Area 52

Apr 10, 2015 676 Hunter LF Raiding Guild Hello I am a 676 hunter with experience in 6/10N BRF 4/10H BRF 6/7H HM and 1/7M HM. I am looking for a progression raiding guild. B-Tag is Bye#1368 Message me in game or respond here if you are interested in me!Bye14 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 Looking to move my guild to Area 52 Title says it. Our former home Whisperwind is clearly dominated by Alliance scum. We have done research on numerous websites for general information but we would like YOUR guys input. Whats the economy like, que times if any, etc etc. We raid and pride ourselves in finishing each tier in a timely manner. Any responses would be helpful.Mandelorean12 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 10, 2015 5,690ilvl raiders LF Guild! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch,******* We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30PM-11:30PM PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). PLEASE DON'T BOTHER ASKING FOR A TIME CHANGE, WE CANT DO IT! =//****** We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 691 Disc Priest - Sov 692 Holy Paladin (ret OS)- Hotstepper 692 Guardian Druid(Resto OS) - Linchborn 687 Blood Death Knight (w/DPS OS)- Aaldarius 689 Beast Mastery Hunter -Ðeaddolly0 Apr 10, 2015
Apr 9, 2015 <Scholars of Steampunk>familyorientated guild We are looking for great laid back , family orientated people to join us in scholars of steampunk. We are currently holding events weekly for everything ; which includes xmog runs, instance runs ( old and new) and etc. Also we are also looking for raiders to round out our core group , current needs atm are heals , off-tank, and back up raiders. you can be ilvl 600 and we will help you get geared up and ready for raids. below i'm adding in officer information if certain things appeal to you the most. [/li] Noobology -Gearing lead Oxenrage-Co Raid lead Synndra-Raid lead Bubba(ascii)- Xmog lead Deathrizer- Pvp lead Shanja-Recruiting lead Lariska - Pet battler lead and co gm [li]Ayvrin -Guild gm If we sound like the guild that you're looking we will glad to have you join us in our fun guild. Whisper anyone online for an invite or too talk to the officer listed above. Can't wait too see You in the guild. Also we have a website at www.scholarsofsteampunk.enjin.comOxenrage1 Apr 9, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 [A]<Heroes and Villains>8/10H Proudmoore <Heroes and Villains> is a newly formed guild that is looking to solidify our roster for heroic and mythic content. We are a chill group of players who like to have fun while still taking raiding serious. Blackrock Foundry 9/10N 8/10H We raid Tues, Wed, Thur. 7:30 - 10:30PM PST We're looking for a Warlock, Boomkin, Enhance, and Windwalker(or Feral) to fill our roster. Preferably 660+ so that we can bring you straight into heroics. Contact Nightwinds#1991, Greyskul#1400, or Masticus#1956 for more info or feel free to just put in an app http://heroesandvillains.guildlaunch.comNightwinds0 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 New to server. Need Heals and ranged Admin Remove for newer postMandelorean4 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 690ilvl hunter 10/10H lf raiding team lf at least 10/10H guild.Midnightz7 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 681 BM Hunter and 682 Ret Looking for Guild 681 BM Hunter and 682 Ret 10/10H 1/10 M XP for both. Looking for two day guild. Cant make Fri-Sat, Everything else is pretty open. Paid transfer is a huge plus. Naast#1794 VanirWoW#1739 - Pally - Hunter I'll look for something that the pally was in on as well, we both switched mains for BRF I can link the logs from My mage and his War if needed.Naastty3 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 LF week night raiding guild. 685 BM Hunter and 685 Holy Priest(husband and wife) team. looking for week night raiding guild.. We're both 10/10 Normal BRF and 8/10 Heroic... looking for a mature guild. Contact me in game... or leave a post below. thanks.Erzabetta0 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 Arcane/Fire Mage - 688 - LF Guild Looking for a guild that is clearing H BRF and onto Mythic BRF Weekdays or weekends. Personally I am H 9/10 and 4 piece tier.Snowjobs8 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 10/10H guild LF CORE <Ruin> 2/7M HM 10/10H BRF. LF 1 Healer MM or RESTRO SHAMMY for our Mythic BRF progression. 680+ required. Will consider other exceptional classes. Raids Tues/Thurs/Mon@ 8-11pm EST (we are 9% on Mythic beastloard) sick of yours 9/10H guild? wispers me :) glonnolg#1557Venuzz0 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 8, 2015 675 DPS Warrior LF Guild Hello All, I'm looking for a laid back guild that enjoys progressing but realizes it just a game at the end of the day. Looking for main spec open roll loot rules or a fair loot council. Currently progressed 6/7H HM, 9/10N and 1/10H BRF. I have experience raiding BC/Wrath/Cata and MOP content. I'm available to raid Sun 8-11 EST and Mon/Tues 7-11:30 EST. Prefer a two night raiding schedule but for the right group I would accommodate 3. Add my Battetag: Zinthinity#1900 or message me here. Thank you for your time.Zinthinity3 Apr 8, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Sick Society-Area 52 6/7 M HM and 9/10 H BRF Sick Society - Area 52 is currently recruiting DPS. We are looking for great, dependable, and reliable DPS. