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7m 970 lock LFG - mythic progression Current tier experience: 6/11m with Kingaroth to 15% or so. Didnt get mythic KJ but did kill mythic GD when it was current. Warlock main since vanilla, here for a good time and a long time. Not big on guild hopping, only when necessary. Done pretty much everything except the last bit of WoD. Quick personal blurb: 29, work full time in financial services, but not an organization slave. Offdays (M/W/F) are more to go to the gym in slightly superficial attempts to bulk up after years of neglect. Availability: Tuesday / Thursday - after 7pm CST Friday - after 9pm CST Saturday / Sunday - mostly whenever (later better) I also make boss kill videos just because, find them here: Will check this from time to time, can only respond later afternoons though. Best way to contact is via tag: Advocate#1150Advoe2 7m
12m 963 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hiya, I'm a 963 Ele and I'm currently Alliance on Sargeras. My current guild has fallen apart and I wish I could stay with them, but some things aren't meant to be. I'm trying something new and I'm joining horde and specifically Area 52 because I've got some friends on it already. I enjoy the Mythic grind and would like to continue it on this server, me and my guild only got as far as Antoran. We couldn't kill it even with what I considered exceptional players and we're now disbanded :( I started mythic progression a few months ago and this is the expansion I've progressed on the most. I do enjoy playing my spec at a high level though and am always looking to improve myself. As far as relevant experience I'm.. 6/9M TOS 2/11M ATB Here's my warcraftlogs character profile if you want to check out my mythic and heroic logs. I'm looking for a night time raiding guild that's at least 2/11M, but you know there's always exceptions. Please leave a guild post below as well as some contact info. Jolty#11600 You can also add me if you would like more info. Thank you for considering me :)Joltyon12 12m
23m [H]<Fallen Have Risen>5/11M LF DPS <Fallen Have Risen> is a guild aiming to push Cutting Edge content on Area 52. We are 5/11M, 11/11H. What we're looking for: Melee DPS: Warrior Rogue Feral Druid WW Monk Ranged DPS: Shadow Priest Mage Elemental Shaman Boomkin Hunter Any exceptional DPS are welcome to reach out to us regardless of class/spec. Our core beliefs as a guild are that all raid spots are earned; that no individual, including myself or any other leadership, is more important than the well-being of the team and that our scheduled raid times will be well-spent pushing progression. We believe that the time we dedicate to raiding every week is something important to all of our raiders, and we will put that time to good use progressing. We expect all of our raiders to be prepared for raid nights by bringing consumables (Flasks and Feasts will be provided) and adequate research on the fights we are attempting. To us, the most important aspect in a raider is having strong awareness and raid mechanics. We value raiders that want to execute the fight correctly. We do not want raiders that are going to ignore mechanics for the sake of looking good on the meters. What we can offer you is a guild full of good friends that will push into Mythic content. We can offer you a guild that doesn't raid on a Hardcore schedule, but will be sure to use our time raiding to progress to the best of our abilities. Our raid days and times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-10 PM EST. We use Loot Council as our Loot system, and our mandatory addons are RCLootCouncil, AngryAssignments, and WeakAuras2. Contact Info: Guild Master - Mink (Minko4000#1590) Raid Leader - Crazzluz (Crazzluz#1727) Officer - Crystal (Wtftransform#1625)Minkeo20 23m
1h (H) <Muggle Life> 10/11H LFM! We are a new late night raiding guild, led by 2/11M Raiders. Our goal is to build a semi-hardcore raiding Guild that is fun and social. Our plan is to continue with Progressing through Heroic until we get a roster built up to start mythic. We are socially active on Discord and always up for helping people do their keys. On our off nights, we are typically doing mythic +, selling 15 keys, or holding an Alt Raid Night. Casual players and low levels are also more than welcome to join. Current Progression: 10/11H 11/11N Raid times: Tuesday/Wednesday: 12am-3am EST 11pm -2am CST 9pm-12am PST What we need: Tanks: None Heals: None Dps: Currently looking for Ranged, but Melee are welcome to apply as well. Let us know if you are able to tank or heal off spec as well. Hybrid: Looking for Viably Geared Dps/Healer Loot: Will be Distributed using RCLootcouncil, (add-on is required) Additional Required add-ons: Exorsus Raid Tools and DBM or some other form of boss mods If you think Muggle Life is a good fit for you and are interested in joining please feel free to add the Guild Leader – Ofgallifrey or Officers – Agape and Poptartdaddy to BTag or drop your BTag in comments below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. B-tag: Ofgallifrey - slytherin05#1744 Agape - agape#1753 Poptartdaddy - Talystan#1281Pyriiä0 1h
2h <Artifice> 3/11M LFM Artifice is a guild that prides ourselves on being capable of clearing mythic content while being on a much more casual schedule. Does this mean we're a casual guild? No, we have certain expectations of all our raiders that we hold them to so that we can ensure we are able to progress. While we may not be a cutting edge guild, we definitely have the potential to be one. Anyone interested in applying to Artifice should realize that it is not just about the raiding. The majority of our players are friends with each other and as such enjoy doing things outside of raid together. If you're looking to apply you should be open to making new friends as I can guarantee you will not regret it. Flasks, Pots, and Food are provided for all our raiders as well as Vantus Runes when we decide to use them. We use loot council with RCLC to distribute loot. Trial periods last two to three weeks. During your trial period you will be expected to attend every raid and perform at an acceptable level. Trials do have lower loot priority to our core raiders, but that does not mean you are not considered for loot. We raid Tues/Thurs from 830-1130 PM Est. We are currently looking for: Boomkin Spriest Ele Shaman Warlock As we currently have an abundance of melee, we are only really looking for ranged specs at the moment. Of course if you feel you'd make a good fit but your spec is not listed feel free to get in touch. Feel free to get in touch with the following people if you are interested or have more questions. Tyzula#11580(Ilisena - Officer) JONATHAN#1760(Stripercop - GM) Best of luck with your search for a new home!Ilisena0 2h
