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16m <Stratagem> [H] Recruiting for BFA <Stratagem> is always looking to expand our ranks and further expand our player base. From raiding, to mythic plus, PVP and just being social we hope to offer something for everyone to play together and make new friends. We are primarily a Heroic Raiding guild with a small but increasing focus on mythic progression. We utilize discord as our main communication and also have a community setup in game. Raiding Schedule - 10:00pm to Midnight server Friday/Saturday Additional Nights - Tues/Sun 8:00pm to 10:00pm Loot Style: Personal Voice: Discord Specific Needs: Heals, all are highly considered but we definitely need more healers We are looking at entering into Normal on the first Friday the new raids become available, which will be September 7th. When things start to pick up, we usual expand our nights to Tues/Sun for people that missed out or have alts they want to play. We essentially phase our raiding difficulty. We always take a few weekends to clear out normal and get some upgrades to put on farm, then start transitioning into Heroic until we can phase out normal then transition to Mythic as Heroic goes on farm. We have earned AoTCs every tier since Siege of Orgrimmar and this last expansion was no different. We consider ourselves casual and advance at a comfortable pace, while we aim to do some bosses on Mythic difficulty, they are more of a reward and not the requirement. Mythic Plus Schedules - As scheduled by members Currently we have many members pushing keys every week. These get scheduled on the fly as we typically have a decent amount of players on at any time but posting calendar events and reaching out in our discord is encouraged. Anyone that wishes to join or lead a team is encouraged to come check us out. PVP : Warmode, Battlegrounds and Arenas - As scheduled by members There is currently no set team but the interest is there as many of our members will que up together at any given time. Many folks use the new Warmode and we are always ready to go lend a hand. We are looking for folks who wish to join together and charge into battle for some fun. Hoping that with the right people and increased interest, this aspect of the game can grow for us and flourish. If interested in any of the above or just want a new place to check out and meet folks, please type /who Stratagem in game to speak with anyone online or send a message to the following btag - Thesupermanj#1672Zarckus25 16m
50m [H] LFM. Heroic/mythic raiding, M+, RBGs <Intelligence AFK> 11/11H (5/11M raid lead) is recruiting for BFA. We are a small guild that likes to have fun while still downing bosses. Currently looking for dps and skilled healers, but all players are welcome. We plan on full clearing heroic and pushing into mythic into BFA, as well as running M+ and Rated BGs. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursday, 10pm-1am EST. If you are interested, please message one of the following: Krazyciller@1415 Dipipis#1760Plagatox15 50m
56m [H] <Table Forty Six> Recruiting for BFA A little bit about us: <Table Forty Six> at its core, is a group of friends that decided to make a guild out of a combination of former guildies from our Legion raiding and former guildies from our time on an Everquest 2 TLE server. We like to have fun, but not at the expense of solid raid progression. Our goals include quickly getting AoTC, which then allows us to relax a little and have more fun in raid. Come raid times we do knuckle down a little bit, and we have a roster of veteran players who know what they are doing. We only raid 2 nights a week, so we want to make the most out of it. Raid Times and Recruitment Needs: Currently raid times are Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:00-11:30 EST. We are open to adding a 3rd night if progression calls for it. For the record when we say 9:00pm, we mean we are pulling the boss at 9:00. Be logged on and ready to go 15-20 minutes BEFORE raid so we can form up and clear trash (if any). We are all adults and should not need to be told to show up on time with consumables, reroll tokens, and whatever else it is that you need to raid. We are already only a 2 night guild so we need to maximize the little time that we do have. Recruitment needs are as follows: BM/MM Hunter Mage Elemental / Resto Shaman Moonkin / Resto Druid All members are expected to have a general understanding of their class/spec, how to gear appropriately, gem / enchant. We are happy to help people improve, but we are not here to teach you the basics of the game. If your main class / spec is not listed, but you feel like you are exceptional at your class or just want to join up to spam Mythic + with us, please still consider applying. With that being said, we expect to have some growing pains as we search for the players that not only fit well with us, but that we are good for them. We ask you to please be patient and to try and enjoy the process. As much as we want to have a successful and enjoyable raid team, our real passion is Mythic + dungeons, we have several people/groups that enjoy pushing keys as high as they can. This is where many of us spend our time. If that is not something you particularly care for, then be cautious as this may not be the guild for you. If you made it this far and are still interested (we hope you are!) feel free to either post here, or to get quicker replies; post an app in our discord server.î4 56m
1h Resto Druid LF 2Day Guild (Returning Player) ...Deezed4 1h
1h 339 Holy/Flex Paladin LF Mythic Guild I am currently looking for a guild to raid BFA with. I am looking for a place to be long term, not just for a tier and move on. I have mained all 3 specs for paladin in one expansion or another. My raiding experience starts in BC with a few breaks between then and WoD. I achieved CE all of Legion, minus ToS.  I am looking to raid in any aspect on my paladin. Whether it be prot, holy or ret. I am even open to being a melee dps and flexing into the 3rd tank role and or 5th healer spots, when needed. I am also seeking, a guild that is looking to be active in mythic +. I also have a friend that is actively looking, that plays a Disc/Holy Priest (335ilvl). Faction -- Horde only Server -- prefer higher pop servers -- would like to stay on A52 Raids/Week -- 2 preferred, open to more Days -- Prefer weekend, open to others given the right fit Times -- Weekend/any -- Weekdays/11est -- potential wiggle room during the week DirtyD#1976Dïrty2 1h
1h (H) interest in weekend raiding? Trying to form new guild for casual weekend raiding because it seems difficult to find a group. If you are interested we can form a guild up and go as soon as the raid drops. Hitting normal raid first, then moving into heroic. Fri and Sat 7PM-10PM EST. There will be a spot here for everyone. 13-30 people. - Be cool with constructive criticism and advice as a team to clear. - Personal loot so do what you want with the gear. If helps someone and you want to give it up do so, if not that is fine as well. - Bring your own consumables, come prepared. - During progression please don't rage. Have a suggestion let us know. - Will use discord or WoW voice chat (If it is improved like they said it is) - Have fun! M+ farming going as soon as viable teams of 5. /cheers. If interested drop me a line here or kendrickious#1349. I work odd hours right now but always available on weekends.Kirkdiggler1 1h
1h RDruid LF Guild Hey all, Looking for a solid community of players for M+ and Hc/M raiding. 337 RDruid. Evenings or Weekend raids work. Geology#11802 or Landscapes in game.Landscapes2 1h