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 pm - 11 pm Eastern U.S.. We are currently 6/7 mythic in Highmaul, and 9/10 heroic in Blackrock Foundry. We do have an online guild application at - Our Guild Leader is Bloodysurgen - His battle tag is Bloodysurgen#1836 Ranged Officer is Janglybits - His battle tag is INCH75Chris#1900 Healing Officer is Darksdestiny - His battle tag is Darksfate#1445 Tanking Officer is Alinthos - His battle tag is Xenostehba#1763 To talk in game just whisper Bloodysurgen, Janglybits, Alinthos, Darksdestiny, Legendshot, or Adorãbella. We also have a few rules just to keep the raid/guild environment to stay fun and relaxed. Here is the link to the Sick Society Guild Rules - Apr 7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 3 689+ players LF Mythic guild Our guild has recent broken up and we are looking for a new place to call home. We are currently 10/10 heroic exp in BRF with pulls in mythic. We should have been farther progressed but stayed to help out our guild as long as we could. We do have substantial logs though and high ranking ones for what we have cleared. - hunter - hunter - warrior All logs are prior to the ilevel buff as well. Prefer 3 nights a week at most. The warrior is also able to play a prot paladin as well which is 685 ilevel. I know 2 hunters is a stretch for some guilds to absorb but we would prefer to stick together as we have all played together for the last 3 years. We are open to alliance or horde. Please be at least 10/10 heroic exp in current content.. You can contact me at lateralus#1148Zerstört5 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 685 Prot warrior LF weekday raiding guild Looking for a guild who is in need of a warrior tank, ideally around 9/10H and raids weekdays around 9-12PM EST. I am looking for a guild who will progress and is close to getting into mythic, with a laid back atmosphere. Please leave a reply here or contact in-game,Roofs0 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Looking for MATURE Progression Raid Team Long and short of it, the raid leader quit and several of us are looking for a new home. We're all Horde, currently on Earthen Ring-US but looking to server transfer to A52. We're quite comfortable one-shotting up through Heroic Blast Furnace, haven't managed H Blackhand just yet (best was 12%). Also have access to other heals & dps from the old group should you need more people to flesh out your raid. YOU: Ideal raid group is fun and mid-core level -- progression is important, but not at the expense of cutting people. Raids any night except Sunday, anytime from about 7pm-11pm Eastern Standard Time. Links to our toons: Belaayya-Earthen Ring-US, Fisad-Earthen Ring-US, Shinyuda-Earthen Ring-US Reply below, or write an in-game mail to Balj-Area 52Fisad6 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Order of Chuck Norris - 9/10N 7/10H BRF Order of Chuck Norris is currently looking to reform our 20 man raid team. Raid Days: Tuesday/Thursday 630-10pm Loot System: EPGP Voice System: Mumble Currently looking for: Restoration Druid w/ Boomy OS (Feral would be ok also) Holy Paladin Rogue Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman WW Monk DK Dps Any applicants that wish to inquire on the openings must be 670+, Heroic ready w/ Heroic experience, and have mumble. We have a pretty laid back, tight knit raid team that loves to have fun, but also progress at a lvl that suits the raid/guild as a whole. We are currently only pushing Heroics and doing Normals on our own time, but anyone of the Raiders can schedule Normal runs on the Calendar so see if there is any interest in it. We have free guild repairs and a friendly environment. We are a no drama guild tho, and if there is any drama that is brought to the table, it's dealt with as soon as an officer, co-gm, or gm are notified and actions are then taken to dissolve the drama. Removal from the guild could be the result of the drama that conspired. We are much more than just a collection of people, on the internet, playing the same game. We are an online family that look out for each other, take care of each other, and have fun together. :D We play this game to have fun and are not an Elitest guild/raid team by any means. Not saying Elitest guilds are bad, etc, but they just aren't for everyone. If you have any questions or just want to show interest you can talk to me on My btag is: TheSnausage#1194. Just make sure that whatever you decide you do it for yourself and that you have fun in whatever it may be. :)Spriestsage0 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 ♦[H] 10/10H 3/7M Tues->Thurs 9-12EST LF DPS♦ Crisis @ Area 52 has been a part of the gaming community in one form or another since 2006. Originally focused on PvP, the guild branched