2h <Salty Dogs> New Adult Raiding Guild Guild: <Salty Dogs> Faction: Horde Raid Times/Days: Wed/Thurs/Fri 8-1130 PM (Server/EST), Tuesday is Mythic Plus day Progress: 11/11H, and cleared all prior Tiers in Legion Contact us: Contact us: DrizztdoUrde#1626 (Rec. Officer), Redonkulas#1440 (CO-GM), Darkfever16#1450 (Co-GM), darlight#1171 (Co-GM), arlithruz#1126 Website: Voice Chat: Needs: DPS: Mage, Boomkin, Feral, Warlock, Hunter, Ret Paladin, Demonhunter, Shadow Priest (heal offspec), Elem Shaman (heal offspec), Rogue. Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid At the core, Salty Dogs is a guild of honest, sarcastic, and no bull!@#$ people. We are building our team, progressing into Mythic, and preparing for the next expansion Battle for Azeroth. Salty Dogs pride ourselves in being motivated, progressive, team oriented, fair, logical, and jokesters. We understand adulting is hard sometimes. Many of us are family men and women, and the guild is close knit like family. Family and friends are important to all of us. We require that members are age 21+, open minded, progression and performance driven, and have solid mental fortitude (feelings are ok, but we don't need easily offended people within our mature atmosphere). Everyone's time is valuable, and we work as an efficient team that is always improving to push progression. Join our team of Salty Dogs for the beginning of Area-52’s next successful raiding guild. Everyone is welcome to join the Salty Dogs. Our family already includes US military veterans, and we would like to extend a special welcome to other veterans to join our family.Lûthiën4 2h
3h 3 Geared Raiders LF Casual Mythic Guild Hello, I am posting on behalf of myself (a 960 Disc priest), Grubzug-Garrosh (962 Havoc DH with 3.1K, and Yojakelol-Garrosh (963 Holy priest ). All three of us are 1/11M on a very dead realm and are interested in server swapping to another realm for a casual mythic raiding guild. We had some unfortunate set backs with our current raid team and are looking to potentially server swap and join a guild that is ready to progress through mythic at a casual yet focused pace that has mythic kills to show for it. We like to have fun, but only when things are getting done. We run mythic+ on the regular, but are most focused on raiding at the moment. Our current raid schedule is Tue/Wed/Thu 8:30PM - 11:00 PM EST, however we are willing to adjust our raid schedule if possible. Thank you all in advance!Captlysis10 3h
3h [H] <No Offense> 11/11H Late night raid guild Hello Our guild is <No Offense> 11/11H on the Horde side of the Area 52 server. We are a semi casual raiding guild who recently server transferred/faction changed from Proudmoore Alliance side on 2/16. Most of our team played as Horde originally and we wanted to get back to the faction we enjoyed, 21 raiders made the transfer so our raid team is fully intact and staffed. What we are looking for now is to add on a few more raiders to round out our group. We make progress on raiding tiers through heroic difficulty and run mythic + daily, however we prefer to joke and gamble our way through the raid night, not bashing and calling out folks. So if you are the type of person who likes to rage or point out everything people do wrong, we are not the guild for you. Our raid times: Heroic - Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30PST (11:30-2:30 EST) Alt run - Wed 8:30-11:30PST (11:30-2:30 EST) Recruitment needs: Restoration Druid (with dps offspec) Warlock Other Ranged DPS - No Hunters High damage Melee DPS If you are interested please contact: Sindrum#1235 or Browar in game Phat#1659 or Todnetcher in gameBrowar0 3h
5h Pure Athletes 5/11M Seeking 1 DPS So myself and my fellow Pure Athletes are looking for a few comrades to help us fend off the Legion. See the Legion thinks they’re the best thing ever since sliced bread. Kinda like that punk Hulk Hogan. He was always stealing the Macho Man’s shine. NOT THIS TIME. We’re gonna be droppin elbows all over Antorus. If you want to drop some bows for the 1-2-3 and become a word champion come join us. We’re not too shy to distract the ref while you hit Argus in the head with a steel chair. Whatever it takes to win. Our main even bouts are scheduled for one fall with a three hour time limit. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 8:30pm to 11:30 pm (est) Our current needs 1 non-Hunter/Ranged dps. 1 healer Shaman pref but will consider any stellar performer! Boomkin well receive preference Though any outstanding dps will be considered But we’ll take anybody with a solid attitude that knows their classes. If you’re lookin for a fun guild filled with some really good players feel free to hit me up. See we’re not like that punk Hulk Hogan who couldn’t carry the Macho Man’s bags to the arena yet acts like he’s the best of all time. Nope not at all but we’re the Cream Of The Crop and no body does it better. Contact Unseen#1623 (GM) Cream of the crop himself Deler#1870 mefuller#11205Berrio10 5h
5h <Ooker Dooker Fightclub> [H] Ooker Dooker Fightclub We are currently recruiting a few players to progress into Mythic Antorus currently while have all of heroic (11/11) on farm, only thing stopping us from moving into mythic is a set of 20 players! Recruiting: 1 x Guardian Druid 1 x Elemental Shaman 1 x Retribution Paladin 1 x Mage 1 x Feral and/or Moonkin Druid 1 x DH Raid Times: Wednesday: 7:30-10:00 PM Server Time Thursday: 7:30-10:00 PM Server Time We don't just raid! We are not strictly a raiding only guild, we run mythic keystones, achievements, level together, etc! Contact: You can freely contact myself or add me on bnet ~ @MaxSquats#1413Bababoowee8 5h