1h <Death Toll> Recruiting for BfA <Death Toll> is a casual/social Horde raiding guild looking to add more to our ranks and our core raid team for Battle for Azeroth. The guild is run by people who strive to create a fun, relaxed and drama free environment for all levels of players. We understand that not all players want or have the time to raid; and are looking for new guild members of all types from raiders to questers, mytic plus pushers to chatters and pvpers, ALL are welcome. Our raid team focuses on progressing while still having fun raiding. We will be raiding two nights a week; Tuesdays and Thursdays and raids are 9:30pm-12:30am Server time. Voice Chat: Discord Required Add-Ons: DBM Expectations of All Members: * Must be a team player * Fun with a sense of humor * Respectful of others * Helpful Recruitment Needs For Raiding: Hunter- all specs Shaman- Elemental, Resto Mage- All specs Priest- Shadow Warlock- All Specs Druid- Balance and Feral Paladin- Holy Monk- Mistweaver We also accept back-up raiders, those that wish to raid but cannot commit 100%. If you are interested please feel free to add myself Autumn#1958, our raid leader Subby7#1200 or any online members and we would be happy to have you! (I work until around 6:30EDT on Weekdays but am online after that and online on weekends)Autumnglow10 1h
1h <Pizza Rolls> recruiting for BFA <Pizza Rolls> on Area 52 is looking for solid, consistent players for BFA! Our first mythic raid tier we achieved 5/11, and we have no plans of stopping come next xpac-- in BFA we'll be pushing for cutting edge and as a result will be looking for people who have similar goals in mind. We expect our raiders to be solid communicators, have complete knowledge of their classes and specs, know and properly execute mechanics, have 90% raid attendance, and the ability to take constructive criticism. We are not looking for people with defeatist attitudes who can't handle repeated, frustrating wipes-- that's progression! We learn and grow together, so people who rage need not apply. We are a friendly, open community and our leadership welcomes those who can put aside their own wants for those few hours a night to be a part of a team of friendly individuals who are there to kill bosses. Our goal is to kill bosses and have fun doing it-- the two ideas are not mutually exclusive. Current recruitment needs: Healer: 1 (disc priest/holy priest preferred, all considered) Ranged: All classes Melee: n/a Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30-midnight EST Wednesday, 8:30-midnight (optional heroic) BNET: kateindeed#1554 (GM, Skarebear-area52) aqua#12117 (recruitment officer, Aquashift-area52) charlie#1375 (raid lead, Criplust-area52)Skarebear10 1h
1h 335, Disc/H priest 11/11M Top 160 LFG As the title states, I am currently 335 equipped after the first week of BFA, Main spec Disc Priest// off spec holy at an equally high level. Looking for a guild. My raid experience dates back to TBC raiding with Pals 4 Life and The General Public. To raiding in a Top 50 US guild through CATA. From MoP through legion dialing back to a 150-200 US level. Finished legion with Narcosis on Illidan around 170 US and 11+ Argus kills pre-nerf on normal artifacts. I am looking for a preferred long term fit. Was wanting to go to a weekend schedule, however open to week days for the right guild. Prefer to stay on Area-52 after bringing my characters here, but open to moving for the right guild. Weekends/Anytime. Weekdays/pref anytime after 7cst ending by 11cst (flexible) I pride myself in taking the time to know the ins and outs of my class and constantly pushing to min/max to its fullest potential. I also like to push high M+ with a team and have plans to continue to do so with my 3 healer classes. Provided are my M-T21 prog logs and armory link: Additionally. I know a paladin main. that can equally play all 3 specs, tank/heals/dps with similar statistic as myself also looking for a guild. Vampt#1932. Vâmpt- in game (alt 131)Vâmpt1 1h
2h 234 Frost Mage LF Core Mythic Group 234 Frost Mage LF Core Mythic + Group Available Times: Weekday- 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm Weekend- Any Battle Tag: Richmond#1309 In game char name: RichsNadiaz0 2h
2h [H]Heals on Wheels - Illidan[CE][3 day] Hello! Heals On Wheels is recruiting for BFA. We are consisting of Multi-CE members with a high drive for success in the coming tiers. Very active group of chill dudes with halfway decent tudes. We are active in Pre-Patch as well. With two weeks left we are seeking high skill Cutting Edge players to join our team and push for topping the charts. We prefer at least 9/11m (OR SIMILAR). We are interested in all exceptional candidates, though. Currently our needs are primarily DPS. We are looking for: (All slots are pending change) DPS A few spots open, seeking many more, apply within Tanks HIGH AVAILABILITY FOR TANKS. POSSIBLE TRANSFER FOR RIGHT CANDIDATE. Healing priority Shaman - High Druid - Medium Paladin - Low Monk - Medium Priest - Low Raid days Tuesday Wednesday Thursday9pm-12am CT We are on Illidan! Here is our application: If for any reason you absolutely need to get in touch, add Farr93#7709 on DISCORDNqt0 2h
2h <This Time> Mythic Raid Guild Hello all! <This Time> has just moved from Stormrage to Area-52. We are a guild with strong leadership, and have a solid roster. 7/7M EN 3/3M TOV 9/10M NH and 5/9M ToS prior to retiring for the legion expansion. Our leadership and most of our raiders have played through from Vanilla and have experienced many of the Hardmodes/Mythic encounters. We are looking for a few exceptional individuals to fill our remaining roster. 1 Vengeance DH, other tanks a possibility. 1 Melee DPS, DH or Enhance Sham preffered 3 Ranged DPS, Ideally Hunter, Shadow Priest, Elemental Sham. 2 Healers Priest, Monk, Sham. We expect from you to have knowledge of the fights, be raid ready, and have good attendance as well as a capability to perform mechanics. Our raid schedule is 2X a week. Tuesdays/Thursday. Times are tentative but will either be 8-11PM or 9-12 EST. As we only raid twice a week there must be little room for error if you want to enjoy end game content. Please add in game for more discussion/trial arrangements. Thanks! Variance#1956Våriance6 2h
2h <Tunnel Vision Boss> 2/day Mythic Guild <Tunnel Vision Boss> on Area 52 is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth. We are a recent transfer guild that accomplished a 9/11M run in Antorus before taking a break. We have trimmed the fat and are now looking to be a cutting edge 2/day a week guild going forward. We have a love for this game that started as far back as Classic and continues to this day. With our leadership and the addition of skillful players like you, we will push through any of the content we set our sights on. If you're not into raiding but want to enjoy the company of some great people we are happy to have you! Our Goals While we only raid two days a week we are by no means casual. We strive to be competitive on the server for progression and spots will be the same. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid. We also plan to build teams for M+ sells and competitive PvP, if interested please let us know. Experience Ant 9/11 M Raid Schedule Thursday: 9-12p EST Sunday: 9-12p EST Voice Chats Discord; it is required on raid nights and always open for guildies to use anytime. Current Recruitment Needs DPS: High Priority: Death Knight, Hunter(melee or ranged) Medium Priority: Anything other than Mage, Warlock or Warrior When it comes to Mythic progression, as you know, we are forced to a 20-Man Raid size. This makes it necessary to have a few subs ready to jump in each night if needed. What we'd require from you: - Current Progression Needs/Numbers - Knowledge of fights we are on or progressing towards - High Attendance - An open attitude - Sense of humor (we have fun) - Ability to take constructive criticism We award raiders who meet their requirements consistently (usually exceed!) with a core raid spot and especially those who take the time to understand their class to maximize their potential. So Why Join Us? We will provide a comfortable home for you to enjoy the game how you like. Our raid leadership style is comforting to many, and provides excellent results. If you are not up for the commitment of raiding, we are looking for those who love to push the limits with Mythic+. Our guild is itching for more challenges and we'd be the perfect spot for you! Contact Info I will be checking this periodically every day so if you're interested you can reply here, or you can contact me or another officer on bnet. Recruitment Bnets: Nexonius#1472 Goobkill#1262 Leronorie#1423 Zirhark#1296Zirhark8 2h
