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2h 2/8M 375 hunter LF mythic Uldir this week I'm looking for a mythic Uldir run this week. I missed my guild's run this week. I can't really make my current guild's raid times Tuesday/Wednesday 8:30pm ET. I need something like an hour later or more. Hit me up if you're looking to fill a spot this week for mythic Uldir, and possibly more permanently. P.S. I'm currently play survival but I've got gear for BM too, so I can switch for those who need ranged.Mitenka2 2h
2h [H] <Death Toll> 8/8N 2/8H LFM <Death Toll> is a Horde Raiding guild [8/8 N, 2/8H Uldir] that is in need of more for our raid team. We wish to progress but are struggling because we are really in need of people that will be COMMITED to showing up to both raid nights and to the team in general (we've had serious issues with this). DPS Melee: Any DPS Range: Shaman Mage Healers: Shaman Paladin Druid Tanks: Full Raid Times Tuesdays: 9:00pm- Midnight Thursdays: 9:00pm- Midnight If you are interested please feel free to add myself Autumn#1958, our raid leader Subby7#1200 or any online members and we would be happy to have you!Angelynn17 2h
2h Raidsense [H] 3/8M 6hrs LF Lock and more Howdy all! Thanks for taking the time to read this. Raidsense is a guild with a corresponding community that is aiming to provide two things: 1) A stable, consistent, low time commitment cutting edge mythic team and 2) A welcoming, friendly, non toxic learning environment for newer raiders as well. To accomplish those two goals we have two teams. A Mythic team, where expectations are higher and recruitment is more selective. We also have a team that exclusively runs Normal and Heroic content that is open to all who want to join to raid with it for learning purposes. ... Leadership Information: I've has been raiding at a fairly high level since Burning Crusade, with a strong presence in WoD/Legion where I lead <Champion> on US-Proudmoore into the top 50 US ranking territory, peaking at a US 17 finish for Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Other notable finishes include US 53 Mythic Guldan and US 67 Mythic Archimonde. I tried to launch Raidsense previously when running <Champion> but the commitment required for both making Raidsense a success while keeping a competitive raid team successful was bit much. So I've decided to scale back heavily on the competitive aspect and focus on building the community I've been wanting to for a while. Keimoo started raiding competitively in Legion, quickly climbing the raiding ranks. Starting fresh in the expansion, working his way up to Champion towards the end of Nighthold, and eventually finding his way to Vision for Antorus, where they finished US 13th. He has proven he knows how to quickly pick up the game and play it at a very high level. He is the co-founder of Raidsense. ... In addition to the guilds for both factions, we have the faction specific communities as well with the new community feature. Links can be found on our website. Overall the goal of this guild is to create a friendly and fun environment for all sorts of players. If you're a strong player who performs well regularly who enjoys helping mentor players who are less experienced, we want you. If you're an inexperienced player who is wanting to improve your play and get more serious about raiding, we also want you. You can move up to the mythic team from the heroic team if you're performing well enough. We will also be happy to help prepare you for more competitive rosters if that's where you're hoping to end up eventually. If you are interested in any aspect of this community, please don't hesitate to contact me or Keimoo for an invite or more information.Bâlto22 2h
2h 371 Mage/365 War LF 2/8M+ Raiding Guild My current guild recently changed their raid times and I can no longer attend the times they have changed to. As the title says I have a 374 Frost mage, and a 367 Fury warrior and am looking for a M Raiding guild looking to push Cutting Edge every tier. I have a history of M raiding and Cutting Edge progression. I am currently 8/8H 2/8M with pulls on M Zek sub 30% Please only respond to this post if you can match or are further than my current prog and raid with in my availability. Preferred Raid times are between 6pm-12am EST M T W T anything with in these times/days will work for my schedule. I can NOT raid past midnight, and do not wish to raid weekends.Frozenflame6 2h
2h [H] <Legalize Anchorweed> - Recruiting We are a group of friends looking to expand our roster to go further into raiding without having to rely on pugs. Recruitment RDPS - Mage/Lock/Balance Melee - Ret/DK/WW Heals - MW/Holy Paladin Tank - Willing to take any tank with an OS If you aren't one of those no worries we probably can still use you! We raid Tues/Thurs 8-10st. We are very laid back and like to have fun, we also do keys throughout the week and over the weekend. Any questions add me on bnet - Endvision#1870Rousk7 2h
3h Forming M+ Team Looking to form a solid community to push high keys(12+). Let me know if you are interested. Trying to form a core 5-7 ppl that are competent and can listen to strats. Also must be an active m+ runner. Looking to push 13+ keys this week(and tonight if I can get a solid group). Looking for the below: Heals: MW/RDruid/Disc Dps: Rogue, DH, Boomkin, Hunter, Mage, Warlock Please have experience with high keys(1k+io preferred). Leave your below or add me on Bnet @Maliciouz94#1169Tycrix0 3h
3h <Tunnel Vision Boss> 3/8M 2/day Mythic Guild <Tunnel Vision Boss> on Area 52 is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth. We are a recent transfer guild that accomplished a 9/11M run in Antorus before taking a break. We have trimmed the fat and are now looking to be a cutting edge 2/day a week guild going forward. We have a love for this game that started as far back as Classic and continues to this day. With our leadership and the addition of skillful players like you, we will push through any of the content we set our sights on. If you're not into raiding but want to enjoy the company of some great people we are happy to have you! Our Goals While we only raid two days a week we are by no means casual. We strive to be competitive on the server for progression and spots will be the same. You must be able to pull your own weight, research fights, and come prepared to raid. We also plan to build teams for M+ sells and competitive PvP, if interested please let us know. Experience Uldir 3/8 M Raid Schedule Thursday: 9-12p EST Sunday: 9-12p EST Voice Chats Discord; it is required on raid nights and always open for guildies to use anytime. Current Recruitment Needs DPS: High Priority: Ranged DPS, Ret Paladin, Death Knight When it comes to Mythic progression, as you know, we are forced to a 20-Man Raid size. This makes it necessary to have a few subs ready to jump in each night if needed. What we'd require from you: - Current Progression Needs/Numbers - Knowledge of fights we are on or progressing towards - High Attendance - An open attitude - Sense of humor (we have fun) - Ability to take constructive criticism We award raiders who meet their requirements consistently (usually exceed!) with a core raid spot and especially those who take the time to understand their class to maximize their potential. So Why Join Us? We will provide a comfortable home for you to enjoy the game how you like. Our raid leadership style is comforting to many, and provides excellent results. If you are not up for the commitment of raiding, we are looking for those who love to push the limits with Mythic+. Our guild is itching for more challenges and we'd be the perfect spot for you! Contact Info I will be checking this periodically every day so if you're interested you can reply here, or you can contact me or another officer on bnet. Recruitment Bnets: DERPSTIR#8079 Zirhark#1296 Nexonius#1472 Leronorie#1423Zirhark28 3h