7h 965 DH LF Mythic raiding guild. Hello, due to recent events with my guild deciding to go their different ways or take a break I'm looking to find a new guild to join. I'd prefer no times later than 1am server and am available on any day. Logs: Btag: Dethmaul#1894Charminultra8 7h
7h 961 Frost Mage LF Mythic Raiding. Hello. I am looking for a guild that is raiding on tue/wed/thur approximately 8pm-1am. Preferably using RCLootCouncil for loot distribution and even better if with a system like epgp. I mainly play frost, but can easily switch to other specs if needed. Currently 960(961)ilvl with 77 traits. Have AOTC.Leilinda7 7h
7h VERY active Sin Rogue LF mythic raid group As title says, I'm very active, on most if not every day. I'm desperate to get my feet wet in mythic antorus runs, 960 ilvl (958 eq). I am not looking for a guild as I've recently been promoted in mine and wish to help progress that guild as much as possible. I am just looking for a consistent raiding group to join. Thanks!Zarina3 7h
7h 963 Mistweaver I'll be moving to the realm this coming Thursday and would like to join a mythic raiding guild. My main spec is Mistweaver(healer) but I could learn my other specs if needed. I work overnights so a morning raid team between the hours of 9 AM and 1 PM would be best for me, however, I can also raid on Tuesday and Wednesday all day. my Artifact level for is 75 for Mistweaver and Brewmaster and 74 for windwalker with my healer titan trinket @ ilvl 1000 and my tanking trinket at 940. If you have any questions don't be shy! below is some links about me! Logs Sargeras - Kil'jaeden - - Contacts Battle Tag - MrBrightSide#1209 Discord - BrightSide#9689Bambóòzle2 7h
7h 961 Frost Mage LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hello. I am 961 frost mage that recently transferred to Area 52 from Tichondrius due to my old guild death. I am looking for a guild that is currently progressing mythic antorus or is building a core group to progress. I am available Tue/Wed/Thur 9pm - 1am. Post your options below))Leilinda4 7h
7h 3 Raiders LF Heroic Raiding Guild 955 Affliction Lock 955 MW Monk 943 MM Hunter 11/11 normal Antorus 5/11 Heroic on other toons LF Chill group, and are open to all evenings - would like to progress through BFA with the new group as well. NO LATE NIGHT GUILDS BTAGS: nic#12657 jackmylumber#1988Rottingflesh4 7h
7h [H][US][Area52] <Nightborn> LFM 2/11m <Nightborn> is a guild on the Area – 52 server. We raid on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST. Our current progression is 2/11M Antorus, next week we will most likely be 4/11. What the Guild Expects from you: The ideal applicant is self-driven, researches their class, and continuously strives to improve performance. Present in Discord during raids with (DBM or Big Wigs) and RCLootcouncil add-on installed is mandatory. Applicant must have a solid working internet connection. What the Guild Will Provide you: The guild will provide repairs, food, and flasks. Loot is done by a loot council (which consists of officers and raiders). More importantly, we provide a friendly atmosphere. We are here to have fun and play together. So be prepared to listen to bad jokes on farm nights. What we need: exceptional DPS!! **We welcome all social players that will contribute to the guild atmosphere in a positive way. M+ BFA We hope to hear from you!! If interested, please contact ( Sanjin (Aztlan#1729), or Coldatron (Tangosplice #1369).Herbsman0 7h
11h Muggle Life LF 10/11H LFM DPS About us: We are a new late night raiding guild lead by 2/11M raiders. Our goal is to build a semi-hardcore raiding guild that is fun and social. We plan to start doing Heroic and Normal until we get roster built up to start mythic. We use discord and always up for helping people do there keys. On our off nights we are typically doing mythic + or selling 15 keys and playing overwatch and other games together. Casual players and low levels are also accepted if they just wanna come chill in a fun social guild. Current Progression: 10/11H 11/11N Raid times: Tues: 12am-3am EST 11pm -2am CST 9pm-12am PST Weds: 12am-3am EST 11pm -2am CST 9pm-12am PST What we need: Tanks: None Heals: none atm Dps: Currently accepting all dps classes. Ranged or Melee, especially dps that can play tank or heals off spec as well. Hybird dps/heals: could use a swing healer/dps Loot: Loot will be loot council using RCLootcouncil(addon is required) Additional required addons: Exorus Raid Tools and DBM or some other form of boss mods If you thing Muggle Life is a good fit for you and are interested in joining please feel free to add me on btag or drop your btag in comments below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. B-tag: slytherin05#1744 agape#1753Ofgallifrey20 11h
12h 955 Spriest. (Sun-Tue, Fri, Sat) Toon Name: Kwayze Class: Priest / Shadow Ilvl: 955 (equipped) Faction: Horde Cleared: 4/11 Heroic 0/11 Mythic Btag: pallicor#1901 Raider IO: Warcraft Logs: Armory: Availability: 5PM Server - 3AM Server, (Sun-Tue, Fri, Sat) Looking For: I am looking for a second raid team to join. Currently I only have 1 Spriest but I have the 110 boost I can gear to 940+ (easily) in about a week. The raid group that gets my Main is negotiable.Kwayze2 12h