out during The Burning Crusade to become one of the top progression raiding guilds (formally Destromath). After a short break during Cataclysm and SoO we are now back and pushing into Warlords with a wealth of in-game experience. We are looking to polish off our roster with quality end-game players who want to progress into Mythic and give the maximum amount of effort in raids. You must be able to accept (constructive) criticism and show a zeal for challenging encounters. Your gear, achievements, reputations, and overall character development tell a lot about the kind of player you are. You must be able to take responsibility for your actions and adjust to adverse situations without hand holding. Character development and drive to see end-game content is paramount. Our raiding hours are Tuesday -> Thursday 9:00 EST until 12:00 EST. With an optional Alt raid on Monday. Once content is cleared, we will drop to one or two days a week, with days off focusing on alt raids and PvP. Currently running 10/10H Heroic farm clears, with 3/7 Mythic. Recruitment is currently open for all exceptional applicants, with a strong need for the following: Any high performance ranged. An exceptional tank. Full details can be found on our website - Please take time to fill out your application thoroughly, if you have any questions contact Felstone#1154 or in-game / on our website. If you have difficulties with either feel free to reply here.Felstone1 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 679 lock 10/10H exp lf new group 679 demo lock 10/10H with pulls on mythic beast and hanz and franzNopant17 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 687 Hunter LF Raid Team Hi, I'm currently searching for a group to raid with. I have 10/10 H experience, and looking for a tues/wed/thur group. Please send me an in game mail or whisper if you have any questions. Here's a link to some of my logs. Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 PvP on area 52 Any horde side PvP guilds recruiting on area 52?Tirache1 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Small Guild(11) Looking For Merger for mythic Keep it short and sweet, we raid mon/tues/thurs 9pm-12am server time EST. would like to keep a similar schedule. We are currently 5/7 M HM, 9/10 H BRF, here is what our current roster is looking like our 11 best players that have been playing together for 2+ years and all are 685+ most being 688+ thats what our roster looks like and what we have to offer, heres my battle tag message me in game if your interested Bearly#1142Scizophrénic5 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 684 prot warrior, 9/10 heroic Looking for a guild of similar progression with a relaxed, friendly, active atmosphere. Have also gotten Blackhand as low as 2%, so I've seen all phases on him as well. My availability is Monday through Thursday after around 9 server. Feel free to add me, inkedgrrl#1434Inkedgrrl3 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Looking For Crafting Items... Anybody out there who can craft or Feel free to contact me anyway you'd like, thanks =)Gunblade0 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 6, 2015 Death By AFK - 7/10 H - Recruitting All Roles We are Currently 7/10 Heroic in Blackrock Foundry and looking for raiders to complete our team to finish Heroic and move on to Mythic. What We're Looking For: Tank- We have a warrior so we are looking for a Death Knight, Monk, or Paladin. Healer- Right now we have 2 Druids and 1 Disc Priest. So, we would like a Shaman, Paladin, or Monk DPS- Not looking for any class specifically, but we do not have a Rogue, Paladin, Monk, Priest, or Druid for DPS. About Us: We are a fun laid back guild, but really focusing on progressing and getting the final bosses down in Heroic BRF so we can move onto Mythic. Our raid day and times are : Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30pm-11:30pm Server (EST). We try to get everyone together for Thursdays but its not mandatory. On off raid nights plenty of us are on and do old raids, achievements and other stuff together, so there's never a dull moment!If you are interested please feel free to add my Battle Tag Brittany#1190 for an invite or any other information you would like to know. Thanks and good luck!Briittannyy0 Apr 6, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 <Final Eclipse> recruitment! Welcome! FE is a focused casual, tight knit guild of adults, looking for some more friends! We are currently working on BRF, with an eye towards heroics as soon as possible. We are always chattin on vent, runnin 5mans and old content. Raid schedule is 8:30-11pm EST, Tues/Wed. Current needs are (In order of need) Heals: pally, druid, Sham DPS: Boomkin, any other caster dps Currently full on tanks, melee, hunters. (Especially kitties, there can only be one >.