3h [H] 8/8H 3/8M LF Mythic Tank & DPS ! Hello, and Welcome to <In Æternum> We raid Fri/Sat 9:30pm-12:30am est (This may be extended up to 1:30am) Our Off-night for heroic is Wednesdays, same times. About Us: We're a relatively new guild to Area 52. However, many of us have been playing WoW together for at least a year, with the majority together for even longer. We play daily, and partake in everything this game has to offer. The main focus of this guild is to push Mythic Raid Progression & M+. Our leadership & player base include 11/11m raiders, as well as players from past expansion with similar records. Currently 8/8H 3/8M What we Offer: - Competent Leadership - Collaborative Environment - Reliable & Skilled Player base - Enjoyable and Diverse Community - An Environment that Promotes Exceptionalism - Endless Days & Nights of Banter filled with tales of IRL. We are seeking focused individuals to join our raid roster. We have an inherent need for exceptional execution when it comes to mechanics and you need to possess extensive knowledge of your class, or the ability to derive needed information quickly. What we Expect: - Thick Skin - Solid Communication - Ability to Adapt & Overcome - High Level of Raid Awareness - Exceptional Mechanical Execution - YOU TO HAVE FUN ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ... What we Need: Melee DPS - Off-specs & utility are a plus. One Tank - Progression ready Individuals willing to distinguish themselves should always apply, even if not on the list above. We welcome Backups and/or individuals interested in focusing Mythic+ or PvP at high ratings. This includes people not being able to attend raids, as we aim to continue building our community rather than just a raid team. Any talented player is welcome. We are a skill-based guild, this means, although we are all friends and have known each other for years, we want the raid to succeed, and that's priority #1. Under-performing consistently will put your raid spot in jeopardy. To Apply: Visit our Discord - Fill out & Paste the information from #Welcome into #Applications.Dauntasaurus91 3h
3h <Wocket In My Pocket> 7/8H 1/8M recruiting! <Wocket In My Pocket> recruiting for raiding and mythic dungeons during BFA! Raid times are Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 9pm-Midnight server. Discord required. Uldir: 8/8 N 6/8H 1/8M Current Needs: Any healers All ranged dps and 1 demon hunter dps Currently running mythics to gear up and will help where we can. Also taking any players interested in mythic plus for this expansion! Will take anyone wanting to push keys all xpac long. Must like snacks. If you have any questions please post here or add Jaish#1265 on btag.Jaish24 3h
3h Group looking to join/merge/start raid guild I have about 12 friends that are looking to either start, merge, or join a raiding guild. Most of us are 7/8h, a few are 8/8h 1/8m mostly 365+. We have tanks, heals, and dps. We are horde and are looking to stay horde but would entertain a faction transfer if it was a great fit. We would also transfer servers. Please reply to this thread if interested.Mythorius14 3h
4h 367 BM Hunter LF Raiding Guild My name is Jarrux I currently play on stormrage and I am looking to change servers and factions. My raid schedule times are very specific and I can't really do much more then what I post. 8/8 Heroic 1/8 Mythic I am looking for a heroic/mythic guild that must raid on Sunday and Once during the week between M-TH ( No Friday or Saturday) .. times between 8 and 12 EST Logs: Bnet: Jarux#11102 Discord: Jarux#7051 ( I have discord on my phone so I prefer discord)Jarrux2 4h
5h H Guild - 7/8H - Sunday Raids - LFM Mythic Guild: Special Friends Club Faction: Horde Raid Day: Sunday, 11am - 3pm EST Progression - 8/8 N, 7/8 H Recruitment needs: - DPS - Yes. Looking mostly ranged classes but willing to take melee. Also looking for ranged - pref with some willing to off-spec into healing/tank in case of absentees or fight requirements. - Healers - One Holy Paladin or Resto Shaman. - Tanks - One tank who has a decent OS dps when needed. Hi everyone, We are a hardcore group of tryhards, but we only raid once a week. Our goal is to focus on AOTC each raid tier in a fairly quick pace with some moderate progression through Mythic. We are a hardcore raiding guild that does not have time to raid on a hardcore schedule. We generally don't have any philosophy outside of the one-day raids. We actively hang out in discord when we're online, even if we're not actually in WoW. Our humor is a bit sarcastic, but come raid time and progression we focus up to get things done. We expect our raiders to understand the basics of raiding 101 (don't stand in bad, interrupt, target switching, etc), know how to optimize their spec dps, and be ready with flasks and pots before coming to the raid. We're looking for quality players - players who don't require a discussion about optimizing their dps and post in the greys and greens. We're not looking to train anyone in this raid. We raid once a week, so we need that raid time to count. Also, if you’re just looking for some M+ and not really interested in raiding then feel free to mention that here. Our group ranges from 20 to a few in the their 40's. If you'd like to give us a try, feel free to add me at Slashcry#1953, or contact cpx#11879 in game.Släshcry14 5h
6h [H] <Ex Inferno> Team Green (H/M Semi) RECRUITMENT IS OPEN Updated 10/13/18 <Ex Inferno>'s Team Green is looking for RDPS to complete our roster for Heroic & Mythic Progression. ... ... Our focus this time around is to take Mythic progression much more seriously. Raiders will be expected to be prepared by knowing how to maximize the output of their spec, have intimate knowledge of the fight mechanics (read, not just watch videos), and have a team-oriented mentality. Many of us are ex-hardcore raiders who are now adults with adult lives. We want to enjoy ourselves and meet our potential to make continuous progression at a Mythic level. Cutting Edge is certainly a goal we're aiming for, but may not happen with in the allotted time frame of each raid cycle. Sound good? Check out the community recruitment post as you will also be joining the whole of the <Ex Inferno> community. If you are interested, join our discord server (link at the bottom of the website) and tag with @Hello and state that you are interested in joining!Kirainne33 6h
