knowledge to excel at your class/spec Desire to progress and push yourself every raid Apply at: Discord contact: @char *#7024 contact: Lamat#1220Tiramesu3 3d
3d <Toast> Team 14 9/11M LF DPS! Toast Team 14 is recruiting raiders to progress through ABT and on to BFA. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30pm-12:30am Pacific (12:30am-3:30am Eastern). Please do not apply if you cannot make our full raid schedule. Currently our group is 9/11M Most recently killed Coven in 37 attempts. We went from 2/11-9/11 in 2 months w/o saving a lockout. We are currently seeking: DPS: High need for Moonkin, Shadow Priest, Rogue, Ele shaman or any high parsing DPS. Healers: Disc Priest, MW Monk (having competitive dps or tank OS is highly desirable). To be considered, applicants must: - be 965+ equipped and itemized (exceptions for situations like convergence/arcano crystal dropping ilvls) - 75+ concordance levels in your main spec weapon - have all relevant legendaries for their Main spec - have logs ready for review - have a great mythic raiding attitude and be open to feedback constantly looking for ways to improve. - Some of our team push keys regularly and have ranked as high as US 50 this xpac for M+. Our goal is to be a competitive late night guild within Toast and build a strong team going into BFA. If interested please contact: Wonka#1307 or apply at toastguild.comWonka0 3d
3d <Heroism> Recruiting Mythic raiders for BFA Tues/Wed/Thurs : 8pm -12 Am EST Bnet: Kenny#14789 Currently Recruiting : RDPS - Must have Mythic experience. We are a social Raiding guild , group of core Players who have raided mythic and formed our own team for BFA. we like to pvp on the side and do achievements to fill the lul in expansions. come hang out and trial for our team. We have flex raider rank for those that cant commit to our schedule or for those that can only come some times.Kënny3 3d
3d Buying H Antorus (for gear) Hey guys, I’m looking for a guild that is willing to sell a h ant for a fresh alt of mine to gear up in hopes of downing mage tower stuff. Willing to pay 450k for a full clear (or atleast up to Agg) with any and all DH/leather/agi gear (Master Loot/Non-Personal) Due to my work schedule I can only purchase a potential run on weekends (any time) or possibly very late on weekdays. Any guilds interested should add me - Eck#1507Eckbok0 3d
3d Returning player LF guild to go Cutting Edge Hey everybody, I've recently returned to the game after missing most the raid tier having to move cross country for work. I've been casually raiding on a mythic level for the last 2 xpacs and am finally in a good spot in life to where I want to take it to the next level. Mainly I'm looking for a guild whose goal is to achieve Cutting Edge, whether they're currently, or looking to get there. I'm mainly playing ele shaman but will be testing out other dps specs come prepatch and can OS heal/tank(have aotc on all classes/roles except mage). Some requirements: - Active outside of raid. - Raid ends before 11pm server - Multiple guild runs per week - 18+ If your guild meets these requirements shoot me a message, I'm currently updating my logs but pug life can be slow. If you're a tight knit group open to new members thats a big plus I want to surround myself with people who are less concerned about memes and parses and more concerned about improving and giving constructive criticism. Really looking forward to hearing from you all! Btag: Herbie#11267Herbie3 3d
3d Liege! 10/11M Looking for Raiders Liege is currently looking for dedicated raiders with good attitudes to join our roster and progress with us through Mythic Antorus content (Currently 10/11M) We are a late-night weekend raiding guild, but we do so much more: achievement runs, mount runs, time walking, cards against humanity, keystones and pvp. We are helpful and friendly if you ever need any help feel free to ask. If we peak your interest please message me (Syntira#1221), Krustypizza, Alphablood, or Riketz with any questions you may have or feel free to join our discord and talk with an officer or member. (Link Provided Below) WHAT WE WANT: TANKS Ret Paladin Rogue Resto Shammy Disc Priest Demon Hunter DPS DPS Looking for any exceptional class/spec!! RAID TIMES Friday/Saturday 11pm-2am (EST) Also we are always looking for back up raiders, and casual members just looking to join a growing community. 3d
4d [H]<Disconnect> 11/11M [Late Night] LFM Formerly known as <Shattering> on Stormrage Alliance, we have just transferred over to Horde on Area-52 under the name <Disconnect>. We are a weekend (late) night raiding guild that aims to create a raid team that logs in to enjoy the raid, rather than experience high stress on our days off. What you can expect from <Disconnect> Guild leadership focused on progression. Loot council that prioritizes the raid over the player. Individuals with entertaining personalities. A dedicated team focused on killing bosses. What we expect from you Consistency. An easygoing personality that contributes to a fun raiding environment. Our current raid schedule is as follows Friday Night: 9:45PM-1:30AM PST Saturday Night: 9:45PM-1:30AM PST Current Needs Now looking for a healer, (HPally or Disc preferred), Ranged DPS, any class, and a Tank! Wowprogress Old Wowprogress (new one isn't fully updated yet as people transfer over and it detects kills) Apply on our website If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Bnet or on this thread. Lamat#1220 Lep#1468Charurun6 4d