2h LF semi-hardcore mythic raid guild Returning mythic raider LF a guild that is semi-hardcore at least to push progression of raids. I perfer to raid saturday or sunday nights. Im open to mornings and other nights can be discussed depending on times. I have on my old Alliance account raided mythic on nighthold, and antorus in legion and raided heroic in WOTLK. Im 30 years old and looking for a guild thats at least 21+. You wont see achieves on this horde account but you can see from my performance.Felrick4 2h
2h [H] <Ex Inferno> Team Green (H/M Semi) <Ex Inferno>'s Team Green is looking for One Tank (w/DPS OS) to complete our 25-person roster for Heroic & Mythic Progression. ... ... Our focus this time around is to take Mythic progression much more seriously. Raiders will be expected to be prepared by knowing how to maximize the output of their spec, have intimate knowledge of the fight mechanics (read, not just watch videos), and have a team-oriented mentality. Many of us are ex-hardcore raiders who are now adults with adult lives. We want to enjoy ourselves and meet our potential to make continuous progression at a Mythic level. Cutting Edge is certainly a goal we're aiming for, but may not happen with in the allotted time frame of each raid cycle. Sound good? Check out the community recruitment post as you will also be joining the whole of the <Ex Inferno> community. If you are interested, join our discord server (link at the bottom of the website) and tag @officer and state that you are interested in joining!Kirainne9 2h
2h 330 BDK + 2 DPS Players LF 2 Night Raid! Hey guys, I'm a 330 BDK. I usually run 3 or 4 different tanks each expansion. I'm leveling a bear next. Myself and 2 friends (a rogue and a hunter) are looking for a 2 night raiding guild. We would prefer T/W, but T/R would work as well. Feel free to add me and talk! Psyche#12735 ThanksKravoxx1 2h
3h [H] <Ex Inferno> Community is LF You! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, expeditions, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Zandalar while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. ...Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Also check out our Alliance Post on Stormrage: Head over to to see what we’re up to and, while you’re there, grab the link to our Discord server located on the bottom of the page! Everyone is welcome to come in and chat! Want some more information or are interested in joining? Join our Discord and ping us with an @Officer tag in #general. An officer will get back to you for chatting ASAP!Kirainne15 3h
4h [H] <Digital Gangsters> <Digital Gangsters> is a progression minded guild, looking for exceptional players. The majority of the guild's core raiding roster transferred from a different server and we've come to US - Area 52 with high expectations! Past Progression: US Rank 253 Guarm US Rank 273 Odyn World Rank 68 Skorpyron US Rank 302 Chronomatic US Rank 276 Trilliax US Rank 354 Krosus Current Recruitment Needs Ranged Dps Mage - High Warlock - High Priest - Medium Shaman - High Hunter - High Balance - Medium Melee Dps Warrior - High Demon Hunter - Low Rogue - High Monk - Medium Feral - Low Survival - High Death Knight - Medium Ret - High Enhance - High Healer Priest - Medium Druid - Medium Monk - Low Paladin- Low Shaman - High Tanks Blood DK - Closed Brew - Open Prot Paladin - Open Prot Warrior - Open Veng - Open Bear - Open *If we didn't mention your class still apply anyway, we are always looking for competent raiders Requirements: Attendance: 90% attendance rate mandatory for raiders, due to our laid back raiding schedule. If you are to miss a raid that player must be able to notify the GM minimum of 24-48 hours in advance (with emergencies being the exception). Awareness: This is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you every single aspect of the fight don't bother contacting us. Class Knowledge: This is huge. You are not going to have your hand held. You are expected to pull your weight in damage, healing, or whatever else your responsibility may be. Failure to do so will result of a really warm bench, all thanks to you. Our Philosophy: We are expecting to push through Mythic content fairly quickly while still maintaining a fun laid back environment that knows how to focus when necessary. We encourage a competitive raiding environment, this means that all raiders slots are eligible to be challenged. We expect and encourage players to optimize their characters in which ever way possible to provide a smoother raiding environment and experience. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Wednesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Sunday: 10:00PM-12:00AM EST Contact or Apply: In this Thread In Game: Crimson#1648 or Pulse#12369 Discord: 4h
4h [H] 7-10PM EST New Heroic Raiding Guild <Gruuls Gone Wild> is a newly formed Horde guild on Area 52. Our leadership was formed from a group of heroic level raiders with experience since Vanilla. We're a laid back guild with zero tolerance on drama. We aim to see all the heroic content released within its window, aiming for Mythic as our roster fills out. Raid Times Tues/Thurs; 7pm-10pm Eastern time (EST) With a flexible schedule for fun/alt runs over the weekend What we expect: - Good, positive, team attitude - Come to raids well prepared (Flask/potions/food) etc. - Players who educate themselves on fights prior to new content. - Thorough knowledge of your class mechanics - Eagerness to improve - Strive to be the best of your class/spec - Discord with working mic - Players who will show up to every raid you sign up for - Players looking for a long term guild, who want to be part of our family! What To Expect From Us: - A drama free, mature Guild environment - Like minded teammates with an eagerness to progress - Teammates you can depend on to show up, do their job, and kill stuff - Cool people to do your mythic +'s with If you share our mindset and want to kill bosses, please contact us in game for more info. But for now let's run some dungeons and island expeditions together! Contacts TheFameTrain#1777 GM (Delenitus in game) Risu#11952 Officer ( Én in game) Wakkjon#1693 Officer (Yoshy in game)Delenitus8 4h
4h Motivated Resto Shaman LF Raid Guild The title says it all.Yayahs2 4h
5h <Shadow Runners> Looking for Raiders Hey Everyone, Shadow Runners is a recently founded guild, we're actively seeking out like minded people who are interested in forming a raid group for BFA. Our goal is to raid and clear Heroic. We are actively forming groups for Mythic clears to prepare for raid launch. Raid Times will be Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00-10:00pm (Server Time) Currently in high demand for Healers and RDPS Considering you read all that you must be interested, to get a hold of us just add us on Bnet: Vivix#11410 or DreamKing#11495, you can also reply to this post with your Bnet so we can talk more.Vóx2 5h
5h [H] <KNF> LFM for mythic raiding Hello there potential trial. My name is BULL (Kyle) and I am the leader of the newly formed <KnF>. Ignore the amount of members in it currently, they plan to eventually transfer to Area 52. We currently are looking at a core of 18 people so far. I'll keep it nice and simple, we are a close group of friends and all of us in the current roster have raided at a top level and have earned Cutting Edge for most tiers, others are multi glads. I myself did not get Argus because I had to get surgery and was not able to continue raiding for the time. We are looking for equal skilled players to bolster up our roster. With that being said our goal is to clear heroic in the first week like any other guild. CLASS NEEDS: Tanks: Considering 1 non DK tank Healers: Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk, a healer with a strong dps offspec Ranged: Any Melee Dps: High need of dps monk What you can expect from us: Dank memes, vulgarity, solid friendship, but still with a mindset to get !@#$ done Our Goals: To get cutting edge for every raid tier and make a long lasting raid guild. I mean what else is there? Our raid times: Tuesday - Thursday 7 pm to 10 pm EST, we do not plan on extending any of these times. If this guild sounds like a good choice for you, please feel free to contact me at Lynizul#1222 or my recruiter Sparks#12641. Hope to hear from you soon.Bullizul0 5h