6h [H] <Ex Inferno> Community is LF You! Looking for a place to call your home? The last guild you’ll ever have to join? Look no further than <Ex Inferno>, an 18+ gaming community with over a decade of presence in World of Warcraft! We have players on both the thriving Horde side (Area 52) and the budding Alliance side (Stormrage). Come together on our very active Discord to group with a plethora of other players doing whatever you love to do; mythic+, raiding, expeditions, PvP, achieves, collecting, farming, flying in circles in Zandalar while you chat aimlessly for hours about nothing—whatever! You’ll find like minded people here to do it with you! Or pop into one of the many other games our community plays! Not a raider? Not a problem! Ex Inferno isn’t just for the raiding community. We’re open to anyone looking to play with some great people! We’re especially great for those who want to play on both the Horde and Alliance side with familiar faces on each, though playing both factions is not required. ...Can’t find a team that meets your time and/or playstyle? Ex Inferno is always open to new raid teams! Contact an officer for details! Also check out our Alliance Post on Stormrage: Want some more information or are interested in joining? Head over to to see what we’re up to. You can also join our Discord, come in, and chat! Ping us with a @Hello tag in #general if you'd like to join and/or get more information. An officer will get back to you ASAP! DISCORD LINK: 6h
6h [H] <The Stardard Method> 6/8H LFM! <The Stardard Method> Is a Horde guild based on Area 52. In Legion we achieved AOTC on each of the raid tiers with some light mythic progression. We maintain a very light hearted environment where we focus on having a good time and building cohesion between the group. That being said we take our time spent raiding seriously and do not like to waste it. For BFA our focus will be to continue to strive to excel on a level of community and content. Meaning our main focus will be to have a good time playing and hanging out together, while maintaining a solid progression pace Ultimately following getting AOTC we would like to progress through mythic at a casual pace, but do not want to rush into it and cause problems for the group. Of Course we are running keys often We raid 2 days a week Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m EST. Currently we are 8/8N and 7/8H Currently we have opening for Both Healers and DPS. We are particularly interested in the following class combinations. Healers Priest - Flex Pally - Holy Monk - MW Melee DPS Death Knight - Frost/Unholy Warrior - Arms/Fury Shaman - Enhance Ranged DPS Druid - Balance Shaman - Elemental Mage - Any Spec Warlock - Any Spec Priest - Shadow The above list is ideally what we are seeking however all interested parties are encouraged to contact us. New raiders have a 2 raid trial period to ensure that everything is a good fit. This will only affect bank privileges and is utilized a tool to mitigate individuals who may be looking to simply pull from banks. Add ons Angry assignments add-on is required as we utilize it in raid to help with listed rotations as well as having important mechanics on screen. We utilize discord for voice comms and actively use it outside of raiding for other content and just to hang out. Discord is mandatory but a microphone is not. DBM/Big Wigs - A boss mod addon is required to help everyone be on the same page as the fight progresses. As long as you have an add-on that warns you of upcoming mechanics you will be fine. Additional Information. We will provide raiders with a gold stipend to repair gear, we will also provide consumables as we are able (obviously with the new expansion it will take some time to build up the stocks necessary to fuel a whole team) We do however ask and expect that you show up to raid enchanted,gemmed and with a small stock of your needed consumables for when we are not able to provide everything. We also ask that you online and ready to go at least 15 minutes before raid time begins. Please feel free to reply to this thread or add the following B-net tags for more information. Shrui#1663 Spykem#1928 Madmike#1983Dolious7 6h
6h {H} 7/8 Heroic, Tues/Thurs 7:30-10pm EST Hello, We are Insidious Blood an adult only guild formed by former Mythic and Heroic raiders from past expansions, with a now more casual raid schedule and atmosphere because many of us carry full-time jobs and/or have a spouse/child. Our goal is to clear all content available at a casual pace before the next content patch. We also have nightly groups doing Mythic+, Arenas, RBGs and Transmogs just ask and normally something is going on. Cutting Edge / Mythic: Our goal is to get into mythic and obtain cutting edge, but its not a requirement. We will not run an active bench, nor have heavy schedule requirements. Cutting edge is goal not a priority. So if cutting edge is a requirement or heavy priority for you then we may not be the guild you are looking for. Current Progress: 8/8 Normal, 7/8 Heroic, 0/8 Mythic - Scheduled raids are heroic progression only, normal is now cleared as off night fun. Schedule: Tuesday / Thursday 7:30pm - 10:00 pm EST - We will not pull after 10pm unless there is a unanimous vote to do so and that is only an option if we are close to a kill. What the raid needs: Active roster is at 20 players. Exceptional players should always apply Tanks: None Healers: None Melee DPS: Low, Prefer Paladin, Druid or Monk. but will consider any DPS Ranged DPS: Low, Prefer Mages, Druids, or Priest. but will consider any DPS What if you don't want to raid: While we are actively recruiting for raids if you want a place to hang out, mythic plus, pvp or even part time raid. we are always accepting people who want to join our group. if you are looking to part time raid and can not make majority of raids we will likely have room until we get into mythic when we are capped at 20 raiders. What we expect: - Good, positive, productive attitudes - Ability to take criticism - Drive to improve (we log fights we want to see you get better with us) - Bring Flasks, Food, and Pots (feasts are generally provided) - Be prepared have an idea of the fight before new content - Show up if you sign up, we understand you may not make every raid and thats ok - Let someone know if you are going to be late - Discord, We use discord while you're not required to talk what fun is that What we provide: - Drama free, Adult environment we are here to have fun as a group. - Dependable team and willingness to help you gear and learn. - Feasts, Cauldrons, Repairs and other in game assistance as a guild. If you think you may be a fit for our group send Kèmlagè, Teana, Leetdemon, Wrayzor or Wreckzor a tell. Or contact me on at Kemlage#1134Kèmlagè5 6h