4d [H] <Genesis> Recruiting for BFA! Are you looking for a new start? A new beginning? Genesis is a newly formed guild looking to recruit for BFA! Our current focus is to level up for the start of BFA. Whether you're a new player or an old, all are welcome. Genesis was formed by a small group of friends. Some are veterans and some are just starting out, therefore, we have room for everyone looking to have fun. Our focus for BFA will be: Dungeons, Raids, World Content, and hopes for Rated Battlegrounds. While we have our goals and aspirations as a guild, the most important aspect is creating a guild that can be a welcoming home to any who want to join. If you have any questions, please whisper GreyPhoenix#1599 or Kogaki#1502Draydón0 4d
4d <Aloe Vera> 10/11M LFM Tue/Thu 8:30-11:30EST HIGH NEED FOR EXCEPTIONAL RANGED DPS. Aloe Vera is located on Area 52-US. We're a semi-hardcore guild where many of our members have been actively raiding since Wrath of the Lich King. Our roster is assembled of 20-35 year olds that play other games together such as PUBG, Destiny 2, various Steam games, etc. Our raiding environment is generally mature. Loaded with crude behavior, thick-skinned conversation and a profane sense of humor. Ideally, there's a healthy balance of shenanigans and progression. That being said, we respect our members. We've developed a strong foundation and are working to expand our roster. Mission To cultivate a competitive raid team in a community driven environment. Aloe Vera was founded by a core of hardcore raiders that no longer wanted the hardcore raid schedule yet wanted to maintain a respectable rate of progression. Today, the goal still remains to compete and accomplish as much as we can in the 6 hours a week we raid. We strive to be a place for players who want to play at a high level but only want to invest half the time that the typical progression guild does in World of Warcraft. Raid times: Progression Tues 5:30 - 8:30 PST / 8:30 - 11:30 EST Thur 5:30 - 8:30 PST / 8:30 - 11:30 EST Clean up / Alt and Recruit Heroic Clear Sun 8:30 - 11:30 EST Current Progress ToS: 5/9M Antrous: 11/11n, 11/11h, 6/11m What We Need Holy Paladin (All classes welcome and all applicants will be considered.) But also, we need you! We're looking for solid, committed raiders who take casual mythic progression seriously and are willing to help with guild mythic+ runs and heroic clears. We need people who are knowledgeable of their class and who is ready to deep dive into the current high level raid mechanics. We're a casual guild on off nights, but we go hard on raid night. The guild supplies Cauldrons, Feasts and Vantus Runes (where applicable). Raiders are expected to bring their own potions and food as the encounter demands. We use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution. Trials ARE eligible for loot, even if cross-realming. Loot is voted on in a council composed of officers and raiders rotated in on a bi-weekly basis. Biggest upgrade, attendance, performance and attitude are taken into account. Loot drama is NOT tolerated. Raiders are expected to have the following addons and keep them up-to-date to facilitate raiding: DBM or Bigwigs Weakauras 2 RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools ------ Please fill out our application on Google sheets: If you would like to contact us for more information, please add us on B-Net Recruitment Officer: Discord Blazrael#5763 / Bnet Blazrael#1258 Officers: Bnet HolyAnarchy#1844 , Bartholomeu#11258, Trevor#1835.Blazrael58 4d
4d <Salty Dogs> Recruiting 11/11H Guild: Salty Dogs Faction: Horde Raid Times/Days: Tuesday (Normal Antorus), Wed/Thurs (Heroic Antorus) all raids at currently at 8pm-11:30pm server time (EST) Progress: 11/11H, 2/11M and cleared all prior Tiers in Legion About: At the core, Salty Dogs is a guild of honest, sarcastic, and no bull!@#$ people. We are currently building our guild roster and raids team, and plan to progress into mythic raiding in BFA. Salty Dogs pride ourselves in being motivated, progressive, team oriented, fair, logical, and jokesters. We understand adulting is hard sometimes. Many of us are family men and women, and the guild is close knit like family. Family and friends are important to all of us. We require that members are age 21+, open minded, progression and performance driven, and have solid mental fortitude (feelings are ok, but we don't need easily offended people within our mature atmosphere). Everyone's time is valuable, and we work as an efficient team that is always improving to push progression. Join our team of Salty Dogs for the beginning of Area-52’s next successful raiding guild. Everyone is welcome to join the Salty Dogs. Our family already includes US military veterans, and we would like to extend a special welcome to other veterans to join our family. Contact Us: Fiddlingyak#1956 (Recruiter), Darkfever16#1450 (Co-GM) Website: Discord: LF: Melee DPS Heals: (Need: Low) Open to Exceptional Players Ranged DPS:(Need: Low) * Mage * S Priest * Hunter * Warlock Open to Exceptional Players Melee DPS:(Need: HIGH) * Rogue * Frost DK * Fury Warrior Open to Exceptional Players Tanks:(Need: Low) * DK Open to Exceptional PlayersIzobela2 4d