9h [H] Midcore Guild Recruiting Introduction Hey there! Recently our Guild decided to transfer off of our old server. The main reason was that it was a low population RP server, and we wanted to have the overall bigger experience of War Mode on a regular server since RP servers are limited to just their own playerbase for it. So, we took a few of our members and have transferred over to Area 52. That being said, we're looking to repopulate our numbers and find some new friends to play with. Our main aim is Normal and Heroic modes, but Mythic progression isn't entirely out of the question (explained below). What We're Looking For Currently we're lacking on a Healer, but we're also looking to take in a few backup DPS as well, just in case things fall out. For ranged DPS we're technically full and have one of each class, but like I said, we are looking to fill up numbers as a precaution. Don't be afraid to apply if you're a ranged class of any kind. We're open to all possibilities! On the healer side of things, we are currently missing a Holy Paladin and/or a Mistweaver Monk. One of those would be ideal for our composition, but as is the case with ranged DPS, we'll take whatever class might apply if the player matches our group better. If you're a class available to playing as both a ranged and/or a healer and you're willing to swap depending on the situation, that's a HUGE plus. We're still open to applicants of all kinds, and if your role is absolutely the role for you, we can see if we can't have one of our members swap to another one. What's most important for us is that we get people with personalities that won't clash with our own. Our main core right now likes to have fun and joke around at one another's expense often times. We keep things lighthearted, but we're also focused when it comes to raiding new content. About Raiding We're currently hoping to raid 3 nights a week, for about 3 hours a night. Right now we are going to raid on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday nights from 9pm -12am server time. Our main core has raided together both in WoW as well as FFXIV, and we've been fairly pleased with our own progress in both. While we are midcore currently, we're also not completely against starting up a Mythic group if we manage to get enough people interested in it. That would be managed as more of a hardcore group, though, so keep that in mind if that's what you are looking for down the line. A big question people seem to be asking is "why aren't you linking logs?" Well, there's a few reasons. First and foremost, when we were raiding on Scarlet Crusade, the playerbase was so limited and recruiting new players into our Guild was essentially impossible. Due to that, we actually had to merge with another Guild from that server. I don't think it's appropriate to link that Guild's logs and pretend that they're all of our own. On top of that, only a handful of us that have transferred over were even doing raids with that Guild. Additionally, some of our players just boosted up new characters instead of transferring old ones, leaving even less of a reason to link those logs and pose them as entirely our own. I would link FFXIV logs, but I think a majority of players aren't going to be aware of what the implications of those are. So, that's why I don't have a link to our logs. If you still want a link to those logs, I'll gladly provide, though. A Little Extra About Us A bit off of the topic of WoW, we also play other games together sometimes. We've played Vermintide II, Warframe, Borderlands, FFXIV, Path of Exile, Street Fighter V, and more together. We're all looking forward to Monster Hunter World, too. So if you're looking for a crew of people to bond with and play more than just WoW with, we're here! Don't be afraid to message! We're looking into all possibilities and interviewing applicants to make sure that personalities won't clash. You have time and we'll give you a fair chance. Contacting Us If you're interested just reply to this post, or message us in-game. My tag is Aliette#1794. If Discord is easier for you, Aliette#2358. If you'd rather talk directly to the raid leader, his tag is Traison#1860. If Discord is easier for you, Traison#9397. Hope to hear from you soon!Baldasare21 9h
11h [H] So stupid its insane - US-Area52 Who Are We?: <So stupid its insane> - US-Area52 is a guild built around a core of players that have been together for approx. 6 years. A 10-man group in MoP, progressed in mythic raiding during WoD and legion and returning for some action in BFA! We are currently looking for strong players for all rolls at this current moment! Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11 EST Current Recruitment Needs: All! If your class/spec is not listed here and you are interested, apply anyway! We value good players over good classes, and if you're exceptional there is always room! Expectations: We expect all members to maintain as close to perfect attendance as possible. We understand that emergencies come up and things happen. However, we prefer to run with a small bench of (max) 3-4 people. This makes attendance mandatory, and as such we expect you to be able to show up to 90% of our raid times. We expect you to know your class. We expect your character to be gemmed, enchanted and optimized in the most efficient way possible. Most important, we want you to be able to explain to us why your character is as efficient as your gear will allow. We expect you to be competitive. We expect you to do your homework. Learn the fights beforehand - it's an absolute requirement! Don't let that scare you - if you have questions about how a certain mechanic works, we'll be happy to answer. We just don't want you coming in and asking "so how's this fight work?" We just don't have the time when we raid 9 hours a week. Contact Us: Feel free to post below, or add an officer to RealID and we can chat :) akromaos#1127 saratos#1865Akrolmaos1 11h
11h [H] <The Odyssey> Recruiting for all content <The Odyssey> is a horde guild currently recruiting any types of players of all experience levels. We are a smaller group of friends who play casually and are looking to bolster our roster for BfA. We also have an official discord that we hangout in. We are accepting all classes, roles, and play styles. If interested, please leave your info as a comment or contact me in game/through BNet.Zippton0 11h
13h [H] <Fair Enough> prev US 150 LFM for BFA <Fair Enough> is a 21+, three night, mythic raiding guild looking for more skilled players with great personalities for mythic Uldir. We took a hiatus during mythic Nighthold progression, with our last few kills being around the US 130 range. We're now reforming and looking to take it a little easier. Our initial goal is US 250. Our Philosophy: First and foremost, we want dedicated people looking for a long term guild home. This is an easy going environment where we want to have fun while killing bosses and progressing through Mythic. We are interested in people with good attitudes and commitment in order to continue making this an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class, and of the raid bosses before we go into the encounter. Show up on time, and be consistent. Survivability and mechanics are paramount, DPS is secondary. We do not allow drama or elitism; both are poison to the foundation we are striving to build. We are adults and chat can be colorful but we are always respectful of each other. Our Details: Guild: <Fair Enough> Server: Area52-Horde Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8:15-11:30pm EST Progression Exp: Looking for people with mythic raiding experience. Our goal is always to obtain cutting edge with time to spare before the next raid is released. Current Needs: Tanks: Closed Melee: low Ranged: Warlock // Shaman Heals: low Exceptional players of any class are encouraged to apply. If you feel we may be a good fit, add me and let's chat! Contact: Btag: Sheridan#11238 Discord: Ophiliah#2184Ophiliah18 13h