6h <Overture>5/8H Lead by 6/8M player LFM Mythic About Us: <Overture> 5/8H is a brand new raiding guild on US Area 52 looking for more player to push into Mythic content as soon as possible. Our raid leader is currently 6/8M with extensive top 100 US raiding experience. Times: Tuesday 9-12 EST Thursday 9-12 EST Recruitment: We are currently recruiting exceptional players of all roles. Where to Reach Us: Raid leader: Trophylife#1949Trophylife6 6h
6h [H]<Digital Gangsters> 3/8M 8/8H LFM [3/8M][8/8H] <Digital Gangsters> is a progression minded guild, looking for exceptional players. The majority of the guild's core raiding roster transferred from a different server and we've come to US - Area 52 to down content efficiently. Progression: Uldir: Normal: 8/8 Heroic: 8/8 Mythic: 3/8 Past Progression: US Rank 253 Guarm US Rank 273 Odyn World Rank 68 Skorpyron US Rank 302 Chronomatic US Rank 276 Trilliax US Rank 354 Krosus Current Recruitment Needs Ranged Dps Mage - High Warlock - High Priest - Closed Shaman - Low Hunter - Low Balance - Low Melee Dps Warrior - High Demon Hunter - Medium Rogue - Low Monk - High Feral - Low Survival - Low Death Knight - High Ret - Medium Enhance - Closed Healers Priest - Closed Druid - High Monk - low Paladin- Low Shaman - Closed *If we didn't mention your class still apply anyway, we are always looking for competent raiders Requirements: Attendance: 90% attendance rate mandatory for raiders, due to our laid back raiding schedule. If you are to miss a raid that player must be able to notify the GM minimum of 24-48 hours in advance (with emergencies being the exception). Awareness: This is a simple concept, if you cant move out of something, or hit a button when you are supposed to without someone telling you every single aspect of the fight don't bother contacting us. Class Knowledge: This is huge. You are not going to have your hand held. You are expected to pull your weight in damage, healing, or whatever else your responsibility may be. Failure to do so will result of a really warm bench, all thanks to you. Our Philosophy: We are expecting to push through Mythic content fairly quickly while still maintaining a fun laid back environment that knows how to focus when necessary. We love to have fun so please come with a sense of humor. We encourage a competitive raiding environment, this means that all raiders slots are eligible to be challenged. We expect and encourage players to optimize their characters in which ever way possible to provide a smoother raiding environment and experience. Raid Times: Tuesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Wednesday: 8:00PM-11:30PM EST Sunday: 10:00PM-12:00AM EST Contact Us: In this Thread In Game: bhcmoney#1320 or Crimson#1648 Discord: money88#4962 or Krimson#4495Bhcmonee8 6h
8h [H] SBD Tues/Wed 8-11PM 2/8M 8/8H LF DPS Details: Name: Six Beers Deep - Horde Days: Tues/Wed Times: 8-11PM Content: Mythic Raiding VOIP: Discord Current Progression: 2/8M 8/8H 7/8N Who We Are: Six Beers Deep is a previous US 250 guild and a previous top 10 guild on A52. We raided Tues/Wed/Thurs 8-11PM EST. This was during T16 25m, previous to mythic being released. SBD had disbanded during the early goings of WoD due to a number of the core raiders having real life happenings. Now a handful of us from SBD's heyday are reforming SBD. The majority of us have raided off and on, or even since SBD had disbanded, in various guilds. With varying levels of success to include a few of us achieving cutting edge in Antorus. What We Do: We will be focusing on progressing through the content as it is released. The idea is to achieve cutting edge, while enjoying the game. We understand people have lives and kids now as we have grown in age with the game, so we focus on making the most of our dedicated six hours of raid, and preparation time outside of raid. We are not going to hand hold... forever. If you show promise we will do our best to make you the best you can be. If you are someone who is easily offended this isn't the place for you. Between criticism on game play, our overall personalities, sense of humor, etc... please do not pursue joining SBD if you cannot handle humor, banter, or criticism. That said we are looking to build a community and team of similarly minded individuals who can progress and have a hell of a good time doing so. Expectations: -Be on for raid 15 minutes prior to raid start, so therefore 745PM EST. -Come prepared with own consumables/enchanted gear. (We will provide consumables as well, but as always should have your own in case.) -Maintain communication when it comes to absences from raid, in Discord. -Provide constructive feedback on strats for bosses as it pertains to your class and the raid as a whole. -RESEARCH. Know your class, and know the content. We intend to push for CE each raid. -If an issue arises with another raider, or any negative comments, please have discussion outside of raid. -Log on outside of raid. Complete your M+, get to know other guildies. We are building a community. What We Are Looking For: Raiders with significant Mythic experience. What we are meaning are those who have achieve CE in the past or close to it. Tanks Blood DK - High Vengeance DH - High Healers Closed DPS WW Monk - High Frost DK - High Arms Warrior - High Surv Hunter - Mod BM Hunter - Mod All serious applicants will be considered Contacts: You can reach out to any of the following people, or respond on this post with your information if wanting to know more. Guckin#1795 Freak#1496Pikcug121 8h
9h [H]<Emergency Tactics> Late Night Who are we? We are a close group that have been playing together since WoTLK. We are returning with high hopes for BFA. We take raiding seriously but also have an understanding that life happens. What we are looking for: We need people who are serious about not wasting time. This means showing up to raid on time and prepared. Putting in the effort to perform as well as you can. Raiding Schedule: Tues, Wed, Sun - 8:30pm-12am PST Current Progression: Uldir N: 7/8 Uldir H: 4/8 Current Recruitment Needs: Tanks: Closed Ranged DPS: Closed Caster DPS: High Need Melee DPS: Low Need Healers: Medium Need If you are interested you can contact myself: Ingame: Melaniadump B.Net: Nazuggo#1654 Discord: Naz#9520Melaniadump14 9h
11h 370 DK looking for late night/weekend guild 370 Unholy DK looking to realm transfer to fit a raiding guild. Due to college (classes at night) I just have time to raid weekdays 11pm+(central time) or weekends 8pm+(fri, sat, sun). I have experience raiding mythic previous expans but since the end of legion I have no guild, so now I'm just 6/8H running pugs (but parsing good 80%+) . If there is a friendly but competitive guild looking to clear mythic you can reply in this thread or add my btag: Gendibal#1130Gendibal1 11h