>) 660+ ilvl would be great, but we always help gear up our guildies. If this sounds good to you, hit me up! Btag: Mewtilation #1447Mewtilation2 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 WoD Dungeon Hero Meta Looking for more to run the dungeon hero meta achievements, I can either tank or heal. Pst me if your interested or add me. skatfred13@yahoo.comForgivon0 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 Tues / Thurs ... Need RDPS <Revoke Sanity> is raiding again in Warlords! Current Progression: 7/7H & 9/10N 5/10 H Looking for RDPS Times: Tuesday & Thursday 9pm - 12am server time. Add me: GhostOfFeed#1320 Answer a few questions for us! Do you have any prior raiding experience? Are you willing to use Mumble? What toon are you planning on raiding with? (Please link their armory!) Are you able to take criticism and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others?Our expectations of you: Be on time for raid, we will not wait for you. Attendance. Real life happens. But we will not save a spot for people who do not take their position seriously. Have internet stability. Respect others. Be mature.Add me: GhostOfFeed#1320 Please apply here!Grarami2 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 <Tradition> 7/10 N BRF 1/10 H BRF Tradition is an experienced raiding guild with a fresh new outlook on content. We bring the hardcore raiding attitude to a more laid back and friendly environment. We are always cracking jokes and pushing the boundaries of political correctness. We like to have a good time, but expect focused progression during raids. We are looking for skilled players that come prepared to raid. It will be a requirement that each raider take the time to familiarize yourself with upcoming encounters in current content, and come prepared and on time to each raid. We have a short progression raid schedule, Wednesday and Thursday from 9pm-12pm ST, so we value efficiency very highly. Due to our condensed schedule, raid members are expected to have high attendance in order to be successful as a Raider. We use an MS > OS roll system. All parties interested in the loot will roll and the highest roll wins the loot. There are limitations to this rule, you get one MS piece per raid night. If you win a roll and have already received piece then it defaults to the next highest roll. This is to promote and environment of fairness, we do not tolerate loot drama. Officers will distribute gear as fairly and as evenly as possible, so that everyone gears up! Above all, we value the friendships in the guild. Many of us play games other than WoW with each other and are real-life friends. That is VERY important to the members of this guild! Please feel free to contact us in game or on the forums if interested. Currently looking for healers and DPS. Officers Leinglo BattleTag: Friona#1822 (Officer) Vacmar (GM) Tioliie (Officer)Leinglo1 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 [H] 8/8 Gold CM Carries doneChinòó2 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 5, 2015 sorry no longer looking ive joined a guild no longer looking thanksKinkietinkie1 Apr 5, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Stockholm Syndrome 1/10 Mythic 20m We are a 2/7 mythic Highmaul 1/10 Mythic 10/10 heroic BRF 20m raiding guild focused on mythic raid content on Area 52-US. Raid Times: Saturday and Sunday 7pm to 11pm How to Join: Fill out our application here: or contact me in game: Insufferance#1586 Currently recruiting: Boomkin Ele Shaman Shadow Priest Rogue MageAuraia54 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Delete Please deleteDalizar15 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 690 ShadowPriest + friends looking for home Leadership fell apart in our last guild so we are looking to xfer for a new guild. I'll start with what we have to offer and exp: 690 Shadow Priest 691 Ret/Prot Pally 691 Holy Priest 687 Dps Warrior 686 Lock 686 Hunter 684 Ele Shammy We are all 10/10 heroic and just started on mythic beast. we are 4/7 mythic from HM. Can provide logs as well. Now for what we are looking for in a guild: The more spots open you have in your main raid group the better but we are not opposed to open competition. As long as the top 20 go you will never have issues with any of us. Raid nights of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday are our best nights with Thursdays being a maybe due to work schedules. Raid times ending @ 11:30 est or earlier. The group is all full time working adults that work early mornings so early quitting times are a must. I'll will begin interviewing guilds asap to try and make this a quick process, be sure to contact me quickly with any questions. Battle tag: donotwant#1572Obamacarez3 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 MW LF Mythic Posting from an alt, Will divulge other info upon request. (logs ,name,etc ) ( I am currently on Illidan but willing to transfer for the right guild ) 10/10 BRF Heroic and 7/7 HM Heroic (before BRF came out ) I am a very dedicated raider and I am looking to move up in the world. I do however have a few restrictions due to work. 7:30 - 12 EST ( I cannot under any circumstances raid later than this since i need to be AT WORK at 7am. I do not care what days of the week it is but be warned friday I could work as late as 8pm. so I am trying to avoid fridays. I am seeking a guild that is already in mythic