14h World sevrer is down My Guildies and I are getting kicked out of the server with the error message "World server is down". Anyone else?Teeyon37 14h
14h <Wicked Ascension> Raid Times/Days: Tuesday and Thursday 8:00p-11:30p EST Group of serious, experienced raiders looking for dedicated people to join our raid team. Raid experience required for invite, Will be pushing into Mythic that said we are not hardcore we all have lives :) Recruitment Contacts: Zen@12672 Skomoto#1752 Gottiboi45#1673 Website: WIP should be done in 2-4 weeks. Wowprogress: NA new guild BfA Needs: Rogue, Shaman(Elemental or Enhancement), Resto Shaman/Monk/Preist Heal, Warrior, DK, Wind Walker.Jàmbî3 14h
14h Server down and disconnects Hate to come on the forums and complain but okay Blizz. Waited 15 mins for a PVP queue to pop and I get "Transfer Aborted: Instance not Found." Fair enough server problems happen I will just queue again. Wait another 15 to have it disconnect me from server when it popped and then I need to fight login boss for 20 mins to get on. Get on and queue for dungeon and it puts me in one with extreme lag and tank quits group leaves. Requeue for pvp and it works! Only to have it disconnect me and Area 52 to be offline this time. Been several of my days off servers have been like this. I feel like you can't play the 'full server what do you expect' card when many other servers died and Blizz refused to properly merge them. I hate to complain but come on man days of this. Not all of us play 24/7 and just wait a few hours for it to come back up...I don't want a refund or compensation but maybe a few words on why the same set of servers seem to be severely mishandled and a pat on the back. Cheers guysHaanzolo0 14h
14h Huehuehue There goes the server again :DXilehin1 14h
15h Aff Lock & Disc Priest LF Heroic Guild 8/11 Mythic Lock and 11/11 Heroic Disc Priest looking for a casual Heroic guild to play with. Raiding no more than two days a week and enjoys pushing Mythic plus during down time. If you are recruiting please leave a post and I will contact you from my lock on server. Thank youSuziesue1 15h
15h <Chaotic Legion> Horde - Need DH and DK <Chaotic Legion> Server: Area 52 - Horde Raid Schedule: Tues/Wed 9pm-12am EST ---- Who Are We?: A group of like minded raiders who like to balance the game and real life, but also push progression. We may only raid 2 nights, but we make the most of it. ---- Core Raid Expectations. Goal for BFA is Cutting Edge on all Tiers. * Ready and available 10-15 minutes before raid start. * Have items/addons required and the knowledge of your class/role for each progression boss. * Willingness to help raid when needed by utilizing offspec where applicable (if you have a spec that can heal/tank, you may be asked to step up when others are not able to make it). * Know that mythic takes only 20, so some may need to sit. ---- Currently Recruiting for BFA * Tanks: None * Healers: Priest (H) * Melee: DH and DK (UH) - 1 each * Range: Exceptional applicants only ---- APPLY NOW! Contact: JStevenson65#1997, Hops83#1181, Agrahnim#1854, Kamana#1384, or Raca#1734 in game for more information.Racalock5 15h
17h Looking for DPS for heroic raids LOOKING FOR MORE Ranged DPS <Project Gemini> is a newly formed Adult-Only heroic horde guild on Area 52. Our focus is to have fun and push content and build core relationships between players. Selfishness, toxicity, and belittling will not be tolerated. Also, if you are unable to help others and only concerned with your own gear please scroll on as this is not the guild for you. With the new loot system coming in BFA, no longer does loot distribution have to make things complicated. That’s right, we will use personal loot for all bosses and not unevenly distribute the gear like most guilds. Guild History: The founders of Project Gemini have played World of Warcraft while it was still in beta, pre-vanilla and formed a successful heroic guild throughout BC, WotLK, Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor, Legion, continuing to the upcoming BFA. Each expansion we have reformed the guild on a new server to give us a fresh start and interact with more like-minded individuals. Our guild success is dependent on motivation, respect, and dedication from raiders and in return we provide the opportunity to clear all raid content on heroic each expansion. Schedule: Thursday & Friday: (Normal/Heroic Clears) @ 8:00PM-11:00PM EST Saturday: (Normal/Heroic Clears) @ 8:00PM-11:00PM EST *Raid schedule is subject to change as the above are (2) options for BFA. The guild and raiders will vote as a committee to decide the best time that fits the majority’s schedule. **Alt-runs will also be available to those members who are unable to make raid times, you will have at least 3 opportunities a week to run through raids for gear. Please keep in mind, the goal is provide equal opportunity to every member and NOT your entire roster of alts. Goals: Build a strong foundation. World of Warcraft is centered on social interactions of players and our goal is to provide a toxic-free place to call home. We’re interested in people who login frequently and socialize building relationships while setting personal agendas aside. Start at the Core: The core of any guild is the members, this guild wants to focus on raiding and bringing as many people along for the ride as possible. With that said, certain expectations are required to make it fun and fair for the entire raid group. We will start with heroic dungeons and advancing to M+ continuing on to normal, finishing with heroic raiding. The only thing we ask from you login and participate with guild groups and NOT just login for raid night and be absent from the game until next week. Guild First: We’re family. A guild is only as strong as its weakest member, this includes attitudes and behavior from the top down. We’re all adults here and complaining about running content you don’t need is not the right attitude for this guild. The raid leader has determined the run in advance, as a raider you are expected to participate. Why is this? Because as a team we’re going to down the bosses and not progress individually. I’ve seen too many good people get left behind because of a decision to move to the next tier leaving most of the guild behind. Friends & Family: Bring the crew. Friends and family of members are always welcome. We have had a lot of husband and wife combinations that join, or families with kids. While the member age is restricted to 21+, we will allow mature children to join under the consent of the parents knowing this is a 21+ guild. While no harassment or toxicity will be tolerated, genuine horseplay and profanity will be used in Discord and Guild Chat. Alt Runs: Yes we do them. As we progress through content it is natural to want to level another toon for fun or to try out another spec. Alt runs will be scheduled and ran at least once a week after the current content is cleared without multiple wipes. Alt runs will be setup, typically on the weekend. To keep the run moving smoothly, we ask that some already geared members help out with the run and rotate out to their alt on the following week. Our part of the deal: Experienced and Organized Leadership Relaxed and friendly environment for all raiders and members Guaranteed progression Guild repairs Raid consumables Discord channel Your part of the deal: High Attendance Mature attitude Donate some mats or gold here and there ZERO raid experience required ZERO knowledge of your class or spec (New toons welcome!) Motivated to learn raiding, and your class Respectful criticism to improve your class Be Social, most of the time Requirements: 21+ Years of Age Discord (minimum to listen during dungeons and raids) Contacts: BattleNet: Neoramuh#1528, Addictive#1191 If you're interested, please contact us on battle net.Rainenight6 17h