12h Buff N Wipe 8/8H 1/8M Buff N Wipe is a new guild. We are 8/8H and 1/8M and are currently recruiting 360+ RDPS with heroic experience with strong preference to mage and other exceptional raiders. We raid Tues/Wed/Thurs 8pm-11pm EST. PST with any questions or if interested. Also accepting casual raiders & mythic+ focused individuals. Dreadgrave#11248 Discord: Dreadgrave#4028Dreadgrave3 12h
13h [H] <Fair Enough> 4/8M Recruiting CE DPS <Fair Enough> on [Area 52] is a 21+, three night, mythic raiding guild looking for more skilled players with great personalities for mythic progression. Our goal is always to obtain cutting edge with time to spare before the next raid is released. Raid Times: T/Th/Su 8:15-11:30pm EST Progress: 4/8M Current Needs: Tanks: Closed Ranged: high Melee: low Heals: low *Exceptional players of any class are encouraged to apply. First and foremost, we want dedicated people looking for a long term guild home. This is an easy going environment where we want to have fun while killing bosses and progressing through mythic. We are interested in committed people with good attitudes in order to continue making this an enjoyable and productive atmosphere. We expect you to have a good knowledge of your class and of the raid bosses before we go into an encounter, show up on time, and be consistent. Survivability and mechanics are paramount, DPS is secondary. We do not allow drama or elitism; both are poison to the foundation we are striving to build. We are adults and chat can be vulgar, but we do not tolerate hate speech. Outside of raids we push keys, sell carries, have an alt night, and hang out in discord. While raiding is our primary focus, we welcome social members looking to become part of a like minded community. If you feel we may be a good fit, add me and let's chat! Contact: Btag: Sheridan#11238 Discord: Ophiliah#2184Ophiliah52 13h
14h Late Night LF RDPS/Healers- 3/8M 8/8H <Constructive Criticism> is raiding guild on Area 52 with one goal in mind, Cutting Edge. Leadership: A group of friends with varying levels of gameplay for over 10 years. Falling short of Cutting Edge in Legion, we’ve decided to break away and create a place for like minded individuals to congregate and succeed. Raid times: Tuesday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst) Wednesday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst) Thursday, 12am - 3am (est); 9pm - 12am (pst) The Five A’s Attendance: Imperative for success. Applying and being accepted means you are making a promise to us, yourself, and the entire raid roster that you be there on raid nights. We understand emergencies happen, but we do require 90% attendance. This is to insure everyone gets to play the game and get what they want out of the raid team. Accountability: Another must have quality. Recognizing and assessing your own mistakes can make or break a raid team. Constructive Criticism isn’t just a name, it’s an ideal. Addressing problems and handling them in a positive way is what we expect every raider to bring to the table. Attitude: Maintaining a level head even through trials and tribulations is the only way we can guarantee ourselves Cutting Edge. Constructive is the name of the game here. Ambition: Ambition breeds success. Staying motivated, though sometimes tough, is crucial. Pushing yourself and others to play at the highest level possible is a necessity. Active: Whether you’re playing sixteen hours a day or two, staying active and helping fellow guild members is greatly encouraged and appreciated. Mythic +, PvP, Raid finder, what ever the activity may be, be inclusive and reach out Currently seeking: Tank: Closed. DPS: High Priority- Monk, Balance Druid, Hunter, Warlock Med Priority- Warrior, Shaman, Demon Hunter, Paladin, Mage, Death Knight Low Priority- Rogue, Priest Healers: Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk All DPS with Healing or Tank OS are highly preferred. Contacts: Fancysquirrl#1885 Austin0nfire#1376Zígzag37 14h
14h [H] <Exõdus> 5/8 (H) Recruiting 1-3 DPS A little bit about us: Currently: 8/8 (N), 5/8 Heroic <Exõdus> is a Heroic Raid and M+ oriented guild that came together at the end of Legion, with a focus on getting ready for BFA. This is an easy going environment with an active member base of like-minded people. The core of our leadership has been raiding for over 10 years and some of us have been playing together for almost that long. Looking for a guild that is focused on clearing heroic, earning AotC, and maybe dabbling in Mythic raids? We're looking for you too. Raid Times and Recruitment Needs: Currently raid times are Tuesday and Thursday @ 9:00-11:30 EST. Recruitment needs are as follows: High Priority: Arm/Fury Warrior Mage Ranged DPS Flex - DPS/Healer All members are expected to have a general understanding of their class/spec, how to gear appropriately, gem / enchant. We are happy to help you improve, but we are not here to teach you the basics of the game. If your main class / spec is not listed, but you feel like you are exceptional at your class or just want to join up to spam Mythic + with us, please still consider applying. If you are interested (we hope you are!) feel free to either post here, or to get quicker replies; join our discord server.í15 14h
15h H <Set for Stun> Fri/Sat 7-10pm est Smaller guild looking to fill out our raid group. Not a big fan of pugging the last bosses in Uldir tbh. 6/8 N 2/8 H. We are female friendly, quite a few couples that raid and play together and also different small groups of ppl that have played together in the past as well as new players. We have a solid group of 10-15 raiders that vary between fri and sat. We need more players that want to progress in a fun environment. We like to laugh and have fun but strive for progression. Not hardcore but to consistantly attend raids both days needed. Currently tank slots are filled. For dps we currently have no warriors rogues, or dps druids. We need either a mw monk or resto druid high priority as well as a healer possibly with dps off spec. We like to run m+ on off days and would welcome pvp or social players as well. Feel free to whisper me in game or reply for further information. Discord name Trouble #7425 Battle tag Trouble#12473Tröüblë0 15h
16h [H] 2/8M 8/8H Seeking Exp DPS/Heals Casually Disorganized is a semi-hardcore raid guild that is pushing for CE. We will tackle the most difficult content while maintaining an environment devoid of toxicity. While progression is our main goal, having fun is also up there. Our culture will not be stuffy and drama will NOT be tolerated. We are looking for players interested in being good players and pushing content. This group has a lot of mythic experience and is looking for like minded individuals. We will be raiding (H/M)and pushing M+. Progression: 8/8H, 2/8M Current needs: resto shammy, mistweaver, havoc DH, frost DK, and any dps with Mythic raiding experience Requirements: ilvl 360+ and don't be !@#$ :D Schedule: Tues/Wed 8-11pm server Progression Sun nights 8-11pm Alt/Trial/Casual run Mythic runs throughout the week Contact Info: Birch (Storlock)#4293 (discord) primary Birch44#1969 (BattleTag)Storlock59 16h