or very close to it. if they are not 10/10 that's fine as long as they have a mythic kill or are very close to downing the boss. what I am not looking for : 10-12 man roster guilds with a hand full of trials, Casual guilds, Bro's, or fresh start up guilds with no raiding exp prior to BRF. Insert spam but if the hours are not what i can do, don't waste your breath :( I honestly cant raid any other times. ----------------- Also have someone else who would like to go with me as either a Hunter(dps)/DK(tank) OR druid ( resto with OCCASIONAL Boomkin) Same exp, keeps all his alts up to par with pugs but we raid together.Isawizard4 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Tues/Wed/Thurs Midnight-3 am(est). First Ascent is recruiting for their core raid group.Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 12:00 AM to 3:00 AM server time(est). We are looking for all Roles Tank/Heal/DPS. To add to a fun friendly raiding environment. App @ B-Tag Stfunaga#1983 ...Mugrunch7 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 Eques Noctis looking for a healer, 2 dps. We are a new raiding group, so far we are 9/10 N BRF, we are starting heroic progression this week, we are looking for a healer, a hunter and a dps with a healing OS (preferably Rdps). We can help you get geared. Raid times are wednesday, friday and sunday 8-11 PM eastern us time. We will expand pretty soon to eventually work our way into mythic, so any other dps is also welcomed to hit me up! Battletag : Malexime #1580Bashbriseq1 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 [H] Plan B is recruiting: We are looking for raiders to fill our ranks. Recruits should match our experience of 9/10 regular, 3/10 heroics. Reliability is a MUST! We are recruiting DPS raiders Raid nights are Tuesday/Thursday 8:20-11:00 EST. Item level in the 665 range.Bovanus2 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 <Roar> is recruiting for Mythic progession <Roar> is a Horde raiding casual guild on Area 52 and is looking to recruit a few new members to add to our raid team for Heroic Blackrock Foundry progression into mythic Recruiting 1-2 heals (resto shammy and monk highly preferred or Hpally), as well as a couple of melee dps (non-druid). Rogue / Warr. but will def consider other DPS classes in our push into mythic raiding Our group is currently (7/7N 7/7H 1/7M) Highmaul and (10/10N 9/10H) Blackrock Foundry. Raid Schedule: Tues: 9:00pm - 12:00am Wed: 9:00pm - 12:00am Thur: 9:00pm - 12:00am We use the epgp loot system so all raiders will have to download the required addons. All raiders are required to use vent while raiding an we also hang out in vent before an after raids an try to do a lot of things a guild weather its off night raiding or pvpin for fun we are not abt the numbers but still look for players who don't stand in fire we hang out and joke around ALOT and just try to enjoy the game as a group we are a mature friendly group of players and always willing to help those who wants to be helped So please if you or any of your friends or family members is looking for somewhere to start fresh our doors are always welcome to raiders an alts of all kinds but me trying to write all the thing can benefit from us i feel will be to much to write so feel free to whisper me ingame Ddrood is my main or add me to Battletag: linao#1441 an contact me an we can get this train goingDdrood0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 LF Adult social casual raiding guild Hi guys, I'm looking for a chatty adult social guild. I'm in the process of gearing up and would like to run normal raids here and there. I've played wow for about 5 years and balance a busy life of work/social. Curious if there are any guilds like around. Thanks, SuzygreenbrgSuzygreenbrg0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 WTB Guild I am looking for a guild with good amount of achievement points and a good name with the guild.. I don't really care how many members are in it.. I am willing to negotiate prices but nothing big since they practically took out the levels, etc. You can post back on here or add my btag Sniped#1839 or pst me if I am online! Thanks for looking :)Survivals0 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 LF Level 80 Twink Guild Titles is pretty explanitory, my friend(another DK) and I are looking for a level 80 guild to run content with. Area 52 only please. Thank you. Also I am blood and he is Frost.Blackrock1 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 [H] <Chaos Reborn>9/10 LF Recruiting Hello, Chaos Reborn is currently recruiting for its Heroic/Mythic progression. We're 9/10H and currently raid on Tichondrius, but will be transferring the guild so that we can further progress in pve content. We are in need of ranged DPS: Balance Druid Mage Hunter Warlock Spriest Brew/Blood DK please be competent. Loot is distributed by Loot Council. Please be at least i675+.Raid days Tues/Fri/Sunday 7-10 server (PST) or 10pm-1AM (EST) Please feel free to post here or add one of our officers Celsus#1644, Ace#12735 or Allenya#1905 thanks for your time.Drogaia2 