13h [H]<Carried>5/9M 6/11M is Recruiting! Hello! <Carried> (Area 52) is recruiting top notch players as we progress Antorus, the Burning Throne. Now is the perfect time to apply and move forward into the next tier with a stable guild of strong experienced leaders and members alike. We emphasize a competitive mindset while raiding and seek to learn from the encounters and each other in order to refine and dominate each tier. Your position in our raid group will be secured by three things: 1. Attendance and dedication. Never missing raid, giving notice when you will be gone, gearing yourself where appropriate outside of raid, etc. 2. Execution and performance of mechanics. During progression, we ask you not to worry about parses. However, we must always bring the best numbers we can to progression, so you must remain competitive in this sense. Above all, however, you must perform mechanics to the best of your ability and perform tasks assigned to you by the raid leader. 3. Attitude. We ask players to be respectful and mindful of one another. Clarifications of raid strategy are encouraged if you are confused about what to do and when. Above all, respect your officers and fellow raid members. Raid times: Tuesday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Wednesday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Thursday - 10:00pm to 12:00am EST Preferred classes/specs: -Mage -Spriest -Windwalker Monk We are always recruiting exceptional players, regardless of class or spec. Feel free to message us even if you are not one of those specs. ABOUT - Carried was one of the top raiding guilds on Silvermoon from BC thru Wrath. At that time we server transferred for Cataclysm and then took a break for almost all of MOP. We have reformed with a majority of our former core and during the legion expansion have added several talented players that are focused on skill and commitment. GOAL - Our plan for the rest of ToS and the next raid tier is to put progression at the forefront while keeping a relatively low burden raid schedule. We seek raiders with the ability to maintain focus on current content, and able to execute to achieve one thing - victory. We base our recruitment needs on player skill. Spots are always up for grabs, don't be afraid to apply even if we're not recruiting your specific class! If you are interested, please message one of the following: Sethyd#1459 (Recruitment Officer) Brood#1642 (GM) Faydin#1589 (Raid Leader)Xfmage18 13h
14h 942 MW Looking for Guild I am looking for a guild to raid with primarily on a weekday schedule, but could do one day on the weekend. Schedule as follows Sun-Thur 8pm to 11pm EST, Fri-Sat 8pm to 12am EST. Progression 11/11N, 2/11 Heroic - Antorous Burning Throne Bnet: Myztiq#11638Myztiq5 14h
14h HPally Looking for Raid Team Holy Paladin ilvl 939/AP 73 Looking for raid team. Been Restro Druid Main but swapping to Holy Paladin. I have AOTC in other fights. Took a break and now back looking to clear. Edit: Can't Make Wednesdays due to late night class. Can make from Mon-Thursday.Nasshots18 14h
14h 955 Shaman LF Heroic/Normal Guild I am looking for a guild that does normal and heroic end game content. I have no interest in mythic as i dont have the time it takes to dedicate to it. I try to do my +15s a week as well as clear the raid through pugs etc. I have many toons across many servers both horde and alliance i can play whatever is needed for a guild so long as the guild fits into what i am looking for. I would like to play my frost dk or enahnce shaman but can do whatever is needed. Prefer to raid morning times 8-9am cst to 12pm cst any days work. If interested add me on battlenet and we can chat, thanks! BNET= Petergriffin#1739Stewiiee2 14h
14h [H][US] <Apes> 2 Day H/M+ Guild Recruiting! <Apes> US-H-AREA 52 Apes of Area 52 is a group of players with past hardcore raid experience looking to slow down and push content at a relaxed schedule in a new atmosphere. Our raid times are Tue/Thur 9:00pm-12:00 Midnight EST. We feel 6 hours of raiding a week allows us to be competitive and efficient with our time. Currently, Heroic Antorus is able to be cleared in our first raid night, the second day for the remainder of the Legion XPAC is a day off. Our long term goal for the upcoming expansion is to establish a roster and resume our mythic progression upon release of the tier. Aside from a mature and relaxed raid environment, our members enjoying pushing M+ as well as playing other games outside of WoW (CS:GO/LoL/Overwatch/PUBG etc). If you feel Apes is for you, please feel free to send a message, apply on our website or add us in game! Website/Application- WingKing#11168 Noble#1510 TLDR: Tue/Thur 9:00pm-12:00pm EST. Farming Heroic/M+ until the release of BFA in which we will resume mythic progression.Wingboy13 14h
15h <Aloe Vera> 6/11M LFM Tue/Thu 8:30-11:30EST Aloe Vera is located on Area 52-US. We're a semi-hardcore guild where many of our members have been actively raiding since Wrath of the Lich King. Our roster is assembled of 20-35 year olds that play other games together such as PUBG, Destiny 2, various Steam games, etc. Our raiding environment is generally mature. Loaded with crude behavior, thick-skinned conversation and a profane sense of humor. Ideally, there's a healthy balance of shenanigans and progression. That being said, we respect our members. We've developed a strong foundation and are working to expand our roster. Mission To cultivate a competitive raid team in a community driven environment. Aloe Vera was founded by a core of hardcore raiders that no longer wanted the hardcore raid schedule yet wanted to maintain a respectable rate of progression. Today, the goal still remains to compete and accomplish as much as we can in the 6 hours a week we raid. We strive to be a place for players who want to play at a high level but only want to invest half the time that the typical progression guild does in World of Warcraft. Raid times: Progression Tues 5:30 - 8:30 PST / 8:30 - 11:30 EST Thur 5:30 - 8:30 PST / 8:30 - 11:30 EST Clean up / Alt and Recruit Heroic Clear Sun 8:30 - 11:30 EST Current Progress ToS: 5/9M Antrous: 11/11n, 11/11h, 6/11m What We Need Holy Paladin (All classes welcome and all applicants will be considered.) But also, we need you! We're looking for solid, committed raiders who take casual mythic progression seriously and are willing to help with guild mythic+ runs and heroic clears. We need people who are knowledgeable of their class and who is ready to deep dive into the current high level raid mechanics. We're a casual guild on off nights, but we go hard on raid night. The guild supplies Cauldrons, Feasts and Vantus Runes (where applicable). Raiders are expected to bring their own potions and food as the encounter demands. We use RCLootCouncil for loot distribution. Trials ARE eligible for loot, even if cross-realming. Loot is voted on in a council composed of officers and raiders rotated in on a bi-weekly basis. Biggest upgrade, attendance, performance and attitude are taken into account. Loot drama is NOT tolerated. Raiders are expected to have the following addons and keep them up-to-date to facilitate raiding: DBM or Bigwigs Weakauras 2 RC Loot Council Exorsus Raid Tools ------ Please fill out our application on Google sheets: If you would like to contact us for more information, please add us on B-Net Recruitment Officer: Discord Blazrael#5763 / Bnet Blazrael#1258 Officers: Bnet HolyAnarchy#1844 , Bartholomeu#11258, Trevor#1835.Blazrael37 15h