19h [H] The Last Kingdom - T/Th 9-12 EST BFA IS HERE. WE NEED SOME PEOPLES. Raid times are Tuesdays and Thursdays; 9-12 PM Server time (EST). We use Discord. Looking for: -TANK -RANGED DPS DISCLAIMER: All specs and classes can apply, sometimes people can not make raids or may quit the game or guild, but, if you are not a listed need, we may not be able to bring you to mythic raids. If you are interested, please fill out this form and we will contact you: OR Feel free to add us via BattleTag ID as well, Axxzor#1300 or Theoculus#1797. WoW Progress Link: MORE ABOUT US We are very dedicated to creating a fun and skillful group that will get things done. The guild was created at the beginning of Legion and has raided every tier thus far, we plan on continuing to grow as a team and we feel like we have a good core group of members currently. We are a group of friends leading a raid group for Legion. We have varied levels of experience but overall we tend to find success in every game that we play. We are not looking for anything too hardcore but we want to do the best we can. We have a good time on Discord and overall are pretty active, we also play other games from time to time and anyone is welcome to join in. We are adults, so, we have jobs and might not always be the most active guild at times but there are usually always people online looking to run mythic+ or alt raids. However, we would like you to be able to make raids on a consistent basis, if you feel like you can't, this might not be the guild for you, maybe another guild can accommodate your raid availability better. We are very open about things and will not be upset if you decide to leave the guild or can no longer raid, just be a mature adult about it. It helps to let us know, for recruitment purposes, if you no longer wish to raid, etc. We are not elitists but we want people to do their part (preparation) and play their class well (do your own research, but it is perfectly fine to ask questions, but, be open to criticism), and overall have some enthusiasm towards raiding, care a little bit, that is all we ask. We are not aiming to be the best raiding guild, but we know we won't be the worst, either. We just want to have fun, enjoy the game, and progress through content at our own pace. Though, we are not afraid to make tough decisions if a player is not performing well enough or is inconsistent with raid attendance, matters like that will be handled, maturely. After all, it is not about the individual, it is about the group as a whole. Selfishness will not be tolerated. We try to keep a stress free environment and expect people to make mistakes, it happens, fix it, learn from it, and move on, you will not be hounded as long as you act like a mature adult. After all, this is a game, not a life or death matter. Thanks for reading! I do not always catch posts on this thread so adding us on bnet or filling out the application is the best way for us to contact you.Sidsa93 19h
19h [H]<Elder Warband> Adults(25+), Raiding, M+s Elder Warband Horde- Area 52 Mythic + Dungeons Schedule: (relax raids)Weds & Thurs 8:30-10:45pm est (push raids) Sun 11am-3pm est Hello WoW community!! I, along my wife and a couple other friends, have decided to create a guild hoping to find other adults that are like-minded. We've joined other guilds in the past, but we've never found the right fit. Either they are too serious, too oblivious, or too impersonal. We want a to have a guild that everyone looks forward to logging into. Like Cheers “... where everyone knows your name”. Most of us have been playing WoW since the game released. We've made real life friends in this virtual reality game. At this point we are all working adults that enjoy logging into WoW when we find free time (we always seem to find it, sorry responsibilities!). Even though our playing time is limited, we still want to experience larger group content with friends. We want to play in a fun and social environment, while we face the challenge of the latest threats to Azeroth. Our main focus as a guild is M+ dungeons and raiding. For raids, our Wednesday and Thursday raid team will be focusing on normal/heroic mode, with no plans of running mythic raids. Our main reasons are rostering and time. Normal/heroic offers great flexibility and nobody gets benched. We're adding a Sunday morning raid team that will be focused on quicker progression. The focus will be Heroic, but if that team reaches the right numbers and balance of players they will be going into Mythic raids. But the main concern is that the raids will not have a hard set attendance, so Mythic raiding is not guaranteed. With that said, the Sunday team will have higher expectations from the players. Those who do not meet what is expected will get benched. We are looking for other adults with a great sense of humor who don't get offended easily. Because we’re small; we’re hoping to find adults that play specific classes, are willing/able to play whatever role might be needed on raid night, and can be proficient in both their specs. Also, while we have a casual outlook, we want folks that can respect their fellow guildmates by making the raid times, being prepared (know the fights!) and participating with other guildies in a focused, but fun, atmosphere. Just because we’re not hardcore does not mean we’re not competitive with each other! We all want to do our best and know the class we are playing. Parents, altoholics, blue collar workers and professionals are all welcomed! As this guild is a place for grown ups to unwind, we will have an age gate. Members must be around 25yrs old plus. Our main reason for this is so that we have more things in common than just WoW. It has nothing to do with maturity, as I’ve met younger people that are more mature than some of the older people I know. We do have some folks under that age requirement that are friends and family. We are primarily on EST and mainly use discord for voice chat. If you are interested in joining or have a question you can contact me @ Okiru#1173, Elzix @ Elzix#11913, or Slashcry for the weekend raids @ Slashcry#1953. Feel free to also contact anybody in the guild. I’m usually on in the evenings from around 8pm est till about 11pm. Thank you, happy gaming!!Omiku145 19h
20h 340 BDK LF Cutting Edge Guild Looking to take BFA a bit more seriously than Legion. Previously I have had Mythic xp in both NH and Antorus from Legion on my Guardian Druid (Mayhemacious@Area-52) and have tanked in general for a few years now. I'm certainly not new to mythic progression and the mindset/skill required to perform well. Aside from raiding, I'm very interested in pushing high mythic plus keys as well. PM me @ Mayhem#12600 for more info/logsMayhemise3 20h
20h <Synergy> Opening Recruiting for BFA For more information on Synergy, please contact Jesandria via tell or in-game mail. You can also add either of us to your friends list: Jes: Jesandria#1440 Synergy is a guild that has a well established 13 year history of raiding. We took some time off during Legion because I got really sick, but we're good to go now and ended up going back to clear everything in Legion anyways. Are you looking for a guild that will treat you as family? Where the focus is on having fun together and getting things done? Where we treat you as an adult and let each member handle their own responsibilities so we can all come together to be successful? We may be exactly what you're looking for. We set a standard for everyone to meet and if you meet it, you get to go kill stuff... if you don't, you get to go kill stuff once you do meet it. It's as simple as that. ------------------------------------------------ Raid Schedule: ---------------------------------- Tuesday: 7:00p - 10:45p Server Time Thursday: 7:00p - 10:45p Server Time ---------------------------------------------- Positions Available: -------------------------------- - Tanking -: Closed Currently - Healing -: ** Holy Paladin ** ** Mistweaver Monk ** *Open for Flexible DPS/Healer* Balance/Restoration Druid Windwalker/Mistweaver