16h [H] Simplistic - Recruiting (F/Sa Raiding) [H] Simplistic is recruiting new members! Do you want to join a guild that has fun while downing content? Want to feel more like part of a family and not like another body in a large guild? Then join us! Simplistic was formed this year with like-minded individuals who want to focus on Heroic content and progression while keeping guessed it... Simplistic :) We do M+'s, Island expeditions, Uldir, and even sometimes world PVP. Currently we're 8/8N and 7/8H in Uldir. We raid on Fridays and Saturdays from 9am EST -12am EST (server time) and are currently accepting any strong raiders with the same goals as we have, but we have a special need for mages and DK's. (dps). Must have discord as well. Casuals are always welcome as well. if you're interested in joining you can reach out to any member currently online in Simplistic, or reach out to me in-game for a quick chat and invite. (Zerocool#12166) Thanks for your time !Hawkeyè2 16h
16h <Happy Accidents> 7/8M recruiting! <Happy Accidents> is the #1-2 9 hour guild in the U.S. We reside on Area 52 Horde side and are looking for more quality players to fill out our roster for Battle for Azeroth Guild Information Our raid times are: ... Our Notable Accomplishments are as follows: ... ... As said previously we are looking for a few quality members to fill out our roster. Our current plans are to prepare for a strong start going into Zandalar and regain our top 50 spot and higher. If you are interested in joining here are our requirements: ... Our Current Recruitment Needs are as follows: ... ... ... Just because your class is not listed as high need above does not mean you won't be considered as an applicant. All exceptional applicants are wanted and encouraged to apply. If you are interested and/or have any other questions please contact me through Battle tag @ AFrench#1707 or Discord @ Mazitrar#6712 - GM Or apply at: ...Mazitrar0 16h
17h [H] Abandon Ship LFM Abandon Ship: US Area 52 2/8 Mythic Things you should know about us: * Our raid days are Tuesday, and Monday 8:30 PM-11:30 PM Server Time. (that’s Eastern for non Area 52 peeps) * We use Loot Council (When we can trade loot) *Our recruitment is always open to exceptional applicants of all classes, but right now we are seeking the following: Ranged DPS / Off Healers Here are a few things that we look for in potential recruits: * Social players with a good sense of humor able to take & give criticism as well as interact and communicate with our Discord environment. * Attend raids 2 nights a week. * Ability and willingness to play multiple specs. * Players with excellent situational awareness. * Players interested in pushing through multiple tiers of content with us. We are looking to recruit for the long haul. * Intelligent players that are interested in playing the game to its fullest potential. Cross-server applications and group applications are welcome. *Anybody interested in joining our guild can contact one of our officers’ in-game (Frogstalker, Faraaj, Rewdmonk, Bron,& Krutøn) or by Real ID: Mylindara#1668 Roper#11857 Frogfather#11302 Rewdly#1556 Tyler#11509Krutøn0 17h
17h <Malicious 1/8M 8/8H> is recruiting Who we are: <Malicious> is an adult oriented 2 day raiding guild comprised of experienced Mythic progression raiders with experience ranging from 1/2 Content cleared to Cutting Edge. Progression Uldir: 8/8H 1/8M Raid Times: Tuesday 8:00-11:00PM EST Thursday 8:00-11:00PM EST What we want from you: We are seeking players with a progression minded attitude willing to put in the work to clear content on a tighter schedule. Open to constructive criticism both giving and receiving it. Willingness to work through a fights problem as a team and be communitive. Classes: Tanks Brewmaster Monk - MED Blood Death Knight - LOW Healer Restoration Shaman - HIGH Mistweaver Monk - MED Holy/Disc Priest - LOW Melee Frost Death Knight - HIGH Ranged Beast Mastery Hunter - LOW Arcane/Frost Mage - HIGH Balance Druid - MED Affliction Warlock - MED Btag: Chris#111980 - GM Ravensshadow#1211 - Healing Officer In-game contacts Deadgraphics/Vea - Melee Officer Ravensdragon/Ravendragon - Healing Officer Christopher - GuildMaster/Raid LeadValphia16 17h
18h 335 Disc Priest + Alts LF Guild This is my A-52 alt and I'm looking for an active and social guild that I can run M+, pvp and do some heroic raiding on off nights.Toxícazn0 18h
19h Liege! 2/8M Late Night Guild Recruiting! Liege is currently looking for dedicated raiders with good attitudes to join our roster and progress with us through Mythic Uldir content (Currently 8/8H 2/8M). We are a late-night weekend raiding guild, but we do so much more: achievement runs, mount runs, time walking, cards against humanity, keystones and pvp. We are helpful and friendly if you ever need any help feel free to ask. If we peak your interest please message me (Syntira#1221), Krustypizza, or Hattorri with any questions you may have. WHAT WE WANT: DPS! (any class/spec) Tank (Blood DK preferred) Looking for any exceptional dps RAID TIMES Friday/Saturday 10pm-2am (EST) Also we are always looking for back up raiders, and casual members just looking to join a growing community.Syntira8 19h
19h <xD> 6/8 Mythic is selling Heroic Uldir <xD> 6/8 Mythic is back, selling heroic Uldir! We are currently asking for 500k for a full clear, with a 100k non refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Spots are limited. Runs will be on Sundays at 9pm est. We will not accept gold from other servers. Players from other servers are welcome to purchase a run but please get your gold over to Area 52 first. If you are interested in purchasing a run please message in game or bnet (Akusa#1820) to schedule your run.Akusidan1 19h
19h <TesserÅct> 2/8M Need Resto Sham and 1 DPS Hi! We are a reform of several friends of a core raiding group that accomplished the following progression in past raids: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7H AOTC Trial of valor - 3/3H AOTC Nighthold - 10/10H AOTC TOS - 3/9M 9/9H AOTC Antorus - 3/11M 11/11H AOTC Uldir - 2/8M 8/8H AOTC We are looking to immediately recruit a Resto Shaman with a dps offspec, or a Mistweaver Monk with a dps offspec for Mythic progression. If you are not on this list, please feel free to apply as we will still consider you if you will add benefit to our team. Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday 9pm - 11:30pm EST (Server Time) We raid 2 days for a total of 5 hours during the week and are looking for talented players who know how to quickly and efficiently down bosses on a lighter schedule while having fun along the way during and outside raid time. Our goal every tier will be to achieve AOTC and with the right team, explore Mythic progression and see where we go. We take high priority on providing a fun, active, and adult atmosphere in WoW and other games we play in our Discord. We are aiming to attract players with at least heroic experience. Please add either of the following battletags: Rambo#1836 or Timmay#1323 You can also reach us on discord: Rambo#6128 or Timmay#2282 Thanks!Vallîah31 19h