15h Looking for a fun late night guild for bfa My available time is 11pm to 3am server, and I have some Mythic experience from every tier raid this expansion. So like the title says I'm looking for a fun late night guild for the next expansion. I don't have the desire to gear another character and grind 75 traits and fight with rng over Legos. So I'm specifically looking for a guild that clears heroic every tier and has it on farm most of the tier. I'm not interested in pushing Mythic progression anymore, it's fine to dabble in it but I don't want to be serious about it, the gear is nice but the stress and time involved isn't worth it to me anymore. I'm looking for a single team, not a giant guild with multiple teams. I'm also not looking for a guild that spends most of its time playing other games. If you want to spend all your time in pubg, or lol I wish you all the luck but it's not the guild for me. Mostly just looking for fun and lols. If you have any questions for me you can hit me up, or even hit up the GM or officers of the current guild for this character. There was a group of 6 that left our current team leaving us unable to finish progress on Mythic and half of the remaining members decided to go back horde. Next expansion I plan to play a healer probably shammy, pally.Grimetime3 15h
16h 11/11N 11/11H LFM Internet Dragon Slayer's <Internet Dragon Slayers> We are recruiting for our raid team. We are currently 11/1N 11/11H. Our schedule is Tues/Wed 8-11est. Tanks : LOW Healers : Medium Melee dps : Medium Ranged dps : High Our main focus as a guild is M+ dungeons and raiding. We run two nights per week for our raids and run M+ daily. We desire to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. All are welcome to join and help out, create memories, and slay dragons! -Add Bojmir#1416<-Recruitment Officer -Or Stankie#11109 <- 2nd in charge For more information add one of them and ask away! Have an amazing day!Spankaliçous10 16h
16h <Disorganized Crime> 11/11H LFM <Disorganized Crime> 11/11H is recruiting exceptionally skilled players to join our core raid team for Heroic Antorus farming. Our main raiding focus for this and past expansions has been to get Ahead of the Curve (or equivalent to it) and we have been successful in that feat for over 5 years. The guild has a laid back raiding environment that welcomes any newcomers with open arms. We complete multiple alt runs weekly & for those interested in M+ we have a group of raiders dedicated to pushing keys. All casual players are also welcome! Current Progression: 11/11 Heroic Antorus (AoTC) 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (AoTC) 10/10 Heroic Nighthold (AoTC) 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor (AoTC) 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare (AoTC) Heroic Raid Days/Times: Tuesday: 9:00pm-12:00am Est Thursday: 9:00pm-12:00am Est Melee Needed: Ret Paladin [Very High] Demon Hunter [Very High] Shaman [High] Warrior [Med] Monk [Med] Rogue [Med] Druid [Med] Death Knight [Low] Ranged Needed: Priest [High] Shaman [Med] Druid [Low] Mage [Low] Warlock [Low] Hunter [Low] Healers Needed: Monk [Very High] Druid [Very High] Shaman [Med] Paladin [Med] Disc Priest [Low] Holy Priest [Very Low] If you feel that <Disorganized Crime> is the right fit for you, please add Kizze#1432, Slauders#1589, or Atticus#1320 for more info and we'd be more than happy to answer any and all questions that you may have!Koocachu2 16h
17h 6/11M Slightly Delicious Is Recruiting! Hello fellow players on Area-52, Slightly Delicious is recruiting mature new members to join our raid team! We are a Semi-hardcore raiding guild and we're looking for solid and consistent raiders to bolster our core as we progress through the rest of Antorus and prepare for BFA. Our goal is to push through mythic content as a team and enjoy raid content at the highest difficulty! Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00 PM EST. Currently, we are 6/11M ABT with very low wipes on Kin'garoth (best pull is 8%!) Any classes will be considered, but we are especially looking for a resto druid, resto shaman, and ranged dps. We have a very chill environment, and while we are focused during raids, many of us like to do PvP or old content such as Mythic Gul'dan or Tomb runs during off days. We also have multiple heroic or normal runs throughout the week at various times for alts or anyone who wants to participate. We also have many members who love mythic+ and regularly push 20+ keys! If you like running keystones you'll definitely find people to do them with here. We are very close as a community and I'm sure you'll find a home with us! If you'd like to chat with us in game or want more information you can add any of these battletags: (or alternatively, our discord names to message us) Dogfrog#11125 (Discord: Dog#9601) TheTreeFrog#1848 (Discord: Andell#4301) Deadfroggy#1433 (Discord: Deads#4186) Destructocon#1471 (Discord: Destructocon#3871)Andell0 17h
18h Looking for casual raiding guild. New to Area 52 looking for a Social/Casual raiding guild that raids Mon-Thurs 5pm-12pm Server just want to have fun progressing through Antorus. This is my boosted character turning into my main.Soroxig0 18h
19h <Meme Factory> 1/11M 11/11H LFM DPS If you don't see your class/role, inquire anyway.Improving our roster is always a goal. Don't be afraid to ask with low item level, we'll help gear you if it's a fit. Casual players welcome What we need: Tanks: Healers: Damage Any (higher needs below) Hunter Warlock Shadow Priest Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8-11PM EST Loot: RC Loot Council: An addon we use to fairly distribute loot to improve our raid team as a whole. Voice Discord A little about us: We are a core group of friends who have played together since Wrath. We enjoy raiding together and pushing mythic content. We are generally laid back, having fun while we raid. If it's distracting and begins to cause problems with progressing, we'll tighten it up so we can get the content down. During off nights if mythic+ isn't needed for any member, we play other games with one another in discord, League, Destiny 2, Overwatch, etc. Or leveling alts conversing with any members. How to reach us Battletags: GaryOak#1116 (me)Destructable49 19h