Monk Retribution/Holy Paladin Shadow/Holy Priest Elemental/Restoration Shaman We are looking for a flexible player to be a DPS/Healer role in the raid. Someone who is able to perform in whichever role we need of them at the time and is able to keep up a set of gear for each role. We will help funnel gear your way for this as well. This will predominantly be more of a role of a DPS, but we want someone who is able to effectively heal should we be missing one of the core healers on a certain night or if we want to run an extra healer during a particular fight. Please let us know if this is you! - Melee Damage -: Closed Currently - Ranged Damage -: Balance Druid* Mage Warlock* * [High Need] ----------------------------------------------- What We Offer: --------------------------------- Benefits * We provide all materials and costs for each raid including but not limited to repairs, flasks, and food. * We offer great benefits for our Raiders to immediately upgrade your gear through the raid focused use of our guild bank. * We offer a Raid schedule that is easily adaptable and makes productive use of the time focused on raiding. Only 7.5 hours a week to work around, but it is 7.5 hours of getting things done!Colossus31 20h
23h <Good Snacks>[H] Recruiting for H/M Delightful, satisfying, and maybe a little bit bad for you: <Good Snacks> is a newly formed Horde guild on Area-52 looking to fill out a raiding roster with experienced and aspiring players of all types. The team aims to comfortably clear heroic and work towards mythic progression, while still maintaining a jovial and supportive atmosphere. Raiding times are currently Wed/Fri/Sun 7-10pm EST. Logs or relevant achievements are appreciated, but not required. Shoot lushy#0010 or Rikkit#1337 a DM on discord for more information, or if you're interested in joining! EDIT: You can also add Rikkit#1747 on BNetAbhorredlord3 23h
23h Mythic 9/11 Warlock LF new Home on Area 52 As the title states I am looking for a new home on Area 52 to casually raid Mythic as well as pvp and do mythic plus dungeons with. Some things about me: I am a working adult so I don't log on until about 7pm CST during weekdays. I am a Mythic experienced raider. Legion is the only expansion I didn't get cutting edge but I did get close before burning out on 20 hour raid weeks and constant requirements to grind Ap and gear and rep I have an alliance toon that I play to keep up with some friends but it is NOT a double main and I won't be just a "raid logger" (someone who shows up just for raid)I just like to keep it up with friends on weekends so we can pug and do dungeons casually What I am looking for: A Casual Mythic raiding guild that raids 2-3 times during the week A group that is understanding that I can't commit to being Ilvl 340 with a heart of Azertoh level of 20 within the first week of BFA release. A group that is active in rated pvp and likes to push Mythic plus dungeons. As a note for full disclosure, the start of the expansion will be slower for me because I will be doing the gear/rep/Azurite grind on two toons. Once My alliance toon is in a comfortable spot to do normal Uldir with my not so serious alliance pug friends, my attention will then shift primarily for the remainder of the expansion to my Horde character. My main last expansion was Eizzok - Shaman if you'd like to look up some of my legion experience in mythic raiding. My main this expansion is my lock (I raided heroic antorus with my lock and my parses in Demo were in the gold, Destro and Affliction were high 80's low 90's. My disc is Eizzok#5113 and my Bnet is Kozzie#1185. Thank you for your consideration!Kozzie0 23h
1d LF Static Mythic plus group LF a couple people to make a static mythic + group wanting to start soon to learn dungeons together. Right now its just me and a buddy only position locked in is tank. If interested add me on Btag Sawse#11426 and send me a messageManlove0 1d
1d [H]<Ex Inferno> Team Pink (2/11M) LF Heals [H] <Ex Inferno> With 4 raid team's on the Horde side, an active Mythic+ community and tons of other activities going on including Alt Raids on off nights, <Ex Inferno> is always looking for active raiders. Team Pink (AoTC - 11/11 Heroic ABT, 2/11 Mythic ABT), "the working man's casual progression team" is looking for a few more raiders to push into Mythic ABT. Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun! At the moment we are looking for: Healer - Mistweaver Monk, or Disc Priest preferred (full on Holy Pally). Raid Times are: Wednesday 8:30 - 10 pm EST Friday 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST 18+, Discord is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot. Contact: Bodhí (the í is Alt 0237) or b-net Bodhi#11669 Darkcntrl - (Cntrlfreak#1665) Soyprotien - (Cryptic#1259) Nayati - (SoulSyphon#11126) If those raid times to not work for you Ex Inferno has 3 other raid teams on the Horde side (one on the Alliance - Stormrage). Details here or just visit the Ex Inferno website at ***We welcome social members to our active community as well!Bodhí52 1d
1d [H] Disc Priest and Warlock LF Raiding Hey. Me and my friend are looking for a raiding. Looking for a heroic raiding with maybe some mythic progression by the end of the patch. Prefer weekday day raiding times. Tues/Weds/Thursday Add Amra#11710 if your interested.Tandrela3 1d
1d Mistweaver Monk looking for H/M Guild. Looking for a Heroic/Mythic guild to raid with. Can raid anytime 6pm - 1pm server. This would be for a Mistweaver Monk. I cannot select him to post this under it. I would be ready to raid Tuesday.Euphorea3 1d
1d <Metal Moolitia> LF Long-Term Aff/Des Lockbro Greetings, Everyone! <Metal Moolitia> is recruiting adults who are a great personalty fit for our guild. We welcome causal, new and returning players, and casual raiders interested only in Normal and Heroic in BfA, or those who aren’t quite ready for Mythic raiding, but will put forth the effort to get there. If you're able to read through this giant wall of text without falling asleep or wandering off to YouTube videos, you're off to a great start. Our semi-hardcore Mythic progression team has 1 opening for an Affliction or Destruction Warlock. For our prog team, we recruit only Horde mains. No alts, no "double-mains." Our raid team is tight-knit and dedicated to the team, and we are looking for someone who wants to integrate into the guild, commit to the team, and be reasonably active outside of mandatory raid functions (Tues/Thurs 9:30PM - midnight EST). No raid-loggers (i.e., people who log in solely to raid). Please contact me if you're interested. Also, if the above seems too demanding for you, please contact me if you'd like to join as a casual raider, or if you're simply looking for a long-term home filled with active, helpful people. Who We Are: We are a guild of friends and some family - mostly aged late 20s/early 30s, with some couples, married combos, students, veterans (there are a bunch of us; shameless vet plug), people with kids, etc. - who value real-life obligations, but also raid time. We're kind of like . . . like a mullet: business up front, party in the back. Or, perhaps, "Sylvanas in the streets, Thrall in the sheets," works better. We have fun, but also get things done. We are very active on Discord, our hub for voice and text chat, for both WoW and other side games. How We Operate (Important) We do not tolerate bad attitudes, disrespect, condescension/elitism, and general douchebaggery. Toxic people, regardless of who they are, will be removed from the guild. The vast majority of guildies have been with us a long time, and we specifically recruit good people with the right personality who are looking for a long-term home. Having no reservations about kicking out those who create a negative guild environment has enabled us to maintain a close-knit, zero-drama, zero-toxicity guild. This isn't to say we don't enjoy friendly banter and mutual ball-busting with our bros. We're just not jerks about it and don't cross the line into personal attacks or anything that would create a hostile environment. We're all adults