19h Liege! 2/8M Late Night Guild Recruitment! Liege is currently looking for dedicated raiders with good attitudes to join our roster and progress with us through Mythic Uldir content (Currently 8/8H 2/8M). We are a late-night weekend raiding guild, but we do so much more: achievement runs, mount runs, time walking, cards against humanity, keystones and pvp. We are helpful and friendly if you ever need any help feel free to ask. If we peak your interest please message me (Syntira#1221), Krustypizza, Imp (Thoringil#1583) or Hattorri with any questions you may have. WHAT WE WANT: Looking for any exceptional DPS, Tanks or Healers RAID TIMES Friday/Saturday 10pm-2am (EST) Also we are always looking for back up raiders, and casual members just looking to join a growing community.Imptacular0 19h
20h [H] Interruptible - Tue/Thu - 6/8H 1/8M Interruptible of Area 52 is seeking talented individuals to push for success. About Interruptible: We concentrate to have a very active Guild Community that runs Mythic+, Island Expeditions, and all content from old to new. We have a unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet professional. We are striving to build a core Heroic Raid team that meshes well with our current raiding environment, so this would be a core spot on the team. We like to have fun during trash, but serious faces when we pull. Our goals as a guild: Our long-term goals are to provide a unique playing environment for our members. We would like for them to enjoy playing the game with other like minded individuals. Bringing together many different personalities with the same common goal will be very satisfying for everyone. This game has a lot to offer and can be very rewarding when you have the right people to play with. Currently seeking: 1 Warlock 1 Mage 1 Shadow Priest 1 DPS Death Knight 1 Feral Druid 1 Ret Paladin If you are a great player and your class isn't listed, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to give you a shot! Raid Times: Tuesday: 9PM EST - 11:59PM EST Thursday: 9PM EST - 11:59PM EST Current Raid Progression: Normal Uldir: 8/8 Heroic Uldir: 6/8 Mythic Uldir: 1/8 Contact us: GM: Tony#17957 / CoGM: Pixie#1588 / Raid Leader: Actaea#1307 In game characters: Dev, Crëam, Amaritz, To, Pïxie, Mïzu, Embrïtz, Whïspèr, Acteae Discord: Tony#1337Dev1 20h
20h [H] <One Trick> 8/8H 1/8M Recruiting! Fri/Sat Hello everyone!!! we are currently recruiting for mythic + aswell as our progression raid through mythic uldir!!!! we would love to have some new faces come through with like minded personalities on progressing and being the best we can be with what we got! raid times Friday/Saturday 10pm to 1am server. [EST] Currently need: Tank Boomy Warlock Hunter Add me on bnet @heybob#1452 or Trackandkill#1611 we appreciate your interest!!Heybob7 20h
21h [H] Holy Pally LF Daytime Weekend Raiding Hello! I am long time player returning back to the game after a short break due to my life and work schedule. I am in search of an active guild on the weekends that raids preferably Saturday and Sunday during the day. The cherry on top would be a guild that also does achievements and transmog runs as well. If you believe that I would be a good fit or have any questions, please let me know. I am also not opposed to starting one as well, as I have a small guild set up that could be utilized. Thank you for your time!Cüppycake0 21h
21h 370ilvl AOTC Warrior LF Mythic ilvl370 Warrior, 8/8 N, 8/8 H, 1/8 M AOTC LF Semi-Hardcore AOTC/Cutting Edge: Late night/weekend raiding guild Can raid Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun from 9 PM PST to 2 AM PST; Have logs Do mythic + and RBG (1820 cr) as well Must be Horde on Tichondrius (currently here) or Illidan (will transfer) or Area 52 (will transfer) Add me Ace#16339Reaperofsoul0 21h
21h [H] Exordium 3/8 H LF Heals/DPS Hello! We're a casual AOTC guild that is looking for a healer (MW monk or resto shaman preferred, no resto druids) and DPS. We're currently running only on 14 raiders and are looking for more core raiders! Our raid times are Wed and Thursday from 8:30pm - 11:30pm. Eventually when we get content to farm we'll start running alt/off spec gear on the weekends as needed. We only ask for two things: Commitment It's important to just show up! We understand life is busy, all of us have full time jobs or students and understand you can't make every raid night, but try to make it to raids as much as possible. Positivity It's important to not get frustrated or angry over wipes or criticism, it's a game after all. Having a toxic attitude is not constructive to the raid and to the enjoyment of everybody present, raiding is about working together! Even if you have never raided before we're happy to help you gear and learn the ropes! Contact me @ Discord: Zudori#6048 BNET: Spoiledhoney#1615Solessá1 21h
21h Not Rocket Science is recruiting for BFA Current Progression: 2/8M 8/8H 8/8N Raid Days: Tuesday, Wednesday , Sunday run 8-10:30 pm EST We are a group of raiders that are looking to have a good time and clear through the content. Being able to handle adult language is a must. If you are easily offended, look elsewhere. Players inquiring about joining us should Be able to take constructive criticism and have the drive to play at a progressive level, and can keep 90% raid attendance. Group goal is to have Cutting Edge in all raid tiers. We ask for everyone to be online 15-20 minutes before Raid time. We supply our raiders with Food/Flasks. Recruiting: • Minimum Ilvl: 360 • All exceptional applicants are always welcome. Primarily seeking the following classes : • DPS : Ranged: Mage, BM Hunter • DPS : Melee: DH, Rogue • Healers : Pally • Tank : For more Info add one of us on Bnet or Discord Bnet: Discord: Efinawesome#1154 Taktix#0536 Aearowen#1979 Aearo#9581 Dodur#1435 Drozzin#1678Pyrotaktix12 21h
22h LFM 4 RAID HOPELESS REBELLION Area 52 NEEDS 1 TANK 1 HEALS RDPS PLATE DPS We are currently adding to our raid team. We are in need of plate DPS, mages, and a class with an offspec heal but will main dps. We are 8/8 N 5/8 H and hungry to push further into Mythics. We currently raid Tues/Wed/Sun days can be worked around hours are pretty set .11PM to 1AM EST. All are welcome to join. We have members who do mythic+ on the regular. Also, we do achievement runs and transmog/mount runs. You do not have to be a raider to join. If you enjoy mythics then come join the fun. Also, you can contact a Gm at HeadHunter#12174.Urreallydead0 22h