19h <Offline> 8/11M recruitment <Offline> Horde Area-52 8/11M is currently recruiting raiders for our Mythic Progression team! Raiding schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8:00 pm - 11:00 PM Server Time(EST). Saturday (Optional Alt run) 8:00 pm - 11:00 PM Server Time(EST). RECRUITING: Rogue, Demon Hunter, Mage, Priest. We also encourage any exceptional players to apply and trial for a spot on our core team! For additional information or if you have any questions contact: Eggy (Eggy#11738) Hooped (Rickjames#1551)Eggylock0 19h
20h WTB ML AtB run WTB ML heroic antorus run either tonight or tomorrow for rogue or warrior depending on availability. Abistol#1535Slidsdk0 20h
20h <Put Me in Coach> 6/11M Selling H Antorus <Put Me in Coach> 6/11M Is now selling full clears of H Antorus. Price: 500k When: Sunday nights starting at 9:30 Eastern Time (Server Time) Message Veknilo or add via battletag #Veknilo1889Veknilo2 20h
20h [H] <Dark Side of Elune> US-Area-52 2/11M Come and join us on the <Dark Side of Elune> on [Horde] Area-52! We are a mature, semi-hardcore guild currently 2/11 Mythic in Antorus. We are a guild formed from two groups that merged during Tomb of Sargeras with the same goals: to progress, have fun, and kill dragons. Currently looking for the following: Healers: Shaman, Discipline Priest, Monk, Druid (Good offspec DPS a plus) Dps: Affliction Warlock, Shadow Priest, Mage, Boomkin Any other exceptional raiders may also still apply! Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 8:50 PM - 11:30 PM EST We expect raiders to: · Be a team player. · Improve your play with each attempt. · Be at raids, on time. · At or above 950 item level, and you should have at least Heroic experience. · Come prepared with knowledge of the fights, buff food, flasks, and a good atittude. In return, we will: · Work with you to improve. · Not go psycho when you make a mistake (we all make them, learn from them) · Respect your time. We do not go late; we do not add days. · Have a good time and kill bosses with you. · Many off-night activities for those interested including Mythic plus, PvP, and achievement runs. What's your trial period? We use loot council to distribute loot and use Discord for voice coms, so have both RCLootcouncil and Discord ready before your first raid. During your trial run, we want to see if things are a good fit both ways - you to us, and us to you. If you are dependable and have met all expectations you will be promoted to raider rank. Do I have to transfer? If we accept you, yes. We're done with Heroic. It is time for Mythic, Just need to fill our last remaining spots with exceptional and reliable raiders. Got questions? Cool, hit me up and ask away! Darkasi@Area-52 BattleTag: Darkasi#11102 Discord: Darkasi#0511Darkasi2 20h
20h Area 52 Discord For all the Area 52 wants and needs. Help us grow!Nalutic3 20h
22h Late Night Raid LFM 4/11M Antorus <Virtually Impossible> is an established guild which we have built to fit what we wanted out of a guild; we wanted a home. One that is adult, social, full of active members, with plenty of events to do and plenty of guild mates to do them with. We pride ourselves on community and that aspect has given us great success. Now we are proud to say that we have achieved that goal! What we looking for: Active, community driven, social type folks. Friendly, talkative, and good-humored. Sassyness is a plus! As we are an adult oriented environment, we are looking for people who aren't offended easily. ;) TLDR: Fun, laid back, social folks! Need to know for Raiders: Casual/Hardcore raid environment. Raid Days/Times are Tues and Wed from 12-3am server time(Eastern). Progression is 9/9H ToS and 11/11H, 4/11M Antorus. Required 3rd party items - Discord and RC Loot Council. Raid needs are any Ranged DPS and 1-2 exceptional melee. Highest needs are DPS Warrior and Warlock. What you will get from the officers: Each of us has been playing and raiding since Vanilla. Combined we have over two decades of leadership experience, including GM, Officer and Raid Leader work. We will work with you as a team to make this guild into something we can all be proud of. What you will get from Virtually Impossible: A home <3 If interested please reach out to me @ Aradne#11285 :) Thanks for reading and see you all in-game!Aradne343 22h
22h [H] Allfathers Vanguard - Social/Casual Heya Peeps! My name is Ming and I'd like to tell you about this great guild I'm apart of! It's called <Allfathers Vanguard> here on US - Area 52. We are an active casual/social adult guild (18+ please!), most def not a hardcore raiding guild, I mean... we DO raid, don't get me wrong.. but we are very relaxed! :) No screaming at each other, our "Raid Explainer" has a very calm voice, (lol), which is actually really nice! :D Since I'm on the subject of Raiding; A lot of the members do raid within the guild, but I don't. I am more of an activities director! :D Here are some things that might intrigue you more: RAIDING: 11/11 N Antorus 5/11 H Antorus Fri + Sat - 9 to 11:30pm server NOTICE: Sorry, but we cannot guarantee a tank and/or healing spot at this current time. MYTHIC +: We typically have a night scheduled once a week dedicated to Mythic+s ACTIVITIES: We have this event called "Ming's Funn Runn" which usually falls on Sundays! Some of the things we have done in the past include: -For the Horde Achieve/Run -Transmog Runs (Lots of them!) -Making "baby" toons with friends + leveling them -Old Dungeon/Raid Achiev's Some events we want to do.. but need more people for: -Underbelly Sightless Eye Farming -Carebear Rally -Scavenger Hunts We have a discord! Come hang with us! :) -------- If you think you might be interested, please don't hesitate to HMU in game, or simply by adding my b.tag: boxcarbinny#11862 Motownphilly10 22h