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 6, 690ilvl raiders LF Guild/Guild Merge!! Hello! My friends and I are currently shopping for a new guild and/or a "guild merge". Our current guild isn't going in the direction we're aiming for and we feel it's time for a change. We're all friends, some IRL and some just in game and we've been raiding together for a while. We work well together would prefer not to separate our team. We're all 9/10H and would like to find a guild who is at least close to getting 10/10H or further. Our ultimate goal is to start in on some Mythic raiding in a guild who has strong leadership and reliable players who can pull their weight and are decent people to hang around with. We're drama free, social, and overall skilled players. Who wouldn't want us, right? Welp, here's the catch, We can ONLY raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:30-11:30 PST. (10:30-1:30 CST, 11:30-2:30 EST). We MAY be open to raiding Monday nights at the same time but Tues, Weds, and Friday is much preferred. Also, our group consists of 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 1 DPS. Or 1 tank, 4 healers, and 1 dps. (one of our tanks is an excellent healer and doesn't mind switching to resto if that role would be better suited for a merge). We're open to server transfers if need be. Below are our armory pages if you'd like to find out more. Please add me to realID if you'd like to chat. Deaddolly#1420. Ðeaddolly 690 Disc Priest - Sov 691 Holy Paladin - Shoddy 690 Resto Druid - Hotstepper 689 Feral Tank/Resto Druid - Linchborn 685 Blood Death Knight - Aaldarius 686 Beast Mastery Hunter -Ðeaddolly2 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 LF Raiders, Wed/fri/sat nights Hello and thanks for reading, our grp is looking for commited players around 650-665 for BRF, we have 8/10 norm cleared and on farm and progressing into heroic just recently (3/10) IN NEED OF : A resto shaman, WW monk,feral druid and rogue for our grp. We are building a community of tight knit players that want to have a good time, and progress much further in the future, IF your ilvl is around 645 we can gear you up with various methods and will be happy to do so, as long as you can make our times and expectations. If interested PST to myself (soulkulris) or Kaesah and we can give you details. ThanksSoulkulris5 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 Recruiting heals/DPS for Heroic/Mythic BRF. Group is currently 8/10 looking for more players to fill out the guild. We are currently recruiting Holy pally, Hunters, eh shamans, and will consider almost any class at this point. If you have any questions, please message/mail Frysdood in game on Area 52.Frysdood1 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 675 HPal lf 9/10H+ semi-hardcore My name is Hunter. I am currently with Eternus, as some may know, and currently we are disbanding due to real life issues and other stuff so i am looking for a new home. Like i said I am 9/10 heroic with many ~5% wipes on heroic Blackhand. I know my class, and actually just switched over to this pally from my monk(same name, 685 and same exp) In Eternus I was the healing coordinator who decided which healers are staying with the core and who did not make the cut. I was also in charge of calling out healing cooldowns(revival, devo, healing tide, etc.) so if you are in need of someone to fill this role I am the raider for you. Although I would like to be able to call out CDs because i feel comfortable doing so, it doesn't make a difference if i do or not. I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild who raid 9-12 PM Server Tues,Wed, or Thurs, or all 3 days. If you would like to get in touch with me and interview me or whatever you feel necessary, then you can add me on BNet at: vHunter#1226 Looking forward to talking. Thank you in advance for the consideration. :DMackèrz5 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 Resto druid LF 10/10 BRF H guild As title says....looking for a 10/10 BRF H guild....pref raid time evenings during week. Thanks !Glokraguk6 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 685 paladin/brewmaster tank LF guild Hello, tank main LF guild already or moving into mythic. I am 10/10H with non in game experience on all mythic bosses. I have both paladin and brewmaster tank ready for mythic content. Preferable raid time are from 7-11PM EST, although I am free on weekends. Brewmaster armory - Protection paladin armory - Add Leoric#1627 for more info or post a comment below.Carharith5 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 Looking for RaF (I am paying!) This isn't strictly for a mount, so I am looking to level alts as well. Horde and Alliance. -- I am looking for someone who can invest a bit of time ea day (When possible) to level guys up fast. Some Heirlooms will be supported as well. The best thing would be someone who likes to heal/tank and dps. So we can both switch off every few toons or something, keeping us with insta-Q's. I do a heals, you do a dps. Kinda like that. Reply here or message me in game WillySenpai#1948Dendö0 Apr 3, 2015