22h [H]<Overnight> Super late 1-4am EST We are currently recruiting for Core Raider positions. Core Raiders are expected to attend 90+% of all scheduled raid events (Optional raid days do not apply). Please note the current openings. Casual players are welcome as well but you are not guaranteed a raid spot. Currently: 8/8 Normal, 5/8 Heroic Raid times are Tue/Wed (technically Wed/Thursday morning) 1am-4am Optional Raid on Sundays Current Recruitment Needs Tank: Low: DeathKnight w/dps OS, Paladin, Monk Healers: Resto Shaman/Resto Druid/MW Monk Ranged: High: Mage, Warlock, Boomkin Melee: Medium: Monk, Rogue, DeathKnight Contact: Arganox, Bnet Ellementz#1747 Hammeroid, Bnet Waltz#1152 Website: Discord: 22h
22h [H]<Ex Inferno>Team Pink 6/8H LF Healer/DPS [H] <Ex Inferno> With 5 raid team's on the Horde side, an active Mythic+ community and tons of other activities going on including Alt Raids on off nights, <Ex Inferno> is always looking for active raiders. Team Pink (8/8 Normal Uldir, 6/8 Heroic Uldir - 2/11 Mythic ABT), "the working man's casual progression team" is looking for a few more raiders to push into Heroic Uldir. Team Pink consists of a lot of folks who just want to come home from work and tear through some bosses. Also, while doing so, the Team enjoys being able to kick back, drink a few beers, and have fun! At the moment we are looking for: Healer - We are looking for 1 strong, raid ready healer to join our team. Monk preferred, but other classes will be considered (no Pallies). DPS - Team Pink is looking for 1 or 2 strong DPS. Mage, Lock, Boomkin, S-Priest, DK Rogue, Warrior. 355+, a person who plays their class exceptionally well and goes into raids researched and ready to go. Raid Times are: Wednesday 8:00 pm - 10 pm EST (2 Hours) Friday 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm EST (3 Hours) 18+, Discord is required, Cauldron and food provided, repairs for Raiders, Personal Loot. Contact: Bodhí (the í is Alt 0237) or b-net Bodhi#11669, Discord Bo#0122 Nayati - (SoulSyphon#11126) If those raid times to not work for you Ex Inferno has 4 other raid teams on the Horde side (one on the Alliance - Stormrage). Details here and or just visit the Ex Inferno website at ***We welcome social members to our active community as well!***Bodhí22 22h
22h [H] The Nightmen LFM, Check us out [H] [H] The Nightmen [H] A few changes since we started The Nightmen, we are now looking for SERIOUS DPS/RDPS. We are closed out to classes/specs but continue to welcome any active player who eventually wants to raid. We are THE NIGHTMEN, (Yes, from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”). We are up and coming but serious when it comes to game progression. The Guild is managed by FOUR real life friends. We are currently looking for specific class/spec to add to our core team. This does not mean that we are turning down any interested parties who know their class/spec and can DPS. All BS aside here is the breakdown: Current Raid Times/Progress Report: -Tues/Wed 11:59pm-3:00am Server Time -Be Online/Discord 10-15mins prior to start time -8/8N, 7/8H, Mythic is next -Guild Run Mythic+ scheduled on Calendar Thur-Mon (Optional) Communication Requirement/Other Info. -We use Discord for communication -We utilize Google docs to guide our members to see the big picture on what they need to improve and it helps officers/GM to assist with Mythic+ runs, etc for gear. -All Raid nights are logged. Who are we recruiting: -We are recruiting anyone who wants to be part of an active guild and invite anyone to kick it in our general channel or to get involved in certain duties for game progression, etc. As mentioned above we do not turn down anyone who knows their role and can prove themselves in the DPS charts. For our serious members for H Raids/Mythic, I will need the following: -Tanks: Closed (contact for more info.) Looking for Offspec Tanks -Healers: Closed (contact for more info.) -MDPS: 1 Rogue, 1 Monk, 1 Warrior, (Any BIG D*** DPS Contact me) -RDPS: 1 Mages, 1 Hunter, 1 Druid (Any BIG D*** RDPS Contact me) -Additionally, We do require all players to know the fights or have an understanding. It is easy to watch a quick video or utilize our discord under sections titled “Fights”. We are ACTIVE/FUN group of people. We kick it on Discord, Create events on the calendar and encourage players to get involved and have a good time. This is a time to get away from the stresses of life and have a good time because this game is meant to be enjoyable and no reason to run solo with a guild who is full of inactive players who do not welcome new members. So lets roll baby!!! Hit us up on here or contact me in game. Contact: GM: Anti#1430 or you can reach out to me Tigerclaw88#1980 Krayons, Enkazil or WuzhibugongKrayons10 22h
22h One Last Call "One Last Call" [H] Hey there! We're a laid back guild looking to clear content throughout BFA! We raid from Tuesday/Thursday at 9pm-12am EST and have a good solid group of raiders pushing for that sweet AOTC! Needs? 2 Heals. Prefer a blanket healer such as a druid, monk or shaman! DPS? Ideally a mage (sweet int buff and biscuits) would round out our composition, but I welcome all rDPS types! We are 8/8 N and 5/8H with motivation to finish this raid before next patch! If you feel interested in joining please feel free to add and message me at Discord at Dew#8243 or Bawls#1631 on Bnet. Hope to see ya in the ranks!Dewprosest9 22h
22h 2/8M AOTC - Vrekt - 3 Nights 7-10pm <Vrekt> of Illidan Vrekt is a newly formed guild that started at the launch of Uldir. We're looking for a few more raiders as well as social MEMEbers, pvpers and derelicts alike. Raid Info: Goal: Mythic Progression / CE Raid Times: Tuesday through Thursday 7pm - 10pm CST RBGS / Alt Runs on off nights. Vrekt is a team founded by veteran raiders looking build a progression-oriented core roster of players with the common goal of clearing mythic content while it’s still relevant. If you’re a player with current mythic experience, a player that feels they’ve outgrown Heroic content, or a former hardcore raider looking to get back in to progression without the 5 day a week commitment, then Vrekt may be the right home for you. What we require: Knowledge of your Class/ Role Don't be Toxic Be prepared every raid Participation in strategy discussion and encounter research Positive attitude and presence (we want to keep it fun) Patience as we build our roster If you do not see your class or role listed, we still encourage you to apply. Exceptional apps will always be considered. __ Current Needs: Healers: MW, HPriest rDPS: Lock, Mage, Hunter mDPS: Ret __ How to Apply: Go to our discord and fill out an app using the template in the application channel. For more info, please contact us below. Discord: Destructive#1640 Bnet: MasterSK#1789Sämäel1 22h