23h Tribes of the Fallen 1/11M Late Night LFM <Tribes of the Fallen> is looking for a few good players to rebuild our Mythic Progression team, we are currently 11/11H 1/11M and in need of healers and a few DPS! Our requirements are a 950 Minimum item level and prefer at least 8/11 Experience in Heroic Antorus. High Priority Heals: Shaman, Holy Priest. High Priority DPS: Hunter, Warlock. We will accept nearly any applicant as long as you meet the minimum requirements for our Mythic Progression team. Our raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 11 PM - 2 AM, we are a LATE NIGHT raiding guild, and attendance should be high. If you are interested in a position on our primary raid team I encourage you to seek us out. Speak with: Izlilly, Jonder, Froelya, or you can message me on any of my alts, I can point you in the right direction. My Battletag is Regentwill#1765 Good luck out there, and most of all, have fun!Akrysta0 23h
1d 5/11M 11/11H <Accidental Excellence> LFM Accidental Excellence is a guild of transferred leaders and members from Celestial Vanguard on Elune-US. After reaching 8/10M in Nighthold, we decided we wanted to take a more laid-back approach while still executing at a high level. AE is looking to bolster our ranks and prepare for Mythic Antorus. Legion Raid Content: Antorus, The Burning Thron 11/11 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras – 4/9 Mythic 9/9 Heroic The Nighthold – 8/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic Emerald Nightmare – 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor - 3/3 Mythic Raid Schedule: Mon/Wed/Thurs: 9 - 11:30 EST Alt raid day: Optional Raid on Tuesday's usually normal of the current tier with mains/alts Recruitment Requirements: We're looking for the following classes to balance out our roster. Please keep in mind we're always looking for exceptional players. If you're interested and your class/role is not listed, please feel free to reach out to us. With our limited raid times, we expect our raiders to maintain 80% attendance. Raid composition is crucial for progression. Players will be subbed in and out on fights based on the encounter; including but not limited to: understanding fight mechanics, executing fight mechanics, performance, etc. Still, all raiders will be brought in for gear and achievements on boss fights once they’ve progressed to farm status. Our primary goal on raid nights is to clear as much as we can as quickly as we can. If you are recruited as a raider, you will be raiding. Currently recruiting Mythic Ready: - Shadow Priest - Warlock - Range DPS Who we are: The current leadership has years of experience together. Some of us have raided together since Vanilla Wow. We have raid/leadership experience as both casual and as a hardcore guild. Most of the core that transferred are in our mid 30s and we’re looking to maintain something in between. We’re looking to build back our core with quality raiders but also just as important, quality people. While we would like to get back into Mythic Content we will not sacrifice the raid atmosphere to achieve that. Goals: • To create a great atmosphere of mature guild mates that enjoy working on and learning new content together. We're looking to maintain an active roster to progress through both 5 man and Raid content. Contact info: If you have any interest or would like more info please feel free to contact us. realID: CydTheKid#1882 Discord: Cyd#7835 Also you can visit us at aeguild.netSidni19 1d
1d <Metal Moolitia>10/11H; Wed/Sat 9:30PM-12 EST Hello everyone! It appears the BfA pre-order has brought a ton of new and returning players, faction changes, and people in search of new guilds to our server. :) <Metal Moolitia> is looking for 1 Healer (Shaman, Pally, Priest) and Shaman DPS and WW Monk for our Heroic core raid team, and anyone else, in general, who is a good fit. Our primary focus is Heroic raiding, and we also run Mythic+ keys, and Antorus alt runs and other events on off-nights. Raiders, casuals, and new & returning players are all welcome as we continue to build our ranks for Battle for Azeroth! We are a guild of friends and family (most in our late 20s+, a couple married combos, people with kids, etc.), that values real-life obligations, but also raid time. We're kind of like . . . like a mullet: business up front; party in the back. Or, perhaps, "Sylvanas in the streets, Thrall in the sheets," works better. We have fun, but also get things done. (Now, I'm done). Note: We are not a mass-invite guild with 24/7 peak hours. Our most active times start at around 8 PM server, although there are plenty of people on during the day. We have about 25-30 core members (raiders/ casuals/ recently returning players), and their many alts. :D Quick Facts: - Heroic raid schedule: Wednesday & Saturday, 9:30 PM - 12:00 (midnight) server time (EST) - All raid consumables, gems, enchants, and repairs are provided for Raiders. - We will not be pushing hard into Mythic in Legion, but we absolutely will be in BfA. Most of us came back later into Legion after taking a break after Wrath. - Normal Antorus Alt/Casual/Heroic tryout raid: Friday, same time - Cleared: 9/11H, (Raid Leader: 11/11H, 1/11 M) - Minimum requirements: 945 ilvl; 1 mil+ DPS sustained, SURVIVAL and MECHANICS are equally important. Classes/Roles Needed: 1 HEALER (backup) - Shaman / Priest / Paladin DPS - Shaman (Elemental or Enhancement) - Any great DPSers are welcome; hybrid classes with off-spec heals and tankage (for the rare backup occasion) are a plus Tl;dr: - Guild type: Heroic Raiding & Casual/Social - Mythic+ groups (join us for Mythic Mondays!), Antorus alt raids, old achievement runs, casual PvP, etc. - Casuals/ New & Returning players welcome, or those who aren’t quite ready for heroic raiding, but want to put forth the effort to get there. - We use Discord as our hub, and are a close group of helpful people who want to have fun together. :D Please contact: Ðacra (D is alt+0208)(Bnet: Dacra#11210; Discord: Dacra#0609) Zarkaa (Bnet: ScarySilz#1478) We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, and have a great day! :)Ðacra28 1d