here and expect the same treatment online as in-person. Guild-business-wise, Officers make decisions transparently, welcome advice and opinions when they’re delivered tactfully/privately, and are always happy to work with people and help them meet their goals for their characters, as long as they’ve made an effort help themselves first. Everyone in the guild is helpful and inclusive, regardless of rank or role. Politics & Religion are off limits for public conversation. Take it to PMs. Legion PvE Our primary focus in Legion was Heroic raiding (we farmed 11/11H for a loooong time), with no Mythic progression aspirations. We focused our efforts on building a strong, tight-knit group of people for BfA while farming Heroic on alts and with our casual raiders. Battle for Azeroth Plans: We'll progress through Normal, Heroic, then Mythic in our Tues/Thurs raid, 9:30 pm - midnight server progression raid. As we clear content, it will be moved to Saturday for our alt/casual Normal/Heroic run. BfA Schedule (Mandatory stuff varies based on what you've committed to). All times same as raid times: Monday - RBGs (for those on the team) Tuesday & Thursday - Mythic Progression Raid 9:30 PM - 12 AM server (EST) Friday - Nothing scheduled Saturday - Normal, Heroic Progression Raid (Casuals/Alts/Mains) 9:30 PM - 12:30 server Wed & Sun - Nothing scheduled M+ and PvP-things are done throughout the week, and we'll be having Discord party farm nights, for those of us who need help staying awake while gathering Mythic Raid Info: - All raid consumables, gems, enchants, and repairs are provided for Mythic Raiders - SURVIVAL and MECHANICS are equally important as Role Performance - We only raid two days (5 hours) per week, so great attendance is expected - Keep whatever BoEs you loot. Blizzard looted it to you, so to us it counts as personal. Please contact: Ðacra (Bnet: Dacra#11210; Discord: Dakkra#0609) Please use these, rather than contacting me in-game. I'm often AFK or messages get spammed out before I can read them. We hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, and have a great day! :)Ðacra128 1d
1d Looking For Guild! Hello all. Looking for a guild in Area 52. Just hit 120 about to start gearing and grinding reps etc. Will mostly be doing dungeon content "like mythics" but would like to get some raiding in as well. Due to my job I can only be consistently available Sundays to raid. 8:00PM EST US & Canada time. I will be able to join on other nights when my schedule allows it. Holy main. Can OS both other specs if needed. Feel free to message me in game as well! Note: The ÿ in my name is Alt 0255Daisÿ1 1d
1d <Zealous Raiders> BFA Core Positions Needed Zealous Raiders - US Area 52 – Horde Current Needs - Shadow Priest, Boomy, Destro/Demo Lock, EleShaman, DK or Outlaw Rogue, and Ret Pally. ALL DPS roles are open and are Competitive! Add MereZulu#1937 or Pixeledgamer#11165 or Macaber#1513 for a Position Trial. *Please note we are ALWAYS looking to upgrade our roster. If you do not see your class listed but are confident you can perform at our level, do not hesitate to fill out an app or contact us* No solid dps refused Our raid times are as follows - Monday - 9:30pm - 12:30am EST Tuesday - 9:30pm - 12:30am EST Thursday - 9:30pm -12:30am EST Progression - 11/11 N ABT 11/11 H ABT Some Mythic Progression Why Zealous Raiders? Zealous Raiders has a tight-knit group of skilled, like-minded raiders and administrators. We're easy going, we love to have fun, and we enjoy our raiding experience together while maintaining top-end status.We are non-biased and intolerant of drama in any form. When raiding with our guild, you will find that the atmosphere is very laid-back. However, when the time comes for progression, we know how to focus and get the job done Our number one priority in Zealous Raiders is maintaining our positive environment so that members are happy to log on and excited to raid and work together. Loot: Personal Loot We currently run Personal Loot till BFA, and we roll out upgrades that raiders don't need to the Core Raiders if they need them -We take into consideration various factors such as: • Performance • Raid attendance • Previous Loot • Attitude and drive for progression Applicant Requirements:* Attendance: We currently raid 3 nights a week during active progression, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday. Raid invites go out at 9:15 EST, begin raiding at 9:30pm and run until 12:30am. There may be occasions when raids run slightly later than usual, this is typically 5-10 minutes over for progression/trash re-clear avoidance. If you cannot sustain a high rate of attendance (90% minimum), this is not the guild for you. Skill: Can you do your job well while still being aware of environmental hazards? Will you be able to adjust to an emergency change in the strategy without losing your main focus or panicking? If so, you're the kind of player we're looking for. Gear: Your gear directly enhances your performance. Is it all properly gemmed, upgraded and enchanted? The amount of effort you put into your gear correlates to the amount of effort you put into raiding. If your gear is not equivalent or close enough to the gear associated with the content we are clearing to allow you to carry your own weight, you must prove to us, without a doubt, you are the correct choice for your position through outstanding play, and motivation to improve not only gear but skill. Intelligence: Are you smart? Do you make the same mistake twice? Can you learn from someone else’s mistake? Can you evaluate a given situation on the fly, and make the right decision in a split second? Experience: You need to have experience close to that of the guilds current progression, past raiding experience is also a plus. Public Communications Zealous Raiders cares about our public persona. It is for this reason we ask that unless you are buying/selling items offering or engaging services you are asked to not post in Trade/General/Instance chats. Trolling is not tolerated and can have you removed from the guild. General requirements include: * Preferably 18+, but just be mature. * Ability to use Discord and have working mic. * Ability to frequently check up on our forums for updates on raid strategies and other general guild information. * Income supply sufficient to support the repairs that a good progression week will result in. Consumables are also required for both progression and most farm raids. Once you pass trial, the guild supplies raiders with full repairs and flasks/pots for raid nights. * Stable Connection!! More or less NO disconnects during the fight. In order to play this game at the level we expect, you need a decent computer and a good internet connection. Feel free to contact any officer ingame with any questions! Zulu - MereZulu#1937 Claw- Pixeledgamer#11165 Sneake- Macaber#1513Corruptzulu21 1d
1d <Treefort> Recruiting Raiders for BFA We are <Treefort> a late night raiding guild that dedicates 2 nights a week to raiding. During ABT we took at hiatus during the last few months of legion as many guilds did and ended up at 5/11M. We have a great, friendly atmosphere that likes to joke around with each other but buckle down when it comes time to kill stuff. We're looking for dedicated members who want a home for the new expansion where we can learn and progress together. Raid attendance is a high priority for us we really expect our raiders to be able to show up to raids ready to go. Recruitment Priority: Currently recruiting: Resto Shaman and all exceptional players at DPS. The class doesn't matter, we're mostly interested in having players who do what they can to maximize their output and take time to learn how to play their classes properly. Requirements: -We raid Tues/Thurs: 10:50pm-2:00am EST -Discord must be installed -Experience is preferred, but if you are mechanically inclined and can learn and adapt quickly to fights then we'd be willing to give you a chance. If you're interested in joining feel free to whisper any of our leadership Bnets: roflkopterz#1404 Jac#1165 Roxyar#1750 CloudParade#1508Arida0 1d