1d Mythic Antorus: Recruiting dps and 1 healer Hello there :) Our guild is recruiting for a mythic raid team for Antorus. Current raid times are 9pm-12pm on Friday server time (est), with heroic alt runs on Saturday. As of now, we have 12 in our core team, all 960+ To fill our roster, we need 2 Hunters, 1 warlock, 1 Mage, 1 warrior, 1 rogue, and 1 resto shaman. However, all classes are considered. We pride ourselves on being a tight group of friends that have the ability to laugh at each other and help one another max our classes. We love doing challenging M+ . We are not elitist, however, we do expect a good performance on raid nights. All fights are logged to monitor progression and help fix issues. If you are interested in raiding with us, please send me a message at Jugs9000#1297 Thank you, Kio PS - My guild master said we have grillsKiø4 1d
1d Active Tank Main LF Actice guild I main tank of DK and Warrior. Looking for a guild that is active with mainly M+ and occasionally raids. I look to mainly push M+ when my DK is geared. ArmyyStrongg# 1898Sinestroo1 1d
1d <Reviled>11/11H LFM <Reviled> Area 52 [H] Progression: 11/11H Antorus 9/9H ToS Schedule: *Tuesday~8pm-11pm Eastern/Server *Thursday~8pm-11pm Eastern/Server Recruitment: Spec/Classes we are currently looking for: *Damage* -Mage -Balance Druid -Warrior -Monk Tanks and healers are not a direct need however we are interested in versatile Off-Spec players About Us: -Semi Hardcore Raid Team with a relaxed, casual yet progression oriented atmosphere -We run Mythic+ and optional alt raids on offnights as well as members playing other games together. -Helpful and experienced leadership that has been playing together for over 4 years -Guild has been around since the start of Nighthold **With the guild having H ABT on farm we are taking the next logical step and pushing forward into mythic, with that said we have about 2 spots remaining before we have that 20M Mythic roster filled out and ready to go! About You: -Patient with an open mind and positive attitude -Prepared raider: *Punctual and able to maintain high attendance *Has proper consumables for each raid night *Stable and reliable computer and internet -You have, at minimum, a BossMod addon(DBM/BigWigs/VEM) -Ability to play your character in a progression setting -Looking for a place to call home not a quick stop walmart loot aisle **We are always open to talking with any potential raid team candidates or casual guild members so feel free to contact via Btag: Atrixia#11822 and we can chat today! You can always come check out our guild discord for more guild information @ 1d
1d [H] 1/1 H <The Stardard Method> LFM. <The Stardard Method> 1/11 M 11/11 H is currently recruiting more members to round out our core team. While we understand that no guild is perfect we strive to excel on a level of content and community. We are a tight knit group who enjoys playing together and spending time hanging out outside of scheduled raid times. We also do keystones and AP runs throughout the week. We are currently in need of ranged DPS and a couple healers. We are especially interested in the following classes. Shaman - Ele/Resto Priest - Shadow Pally - Holy Druid - Boomkin / Resto Warlock - Any Spec Mage Any Spec As always all interested parties are encouraged to contact us. We Raid 2 days a week (Wednesday, Thursday) for 3 hours at a time (9 p.m.-12 a.m. EST (server). New raiders have a 4 raid trial period to ensure that everything is a good fit. Angry assignments add-on is highly recommended as we utilize it in raid to help with listed rotations as well as having important mechanics on screen. We use a RC loot council system where we prioritize everyone getting set bonuses (2-4). The rest is rolling for BiS pieces at which point the council will distribute the gear based on the highest upgrade in order to benefit the team the most. We utilize discord for voice comms and actually use it outside of raiding for other content and just to hang out. We also play other games as a group outside of wow. To include PUBG, Fortnite, GTAV, Diablo, and a little LoL. Please feel free to reply to this thread or add the following B-net tags for more information. Shrui#1663 Spykem#1928 DeKAPPAtater#1312 Sunny547#1801 Nihilist#1953Themange0 1d
1d Ex Inferno's <Pink> Raid Team is LFM Ex Inferno's <Pink> Raid Team is LFM for its (Work-Friendly) Raid Team! We are 11/11N and 8/11 Heroic Antorus and are looking to fill some open slots on our raid team to continue the push. Raid Times: Wed 8:30pm-10pm & Fri 8:30pm-11:30pm EST. Play Style: Adult-Like Fun but get it Done Mindset. We are a long standing raid team, many have been raiding together since HFC. What are we looking for: Range DPS: -OPEN to all Melee Dps: -Warrior Requirements: iLvl 935 +,18+ and a Self-Starter, Excellent Raid Attendance, Discord, All required addons (we will get you the list). Interested? Whisper Lunarah#11827, Cntrlfreak#1665, Soulsyphon#11126, Cryptic#12596, Marcel#1305 Check us out at for more details. If this raids progression mentality or raid times are not your cup of tea, we have other raid teams.Nayatî0 1d
1d WTS M Gul'dan Mount Hello Area 52, <Defenestrate> 11/11M is now selling M Gul'dan Mount! For Sale: Mythic Gul'dan Mount - pst for price If you have any questions or would like to purchase a carry you can pst me ingame or add me @ puka#1245Puka3 1d
1d Intense in Tents 3/11m LFM Dps 3/11M - Fun group that needs to fill a couple of open positions for our Antorus roster. Mythic+'s ran frequently. Laid back chill environment where it's like an extended family. Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 8-11 Eastern Time What we are recruiting: All classes considered that can play their class well. High preference for Rogue, Warrior, SPriest, and Mage. What do we expect? Show up on time Flask & food ready VoIP (We use discord) Know your class and spec/enchanted & gemmed accordingly Know the fights & don't stand in fire! Have any questions? Feel free to contact me on here, or send us a message on BattleNet Icess #1146 MilkWhale #1301 Jmample#1295 CrackSnapPop#1706 Vicksterface #1125 IvanDrago #1209Zulaan1 1d